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The CPH Post Entertainment Guide | 10 - 16 August 2012

Macaroons & French pastry in a modern enviroment Brasserie Degas reopens its doors in a new location, presenting once again to all its customers, the famous club sandwich & foie gras salad

G9 nordic food & cocktails in the meatpacking district ...

coctails & club happy hour & dj’s 10 pm fridays & saturdays ...

Brasserie Degas / Le Macaron by Degas - Trommesalen 5, 1614 Copenhagen V - - Tlf.: +45 33 22 28 26


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10 - 16 August 2012

Presenting philosophy packed in a pillowcase LUIS LARA MALVACÍAS, JEREMY NELSON AND IVO BOL

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THIS WEEK sees our last ‘summer holiday’ edition before we return to our regular format, which will see the return of the Food Blog, weekly restaurant reviews, and a lifestyle column that alternates between kids activities, the city’s museums, the Copenhagen underground scene, and Hot Tickets – a head’s up of the headliners coming to town over the next 12 months. Back this week is our TV review (see G20), a regular in the paper for the last five years that also goes into hibernation in July, essentially due to our limited resources, but also due to the tendency of the broadcasters to run repeats or garish outdoor programmes of people enjoying themselves outside, with the insinuation that you should be doing likewise. I suggested starting the TV review in 2007 within months of starting as a contributor to InOut. There were two main reasons.

Firstly, the Danish newspapers only preview films. This is all very well for somebody who only watches three movies a year, but I don’t need a quick summary of the plot of Notting Hill (yippee, it’s on TV3+ … again). What I do need, though, is to be told about any brand new TV series being broadcast before I decide to watch it – and crucially whether it’s any good. And secondly, they don’t preview stuff on SV1 and SV2 despite their schedules being packed with new British and American shows and most households getting them for free. It’s like they’re obeying rules: don’t mention what the foreign media thinks, don’t suggest tuning into a foreign channel – we’re Danish and we will damn well only watch English-language content on our own channels. Meanwhile, this week sees our first performance dance preview (see G2 for details of Two Old Guys and a Relatively Young Man), an area of the arts we regularly cover as it does not require a knowledge of Danish, a free classical music concert at Rosenborg Castle (see G3) and Pride Week (see G9). And then, it’s a total recall (see G18 for review of the remake) of the regular format next week.

We’re guessing the ‘relatively young man’ has chosen his companions because he’s on the pull – a bit like attractive girls who deliberately have ugly friends

Two Old Guys and a Relatively Young Man

Lille Carl, Dansescenen, 20 Pasteursvej, Cph V; starts Thu (16 Aug), ends 18 Aug, daily performances at 20:00; tickets 60130kr.; duration 85 minutes; 3388 8008,, THE PREVIEW CLIP on Dansehallerne’s website shows three men in grey jogging suits, each with their head stuck into what looks like a big stuffed pillow. They obviously can’t see through their pillows, and I suspect this is part of the reason why their movements are nothing but a series of bizarre jerks and unmotivated spasms. You feel like you’re watching three grotesquely supersized, blind invertebrates struggling helplessly in a hostile environment. Then, after 72 seconds of futile wriggling, they lie down for what looks like the eternal slumber. If that’s some metaphor for human existence and what’s eventually to follow, my gut reaction is to say they overdid it in terms of histrionic punch, theatrical effect, or what have you. It’s stark and relentless, a study in existential bleakness. Then I read the press material and came away with a different, more enthusiastic, point of view. Written, choreographed, and performed by Venezuela’s Luis Lara Malvacias, who in 2003 founded the New York-based theatre collective 3RD CLASS CITIZEN, Two Old Guys is nothing short of the dramatic representation of a key concept in 20th century philosophy. These guys, Malvacias and two other performers, have done

Performance Tivoli Cabaret

Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; ends Sep 22; performances Tue-Thu 20:00, ThuSat 20:30; Tickets: 315-415kr; duration: 180 mins, www. Complete with little round tables and singers who double as waiting staff, Cabaret at Tivoli is an evening of light-hearted kitsch entertainment. Incorporating stand-up comedy, magic, drag queens, sketches, opera and music medleys, this will be a fun variety show, whether you take advantage of the free bar or not. Most of the acts are in Danish, but the cheesy pop hits are in a language everyone can understand. EB

their metaphysical homework, and rarely has a philosophical idea – Heidegger’s Dasein (roughly representing human existence) – been wrapped in pillowcases and demanded your attention so insistently. Heidegger transformed the philosophical scene and became a celebrity overnight when in 1943 he published his magnum opus, Being in Time – which I won’t summarise here. What I will say is that Malvacias, like many others, has found in Heidegger a thinker for whom philosophy meant more than intellectual exercises concerned with artificial problems. Heidegger went straight to the heart of the matter and famously asked: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” He was not everyone’s cup of tea though; his unshakable atheism spurred him to call Christianity nothing but Platonism for the people. Faith, he said, makes you unable to question things, and necessarily shuts you off from truth. One important truth, he claimed, was that human existence was bounded off from death by a horizon of time. And beyond the horizon was not heaven, not nirvana, but just plain nothingness. It is interesting, but actually not that surprising that Heidegger should appeal to an artist of the stage looking for a new theme and a new angle. After all, the stage, representing the palpable and the essential, is somehow the orchestration of time and space – a medium for the here and now. Which brings me back to Heidegger’s refreshing sentiment that the purpose of philosophy is to intensify life itself. It should, as he put it, kick man out of the lazy attitude of his thinking and throw him back into the harshness of his

Hamlet: Film & DJ

Kronborg Castle, 3000 Helsingør; Fri 21:00; tickets 200kr,; As part of the Shakespeare at Hamlet’s Castle performances, there is a screening of Sven Gade’s Hamlet from 1921, starring sex symbol Asta Nielsen, an internationally recognised Danish diva of the era, in the title role. One of several revisionist versions that feature a female Hamlet, this film tells the story of a queen’s daughter, raised as a prince and determined to take over the throne in wake of war. Neilsen gives a luminous, intense performance that drives the entire film. Musical accompaniment comes in the form of booming Danish DJ Komet and Mike Sheridan who will create a live electronic soundtrack promising an arresting combination of old and new. MW

Tarot Fucking

destiny. This actually sounds like some theatre director’s prep talk before curtain time. The audio in Two Old Guys is an original score by the award-winning Dutch composer Ivo Bol, a specialist of sound installations whose goal is, quote-unquote, to magnify the atmosphere of lost and found sounds in order to provide a new sound world hospitable to beautiful little details. For some reason that makes me think of the preview’s three visually-impaired, cotton-clad board-treaders stranded in their hostile environment. If there were a God, he’d place them in a new sound world pronto. As to the final moral of their trials, it’s as yet anybody’s guess. Whatever they do before they drop, however, will challenge the audience in some carefully calibrated way. In part, the audience must recognise that each character is not just another face in the crowd, but rather a curious individual inscribing his own history on a canvas of time. Condemned to be human, mortal, and vulnerable, they carry, like Atlas, their history forward. I suppose Malvacias would say there are three different approaches to choreographically representing that scenario. You can consider time in terms of historical development, or as a kind of fourth and non-spatial dimension, or, finally and more poetically, as a temporary, transient thing – a slippery, undefinable mystery. All three conceptions will be engagingly represented and explored in a production charged with dance, acting, design, and installations created by an artist bent on blurring the lines between ‘observer’ and ‘observed’. KASPER R GULDBERG W

Teaterhuset, Råd- NE husstræde 13, Cph K; Sat Aug 18, 18:0024:00; tickets 60-100kr, festival pass (five days) 200kr; Copenhagen Post columnist Stuart Lynch is putting on a six-hour solo performance as part of the Vildskud (Wild Steps) theatre and performance art festival, which starts this coming Wednesday. Something of a cult performer in Denmark and Europe, Lynch will work for six hours straight in a show entitled Tarot Fucking. Based on the fallacy of the self-help culture and Lynch’s own technique of Theatre Switch Training (TST), the work runs without breaks from 6pm to midnight. The audience is able to come and go as they please, so step up for a no-holds barred evening of performance art.

Tivoli Pantomime Theatre

Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; free after entry to Tivoli Tivoli’s pantomime series follows the adventures of Cassander, who lives alone with his beautiful daughter, Columbine, in old Copenhagen.

The Unfortunate Suitor

ends 26 Aug Magic is involved when Cassander tries to marry Columbine off to a man.

Pierrot’s Misfortunes

ends 5 Sep Cassander has chosen yet another suitor for Columbine, this time an old, wealthy man.

Pierrot in Dyrehaven

ends 29 Aug Mrs Sorensen picks a fiancé for Columbine, but as always, Harlequin disrupts any plans with the help of another fairy.



10 - 16 August 2012 The Royal Danish Theatre at Rosenborg

Rosenborg Castle, Øster Voldgade 4A, Cph K; all day on Saturday Aug 18; free adm; COPENHAGEN is renowned for being northern Europe’s largest festival and concert city and with numerous events such as jazz, pop, film and ballet happening at any one time, it’s no surprise that the city has this title. The latest offering from this concert-loving town is an event that is sure to attract plenty of people, especially because unlike so many others, this concert is free! Last year no less than 140,000 people were present when the Royal Danish Theatre presented their ‘Open Air Opera’ concert at Rosenborg Castle in the centre of the city. And they are coming back again this year with one free concert on Saturday August 18 that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This yearly event gives people the opportunity to enjoy opera and ballet in the open air and under the stars – all the while taking place in the beautiful and green surroundings of Rosenborg Castle.


Coinciding with the opening of the company’s new season, this concert will be a chance for people to experience highlights from the upcoming season, including works by Puccini, Verdi, Mozart and Lehàr. With a running time of approximately three hours, including an intermission, it really is a great reason to embrace the big outdoors outside, grab a picnic blanket, food, beverages and some good company, whilst enjoying this historical place with a one-off special performance. Throughout the evening there will be performances from not only the Royal Danish Opera but also the Royal Danish Ballet, their theatre’s drama department, as well as the Royal Danish Orchestra. Overseeing the whole concert will be Italian conductor Giuliano Carella. Since making his debut in 1987, Carella has led operatic productions at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, in a wide range of repertoire from Paisiello to Ferrero, and all the most important works in the Italian and French repertoire. Hundreds of performers from The Royal Danish The-

atre will take to the stage to bring you the amazing spectacle that is ‘Open Air Opera’ at Rosenborg. While the Royal Danish Opera, which has since 1990 made a consistent effort to promote opera in an international context, have a large ensemble of gifted soloists, many of whom pursue successful careers in opera houses all over the world. And don’t miss the Royal Danish Orchestra, which is the world’s oldest orchestra of its kind. No other orchestra can boast a history so long and rich in tradition – it dates back to 1448. The Royal Danish Ballet will also be in attendance and in maintaining their company’s contemporary feel, they may very well dance anything – from Bournonville to barefoot stomps, from the abstract works of Balanchine to the action-packed, fulllength performances of John Neumeier. Being one of the few theatres in the world where opera, ballet, drama and concerts are produced by the same institution, this openair concert really is a must for lovers of the arts, and if nothing else, fresh air and a good time.

Finn Richardt

Zero Point

Unconditional Commitment To Sacred Love NEW


V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet 69-71, Cph V; ends Aug 25; open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; This is British artist Matthew Stone’s second solo exhibition in Denmark, revealing a new body of work that involves the interlinking of performance, photography and sculpture. A group of wooden sculptures fold photographic images across their surfaces. LD

Bag Facaden

Fotografisk Center, Pasteursvej 14, Cph V; ends Aug 12; Open Tue-Fri 11:0017:00, Thu 11:00-20:00, SatSun 12:00-16:00; Entry 25kr, Photos from everyday Denmark show the social and mental changes in Denmark. The exhibition Bag Facaden – billeder fra hverdagens Danmark focuses on different groups in society – not least the various aspects of Denmark as a multicultural society. The exhibition focuses on the theme of Danish self-image and perception of “others”. LD

Galerie Pi, Borgergade 15D, Cph K; ends Sept 1; open TueFri 12:00-18:00; Sat 11:0014:00; Galerie Pi opens the season with an exhibition by Finn Richardt, which shows a series of new paintings that relate to nature and reality. However, they are not painted using a photograph - instead the starting point is a memory. LD


Andersen’s Contemporary, Amager Strandvej 50 B, Cph S; Ends Aug 11; Open Mon-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; 4697 8437; Thilo Heinzmann’s paintings are based on structured black surfaces, which form a contrast against strokes of paint in different shades of black. LD

French masterpieces

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; ends 30 Apr 2013; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00; Entry 75kr; 33418141; This array of French masterpieces will take you on a journey through from 1850 to the 20th century. LD


Galleri Lars Olsen, Uplandsgade 56, 1 sal, 2300 Cph S; ends Sep 15; Open Thu-Sat 13:00-18:00; The exhibition Zero Point, which features new works by Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, focuses on the spiritual, philosophical and scientific questions about the universe and human existence in nature. A new form of Søndergaard’s painting presents a looser, intuitive style, varying from small paper paintings to large room-height canvases, including water colour and transparent colour schemes. LD

Hans Holten: Polarstue

Møstings Hus, Andebakkesti 5, Frederiksberg; ends Sep 2; open Tue-Sun 11:00-16:00; Free entry; Hans Holten has set the scene of the lounge-like rooms so that light changes from room to room. Both artificial and natural light are used very actively in the exhibition and when you move around, you constantly see a different light through the doorways to other rooms. LD

Pink Caviar

Louisiana, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Aug 19; open Tue-Fri 11:00-22:00; SatSun 11:00-18:00; tickets 95kr, concessions 85kr, under-18s free adm; This group exhibition brings together works by Asger Jorn, Poul Gernes, Roni Horn, and Erwin Wurm, among others. BF

Thousands are expected to attend so make sure you get there early for a good spot

Daniel Milan

Danske Grafikeres Hus, Sølvgade 17. 1307 Cph K; ends Aug 26; Thu-Sun 13:00-17:00; This exhibition presents a series of brand new and very detailed graphic work done by Daniel Milan on stone and copper. The new images are created on the basis of experiences and relationships from when he stayed in Uganda 2009-2011. LD

On loan to Skagens Museum

Den Hirschsprungske Samling, Stockholmsgade 20, Cph Ø; ends Sep 3; open TueSun 11:00-17:00, Mon closed; Entry 75kr, Concessions 65kr; Skagens Museum has put together some of the finest works by Michael and Anna Ancher, Viggo Johansen, Christian Krohg and Oscar Björck to Copenhagen. LD

Summer Show

Nils Stærk, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, 1760 Cph V; ends Aug 17; Open Tue-Fri 12:0017:00; The gallery presents a selection of works, including different mediums such as sculpture, video and photography. LD


Toves Gallery, Vesterbrogade 97, Cph V; ends Sep 2; open Mon-Fri 11:00-16:00, Sat 12:0015:00; Un_Curate_Able is an exhibition project organised, curated and produced by artists at Toves Gallery. LD

Fredrik Lindqvist

Darkness darkness be my blanket


Galleri Lars Olsen, Uplandsgade 56, 1 sal, Cph S; ends Sep 15; open Thur-Sat 13:00-18:00; Clippings from pop music magazines, advertisements and books on animals are used as models for the underlying pictures and are set together as collages and painted over on wood panels. Afterwards, the woodprints are transferred by press onto plain-coloured, dotted or flowery fabrics, and the printed materials then sewn together with a coarse black thread to form a single work. Fredrik Lindqvist mixes humour with dead seriousness. LD

