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expat fair 27 august 2012 • 15:30 - 18:00 the city hall



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Learn Danish in Lyngby with CLAVIS New language school in Lyngby

At CLAVIS, we specialize in efficient and tailor-made Danish courses for foreign citizens, businesses and municipalities.

At CLAVIS Lyngby you can sign up for: • Danish for English speakers (day and evening classes) • CLAVIS Online: Class room seminars combined with Online learning • Danish for Scandinavian speakers • Danish for Russian speakers • Danish for Polish speakers • Private courses: intensive programmes • Danish for Polish speakers • Private courses: intensive programmes The courses at CLAVIS come highly recommended by students and collaboration partners. Have a look at our web site to see what they say. The Danish Education programmes are free of charge for all foreign nationals over the age of 18, who have not spent their three year right to free Danish education funded by the municipality.

Info & signing up +45 22 10 53 99 | | CLAVIS Lyngby – Klampenborgvej 232, 2nd floor, 2800 Kongens Lyngby S-train line E stops at Lyngby Station - only 5 minutes walk from CLAVIS. Excellent parking facilities.

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012


This is our third year helping to organise the Copenhagen Expat Fair – and every year it’s been a great pleasure to experience the enthusiasm for and interest in the fair. The idea is simple. Denmark has lots of clubs and options for those looking for an active life for their whole family. However, many Danish clubs and associations are run by volunteers, leaving no budget for websites in English.

President and Publisher: Ejvind Sandal Chief Executive: Jesper Nymark

Our idea behind this fair was to simply ‘build a bridge’ between expats and Danes based on the assumption that when you share a common interest, cultural differences and language barriers are no longer important.

Editor: Ben Hamilton Production & Layout: Lyndsay Jensen

So join us at City Hall and take this opportunity to meet new people and hear about all the exciting and fun clubs you can join.

Proofreader: Dom Summers

Anette Pilmark - Managing director of Spousecare

Sales and Advertising: Jeanne Thames, Mark Millen, Lyndsay Jensen If you would like to contact us or leave a comment: This supplement is published by The Copenhagen Post; please refer to our disclaimer on page 2 of the newspaper.

Welcome Reception and

Copenhagen Expat Fair 27 august 2012 Copenhagen City Hall entry is free!

That’s the Copenhagen Way! Behind a door at City Hall that bears the sign ‘The woman behind it all’ sits Pia Allerslev, the culture minister for Copenhagen and this year’s keynote speaker at the Copenhagen Expat Fair. As a representative of the city and a member of the Global Minds Network, Allerslev has long been an advocate for integrating the expatriate community into the city of Copenhagen. By Linn Lemhag

The first year or two can be difficult for expats, and it can especially be difficult to get to know the Danish people. It’s not that we are not friendly, or that we do not like

new people in our city – we love it!” says Allerslev, who sees

3.30 - 6.00pm Copenhagen Expat Fair 2012 Copenhagen is a vibrant centre of cultural events and experiences with a broad range of music, art and sport activities to choose from. Joining a club or any leisure activity is often the basis for a rich social life in Copenhagen, providing excellent opportunities for meeting both Danes and fellow expats. Copenhagen Expat Fair gives you the chance to talk to a wide range of clubs and associations from the Greater Copenhagen area. Join us on August 27th. 4.00pm Welcome speech Pia Allerslev, Copenhagen’s mayor of culture and leisure, will make an official welcome speech at 4pm. After the welcome speech, the world famous ‘City Hall Pancakes’ will be served. Throughout the fair you will be able to see various entertainment:

the Expat Fair as a great place for those new to Denmark to find a way of getting involved with Copenhagen life. “The expat fair is actually a very simple concept – it’s all about bringing people and organisations together. Showing people what you can do in Copenhagen and where to do it – we could use your help here, and maybe you could use ours there. It’s also a way of showing people that they are important to our city, and that we would really like for them to be involved in as many aspects of it as possible.” A resident in Copenhagen for the past 20 years, Allerslev is enthusiastic about expatriate families settling down in her city, both from a personal and professional point of view.

The Expat Fair is actually a very simple concept - it’s all about bringing people and organisations together.

“I think for the dynamic of a capital city, it’s very important that people want to come here and live here – people who don’t

Programme of events:

have the same background as maybe I do,” she says. “From a business perspective, expat employees are highly qualified and most of them receive good salaries. They then pay taxes to the city of Copenhagen, and that’s a lot of money

“In Copenhagen we work a lot, but we also cherish the time that we have,” she says. “Especially during the summer months when we can actually be outside without freezing – we have activities and festivals going on all the time, most of which are free.”

that they contribute to the city. We can make a lot of things happen with all that money, so in that respect, expats are very valuable to the Copenhagen. Therefore, it is very important for me to make sure that as many of them as possible get something back in return. We have so many things for the entire family that are either for free or inexpensive in comparison to abroad, including sports clubs, theatre groups, festivals and

Summer is ending, and though those new to Denmark may fear the cold, dark winter that looms ahead, they should know that the ‘Copenhagen way’ does not include hibernation. “We actually have a lot of outdoor activities going on during the winter, like ice-skating and, for those brave enough for a taste of true Viking life, several winter bathing clubs. You can even swim in the harbour! The lighting of the Christmas tree in City Hall Square is always beautiful, and come February we host a festival called Wondercool.”

various cultural activities.” Allerslev encourages those new to Denmark to discover the “Copenhagen way”, which she describes as a “work-life balance”.

