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The CPH Post Entertainment Guide | 26 October - 1 November 2012

Hallow’d be thy theme

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26 October - 1 November 2012

Celebrate Halloween: scream like you mean it Copenhagen’s Halloween Preview

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Regular contributors: Arun Sharma, Mark Walker, Aviaja Bebe, Rikke K Mathiassen, Sofie Gravers Jacobsen, Kasper R Guldberg, Bjarke Smith-Meyer Kevin Evancio, Henry Butman, Franziska Bork Petersen, Elizabeth Dellapenna, Anee Jayaraj, Jaya Rao, Simon Cooper, Alexis Kunsak, Eric B Duckert, Pete Streader, Mihai Bica Guide Listings: Bonnie Fortune (art) Maria Antonietta Ricci & Amy Strada (events and kids) Daniel van der Noon (music)

Various venues across Greater Copenhagen; most parties are on Sat Oct 27 When you’re young, Halloween is all about the pumpkin carving, artificial sugar highs and the all-important pick of costume: princess or pirate, oh the agony of choice. But as time drifts on they make way for ghoulish tattoos, Bacardi breezers, and … dressing up as a princess (because let’s face it, some girls never change). By the time you’re older, of course, the scariest thing about Halloween tends to be the hangover and a sore throat after a night spent drinking a witch’s brew in an alltoo revealing costume on an all-too cold Copenhagen night. This year, the city is offering all kinds of grown-up and children’s fun, and even some that they can enjoy together!

Hard Rock Café: ‘Little Monsters Ball’

Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; Sat 10:00; entry: adults 99kr, kids 79kr This Saturday the Hard Rock Café is being transformed into a wonderland of Halloween creepiness with pumpkin carving, face painting, trick-or-treating and cartoons, plus a brunch that both the kids and adults can enjoy. There will be prizes for the best costumes!

The Irish Rover Halloween Party

Hard Rock Café: ‘Adults’ Halloween’

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Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; Sat 22:00; ages 18+; free adm After the kids are done with their Halloween festivities, it’s time for the adults to get creepy! Don your most elaborate Halloween get-up and you could win the ‘Best Costume’ prize: two tickets to New York!

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Tivoli at Halloween

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inside this week


THERE WAS a Scotsman, a Welshman, an Irishman, an Australian and two Englishmen – it sounds like a bad joke, but it is in fact the story of James Bond (see G18 for our review of the latest film: Skyfall), a narrative longer than most of our lives, which is showing no signs of ending. For many of us, Bond is our older brother. We grew up aspiring to be like him on Saturday afternoons and Christmas holidays, but then we reached adulthood and realised it had mostly been a fad. Because let’s face it: most of the films are crap, but you don’t really notice when you’re young. Case in point: A View to a Kill and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. As a 13-yearold, I loved the former when it came out, but watch it today and it’s in danger of disappearing into one of Roger Moore’s liver spots, while OHMSS, the one I always had to switch off because it was boring, is clearly the best Bond film by a mile. It’s not just my opinion. I’ve spoken to several fellow Bondologists (despite thinking most of the

films are poor, I’m still obsessed with him: the trivia mostly) and we all seem to concur that despite George Lazenby’s inability to tell a joke, it’s the best. One of them, Mark Walker, the writer of the review, reckons you can always bank on a new Bond being good in his first film because of the increased investment in the product, and it’s a good point. Of the six, only The Living Daylights wouldn’t make my top ten. So it’s good to hear Skyfall is a must-see. I’m proud I’ve seen every one at the cinema since Moonraker, although sometimes I wish I hadn’t bothered with Die Another Day. Its star, Pierce Brosnan, fresh from his Danish flirtation in Love Is All You Need, might be interested to know the Irish Festival (see G9) is coming to town; Donald Pleasance − Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice − if he was still alive, would have enjoyed going to one of the Halloween parties (see G2) to continue his hunt for Michael Myers; and Max von Sydow, who played Blofeld in Never Say Never Again (yeah, not an official film, we know, but Barbara Carrera: wahay!), will need to get his dog-collar out of the moth balls for CPH:DOX (see G3), which is screening The Exorcist in the 21st Century. You see, Bond is universal. His reach is indefatigable. Long may he continue!

Tivoli Gardens, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; ends Sun; entry: 95kr, under-7s free adm; Tivoli’s highly anticipated Halloween celebrations have already begun and will continue throughout the weekend. The brand-new Haunted House attraction – which is so scary that children must be over 12 to enter – opens every night at 18:00, while the open air stage has been taken over by a group of witches who can also be seen in the Halloween village brewing witches’ brews (the kids’ kind). Stop by the witches’ stall to catch spiders, carve pumpkins and do some Halloween shopping.

Performance Tom Waits Tribute Concert

Republique Store Scene, Østerfælled Torv 37 Cph Ø; ends 4 Nov, performances Tue-Sat 20:00, Sun 15:00; tickets 200- 295kr, Sold out - check internet forums for tickets; The Canadian orchestra LODHO first performed its innovative Tom Waits tribute concert in Copenhagen in November of last year, and is now back with its banjos, guitars, coffee cups, balloons, and 80 different musical rarities to please Danish audiences once again. Come and enjoy the music of Tom Waits mixed with original and unusual orchestral interpretation. LL

Masks are useful tools for concealing deformed tongues, but you’re not going to win any prizes

The Irish Rover, Vimmelskaftet 46, Cph K; Sat 22:00; free adm; Copenhagen’s resident Irish pub is holding its own Halloween party with live music starting at 23:00 and a free cocktail to all those arriving in costume. There are many prizes to be won throughout the night, including the coveted ‘Best Dressed’ award that wins a return ticket to Dublin.

The Globe Halloween Party

The Globe Irish Pub, Nørregade 4345, Cph K; Sat 21:00; free adm; www. Spend Halloween weekend at this popular sports bar, which promises lots of fun and games. Come dressed up and, if yours is the best costume in the bar, you’ll win 500kr at midnight. Skål to that!

The Shamrock Inn Halloween Party

Jernbanegade 9 Cph V; Sat 22:00; free adm The relatively new Irish pub is holding an all-out Halloween party on both floors with bone-chilling décor, live music, great drinks as well as giveaways for those who come in costume.

Madame Butterfly

Store Scene, Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Cph K; ends Dec 4, performances at 19:30 (unless stated) on Sat, Mon, Wed (20:00); tickets 125-895kr; in Italian with Danish subtitles; duration 160 minutes including intermission; Wow. Isn’t Copenhagen lucky?! Madame Butterfly, one of the best loved operas of all time, is being staged in this city for the second year in a row. This is pretty much the most visually beautiful opera you can witness – but that’s only if you’re able to see anything through the countless tears you’re sure to be shedding. Yes, Puccini’s opera contains everything: love, betrayal and suicide. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. VS


Bernstorffsgade 5, Cph V; www. While in Tivoli, stop by one of Copenhagen’s fanciest and most famous hotels and see it going all out for Halloween. The French bistro Nimb Terrasse is serving pumpkin soup, while Nimb Bar will take care of the kids with a ‘bloody’ tomato juice cocktail (virgin, of course).

Halloween Pub Crawl

Cheap Bar, Frederiksberggade 27, Cph K; Sat 22:00; 150kr, Copenhagen Party Tours presents the adult version of trick-or-treating: a pub crawl where shots replace candy. With the ticket comes unlimited ‘bloody vodka’ shots for 30 minutes, shots at each bar and entry to the club Culture Box, the last stop of the crawl. A prize is awarded for the best costume, so come prepared!

Seeress Prophecy

Carlsberg; ends 17 Nov, performances Wed-Sat 19:00; tickets 1,075-1,395kr; www. Theatre meets food at this Nordic food event hosted by culinary artist Mette Martinussen from the renowned Madeleine’s Madteater, and an artistic team from Republique, complete with a resident historian. A delight for your eyes, ears, hands and taste buds.

Wallman’s Dinner Show

Cirkusbygningen, Jernbanegade 8, 1609 Cph V; performances Thu-Sat 18:30-23:00; Tickets: adults 495-815kr, under-12s from 258kr; 3316 3700;; A group of dancers all expertly showboating in dance, song, instrument playing and magic, while attending to your table. SC


The Golden Cockerel

Store Scene, Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, Cph K; ends Fri, performance Fri 20:00; tickets 95-795kr; Alexander Pushkin’s poem The Golden Cockerel was made into an opera by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1909. It promises to be a visually appealing performance. FBP

Manifest 2083

Café Teatret, Skindergade 3, Cph K; ends Nov 14, performances Mon-Fri at 21:00, Sat 17:00; tickets: 145kr; www. Based upon text from mass-murderer Anders Breivik’s manifesto, this Danish co-production with Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo is a look into the motives of the man responsible for the 77 dead and 158 injured in the 2011 Norway attacks. LL



26 October - 1 November 2012 CPH:DOX

Grand Teatret, Empire Bio, Dagmar, Cinemateket (most cinemas are participating); starts Thu (Nov 1), ends Nov 11; tickets: 75kr, unless otherwise stated (with a range of group ticket prices available); FROM NOVEMBER 1-11, the city’s cinemas are offering a window to the world by playing host to Scandinavia’s largest documentary festival. Originally founded in 2003, CPH:DOX is the non-fiction sister to CPH:PIX. Every year, it brings an increasingly exciting program of works by established names and fresh talents alike, and it features seminars, master classes, production labs and a screening market. Documentary has come a long way in the last decade thanks to the success of films like Janus Metz’s Armadillo and James Marsh’s Man On Wire. If any art form has benefitted from the digital revolution, it is the documentary. Following the Second World War and the advent of television, the documentary film had slowly become a televisual preserve – but no longer. More and more documentaries are finding their way to the big screen and even bigger audiences. With theatrical

Old Times

Krudttønden, Serrdslevvej 2, Cph Ø; ends Nov 24, performances Mon-Fri 20:00, Sat 17:00; tickets 95-165 kr; www., 7020 2096; 80 mins without intermission; www. Acclaimed playwright Harold Pinter’s brand of morbidly funny and deliciously weird is coming to Østerbro. Ian Burns of That Theatre Company has joined forces with Sue HansenStyles and Angela Heath-Larsen of Why Not Theatre Company to present Old Times, an erotic and hauntingly surreal play that explores the unstable nature of memory. A married couple’s rural tranquillity is interrupted when an old friend of the wife’s shows up for a visit. The drama that ensues, according to director Barry McKenna, is worthy of a Greek tragedy. “There is something far greater in this text than I have experienced before,” he told InOut.

This is Not a Festival

Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 20, Cph V; ends Sat, times vary; tickets: notfestival@; This week-long event is for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in contemporary dance and art. It includes performances, installations, jams, screenings and lectures. This political ‘object’ aims to fight the standardised and systematised commoditisation of the arts. It’s not too easy to define what it is exactly, but one thing is clear. This is NOT a Festival! LL

The Exorcist in the 21st Century

Director: Fredrik Horn Akselsen; Norway 2012, 80 mins; Nov 2 at 22:30, Empire Bio; Nov 6 at 16:30, Falkoner Biografen Following Josea Antonio Fortea, the Vatican’s premier exorcist, Norwegian director Frederik Horn Akselsen asks if demons really exist in our modern world and if there is really any place for such archaic beliefs. A beautiful, nuanced and well-balanced film.

Exhibitions The Castle & Other Works: A one man show NEW

Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Bredgade 75, Cph K; starts Oct 26, ends Dec 1; Open MonFri 11:00-18:00; Sat 12:00-16:00; US-based artist Jason Jägel will be showing a new series of gouache paintings done in a cartoon-like style. Jägel, who holds a masters degree from Stanford University, creates his images with many layers of paint. BF


Galleri Bredgade, Bredgade 22; ends Oct 31; open ThuFri 14:00-18:00, Sat 12:0015:00; Forty-seven artists from around the world have created their own currency for this group exhibition. Artists were required to make an artwork to fit into a 12 x 18cm area, the approximate size of a bank note. BF

Han Dynasty II

Years, Tagensvej 58 st th, Cph NW; ends Oct 31; open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00, www. Anna Margrethe Pedersen and Emma Sheridan present new work. The two artists work with digital media. BF

The Act Of Killing


Director: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn & Anonymous; Norway/DK/Indonesia/UK 2012, 115 mins & 159 mins; Nov 3 at 13:30, Nov 7 at 9:00 and 19:00, Nov 8 at 21:30, Nov 9 at 10:00 – all at Grand Teatret Anwar Congo was once part of an Indonesian killing machine that ‘cleansed’ the country of more than one million ethnic Chinese communists. Today, the ever-arrogant mass murderer and others like him have been given a platform on which to explore their crimes. In this controversial film, they play themselves in reenactments of their crimes. The results are unexpected.

The Last Time I Saw Macao

Director: João Pedro Rodrigues & João Rui Guerra da Mata; Portugal 2012, 82 mins; Nov 1 at 19:00, Cinemateket; Nov 5 at 19:00, Nov 11 at 21:30 – both at Grand Teatret Two filmmakers go on an adventure of discovery in the former Portuguese colony of Macao, multicultural and mysterious, where their childhood memories affect both their past and present. This meta-noir semidocumentary unfolds a strange story embedded in melancholy, danger, and temptation of the exotic.

Jesse Fillingham


MOHS Exhibit, N Sønder Boulevard 98, Cph V; starts Oct 26, ends Nov 24; Open WedFri 12:00-17:00, Sat 13:0016:00; Graphic illustrator Jesse Fillingham will present new drawings and prints in this exhibition. Filllingham is a US-based artist and part of the resurgence in print culture, which mixes screenprinting, RISOgraph printing and illustrative elements. BF

In the black of her eyes you can see the reflection of his camera


DAMPgallery, Esplanaden 1C, Cph K; starts Oct 26, ends Dec 1; Open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00; Thorbjørn Bechmann will present new work in this solo exhibition. Bechmann works in the minimalist tradition with painting, sculpture, and video. BF

Ryan Gander: An Exhibition of Recent Paintings


David Risley Gallery, Bredgade 65A, Cph K; starts Oct 26, ends Dec 1; Open Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-15:00; British artist Ryan Gander will show a series of new paintings. Gander is a celebrated artist who typically works in sculpture. He won the 2009 Zurich Art Prize and the 2003 Prix de Rome for Sculpture. BF

Don’t look now ... but the Exorcist is going to turn around and reveal he’s actually Sister Wendy. Aaargh!!!!

Side By Side

Director: Chris Kenneally; USA 2012, 99 mins; Nov 1 at 21:30, Cinemateket; Nov 9 at 17:30, Empire Bio; Nov 11 at 14:20, Grand Teatret This film looks at the digital reality for films nowadays and asks some of cinema’s greatest living fiction filmmakers (David Lynch, Chris Nolan, Lars Von Trier, James Cameron, Danny Boyle, Martin Scorsese, and more) about the relative advantages and disadvantages for filmmakers working in the new medium. Are films better? Were we better off before?