Edward Kienholz: Five Car Stud

Louisana Museum of Modern Art, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Oct 21; Open TueFri 11:00-22:00; Tickets 95kr, Concessions 85kr, Under-18s free adm; Edward Kienholz’s artwork has a rebellious, provocative and aggressive feel to it. It revisits the racism that was common in America in the not so distant past. LD

Galleri Lars Olsen, U p landsgade 56, 1 sal, Cph S; ends Sep 15; open Thu-Sat 13:00-18:00; Andreas Poppelier’s artworks lead the viewer to construct their own story. His work shows sequences of undefined actions where the viewer has to look for explanations within themselves and within their environment, to seek out undertones, messages and incomplete stories from their own reference points, and come to their own meaningful conclusion. LD

Danish/International Art after 1900

Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions 65kr, under-18s: free adm; Danish art history in the modern era is restaged to include representation of the international influence from the US, Germany and France, as well as an emergence of a female avant-garde. BF



Arias and all as free as the air





Exhibitions German World 1890-1930


Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends Aug 12, open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions: 65kr, under-18s free adm; An exhibition of German art at a dramatic time in the nation’s history, tracing the rise of the Modernist period, featuring artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. BF


InstantHERLEV Institute, Krøyers Plads, Cph K; ends Sep 1; Anja Franke’s latest instalment of her ongoing project exploring urban and suburban issues of space and place, One City Campaign. BF

In Praise of Power

Thorvaldsens Museum, Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2, Cph K; ends Aug 26; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00; tickets: 40kr, under-18s & Wed: free adm; Exploring Bertel Thorvaldsen’s use of imagery relating to both Alexander the Great and Napoleon, as well as the Roman Empire. BF Dexter Bang Sinister Kunsthal Charlottenborg; ends Oct 21; tickets: 60kr, concessions 40kr; Inspired by research into 1960s psychedelic visual culture. BF

Summertime 12

Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Bredgade 75, Cph K; ends Aug 11; open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00; Sat 12:00-16:00; This group exhibition showcases the best work from artists represented by the gallery. BF

Forms of Knowledge

Salon at GL Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Nov 11; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:00-20:00; www. Morten Steen Hebsgaard’s installation is inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Fröbels (1782-1852), the German pedagogue who came up with the concept of the kindergarten. BF

10 - 16 August 2012


Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68, Cph K; ends Sep 23; open Tue-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-21:00; A look at contemporary art and design trends in dialogue with 17th century crafts in the rococo style. BF

Danh Vo: We the People

Denmark’s Design Museum, Bredgade 68, Cph K; ends Dec 30; open Tue 10:00-17:00; tickets: 75kr, under-18s free adm; This exhibition celebrates the centenary of the birth of Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl. BF

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends June 2013; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions 65kr, under-18s: free adm; Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo has made a 45-metre copy of the Statue of Liberty. BF

Still here now

S, M, L, XL

Sense of Furniture

MOHS Exhibit, Sønder Boulevard 98, Cph V, ends Nov 26; open Wed 12:00-17:00, Thu 12:00-18:00, Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 13:00-16:00; A group exhibition in collaboration with MOHS Exhibit in Vesterbro. This exhibition includes 15 artists predominantly from New York. BF

Skabt af tiden

Nationalmuseet, Ny Vestergade 10, Cph K; ends Sep 30; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00; Some 28 artists and writers are making work that focuses on historical treasures in National Museum’s permanent collection. BF

America by Car

Det Nationale Fotomuseum, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Cph K; ends Sep 1; open MonSat 10:00-19:00; dia/fotomusuem This exhibition features Lee Friedlander’s192 black and white images of the contemporary American landscape framed by the windows of various automobiles. BF

Per Bak Jensen & Per Inge Bjørlo

Galleri Bo Bjerggard, Flæsketorvet 85, Cph V; ends Jan 28; open Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; www.bjerggard. com Per Bak Jensen, an accomplished photographer, works with themes of nature and culture. BF

Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Ny Carlsberg Vej 68, Cph V; ends Aug 11; open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; This exhibition of contemporary paintings includes both local and international artists including Alexander Tovborg, Chris Johanson and David Shrigley . BF

Space of Drawings Group Show

SOD, Holbergsgade 17C, Cph K; ends Aug 17; open Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; A collection of work from eleven local and international artists. Artists from the US, Japan, and Philippines will present new paintings and drawings. BF

På den anden side Den mobile intervention

NHL Space, Vesterfælledvej 63, Cph V; ends Aug 22; open daily; Work by Danish artist Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen. BF

Show Me Your Model

Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27 B, Cph K; ends Oct 21; open Mon-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-21:00; Tickets: 40kr, concessions 25kr, under15s free adm; This exhibition presents architectural models of different scales. BF

club join the Racing after party

CELEBRATION OF SPEED Kick off your evening in style at Klampenborg racecourse this Saturday featuring an 8 race card, DJ, bars & BBQ grill.

Emily Wardill

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends Sep 16; open Tue-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95 kr, concessions 65kr, under-18s free adm; www. British artist Emily Wardill’s new filmic work is inspired by the relationship between the brain and the body. BF

François Boucher

Gl Holtegaard, Attemose vej 170, Gl Holte; Starts Aug 17; Ends Nov 4; Tue-Fri 11:00-16:00; Sat-Sun 11:0017:00; www.glholtegaard. dk The exhibition includes 70 works of the French artist François Boucher. LD

Show Me Your Model

Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27 B, Cph K; ends Oct 21; open MonSun 10:00-17:00, Wed 10:0021:00; Tickets: 40kr, concessions 25kr, under-15s free adm; Visit architectural models of different scales, experiencing the architectural process in a new and different way. BF

New Nordic: Architecture & Identity

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Oct 21; open Tue-Fri 11:00-22:00, SatSun 11:00-18:00; This exhibition opens a new series focused on architecture, culture and identity. From cuisine to design, Nordic ideas and trends are of international interest. BF

Space of Drawings Group Show

SOD, Holbergsgade 17C, Cph K; ends Aug 17; open Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; A collection of work from eleven local and international artists. Artists from the US, Japan, and Philippines will present new paintings and drawings. BF


Peter Amby Gallery, Borgergade 2, 1300 Cph K; Tue-Fri 11:00-17:00, Sat 11:00-17:00; Magnus Pettersen works mainly with formal sculpture and installation and Rasmus Høj Mygind explores the boundaries of minimal painting. LD


Gallery B15, Islands Brygge 15, 2300 Cph S; starts Fri, ends Sep 4, open Wed-Fri 13:0018:00; free adm; com/photos/neli0

French Street artist Nelio will be filling the new gallery B15 at Islands Brygge (and hopefully the streets of Copenhagen) with crisp works - don’t miss! EBD Denmark by Design

The Danish Design Centre, HC Andersens Boulevard 27, Cph V; ends 12 May 2013; open Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Wed 10.00-21.00; www.ddc. dk This exhibition shows the development of Danish design from 1945-2010. CP


Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V, TueFri 12.00-18.00, Sat 12.0016.00; DASK in the fashionable area of Kødbyen is a first edition gallery focusing on photographic art only. All the photos are for sale and exist in limited editions of up to 15 pieces. PDR

Secret Garden

Gl Holtegaard, Attemosevej 170, Gl Holte; ends Oct 21; open Tue-Fri 11:00-16:00; Sat-Sun 11:00-17:00; Young Danish artists will occupy Lauritz de Thurah’s baroque garden, exhibiting sculptures and projects. LD

Mit Navn er Jørgen Leth

Gammel Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Aug 12; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed & Thu until 20:00; tickets: 60kr, concessions 45kr, under16s free adm; In honour of Leth’s 75th birthday, this a retrospective of the Danish filmmaker’s life and work. BF

Forbilleder (Models)

Clausens Kunsthandel, Toldbodgade 9, Cph K; ends Aug 11; open Tue-Sat 11:0017:00; Classic graphic images from the collection of the Graphic School. BF

Life Clock

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, Cph Ø; ends Aug 12; Open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Thu 12:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 10:0017:00; Entry 45kr, Concessions 25kr, Curated by artist group A Kassen, the exhibition includes work by French artist Bertrand Planes. LD


Kastrupvej 399, 2770 Kastrup; ends Sep 9; open Tue-Sun 14:00-17:00, Wed 14:00-20:00; Danish and Indian contemporary art features side by side, focusing on identity. The exhibition touches on issues of ethnicity, gender and sexuality. LD

Matisse: Doubles and Variations

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; ends Oct 28; open Tue-Sun 10:0017:00, Wed 10:00-20:00; tickets: 95kr, concessions 65 kr, under18s free adm; This exhibition presents the work of painter Henri Matisse. BF

CTC’s traditional British Christmas pantomime, ‘Aladdin & his Wonderful Lamp’,will take place at Krudttønden Theatre, Østerbro between 9 and 27 January 2013, for a total of 15 performances.

JOIN THE PARTY There’ll be cold beers aplenty during and after racing at “Højen” – the racecourse bar and you can quieten those hunger pangs at our Saturday BBQ all whilst the DJ spins tunes to get your evening going!

Auditions will take place at VerdensKulturCenter, Nørre Allé 7, Nørrebro Wednesday 15 August at 19:00 Saturday 18 August at 14:00 If you would like to audition please email director Barry McKenna to get a time slot at

KOMBI TICKET* 100 dkk. – includes entrance, racecard, two free bets & two bottles of Heineken (*can be purchased at gate)

Klampenborgvej 52-54 • 2930 Klampenborg •

Nivaagaards, Malerisamling, Gl Strandvej 2, Nivå; ends Jan 1; open Tue-Fri 12:0016:00, Wed 12:00-20:00, Sat & Sun 11:00-17:00; entry 70kr, concessions 50kr, under-18s free adm; Johannes Hage Nivaagaard and Knud W Jensen Louisana both started their own museums and built an impressive collection of Danish and foreign art. LD

Free access to 70 museums and attractions in the entire metropolitan area

SATURDAY NIGHT RACING AT KLAMPENBORG GALOPBANE Copenhagen’s Racecourse Saturdays 11th August 2012 – 1st Race 17.30

font: rød:

Modernisme and Guldalder

barmeno medium klampenborg rød (20,92,91,15)

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Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

10 - 16 August 2012



Black Keys

TAP1 Carlsberg Ny Carlsbergvej 91 1760 Cph V Monday 20:00; Tickets 340kr;


ndie rock and arena shows may seem like polar opposites, but The Black Keys have found a way to bridge the two almost seamlessly. From playing their first show as a band in front of eight people to selling out New York City’s Madison Square Garden in 15 minutes, the duo, featuring guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, have

made it their mission to rescue rock ‘n’ roll from the likes of Nickelback. “Rock ‘n’ roll is dying because people became okay with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world,” Carney told Rolling Stone. “So they became okay with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be shit – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world.” Auerbach and Carney’s efforts to knock Nickelback off their pedestal have been fairly impressive. Both groups released new albums last year, and while Nickelback’s sold 227,000 copies in the first week of release, The Black Keys’ El Camino sold 206,000.

El Camino cemented the band as important rock musicians in a scene flooded with one-hit wonders, with Michael Hann of The Guardian writing that “they sound like a band who think they’ve made the year’s best rock ‘n’ roll album, probably because that’s exactly what they’ve done.” And while their success may appear to have occurred overnight, the duo have been recording music together since 2002 and have released seven albums since. “We were so far removed from the music and entertainment industry,” Auerbach said. “We were just trying to please ourselves.”

Brothers, the group’s 2006 release, won them a commercial breakthrough, third place on the Billboard 200 charts, and three Grammy awards, including Best Alternative Music Album. “It’s been so gradual that you don’t notice it,” Carney told The Guardian. “And then one day you look out and the audience consists of 65,000 people.” They aren’t, however, taking their success for granted and after spending years recording in basements and abandoned tyre-manufacturing factories, are struck by every perk that comes with being a rock star. “You get to bring your own sound system when you play an arena, all the

lights and visual stuff, which I think is really cool,” Auerbach told The Chicago Tribune. They’ll be bringing their show to Copenhagen next week, when they take over TAP1. With room for up to 6,000 people, the concert hall can almost be described as intimate, as The Black Keys have entertained crowds of more than 18,000 in New York City. And according to a concert review published in Canada’s National Post, “The Black Keys proved that two guys with just a guitar and a drum set are more than enough to fill an arena.” Shandana Mufti


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10 - 16 August 2012

Tuesday 14


Review Kurt Vile hhhhhh July 28 Pumpehuset


little like Pumpehuset, the venue of his concert tonight, Kurt Vile sort of slips under the radar when it comes to music. Understated, unbeknown – call it what you will – but the Philadelphian guitarist and songwriter’s tunes, penned both as a solo act and with his band the Violaters, have seemed to stay low-key and retain their indie edge whilst gaining a sizeable following. He arrives in Copenhagen on a Saturday night to a cultish crowd who are sure to be feverish about the talented man and musician – one who often exhibits two distinct sides to his personality through his music. Which will we see this evening? Danish band Petrus Katell slip the night’s proceedings into gear with their expansive yet parochial brand of folk rock. Per Løkkegaard and crew, in what turns out to be an en-

Sun Araw CPH Jazzhouse; 21:00; 90kr The artistic project of Cameron Stallones, a former member of the band’s Austinite and Magic Lantern Group – two compelling psychedelic-inspired collaborative projects – Sun Araw is devoted to breaking perceived boundaries in sound experimentation, colliding a mix of genres together into psychedelic-tinged compositions. With shades of Afro-beat, disco and hypnotic dub, his wayward compositions fit the bill for the Jazzhouse’s open ethos towards what defines jazz.

chanting set, despatch spacious, resonating percussion and Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies. Turning Pumpehuset’s stage into a church pulpit, their music shakes the soul, no doubt loosening the audience’s blood vessels ready for the main man later. Saying that though, Petrus Katell have arrived as much to share the occasion with Kurt Vila as to support him. They could be a headline act. When Vile and company do take to the stage, the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ rock ‘n’ roll that characterised their early music – as well as that of Vile’s first band, The War on Drugs – is evident. Long-haired musicians instigate a torrent of guitar riffs and drums: riffs which, were they played on a moving boat, would throw the whole vessel and its crew viciously from side to side. The audience is in raptures. This early show not only means a hell-raising set introduction, but also that the more strippeddown, desperate acoustics of Vile’s latter solo stuff are to follow. And, sure enough, as the gig crosses the midway mark, Vile is left alone on stage with his

Electric Wire Hustle Pumpehuset; 22:00; 80kr Formed in 2007, these Kiwis offer an all-encompassing brand of R & B a little left field. Featuring vocalist Mara TK, David ‘Taay Ninh’ Wright and Myele Manzanza, the trio’s off-beat recordings blend smooth vocals and abstract beats to make highly listenable tunes. Now signed to the international label BBE Records, their soulful song-craft has been on the receiving end of positive reviews from forward-looking radio stations and music publications. With just three members behind the music, it’s surprising how powerful their compositions come across. Highly recommended.