Join Allerslev in celebrating Copenhagen’s expatriate community as she opens the fair at 4pm on Monday afternoon. Sample some of the world-famous City Hall pancakes, have some fun, and maybe you’ll find a Dane who can explain why jumping into freezing water in the middle of winter is a national sport.

dance shows, kids and adults performing, and many partic-

Sponsored by:

Organised by:

ipating clubs demonstrating the activities they offer. We hope you will be inspired!

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012


OPINION Come vi stand sit our a Expat t the Fair!

Our Account Managers can provide guidance in English, and we also have an English version of our user-friendly e-Banking system already in place.

You can bank on


Breaking down barriers “Danish banking is very structured, and the procedures and practices can be challenging for our clients, as they come from a different banking culture and often do not fit perfectly into an existing ‘box’.”


When you uproot your life, whether it be for a short or long-term posting in another country, there are lots of things to worry about. But not when it comes to banking with Danske Bank.

“Our account managers can provide guidance in English, and we also have an English version of our user-friendly e-Banking system already in place. Because we have great experience with international clients, we can remove the doubt and uncertainty that comes with making important financial decisions.”

“It is primarily about having a comprehensive and worry-free experience when it comes to your banking needs. Which credit card or account type you should choose is the last thing on your mind, when you have just moved to a new country and are focused on getting the children enrolled in school etc. We provide that peace of mind!”

“Some expats decide to stay longer than initially planned, or their needs change during their stay in other ways, such as falling in love, wanting to buy property, having children etc. We are familiar with the various scenarios which an expat can find themselves in, and we can offer a completely unique set-up to ensure their needs are met.

What is the International Private Clients department in Danske Bank

Refreshingly different

international private clients working in Denmark and

Danes living abroad.

“In my work, I meet people from all over the world and it is a true privilege. I feel that it is important that we, as a large international company, support the international community in Denmark. Therefore it is completely natural for us to be the sponsor of the Expat Fair 2012,” says Nielsen.

encounter Danske Bank during your stay in Denmark. In 2011 Danske the Danish FA (DBU), which not only means that they sponsor the Danish national football team, but are also involved in local and regional football. In Northern Ireland, where Danske Bank also has a presence, they are sponsors of the country’s top flight, which is now called the ‘Danske Bank Premiership’. You can see the Danish national team play their first World Cup qualification match at Parken, the national stadium in Østerbro (Copenhagen), on September 8 against the Czech Republic.

WIN WIN WIN! Visit our stand at the Expat Fair, and stand a chance of winning four sets of two tickets to the Denmark vs Czech Republic match, and a football jersey signed by the national team!

This is how Henrik Skov Nielsen, the head of International Private Clients department at Danske Bank, describes the services offered to their international clients. A majority of them are expats who are in Denmark for either a short or long time.

For the past four years, Nielsen has been responsible for the International Private Clients department at Danske Bank. This role has given him an insight into many different cultures, and he has gained an understanding of why it, at times, can be difficult being new to Denmark.

If you are a sports fan, you will also

Bank became the proud sponsor of According to Nielsen, it is Danske Bank’s primary role to break down the barriers to make it easy and straightforward, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Banking should be easy and straightforward

Danske Bank, in the stands!

➡ A specialised department, specifically dedicated to

➡ This department helps with everything from opening

accounts and the financing of property, to drawing up

insurance policies, pension schemes as well as


➡ The majority of expats require, at minimum, a Danish bank

account, a card, and access to eBanking. This can be

accomplished through a 20-minute meeting with the

International Private Clients department at Danske Bank.

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our e

Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

Sports Clubs

Make Connections

Expat Fair organizers urge newcomers to spend free time on group activities

• Sport • Sport • Sport •

Wondering how you and your family might benefit by joining a club? Read on for some great reasons to get the whole family involved! By Francisco Perez

Get Out and Do Something Many of us spend too many hours in front of the TV watching senseless shows or playing video games. A club gives you an opportunity to explore more varied, and healthier, activities.

Meet People / Make Friends Joining a club gives your family a comfortable place to meet others with similar interests. This often forms the basis for lifelong friendships.

Learn New Skills Children who participate in a variety of activities are introduced to new skills and given a chance to develop them. As children realize they ‘can do’, their self-confidence grows.

Learn Teamwork Many activities require children to work together towards a common goal. Whether they’re trying to win a game or complete a community service project, children learn to work as a team.

Keep Out of Trouble Studies show that after-school hours are more dangerous to children than night-time hours. Participating in an after-school club reduces children’s risks of becoming involved in drugs or alcohol, getting pregnant or committing crimes.

Leadership / Responsibility Children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and elect team leaders. They learn to lead, follow, and carry their portion of the responsibility.

Civic Mindedness / Values Some exist as service organizations. Others participate in community service as part of a larger scope of activities. Either way, children learn to look beyond themselves and experience the joy of making a difference.

Plain Old Fun Playing a game, camping, singing, spending time together as a family – whatever the focus, people participate because they enjoy the activities, and sometimes fun is as good a reason as any other joining a club.

