Big Project ME May 2019

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The evoluTion of The PM

Joe de Klerk, regional executive at CCS, explains to Big Project ME how technology will help in advancing project management methodologies and principles, and contribute to improving the built environment

What are some of the unique challenges that construction poses to project management? And how do you think the industry itself is not meeting those challenges?

One of the challenges in project management is working in silos. There is a lack of communication between the teams, not only on the site but between the site team and the engineering team that represents the owners. And in some cases, this can result in financial losses or not being able to identify problem areas accurately. Another challenge is if the project teams are not wired to deal with the constant changes happening, or if they are mismanaged. This results in delays and losses on the project. I always say the only constant in project management is change.

42 May 2019

One of the other things I have seen is unrealistic expectations from management. For example, too little time or not enough budget, which puts the project team under pressure to perform. Also, due to a lack of accountability, people are often not held responsible for their actions and therefore don’t apply proper principles. But when you hold people accountable, you can improve all the above and the project can be executed properly. With technology starting to make some headway in the industry, how can the technology that CCS is developing affect the way project management is being done on the construction site?

In terms of how the technology impacts us, we should have a

system that gives us control. So it’s not just that a solutions provider should provide you with a piece of software; they have to be a part of your business and should develop the software for you. Now, if you take our systems into account, we provide a complete solution where we go from feasibility study to project close. So we deal with the takeoff, estimation, subcontract management, cost control, value engineering, procurement, payroll, construction accounting, equipment management stores. This helps our customers analyse the information, draw down any problem areas and then take preventive action. This will then give them control and provide them with a complete understanding

of their budgetary amount, quantities, rates and actual cost. How does CCS operate on a project with its clients? Can you walk me through educating not just your direct client, but everyone, on the supply chain and its importance?

Education is everything. You can have the best system in the world, and if people don’t know how to use it then they will not be able to get the value out of that, which is why we do a hand-holding process. We provide a full range of training courses, from estimation to planning to project management to management overview courses. We present those courses to the relevant people and we see progress. Once our clients win a project,