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Chemical Process Plant & Equipment and Waste Management



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MARKETING INITIATIVE Oval Wheel Meter for Fuel Oil Consumption Measurement of Furnaces -Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd, Chennai


Smart Factories and Lean Manufacturing -Erika Ahvenainen, Senior Communications Specialist, Hexagon PPM and Marcel Veldhuizen, Vice President Fabrication Solutions, Hexagon PPM 10 Insulation That Weathers Any Storm -Francesca Crolley, Vice President Training & Specifications, Synavax, Inc, U.S.A


FOCUS PRODUCTS Chemical Process Plant & Equipment and Waste Management






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4 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

“Cover Page Photo Courtesy: WAM India Pvt Ltd, Thane”

Marketing Initiative

Oval Wheel Meter for Fuel Oil Consumption Measurement of Furnaces


uel oil consumption of furnaces can be measured exactly by means of oval wheel meter. The oval wheel meter being a positive displacement meter measures the volumetric flow of the fuel oil to the burner with very high accuracy and therefore gives a continuous control of the economic consumption of fuel. Depending on the burner type, there are different installation requirement for metering. The simplest installation consists of one meter only. This installation, however is only possible if the flow to the burner is equal to the actual consumption and if there is no return flow. For different burner types and installations we can give the following re-commendations: 1) System with oil-atomizer burner with one oval wheel meter in the suction pipe to the pump This system has an oil-atomizer burner. However, only one meter is installed in this system in the suction pipe to the pump. The fuel oil which is not burnt (consumed) is re-circulated into the oil-feed pipe downstream of the meter. The re-circulated fuel is such not metered again. The advantage of this system arrangement is obvious. Only one meter is required directly registering the actual fuel consumption. As the oil is being compressed by the injection pump it may tend to expand on the recirculation line but will be compressed again in the burner feed pipe. However, separated air which is not dissolved again may form air bubbles or cushions causing burner failure.

6 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

2)System with oil atomizer burner with one oval wheel meter in the oil feed line and one meter in the return line In systems with oil-atomizer burner the fuel pumped through the strainer, meter and pre-heater to the burner. The oil which is not consumed is returned to the oil tank and measured by the meter in the return line. The actual oil consumption corresponds to the difference between the meter registration in the feed line and the meter registration in the return line. With this system two meters are required and to obtain the actual consumption the difference of the registration between

the two meters must be calculated. Each meter has certain, but small inaccuracy. In the worst case the total system error will be the sum of the errors of the two meters. The total system accuracy will increase with decrease return flow. As the oil is being compressed by the injection pump, it may tend to expand in the return line leading to foaming. Foaming (expansion) will result in a volume increase. The oval wheel meter being a positive displacement meter measures the actual volume (in this case a volume of oil and vapour mixture), which means the reading of the meter in the return line

Marketing Initiative is not correct. It may even happen that according to the meter reading the flow in the return line is higher than the flow in the burner feed line. Such expansion (vaporization) must be prevented by installing a spring-loaded pressure retaining valve downstream of the meter in the return line. Metering system according to this proposal will work reliably. Oval wheel meters can be provided with pulse transmitters producing a

flow proportional pulse signal. These pulses can be used for panel-mounted pulse totalizers for flow rate indication. The frequency output from these pulse transmitters may also be used for digital controllers or economizers or may be converted into mAmp signal Where burner systems are equipped with two flow meters the pulses from the meter in the return line may electronically be subtracted from the pulse for the meter in the feed line for display of the actual consumption. Toshniwal can supply a complete range of flow-meters from 15 mm (1/2") to 400 mm (16") in double or single case, a variety of pressure and temperature ratings and in various materials of construction (cast steel, aluminum, stainless steel). The meters are complemented by a full range of accessories for the protection of the meter, the elimination of air, mechanical

registers, set-stop counters, batching systems and control valves including flow computer options, ticket printers, temperature compensation and pulse outputs to suit most applications. â—˜

For details contact:

Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26445626, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net Website: www.toshniwal.net


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8 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

Separation (Mixers, Dryers, Filters, Evaporators, Centrifuges)

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Mumbai 2017


14-17, February 2017 Mumbai, India

We are concerned about the most cherished dream in the world... LIFE

Manufacturer & Exporter : Pollution & Environment Monitoring Equipment



Con�nuous Emission Monitoring System

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Industrial Process Analysis Gas Emission Monitoring Dust Emission Monitoring Effluent Water Monitoring Safety & Occupa�on Heath Monitoring Quality Control Monitoring Environmental Monitoring

ADVANTAGES Indigenously Designed & Manufactured. Mul�ple Technology Solu�on under one roof. Applica�on & Technical Support Extremely User Friendly & Configurable Systems Flexible coopera�on modes Customized Design Compe��ve Price Smooth Communica�on Fast Response & Delivery Excellent A�er Sales Service Accompanied by Tes�monials

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Registered Office Address: 21, 3rd Floor, Lohana Building, Raopura, VADODARA-390001, INDIA #91 265 2416938, M. #91 98250 07609 Email: info@primaequipment.com, Web: www.primaequipment.com

Works & R&D: Block No.128, Dabhasa-umraya Road, Opp. Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Village. Dabhasa, Ta. PADRA, Dist. VADODARA - 391 440, INDIA Phone: #91 2662-244371/2/3, 75748 56749/50


Mfgr.& Exporter: Pollution & Environment Monitoring Equipment

Channel Partner:

Proud to be part of “MAKE IN INDIA” & “MADE IN INDIA”, An Ini�a�ve of Hon. Prime Minister of India.

PRIMA AXOL, Industrial Lubricants

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Marketing Initiative

Smart Factories and Lean Manufacturing


he thing about revolutions is that even though they might seem impossible in the beginning, afterwards it becomes difficult to imagine our lives how they used to be before. From steam and power to mass production, the industrial revolutions have shaped the dynamics of our societies for the last part of the 20 th Century. This shaping of change continues in the form of Industry 4.0, also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, manufacturing’s next act, or smart factory concept. This current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies has many names yet it all boils down to same essential dynamics. It is the new, smarter way of manufacturing that includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry as we speak. Industry 4.0 creates "smart factories" to optimize manufacturing in an innovative way, enabling monitoring of physical processes, creating a virtual copy of the physical world and allowing more informed and timely decision-making.

refers to a profound digital transformation that is underway for the leading industrial and manufacturing companies across the globe. The 2000+ companies that responded to the survey are expecting to dramatically increase their overall level of digitization. While just 33 per cent rate their company as advanced today, that number jumps to over 70 per cent when talking about 2020. It is worth to mention that Industry 4.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution are not necessary synonyms. The earlier refers strictly to the changes taking place in the manufacturing industry, whilst Fourth Industrial Revolution discusses in a wider scope a systemic transformation of the society. With this in mind, this article discusses Industry 4.0 in a more narrow scope, focusing on the effects on manufacturing. Smart Factory The above mentioned merging of the virtual and physical worlds through ICT technology, cyber-physical systems and improved data management in the form

of big data and cloud, have enabled the birth of the “Smart Factory” concept. Processes in a smart factory are driven by cyber-physical connections, enabling real-time decision making and a feedback loop between the planning and what is actually happening on the manufacturing floor. Automation is one of the defining characteristics for smart factories, and it drives significant realtime quality, time, resource, and cost advantages in comparison with classic production systems. Some of the key benefits of smart factories include: • Mass customization: Smart Factories enable increased flexibility in production. Automation and transmission of data enables different products being produced in one facility. • Leaner and more agile processes: Inventory, materials availability and resources are linked to sensor technology that automatically recognizes fluctuations in manufacturing demand and therefore improves the overall supply chain efficiency.

The author of this article discusses what smarter factories are and how they are shaping change for the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 vs 4 th Industrial Revolution According to McKinsey (1), Industry 4.0 can be defined as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector, that is inspired by four modern changes in the industry: the recent rise in data volumes, computational power and connectivity; the emergence of analytics and business-intelligence capabilities; new forms of human-machine interaction such as touch interfaces and augmented reality systems; and improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical world, such as advanced robotics and 3D printing. Similarly, according to the 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey by PwC (2), Industry 4.0 10 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

Figure 1: Processes in a smart factory are driven by cyber-physical connections, enabling real-time decision making and a feedback loop between the planning and the manufacturing floor.

Brilliant technology Italian quality Saurus939: The vacuum pump made to live longer. Unique in reliability, performance and consumption.

Fi t


f nd


Criox速 System: patented rotary vacuum dryer/powderer with motor-driven lump breaker units

e t! Planex速 System: multi-patented paddle vacuum dryer with ZeroFriction速 planetary movement eccentric agitator

CosmoDry速 System: paddle vacuum dryer with concentric agitator, fitted with a shaft dismountable in sections

Hyderabad 13 - 15 December Hall 2, Booth H49

Your vacuum drying specialist marketing@italvacuum.com | italvacuum.com

Italvacuum Agent for vacuum pumps: Vac Enterprises India LLP, Mr. Jayant Joshi - B 102 Shubh Sarita, Appasheb Sidhaye Road Shree Krishna Nagar, Borivali (East) - Mumbai 400 066 - Tel. 02228975275 - Mobile 9820047858 - info@electromechengineering.com


your reach through


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Marketing Initiative Figure 2: Smart Factory Concept enables modeling the physical world and creating a virtual copy of the shop floor to automate the fabrication process.

• Safety enhancement in dangerous working environments: Safety risks at traditionally risk-prone environments such as offshore rigs and chemical facilities are lowered by providing augmented reality and simulation solutions. • Improved quality: Sensor data can be used to determine errors during manufacturing phase to proactively identify mistakes. Although the benefits of a Smart Factory concept are becoming more widely recognized, many manufacturers are still delaying the decision to invest in digitalization. The key concerns hindering the go-ahead are data security and high cost of initial implementation. The close networking and the exchange of internal and external data holds a certain potential risk, which requires a better data protection and backup systems to be implemented. In addition, data usage and processing capabilities must be developed as the effectivity of data driven processes is the key element for business success for Smart Factories. In the near future separation of the system landscapes – ERP, 12 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

CRM, MES and PLM – won’t be necessary, which will offer a tremendous increase in data processing potential. The cost of initial implementation can be considerable, as the cyber-physical production environment often requires changes both on the IT environment and the physical production site. However, the long-term benefits will quickly overcome the cost of implementation, as downtime can be cut up to 50 per cent with the help of smarter facility solutions, according to the Digital Transformation of European Industry and Enterprises report (4). First step towards a Smart Factory Together with their counterparts in other industries, manufacturers and fabricators are also looking for ways to enable smarter production and fabrication activities in order to move towards the Smart Factory concept. The first step towards a Smart Factory can be taken by enabling access to critical information in realtime throughout the production process, creating a cyber-physical feedback loop between production and planning, and by removing manual verification steps that are error prone.