Row, row, row your boat By Francisco Perez

Københavns Roklub (Copenhagen Rowing Club): Tømmergravsgade 13, Cph SV; 3312 3075; (English website incomplete) Water sports amateurs and dedicated athletes of all kinds will surely appreciate the Copenhagen Rowing Club. This is the second oldest rowing club in Denmark. Its members have been rocking the waters around the Copenhagen Harbour and Islands Brygge since its foundation in 1866. The club is also one of the most important rowing associations in Scandinavia, hosting major events such as a Dragon Boat Regatta, paddling races, or rowing competitions with rival Nordic clubs. Nowadays, the club welcome all rowing, paddling or sculling lovers from the age of 13. Youngsters aged between 13 and 18 can undertake two weekly training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, including not only rowing, but also gymnastics, endurance training and weightlifting. These teenagers are then entered into several competitions against other rowing clubs throughout Copenhagen. Daily afternoon and early evening sessions are available for working adults, and elderly seniors are also welcomed at the club. During the summer, members train in Copenhagen Harbour and embark on relatively long rowing tours (between one and two hours) through the Copenhagen canals. In the winter, the club continues its activities indoors, using mainly rowing machines. Despite rowing being their principal activity, the Copenhagen Rowing Club also provides its members with numerous other sporting activities, such as physical training in the club’s gym or yoga lessons. Prices for four-month memberships range from 180kr for youngsters aged between 13 and 18, to 720kr for those aged 22 or over, though one can also become a ‘passive member’ and pay just 290kr.

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

• Sport • Sport • Sport •

The sport that invented sweat

This country’s best sport

By Francisco Perez

By Francisco Perez

Svanen Squash Club: Svanemøllehallen, Østerbrogade 240, Cph Ø; contact Chris-

Københavns Badminton Klub (Copenhagen Badminton Club):

tian N Brevadt, the club chairman and coach, on 2849 0258;

Krausesvej 12, Cph Ø; contact Helle Nielsen Sjørring on

3538 7292 for more info; (in Danish only)

For the explosive, temperamental and resilient sports players,

Want to take part in one of Denmark’s signature sports and

squash is often an appropriate choice. Born out of the merger

main sources of Olympic medals? Then badminton is defi-

of two former squash clubs in Copenhagen, the Svanen Squash

nitely for you. The Copenhagen Badminton Club (KBK) is the

Club currently has 250 registered and competitive members.

second oldest in Denmark – founded in 1928 – and one of the biggest in the country, with close to 800 active members

Its facilities in Østerbro offer room for close to 100 players to

hitting the shuttlecock.

hammer the walls, though unfortunately the club does not allow non-registered members to use its courts. Once you pay,

Its facilities in Østerbro will please all unconditional fans and

the yearly cost of 700kr for seniors (350 for under-18s) plus

offer a great starting point for newcomers: wooden floors

a 300kr joining fee, Svanen Squash offers extensive training

with lines exclusively made for badminton, a state-of-the-art

and numerous opportunities for its members to take part in

gym, and relaxation facilities such as a sauna and a restau-

small or major regional and national competitions. There is


currently a waiting list to become a registered member. Training courses are provided on a fortnightly basis: every second

KBK members are among the best badminton players in the

Monday from 4-5pm for juniors, and every other Tuesday

country, and their club often serves as a training ground for

from 6-7pm for men and from 7-8pm for women.

both top Danish and foreign players when international competitions are held in Copenhagen. Yet plenty of space is left

The club has created a fairly competitive spirit amongst its

for casual players, who can both take part in one of the club’s

members, likely to please all high-spirited sports players. All

weekly training sessions and measure their progress during

registered players are ranked on a leaderboard. To gain a

the monthly tournaments organised by the KBK.

higher position in the overall rankings, members must challenge those ranked above them. Challenges are binding: once

The club caters for all ages: there are over 200 young players

one has been formally made, both the challenger and the de-

aged between 6 and 18, as well as specific training for adults

fender must agree on a date to play within two weeks. If a

aged up to 40, veterans between 40 and 50, and seniors,

member is thought to be ‘escaping’ a challenge or refuses to

aged 50 or more. Membership fees differ according to age.

play within the deadline for no acceptable reason, the chal-

Prices for six months range from 184-287kr for under-18s, to

lenger is considered the winner.

625-840kr for adults.

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

Dance like Bruce Lee By Francisco Perez

Capoeira Skolen Senzala (Senzala Capoeira School) Barfoedsvej 5, Frederiksberg; contact Steen Møller for more details on 2048 4049; (website also in English) With facilities in Næstved, Østerbro, Hellerup, Valby and Frederiksberg, the Senzala Capoeira School is the biggest school teaching the Brazilian dance and martial art in Scandinavia. Founded in 1991 by Steen Møller, the school boasts over 500 students and offers extensive training on weekdays. Children from the age of four as well as novice or curious adults can be taught to perform the moves, play the instruments and embrace the practices that have made this art so unique. Other activities include mixed classes where parents can come along with their young children (two to four) and, for the most experienced and proficient performers, potential trips to Brazil for further training, competition and cultural immersion. Lessons take place every weekday at one or more of the school’s training grounds, from 5-7pm. The membership price ranges from 250kr for younger children, to 350kr for adults, to be paid every three months.

