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MEDIA PACK 2014 A New Concept In Automotive Magazines In November 2010, AV8 Publishing Ltd launched one of the first, if not the first, free, all-digital classic and performance car magazines at the Footman James Classic Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham. That magazine - Classic, Performance & Retro - has grown to become a popular title across all digital media formats, and some issues have been viewed by over 900,000 people worldwide. The team behind the idea came up with a well thought out plan; to create a well-presented publication packed with eye-catching, photo-rich features, package them together with the latest news, reviews and events from around the automotive world, and give it away FREE! In April 2013, the magazine was treated to a bit of a revamp, giving it a fresh, modern look, but best of all, we made it fully compatible with all mobile platforms, including Android based platforms, iPads and iPhones and all ‘smartphones’ and tablet computers. In short, we have tapped in to the fastest growing sector of the publishing industry, and the response to the new format has been nothing short of phenomenal. The image on the right shows a screenshot of the stats page, and the number highlighted in the red box shows how many impressions that issue has had.

Why Advertise In Digital Magazines? Top reasons why advertisers should add digital magazines to the media mix to help generate better results: Online advertising in magazines captures the most attention – consumers skip ads the least in digital magazines. Consumers interact with digital ads – Nielsen found that 35% of iPad owners say they ‘enjoy viewing ads´ on their devices. Digital magazines increase engagement – Mobile devices have allowed readers to become more engaged with magazine content. 85% of digital consumer magazine readers spend more than half an hour reading their digital edition. Digital magazines enhance the reading experience – 88% of readers report that interactive ads such as videos, photos and virtual views enhance their overall magazine experience. Readers value advertising – 7 in 10 readers find display ads in digital online magazines less intrusive than banner ads. 63% consider ads as being helpful or interesting. Digital magazines supply credibility – consumers place significant trust in magazine advertising and consider ads to be more relevant than in other media. 86% of digital readers would open an ad in return for free content and will be willing to provide personal information in return of more relevant advertising. Digital magazines get consumers to act – magazines contribute in the consumer’s purchase decision-making process. A Texterity-BPA survey shows that 60% of readers go to an advertiser’s website and 55% tried a new product or idea presented in their digital edition. OPA/Jupiter research shows that ads on magazine websites boost web traffic and encourage online purchase and offline behaviour. Digital magazines are growing – the number of magazines with websites has increased 30% since 2006. Readers & Statistics

Racing Connections

Registered readers - 26,574 (March 2014) Distribution - In the 12 month period from March 2013 to March 2014 the magazine received an average of 237,173 impressions per month on the digital news stand. Cars that interest our readers most? Classic - 63% Performance - 26% Retro - 11% Our readers are located in: UK - 53% USA & Canada - 11% Australia & New Zealand - 7% South American countries combined - 6% Germany - 5% Middle East countries combined - 4% France - 4% Rep of Ireland - 3% Italy - 2% Others - 5%

In 2011, Classic, Performance & Retro magazine was approached by The Robertson Racing Team (RRT) and asked to become the team’s European media outlet. RRT could see the benefit of the worldwide exposure we can offer and we were thrilled to be chosen ahead of other more established magazines to work alongside them. The team scored a historic podium finish in the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hour Race and competed successfully in the American Le Mans Series.

See For Yourself! Click The Cover Just in case you haven’t seen Classic, Performance & Retro yet, here’s your chance to take a look and see what you’ve been missing! Just click the cover on the right and the magazine will open in a new window. No Apps or extra software required.

Get In The Driving Seat....

With names like Moss Europe, Rimmer Brothers, SNG Barrett and Engine Factory, we are proud to have been associated with some of the biggest names in the business. Why not add your name to this illustrious line-up and take advantage of the ‘automotive media revolution!’





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• Please ensure that any image/artwork is supplied at a resolution of at least 300dpi and is Windows compatible. • Advertisements can be sent electronically via email or on CD/DVD. We are able to accept: CD or DVDs which are Windows compatible. We can accept artwork formatted for the following applications: InDesign, Photoshop, and can take TIFF, EPS, JPEG, GIF, PDF and PNG files.

What Our Readers Say “I thought the content good and the presentation very readable.” “I’ve successfully signed up and look forward to each issue. Content ticks all the boxes for me.” “Worked fine. All signed up (even using a Mac). What’s not to like - and it’s free!” “Covers all the things I would be interested in reading about, and more.” “Looks good to me. I have signed up no problem,” “Nice job and good luck with this.” “Signed up. Very nice! Something new about the past with news for the future.” “Registration was simple and quick. The mag download speed is very impressive. Must have some good techs!” “Signed up with no problems.” “Good luck with the venture.” “I particularly like the concept that it is free - I must pay a small fortune on classic car magazines each month!” “Signed up with no problems and impressed with instant responses. It will be nice to have a ‘classic’ car mag again as I rarely buy the paper variety now in these impoverished retirement times!”

Contact: For Advertising Enquiries contact E-mail: Telephone: 01353 777519


Classic, Performance & Retro Media Info 2014  

Media information for Classic, Performance & retro magazine.

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