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Badly prepared for Muslim tourists, claims survey



High hopes Medicinal cannabis trial awaiting confirmation


4 Tech giants plugging into Denmark

BUSINESS Rough times for workers as thousands lose jobs


Third time’s a charm Danes poised to prosper from release of ‘Trolls’ film


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Facebook looks to be the next giant in Denmark as Apple and IBM consolidate positions CHRISTIAN WENANDE


T’S BEEN a difficult few weeks for the thousands laid off at a number of big companies operating in Denmark (see page 10), but the good news is that new jobs could very well be on the way. In what could be a billion kroner deal, the US social media colossus Facebook is keen on setting up shop in Denmark by erecting a massive 184,000 sqm data centre near Odense. Facebook reportedly wants to build three large server halls and a number of other buildings in the business area of Tietgenbyen, located just south of Odense.

Facing challenges HOWEVER, not everyone pushed the ‘like’ button when the news broke on October 3. The green think-tank Concito contends that the centre could end up emitting upwards of a million tonnes of CO2 per year – the equivalent of what 330,000 households emit during the same period of time. Should Facebook go ahead with its plans, it would be just the third data centre the social media company has built outside the US. Apple taking a byte BUT IT won’t be the first global company to open up a data centre in Denmark. Apple is scheduled to do just that in Viborg in 2017 and has now inked an ambitious

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agreement with the University of Aarhus regarding a new biogas research and development partnership. Apple will provide financial support to the university’s research into biogas and how usable energy can be extracted from agriculture – whether it is fertiliser or straw supplied by local farmers. IBM joining the party IBM IS also significantly expanding its portfolio in Denmark by creating a new innovation centre in Copenhagen scheduled to open on 1 January 2017. Over the next two years, IBM will hire 250 skilled IT workers to staff the centre, which has been given the title ‘Client Innovation Center’. Highway to job ads for most popular companies! Find only pre-selected, English-language jobs!

MRSA spreading abroad DANISH pork contaminated by the MRSA bacteria is beginning to show up throughout Europe, including the UK and Poland. Dr Hans Jørn Kolmos from Syddansk Universitet told DR that it was Denmark’s “moral responsibility” to stop the outbreak. Kolmos said that Poland is especially vulnerable because its healthcare is not well prepared.

Chasing rainbows A WAYWARD freighter rammed a fish farm in the Little Belt on Monday and 70-80,000 rainbow trout scheduled to be slaughtered (8-9 million kroner’s worth) found themselves unexpectedly Shawshank Redeemed. Environmentalists are urging the public to catch them to stop them stealing the eggs of sea trout spawning in Danish waters.





URBAN Rigger, a Copenhagen-based startup, has started offering refurbished shipping containers to students. Designed with the help of architect Bjarke Ingels, the containers cost 3,500 kroner per month and come with their own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, along with shared living space.

Inspired by the city SOME 45 urban planners and architects from the US and Canada last week visited Denmark’s “fantastic” capital to get inspiration for their home cities. Philadelphia and Toronto were among the cities represented.

Assaulted outside daycare A DAYCARE centre in Hedehusene was the scene of an assault on a prison guard in early September as he was attacked in the carpark whilst picking up his child. Two men have been charged and face a court hearing in Glostrup on October 14.

Drug-related shootings? AS THE cannabis trade has spread away from Christiania following the closure of Pusher Street, city police suspect it has been responsible for a number of shootings. Among them, a man was killed in Østerbro on October 7, two men were injured in Emdrup on October 2 and a man was hit in Albertslund on October 1.

Terror suspects cleared of serious charges Legacy of 2015 attacks continues with calls to use fewer police resources and establish a CCTV registry


N SEPTEMBER 27, all four defendants were acquitted of charges of complicity in terror in Omar ElHussein’s attack at the synagogue on Krystalgade in February last year. The verdict was unanimous. The four men, who have spent the last 18 months awaiting the trial in prison, had already been cleared of any involvement in the shooting at Krudttønden. Two of the four were convicted of weapons possession in relation to disposing of the weapon El-Hussein used in the Krudttønden attack, but the court ruled that none of the men knew of his intention to visit the synagogue. DF calls for CCTV IN RELATED news, Dansk Folkeparti has stepped up its calls for a CCTV registry in light of their effective use tracking down El-Hussein and the ongoing vehicle fires, of which there have now been over 150 at 100 different locations in Greater Copenhagen since August.

Expectant okapi finally delivers a month later than scheduled


THE MAYORS of Greater Copenhagen suburbs Gladsaxe and Hørsholm have taken issue with the Capital Region’s plans to shorten bus routes that will make it harder for their residents to access larger transport hubs. Editorial offices: International House, Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen Denmark

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Integration award for park NØRREBRO’S 33,000 sqm urban park Superkilen has been awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture – a triennial prize that recognises efforts to promote integration across the lines of ethnicity, religion and culture. The Bjarke Ingels Group-designed park, which officially opened in June 2012, shared the million dollar prize with five others.

Brawl at the footy The defendants were cleared of planning the attack on Krystalgade

Plans for a registry have already been approved by a majority in Parliament, and in February, the police confirmed it was putting together one, but that the owners’ participation in the one-year pilot scheme was voluntary. According to DR, around 75 percent of the cameras used to track down El-Hussein were violating the CCTV Act, although the police are unlikely to prosecute. Violent crime neglected MEANWHILE, violent crime rose by 27 percent during the

first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year, as police resources continue to be diverted to the country’s borders and dealing with the terror threat. There was also a 13 percent increase in burglaries and a 12 percent rise in robberies. “We now have a much longer response time to violent cases,” Tom Steffensen from the North Zealand police union told BT. “They are made to wait in favour of guarding the borders and the Jewish institutions.” (CPH POST)

Who would be a giraffe these days? NIMAL enthusiasts crowded around desks like chimps waiting for feeding time at the end of August. “Live: Okapi fødsel i Zoo” promised the DR link – the first birth of one of the African animals at Copenhagen Zoo for 50 years – but both failed to deliver.

Bus line cuts criticised


Seaside digs for students

14 October - 3 November 2016

Hiding in the womb PERHAPS the clue to the newborn okapi’s non-appearance was in its Latin name: giraffid artiodactyl. Had the giraffe-like animal with zebra-ish markings heard about the fate of Marius and other unfortunates and decided to take refuge in its mother’s womb – permanently? Following its eventual appearance on October 1, a post-natal examination brought some an-

swers, revealing the okapi had miscarriaged during its first term and got pregnant again. Marius in the making? THE BIRTH followed one of a healthy giraffe on September 16. The zoo was swift to confirm it would meet the same fate as Marius at the age of two should the giraffe’s genes be too common to be included in its breeding program and no space could be found at another zoo. (BH)

THE POLICE arrested five people in connection with a mass brawl at FC Albertslund’s lowerleague match against Hundige BK last month. All five were connected to the home side.

No luck despite stunt THE SIGN-WIELDING jobseeker who caught the public’s imagination at Nørreport Metro Station has not yet had any offers of employment. Speaking to CPH POST, Emanuel M Kakuja wondered if his message had been “correctly understood”.

A gaggle of gamers THOUSANDS descended upon Bella Center for Comic Con over the weekend of September 24-25. Fans, both male and female, donned superhero costumes to enjoy an event dedicated to comics, heroes and villains, games, TV shows and fantasy.

Supporting cancer charity SOME 140 pink bras were hung up by the Lakes over the weekend to draw attention to the corresponding personal stories of breast cancer victims as part of the Bryst Historier charity project.

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14 October - 3 November 2016

Banning Airbnb: is Denmark’s capital considering similar action to the Big Apple? Are similar regulations likely in Copenhagen? Not yet, but it is a learning process, says the city’s municipality YURI YUDELEVICH


S THE HOUSING market in Copenhagen becomes increasingly constrained, finding an affordable home is getting more difficult. Following a rise in Copenhagen rental prices of 16.8 percent in 2015, many are questioning the effect of online rentals marketplace Airbnb, which has seen the Danish capital quickly become one of the company’s top ten largest cities outside the US. There are currently 26,000 vacation homes for rent via the platform in Denmark – more than Sweden and Norway combined. Quickly banned CITING similar fears, New York and Berlin have this year taken concrete action against Airbnb and similar businesses. As a protective measure, they have effectively banned Airbnb by enforcing strict regulations regarding renting or ‘sharing’ property. Still a nascent issue ‘IS A SIMILAR ban possible in Copenhagen?’ was one of the questions at ‘The Airbnb Impact on Housing and Tourism’, an event organised by the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) in Copenhagen on September 27. “The municipality does not see Airbnb as a problem,” spokesperson Ida Bigum told CPH POST at the event. “However, we are just starting to learn about this.” Bigum concedes that Airbnb could potentially challenge several laws – property ownership rules, for example – so the municipality should consider taking action on the matter. It is believed that City Hall has been assessing the situation since at least May, when its mayor, Frank Jensen, told Politiken that the IFHP was looking into the matter. A troubled tourism industry BESIDES the possible impact of Airbnb on the housing market in Copenhagen, the tourism sector has also expressed concerns

Like Manhattan, but not actually Manhattan

about the company’s expansion – despite the company’s claims that 25 percent of its users would not have come to Copenhagen if it had not been for Airbnb (see factbox). “We need to adapt to the new reality Airbnb has created in the market,” explained Kirsten Munch Andersen – the head of policy at Horesta, the association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in Denmark – to those gathered at the IFHP event. To compete with Airbnb, according to Andersen, there are two key elements: to get a better understanding of the users, and to have clear and fair guidelines at a municipal level across the country. And it is within the second element where Andersen thinks the main problem lies. “We are not receiving the help from municipalities in Denmark to establish effective regulations,” she said. Andersen contends that this allows, among other things, the existence of illegal hotels: namely private apartments that have been turned into improvised guesthouses, which unlike hotels do not meet basic safety regulations. Amicable in Amsterdam AMSTERDAM, unlike Co-

penhagen, is well experienced with the kind of impact Airbnb can have. “We have had a positive experience with Airbnb so far,” Albert Eefting from the City of Amsterdam told CPH POST. “We are continuously in talks with Airbnb and other homeshare companies to improve our regulations.” Tourist rentals are subjected to taxation, just like hotels, and according to Eefting, Airbnb takes care of the taxes and always ensures they are paid. “Amsterdam is very strict in enforcing these rules, often closing down apartments when they do not meet safety and fire regulations – even if tourists are living inside,” he said. The Berlin ban TO PROTECT affordable housing, Berlin’s administrative court upheld a de-facto ban on shortterm rentals that came into effect in May 2016. The new regulations prohibit landlords from letting out more than 50 percent of their place on a short-term basis without a permit from the municipality. It only allows them to rent out individual rooms, as long as they use at least half of the apartment for themselves. Otherwise, they risk fines as high as 100,000 euros.

Strict but ineffective “BERLIN’S experience is not the best one,” Alsino Skowronnek – the author of the ‘Airbnb vs Berlin’ student project at the University of Applied Science in Postdam – told CPH POST. Alsino carried out extensive research into the impact Airbnb has had on Berlin’s housing market, and how the city has implemented the new regulations. His findings were revealing: while the number of listings on Airbnb dropped dramatically in April 2016, just a month before the ban came into effect, by September they had significantly increased. “One of the reasons for this is that Berlin’s authorities are not enforcing the rules enough, so people are going back to using Airbnb as if the ban was never enforced,” explained Alsino. Future hard to foresee GIVEN Amsterdam and Berlin’s differing experience with Airbnb, a future scenario is hard to foresee for Copenhagen. “In the near future, the municipality will have to invest more effort into working together with Airbnb to get better data,” concluded Ida Bigum from the City of Copenhagen. The local authorities need access to accurate data if they want

to plan effective housing regulations in the future, she said. In the meantime, they are still trying to decide if home-share companies represent a problem that needs addressing. AIRBNB GUESTS/HOSTS IN CPH • Some 14,200 Airbnb hosts in Copenhagen received guests between the summer of 2015 and 2016 • Their average rental period was 23 days and average earnings 15,600 kroner • Some 41 percent of hosts are male, 59 percent are female • Some 25 percent of guests would not have come to Copenhagen without Airbnb • Some 79 percent of guests say they are more likely to return due to Airbnb • Some 74 percent of guests come from Europe, 17 percent from North America, 4 percent from Asia and 3 percent from Australia • The top guest country in Europe is the UK with 13 percent of the total, followed by Germany (10), Denmark (9), France (8) and Italy (5) Source:, July 2016


14 October - 3 November 2016

Muslim tourism failures

Denmark ranks badly in annual index CHRISTIAN WENANDE


ENMARK has ranked badly among Muslim tourists, who are critical of its 'Dining Options', ‘Prayer Space Access', 'Awareness and Reach-out' and 'Airport Services' in the 2016 Global Muslim Travel Index. Compiled by halal travel authority CrescentRating, in co-operation with Mastercard, the index ranked Denmark 72nd out of 130 nations, but above Sweden (75), Norway (77) and Finland (97). Some plus points DENMARK scored highly in the 'Safe Travel Environment', 'Communication' and 'Family Destination' categories. The UK (21) was the top western European nation, followed by France (32), Spain (37), Belgium (39) and Germany (43).