Thomas Bangsted/ Cube: Kirsten Justesen NEW

Galleri Tom Christofferson, Skindergade 5, Cph K; starts Oct 26, ends Nov 17; Open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00; Although landscape photographer Thomas Bangsted was born in Denmark, he now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Bangsted’s large-scale photographs are haunting images of natural and industrial settings. The celebrated feminist sculptor and performance artist, Kirsten Justesen, will show work in the Cube. BF

Untitled Exhibition

Arttra Gallery, Vesterbrogade 171, Frederiksberg; ends Nov 8; open Thu 14:00-19:00, Luca Bjørnsten feels like he does not quite fit in. The artist’s lopsided view of the world is the inspiration for his humorous paintings and drawings. BF


Galerie Pi, Borgergade 15D, Cph K; ends Nov 17; open Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:0014:00; Beinta av Reyni presents new landscape paintings that combine surreal elements with traditional landscape painting. She is from the Faroe Islands. BF

My Love

Director: Iben Haahr Andersen; DK 2012, 58 mins; Nov 3 at 21:30, Dagmar Teatret; Nov 6 at 21:45, Falkoner Biografen; Nov 11 at 17:30, Empire Bio This important film follows the trials and challenges of a gay fisherman living in a small fishing community who faces a crisis that leaves him with two options: ending his life or coming out as gay. When he meets a Thai man 20 years his junior, what follows is the struggle to bring the two families together under the bureaucratic weight of the Danish immigration system.

Grafisk Skole


BKS Garage Billed- NE kunstskolerne, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, Cph V; starts Oct 26, ends Nov 17; Open Thur-Fri 12:0017:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; bksg. This exhibition at the Danish Royal Art Academy’s exhibition space presents a dialogue between Denmark and Germany on graphic arts. BF


SOD Space of Drawings, Holbergsgade 17C, Cph K; ends Nov 17; open Tues-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Danish artist, Rasmus Rosengaard makes minimalist drawings. He will be showing new drawings inspired by animal skulls in this solo exhibition. BF

Revolution happened because everybody refused to go home

Bureau Publik, Vesterbrogade 111, st, Cph V; ends Nov 17; open Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; www.bureaupublik. dk Featuring art from around the world that focuses on recent global protest movements in the Middle East and the US. BF

Edward Steichen

Det Nationale Fotomuseum, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Cph K; ends Feb 2; open MonSat 10:00-21:00; da/dia/fotomuseum Steichen is remembered for his role in shaping the fields of fashion and glamour photography with the work he did for Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines in the early 20th century. BF

Moon Rider

Director: Daniel Dencik; Denmark 2012, 81 mins; Nov 4 at 12:00, Pumpehuset; Nov 7 at 22:00, Cinemateket; Nov 9 at 14:20, Dagmar A fascinating look into the mind of a young Danish cyclist, an athlete in peak physical condition but with a mind that is plagued by inner demons and an unhealthy preoccupation with death. He struggles to prevent the derailment of his dreams.




Martin Asbæk Gal- l e r y , Bredgade 23, Cph K; starts Oct 26, ends Nov 24; Open Tue-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00; Photographer Trine Søndergaard presents works based on ideas, focusing on both landscapes and portraits. She has exhibited in Denmark, the US and Germany, among other locations. BF


Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends March 17; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, under-25s: 65 kr, under- 18s: free adm; Focusing on the fine details in classic drawings and paintings from the 18th century to 1930. BF

Dancing with the demons

Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Museumsvej 2, Holstebro; ends Jan 6, open Tue & Fri, 12:00-16:00, Wed 19:00-21:00, Sat & Sun 11:00-17:00, www. Using graphics by José Guadalupe Posada, Dr Lakra has redecorated the museum’s walls in the most macabre way. MAR



Marking 10 years of doc mania

releases and, thanks to the internet, more distribution methods than ever before, documentaries are enjoying a golden era. While television remains the perfect home for many investigative and journalistic subjects, some films demand to be seen on something bigger, and CPH:DOX is a rare opportunity for doing just that. CPH:DOX celebrates unique story-telling in all its diversity, bringing a slice of current and classic film-making, radio and televisual broadcasting, art exhibitions and musical collaborations from all over the world right to your doorstep. The festival concludes with an awards ceremony to celebrate the winning works and reward the filmmakers with cash contributions towards their next projects. Below is a small sampling of the over 200 films screening.





26 October - 1 November 2012 Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

Gesamt: Disaster 501. What Happened to Man?

Denmark’s Design Museum, Bredgade 68, Cph K; ends March 13; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed until 21:00; tickets: 75kr, under-18s free adm; With over 400 LP covers, this survey exhibition explores the stylish visual culture of classic album covers. BF

Gallery Poulsen, Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V; ends Oct 27; open Wed-Fri 12:00-17:30, Sat 12:0016:00; Jade Townsend and William Powhida are New York-based artists who collaborate on largescale drawings poking fun at the international art world. BF

Forms of Knowledge

Todd James

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K; ends Dec 30; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed 11:00-20:00; Tickets: 60kr, under-16s: free adm; www. Gesamt is a crowd-sourced film, with directors from around the world submitting five minutes of footage based on one of six cultural works selected by director Lars Von Trier. BF

Danh Vo: We the People

Album Covers: Vinyl Revival

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends June 2013; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions 65kr, under-18s: free adm; Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo has made a 45-metre copy of the Statue of Liberty. BF

Modernisme and Guldalder

Michael Reisch

Overruling Pain

Museet for Samtidskunst, Stændertorvet 3D, Roskilde; ends Nov 3; open Tue-Fri 11:0017:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-16:00; Tickets: 40kr, children, students & Wed: free adm; www. Gudrun Hasle is a dyslexic depressive, and her artwork deals with the anguish associated with these illnesses, often with dark humour. BF

Matisse: Doubles and Variations

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends Oct 28; open Tue-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions 65 kr, under18s free adm; This exhibition presents the work of painter Henri Matisse. BF

Still here now

MOHS Exhibit, Sønder Boulevard 98, Cph V; ends Nov 26, open Wed 12:00-17:00, Thu 12:00-18:00, Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 13:00-16:00; A group exhibition in collaboration with MOHS Exhibit in Vesterbro. This exhibition includes 15 artists predominantly from New York. BF

Per Bak Jensen & Per Inge Bjørlo

Galleri Bo Bjerggard, Flæsketorvet 85, Cph V; ends Jan 28; open Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; Per Bak Jensen, an accomplished photographer, works with themes of nature and culture. BF

François Boucher

Gl Holtegaard, Attemose vej 170, Gl Holte; ends Nov 4; Tue-Fri 11:00-16:00; Sat-Sun 11:00-17:00; www. The exhibition includes 70 works of the French artist François Boucher. LD

Nivaagaards, Malerisamling, Gl Strandvej 2, Nivå; ends Jan 1; open Tue-Fri 12:0016:00, Wed 12:00-20:00, Sat & Sun 11:00-17:00; entry 70kr, concessions 50kr, under-18s free adm; Johannes Hage Nivaagaard and Knud W Jensen Louisana both started their own museums and built an impressive collection of Danish and foreign art. LD

Unfinished Journeys

Salon at GL Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Nov 11; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:00-20:00; Morten Steen Hebsgaard’s installation is inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Fröbels (1782-1852), the German pedagogue who came up with the concept of the kindergarten. BF


Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Nov 11; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:0020:00; tickets: 60kr, members free; This exhibition focuses on communities in relation to the impact of globalisation on local and global communities. LD

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Jan 13; open Tue-Fri 11:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00; Tickets: 95kr, under-18s free adm; www. An exhibition of over 100 examples of artists working with selfportraiture in the 20th century. BF

India Art: Now

Yummy Rooms for Robespierre

Arken Museum of Contemporary Art, Skovvej 100, Ishøj; ends Jan 13; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-21:00; Tickets: 95kr, concessions 75kr, under-18s free adm; A new survey exhibition exploring contemporary art in India. BF

Alex Dordoy

Christian Andersen, Høkerboderne 17-19, Cph V; ends Nov 3; open Tue-Fri 12:0018:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; www. London-based artist Alex Dordoy works in mixed-media installation, combining painting and sculpture in an investigation of materials. BF

Museet for Samtidskunst, Stændertorvet 3D, Roskilde; ends Nov 3; open Tue-Fri 11:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 12:0016:00; Tickets: 40kr, concessions & Wed: free adm; www. Danish artist Jørgen Michaelsen presents new artistic research into the life of French revolutionary hero, Robespierre. BF

A Clan of Boats

Faurschou Foundation, Klubiensvej 11, Cph Ø; ends Dec 7; open Tue-Fri 11:0017:00; Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang has created gunpowder drawings based on Danish history. BF

V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet 6971, Cph V; ends Oct 27; open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:0016:00; American artist Todd James works with graphic prints and installations, using bright colours and text to create his artwork. BF

Kirkeby Epiphany

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; ends Dec 30; open Tue-Sun 11:0017:00; tickets: 75kr; www. Per Kirkeby, one of Denmark’s greatest abstract masters, brings a selection of works ranging from 1981 to the present day. DS

Mies Van Der Rohe and the Barcelona Pavillion

Dansk Arkitektur Center, Strandgade 27B, Cph K; ends Dec 1; open Mon-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-21:00; www. This exhibition focuses on celebrated German architect Mies Van Der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Pavilion. It was an important part of the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. BF


Hans Alf Gallery, Holbergsgade 13, Cph K; ends Oct 29; open Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Frederik Raddum is inspired by super hero figurines, LEGO men, classic Japanese film, and popular culture. His life-size sculptures are humorous, but with a slightly twisted edge. BF

Tomb and Treasures

Malmö Arena, Mässgatan 6, Malmö; ends Feb 17; open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; Sat-Sun 10:0017:00; Tickets: 165kr (MonFri), 195kr (Sat-Sun); www. This exhibition features Egyptian artefacts from the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamon. BF

Group Show

Gallery Lars Olsen, Uplandsgade 56, Cph S; ends Oct 27; open Thu-Sat 13:00-18:00; Features outstanding Copenhagen-based artists who have exhibited their work internationally – including work about complicated issues like international adoption and dual national identity. BF

French masterpieces

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; ends 30 April; open Tue-Sun 11:0017:00; Entry 75kr; 33418141; This array of French masterpieces will take you on a journey through from 1850 to the 20th century. LD


Clausens Kunsthandel, Toldbodgade 9, Cph K; ends Nov 10; open Tue-Sat 11:00-17:00; Danish artist Jytte Rex presents new work on the subject of walking. BF

Peter Lav Gallery, Esplanaden 8D, Cph K; ends Nov 3; open Wed-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; German landscape photographer Michael Reisch presents striking depictions of mountains. BF

The people behind the plate

Museum of Copenhagen, Vesterbrogade 59, Cph V; ends Nov 29, open daily 10:00-17:00; tickets 20kr, under-18s: free adm; Currently on display at the Museum of Copenhagen is a stunning, somewhat hectic photo exhibition of 1,300 shots of individuals who work in public kitchens and the food they serve. The portraits succeed in capturing and bringing to light a human element in each of photographer Brian Berg’s subjects. HB

Sense of Furniture

Denmark’s Design Museum, Bredgade 68, Cph K; ends Dec 30; open Tue 10:00-17:00; tickets: 75kr, under-18s free adm; This exhibition celebrates the centenary of the birth of Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl. BF

Young Danish Photography and Video Art 11-12

Fotografisk Center, Tap E, Carlsberg, Pasteursvej 14, Cph V; ends Dec 16; open Tue-Fri 11:00-17:00, Wed 11:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 12:0016:00; This group exhibition showcases emerging local artists in the fields of photography and video art. BF


Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V, TueFri 12.00-18.00, Sat 12.0016.00; DASK in the fashionable area of Kødbyen is a first edition gallery focusing on photographic art only. All the photos are for sale and exist in limited editions of up to 15 pieces. PDR

THE DUBLINER & MEETUP PROUDLY PRESENT Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.

sh gli n E rst Club fi s a’ dy avi ome n i nd g C Sca akin e Sp Ireland Special

THURDAY, November 1 At 19:30 The Dubliner, Amagertorv 5, Copenhagen Entrance fee at the door is 100 kr after 18.00. Advance tickets only 80 kr. and are now on sale behind the bar until 17.00 the day of the show.

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comedians from around the world - aLL PERfORMINg IN ENgLISH: Kevin goldsmith (IRE), gary Lynch (IRE), Peter Carrol (IRE), Cornelius O’Sullivan (IRE), David Duff (IRE), VKhalid geire (KEN) & more!

Comedian bios and show details at

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26 October - 1 November 2012




Mika’s magic Monday: Walk out the door! Mika

Stor Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V; Mon 20:00; Tickets 300kr


INCE THE web-release of his first single ‘Relax, Take it Easy’ in 2006, British pop-rocker Mika has never once peeked back. The song was quickly followed by the single ‘Grace Kelly’ in January 2007, which in less than two weeks climbed to the top of the UK singles charts. Just like that, Mika had established himself as a popsensation. His first album, Life In Cartoon Motion, released in February 2007, led to comparisons between himself and pop icons such as Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Prince and David Bowie. One only has to listen to Mika to hear traces of Queen’s frontman in the quiv-

ers of his voice, and Mika’s onstage appearance, very often clad in tight and colourful clothing, has a frenetic and endearing energy – much like that of a Mercury or a Prince. These influences aren’t lost on Mika either, who in ‘Grace Kelly’ sings: “I try to be like Grace Kelly/ But all her looks are too sad/ So I try a little Freddie/ I’ve gone identity mad.” Identity mad describes the album’s coming-of-age theme particularly well, as Mika faces the challenges of transitioning from childhood to adulthood, and of growing comfortably into your own person. The song ‘Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)’ meanwhile is an ode to self-affirmation, regardless of prejudices, while ‘Billy Brown’ chronicles the complications of a closeted married man’s homosexual affair. Born in Lebanon, Mika’s family was

forced to flee Beirut for Paris before he was even one. At nine, his family again relocated, this time to London, where Mika – one of five siblings (two older, two younger) – was trained by Russian opera professional Alla Ardakov at the Royal College of Music. An identity crisis seemed destined to brew in the oft-relocated, middle child, and despite being asked many times by interviewers about his sexuality, he has refused to label himself one way or another. Mika is coming to Copenhagen to promote his third album, The Origin of Love, which he released internationally on September 17 and in the UK on October 8. This broke a three-year studio hiatus after the release of his second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, in 2009. Mika has described his latest album

as more “simplistic” and less “layered” than his previous releases, as it deals with “the adult years” and is therefore more “serious” too. Seriousness aside, the tunes are still poppy and up-tempo, with a wide range of influences evident in the album – from electronic headliners Daft Punk, to Woodstock-rockers Fleetwood Mac – as well as the inclusion of varied collaborators, all indicating that Mika still doesn’t define himself in black-andwhite. Instead he prefers to live in the grey, creating pop music that incorporates sounds from across the musical spectrum. While a couple of tracks from The Origin of Love sound almost too similar to something from OneRepublic, a band Mika’s primary producer has worked with in the past, Mika sets himself apart with wide-ranging vocal abilities that allow him to weave seamlessly

in and out of a ‘typical’ pop genre. ‘Stardust’ – produced by Benassi – is an up-tempo track straight out of Italian electronic dance music, in which Mika belts out an ambitious club anthem. In ‘Kids’ the folksy influence of Fleetwood Mac can be heard in Mika’s soft, low (and unfalsettoed) voice, while ‘Origin of Love’ and ‘Love You When I’m Drunk’ feel familiarly Freddie, with Queen-like background harmonisations and peppy, poppy riffs that are truly Mika’s bread-and-butter. Relax, take it easy and give Mika a chance. There’s bound to be a sound, or song, of Mika’s you’ll love, even if you have to get drunk first – which Stor Vega conveniently has a bar for.



Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

26 October - 1 November 2012

The Raveonettes

Store Vega; 20:00; 220kr The Danish rock-duo, led by Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, offer a loud, electric guitarbased cathartic rock sound. An overwhelming number of effect pedals, catchy vocals and some flamboyant on-stage bravado used to be their gig. Nowadays, their creative juices appear to have run dry, and they are seemingly a shadow of the duet who were formerly singled out by Rolling Stone as being among the vessels of the ‘next wave’ of contemporary music. Still, the band have no problem selling out arena-sized venues – presumably to fans still enamoured by their original material – so if you’re a fan, move swiftly.


CPH Jazzhouse; 23:00; 250kr Hailing from Iceland’s creative capital Reykjavik, the sextet – led by the jazz legend Eythor Gunnarson – were part of the first wave of fusion-jazz acts in the early ‘80s, and one of only a few to become a commercial success, when they released their hit number ‘Garden Party’. Celebrating their 35th anniversary, the band have returned to the stage with a mini-tour to present their new EP, appropriately entitled Islands (2012): a cocktail of danceable funk numbers, exemplar fusion-jazz pieces, and a handful of unexpected acoustic songs in which they take a step back from their much-loved keyboards.

Store Vega; 21:00; 180kr Making their breakthrough in the late ‘00s, this Copenhagenbased rock outfit were the buzz word for the Roskilde Festival, with their tune ‘All Outta Love’ reverberating through the camps. Led by Tobias Kippenberger, the quartet have built on the strong foundations of their debut, All Juice No Fruit (2007) with a further two albums – the latest being Kids And Drunks (2012), which is set to be released later this month.

The Levellers

Lille Vega; 21:00; 185kr Formed in Brighton in 1988, The Levellers are credited as being one of the inspirations of the Brit-pop revolution. Famed for their upbeat brand of folk-punk, and hits such as ‘One Way’ and ‘What a Beautiful Day’, the group stand somewhere inbetween The Clash and Oasis. They continue to be a hit with rock fans today. Having continued to return to the studio, time and time again over the years, the recent completion of their 14th album, Static on the Airwaves (2012), has put the boys back on stage.

King of Pop immortalised by Kings of Circus Preview Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour

Parken, Cph Ø; Sat–Sun 20:00; Tickets 465–665kr,


t was always Michael Jackson’s trademark to entertain, inspire, and thrill audiences with his wild performances. It’s no surprise then that Cirque du Soleil has taken the same approach with their daring new show: Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour. A tribute to Michael, this show invokes as much passion and thrill as the late singer himself did. Combining original tracks and video footage, with new chorography and acrobatics, The Immortal World Tour gives fans a unique insight into the spirit of a singer who transformed global pop forever. It’s this blending of the old with the new that gives the show its X factor, explains writer and

director Jamie King. “Our goal was not simply to cover Michael, but to take his music to a whole new level, which meant weaving songs together so the music feels fresh and new.” The Immortal World Tour features over 30 of Jackson’s hits, as well as snippets of his songs in the soundscapes and transitions. Attention to detail hasn’t been spared either – audiences can hear original recordings of Jackson snapping his fingers and even stomping his feet. Musical director Greg Phillinganes was unwavering in the show featured as much of Michael in it as was humanly possible. Having worked closely with the singer himself for 25 years, Phillinganes was able to add an unparalleled depth of knowledge when it came to Jackson’s live performances. He was also keen to feature as many musicians with a direct personal link to Jackson as possible.

“I therefore handpicked everybody on the band – I even got Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett, who played drums for Michael for 30 years,” says Phillinganes. And for those who sadly never made it to an original Jackson concert, but wish they had – this is the show for them. The integrated video projections of Jackson’s shows will have you feeling like the King of Pop is right in front of you. King adds that “these features not only act as storytelling devices, but play a key role in making Michael’s presence palpable.” Of course, being Cirque du Soleil, the acrobatic and theatrical elements haven’t gone astray. Take the hit ‘Scream’ for example, where performers fling themselves in the air and bellyflop onto the stage. At the same time acrobats execute a perfectly synchronied tumbling act, as ninja-style aerial dancers are suspended above the set. Then comes the stellar mega mix of ‘Can You Feel It’, ‘Don’t

Stop Till You Get Enough’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Black or White’. Beginning with ‘Can You Feel It’, acrobats carry out a Swiss rings act, moving from stage to sky – it’s enough to have your own belly doing flips! During ‘Billie Jean’ the King of Pop’s famed choreographic style is showcased, while his silhouette is revealed by the dancers’ LED costumes. Finally, ending with ‘Black or White’, Michael’s desire for world peace and harmony is put forward as performers wave flags in a tribute to various nations, while getting their groove on to different dance styles from around the world. This is one full-on, highenergy, flawlessly executed performance that will leave you exhausted just watching it. Jackson may never have imagined himself immortalised through a circus performance, but this is one tribute to the King of Pop that will leave its mark long after the final curtain falls. Emily McLean

Lars Bo Wassini

press photo

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

Sunday 28 myspace

Saturday 27



Grizzly Bear

Falconer Salen; 20:00; 240kr Based in Brooklyn, this four-bit folk rock outfit have recently released their eagerly anticipated fourth album, Shields (2012), with fans agreeing unanimously that they have raised the bar once again. Weaving a pastoral feel into their distinct take on alternative rock, by using an array of non-electronic left-field instruments, has always been their niche, but their most recent record is admittedly their most adventurous, heralded by Daniel Rossen’s confident voice. Regarded by many listeners as one of the greatest bands of their generation, the quality of their new album has only fortified such claims.

Nightlife Frankie Teardrop Ideal Bar, Fri 22:00; Free adm If you don’t fancy muddying your brogues, or smoking out your blazer, but want to dance the night away to the likes of The Strokes, David Bowie and Pulp, then Frankie Teardrop is right on the money. Celebrating the rock of ages, a rotating group of local DJs take a different musical decade each week, delivering iconic tunes from throughout history – a must for new students in town. Werk It Bakken; Fri 23:00; Free adm Tonight’s DJ set will be led by the charmingly named Kenneth Cockwhore and his fellow Danish henchman, Macho. A mixture of electro-pop and happy-go-lucky hip-hop mixes ensure that the dancefloor will be bursting with Copenhagen’s young and trendy. Bakken is a staple club in the stylish Kødbyen district of Vesterbro – often thought of as Copenhagen’s grimy answer to Berlin’s clubscene. It never fails to turn out

The Savage Rose

Koncerthuset; 20:00; 170kr370kr Formed back in 1967, this Danish psychedelic rock group is led by husband and wife – Thomas and Annisette Koppel. Their eclectic brand of prog-rock, psychedelic, and classical jazz elements, paired with Anisette’s powerful Janis Joplin-tinged vocals, led to the group becoming one of Scandinavia’s most celebrated acts. Making a significant contribution to the rock soundscape of the ‘70s, and hailed as Denmark’s answer to New York’s Velvet Underground, there’s few Danes unaware of the group and their achievements. Daniel van der Noon

an authentic night out on the town and is a good distance away from the mainstream clubs in the centre. For any new students in town, make your way here at the stroke of midnight. Tobias Winberg Drone; Sat 22:00; Free adm Drone is a popular spot on a Saturday night, just a few minutes from Sankt Hans Torv along Nørrebrogade. Every week this bar attracts a heavy night crowd from all over town. Copenhagen-bred DJ Tobias Winberg, who is also a regular fixture at other alternative nights around the town, including Frankie Teardrop (listing above), will be playing a set of the latest rock ‘n’ roll, alternative and electro tunes, just downstairs from the main bar.

Daniel van der Noon




Ever since he was old enough to put dirt in his mouth, Erik B Duckert has been attracted to the ground level and below. The attraction of the underground, he says, is that: “When you’re looking at a city from its gutters, you see both the faeces and the silk.” His favourite sewers are those of Copenhagen and in particular those of Nørrebro and Amager, but any place where trash is tossed and skirts are worn, he will want to rest his eyes and say his piece.


Events CPH Renaissance NEW Music Festival Various venues in Cph; ends nov 8; festival This year the festival will offer visitors a glimpse into the minds of composers working in the early days of classical music and the chance to listen to Early Music compositions in the way they were originally intended. This year’s theme is ‘The Birth of Renaissance’, although the festival will include pieces from outside the period in order to give an extended perspective. Ensemble Mare Balticum Glyptoteket, Dantes Plads 7, Cph K; Sun 15:00; Free Adm Sweden’s Ensemble Mare Baltic are six extremely talented and dedicated musicians who will be playing music from Musica Alta such as Guillaume de Machaut, Francesco Landini, Philippe de Vitry and Guillaume Dufay. JOS Free jazz Charlie Scott’s, Skindergade 43, Cph; Tue & Thu 17:0020:30; Free Adm Jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday!

(thank God), and at one point I realised that I wasn’t going to use my gym card either. So I quit carrying them around. I realised that you don’t need to carry a hazardous rubber in your pocket to get laid. If you think about it, it might actually work against you. I mean, what message are you sending to yourself – and the world – carrying a condom in your wallet? “I expect to have intercourse with a person whom I have just met, so desperately fast that I can’t even make it to 7-Eleven, ONCE.” Not really the message you want to send, is it? Something similar happens in the case of the gym membership card really. By carrying it around without using it you unwillingly say: “I need to go to the gym, I’m unhappy with my appearance, but obviously I can’t muster the willpower to actually go to the gym, so I really feel fat, guilty and pathetic.” And, funnily enough, that is the exact opposite feeling from the empowered sense of self you had when you purchased the membership. So quit I did. Who says you need a gym with its stupid membership cards of guilt to work out, anyway? I’ve started meeting up with a friend twice a week doing classic ‘granddad gymnastics’: push-ups, sit-ups, air-squats, back-bends and chin-ups. For each element we muster as many repetitions as we can for one minute, followed by a 20-second break, one more minute, and so on for five minutes, then a one-minute break and onto the next exercise. It is a crazy, tough, all-round programme – right there in the guilt-free comfort of your own living room.

Fredensborg Wine NEW Festival 2012 Restauranten Fredensborghusene, Bakkedraget 43, Fredensborg; Sat 12:00-17:00; tickets: 157kr, www.billetnet. dk; 4848 4141, 2144 6353; Learn wine secrets at this festival, choosing from a selection of over 125 varieties from New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Denmark and more. You can also taste brandy, schnapps and specialty beers, and drinks are paired with cakes, chocolates and other specialties from the whole of Europe. The ticket buys you a tasting glass and a meal at Restaurant Fredensborghusene composed of a variety of tastes and flavours: Danish kalvepate with an onion marmalade, chicken and parsley pesto, potato pancakes, pickled leeks and brie with apricot chutney and bread. This festival will take you through fragrances and colours that will lead you into the world of one of the most important gastronomic cultural expressions. AS Horse racing: last of the season Klampenborg Racecourse, Klampenborgvej 52-56, Klampenborg; Sat 13:00; tickets: 50kr; Another meeting at the racecourse to test yourself against the Tote.


IT HAD BEEN tucked away in my wallet for months. “One of these days I’m definitely going to use it,” I told myself. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but nothing happened. The little square of plastic just turned into a hard-edged piece of guilty conscience every time I caught a glimpse of it: the unused gym membership card. “Well then just quit! It’s costing you like 400 a month, and you never use it!” the voice would reasonably ague. But I knew very well that there was more to that voice than pure reason. I had heard it before. It was the same voice nagging me when I was replacing the tattered, unused condoms in my wallet as a teenager. It was the voice of doubt and shattered dreams, concealed as reason. The thing was that the rubber in the wallet meant more than just a rubber in the wallet, just like the membership card means more than access to the gym – it means possibility. Armed with a condom, I could conquer a girl; it just might happen, and in a weird way that made it (almost) happen. And the membership card was the possibility to train. When I felt it in my pocket, I was not only reminded of all the possible worlds in which I would have been training (and I was training hard in those possible worlds!), I was reinforced in my belief that I would actually train – tomorrow. But, as we all have to learn at one point, tomorrow never comes – it’s always just tomorrow. I never used one of those contraceptives I carried around as a teenager

26 October - 1 November 2012

Tredje Nordiske Samtalekøkken (Third Nordic Conversation Kitchen) Nikolaj Kunsthal, Nicolai Plads 10, Cph K; Wed 14 Nov, 19:00-23:00; free adm; see facebook for more details The old church-turned-exhibition space hosts an odd combination of avantgarde performance art − and food. Enjoy a free meal and purchase homemade beer while experiencing a host of Scandinavian artists break through the boundaries of approved bodily behaviour. Kunstneres efterårsudstilling KE 2012 (artist fall exhibition) Den Frie Udstililngsbygning, Oslo Palds, Cph Ø; ends Nov 25, open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat & Sun 10:0017:00; tickets 45kr, concessions 25kr; For more than a hundred years KE has annually presented Denmark’s new artists, proving itself as an important parameter for the movements in upcoming contemporary artists on the Danish art scene − go there and take a look in the crystal ball.

Wundergrund Festival NEW Various venues in Cph; starts Fri, ends Nov 4; tickets: 50-200kr, www.; 3393 0024; www. This is the edgiest festival to grace the streets of Copenhagen. Since 2006, the Wundergrund Festival has worked with Danish and international artists to bring new experimental music and sound art to Copenhagen. Without the boundaries of labels, “anything can happen” at Wundergrund, challenging clichés and assumptions, artists and audiences alike. Attend a variety of shows and expand your musical palette with the likes of Anne Hilde Neset and her story of radiophony’s influence on electric music at Literaturhus, or perhaps see Bjørn Nørgaard – the mastermind behind the modern tapestries hanging in Christiansborg Palace – at Byens Lys. Maybe something a little more classical is your taste, so stop by DR Koncerthuset to see the legendary DR Girls’ Choir perform ‘Et Lys I Mørket’ in a completely darkened hall. The possibilities at this festival are wild and endless. AS Harness Racing Charlottenlund Race Course, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; Sun 13:00; 20kr; No Ben Hur thrills and spills here, that’s for sure!