We are talking about modeling the physical world and creating a virtual copy of the shop floor to automate the fabrication process. An example of a solution that enables this in a zero-footprint environment is Intergraph Smart Production (SPx). Smart Production features a unique bottomup approach to control the complete production process within yards and fabricators, integrating with design, schedule, material management and the machines on the shop floor. Smart Production includes an intelligent interface that gives suggestions and recommendations on how the object creation could be executed as efficient as possible, based on the feedback from the cyber-physical systems. Once an object is released to production, Smart Production monitors all the physical processes and the stages it goes through. If the interface is connected to the physical machines, Smart Production can capture all the data directly from the machine without manual intervention and/or provides feedback to the operator. This enables more informed and timely decision making, as the operator can track whether or not a part meets the quality

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in October-November 2017

◊ Instrumentation, Process Control & Automation ◊ Filtration & Separation ◊ Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Cooling Towers ◊ Materials Handling, Packaging & Logistics ◊ Pollution Control & Environment Management ◊ Dryers, Evaporators & Fittings ◊ Laboratory/Analytical Instruments & Weighing Solutions Book your space now to feature the technologies and services offered by your organisation and reach them out to the decision makers the regular readers of this esteemed journal.

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Marketing Initiative

standards at any given time during the production. If the parts are not up to the predefined quality standards, corrective actions can be automated to reroute the part for correction or to remake the part completely. A key element in this process is the use of continuous and real-time measurement technology to ensure that the parts are up to the predefined quality standards. For these measurements, Smart Production utilizes the measurement technology from other Hexagon companies, including Leica Geosystem’s laser trackers. This type of integrated and intelligent approach creates a centralized and integrated production management system that enables multiple benefits: • Change Management: Manage all production process changes consistently throughout with a datacentric approach. • Control Production: Access realtime feedback from shop floor machines and workstations to provide valuable insights on work progress at any given time. • Improve Material Utilization: By integrating inventory, actual usage, and remnant management into the process, significant material optimization can be achieved. • Easy Production Scheduling: Justin-time production scheduling is supported throughout the complete process, including assembly and sub-assembly stages using the part fabrication scheduling into accounts within the fabrication facilities. • Reduction of Storage: Based on the principles of lean manufacturing, it can be ensured that only the parts that are needed at a certain moment are being worked upon. The just-intime delivery of the parts lessens the space needed for intermediate storage whilst decreasing the time needed for materials handling as required parts are easy to find. • Timely Delivery: Control of the complete process in a predictive manner, which improves the delivery schedules. This results in more timely invoicing, enhancing the cash flow and customer satisfaction. 14 | August-September 2017 | Chemical Products Finder

Future The current handover of information from engineering to the fabricators is often paper-based and in an Excel spreadsheet format since people are often hesistant to provide a digital copy of the data. Therefore, still today, many fabricators and shipyards are using paper-based methods for quality control, tracking and fabricating activities, making the leap towards a truly digital environment challenging. Furthermore, it is not merely enough to collect data through sensors as this data also needs to be interpretable and actionable. However, when a digital production process such as the one enabled within Smart Production powered by NESTIX (SPx), is in place, manufacturing processes can be fully aligned with construction phases. This way the fabricator can positively impact CAPEX of large construction projects by ensuring a delivery of items at the exact right time and exactly right location. Higher precision and full integration within the complete supply chain will be a game changer for the companies who are adopting a Smart Factory concept in the future. The traditional ways of manufacturing and fabricating will be marginalized as demands for staying onbudget and on-schedule are increasing. Conclusion The key focus points of Industry 4.0 or the Smart Factory concept include full utilization of the required data, having real time information available and being able to continuously capture data during the manufacturing process. This enables timely and informed decision-making, allowing optimal usage of time, resources and capabilities onsite. The connectivity (Internet of Things) and the use of continuous measurement technologies will not only improve the quality but also help manufacturers to discover new ways to enhance efficiency by analyzing the collected data. The current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies enables new, smarter ways of manufacturing and those that embrace this concept will see improvements in

quality, better utilization of time as well as resources and thus cost advantages in comparison with the more traditional production systems. Intelligent software solutions, such as Intergraph Smart Production (SPx), can help companies to take the first steps towards implementing the Smart Factory concept to improve efficiency, productivity and safety. ◘ References 1)

Manufacturing’s Next Act by Cornelius Baur and Dominik Wee© McKinsey & Company.

2) Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise© PwC. 3) Smart Factory© Germany Trade & Invest https://industrie4.0.gtai.de/ INDUSTRIE40/Navigation/EN/Topics/ Industrie-40/smart-factory.html 4) Digital Transformation of European Industry and Enterprises. A Report of the Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship. Strategic Policy Forum© European Parliament.

For details contact:

Erika Ahvenainen Senior Communications Specialist Hexagon PPM E-mail: Erika.ahvenainen@hexagon.com Marcel Veldhuizen Vice President Fabrication Solutions Hexagon PPM E-mail: Marcel.veldhuizen@hexagon.com


ne of the biggest issues with insulation that has been used since the early 1900’s, like fiberglass and mineral wool, is that it degrades quickly as soon as it is exposed to moisture, weathering, UV or any other type of inclement environment. In many cases, it only takes a few months or a year or two in a humid factory environment or exposed outdoors as rain seeps beneath aluminum covering, and not only is the insulating value greatly degraded, the trapped moisture causes corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI).

weather conditions. Rain, snow, sleet, harsh sun… it can handle them all with no loss of performance and it protects surfaces from UV, moisture, corrosion and mould/mildew damage.

The most effective insulation is one that can weather any storm and protect your assets at the same time. This is why thin film thermal insulation coatings are becoming a standard way to insulate equipment in many organizations and are being specified as the required way to insulate.

• Lower maintenance costs due to ability to visually inspect the surface with some versions of the coating

One 21 st Century insulation is the patented Synavax line of thermal insulation coatings, which have been gradually gaining recognition over the last 13 years. These coatings were invented to not only provide an easy spray-on thin film insulation that can be used on any type of surface, but also be an insulation that can stand up to harsh climate and

Benefits of a thin film, weather resistant and asset protection coating include:

investment each year as expected. Independent Testing Overview for Thermal Insulation Coatings by Synavax; • UV Aging Testing: Passed 10-years with zero degradation or discoloration

• Energy savings that remain consistent over 5-10 years or more

• Spectrophotometer Testing: Blocked 80 per cent of the harmful UV rays while allowing 92 per cent of the visible light to pass through

• Less waste due to not needing to remove fibrous insulation and cladding regularly

• Corrosion GM9540P: Passed 24-cycles of salt spray testing (passing is 8 cycles)

• Prevents corrosion and CUI

• British Petroleum Testing: Insulating level did not degrade or lessen at all in 100 day test with the insulation being subject to salt spray daily

• Lower cost per sq meter over time as compared to older insulating methods due to longevity of thermal insulation coatings • Sustainable product that is waterbased, low VOC and non-hazardous • No need to use aluminum covering over the insulation Harsh Weather is Only Getting Worse According to the Executive Summary of the “US Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report,” it is clear that weather extremes are only going to continue to increase as the years go by. This means that protecting not only exterior equipment, tanks and structures but also building exteriors from increased rain/moisture damage, harsh UV and other damaging elements, is a priority for many organizations.

Marketing Initiative

Insulation That Weathers Any Storm

• Field Study, Alaska: Stood up to harsh arctic environment and lowered fuel oil costs by 22 per cent • Field Study, East China Sea: Prevented corrosion of tanks and did not degrade in offshore environment. Just 12 thin coats (0.02 cm) of our High Heat coating (no cladding needed) insulated at the same level as 8 cm of mineral wool with aluminum cladding. Other Benefits that can be Life Saving Another unfortunate climate change symptom that’s been seen in increasing

While an insulation coating may not have the ability to stop a hurricane force wind, in areas of flooding or heavy salt spray or rain, protecting surfaces from things like corrosion or mould/mildew growth can make a big cost difference.

Figure 1: Boiler insulation upgraded to a heavy duty thermal insulation coating.

The insulation and energy saving benefits also continue working and remain consistent in any type of weather, from extreme heat to harsh offshore wind and rain conditions, so companies know they will get the projected return on

Figure 2: A clear Synavax thermal insulation coating being sprayed to insulate and prevent corrosion of a large tank.

Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 15

Francesca Crolley cpf sept 2017.indd 15

03-10-2017 17:28:15

Marketing Initiative

The old, soggy Rockwool and the aluminum cladding were removed and the corroded area treated. Heat Shield High Heat was applied to the offshore fuel oil storage tank at a 0.6 mm dry film thickness, as compared to the 80 mm of Rockwool they were replacing. The tank had to be kept between 68 oC and 72 oC (154.4 oF and 161.6 oF) during the cold winter months.

Figure 3: Older forms of insulation typically cause costly corrosion under insulation (CUI).

frequency, and which was predicted to happen decades ago, is wildfires. Most thermal insulation coatings are water-based and non-flammable, so they will not increase the flammability of the surface they are applied to, unlike other types of insulation which can ignite quite fast. We have seen a lot of our customers choosing non-flammable insulation over older types of insulation more and more to help ensure the safety of their employees and assets. Sinopec Upgrades to 21 st Century Insulation Many people may not realize that fiberglass and mineral wool with aluminum covering have been around since the early 1900’s. Telephones have also been around since that time, being invented early that Century. Are you still using that early 1900’s phone? Of course not. We now all have smart phones that take photos, fit in our pockets and are mini computers. Technology has

Figure 4: Synavax clear insulation coating for buildings, on the left-hand side, protects the concrete surface from moisture infiltration.

advanced and gotten smaller, smarter and more powerful. Insulation has also gotten smaller, smarter and more powerful as technology has advanced. Here is a real world example below from one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world – Sinopec, China’s stateowned oil and gas company. They knew an upgrade was desperately needed and they took the steps to improve the way they insulated their infrastructure. Sinopec did a winter-long trial to compare the insulating and anticorrosion properties of the Synavax Heat Shield High Heat coating with the older technology they had been using previously, which was mineral wool (aka: Rockwool) and aluminum cladding. They were not happy with this older technology, because it caused corrosion under insulation (CUI), which was very costly for them to repair and needed to be replaced approximately every two years due to moisture infiltration. They were looking for an insulation that would stay in place for a decade or more, stand up to the harsh salt spray environment on the offshore platform in the East China Sea and stop corrosion of the fuel oil storage tank. They found the answer in 21st Century insulation coating technology. Fuel oil storage tank insulation project: A successful winter study from October 2012 to March 2013 with Heat Shield High Heat coating for insulation and corrosion control.

