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13 - 19 January 2012

The CPH Post Entertainment Guide | 13 - 19 January 2012


first victim was a boy LECTURE: JAN 19 &20



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E c raz y c h r i stm a s c abare t written & directed by

ViVienne m c kee

Glassalen, tiVoli

noV 11th - Jan 14th


AN . JND 9 1 A N JA . 20 IN GLIS EN | t: 3315 1012 the english theatre of copenhagen








13 - 19 January 2012

Revisit the growth spurts, bad hygiene and pubes Lecture

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inside this week


DO YOU EVER catch yourself trying to calm your screaming child down, thinking how useless you’d be trying to hide from the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto in Schindler’s List? Or when your kid is screaming at you because her DVD doesn’t work – the same DVD she’s gouged whole iron filings out of – do you find yourself reminiscing about the pre-CD days when the record player was out of your reach, and the only damage you could really do was to small animals? This week’s featured performance, Lecture (see G2 for details), is also taking us back in time, to a period of our lives that some of us might prefer to forget: puberty. It’s kind of personal, and not always easy to relate to other experiences. I was a late developer, and it’s hard to imagine what it would have been like to enter puberty at the age of nine. I remember taking a bath with a friend back then and being asked: “Oi Benj. How come you haven’t got any pubes then?” Little did I know that they would take

almost double the number of years his took to arrive, although he was a Hungarian adoptee and we always suspected there’d been a mix-up with the birth certificates. I also remember being 13 and listening to someone a clear foot taller than myself talking with such vitriol menace about two boys who hadn’t entered puberty by the time they were 12 - like they’d committed war crimes. To be fair, he had already sat down a year and I spent the next five years tormenting him. Yeah. Instead of waiting in the showers, pubeless in shame with a todger the size of a small pencil (I would have also made a great bully) I launched a pre-emptive strike, cutting down all my perceived enemies with sledgehammer lines. If somebody had a girlfriend, I wanted to know the name of their guide dog – I quickly acquired the nickname poisonous dwarf. Elsewhere this week, there are no little people in Going Underground (see G8), but we’ve got Santa in bondage and a whole lot of craziness; and on G12, we’ve got Nichole Accettola’s last food blog before she takes an extended break. Being a late developer has at least made me more sensitive (get the sick bucket out) to the efforts of others and I would like to personally thank her for her sterling efforts over the last three years.

Mungo Park theatre, Fritz Hansens Vej 23, 3450 Lillerød; performances Thu Jan 19 and Fri Jan 20 at 20:00; tickets 195230kr, under-25s 120-155kr, groups (min six people aged under 25) 35kr PUBERTY: the battleground that defines us all – it is quite literally the period that makes us into who we are today. Few emerge from this time of hormonally-driven high emotions and emotional highs unscathed. From BO worthy of a declaration of martial law to late bloomers with bigger boobs than any of the class had ever envisaged, it’s a period of our lives that few will ever forget, and even fewer want to relive. Still, that didn’t stop award-winning director Heinrich Christensen drawing from his own experiences to create one of Denmark’s most popular ever plays, Opsang, which for just two nights only is being performed in English by the Mungo Park theatre group next Thursday and Friday. Lecture, the name of the English version of the 2008 original, according to Mungo Park’s communications manager Katrina Schelin is an excellent opportunity to grab a glimpse of some of the best of Danish youth theatre. “Copenhagen’s English-speaking teenagers and their parents will have the chance to experience one of the most successful Danish theatre performances aimed at young audiences,” she told InOut. “Lecture is a play for teens and grown-ups, teachers, parents and anyone who wants to understand and laugh at teenagers, themselves and at the role they play in the teens’ lives.” Mungo Park, which has played a significant role in modern Danish theatre over the last two decades, features a youthful and vibrant ensemble of actors, directors, playwrights and stenographers. Founded in 1985, the theatre currently stages an average of 400 performances a year, appealing to an audience of approximately 40,000 viewers. In the spirit of embracing controversial and innovative topics, Mungo Park’s productions tend to be thought-provoking, addressing compelling and relevant political and literary topics. The central themes in Lecture are adolescence and the seven deadly sins – a powerful combination that is bound to amuse, shock and entertain. Quite honestly, who among us cannot see a connection between the teenage condition and wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony? If

Performance Mozart

Betty Nansen Teatret, Frederiksberg Alle 57, Frederiksberg; ends Jan 22, performances Sat 17:00, Mon, Tue & Thu 20:00; tickets: 150– 360kr; The team behind the theatre gigs Gasolin’, Come Together and Bob Dylan are back. They’ve been given the ultimate challenge – to create a theatre show based on Mozart’s music. With a sense of timing and dizzying costumes, the unreasonable Cederholm & Co takes you on a journey through Mozart’s world of famous compositions, as you’ve never seen or heard them before. Rediscover Mozart’s big hits in a new guise with some fantastic singers and actors. EM

A cleaver, a cabbage and a dentist’s light - we don’t like the way this is going

one really thinks about it, themes like good versus evil, temptation, sin and redemption are perfectly linked to puberty and postpubescent life. As well as appealing to teenagers across the spectrum, this play will be of interest to anyone who enjoyed or endured - depending on the individual’s point of view - the ‘age of rebellion’. The play incorporates humour with live musical performances, featuring the popular genres of hip-hop and rock. Laced with sarcasm and clever slapstick, Lecture aims to engage the audience in serious topics concerning the realities of being a teenager. Funny, yet poignant, Lecture provides food for thought, both for teens and those of us who have crossed over to adulthood.

Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci

Store Scene, Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Cph K; ends Feb 4, 20:00 (unless stated) on Jan 22 (15:00), Jan 24, Jan 30, Feb 2, Feb 4; tickets 951,250kr; 180 mins incl intermission; Italian with Danish titles; Enjoy two operas for the price of one: Pietro Mascagni and Ruggero Leoncavallo’s widely admired works from 1890 and 1892 respectively. The pairing (colloquially referred to by as the ‘Cav and Pag’ double-bill) was first tried in 1893 and has become a favourite with audiences ever since. Somehow the themes of adultery, hypocrisy, drinking and to-the-death duelling (Cavalleria) dovetail nicely with those of uncontrollable passion, violence, poisoning, and murder (Pagliacci). KRG

A Folk Tale

English-speaking teens will especially enjoy this play as it presents them with an opportunity to better understand a part of Danish culture that directly concerns them. They can learn more about Danish adolescent lifestyles, issues and ideals, allowing them to better contextualise their own culture, in light of that of the Danes. Anyone who has survived puberty and its blessings and curses is also in for a treat. Lecture is a fun and original way to not only understand teenagers, but also engage with them in an environment created for them. It has the potential to open up dialogue regarding both Danish and adolescent cultures. CLAUDIA SANTOS


Store Scene, Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Cph K; performances at 20:00 (unless stated) on Thu, Jan 20, Jan 21 (12:00), Jan 23, Jan 24, Jan 28; tickets 95-595kr. (half-price concession for those under 25); 180 mins. including an intermission;, billet@, 9816 5296 In early 2011 the directors Nikolaj Hübbe (a veritable rock star in the world of ballet) and Sorella Englund (a legendary Bournonville-inter-

preter with five decades of experience) debuted their tastefully modernised A Folk Tale, another Bournonville-gem, at the Royal Theatre. Now, one year later, we’re lucky to welcome its return. A Folk Tale is often praised for being very accessible and appealing to all ages. Its huge popularity speaks for itself and may, in part, be a testimony to playgoers’ enduring interest in fairy tales. Another factor may be the alluring dreamy quality that stems from exquisite music and a host of fantastic characters – mostly in a seductive mood. And, of course, everybody can relate to a vicious, ugly troll. Check out next week’s InOut for our full preview. KRG



13 - 19 January 2012 convince Apollo that a couple with a love so uniquely profound should be returned to the living world. German stage director Christof Loy has given the production, which received excellent reviews in Aix-en-Provence, a modern, witty and rather dark twist by presenting the story through the eyes of a child. Apollo is a black-suited, collarwearing cleric, Euripides’ Thessalians modern children holding toys, and Jupiter a chat-a-box uncle. The set too is distorted through youthful eyes with exaggerated proportions, glimpses of mum and dad’s bedroom, and an attic full of memories and spooks. The happy ending is unexpectedly tipped into trauma when the child’s joy at the characters’ reprieve from death is cut short by the realisation that we are all destined to eventually die. The delivery of the baroque music is central to the success of Alceste, and in Denmark this has been entrusted to the Concerto Copenhagen with its dynamic conductor Lars Ulrik Mortensen at the helm. The role of Alceste is performed by Mireille Delunsch, one of today’s most celebrated baroque specialists, while American Gregory Kunde is cast as Admetos. With such an exciting collaboration of musicians and creative minds, Alceste promises to be a unique performance of a rarely staged opera. A fitting start indeed to a year that will no doubt see the old stage brought to life. CATHY STRONGMAN

Rare reprieve for Greek classic Alceste

Gamle Scene, Kongens Nytorv, 1055 Cph K; starts 17 Jan, ends 6 Feb, performances at 20:00 on Tue, Thu, Jan 21, Jan 25, Jan 27, Jan 31, Feb 3, Feb 6; tickets 95–795kr; THE FIRST performance to grace the old stage in 2012 will be a coproduction of Christoph Willibald Gluck’s little known opera Alceste, which this winter is being staged by the Royal Danish Opera, the Festival d’Aix en Provence, and Wiener Staatsoper. An opera that many will admit to never having heard of, it was first performed to a Viennese audience in 1767 before a heavilyrevised version with a French libretto by Leblanc du Roullet premiered in Paris on 23 April 1776. It’s this French version (with Danish subtitles) that the Copenhagen audience will have the rare opportunity to see. During the course of the opera’s three acts a touching love story unfolds in which Alceste, the wife of King Admete, makes an offer to Apollo to sacrifice her life to save that of her husband. Distraught Admete pursues his wife to the gates of the underworld and, having failed to convince her that he should take her place, follows Alceste over the threshold. At this moment of death Hercule steps in to save the day, suspending time long enough to

Crazy Christmas Cabaret presents Below the (Equatorial) Belt

Exhibitions SØREN KUHN

Land Ho!

It’s been a long time since they put this on, but they didn’t need to call The Exorcist

Thanksgiving, Divine Felony, Sipping From the Mirror

Andreas Gursky

Wallman’s Dinner Show

Cirkusbygningen, Jernbanegade 8, 1609 Cph V; performances Thu-Sat 18:30-23:00; adults 495-815kr, under-12s from 258kr; 3316 3700; info.; A group of dancers all expertly showboating in dance, song, instrument playing and magic, while attending to your table. SC

Drawing by Drawing NEW


Nordatlantens Brygge, Strandgade 91, Cph K; starts Jan 13, ends April 15; MonFri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00; Danish-born Ina Rosing spent her childhood and youth in Greenland. Today, Greenland’s Arctic coast is still an important influence on her paintings. Man’s relationship with nature is also reflected in the content of Rosing’s work. Rosing will show 12 paintings at the Nordatlantens Brygge, an exhibition space dedicated to sharing the culture of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. BF

Mikkel Carl

Drawn to You - Works on Paper from New York



Glassalen, Tivoli, Vesterbrogade, Cph V; ends Sat; performances Fri 19:30, Sat 15:00 & 19:30; tickets 95-370kr at &; www.londontoast. dk, This year Vivienne McKee’s Crazy Christmas Cabaret is taking the audience Below the (Equatorial) Belt to the steaming jungles of central Africa. This year the warning is “Hold on to your nuts, cos you’ll go bananas.” The show makes lots of humorous references to pop culture, literature and history, referencing many of the popular works like Tarzan and John Huston’s The African Queen. AJ



Henningsen Gallery, Fredericiagade 17, Cph K; starts Jan 13, ends Feb 11; open Tues-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-16:00, Danish artist Mikkel Carl presents new work in this solo exhibition. Carl makes conceptual sculptures using found objects, such as camping tents or fluorescent light bulbs. The artist comments on consumer society and material culture by repurposing everyday objects as sculptures and placing them in an artistic context. BF

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gl. Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; starts Jan 13, ends May 13; open Tues-Fri 11:00-22:00; Sat-Sun 11:0018:00; The German photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his highly elaborate, large-scale, landscape and architectural photographs. Gursky is especially drawn to photograph austere, man-made spaces. Gursky uses digital technology to combine multiple images taken from extreme angles to create his iconic photographs. Forty of these giant photographs will be on display during this exhibition, along with several smaller works. BF

Lasse Schmidt Hansen


Christian Andersen, Høkerboderne 1719, Cph V; starts Jan 13, ends Feb 11; open Tues-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 11:00-15:00; Lasse Schmidt Hansen, a Danish artist based in Berlin, presents new work in a solo exhibition. Hansen is considered to be part of the Concept Art movement, an evolution of minimalist art. His work includes minimalist photography and sculpture that refers to art history, material use, and how art is made in general. He involves the viewer both intellectually and physically in his installations. BF

V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet 6971, Cph V; starts Jan 13, ends Feb 4; open Wed-Fri 12:0018:00; V1 Gallery opens three new exhibitions with artists from the US and Denmark. Thanksgiving with Eddie Martinez and Jamison Brosseau contains abstract colourful paintings. Divine Felony presents artwork by Vincent Scare, who is inspired by custom cars and popular culture. Sipping from the Mirror shows original lithographs from Troels Carlsen. BF

A Stable Relation


BKS Garage, Carlsberg Vej 68, Cph V; starts Jan 13, ends Feb 4; open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Markus von Platen from Denmark and Martyn Reynolds from New Zealand collaborate on this exhibition about consumerism and art. The pair uses horses as a motif to represent commercial goods and upper class society. The artists use found objects, including strange horse paintings and animal figurines, to carry out the exhibition’s theme. BF


Gallery Poulsen, Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V, starts Jan 13, ends Feb 18; open Tue-Fri 12:00-17:30, Sat 11:00-15:00; An ambitious group exhibition presenting works on paper by eleven New York-based artists. The included artists share in common a love of colourful imagery from popular culture manipulated on the page - especially the work of artists Michael Bevilacqua, Mi Ju, Aaron Johnson, Eric White, and Tom Sanford. For example, Sanford’s paintings and drawings include depictions of a deranged Charlie Sheen or a zombie Mao Zedong, while Aaron Johnson’s cartoonish, grotesque, yet highly detailed images illustrate contemporary life. Other artists are Michael Anderson, Daniel Davidson, Eric Parker, William Powhida, Alfred Steiner, and Jade Townsend. BF