Light in the Black Box NEW Black Box gallery, Fredericiagade 14, Cph K; Fri 17:00; more info at & Jacob Sikker Remin is an up-andcoming digital artist who focuses on DIY technology and works with graphic prints and light sculptures. His big-impact exhibition ‘Modifikationer’ based on experimentation will be showcased at Black Box Gallery. Beers and drinks, as well as additional guest performances, will follow. MAR Bella Center Outlet NEW Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5, Cph S; Fri 17:00-20:00, Sat & Sun, 10:00-17:00; Sales of overstocks, collection samples and much more – this is an unmissable chance to enrich your wardrobe and your house at 80 percent off regular prices. MAR Værløse Handball NEW Club Flea Market Værløsehallerne, Stiager 8, Værløse; Sat 10:00-15:00; tickets: 15kr, under-12s free adm; Værløse Håndboldklub will organise a flea market to support their competitions and events. Take part in a raffle, drink coffee, eat some goodies (freshly baked muffins). and support the team!MAR

NEXT WEEK: HOT TICKETS Violin Night NEW Koncerthuset, Koncertsalen, Emil Holms Kanal 20, Cph S; Thu (Nov 1) 19:30; tickets: 130-480kr; 3520 3040, www. Experience the intense sound of violinist Leila Josefowicz under the conductorship of the young and talented Edward Gardner in this interpretation of romantic English composer Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations. You will also hearConcerto for Orchestra, a genre of music written in the interwar period, and pieces by Poland’s Witold Lutoslawski and Russia’s Sergej Prokofjev. MAR Chamber Music NEW Søborgmagle Kirke, Søborg; Thu (Oct 25) 19:30, Sat & Sun 15:00; Søborgmagle Kirke is pleased to invite you to experience an evening dedicated to two very different composers: Franz Schubert and Claude Debussy. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear a wide variety of instrumentalists at this intimate and sacred setting – it adds to the atmosphere. MAR History Tours in English starts from Bishop Absalon’s statue at Højbro Plads, Cph K; Sat 10:00; tickets: 80kr; 90 mins; Focusing on the 1900s.

Gentofte Barokdage NEW Gentofte Kirke, Gentoftegade 21, Gentofte; ensd Oct 28; tickets: 60kr; Enjoy the last few days of the Barokdage Festival and a plethora of baroque music in the serene setting of the Gentofte castles, museums and churches. Music is performed by young musicians who specialize in baroque musical expression. You can enjoy solo concertos played with historical instruments like the harpsichord, the clavichord and organs. There will also be opportunities to learn classic baroque dances. Don’t miss this chance to step into the past. MAR NEW

Monteverdi Concert Trinitatis Kirke, Landemærket 2, Cph K; F r i 16:30; free adm Let yourself be captivated by the peculiar composition style of Monteverdi. His music influenced classical music trends and became one of the most appreciated, especially in North Europe. MAR Jazz Cruise Nyhavn, Cph K; Sun 15:30; tickets 120kr; duration: 90 mins; Discover Copenhagen from the water with a live jazz soundtrack courtesy of Henning Munk &



26 October - 1 November 2012

Green in colour and line-up this time around


Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Englandsvej 388A, Kastrup; Prices from 249,000kr; Alfas have always had something on Mercedes cars, but although luxurious and sporty, the lack of quality mechanics always seems to ruin the fun. Alfa Romeo’s new generation of cars want to change that image, drawing more on its expensive brother, Maserati, and reviving old legends like the Giulietta. Wonder where have I heard that idea before? Citroën DS4 Kirstinehøj 66, Kastrup; Prices from 269,000kr; Citroën is probably the last car you would expect to compete with a Mercedes, but wanting to claim its place as a high-end car producer, it’s taking steps towards this. The company is hoping to emulate the success of its first DS, which surprisingly became ‘the most X car’ in almost every category, and most people seriously doubt this will be the case. We all know what happens when you try TOO hard!

Kids Museum Workshops NEW Thorvaldsens Museum, Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2, Cph K; 3332 1532,; www. Let your children express their feelings having fun in the museum’s amazing workshops! MAR Habengut Børnescenen, Folketearet, Nørregade 39, Cph K; starts Tue, ends 28 Oct, performances Tue-Fri 10:00 & 11:30, Sat 10:30 & 12:00, Sun 14:00 & 15:30;; www.; suitable for 3-8 year-olds A highly visual play with limited dialogue, Habengut is suitable for children of all nationalities. Set in the household of an inventor, a family argument leads to the patriarch of the household, Professor Habengut, leaving his wife and trusty robot, Putigut, to travel back to the Stone Age – the perfect era for an inventor to stumble upon, you would imagine. “It’s a funny, poetic and very visual piece,” the Ugandan-Russian co-creator and animation director, Luba Lynch, told InOut. “It’s a great way for children to learn that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ idea.” An invention workshops will follow the Friday during autumn half-term. BH

Irish Festival PH Cafeen, Halmtorvet 9 & Staldgade 29, Cph V; starts Thu (Nov 1), ends Nov 4; ticket price vary, (in some cases at the door;

Nothing smells better than new car

Honda Civic Englandsvej 382, Kastrup; Prices from 214,900kr; This Japanese die-hard is in its second cycle of adopting Honda’s signature alienstyle bodywork, and luckily it’s getting a lot better at it. No flashy gadgets inside and no visibility problems in the back, this car really was made for driving. The originality of the car’s exterior meant they could keep the interior simple, though the digital display sitting atop of the analog indicators is really useful. The Honda Civic really has become more of a family car than the new A-Class could ever be, both in terms of space and fuel-efficiency. Mercedes-Benz A-Class Baldersbækvej 8B, Ishøj; Prices from 329,000kr; Is the new A-Class actually an A-class car? Well, it certainly is more luxurious than the others I have laid down for you here, so I guess in that regard the good old MB is still on top. But with a rear-end that looks dangerously similar to that of some of the new Citroën models and those hard plastics up on the dashboard that are meant to balance the price for the amazing standard seats, I must say I’m a bit surprised that the whole 2012 stock is already sold out.

Farm Life NEW Naturcenter vestamager, Granatvej 3-9, Kastrup; Sat & Sun 10:00-16:00; 3997 3910,; www. Take your children to experience farm life feeding the sheep, spinning their wool and many other activities linked to the countryside. Teach a child how to take care of an animal and you’ll have planted the best seed for mankind. MAR 1,001 Nights Teater Zeppelin, Valdemarsgade 15, Cph V; ends Nov 16, performances every day except mon, Sat 13:00 & 15:30, other times vary; tickets 165kr, under-25s: 95kr,;; over-7s Five stories from the Arabian masterpieces will be performed for your kids. Meet fakirs and spirits and encounter magic carpets spells, treasure and exotic places. MAR Design School for Kids Akademiet for Design Illustration & Visuel Innovation, Stockholmsgade 33, Cph Ø; ends Dec 8; This course is run by professional designers and illustrators who will encourage your children to free their imagination and discover the joys of creating. MAR

THE IRISH have never needed a reason to party, but if they did, the Copenhagen Irish Festival would be just the ticket. Back again for another year, the festival will include nightly concerts, jam sessions, Irish folk dancing, exhibitions, workshops and much more. Festival organiser Janne Rødshagen says it’ll be a “real craic”, to use an Irish term, with the free jam sessions in particular promising to be a big crowd-pleaser. A chance for musicians to let their instruments do the talking, Rødshagen explains, these sessions can often become quite a lively musical spectacle. “They don’t say anything to each other; a nod is enough. They sit down and ‘fall in’, and when the set is over they chat and then they start to play again. Often more musicians arrive and before you realise it, almost by magic, ten to 15 people are playing to their hearts’ content.” This year there will also be an art exhibition at Gallery Krebsen from November 9 to November 25 in which four Irish artists will be showcasing their art. Also particularly special this year is the documentary exhibition at the PHCafé. Depicting the history of the Copenhagen Irish Festival, this event will include photos, press clippings and statements from the audiences as well as from band members.

Story Time Books & Company, Sofievej 1, 2900 Hellerup; Tue mornings 09:30-10:00; free adm; www. Every Tuesday morning, storyteller Sara Albers performs stories, poems, and finger plays. She entertains, inspires and captivates kids’ imaginations, making Tuesday mornings a magical experience for all. SA Circus Fantastica Folketeatret, Nørregade 39, Cph K; ends Oct 20; open Tue-Fri 19:30, Sat 17:00; Tickets: from 110kr; 3312 1845; This spectacular theatre concert is about a bunch of circus performers stranded in an amusement park during the winter break. What tricks will they perform to keep their spirit alive? EB Edges of the Universe & Coraline Reefs in CPH Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Gammel Kongevej 10, Cph K; ends Oct 14; tickets: over-12s 139kr, under-12s 89kr; www. Travel through the dark cosmos and discover its mysteries, then jump in the deep blue water and dive among vibrantly coloured fish and plants. You will discover the amazing but fragile balance of these landscapes in these two amazing 3D films. MAR

Opening Concert: Marianne Green PH Salen; Thu (Nov 1) 20:00 (doors open at 19:00); tickets: 100kr Having grown up in Denmark, Marianne Green could easily have ignored the greener pastures of Ireland, but her passion for Irish music led her to establish a successful folk music career. In addition to performing Celtic traditional folk music, she also composes her own songs. Green will be taking to the stage to perform tracks from her debut album Dear Irish Boy, which was coproduced by none other than Andy Irvine, a true Irish music icon. Double concert: Sharon Shannon & Gráinne Holland Staldgade 29; Fri Nov 2 at 20:00 (doors open at 18:30); tickets: 250kr Sharon Shannon literally has music at her fingertips. The Irish accordionist has already received legendary status for her ability to make the much-maligned accordion cool. Renowned for her musical collaborations, Shannon has recorded and toured with the who’s who of the Irish and global music industry, including Bono and Sinead O’Connor. Having performed for the likes of former US president Bill Clinton, and more recently The Sultan of Brunei, this concert will be a great opportunity for the public to see this superstar up-close. Teaming up with Shannon is Gráinne Holland, a fresh new talent from West Belfast. With amazing vocal strength and beauty, Holland is an emerging talent in the Irish traditional music circuit. A pioneer in forging new territory for Gaelic song with her exquisite lyrical charms, Holland has refreshed and revitalised the Gaelic verses of old. Since releasing her debut album Teanga na nGael, produced by renowned musician Dónal O’Connor, she has launched a career that is sure to progress and excite the Gaelic song tradition.



A COUPLE OF months ago when the new Mercedes A-Class officially came onto the Danish market, I was shocked. It represents a complete break-up from its predecessors, which now seem to have an echo in the B-Class. Wondering whether that left the A-Class unprepared and alone in a fight with competitors that could never have before really touched it, I set out to do some test drives. Here is an original comparison of ´the new A-Class with a few cars that you maybe wouldn’t have portrayed it next to.


Green is kicking off festivities on Thursday

Double concert: Paul Brady & Perfect Friction Staldgade 29; Sat Nov 3 at 20:00 (doors open at 18:30); tickets: 250kr Paul Brady – singer, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist – is truly one of Ireland’s most enduring artists. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Brady has had his inspirations shift and change over the years, but his passion for Irish traditional music has always remained. Throughout his career, he has been a member of several major bands and now enjoys a successful solo career. He’s had a number of well-loved songs, and some of his most popular have been covered by other artists, such as ‘Night Hunting Time’ by Carlos Santana and ‘Paradise is Here’ by Tina Turner. Also performing is young Irish band Perfect Friction, who will make their international debut at this festival. The band features seven musicians and a world-class vocalist, Rebecca Winckworth, who has toured extensively with Anúna amongst other Irish groups. The band’s music ranges from high-energy trad-sets with a full range of instruments (fiddle, flute, concertina, whistle, bodhran and others), to pop and rock songs tastefully arranged with a trad theme. This band is sure to get feet tapping. JESSICA O’SULLIVAN

Grilled and steamed fish from the Mediterranean kitchen

The mission to eat healthier starts here! Soups Sandwiches Salads Fish

49 - 59 kr 49 - 89 kr 69 - 109 kr

89 - 169 kr * Under 5s eat for free! * Alcohol cover charge 20 kr per diner

Including brunch, kids & takeaway options

Open daily 10:00-22:0 0 Fri & Sat until 23:00

Istedgade 60, 1650 CPH V

• 3324 3303 • •


Halloween Party Saturday, 27 October Bone-chilling decor terrifying staff drink specials for guests in fancy dress live music by Mick Hutch

Rigshospitalet (Central hospital)

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Hovedbanegård (Central Station)

Ny C Gly

Tivoli Concert Hall



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Regional Trains to Kastrup Airport & Malmö




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Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •


The Old English Pub C O P E N H AG E N

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.


Post Danmark (Postal HQ)

S-Trains to Frederikssund / Høje Taastrup / Køge


Rådhuset (Town Hall)


Denmark’s only English-language newspaper






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Ist Enghave Plads



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Gammel Kong


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1601 København V Tel +45 3314 3535




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Cph 30 Scandic Vester Søgade 6,







2300 Cph S Tel +45 3396 5200


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Scandiavia 29 Radisson Amager Boulevard 70,



1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900




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Astoria 28 Hotel Banegårdspladsen 4,

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Rådhusplasen 14, 1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200


Botanisk Have

Dronning Louise’s Bro



27 The Square





1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882

Radiohuset (Radio House) metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse

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25 Cph Marriot

Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900


Blågårds Plads





1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900

Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,



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Hotel 24 Strand Havnegade 37,

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us Tho Pla msen ds s

coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays

Shamrock Inn Jernbanegade 7 1608 København V 33363550 Open at 14:00 daily




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Sankt Hans Torv


nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district

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DKK 120/person - 90 mins.

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Nør r

Departing from Nyhavn Thursdays & Sundays






e LiCvruiSe

26 October - 1 November 2012

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LiVe sports daiLy Friday 26th 18:30 nordsjælland - aab saturday 27th 13:45 aston villa - norwich city | 17:00 silkeborg - randers | 18:20 bristol city - hull city | 19:00 viborg - Fredericia sunday 28th 14:45 clyde - rangers | 15:30 everton - liverpool| 18:00 chelsea - man utd | 20:00 midtjylland brøndby monday 29th 20:00 horsens - Fck Vesterbrogade 2b | 1620 Copenhagen V





26 October - 1 November 2012



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S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg








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Southern Cross Pub Rugby, AFL, Cricket, NFL LIVE ON BIG SCREEN + other TVs Available for private functions: Birthdays, Sports Teams, Parties.