Ice Cube Pumpehuset; 21:00; 375kr Ice Cube (aka O’Shea Jackson) is one of the biggest rappers on America’s West Coast. Starting out his career alongsie heavyweights Dr Dre and NWA in the late ‘80s, with the groundbreaking album Straight Outta Compton (1988) Ice Cube went on to become one of the most influential rap figures of the 20th century. Having led an immensely successful career working with some of the biggest names in the business – Paul Oakenfold, Tupac, Gorrillaz, Xzibit and The Game to mention but a few – and a series of commercially successful provocative rap records, Ice Cube is irrefutably one of American rap’s living legends.

sarah mckay

Cloud Nothings Amager Bio; 21:00; 140kr Springing from the post-punk infested mind of singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi, the Ohiobased power-pop group wowed the rock world with their selftitled debut, and the following Attack On Memory (2012). Once branded as a lo-fi rock outfit, the coming of their second record has aligned them closer to heavier groups such as Wavves, Titus Andronicus and Best Coast – with whom the group have also toured – and a rawer, less refined and harder brand of power-pop. Tickets already purchased for their gig at Vega will also be valid for Amager Bio.

Diz Watson Mojo Bar; 21:30; free entry Watson, a London oldboy, is hailed as one of the world’s best honky-tonk-barrel-blues pianists – of which there are probably only a few remaining. Harking back to a retro style of piano-playing from a bygone age, Watson captures the nostalgic, upbeat twinkly feel of the ‘50s in his varied repertoires. This, paired with the fact that it’s a free gig, makes it all the more alluring.

Dilated Peoples

guitar for a restless rendition of ‘Peeping Tomboy’. The lyric “I don’t wanna change, but I don’t wanna stay the same” is indicative of a sentiment surely shared by most of the single-generation onlookers: a feeling of looseendishness and wayward indecision endemic in modern society. Vile, playing beautifully, moves onto songs such as the timidly sardonic ‘Society is My Friend’ and ‘Ghost Town’, the latter turning out to be the show’s climax, with the reassembled backing band knocking

out accomplished licks and beats and the mood being taken in yet another direction. This, in a nutshell, is what Kurt Vile is all about: a tour de force of mood, angst and musical mastery. Saturday night’s gig proved that, in this day and age of contrived, big-budget entertainment franchises, that not all is lost in aesthetic. There’s still room for someone to keep their swathes of fans hooked just by being their unedited selves. Simon Cooper

Wednesday 15

BASS2012 Celebrating NHØP: International Night Jazzhus Montmartre; 20:00; 250kr; After a long summer vacation, Copenhagen’s prime jazz venue, the Montmartre, opens its doors with a concert celebrating NHØP, the Danish jazz bassist whose highly individualised style has impacted on the global jazz scene. Boasting a line-up of international artists from both sides of the Atlantic; paying particular attention to the significance of the bass instrument, a series of American bassists make appearances including Tom Knific, Simon Woolf and Hans Sturm. Daniel van der Noon


Vile: a tour-de-force of mood, angst and musical mastery


Rust; Fri 22:00; 120kr The Los Angeles hip-hop trio - led by DJ Babu, Evidence and Rakaa – energised the rap world with a string of bootleg mixes, DJ sets and beat-heavy collaborations with a bevy of rap names – including a oneoff recording with Kanye West. Perhaps best known for their hits ‘Worst Comes to Worst’ and ‘This Way’, much of their success hasn’t been through mainstream releases, but a tidy underground reputation. Active since the mid-‘90s, their crisp style of hip-hop and street dynamic has made them trio legends of hip-hop, and their new album, Directors of Photography (2012), has only added to the hype.

the-best were selected with music profiles ranging from dubstep to deep house and house through to techno. To add to the glamour of the opening night, there will also be a film crew present documenting the night as part of an American feature film Far From The Tree.


Flaesketorvet 94; Sat 22:00; Free adm With no real online presence, other than a few blogs and mentions in Copenhagen cityguides, Jolene’s is one of Kødbyen’s best kept secrets for those new to town. With some of the best line-ups of DJs at the weekends – all kept hush hush online and advertised via word of mouth and a handful of posters – it’s definitely a place worth checking out, situated in the very heart of Kødbyen.


Culture Box; Fri 23:00; 70kr Enter is a new concept night launched by Culture Box that opens the stage up to five new, talented DJs sourced from Scandinavia. After shortlisting a total of 50 DJs, the best-of-

Daniel van der Noon




10 - 16 August 2012



BELLEVUE BEACH: Strandvejen 340, 2900 Hellerup; free adm;

Look out for the cycle lanes. They’re everywhere, and not pavements, particularly around Tivoli.

Young Danes flock to this beach and recreational area in the summer.


AMAGER BEACH PARK: Amager Strandvej 100, Cph S; free adm; This sprawling but well-planned beach has a sunny dune or activity for everyone including an ocean swimming structure and a long promenade.

Choose carefully because while Tivoli is worth a visit, it has some of the worst restaurants in town.

SHOP OPENING TIMES Most shops are closed on Sunday, unless it’s the first or the last of the month. And they stop selling alcohol in the supermarkets (hold on to your empties as each bottle is worth a krone - enough to buy half a plastic bag) at 17:00 on Saturdays.

BAVNEHØJ SWIMMING POOL: Bavnehøj, Enghavevej 90, Cph SV

CYCLING Use lights when dark, stay off the pavement, and don’t run red lights. All three will land you a hefty fine.

DANGERS Don’t worry about the beggars and druggies. They’re harmless. Avoid places with biker affinities. Walk down Istedgade on the right (from the central station) and you will be propositioned.


ØSTERBRO BEACH: Svanemøllen Bay, Cph Ø; free adm With its gently sloping gradient, this attractive artificial beach provides even small children a safe place to bathe. Stroll along the 130 metre-long pier while the kids splash about in the sun.


Beer is cheap in the bodegas. Find one in a nice square (like Vesterbro Torv on Vesterbrogade) and sit outside near those who have paid double at the fancy bars.


This newly-renovated 25-metre pool and playpool will keep the whole family entertained. When you’ve had enough of swimming, enjoy a picnic in the neighbouring nature playground where the kids can dry off as they clamber up the climbing frames.

ISLANDS BRYGGE & FISKETORVET: Cph S & Cph V Soak in the sun, have an ice cream or eat lunch and dinner around this free swimming holes.



A few blocks from Central Station, this cobblestone square is perfect for meandering into galleries and unique restaurants and is only a stone’s throw from the infamous Istedgade, from which it gets its fair share of passing trade, and Kødbyen, the city’s trendiest nightlife area.

Buy a two-zone clipcard at the airport. Three of the ten clips will get you and one other to Copenhagen Central Station and it will save you 50 percent over ten clips.

THE OLD SQUARE: Gammeltorv, 1457 Cph K Directly in the centre of the walking streets and surrounded by famous shops and restaurants, this sunny fountain square is the epicentre of any city experience.



For a lot of sightseeing, get a Copenhagen Card. It will save you at least a thousand kroner a week.

You can rent a boat, eat breakfast or dinner, and visit the towering Church of Our Savior or controversial Christiania in this Amsterdam-like canal district.

TIPPING There’s no pressure to tip, particularly in cafés, but if you do, ten percent is reasonable.

CITY BIKES Look out for the free city bike racks. Like a shopping trolley you need 10 or 20 kroner, which you get back when you return it. Failing that, you often see them abandoned on street corners.

Events Auditions for Aladdin NEW & his Wonderful Lamp VerdensKulturCenter, Nørre Allé 7, Cph N; Wed 19:00 & 18 Aug at 14:00 Auditions are being called for Copenhagen Theatre Circle’s traditional British Christmas pantomime, this year entitled Aladdin & his Wonderful Lamp. The show will take place at Krudttønden Theatre from 9-27 January for a total of 15 performances. So if you think you have an Aladdin, a dragon empress or maybe a dumpling seller lurking inside you, come by and audition! LL Copenhagen Summer Dance Cph Police HQ, Polititorvet 1, Cph V; ends Sun (Aug 12) daily performances at 20:30, matinee performances on Sat & Sun at 14:30; tickets: 60kr; Tim Rushton and the Danish Dance Theatre will be performing excerpts of the season’s shows, and Skånes Dansteater, Sweden’s largest independent dance company, has also been invited to perform. Some 124 free tickets will be available for each show, so if you’re on the fence about attending, try to snatch one up before they’re all gone. SM

KMD Challenge NEW Hot spot: Geels Bakke, Kongevejen, Holte; Sun, first rider expected 09:30; free adm; Join more than 200,000 spectators in cheering on the hardcore athletes competing in an ironman distance triathlon event this weekend. EB Vanløse Flea Market NEW Linde Alle 43, Vanløse; Sat 10:00-13:00 Come spend the morning at Vanløse’s cosiest farm market. There will be clothes, bags, children’s clothes, toys and furniture on sale so the choice is huge! LD Julia Fischer NEW med venner Koncertsalen i Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; Fri 19:30; tickets: 170kr The Julia Fischer Quartet is a newly formed quartet consisting of the German star violinist JuliaFischer and three of her handpicked musical colleagues. LD Harness Racing Charlottenlund Race Course, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; Sun 13:00 & Wed 15:30; 20kr; No Ben Hur thrills and spills here, that’s for sure!

András Schiff NEW Koncertsalen i Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; Sun 19:30; tickets 315-515kr András Schiff has been a respected icon in the international piano scene for decades thanks to his interpretations of Beethoven’s piano sonatas and his studies of Bach’s music. He received the Leonie Sonning Music Prize in Copenhagen in 1997 and is a recurring guest at the Tivoli Festival. LD Bird photography NEW Falkonergården, Davidsvænge 11, Fredensborg; Sat 10:00; Tickets: 550kr; Practice the difficult art of photographing birds in the air. Photo instructor Jesper Plambech will take you through your paces before you get the chance to try out your new skills during a special bird show. EB

SANKT HANS TORV: 2200 Cph N Situated in ethnic, colourful Nørrebro, this artistic square is a favourite for many for its cafés, bars and clubs.

KONGENS NYTORV: 1050 Cph K At the end of the walking street, this large square may currently be a building site but it has no shortage of interesting surroundings such as the Royal Theatre, Nyhavn, and the nearby King’s Gardens.

Copenhagen Fashion Festival Various locations across Cph K; Ends Sun; Members of the public needn’t miss out on the glamour of Fashion Week thanks to the Fashion Festival, which has run alongside the industry event since 2008, giving every clothes-lover, shoe-fetishist and shopaholic the opportunity to get their fashion fix. There are more than 200 events - check our website for our 12 of our favourites. EB CIFF Jewellery Fair Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5, Cph S; started Thu (Aug 9), ends Sun, open 09:00-18:00; free adm with pre-registration before Aug 8; entrance without pre-registration: 200kr; pre-register at Learn more about jewellery than you ever thought you’d want to know. SM

Crime Tours book tour in English at,3117 7727 Learn about the “gruesome tales of murky jail houses, terrible laws and merciless executioners”. MØ

History Tours in English starts from Bishop Absalon’s statue at Højbro Plads, Cph K; Sat 10:00; tickets: 80kr; 90 mins; www.historytours. dk Focusing on the 1800s.

National Museum guided tours Ny Vestergade 10, Cph K; Sun, Tue & Thu 11:00; Free Adm; Free guided tours in English three times a week.

Free jazz Charlie Scott’s, Skindergade 43, Cph; Tue & Thu 17:0020:30; Free Adm Jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday!

TV2 Zulu Summer Bio Various locations; ends Aug 31; free adm; sommerbio-pa-graes Grab your favourite tipple and blanket for movies by moonlight. Drive Fælledparken, Cph Ø; Wed 21:15 Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s best film to date. Ryan Gosling sparkles with pure iconic awesomeness as the stunt driver by day, getaway driver for hire by night. MI4: Ghost Protocol Charlottenlund Strandpark, Charlottenlund; Fri 21:30 Tom Cruise doing his best Tom Cruise, running around the side of buildings in Dubai. This is Pixar’s Brad Bird directing his live-action debut. MW Jazz Cruise Nyhavn, Cph K; Sun & Thu 19:00; tickets 120kr; duration: 90 mins; Discover Copenhagen from the water with a live jazz soundtrack courtesy of Scandinavian Rhythm Boys on Sunday and the Doc Houlinds All Stars on Thursday. Ofelia Beach Kvæsthusmolen, Cph K; ends Sep 1; Ofelia Beach offers free performances, concerts, music, dance activities, big screen events and there’s a beach bar. EB

Night Racing Klampenborg Galopbane, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; Sat 17:30; ticket: 100kr; 3996 0213; Kick off your Saturday night by watching exciting horse races – including the Danish Breeders’ Cup and Derby Trial Stakes – drinking beer, and enjoying a barbeque. SM The Globe Quiz Nørregade 43-45 Cph K; Thu 19:30; 25kr per person; max five per team Just 25 kroner per person (max five a team) and the winners get 1,000 kroner, second place 500 and third place a crate of beer. As well as three rounds of 15 questions each – courtesy of quizmaster John Kelleher - there are two beer round questions, a raffle and a rollover. Kennedy’s Quiz Gammel Kongevej 23, 1610 Cph V; Mon 19:30; 25kr per person; max four per team The pub can get crowded so get there at 18:30 to guarantee a nice table. The winners get 800kr, second place 400kr and third place 200kr. There are two beer round questions, a raffle and quizmaster Roy, who is a tennis coach, always asks at least two questions on tennis.



10 - 16 August 2012

TOP PICKS: Pride Parade FredriksbergRådhus, Fredriksberg, Sat Aug 18, 13:00 This is the biggest and most iconic event during Copenhagen Pride week. The parade kicks off at Fredriksberg Rådhus, and makes its way along the 4km route down Vesterbrogade, ending up at Rådhuspladsen, where the big show will commence. Look out for Enhedslisten, DSB, Ladies of Disney, British Airways and Microsoft who are all set to walk in the parade, along with dozens of other organisations.

Kids Family flea NEW market on the pier Skibbroen 1, Cph SV; Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00 This perfect location along Skibbroen’s picturesque pier offers not only stalls with lots of bargains, but also live music and a children’s theatre. Come have a family day on the pier, go hunting for good deals in the stalls, grab something to eat or drink or go for a dip in the harbour at Fisketorvet. LD Open workshop Kulturhuset Toldkammeret, Havnepladsen 1, Helsingør; Sat 10:30-14:00; tickets 30kr Kids can bring their adults to the children’s culture centre. There will be watercolours to paint with, other creative projects and lunch at the cosy café. Kids under seven must be accompanied by an adult. SM The Hero in the Fridge Marionetteatret i Kongens Have, Kronprinsessegade 21, Cph K; Fri-Sun, Wed-Thu 14:00 & 15:00; free adm Bring your kids to watch a 25-minute puppetry play about a round little boy who cannot keep up with the other children at school, and is constantly teased. SM


NEXT WEEK the city will be painted with all the colours of the rainbow as Copenhagen Pride invades our streets with music, fashion shows, stand-up comedy, parades and one hell of a final show at Rådhuspladsen. Copenhagen Pride, a non-profit volunteer organisation that aims to higher the profile of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights within the community, have been holding its yearly summer festival in Copenhagen since 1996, and the city-wide celebration is open to all and free of charge. Whether you want to relax with a beer and some mellow tunes, be a judge in a beauty contest, take part in a panel debate or try new and exciting cuisine, there’s something for everyone at this year’s Pride Week. Below are just some of the events that will be taking place when Copenhagen celebrates the right to love!

The Pride Show Rådhuspladsen, Cph V, Sat Aug 18, 16:00 Though the performances begin at 4pm, the makeshift bars will already be open at 12, with a DJ warm-up set from 1:30pm. This year the Pride Show boasts an impressive line-up with performances by Sound, George Michael Jam, and Diva Dean amongst others. The DJs include Jean von Baden, Flip and Rosa. Definitely don’t miss who will be covering hits from Abba and the Eurovision Song Contest!