The coating provided Sinopec with a better solution for insulation and corrosion control of their fuel storage tanks, which lasted much longer than other insulation options, therefore greatly reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time. The final analysis showed that the 0.6 mm of Heat Shield High Heat insulation coating was as effective and insulated at a similar level (within 3 oC) of the 80 mm Rockwool insulation, plus it solved the corrosion issue and provided a cost-effective solution that would stand up to the harsh ocean environment without degrading. Conclusion Protecting equipment, external structures and buildings from weathering is not a new concept, however, insulation that can save energy and protect surfaces while withstanding the elements is a new advancement in insulation science. Thermal insulation coatings have been building a case for their performance over more than a decade now. As companies experience their benefits, even if they do not completely understand how they work, the reasons to upgrade the way they insulate, just like they have upgraded their phones and computers over time, becomes more and more evident and the cost savings very real. ◘

Francesca Crolley Vice President Training & Specifications Synavax, Inc U.S.A. E-mail: francescac@synavax.com

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Magnetic level switch consist of nonabrasive float carrying performance magnet and non-ferrous stem carryng one, two or multiple reed switches. The float glides along the stem and when the float nears the vicinity of reed switch, the magnetic field of permanent magnet forces the reed contact to close. The reed switch output is provided as potentialfree contacts. It finds application in water, cooling tower, hydraulic oil, diesel, edible oil, chemicals and pharma.

From small laboratory units to 30,000 litre production scale machines the Kunal range offers a consistency of high quality equipment producing results with a uniformity to be relied on. Kunal multipurpose laboratory mixers offer proven and unsurpassed efficiency in day to day laboratory work. Engineered with the same care and attention characteristic of the larger machines, they offer outstanding reliability and are perfectly suited to small scale production work. They also provide an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger machines under full scale working conditions.

For details contact: Filpro Sensors Pvt Ltd 130, 10 th Cross Petechennappa Indl Estate Kamakshipalya Magadi Main Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 079 Tel: 080-23286463 E-mail: sales@filprosensors.c



For details contact: Kunal Machines 104 Kothari Indl Estate Next to Asian Paints, LBS Marg Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400 078 Tel: 022-61271111, 67251949 E-mail: kunalmachines@gmail.com

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SOLID STATE RELAY Solid state relay used in numerous application where electro mechanical relays together with protective components used to be installed in power semiconductor devices with corresponding protective electronics circuits so-called solid state relays are used. As SSR does not incorporate any moving parts in the load switching circuit and is therefore insensitive to shock and vibration. As long as it is not exposed to excessive thermal stress and SSR will outlast an electromechanical relay by millions of operation. The advantages include no contact arcing, long life and high reliability - more than 10 operation, low emi high surge capability, high resistance to shock and vibration, high resistance to aggressive chemicals and dust, no electro mechanical noise, logic compatibility, fast switching, and low coupling capacitance. The applications include controlling of temperature in electric over plastic processing system, injection moulding machine, packaging industry, electro systems, heating application, furnance, traffic lighting controls and many more. These are available in DC–AC (input DC and output AC) in single-phase as well as three-phase versions up to 250 amps, AC-AC version in single as well as three-phases available up to 175 amps, Linear voltage control version available up to 150 amps, Linear current control 4-20 mA version available up to 100 amps, DIN-mounted SSR relay module up to 36 relays having current rating up to 5 amps, PCB-mounted DC-AC as well as AC-AC relay available up to 5 amps. DIN-mounted heat-sink suitable for all types of SSR for heat dissipation are also available. For details contact: MRK Engineers 15/1A2, Plot III, Lakshminagar, Ramamoorthy St, Moondramkattalai Chennai 600 128 E-mail: ramakrishnan252008@yahoo.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 03

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Multi-mill available in standard cGMP and customised models with SS-304/316/316L contact parts.It is ideal equipment for the granulation of pharma material. Precision designed to grind/compress/impact and shear in an effective manner. Most suitable for granulating, pulverizing, mixing, shredding and kneading of a range of wet and dry material. Features low energy consumption and high degree operation; facilitates automation capability and dust-free product transfer; helps to reduce containment and cross-contamination; and provided with butterfly valve for discharge.It is available in batch capacities ranging from 50 to 500 kg as per particle size.

Mouvex offers the integration of Finder Triplex Series pumps into its growing portfolio of transfer solutions for the energy and industrial markets. Triplex Series pumps are highly reliable reciprocating plunger pumps specifically designed for a wide variety of critical applications found in oil and gas (onshore and offshore), nuclear and general industrial industries. These pumps are also compliant with API 674 to provide the best in reliability and safety.Triplex Series pumps are available in seven models – TD18, NF50, NH77, NJ116, NL171, TN 260 and TP420 – with power rating ranging from 13 to 310 kW (18 to 420 HP). Typical applications include water jetting, methanol injection, glycol recirculation, descaling, boiler feeding, and others.

For details contact: IPEC Engg Pvt Ltd Plot No: 5175, GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat 393 002 Tel: 02646-221175 Telefax: 91-02646-225175 E-mail: md@ipecengg.com / marketing@ipecengg.com

For details contact: Dover India Pvt Ltd – PSG 40 Poonamallee By-pass Sanneerkuppam, Chennai 600 056 Tel: 044-26271020, 26271023 E-mail: sales.psgindia@psgdover.com

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SS SEAMLESS & WELDED PIPES, TUBES, FOIL, COIL, FLANGES & FITTING Suraj Ltd, an ISO-9001, 14000, BS OHS 18001 Certified Company are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of SS seamless and welded pipes, tubes, “U” tubes, instrumentation tubes, foil, coil, flanges and fittings in various sizes, specifications and grades, and also as per customer’s requirements. Suraj has strong presence in the global market. Materials are all austenitic, ferritic, duplex and super duplex SS; specification as per ASTM, ASME, EN, NFA, JIS Standard; size range from 6.0 to 323.9 mm OD; thickness 0.8 to 25 mm; pipe length up to 12 metre long; and tube length up to 30 metre long. Specialization - heat exchangers, heating elements, surface condensers, automotive digestors, instrumentation tubing and fluid piping. It finds application in refinery, petrochemical, LP HP heaters, food, pharma, fertilizer, oil and gas, breweries sugar and ship building. Suraj also holds various Certificates for quality in accordance with AD2000 MERKBLATT W0 and Pressure Equipment Directives (PED) 97/23/EC from TUV, NORD and supply their above products under all national and international third party inspection authorities. Suraj also have their own testing laboratories to undertake various tests such as hydro, eddy current, PMI, IGC, UT, RT, spectro-analysis, mechanical properties and many others as per customers’ specification and requirements. For details contact: Suraj Ltd Suraj House, Opp: Usmanpura Garden Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Gujarat 380 014 Tel: 079-27540720, 27540721 Fax: 91-079-27540722 E-mail: suraj@surajgroup.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 06

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The robotic palletizer is a sophisticated and costlier version. It works on 6 axes and controlled by servo motors for perfect accuracy and high speed of the operations. Speed of this palletizer is in the range of 18 to 22 bags/minute. The same can be offered for sophisticated automatic and high speed bagging lines. For details contact: Jasubhai Engg Pvt Ltd 64/a, GIDC Indl Estate Phase 1, Vatwa Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382 445 Tel: 079-49003636, 49003737 Fax: 91-079-25831825 E-mail: mhd-sales@jasubhai.com

This machine is specially developed by separation of solids from solids, liquids from solids and gradation of materials in accordance with their sizes which has always presented problems, specially when large quantity of material is to be processed.



For details contact: Pharma Chem Machineries 311/2484 Motilal Nagar No: 2 M G Road, Goregaon (W) Mumbai 400 090 fax: 91-022-28735321 E-mail: pharmach@gmail.com

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DIE-CUT STRIP PACKAGING Siebler unites heat-sealing technology with die-cut packaging formats. Formats for both standard and individual-shaped strips can be produced using Romaco Siebler heat-sealing technology. The Siebler HM 1 machines can be configured to manufacture die-cut strips at the customer’s request. Individual-shaped strips can be designed entirely according to each Romaco customer’s requirements. There are no limits to the possible geometries. With integral grooves as opening aids, the heat-sealing technology unites design with functionality. Bespoke strip perforation patterns are also no problem. The unique primary packaging helps strengthen the product’s brand personality. To enable individual-shaped strips to be manufactured, a heat-sealing machine belonging to the Romaco Siebler HM 1-350 series is equipped with a continuous cutting station. Two servo-driven punches cut strips out of the foil layer with a drawing cut. Nothing more is needed to create air, light and moisture-tight unit dose packaging with an individual design. Several specimen sealing pattern options are likewise available. Any machine configured for die-cutting individual-shaped strips can also be used to make standard strip formats. All in all, the Romaco Siebler HM 1-350 is capable of delivering up to 900 individual-shaped strips per minute. Choosing the right heat-sealing foil is crucial in order to produce strip packaging efficiently and reliably. The machinability of a foil in relation to the speed at which it is to be processed is always the decisive factor. This calls for a detailed analysis of the sealing parameters, so that the processes and features of the heat-sealing machine can be adapted accordingly. The aim is to achieve packaging which remains absolutely tight in any circumstances. All packaging must pass various stability tests before it is approved by the pharma regulatory authorities for a particular product. For details contact: The Romaco Group Am Heegwald 11 76227 Karlsruhe Germany Tel: +49 (0)721 4804 0 Fax: +49 (0)721 4804 225 E-mail: susanne.silva@romaco.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 09

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Grundfos India offers an intelligent mobile water pumping station. The unit comprises of two pumps, each capable of discharging 200,000 liters per hour. The mobile pumping station aims at reducing losses post disasters and can also be used for water supply in agriculture, horticulture, gardens and parks. With its double shaft seal system, which ensures trouble-free operations, the dewatering pumps along with a 50 kVA generator, control panel and a cantilever crane in a weatherproof enclosure, are mounted on a movable trolley that can be hauled by a truck or tractor. With a portable and compact design, these mobile pumping stations are lightweight and operate on just one cable, thus saving the need for additional sensor cables. These high-capacity pumps are suitable to use across harsh environments for dewatering of flooded areas in construction sites, draining of storm water, shipyards, waterlogged facilities/basements, drainage pits, power stations, lowlying catchment areas, fishponds, etc. The pumps are also specifically designed for pumping dirty water with a high content of abrasives like sand.