I pyramidernes skygge (In the shadow of the pyramid)

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; ends Mar 25; open Tue–Sun 11:00– 17:00; Flinders Petrie was an eccentric researcher and considered by many to be the ‘father of archaeology’. BF

Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, Cph K; starts Jan 13, ends March 18; open Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00, Weds 10:00-21:00; adult tickets: 40kr, student tickets: 25kr, Under 15: free adm; Svein Tønsager, a professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture, is the focus of a new exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre. The exhibition collects Tønsager’s architectural drawings and the drawings of his international network of architectural colleagues. The selected colleagues include Lebbeus Woods, Michael Sorkin, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Wolf D Prix, Peter Cook, Dorte Mandrup, and Zaha Hadid, among others. Anette Brunsvig Sørensen curated this exhibition. BF

Of Large and Small

National Museum of Photography, Soren Kierkegaard Plads 1, Royal Library, The Black Diamond, Cph k; ends 10 March; open Mon-Sat 10:0015:00, tickets: adults 40kr, students 25kr; A collection of works about human existence and the contrast between what is infinitely universal and infinitely microscopic. VM





XMAS 11: The big group show

Gerhard Nordström & The Disasters of War (Spain, 1746-1828)

13 - 19 January 2012 Henry Krokatsis


We Have a Body

David Risley Gallery, Bredgade 65A, Cph K; ends Jan 21; open Tue-Fri 12:0018:00, Sat 11:00-15:00; www. Krokatsis combines unassuming materials like found wood and antique mirrors into something new and beautiful. BF

Galleri Bo Bjerggard, Flæsketorvet 85, Cph V; ends Jan 28; open Tue-Fri 13:0018:00, Sat 12:00-16:00; www. Polish artist Adam Adach moves from the historical fascism of World War II to explore contemporary dictators, war, and terror with paintings of Kim Jong-Il and Osama Bin Laden. BF

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, Cph Ø; ends Jan 29; open Tues-Fri 12:00-17:00, Thurs 12:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 10:0017:00; tickets 45kr, students 25kr, under-12s free adm; Danish artist Mette Winckelmann’s new installation project examines issues of gender, the body, and queer theory. The exhibition presents large textile banners, large abstract paintings, and architectural debris spread throughout the gallery hall. BF

Phantom Limbs

Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade, Cph K; ends April 15; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00; tickets: 60kr, under-18s free and on Wed; Combining architecture, sculpture, and design, the collaborative duo benandsebastian have created a solo exhibition inspired by the phenomena of phantom limbs, a neurological condition that occurs when one can still feel a body part that has been amputated. The British/Danish duo Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour describe their collaboration as a series of productive misunderstandings. BF

Simon Starling

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K; ends Jan 22; open Tue-Sun 11:0018:00, Wed 11:00-21:00 (free adm after 18:00); tickets 60kr, students 40kr, under16s free adm;; performances Sun 14:00 (22 Jan at 17:00) 2005 Turner Prize winner Simon Starling has created two new pieces, Project for a Masquerade (Hiroshima) (2010-11), an installation about Japanese culture and nuclear energy, and an original piece of puppet theatre called The Expedition, which follows a ‘hapless adventurer’, a pupper who looks like Starling. BF


Museum of Copenhagen, Vesterbrogade 59, Cph V; ends 31 July; open daily 10:00-17:00; tickets 20kr, under-17s free adm, Fri free adm The exhibition includes several hundred objects, photos, and engravings about the history of trash. BF

Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Bredgade 75, Cph K; ends Jan 14; open MonFri 11:00-18:00, Sat 12:0016:00; This end-of-the-year group exhibition brings together all of the artists and artist groups represented by Galleri Christoffer Egelund, plus a few extras. BF

Sam Moyer and Jess Fuller/Cube: Aspen Mays

Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Skindergade 5, Cph K; ends Jan 13; open WedFri 12:00-18:00; Independent curator JensPeter Brask brings together the work of two US-based minimalist artists Sam Moyer and Jess Fuller, who employ everyday objects and materials in inventive ways to create their artworks. BF

Vertical on my own

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Flæsketorvet 85, Cph V, ends Jan 14; open Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat 12:0016:00; www.bjerggaard. com Norwegian artist AK Dolven’s multi-media artwork explores the recent tragedies in Oslo. BF

Rum #310 & Full Frontal Nudity

Overgaden, Neden Vandet 17, Cph K; ends Jan 29; open Tue-Sun 13:00-20:00; Lone Haugaard Madsen and Rolf Nowotny are two Danish artists whose sculpture-based artwork shares a stripped-down aesthetic. Madsen’s works are ironic yet poetic sculptural artworks; Nowotny presents sculptural installations, decluttered of all distractions. BF

Malmö Konsthall, St Johannesgatan 7, Malmö, Sweden; ends Feb 26; open Mon-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed 11:00-21:00; Nordström’s politically-charged paintings and graphics critique the brutality of war and environmental destruction. Inspired by images from the Vietnam War they show mutilated bodies in an idyllic Swedish summer landscape and are being shown together with Francisco Goya’s series of etchings depicting the Spanish struggle for independence from French rule in the early 19th century. BF

In a Lonely Place

National Photo Musuem at The Black Diamond, Soren Kierkegaard Plads 1, Cph K; ends Jan 28; open Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-17:00; tickets 40kr, under-16s free adm US photographer Gregory Crewdson’s images resemble brief moments in an unfinished film. BF

DiversaMente Italiani

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Gjørlingsvej 11, Hellerup; ends Jan 27; open Mon-Tue 09:00-17:00, WedThurs 09:00-16:00, Fri 9:0015:00; Through a series of 40 photographic portraits, viewers get a glimpse of the diverse and thriving Italian expatriate community. BF

Denmark by Design

The Danish Design Centre, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 27, Cph V; ends 12 May 2013; open Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Wed 10.00-21.00; www.ddc. dk This exhibition shows the development in Danish design from 1945-2010. CP

Space Invaders

Kunsthal Nikolaj, Nikolaj Plads 10, Cph K; ends Jan 29; open Tue–Sun 12:00– 17:00, Thu 12:00–21:00; Space Invaders looks at the cultural significance and iconography of computer games. Visitors are able to test games and interact with art works within the blurred boundaries of real and virtual space. BF

Den åbne have (The open garden)

Karen Blixen Museum, Rungsted Strandvej 111, Rungsted Kyst; ends Mar 1; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00; tickets 60kr, under-14s free adm; Each artist has created a bird table on which birdseed can be placed for this group exhibition in the beautiful garden and bird sanctuary of the Karen Blixen Museum over the winter months. BF

Elmgreen and Dragset

Thorvaldsens Museum, 2 Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads, Cph K; ends 29 Jan; open Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00; tickets 40kr, free adm on Wed; www.thorvaldsensmuseum. dk In this exhibition by gay photography duo Elmgreen and Dragset, Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen`s works have been dressed up in various items of clothing such as sports socks and sweat bands. JF


Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V, Tue-Fri 12.00-18.00, Sat 12.00-16.00 DASK in the fashionable area of Kødbyen is a first edition gallery focusing on photographic art only. All the photos are for sale and exist in limited editions of up to 15 pieces. PDR

Light & Ultra Black

Gallery B15, Islands Brygge 15, Cph S; ends Jan 29; open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-15:00; Mona Eckhoff Sørmo is a Norwegian artist based in Copenhagen who works primarily with painting, but also with drawing and photography. The artist’s collage style of working is layered and abstract - often black and white with strong colourful bursts. She touches on natural and organic themes in her artwork. She will present a series of new works for this exhibition. BF

Forms of Knowledge

Salon at GL Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Aug 2012; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:0020:00; Morten Steen Hebsgaard’s installation is inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Fröbels (17821852), the German pedagogue who came up with the concept of the kindergarten. BF


GL Strand, Gammel Strand 48, Cph K; ends Jan 22; open Tue-Sun 11:00-17:00, Wed-Thu 11:00-20:00; www. An ongoing exhibition at Gammel Strand, one of the older contemporary art centres in Copenhagen, groups together emerging local and international talents in the arts.

Ai Weiwei

Louisiana, Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; ends Feb 12; open Tue–Fri 11:00–22:00, Sat-Sun 11:00–18:00; tickets 95kr, students 85kr, free adm for under-18s; An outspoken critic of his country’s government, the celebrated Chinese international artist is a conceptual artist who likes to explore the relationships between materials and art - he particularly enjoys working with porcelain - and also Chinese history and culture. BF

Early Modernism

Moderna Museet, Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö; ends 8 Apr 2012; open Tue, Thu, Sun 11:00-18:00, Wed 11:00-21:00; tickets 50 SEK; Early Moderism features works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edvard Munch and Sigrid Hjerten. JF

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Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

13 - 19 January 2012

The cuddly-looking quartet’s last Danish appearance was as Roskilde Festival headliners

Metal giants will flex their muscles at intimate Vega show Mastodon

Store Vega Monday 20:00; 350 kr;


rior to the release of the 2011 album The Hunter, fans of the American metal band Mastodon could largely be split into two categories: those who preferred the more straight-head crunch of the band’s first three albums, and those who preferred the more spacey, progressive sound of 2009 album Crack the Skye. Following The Hunter, the fan base was further split between those that thought it was the best work of the Atlanta quartet’s career and those that

thought its shorter songs and more polished sound equated to a sell-out. The marked difference in the band’s sound throughout their career provides ample fodder for online metal sites, where fans bicker endlessly on which version of Mastodon is the best. But those who don’t care about such silly distinctions and merely want to get their faces blasted off by one of the biggest acts in metal would be well advised to shake off their winter doldrums and head out to Monday’s concert. The last time Mastodon touched down on Danish soil, it was to play the Orange Scene at last year’s Roskilde Festival. There, they put all criticisms that they weren’t legitimate festival headliners to rest with a hard-charging, growling twilight set. This time around, they’ll be play-

ing the much more intimate setting of Store Vega giving fans a unique chance to see what Alternative Press called “one of the all-time great hard-rock groups” and Rolling Stone dubbed “the greatest metal band of their generation” up close and personal. Opening the show will be Portland, Oregon based metal band Red Fang, which AllMusic described as a mix between Black Sabbath and the Melvins. Formed in 1999, Mastodon’s first four albums were all concept albums of sorts based on the four classical elements: 2002’s Remission around the theme of fire; 2004’s Leviathan on water via the classic novel Moby Dick, 2006’s Blood Mountain on earth and, well, climbing a mountain; and Crack the Skye on ether (along with Rasputin

and Tsarist Russia thrown in for good measure). While this may all sound pretty deep, the concepts are rather loose and the music can definitely be enjoyed on its surface level without searching for deeper, hidden meaning. On The Hunter, things got simplified a bit, with no real overarching theme to speak of, just 13 shorter, more polished tracks that unfortunately tend to blend together a bit. By teaming up with producer Mike Elizondo, best known for working with hip-hop acts like 50 Cent, the band raised more than a few eyebrows. And although the sound of The Hunter isn’t as brutal as their earlier records, nor as tripped-out as Crack The Skye, elements of both can still be found throughout. And the album’s standout tracks ‘Black Tongue’,

‘Curl of the Burl’, and ‘The Sparrow’ leave no doubt that Mastodon is at the top of their game. Of the group’s four members – bassist Troy Sanders, drummer Brann Dailor and guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher – all but Kelliher take turns on vocal duties. While many songs feature growling/screaming vocals, others are much cleaner and border on (gasp!) actually singing. The mix of sounds ensures that Mastodon fans of all stripes will hear what they came for.

Justin cremer


Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

13 - 19 January 2012


The Freudian Slip + Echo Me + Nelson Can Rust; 20:00; 50kr The Danish two-piece The Freudian Slip have found relative success working the Copenhagen scene promoting their unconventional brand of percussive rock. Also performing will be the one-man army Echo Me, aka Jesper Madsen, a Copenhagen-based singersongwriter with a penchant for turning his emotional quirks into catchy folk tunes. Third up, Nelson Can are an all-female trio who have remained dormant for the past few years but are now making a comeback with a new image, sound and style. DvdN


popularity, the evening felt a little like an impromptu performance at late-night house party. Performing his audience favourite ‘Cecilia’ as the second song, most of the crowd were singing along word for word. He even stopped singing at one point and let the audience carry on for him. Afterwards he gratefully said “Så snyggt, så fint” (So nice, so good). It’s obvious why Dybdahl is so popular in Denmark. His deep and melancholic sound matches the Danish winter mentality spot on. But he still managed to lift the crowd’s spirits through church-like hymns that significantly lightened the mood. For me, the night’s highlight was ‘From Grace’, a song that totally blew me away. All of Store Vega was quivering with the soft sound and he ended it in a minor key that led perfectly into the next song ‘New York City’. When he played ‘Pale Green Eyes’, it sounded as if he had managed to sneak in a boys’ choir as he captivated the audience completely. Following the song, he said his goodbyes and stepped off the stage. No-one, however, was

Thomas Dybdahl HHHHHH

December 21 Store Vega


entered the balcony just as Thomas Dybdahl struck his first chord and an instant, collective cheer rang out from the audience. For some, this was a first encounter with the folk singer, but there was no doubt that the majority of the crowd were being reunited with their beloved Norwegian neighbour. As a singer/songwriter, Dybdahl has mastered the art of storytelling. When he noticed that people at the back were talking amongst themselves, telling their own stories, he kindly told them: “If you have any questions, just ask.” That was an appropriate beginning to what was a very personal concert. In between songs, Dybdahl answered questions from the audience and shared stories with his fans. Dybdahl was in no rush, taking his time between songs. Despite Dybdahl’s increasing international

Fate Lygten Station; 21:00; 90kr Originally formed in 1984, Fate are one of the founding fathers of Danish heavy metal. Reforming after a decade-long hiatus, the five-piece have made appearances at a number of international festivals over the past couple of years and have also released a greatest hits compilation of their most epic tracks from their 12 studioalbums, as well as a new album, Ghosts From The Past (2011). As the album name suggests, little has changed about their style of music (and dress) since the ‘80s. Emblematic heavy metal rock tunes delivered by long-haired rockers who have pledged their lives to the genre. DvdN