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ur d un -35 kr til 8 pm aily Lage r Pin ts Aussi e Wines Beers , ,S & M ports usic

Løvens Bastion


Christmas Møllers plads


Amagerbro metro





Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 3pm until late Friday & Saturday Noon until 5am, Sunday 1pm until late Early openings available on request


ad metro M2 to Copenhagen Airport e


Løngangstræde 37, 1468 Copenhagen K. Tel: 3311 0939,

Langebro 5






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Strøget - main pedestrian street Pedestrian area & popular squares

Islands Brygge metro



Institutions & official Buildings


metro M1 to Bella Center / Ørestad / Vestamager

Main car traffic streets


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Sankt Annæ Kiosken Store Kongensgade 40 1264 Copenhagen K

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Kort & Godt Østerport Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Magasin Lyngby Lyngby Hovedgade 43 2800 Lyngby

7−Eleven Frederiksberggade 2 1459 Copenhagen K

7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 6 1620 Copenhagen V

Kort & Godt Svanemøllen Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Kort & Godt Hellerup Station 2900 Hellerup

Interkiosk Øster Stationsvej 27 5000 Odense C Irma Illum Pilestræde 13 1100 Copenhagen K Amagerbro Kiosk Amagerbrogade 5 2300 Copenhagen S





Music Festival Renaissance Copenhagen ng section INSIDE! Special advertisi

Geist Early German of Christian In commemoration






SuperBest Hellerup Strandvej 64 A 2900 Hellerup

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| 16 - 22 Sep




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| newspaper


Copenhagen Airport Baggage Reclaim 2770 Kastrup

Post Enterta



7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 37 1620 Copenhagen V



Denmark ’s

Tourist Information Vesterbrogade 4a 1577 Copenhagen V



the Holy Land Israel: Inside INSIDE! Discovering ng section Special advertisi


TO GEIST FROM SCHÜTZBaroque Music 1600-1700 (c.1650-1711)


7−Eleven Istedgade 2 1651 Copenhagen V


Knabrostrædes Vinhandel Knabrostræde 6 1210 Copenhagen K

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


7−Eleven Rådhuspladsen 16 1550 Copenhagen V


Magasin Du Nord Kongens Nytorv 13 1050 Copenhagen



Photo: Karsten

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Holmens Kirke



Politigården (Police HQ)

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Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)




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Børsen (Old Stock Exchange)




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Trolle s

Frederiks Bastion

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Nationalbanken Holmens Kirke

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Nationalmuseet (National History Museum)







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Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)

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Kongens Nytorv

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Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)

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Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)

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Cinemateket Filmhuset







nrå Hauser Plads

Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393

Langelinie Pavillion


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Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X


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Skt. Pauls plads

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Kongens Have



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Rosenborg Castle



Øster Voldgade




Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)


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Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)











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MBA - INFOR or call Leadership, E-mail



School rg n Business School Frederiksbe Copenhagenaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg Business Copenhage 22, 2000 Porcelænsh aven /ftmba Porcelænsh

See more at copenh agenca

Free access to 65 museums and attraction entire metropol s in the itan area


SEPT. 28

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John Primer Joe Louis w. Nisse Thorbjorn Walker Mud Morganfie [US] | Holmes Band [US/DK] ld w. Peter Brothers Louisiana Nande Band [US] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/DK] Keith Dunn w. Kenn Lending [US/UK] | Janice Blues Band Delta BluesBand [US/NL] [US/DK] | Johnny Thorbjorn Band | The Healers Max Band [CA] | Shades H.P. Lange Risager | Troels of Blue Jensen | Tutweiler | Mike Andersen Alain Apaloo Bluesoul | Fried Okra Band & Jens Kristian | Grahn Dam Jacob Fischer & Malm | | The Blues Overdrive Trio | SvanteOle Frimer | Paul Banks Sjöblom festiv | Jes Holtsoe


& ww w.







LATE AUTUMN bordering on early winter in Denmark can mean only one thing: the best ingredients and the most homely ways of cooking them. The other morning, as I so often do, I created a brunch (anyone who’s spent any time at all in Copenhagen will know that the natives’ crowning culinary achievement is this late morning feast) out of what was knocking around in my kitchen. Of course, this being the season it is, it largely consisted of things like apples and pears, but it also took in the classic eggs and bacon – as well as my interpretation of a Waldorf Salad,

which combines apples with the sweetness of the ripe pear, crunch of the nuts, and tang of the balsamic. Part French, part American and part, well, Danish, this spread of edibles is served up in cafes and restaurants city-wide and can be adapted to suit any appetite, taste preference or degree of hangover. I have to admit that the scrambled eggs recipe is Gordon Ramsey’s. I know what you’re thinking: I can make scrambled eggs, thank you very much; I need no help. Wrong. If you’re not doing them as per the method here, then you need guidance!


$ $ $

$ $ $

Restaurant Kiin Kiin Guldbergsgade 21, Cph N; 3535 7535; open Mon-Sat 17:30-21:00; four-course menu 450kr, seven-course 775kr (with wine menu 1450kr); There are only two Thai restaurants in the whole world that have been awarded a Michelin star. One of them is in London, the other one is Kiin Kiin, which you’ll find in the heart of Nørrebro. And it’s well deserved. Kiin Kiin isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience, a place where every little detail is thought through. PDR Reinwald’s Farvergade 15, 1463 Cph K; open Mon-Sat 14:00-24:00 (kitchen closes at 22:00); 3391 8289; fivecourse menu with wine 850kr, other dishes 75-215kr; www. Serving lunch and dinner, a director’s script-length of choices confronts you at Reinwald’s. It’s a who’s who of classic French and Frenchinspired Danish dishes as well as a monthly set menu. Any chef would be proud of this. SC Herluf Gade 9, Cph K; 3393 5770,; 1,250kr per person; is a gourmet restaurant with a twist. Tucked away behind a hard-to-find door on the first floor to the right of a typical Copenhagen apartment, the restaurant is based around the concept of the dinner party with guests stepping into what appears to be a private apartment and then being utterly spoilt by their hosts. The monthly set menu costs 1,250kr and has a whopping ten courses, and you can tell them in advance of any food quirks you might have and they will personalise the menu for you. Terrific food, friendly and attentive service and a unique setting. CS

Hero Kitchen Jarmersplads 3, Cph V; open: Tue-Thu 17:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00 (kitchen closes 22:00); 6969 6000; price range: 40-125kr; Hero, located on the ground floor of the Fox Hotel, which opened in June of this year, captures the authenticity and atmosphere of a Japanese street kitchen (izakaya). So much more than another stock standard Copenhagen sushi place, it offers a delicious range of snacks, salads, small dishes, sushi, meats from the grill, Yakitori (skewered meats), tempura, sashimi, and, of course, a range of sweets. Its Scallop Katafi is the best in the city, while the Yakitori left us speechless – it was divine. Reasonably priced, impeccably chic and unbelievably tasty, this is the place to go if you want to be a hero amongst the trendsetters. JOS Cocks & Cows Gammel Strand 44, Cph K; burgers; open Mon-Thu 11:0024:00, Fri-Sun 11:00-02:00; 78118kr per burger, 70kr per cocktail; 6969 6000;; Eat a burger (cow) and wash it down with a cocktail (cock). The burgers are huge and must be eaten with a fork and knife to prevent a mess. But they’re delicious, and the vegetarian, beef, pork and chicken options mean that even the fussiest eater will find something. DC Oysters & Grill Sjællandsgade 1B, 2200 Cph N; open Mon-Sat 17:30-24:00, Sun 12:00-21:00; oysters cost 1535kr each, main courses cost 135-185kr; 7020 6171; Oysters & Grill is not rocket science, yet it gives diners in Copenhagen access to fresh and delicious food at reasonable prices with an emphasis on seafood, fish and meats, which are prepared simply and flavourfully. NA

Late Autumn Brunch bacon, eggs, bread apples, pears dried plums/apricots spring onions, celery, chives cashew nuts balsamic vinegar natural yoghurt crème fraiche honey Eggs: Break however many eggs you want into a pan along with a tablespoon of diced butter. Turn up heat on the stove to medium-high and use a spatula (very important) to mix the eggs. Always keeping the eggs moving with the spatula, take the pan on and off the heat. This allows the heat remaining in the pan to cook the eggs whilst not allowing them to get too hot. You’re going for slow, delicate cooking. As the eggs begin to firm up – note: you’re looking for a loose, silky texture at the end – stick in a bit more

Chai:Wong Thorvaldsensvej 2, Frederiksberg; open Mon-Sat 11:00-24:00; SouthEast Asian; starters 55-125kr, mains 135195kr; Inspired by a trip to various Asian cities, the owners have brought authentic Asian cooking to Frederiksberg. Enjoy a lychee mojito as you study the menu, and be sure to try the prawns with rice noodles. For dessert, order the banana cake with salted coconut ice cream, then stagger home, full of good food and wine. CS BioMio Halmtorvet 19, 1700 Cph V; open daily 12:00-24:00 (later Fri and Sat), kitchen open 12:0022:00; 3331 2000; starters 75kr, mains 135kr; Located in an old warehouse next to trendy Kødbyen, Bio Mio is certainly unusual for conservative Copenhagen. It’s stylish without being pretentious, fast enough that you don’t go crazy waiting for food, and loud enough that you can make a racket without anyone raising an eyebrow. JH Cap Horn Nyhavn 21, Cph K; open MonFri 10:00-00:00, Sat-Sun 09:0000:00; 3312 8504; starters from 99kr, main courses from 139kr, desserts from 39kr; see www. for special events Cap Horn’s simple menu boasts a fine selection of organic, homemade Danish fare with a touch of seasonal influence. There were two highlights: the veal, pumpkin, mushrooms and potatoes with amazing truffle sauce (a “best ever veal experience”) and the chocolate cake (“Oh My God”), which was possibly the best chocolate cake ever! MM Karriere Bar Flæsketorvet 57, Cph V; open: Thu 16:00-24:00, Fri 16:00-04:00, Sat 18:00-04:00; 3321 5509; www. An edgy bar where the music and gossip don’t end, Karriere Bar, hidden in a corner of Kødbyen, should be number one on your list for dining and cocktails. SM

26 October - 1 November 2012

butter. Season the eggs right at the last minute when they come off the heat. Add the chopped chives and a tablespoon of crème fraiche. Salad: Wash and slice the apples and pears finely; wash and chop spring onion. Combine apple, pear and spring onion in mixing bowl with nuts. Pour in natural yoghurt (don’t overdo it; you want yoghurt to just line the other ingredients, not swamp them in a soup) and an optional tiny splash of balsamic vinegar. Mix well but try to not break things up. Porridge: Heat some water on the stove (don’t boil), remove from heat and drop in a handful of dried plums or apricots. You only want to leave them in there for half a minute or so. Take them out and carefully chop into quarters. Add to porridge with a teaspoon of honey. I think the rye bread, bacon and sticks of celery parts are fairly selfexplanatory.

$ $ $

Restaurant Dalaman Vodroffsvej 15, Frederiksberg C; Open daily 16:0024:00; 3322 1231; threecourse menus 119kr, 139kr & 159kr pp; Turkish restaurant Dalaman puts an emphasis on good food and customer satisfaction. It’s a haven for meat lovers and is popular among its clientele for the meaty mixed grill. AJ Saxo Cafe Colbjørnsensgade 11, 1652 Cph V; open 11:00-23:00; 3888 8288; Chinese buffet 128kr pp, dim sum dishes from 35kr; Saxo’s menu is an eclectic and comforting mix of cultures, incorporating Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese buffets, Dim Sum and Vietnamese menus, and traditional Danish fare. With such a wide choice, it’s a great place to go as a group who can’t agree on a choice of cuisine. AK Kødbyens Deli Slagterbøderne 8, Cph V; takeaway classics; open MonThu 11:00-20:00, Fri 11:0021:00, Sat 12:00-21:00; most mains 60-70kr; 3386 1586; The owners claim that they make the best fish ‘n’ chips. Stop by this takeaway joint and see for yourself. The dish of the day is always a hit, or you can opt for salad or dessert. SB Bock Bistro & Vinotek Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 7, Cph Ø; Hungarian cuisine; open Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-23:00; starters 85120kr, mains 174-245kr; 3313 9194;; Look no further for Hungarian comfort food because this bistro offers a wide range of the country’s specialties. The adventurous can try some blood sausage, and no meal is complete without a glass of Tokaji Aszu, a sweet dessert wine. PDR

Pubs The Irish Rover Strøget 46, Cph K; Open daily 10:00-late; There’s live music Thursday-Sunday (22:00-late), the kitchen is open from 10:00 until late every day – serving a burger meal with pint for just 120kr – the pub caters to all sports fans, there’s a pool table in their back room where you can smoke, and there’s an upstairs lounge area – the perfect place to relax with a view over Strøget. BH Brew Pub Vestergade 29, Cph K; open Mon-Thu 12:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-02:00, Sun closed; 3332 0060; The menu is full of hearty, homely, yet inventive dishes featuring inspired use of the same ingredients that go into the brewing process. Each dish is matched with one of Brew Pub’s own concoctions from the casks across the courtyard. AK Charlie’s Pilestræde 33, Cph K; open Mon 14:00-00:00, Tue-Wed 12:00-01:00, Thu-Sat 12:0002:00, Sun 14:00-23:00; 40-50kr per pint; Serving up ales from microbreweries across the UK, in addition to continental beers and several ciders, this bar might be the best place in Copenhagen to sip the night away. EM Sankt Nikolai Restaurant & Pub Nikolajgade 18, Cph K; open Mon-Sat 16:00–00:00, Sun 13:00–00:00; A friendly English boozer with great cask ale and cider, darts and pool (spanking new table), English-themed events (sign up for their monthly email), and splendid British grub (shepherd’s pie, beef and Yorkshire pud, fish and chips etc). The first Wednesday of every month is quiz night and the last Sunday ‘family day’ – a great occasion to let the blighters run riot. BH

The Globe Nørregade 43-45, 1165 Cph K; Opening hours vary, until 03:00 Fri-Sat Friendly service and good value food make this the perfect city pub. If it’s company you want, try the main bar, or a private function, the second bar; seatingwise, pull up a high chair, relax on cushioned benches or lord it as a bishop for the evening; or go genteel in the library – a great place to cheat in the fortnightly quiz. BH Kennedy’s Irish Bar Gammel Kongevej 23, 1610 Cph V; Open Mon-Sun 12:0002:00 It’s not an Irish pub. Instead it’s a pub owned by Irishmen, and there’s a big difference. It’s an authentic taste of what the Emerald Isle was like in the 1980s in a pub totally devoid of concepts, themes, and DIY Irish pub kits. Drop by at 17:00 on Fridays for the traditional Irish music sessions which are rapidly gaining in popularity. BH Southern Cross Løngangstræde 37, Cph K; open Sun-Thu 15:00-03:00, SatSun 12:00-05:00; 3311 0939 This Aussie boozer has a lively darts board, a fortnightly quiz, a good sports atmosphere, and a happy hour until 8pm during which you can buy beers for just 30kr. JHW The Dubliner Amagertorv 5, Cph K; Open Mon-Sun 10:00-late It’s the perfect place for sports fans to mingle, or for live music, which it provides every day. It serves food from 10am to 10pm, and diners can find peace from the music and sport on a table overlooking the walking street, or on the first floor balcony overlooking Amagertorv. BH The Old English Pub Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 Cph V; Open Sun-Thu 11:30-02:30, Fri-Sat 11:30-04:30; 3332 1921; Facing Tivoli’s arches and just a stone’s throw from Strøget, it’s the ideal pit-stop on a tour of the city centre. LB




26 October - 1 November 2012

Its fame for fab Italian food is spreading quicker than the Metro

If you’re not famished before you arrive, you will be after ten minutes sitting next to the spit

Finishing off our Italian discovery was a freshly baked Crostata with baked plums and mascarpone cream. Not usually one for sweets, I was hooked from the first mouthful and am looking forward to trying to emulate it at home. For most of us, just jet-setting off to Italy whenever we like is out of the question, but here, with produce sourced directly from Italy at fantastic prices, this cosy little restaurant will make you feel like you’re already there.