The teachers include Møller himself, as well as six other professionals whom are all well acquainted with Brazilian culture and arts.

The teachers include Møller himself, as well as six other professionals whom are all well acquainted with Brazilian culture and arts. The school started its 2012/2013 season in early August and is still welcoming newcomers immediately, without there being a waiting list.


MUSIC FESTIVAL In commemoration of Christian

Geist (c.1650-1711)

Holy Land Discovering Israel: Inside the Special advertising section INSIDE!

Photo: Karsten Movang

Festival Copenhagen Renaissance Music Special advertising section INSIDE!



7 - 20 NOVEMBER 2011

FROM SCHÜTZ TO GEIST 1600-1700 Early German Baroque Music





The CPH Post







Issue 44 4 - 10 November 2011 | Vol 14 NEWS


t Guide | 16 - 22 Sep



| only English-language newspaper


Dane unable to obtain family girlfriend reunification for his Thai Catch-22 says residency rules are a



Exploiting ‘fat tax’ Supermarkets are scamming guise their customers under the of the new national ‘fat tax’

NEWS | 3


Get in or get out



Is now the time to join the euro, or to run like hell?

page G9


new National coach Morten Olsen’s job in the contract will keep him Cup. until after the 2014 World


Warrior Jesus from How Christianity borrowed Jesus Norse mythology and branded the to woo as a tough guy in order pagan Vikings


9 771398 100009

Price: 25 DKK

econ A new budget to ‘kickstart’ the

Danes abolished, saving some 525,000 mobile and of students. Moreover, stuwith business laptops (VK) govern- the number vious Venstre-Konservative no longer pay administrative phones 3,000 kroner per year. major points: dents will JENNIFER BULEY Master’s students look forment. Here are a few of the Not everyone, however, can the state’s fees, and prospective course tuitions Families: VK limited and junk (bør- will have prerequisite 17.5 billion ward to a cash infusion. Smokers SRSF’s first budget will spend monthly child support handouts fam- paid. The government will also fund higher on their per food lovers will be taxed abolish necheck) to 35,000 kroner kroner on infrastructure and more state-supported internship vices, while international corporations 1,500 abolished, ily. That limit has now been previous taxes and restrictions higher tax bills. SRSF plans families will get positions. creation: will also see and meaning that many Infrastructure and job by closing a number of AN YOU HAVE your cake ts. The government will be in- to raise revenue wisdom larger child benefi Some 17.5 billion kroner going back nearly 20 years eat it too? Conventional fertility treatments and infrastructure tax loopholes corporations budg- will also pay for vested over two years in that allowed international says no, but with their first as a new rail line between power, voluntary sterilisations. to escape paying corporate Folkeparti projects, such et plan since the shift of a project to in Denmark Welfare: VK and Dansk Copenhagen and Ringsted, erne-Radikaletaxes (see more on page 15). specialised welfare prothe new Socialdemokrat in the Holbæk motorway, erosion coalition (DF) introduced All told, the spending increases cash benefits widen the Socialistisk Folkeparti (SRSF) Jutland’s west grammes that reduced the protection efforts along are not as big as the minister shot. a it budget new giving programmes be ose to Th housappear public the new for new immigrants. and interior, Margrethe coast, and renovations to Many of the elements of eliminated and going Thorning- of the economy that to be re- have now been ing. Prime minister Helle (R), would like. She noted state of Vestager need in ‘kickstart’ budget – which is expected all residents the deficit for 2012, Schmidt has said that these ursday – will forward leased in its entirety on Th will receive the same welfare projects will create 20,000 new jobs VK under-reported to spend more. But a time when support making it imprudent increase state spending at The Danish ConstrucEU’s finanincreased. But benefits. research: from 2012-2013. Denmark will still meet the the budget deficit has despite Higher education and predicts 10,000. come from reresponsibility benchmarks, cial one billion tion Association extra ‘mulan get where the money would will The unpopular Universities added. Tax break:meeting costs as- a personal be the larger deficit, she years to cover mained a mystery. Organise tax’ introduced by VK will items kroner over two timedia in on increase class. a A number of the new budget predicted a in with sit and by the pre- sociated full-time MBA at CBS reinstate spending cuts made The one-year general managementip, and real-world experience. focuses on leadership, entrepreneurshhear how the MBA can giveprogram and ally diverse Organise a personal meeting internation



Cheering a Muslim as we do a Murderer! Page 10




Join Scandinav your career a new dimension. r 17:30-19:00 17th Novembe Thursday 3815 6022 MBA at CBS focuses on or callfull-time

Free acces s to 65 and attrac museums entire metro tions in the politan area


Skills. The one-year general management and Practical Business a personalp,meeting. Entrepreneurshi to organise Leadership, up for the meeting. or call 3815 6022 to sign E-mail

Copenhagen Business School

School Frederiksberg Business n 22, 2000 Copenhagen Porcelænshave 22, 2000 Frederiksberg nba Porcelænshave