Edwards offers the new ELD500 precision leak detector. It is designed for fast, accurate leak detection and is customisable for any application. Edwards’ ELD500 is ready to go in under two minutes from power On. Users can benefit from simple pass/fail readings through to detailed analysis via the easy to read control interface, and due to the low weight and integrated carry handles it is mobile enough to be bench top or trolley mounted. At the push of a button the ELD500 can easily be set to work in either vacuum mode for precise measurement of leak rate or sniffer mode for identifying the leak location. The proven design of Edwards’ ELD500 leak detector, combined with low energy consumption, extended warranty and even longer life ion source, ensures exceptional low cost of ownership with no compromise on performance. Edwards’ ELD500 achieves excellent repeatable accuracy through calibration with the integrated test leak source and high quality mass spectrometer, so it could be used on a production line, where consistent measurement repeatability is critical or in a laboratory environment where typically the measurement of extremely low leak rates is needed. The ELD500 has three variants, the FLEX, WET and DRY plus an extensive catalogue of accessories.

For details contact: Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd 118 Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Thoraipakkam, Chennai 600 097 Tel: 044-45966800 Fax: 91-044-45966969 E-mail: salesindia@grundfos.com

For details contact: Edwards Ltd Innovation Drive, Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9TW, U.K. Tel: +44 (0) 1293 52 88 44 E-mail: rebecca.walder@edwardsvacuum.com

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VACUUM TECHNOLOGY FROM PUMPS TO SYSTEMS Vacuum systems finds application in many fields, including pharma, chemical, plastic, food and pasta production, leather chemicals and centralized vacuum systems. Vacuum systems are variable and optimized by the selection for the application and working parameters. It is possible to decrease power,saving in the range 30-40 per cent. The condensor helps in reducing the process time of drying, distillation, etc, by effectively condensing the condensable vapours. The condensor has been standardised with 1.5-m², 3-m² and 6-m² cooling surface area. The material of construction can be given in mild steel/SS-304/SS-316 for shell and copper/Cu nickel/SS-304/SS-316 for the cooling coil. For details contact: Toshniwal Instruments (Madras) Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26448983, 26448558 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net or Circle Readers’ Service Card 12

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Customers can avail of their superior quality conta bin blender. These bin blenders are appreciated by large number of clients due to high quality and durability. These products are available in the market at most economical rates. Conta bin blenders are used for mixing, lubricating and blending in pharma, food, chemical, ceramics, plastics and other allied industries of dry powder.

Spray cooling technology is a process to convert melts into solid-state by spraying into spray chamber. Cooling media are usually dehumidified cold air. The cooling media are admitted into the spray chamber. The spray mist comes in intimate contact with the cooling media and gets converted into solid state. AVM offers customised spray cooling systems with variety of configurations.

For details contact: Shefa Industries Gala No: 1, U K Quari Compound Gandhi Nagar, Vikhroli (W) Mumbai 400 083 Tel: 022-25942473 E-mail: shefaindustries@yahoo.co.in



For details contact: New AVM Systech Pvt Ltd AVM House, 3B+3 Part 1/3 Akurdi Indl Estate Opp: Ador Welding Ltd D-1 Block, MIDC Chinchwad, Pune Maharashtra 411 019 Tel: 020-27459986, 27459987 Fax: 91-020-27459988 E-mail: avmtechnologies@vsnl.net

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SMOOTH-SURFACE MOTORS The new permanent-magnet synchronous motors without cooling fins achieve level IE4 / super premium efficiency. This can greatly benefit the food, beverage and pharma industries, and other hygienically demanding applications. The efficient smooth-surface motors are suitable for use in dry areas as well as in applications requiring frequent cleaning. As they generate very little excess heat, they need no fans and therefore do not contribute to the spreading of germs. The IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency synchronous motors operate significantly more efficiently than induction motors, specifically in the partial load range. This results in substantially lower cost for energy consumption and lower TCO. The motors furthermore feature a particularly high power density and a very long product life. Frequency inverters can be mounted directly onto the motor or near the motor for perfect flexibility.Three motor sizes (80, 90 and 100) with power ratings from 0.75 to 2.2 kW are available. They complement the existing smooth-surface induction motor range, which already covers outputs from 0.37 to 1.1 kW. The motors can be supplied with a brake. For washdown-enabled inverter-controlled drive systems with an IP66/IP69K protection rating, NORD can draw on four different suitable gearbox series. Wash-down drive configurations all feature die-cast aluminum housings with smooth surfaces, designed so that cleaning fluids and foams easily run off. For extra corrosion protection, they can be fitted with the nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System, which is approved for food and drink applications in accordance with FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300. For details contact: NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd 282/2, 283/2, Village Mann Tal. Mulshi, Adj. Hinjewadi MIDC II Pune, Maharashtra 411 057 E-mail: Muthusekkar@nord.com marketing.in@nord.com

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Mack Pharmatech Pvt Ltd offers stability chamber in temperature range 20°C to 60°C; humidity range 40%RH to 95%RH; accuracy ±0.2°C and ±2.0% RH; uniformity ±1.0°C and ±3.0%RH; and control system PLC-based (Allen Bradly) control system. Test is suitable for 25°C and 60%RH, 30°C and 65%RH, 40°C and 75%RH, and 30°C and 75%RH. Features 21 CFR software; touch-screen display; standby refrigeration and humidity systems; imported standby hygroflex sensor; GSM technology and hooter system.

This type of granulator is used extensively in pharma industries. The machines have a SS mixing bowl containing a three-bladed main impeller, which revolves in the horizontal plane, and a threebladed auxiliary chopper (breaker blade) which revolves either in the vertical or the horizontal plane.

For details contact: Mack Pharmatech Pvt Ltd B-48, Malegaon MIDC, Sinnar Dist: Nashik, Maharashtra 422 113 Telefax: 91-02551-230877 E-mail: sales@mackpharmatech.com

For details contact: Kunal Machines 104 Kothari Indl Estate Next to Asian Paints LBS Marg, Bhandup (W) Mumbai 400 078 Tel: 022-61271111, 67251949 E-mail: kunalmachines@gmail.com

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LEVEL INDICATORS Visual level indicators combine up to three functions in one instrument: level indicator, level switch and level transmitter. The display that can be read even over large distances works without energy and automatically as a result of the physical law of liquids in communicating vessels. The WEKA visual level indicators are characterized by their compact design and the wide range of applications. Operating pressures can range from a vacuum up to 500 bar as well as calculation pressures for the float standpipe up to the nominal pressure PN 630. Liquid densities >0.27 g/cm 3 as well as a temperature range from 77 K to 673 K (-196°C to 400°C) allow use in applications for cryogenic liquid gases as well as in water hydraulics and steam boilers. Hermetically sealed floats for condensing media are available up to a max operating pressure of 320 bar. Flexibility through choice of suitable materials - standard materials: 316/316L 1.4435/1.4404, Group A4 stainless austenitic steel. Other possible stainless austenitic steels: 304/304L 1.4301/1.4306, 1.4571, 321, 1.4541.The WEKA visual level indicator is ideal for the commissioning of systems. The display works without energy and automatically as a result of the physical law of liquids in communicating vessels. Independent of a controller - and thus also independent in the event of a power supply failure - visual level indication on site is ensured. The wide, red- and silver-colored flag indicator system is easily and clearly readable, even from over large distances. The fully transparent flag indicator system made of polycarbonate (PC) also ensures readability from the side. The liquids, which are not always unproblematic and sometimes also hazardous, are safely enclosed in the dense and pressure-tight float standpipe and separated from the indicator.WEKA visual level indicators offer the ideal solution for almost all operating conditions. For most applications, you will find a suitable device from our standard program. Again and again, however, customized solutions are also required for special operating conditions. Many designs can, eg, also be used in hazardous areas according to ATEX or IECEx (ATEX is a widely used synonym for the ATEX guidelines of the European Union). Toshniwal’s instruments can thus also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.It finds application in explosion-proof plants, mechanical and plant engineering, water management, ship building, energy, space and research. For details contact Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road, Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044 26445626, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net or Circle Readers’ Service Card 18

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Adjustable level switch consists of separate level switch assembly for each level like low, high, middle or multi-level. These individual level switch assy, are suspended through SS rope and are freely adjustable along the SS rope. The level switch assy, are provided with adjustable disc which can slide through the SS rope and are secured to SS rope with stopper or cable tie at required levels. The cables are terminated inside a weatherproof enclosure. The adjustable level switch is provided with mounting flange of standard size. It finds application in water tanks and cooling towers.

Syrris’ Orb Pilot jacketed reactor system is proving a big hit for chemical process scale-up, offering multiple set-ups in a single footprint, designed around your needs. This unique, flexible and cost-effective system truly bridges the gap between lab scale and production scale chemistry. The Orb Pilot is a user-friendly, floor standing scale-up reactor providing an exceptional combination of performance, versatility and value for money. It offers a choice of vessel sizes from 10 to 50 liters on a single system, and is precision engineered to withstand temperatures from -40 to +235 oC. Available with a selection of single and vacuum jacketed vessels, plus a wide range of accessories – condensers, removable baffles, powder or pressure equalizing liquid funnels, port adapters, stoppers, etc – the Orb Pilot can be easily configured to match your exact requirements. It features a unique clamp, easy motor lift and rapid oil drain mechanism, enabling vessel changes in under an hour, while a spring-loaded base avoids the need for frame adjustments to accommodate different vessels or thermal expansion.