MUSIC FESTIVAL FROM SCHÜTZ TO GEIST 1600-1700 Early German Baroque Music In commemoration of Christian

Geist (c.1650-1711)




TThe he CPH Post





Issue 44 4 - 10 November 2011 | Vol 14 NEWS


ent Guide

| 16 - 22 Sep


uage newspaper |

Denmark’s only English-lang


Dane unable to obtain family girlfriend reunification for his Thai Catch-22 says residency rules are a



Exploiting ‘fat tax’ Supermarkets are scamming guise their customers under the of the new national ‘fat tax’ NEWS |



Get in or get out


Is now the time to join the euro, or to run like hell? new National coach Morten Olsen’s job in the contract will keep him Cup. until after the 2014 World


Warrior Jesus from How Christianity borrowed Jesus Norse mythology and branded the to woo as a tough guy in order pagan Vikings


9 771398 100009

Price: 25 DKK

A new

Page 10





omy budget to ‘kickstart’ the econ

Danes abolished, saving some 525,000 mobile and of students. Moreover, stuwith business laptops (VK) govern- the number vious Venstre-Konservative no longer pay administrative phones 3,000 kroner per year. major points: dents will JENNIFER BULEY Master’s students look forment. Here are a few of the Not everyone, however, can the state’s fees, and prospective course tuitions Families: VK limited and junk (bør- will have prerequisite 17.5 billion ward to a cash infusion. Smokers SRSF’s first budget will spend monthly child support handouts fam- paid. The government will also fund higher on their per food lovers will be taxed abolish necheck) to 35,000 kroner corporations kroner on infrastructure and state-supported internship abolished, 1,500 more vices, while international ily. That limit has now been previous taxes and restrictions tax bills. SRSF plans positions. higher see get also will will families creation: and meaning that many Infrastructure and job by closing a number of AN YOU HAVE your cake ts. The government will be in- to raise revenue wisdom larger child benefi Some 17.5 billion kroner going back nearly 20 years eat it too? Conventional fertility treatments and infrastructure tax loopholes corporations budg- will also pay for vested over two years in that allowed international says no, but with their first as a new rail line between power, voluntary sterilisations. to escape paying corporate Folkeparti projects, such et plan since the shift of a project to in Denmark Welfare: VK and Dansk Copenhagen and Ringsted, rne-Radikaletaxes (see more on page 15). specialised welfare prothe new Socialdemokrate in the Holbæk motorway, erosion coalition (DF) introduced All told, the spending increases cash benefits widen the Socialistisk Folkeparti (SRSF) grammes that reduced the efforts along Jutland’s west as big as the minister Those programmes protection renovations to public hous- new budget are not appear to be giving it a shot. the new for new immigrants. economy and interior, Margrethe and going coast, and Many of the elements of Helle Thorning- of the have now been eliminated minister relike. She noted that Prime be to ing. would (R), state expected ‘kickstart’ Vestager budget – which is all residents in need of the deficit for 2012, Schmidt has said that these ursday – will forward leased in its entirety on Th will receive the same welfare projects will create 20,000 new jobs VK under-reported to spend more. But a time when support imprudent at it making spending state increase The Danish ConstrucEU’s finanincreased. But benefits. research: from 2012-2013. Denmark will still meet the the budget deficit has despite Higher education and predicts 10,000. come from reresponsibility benchmarks, cial one billion tion Association extra ‘mulan get where the money would will The unpopular Universities Tax break:meeting deficit, she added. costs as- a personal years to cover mained a mystery. Organise by VK will be the larger items kroner over two timedia tax’ introduced increase A number of the new budget a predicted and sit inin on a class. by the pre- sociated with full-time MBA at CBS reinstate spending cuts made The one-year general managementip, and real-world experience. focuses on leadership, entrepreneurshhear how the MBA can giveprogram lly diverse and Organise a personal meeting internationa


Cheering a Muslim as we do a Murderer!


Holy Land Discovering Israel: Inside the Special advertising section INSIDE!

Photo: Karsten Movang

Festival Copenhagen Renaissance Music Special advertising section INSIDE!



7 - 20 NOVEMBER 2011

Contact: Dima at The Copenhagen Post on 33 36 42 48 or by email at





Famo Metro


warmed the next day allows the ingredients to become more powerful. Afterwards, we devoured homemade spaghetti with rabbit ragú and fennel flower. Having never before eaten rabbit with spaghetti, I was initially hesitant, but after the first mouthful all doubts were gone. For our secondo, or main dish, we ate oven-baked guinea fowl marinated with lemon, white wine and tomatoes served with sautéed costa (a bitter Italian vegetable). Whilst the meat was moist and the overall taste enjoyable, it did seem to lack any real flavour.


red beetroot salad, served with pine nuts and Pecorino cheese, and the thinly sliced veal, served with balsamico and salsa Valletta. Moving onto the primi dishes, our expectations were high and fortunately Famo Metro didn’t disappoint. A heartwarming dish, the Ribollita – a classic soup from Toscana made with borlotti and cannellini beans, black cabbage and Italian bread – made you feel as if you were actually in Italy. Ribollita, which means ‘reboiled’, is part of a food tradition in Toscana where soup is served with bread in it, which when re-


FINDING GOOD quality Italian food at an affordable price can be quite a challenge in this town. Luckily, that’s where Famo Metro comes in. Founded by Fabbio Mazzon, the former head chef at the esteemed and Michelin-starred Era Ora, and Morten Kaltoft, the restaurant serves genuine Italian food prepared from scratch for reasonable prices. Since opening the original Famo over five years ago, their success has grown. They also have a second branch, Famo 51, and most recently Famo Metro, an authentic and unpretentious eatery. Open for lunch and dinner, Famo Metro offers a set menu that changes daily. From just 250kr, diners can enjoy a small a la carte lunch menu that consists of either two or three courses. For dinner, there is a set five-course menu that is classically Italian in its construction. Serving antipasti (starters), primi (typical pasta dishes), secondo (main courses of meat and fish) and finally dolce (desserts), Famo Metro really is a steal at just 400kr. Dining on a Wednesday night, we certainly hadn’t expected the restaurant to be full, but indeed as we entered through the glass doors into this small and cosy restaurant, we were instantly surprised. With the place filled to almost capacity, our hungry tummies thanked us for booking. As we were led to our table, one thing became apparent: like many restaurants in this city, Famo Metro is trying to get as many tables in as possible, regardless of comfort. As we made our way to our small table, it was a game of skill to negotiate your way around patrons and staff. Once seated, we were greeted by our friendly Italian waiter who, despite his cheery demeanour, wasn’t overly attentive throughout the night. Not speaking a word of Danish, either through choice or necessity, he proceeded to help us with the challenging task, given the size of their drinks menu, of choosing a wine. Upon his recommendation, we settled on a 2008 Pinot Nero Riserva ‘Mazon’, which proved a winner throughout the night. For the antipasti we enjoyed five small and delicious dishes that were a perfect way to start the night. First off, we had wonderfully fresh artichoke sticks with parmesan cheese and prosciutto. Following on, we ate the succulently soft monkfish served with sweet chard and fresh chili. Arriving in quick succession, the oven-baked peppers with tuna and tomato paste sauce were popular among my male companions, whilst we ladies couldn’t get enough of the



MEETIN MBA - INFORMATION FULL TIME a’s most Join Scandinavi your career a new dimension. 17:30-19:00 17th November Thursday 3815 6022 MBA at CBS focuses on or callfull-time E-mail Skills. The one-year general management , and Practical Business a personal meeting. Entrepreneurship to organise Leadership, up for the meeting. or call 3815 6022 to sign E-mail Copenhagen Business School

School Frederiksberg 22, 2000 Business Copenhagen Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg Porcelænshaven

See more at copenhag

Free access to 65 and attract museums entire metrop ions in the olitan area






John Primer w. Nisse Thorbjo Joe Louis rn Band [US/DK Walker [US] Mud Morgan | Holmes ] Brother field w. Peter Louisiana Nande Band s [US] [US/DK] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/UK w. Kenn Lending ] | Janice Keith Dunn Blues Band Band [US/NL [US/DK] Delta Blues ] Band | The | Johnny Max Band Thorbjorn [CA] Healers | Risager | Shades of Troels H.P. Lange Blue | Mike Anders Jensen | Alain Apaloo Tutweiler en & Jens | Fried Okra See ful Bluesoul Band | The Kristian Dam l progr | Grahn & Blues Overdri amme: Malm | Ole Jacob ve Fischer w w Trio | Svante Frimer | Paul Banks penhag Sjöblom | enblue Jes Holtsoe sfestiv a

SEPT. 28

- OCT. 2 ·


FESTIVAL & w w w.k ul





26 October - 1 November 2012

LOOKING FOR A TRULY INTERNATIONAL CHURCH? Denmark’s only English-language newspaper

ICC is an interdenominational church with over 50 different nationalities represented among the 150 regular weekly visitors!

InOut The CPH Post

Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

0 Tickets

415 - 815


page G6

lly fixtu re

100 Resta

Where: Ryesgade 68, 2100 CPH East When: Every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:30 ICC is a children friendly church with 4 different age groups for kids, and we have among other meetings activities for youth, woman, men, singles, married, gospel choir and much more. You will also be able to network with danes and other internationals from different walks of life. Please come and worship with us next Sunday

Services throughout Denmark

phone +45 3534 9295

A Global Relocation Partnership

International Christian Community Ryesgade 68 • 2100 Copenhagen East •

Hercegurant ovina


Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance



3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area


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home The place is all yours


Looking to advertise your company? 6. juli 2012 05:45:18

This spoT is available! ContaCt our sales department today on: +45 33 36 33 00 Global Supplier of Serviced Apartments (+45) 35 24 55 99

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


keep an eye on our property section.


Dansk Dansk Boligformidling Boligformidling

Boliger til salg Homes for sale

Homes rent Boliger for til leje

Erhverv Commercial properties

Den største and og ældste formidler af The largest most experienced liebhaverboliger i København og provider of exclusive homes in Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Liebhaverboliger KøbenExclusive homes til forsalg salei in havn og Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand. Ring for en gratis vurdering.

Lejligheder og huserentals store som små. We offer first-rate Ring for en vurdering. furnished orgratis unfurnished in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Erhvervsejendomme f.eks. til butik, Commercial properties for sale kontor eller and rent e.g.lager til salg og leje. stores/offices/storerooms

Hellerupvej 78, 2900 Hellerup - Telefon 7015 9007 - Fax 7015 6707 - -



26 October - 1 November 2012 REAL ESTATE RECENTLY-RENOVATED & FULLYfurnished-flat, Frederiksberg, for rent from Aug2012, for at least 1year: 95m2, 4rooms, quiet area, near CBS; close to public transports, supermarkets, 15min biking to city center, 12.500kr & everything included. BEAUTIFUL DIPLOMATIC house in Charlottenlund for rent. Excellent location near Bernstorff Park and close to the British and American school. 240 SQ Meter (4 Bedrooms, 2 Livings, 1 Dining, Big Kitchen) plus 127 SQ meter elevated basement. Nice garden, very suitable for diplomats and multinational executives. Rent 25.500 DKK per month, available for 3 to 4 years. Please contact 26122222 & 31700331 or

HEALTH SERVICES PSYCHOLOGIST & CROSSCULTURAL counsellor. Sessions in English/Danish for children, adolescents and adults. Debbie Britt Mechlenborg. Copenhagen K. Phone: (+45) 5356 4494. E-mail:

MANY YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH in various styles including prenatal/ postnatal in Frederiksberg. Also vegetarian food. Visit www. TAMARIND THAI MASSAGE, visit or Danasvej 39, Frederiksberg, tlf. 33318070

PSYCHOTHERAPY ANNE ELISE INGHAM, PSY.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Therapy in English for adults, adolescents, children and families. Specializing in anxiety, depression, relationships and cultural adjustment. 60746646. http://www.

SERVICES SUCCESS SECRETS - Have your own personal genie granting your every wish. Free success secrets cd reveals all. Call for your copy +45 8192 7722 FREELANCE WORDPRESS Developer specializing in websites that you can manage and update yourself. Call for a free quote on 71226405 or visit

TRANSCRIBER, DATA ENTRY work, Website designing & Graphic Designer Available – Best Quality. Fast. Most reasonable rates Ph: 71844726


DANISH LESSONS – PRIVATE lessons in Danish for foreigners. Intensive basic course: 25 lessons. Brush up course: 20 lessons. Intermediate course: 30 lessons. Also offering advanced and business courses. Free test/lesson. Please visit PAINTING, DECORATING AND Wall papering! English qualified City and Guilds tradesman with 25 years experience. For free estimate contact: 50592612 or DRIVING LESSONS Copenhagen International Driving School www. Instructor Geoff Abbey. Special deal for beginners: 6998 kr. Also offering First Aid courses. All lessons in English +45 40 43 25 50 PIANO LESSONS – Harman Music Methods offers piano lessons for all ages including classical, jazz and pop piano courses, music theory and rhythm, and courses for absolute beginners. We offer special piano courses for toddlers starting at age 5. For more information visit


• Intensive Danish Courses • Day/Evening/Online Classes • Focus on Pronunciation

Bernstorffsvej 20, 2900 Hellerup

T 3946 3050 F 3946 3051

Tuborg Boulevard 4, 2900 Hellerup


Klampenborgvej 221, 2800 Lyngby


Learn Danish with CLAVIS

Why don‘t you rEad a nEWspapEr in danish nExt timE? Learn Danish fast and efficiently with

We are located in the heart of

a focus on oral communication and

Copenhagen, close to the Central

conversational skills. Our professional

Station. Contact us today – new

teachers use modern learning tools

classes start every month.

and the teaching level will always suit your individual progress.