See more at copenhag






John Primer w. Nisse Thorbj Joe Louis orn Band Walker [US] [US/DK] Mud Morgan | Holmes Brothe field w. Peter Louisiana Nande Band rs [US] [US/DK] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/UK w. Kenn Lendin ] | Janice Keith Dunn Band [US/NL g Blues Band [US/DK Delta Blues ] ] Band | The | Johnny Max Band Thorbjorn [CA] Healers | Risager | SEPT. 28 Troels JensenShades of Blue H.P. Lange - OCT. 2 · | 2011 Tutweiler Mike Andersen & Jens| Alain Apaloo | Fried Kristia Okra See ful n Dam Bluesoul Band | The l progr | Grahn Blues amme: Jacob Fischer & Malm | Ole Frimer Overdrive w w Trio | Svante | Paul Banks penhag Sjöblom | enblue Jes Holtso sfestiv e




& www .k


Denmark’s most effective Danish courses!

delivered to your home or office every week for only 1,100 kr per year or 750 kr for 6 months contact: dima at the copenhagen post on 33 36 42 48 or by email at

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

Expat Fair Club and Association Listings *drawing not to scale 15










ďƒŠ 14

Performance times: 16:45




t es gu aker e 00 p S 16:





City Hall Pancakes











Pics taken at the 2011 Expat Fair courtesy of Hasse Ferrold

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

Table No



Performance times: 16:15 & 17:10

Performance times: 16:30 & 17:30



28 29 30 31 32 33 34





Club / Association



Spousecare/New City Mums


Scout organisations in Copenhagen area


Danske Bank


The Copenhagen Post Newspaper


Expat in Denmark


Amager Volleyklub


Amager-Demons (American Football)


DGI (Sports guides)


Frem (Football club in Valby)


Fremad Amager Football club


Svanen Squash


Københavns Badminton Klub


Falcon Basket


Skjold Copenhagen Soccer


Exiles Rugby Club


Copenhagen Celtic


Københavns Roklub


Hovedstadens Svømmeklub (HSK)


ABC Cykelklub


Copenhagen Hockey Club




Copenhagen’s Track and Field Club


Den Danske Karateskole – perform


Rytmisk Centre


Uppercut Dance Theater (also represents Dance in North West) – Two performances (Duration: 10 min each)


Capoira Skolen Senzala – Two performances (Duration: 10 min each)


Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation


Miljøpunkt Indre By/Christianshavn – (including Dyrk Nørrebro and Prags Have)


Københavns Fødevarefællesskab


Friluftsrådet/Danish Outdoor Council - (Greater Copenhagen Area)


Hellerup Sailling Club


ATK Tennis Club


FOF (Copenhagen + Lyngby + HOF Gentofte)


AOF (Copenhagen + Frederiksberg)


Copenhagen Business Service


Huset + Krudttønden + Amager Kulturpunkt (also represent the community centres)


Copenhagen Libraries & Cultural Volunteer Programme


Culture and Leisure Department


Copenhagen Volunteer


CPH International Service/CPH Integration and Language (Host Programme & Career) /

9 Expat Fair Supplement.indd 9

22-08-2012 13:17:04

Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

• Sport • Sport • Sport •

Get your jolly hockey fix

You won’t leave empty-handed By Francisco Perez

By Francisco Perez

Copenhagen Hockey Club:

Den Danske Karateskole (The Danish Karate School):

Kløvermarksvej 50, Cph S (outdoor pitch); contact club chair-

Bryggervangen 19, 1, Cph Ø; 3929 8943;

man Flemming (the youth team leader) on 4054 6843; www.

(website in Danish Only) (website in English) For those looking to let off some steam while also learning Want to try something different from traditional outdoors

how to defend themselves, the Danish Karate School might

sports like football or tennis? How about hockey then? Field

be the place to go.

hockey is one of the biggest field sports in the world as well as an intense and entertaining activity, albeit a less well known

The school provides training for everyone, starting with

one. And the Copenhagen Hockey Club (CHC) might just turn

children aged five. Classes are divided into age groups, with

you into an unconditional fan.

children aged from five to eleven, teenagers aged 12-15 and 16-19, and adults aged 20 or more. Each group has specific

The club, founded in 1904, is the oldest in Denmark and one

aims for its students: while younger children are taught to

of the most successful in the country. Teams play outdoors on

be aware of and feel good in their bodies, older children and

fast-paced grass pitches during the summer, and indoors on

teenagers are trained to use their physical capacities to their

handball courts, ideal for physically strong and technically ac-

full potential. Adults are taught the fundamentals of combat

complished players, during the winter. Its teams have clinched

and self-defense typical of karate.

national titles repeatedly, owing to the club’s traditional winning spirit and training techniques.

The club does not expect newcomers, regardless of the age group they wish to integrate, to have any previous experi-

All its teams are composed of several nationalities, which

ence. Lessons are provided on a weekly basis, with sessions

might just help recently established foreigners make new

taking place each day to accommodate all timetables.

friends (both Danish and foreigners) and help make settling in Denmark easier. The CHC welcomes new players regardless

Other activities at the school include kick-boxing and specific

of their level, so long as they share the group’s characteristic

self-defence courses. Fees are due on a monthly basis and

team spirit. There are specific teams for men, women, young-

vary according to age groups: children aged five to eleven

sters and veteran players. Newcomers can drop by for free tri-

pay 140kr a month, those aged 12-15 pay 150kr, the older

als before signing up.

teens 210kr, and adults 300kr. The club offers cheap introduction days for those who wish to get a taster before sign-

A membership costs 1,200kr a year for adults and 700kr for

ing up (20kr), as well as trial months for half-price. All regis-

youths – payments are split in two and made twice a year,

trations include a supplementary fee of 100kr, and the club

each half paying for either the summer or winter seasons. The

encourages those interested to sign up quickly because of

CHC requires newcomers to purchase their own equipment

the high demand for places.

