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16 - 29 May 2019


DANIEL K REECE MIND OVER MANAGING Daniel is the managing director of Nordeq Management (, managing cross-border investment projects with a focus on international corporate and tax law issues. Educated as a lawyer, Daniel also teaches in the International Business and Global Economics department at DIS Copenhagen. Daniel is passionate about mindfulness as a means of personal transformation.

Bigger issues in play THIS IS like a family arguing over which TV channel to watch while the house is on fire. There is only one issue of our times, and it is not immigration, although it is linked to it. Preventing catastrophic climate change is our priority and obligation. Some 50 percent of all carbon emissions released into the atmosphere have happened over the last 30 years, and 85 percent since World War II. This is on us, and future generations

Gareth (, who has a passion for creativity and innovation in business, has been the CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark since the start of 2017. Gareth has a background in management consultancy working for Price Waterhouse, PwC Consulting and IBM, and he also teaches at Copenhagen Business School.

Business and football ties THE RECENT extraordinary games involving Liverpool and Tottenham have been a catalyst for positive conversation and a refreshing change from the Brexit discussion – even with people who would normally not support these two teams, The unexpected outcomes, leading to two English teams qualifying for the Champions League final, has already generated a lot of discussion about leadership, inspiration, teamwork, diversity and taking opportunities. There is no doubt there are




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will hold us responsible for our actions – then and now. Inspiration from Britain SOME INSPIRATION for optimists recently came from an unlikely source: central bankers and politicians in the UK. Britain has been ridiculed in recent months for its inability to deal with Brexit. Nevertheless, amid the political chaos, the civil disobedience campaign led by Extinction Rebellion and School Strike 4 Climate has put the environment at the top of the agenda in the UK like never before. And recently there have been two major developments. Strong examples FIRSTLY, the UK’s MPs have unanimously endorsed a motion to declare a formal climate and environmental emergency. Formal advice was passed to the governsome important business lessons to be found here. Business people keep telling me they need clarity in relation to Brexit, and while this is understandable, we must make sure we are not paralysed by the uncertainty and we remain alert to take opportunities as they arise. It’s been an education OVER THE same period, I was reminded of the strong links between Denmark and the UK in business education when I met a great group of people from the Møller Institute, a leadership development and conference centre at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge. The centre was built with a donation from the AP Møller & Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation, designed by Henning Larsen and has a focus on

Is Lars as focused on Denmark’s youth as he should be?

ment to set a legally binding target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. This target includes flying, shipping and all greenhouse gases, and it allows no offsetting of emissions abroad – making it the toughest of any major economy. Secondly, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, together with his French counterpart François Villeroy de Galhau, recently endorsed an initial report representing a coalition of 34 central banks. The Network for Greening the Finandeveloping leaders who make a positive difference. BCCD and its predecessor organisations recognise the business benefits of international education and has a long history of working with top educational institutions and their students in both Denmark and the UK. We will continue to do this and, in the autumn, we are planning an exciting leadership and market expansion trip to the UK that will combine education (London Business School), company visits and, subject to next season’s fixture list, the Premier League. Keep an eye on our website or contact me directly!

cial System will attempt to put climate change and its threat to the financial system at the heart of global financial policy. The root cause IRONICALLY, if climate change issues are not dealt with, then the world will see a migration problem unparalleled in human history. For now, as well as being the generation most responsible for climate change, we could also prove we are up to the challenge of tackling it. MAX PIXEL


VER THE last few weeks it has been interesting to discover how many Danish business people have strong loyalties to English football teams.



PARLIAMENTARY election will take place in Denmark on June 5. Due, not least, to the hatespeech mongers and racists vindicated at Stram Kurs gaining the necessary endorsements to take part in these elections, it is expected that immigration will again be the central theme.


No cockerels coming to roost?

So much in common THESE sporting and educational connections demonstrate how much the UK and Denmark have

in common, strengthen our business connections, and help us to spot new business opportunities. All of this give me confidence that, whatever the outcome of Brexit, Denmark and the UK will continue to be strong business partners and, although there will be plenty of challenges, there will be many great opportunities for companies that remain alert and ready to take them.




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