Copenhagen Pride Various locations across Cph K; starts Tue, ends 19 Aug;


Proud and loud? Time to join the crowd


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HIV in Music Rådhuspladsen, Cph V; Tue 16:0022:00 HIV in Music is a small organisation that raises money for HIV/AIDS organisations in Denmark. This year they are teaming up with an international charity to send a portion of the proceeds to the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda, where 33 percent of the population is HIV-positive. The fundraiser will include live music, a fashion show, stand-up comedy and much more. Stay and enjoy the whole evening or drop by just for an hour or two. Mr. 2012 Final Rådhuspladsen, Cph V, Thu (Aug 16) 18:00 Dig out your vuvuzelas and make some noise to help judge the Mr Gay pageant, as ten of Denmark’s finest gay or bisexual men compete in three categories – beachwear, formal wear and talent – for the title of Mr Gay 2012.

Roleplay NEW Valby Kulturhus, Valgårdsvej 4-8, 2nd floor, Valby; Thu (Aug 16) 15:00-18:00; Tickets: 330kr (for nine times); www. Let your imagination run wild and take on a new persona in a role play designed for children between the ages of 10 and 16. EB Feeding Time at the Zoo Copenhagen Zoo, Roskildevej 32, Frederiksberg; daily feedings: seals 10:30 and 14:30 (14:00 on Fri), sea lions 11:00 and 15:00 (14:15 on Fri), carnivores 13:00, chimpanzees 15:30 (15:45 on Fri); ticket: adult 140kr, kids age 3-11 80kr; Watch your favourite animals eat breakfast and lunch: seals and sea lions will be munching on fish, while carnivores chomp on raw meat and chimpanzees chew on fruit and maybe some meat. SM Drawing Workshop Thorvaldsens Museum, Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2, Cph K; Tue 11:00-13:00; free adm for kids 8-13; sign up at 3332 1532 or If you’ve ever thought your child is a budding artist, bring them to this workshop where they can learn some of the drawing techniques taught to a young Thorvaldsen in the 18th century. SM

Pride Week’s ‘royal family’ take to the balcony, while others prefer pink scooters Pride Square Rådhuspladsen, Cph V; Tue 16:0022:30, Wed-Fri 12:00-22:30, Sat 11:00-22:00 At the time of its birth, Pride Square, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, was called Pride Village and was a sanctuary for debates, skits and food stalls. However, over the past few years, Pride Square has become the central hub for Pride Week’s activities,

Outdoors Football Golf Lerskovvej 13, Hårlev; open April-Oct, tee off Mon-Tue & Thu 15:00-19:00, Wed 18:0019:00, Fri-Sun 10:00-19:00; tickets: over-15s 100kr, under-15s 50kr (100kr on Sat); 2015 5086,; Your kids will love this football golf course 10km south of Køge almost as much as you. The game is played on a golf course with a football, and like crazy golf, most of the holes have obstacles to negotiate. As well as the customary par 3-5s, there are also a few 2s (as short as 17m) and 6s (as long as 150m). But while a powerful kick is an advantage on some holes, this is primarily a game of finesse and accuracy. BH Nature and the Family West Amager Nature Centre; Granatvej 3-13, Kastrup; open every day 10:00-17:00; free adm; Come and explore the birds and the bees in the animal world and the diversity of nature in Amager. Find out how and why animals and plants live so differently and what methods different species use to impress and attract the opposite sex. There are children’s stories about different plants and animals, games to play. JF

hosting musical performances, art exhibitions, and a vast array of events. Don’t miss the panel debate about ‘LGBTs in the workplace’ (Wed 15:00-16:00). Jump Out Day Halvandet, Refshaleøen, Cph K; Mon 14:00 In anticipation of Pride Week 2012, LGBT Youth are kickstarting the festivities with a ‘jump out’ day, address-

Bakken Bakken, Dyrehavevej 62, Klampenborg; open Mon-Thu 09:00-16:30, Fri 09:00-16:30; free adm; The oldest amusement park in the world has plenty to amuse the kids and give the family a great day out. Located on the doorstep of the woods of Dyrehaven the park is packed with rides of all kinds as well as restaurants and bars. And best of all, it’s free to get in! Copenhagen Zoo Cph Zoo, Roskildevej 28, Frederiksberg; open daily 10:0016:00; Tickets: adults 110kr, under-12s 50kr; As well as all the normal goings-on, activities include pony rides, visiting African Pygmy goats, getting close to snakes, and the opportunity to watch a cow being milked every day at 15:20. JF Summer Activities in Christiania Christiania, Christianshavn, Cph K; Sun 10:00-17:00; donations accepted Have a great day out with the whole family in the unique setting of the free-town of Christiania. Bring your picnic blanket and sit in the sunshine as your kids run around the lake, listen to stories and attend creative workshops. There will also be a bonfire, pancake tossing and twist-bread making. The summer programme of events is not just for residents of Christiania, so everybody is welcome. CP

ing the issues LGBT boys and girls so often face when coming out. Come and watch as a multitude of youngsters (and maybe some oldsters) make the decision to (bungee) jump out from a height of 72 metres. Halvandet are in charge of the bar and the beats, and jumping is open to all – regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. LINN LEMHAG

Knuthenborg Park and Safari Maglemerporten, Knuthenborg Allè, 4930, Maribo; open daily 10:00-18:00 Aug 8-Sep 4, 10:00-19:00 Aug 7-Sep 3; tickets: over-11s 180kr, under-11s 95kr under-threes free adm; 5478 8089; www.knuthenborg. dk Take an African safari, albeit in the safety of your monkey-proof car, at Knuthenborg on the little island of Lolland - just 90 minutes by car from Copenhagen. The park has a history dating back to 1328 and stocks all the predictable characters, including Africa’s big five, and a few exotic species, like the Siberian tiger. It also includes Denmark’s largest natural playground, and lots of food options. LJ

Bredekærgård city farm Tranegilde Bygade 4, Ishøj; Free adm; Open daily 10.0017.00; Free Adm; 4373 6761; Bredekærgård is a city farm near Ishøj station (23 mins from Central Station, and then a 20-min walk) that is funded by Ishøj Municipality. While the 60 animals at the farm are hardly unique – horses, pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits and goats – visitors are invited to get up close and personal, particularly with the goats which you can roam with, and the rabbits which can be petted in convenient pens. There is no shop, but coffee and cakes are available on Sunday between 1 and 4 pm in the summer, when there are often jazz events. BH

A family tour of the Glyptotek Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; every Sunday; free adm; Bring the whole family along to the Glyptotek for a free guided tour of the museum’s collections every Sunday.

Frederiksborg Castle Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød; open daily 10:00-17:00; free adm; Situated in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen and surrounded by the castle lake and a Baroque Garden, Frederiksborg Castle is an ideal place to spend the day with the family. The castle offers cultural experiences as well as scenic walks and boat tours. The castle is the largest Rennaissance castle in Scandinavia and was built in the early 17 century by King Christian IV.

Royal Danish Arsenal Museum (Tøjhusmuseet) Tøjhusgade 3, Cph K; open Tue – Sun 12:00-16:00; (10:00-16:00 in July); tickets: adults 30kr, under-17s free adm; Located in the old Arsenal built by Christian IV this museum is renowned for its many activities suited for kids and youths.

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Vesterbro Torv Gas





Planetarium evej




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Israels Plads

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Gammel Kong





Advertise now!



30 Scandic Cph

Vester Søgade 6, 1601 København V Tel +45 3314 3535



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Amager Boulevard 70, 2300 Cph S Tel +45 3396 5200


rv to el Ax


29 Radisson Scandiavia





Astoria 28 Hotel Banegårdspladsen 4,

1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900






1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200



Square 27 The Rådhusplasen 14,


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1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882

Radiohuset (Radio House) metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse


Botanisk Have

Dronning Louise’s Bro


Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,





ALL 3 S LINE 5 8 1 K DK

e ad Sølv


S er


o Åb

25 Cph Marriot

Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900



Havnegade 37, 1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900





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24 Strand Hotel



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Blågårds Plads






Ra vn sb or gg .



Denmark’s only English-language newspaper








Sankt Hans Torv Nør



ter ABC g bro ga


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DKK 120/person - 90 mins.









e Alle

Departing from Nyhavn Thursdays & Sundays

Tag e

Nør r

through Copenhagen’s idyllic canals & harbour departing from Nyhavn






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rre ø Sø ga de











17 - 23 August 2012



e gade

S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg






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Southern Cross Pub






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Rugby, AFL, Cricket, NFL LIVE ON BIG SCREEN + other TVs Available for private functions: Birthdays, Sports Teams, Parties.







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ur d un -35 kr til 8 pm aily Lage r Pin ts Aussi e Wines Beers , ,S & M ports usic

Løvens Bastion


Christmas Møllers plads


Amagerbro metro





Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 3pm until late Friday & Saturday Noon until 5am, Sunday 1pm until late Early openings available on request


ad metro M2 to Copenhagen Airport e


Løngangstræde 37, 1468 Copenhagen K. Tel: 3311 0939,

Langebro 5






yg Br









Strøget - main pedestrian street Pedestrian area & popular squares

Islands Brygge metro



Institutions & official Buildings


metro M1 to Bella Center / Ørestad / Vestamager

Main car traffic streets


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7−Eleven Terminal 3 Copenhagen Airport 2770 Kastrup

Kiosk & Blomst Copenhagen Central Station 1570 Copenhagen V

Kihoskh Søndre Boulevard 53 1720 Copenhagen V

7−Eleven Terminal 2 Copenhagen Airport 2770 Kastrup

Sankt Annæ Kiosken Store Kongensgade 40 1264 Copenhagen K

7−Eleven Banegårdspladsen1 1570 Copenhagen V

Kort & Godt Østerport Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Magasin Lyngby Lyngby Hovedgade 43 2800 Lyngby

7−Eleven Frederiksberggade 2 1459 Copenhagen K

7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 6 1620 Copenhagen V

Kort & Godt Svanemøllen Station 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Kort & Godt Hellerup Station 2900 Hellerup

Interkiosk Øster Stationsvej 27 5000 Odense C Irma Illum Pilestræde 13 1100 Copenhagen K Amagerbro Kiosk Amagerbrogade 5 2300 Copenhagen S





Music Festival Renaissance Copenhagen ng section INSIDE! Special advertisi

Geist Early German of Christian In commemoration






SuperBest Hellerup Strandvej 64 A 2900 Hellerup

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| 16 - 22 Sep




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| newspaper


Copenhagen Airport Baggage Reclaim 2770 Kastrup

Post Enterta



7−Eleven Vesterbrogade 37 1620 Copenhagen V



Denmark ’s

Tourist Information Vesterbrogade 4a 1577 Copenhagen V



the Holy Land Israel: Inside INSIDE! Discovering ng section Special advertisi


TO GEIST FROM SCHÜTZBaroque Music 1600-1700 (c.1650-1711)


7−Eleven Istedgade 2 1651 Copenhagen V


Knabrostrædes Vinhandel Knabrostræde 6 1210 Copenhagen K

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


7−Eleven Rådhuspladsen 16 1550 Copenhagen V


Magasin Du Nord Kongens Nytorv 13 1050 Copenhagen



Holmens Kirke


function room

All sports shown live

Photo: Karsten

e ad St




od Bry

Big screen




Politigården (Police HQ)

b Kalve












Dyssen (Christiania Lake)

Amagertorv 5, 1160 Copenhagen K, Tel: +45 3332 2226



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live music And good food served All dAy



Carlsberg yptoteket




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Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)


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K Ny


Børsen (Old Stock Exchange)



Frederiks Bastion

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Dantes Plads





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Nationalbanken Holmens Kirke

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Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)

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Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)


Kongens Nytorv



Nationalmuseet (National History Museum)



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e S Gråbrødretorv mm i (Grey Friars Square) ngsen Klo orv rue Kirke Helligånds sg. s gert ter gen Cathedral) Ama Højbro kirke str . e t e d plads lskafte 12 ad Vimme træ erg ind Ba ers d Sk 14 ade ds tue Le g Kn str mel Ny ab . Rå ro s e d str . e en hu ad 6 . ed areg lds s ra va eum n r t Nytorv stræ o S is de Th Mus gn . ess pa n gstr und m a e et . Ko unst M str Christiansborg dk de an (Parliament) a V erg arv



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Boltens Gård





Quintus Bastion




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Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)







Cinemateket Filmhuset







nrå Hauser Plads

Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393

Langelinie Pavillion


g. rg bo





Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X


Grø nnin gen ng en sg.


Skt. Pauls plads

Ad elg ad e

Kongens Have



St Lille ran ds tr.




Rosenborg Castle



Øster Voldgade




Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)


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Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)











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Willemoesgade Classensgade

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MBA - INFOR or call Leadership, E-mail



School rg n Business School Frederiksbe Copenhagenaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg Business Copenhage 22, 2000 Porcelænsh aven /ftmba Porcelænsh

See more at copenh agenca

Free access to 65 museums and attraction entire metropol s in the itan area


SEPT. 28

- OCT. 2

See f ull pr ogr

· 2011







: www .





John Primer Joe Louis w. Nisse Thorbjorn Walker Mud Morganfie [US] | Holmes Band [US/DK] ld w. Peter Brothers Louisiana Nande Band [US] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/DK] Keith Dunn w. Kenn Lending [US/UK] | Janice Blues Band Delta BluesBand [US/NL] [US/DK] | Johnny Thorbjorn Band | The Healers Max Band [CA] | Shades H.P. Lange Risager | Troels of Blue Jensen | Tutweiler | Mike Andersen Alain Apaloo Bluesoul | Fried Okra Band & Jens Kristian | Grahn Dam Jacob Fischer & Malm | | The Blues Overdrive Trio | SvanteOle Frimer | Paul Banks Sjöblom festiv | Jes Holtsoe


& ww w.







