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October 2011

Volume 32 Issue 2

Barkada in Black

Kuyas, Ates and Adings

David Geronaga, Jean-Luc Felix

Kuya Ate Ading (K/A/A) program is an awesome program for new Barkada members and even regular Barkada members to get to know each other within the club. Kuya means “big brother”, Ate means “big sister”, and ading means “little sibling”. In the K/A/A program, each person that applies is given a kuya or an ate, if applied, to look after them as a big brother or a big sister through college and to bond with each other through “family events” such as Filipino Thanksgiving and Chuck E Cheese night as well as one’s own family bonding events. Each person that applies for an ading is given the opportunity Andrew Yeo, Zugey Kumagai, Nikki Destura, Kevin Khang, Kimberly Barrozo to have someone that they can trust and count on in the Barkada family as well as always have someone to talk to and bond with. Every year, many Barkada members come back the next year in such high numbers to become a new kuya or ate due to the impact their previous kuya or ate has given them.

The pairing of kuya/ate and ading is carefully decided on based on application of interests, major, personalities, desires, likes, etc. Each pairing is taken into consideration and matched up in order to create the most perfect match possible.

Gia Pangilinan, Emeline Allenegui

Courtney Gomez, Maryann Ganuelas, Lyndy Roman

Barkada means more than just a group of friends, it’s a family. With the Kuya Ate Ading program, you become part of a larger family. Each pair of kuya/ate and ading are placed in a Barkada family of similar interests and personalities.The K/A/A program has been such a successful one. It has produced new friends, new interests and most importantly, a new found family. PS. Shout out to my FAM line! <3 - DANIELLE DELOS REYES Marian Sobretodo, Erica Pili, Danielle Delos Reyes, Rachel Baylon, Albert Supan, Jesierose Poblacion, Katie Balquiedra, Christine Isaac

Check out a couple Family Trees ->

Nicole “Nikki” Destura 5th year Communication (Public Relations) Adings: Zugey Kumagai, Kevin Khang, Julee Seo Kuyas: Eric Ang, Jerome Reyes, Brendan Marcelo I am unusually close to my adings, actually. I have lived on and off with Zugey for the past three years and have been to Korea with Kevin. Also...HELL YEAH GOT BOTH MY ADINGS ON E-BOARD! We share the same asshole-ness. We like to get really fucked up and waste money. Also, none of us are tone deaf. As an only child, it’s rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) to have people call me their ate. It’s really sweet. IS THIS WHAT HAVING SIBLINGS IS LIKE? My kuyas on the other hand have been mostly absent in my life but VINZ LIM has been a sometimes appropriate brother figure to me. And he can handle his alcohol. +5000 Advice: Don’t beat yourself up for screwing up and around. Also don’t be a fucking goober, stop being a little bitch and your adings/ate/kuya will love you. IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

Zugey Kumagai 4th Year Hospitality Management Adings: Kimberly Barrozo, Andrew Yeo Kuya: Eric Liu Ate: Nikki Destura I would have to admit that there is a part of me similar to all my adings, kuya and ate. Yes, even similar to Eric Liu. It’s weird how I had little to no control over the pairings (for the most part) and yet we’re all compatible in our own way. I think each one of them definitely reflects a different aspect to my personality. We can finish one another’s thoughts before we speak. Yeah, creepy, I know. We’re close enough. It’s not really a matter of ‘close’. I know I can come to them with my problems needing advice and they know they can come to me to vent. Like I said, close enough. :) They buy me stuff. There’s always someone to keep me company, be the more level-headed one, be a shoulder to get cried on and more. I feel like having an ate/kuya/adings has helped me grow in more ways than one. Advice: Take this relationship seriously because it has the potential to alter your collegiate career and most likely the rest of your life. Andrew Yeo 4th Year Accouting Ate: Zugey Kumagai I’m quiet. She’s loud. But other than that, we’re very similar. We have the same sense of humor, we like the same movies, we watch the same TV shows. She also likes to eat as much as I do and she is one of the most down people I know. I like having an ate because she buys me food. Just kidding (but she should). Having an ate means I always have someone to turn to for advice or a conversation whether it’s about Barkada, school, or life in general. Also if it were not for her, I would not be very involved in Barkada. Advice: Stay involved with Barkada! It makes things that much easier when trying to spend time with your ading.