ThurSDAY 19

Jacob Christoffersen Trio feat. Niclas Knudsen Jazzhus Montmartre; 20:00; 220kr For one night only Copenhagen’s prime jazz club will be graced with another warming performance from two of the city’s celebrated modern jazz figures, pianist Christoffersen and guitarist Knudsen, who is perhaps best known in his role as the guitarist from Danish jazz fusion group, Ibrahim Electric. Presenting his new exciting trio, JC3, Christoffersen will be honing in on the instrumental dimensions of modern jazz, celebrating its rich and colourful history in an accessible and classic jazz concert. (English/Danish) DvdN

Michael Caddy Søndergaard /

Karen Busck Jazzhus Montmartre; 20:00; 285kr This evening, female Danish jazz vocalist and composer Busck will be performing alongside her favourite trio that includes Swedish pianist Jakob Karlzon and long-time collaborator and bassist, Morten Ramsbøl. Lauded for her seductive vocal style, Busck will perform an assortment of her popular numbers from across her discography with the promise of performing some of the new material from her upcoming album. Also note that there is a repeat concert tomorrow evening – see for further details. DvdN


Gym Class Heroes

Amager Bio; 20:00, 245kr Frontman Travie McCoy – who played to a sold out crowd at Rust – is returning with his hiphop/rock group, Gym Class Heroes. Making their debut appearance as a unit in Copenhagen, their polished dancefloor hits should go down swimmingly given their popularity on radio station P3. They will be releasing their fifth studio album, The Papercut Chronicles II (2012), later this month – which includes the hit ‘Stereo Hearts’ featuring a guest appearance from Maroon 5’s Adam Levin. The New Yorkers have a strong following and will attract party-goers from across the city. DvdN

Nightlife Half Italo Half Haram

Bakken; Fri 23:00; Free Adm

The Norwegian felt right at home among his Danish fans

ready to let go of him just yet, so the crowd kept singing the song until he came back. Although he quickly returned to the stage, sadly he was never able to catch that same intimacy. He played a couple of acoustic numbers, including an instrumental number that felt a little flat and anti-climactic. All in all, the Norwegian put on a steady concert for his Dan-


ish friends. He did play a couple of songs that I wasn’t all that familiar with, but I was never lost or not enjoying the concert. Dybdahl is able to establish an intimate connection with his audience, which reciprocates by displaying their own special connection to his music. aviaja bebe nielsen

Playing a set tonight will be Copenhagen-based Swedish artist and DJ, Anika Lori – who also works closely with Kødbyen’s flourishing art gallery V1. Playing an eclectic DJ-set that promises to dig up sonic relics from America’s southern country music tradition, it’s a step above your typical house music night. Never a dull night, Bakken is the heart beat of Copenhagen’s hip Kødbyen club scene, attracting hundreds of party goers week in, week out. Always a good idea. Jakob Millung (DJ)

Drone, Sat 22:00; Free Adm Millung is the bassist of the emerging Danish groups Moi Caprice and Choir of Young Believers. In his spare time he plays DJ sets delivering an eclectic set of dancefloor winners cherry-picked from his playlist. One of the busiest venues along Nørrebrogade, Drone is a no-brainer at this time of year

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Lille Vega; 21:00; 125kr The New York four-piece founded by Jospeh D’Agostino borrowed their band-name from a quotation used by Lou Reed to describe the sound of the Velvet Underground. Hardly an incarnation of the Velvet Underground, the New Yorkers tuck into the ‘90s for their inspiration, spinning catchy American-tasting teen rock tunes. The opener from their debut record Why There Are Mountains (2009), ‘And The Hazy Sea’ is a good introductory number to their riff-heavy signature sound. This is a good way to start off an early weekend. DvdN for those living local not wanting to brave the winter cold for little more than a short stroll. Always good fun on a Saturday, there’ll be a good turn out whatever the weather.

Culture Box’s 7th Birthday Party

Culture Box; Sat 23:00; 100kr

Headlining Culture Box’s birthday bash tonight will be perhaps Berlin’s biggest celebrity in dance music, Michael Mayer. The co-owner of the colossal Kompact Records and a major figure on the global dance scene, Mayer is a frontrunner in the industry, perpetually pushing the frontiers of dance music as an idol to party-goers. Also playing a set will be the long-serving DJ and producer Margaret Dygas, whose fresh interpretation and markedly thought-provoking compositions have aided the development of underground dance scenes in London, Berlin and New York over the years. Culture Box’s birthday is a night when you can reboot your system and ready yourself for all tomorrow’s parties. Daniel van der Noon





05:00AM: WELL, here I am, rolling on the floor again, microphone in hand at Jule Distortion, while Santa Claus is beat-boxing in his leather G-string, asking me if I fancy going back to his place an offer I can only decline since Lapland is a tad far away. As a matter of fact, it was only this morning that I’d told my kids that Santa was too old and sick to make it this year and had sadly croaked. Not quite yet, or so it seems. Rewind to 21:30PM: I casually put down another smashed acoustic guitar, while the 30 plus unexpected guests are getting gently hysterical at this art opening that is so underground that we are all slowly, but surely, turning into mole rats . “Wow, I really dig the way you played ‘Dancing Queen’ in a depressed Johnny Cash kinda way,” says Skildpade Suppe (that’s ‘turtle soup’ in Danish), my dear siamese cousin, handing me two pills: one red, one black. “Well, the red one will ...” I interrupt him and promptly swallow them both as I religiously put down smashed electric guitar number six, telling myself that I just happen to be stuck in another vortex. “Okay, ladies, there will be a bus picking us up at the end of the street within seven minutes,” I hear myself shout to no one in particular. “This French dude is so full of it ... What the hell is he talking about?!” “Five minutes from now” “Could this guy be serious, after all?” Eleven people believe that I might be so, or just enough to give it a shot to the end of the street. While they´re putting on their coats, hats, scarves and what-

Events Queen’s Ruby Jubilee NEW Square in front of Amalienborg Castle, Cph K; Sat 12:00-13:00; Free adm; Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is celebrating her 40th jubilee as the monarch of Denmark. She will appear on the balcony of Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen from where she will be waving at the crowd. She is the fifth longest ruling regent in the history of Denmark, and the day marks her succession to the throne after the death of her father, King Frederik IX, on 14 January 1972. After the appearance at Amalienborg the queen and prince consort will ride by carriage to Copenhagen City Hall for an official reception. Here you’ll also have the chance to wave at her when she steps out on to the balcony again. MSØ Spar Shipping Fishing Trips Nyhavn 61, Cph K (dock on Lautrupskaj); Weekdays: 225kr from 08:00-15:00, Weekends: twice a day: 07:0012:30 & 12:45-18:00, the trips depend on numbers so are rarely confirmed well in advance; 3333 9355, Hook a fish on their sea trips.

This section was contributed by Alexis Robiou, a French fine artist, writer and musician who has lived in Copenhagen for two years. As well as hosting Copenhagen Fashion Week events at Nikolaï Kirke or rocking live at Rust, he´s been spotted acting as a very improbable city tour guide or singing street karaoké during the last edition of Distortion. His work has been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Munich, Barcelona, Dublin, and now on Blågårdsgade (see below for details).

nots, still slightly sceptical, I yell: “Just hurry the hell up! Are you mermen or what?!” “Have you noticed the 20 degrees difference from last year?” asks the weatherman who got lost on his way. “Yeah, whatever; c´mon guys!” I urge them. I know that Lars, the driver, will not wait an extra second. It is quite a spectacle to see them all put their gear on in the street, while still wondering. Then, there it is, in all its resplendent glory: the legendary raver BUS, glowing like a million supernova, magnificently roaring, just as if Neal Cassidy were behind the wheel, Ken Kesey giving psychedelic orders, Bill Burroughs controlling your dreams, and the ghosts of James Brown and M J moon-stepping all over your subconscious. We are stuck in between several packs of blondes as improbably beautiful as they are inebriated, grooving with such an iron determination - a careless abandon that the bus is just BOOMING with relentless beats and Scandinavian pheromones ! I can see the disbelief in my new friends´ eyes. The driver hands me an envelope (that I will find two days later). It says: “This is real, this is Copenhagen: magic happens here, especially when you least expect it.” On our way to the final party, we hit so many bars and clubs, the bus finally leaves without me. That´s when I hear Søren Kirkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen ask for my CPR number, duly check it and announce, in unison: “You´re next onstage.” As a Santa in bondage gear hands me a microphone, I start to scream and get rolling.

Islebjerg Church NEW flea market Islebjerg Church, Angarsvej 2, Frederikssund; Sat 11:00-15:00; www. Make a bargain and do a good deed at the same time. Islebjerg Church and the Green Scouts in Frederikssund invite you to a flea market at the church. All profits go to the scouts. There will be free coffee and other drinks and cake, starting at just 5kr. MSØ Zumba party: NEW Dance for Life Brøndby Hall, Brøndby Stadion 10, Brøndby; Sun 10:00-15:00; Bring sports gear, water, towel; tickets 250kr (incl. tank top and goodie bag) at www.; Shake your booty for charity. Brøndby Hall is hosting Dance for Life, a dance-for-life zumba event in co-operation with the Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse). All the profits will go to the Cancer Society’s work with young people. The day will be spent in the company of Michael Olesen, Katrine Bonde and René Christensen – wellknown faces on television show Vild med Dans (Strictly Come Dancing) - together with some extremely talented zumba instructors. MSØ

13 - 19 January 2012

Beyond the Disco Dick featuring Christian D’or Bakken, Flæsketorvet 19-21, Cph V; Sat 23:00-05:00 free adm Well, you got an itch that you cannot scratch and it just happens to be the time of the year when everybody believes that staying in is the new going out, apart from the truly wild at heart. Yes, the weather can be a challenge, but my friend, do not listen to the party poopers, go and meet our punk rock friends at this must-see venue in between Tivoli and the Little Mermaid, both geographically and on the underground map (well almost), and fall in love with a fur coat in the ladies toilet. French Art Day Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, Cph V; Sun 22 Jan, 10:30-17:00; tickets 30kr, free adm for under-16s With over 10,000 compatriots in Copenhagen alone, the French-speaking community is one of the bigger and most active expat scenes. Yet, a lot of francophones experience a certain disconnectedness, especially in art and creative fields, so they will surely welcome this comprehensive showcase of contemporary French art, ranging from paintings and video installations to sculpture and opera. (contributed by Alexandra Bode) Nightmarket/party at the theatre Bremen Teater, Nyrupsgade 39-41, Cph K; Fri 20 Jan, 20:00–02:00; tickets 50kr Proceedings start with a flea market held in between blue velvet theatre chairs. Sounds normal enough, wait, because then burgers are flipped and sold directly from the bike on the stage. Drinks, DJs and live music bring cash.

Marriage fair NEW Bella Centret, Center Boulevard 5, Cph S; open Sat-Sun 11:0017:00; Tickets 80kr at the door or at www.denstoredag. dk, free adm for kids If you’re getting married this year, the Marriage Fair at the Bella Center this weekend is the place to be. Everyone who’s anyone in the industry is gathering for just two days under the same roof – there will never be more inspiration for your big day. (And something even possibly for men.) Just think of all the travelling time you’ll save visiting them all in the same place. Look out for the fashion shows from 12:00-14:30, with styling by Dennis Knudsen Denmark. MSØ Feed the birds NEW De Gamles By (The Old Town), near Guldbergsgade/Møllegade, Cph N; Sun 13:00-16:00; bring binoculars; Free adm; (in Danish) Experience the life of winter birds in Denmark in the heart of Nørrebro. First you get the chance to make your own bird feed for The Old Town or your own back yard. Later you take a walk around the area with binoculars to get a closer look at the birds. Meet at Orangeriet, through the gate at Møllegade, which is just across the street from Det Frie Gymnasium. There will be coffee, tea, and cake for all the bird enthusiasts. MSØ

Laugh your head off Metronom, God- NEW thåbsvej 33, Frederiksberg; Mon 17:0019:00; Free adm, just show up; Join other chuckling people and exceed your boundaries. Playing with your laughter helps you get in a good mood and shape - and it can also increase your confidence, the organisers say. It’s also a good way to avoid anxiety and depression. So bring your friends and family to this cheerful event, and get to know them and yourself from a new angle. Carlsberg Tour Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, Valby; Tue-Sun 10.00-17.00; Tickets 65kr, under-17s 50kr, under-12s free Come and see where it all began on this tour around the old Carlsberg brewery. Charlie Scott’s Skindergade 43, Cph K; Tue & Thu 17:00-20:30; Free Adm Jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday! Harness Racing Charlottenlund Race Course, Traverbanevej 10, Charlottenlund; Wed 15:15; 20kr; www. No Ben Hur thrills and spills here, that’s for sure!

NEXT WEEK: MUSEUMS CORNER Ice Skating Locations in Greater Cph At the risk of breaking a bone … or a few … take to the rinks this season. There’s a range of rinks all over the city with many offering skates for hire by the hour. Lindevangsparken Corner of Frisensvej and Dalgas Boulevard, Frederiksberg C; Open until March 1, 24 hours a day except Tue-Thu from 14:30–17:00; Free adm, no skate rental This rink is open 24/7. The new CO2-friendly rink is made of wax, not water, for prime skating conditions. Although it’s free of charge, there’s no skate rental, so bring your own skates. Ishøj Skate Rink Vejledalen 17, Ishøj; Open mid Dec until mid March, MonFri 10:00–21:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00; Free adm, skate hire 30kr per hour Well placed for those who live in the western suburbs. Toftegårds Plads Toftegårds Plads, Toftegårds Alle, Valby; Open until Mar 31, Mon-Fri 11:00–22:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–22:00; Free Adm, skate rental 45kr per hour Due to ongoing subway construction, the rink on Kongens Nytorv will be closed until 2018 … but until then Copenhagen Council has decided to open a rink in Valby at Toftegårds Plads. At 1500sqm this rink is big, big, big!