(hockey stick, shin guards and an optional mouth guard), but it supplies goalkeepers with their own equipment and advises players on what to buy.

for those looking to let off some steam while also learning how to defend themselves, the Danish Karate School might be the place to go. 10 Expat Fair Supplement.indd 10

22-08-2012 13:18:01

Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

Meditate like Yoda, it’s great to yoga By Francisco Perez

Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation Købmagergade 65, Cph K; 3334 3536; (website in Danish only) Is the stress of moving to a new country or the anxiety of work eating you alive? If so, you could do with some relaxation exercises and some revitalising yoga lessons at the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. Established in 1970 in Sweden, the school is the oldest of its kind in Nordic Europe and is now established in several cities across the region and the rest of Europe. With over a dozen professional instructors, anyone in need of a few hours of calm breathing, stretching and searching for inner peace is likely to find what they’re looking for. Beginner courses are available for all, regardless of their previous experience and level, but all advanced lessons require completion of the previous stage of training. Some courses are also provided in English. Other activities include specific courses for pregnant women, mediation and relaxation sessions, or meditative singing and dancing. Lessons are organised on a weekly basis in small groups that allow for a greater follow-up of each participant. Registration grants access to a series of lessons, with prices differing according to their length and the time of the week you wish to have them.

Other activities include specific courses for pregnant women, mediation and relaxation sessions, or meditative singing and dancing.

Newcomers must both book their spot in their chosen lesson and pay online. Fees range from 700-1,300kr, but there are discounts for students, pensioners and the unemployed. The school does offer free trial lessons, however, as an opportunity for newcomers to discover what their level and passion truly are.


Say “Hej” to tHe DaniSH Language A djusting to life in Copenhagen can be

ish from day one by Københavns Sprogcenter’s

To achieve this understanding, the school offers

hard for many reasons, but learning

renowned faculty, which includes more than 10

both fulltime day courses and night classes that

Danish is at the top of the list. Native

authors of Danish language textbooks. Teachers

give students flexibility to work around their own

English speakers lament that nothing is spoken

understand exactly what their students are going

schedules. Those who want an intensive learn-

like it is read, random letters are sometimes left

through and can help them navigate textbooks

ing experience can find it here, but so can those

silent and pronouncing the vowels makes you

that, in many cases, they wrote themselves.

with other jobs or schoolwork who can only fit

sound like you’ve got a sore throat. Despite all

in a couple of nights a week. Traditional lectures

that, it is a language that can be picked up quickly

“They’re not only [good teachers], but

and in-class activities are supplemented with

and painlessly; all it takes is the right environ-

they’re professionals in their field,”

practice in the language lab, where students can

department manager Julie Henriques

pronounce words into a microphone and receive

explains. “This also means that the teachers

individual critiques from staff. Priority is placed

Københavns Sprogcenter gives students these

who haven’t written textbooks are working

on active learning (speaking and writing) rather

tools. Nestled in the old meatpacking district of

with the authors, so they understand and are

Vesterbro, the school spans two large buildings

constantly learning as well.”

ment, methods and staff to lead the way.

and boasts a newly renovated computer lab,

than passive learning (reading and listening). Above all else, Københavns Sprogcenter has cre-

language lab, library and cafeteria. A surprise

Københavns Sprogcenter aims to help newcom-

ated an environment where people from around

perhaps to those who imagine language schools

ers pass the Danish language test required by

the world can work to overcome a similar chal-

consisting of nothing more than a few rundown

immigration laws, but it also understands that

lenge. With 1,400 students currently enrolled

classrooms, this language centre has taken extra

there’s more to a language than that.

from over 90 countries, the language centre pro-

steps to modernise its space and add a level of comfort to the often uncomfortable experience

“We look at it in a broader sense – what do you

of learning a new language.

need to do with the language? Why do you need

vides expats with a group of people who can un-

Danish will always be a tough language to grasp,

derstand their situation.

but the resources at Københavns Sprogcenter can make this process both quicker and easier. With

to make it your own?” Henriques elaborates. “It’s

“It’s a whole new network,” Henriques says.

a comfortable environment and informed facul-

Newcomers are interviewed by one of the school’s

not just about passing the test; it’s about how to

“Really strong friendships are made in

ty, you can finally join the real Copenhagen and

five counsellors and placed into courses less than

live - how to buy a pack of cigarettes, how to ask

classes, crossing religious, political, social or

discover what’s so special about that so-called

a month later. They are then immersed in Dan-

someone out on a date - that’s not on the test.”

whatever borders they live with normally.”

“throat disease.”