For details contact: Filpro Sensors Pvt Ltd 130, 10 th Cross Petechennappa Indl Estate Kamakshipalya Magadi Main Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 079 Tel: 080-23286463 E-mail: sales@filprosensors.com



For details contact: Syrris Scientific Equipment Pvt Ltd 420/421 Corporate Avenue, Sonawale Road Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063 Tel: 022-26864410 E-mail: info@syrris.com

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TRIPLE QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER Agilent Technologies Inc offers triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometers (triple quad LC/MS). The Ultivo triple quad is a transformative approach to LC/MS that integrates several hardware and software innovations designed to deliver even more improved business results for customers.Ultivo is optimized to address the food and environmental routine testing segments employing triple quad LC/MS systems for quantitative analyses. In addition to its trendsetting size, Ultivo provides reproducible, reliable assays that result in exceptional performance in complex matrices. Greater ion transmission efficiency leads to optimized sensitivity; and improved, intelligent diagnostics use intuitive readbacks that can quickly identify issues, ensuring optimum uptime. Furthermore, Ultivo’s new VacShield vacuum provides vent-less ion injector exchange capabilities that reduce wear and tear and facilitate rapid front-end maintenance. Ultivo’s seamless integration with the Agilent MassHunter Software suite provides high-performance instrument monitoring, data acquisition, analysis, and reporting for currently regulated and emerging environmental contaminants and pollutants in our water supplies. Also, Ultivo’s fine-tuning ensures rigorous accuracy, with selectivity, sensitivity, and precision monitoring, to deliver specific identification and quantitation of a wide range of contaminants, helping keep our worldwide food supplies safe. For details contact: Agilent Technologies Inc 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051, U.S.A. Tel: +1 408 553 2005, +45 29 33 69 80 E-mail: victoria.wadsworth-hansen@agilent.com

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In this dryer, tubes are fixed to the outer shell housing and rotate along with the shell. Single/multiple rows of tubes are circumferentially arranged on the internal periphery of the rotary shell. Rotary shell is supported on tyres/rollers and driven through suitable drive arrangement. Wet feed material is fed through centre of one end of the dryer by feed screw. Steam is admitted in the circumferential tubes from a rotating manifold installed towards material discharge end of the shell through rotary joint. Condensate is also collected through the same rotary joint. Material gets dried by conduction heat transfer and discharged from the openings provided on the shell at the other end. The openings also serve for fresh air intake. Vapours are removed from the feed end. Spiral flight lifters shower the feed material on tube. AVM offers customized configurations of conduction dryers with feed preconditioning, product back-mixing systems; feed and product handling, pneumatic conveying systems.

Principle of the system is to recover any substance from the main product for further process. The system is built in fabricated structure incorporated with vacuum pump motor, automatic valves, pipings, switches and control panel. The capacity of the vessel for collection of the substances is approximately 200 litres. The vessel is manufactured in food grade SS-316. The liquid ring vacuum pump develops vacuum in the vessel. The suction nozzles are bypassed through the storage vessel to its connecting point. The suction nozzle functions with vacuum sensor which is connected to foot-operated switch on both sides of the unit for dual operation.Indovac provides hydro/pneumatic circuit for automatic disposal of the substance to other subsequent processes as may be feasible and as per the customers’ needs. This system is used mainly in sea food process, pharma industries, chemical applications, distillation and recovery processes in any industry.

For details contact: New AVM Systech Pvt Ltd AVM House, 3B+3 Part, 1/3, Akurdi Indl Estate Opp: Ador Welding Ltd,D-1 Block, MIDC, Chinchwad Pune, Maharashtra 411 019 Tel: 020-27459986, 27459987, Fax: 91-020-27459988 E-mail: avmtechnologies@vsnl.net

For details contact: Indovac Pumps & Engg Co 21 Anand Raj Indl Estate, Sonapur Lane B/h Asian Paints, Off LBS Marg Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400 078 Tel: 022-25664917, Fax: 91-022-25664917 E-mail: indovac@yahoo.co.in

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GC/Q-TOF SYSTEM Agilent Technologies Inc offers a new high-resolution, accurate-mass system designed for laboratories doing food and environmental testing, life science research, forensics and chemical analysis.The Agilent 7250 GC/G-TOF system combines gas chromatography and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry with a Low Energy Electron Ionization source that enables greater exploration of unknown chemical samples. The new system represents the only commercially available combination of a high-resolution, accurate-mass GC/MS and low-energy ionization source, making it possible for scientists to employ analytical techniques that were not previously practical or in some cases even possible. The capabilities of the 7250 GC/Q-TOF system will now allow labs to quickly and easily identify volatile and semi-volatile compounds that, in the past, would require them to perform alternative techniques or longer sample preparations to detect and determine the compounds present in their samples. Furthermore, with Low Energy Electron Ionization, scientists will be better able to elucidate chemical structures. Agilent offers a range of GC/MS technologies for both qualitative and quantitative analysis across a wide variety of applications. For details contact: Agilent Technologies Inc 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051, U.S.A. Tel: +1 408 553 2005, +45 29 33 69 80 E-mail: victoria.wadsworth-hansen@agilent.com

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Brilliant Process Machinery Pvt Ltd offers octagonal blender in 25 to 2,000 litre capacity.Contact parts are in SS-316. Baffles provided for ease of mixing/blending.Manhole with gasket is provided to fix baffles and for ease of cleaning the main pan. Charging and discharging is through a butterfly valve. A conical adaptor can be provided for fixing charging drum after butterfly valve. Unit can be provided with bin charging arrangement. All moving parts are enclosed in guards. A safety railing with a limit switch is provided for operator safety. Manual inching arrangement can be provided. Flame proof motors with flame proof pushbutton stations can be provided as an optional.

Leveraging on their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of this domain, Shefa Industries are offering a broad spectrum of quality assured double cone blender. These double cone blenders are widely used for mixing granules and dry powder homogeneously. Offered array of double cone blender is manufactured by using premium quality SS, which is procured from the reliable vendors of the market. These blenders are commonly used in the pharma, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.

For details contact: Brilliant Process Machinery Pvt Ltd Unit No: 1, 2, 14 Mordan Indl Estate Opp: Ipol, Waliv Phata, Vasai (E), Dist: Thane Maharashtra 401 208 Tel: 0250-3293636 E-mail: brilliantprocess@rediffmail.com

General Products


For details contact: Shefa Industries Gala No: 1, U K Quari Compound Gandhi Nagar, Vikhroli (W) Mumbai 400 083 Tel: 022-25942473 E-mail: shefaindustries@yahoo.co.in

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PRECISION PIEZO STAGE Aerotech’s QFOCUS QF-50 piezo nanopositioning stage is designed for high-performance microscope objective and optics positioning. It offers 400 μm closed loop and 450 μm open loop travel, high speed, 0.01% linearity, sub-nanometer resolution, and 4 nm bi-directional repeatability. The QF-50 accommodates optical instruments and next-generation laser micromachining applications. Due to a high-stiffness mechanical design, the QF-50 can outperform competitive piezo scanner offerings with larger, higher numerical aperture (NA) objectives. The QF-50 is ideal for optical positioning applications requiring high precision and throughput coupled with long travels.Optional closed-loop feedback using a unique capacitive sensor design allows for sub-nanometer resolution and high linearity. Unlike foil strain gauges or piezoresistive sensors, capacitive sensors provide a direct measurement of the positioning carriage for superior accuracy and repeatability. When coupled with Aerotech’s Q-series controllers and drives, the QF-50 demonstrates sub-nanometer positioning resolution and in-position stability (jitter) while maintaining high positioning bandwidth. Advanced software options, such as Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer, provide a variety of highly-effective, easy-to-use tools including Iterative Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation and Command Shaping, providing improved tracking errors and faster step-and-settle times. OEM drive options are also available. The QF-50 is available with threaded adapters to fit most microscopes and objectives. The microscope turret mounting allows fast and simple positioning at any desired orientation. In addition, tapped holes on the stage body provide alternative mounting for custom interfaces in machines or other optical instruments. The QF-50 is available with a clear aperture of 29 mm as standard. Custom stage designs, travels, and threaded adapters are available. For details contact: Aerotech, Inc 101 Zeta Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2811 U.S.A. Tel: +1 (412) 967 6854 E-mail: smclane@aerotech.com / jbala@aerotech.co

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These are instant top discharge centrifuge in which filter bag is fitted in the basket having easy detachable top ring. The filter bag along with top ring is fitted by hydraulic device or hoist and moved to desired place for unloading by opening the centre of the filter bag.

Programmable electronic power supply is a high performance single/double output programmable DC power source. It is easy to control from the front panel or via the serial port by the computer. It has low noise, excellent regulation and built-in voltmeter/ammeter.

For details contact: HydroTech Engineers Plot No: 8 (AWM), Indl Development Colony Nr CIPET, GNDU Road Amritsar, Punjab 143 104 Tel: 0183-2256262, 2256363 E-mail: sales@hydrotech-ngineersasr@gmail.com

For details contact: Vasavi Electronics 95, Road No: 6A, Jyothi Colony Secunderabad Andhra Pradeh 500 015 Tel: 040-27744445 E-mail: vasavi@vasavi.com

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A falling film evaporator is used for concentration and evaporation of relatively low viscosity liquids. Steam, hot water or hot oil is used as the heating media and the process is carried out under atmospheric or vacuum condition. The evaporator is used for volume reduction where dilute products are concentrated to a medium concentration. The process is continuous. The liquid to be concentrated is fed from the top and a distributor ensures proper feed distribution in each of the tubes. The distributor also ensures that all tubes are wetted and that the liquid flows in a film. The liquid and vapour both travel vertically downward. Due to a relatively thin film, the heat transfer coefficient is better than that obtained in reactors and simple shell and tube evaporators. If further concentation is required, the concentrated product can then be fed to the WFE.

Coat-Endure-T is an innovation resulting from an unmet need of a compact coating immune admittance based level switch. Whereas compact vibrating forks for liquids have proven to be very successful for space constrained silos; slurries and pastes tend to be sticky, where vibrating forks could malfunction due to a coating of application material. Coat-Endure-T is an improvement over traditional principle of admittance such that the coating immunity is controlled by the on-board microcontroller and can be adjusted easily. Suitable for both conductive and non-conductive media, the sensor is immune to fluctuations in process parameters like temperature, dielectric constant of the media and variable buildup patterns. It allows material independent calibration, faster installation and commissioning, and offers an easy to clean tri-clamp mounting for hygienic applications. The sensor works well with powders, solids, liquids, pastes and slurries, and comes with RoHS compliance.

For details contact: Dalal Engg Kavesar, Thane-Ghodbunder Road Thane, Maharashtra 400 607 Tel: 022-25976201 Fax: 91-022-25976207 E-mail: sales@dalalengineering.com

For details cotnacat: Sapcon Instruments 131 Palshikar Colony Indore, Madhya Pradesh Tel: 0731-4757575 E-mail: sapconinstruments.com

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As an all-new supplement to the modular industrial gear range, NORD Drivesystems now provides extruder flanges optimized for heavy duty operation. Several different extrusion flanges are available for each of the industrial gear units from size 5 to 11, with rated torques from 15 to 80 kNm. Almost all usual dimensions can thus be adapted. Extra-large thrust bearings ensure that all process forces are absorbed and provide enhanced durability for long lifespans. This new option for the industrial gears enables primary and secondary plastics and rubber manufacturers and their suppliers to create safe and highly reliable drives in customizable configurations. The NORD industrial gear range offers a variety of input and output shafts and gaskets, flexible mounting directions and thermal monitoring solutions.