Frederiksberg Runddel Frederiksberg Runddel; Open until March 1, Mon-Fri 11:0022:00, Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun and public holidays 12:00–22:00; Free adm, skate rental 45kr per hour If you’re likely to be focusing more on your surroundings than your speed then this is the rink for you. A great place for kids and beginners, it’s also permitted to skate on the rink when the skate rental is closed. Blågårds Plads Blågårds Plads 1, Cph N; Open Dec 12 until March 1, MonFri 10:00–21:00, Sat 11:00–18:00, Sun 11:00–17:00; Free adm, skate hire 40kr per hour (rental of skates stops one hour before closing) Surrounded by Kai Nielsen’s sculptures, this skating rink in Nørrebro is one of the larger ones in the city, and the area’s young people frequently use it for ice hockey. Korsgade Hall, located a few hundred metres from the rink, rents skates out to those without their own. Genforeningspladsen Genforeningspladsen, between Hulgårdsvej and Borups Alle, Cph N; Open until Feb 28, every day from 10:00–22:00; Free Adm, skate rental 40kr per hour (rental ends at 19:00) Boasting 400 metres in length and 12 metres in width, this rink easily outranks all others in the city for size. EM



13 - 19 January 2012

So many people lent a hand to give us parklife!


Superkilen Outer Nørrebro, Cph N; officially opens 1 July


NEW YEAR fitness resolutions can be hard to keep at the best of times, but these four lifestyle changes may just help you attain your goals. Fitness DK Various locations in Greater Cph; Full-time membership from 369kr/ month; 8222 2210; Every year, millions of people make the resolution to lose weight and get fit and with a membership at one of Fitness DK’s numerous gyms, this may be one resolution you actually keep. All of Fitness DK’s centres offer extensive training opportunities, personalised programmes to help meet individual needs, as well as long opening hours to suit the busy individual. Child care is available and certain centres also have steam bath, sauna and spa facilities as well as massage, physiotherapy and café areas with complimentary coffee and tea. Beauty Avenue Lifestyle Salon and Spa Forhåbningsholms Alle 3, Frederiksberg; Various treatments from 650kr; 3336 2090; Every year, the pace of life only seems to quicken, but you owe it to yourself to slow down and focus on pampering and rewarding yourself. Beauty Avenue offers a wide range of treatments designed to make anyone feel and look beautiful. With spa therapists, stylists and product advisors, the choices are endless. Whether it’s a ‘Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap’, or perhaps the quicker but no less luxurious ‘Pure Focus Facial’, there are options to suit everyone.

Kids The Expedition


South Galleries, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K; Playing: Sun & Jan 22 at 17:00; free adm for under 16s & accompanying adults; One of Europe’s most significant artists and contemporary storytellers, Simon Starling, is bringing Danish audiences his latest creation, The Expedition. His puppet play follows a hapless adventurer as he attempts to reach New York City by boat. It’s a journey beset by calamities, and one where he meets a host of strange characters including an elusive zebra-striped beast and a sinister submarine. Starling was awarded the Turner Prize contemporary art award in 2005 for his “unique ability to create poetics and draw together a wide range of cultural, political and historical narratives”. The playing time is 25 minutes. EM

You owe it to yourself in January

Barrett Health Club Kalvebod Brygge 5, Cph V; 8833 9900;; Wellness package 1500kr per person, minimum two people Keeping the passion alive in relationships can be difficult but why not start off 2012 with Barrett Health Club’s ‘Wellness Package’. It begins with a 30-minute aromatherapy steam bath and sauna where the body is completely warmed up. Afterwards there is a 50-minute classic body massage, which ends with fresh fruit and a glass of champagne. To finish there is a threecourse dinner including wine at Restaurant Midtown Grill. Santhi Yoga School Ole Suhrs Gade 13 kld. tv, Cph K; 3513 4371;; 10 lessons from 450kr Yoga can be a great way to get in touch with one’s inner self and at Santhi Yoga School it is possible to take beginner’s courses in English. With a variety of lesson times, and other classes such as guided meditation and voice meditation, there has never been a better time to try new things and experience benefits for both the mind and body.

Basim NEW Frederiksberg Hovedbibliotek, Falkoner Plads 3, Frederiksberg C; performance: Sat 11:30–12:00; Free adm; Danish teen sensation Anis Basim Moujahid aka ‘Basim’ is known as the guy who almost won X-factor in 2008 at the ripe old age of 15. Since then he’s scored a record deal and released two CDs ‘All that I would have said’ (which reached number eight in the Danish charts) and ‘Free Yourself’. With his loved-up song lyrics and natural charm, Basim will pull the heart strings of any pre-teen or teenage girl. EM Dolphins and Whales Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Gl Kongevej 10, Cph V; ends Feb 3, screening Thu 12:20, Wed & Fri 15:50, Sat & Sun 11:10; Tickets: adults 135kr, kids 85kr; www.planetariet. dk Dolphins and Whales takes kids on an exciting and emotional adventure. For the first time ever these amazing animals have been recorded in 3D, allowing audiences to experience their lives and living conditions as never seen before. The film gives an insight into the many unknown aspects of these creatures, particularly looking at their advanced communication and social skills. The film lasts for an hour - recommended for ages 3-18. EM


WHAT ARE palm trees doing in a Nørrebro neighbourhood? The tropical trees have appeared in this northern climate thanks to collaboration between the arts group Superflex, the architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the German urban space design group Topotek1, and local residents to build a new public park, Superkilen. Superkilen officially opens on July 1, but city dwellers can already walk through it, play on its playground, and enjoy the colourful atmosphere of this new public space. From the palm trees to a giant black octopus, Superkilen is not your everyday city park, as you might have guessed. This, however, is no surprise considering its creators. Superflex became internationally acclaimed for art projects like Free Beer, an open source beer recipe, and Flooded McDonald’s, which indirectly questions corporate responsibility for climate change by flooding a perfect replica of a McDonald’s restaurant. BIG has made its name with imaginative architectural projects that explore sustainable material use and social interaction design. Projects include the VM Bjerget, Mountain Building, a mountain-shaped, luxury apartment building in Amager, which has been awarded numerous architectural prizes, including the top award for housing design at the World Architectural Festival in 2008. Topotek1, based in Berlin, specialises in the conceptual design of public urban areas. Together they polled local residents of one of the most ethnically-diverse and socially-troubled parts of Copenhagen to create a design that sees Superkilen divided into three sections: the red square, the black market, and the green park. The three sec-

Life and Death Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48, Cph K; ends Sep, open Tue-Sun 10:00–17:00, Wed 10:00–18:00; free adm; This exhibition has been designed to give children a framework in which to talk about life and death. Developed in collaboration with teachers and psychologists, ‘Life and Death’ shows artwork that depicts the cycle of life. By using art as a tool to approach the subject, kids can form their own opinions on the topic and not feel too confronted by what can be a difficult subject. Designed for kids aged 6- 12. EM Adventurous Couture Amalienborg Museum, Christian VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg, Cph K; open Tue–Sun 11:00–16:00; tickets 45-65kr, free adm for kids; For every girl who’s ever dreamed of being a queen, or at least dressing up like one, this is the exhibition for you. ‘Adventurous Couture’ displays the most beautiful ball dresses that Queen Margrethe has worn at special occasions since 1960. Admire the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into their creation ... in wonder at the sheer extravagance. EM

The black octopus: popular with kids, a foe of Captain Nemo

tions are furnished with specific objects nominated by the local residents, who are made up of over 50 different nationalities. Residents selected everyday objects remembered from their home countries like litter bins from England, a swing set from Iraq, neon signs from the USA, and a fountain from Morocco, to name a few. These items were either bought and brought to Denmark or recreated on a 1:1 scale. Residents also asked for increased greenery. On their website, Superflex describes the park as: “A sort of surrealist collection of global urban diversity that in fact reflects the true nature of the local neighbourhood - rather than perpetuating a petrified image of homogenous Denmark.” Each colour-coordinated section of the 750-metre long area has a specific focus. The red square, painted bright red, orange, and pink, has been designed as an extension of Nørrebrohallen, the sports hall at the beginning of the park on Nørrebrogade. Between Nørrebrogade and Mimersgade, the focus is on athletic recreation and an open-air public market, with benches from Brazil and Iran to sit on and chat with friends. The black market, the centre of Superkilen, is a place for neighbours to meet

at chess tables, barbecue grills, the octopus playground, and the palm trees, which came from China. The ground shifts from red to black with white lines when you move into the central section of Superkilen. From the black market, park visitors go into the green park, which will be the final section to be completed. An entirely green area with rolling hills, trees, and plants, even the paved walk and bike area will be painted green. The green park, which ends at Tagensvej, is still brown, waiting for spring to be planted with the planned foliage. You can wait until July for the official opening, or you can visit Superkilen now to see this radically colourful example of urban public space design. Walking through the red square and the black market, families and neighbours are already swinging on the swings from Iraq or sitting and talking on the benches from Iran and Brazil. When the park opens this summer, Superkilen will reflect the diversity of this Copenhagen neighbourhood. What at first appears to be a mismatch will in fact be the start of a discussion about the rapidly changing face of Danish public life. BONNIE FORTUNE

sport a y la p o t t n Wa and meet new people

while you’re in Denmark? Join the Expat Sporting Sunday event and try what Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) has to offer to you and your whole family. The range of activities, such as roller board hockey, yoga for kids, Pilates, flag football and many more, will be available for free trial. Come and spend an exciting day full of movement and amusement! What: free sports activities for everyone – adults, tweens, kids

Expat in Denmark

When: Sunday, 12th of February, from 10.00-16.00 Where: DGI-Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V (next to central station) Everybody is welcome to join the fun and meet some of the local sports clubs! Register for activities at Arranged by DGI and The Copenhagen Post

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13 CANAL TOURS PRESENTS LIVE JAZZ SUNDAY & THURSDAY JAZZCRUISE 2011 The jazz tour lasts approx. 1½ hours and departs from Nyhavn


The price is DKK 140,00

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Hovedbanegård (Central Station)


Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)


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Dantes Plads


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function room

All sports shown live


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16.00 liverpOOl – stOke⎜18.20 WatfOrd –

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Big screen

Happy Hour daily until 8 pm – 35 kr Lager Pints Aussie Beers, Wines, Sports and Music


WoCo Tourist Info .


Nationalmuseet (National History Museum)


Rådhuset (Town Hall)




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saturday 14th 16.00 Man utd – BOltOn W


Dyssen (Christiania Lake)


Specializing in California-inspired quality sushi


live music And good food served All dAy



Where taste & aesthetics are in focus

Trolle s


restaurant // takeaway // cocktails

Your local sushi restaurant & takeaway located at Hotel Fox

Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)

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Frederiks Bastion




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(Town Hall Square)


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Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)

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Kongens Nytorv

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d S Gråbrødretorv mm Strøget sga i erg (Grey Friars Square) ngsen olb 26 æde tr v H Klo s r s d Nikolaj Kirke o g r Vor Frue Kirke Helligånds . aa 24 gert Ving Ad (Copenhagen Cathedral) sters Ama Højbro kirke de mi l tr. e plads de ra træ e ftet na 12 a a d S k d ls a l g e g s a imm ad kse træ der sK erg Strøget V e and La PeL e en ind 14 Ba ers ar nkt Sk Str ad ds de olm ed l Sa a s t L H g eg u e (P Bj y Kn es n N m Gammel v tr. iss ør ab m s Nationalbanken Ha torv e Råd ro Ga n de ere nS str d hu træ se Holmens Kirke de reg. ae . ga 6 n r d e l s t g d a a a m r v er en de ies Nytorv stræ or eu Sn sb ist ) ud de Th Mus rik 4 gn St r. a de Katte t e p s ssu Børsen g Fr m nde en a t (Old Stock Exchange) Ko unst M tr. Strøget 27 k Christiansborg els Knippelsbro d d e n en (Parliament) ad Va Holmens Kirke av Rådhuspladsen erg

S-Trains to Frederikssund / Høje Taastrup / Køge






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Quintus Bastion

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Boltens Gård



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Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393

Langelinie Pavillion





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Iste Enghave Plads


Skt. Pauls plads





Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X


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Vesterbro Torv





Planetarium evej





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Cinemateket Filmhuset

Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)


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Gammel Kong

nrå Hauser Plads






Øster Voldgade

Kongens Have






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1601 København V Tel +45 3314 3535



Cph 30 Scandic Vester Søgade 6,

Israels Plads


Amager Boulevard 70, 2300 Cph S Tel +45 3396 5200






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29 Radisson Scandiavia






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1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900



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Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)


Astoria 28 Hotel Banegårdspladsen 4,







1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200





lds A

Rosenborg Castle


Square 27 The Rådhusplasen 14,

metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse



gl . Te dstr r gå

1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882


Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,

Radiohuset (Radio House)






Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)



S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg


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Botanisk Have

Dronning Louise’s Bro




gade rF


Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900


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25 Cph Marriot


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Havnegade 37, 1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900




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24 Strand Hotel



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Blågårds Plads














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ter ABC gade Willemoesgade bro gad Classensgade e


Sankt Hans Torv Nør



Odense ga

Rosenvængets Alle



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G11 14








FælledParken Rigshospitalet (Central hospital)





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BioMio is Denmark’s largest organic restaurant. The environment is on the menu Local and climate friendly ingredients, made to order in front of you by one of our chefs.





13 - 19 January 2012




Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •




13 - 19 January 2012

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Zone 3 Zone 4

Let’s go





AS A GENERAL RULE, it’s wise to bring a little gift to the host/hostess of a party, as a way of expressing your gratitude. The most common gifts include flowers or chocolates, or maybe even a bottle of wine. But it wasn’t until recently I had ever received such a unique gift from my guests: a large piece of salted and boiled meat called rullepølse. Our guests had driven from their home in Jutland complete with a few choice chunks of their neighbour’s locally-acclaimed homemade rullepølse. Rullepølse, usually made from pork breast, is rolled jelly-roll style until it resembles a large sausage, similar to Italian pancetta, and thus giving it the name which literally translated is ‘rolled sausage’.

In Denmark, rullepølse is eaten as a cold cut, served sliced thinly on rye bread. Smørrebrød queen Ida Davidsen features hers at her restaurant, with the addition of pickles, horseradish and tomato to create the trademark dish ‘Per Henriksen’. We opted for the less embellished route of buttered rye bread and raw red onion. And just one bite made us instantly understand how someone could become known for their infamous rullepølse – it was leaps and bounds from the prepackaged, preserved slices of leather one finds at the supermarket. Just yesterday, I decided to make my very first rullepølse. And with a bit of luck, I’m hoping it will taste half as good as the one we were given by our friends.