Kevin Khang 3rd Year International Business and Marketing Ate: Nicole Ann Destura

You know those moments where you’re talking to a friend and you happen to say the same thing at the same time in the same manner, but the thing that you mentioned wasn’t really something that people would normally talk about or mention and then you look at each other with a weirded-out face and you’re both like “whaduhfuh”? I think that’s happened to us a bajillion times. My ate and I pretty much have the same sense of humor. We share similar political, social, economic (I think), and environmental views. We also pretty much like all the same things except for miniature sized things, cats, and Björk. It’s actually probably really well known how close we are to each other (sthuper close). We might as well be siblings! I’m pretty sure that at one point in time, we saw each other every single day (Winter quarter 2009?). If not, we would contact each other somehow whether it would be through text messages or social networking websites such as Facebook. Ever since we’ve met, we’ve been pretty much inseparable. Sure, we have those moments where our relationSHIP hits some rocky waters (LOL), but what kind of relationship would we have if it didn’t? Nothings ever perfect. Having an ate is probably the best thing in the world. Plus, she buys me things ;D A Message: Ate Nikki, I know I’ve told you this several times, but I’m really thankful to have you in my life. Although this year we’re half way across the world from each other, I still feel as close to you as ever. This is really lame. I know that you know I don’t like lame things, so this ends here. Sending my love your way from Seoul, South Korea!

Shea Salinas 4th year Mechanical Engineering Adings: Errol Romulo, Cody Guerrero Grand Ading: Nikki San Juan Kuya: Allister Larion Ate: Cami DeGuzman Like all my adings, I am very involved in Barkada. We’re all fun loving and down to Earth, but Errol and Nikki are cooler than me. Cody is just a bit crazier than I am. I don’t get to spend as much time with my adings as I’d like to because all busy doing our own things, but it is always nice to see them in the API or at Barkada events. I know they’re always down to hang out whenever there is a chance to. I like having a kuya and ate because it makes the adjustment to college/Barkada life so much easier. Someone is there to help you out and give you advice when it comes to school or life. Having adings is a great way to keep the sense of family tradition in Barkada because I can take what I learned and pass it on to them; family always takes care of one another. And when you say that you’re someone’s kuya, ate, or ading it invokes a feeling of pride and joy because you share a special bond with someone even though you might not literally be related. Advice: Take the time to get to know one another early on because you guys aren’t paired up randomly, there is a reason a kuya/ate is given a specific ading. There is a commonality between the two, all you have to do is look for it. Getting a kuya/ ate/or ading is one of the best things an individual can do in Barkada. I can speak from personal experience that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my kuya, ate, and adings. I’ve shared countless memories and fun times with them and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Karl Flores 4th Year Kinesiology Adings: Joemart Garner, Errol Romulo Kuya: Mark Ines Ate: Johanna Posadas I’m really similar to both my adings. We all danced in Bmod together and all pretty much have the same sense of humor. Some people even say Joemart kinda looks like me lol. I’m close with both Errol and Joemart. I know I could go to them for anything if I really needed it. I like having an ading because I’m the youngest sibling in my family and it’s nice to have someone younger than you to look after and give advice to whenever they need it.. I like being that person that they look up because it essentially makes you a better person by setting a good example for them. I look after them like I would my own blood. My kuya and ate, however, look after me just like my real kuya would. SUP GASTON! Kuyas and adings? I got that.. Advice: Be open-minded and be willing to put an effort to really get to know each other and hang out because it’s a 2 way street when it comes down to it, and it’s really worth it.

Errol Romulo 3rd year Hotel Restuarant Management Ading: Nikki san WEEZY Kuyas: Shea Salinas, Karl Flores It’ s nice having another person in school to look up to and get advice from other than your actual siblings. I’m not as close to Shea as I wished to be. He’s too busy and all, being president and shit like that, but are pretty similar; we like to all do the same things. I’m uber close to Karl. Hes my best friend; we live together, and we’ve known eachother since high school. Differences between “official” and “adopted” kuyas? No, not at all. It’s practically the same. SHOUT out to my ading (COOL-DING) NIKKI SAN WEEZY! SHOUT out to my KUYA. Advice: Don't be afraid to ask them to hangout and get to know them. It is really a great experience to go through during your college life.