No prayer space in the bodega

Hijab check concerns MEANWHILE, the Danish Chess Union has voiced concerns about how female competitors in the Chess World Cup championships in Iran in February will be forced to wear hijabs. However, no Danish women are expected to take part.



Billions in aid

Curtailing IS’s finances

DENMARK is establishing its own fund geared towards achieving the UN’s 17 global goals identified last year. It has an initial capital of 4-5 billion kroner. Meanwhile, it is also donating 75 million kroner to Education Cannot Wait to support the education of children of refugees, and its aid to Afghanistan has fallen from 500 to 425 million kroner a year for 2017-2020.

DENMARK will play a lead role in training Iraqis to curtail the flow of finances to IS. Officials at the Iraqi Central Bank and nation’s fraud squad police division will receive the training, which will be led by former PET chief Jens Madsen.

Too late for Brexit PENDING approval, Brits will soon be able to vote in elections and referenda regardless of how long they have lived in Denmark. Their government noted that expats have “an important role to play” post-Brexit. Around 15,000 Brits live in Denmark.

Mary’s support PRINCESS Mary and the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, have helped to launch ‘Deliver for Good’, a new international campaign focusing on female the health and rights.

Europol exit concerns DANISH police union chair Claus Oxfeldt has warned it will be a disaster if Denmark loses its standing in Europol. He wants a new referendum to reverse last year’s ‘no’ vote to end its EU optouts, claiming the public were misled. Meanwhile, two Danes, Mohamad Ahmed Hassan and Amin Qatra, have been added to Europol’s most wanted list.

OECD presidency DENMARK has been handed the presidency of the 2017 OECD Ministerial Meeting – the first time since 2001. Nevertheless, next year’s June meeting will take place in Paris.

Nordic studies failure INTERNATIONAL students are more satisfied with their studies in Norway, Finland or Sweden than in Denmark. Norway finished top of the 2016 International Student Satisfaction Awards, while Finland and Sweden have more top-rated universities: six and five compared to Denmark’s two.

Stronger together AT A MEETING of the Nordic Council on September 26, the region’s countries discussed strengthening their position in the G20 by banding together. Their interests are currently represented by the EU, although our member states have their own membership.

More than Queen Bess DANISH multi-billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen owns more land in Scotland than Queen Elizabeth, reports Press & Journal. Recent purchases have taken his ownership to 200,000 acres.

Our students go to

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ONLINE THIS WEEK Change the record A BUSY week in Christiansborg saw Pia Kjærsgaard throw out four MPs for sporting t-shirts condemning the attacks on Aleppo; the culture minister, Bertel Haarder, 72, break the 7,832-day record for the longest serving minister; and the Social Demokrats revert back to their pre-2002 name, Socialdemokratiet.

Easing student rules FOLLOWING high-profile cases in the media like Marius Youbi, the government is easing legislation relating to when international students should be deported or expelled because they’ve worked more than their 20-hour-a-week limit, promising to “distinguish between serious violations and violations of a lesser character”.

Blue deadlock averted DANISH PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen negotiated a blue bloc deadlock during his address at the opening of Parliament on October 4. Ahead of the 201720 budget negotiations, DF and Liberal Alliance disagree on tax cuts, but Løkke placated both sides – most particularly with a new property tax that will benefit and protect Danish homeowners.

Hotel to be rebuilt INVESTORS behind the recently-destroyed Svinkløv Badehotel in Fjerritslev in north Jutland say it will be rebuilt and reopened in 2018. The fire broke out in its basement in the early hours of September 26 and quickly spread. All 70 guests were evacuated safely. Built in 1925, it was Denmark’s third largest wooden building.

Great to be a girl DENMARK is the sixth best country to be a girl, according to a Red Barnet assessment of 144 nations. It trails Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium due to its low percentage of women in Parliament: 37 percent compared to Sweden’s 44. In related news, Lone Træholt has been named Denmark’s first ever female general.

High stashes and hopes Medicinal cannabis trial looking increasingly likely


N 50 YEARS’ time, most Copenhageners will have forgotten the details that will probably lead to this country’s first medicinal cannabis trial, but few will forget that 75 kilos of the drug were discovered in the roof of the Opera House. Given a certain cartoon character’s predilection for the munchies, it feels appropriate to confirm the police haven’t got a Scooby Doo how it got there. The cannabis has been registered as lost property. Trial looking likely JUST DAYS later, Metroxpress reported that the Health Ministry is making preparations for

four-year medicinal cannabis trials starting in 2018. Similar to the model used in the Netherlands, where medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2003, the trial will prescribe cannabis to patients with four different serious conditions. Socialistisk Folkeparti, Socialdemokratiet, Radikale and Enhedslisten are in favour of legalising cannabis, while Dansk Folkeparti and Liberal Alliance are prepared to grant chemists the right to sell cannabis without subsidies. Trial could be lively IN RELATED news, the police have arrested a man and his wife for providing cannabis to cancer patients and people with other serious illnesses.

Claus Nielsen and his wife, who have both been charged with selling drugs and face a maximum possible sentence of 10 years in prison, want their trial to be public. Nielsen has never tried to hide his activities, speaking openly in the press about the benefits his cannabis brings in a bid to put pressure on the state to legalise medical cannabis. (CPH POST)

Rise of the champagne nationalist Are Danes culture vultures who like the simple things as well?

Snus, spirits and selfies WELL, no is the simple answer and it starts during childhood. Youngsters aged 15-16 lead the way in Europe for alcohol con-

Founded, fined, fleeced TAKING their fair share at the moment are the founding members of the new right-wing party Nye Borgerlige (New Bourgeois). It has obtained the necessary 20,109 signatures to run for Parliament at the next elections. The next step will be finding candidates – anti-Islam commentator

Lars Hedegaard is already signed up – and fund-raising. In unrelated anti-Islam news, a 39-year-old woman from Herning made comments on Facebook inciting an arson attack on a Copenhagen mosque, saying she would contribute “a litre of petrol”. After receiving a fine of 3,000 kroner, she said in court it was “the most stupid thing she had ever done”. Her fine is less than a 16th of the one slapped on a couple found guilty of transporting six Syrian refugees from southern Zealand to Copenhagen last September – a crime that included giving the two adults and four children coffee and biscuits. The Eastern High Court upheld the original 45,000 kroner and slapped an extra 5,000 on top. Lisbeth Zornig Andersen and her husband Mikael Lindholm have said they will now appeal to the Supreme Court. (BH)

Politiken defies PET

Muslims’ exam success

Fighting in court

DESPITE PET last week winning an injunction preventing the sale and publication of Morten Skjoldager’s book ‘Syv år for PET – Jakob Scharfs tid’ (‘Seven years for PET – the times of Jakob Scharf ’), Politiken published it in full on Sunday. The newspaper criticised the intelligence agency for not even reading the book (see page 12).

STUDENTS at Muslim private schools whose mother tongue is not Danish are outperforming their public school counterparts in their 9th grade exit examinations, outscoring them 6.0 to 4.6, reports the think-tank Kraka. Within three years, 28 percent have completed gymnasium, compared to 21 percent of public school kids.

A 32-YEAR-OLD Jutlander who had his passport revoked for fighting alongside Kurdish soldiers for the international coalition against Islamic State is taking his case to court. Citing the Passport Act of March 2015, the authorities took action against ‘Martin’ in August to stop him joining more armed conflicts abroad.


HERE ARE some Englishlanguage terms visitors to Denmark quickly get used to being misused. The true meaning of ‘flu’, for example, is ‘mild cold’, and likewise ‘pneumonia’ refers to a ‘mild lung infection’ and ‘champagne’ to ‘sparkling white wine’. But according to the latest figures, they’re increasingly opting for the real stuff, as Denmark is now the ninth biggest importer of bubbly in Europe. And not only that: library visits are in the ascendancy. The total number rose 1.7 million to 37.7 million in 2015. Has Denmark become a nation of champagne-quaffing culture vultures?

sumption, according to the latest ESPAD report. Some 92 percent drink it and 32 percent had got drunk within the last week – way ahead of the 13 percent average. Snus, a smokeless tobacco powder that has been linked with increasing the chances of getting pancreatic cancer – pretty much the worst odds of all the terminal diseases – has never been more popular. Some 80,000 men aged 18-29 have used it in the last year. And need we say any more than lice is quickly spreading amongst the population due to the increase in selfies …

14 October - 3 November 2016

ONLINE THIS WEEK Iconic castle for sale THE ICONIC Visborggaard Castle in north Jutland, which was first mentioned in written records in 1351, has been put up for sale – the first time since 1938. The sale will be carried out by public tender, so it’s strictly a sealed envelope affair. A sale is expected by 15 January 2017, and the new owner should have the keys by the start of 2018.

Tackling oppression THE GOVERNMENT has set aside 250 million kroner to help tackle social control, radicalisation, religious coercion and other negative tendencies born out of parallel societies involving minorities. The immigration and integration minister, Inger Støjberg, said their oppressive behaviour – particularly to women and children – was “unacceptable”.

Protest cut short A CLIMATE change-fighting activist group broke into the Nordjyllandsværket coal power plant in Aalborg on September 24 to protest against the use of fossil fuels. Anticipating a long visit, nine members of KlimaKollektivet brought sleeping bags and chained themselves to conveyor belts. Within an hour they had been arrested and removed.

Arson in the sticks POLICE in northwest Jutland suspect an arsonist is targeting summerhouses in the Slettestrand area near Blokhus. On Sunday, in the fourth fire in four days, a thatched roof was set alight. In other Jutland crime news, armed police arrested a man with an airsoft gun during a screening of ‘Deepwater Horizon’ at the BioCity cinema in Aarhus on October 2.

Taking on bullying ELLEN Trane Nørby, the education minister, believes students should be able to report schools failing to combat bullying to a national review body, which could then levy a fine against the school. However, teachers’ unions expressed doubts, instead advocating more continued cooperation with parents.


14 October - 3 November 2016

Airport commute a nightmare ONLINE THIS WEEK LES KANER

One in 40 southbound trains missing their stop in 2016 CHRISTIAN WENANDE


HE DAILY commute from Sweden to Denmark has reached a new low following the admission that 2.6 percent of all southbound trains are skipping their stop at Copenhagen Airport to make up lost time, thus making thousands late for work. The situation contributed to an 8 percent fall in sales of Jojo Öresund, the Scania ticket card, in August. Meanwhile, journeys from Denmark to Sweden have fallen by 15 percent since the introduction of ID checks in January. Controls set to merge THE COUNTRIES’ rail companies Skånetrafiken and DSB plan to merge their northbound controls (at Hyllie and the air-

“When’s the next flight then?”

port) to save 20 minutes in travel time and address combined losses of 65 million kroner so far in 2016. Denmark’s temporary border controls with Sweden and Germany will continue to be in place until November 12.



Records at regional airports

High hopes for e-car

More drivers – snap to it!

THE 150,307 PASSENGERS who passed through Aalborg Airport in September were an all-time monthly record for that facility, reports and – a 2.4 percent increase on the same month in 2015. Likewise the 300,000 travellers who flew in and out of Billund Airport was an all-time high – a rise of 4.6 percent over the first nine months of 2016.