Food & Drink Tante T Viktoriagade 6, 1655 Cph V; Mon-Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-21:00; 3210 3610; www. At everybody’s favourite Vesterbro auntie, few can resist sampling the cheery, old days atmosphere and the finest cakes in the city. On an average day the shop serves six cakes of its 30 plus recipes, courtesy of the owners’ mother, a baker of some renown. The sponges are spectacularly light. Even the brunsviger, which looks doughy, has a finesse so striking its principal ingredient must be helium. The tea’s not bad either. Served in a flamboyantly wide cup, pouring the milk in is quite cinematic, like the end of Zabriskie Point and Star Wars all rolled into one. But the star of the show must be the scones. They come in plain, chocolate chip or dried fruit varieties, and it is hard to imagine having a better cream tea in this city. BH Cornish Pasty House Studiestræde 8; 1455 Cph K; 3313 2103; The pasties are shipped directly from their birthplace in Cornwall, England’s wild southwestern tip, and baked in the shop ovens before serving. Fillings include lamb and mint, chicken and bacon, as well as the traditional steak pasty. The shop also serves British ‘pastries’ such as sausage rolls, pork pies, and mature cheese and bacon turnovers. AK Café Nose Wise Vestmannagade 4, Islands Brygge, Cph S; Mon-Thu 08:00–19:00, Fri 08:00–20:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00; 3296 0220; Brunch: 140kr Our brunch platter at Café Nose Wise rocked our boat from the second it hit our table. While the waiter kindly gave us a Tour de Plate, naming the delicious looking specialties, our mouths watered so badly we were tempted to shush him and swallow it all at once. Nothing was mediocre on this plate: the fig nice and juicy, the yoghurt with honey was topped with perfectly roasted almonds, the spicy roasted potatoes perfect with the Italian salami. SL

Sankt Peders Bageri Aps Sankt Peders Stræde 29; 1453 Cph K; open Mon-Fri 6:00-17:30, Sat 7:00-16:00, Sun 8:00-14:00; 3311 1129 On Wednesdays the colour of the shop is gold in honour of their bestseller, the giant Wednesday-snail or snegle. This is a huge cinnamon bun – a round spiral the size of a young child’s head, spread with sugar and cinnamon and baked golden. AK Den Franske Bogcafé Fiolstræde 16, st, 1171 Cph K; Open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00; 3699 1692; www. This charming café offers a great value full breakfast and classic pastries, quiche lorraine, onion soup and salad with grilled goat cheese. Wine and beer are served, as well as speciality coffees. It is not only about reading and eating either, with recordings by French musicians and French films also available for purchase. AK Paludan Bogcafe Fiolstræde 10-12, 1171 Cph K; Open Mon-Fri 9:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00; 3315 0675; Browse the nooks, crannies and alcoves of this book cafe, which customers need to do anyway in their search for a seat. Or simply visit The menu is longer than the average book café, offering dishes that include chilli con carne, baked salmon, tagliatella, and weekend brunch. AK Rayuela Fælledvej 5; 2200 Cph N; Open Mon-Sun 10:00-19:00; Tel: 3535 6674; This café specialises in books, food and events from the Spanish-speaking world. Readings, concerts and book group meetings are all part of Rayuela’s monthly calendar. Its specialty drink is mate, the herbal infusion from the mate plant popular in South America. AK Arabica Blågårdsgade 12, Cph N; open Mon-Fri 08:30-22:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-21:00; 3537 4496 If you’re hungry, order a sandwich, soup, homemade cake or pastry – but be warned, everything is vegetarian at this cosy Nørrebro café. It serves numerous organic juices and sodas. KP

Underwood Ink Ryesgade 30A, Toogtyvenulnul, Cph N; Tue-Wed 12:00-24:00, Thu-Sat 12:00- 02:00, Sun 12:0022:00; 3535 5553 Combining books with a bar conjured up images of geek-cool and librarians in love. This was not dispelled by the couple embracing by candle light. Barely open for a few months, the bar has a much older feel, not quite old like a smoky bodega, but comfortable like one’s own living room might be. There are 600800 titles on any given day and often they are not what you can find in the larger shops. SP Siciliansk Is Skydebanegade 3, Cph V; open daily 13:00-18:00; large 35kr, medium 29kr and small 22kr, both cones and cups;; 3026 2606 Italy is famous for its ice creams, but ask them where they would go for a special ‘is’, and the answer is Sicily, which might explain why this shop employs Sicilian staff and imports its principal ingredients from Sicily with a heavy emphasis on ecological ones. The texture of the ice cream is unbelievable: chewy-looking and really creamy. Oh, and the hazelnut is fantastic. BH The Coffee Collective Jægersborggade 10, 2200 Cph N; 6015 1525 When was the last time you described the taste of your coffee? If you come here you’ll have no reason for excuses; you’ll not only want to reflect upon what you’re putting in your mouth, but also where it comes from. Directly traded from farms in Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya, where the farmers set their own terms of trade, the select coffee is so good you’ll enjoy even that last cold swallow. AM Thiemers Magasin Tullinsgade 24; 1618 Cph V; Open Mon-Fri 11:00-17:30, Sat 11:00-14:00; Tel: 5059 5100; www. Thiemers Magasin hosts poetry readings and art exhibitions in the true café spirit, although it is primarily a bookstore. The selection of magazines, books, and other odds and ends is varied and yet carefully selected. It includes classics, many with an art and design focus, as well as other editions from smaller publishing companies. AK

10 - 16 August 2012

Pubs & Bars The Irish Rover Strøget 46, 1161 Cph K; Open daily 10:00-late; You won’t find a more child-friendly pub in the whole city. From the fish and chip expat family nights at 17:00 on the last Friday of every month, to enjoying the Sunday roast (lamb, all the trimmings, just 99kr, kids portion for 58kr), they are always welcome. There’s live music Thursday-Sunday (22:00-late), the kitchen is open from 10:00 until late every day – serving a burger meal with pint for just 120kr – the pub caters to all sports fans, there’s a pool table in their back room where you can smoke, and upstairs there’s a new lounge area, which is the perfect place to relax with a view over Strøget. BH The Globe Nørregade 43-45, 1165 Cph K; Opening hours vary, until 03:00 Fri-Sat Friendly service and good value food make this the perfect city pub, and it’s difficult to know where to enjoy your pint given the number of options. If it’s company you want, you might try the main bar, or a private function, the second bar; seating-wise pull up a high chair, relax on cushioned benches or lord it as a bishop for the evening; or go genteel in the library – a great place to cheat in the fortnightly quiz, the longest running in the city. BH

Kennedy’s Irish Bar Gammel Kongevej 23, 1610 Cph V; Open Mon-Sun 12:00-02:00 It’s not an Irish pub. Instead, it’s a pub owned by Irishmen, and there’s a big difference. It’s an authentic taste of what the Emerald Isle was like in the 1980s in a pub totally devoid of concepts, themes, and DIY Irish pub kits. Drop by at 17:00 on Fridays for the traditional Irish music sessions which are rapidly gaining in popularity. BH The Dubliner Amagertorv 5, Strøget, 1160 Cph K; Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-late This pub is never quiet. It’s the perfect place for sports fans to mingle, or for live music which it provides every day. It also serves food all day from 10am to 10pm, and diners can find peace from the music and sport on a table overlooking the walking street, or on the first floor balcony overlooking Amagertorv. BH Brew Pub Vestergade 29, 1456 Cph K; restaurant open Mon-Sat 12:00-22:00, pub open Mon-Thu 12:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-02:00, Sun closed; 3332 0060; threecourse lunch menu 155kr; www. The menu is full of hearty, homely, yet inventive dishes featuring inspired use of the same wonderful ingredients that go into the brewing process. Each dish can be easily matched by one of Brew Pub’s own concoctions from the casks across the courtyard. AK

The Old English Pub Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 Cph V; Open Sun-Thu 11:30-02:30, Fri-Sat 11:30-04:30; 3332 1921; This Victorian style English pub has all the class and authenticity of a Cotswolds country pub, not a Costa del Sol flea trap. Facing Tivoli’s arches and just a stone’s throw from Strøget, it’s the ideal pit-stop on a tour of the city centre. LB

Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade 8BC, Basement, Cph V; open Sun-Wed 15:0024:00, Thu-Fri 14:00-02:00, Sat 12:00-02:00; “Today, people have greater knowledge about beer but most don’t understand just how complex it really can be,’’ explains Jannik at Mikkeller. Among its 60 varieties is one that used ‘coffee that has been passed through a weasel’. JH

Southern Cross Løngangstræde 37, Cph K; open Sun-Thu 15:00-03:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-05:00; 3311 0939 This Aussie boozer has a lively darts board, a fortnightly quiz, a good sports-viewing atmosphere, and a happy hour that lasts to 8pm during which you can buy beers for just 30kr. JHW

Bishop’s Arms Ny Østergade 14, Cph K; MonThu 12:00-01:00, Fri-Sat 12:0003:00, Sun 12:00-23:00; 3133 0868; This British-style pub has more than 400 types of whisky and about 200 different beers, a library nook hidden in the back, and above-average pub food. JS

Sankt Nikolai Restaurant & Pub Nikolajgade 18, Cph K; open Mon-Sat 16:00–00:00, Sun 13:00– 00:00; Sankt Nikolais is a friendly English boozer where you can drink great cask ale and cider, throw a few darts and shoot some pool (spanking new table), enjoy English-themed events (sign up for their monthly email), and sample some splendid British grub (shepherd’s pie, beef and Yorkshire pubs, fish and chips etc). The first quiz of every month is quiz night and the the last Sunday of every month is ‘family day’ – a great occasion to let the blighters run riot while you indulge in some banter at the bar. BH Lord Nelson Hyskenstræde 9, Cph k; open Mon 15:30-22:00, Tue-Thu 15:3002:00, Fri 15:00-02:00, Sat 12:0002:00; approx price per half litre 49-55kr; 3393 9394 Located down a small ally off the busy tourist street Strøget, the basement venue offers 14 microbrews on tap including a selection of ciders locally made from apples and pears. JHW Charlie Scott’s Skindergade 43, Cph K; MonThu 15:00-24:00, Fri & Sat 14:0003:00, Sun 14:00-22:00; 3312 1220; This international jazz bar is always a lively venue, whether it’s to listen to New Orleans traditional jazz or watch the football. Live bands play feature New Orleans on Tuesdays and swing on Thursday and Friday. Charlie’s Pilestræde 33, Cph K; open Mon 14:00-00:00, Tue-Wed 12:00-01:00, Thu-Sat 12:00-02:00, Sun 14:00-23:00; 40-50kr per pint; Serving up ales from microbreweries across the UK, in addition to continental beers and several ciders, this bar might be the best place in Copenhagen to sip the night away. EM Karriere Bar Flæsketorvet 57, Cph V; open: Thu 16:00-24:00, Fri 16:00-04:00, Sat 18:00-04:00; 3321 5509; www. An edgy bar where the music and gossip don’t end, Karriere Bar, hidden in a corner of Kødbyen, should be number one on your list. The Rhubarb Collins is delicious. SM

Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •

BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.

CTC’s traditional British Christmas pantomime, ‘Aladdin & his Wonderful Lamp’,will take place at Krudttønden Theatre, Østerbro between 9 and 27 January 2013, for a total of 15 performances. Auditions will take place at VerdensKulturCenter, Nørre Allé 7, Nørrebro Wednesday 15 August at 19:00 Saturday 18 August at 14:00 If you would like to audition please email director Barry McKenna to get a time slot at

Awarded five out of six stars by Politiken’s IBYEN

Grilled burgers with cheddar cheese and bacon Served medium-rare CHOOSE FROM:




ej ærksv e Gasv from th ssroads cro

Ten burger options Six fries – Six dips Vegetarian and chicken options

VESTERBROS ORIGINALE BURGERRESTAURANT Istedgade 34-36 | 1650 København V | Telefon 3311 3303 |

food & drink

Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

10 - 16 August 2012

Restaurants Looking back over our reviews from the last six months, here are the restaurants that have impressed us the most RetroGusto Vesterbrogade 31, Cph V; open daily 17:00-22:00; Italian; three courses 285kr; 3321 5555; www.retrogusto. dk RetroGusto serves up Italian food with a twist. Whether you order codfish with hazelnut ice cream or pork cheek with chocolate sauce, you can be certain that your dinner will be of the highest quality. All the wines are from Italian boutique vineyards, and will complement your meal perfectly. JOS Bindia Blegdamsvej 130, 2100 Cph Ø; open daily 17:00-22:30; 3543 8838; www. If you’re craving low-fat food that tastes good, head over to Bindia’s, where you can enjoy Indian cuisine that’s as easy on the hips as it is on the lips. From butter chicken to raita to mango lassi, a meal here will satisfy any appetite. EM Restaurant Viva Langebrogade kaj 570, Cph K; open Mon-Sun 12:00-24:00; Nordic/ French/Medi; three courses 350kr, five courses 500kr, wine 300-450kr; 2727 0505,; Viva’s biggest selling point is probably the fact that it’s on a boat. Location, however, isn’t enough to keep a restaurant afloat, and the menu ensures that customers will return again and again. While the smoked potatoes are not to be missed, make sure to save room for lobster, champagne and dessert – apples. AJ Chai:Wong Thorvaldsensvej 2, Frederiksberg; open Mon-Sat 11:00-24:00; SouthEast Asian; starters 55-125kr, mains 135-195kr; Inspired by a trip to various Asian cities, the owners have brought authentic Asian cooking to Frederiksberg. Enjoy a lychee mojito as you study the menu, and be sure to try the prawns with rice noodles. For dessert, order the banana cake with salted coconut ice cream, then stagger home, full of good food and wine. CS Café Alma Isafjordsgade 5-7, Cph S; open MonThu 11:00-24:00, Fri 11:00-2:00; Sat 10:00-2:00, Sun 10:00-24:00; upscale café; starters 65-85kr, mains 135225kr; Stop by Café Alma for a meal if you’re looking for a cosy night with huge servings of Danish comfort food. The Seasonal plate starter is a treat, featuring meats and seafood, soup and sauces to satisfy most cravings. With delicious bread, classic Danish dishes like steak with béarnaise sauce, perfectly caramelised crème brulée for dessert, great service and a relaxed atmosphere, the café is a perfect place to unwind. ED Evita Peron Studiestræde 69, Cph K; steakhouse; open Mon-Thu 17:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00; steaks 250-375 kr; 3393 9955; This place is all about the steak. Everything, from cow-skin couches to heavy cutlery wrapped in leather pouches screams “steak”. The night will fly by in a blur of meat and wine, carefully paired by a knowledgeable waiter. EBD

Nørrebro Bryghus Ryesgade 3, Cph N; kitchen open Mon-Thu 11:30-15:00 & 17:30-22:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-15:00 & 17:30-22:30; Nordic cuisine; 3-course beer menu 350kr, 5-course beer menu 600kr, without beer 325-398kr; 3530 0530 Danes take their beer seriously. For proof of that, look no further than this restaurant and brewery, which serves beers to complement all of its dishes. If you’re looking for a simple but delicious meal, try the side of pork, roasted for eight hours and served with onions braised in lager and potatoes. Beer is even included in the dessert – you can try apples poached in ale. DC Kødbyens Deli Slagterbøderne 8, Cph V; takeaway classics; open Mon-Thu 11:00-20:00, Fri 11:00-21:00, Sat 12:00-21:00; most mains 60-70kr; 3386 1586; The owners claim that they make the best fish ‘n’ chips. Stop by this takeaway joint and see for yourself. If you’re not in the mood for crispy, battered fish with thick potato wedges, try a chicken or salmon sandwich. The dish of the day is always a hit, or you can opt for salad or dessert. SB Madsvinet Enghavevej 58
, Cph V; open WedSat 18:00-24:00; rustic cuisine; 5-course taster menu 400kr, first course 150kr, following courses 90kr; 3132 3935 Come to Madsvinet and you won’t leave hungry. Between servings of crisp rye bread with different toppings that appear almost magically at your table and huge the mains that include steak and fish, your tastebuds and stomach will be satisfied by a meal at this rustic restaurant tucked away at the end of infamous Istedgade. EBD India Palace HC Andersens Boulevard 13, Cph V; Indo-Pak cuisine, open everyday 11:0023:00; main dishes: 50-100kr, lunch buffet: 69kr, dinner buffet: 135kr; 3391 0408; Whether you’re a vegetarian longing for a crispy vegetable samosa or a meat lover craving a steaming dish of butter chicken, India Palace will satisfy you with the tastes of the sub-continent. You can choose to order à la carte or taken advantage of a large buffet. Wash down your meal with wine or with a bottle of beer from Pakistan’s Murree Brewery. JR Café Bang & Jensen Istedgade 130, Cph V; café classics; open Mon-Fri 08:00-02:00, Sat 10:0002:00, Sun 10:00-24:00; 60-100kr; 3325 5318; Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails are all available in this former pharmacy, now café. Between cheesy nachos, perfectly seasoned chili con carne and what may be the best burritos in Copenhagen, even the fussiest eaters will find something to munch here. JOS Paludan Bogcafe Fiolstræde 10-12, Cph K; café classics; open Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00, Sat 10:0022:00, Sun 10:00-20:00; 29-119kr; 3315 0675; What could be more relaxing than an afternoon or evening spent surrounded by piles of books and good food? If that sounds like a treat, stop by this café where you can enjoy hearty fare while flipping through different books. The Caesar salad, served with homemade bread and butter, is delicious. Sandwiches, hot dishes, coffee and desserts are all on the menu. PX