Friendship Games 2011

A Word from the Social Chair Hello Barkada! Just wanted to say a few words to you guys now that FriendshipGames is over. I’m so proud of each and everyone who was there the day of. I know the sun was getting to us and we were all dehydrated, but you guys pushed through and made it to the end. I’d just like to say Thank you to all that participated or helped out with FriendshipGames. Thank you to my Hype Leaders and Steez-E-Board for giving the members an experience they will remember. And most of all thank you to the members who came out to Friendship Games, because without you guys, none of this would’ve happened. Remember Barkada means a group of friends, and that’s what we showed all the schools at Fullerton and who we are everyday. We’ll be back next year’s FriendshipGames! WOOO! - CARL GALLARDO

A First Timer’s Experience My first friendship games experience was something to be remembered. I went into Hype Nights having no clue what to expect. At first I was a little hesitant to get into everything, being a new member and all. But I eased my way in to the group. I just saw everyone learning these flash mobs and to be honest it looked stupid (at first). Walking into Fullerton. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. However, the more we did it, the more and more fun it got. Every night got crazier and more energetic. One of the main things I learned from hype nights was “Stupid is cool and cool is stupid.” Which is true, who cares if those flash mobs looked stupid because they were fun to do with a group of people; it was like an inside joke only for Barkada. Each night I went got me more excited for Friendship Games, so when Friday night rolled around I was anxious. When I heard we were going to be meeting at school at 5 in the morning, I just thought, “I’m down.” I could hardly sleep, I was so excited. The best part of that morning, in my opinion, was the drive; seeing just a caravan of over 20 cars, all with their hazard lights, driving to Fullerton for one purpose, was a sight to see. Seeing all those schools as we entered the parking structure and walking to the registration area, got me thinking “Barkada is rather small compared to a lot of these other schools.” I felt as if we were the underdog in this competition, but that just meant I had to be louder and show more SPUF. During the roll calls, the feeling was exhilarating; all eyes were on you. I could hear the rest of the members screaming their lungs out for us. Although our roll call routine was not as choreographed as many of the other schools, I felt we represented. The interaction with other schools was a test to what we learned at hype nights. Chants, dances, I even got to be one of the people holding a briefcase (F for Fabros—I mean Friendship). Being one of the smaller clubs, when we SPUFFED, it was all out each time, every time. One of the exciting parts was seeing how the other school would interact with us. takes a knee before listening to one last speech before Friendship Games. One of the most memorable Barkada Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. interactions was with our sister school Cal Poly SLO. They had a samurai theme, everyone was carrying foam swords and dressed in armor, they even called out Supah SPUF Fire, which in itself was crazy. During the games, I played groundhog and tidal wave. Going into the games we had no real strategy except try to win, key word “try.” Although we did not win any of the games, they were a lot of fun to play, especially tidal wave. That cold water was so refreshing on that hot day. Leaving Fullerton and friendship games, I just thought to myself “I’ll be back.” - MAURICE FABROS