DANISH electric car designer Henrik Fisker has called his new company in California “a spiritual successor” to his previous venture that failed in 2013. Fisker Inc’s proposed car will be able to drive a recordbreaking 650 km between charges, which should enable it to seriously compete with the Tesla Model S. A launch is expected in the second half of 2017.

CAR-SHARING app SnappCar needs more Copenhageners willing to share their vehicles, as the number of renters has over the summer increased from four per owner to five. Thanks to a deal with ALD Automotive, somebody could rent one of its cars for as little as 1 kroner a month, providing they make the vehicle available to others on a certain amount of days.

Mechanic monopoly

Happy as Larry

A new best MATE

THE DANISH car owner organisation FDM has warned DR that car mechanics will become “extinct” if access to the data from new vehicle technology isn’t shared. Major automakers are increasingly sharing the data with only their affiliated workshops, thus making it impossible for a mechanic to routinely fix cars. The problem is the same everywhere in Europe.

COPENHAGEN bike maker Larry vs Harry has partnered with international express mail company DHL to develop the ‘Bullitt’, an electric cargo bike with a theft-proof box ideal for transporting packages. Some 75 are already in use in Europe with plans to expand them into Asia. Research indicates the bikes could command 50 percent of all light freight deliveries in cities.

TWO SIBLINGS have raised over 23.3 million kroner via crowdfunding for their e-bike project – a Danish record. Christian Michael and Julie Kronstrøm say their MATE Bike aims to be “the coolest and most affordable” in the world. The pair ended up raising 4,200 percent more than their 80,000 US dollar target and received orders for 2,000 bikes from 47 countries.

BRITISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DENMARK By the way of Publication in Local Language & Daily English Language, ORDINARY/URGENT/DASTI, AHLMD, CIVILNAZIR/S.H.O. DATE OF ORDER 16/08/2016, NAME OF PROCESS SERVER Sh. AJAY PANDEY, Addl. Distt. Judge05(South), Room No. 605, Sixth Floor, Saket Court Complex, New Delhi, DATE OF FILING FOR P.F., 17/08/2016, DATE OF ISSUE, 20/08/2016, NO. OF DOCUMENTS ANNEXED, Copy attached, NEXT DATE OF HEARING, 22/11/2016, NUMBER OF PROCESS: DATE OF RETURN: PROCLAMATION REQUIRING ATTENDANCE OF DEFENDANT, (Order 5 Rule 20 of the Code of Civil Procedure), In the Court of Mr. AJAY PANDEY – 05 (South), At Room No. 605, Saket Courts Complex, New Delhi. Suit No. 7669/16, ID: PAWAN KUMAR SHARMA…Plaintiff Versus M/S COLOPLAST (INDIA) P LTD & OTH….Defendant. To: 1) CHRISTIAN HUSEGAARD, Vice-President, Coloplast A/S, Holtedam 1, HumlebaekDK3050, Denmark. 2) CHRISTIAN SALLING, Vice-President, Coloplast A/S, Holtedam 1,Humlebaek-DK3050, Denmark., 3) LARS RASMUSSEN, CEO, Coloplast A/S, Holtedam 1 Humlebaek-DK3050, Denmark., COPY ATTACHED, *Memo of Parties*: WHEREAS you are intentionally evading service of summons, it is hereby notified that if you shall not defend the case on the 22nd day of November, 2016 the day fixed for the final disposal, it will be heard ex-parte. Given under my hand and the seal of the Court this20/09/2016. Sd/- ADJ – 05 (South), Addl. Distt. Judge, South (Saket), New Delhi




This is one SEPTEMBER of our Business Events, which are usually held onWITH BORIS GANDEL BUSINESS LUNCH Fridays andThis feature a networking lunch, as well as Danish and is one of our Business Events, which are usually held on internationalFridays guest on a widelunch, range of astopics. andspeakers feature a networking as well Danish Our and international guest speakers a wide range Ambassador of topics. Our guest speaker at this lunch will be on Boris Gandel, speaker atto lunch will beWith Boris over Gandel, areguest delighted three events taking of theWeSlovak Republic tothisannounce Denmark. 20Ambassador years ofplace this month and we hope you will of the Slovak Republic to Denmark. With over 20 years of have the opportunity to joinMinistry us and of hear from the exciting speakers that we have lined up. experience working in the Slovak Foreign Affairs, experience working in the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Gandel isMr aGandel qualified Doctor of Law. He will speak on the is a AND qualified Doctor of Law.COULD He will speak on be the Christopher Barrat, Director of the UK-based “HOW DRONES ROBOTICS following topic: following topic: IT services and management consultancy firm


Greystone Consulting. Mr Barrat has a wealth Date & Time: Date & Time: Friday, September 2016, of experience in 30 leadership and2016, is in constant Friday, 30 September 11:45-14:15 Slovakia holds the Presidency of theatCouncil of the European Business Development Director IBM. demand for speaking engagements. This event 11:45-14:15 Slovakia holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until the end of 2016. At a time when the EU faces Venue:for BCCD members. free of charge UnionWednesday, untilnumerous the end of 2016.including At a time when from the EU 26challenges, October, 16:30-19:30 the fall-out the isfaces Brexit Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Venue: at Lundgrens Lawsubsequent Firm, DK-2900 Hellerup vote and the uncertainty, the from focus ofthe the Brexit Slovak numerous challenges, including the fall-out Conference Suite on the 1st floor, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen K. “US AND IMPLICATIONS Presidency will is beuncertainty, on creating athe favourable andELECTION vote The and the subsequent focus ofeconomic the Slovak first event one of our Business Conference Suite on the 1st floor, investment environment in Europe. FOR BUSINESS” Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen K. Networking where we willeconomic be Presidency will be Events, on creating a favourable and Attendance is an integral part of the membership subscription for Corporate Founding CNN and welcoming PatrickinHalford investment environment Europe. to speak about With Bob Berkowitz, Programme: Small Business Members, who have Correspondent drones11:45: and the numerous possible applications Attendance is an integral part of the Registration and welcome drinks an opportunity to bring guests along. membership subscription for Corporate and for this new technology in business. This event 12:00: Welcome and introduction by BCCD President Monday, 31 Non-member October, businesses 8:00-9:30 Programme: are welcome Small Business Members, whotohave is free of charge. & CEO Mariano A. Davies at Njord Lawparticipate Firm, DK-1112 Copenhagen on requesttoto bring the secretariat. 11:45: Registration and welcome drinks an opportunity guests along. The cost of one ticket is DKK 500 12:05: Guest speaker, Boris Gandel a busy 12:00: Welcome and introduction by BCCD President To concludeincl. moms. end to the month, we will 12:30: Q&A “LESSONS IN LIFE FROM MY WIFE” Non-member businesses are welcome to welcoming Bob Berkovitz, former CNN Senior & CEO Mariano Davies 13:00: Buffet A. Lunch & Networking Registration: thanto the secretariat. participateNo onlater request With Christopher Barrat, Greystone White House27Correspondent major September 2016ticket atand 14:15: End Boris Gandel The cost of one is aDKK 500 force 12:05: Guest speaker, Management CEO. in American incl. media and media training for moms. 12:30: Q&A See further details on or e-mail over 40 years. The event will be one of our Friday, 28 October, 11:45-14:15 Non-members are welcome to learn moreRegistration: about us! No later than 13:00: Buffet Lunch & Networking at Radisson Royal Blu, DK-1611 Copenhagen Breakfast Briefs, a Business Networking Event 27 September 2016 at 14:15: End held in the morning. Free of charge, priority is Following two days later is our October given to BCCD members. Business Lunch, wheredetails our guestonspeaker willofficial media See further orpartner e-mail Non-members are welcome to learn more about us!

“Slovakia’s Presidency the EU Council” With Patrick Halford, Ecosystem “Slovakia’s Presidency ofNordic theofEU Council”

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ONLINE THIS WEEK Quantum tech boost

Antibiotic breakthrough RESEARCH by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Biosustainability at DTU and the biotech start-up Biosyntia could pave the way for new types of antibiotics and the sustainable biological production of vitamins. The team have developed a molecular sensor system that has led to the discovery of 25 new transport proteins.

Reeling in the beasts TWO MASSIVE fish have been caught in Danish waters, but will either end up as records? A 141 cm salmon was caught in the Storåen, but not weighed before it was released. Caught in 1954, the previous record was 136 cm. Meanwhile, a 450 kg, 303 cm blue-finned tuna was netted in the Kattegat, but the two anglers have chosen anonymity as catching them is illegal! The record is 372 kg.

Run Indy, run! If the spiders and rats don’t get you during the day, Doctor Jones, the mosquitoes and bedbugs will during the night BEN HAMILTON


NDIANA Jones doesn’t like spiders. Or is it rats? Or mosquitoes or bedbugs – well obviously, nobody likes vicious little insects that bite you at night. Anyhow, they’re all here in climate-changed Denmark: more dangerous and in more varieties than ever before. West Nile virus carrier THE MOSQUITO species Culex modestus, which is known for spreading the dangerous West Nile virus, has been found at four ponds in the nature reserve of Vestamager, south of Copenhagen – the second sighting following one in 2014 in Greve. However, although it could be breeding here, René Bødker from the National Veterinary Institute says there is no cause for concern as one would first have to bite an infected bird and then immediately transmit the virus to a person.

ONLINE THIS WEEK Disastrous cod quotas ISTOCK

THE EDUCATION and research minister, Ulla Tørnes, has earmarked 20 million kroner for new research facilities to help “maintain Denmark’s strong position” in the field of quantum technology. The governmental funding should be matched by the four Danish universities that make up the QUANTECH project.

14 October - 3 November 2016

the case in April when a Redback turned up in Vojens in a shipment from Australia. Bugs under the bunks BEDBUGS have on the increase for five years, and according to Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen from the University of Aarhus, they have become resistant to the poison successfully used during outbreaks in the 1990s. Fuelled by tourists and Danes bringing them here from abroad, a tell-tale sign that you have bedbugs is black spots on mattresses – bloodfilled faeces the size of a full stop. Rats in, cats out! AND DON’T forget the rats. This year has so far seen 500 more complaints in Copenhagen than in the same period in 2015 – a rise experts have attributed to increases in temperatures and food litter. And it would appear that we’re neglecting our best form of defence: our cats! A new study reveals that only four out of 10 cat owners would take their pet to the vet if it was sick. While a study by animal protection group Dyrenes Beskyttelse showed that 2,889 cats were simply tossed out by their owners in 2015, making up 82 percent of the total number of animals left behind.

Detecting life on Mars

You smell like snakes, Dr Jones

Monod in Paris by analysing the DNA of more than 200 cat remains found at 30-plus archaeological sites across Europe, Middle East and Africa. If in use, kill it! BUT WHO needs cats, when you’ve got birds-of-prey? Well, apparently the good people of north Zealand who keep on poisoning them with the illegal insecticide carbofuran. A sea eagle found near Smørum has become the latest of its species to be killed, along with several kestrels, golden eagles and red kites.

THERE’S some good news for pregnant women who have a sweet tooth, but suffer from morning sickness. Danish ice cream retailer Skarø has developed ‘Mother-child’, a specially-designed ice cream that aims to alleviate morning sickness – a condition that affects around 90 percent of women during pregnancy.

Spider species soaring LIKEWISE, experts concur there is no reason to fear the explosion in spider species – unless, of course, you suffer from arachnophobia, which affects 48 percent of women and 12 percent of men. Like with the mozzies, the warmer temperatures are to blame. In Denmark, there are around 500 species, and only a few are capable of biting through human skin. All of them are harmless to humans. Spiders that arrive in fruit and other goods from abroad, however, are a different story, as was

US greentech hopes

From coal to biomass

Burp reduction

Sweet apple bonanza

COPENHAGEN and Washington DC have signed a climate change knowledge-sharing deal that could boost Danish exports of green solutions to the US market. The US has struggled with massive drought issues in recent years – most particularly the loss of 25-40 percent of its drinking water between the waterworks and consumers. Danish losses tend to average 5-8 percent.

IN A 6 BILLION kroner bid to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, energy companies are busy transforming five power plants from coal to biomass: namely wood chips and pellets. The latest to open is Studstrupværket near Aarhus, which will now supply district heating to 250,000 citizens and help the city become CO2-neutral by 2030.

COW BURPS (no, not farts!) account for 40 percent of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions – a rate that researchers from Aarhus University believe they can reduce with a new type of grass that is easier to digest and increases milk production. The Environment Ministry has allocated 13.5 million kroner, and the grass could be ready in seven years.