Søren K Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Cph K; modern Nordic cuisine with French influences; open Mon-Sat 12:00-24:00, closed 16:00-17:00; mains 150-200kr; 3347 4949; www. Located in the stunning Black Diamond, this restaurant has definitely earned its reputation as one of the country’s best Nordic dining experiences. From scallops to fish to chocolate desserts, everything that comes out of the kitchen is prepared with the freshest ingredients. And despite having a Michelin Bib Gourmand, it is surprisingly affordable. AJ Madklubben Vesterbro Vesterbrogade 62, 1620 Cph V; Danish/French cuisine; open every day 17:30-24:00, kitchen closes at 22:00; 100 kr for one course, 50kr for additional courses; 3841 4143; www. It’s not rare to be overwhelmed by pretentions explanations about ingredients and wine, but at Madklubben, you get the great food without the overblown descriptions. The clam chowder starter will get your mouth watering just in time for the generously plated mains. Remember to leave room for dessert as the liquorice ice cream with coffee cream and sprinkles comes highly recommended. MØ Taco Al Paso Strandvejen 108, Hellerup; Mexican takeaway; open Mon-Thu 10:0017:30, Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:0013:00; mains: 45-90kr lunch offers: 40-60kr; 3961 9070; For a reminder of sunnier days served with a heaping plate of nachos, step into Taco Al Paso where you will be greeted by a wooden parrot and bright sombreros. The quesadillas and fajitas are delicious if you want more than a snack, and the guacamole will keep you coming back for more. ClS Marv og Ben Snaregade 4, 1205 Cph K; gourmet new Nordic cuisine; open Mon-Sat 18:00-22:00; 2-course menu 275kr, 5-course menu 375kr; 3391 0191;; No place in Copenhagen bakes bread or matches wine to meals as well as Marv og Ben, which has a Michelin Bib Gourmand for offering good food at affordable prices. While on a menu, the dishes may not look too innovative, once delivered to your table, the flavour and texture combinations will blow you away. Don’t believe us? Try Visit the garden, a lamb dish with savoy cabbage, red sorrel, garlic puree, and pickled elderberry seeds, and see for yourself. ED Restaurant Orangeriet Kronprinsessegade 13, Cph K; Danish cuisine; open Mon-Tue 11:3016:00, Wed-Sat 11:30-24:00, Sun 12:00-16:00, kitchen closes at 22:00; smørrebrød 70-75kr, 3-course menu 245kr; 3311 1307; Smørrebrod might sound like a boring meal at first, but that’s before you lay eyes on the masterpieces at Orangeriet. Here, the open-faced sandwiches come piled high with a range of toppings, from the classic roast beef to the more adventurous salmon with apple-celery remoulade. For dessert, order a box of petit fours, and enjoy the delicious sweets in pristine surroundings that scream Danish design. CS

Les Trois Cochons Værnedamsvej 10, 1619 Cph V; French cuisine; open: lunch: MonSat 12:00-14:30, dinner: Mon-Sun 17:30-24:00; 3-course menu 295kr; 3331 7055;; www. Bring a group of friends to this French restaurant where meals are shared by the table – a steaming platter is brought to you, and you serve yourself. The carefully prepared meals will keep you coming back. If the thought of tender chicken, crunchy beans and buttery potatoes gets your mouth watering, book a table now. DC LêLê nhà hàng Vesterbrogade 40, Cph V; Vietnamese cuisine; open Sun-Thu 17:0023:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00; starters 60-125kr, mains 180-220kr; 3322 7135;; www.lele. com For ten years, this restaurant has been serving affordable Vietnamese food to long queues of people. One bite of Goi du du, a papaya salad with beef and Vietnamese mint, quickly demonstrates why this place draws customers back again and again. Wash your meal down with unique cocktails, like one containing lychee, rum and a hint of chilli. JOS Bock Bistro & Vinotek Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 7, Cph Ø; Hungarian cuisine; open Mon-Sat 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-23:00; starters 85-120kr, mains 174-245kr; 3313 9194;; www. Look no further for Hungarian comfort food, because this bistro offers a wide range of the country’s specialties. The adventurous can try some blood sausage, and no meal is complete without a glass of Tokaji Aszu, a sweet dessert wine. PDR Cocks & Cows Gammel Strand 44, Cph K; burgers; open Mon-Thu 11:00-24:00, Fri-Sun 11:00-02:00; 78-118kr per burger, 70kr per cocktail; 6969 6000; cows@; Eat a burger (cow) and wash it down with a cocktail (cock). The burgers are huge, and must be eaten with a fork and knife to prevent a mess. But they’re delicious, and the vegetarian, beef, pork and chicken options mean that even the fussiest eater will find something. DC Huks Fluks Bistro & Café Gråbrødretorv 6-8, Cph K; international bistro; open Sun-Thu 10:0022:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-23:00; mains 95215kr; 3-course menu 345kr, wine 509kr; 3391 9293; info@huksfluks. dk; Whether you want a quick lunch or a long summer evening of wining and dining with friends, this bistro is a good choice. The food is served quickly and is of high quality, and the lamb chops, served with potato puree, will have you begging for more. MØ Kødbyen’s Fiskebar Flæsketorvet 100, Cph V; seafood; open Tue-Fri 17:30-24:00, Sat 11:0002:00, Sun 11:00-15:30; mains 195245kr, takeaway fish and chips: 100kr; 3215 5656; www.fiskebaren. dk Show up without a reservation at your own risk – in the middle of summer, this place will be busy. And for good reason. The sea scallops cooked in butter are one reason for booking a table at this Kødbyen restaurant, and the fish and chips is another. For dessert, try the rye bread ice cream, made of spiced bread, lemon gel, verbena and yoghurt. AJ


Vesterbros Originale Burgerrestaurant Istedgade 34-36, Cph V; burgers; open every day 17:00-22:00; 85-99kr per burger; 3311 3303; Istedgade’s newest burger joint used to be a gay sauna, but now serves up delicious homemade burgers, French fries and a variety of dips. The original burger, with cheddar and bacon, is perfect to munch on the go, and vegetarians will be thrilled by the inclusion of a veggie burger on the menu. MH Oysters & Grill 
 Sjællandsgade 1B, Cph N; seafood and meat; open Mon-Sun 17:3000:00; 
 mains from 145-195kr; 7020 6171; Start off your evening with oysters, before diving into a variety of seafood delights. The scallops will melt in your mouth, and the huge langoustines won’t stay on the table for long. Leave some room for dessert, because the lemon panna cotta with meringue is a tangy, creamy treat. EB Hercegovina Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; Croatian/ Danish cuisine; open every day 12:00-16:00 and 17:00-24:00; mains 150-240kr, dinner grill buffet 200220kr; 3315 6363; This restaurant has it all: free music, friendly service, beautiful surroundings, and, of course, great food that will have you practically licking your plates clean. The goulash soup with beef, vegetables, red win and spices is probably the best in Copenhagen. For mains, cut into a huge mixed meat skewer, but leave some room for the pancakes flambéed in Croatian pear liquor. JOS Tight Hyskenstræde 10, Cph K; open SunThu 11:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-23:00; French/Australian cuisine; threecourse menu 275kr; 3311 0900 What happens when an Australian and Frenchman open up a restaurant in an abandoned nightclub? A tight culinary experience that takes you from the hearty flavours of truffle soup to the taste explosion of Surf n’ turf steaks. And with the best wines from each country available, Tight guarantees a great night out. EM MASH Bredgade 20, Cph K; open: lunch: Mon-Fr 12:00-15:00, dinner: SunWed 17:30-22:00, Thu-Sat 17:30-23:00; American cuisine; mains 145-425kr; 3313 9300; Carnivore or not, you won’t regret eating at this American-style steakhouse – unless you’re squeamish, in which case you should avoid looking at the various cuts of meat on display. Interior design aside, MASH serves up a vast selection of steaks from around the world, and lets diners choose sauces and sides to create their perfect meal. If beef isn’t your favourite meat, seafood, chicken and numerous sides are available. JS Dragsholm Slot Dragsholm Alle 1, Hørve;
open TueSat 18:00-22:00; Danish cuisine; fivecourse menu 650kr, seven-course menu 800kr; 5965 3300; While you may not see ghosts at Denmark’s most haunted castle, the food served in its restaurant will haunt your taste buds until you return. One bite of the starter, snørbrød wrapped around twigs and served with marmalade, or the dessert, candied mint mousse, and you’ll understand why the ‘white lady’ won’t leave the castle premises. EM



10 - 16 August 2012

LOOKING FOR A TRULY INTERNATIONAL CHURCH? Denmark’s only English-language newspaper

ICC is an interdenominational church with over 50 different nationalities represented among the 150 regular weekly visitors!

InOut The CPH Post

Entertainment Guide

August 19

- 25

Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:00

Tickets 415

- 815 kr

page G6


ICC is a children friendly church with 4 different age groups for kids, and we have among other meetings activities for youth, woman, men, singles, married, gospel choir and much more. You will also be able to network with danes and other internationals from different walks of life.



phone +45 3534 9295

A Global Relocation Partnership

International Christian Community Ryesgade 68 • 2100 Copenhagen East •


Looking to advertise your company? 6. juli 2012 05:45:18

This spoT is available! ContaCt our sales department today on: +45 33 36 33 00

gade 3 -

1620 - Copenha

gen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 museums and attraction entire metropol s in the itan area

95 75

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25 5


Denmark’s only English-language newspaper


Please come and worship with us next Sunday

Services throughout Denmark


Hercegourant vin

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance


Where: Ryesgade 68, 2100 CPH East When: Every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:30

lly fixtu


This spoT is available!

ContaCt our salEs DEpartmEnt toDay on: +45 33 36 33 00

you are welcome Professional Serviced Accommodation For further information please visit


keep an eye on our property section.


Dansk Dansk Boligformidling Boligformidling

Boliger til salg Homes for sale

Homes rent Boliger for til leje

Erhverv Commercial properties

Den største and og ældste formidler af The largest most experienced liebhaverboliger i København og provider of exclusive homes in Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Liebhaverboliger KøbenExclusive homes til forsalg salei in havn og Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand. Ring for en gratis vurdering.

Lejligheder og huserentals store som små. We offer first-rate Ring for en vurdering. furnished orgratis unfurnished in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Erhvervsejendomme f.eks. til butik, Commercial properties for sale kontor eller and rent e.g.lager til salg og leje. stores/offices/storerooms

Hellerupvej 78, 2900 Hellerup - Telefon 7015 9007 - Fax 7015 6707 - -


10 - 16 August 2012 REAL ESTATE CHARMING AND EXCLUSIVE apartment for rent A 3-wing fully furnished penthaouse flat in the old latin quarter in the center of COPENHAGEN for rent. A newly renovated apartment near KULTORVET from 1811 worthy of preservation. Size: 100 square meters, charming with slanting walls and beans. Ideal apartment in the heart of Copenhagen – no trafic noise, few minutes to bus, metro, pedestrian street and The Kings Park Monthly rent: 1,750 Euro all incl. Contact: mariannekoustrup@gmail. com AN EXCLUSIVELY FURNISHED apartment in old, central Copenhagen for rent a first floor apartment, 60 square meters with 2 1/2 rooms, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Dishwasher, tv and DVD monthly rent 8,500/ euro. 1.150 bicycle rack, parking license available. Ideal apartment with no trafic noise, few minutes to walking street, bus metro and shops. Contact: mariannekoustrup@gmail. com FOR SALE SPACIOUS 4 BEDROOM house and additional apartment with own entrance. Quite, lovely street (Nordkrog) two blocks away from International Schools, the beach, the shops and the Hellerup train station. More information at or email

FULLY FURNISHED APARTMENT. Modern, including new kitchen, new furniture and new balcony. New TV included. 68m, on Amager, 8 min to Christianshavn, 15 min to City and close to beach. Really good for airport. Price 8500 excl bills. Perfect for single or couple. Contact – 004531242850 or dpshaadi@gmai. com

HEALTH SERVICES MANY YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH in various styles including postnatal at your unique studio in Frederiksberg. Visit www.

PSYCHOTHERAPY ANNE ELISE INGHAM, PSY.D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Therapy in English for adults, adolescents, children and families. Specializing in anxiety, depression, relationships and cultural adjustment. 60746646. http://www. php/anne-elise-ingham-

SERVICES ASHLEY TUITE PHOTOGRAPHY: Interested in having a session with a new photographer for only 500DKK? Family portraits, couples, children. Contact w w w.ashleytuitephotography.

DRIVING LESSONS Copenhagen International Driving School www. Instructor Geoff Abbey. Special deal for beginners: 6998 kr. Also offering First Aid courses. All lessons in English +45 40 43 25 50


PIANO LESSONS – Harman Music Methods offers piano lessons for all ages including classical, jazz and pop piano courses, music theory and rhythm, and courses for absolute beginners. We offer special piano courses for toddlers starting at age 5. For more information visit

ACCOMMODATION B&B COPENHAGEN – 10 MINUTES from city center by metro. No smoking. Contact 51401518.

Danish for foreigners A FAst trAck to DAnish

VOLUNTEERS IS THERE ANY INDIVIDUALS or groups with an interest to get involved with a community project in Kasoa, Ghana? I’m 26, Ghanaian in Geneva, just registered a new community project for kids and women but need volunteers, enterpreneurs, donnors etc to help. Its genuine so get in touch email;


• Intensive Danish Courses • Day/Evening/Online Classes • Focus on Pronunciation

Bernstorffsvej 20 2900 Hellerup

T 3946 3050 f 3946 3051

e W

Learn Danish with CLAVIS

Why don‘t you rEad a nEWspapEr in danish nExt timE? Learn Danish fast and efficiently with

We are located in the heart of

a focus on oral communication and

Copenhagen, close to the Central

conversational skills. Our professional

Station. Contact us today – new

teachers use modern learning tools

classes start every month.

and the teaching level will always suit your individual progress.

Enroll now – call 33 21 31 31

New language school in Lyngby

Efficient Danish courses for • Foreign citizens • Business • Municipalities Info & signing up +45 2210 5399 | CLAVIS Lyngby – Klampenborgvej 232, 2nd floor, 2800 Kongens Lyngby | Valdemarsgade 16 | 1665 Copenhagen V

Greve – Roskilde – Copenhagen – Lyngby




10 - 16 August 2012

SCHOOLS Denmark’s only English-language newspaper Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow . The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.

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August 19

- 25

Children’s Garden is open from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday, providing an English Language fulltime Preschool Program for children ages 2-6.