A Returning Member’s Recap This was my 2nd Friendship Games, and I came in with high expectations. It didn’t disappoint. The speakers at Hype Nights were fantastic, and I’m not just saying that because they all happened to be my friends or because they simply gave a better speech than I ever could. I was legitimately inspired and humbled to be a part of Cal Poly Pomona Barkada by Friday night before the games. Waking up to meet at BK parking lot was a The Tidal Wave team, soaking wet...and liking it in all that heat! It’s tradition for the participating challenge, but it was very well worth it. Our social boys to play shirtless, the girls get to keep their clothes. Photo credit Luigi Cava. chair had members play games to keep warm while we waited for everyone. The hype leaders reviewed chants and the roll call dance with the members including Barkada Modern. By 7 AM we were packing into our cars decorated with Bahay Kubos and S.P.U.F. writing on the windows. Keeping with tradition, we drove in a single file line following our president, Shea Salinas, to Fullerton with our hazard lights blinking. Once we rolled into the parking structure, I assure you that everyone knew Cal Poly Pomona Barkada arrived, and we didn’t even need to honk our horns to announce ourselves. Barkada in Black. The members in Barkada’s roll call did amazing. The members in the audience happily did the dance with them and continued cheering every single school, entertaining the rest of the audience. I particularly remember alumni, Andrew Amante and Vinz Lim, getting laughs from others when they made up chants on the spot and announced their phone numbers on the mega phone, jokingly of course. All of Barkada stopped to watch and support our lovely dancing friends. Barkada Modern was so amazing at the halftime show that the audience started leaving after their performance because they thought they were the headliners. Yeah, they were that good. It was a hot and tiring day. We didn’t get first place in any of the games, but we didn’t get in all last place either. Pomona plays for fun, we cheer for everyone. Barkada SPUFed every school with the same tenacity and excitement other schools know them for. Returning members, new members, super seniors, freshmen – they all showed that Cal Poly Pomona Barkada will always have that Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship that all the other clubs long for.

Spuffing other schools. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez.

Getting hyped before leaving. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez.

I have quite a few standout memories. Our cow, Jason, wearing the suit ALL DAY in the heat. Watching my ading and other first timers see what we’re all about. Slipping in the grass and running to the wrong line during Tidal Wave. Other Presidents trying to kiss Shea. Tripping out everyone with the “Freeze Ray” flash mob. And of course the ever popular Ass-I mean “SPUF” song. My 1st Friendship Games was epic. My 2nd Friendship Games was epic. This is one day I will never forget. Thanks Barkada! Thank you to the Hype Leaders for…doing exactly what your title says and making this experience more memorable for the members. Also thank you Carl Gallardo for doing an outstanding job leading us in our shades. And congratulations to our sister campus, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for winning SPUF! I must say that I had the greatest fun spuffing SLO and interacting with their members. Be sure to check out our rap battle on CPPBarkada’s Facebook page!

Luigi Cava and Jherray Babida transporting our big prop, THE UFO! Photo credit Dillon Sanchez.

Barkada, this is the beginning of a great year. I love this family. - EMELINE ALLENEGUI

Spotlight Member

Steez-E-Board after Friendship Games. Photo credit Luigi Cava.

Marion Hamor

Year: 2nd Year Major: Computer Engineer Hobbies: play video games, hang out with friends, I do read once in a while haha and oh I like playing basketball too About Barkada: I joined Barkada to share my heritage and culture with other people, and also to be able to meet a lot more awesome people! :D My best barkada memory was PACN last year. It was the time that I was really active. I should have done it a lot earlier. But this year, I am looking forward to Friendship Games, PACN, Ski trip and also to meeting a lot more people :) Everything else: Bryan Agahan is my Kuya. I can speak Tagalog fluently. Luigi [Cava] and I grew up together back in the Philippines. We were neighbors. I got here only 4 years ago!