DENMARK has enjoyed a bumper harvest of large, sweet apples thanks to a relatively frost-free spring, miserable holiday weather and a sunny, warm September. The unusual weather has helped yield a harvest of 10-15 extra tonnes per hectare. Denmark normally produces 25,000 tonnes of apples every year, but consumes 100,000.

Morning sickness flavour

Were the Vikings wrong? AND TO think the cats were revered by the Vikings and taken on their travels – primarily for the purpose of killing rodents! The discovery was made by a team at the Institut Jacques

KIM KÆR Hansen, the vice president of Danmarks Fiskeriforening, had warned DR that fisheries would close if the EU went ahead with its 2017 plans to drastically reduce cod quotas. In the end, it cut them by 56 percent in the western Baltic Sea and by 25 percent in the eastern part. The EU says the cuts are necessary to keep the stock viable.

It was snakes! IN ANSWER to the original question, Indiana Jones doesn’t like snakes, and it’s bad news for the doctor, we’re afraid. Because while the spiders, mosquitoes and bugs are harmless, around 20 Danes require hospitalisation every year after being bitten by an adder, although there has only been one death in the past 50 years.

THE 30-STRONG Danish team at DTU Space have gone all David Bowie following NASA’s selection of their super-camera Pixl to provide the eyes for NASA’s new Mars Rover. One of them told Videnskab finding signs of “life on Mars” would be like “confirming Jesus’s existence”, while another said it led to questions like “What is life all about? How did it begin? Where are we going?”

Pinpointing spring’s eve BASING its findings on the direction passage graves face, a PhD study at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen claims Europe’s farmers have been in tune with one another over the seasons for close to 7,000 years. Almost all the graves face 10 degrees south of due east, enabling them to pinpoint the start of spring according to the appearance of its full moon.

Musicality aids memory THREE separate studies have shown that Danish kids are the sixth fittest in the world (out of 50 countries assessed by the British Journal of Sports Medicine), that children with musical skills develop stronger memories (University of Aarhus/Royal Academy of Music); and that Denmark is the least healthy place to live in the Nordics (The Lancet).

Tackling dementia THE GOVERNMENT’S new action plan will help dementia sufferers to “live a dignified and secure life”. It includes setting up ‘dementia-friendly’ homes, more diagnoses and less antipsychotic medication. Meanwhile, a trial in Aarhus has shown that playing games with a South Korean robot named Sille can delay the development of dementia.


14 October - 3 November 2016



THE MEDIA had a good chortle after Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s wife Nukaaka admitted she has never seen ‘Game of Thrones’ because she’s too busy. She made the admission queuing to watch a Justin Bieber concert, the worst concert of 2016 according to most critics. Gaffa gave him two stars, and Ekstra Bladet just one.

ANOTHER fictional novel about Countess Danner, the third wife of King Frederik VII, has been written. ‘The King’s Consort: The Louise Rasmussen Story’ by Canadian author Debbie McClure was released on September 10.

So you shot JFK?

KOKKERIET has become the first of Denmark’s 22 Michelin star restaurants to offer takeaways. The ongoing offer is available for just one week (Oct 10-16) and costs 175 kroner per serving.

Michelin star takeaway

DIRECTOR Oliver Stone was joined by his cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, a resident of Copenhagen since the 1980s and long-time Danny Boyle and Lars von Trier collaborator, for Towers lose Mermaid a Q&A after the premiere of ‘Snowden’ at Imperial Cinema LOCAL US football side the on September 27. Copenhagen Towers lost the Mermaid Bowl 18-22 to the Triangle Razorbacks after conceding a lastLions keep on roaring minute touchdown in Denmark’s FC COPENHAGEN battered answer to the Super Bowl. Club Brugge 4-0 in the Champions League on September 27, Best steak award continuing a home record that has not seen them defeated at THE HANGER steak, which Parken since August 2014 or lose hangs away from the bone near any of their last 18. Next up for the kidney, has been named the the Lions in the CL is Leicester best cut of 2016 by Explorer’s away on October 18. Steakhouse onboard DFDS’s Oslo-Copenhagen ferry.

Hard to know if she’s in character

Her team-BFFs

AFTER stepping down as PM of Denmark, Helle ThorningSchmidt didn’t get the plum job we were all expecting. No, that went to Margrethe Vestager. But one former Danish female PM is making giant strides overseas: Sidse Babett Knudsen. Since wowing audiences in ‘Borgen’, the 47-year-old’s career has gone from strength to strength, and this autumn looks set to be career-defining thanks to performances in ‘Inferno’, the latest in the Tom Hanks/Ron Howard/Dan Brown escapades, and new HBO series ‘Westworld’. (BH)

DANISH racing driver Christina Nielsen, 24, didn’t remain the bridesmaid for long – even if her triumphant moment on the podium did end up resembling a bizarre wedding of sorts. After she became the first ever female driver to win a major presentday North American endurance championship, continuing the form that saw her miss out on the final day of the 2015 season, her team-mates donned blonde wigs to celebrate with her! She sealed the GT Daytona title for the Scuderia Corsa team in the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta. (BH)

Finally a Danish curse

Two tennis darlings now

Celebrating Malmö FF ‘FOOTBALL is more than just football’, an exhibition highlighting the social engagement of the city’s football club Malmö FF since 1910, is proving a big draw at Moderna Museet Malmö.

ON THIS day in 1047, the Danish king, Magnus the Good, died following a riding accident aged just 23. Magnus had ruled Norway from 1035, but was handed the keys to the Danish kingdom following the death of King Cnut III seven years later. Magnus is buried at the cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.


IT’S THAT time of year again when the clocks turn back an hour to provide people with more daylight in the mornings. The change will take place at 03:00 so night hawks shouldn’t freak out when they see the time 02:00 twice during the night.

Thor he’s jolly good


Murakami meeting Mary

ON THIS day 110 years ago, Ferdinand Salling opened a manufacturing shop on Søndergade in Aarhus. Eventually renamed Stormagasinet Salling, his son, Herman, would go on to found the supermarket chain Dansk Supermarket – the owner of Netto, Føtex and Bilka – in 1964.


‘LIVE ART for Children 2016’, which kicks off in Aalborg on October 17, will feature a talking ass that investigates stupidity, ‘50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do)’, and ‘Gendersaurus Salon’, a costume workshop on queer categories and children.




Talking out of an ass


New Danner novel


Toupée, blondies! Toupée! GEORGES BIARD

Too busy with Bieber

No post-PM blues here!


Andreas’s golden ticket

In all fairness, Peres was 93

Woz not used to limelight-sharing

Minnesota Vikings-bound?

BORUSSIA Mönchengladbach’s Danish defender Andreas Christensen, 19, is among the 40 players shortlisted for Italian sports site Tuttosport’s 2016 Golden Boy award.

WE ENJOY a good curse. From the one about a famous person dying every time Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey scores to those associated with Tutankhamun’s tomb and films like ‘Superman’ and ‘Poltegeist’, the media never turn down a chance to make a tenuous connection or two. But for some reason, Denmark has no curse stories of its own. Or so we thought. The death of Shimon Peres on September 28 means almost half of the interview subjects featured in the 2005 Danish current affairs series ‘De skrev historie’ have died. (BH)

DANISH tennis enjoyed a week to remember in September thanks to Caroline Wozniacki’s first WTA tournament win for a year and Mikael Torpegaard claiming his first Challenger Tournament. Torpegaard, the number one on the US college circuit, beat world #99 Benjamin Becker to move to #371 in the world, passing Frederik Løchte Nielsen as the highest-ranked Dane. Wozniacki won the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo – a victory that means she has now won a WTA title in each of her last nine years – to move to world #22. (CW)

WHEN MORTEN Andersen was drafted as the 86th overall pick in the 1982 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, no-one could have predicted what happened next. The Great Dane set over a dozen NFL records, including the most career points. However, since he hung up his cleats in 2007, Danish fans have had to endure nine seasons without one of their own to cheer under the dazzling lights of the NFL. But now the winds of change look to be upon us and a giant named Thor, 207 cm tall and packing 141 kilos of punch, is leading the charge. (CW)

JAPANESE author Haruki Murakami will visit Odense on October 30 to receive the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. Princess Mary will hand over the award to the creator of Rockers to open Royal bestsellers such as ‘Norwegian Wood’. METALLICA will play four concerts in February to mark the opening of Copenhagen’s He’s an angel, see 16,000-capacity Royal Arena. INVESTMENT bank owner The official inauguration is on Per Wimmer has appeared in February 3. ‘Undercover Angel’, the Nat Geo People answer to ‘The Secret MilSuper goal goes viral lionaire’, in which rich folk help out paupers. Wimmer’s episode A BICYCLE kick from outside was filmed in Bridgend, Wales, the penalty area by Tobias Grønthe same setting as Jeppe Rønde’s bek from lower league side Skjold gritty 2015 film. Birkerød has gone viral.





ONLINE THIS WEEK DTU signs China deal

Rough month for layoffs

ONLINE THIS WEEK Another tax haven leak A LEAK of 1.3 million documents from the Bahamas contains a long list of Danish names and companies registered on the tax haven island since 1990. Meanwhile, SKAT has gone ahead with its 6 million kroner purchase of Panama Paper documents from an “anonymous person”. The tax authority said it was satisfied with the quality.


IN KEEPING with its aims to derive 30 percent of its energy from wind by 2030, China has struck a three-year deal with the DTU in a bid to increase the efficient usage of green wind energy available on Denmark and China’s power grids, which could potentially offer up considerable CO2 emission savings in the future.

14 October - 3 November 2016

Charge it to the table

This hood is my bag!

TWO AARHUS youngsters have seen orders escalate since the September launch of their phone-charging menu holder that allows customers to top up their devices at the table. Ström has been sold to 30 different locations in Aarhus, with a deal in the pipeline that could see it end up at 150 locations nationwide. Overseas interest is also high.

AN ENTERPRISING French designer has launched a range of tote bags that celebrate six Copenhagen neighbourhoods. Copenhagen School of Design and Technology student Aurelia Durand sees the bags as perfect souvenir gifts for tourists and as a way of starting a dialogue amongst Copenhageners.

Revamping its stations NORWEGIAN service station chain Uno-X is shaking up its set-up in response to changing driving habits in Denmark, reports Børsen. Some 14 of its 176 Uno-X stations will be closed and 87 will be rebranded as ‘Bonus’ – outlets with less emphasis on the company’s ‘quick in and out’ concept, mainly located outside major cities.

Wealthiest family by far WITH A 145.7 billion kroner fortune, the Kirk Kristiansen family owners of Lego are Denmark’s wealthiest family by a wide margin, reports Berlingske Business. The Holch Povlsens (Bestseller and Zalando) in second place are worth 39 billion. Meanwhile, a 13-metre high replica of London’s Tower Bridge has set a world record for using the most Lego bricks.

Fair winds for Vesta VESTAS has enjoyed another groundbreaking month that has seen deals signed in Mongolia (50 MW), China (100 MW), Brazil (40 MW), Germany (45 MW), the UK (12 turbines) and the US (214 MW – a subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s). And to cap it all, Vestas supremo Bert Nordberg was named ‘Chairman of the Year’ by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Please tell me you’ve been paying your A-kasse” (see page 11)

Thousands on the job hunt following redundancies at Novo Nordisk, the postal services and Leo Pharma, plus more on the way CHRISTIAN WENANDE


HE DANISH biotech sector may be number one in Europe, and ranked third in the world, Scientific American Worldview confirmed in early October, but that was little consolation to the employees of Novo Nordisk laid off a week earlier. The Danish giant announced plans to lay off 500 employees in Denmark and 1,000 jobs in total in the wake of some disappointing interim results in August. The company said the layoffs were among several actions that will be taken to reduce operating costs ahead of a challenging 2017 – particularly in its significant US market.