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

From ABCs to



rom the renowned University of Copenhagen – established in 1479 and responsible for shaping such great minds as philosopher Søren Kierke-

The Danish education system’s high standards offer cours-

gaard and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels

es and schools for everyone, newcomers included. Whether

Bohr, the abundance of technical and professional colleges whose language of instruction is Danish, to world class international schools where English is the lingua franca, education in Denmark is a highly valued commodity. Compulsory for children up to the age of 16, the Danish education system is ranked first equal in the world, along with Australia, New Zealand and Finland in the UN’s Educa-

it’s learning the Danish language, enrolling your child in an international school or studying at one of Denmark’s leading higher education institutes, there’s something here to fit the needs of everyone, all the way from the ABC to PhDs. By Jimmy Fyfe

tion Index. It comprises nine or ten years (the tenth being optional) of primary and secondary education, followed either by an upper-secondary school (gymnasium) to prepare students for university, or a technical or trade school, where students spend approximately 30-50% of their time in school and 50-70% as a trainee or apprentice.

It all starts with Danish One of the most important, and often most difficult, aspects of moving to a foreign country and adjusting to the new culture and surroundings is learning the language. In order to help adapt to your adopted country as quickly and smoothly as possible, it’s highly recommended to begin by learning some of the local lingo. Being able to have conversations in Danish will make everything just that little bit easier – from making friends to finding a job. For everyone with a CPR number (found on the yellow health insurance card), the local municipality offers free (or almost free) classes designed to get you speaking, reading and writing the Danish language as quickly as possible. As well as the state-offered options, there is also a host of private language schools providing expert tuition to learners using a variety of tried and tested methods.

Education in English For those whose stay in Denmark is short-term or for whom the thought of learning a new language is one of prolonged torture, Denmark also offers a myriad of education courses in English, such as international schools and English language university courses. Many newcomers to Denmark on short-term stays bring the family. In these cases, it’s not so much learning the local language that is the top priority, but making sure the kids study in English and gain internationally recognised diplomas, such as the Baccalaureate. Copenhagen offers various international school options tailored specifically to expat families who want to give their children an international education while living in Denmark. There are many schools available, but one such school is Rygaards Skole, founded in 1909 by the Sisters of Assumptions and with a curriculum based on the British system but adapted to international needs. The aim at Rygaards is to provide a sound education in English, in order to enable students to return to their own national system, or to continue at another international school. It provides education for

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

tutes carries weight wherever you plan on taking your career. With around 130 different degree programmes taught in Eng-

Top language schools:

lish, Danish institutes offer international students a wealth of opportunities, and with English language version websites available as well as on-campus support staff at most universities, planning and taking your studies to the next level couldn’t be easier. children aged 4-16 and specialises in teaching students in Denmark on a temporary basis.

Although most English language programmes are at the Master or PhD level, a number of universities and professional colleges

Bjørn’s International School endeavours to cultivate tolerance and intercultural understanding, and secure a harmonious community for the children and staff. Østerbro International School, also provides education in English to the Copenhagen international community, with its focus on identifying and appreciating the unique potential of each pupil.

also offer courses in English at the Bachelor level, too. Tuition fees vary depending on your country of citizenship, with free tuition available for citizens of EU/EEA countries. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need to pay for tuition, with fees generally ranging from around 6,000 – 16,000 Euros. Most institutes also have financial scholarships available.

Adult Education In addition to the municipally-run Danish language courses, your yellow health insurance card also entitles you to attend classes at your local VUC – Vokenuddannelsescentre, or adult education centres. The VUC also offers Danish language classes, from the most basic courses for those lacking a high school education to fast track programmes for quick learners. In addition, it’s possible to attend courses in other foreign languages, preparatory

If your move to Denmark finds you, however, living in Jutland,

Citizens of countries where English is not an official language

The Cosmo International School of Southern Denmark offers

are required to provide proof of competence in English, usually

three international educational programmes for ages 5 to 16,

by submitting their TOEFL language test score. Applicants must

requisite, single-subject courses needed for entry into specific

all taught in English and offered by the University of Cambridge

also show that their previous education is relevant to advanced

education programmes. The majority of classes are in the Dan-

International Examinations (CIE).

studies in the field. The Danish Agency for International Educa-

ish language, with Danes and foreigners studying side by side.

tion offers a qualification review process to help prospective

The centres also offer business orientated courses, teaching

Higher Education

students determine how their foreign degrees compare in the

such skills as how to conduct business telephone conversa-

Whether you plan on using your degree in Denmark or abroad,

Danish education system. More info can be found at http://

tions in Danish, letter and report writing and customer service

a qualification from one of Denmark’s higher education insti-


courses for those going on to higher education institutes and

Copenhagen – your new home! Copenhagen is full of opportunities for people who want to participate in cultural and leisure pursuits. Culture, sports facilities and recreation provides a framework for good experiences, voluntary activities and excellent opportunities to meet both Danes and fellow expats. At the Expat Fair you can experience some of the many offers.


openhagen is one of the world’s leading ‘green labatories’ for sustainable urban solutions and the city is strongly focusing on the aim to be carbon-

neutral by 2025. One thing new citizens notice when they arrive to Copenhagen is the many cyclists. More than 35 percent cycle to work or school. The council’s aim is 50 percent and new super highways for cyclists are made to make it safe and easy to get around in the Greater Copenhagen area. There’s an ease to everyday life here. The remarkable good life-work balance, the shorter working hours, the emphasis on making the

to get to know. A new cultural and social life begins. We like to help you settle down and feel at home.

or job seeker. At the International Citizen Service (ICS) all the authorities you typically need to contact are represented. So, in most cases, you’ll only need to visit our ICS office in order to get

You will find information at our website on how you create an everyday life for you and your family in Copenhagen, practical matters, and the most common services the City offers its residents. So visit the City of Copenhagen’s official website:

your basic paperwork done.