$ $ $

$ $ $

Cap Horn Nyhavn 21, Cph K; open Mon-Fri 10:00-00:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-00:00; 3312 8504; starters from 99kr, main courses from 139kr, desserts from 39kr; see for special events Nyhavn, the old harbour, is an idyllic area of magic and hygge what the Danes like to say when referring to anything that is cosy, charming, or delightful: all qualities Cap Horn has in abundance. Its simple menu boasts a fine selection of organic, homemade Danish fare, with a touch of seasonal influence. There were two highlights: the veal, pumpkin, mushrooms and potatoes with amazing truffle sauce (a ‘best ever veal experience) and the chocolate cake (‘Oh My God’), which was possibly the best chocolate cake ever! MM

Restaurant Kiin Kiin Guldbergsgade 21, Copenhagen N; 3535 7535; fourcourse menu 450kr, sevencourse 775kr (with wine menu 1450kr); There are only two Thai restaurants in the whole world that have been awarded a Michelin star. One of them is in London, the other one is Kiin Kiin, which you will find in the heart of Nørrebro. And it is well deserved. Kiin Kiin isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience, a place where every little detail is thought through. PDR 1. th. Herluf Gade 9, Cph K; 3393 5770,; www.1th. dk; 1,250kr per person 1. th. is a gourmet restaurant with a twist. Tucked away behind a hard to-find-door on the first floor to the right of a typical Copenhagen apartment, the restaurant is based around the concept of the dinner party with guests stepping into what appears to be a private apartment and then being utterly spoilt by their hosts. The monthly set menu costs 1,250kr and has a whopping ten courses, and you can tell them in advance of any food quirks you might have and they will personalise the menu for you. Terrific food, friendly and attentive service and a unique setting. CS Reinwald’s Farvergade 15, 1463 Cph K; open Mon-Sat 14:00-24:00 (kitchen closes at 22:00); 3391 8289; www.reinwalds. dk; five-course menu with wine 850kr, other dishes 75215kr Serving lunch and dinner, a director’s-script length of choices confronts you at Reinwald’s. It’s a who’s who of classic French and French-inspired Danish dishes as well as a monthly set menu. Any chef would be proud of this. SC

BioMio Halmtorvet 19, 1700 Cph V; open daily 12:00-24:00 (later Fri and Sat), kitchen open 12:00-22:00; 3331 2000; starters 75kr, mains 135kr; www. Located in an old warehouse next to trendy Kødbyen, Bio Mio is certainly unusual for conservative Copenhagen. It’s stylish without being pretentious, fast enough that you don’t go crazy waiting for food, and loud enough that you can make a racket without anyone raising an eyebrow. JH SushiTreat Fox Jarmers Plads 3, Cph V; open Mon-Thu 16:30-22:00, Fri-Sat 16:30-24:00 with Club Treat from 22:00-02:00; 3338 7030 The newly-opened restaurant SushiTreat at the Hotel Fox serves the best California-style sushi in the city, offers an impressive drinks and wine card, and has a completely unique atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights when you can order sushi until 2am while listening to some of the city’s best DJs . MOC

Danish Rullepølse 2 kg veal breast* 5 tbsp coarse salt 8 bay leaves 10 black peppercorns 1 tbsp dried thyme 1 bunch flat leaved parsley, leaves only Place the veal breast flat on cutting board. (It’s worth noting at this point that I work as a kitchen chef on a daily basis, making food for many, some of which don’t eat pork, thus my decision to utilise veal instead of pork. However, pork breast - svineslag in Danish - can easily be used instead.) With long chef ’s knife, butterfly the breast horizontally, so as to make it half as thin and twice its length. Place salt, four bay leaves, peppercorns and thyme in coffee grinder and blend to fine sand

Oysters & Grill Sjællandsgade 1B, 2200 Copenhagen N; open Mon-Sat 17:30-24:00, Sun 12:00-21:00; oysters cost 15-35kr each, main courses cost 135-185kr; 7020 6171; Oysters & Grill is not rocket science, yet it give diners in Copenhagen access to fresh and delicious food at reasonable prices with an emphasis on seafood, fish and meats, which are prepared simply and flavourfully. NA Thai Flavours Vesterbrogade 30, Cph V; open Sun-Thu 12:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-23:30; Starters 60kr, mains 100kr; 3331 3170,; A worthy exponent of the Thai kitchen has opened recently in Vesterbro, just one block from the Planetarium and the lakes. The utterly unpretentious yet stylish Thai Flavours has a hospitable and authentic atmosphere and walls that let you breathe. KRG Saga Queen Havnegade 31, Cph K (near Nyhavn); sails twice Thu-Sat at 13:00 (lunch ) & 19:00 (dinner); reservations 4675 6460 &; www. The city’s only restaurant cruise ship, the Saga Queen offers a two-hour lunch cruise and a three-hour dinner cruise. Every table has a wonderful window view, and there’s a choice of set menus. Sometimes a meal can feel like an eternity, but here the time passed by quickly and pleasurably as we enjoyed a feast for both our eyes and our very satisfied stomachs. JC Brasserie Degas Trommesalen 5, Cph V; 3322 2826; see for more info If you like macarons, this is the place to get them. The brasserie also serves main courses like fried duck breast with wild mushrooms. TDF

13 - 19 January 2012

consistency. Season meat completely with salt. Place in bowl, cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for one to two days. To cook rullepølse, chop parsley finely. Place meat on cutting board, put a strip of parsley down middle of meat, longwise, and roll meat up tightly like a jelly roll. Bring five litres of lightly salted water to a simmer. Add remaining four bay leaves. Use butcher’s twine to secure meat, and add to hot water. Simmer two hours. Remove meat from water and set in dish with heavy, flat weight on top, for example a cutting board topped with a heavy pot. Allow the meat to cool completely, remove from press, remove twine and slice thinly. Bon appetit!

$ $ $

Saxo Cafe Colbjørnsensgade 11, 1652 Cph V; open 11:00-23:00; 3888 8288,; Chinese buffet 128kr pp, dim sum dishes from 35kr Saxo’s menu is an eclectic and comforting mix of cultures, incorporating Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese buffets, Dim Sum and Vietnamese menus, and traditional Danish fare. With such a wide choice, it’s a great place to go as a group who can’t agree on a choice of cuisine. On our visit our favourites were the Dum Sums - particularly the steamed pork dumplings that are perfectly fluffy. AK Gold Prag Gothersgade 39, 1123 Cph K; open Tue-Wed 17:00-23:30; Thu-Sat 17:00-24:00; SunMon closed; appetisers from 19Kr, mains from 89kr; 3391 4712, Gold Prag has a distinct Austrian, Hungarian, Czech and Polish heritage and lives in a time of its own. The main courses are substantial, honestly cooked and rich in taste and include Vienna schnitzel with baked new potatoes and coleslaw and chicken breast topped with apricots and cheese. There are also dumplings cooked in the Austrian way and delicious goulash among the many different servings to be had. All in all it is a rough and tumble sort of place that is elegantly primitive with charisma, heartiness and austerely excellent food that perfectly accompanies classic beers and wine. SC Restaurant Dalaman Vodroffsvej 15, Frederiksberg C; Open daily 16:0024:00; 3322 1231; three-course menus 119kr, 139kr & 159kr pp Turkish restaurant Dalaman puts an emphasis on good food and customer satisfaction. It’s a haven for meat lovers and is popular among its clientele for the meaty mixed grill. AJ

Pubs The Irish Rover Strøget 46, 1161 Cph K; Open daily 10:00-late; www. You won’t find a more childfriendly pub in the whole city. From the fish and chip expat family nights at 17:00 on the last Friday of every month, to enjoying the Sunday roast (lamb, all the trimmings, just 99kr, kids portion for 58kr), they are always welcome. There’s live music Thursday-Sunday (22:00-late), the kitchen is open from 10:00 until late every day - serving a burger meal with pint for just 120kr - the pub caters to all sports fans, there’s a pool table in their back room where you can smoke, and upstairs there’s a new lounge area, which is the perfect place to relax with a view over Strøget. BH Brew Pub Vestergade 29, 1456 Cph K; restaurant open MonSat 12:00-22:00, pub open Mon-Thu 12:00-24:00, FriSat 12:00-02:00, Sun closed; 3332 0060;; three-course lunch menu 155kr The menu is full of hearty, homely, yet inventive dishes featuring inspired use of the same wonderful ingredients that go into the brewing process. Each dish can be easily matched by one of Brew Pub’s own concoctions from the casks across the courtyard. AK Kennedy’s Irish Bar Gammel Kongevej 23, 1610 Cph V; Open Mon-Sun 12:0002:00 It’s not an Irish pub. Instead it’s a pub owned by Irishmen, and there’s a big difference. It’s an authentic taste of what the Emerald Isle was like in the 1980s in a pub totally devoid of concepts, themes, and DIY Irish pub kits. Drop by at 17:00 on Fridays for the traditional Irish music sessions which are rapidly gaining in popularity. BH

Southern Cross Løngangstræde 37, Cph K; open Sun-Thu 15:00-03:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-05:00; 3311 0939 This Aussie boozer is a mecca for expats and Danes, old and young, that has a lively darts board, a fortnightly quiz, a good sports-viewing atmosphere, and a happy hour that lasts to 8pm during which you can beers for just 30kr. JHW The Dubliner Amagertorv 5, Strøget, 1160 Cph K; Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-late This pub is never quiet. It’s the perfect place for sports fans to mingle, or for live music which it provides every day. It also serves food all day from 10am to 10pm, and diners can find peace from the music and sport on a table overlooking the walking street, or on the first floor balcony overlooking Amagertorv. BH The Globe Nørregade 43-45, 1165 Cph K; Opening hours vary, until 03:00 Fri-Sat Friendly service and good value food make this the perfect city pub, and it’s difficult to know where to enjoy your pint given the number of options. If it’s company you want, you might try the main bar, or a private function, the second bar; seating-wise pull up a high chair, relax on cushioned benches or lord it as a bishop for the evening; or go genteel in the library - a great place to cheat in the fortnightly quiz, the longest running in the city. BH The Old English Pub Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 Cph V; Open Sun-Thu 11:30-02:30, Fri-Sat 11:30-04:30; 3332 1921; This Victorian style English pub has all the class and authenticity of a Cotswolds country pub not a Costa del Sol flea trap. Facing Tivoli’s arches and just a stone’s throw from Strøget, it’s the ideal pit-stop on a tour of the city centre LB



13 - 19 January 2012


The ancient kings of India would feel at home at Bindia

There’s nothing overtly Indian bar a few tasteful posters and ornaments

raita. A great size, I was satisfyingly full but not bursting. My companion was brave enough to make his way through the Chicken madras curry – a great one for the spicy lovers out there. Drinks-wise we enjoyed a good Indian beer, and with our meal a very creamy mango lassi. No Indian meal is complete without a great lassi! Sulman has also proudly created a great juices menu saying: “It’s actually better to eat the food with a juice rather than a beer.” The most recent edition to the drinks menu is the Indian wine

Super Bowl live at imperial Sunday 5 February at 21:00 Experience the Super Bowl live on the big screen! We’ll start the evening with a delicious American-style burger & fries from Jensen’s Bøfhus and your choice of a soda or a Heineken.


Ved Vesterport 4, 1612 København V Tlf. 70 13 12 11


IN ANCIENT INDIA, under direct orders from the king, his subjects were instructed to eat Indian food to increase their libido. This ancient prescription still holds true today but there’s also a few other reasons why dining on Indian food - particularly from Bindia - is good for your health and your taste buds. Upon entering most Indian restaurants, your attention is drawn towards Bollywood music videos or the aroma of stodgy butter chicken. But upon entering Bindia we found ourselves in a modern, sophisticated Indian restaurant featuring saffron-coloured candle holders and pictures of sikhs. The only blindingly overt Indian reminder was the gold-plated column made of real gold – 10 carat to be precise. Owner Amer Sulman’s love of great Indian cuisine led to the birth of Bindia in 2003. The playful name reflects his devotion to great Indian food – ‘bindi’ refers to the dot that a man places on his beloved’s forehead representing love and prosperity. Sulman desires to give diners an experience of Indian food that transcends traditional notions. A large focus of his is to serve up Indian food that’s healthy and fresh. Nothing here is deep-fried or stir-fried, and no butter or animal fats are used. Even the raita (yoghurt salad) has only 1.8 percent fat. While it may be easy on the hips, it’s also fantastic on the lips. Our starter kicked off our appetite. Little bread pockets with mixed fillings of mint, coriander, parsley and chilli provided a plethora of zesty flavours - just what you always wanted Indian food to taste like but never got! These were accompanied by grilled aubergines encompassing small pieces of Indian cheese. Alongside this were six fantastic chutneys, ranging from pomegranate to mint to spiced carrot. One of the defining factors that sets Bindia apart from other Indian restaurants is the flexibility of the menu. You choose your curry separately from your meat, so the typical Butter chicken can just as easily become a Butter lamb. There’s also the platter option - created to fit the popular European way of presenting food. My platter was the Wellow curry with lamb and may I (as a proud Kiwi) add that the lamb was of New Zealand origin. There was a small portion of rice (which is all you need), a great piece of naan and some fresh

– a thought perhaps if you’re feeling adventurous. We finished our little Indian expedition with some extremely creative Indian desserts. Whilst a very nice mango crème brûlée was on offer, we chose the carrot cake and the milk cake. These are not what you think. The carrot cake is made of raw carrots ... just sweeter. But the real taste of India came through in the milk cakes – small dome-shaped pieces of rich, sweet, sugary goodness. Indian desserts are traditionally heavy, so Sulman has created lighter versions

and kept the portion sizes small. Some fresh fruit on the side made all of this go down quite a treat. It’s a shame that Bindia wasn’t around at the time of India’s ancient kings, as I’m sure they would have told their subjects to feast there. Nevertheless it’s here now in Copenhagen, providing some of the healthiest, innovative and sharp-tasting Indian cuisine in Denmark.