Don’t mi

Forum: Thur

ss this Do

sday 20:0

0 Tickets

415 - 815


page G6

Bernstorffsvej 75, 2900 Hellerup DK Tel: +45 7375 2900

lly fixtu re


Hercegurant ovina

Tivoli Croatian restaurant of nationa with l and interna a wide choice tional dishes. “Eat as much Live music as you like” and dance



3 - 1620

- Copenh

agen V

See more at copenhagenca

Free access to 65 and attractiomuseums entire metropo ns in the litan area

Looking to advertise your company? This spoT is available! ContaCt our salEs DEpartmEnt toDay on: +45 33 36 33 00


Copenhagen International School Copenhagen International School is an English Language IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme which gives access to outstanding universities worldwide: • Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 • Students & Staff from 50+ countries • Highly qualified international teachers • Curriculum includes wide range of Specialist Classes • Comprehensive Extracurricular programme • Convenient location: Hellerup Campus (Pre-K – grade 8) right by Hellerup station, 10 minutes from city centre City Campus (grades 9 - 12) right by Østerport Station • Accredited by: Council of International Schools and The New England Associations of Schools and Colleges For further information please visit our website or contact our Admissions Office Hellerupvej 22-26 2900 Hellerup T +45 3946 3300

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Stockholmsgade 59 2100 Copenhagen Ø T +45 3946 3300

Danish Education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level. Borgergade 12 1300 København K

• High Academic Standards • Christian Ethos • Conveniently located in Hellerup For further information, see our webpage or phone the Admissions Officer on 3962 1053

Do you speak Danish?



Intensive Danish courses for foreigners. Sign up now!

As your child grows

Contact our counsellors by phone 3815 8521

VoksenUddannelsescenter Frederiksberg Falstersvej 3-5 • 2000 Frederiksberg • Phone 3815 8500 •

We grow with them at Østerbro International School, where the individual comes first. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of each pupil and develop it to the full in a caring, comfortable and happy environment. Pupils receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and well-qualified teachers, developing qualities which will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. Østerbro International School • Præstøgade 17 • 2100 Copenhagen Ø • T e l . : + 4 5 7 0 2 0 6 3 6 8 • W e b s i t e : w w w. o e i s . d k • E - m a i l : i n f o @ o e i s . d k



10 - 16 August 2012



PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION Consultation in English, Spanish and Danish

Major USa & UK networks now ble a avail


No satellite needed USA: ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX UK: BBC One, ITV, CBeebies & CBBC

Tatiana Jessen, accredited psychologist & specialized psychotherapist, who can help you overcome distress caused by living abroad as well as problems experienced by cross-cultural couples – for example if you’re married to a Dane. APPOINTMENTS : 22 35 31 19

Additional information

Contact Parabolsen for more details 2814 7131


or info@soulkeys.

Dog and Cat Kennel Asserholmvej 1, 4390 Asserholm Tlf: 59 18 16 98 or 21 22 44 98


Harman Music Methods



Summer Piano Courses Subscribe or reserve a place at:

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities!

Piano lessons available for children and adults Courses starts in July

This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen!

Contact: or telephone: 36960791

For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375

Living Church is a new and exciting church where we are living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Come along for Bible based teaching, youth events, home meetings, camps and great times're always welcome! Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (close to Hvidovre station). Ministers: Chris and Clara Brett Telephone: 32964193



Balloonshow & magic Mobile: 2840 7777 WWW.CLOWN.DK

Denmark’s only English-language newspaper Copenha

gen Inte


ving Sch ool CopenhagenL International Driving School ear l Dri

n2d J u b ilee 15 years of Free theo experience ry

theory At SavStAtion e 3005 K Gentofte r Native B ritish D Special deal: Beginners

riving  Also o ffering F Instructor • All instru irst Aid c ct ourses in ion in English English

6998kr40 43 25 50 First Aid in English

w w w .L

e a rn 2 d ri

v e .d

k Native English Driving Instructor • All instruction in English

40 43 25 50


The 10:30 Sunday service in our main service of the week during which there is a Sunday School and after which refreshments are served. You will find us in Churchillparken, by the Gefion fountain. Buses 1A, 15 & 19, closest station in Østerport.





10 - 16 August 2012

In total need of a rewrite, recast and rethink MARK WALKER

Total Recall (11)

Dir: Len Wiseman; US/ Can sci-fi action, 2012, 121 mins; Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy

Premieres August 9 Playing nationwide


IKE THE films Minority Report and Blade Runner, Total Recall is based on an original work by legendary sci-fi writer Philip K Dick. His short story We can remember it for you wholesale was originally published in 1966 and detailed the humdrum existence of a man called Quail, who dreamt of a more exciting life out on the Martian colonies. Enlisting the services of a company called Rekal, he elects to have memories of the life he always wanted implanted into his mind. On doing so, his world is changed beyond recognition and everything he knows is thrown into question. Where the 1990 film adaptation of Dick’s short, retitled ‘Total Recall’ and directed by Paul Verhoven, kept the Mars setting, this new version by Underworld helmer Len Wisemen employs a post-apocalyptic Earth with just two habitable regions remaining. This is perhaps the only original element of the new film and as such provides an interesting departure from both the short story and the previous film: a giant elevator journeys underground, connecting northernmost Europe, now known as the United Federation of Britain, with Australia (filling in for Mars), now known as the Colony. Needless to say, with these two areas housing the entire planet’s surviving population, both are grossly over-populated. The working class colonists of the south, like protagonist Quaid (the last letter changed), are forced to commute between these two

Colin wishes he could remember a better review of his latest film hemispheres in order to earn a living wage in the northern factories of their British overlords. With little employment offered elsewhere, the workers are exploited mercilessly. The science and engineering is nonsense, but it captures the imagination and provides the film with two of its most intriguing action set-pieces: as the elevator ‘The Fall’ passes between hemispheres, gravity switches, creating some minutes of weightlessness and the perfect environment for a sci-fi shoot out. Beyond this invention though, the film falls short of both the potential of the source material and the standard set

by the previous film version. Colin Farrell, despite beefing up for the role and putting in the most credible performance on offer, has yet to convince me that he’s not the most uninteresting choice of lead action figure in Hollywood’s toy box. Similarly, one also has to ask if the director’s wife Kate Beckinsale, whose settings, since starring in her hubby’s Underworld franchise, appear to be stuck on ‘toffee-nosed-ass-kickinghell-harpy’, would still be in employment were it not for said husband: she struts, strides, slides and power-pouts her way through every scene, attain-

ing a level of naturalism to match the robot army that her character commands. In fairness though, none of the actors are given an easy ride by a script that barely makes dramatic sense when filmed, so it must surely have been baffling on paper. Even the extras look confused. Only Farrell, whose valiant attempts to embellish the pedestrian script with his roguish everyman charisma, can sometimes distract from the dialogue’s obvious shortcomings. Not counting the gross misuse of lens flare as popularised by JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, the look of the film is per-

haps its most redeeming feature, albeit pilfered unimaginatively from a dozen more reputable sources: the Colony is shamelessly Blade Runner, all dystopian dreamlike, neo-punks and acid-rain umbrellas; while London, with its multiple levels of antigrav traffic lanes, is unmistakably a distinct blend of Minority Report and Fifth Element. What you’re left with is pretty soulless: a handful of neat visual ideas, inconsistently executed by a director who, by aping giants like Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg, only succeeds in placing emphasis on his own inadequacies.

Has never been as fatally unattractive DANISH FILM INstITUTE / IN THE HEART OF COPENHAGEN

Albert Nobbs (7) Dir: Rodrigo Garcia, UK/Ireland drama, 2012, 113 minutes; Glenn Close, John Banville, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson, Brendan Gleeson Premieres August 9 Playing nationwide

‘the raid: redemption’ – Film of the Month 9-19 August: One ruthless drug lord. Twenty elite cops. Thirty floors of chaos. “The most exciting action movie of the year.” Empire We present some 50 films with English dialogue or subtitles every month. See what’s on at GothersGade 55 / tel 3374 3412 / tue-Fri 9:30-22:00 / sat 12:00-22:00 / sun 12-19:30


LENN CLOSE (Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction) shines in this role as a woman who transforms herself into a male house-servant in order to survive the harsh work environment of 19th century Dublin. Keeping her identity a closely guarded secret, Albert Nobbs works as a butler in a

hotel, dreaming of a time when the money he makes will afford him his own business and someone to share his life with. Trouble comes in the form of an in−house painter−decorator (McTeer) who, due to a lack of servants’ quarters, is assigned to share Nobbs’ bed. Close gives everything that the part allows, of that there can be little argument − but is it enough to make us care? Clearly something of a pet project, Close also serves as the film’s producer and takes a co−writing credit too. It’s a shame then, that she could not elevate other elements of the film to a similar standard, so as to support her central performance, instead of distract-

ing from it. The conventional structure sign−posts several developments, leaving us counting the minutes while hoping to be surprised before events unfold, all too often, as predicted. What was an initially promising premise becomes so slavishly formulaic that there is little left to hold one’s attention, especially whenever Close is off−screen. One of the more interesting traits of Albert Nobbs’ character is his lack of life experience. We learn later of a brutal encounter in his early life that has led to his ‘closing down’ all modes of intimacy. This means his understanding of relationships are oddly immature; he understands the security offered by marriage

as a mutual agreement, but the required passion or spark of love are alien concepts. Sadly, that complexity is dulled by the film’s overbearing preference for neatness. Despite the transgender subject matter, the approach to this period drama is so classical and the plot so plodding and didactic that it feels ill at ease in this era of post−postmodernist overhauls of the genre (think Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice or Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights). Albert Nobbs is not without an audience, but it’s far more likely to find it on primetime television than in selected cinemas. MARK WALKER



10 - 16 August 2012

New this Week Step Up: Revolution (7) Dir: Scott Speer; US romance, 2012, 103 mins; Adam G Sevani, Chadd Smith, Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman The fourth installment of the Step Up franchise is exactly what you would expect it to be – a bombastic dance show interrupted sporadically with godawful acting, cringeworthy dialogue and a ridiculous plot. LL

Book Your Tickets The Dark Knight Rises (11) Dir: Christopher Nolan; US action, 2012, 165 mins, Christian Bale, Tom, Hardy, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway With the arrival of Bane (Hardy), a terrorist hell-bent on ‘liberating’ Gotham before reducing it to rubble, Batman (Bale) is forced out of exile to once again take on the role as Gotham’s Dark Knight. Nolan retains the delicate balance of building a credible reality while remaining respectful to the comic book origins, and as he departs from the Batman franchise he leaves his reputation as a master filmmaker and the general state of comic book cinema in the best shape they’ve ever been. MW

Martha Marcy May Marlene (15) Dir: Sean Durkin ; US thriller, 2011, 112 mins;

Elizabeth Olsen, Sarah Paulsen, Hugh Dancy Watch a brilliantly underplayed Olsen give her debut in this instant cult-status masterpiece directed by Sean Durkin. When Martha (Olsen) escapes from a hippie cult and finds her way back to her sister, her recovery is neither simple nor swift. It will leave you questioning the level of manipulation we all tolerate in our everyday lives. MW

Woody Allen: A Documentary (3) Dir: Robert B Weide; US doc, 2012, 113 mins; Woody Allen, Antonio Banderas, John Cusack, Penelope Cruz, Larry David If you love Woody Allen, this is a must-see. If you don’t love Woody Allen, see it anyway. This entertaining documentary chronicles Allen’s career from writing scripts for Sid Caesar in the 1950s to creating the starstudded Oscar-winning films we see today. You can also watch an array of stars weigh in on their favourite wacky director, including Diane Keaton, Sean Penn, Penelope Cruz and Josh Brolin. LL

Avoid like the Plague Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (15) Dir: Timur Bekmambetov; US fantasy/horror, 2012, 105 mins, Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

This so-called film is nothing but a thinly veiled marketing fad from Hollywood’s whoremongers, a stick of quick-melting chewing gum for an ADD generation. Avoid at all costs. AS

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (7) Dir: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, Conrad Vernon; US comedy, 2012, 93 mins; Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Schwimmer, Sacha Baron Cohen This fast-paced, sensory overload of a sequel will probably be a hit with the kids, as they once again get to follow their favourite zoo animals, this time through Europe’s most iconic cities. Though it has some impressive visuals (including some Cirque du Soleil-type madness) and a star-studded cast, it isn’t enough to make up for the cookie-cutter script and nonsensical plot. It desperately lacks the heart and wit that so clearly shone in the original movie. LL

The Cold Light of Day (15) Dir: Mabrouk El Mechri; US thriller, 2011, 93 mins; Henry Cavill, Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Willis, Veronica Echegui This bog-standard, lazy, wannabe Bourne bottom-feeder’s only surprise might be the relatively early demise of one of the top-billed actors. Otherwise it simply delivers a series of thriller clichés packaged in the blandest of manners. AS

Also Playing To Rome with Love (3) Dir: Woody Allen; US/ Ita comedy, 2012, 102 mins; Woody Allen, Alison Pill, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Roberto Benigni This film may not be a reinvention of the Woody wheel, but compared with most romcoms out this summer, it is almost a masterpiece. MW

La Délicatesse (7) Dir: David Foenkinos & Stéphane Foenkinos; Fra romance, 2012, 108 mins; Audrey Tautou, Francois Damiens, Joséphone de Meaux Despite some shining moments, including an excellent leading man and a tastefully underused Parisian backdrop, this French rom-com remains above average but not outstanding. Audrey Tautou is her usual self, looking confused and exhausted most of the time, while other actors are criminally underused. FP

The Amazing Spider-Man (11) Dir: Marc Webb; US action, 2012, 136 mins; Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field Webb’s reinterpretation of Spider-Man is a little premature, but the movie holds its own with a fresh script and a talented cast. Here’s a Spider-Man the girls will actually want to sleep with! LD

Weekend (11) Dir: Andrew Haigh; UK drama, 2011, 96 mins; Tom Cullen, Chris New, Jonathan Race, Laura Freeman Andrew Haigh’s second feature moves away from the potential pigeon-holing of gay-themed cinema and towards a universal terrain of desire, hope and disappointment. It occasionally edges towards the clichés of romantic comedy, however the director deftly steers clear of a crowd-pleasing easy-option resolution, and keeps the film rooted in a reality that squarely and knowingly avoids being larger than life and instead focuses on the quirks and textures of contemporary British life. AS

Eddie: the Sleepwalking Cannibal (15) Dir: Boris Rodriquez; DK/ CA comedy/horror, 2012, 90 mins; Thure Lindhart, Georgina Reilly, Stephen McHattie Painter Lars Olufssen (Lindhart) takes to the Canadian wilderness to find his inspiration. Watch as he becomes artistically aroused by his sleep-walking roommate’s cannibalistic activities. This Danish-Canadian, horror-comedy amalgamation has some absurdly funny moments, but secondrate dialogue and a flimsy plot turn turns this could-be stellar flick into an average one. MW

Reindeerspotting: Escape From Santaland (15) Dir: Joonas Neuvonen ; FI doc, 2011, 84 mins; Jani Raappana


Joonas Neuvonen’s debut documentary follows Jani, a 19-yearold addict and small-time thief from Lapland, Northern Finland. Neuvonen is masterful behind the camera, intercutting spellbinding shots of snowlaced landscapes with intimate close-ups of Jani’s drug abuse. The addict story may be one told many times before, but even if you don’t remember Jani, you won’t forget the sight of a reindeer race at twilight. LL

Free the Mind (11) Dir: Phie Ambo; Den doc, 2012, 82 mins; Richard Davidson Danish documentary following Dr Richard Davidson, the world’s leading brain scientist, as he attempts to teach three traumatised individuals how to change their personality through meditation. Thought-provoking with shining moments, though a scattered focus makes it too messy to fully enjoy. LL

Snow White and the Huntsman (11) Dir: Rupert Sanders; UK/ US action, 2012, 127 mins; Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Ian McShane In a twist to the fairy tale, the huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to kill her winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. But unfortunately, this overlong retelling of a Grimm fairy tale is short on magic. MH