The news came less than a week after the company announced it would be reducing its price of insulin in developing nations compared to a fraction of the cost in the West. Meanwhile, another company in the same sector with woeful news for its employers was Leo Pharma, which announced it was letting 400 members of staff go worldwide ahead of a restructuring. Bye bye Bio-ethanol THE NEWS wasn’t much better in Jutland where the plug has been pulled on the billionkroner Maabjerg Energy Center near Holstebro, draining some 1,000 future jobs from the area. According to the leadership of the bio-ethanol project, financial problems are behind the untimely demise of what was supposed to become Denmark’s first bio-refinery. The refinery was supposed to produce green energy, heating, biofuel and second generation bio-ethanol based on waste products from the local agriculture sector.

the national postal service Post Danmark look set to continue following the announcement that 770 employees are losing their jobs. The postal service confirmed that 520 of its employees will be given their redundancy papers next week, while 250 have already been let go and will leave within the next two months. Dwindling letters in the post was given as the primary reason. Other significant layoff rounds included 105 by pump manufacturer Grundfos, 96 being made redundant by tech chain Computer City, and engineering firm FLSmidth saying goodbye to 130.

No concerns about Carl MCDONALD’S has said the entry of rival Carl’s Jr into the Danish market is good for business as it reflects a growing demand for burgers. Via a deal with Dansk Supermarked, which also owns the rights to operate Starbucks in Denmark, 40 Carl’s Jr restaurants will open. McDonald’s has 89 outlets in Denmark. Carl’s Jr has 1,550 worldwide.

Brits’ day in court

Going postal ELSEWHERE, the struggles of

Engineer shortage BUT AT least there was a spot of good news for FLSmidth’s laidoff engineers. The shortage of engineers in Denmark has led to lucrative wages and ‘signing-on’ bonuses in the industry. An example of this is hearing aid producer William Demant, which needs nearly 50 engineers at its headquarters in Smørum and has offered a 10,000 kroner ‘bounty’ to any employee who brings in a new colleague.

A BRITISH couple are waiting for their day in a Spanish court to take two Danish financial institutions, Sydbank and Nykredit, to task over their role in the mortgage of their Costa Del Sol property. A third party fraudulently persuaded the couple that a 90 percent loan would help them avoid inheritance tax and then introduced them to Sydbank.

Quality over price

Weak pound hits exports

No bricks, no clicks!

DISCOUNT supermarkets are in decline, reports Jyllands-Posten. According to Retail Institute Scandinavia, there were 1,566 this spring – seven fewer than in 2015. Customers are apparently choosing quality over price. However, while Coop Danmark has closed 35 stores in the last two years, Rema 1000 added 15 last year.

A WEAK pound saw the value of Danish exports to Britain decrease by 10.5 percent in August following a 4 percent fall in July. Britain is Denmark’s fifth largest export market, and Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen met British counterpart Theresa May on Monday to further discuss the Brexit fallout.

WEB SHOPS are increasingly opening bricks and mortar locations, following the ‘No bricks, no clicks’ credo popularised by online giant Amazon, which has recently opened 200 physical stores in the US. Both rainwear seller and the running gear store lø have followed suit.

SHIPPING giant Maersk is splitting its units into two divisions: Transport & Logistics and Energy. Maersk Oil, Maersk Drilling, Maersk Tankers and Maersk Supply Services will be grouped under Energy, and the rest under T&L. Maersk said the split would enable it to negotiate two industries with “very different underlying fundamentals”.

Streamlining process ACCORDING to Novo, the majority of the laid-off employees are based at the company’s research and development department, its headquarters, and its global commercial organisation.

Maersk splitting in two


14 October - 3 November 2016

IVANKA RUSKOVA CPH CAREER Ivanka (Vanya) Ruskova is a senior business analyst with experience in IT, investment banking and the service industries. She currently works with graduates entering the job market in Denmark, offering extensive CV and application assistance, personal coaching and counselling. For more information and bookings visit:

Wasting time and talent I HAVE yet to meet a client who has said: “My A-kasse is great; I got super help and I am very satisfied.” Normally it’s the complete opposite. I am consulted by job-seekers for whom I find interviews and employment, after previously having no luck on A-kasse. Many spend a year or two, and some end up on A-kasse for the full duration of two years until the payments stop. One person who was on for the full duration (back when it was three years) now works for a leading energy company! It took


Inverted insurance AS MUCH as it is nice to receive help from these governmentallysupported private institutions, it is my experience (and that of friends and colleagues) that A-kasse is nothing but a pure insurance company. So ask yourself the question: “How many insurance companies want you to crash your car or burn your home down?” In short, the answer is none. So why would A-kasse want you to find a job, if the justification of its existence is you being unemployed? Fatal for foreigners THAT’S not to say jobs are recommended. I’ve lost count of the number of jobs as a cleaner or a dish washer that have been recommended to candidates who have a master’s degree or vast

The signs are there AI AND robotics are among the hottest sectors in the startup community in Copenhagen and the Nordics, and I recently had the pleasure of participating in TechBBQ, Denmark’s largest event of its kind, at the Opera House in Copenhagen on September 20.



Danish Capital in 2016

All of your Business

Thomas (@thomas_hors) is the co-owner and managing partner of Startup Guide (startupguide. world), working to inspire and empower people to become entrepreneurs through in-depth city guides. As an entrepreneur with an academic background in media studies and kaospilot, he understands the combination of praxis, reflection, creativity and theory needed to bring startup projects to life.

foreign language skills. If they’re lucky they might be advised to work in a kindergarden, as was the case with one of my clients who had a PhD! Imagine the mental state this kind of advice nurtures in the job-seeker and how they feel about their skills! The reason that Copenhagen Career Consulting is so success-

ful is that the approach of the A-kasse is unfortunately not designed to help foreigners. That is why I strongly recommend internationals to contact us. We will help them change their approach to the job market in Denmark and be successful and confident while working here.

The robots I encountered were advanced. No longer simple assembly-line production robots, they are actual thinking robots. The editors at Associated Press recently claimed that robots already write thousands of articles a year for them. So, do the robots win? Nothing new SO FAR in history, technology has always created more jobs than it has destroyed. And most economists believe the future of work will probably be the same as the past: some jobs will disappear, but others will be created to replace them. For example, cars killed trolleys, but created hundreds of millions of new jobs. Likewise computers spelled the end for many employees, but created a whole lot more in the long-term. In each case, technology augmented humans rather than replaced them.


A-kasse: in case we’re let go, but don’t want to let go



ELF-DRIVING cars, online banks, holes drilling themselves and robots to keep you company when you are lonely. A recent Oxford University study predicts nearly half of all US jobs will be replaced by robots over the next two decades. Is it time to bow to our robot overlords? Should we believe the fears that machines will put us out of work? Or will they create more jobs than they destroy? Maybe we should build a wall …

us less than six months to accomplish that – what a waste! And I even get those ‘horror stories’ from non-clients.



IRST AND foremost, let’s be honest about A-kasse: it only exists because there are unemployed people. Thus, to put it short, but maybe it’s not obvious enough, it doesn’t have a particularly good incentive to find you work! Because if it did – then they would be out of a job! Duh!


Robots have upped the ante from assembly to AI

Safety nets and Skynet NEVERTHELESS, the belief that we will all become highlyskilled and well-paid workers is ideological. Instead, healthcare support will become one of the fastest growing job sectors as our average age increases. No matter what, we need to

build up the social systems that will enable people to survive and flourish in the midst of these changes. And finally, we need to pray that rule number zero in the Three Laws of Robotics is upheld: “A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”




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14 October - 3 November 2016

King Canute over again


Farcical situation SOME TEN years back, a former special forces soldier wrote a book about soldiering in Afghanistan. The generals felt offended and petitioned the court for an injunction against the publication and distribution of the contents of the book, even though the book was already distributed and in the hands of review journalists. It was a farce and eventually cost the chief of defence and the respective minister their positions for their clumsiness in handling the forces of nature. Nothing learned NOW AGAIN it seems that nothing was learned. The former chief of the PET intelligence agency, Jakob Scharf, gave a series of interviews to a journalist about his seven years as head of PET. As funding demands and the numbers employed at PET soared, Scharf was eventually fired from his position. His disappointment was a matter

Fashion Jam

of record, and this no doubt coloured his version of events, along with his opinion of the security mobilisation he was responsible for.

As a Swede who spent eleven years in London and New York, coming to Denmark four years ago had its ups and downs. Having worked in fashion most of her professional life, Jenny (@jennyfashjam) will be giving her opinion on our dress sense: the right choices and the bad ones.

Willfully disregarded STILL, PET went ballistic and obtained an injunction preventing certain media from disclosing the contents of the book. By this time, it had already been distributed to booksellers and reviewers, and the tabloid Ekstra Bladet had already gone to print quoting extensive parts of the book. Politiken, which has a later deadline, managed to print the whole book as a supplement to its Sunday newspaper. They willfully disregarded the injunction so now everybody can read it and form their own opinion on the matter. Wet feet WHAT THE consequences will be remains to be seen. Politiken may face charges relating to its formal disobedience in printing in defiance of a court order, but we hope it will be leniently treated as the real culprit is PET and its arrogance in trying to stem a flood that was already washing over its feet. PET has been given so many resources recently that the press have every right to critically monitor the organisation. The injunction farce shows only too clearly that it has already become a monster that deserves wet feet. (ES)


EARLY 1,000 years ago, the mighty King Cnut the Great ruling over Denmark and England felt so powerful that he wanted to prove that he also commanded the waves. He sat by the shore and ordered the waves not to wet his feet, and he had to ask for dry socks for his arrogance. Some Danish institutions seem to have forgotten that lesson.


Flower power to the people! There’s no need to turn over a new leaf in autumn


HE WEATHER gods have been playing with our minds (and wardrobes), as normally by this time of the year we would have packed away all our summer staples a while ago and snuggled up in our new knits. Winter’s coming! BUT NOT in 2016, so how can we implement autumn styles into our summer wardrobe until the wind and cold really come knocking on our doors? Because that’s one thing we can be sure of: it’s coming! Extend the life of a romantic summer dress by layering a cashmere turtleneck underneath for the long winter ahead. And don’t pack away your flower prints: if they go in a darker shade, use them to lighten up the winter by wearing a flowerprint jacket over a fluffy knit. And while you’re at it, wear a tweed skirt and kick out your bronzed summer holiday pins until the cold nights draw in. Rule with velvet love ONE TREND we have seen for some seasons now, which is totally climaxing this autumn, is velvet. The strokable fabric can

be seen in shoes, bags, dresses and coats – you name it. Wear it crushed, coloured or top-totoe. Anything goes as long as it’s smooth as velvet. Seeing the crushed velvet makes me realise that the ‘80s are back (again!) We just have to look at the Isabel Marant and Yves Saint Laurent one-shoulder party dresses or the fact that stirrup leggings are back. Yes, Jane Fonda will be pleased. Purple rainstorm COLOUR-WISE, designers have soaked entire looks in a sort of sickly shade of violet, giving us this season’s standout colour trend. It might have been in honour of the late prince of purple rain (and the ‘80s), but for his sake, let’s go a bit darker towards plum, lavender and heather. Houndstooth, plaid, tartan and gingham were all featured on the catwalks – all you have to do is pick your favourite and checkmate! The love affair with ruffles, frills, pleats and ruching continues this season with everything from hems, collars and even accessories adorned with frills. If there is one thing you can’t

be without this autumn it’s the pleated skirt. More pleats please! Return of the mac A NEW AUTUMN season would be nothing without a good coat trend, and for AW16, in the immortal words of Mark Morrison, it is the return of the mac. Whether it’s a mac in animal print, leather, patchwork or bright colours, the choice is neverending and totally up to you. Our worried mothers out there will clap their hands in joy at the number of sensible coat options to pick from this season. The puffa jacket is (literally) the season’s biggest trend and option, and on this note I have to add that shearling (sheepskin) is back and was prevalent in almost all of the collections this season, so there are no excuses for being cold. Some designers are giving us the most decadent textile offering of all: brocades so shimmering and so structured that they looked like actual hammered metals. Overall, with so many metallic colours and sequins glittering on all the garments, shoes and accessories, AW16 is clearly the season to shine.


14 October - 3 November 2016


An Actor’s Life A resident here since 1990, Ian Burns is the artistic director at That Theatre Company and very possibly Copenhagen’s best known English language actor thanks to roles as diverse as Casanova, Shakespeare and Tony Hancock.

‘Mere te’ Vicar?