Enroll now – call 33 21 31 31

New language school in Lyngby

Efficient Danish courses for • Foreign citizens • Business • Municipalities Info & signing up +45 2210 5399 | CLAVIS Lyngby – Klampenborgvej 232, 2nd floor, 2800 Kongens Lyngby | Valdemarsgade 16 | 1665 Copenhagen V

Greve – Roskilde – Copenhagen – Lyngby




26 October - 1 November 2012


• Communication • Culture • Leadership training

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow . The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.

InOut The CPH Post

Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

Children’s Garden is open from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday, providing an English Language fulltime Preschool Program for children ages 2-6.

Tel. 70 21 50 10 Borgergade 28, 1300 Copenhagen K Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

0 Tickets

415 - 815


page G6

Bernstorffsvej 75, 2900 Hellerup DK Tel: +45 7375 2900

lly fixtu re


Hercegurant ovina

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance



3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area

Looking to advertise your company? This spoT is available! ContaCt our salEs DEpartmEnt toDay on: +45 33 36 33 00


Copenhagen International School Copenhagen International School is an English Language IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme which gives access to outstanding universities worldwide: • Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 • Students & Staff from 50+ countries • Highly qualified international teachers • Curriculum includes wide range of Specialist Classes • Comprehensive Extracurricular programme • Convenient location: Hellerup Campus (Pre-K – grade 8) right by Hellerup station, 10 minutes from city centre City Campus (grades 9 - 12) right by Østerport Station • Accredited by: Council of International Schools and The New England Associations of Schools and Colleges For further information please visit our website or contact our Admissions Office Hellerupvej 22-26 2900 Hellerup T +45 3946 3300

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Stockholmsgade 59 2100 Copenhagen Ø T +45 3946 3300

Danish Education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level. Borgergade 12 1300 København K

• High Academic Standards • Christian Ethos • Conveniently located in Hellerup For further information, see our webpage or phone the Admissions Officer on 3962 1053

Do you speak Danish?



Intensive Danish courses for foreigners. Sign up now!

As your child grows

Contact our counsellors by phone 3815 8521

VoksenUddannelsescenter Frederiksberg Falstersvej 3-5 • 2000 Frederiksberg • Phone 3815 8500 •

We grow with them at Østerbro International School, where the individual comes first. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of each pupil and develop it to the full in a caring, comfortable and happy environment. Pupils receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and well-qualified teachers, developing qualities which will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. Østerbro International School • Præstøgade 17 • 2100 Copenhagen Ø • T e l . : + 4 5 7 0 2 0 6 3 6 8 • W e b s i t e : w w w. o e i s . d k • E - m a i l : i n f o @ o e i s . d k



26 October - 1 November 2012



PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION Consultation in English, Spanish and Danish

Major USa & UK networks now ble a avail


No satellite needed USA: ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX UK: BBC One, ITV, CBeebies & CBBC

Tatiana Jessen, accredited psychologist & specialized psychotherapist, who can help you overcome distress caused by living abroad as well as problems experienced by cross-cultural couples – for example if you’re married to a Dane. APPOINTMENTS : 22 35 31 19

Additional information

Contact Parabolsen for more details 2814 7131


or info@soulkeys.

Dog and Cat Kennel Asserholmvej 1, 4390 Asserholm Tlf: 59 18 16 98 or 21 22 44 98

Harman Music Methods




Piano Courses Subscribe or reserve a place at:

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities!

Piano lessons available for children and adults

This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen!

Contact: or telephone: 36960791

For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375

Living Church is a new and exciting church where we are living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Come along for Bible based teaching, youth events, home meetings, camps and great times're always welcome! Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (close to Hvidovre station). Ministers: Chris and Clara Brett Telephone: 32964193



Balloonshow & magic Mobile: 2840 7777 WWW.CLOWN.DK

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper Copenha

gen Inte


ving Sch ool CopenhagenL International Driving School ear l Dri

n2d J u b ilee 15 years of Free theo experience ry

theory At SavStAtion e 3005 K Gentofte r Native B ritish D Special deal: Beginners

riving  Also o ffering F Instructor • All instru irst Aid c ct ourses in ion in English English

6998kr40 43 25 50 First Aid in English

w w w .L

e a rn 2 d ri

v e .d

k Native English Driving Instructor • All instruction in English

40 43 25 50

HEALTH SERVICES The 10:30 Sunday service in our main service of the week during which there is a Sunday School and after which refreshments are served. You will find us in Churchillparken, by the Gefion fountain. Buses 1A, 15 & 19, closest station in Østerport.





26 October - 1 November 2012

You British beauty! Reaches for the sky and delivers MARK WALKER

Skyfall (11) Dir: Sam Mendes; UK/US action/ thriller, 2012, 143 mins; Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Bérénice Marlohe, Helen McCrory Premieres October 26 Playing nationwide


OND FANS can relax. Despite director Sam Mendes being best known for his Oscarwinning film American Beauty and his previous film (Away We Go) being a gentle, conflict-free affair about a 30-something couple looking for a place to start their family, his first (and hopefully not last) foray into Bond is remarkably assured. From the off this reviewer had giddy man-tears sitting in his eyes from the excitement of feeling 12 again. The action set-pieces are dynamic, solid − and while it’s certain there are some, any computer-generated effects are largely invisible. Exotic ladies and locations are all pleasantly present, but do not occupy the foreground: a moody grey London and the breathtaking melancholy of the Scottish Highlands provide most of the scenery. All this creates the impression of a return home for Bond, both literally and metaphorically. At first glance he’s still the same old Bond, drinking Martinis and spouting an infinite number of one-liner quips primed for all occasions. It’s the same old Aston Martin you love, but under the hood he’s packing horse power, the likes of which you’ve never seen. At one point a fellow operative, Eve (Harris), talks about Bond having the look of an old dog with new tricks. In fact, he resembles a prizewinning bull with eyes of blue ice: he’s muscular, unstoppable and genuinely dangerous-looking. The latter

Mendes didn’t receive the MGM memo that it’s not very PC to use fallen civilian bodies as shields ...

is Craig’s trump card: it’s a quality that creator Ian Fleming attributed to the character, but one that only Craig has convincingly embodied. The opening pre-title sequence is a nod to the history of action cinema: a breakneck foot chase that segues into trucks vs cars vs motorcycles that culminates on top of a fast moving train carriage. Then Bond is shot dead. At this point I became worried as to whether it would be possible to maintain this energy throughout. Mendes and the Coen Brothers’ regular director of photography, Roger Deakins, deliver in eve-

ry conceivable department. Mendes’s strong suit is his ability to extract great performances from his cast, and here we find universally strong work from everyone. Craig’s Bond has never been better, Harris is wonderfully charming and in the case of Javier Bardem, he takes what might have been standard Bond fare on paper and turns it into high camp, Blofeld-beating villainy par excellence. Utterly magnetic, Bardem fuses Hannibal Lector with The Rocky Horror Show’s Dr Frankenfurter. An ex-agent, he’s one of M’s prodigal sons, returning to pick a bone with

Mother. Having destroyed the old MI6 building, he’s now gradually releasing the top secret names of all the MI6 operatives. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been scripting the franchise since the Brosnan era (including the abominable Die Another Day), so one suspects that it is newcomer John Langdon, perhaps with guidance from Mendes, who deserves praise for the script. Despite the heavyweight talent elsewhere, it is the writing that elevates this Bond, giving new depth to characters that could so easily become one-dimensional caricatures of

themselves. Skyfall revolves around a theme that imparts the perils of replacing old with new. It is, in essence, a cautionary tale about retiring our dinosaurs before their time. Considering the theme then, Skyfall appropriately gives relative whippersnappers like Bourne, XXX, and other contenders for the Bond throne, a right royal dust off. Forget the latter Brosnan follies, the much maligned Quantum of Solace and even fan-favourite Casino Royale because, for the first time in nearly two decades, nobody is doing it better.

Sociopathic Aussies and Elizabethan Mads November at Cinemateket Gothersgade 55 Cph K; 3374 3400,


Rowan McNamera happened to be participating in Movember during the filming of Samson and Delilah

OPENHAGEN’S resident arthouse cinema Cinemateket is in Novemeber rolling out the indie red carpet for a multitude of documentaries, dramas and cinematic events. Denmark’s biggest film festival CPH:DOX (see G3 for more details) will next week be holding many of its screenings at Cinemateket during the elevenday festival, while the filmhouse will be showing a mulititude of great film series throughout the month, including the Danish Ad-

ventures Film Festival, including movies from all around the world, a month-long tribute to alternative funnyman Wes Anderson, and on November 12, Rolling Stone’s anniversary of 50 years of rocking and rolling. Check the website for screening details. TOP PICKS: Coming Up Down Under Hollywood is crawling with Alist Aussie actors, including Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush and Hugh Jackman, as well as directors like John Hillcoat (Lawless and The Road) and Andrew Dominik (the forthcoming Killing Them Softly). Yet very few of the country’s domestic films

make their way to Danish cinemas. So this month Cinemateket is focusing on the Australian film industry. With its aesthetic innovation, uncompromising vision and harsh, relevant storytelling, it promises to be a month of cinematic bliss. Don’t miss the chilling psychological thriller about a psychotic Adelaide killer in Snowtown, or the poetic 2009 Cannes Festival winner for ‘best debut’ Samson & Delilah. Javier Bardem Series Though he might be best known for his Oscar-winning turn in No Country for Old Men (as much for his performance as for the haircut) and charming the pants off both Scarlett Johansson and Penelope

Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona, Bond’s latest super-villain’s best roles can be found in Spanish cinema. Definitely don’t miss Golden Balls, a film that looks as though it came straight out of the mind of Salvador Dali, or the criticallyacclaimed Biutiful, which nearly won him a second statue. Danish on a Sunday Cinemateket’s bi-weekly screenings of Danish film classics and highly acclaimed newcomers are a great way to get to know Danish cinema. This month, there’s a focus on family and feuds with the gripping documentary The Will and last year’s Mads Mikkelsen period drama A Royal Affair. LINN LEMHAG



26 October - 1 November 2012

New this Week À Coeur Ouvert Dir: Mathias Enards; Fra drama, 2012, 87 mins; Juliette Binoche, Édgar Ramirez; 17:00 Mon at Grand Teatret Mila (Binoche) and Javier (Ramirez) are married heart surgeons who work hard and play hard. When Javier starts doing too much of the latter and Mila falls unexpectedly pregnant, the cracks in their otherwise blissful union begin to show. Despite Enard’s reputiable arthouse cred and two established stars in the leading roles, a clichéd ending and an undernourished script keep À Coeur Ouvert from reaching its full potential. LL

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Searching for Sugar Man (15) Dir: Malik Bendjelloul; Swe/ US/SA doc, 2012, 86 mins If you disappear into obscurity after an undistinguished music career, you can always take pride in the fact that halfway across the world a nation is being inspired by your music to start a revolution against a racist oppressive regime. That’s at least what happened in the case of US ‘70s rocker Rodriguez, who was a hero to many during the South African struggle against apartheid. Swedish filmmaker Bendjelloul follows two South African fans as they try to find out what happened to their hero, and the result is as compelling as a real-life detective story. LL

Avoid like the Plague

Looper (15)

Paranormal Activity 4 (15)

Dir: Rian Johnson; US action/ drama, 2012, 118 mins; Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels If there’s a film to finally propel sci-fi into industry respectability it should be this one. With luminous performances from both Gordon-Levitt and Blunt, this is some of the most confident, well thought-out drama this side of an Oscar. A classic is born. MW

Dir: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman; US thril/hor, 2012, 88 mins; Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Brady Allen The first one was scary in spite of some horrible acting, the second was just horrible and the third went completely unnoticed. The fact that the money-grubbing studios have decided to give out a fourth one is just embarrassing. LL

Savages (15) Dir: Oliver Stone; US action, 2012, 133 mins; Taylor Kitsch, Aaron TaylorJohnson, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch At first glance, Savages appears to be a clever and ambitious piece of cinematography, but in reality is more of an expensive, unfocused mess. You spend the better part of two hours waiting patiently for some kind of redeeming surprise, but are left only with morbid torture scenes and a bizarre ending. KRG

Taken 2 (15) Dir: Olivier Megaton; US action, 2012, 95 mins; Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Leland Orser The first film was a guilty pleasure that worked only for Neeson’s fast-paced and high-octane action sequences, and in spite of a mind-numbingly dreadful performance from Maggie Grace. Now they’re both back, but this time with frenetic fight scenes that appear to be stolen straight out of Die Hard, and even more screen time for Grace. Skip it. LL

that squarely relies on the comic potential of random flotsam and jetsam pop culture, tongue-incheek offensiveness and stateof-the-art foul-mouthed puppet humour. As with much of MacFarlane’s work, it is devoid of any trace of sophistication or finesse, and is fitfully amusing thanks only to the occasional deadpan shock-value jokes offered by Mark Wahlberg’s crooked straight-man performance. AS

and a stellar cast − including a surprisingly good LaBeouf who puts in the most amiable performance of his career. Despite this though, the heightened on-screen violence isn’t particularly enjoyable or justifiable. The films remains a solidly crafted but cold-blooded affair. MW

Also Playing

Dir: Pete Travis; US/ UK/Ind action, 2012, 95 mins; Karl Urban, Olivia Thrilby, Lena Headey Although the production’s minimal budget noticeably creaks in delivering the goods, there are some visually inventive sequences that ensure your eyes are often kept busy. Your brain, on the other hand, can afford to run considerably slower than usual. MW

The Imposter (15) Dir: Bart Layton; UK doc, 2012, 94 mins; Frederic Bourdin, Carey Gibson, Beverly Dollarhide, Charlie Parker Despite a promising premise for an intriguing documentary about a French man trying to convince a Texas family that he is their missing son, there is a level of over-stylisation that irks. We are drowned in gratuitous pseudo-tension and filmic technique, which ultimately serve only to detract from the genuine craft involved in documenting this complex and fascinating story.