Children’s play zone with activities Kids 0-6 years: free 6-12 years: ½ price

Be satisfied by the charm of delicacy…

Adults: 299 kr.

Macaroons & French pastry in a modern environment.

Private function? Book a room for 16 to 60 guests.

Brasserie Degas reopens its doors in a new location, presenting once again to all its customers, the famous club sandwich & Foie Gras salad.

Brasserie Degas / Le Macaron by Degas Trommesalen 5, 1614 Copenhagen V • Tlf +45 33 22 28 26


13 - 19 January 2012

you are welcome


MUSIC FESTIVAL In commemoration of Christian

Geist (c.1650-1711)

Holy Land Discovering Israel: Inside the Special advertising section INSIDE!

Photo: Karsten Movang

Festival Copenhagen Renaissance Music Special advertising section INSIDE!





The CPH Post






newspaper |


Guide | 16 - 22 Sep




Exploiting ‘fat tax’ Supermarkets are scamming guise their customers under the of the new national ‘fat tax’ NEWS |



page G9


new National coach Morten Olsen’s job in the contract will keep him Cup. until after the 2014 World


Warrior Jesus

Professional Serviced Accommodation

from How Christianity borrowed Jesus Norse mythology and branded the to woo as a tough guy in order pagan Vikings


9 771398 100009

For further information please visit

Price: 25 DKK

A new budget to ‘kickstart’ the


Danes abolished, saving some 525,000 mobile and of students. Moreover, stuwith business laptops (VK) govern- the number vious Venstre-Konservative no longer pay administrative phones 3,000 kroner per year. major points: dents will Master’s students look forment. Here are a few of the Not everyone, however, can the state’s fees, and prospective course tuitions Families: VK limited and junk (bør- will have prerequisite ward to a cash infusion. Smokers monthly child support handouts fam- paid. The government will also fund higher on their per food lovers will be taxed necheck) to 35,000 kroner corporations state-supported internship abolished, 1,500 more vices, while international ily. That limit has now been higher tax bills. SRSF plans families will get positions. creation: will also see and meaning that many Infrastructure and job by closing a number of AN YOU HAVE your cake ts. The government will be in- to raise revenue wisdom larger child benefi Some 17.5 billion kroner going back nearly 20 years eat it too? Conventional fertility treatments and infrastructure tax loopholes corporations budg- will also pay for vested over two years in that allowed international says no, but with their first as a new rail line between power, voluntary sterilisations. to escape paying corporate Folkeparti projects, such et plan since the shift of a project to in Denmark Welfare: VK and Dansk aleon page 15). Copenhagen and Ringsted, more pro(see taxes welfare Socialdemokraterne-Radik new erosion specialised the in the Holbæk motorway, coalition (DF) introduced All told, the spending increases cash benefits widen the Socialistisk Folkeparti (SRSF) grammes that reduced the efforts along Jutland’s west as big as the minister Those programmes protection renovations to public hous- new budget are not appear to be giving it a shot. the new for new immigrants. coast, and economy and interior, Margrethe Many of the elements of eliminated and going Helle Thorning- of the to be re- have now been would like. She noted that state ing. Prime minister ‘kickstart’ Vestager (R), budget – which is expected all residents in need of the deficit for 2012, Schmidt has said that these ursday – will forward leased in its entirety on Th will receive the same welfare projects will create 20,000 new jobs VK under-reported to spend more. But a time when support making it imprudent increase state spending at The Danish ConstrucEU’s finanincreased. But benefits. research: from 2012-2013. Denmark will still meet the the budget deficit has despite Higher education and predicts 10,000. come from recial responsibility benchmarks, one billion tion Association where the money would The unpopular ‘mulUniversities will get an extra Tax break:meeting deficit, she added. costs as- a personal years to cover mained a mystery. Organise by VK will be the larger items kroner over two timedia tax’ introduced increase A number of the new budget a predicted and sit inin on a class. by the pre- sociated with full-time MBA at CBS reinstate spending cuts made The one-year general management and real-world experience. focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, can giveprogram diverse and hear how the MBA Organise a personal meeting internationally


17.5 billion SRSF’s first budget will spend abolish kroner on infrastructure and previous taxes and restrictions


Cheering a Muslim as we do a Murderer! Page 10



Get in or get out Is now the time to join the euro, or to run like hell?

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Denmark’s only English-language

Issue 44 4 - 10 November 2011 | Vol 14

Dane unable to obtain family girlfriend reunification for his Thai Catch-22 says residency rules are a

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7 - 20 NOVEMBER 2011

FROM SCHÜTZ TO GEIST 1600-1700 Early German Baroque Music







Join Scandinavia’s your career a new dimension. 17:30-19:00 17th November Thursday 3815 6022 MBA at CBS focuses on or callfull-time

Free access to 65 museums and attractions entire metropolit in the an area


Skills. The one-year general management and Practical Business a personal meeting. Entrepreneurship, to organise Leadership, up for the meeting. or call 3815 6022 to sign E-mail

Copenhagen Business School

School Frederiksberg 22, 2000 Business Copenhagen Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg Porcelænshaven

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SEPT. 28

- OCT. 2 ·


See ful l progr am




me: ww



John Primer w. Nisse Thorbjorn Joe Louis Walker Band [US/DK] Mud Morganfield [US] | Holmes w. Peter Nande Brothers [US] Louisiana Band [US/DK] Harrington Red & Paul Lamb [US/UK] w. Kenn Lending | Janice Keith Dunn Band [US/NL] Blues Band [US/DK] Delta Blues Band | The | Johnny Max Band Thorbjorn [CA] Healers | Risager | Troels JensenShades of Blue H.P. Lange | Tutweiler Mike Andersen & Jens| Alain Apaloo | Fried Okra Bluesoul Band | The Kristian Dam | Grahn Blues Jacob Fischer & Malm | Ole Frimer Overdrive Trio | Svante | Paul Banks Sjöblom | Jes Holtsoe sfestiv a & w w w.k


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ContaCt our sales department today on: +45 33 36 33 00

Services throughout Denmark

phone +45 3534 9295

A Global Relocation Partnership

Looking to advertise your company? This spoT is available! ContaCt our sales department today on: +45 33 36 33 00

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Comprehensive property & grounds maintenanCe serviCe serving all seCtors,sizes & budgets 365-24/7 ConstruCtion-renovation-deCoration deep Cleans-power washing-driveway sealing-snow Clearing total ground Care of trees-grass-hedges-flower beds, eCt


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Dansk Dansk Boligformidling Boligformidling

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Erhverv Commercial properties

Den største and og ældste formidler af The largest most experienced liebhaverboliger i København og provider of exclusive homes in Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Liebhaverboliger KøbenExclusive homes til forsalg salei in havn og Nordsjælland. Copenhagen and North Zealand. Ring for en gratis vurdering.

Lejligheder og huserentals store som små. We offer first-rate Ring for en vurdering. furnished orgratis unfurnished in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Erhvervsejendomme f.eks. til butik, Commercial properties for sale kontor eller and rent e.g.lager til salg og leje. stores/offices/storerooms

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13 - 19 January 2012 REAL ESTATE A DANISH MAN, NON SMOKING, academic, previously lived in Greece and newly arrived in Denmark is looking for a place to live in Gentofte. Maximum rent 5,000 dkkplease contact: looking4hus@ BEAUTIFUL 103 SQM. FURNISHED apartment for rent right on the canal at Christianshavn, five minutes walk from the metro. Price 14.000 DKK per month all inclusive. Contact: FANTASTIC APT IN OSTERBRO - Six room apartment in the heart of Osterbro 172m2 just across from Faelledparken. Close to international schools, shops and public transportation, embassy area. Recently renovated, furnished to high standard. References upon request. DKR 19.800 per month excl. utilities. pls contact eugeneseo03@ LARGE REPRESENTATIVE VILLA for sale in Hellerup, by owner. 1min by foot to Rygaard Int. School, 10 min to CIS. ½ min. to infrastructure and supermarket. Two bathrooms, one shower room and a restroom for guests. Office,

4 bedrooms. Basement with own entrance and one of the bathrooms. Solid oakfloors and high ceilings, including all bedrooms. Huge livingroom with new open kitchen, two open fireplaces, lounge, large garden with large trees and lawn. 2 private p spaces and big heated garage. 350 sq.meters price 7,2 mill.D.Kr. Can e.mail pictures. Phone. +45 40 18 40 41. FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT (1 person): ca 60m2, 2 large rooms, balcony in beautiful Charlottenlund, 35 minutes cycling to CPH city. Price 6.800 kr monthly (all inclusive). Close to beach, forest, train, buses. Contact 39627555 or

HEALTH SERVICES ANNE ELISE INGHAM, Psy.D. American Clinical Psychologist. Psychotherapy and consultation with children, adolescents and adults. Specializing in anxiety, depression, relationships and cultural adjustment. 60746646. http://www.psykologerneivoresby. dk/index.php/anne-elise-ingham MANY YOGA CLASSES IN ENGLISH in various styles including

postnatal at your unique studio in Frederiksberg. Visit www.


SERVICES CRAFTMAN’S SERVICES. Any type of construction work at your home. Free quote. Contact:proffmand@ Cheap Transporter in Town DANISH LESSONS - mobile and flexible in place and time. More than 30 years experience in teaching Danish. See Call +4526913019 or mail michael@ DRIVING LESSONS Copenhagen International Driving School www. Instructor Geoff Abbey. Start package 4425 Kr. Also offering First Aid courses. All lessons in English +45 40 43 25 50 PIANO LESSONS - Harman Music Methods offers piano lessons for all ages including classical, jazz and pop piano courses, music theory and rhythm, and courses for absolute beginners. We offer special piano courses for toddlers starting at age 5. For more information visit

Intensive Danish Courses Day and Evening Classes E-learning Pronunciation Classes


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Why don‘t you rEad a nEWspapEr in danish nExt timE? Learn Danish fast and efficiently with

We are located in the heart of

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Intro-Danish is a new and free Danish language program providing you with a fast and effective start on Danish. • • •

Danish language training in English, Polish, Russian and Spanish Classes of small groups Achieve a clear pronunciation and communication skills

Sign up now Open door registration interview in central Copenhagen, at Nørre Voldgade 94-96, 4th floor, 1358 Copenhagen • Tuesdays from 16.30-19.00 Free tuition even before you receive your CPR-number. For full- or part time employees only. DANISH LANGUAGE TRAINING AT CLAVIS is designed to meet your individual needs.

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Danish for Expats

13 - 19 January 2012



Search no more! International Christian Community An interdenominational church with over 50 nationalities represented among the 150 regular weekly visitors!!!

Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow . The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.

• Small groups • DKK 7,000 per person • Classes twice per week for 7 weeks

Children’s Garden is open from 8.00am-4.30pm, Monday – Friday, providing an English Language fulltime Preschool Program for children ages 2-6.

Copenhagen 70 21 50 10 Lyngby 70 21 50 30

Bernstorffsvej 75, 2900 Hellerup DK Tel: +45 7375 2900

Where: Ryesgade 68, 2100 Kbh Ø When: Every Sunday from 10:30 to 12:30 Homepage: E-mail: ICC is a children friendly church with 4 different age groups for kids, and we have among other meetings activities for youth, women, men, singles, married, gospel choir, a host of volunteer activities where you can be involved in and network with Danes and internationals from different walks of life. Come and experience the difference for yourself!!!


Copenhagen International School Copenhagen International School is an English Language IB World School, offering the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme which gives access to outstanding universities worldwide: • Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 • Students & Staff from 50+ countries • Highly qualified international teachers • Curriculum includes wide range of Specialist Classes • Comprehensive Extracurricular programme • Convenient location: Hellerup Campus (Pre-K – grade 8) right by Hellerup station, 10 minutes from city centre City Campus (grades 9 - 12) right by Østerport Station • Accredited by: Council of International Schools and The New England Associations of Schools and Colleges For further information please visit our website or contact our Admissions Office Hellerupvej 22-26 2900 Hellerup T +45 3946 3300

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Stockholmsgade 59 2100 Copenhagen Ø T +45 3946 3300

Danish Education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level. Borgergade 12 1300 København K

• High Academic Standards • Christian Ethos • Conveniently located in Hellerup For further information, see our webpage or phone the Admissions Officer on 3962 1053

Do you speak Danish? Intensive Danish courses for well educated foreigners. Sign up now! Contact our counsellors by phone 3815 8521

Voksenuddannelsescenter Frederiksberg Falstersvej 3-5 • 2000 Frederiksberg Phone 3815 8500 •



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Major USa & UK networks

No satellite needed USA: ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX UK: BBC One, ITV, CBeebies & CBBC

now ble a avail

Contact Parabolsen for more details 2814 7131

bookkeeping and billing services experienced expertise in English full understanding of Danish regulations

Dr. Emad Ayesh • A dentist with vision

Smile - Quality - Love

bookkeeping bureau phone +45 39 64 42 43




English/Danish speaking Take care of your smile with quality and love Free parking - Bus line 66, 6A, 21 20% discount on Crowns and teeth-whitening with showing this ad

CLUBS Frederiksborgvej 106, 2400 Copenhagen NV Tel. 35 81 77 80 | Mobile: 22 12 66 63 |

Join the American Club in Copenhagen, and take part in our exciting and interesting events and excellent networking opportunities! This is a great way to meet others from the international community in Copenhagen!

Dog and Cat Kennel Asserholmvej 1, 4390 Asserholm Tlf: 59 18 16 98 or 21 22 44 98

Harman Music Methods

For further information: or contact Vibeke Henrichsen at 3961 7375


New - Group Music Lessons for Very Young Kids (in English)

HEALTH SERVICES Living Church is a new and exciting church where we are living the abundant life promised by Jesus. Come along for Bible based teaching, youth events, home meetings, camps and great times're always welcome!

Find out more

Femagervej 39, 2650 Hvidovre (close to Hvidovre station). Ministers: Chris and Clara Brett Telephone: 32964193

Subscribe or reserve a place at: Piano lessons are also available for children and adults Courses start January 2012 Contact: or telephone: 28963999

Immigration Law

The 10:30 Sunday service in our main service of the week during which there is a Sunday School and after which refreshments are served. You will find us in Churchillparken, by the Gefion fountain. Buses 1A, 15 & 19, closest station in Østerport.