The machine is a combination of auto case erector with pick and place top load mechanism. This fully automatic machine from auto erection to filling and final taping system occupies relatively less space in comparison with combination machine of separate auto case erection and filling machine. Optional top and bottom taping attachment based on customer preference. The machine works on the principle of pick and place method using specially designed vacuum suction systems. Grippers are used to hold containers and bottles if they are not suitable for lifting through vacuum.All moving parts are covered with safety limit switch interlock and the machine is fitted with optional beam sensors. HMI will display trouble-shooting procedures and fault indications to minimise down time and pneumatic components are designed for easy access and replacement without disturbing main wiring system to reduce down time. In semi automatic case packer there will not be automatic case opening/case erector. The person should hold the manual open box.

For details contact: NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd 282/2, 283/2, Village Mann Tal: Mulshi, Adj Hinjewadi MIDC II Pune, Maharashtra 411 057 E-mail: marketing.in@nord.com / Muthusekkar@nord.com

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For details contact: Foreview Engg and Technology Pvt Ltd PAP-R-251, TTC MIDC, Nr Golden Garage Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400 701 E-mail: marketing@foreviewengg.com / foreviewengg@gmail.com

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INTEGRATED MEASURING AND DOSING Mettler Toledo offers the ECB (Easy Control Box). The ECB connects any lab sensor and pump to make realtime measurement and controlled dosing available to non-experts. Combining data from all sensors in a single experiment allows researchers to quickly evaluate and compare experimental results and make decisions to speed chemical process development. Plug-and-play capabilities allow researchers to move sensors or pumps from one reactor to another within minutes. Pumps and balances connect to the ECB for automated pre-programmed gravimetric dosing. Linking temperature with dosing control enables reagent addition to stop in dangerous exothermic situations. Experiments can run unattended, allowing more experiments to be performed under safe conditions. SmartConnect technology makes connections with existing analog sensors plug-and-play. The sensor calibration and configuration data are on an integrated chip ensuring measurements are always accurate and precise applying the current sensor calibration data. Data from any analog sensor, such as mass flow, pressure, temperature or turbidity, is captured and stored in the experiment file together with other key process parameters. Additional sensor data leads to more knowledge about the reaction and better decisions to speed process development. As measuring and controlling pH precisely is essential for numerous applications, the plug-and-play pH module enhances the capabilities of the ECB significantly, enabling pH measurement and control from 50 mL up to multiple liters. For details contact: Mettler Toledo India Pvt Ltd Process Analytics Solutions Amar Hill, Saki Vihar Ro or Circle Readers’ Service Card 34

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The octagon blender ensures good rolling and cross-mixing. A-shaped frames provide stability of structure. Main drive provided with variable frequency drive to control blender RPM. There is a start-stop arrangement to ensure that the blender always stops in an upright position. Internal baffles ensure good blending and break lumps. Guard rails are provided with limit switch for safety. PLC/HMI-based control panel models available.

Elixir-T-Uni is a compact level limit switch used in tanks, containers and pipelines. It is suitable for all kinds of liquids having viscosity up to 10,000 cP and density greater than or equal to 0.7 gm/cc.With an average surface finish of 0.8 Ra, this fork is ideal for hygiene-conscious applications. It comes with a service-friendly plug-in connection. Immunity to material buildup (such as foam), proven operation at a high temperature of 150°C, silent operation for operator’s peace of mind and status indications for temperature overshoot and fork health are some distinct features which have made Elixir-T-Uni extremely popular specially in pharma and dairy industries. Elixir-T-Uni comes with IP-67 marking and RoHS compliance.

For details contact: Kunal Machines 104 Kothari Indl Estate Next to Asian Paints LBS Marg, Bhandup (W) Mumbai 400 078 Tel; 022-61271111, 67251949 E-mail: kunalmachines@gmail.com

For details contact: Sapcon Instruments 131 Palshikar Colony Indore, Madhya Pradesh Tel: 0731-4757575 E-mail: sapconinstruments.com

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ION EXCHANGE & SPECIALTY ADSORBER RESINS An efficient technology from LANXESS for treating water is the use of Lewatition exchange and specialty adsorber resins. Among other applications, ion exchange resins are used to remove pollutants, such as nickel, nitrate, perchlorate, borate and hydrocarbons from drinking water. During the ion exchange process, contaminated water flows through a container filled with ion exchange resin. It filters the contaminants, binding the ions of the pollutants and replacing them with harmless ions. A variety of resins are used, depending on the pollutant. In the treatment of wastewater, the ion exchange resins remove heavy metals, such as mercury or cadmium. In addition, precious metals, such as copper or platinum, can be filtered out and then used for other purposes. Industrial applications include the treatment of water for industrial processes in power plants. These costly facilities need large volumes of cooling and process water, which have to be demineralized to protect the systems against limescale, for example. The microchip and pharmaceutical industries require water in extremely pure form. Lewatit is used in these industries to produce ultra-pure water, which is a vital manufacturing resource. For details contact: LANXESS India Pvt Ltd LANXESS House, Plot No: A 162-164 Road No: 27, MIDC, Wagle Estate Thane (W), Maharashtra 400 604 Tel: 022-25871000 E-mail: s.prakash@lanxess.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 37

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Hoist functions and the STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 are included by default. By integrating geared motors that are produced in-house into the drive system configuration, NORD is able to supply complete solutions from a single source to system engineers and operators of warehousing, distribution center, intralogistics or baggage handling facilities. Interfaces for all common fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet protocols are supported. Plug connectors for power, sensors, and communication lines ensure particularly fast and error-free installation and maintenance. The size 2 frequency inverters complement the smaller drive size and motor starters launched earlier in 2017, which cover a large part of all intralogistics drive applications in the 0.55 to 3 kW range. A video clip (http://nord.click/vq7g) shows the extensive functional features of the NORDAC LINK series, the comfortable and flexible control options, and the especially easy commissioning of these field distribution systems.

Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers Ermeto/Bite fittings in SS, brass, MS, etc, in the size range of 1/8 to 2 inch; elastomeric seal – O-ring: Viton, NBR. Excellent threads constructed to ensure leak-proof and reliable systems. It finds application in pneumatic/hydraulic.

For details contact: NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd 282/2, 283/2, Village Mann Tal: Mulshi, Adj Hinjewadi MIDC II Pune, Maharashtra 411 057 E-mail: marketing.in@nord.com / Muthusekkar@nord.com

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For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg, 3 rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

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NITRILE GLOVES Cole-Parmer offers ThinTouchPROtect nitrile gloves – a line extension of company’s ThinTouch range of gloves. Specially formulated, designed and tested to stringent standards, the gloves provide user with max assurance, superior comfort and enhanced tactility. They are tested against 29 chemotherapeutic drugs as per ASTM D 6978-05. They have exceptional breakthrough time even for Carmustine (3.3 mg/ml) – 127.5 mins and ThioTepa (10.0 mg/ml) – 240 mins. Manufactured using a unique formulation - they undergo series of exhaustive tests to ensure these are the best in the category. The gloves are highly chemical-resistant and are qualified for oncology production and research applications. The anti-static property with resistivity of 1X107 Ohms at humidity 51% - makes these gloves an ideal choice in processes demanding low electrostatic discharge.The glove has a great tactile feel for wearer comfort over extended period of use. Its unique colour provides visual differentiation from other natural rubber latex and synthetic gloves. ThinTouchPRotect Nitrile Gloves are available in 9.5” and 12” length and S to XL sizes. These are ambidextrous with beaded cuffs ensuring ease of donning and have textured fingertips for enhanced wet or dry grip. The gloves have low-particulates to prevent glove-related work contamination. For details contact: Cole-Parmer India 403, A-Wing, Delphi, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai Mumbai 400 076 Tel: 022-61394410, 61394444, Fax: 91-022-61394422 E-mail: vinita.singh@coleparmer.in or Circle Readers’ Service Card 40

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Remote monitoring solution is based on rugged hardware (RDC) and highly available, configurable, extensible software platform. The solution includes a controller and GSM/GPRS modem (wireless) or Ethernet/IP (wire line) on the client (located at remote sites) and highly available software and server on the internet. The server software is designed for secured, highly available 24x7 operations.The solution is widely deployed in monitoring diesel genset performance, fuel level monitoring, water flow/pressure monitoring, telecom tower monitoring, effluent treatment plants and solar plants. The battery version of the product is suitable for monitoring remote sites where no power is available. The unit works on rechargeable battery with low power consumption and low battery replacement costs. Another variation of this unit is available for deployment with solar panels with very low battery maintenance costs.

Citizen ultrasonic units are used in industrial and analytical laboratories. With their high power, optimised parameter settings and strict parameter monitoring and assisted by a large range of useful accessories the ultrasonic units guarantee safe and reliable results for the multi-faceted laboratory applications. The Citizen’s laboratory equipment is complete with a full programmable of cleaning chemicals developed and produced in their own laboratory. Citizen ultrasonic cleaners are extremely versatile. They can also be used in laboratory applications for cell separation, mixing emulsifying, sample preparation and degassing of liquids. The demands of light industrial workflow require an ultrasonic bath that can stand up to the challenge. Their baths are perfect for deep cleaning to remove dirst, grease, waxes and oils from light industrial parts and components of all kinds including steel, light and non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass, jewellery and clockworks of every type.