Crazier than Christmas VIVIENNE MCKEE


Straight Up



A Dane Abroad KIRSTEN LOUISE PEDERSEN Old Trafford in the 1980s, and now Europe in the 2010s


HE WORLD is in a mess, and there’s not a lot to laugh about. Liberalminded people now seem to be in the minority. Heartless humanity PEOPLE who think it’s abhorrent for other humans to be killed – whether it’s innocents pulled from the rubble of bombed buildings or found drowned in their attempt to escape torture or worse – now seem to be in the minority. I have images of small, dead children on beaches or ones barely alive sitting stunned in makeshift hospitals burned into my retinas and I want to help. I also want our governments to help to prevent unnecessary suffering and not to encourage it. It’s politically naive perhaps, but turning people away and turning a blind eye in order to live in nationalistic isolation is madness and fundamentally wrong in my humble opinion. Mashed in Manchester I WAS IN Manchester recently to see a football match at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. I went with my wife and two boys. Their first impression was how obese and drunk everybody was. The passion all around us was evident though: from the club

staff, ex-players and the public. Posters for zero tolerance against racism plastered the walls. Man U is a global brand after all. Outside the stadium I asked a young man where the nearest tram station was. He was very drunk or stoned and said: “Don’t know mate. I’m so hammered I don’t even know where I am!” Escaping into oblivion seems to be the English way. Life’s a lottery WE TOOK a taxi and the driver was a middle-aged Indian – the norm he told us as locals don’t drive at night. He refuses to work after 11pm because of the loutish behaviour. The European licencing laws that allow bars and clubs to stay open until the wee hours of the morning haven’t worked out apparently, and maybe Brexit will bring a return to the old Victorian licencing laws, the only positive of this stupid vote I can think of. The Tories are making it up as they go along. They don’t have a clue how this departure from Europe will pan out. Banging a nationalistic drum about free choice and being able to finally “label our own food” is fine for those who want to hear that, but what, I wonder, will the reality bring?

Baloney the lonely IS JOHNNY Foreigner really to blame for all our woes? This is a question I’d like to ask former neo-Nazi Daniel Carlsen, the leader of Danskernes Parti, who’s been handing out tins of ‘anti-refugee’ spray bearing the slogan “legal and effective”. Is this acceptable in modern-day Denmark? If racists live long enough to get dementia (a central theme in That Theatre’s forthcoming play, David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prizewinning ‘Proof’, which opens on October 19 at Krudttønden and runs until November 19) they’ll forget they were racists, but do we have to wait until then to rid the planet of this shit? Inside Old Trafford fans are encouraged to report racist abuse. Surely if they can do this, we can? Their example is one to emulate in the ongoing battle against isolationism. I predict that if it wins it will get very cold out there, and that without any EU restrictions on ingredients in frozen pre-packed food, I suspect people in Britain will just get bigger until they explode. It’s a timebomb under the NHS or whatever the blinkered and privatised Tory version with only British doctors and nurses will call itself.

Brick by Brick










14 October - 3 November 2016



It’s been a busy three weeks for cultural events organised by the diplomatic corps. Featured left-right, Czech ambassador Jiří Brodský was at hand to open an exhibition dedicated to Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, at the Royal Library at the Faculty of Humanities in the University of Copenhagen on October 7; German ambassador Claus Robert Krumrei presented a concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker at the DR Concert House on October 2; Armenian ambassador Hrachya Aghajanyan marked the 25 th anniversary of his country’s independence with a concert entitled ‘Little Singers of Armenia’ at Frue Kirke on September 18; and Slovakian ambassador Boris Gandel chose the 175th anniversary of HC Andersen’s visit to Bratislava to open the exhibition ‘Did you know? This is Slovakia’ at City Hall on September 28

China, Saudi Arabia and Slovakia have all recently celebrated their national days. Chinese ambassador Liu Biwei (left) hosted a celebration that included (centre left) music, dance and face masks on September 22; the guests of Saudi Arabia’s charge d’affaires Hamad Abdulla S Khudair on September 23 included (centre and centre right, left-right) Egyptian ambassador Salwa Moufid, Bangladeshi ambassador Muhammad Abdul Muhit, Indian ambassador Rajev Shahare, [Khudair], and Macedonia ambassador Naim Memeti, Albanian ambassador Kastriot Robo, South Korean ambassador Young-sam Ma; while among the guests at Slovakian ambassador Boris Gandel’s residence in Hellerup on September 8 were the new Belgian ambassador Leo Peeters and Swedish ambassador Frederik Jørgensen

ASEAN Day on September 21 drew a great many dignitaries to Asia House, including (centre: left-right) Vietnamese ambassador Trough Thanh Nguyen, Carsten Dencker Nielsen of Asia House and Thai ambassador Vimon Kidchob. Also present (centre right) were Chilean ambassador Flavio Tarsetti Quezada, [Kidchob], and Albanian ambassador Kastriot Robo

The Copenhagen Theatre Circle have completed a successful run of ‘Topsy-Turvy Tales’, two plays within one, at Krudtønden theatre. ‘The Actor’s Nightmare’ and ‘#Wonderland’ are both reviewed at

Crazy Christmas Cabaret favourite Andrew Jeffers (left, the Dame) is among those looking forward to the premiere of the latest romp, ‘Shakin’ Up Sherwood’, at Tivoli Glassalen, which starts on November 5

The new British ambassador is Dominic Schroeder. Find out more about his thoughts on Denmark, Brexit and learning the lingo at


14 October - 3 November 2016


St Alban’s Church The Anglican (Episcopal) Church in Denmark

A lively, diverse and inclusive Christian community of adults and children from every corner of the world

Sunday Service at 10.30

Sung Eucharist with Sunday School Followed by refreshments

Mid-Week Service of Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 10.30


en Intern

We are on Churchillparken, half way between the Little Mermaid and Amalienborg.

ational D ri

ool CopenhagenL International Driving School ear ving Sch

n2d J u b i l ee 15 years

We look forward to welcoming you!

of experi

ence ree theory THEORY FAT S a v e 3005 Kr GENTOFTE STATION Native B ritish D

I, Rajinder Pal Singh, son of Davinder

riving Beginners and exchange  Also o licence. ffering F Instructor • All instru irst Aid c Always super deals ct ourses in ion in English English and reasonable prices.

40 43 25


w w w .L

ea rn 2d ri

ve .d k

Native English Driving Instructor • All instruction in English

40 43 25 50

Pal Singh, resident of Stejlbjergvej 29.1, DK-6000 Kolding would like to add the family name of my Grand Father Gurdip Singh Grover and change my name from Rajinder Pal Singh to Rajinder Pal Singh Grover for all future purposes.

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities! This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen! For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375

Living Church is an international church family – a visionary congregation with a genuine passion for God. Our worship is joyful and vibrant. You will find a church family and a home with us. Sunday Service 12:00 with Children’s Church (ages 2-14); Home Groups Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (Close to Hvidovre Station) For more information see:;



www. of





Address: Høeghsmindevej 65 Great hall, 3 lounges, 4 bedrooms Large, bright room in the basement, with entrance from the street (suitable



for office/au pair/teenagers) Available from: November 1 Contact owner: (+45) 4087 9944 Buy for: 7,645,000 DKK Rent for: 30,000 DKK/monthly


C RE ATIVE PEOPLE Odense Fagskole - Ørstedsgade 28 - 5000 Odense - Tlf: (+45) 66 12 21 45



DAM ‘BIG Balls’ Wilkinson (right and centre right) on Sunday defended his title at the Copenhagen Conker Championship at Charlie’s Pub

14 October - 3 November 2016





“The gentleman’s game of conkers has changed very much over the years,” explained event organiser Jon Nunn (centre), a renowned conker whisperer.

“Ever since 1873 when the committee voted to allow members of the opposite sex to participate rather than merely attend, the game has become

much more competitive – as was seen by the sheer sportsmanship and, indeed, professionalism in today’s games.” DAVE SMITH

started the day with an assembly and afterwards enjoyed a morning filled with various grade-level activities on the topic of ‘peace’. They also created and drew designs on large plastic blocks for

a huge ‘Peace Wall’ that was built throughout the day (left). The students then came outside to sing the charity song ‘We Are The World’ while cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd of par-

ent paparazzi (centre right). Meanwhile, in the middle school, students from the 8th grade celebrated Peace Day by raising awareness about the ongoing worldwide refugee crisis.

Zarah Behnaz Larsen (right), who is a CIS parent and former refugee, talked about how it is to be a refugee and ways in which everyone can help. LUCIE RYCHLA

the Odense Athletics Stadium. The Hellerup-based school returned home with yet another overall trophy despite increased competition as 242 children participated this year

compared to 160 in 2015. Students from Rygaards competed with rivals from Esbjerg International School, NGG International School in Hørsholm, Odense Interna-

tional School and Skt Josef ’s International School in Roskilde. Medals were awarded to the top three runners in six categories: boys/girls under-7s (500

metres), under-9s (1,000 m) and under-11s (1,500 m). The children from Rygaaards International got the most points and thus won the main trophy. LUCIE RYCHLA


in the city centre. The testosterone on display at such events can be frightening at times, although it hasn’t put a few lady players joing in.


N SEPTEMBER 21, students from Copenhagen International School celebrated the International Day of Peace. In the primary school, pupils



YGAARDS International School defended its title at the annual cross country running tournament for international schools in Denmark, which took place on September 18 at


Aimed at business leaders, ‘Disruption’ is the latest event organised by the Presidents Institute. The speakers include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and Nigel Farage (Oct 25, 12:00; Bella Center, Cph S; tickets from 9,023kr)

Opening its doors on Culture Night, this exhibition explores the ever closing gap that exists between humans and technology, as we move towards a kind of immortality through cyberspace (Oct 14, 17:00; KVIT Galleri, Blågårdsgade 31C, Cph N)

Drop by for some second-hand shopping at #TRADONOMARKET, which consists of more than 80 stalls featuring carefully selected from Danish fashion bloggers, instagramers and other stylish people (Oct 30, 11:00; Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, Cph Ø)

Natha Yoga Center will be hosting a spiritual evening revolving around yoga and meditation. As a participant, you are invited to turn off your phone, open your heart, and bring friends (Oct 15, 20:00; Natha Yoga Center, Nordre Fasanvej 230, Cph N; 120-150kr)




Kantatekor, featuring an orchestra and 100-strong choir, are performing Verdi’s Requiem, one of the most magnificent pieces of vocal music ever written (Oct 30, 16:00; Store Magleby Kirke, Dragør; Nov 2, 20:00, Vor Frue Kirke; 120-210kr)




The two-day Punk Feminist Porn Festival celebrates alternative porn directed by women that can be enjoyed by all genders. Promising kink, queer and prosex feminism galore! (Oct 15-16, 19:00; Husets Biograf, DAVID GOMES Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K; 70kr)

Come grow with


Come grow with us Come grow with us ØIS IS NOW A FULLY ACCREDITED

Come growSCHOOL! with us IB WORLD Østerbro International School is now accredited for

the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and The Diploma Programme.

o from you! orward to hearing fro forward to hearing fro Wehearing look forward to hearing from you! We look forward to hearing from you! ØIS is taking in applications for the new school year in all grade levels. Our new modern facility has provided our students with the environment they need to thrive in learning. Please visit our website for more information.

Østerbro We look forward to hearing fr We Østerbro look forward to hearing from you! I N T E R N AT I O N A L S C H O O L


Østerbro International School Østerbro• International School Rygårds Allé 131 • 2900 Hellerup + 45 70 20 63 68 • • Rygårds Allé 131 • 2900 Hellerup • + 45 70 20 63 68 • •

Østerbro Østerbro I N T E R N AT I O N A L S C H O O L


Østerbro International School Rygårds Allé 131 • 2900 Hellerup • + 45 70 20 63 68 • •

Østerbro International SchoolSchool Østerbro International Østerbro International School




14 October - 3 November 2016

For the other dolls the bell tolls, but never for these trolls! FACTFILE


Three times a charm: Danish company Dam Things is this autumn poised to finally capitalise on its founder’s world-famous invention after dry runs in the 1960s and 90s

• Thomas Dan made his first ever doll out of carved timber as a birthday present for his daughter in the 1950s, using Icelandic sheep’s wool for the hair. He based the troll’s image on himself.