Attorney Aage Kramp Family reunion Green card Work permit Permanent residence Citizenship EU - ressidence permit HR - Support

International Psychotherapy of Denmark

Trepkasgade 3, 2100 Copenhagen.

Personal contact hours 9:30 am - 12:30pm. Consultation by previous appointment • from DKK.1000

3311 4210 (9.30am - 12.30am) • Fax 3311 4310 openhag en Intern ational D riving S chool

Learn2d J u bile

Copenhagen International Driving School

15 years of e peri ence F ree theory xAt theory


Gentofte Save 3 StAtion

005SAVE Kr FREE THEORY Native B riti

 Also o sh Driving Instructo r• ffering F irst Aid c All instruction in En glish our es in Engin Native English Driving Instructor • Allsinstruction lisEnglish h

3.000Kr 40 43 25


40 43 25 50 w w w .L

When the Heart, Mind or Spirit become unwilling... Talking to someone can help

Dennis M. DuBois

19 years experience From New York to Copenhagen Phone: 3391-7774• Mobile: 5356-4888 • Location: Østerbro Email: Web:

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13 - 19 January 2012

Has its moments, but loses its place too often MARK WALKER

This Must Be The Place (7)

Dir: Paolo Sorrentino; Fra/Ita/Ire dramedy, 2011, 118 mins; Sean Penn, Frances McDormand

Premiered January 12 Playing nationwide


HEYENNE (Penn) is a retired, middle-aged rock musician, whose appearance is clearly modelled on Robert Smith. He floats about his giant Dublin residence and the local shopping centre like a ghost searching for purpose. He exists on the royalties from a successful recording career that spanned several decades and although he hasn’t performed in over ten years, he still wears his trademark lipstick, eyeliner and backcombed hair-do. Despite an idyllic marriage to a local firefighter (McDormand), Cheyenne is tortured by the suicides of two local fans who were inspired by his songs to take their own lives. He is locked in a permanant state of creative and emotional stagnation until he receives word of his father’s death. Having not spoken to his father in over 30 years, he promptly returns to his birthplace of New York. There he learns of his father’s life quest: to track down a Nazi officer from the concentration camp where he was imprisoned. In his father’s death, Cheyenne’s life finds purpose - he picks up the trail where his father left off. The film is of fine pedigree, boasting two of the world’s finest actors in Sean Penn and Frances McDormand; a soundtrack from the legendary David Byrne (who also puts in a guest appearance - and provides the film’s title, which is taken from a Talking Heads track); and the director of Il Divo who is widely considered to be primed for ‘modern master’

Penn wonders if he might have gone a little overboard in his attempt to hide his grey hairs status. But yet, to quote the film’s protagonist, “Something is very wrong here”. It’s difficult to locate the poison responsible for these uneasy feelings, not least because there’s much to recommend the film: Penn and McDormand play wonderfully together, depicting a touching relationship of perfect harmony; Cheyenne himself is a charming character who, despite being nauseatingly softspoken and frustratingly slow-moving, commands our sympathies. Comprised of two distinctly separate halves, Ireland has moments of jaunty visual comedy punctuated by


sobering melancholy. Once Cheyenne arrives in the States, the tone becomes decidedly less silly and more earnest. The contrast is jarring - Ireland presents us with the wacky sight of ageing rock star Penn, comedically howling his way through a racquetball game and giggling at his wife’s tai chi session, but once Stateside we’re looking at a slideshow of atrocities committed at concentration camps. There’s a sense that these subjects belong to different genres, that perhaps the filmmaker is not fully engaging with the emotional gravity of these disparate elements in his film. Yes,

The Darkest Hour (11)

Premiered January 12 Playing nationwide

GothersGade 55 / tel 3374 3412 / tue-Fri 9:30-22:00 / sat 12:00-22:00 / sun 12-19:30 GothersGade 55 / tel 3374 3412 / tue-Fri 9:30-22:00 / sat 12:00-22:00 / sun 12-19:30

the filmmaker is betraying his central character - that in fact we are being served a sneakily conservative perspective on society’s non-conformists and that such behaviour as Cheyenne’s is something one should ultimately grow out of. One suspects Robert Smith would tell Sorrentino where to stick his condescension. Even more disturbing is an attempt to equate Nazi war crimes with the guilt of a rock star. Such narrative conceits make for great aesthetics and even work on a thematic and symbolic level but in reality they cease to function and feel sloppy and insubstantial.

Never was a film more aptly named Dir: Chris Gorak; US horror, 2011, 89 min; Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella

danish on a sunday. On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each monthand Cinemateket presents English-speaking In January February, see most of Orson Welles’ audiences with a Danish classic or a highly acclaimed masterpieces including ‘Citizen Kane’ (12.-22. Jan.) new production English subtitles! and ‘the third with Man’. Also, hear lectures about ‘the unknown Welles’ on 20.-22. Jan. Read more on – also about the We present 50 films with English dialogue special offer some of coffee and organic Danish pastry! or subtitles every month. See what’s on at

they form a (almost) coherent whole that is both entertaining and at least superficially engaging, but the problem lies not just in these narrative elements making awkward bedfellows, but also in the lack of sincerity within the elements themselves. For example, we never get a sense of Cheyenne the musician. In a faintly embarrassing scene with David Byrne (playing himself ), Cheyenne praises Byrne as a true artist and dismisses his own discography as “depressed pop for depressed kids, made solely for the money”. That’s all we get. In fact, it frequently feels as though


O YOU KNOW what a ‘mad lib’ is? It’s a short story with many key words replaced with blanks that you are meant to fill in. The creators of this film seem to have taken a mad lib for horror and just filled in the blanks

randomly: fill in the horrible creature’s strength here, fill in its weakness there. The film does not make a whole lot of sense and one leaves the theatre feeling confused and frustrated. The Darkest Hour is an alien invasion action/horror movie. Two best friends have created a social networking website that they plan to present in Russia in order to get financial backing. Why Russia, of all places, is unclear. Like many horror movies, at the beginning everything seems hunky dory until it all turns apocalyptic. Of course you know what’s coming because the beautiful, mostly unknown actors are having such a good time. The only positive about this

film is it has a polished Hollywood look. The special effects and cinematography are professionally done. But unfortunately that was the only positive. There was minimal character development and minimal explanation of the aliens’ minimal dialogue, and minimal 3D effects. Speaking of which, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason why the film was made in 3D, other than to attract a wider audience. There is a trend to make more subtle 3D films after Avatar, but it was just unnecessary for this film. The action was not memorable and it wasn’t scary (which is saying something since I scare extremely easily). You may have thought this would be a science

fiction movie. But the science in the movie is laughable. The more that was explained, the more the audience was rolling their eyes. The film gives you a valuable lesson in the importance of the script writer: you should have a good one, which this film clearly didn’t! The depiction of the characters and the decisions they made was perhaps the worst side of the film. There was no apparent motivation behind the actions of the characters. This is a universe that rewards overly optimistic and, frankly, stupid people In summary, the movie was predictable and predictably bad. LIZ DELLAPENNA


Inout | The cph post entertainment guide

13 - 19 January 2012

New this Week Serbian Cinema

Husets Biograf, Magstræde 14, cph k; Playing: Fri, Sat 19:00, Sun 17:00; tickets: both films 50kr; Made in Serbia and The Life and Death of a Porno Gang act as significant representations of the new wave of Serbian cinema. Both directed by Mladen Djordjevic, these films are characterised by their attempts to provoke and shock through violent images. Made in Serbia portrays the Serbian video porn industry by presenting four life stories of domestic porn actors. Unlike their western counterparts, these people work in the porn industry in order to survive and obtain basic life supplies. The Life and Death of a Porno Gang follows young director Marko who makes an acquaintance with a porn director and begins creating films with him to show his anger towards the society he lives in. EM

Book Your Tickets 50/50 Dir: Jonathan Levine; US dramedy, 2011, 100 mins; Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Bryce Dallas Howard The ability to get laughs out of an illness so devastating as cancer is difficult, and getting them without being cheesy or forced is a true work of genius. KE

The Adventures of Tintin 3D (7) Dir: Steven Spielberg; US action, 2011, 107mins; Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis Whilst the film very much stays true to the mythical and timeless world that Tintin author Hergé so masterfully created, the introduction of slick film techniques and 3D wizardry makes it a modern story for a modern audience. JS

Drive (15) Dir: Nicolas Winding Refn; US thriller, 2011; 95 mins; Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan Refn manages to build extraordinary tension before igniting brief outbursts of violence. Sheer brilliance! KE

Money Ball (3) Dir: Bennett Miller; US drama, 2011, 133 mins; Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Robin Wright, Chris Pratt Moneyball is a baseball movie first and a drama about the underdog second. With a ‘home run’ performance from Pitt, Moneyball is his potential award winner of 2011. KE

Avoid like the Plague Another Happy Day Dir: Sam Levinson; US drama, 2011, 119 mins; Ellen Barkin, Ezra Miller, Ellen Burstyn Another Happy Day combines some of the stock elements of a family film with an honesty and viciousness that brings it up a notch, but only just. EM

In Time (11) Dir: Andrew Niccol; 2011; 109 mins; Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy While the cast’s looks may be hot the action scenes are not – most are blatantly mundane at times. As one reviewer said “In Time fills its dynamic, sprawling universe with about as much character and drama as a halfhour game of Sim City.” EM

Larry Crowne (3) Dir: Tom Hanks; US comedy, 2011, 98 mins; Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Sarah Mahoney Do not expect Forrest Gump or Pretty Woman. Congenial is the word for Larry Crowne, but it’s as flat as an ironing board. EM

New Year’s Eve (3) Dir: Garry Marshall A tepid, shallow and predictable farce full of trivial problems. If it’s feel-good fluff you’re after, here’s enough for a whole year. KG

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part I Dir: Bill Condon; US drama, 2011, 117 mins; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Strictly for teenagers of the female variety. EM

Also Playing Contagion (15) Dir: Stephen Soderbergh; US thriller/drama 2011, 118mins; Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Jude Law The film functions more like a bird’s eye view - rather than an intimate human account - leaving the audience uninvolved and distinctly uninfected. MW

The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo (15) Dir: David Fincher; US thriller, 2011, 158 mins; Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer Something about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo jars. Whether it’s the fact that all of Stockholm unaccountably speaks English, or that Fincher’s version has grown up in the shadow of its model – an excellent work – is hard to say. Although not destined to become a modern classic, this will no doubt excite many. KRG


The Help (7)

Real Steel

Dir: Tate Taylor; US drama, 2011, 137 mins; Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard Set in the 60s Mississippi, the film has a political backdrop, but despite pulling on the heartstrings, The Help is entertaining and enjoyable. ED

Dir: Shawn Levy; US action, 2011, 126 mins; Hugh Jackmam, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly It’s sometime in the near future and robot boxing is all the rage. Charlie Kenton (Jackman) is a former boxer now eeking out a meagre living boxing old robots wherever and whenever he can. Of course Real Steel has a fairly predictable plot and an ending so cheesy that you are liable to choke on it. However, you find yourself caring not only about the human characters but the robots too. Real Steel was always going to be compared to the Transformers franchise, but luckily coming in the wake of the atrocious Transformers 3, Real Steel looks like the real deal. KE

Kill List (15) Director: Ben Wheatley; UK Thriller, 2011, 95 mins; Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, Myanna Buring, Emma Fryer The film’s greatest weakness is that it appears to have dropped off the cinematic ugly tree and hit most branches during the fall. There’s grim violence aplenty, from which poor aesthetics provide no respite. Performances are the film’s saving grace, lending more charm and credibility to a script that deserves far less. MW

The Inbetweeners (11) Dir: Ben Palmer; UK com, 2011, 93 mins; Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas The Inbetweeners traces the relentless efforts of four sixth form boy-men to get themselves “knee deep in clunge”. As with many TV to film transitions the tendency can be to adopt a more benign approach to its previous incarnation –thankfully the film retains much of its signature crudity but it does lose something by attempting to give us more. MW

Sherlock Holms: A Game of Shadows (11) Dir. Guy Ritchie. US action, 2011, 129 mins; Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace Ritchie gives you what you expect here - lots of action, fight scenes and raw adrenaline chopped up and slowed down depending upon his mood on the day he was editing. He also has an excellent ear for soundtrack and the sets of ye-olde London and Paris are really very good. There isn’t anything to really bring it all together though, but you’ll still have fun with this one. KE

PROGRAMME: THURSDAY 12 JANUARY - WEDNESDAY 18 JANUARY 2011 All times are subject to change without notice; consult for confirmation.