CPH International Service

International Citizen Service

ish Ministry of Employment and International

When you become a resident in Copenhagen

There’s a lot of paperwork to take care of when you arrive in Copenhagen as a foreign employee

most out of the outdoors means that you will be able to spend a relatively large amount of time with your family or friends, while still having the opportunity to be professionally challenged at work.

there are lots of things to get used to and places

The following authorities are represented at ICS: The council of Copenhagen, the Danish tax and Customs Administration – SKAT, the regional State Administration, WorkinDenmark, the DanRecruitment and the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization.

Come visit us at: Nyropsgade 1 1602 Copenhagen V Wednesday 13-17 Thursday 11-15

Or please visit our website: 13

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Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012

we care and it shows! Making lives better with low-cost international calls and AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE

Vivian Multilingual Customer Service Advisor





Low-cost international and national calls direct from your mobile Get your Free Prepaid SIM now at 14 DK2706C_4b-Branding Add in Copenhagen post_14-5.indd 1 Expat Fair Supplement.indd 14

14/05/2012 12:17 22-08-2012 13:19:24

Copenhagen Expat Fair - 27 August 2012


to know the transportation network Take the express route to Copenhagen’s attractions by bus or train. By Jane Graham Copenhagen is easy enough to walk around, but if you really want to fit in all the sights, its public transport system is one of the cleanest and safest in Europe. It’s also relatively cheap and refreshingly efficient.

Transfer system Once you understand the system, having the right ticket for your journey couldn’t be easier. All of Copenhagen’s buses and trains, including the Metro and the suburban S-train network share an integrated ticketing system based on zones, with zone one in the centre, gradually working up the zones as you move outwards into the capital’s outlying towns. The cheapest ticket available is for two zones, which should be sufficient for most first-timers to Copenhagen. Other places, like Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport, are found in zone three. Each ticket lasts an hour and includes as many transfers as you wish to make within that hour. For multiple journeys, you can also buy a clip card or klippekort. This works on the same principal, but as you pay for the journeys in advance, you get them a little cheaper. This is ideal for a group of people travelling together or for travel through a number of zones: for example, three clips of a two-zone card allow you to travel through six zones. Just remember to clip the card immediately before travel in the yellow machine, found either on the station platform when taking the train or just in the door as you board the bus.

Copenhagen Card For those planning on doing a lot of sightseeing over a short space of time, the Copenhagen Card is ideal. This is sold from the Wonderful Copenhagen tourist office and incorporates free entrance to a whole slew of museums and attractions, discounts on selected shops and restaurants, and free public transport for a 24-hour or 72-hour period. Another plus is that two kids under ten can travel for free with an adult card.

The Metro Copenhagen’s underground Metro service opened in 2002, with just two lines between the suburb of Amager in the south-east to Vanløse in the west. The line was extended in 2007 to include Kastrup Airport, and another line, the City Ring, is currently being built, with an expected completion date of 2018, finally connecting the line to the Central Train Station as well as the boroughs of Nørrebro and Østerbro. The sleek, driverless trains are generally fun to use, even in rush hour, and the safety and efficiency of the service earned it the title of ‘World’s Best Metro’ in 2010 by industry experts.

Sightseeing services The CityCirkel 11A bus route has been posited as a great alternative to the official sightseeing buses around the city. The small buses drive around the inner city at seven minute intervals, taking you to the door of major attractions like the Nationalmuseet, Statens Museum for Kunst, Nyhavn, the Round Tower and Tivoli. They are also electric, making them less polluting and CO2-neutral than ordinary buses. Another way to see the city using public transport is to take the harbour bus, or havnebus. These yellow boats cost no more than a regular bus and will take you from Nyhavn, the Black Diamond or even Fisketorvet Shopping mall to the Opera House in style.

Buses – a few tips There is a certain etiquette to using Copenhagen’s buses. You board at the front, paying the driver if you haven’t already bought a clip card beforehand; you don’t need exact change, but coins are better than notes. The fold-up seats by the centre doors are to be used only when there aren’t any prams or strollers on the bus, and there usually are, at least in the daytime. You leave by the middle or rear door. Copenhagen’s public transport system runs all night long, though with less services. Night buses are marked with an ‘N’.

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THE DANISH LANGUAGE IS 1200 YEARS OLD. YOU’LL LEARN IT IN TWO! Learn Danish fast and efficiently with

We are located in the heart of

a focus on spoken communication and

Copenhagen, close to Central Station.

conversational skills. Our professional

Contact us today – new classes

teachers use modern learning tools

start every month.

and the teaching level will always suit your individual progress.

Enroll now – call 33 21 31 31 | Valdemarsgade 16 | 1665 Copenhagen V

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Expat Fair Supplement  

New to Copenhagen? This is the perfect supplement to get you and your family involved in Danish culture and sport. Held at the City Hall, an...

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