HILDREN’S toys had been called “damn things” before. In the heat of the night, drunk fathers, tip-toeing burglars and even Father Christmas have all been there: when their soft-footed approach is rewarded with excruciating pain courtesy of an unseen, pointy foe. So in 1962, when a toymaker in the north Jutland town of Gjøl decided to call his company Dam Things, you would have been forgiven for jumping to conclusions, particularly as the product in question was a troll doll that was also damn ugly. Fairy-tale founder BUT NO, this woodcutter – as apt a profession as any to prosper in the world of make-believe – was simply foregoing the Lego route in favour of the one trodden by the likes of Maersk and Haldor Topsøe. Thomas Dam named his company after himself, and nearly 60 years later, his name is finally on the verge of getting the recognition it deserves. Few will dispute that Dam’s plastic troll dolls are well-known, but due to a balls-up with the original copyright, a US court in 1965 was able to rule that the design was in the public domain, which meant there were countless imitation products – a

19 Oct – 19 Nov ACTORS Isabella Orlowska Sira Stampe Rasmus Mortensen Ian Burns DIRECTOR Claus Bue “Rich, deep, and wonderfully funny” VARIETY

• Subsequently, as production eventually switched to a factory, the dolls were made out of latex, and then PVC.

In the troll version of Oliver! (see page 21), Bill Sykes has just told the forlorn-looking fellas to “start a library”

copyright dilemma that wasn’t rectified until this century. Since then, a 2013 marketing deal with film production giant DreamWorks, which will kick off in earnest this autumn following the release of an animated film using the voices of the likes of Justin Timberlake and Zooey Deschanel (see page 18), has placed the Danish company Dam Things in a position in which it simply cannot fail. Good luck JFK, dammit IT’S A FAR cry from the disappointment its founder felt when his American dream evaporated. He took it as a sign that he should leave business to others, and despite the trolls megatrending in the 1960s and early 90s, he never realised the riches that the creator of a famous global brand would expect to, dying in 1989. Given his experience, he probably would have enjoyed

the double irony that many Americans kept the troll as their good-luck charm, and that one of them, Betty Miller, the first female pilot to fly across the Pacific, presented hers, Dammit, to JFK at the Whitehouse ... in 1963. Toy of the year twice SUCH WAS the popularity of the troll that the US Toy Association named the Dam version its Toy of the Year in 1963 and 1991. But despite the recognition, it continued to struggle against the neverending companies queuing up to manufacture a similar product. It was only in 2003 that Dam Things claimed back the US copyright thanks to a Congressional law. However, an unsuccessful licensing deal with DiC Entertainment did little for the brand despite a TV series called ‘Trollz’. Boom on the way BUT WHAT a difference a letter

makes. Green-lighted by a movie rights deal with Dam in 2011, the new DreamWorks movie ‘Trolls’ is being released in the US on November 4 – timed for the US autumn holidays in the same way its debut in Denmark on October 13 is lined up for children’s half-term. The Dam Things products are expected to megatrend again, but this time with no imitation rivals. While DreamWorks has picked up the global merchandising rights, they don’t include Scandinavia – a tribute to the founder’s resolve to stick to what he knew. Despite the frenetic sales overseas, his company continued to steadily produce the trolls for a home market that never tired of them. Today, Thomas’s son Niels is the new owner, and he can start looking forward to a busy festive period. While Santa might tread on a few on his delivery round, he’ll deliver a whole lot more.

The nature of genius... ...the power of love

PROOF by David Auburn

• The hair continued to be made out of wool, featuring every colour of the rainbow and more, and the eyes were made of glass. • The ‘Good Luck Trolls’ were meant to be kindly and humorous, albeit ugly – a long way removed from the mythical creatures that frightened generations of children ... and adults. • One of the first major orders for the doll came from the department store Illum, and the Dam dolls were marketed as Wish-niks in the US. • Fake imitations such as Fauni Trolls and Lucky Snooks soon followed in the US, and towards the end of the 1960s, the merchandise spread beyond dolls to all manner of product. • During the second fad in the 1990s, the trolls merged with already established figurines, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trolls and Barbie. While another firm dreaded the trolls’ hair to make them appeal to boys. And this time they’ll all be Dam Things originals.

19 Oct – 19 Nov VENUE Krudttønden Serridslevvej 2 2100 København Ø TICKETS 7020 2096


14 October - 3 November 2016


Art deco paradise for those who don’t stream by


STRØM BAR Niels Hemmingsensgade 32, Gråbrødre Torv, Cph K; open Mon-Thu 18:00-01:30, Fri 16:00-03:00, Sat 18:00-03:00; cocktails 90-125kr; MAIKEN RØNNEBERG


NEEDLE in a haystack or a diamond in the rough – however you want to phrase it, don’t just walk by, walk in. This is a place you want to experience. Oasis lies within FROM THE outside Strøm Bar doesn’t look like much. Inhabiting the same locale occupied by the Bloomsday Bar until 2012, heavy red curtains are pretty much all you can see through windows that are as close to the pavement as they can possibly be. Even so, you have to walk through a small iron gate and down a flight of stairs to get to the bar. It doesn’t have a big flashy sign – definitely the kind of place you might just walk right by and miss. But that would be a terrible shame. Because tucked away behind that door lies a small oasis. Lush leather sofas line the walls, and opposite the small dark wooden tables are rustic metal chairs. The place emanates that laid-back, quiet atmosphere you long for after a hard day’s work. Gin slings with Gatsby THE WALLS are painted an intense green and several posters hang on them – among them a a cover of Vogue and a poster of

Unless stated otherwise, the drinks in these reviews are paid for by the venue.

‘The Great Gatsby’ – altogether giving the place a 1930s feel, like this is an old jazzhouse during the Prohibition era. It’s no surprise to learn that the founders were inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s and 30s in European cities, which embodied sophistication, luxury and class. Soft lighting and non-invasive pop music in the background,

and a ton of lighted candles – from the tables to the bathroom – complete the effect. An old typewriter sits on the windowsill, waiting for F Scott Fitzgerald to return, or should that be Ernest Hemingway? Well prepped EVEN THE bartender oozes relaxation with an easy smile, quietly singing along to the slow

tunes, greeting you with a pleasant hello and a glass of ice-cold water to prepare you for your assault on the cocktails. The bar’s cocktail card lists just 12 different cocktails, with the drinks carefully selected and the entire menu revamped every three months, along with some cocktails on tap – still one of the only bars in town to offer this. And if you can’t choose between the ‘Tesla’ (gin, manzanilla sherry, sicilian olive oil, agave syrup, fresh lime, egg white), the ‘Enzoni’ (gin, campari, white wine, fresh lemon, sugar) or the intriguingly-named ‘the.godfather.dvd-rip.xvid’ (four roses

small batch bourbon, almond, averna sicilian amaro, rubosto coffee oil) – we went for all three! – the bartender is more than happy to help pinpoint the drink most to your taste with a couple of easy questions. Behind the wooden bar, we then watch as the bartender prepares the cocktails with great dedication and attention, and rest assured, this is a drink that will put a smile on your face and contribute to a great evening. The cocktails not only look amazing, but also taste delicious we decide, luxuriating on the leather sofas in the relaxed, intimate atmosphere.




Oct 19-Nov 19, Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00; Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, Cph Ø; 165kr, THAT THEATRE Company founder Ian Burns continues to make stunning choices for his biannual productions, and David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 2000 play Proof – a compelling

14 October- 3 November 2016


Oct 27-Nov 9, various times and venues; COPENHAGEN’S annual film festival is back with more screenings, concerts and events – some 600 in total. A major shake-up in 2009 saw the birth of CPH: PIX from the ashes of the city’s former festival, and this year it is merging with

Buster, the film festival for children. Programs for schools and families will run during working hours, whilst the CPH: PIX “line-up of alternative mainstream, edgy arthouse and genre films” will air in the afternoons and evenings. While the Buster program is already available, the main one won’t be released until September 29. It promises premieres alongside local feature films like David Noel Bourke’s Bakerman. (SK)



story about fathers and daughters and the nature of genius – is no exception. A father dies, leaving behind a mathematical formula for his daughter that could be a game-changer, conceivably scribbled during his dementia. That Theatre regulars Sira Stampe (Act of Carnage) and Rasmus Mortensen (Marathon) join Burns and newcomer Isabella Orlowska, with Claus Bue at the helm. See it: the proof is in the pudding. (BH)






Oct 16-23, 15:00; MusikTeatret Albertslund, Bibliotekstorvet 1-3, Albertslund; 200kr, SCENE Kunst Skoler’s English cofounder Russell Collins, who directed and starred in The Beach at Krudttønden in 2013, is bringing us some Dickensian magic this October: an eight-performance

BACK BY popular demand, Why Not Theatre first performed Eileen Atkins’ play in 2011 – a production that really got them noticed by the Danish media.



Oct 13-Feb 26, Tue-Fri 11:0022:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00; Louisiana, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; 115kr; Sculptor Louise Bourgeois presents us with intimate spaces that we can peer into through crevices like curious voyeurs: familiar surroundings that invite our minds to wander with our eyes. (BH)



Oct 14, 18:00-00:00; various venues; culture pass: 90kr, Now in its 24th year, Culture Night’s 200 organisers and 700 events brings you a host of activities and adventures over one night. The highlights include exploring a darkened Rosenborg Castle by torchlight. (SK)



Oct 22, 11:00-15:00; Vangede Spilbibliotek, Vangede Bygade 45, Gentofte; free adm This event is perfect for video game enthusiasts, or for those looking to become one! This flea market lets you buy, sell, and trade video games, both old and new. (SK)

Copenhagen Tours

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:KR DWHDOOWKHSLHV" Grab your fix of delicious hand made meat, vegetarian and apple pies freshly baked daily in our kitchen ✪ Eat in ✪ On the run ✪ Chilled for later

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ends Oct 20, Mon-Tue 13:0018:00, Wed-Fri 13:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00; Rådhuspladsen 37, Cph V; 30-110kr, Enjoy photos that shine light on the fleeting, poignant and strange at the World Press Photo Foundation’s exhibition. (SK)

Oct 28-Nov 19, Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00; Teatret ved Sorte Hest, Vesterbrogade 150, Cph V; 180kr,

Nathalie Johnston, a co-founder of the group in 2007, plays the role of Vita Sackville-West, the married socialite who falls in love with the equally married novelist Virginia Woolf (who else but Sue Hansen Styles) in 1920s and 30s Britain. With this city’s premier English-language director Barry McKenna at the helm of this tale of forbidden love, expect the success story to blossom. (BH) SATTRUP & HØST






ends Nov 4; Opera House, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; 125-795kr, Some 150 years on from its creation, Swan Lake still enchants all generations. This is an ambitious interpretation of the masterpiece in which Tchaikovsky’s music is danced in a futuristic setting. (AP)



run of Lionel Bart’s classic musical Oliver! during the children’s half-term. While the show, which will feature SKS students, pros playing the adults and a nine-piece pro band, will be in Danish, it will delight bilingual children out there in the international community. After all, who doesn’t know half the songs off by heart? It will be interesting to see how many Danish synonyms there are for ‘glorious’. (BH)



14 October - 3 November 2016


Oct 16-23, 11:00-15:00; Frilandsmuseet, Kongevejen 100, Lyngby; adults 65kr, kids free adm, some activities require fee;; all ages THE OPEN Air Museum’s historical fair will take you back to the 1800s with music, entertainment and a range of activities and goodies to guzzle.



Meander amongst the booths on stilts, ride a penny-farthing, have a go on the carousel and air swing, and test your strength or your luck on the wheel of fortune. Meanwhile, jugglers, tightrope walkers and clowns are bound to thrill young and old alike. Sandwiches, sausages and sweet treats will be sold in case hunger strikes, as well as hot and cold drinks. Items from the museum will also be on sale. (SK)

Oct 14-Nov 6, Sun-Thu 11:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-0:00; 110-220kr, FIND 20,000 pumpkins, scarecrows, spiders and other spine-tingling decorations bedecking Tivoli this Halloween. Join in autumnal activities including navigating hay mazes, pumpkin carving and finding Denmark’s biggest pumpkin.