Empire bio

Guldbergsgade 29F; Cph N, 3536 0036; Drive (15) 17:30 The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo (15) 15:45-21:00 (not Thu) The Help (7) 14:45 This Must Be the Place (7) 12:30-15:00-19:50-22:20 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (15) Times vary

Grand Teatret

Mikkel Bryggers Gade 8, Cph K The Help (7) 13:30 Jane Eyre (11) 11:30-16:30 (not Mon or Tue) 19:00 The Girl With The DT (15) 20:00 My Week with Marilyn (3) 21:30 (Sun) This Must Be The Place (7) Times vary

Falkoner Bio

Sylows Allé 15, Frederiksberg The Girl With The DT (15) 16:45-20:00 The Help (7) Times vary Hysteria (7) 14:20 In Time (11) 22:00 (not Mon) Larry Crowne (3) 21:40 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 18:30 (Mon) New Year’s Eve (3) Times vary Real Steel (11) Times vary Sherlock Holms: AGofS (15) Times vary The Twilight Saga: BD - Part I (11) 14:10 -18:30 (not Mon or Wed)


Rådhuspladsen 59, Cph K 3312 4292; Drive (15) 15:15-19:30 Kill List (15) 21:30


Axeltorv 9, Cph K; 7013 1211 50/50 (7) Times vary The Adv of Tintin 2D (7) Times vary Contagion (15) 21:10 (not Tue) The Darkest Hour (11) Times vary Drive (15) Times vary The Girl With The DT (15) 10:20-13:30-16:40-20:00 Immortals 3D (15) 21:30 (finishes Sun) In Time (11) Times vary The Inbetweeners Movie (11) Times vary Larry Crowne (3) 18:50 (18:45 Tue) Mission: Impossible - GP 18:30 (Mon) Money Ball (3) 18:30-21:20 New Year’s Eve (3) Times vary Real Steel (11) Times vary Sherlock Holmes: AGofS (15) Times vary Tower Heist (7) Times vary The Twilight Saga: BD - I (11) Times vary


Klampenborgvej 215 A, Lyngby The Adv of Tintin 2D (7) 21:30 (Thu, Mon, Wed) 21:15 (Fri, Sat, Sun, Tue) The Darkest Hour (11) 16:30-18:45-21:00 The Girl With The DT (15) 12:00-15:10-20:30 The Help (7) 18:30 In Time (11) 18:45-21:15 The Inbetweeners Movie (11) 12:10-19:00-21:15 (plus 10:00 Mon & Sat) Larry Crowne (3) 18:30 Mission: Impossible - GP 18:30 (Mon) New Year’s Eve (3) 14:00-16:30-19:00 Real Steel (11) 12:45-15:30-18:30-21:15 Sherlock Holmes: AGofS (15) Times vary Tower Heist (7) 21:30 The Twilight Saga: BD - I (11) 21:30


Abalonsgade 5, Cph V 3324 4200 Another Happy Day 14:15-16:30-18:45-21:00


Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 7010 1202 The Adv. of Tintin 3D (7) 21:00 (Sun & Tue) The Darkest Hour (11) Times vary The Girl With The DT (15) 18:20-21:30 Happy Feet 2: 3D (3) 21:00 (Mon & Wed) Immortals 3D (15) 21:00 (Fri & Sat) The Inbetweeners Movie (11) Times vary Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 21:00 (Mon) My Week with Marilyn (3) 18:30 (Mon) New Year’s Eve (3) 18:30 Real Steel (11) Times vary Sherlock Holms: AGofS (15) Times vary In Time (11) 16:30-19:00-21:20 Tower Heist (7) 21:00


Gentoftegade 39; This Must Be the Place (7) 21:40


Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V; 7013 1211 Mission: Impossible - GP 21:30 (Mon) Sherlock Holms: A Game of Shadows (15) Times vary


Jernbanegade 2, Cph K 3314 3222 The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo (15) Times vary The Help (7) 12:30-15:30-18:30-21:30 Hysteria (7) Times vary Larry Crowne (3) Times vary This Must Be the Place (7) Times vary


Gothersgade 55, Cph K 3374 3400; Citizen Kane 19:15 (not Mon) The Last Picture Show 21:30 (Fri) Scene of the Crime 14:45 (Sat)




13 - 19 January 2012



spor t THE W OF EEK

TV3+, Mon 22:00

GRIMM (TV3+, Mon 22:00) has an interesting premise, if little else. It’s a bit like The Da Vinci Code, but instead of Jesus, the main character, a cop from Portland, Oregon, is descended from the Brothers Grimm and accordingly has to solve a whole load of murders that mirror the fairy tales, which is handy when it comes to solving them, although he looks a bit lost in the ones the brothers didn’t write. The show debuted in October 2011 and has been more popular with viewers than critics. The same was always true of The Jerry Springer Show, and he’s back with more populist tosh, this time a dating show, The Baggage (TV2 Zulu, Sat 20:05), in which the contestants (the rules make you think Jerry is making it up as he goes along) all bare their souls as the con-

tents of their suitcases – think skeletons in the closet – are revealed. No doubt the closets of the schoolchildren stars of the British reality TV show Educating Essex (SV2, Sun 20:00) are already full, but that’s standard form for the country’s loudest region. While it has a certain charm, it’s galling to watch youngsters whose main aspiration in life is to appear on The Only Way is Essex. In a strong week for docs, The Interrupters (DR2, Sat 16:00 & SV1, Tue 22:00) looks at how three former criminals try to protect the Chicago streets they once terrorised; the title of acclaimed two-parter Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood (DR K, ep 1: Fri 00:55 & Tue 15:45, ep 2: Thu 21:00) pretty much speaks for itself; Let

Friday 13

Saturday 14

17:00-17:50 The Rockford Files (US drama series, 1970s) James Garner 21:30-23:25 Fame (US musical, 2009) Bruce Willis 23:25-01:15 The Devil’s Own (US thriller, 1997) Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt

Them Talk - A Celebration of New Orleans Blues (SV2, Sat 19:00 & Tue 23:30) sees Hugh Laurie share his enthusiasm for the music of the Deep South; and Electric Dream (DR K, Sun 17:00) follows how a modern family survives on the domestic gadgetry of the 1970s, very badly indeed. Elsewhere, we’ve got a truckload TV3 +, Mon 22:00 Grimm of season openers, some old, some new: the fourth season of Big Love (SV2, Fri 22:45); the third season of The Wire (SV2, Fri 23:40); the third season of Lark Rise to Candleford (SV1, Wed 16:10), which is about the plebs but aimed at the toffs; and the first ever episode of quirky Alaska-based series Northern Exposure (SV1, Thu 23:35), way back from 1989. BEN HAMILTON

Sunday 15

SV2, Sun 20:00 Educating Essex

Eurosport, Sun 18:45 BDO World Darts Championship final


DR2, Fri 23:50 Irina Palm

Monday 16

Tuesday 17

Wednesday 18

Thursday 19

23:00-01:15 Havana (US drama, 1990) No English-language programmes, Robert Redford, Lena Olin mainly due to the queen’s 40th birthday celebrations and tributes

17:00-17:50 The Rockford Files 20:00-20:50 Life (UK doc series, 2009) 22:00-23:30 Foyle’s War (UK crime series, 2010) Michael Kitchen

17:00-17:50 The Rockford Files

17:00-17:50 The Rockford Files 22:00-22:50 Homeland (US thriller series, 2011) Damien Lewis 22:50-23:40 Taggart (UK crime series, 1988)

17:00-17:50 The Rockford Files 22:00-23:35 Downton Abbey (UK drama series, 2010) 22:50-00:45 Micki & Maude (US com, 1984) Dudley Moore

16:05-17:00 Wycliffe (UK crime series, 1995) 19:50-20:40 Sherlock Holmes 20:40-22:30 The Soloist (US drama, 2009) Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr 23:50-01:25 Irina Palm (UK drama, 2007) Marianne Faithfull

16:00-18:00 The Interrupters) (US doc, 2011) 18:00-18:50 Arthur and the People’s Supermarket (UK doc series, 2010) ep 1 20:00-22:30 Theme night on Sleep includes English-lanaguage programmes 23:45-01:15 An American Werewolf in Paris (US thriller, 1997) Julie Delpy

17:30-18:25 Mystery of the Hope Diamond (US doc, 2010) 20:00-20:45 Arthur and the People’s Supermarket (UK doc series, 2010) ep 2 21:30-22:30 River Cottage (UK food, 2008)

16:05-17:00 Wycliffe 23:00-23:45 Crimes That Shook Britain (UK doc, 2008) Stephanie Slater 23:50-00:15 The Daily Show

16:05-17:00 Wycliffe 20:55-22:30 Facing Ali (US doc, 2009) 23:30-22:50 The Daily Show

16:05-17:00 Wycliffe 17:55-18:45 Puyi - The Last Emperor of China (Aus doc, 2008) ep 1 23:00-23:50 Burma Soldier (Ire doc, 2010) 23:50-00:10 The Daily Show

16:05-17:00 Wycliffe 17:55-18:45 Puyi - The Last Emperor of China (Aus doc, 2008) ep 2 20:45-22:30 Waking the Dead (UK crime series, 2004) Trevor Eve 23:40-00:00 The Daily Show

17:05-18:00 Friends 23:20-01:05 X-Men (US action, 2000) Hugh Jackman

21:20-23:45 Sex and the City: The Movie (US com, 2008) Sarah Jessica Parker 23:45-02:05 Face/Off (US action, 1997) John Travolta, Nicolas Cage

No English-language programmes

17:05-18:00 Friends 22:35-23:30 Embarrassing Bodies (UK doc, 2010) 23:30-00:20 Blue Bloods (US crime series, 2010)

17:05-18:00 Friends 23:05-23:55 Blue Bloods

17:05-18:00 Friends 20:35-21:30 Undercover Boss US (US doc, 2010) 22:35-23:30 Embarrassing Bodies 23:30-00:20 Blue Bloods

17:05-17:30 Friends 23:05-23:55 Blue Bloods

17:55-18:45 King of Queens 18:45-19:40 Friends 19:40-21:05 Borat (US com, 2006) Sacha Baron Cohen 21:05-22:50 School of Rock (US com, 2003) Jack Black 22:50-00:35 The Truman Show (US com, 1998) Jim Carrey

16:15-18:00 The Truman Show (US com, 1998) Jim Carrey 18:00-18:20 Dating Alex (US com, 2005) first ever episode 18:20-19:10 King of Queens 19:10-20:05 Friends 20:05-21:00 The Baggage (US dating show, 2009) with Jerry Springer

20:10-21:00 Castle (US crime series, 2011) the entire third season

17:55-18:45 King of Queens 18:45-19:40 Friends 20:30-21:20 Stand-up Live at The Apollo

17:55-18:45 King of Queens 18:45-19:40 Friends 20:30-21:20 Stand-up Live at The Apollo 22:20-23:30 Stand-up - Jamie Foxx Unleashed

17:55-18:45 King of Queens 18:45-19:40 Friends 20:30-21:20 Stand-up Live at The Apollo 22:20-23:35 Stand-up - Bert Kreischer

17:55-18:45 King of Queens 18:45-19:40 Friends 20:30-21:20 Stand-up Live at The Apollo 22:20-00:10 Shallow Hal (US com, 2001) Jack Black, Gwyneth Paltrow

18:00-19:00 Bones 19:00-19:55 The Mentalist 19:55-21:00 NCIS 21:00-23:00 Bridget Jones’s Diary (UK romcom, 2001) Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant 23:00-01:20 Speed (US action, 1994) Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock

20:00-21:00 Extreme Makeover (US reality series, 2009) 21:00-00:10 The Departed (US crime com, 2007) Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg 00:10-02:40 Speed 2 (US action, 1997) Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric

21:00-22:55 License to Wed (US romcom, 2007) Robin Williams, Mandy Moore 22:55-00:55 Baby Mama (US romcom, 2008) Tina Fey, Greg Kinnear, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 19:00-20:00 The Mentalist 21:00-22:00 The Mentalist 23:00-00:00 Nikita (US action series, 2010)

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 19:00-20:00 The Mentalist 20:00-22:00 NCIS 23:00-00:00 Nikita

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 19:00-20:00 The Mentalist 23:00-00:00 Nikita

17:00-18:00 NCIS 18:00-19:00 Bones 19:00-20:00 The Mentalist 20:00-21:00 Obese US 23:00-00:00 Nikita

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-19:00 Two and a Half Men 19:00-20:00 How I Met Your Mother 20:00-21:00 Hawaii Five-0 21:00-23:00 The Reaping (US horror, 2007) Hilary Swank, David Morrissey 23:00-00:45 The Unborn (US horror, 2009) Gary Oldman

18:55-21:05 Top Gear 21:05-22:00 The Simpsons 22:00-05:45 NFL

16:50-18:00 Top Gear 18:45-02:00 NFL

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-19:00 Two and a Half Men 19:00-21:00 How I Met Your Mother 22:00-00:00 Grimm (US drama series, 2011) premiere

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-19:00 Two and a Half Men 19:00-20:00 How I Met Your Mother 20:00-21:00 Hawaii Five-0 1 21:00-23:40 I am Legend (US scifi, 2007) Will Smith 23:00-00:00 NCIS

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-19:00 Two and a Half Men 19:00-20:00 How I Met Your Mother 20:00-21:00 Hawaii Five-0 1 21:00-23:00 The Spirit (US action, 2008) Gabriel Macht, Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson 23:00-00:00 NCIS

17:00-18:00 The Simpsons 18:00-19:00 Two and a Half Men 19:00-20:00 How I Met Your Mother 20:00-21:00 Hawaii Five-0 1 21:00-23:00 Role Models (US com, 2010) Seann William Scott, Paul Rudd 23:00-00:00 NCIS

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Gilmore Girls 20:00-21:00 Tough Love 21:00-00:10 Jackie Brown (US drama, 1997) Pam Grier, Samuel L Jackson. Robert De Niro, Michael Keaton directed by Quentin Tarantino

17:00-18:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 20:00-22:40 Message In A Bottle (US romcom, 1999) Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn 22:40-00:30 Imagine Me and You (US romcom, 2005) Parker Posey, Lena Headey, Matthew Goode

16:55-18:55 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 18:55-20:00 How to Look Good Naked 22:00-22:55 Addicted to Food 22:55-23:55 Biggest Loser

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Gilmore Girls 22:00-22:55 Addicted to Food 22:55-23:55 Grey’s Anatomy

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Gilmore Girls 20:00-21:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Belgium 21:00-23:15 The Women (US dramedy, 2004) Meg Ryan, Anette Bening. 23:15-00:10 Grey’s Anatomy

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Gilmore Girls 20:00-21:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Holland 21:00-23:30 Playing by Heart (US drama, 1998) Gillian Anderson 23:30-00:25 Grey’s Anatomy

17:05-18:00 Grey’s Anatomy 18:00-19:00 Private Practice 19:00-20:00 Gilmore Girls 20:00-21:00 Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission - Holland 21:00-21:55 Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (UK doc series) 21:55-23:00 How to Look Good Naked

17:00-18:00 Numb3rs 18:00-19:00 Human Target 21:00-22:50 The Glimmer Man (US thriller, 1996) Steven Seagal

17:25-18:20 Human Target 20:00-22:00 CSI 22:00-00:05 The 13th Warrior (US action, 1999)

18:05-19:05 Dating in the Dark 19:05-21:00 CSI 21:00-22:50 Criminal Minds

17:00-18:00 Numb3rs 21:00-00:00 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man’s chest (US action, 2006) Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, Bill Nighy

17:00-18:00 Numb3rs 21:00-23:40 Enemy of the State (US thriller, 1998) Will Smith

17:00-18:00 Numb3rs 21:00-23:10 Street Kings (US crime, 2008) Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie

17:00-18:00 Numb3rs 21:00-23:10 Gone in 60 Seconds (US action, 2000) Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Eccleston, Vinnie Jones

InOut Jan 13-19, 2012  
InOut Jan 13-19, 2012  

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