For details contact: SUN Industrial Automation & Solutions Plot No: 95, Developed Electronic Indl Estate Perungudi, Chennai 600 096 Tel: 044-30788900 E-mail: sias@vsnl.com

For details contact: Citizen Scale (I) Pvt Ltd Citizen House, Unit No: E-2, Plot No: 11, WICEL Opp: SEEPZ Gate No: 1, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400 093 Tel: 022-42437700 E-mail: sales@citizenscales.com

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MODULAR SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE Eaton’s new MTL SD Modular range provides comprehensive protection from transient surge events up to 20 kA, the highest level of protection currently available for a modular pluggable device. Eaton’s MTL SD Modular range offers complete cost-effective surge protection to valuable instruments and distributed control systems. The design of the MTL SD modular device reduces maintenance cost and downtime, as modules can be quickly and easily replaced. The pluggable part is held in place with a simple retention tag and can be removed from its base without de-energising the protected device, saving the user valuable time and complexity. This is achieved using an innovative ‘make before break’ design to ensure uninterrupted loop operation during replacement. A diagnostic LED option is available to provide a clear, visual indication of a failed module so that engineers can immediately see which module to replace. A portable surge test device is also available, allowing users to simply check the health of each module during routine maintenance. This new modular range inherits the proven reliability of the MTL SD range, increasing system availability in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, chemical, power and water/wastewater. With versions available for all process signal types, they are ideal for panel builders, system integrators and engineers looking to protect electrical and electronic assets. The range is fully ATEX/IECEx certified for use in intrinsically safe applications, is SIL suitable and is designed to meet global standards. For details contact: Eaton Butterfield, Great Marlings, Luton Bedfordshire LU2 8DL, U.K. Tel: +44 (0)1582 723633 E-mail: mtlenquiry@eaton.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 43

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Check weigher CW1200-01 system provides 100 per cent online weighing, ensuring compliance with international standards of pharma, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Check weigher CW 1299 also improves production line profitability through significant reduction in product give-away. The entire system is made from SS and designed for easy removal for cleaning purposes.

Automatic adapter test system is a fast and easy testing of DC adapters, most ideal for mobile chargers, battery chargers, etc. It is computer controlled with user-friendly software. Scans at one stroke all the parameters of each and every output as per pre-defined program of the test procedure. One can test all the outputs with programmable DC load (up to 2A) at any four fixed steps of input AC voltage to adapter.

For details contact: Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd Gat No: 3 (PT), 5 (PT), 243 (PT), Kasurdi (Kheba) Khed Shivapur Saswad Road Post: Khed Shivapur, Tal: Bhor, Dist: Pune Maharashtra 412 205 Tel: 02113-305200, 305246 Fax: 91-2113-305250 E-mail: pcssales@tepl.co.in / teplinbox@gmail.com

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For details contact: Vasavi Electronics No: 95, Road No: 6A, Jyothi Colony Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh 500 015 Tel: 040-27744445 E-mail: vasavi@vasavi.com

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CONNECTED SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER PROCESS AND PRODUCT SAFETY Bosch Packaging Technology shows how Industry 4.0 solutions help to achieve higher process safety and product quality. Detailed information about each machine, line or process status is provided by the Condition Monitoring platform. It records data in realtime, enabling maintenance staff to react before cost-intensive process deviations or downtimes occur. To ensure constant product quality, all process steps are subject to strict regulations. The Bosch Pharma Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables pharma companies to take the step towards a transparent, paperless production. To this end, Bosch works with the software provider Parsec Automation Corp and configures the MES software TrakSYS according to the requirements of the pharma industry. Together with a complete audit trail, it includes all necessary functionalities to manage machines and processes, and to generate electronic batch records (EBR), thus facilitating the approval for batch releases by qualified persons. The Bosch Pharma MES can be integrated into any Bosch or third-party machines and lines, as well as into complete manufacturing facilities. When it comes to packaging, the unambiguous serialization of secondary packaging aims at protecting patients from counterfeit medicine ensures the traceability along the production chain. The Track & Trace solution fulfills both requirements. It consists of the CPI software and machine modules, which are connected within the serialization process. At the machine level, CPS modules print data matrix codes on to folding cartons, verify the codes and if required, equip the packaging with a tamper-evident seal. The CPI software integrates the CPS modules into the company IT. This ensures a reliable serialization from the allocation of the serial numbers through to the last aggregation step. For details contact: Commha Consulting GmbH & Co KG Poststraße 48 D-69115 Heidelberg Germany Tel: +49 6221 18779-27 E-mail: bosch@commhaconsulting.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 46 00

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Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers needle valves in SS, brass and alloys 1/8 to 2 inch in size; pressure rating up to 5,000 psi (340 bar) at 100oF (38°C); temperature rating:-65oF to 600oF (-54°C to 315°C); in-line or angle pattern; vee stem, regulating stem, soft seat.

Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers high pressure needle valves in SS 1/8 to 2 in size, pressure rating up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) at 100 oF (38°C); temperature rating:-65oF to 600oF (-54°C to 315°C); PTFE packing on stem for leak tight sealant long life cycle.

For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg, 3 rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg 3rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

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MODULAR INDUSTRIAL GEAR UNITS NORD Drivesystems offers two new gearboxes for nominal torques of 15 and 20 kNm. With these latest additions to the line-up, the series now comprises 11 gearbox sizes that deliver output torques up to 250 kNm. The NORD industrial gear series offers a particularly great variety of configuration options for application-specific drive solutions. The modular NORD product range includes dual-gear setups, auxiliary drives, brakes, torque arms, backstops, swing bases, and – as the latest special feature – extruder flanges. In addition, there are a variety of sealing options and solutions for monitoring and temperature management. The gear units can be mounted on all six sides. Gear ratios can be configured in fine increments from 5.54 : 1 to over 30,000 : 1 – with two, three or four gear stages, and with an auxiliary primary gear stage if so required. All NORD industrial gear units feature a single-piece UNICASE housing. This ensures excellent longevity, a very high power density, compact dimensions and high overload capacities. Combining industrial gear units with motors and drive electronics, NORD configures complete drive systems for heavy-duty operation in conveying systems, pumps and agitators. Designated major application fields for these units include bulk handling, the cement industry, steel industry, process engineering, woodworking, sugar processing, and wastewater management. For details contact: NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd 282/2, 283/2, Village Mann Tal. Mulshi, Adj. Hinjewadi MIDC II Pune, Maharashtra 411 057 E-mail: Muthusekkar@nord.com / marketing.in@nord.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 49

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Agilent Technologies Inc offers it’s newest next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep solution - Agilent SureSelect XT HS - a complete target enrichment research solution that provides total workflow management for laboratories, from QC to target enrichment, to analysis and interpretation. SureSelect XT HS is a streamlined, high-sensitivity (HS) solution for research, optimized for labs with a requirement to sequence DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, which may have degraded over time. By incorporating molecular barcodes, SureSelect XT HS improves overall precision and produces higher complexity libraries than competing products, on a broad range of tissue types and low- and high-quality FFPE samples. SureSelect XT HS libraries, with higher percentage reads in targeted regions, require as little as 10 ng of starting DNA, and use molecular barcodes to assist error correction. Additionally, faster and more efficient processing with master-mixed reagents that require less hands-on time, coupled with a 90-minute hybridization - the most rapid hybridization on the market - enables labs to now move from sample to sequencer in a single day.

FARO offers the FARO Zone 3D software. This revolutionary platform, through its advanced smart tools, is the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments and enhance the quality of incident reconstruction analysis or presentations for public safety professionals. FARO Zone 3D dramatically elevates the visual impact of presentations, including courtroom exhibits, by enabling accurate 2D and 3D scene diagrams, 3D scene walk-throughs and full scene reconstruction animations. FARO Zone 3D also enhances the ability of public safety professionals to plan for and respond more effectively to, emergencies by creating accurate representations of real-world locations within local communities. Key leading-edge functionality of FARO Zone 3D includes: advanced smart tools to drive a more confident result and enhanced flexibility to drive a faster result. FARO Zone 3D is currently available for ordering - www. faro.com/Zone3D/in Trial versions of FARO Zone 3D can be downloaded from www.faro.com/faro-3d-app-center/standalone-apps/faro-zone-3d.

For details contact: Agilent Technologies Inc 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd Santa Clara CA 95051, U.SA. Tel: +1 781 266 2819 E-mail: naomi.goumillout@agilent.com

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For details contact: FARO Business Technologies India Pvt Ltd E-12, B-1 Extension, Mohan Co-op Indl Estate Mathura Road, New Delhi 110 044 Tel: 011-46465664, 46465644 E-mail: india@faro.com / amrita.gokhale@faro.com

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TRIPLE QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER For labs looking for the next step up in triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS productivity, the Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 Evo triple quadrupole mass spectrometer provides more capacity, more information, more compounds and more results per unit of time for higher levels of productivity and efficiency in analytical workflows. Unlike other GC triple quadrupole mass spectrometers that require extensive, time consuming method setup, the TSQ 8000 Evo GC-MS/MS has purpose-built software, AutoSRM, for automated SRM method creation, optimisation and management from full scan to the complete analytical method setup. It is fast, simple and reliable. For details contact: Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt Ltd 102, 104, Delphi ‘C’ Wing Hiranandani Business Park Powai, Mumbai 400 076 Tel: 022-67429494 Fax: 91-022-67429495 E-mail: sagar.chavan@thermofisher.com

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Toshniwal offers new generation powder mixer, which gives a homogeneous mix in a very short time (30-60 seconds) for dry powder. The mixer has a facility for spraying liquid to ensure uniform coating on powder/ pellets as well as lump breaker. The other salient features are high degree of precision mixing up to10 PPM, low energy cost per tonne of mix, high production output with a small batch mixer, fast discharge of mixed material through two large Bombay Doors avoiding segregation of mixed material, negligible maintenance, etc. The mixer is ideally suited for food products like instant drinks, coffee/tea vending premix, gulab jamun mix, spices, cereals, bakery premix, etc. For details contact: Toshniwal 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26448558, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net

OVAL WHEEL METER Oval wheels (Type OV) is an ideal choice for all liquid measurements displace precisely known volume of liquid through the meter from inlet to outlet. The number of revolutions, therefore, is directly proportional to the measured volume.For the protection of oval wheel meters and turbine meters against foreign matter and solids contained in the liquids, measured with these meters. These strainers may also be used for protection of piping systems for contamination, Type N... without heating jacket size 15-100mm (1/2” to 4”). It features 2-wire technique and has only 2 moving parts (oval wheels); high accuracy measurement at high viscosities and direct measurement of volumetric flowrate. For details contact: Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26448558, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net