Lawless (15) Ted (15) Dir: Seth MacFarlane; US comedy, 2012, 106 mins; Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi A tale of Peter Pan-esque protracted male adolescence and ‘broversus-ho’ ethics, this is a film

Dir: John Hillcoat; US/drama/action, 2012, 116 mins; Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Mia Wasikowska Hillcoat has delivered an immersive experience, a fully realised world populated by morally complex characters

Dredd (15)

On The Road (15) Dir: Walter Salles; US drama, 2012, 137 mins; Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristin Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen The novel portrayed an intoxicatingly fierce personal quest for meaning and belonging in a cold war America full of conflict and contradiction. This adaptation fails to capture this search for a codified new way forward and instead relies on oversimplified sensation, surface angst and fragmented movement from one isolated and unexplored bohemian bubble to another, each of which seems to deflate with the merest of bombastic whines and groans. AS


Moonrise Kingdom (7) Dir: Wes Anderson; US comedy, 2012, 94 mins; Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances MacDormand, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Jared Gilman, Katy Howard This newest feature film from debonair filmmaker Anderson has a brilliant cast, a wry script and stunning cinematography. It’s fashionable entertainment, and will no doubt please Anderson’s considerable fan-base. But under all the bells and whistles, is it just another coming-of-age, feel-good romcom – even a faintly insincere one at that? MW

The Expendables 2 (15) Dir: Simon West; US Action, 2012, 103 mins; Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Big Arnie Sly Stallone and other compatriots from the 2010 film The Expendables return for the 2012 sequel, joined by an even more star-studded cast of action movie legends. If you want to see old Hollywood heroes tear up the town in a fastpaced, shoot-em-dead flick loaded with its share of wry humour, make The Expendables 2 your choice this weekend. Just don’t expect much more than that. HB

PROGRAMME: THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER - WEDNESDAY 31 OCTOBER 2012 All times are subject to change KINOPALÆET without notice; consult Klampenborgvej 215 A, Lyngby for confirmation. Lawless (15) 21:15 Looper (15) PALADS 19:00-21:30 Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 7013 1211 Paranormal Activity 4 (15) The Bourne Legacy (15) 19:00-21:00 21:30 (Thu) Savages (15) The Dark Knight Rises (11) 21:10 (Thu) 19:30-20:45 Skyfall (11) The Expendables 2 (15) 12:00-12:15-12:30-15:0021:30 (Thu) 15:15-15:30-18:00-18:15Lawless (15) 18:30-21:00-21:15-21:30 21:15 Taken 2 (15) Looper (15) 19:00-21:20 11:30-14:00-16:30-18:30-21:30 Ted (11) Magic Mike (15) 12:30-14:00-16:30-18:50-21:00 21:40 (Thu) Paranormal Activity 4 (15) 11:30-14:00-16:30-18:45-21:15 Savages (15) VESTER VOV VOV 18:30-21:30 Abalonsgade 5, Cph V, 3324 4200 Skyfall (11) The Imposter (15) 11:00-12:00-12:30-14:0012:15-20:00-21:45 15:00-15:30-17:00-18:0018:30-20:00-21:00-21:30 Taken 2 (15) 12:00-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:15 Ted (11) 11:00-13:30-16:00-18:45-21:40


Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 7010 1202 Looper (15) 18:00 -21:00(Mon) Paranormal Activity 4 (15) 16:30-18:40-20:45 Savages (15) 21:30 (Thu) Skyfall (11) 10:30-11:30-12:30-13:3014:30-15:30-16:00-16:3017:00-17:30-18:30-19:0019:30-20:00-20:30-21:30 (Mon) Taken 2 (15) 20:40 Ted (11) 18:30 (Mon)-20:20


Gentoftegade 39; Lawless (15) 20:40 Skyfall - James Bond (11) 20:00


Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, Cph K Lawless (15) 21:30 Moonrise Kingdom (7) 12:00-14:20-16:40-19:00-21:30 On the Road (11) 14:00 Searching for Sugar Man (15) 12:00-16:40-19:00-21:30


Sylows Allé 15, Frederiksberg, 7013 1211; Lawless (15) 19:20-21:45 (Mon) Looper (15) 21:15 Savages (15) 21:30 Skyfall (11) times vary Taken 2 (15) times vary


Guldbergsgade 29F; Cph N, 3536 0036; Lawless (15) times vary Moonrise Kingdom (7) times vary On the Road (11) times vary Searching for Sugar Man (15) times vary Skyfall (11) times vary


Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V 70131211; Skyfall (11) 12:00-15:15-18:30-21:30 Lawless (15) 15:00 (Thu) Taken 2 (15) times vary


Rådhuspladsen 59, Cph K 3312 4292; The Imposter (15) 12:00-15:45-19:30-21:30 Moonrise Kingdom (7) 17:40


Gothersgade 55, Cph K 3374 3400; Into the Wild 16:30 (Thu) Another Year 12:30 (Fri) Friday Soul Night: The Blues Brothers + Otis Reading 21:30 (Fri) Natural Selection 19:15 (Fri) 19:30 (Thu & Sun) 21:15 (Sat) 21:45 (Tue & Wed) Nargis - The Day Time Stopped Breathing 14:15 (Sun) Sid and Nancy 16:45 (Tue) True Stories 21:45 (Wed)


Jernbanegade 2, Cph K 3314 3222 Lawless (15) 14:15-21:15 On the Road (11) 12:30-15:30-18:30-21:20




26 October - 1 November 2012


Falling Skies TV3+, ep1: Sun 16:00, ep 2: Thu 22:00

If you enjoyed the discomfort of War of the Worlds before it disintegrated into slush so sickly it even made Forrest Gump hurl, then new sci-fi drama series Falling Skies, with a solid 71 on Metacritic, could be for you. The aliens are here. And they’re not nice. It’s the ultimate bad scenario, and given these things normally last for seven seasons, it’s not going to get any better anytime soon. “Serious without being grim, uplifting without being saccharine,” praised the LA Times. “Falling Skies dares to image what feature films will not - a world in which Will Smith did not bring down the mothership in time.” But don’t be put off by the lack of answers in the first episode. “You get the sense that we’ll get those an-

swers eventually,” chimes The Hollywood Reporter. “And yet, you want to devour the next episode immediately.” Devour is an unfortunate word choice when considering Bolinao 52 (DR2, Tue 17:55), a doc about one of the boats that set sail from war-torn Vietnam in 1975 with 110 on board and … you’ve guessed it. Equally bleak is the death row doc Into the Abyss (SV2, Tue 22:30), which scored 74 on Metacritic and the Chicago Sun Times called “the saddest film Werner Herzog has ever made”. However, there are glimmers of hope that, according to the Miami Herald, elevate it “far above the usual chatter of liberalconservative debate”. High above, ahead of his time, the myth of Everest mountaineer

George Mallory is explored in Wildest Dream - Conquest of Everest (DRK, Tue 17:30 & 22:45). Did he reach the summit in 1924? A missing camera might hold a clue … Elsewhere, Talking Movies (BBC World, Sat 13:30 & Sun 20:30) dedicates its entire coverage to the new James Bond film; half TV3+, ep1: Sun16:00, ep2: Thu 20:00 Falling Skies a century after the Bay of Pigs, we learn how close most of us came to never existing in Minutes From Nuclear War (BBC World, Sun 22:30); there are new seasons of This is England ‘88 (SV2, Fri 22:15) and Entourage (SV2, Tue 22:45) right on the back of their previous outings; and another chance to see season two of Hung (TV2 Zulu, Sun 11:05) and season one of Hope and Faith (TV2 Zulu, Sat 13:15). BEN HAMILTON BBC World, Sat 13:30 & Sun 20:30 Talking Movies

spor t THE W OF EEK

K6, Sun 16:30 Premier League: Chelsea vs Man Utd


K5, Thu 21:00 Kick-Ass

Friday 26

Saturday 27

Sunday 28

Monday 29

Tuesday 30

Wednesday 31

Thursday 1

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 21:25-23:00 Avenging Angelo (US romcom, 2002) Sylvester Stallone 23:00-00:15 Date Movie (US com, 2006) Alyson Hannigan

19:30-20:00 Planet Dinosaur (UK science series, 2011) 20:00-21:15 Matador (Dan drama, 1978) Jørgen Buckhøj 22:15-00:10 You Only Live Twice (UK action, 1967) Sean Connery

19:05-19:30 An Animal Saved My Life (UK doc, 2009) 22:40-00:10 Vera (UK crime series, 2012) Brenda Blethyn

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:30-23:15 Whitechapel (UK thriller series, 2012) Rupert Penry-Jones, Philip Davis 23:15-00:15 The Silence (UK thriller series, 2010)

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:30-23:20 Homeland (US thriller series, 2012) Claire Danes 23:20-00:00 Damages (US drama series, 2010) Glenn Close

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote

19:05-20:00 Sherlock Holmes (UK crime series, 1986) 20:00-22:05 Random Hearts (US rom, 1999) Harrison Ford 23:45-01:15 Franklyn (UK drama, 2008) Ryan Phillippe, Sam Riley, Eva Green - looks ludicrous

17:40-18:30 Freemasons (UK doc, 2008) 18:30-19:30 The Private Life Of Pigs (UK doc, 2010) 20:00-20:55 Voyages of Construction (UK science doc, 2010)

20:00-21:00 River Cottage 23:30-00:15 Above Suspicion (UK crime series, 2009) Ciaran Hinds

18:40-19:05 The Daily Show 23:30-23:55 The Daily Show

17:55-19:05 Bolinao 52 (US doc, 2008) 21:00-22:20 Family Affair (US doc, 2010) 23:30-23:50 The Daily Show

23:50-00:15 The Daily Show

17:55-18:40 America: The Story of the US (US doc series, 2010) 18:40-19:05 The Daily Show 19:05-20:00 Great Migrations (US doc series, 2011) 23:40-00:00 The Daily Show

17:05-18:00 Friends

No English Language Programmes

21:00-22:45 Extraordinary Measures (US drama, 2010) Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford

17:05-18:00 Friends

17:05-18:00 Friends

17:05-18:00 Friends 20:35-21:25 Desperate Housewives (US drama series, 2011)

17:05-18:00 Friends

18:00-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:50 Friends 19:50-21:35 Chain Reaction (US action, 1996) Morgan Freeman 21:35-23:20 X-Men: The Last Stand (US action, 2006) Hugh Jackman 23:20-00:45 The Naked Gun 2 1/2 (US com, 1991) Leslie Nielsen

13:15-18:10 Hope and Faith (US comedy series, 2003) season one 18:10-19:00 King of Queens 19:00-20:00 Friends 21:25-22:15 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (UK com show, 2009)

11:05-21:00 Hung (US com series, 2010) season two

18:00-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:45 Friends 19:45-20:55 Californication (US com series, 2009) 23:25-00:10 Stand-up Live at The Apollo

18:00-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:45 Friends 19:45-20:55 Californication 21:00-21:50 2 Broke Girls (US com series, 2012) Kat Dennings 23:15-00:05 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow

18:00-18:55 King of Queens 18:55-19:45 Friends 19:45-20:55 Californication 21:00-21:30 Life’s Too Short (UK com series, 2011) Warwick Davis 22:40-23:40 Saturday Night Live (US com series, 2011) 23:40-00:30 Stand-up Live at Apollo

19:55-20:20 Friends 21:00-22:40 X-Men 3 (US action, 2006) Hugh Jackman 23:35-00:15 Saturday Night Live (US com series, 2011)

17:00-18:00 NCIS 20:00-21:00 NCIS 22:00-00:55 A Few Good Men (US drama, 1992) Tom Cruise

19:00-20:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (US reality series, 2011) 21:00-23:00 Men in Black (US scifi, 1997) Tommy Lee Jones 23:00-00:50 Liar, Liar (US com, 1997) Jim Carrey

21:00-22:55 Viewers’ choice as voted on and Facebook 22:55-23:55 Up All Night (US comedy series, 2011) Christina Applegate

17:00-18:00 NCIS 23:50-00:50 Up All Night

17:00-18:00 NCIS 23:50-00:50 Up All Night

17:00-18:00 NCIS 23:50-00:50 Up All Night

17:00-18:00 NCIS 20:00-21:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares US (US reality series, 2011) 23:50-00:50 Up All Night

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-23:00 The Simpsons 23:00-01:00 Loser (US com, 2000) Jason Biggs

10:25-11:45 Formula 1: Indian Grand Prix: Qualifying 19:00-21:00 Top Gear 21:00-23:45 U-Turn (US crime, 1997) Sean Penn 23:45-01:55 Air America (US action, 1990) Mel Gibson

09:00-13:00 Formula 1: Indian Grand Prix 16:00-18:00 Falling Skies 21:25-05:00 NFL: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants, followed by Denver Broncos vs New Orleans Saints

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Top Gear 21:00-21:30 Two and a Half Men 21:30-22:00 Men at Work 22:00-23:00 Two and a Half Men 23:00-00:00 Anger Management

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Top Gear 21:00-23:15 Cradle 2 the Grave (US crime, 2003) Jet Li 23:15-01:10 Monsters (UK scifi, 2010) Danish premiere

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-18:55 The Simpsons 21:00-22:00 The Simpsons 22:00-23:45 Trick ‘r Treat (US com, 2007)

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-22:00 Top Gear 22:00-23:55 Falling Skies (US/Can drama series, 2011) Noah Wyle 23:55-01:00 Top Gear

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-19:55 Ghost Whisperer 19:55-21:00 We Won’t Drop The Baby (UK doc) 21:00-21:30 Secrets of Aspen (US doc) 21:30-23:30 The River King (US drama, 2005) Edward Burns

19:55-21:00 Losing One of My Giant Legs (UK doc) 21:00-22:00 What’s Eating You (US doc) 22:00-00:05 Practical Magic (US rom, 1998) Sandra Bullock

17:05-18:00 Private Practice 18:00-19:00 Grey’s Anatomy 23:25-00:20 Biggest Loser (US reality show)

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Grey’s Anatomy 21:00-21:55 Private Practice 21:55-22:55 House 22:55-23:50 Grey’s Anatomy 23:50-00:45 Private Practice

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 23:00-23:55 Grey’s Anatomy 23:55-00:50 Private Practice

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:00-22:00 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 2 22:00-23:00 Hayley: World’s Oldest Teenager (UK doc)

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:25-22:25 Scouted (US doc series) 22:25-23:15 Pretty Little Liars (US drama series, 2010) 23:15-00:10 Grey’s Anatomy

17:00-19:00 Ghost Whisperer 21:30-23:10 The Wedding Date (US romcom, 2005) Debra Messing

18:00-19:00 CSI 19:00-20:00 Alt for Danmark 20:00-22:00 Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events (US adventure, 2004) Jim Carrey 22:00-00:40 Kill Bill: Volume 2 (US action, 2004) Uma Thurman

19:00-20:00 Alt for Danmark 20:00-21:00 Numb3rs 22:00-22:55 CSI 22:55-23:55 Criminal Minds

20:00-21:00 CSI 21:00-22:00 Alt for Danmark 22:50-00:45 Criminal Minds

20:00-21:00 CSI 21:00-22:50 The Spy Next Door (US com, 2010) Jackie Chan 22:50-00:45 Criminal Minds

21:00-21:55 Criminal Minds 21:55-22:55 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 22:55-23:55 CSI 23:55-01:50 Criminal Minds

20:00-21:00 CSI 21:00-23:15 Kick-Ass (US com, 2010) Nicholas Cage

InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Oct 26-Nov 1  
InOut, The Copenhagen Post's entertainment section | Oct 26-Nov 1  

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