In the spooky spirit, market stalls will sell monster-inspired treats and there will be a monsters’ parade with 200 costumed participants walking the streets of Copenhagen. Some of the performers might even pose for a photo! And don’t miss the Haunted House and Zombie Dance Show. With markets, rides and entertainment all revealing scarier faces, Tivoli is the place to be during Halloween season! (SK) CHRIS NASH





Nov 5-Jan 12, Mon-Sat 19:30; Tivoli Glassalen, Cph K; 150-375kr, SCENE Kunst Skoler’s As a regular in the city since the early 1980s, for many the Christmas period wouldn’t feel the same without a visit to watch Vivienne McKee and her chums deliver another dose of daft, innuendo-laden cheer.

THE ACCLAIMED English dance company Motionhouse presents Scattered, a mind-blowing spectacle in which performers interact with multiple projections of water-related scenes on a huge curved floor.


Oct 16, 20:00; Vega; 310kr Passenger (first a band, now a solo act) is getting pretty used to requests to play ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, even though the Brit’s melancholic hit ‘Let Her Go’ topped charts worldwide. Passenger (aka Michael David Rosenberg) is currently touring Europe. (GD)



Oct 30, 20:00; Falconer Salen; 360kr If you’re not put off by the spelling of their name using Danish vowels (a quote from an Arthur Miller play, or were they co-respondents in his divorce proceedings?), you could do worse than this US pop/ rap duo whose single ‘Stressed Out’ was a big hit. (GD)

Pick up 25 kg. Gourmet-ice cubes or crushed ice 99 kr. in flamingo barrel Order at



Oct 23, 20:00; Amager Bio; 250kr Their summer hit ‘Closer’ was played on repeat on radios worldwide, reaching number 1 in the main US chart and staying there for six weeks, memed to the same extent as ‘Gangam Style’ and ‘Harlem Shake’. You will be addicted! (GD)



Exploring the integral importance of water to us all, seven dancers will take us on a journey through oceans, tides, currents and the icy depths of the Arctic, contemplating the utter majesty and savagery of H2O. Audiences in the UK were left spellbound by this aquaspective – a unique visual experience performed to an original score composed by Sophy Smith. (BH) ARTIST’S FACEBOOK PAGE


Oct 16-22, various times and venues; some performances require fee,; ages 0-15 Eight cultural institutions are opening their doors for the seventh edition of this festival. There are free theatre workshops for those who want to venture onstage themselves. (SK)


Nov 2-5, 20:00; Baltoppen LIVE, Baltorpvej 20, Ballerup; 205kr,





Oct 29, 09:30-12:00; Herlev Skøjtehal, Tvedvangen 204, Herlev; free adm; ages 3-10 Coaches and players from the Herlev Eagles team welcome kids to try ice hockey. Just bring a helmet. All other equipment will be provided. There will be drinks and cake afterwards! (SK)



The Danes have taken McKee to their hearts, and she rewards them with topical gags, returning favourites, interactive horseplay and a rollicking good time. It’s a little like panto, but strictly for grown-ups. In a year in which Britain left Europe, how could McKee resist her country’s most famous hero, Robin Hood, although the smart money’s on Donald Trump to play King John. (BH)

22 The fateful day ‘Pete’s Dragon’ blew off ‘Star Wars’ FILM




HE YEAR was 1978. The four-year-old boy was about to make the biggest mistake of his relatively short life. “Years from now, Benjy,” his older brother said outside the cinema. “You’re going to be asked what the first film you saw at the cinema was … so, what’s it going to be? The coolest movie in history, Star Wars, or some rubbish about an imaginary dragon?” Nearly 40 years later, it strikes me as boringly coincidental that remakes of the two films at the centre of my baffling decision have both been released within the space of a year – with The Force Awakens prevailing 8271 on Metacritic against Pete’s Dragon (released Oct 13). Back in ’78, A New Hope may have brought it home 92-46, but lost out among the under-5s. Really spoiling US WHAT A lot of people might not know is that the original Star Wars was released in the US fully seven month before Europe. And it’s still true today that most conversations about release dates end with a grimace or guffaw about

how long we have to wait in Denmark. But this isn’t strictly true, or at least it’s not this issue. Primarily due to the forthcoming US holidays in November, no fewer than four films are coming out in Denmark before the US: Trolls (Oct 13), A Monster Calls (Oct 27), Doctor Strange (Oct 27) and the Oasis documentary Supersonic (Oct 13). So that’s three films aimed at kids and one about them. Half-term oases TROLLS is an animated film based on dolls created by Danish company Dam Things (see history feature on page 16) including the voices of Zooey Deschanel, Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, James Corden, John Cleese and Russell Brand. DreamWorks doesn’t mind whether it’s good or not, just as long as it sells a lot of merchandise. But according to our reviewer, it’s a safe bet for the kids (see The consensus among reviewers at various festivals is A Monster Calls (74) is a faithful adaptation of Patrick Ness’s popular children’s novel that has resonated with all ages. In his Aslan role in the Narnia films,

14 October - 3 November 2016

Liam Neeson demonstrated that he does beasts as well as angry action men in their 60s, and he lends the monster role the necessary gravitas and an otherwise unshowy cast a star name. Marvel superhero film Doctor Strange has got an abundance of them: Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role along with able support from Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Denmark’s favourite son Mads Mikkelsen. For fans of the character, this origins story might be a little straight-laced, but there is talk of more ‘astro-trip’ content in a sequel, if it gets that far, for which the biggest variable will be whether Cumberbatch signs on for another. Oasis are talking about a sequel of sorts – what’s commonly referred to as a reunion in the music industry – or at least Liam Gallagher is following his contribution to the biodoc Supersonic, which he described as the “therapy he’s never had”. But will brother Noel roll with it or continue to look back in anger? Autism, good and bad ROLLING with the punches of late is Ben Affleck – since Argo in 2012, Gone Girl has been his

only success. So will The Accountant (Oct 20) address this slump? It’s hard to see given he plays a maths savant working for the mob. Makes you wonder if the card-counting scenes in Rainman would be rewritten in a similar vein for today’s audiences? A much better bet for an emotional payoff is the autismthemed doc Life Animated (Oct 20, 75), which tells the story of a boy who learns to communicate by repeating lines from Disney films. Also already released overseas are Sunset Song (Oct 13, 72), a solid coming-of-age drama set in early 20th century Scotland starring Peter Mullan, and Requiem for the American Dream (Oct 20, 8.2 on IMDB), in which famous US intellectual Noam Chomsky chews over inequality and the death of the middle classes. Competing Toms HOLLYWOOD inequality springs to mind as we look forward to the appearance of its two biggest stars, or at least its two biggest Toms. Cruise, now 54, continues to take the biggest parts written for men in their 40s, and Hanks, 60, likewise has

his pick of the plumb 50-something roles. Jack Reacher 2: Never go Back reconfirms that Cruise has given up on Uncle Oscar for good and will only ever do sequels, sci-fi or sci-fi sequels. While Hanks returns to his role as Dr Robert Langdom in Da Vinci Code sequel Inferno, this time with Felicity Jones and Borgen PM Sidse Babett Knudsen (currently in Westworld on HBO) in tow. The second Noel ELSEWHERE, the two-week film festival CPH PIX starts on October 27. Among the films we’re looking forward to seeing are British literary world drama Genius (Nov 10), David Lynch: The Art Life (Nov 5 & 6) and the worldwide premiere of Bakerman (Oct 29 & Nov 2), a film made by our former columnist David Noel Bourke. Cinemateket will of course be showing plenty of films as part of the festival, and also plenty before as part of its Film Noir season – which includes Charles Laughton’s only film, The Night of the Hunter (Oct 6, 21:30 & Oct 22, 12:30), and Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat (Oct 16, 12:30).

sunset song film of the month

OCT 13th –25th: ‘Sunset Song’ is veteran Terence Davies’ adaptation of one of Scotland’s most famous novels. Enjoy its extraordinarily beautiful scenery of Scotland and New Zealand on 65 mm film. We present some 50 films with English dialogue or subtitles every month. See what’s on at or visit us in Gothersgade 55


14 October - November 3 2016




CONTAINING as much “violence, conspiracy and sleaze as the average big-budget gangster series”, according to the Daily Telegraph, The Collection recounts how Paris became the world’s centre of fashion following the Nazi occupation during WWII. The Bold and the Beautiful this ain’t! Created by Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Pretty Little Liars), this eight-part Amazon Stu-

Two brothers: one’s a mad genius, the other’s sensible and wears suits

Oct 17, ep1: 18:10; ep2: 20:50). We’ve got the past: Black Power: America’s Armed Resistance (DR2, Oct 20, 23:05), Reagan’s Secret War (DRK, Oct 17, 18:55) and Inside Obama’s White House (SVT2, Oct 28, 23:30). And a dystopian future: America by the numbers special: The New Deciders (DR2, Oct 25, 23:05) and arms dealing doc Shadow World (SVT2, Oct 31, 22:50).

Elsewhere, music fans will enjoy Peter Grimes on the beach (SVT2, Oct 15, 21:10), Janet Joplin: Little Girl Blue (DR2, Oct 24, 23:50) and Goldfrapp: Tales of us (SVT1, Oct 28, 00:35); Fear of flying (DR3, Oct 17, 23.45) and Allergies: Modern Life and Me (DR2, Oct 24, 20:00) will take us to the edge; and Donald Trump will enjoy the Spike Guys Choice Awards (Zulu, Oct 23, 20:55) – he’s presenting them next year! (BH)

DR2, Oct 20, 23:55 Third and final US Presidential Debate

Clipboards breed insecurity

WE’RE SPOILT for choice for TV drama, comedy and dramedy series thanks to the US right now. Leading the way is the hilarious Insecure (84 on Metacritic), a disarmingly honest depiction of the lives of two best friends. Issa Rae (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl) is a natural in the lead.

Slightly more offbeat perhaps is No Tomorrow (68), a dramedy about a woman who falls for someone who believes the apocalypse is around the corner. Staying in the realms of scifi, we have Frequency (63), a drama about a detective who can talk to her dead father through a radio, Marvel’s Luke Cage (79), a superhero series set in


“No tomorrow. Gee that’s corny!”


Harlem, Timeless (65), the unlikely tale of a trio traveling through time to protect history as we know it, and mammoth HBO series Westworld (73). Also worthy of your consideration are naturalistic comedy Easy (72) and Pitch (69), a drama about the first woman to play Major League Baseball. KRISTINA LIEBUTE




IT’S BAD timing to launch the NBA season on the day the World Series starts. It’s also hard to pick between Barca vs Man City in the CL and Chelsea (TV Sport 2, Oct 23, 16:55) and Liverpool (K6, Oct 17, 19:00) hosting Man U in the EPL, but you can watch all three. Elsewhere, we’ve got F1’s US and Mexican GPs and the continuation of the NHL (TV3 Sport 1 & 2). (BH)

dios on-demand series has only scored 6.6 on IMDB – perhaps understandably as dramas about fashion (based on Dior apparently) won’t suit everyone’s tastes. Starring the likeable Richard Coyle (Coupling) and Frances de la Tour (not typecast as a female giant this time), the Telegraph found it “lavish, sumptuous” (it’s clear where most of the budget was spent) but also “clichéd and bizarrely inconsistent” – particularly the accents. CELINA DANSCHER


WITH THE final US presidential debate approaching, and then the main event itself on November 8, it looks like every Danish channel has reached the same consensus: White House docs and plenty of them! We’ve got biodocs: Abraham Lincoln (DRK, Oct 17, 22:35), Reagan (DR2, ep1: Oct 21, 21:40; ep2: Oct 28, 21:35), JFK and LBJ: A Time for Greatness (DRK, Oct 17, 20:00) and FDR in Wheelchair President (DRK,


SPORT OF THE WEEK TV2 Sport, Oct 25, 02:00 NBA season starts

3+, Oct 23 & 30, 20:00 Mexican and US GPs


DRK, Oct 20, 21:30 The Selfish Giant

TV2, Oct 15, 21:15 One Chance

Zulu, Oct 20, 20:55 Sin City: A Dame to Kill

3+, Oct 19, 20:40 CL: Barcelona vs Manchester City

THE STORY of Paul Potts starring James Corden was never going to be Citizen Kane, and One Chance is lots of fun in places. Likewise Sin City: A Dame to Kill never aspires for greatness – and it’s the right approach. The Selfish Giant, meanwhile, is worthy of its name – a British childhood film worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Kes. (BH)

Photo: Hasse Ferrold

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