Pilipino American Heritage Month Magandang araw! Good day. I’m Luigi Cava, this year’s Culture chair. First of all, a very huge thanks to the members who participated the events that happened and will happen during Pilipino American Heritage Month (PAHM). PAHM is a month long event celebrated every October. Different activities and workshops related to the Culture from the Philippines and Pilipino-American issues are conducted. My goal was to let the members of Barkada experience what I and some of the other members experienced when we were living in the Philippines. I also wanted to relive some fun memories. There were three major workshops: Language, Cultural Dance and Original Pilipino Music (OPM), and plenty of activities and traditions were prepared for this month long event. The first event was the Opening Ceremony, which happened last October 6, 2011. I chose a “Fiesta” theme because it is a celebration and symbolizes thanksgiving, but at the same time, it represents “welcoming”. In the Philippines, when each town throws their local Fiesta, visitors from other places are welcome to have fun and celebrate together with the locals. Since it symbolizes “welcoming,” it was also the first event where students embraced some Pilipino culture and served as bonding time between past and new members. Cultural dances were performed, games like Patintero, calamansi relay, egg toss, and Philippines Trivia were played. This event would not have happened without the support of P-notes’ performance of the Philippine National Lumpia. Yum. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. Anthem; Barkada’s Cultural Dance Troop, who danced “Pandanggo sa Ilaw” and “Tinikling;” my fellow Steez-E-Board, who facilitated the event; PASK (Pilipino American Kollective Studies), who donated; and the Barkada members and friends, who gave their time to attend. The next event was the Language Workshop. The objective of the workshop was to get a taste of the national language in the Philippines which is Filipino, and to learn three dialects : Tagalog, Kapampangan and Bisaya. In addition, Baybayin was part of this workshop as well. It was filled with small activities which resulted in a fun learning experience. Even though the workshop served as a sample, it left an impression for those who were introduced to the language for the first time. This event was led by some fellow members who gave their free time to share their. Marian Sobretodo gave an overview about the history of the language in the Philippines. Kathryn Moscal and Manny Lava taught Baybayin. I showed some tongue twisters and funny/somehow useful pick-up lines in Tagalog. Joseph De Jesus introduced Kapampangan (one of the dialects in Luzon). Lastly, Esteffi Edulan shared an overview about Bisaya, one of the dialects in Visayas and Mindanao. To my workshop leaders I salute you! Next stop was the Cultural Dance Workshop. This workshop was a collaboration between Barkada and XPO, a Filipino-American Fraternity. In this workshop, the objective was to give a preview of what dances will be performed on this school year’s Pilipino-American Culture Night. Different dances where shown and taught

to the participants. It led by N.J. Calinawan, Barkada Entertainment Coordinator, and Joseph De Jesus, XPO Culture Chair. The next workshop for the month was the Original Pilipino Music. This was turned into a jamming session since this it was led by some of the talented members of Barkada. The objective was to give the listeners some Pilipino music comparable to the pop music here in the U.S. Esteffi Edulan and her inspiration, Kathleen Trinidad, are responsible for making this workshop happen. Michelle Macasero, Marion Hamor, Daniel Verdajo and Josh Padiernos and Marian Sobretodo pose for a picture. Dane Solomon, thank you so much for leading this workshop. I Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. really appreciate the time you gave to make this possible! I would like to thank Ermie Cachola for conceptualizing and creating the music video for this workshop! Be sure to check it out! After dancing and singing, it was time to eat. The annual Lumpia Night happened last October 14th. In this event, hundreds of “Lumpiang shanghai” were served the members were taught how to roll the lumpias while watching last year’s PACN. I would like to thank the residents of the “Bat Cave,” the house where the event took place. Without your kindness, there would have been no Lumpia Night, super thank you very much! Another event was the Sea Food City trip in theWest Covina area. Together with the members, we explored and experienced an authentic Pilipino Community. We had lunch at D.J.’s Bibingkahan, where they served Pilipino dishes in a “Turo-turo” (point-point) concept. Second to the last was the Filipino Movie Marathon, where I played some current Filipino movies. Showing FIlipino movies is one way of showing the beauty of the Philippines and at the same time experiencing some values since most Filipino movies mirror Nikki San Juan and Kevin Hsu roll lumpia. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. the current life in the Philippines. The last event will the Annual Scary Stories Night. In time for Halloween, the API student center will be the place of haunting, the place where some of the Barkada members will share scary stories in the campus and more. PAHM might come to an end but it doesn’t mean it is the end of experiencing and learning the Pilipino culture. Workshops might be over for now, but if you are interested in learning the language, a dance, a song, or eating Filipino food you only need to approach me and we will do it! I’m here to help and you! I would like to thank the Barkada members because without you, I wouldn’t have had these events which made me remember those wonderful experiences I had in the Philippines. I really appreciate and am really proud of the workshop leaders. Thank you to the past culture chairs: Vinz Lim, Ermie Cachola, Katie Balquiedra and Kevin Hsu, who were always there to give advice and help; my friends here and in the Philippines, who supported and gave me ideas; and to my fellow Steez-E-board, who were always there to back me up and support me on my events. Thank you! Thank you so much! It is just the beginning and there are more Pilipino culture experiences to come! Together let’s enjoy the journey of experiencing the culture and we will “PARTY! PARTY!” in the event I planned for Culture Chair, Luigi Cava,. Photo credit Dillon Sanchez. you BARKADA! - LUIGI CAVA

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