PROGRAMME: THURSDAY 9 AUGUST - WEDNESDAY 15 AUGUST 2012 All times are subject to change Men in Black III 2D (11) without notice; consult 11:30-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:30 for confirmation. Prometheus 2D (15) 12:30-15:30-18:30-21:20 PALADS Snow White and the Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 7013 1211 Huntsman (11) 21 Jump Street (11) 12:00-15:20-18:50-20:50 12:00-14:20-16:40-18:30-20:50 Step Up: Revolution (7) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire 12:00-14:20-16:40-19:00-21:20 Hunter 2D (15) Total Recall (11) 11:30-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:30 10:00-12:45-15:30-18:45-21:30 The Amazing Spider-Man 2D (11) GRAND TEATRET 12:15-12:30-15:15-15:30Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, Cph K 18:30-20:45 The Avengers 2D (11) Albert Nobbs (7) 20:50 11:30-14:00-16:30-19:00-21:30 The Cold Light of Day (11) A Dangerous Method (15) 21:20 14:20 The Dark Knight Rises (11) 11:30-12:00-15:00-15:20-18:45- La Délicatesse (7) 12:00-14:20-16:40-19:00-21:30 20:45 Martha Marcy May Dark Shadows (11) Marlene (15) 18:30 14:20-16:40-19:00-21:30 The Dictator (11) To Rome with Love (3) 14:00-16:00-18:50-21:30 12:00-14:20-16:40-19:00-21:30 Eddie: the Sleepwalking Weekend (11) Cannibal (11) 12:00-16:40-19:00-21:30 18:40-20:45 The Hunger Games (11) 12:45-18:20-21:20 EMPIRE BIO LOL (3) Guldbergsgade 29F; Cph N, 16:00-18:30-21:30 3536 0036; The Lucky One (11) Albert Nobbs (7) 18:30-21:20 12:30-15:00-19:30-22:00

A Dangerous Method (15) 17:30 The Dark Knight Rises (11) 12:30-15:45-19:00-22:15 Free the Mind (11) 12:30 Martha Marcy May Marlene (15) 17:30 Reindeerspotting: Escape From Santaland (15) 22:00 To Rome with Love (3) 17:15-20:00-22:15 Weekend (11) 15:15-17:30-19:45-22:15 Woody Allen: A Documentary (3) 13:00


Klampenborgvej 215 A, Lyngby 21 Jump Street (11) 21:15 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2D (15) 11:00-13:20-15:45-18:30-21:00 Albert Nobbs (7) 16:20-18:50 The Amazing Spider-Man 2D (11) 12:45-15:40-18:30-21:20 The Dark Knight Rises (11) 12:00-15:30-16:30-19:0020:00-20:45

LOL (3) 10:00-12:10-15:45-21:00 Men in Black III 2D (11) 19:00-21:30 To Rome with Love (3) 11:00-13:20-18:30-21:20 Snow White and the Huntsman (11) 10:30-13:15-18:40 Step Up: Revolution (7) 10:00-12:00-14:20-16:4019:00-21:20 Total Recall (11) 12:30-15:30-18:45-21:30


Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 7010 1202 21 Jump Street (11) 18:45-21:00-23:30 (Fri & Sat) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D (15) 17:00-19:15-21:45-23:59 (Fri & Sat) The Amazing Spider-Man 2D (11) 12:45-18:45-21:30 (2D) 16:15 (3D) The Dark Knight Rises (11) 10:00-11:00-12:00-13:15-14:3015:30-16:30-18:00-19:00-20:0021:00-21:30-22:15-22:30-23:30 Men in Black III 2D(11) 18:45-21:00

Snow White and the Huntsman (11) 19:45-23:00 (Fri & Sat) Step Up: Revolution (7) 11:45-14:00-16:30-18:45-21:15 Total Recall (11) 11:00-13:30-16:15-19:0021:30-23:59 (Fri & Sat)


Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V 70131211; The Dark Knight Rises (11) 11:00-14:30-18:00-21:30

cinema deal Show your cinema ticket & get


1 diSh from the café menu 1 draught beer or a glaSS of houSe wine

dkk kk 100,00 at braSSerie degaS På trommeSalen 5, 1614 cPh. V. tlf. 3322 2826 Valid until the 31St december 2012




10 - 16 August 2012



spor t THE W OF EEK

SV1, Mon 21:00

ANYONE who’s ever holidayed in a Scandinavian forest and realised that if they ever commit a serious crime, this is where they’ll run to, will relate to the plot of Lilyhammer (SV1, Mon 21:00), a new Norwegian-American TV series that sees the FBI place a mafia turncoat in witness protection in a remote northern Norwegian town. The main star (and co-writer) is none other than Steven Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen’s trusty guitarist who proved his mob credentials as Tony’s consigliere Silvio in The Sopranos. The show is popular in Norway where a million tuned in to watch the first episode in January. The LA Times was also impressed, commending Van Zandt’s “charming, semi-sweet performance” and thought that the Norwegian sup-

porting staff “underplay to good effect”. And then, barely 15 minutes later on SV2, comes The Mystery of Edwin Drood, a two-part dramatisation of Charles Dickens’ last and unfinished novel – a murder mystery that will never ever be solved. Still that hasn’t stopped crime writer Gwyneth Hughes from having a stab. The result, writes Guardian critic Lucy Mangan, a self-confessed Dickens hater, is “so very, very good” thanks to a “lovely, supple, sinewy script” and “uniformly brilliant performances”, including Freddie Fox, who “played the insufferable gilded youth Edwin Drood to such perfection that the eponymous mystery first promised to be why no-one had offed the little shit long before now”.

Friday 10

Saturday 11

10:00-23:00 London Olympics 23:00-00:30 Big Momma’s House (US com, 2000) Martin Lawrence

Elsewhere, Dragons’ Den (BBC Ent, Sun 19:30) is a British reality show of the same ilk of The Apprentice in which would-be entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel; Persons Unknown (TV2 Zulu, Sat 20:00) is yet another average US supernatural series; there’s another chance to see The Doors SV1, Mon 21:00 Lilyhamer film When You’re Strange (SV1, Tue 22:45), Infamous Assassinations (DRK, Mon 21:40) looks at the murder of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967; next week is American short film night every day at 21:45 on SV2; and An Exile in Paradise (DRK, Wed 22:10) retraces a journey made by British nonsense poet Edward Lear through the Balkans in 1948 – the inspiration for The Owl and the Pussycat perhaps? BEN HAMILTON

Sunday 12

SV2, Mon 22:00 The Mystery of Edwin Drood

K6, Sun 14:25 Charity Shield


TV2, Sun 21:00 Righteous Kill

Monday 13

Tuesday 14

Wednesday 15

Thursday 16

10:00-17:50 London Olympics 10:00-18:00 London Olympics 23:30-01:10 Life (US com, 1999) Eddie 22:00-00:30 London Olympics Closing Murphy Ceremony

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote (US crime series, 1986) 22:00-23:40 Single-Handed: The Lost Boys (Ire crime, 2010) 23:40-00:25 White Collar Blue (Aus crime series, 2003)

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 23:40-00:25 White Collar Blue

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 22:00-23:30 Case Sensitive: The Point of Rescue (UK thriller, 2011) Rupert Graves 23:40-00:25 White Collar Blue

17:00-17:50 Murder, She Wrote 21:30-23:05 Driving Miss Daisy (US drama, 1989) Jessica Tandy

18:45-19:10 The Daily Show 19:10-20:00 Taggart (UK crime series, 1987) 20:40-22:40 London Olympics 23:00-00:55 The Man Who Knew Too Much (US thriller, 1955) Doris Day

16:45-18:30 Ashes to Ashes (UK crime series, 2010) 20:00-22:00 London Olympics 22:00-22:30 Absolutely Fabulous (UK com series, 2011)

20:30-21:00 Jimmy’s Food Factory 21:30-21:40 River Cottage 21:40-22:30 Blue Murder (UK crime series, 2009) 22:50-23:40 Filthy Cities (UK doc series, 2011)

18:45-19:10 The Daily Show 19:10-20:00 Taggart 23:55-00:20 The Daily Show

18:45-19:10 The Daily Show 19:10-20:00 Taggart 20:00-20:50 Inside the Human Body (UK science program, 2011) 20:50-22:15 The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (US doc, 2011) 23:50-00:10 The Daily Show

18:45-19:10 The Daily Show 19:10-20:00 Taggart 23:50-00:10 The Daily Show

19:10-20:00 Agatha Christie’s Poirot (UK crime series) 20:00-20:40 Vietnam: Lost Films (US doc series, 2011) 20:40-22:20 Waking the Dead (UK crime series, 2011) Trevor Eve 22:20-22:30 River Cottage

10:15-17:00 London Olympics 21:25-23:05 London Olympics

10:15-17:00 London Olympics 21:25-23:05 London Olympics 23:55-01:55 Saturday Night Fever (US drama, 1977) John Travolta

10:15-17:00 London Olympics 21:00-22:40 Righteous Kill (US thriller, 2008) Robert de Niro, Al Pacino 22:40-00:30 The Usual Suspects (US crime, 1995) Kevin Spacey

17:05-18:00 Friends 22:30-23:20 Living for 32 (US doc, 2011) 23:55-00:45 Million Dollar Listing (US reality series, 2005)

17:05-18:00 Friends 22:30-23:20 20/20 what´s going on in the skies (US doc, 2012) 23:55-00:45 Million Dollar Listing

17:05-18:00 Friends

17:05-18:00 Friends 20:00-20:50 Undercover Boss (US reality series, 2010) 22:30-23:20 My Big Fat Fetish (US doc, 2011) 23:50-00:45 Million Dollar Listing

18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:10-20:00 Friends 20:00-21:50 The Day the Earth Stood Still (US scifi, 2008) Keanu Reeves 21:50-00:10 Kingdom of Heaven (US drama, 2005) Orlando Bloom

18:10-19:05 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends 20:00-21:25 Persons Unknown (US drama series, 2010) Jason Wiles 21:50-00:05 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (US drama, 2003) Russell Crowe

13:30-21:50 Blue Bloods (US drama series, 2010) season one 21:50-23:45 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (US romcom, 2003) Kate Hudson 23:45-00:30 Stand-up Live at The Apollo

18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:10-20:00 Friends 20:00-20:50 Castle (US crime series, 2010) 20:50-21:15 What It Takes 21:50-23:30 Drillbit Taylor (US com, 2008) Owen Wilson 23:30-00:15 Joey (US com series, 2004)

18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:10-20:00 Friends 20:00-20:50 Castle 20:50-21:15 What It Takes 21:50-23:45 Blade 2 (US action, 2002) Wesley Snipes 23:45-00:30 Joey

18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:05-20:00 Friends 20:00-20:50 Castle 20:50-21:15 What It Takes 21:50-00:30 Australia (Aus drama, 2008) Nicole Kidman

18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:10-20:00 Friends 20:00-20:50 Castle 20:50-21:15 What It Takes 21:50-23:30 I Love You, Beth Cooper (US romcom, 2009) Hayden Panettiere 23:30-00:15 Joey

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 19:55-21:00 Bones 21:00-23:15 Shanghai Knights (US action, 2003) Jackie Chan 23:15-01:40 Romeo Must Die (US action, 2000) Jet Li

19:00-20:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 20:00-21:00 Mobbed (US reality show, 2011) 21:00-23:15 The Break-Up (US romcom, 2006) Vince Vaughn 23:15-01:30 Obsessed (US drama, 2009) Beyoncé Knowles

18:00-19:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 19:00-20:00 Up All Night (US com series, 2011) Christina Applegate 21:00-22:50 License to Wed (US romcom, 2007) Robin Williams 22:50-23:50 How I Met Your Mother 23:50-00:50 Two and a Half Men

18:00-19:00 Bones 20:00-21:00 NCIS 21:00-23:50 Angels & Demons (US thriller, 2009) Tom Hanks 23:50-00:50 How I Met Your Mother

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 21:00-22:00 The Finder (US crime series, 2011) 23:00-00:00 How I Met Your Mother

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 21:00-22:00 Mobbed 23:00-00:00 How I Met Your Mother

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 20:00-22:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 23:00-00:00 How I Met Your Mother

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-23:00 The Simpsons 23:00-00:55 The Event (US drama series, 2010)

17:50-19:00 Top Gear 19:00-22:00 Italian Grand Prix 22:00-00:15 Home of the Brave (US drama, 2006) Samuel L Jackson

22:30-23:25 US Fear Factor

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Two and a Half Men 21:00-22:00 Anger Management (US com series, 2012) Charlie Sheen 22:00-00:25 The Bourne Identity (US thriller, 2002) Matt Damon

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Best Ink (US reality series, 2011) 21:00-23:15 The Bourne Supremacy (US thriller, 2004) Matt Damon

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Best Ink 21:00-23:15 The Bourne Ultimatum (US thriller, 2007) Matt Damon 23:15-01:25 The Bourne Supremacy (US thriller, 2004) Matt Damon

17:00-18:00 Two Guys and a Girl 18:00-19:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00-20:00 The Simpsons 20:00-21:00 Two and a Half Men 21:00-22:45 Transporter 2 (US thriller, 2005) Jason Statham 22:45-23:45 Hawaii Five-0 (US drama series, 2011) Alex O’Loughlin

17:00-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-22:40 The Cronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US adventure, 2008) Ben Barnes 22:40-23:45 Grey’s Anatomy 23:45-00:40 Private Practice

16:00-19:00 Dallas (US drama series, 2012) 19:00-20:00 Hart of Dixie (US drama series, 2011) 20:00-22:00 Father of the Bride 2 (US com, 1995) Steve Martin 22:00-00:15 Playing by Heart (US drama, 1998) Gillian Anderson

00:00-00:50 The Biggest Loser (US reality series)

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Hart of Dixie 21:00-23:15 You’ve Got Mail (US romcom, 1998) Tom Hanks 23:15-00:10 Gossip Girl

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Dallas 22:00-23:00 Baby Hospital (UK doc series, 2010) 23:00-23:55 Grey’s Anatomy

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Dallas 22:50-23:45 Grey’s Anatomy 23:45-00:40 Private Practice

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Ghost Whisperer 20:00-21:00 Dallas 21:00-22:55 A Walk to Remember (US rom, 2002) Daryl Hannah 22:55-23:50 Grey’s Anatomy 23:50-00:45 Private Practice

17:05-19:00 Ghost Whisperer (US drama series) 19:00-20:00 Big Bang Theory (US com series) 20:00-21:00 CSI 22:00-23:55 Six Days, Seven Nights (US com, 1998) Harrison Ford

20:00-22:10 Cars (US animation, 2006) 22:10-23:55 Baby On Board (US romcom) Lara Flynn Boyle 23:55-02:35 Disclosure (US thriller, 1994) Michael Douglas

19:00-20:00 Numb3rs (US crime series) 21:00-22:55 CSI 22:55-23:55 The Killing (US drama series, 2011) 23:55-00:50 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 CSI 21:00-22:00 Criminal Minds 22:55-00:45 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 CSI 21:00-22:00 Criminal Minds 22:55-23:50 Prime Suspect (US series) 23:50-01:40 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 Prime Suspect 21:00-22:00 Criminal Minds 22:55-00:45 Criminal Minds

19:00-20:00 Big Bang Theory 20:00-21:00 CSI 23:55-01:45 Criminal Minds

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The Copenhagen Post's weekly guide to the region's best entertainment. This week featuring the Black Keys and Copenhagen's Gay Pride plans.

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