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SAMI WEDGE PLUG VALVES Rasaii Flow Lines Pvt Ltd has established as specialist valve manufacturer for corrosive and erosive applications in oil and gas plants, petroleum refinery, petrochemical plants, pharma, heavy water plants, mining industry. The valves have proven performance in handling erosive and clogging area. Rasaii offers the wedge plug valves to serve as good replacement of metal seated globe and ball valves. Sami wedge plug valves are specifically designed to handle liquid with sludge, dirty liquids, acetic acid, liquids clogged with solid particles. The wedge plug claves perform in a superior way compound to metal to metal seated ball valves with their nil cavity possibility for suspension of flowing liquids and as well by avoiding any secondary replacement flexible soft sealing materials as primary isolation material. No scratch actions by embedded particles due to scrapping and cleaning of plug avoiding any metals embedding on to seats. The valves shall be operated with fully lubricated gearbox as well as can be operated with the linear electrical actuators of internationally proven makes. The gearbox will lift the plug and reseat for lower torque operation during open and close position. Wedge Plug Valves are more reliable, easy to maintain by flushing on regular interval without removing the valves from pipeline. Valve can handle stem, catalyst effluent, hard materials, and hard liquids like high viscosity clogging media and sticking media. It is easy to operate. It has the lowest torque resulting smallest actuator and best performance in sealing. It finds application in toluene diisocyanate, polyester terephthalate, pure terephthalic acid, propane dehydrogenation and styrene - polystyrene, CTG. For details contact: Rasaii Flow Lines Pvt Ltd TS No: 93/3, Poonamalle Road Ekkatuthangal, Chennai 600 032 Tel: 044-22252021, 22252022 E-mail: admin@rflvalves.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 55

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Servo Drive (OSV Series) utilizes a larger capacity industrial grade intelligent power module than a normal servo with the same power capacity, which assures three time overload capacity for longer period of time to help in quick acceleration. Outstanding noise immunity can work in bad electromagnetic environment.Advance digital algorithm with high-speed DSP control makes control of current loop, speed loop and position loop accurately. Hence, it offers excellent dynamic and high response time. Features industries first plug-and-play type servo drive; less vibration with vibration suppression filter; direct limit switch input for CW/CCW direction to avoid over travel accident; digital input to switch between two sets of torque limit; and command smoothing filter for longer equipment life.

Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers manifold valves in SS, brass, CS, alloys ,etc; pressure rating up to 6,000 psi (413 bar) at 100oF (38°C); temperature rating: -65oF to 973oF (-54°C to 523°C) with Grafoil packing; 2 V, 3 V and 5 V as standard; remote or direct mounting; non-rotating globe stem tip.

For details contact: PRS Automation 1398 Mamu Nayak’s Pole Nr Bahucharaji Mata Temple Kalupur-Tanksal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380 001 Tel: 079-22134153 E-mail: sales@prsautomation.com

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For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg 3rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

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OIL-FREE AND GAS-TIGHT PISTON COMPRESSORS Sauer Compressors has enhanced its already extensive portfolio with a broad range of oil-free and gas-tight piston compressors for compression of air and a variety of gases. With the enhanced product range, Sauer is opening up a variety of new markets and applications, including compression of SF6, oxygen, CO2, H 2 and various special gases such as refrigerants, Argon, ammonia and more. The HAUG Sauer range includes entirely oil-free and completely dry running compressors. Oil-free compressors are suitable for processes and applications with high demands on gas purity and process quality. Since gas treatment and filtration after the compressor is simple or not required at all, oil-free compressors can reduce operating costs and risks significantly. HAUG compressors grant high reliability, both in continuous operation and operations with long standstills, frequent interruptions and cold starts. The compressors remain gas-tight even at maximum suction pressures of up to 20 bar, practically eliminating the risk of environmental contamination due to leakage.The air-tight design of HAUG compressors with its magnetic coupling includes a built-in overload protection. If the compressor is running with too high a load or discharge pressure, the magnetic coupling “slips” and the compressor is safely shut down and stopped. The modular compressor-concepts allow for high customization to meet the individual demands of a wide range of operations. Energy efficiency can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the application, thus the compressors reduce operating costs significantly. For details contact: J P Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH Brauner Berg 15 24159 Kiel, Germany Tel: +49 431 3940-0 E-mail: William.koester@sauercompressors.de or Circle Readers’ Service Card 58

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HIGH PRESSURE BALL VALVES Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization.Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers high pressure ball valves in SS 1/4 to 2 in size; 2-way, 3-way port; pressure rating up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) at 100oF (38°C); temperature rating: -22oF (-30°C) to 265oF (130°C) with PVDF seat -65oF to to 500oF (-54°C to 260°C) with PEEK seat. Panel mounting and locking device are available. For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg, 3rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

SLMR Orbit Paddle is an ideal level switch for all kinds of powder applications. It comes with foldable paddle mechanism for ease of installation and offers 2 potentialfree contacts with adjustable time delay. Suitable for chemical powders, plastic chips, PVC powders, cement, animal feed, food and pharma applications, and available with variable torque control. Flameproof enclosure (Gas Groups IIA, IIB) and flap action to discard clinging material are distinct features which make this instrument popular in different industries. Its direct stepper motor drive which does not need gearboxes and clutches makes it maintenance-free. SLMR Orbit paddle comes with RoHS compliance. For details contact: Sapcon Instruments 131 Palshikar Colony Indore, Madhya Pradesh Tel: 0731-4757575 E-mail: sapconinstruments.com

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HYBRID & IRON OXIDE ADSORBERS Arsenic pollution is one of the most dangerous forms of drinking water contamination. You can’t taste it, you can’t smell it, but the toxic substance accumulates in the body. Some very high concentrations of arsenic occur in the groundwater in many regions. It is estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide drink water with an arsenic content higher than 50 micrograms per liter. Arsenic is a semi-metal that occurs in nature in the form of minerals. Under certain conditions, highly toxic arsenic compounds can be washed out of the stone and pass into groundwater. Numerous medical studies document the chronic illnesses suffered by people who drink water contaminated with arsenic for extended periods, including skin disorders and carcinomas. The hybrid adsorber Lewatit FO 36 and the iron oxide adsorber Bayoxide E 33 are specially designed to remove arsenic from drinking water and wastewater. The core of the Bayoxide system is a solid bed of iron oxide beads. They have finely structured surfaces that adsorb pollutants when contaminated water flows over them. The beads are very stable in water and do not break down. They consist of minute particles that can only be seen under a high-resolution electron microscope. Every gram of these particles has a surface area of around 150 square meters, ie, the floor area of an entire apartment on one gram of material, and it is on this surface that the arsenic is selectively adsorbed. BayoxideE33 from LANXESS not only helps to treat drinking water. Other fields of application include wastewater treatment, eg, in mining, or the treatment of contaminated groundwater in the vicinity of abandoned industrial plants. For details contact: LANXESS India Pvt Ltd LANXESS House, Plot No: A 162-164, Road No: 27, MIDC, Wagle Estate Thane (W), Maharashtra 400 604 Tel: 022-25871000 E-mail: s.prakash@lanxess.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 61 00

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Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers ball valves in SS, brass 1/16 to 2 in size; pressure rating up to 3,000 psi (206 bar) at 100 oF (38°C); temperature rating: 50oF to150oF (10°C to 65°C); sealing without system pressure.

Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers wide range of instrumentation fitting and valves for use in diverse range of industries and are capable to provide their customers with best possible solutions to meet their various requirements. The production process followed is of higher standards with its modern production and quality assurance facilities where due attention is paid at every level with maximum resource utilization. Excel Metal & Engg Industries offers push fittings in SS, PU, PE, PTFE in size range from 1/8 to 1 inch; NPT, BSPT, BSPP and SAE. It has reliable locking systems and is leak-proof.

For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg, 3rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

For details contact: Excel Metal & Engg Industries 177/181 J T Bldg, 3 rd Kumbharwada Lane Mumbai 400 004 Tel: 022-23892476, 66394004 Fax: 91-022-23884109 E-mail: info@excelmetal.net / excelmetal@mtnl.net.in

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CONNECTOR Maplesoft and Phoenix Integration offers a new plugin that enables engineers to easily incorporate Maplesoft software products Maple and MapleSim into the ModelCenter workflow integration and automation platform from Phoenix Integration. The plugin allows engineers to take advantage of the reduced risk, improved designs, and shorter development times resulting from using Maplesoft’s engineering tools, along with the efficiencies that come from a process integration platform. MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool, enables engineers to take advantage of modern techniques in modeling and simulation. Maple is a powerful math software tool for mathematical computations and explorations. ModelCenter is a vendor-neutral software framework for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and sharing engineering data and knowledge. The new connector makes it easy to bring Maple and MapleSim into ModelCenter so they can be seamlessly incorporated into the ModelCenter-based engineering workflow. A powerful application of this connector is functional verification of a system design by automatically testing MapleSim models against design requirements from Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) software tools, such as IBM Rational Rhapsody or No Magic MagicDraw. Engineers can directly connect the parametric design constraints, which are derived by the MBSE tool, to multi-disciplinary system simulations in MapleSim. When a change is made to the system parameters, ModelCenter calls MapleSim to run a simulation using the new parameter set. ModelCenter then checks the simulated results against the design constraints, and generates a report of the compliance test results. Any constraint failures are flagged, allowing the design team to make the necessary design changes very early in the process.Other applications include using MapleSim and Maple for design space explorations, optimization and development projects based on executable requirements, all inside ModelCenter.This connector can be freely downloaded from the Maplesoft website.Maplesoft products can also be integrated with other process integration platforms, such as Optimus from Noesis Solutions. For details contact: Maplesoft 615 Kumpf Drive Waterloo, ON N2V 1K8, Canada or Circle Readers’ Service Card 64

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Meypack offers the new VP 600 case packer for small, sensitive products in small formations. The continuously operating VP 600 is ideally suited for sophisticated products such as soft packages/ pouches, yoghurt cups or aluminium cups. In a further developmental stage, mini-bottles (glass and PET), small cans and jars shall also be efficiently and gently packed. The range of formats stretches from 70 x 50 x 80 mm up to 200 x 150 x 200 mm (WxLxH) and in the standard execution, the products can be packed in trays, high board trays or display trays. All of the variations can also be produced with an inserted lid. In a model variation with a larger machine footprint, the system will soon also be able to process wrap-around cases, shoulder trays and trays with an external lid. The packaging dimensions will then be increased correspondingly. A very small number of finely tuned format parts enable fast and reproducible format changeovers that can be carried out without any tools. A high degree of accessibility is made possible by low-maintenance linear bearings and guiding elements (no central lubrication necessary) and self-cleaning vacuum valves.

Mettler Toledo Process Analytics offers a new version of its multiparameter M400 transmitter series for process analytics applications. The new M400 features a combined touchscreen and tactile soft-key user interface. The high-contrast screen permits viewing in all light conditions and the soft keys allow operation even if protective gloves are being worn.Parameters covered by the M400 Series address the needs of the process industries from chemical applications to pharmaceutical production.The new series is compatible with analog sensors and Mettler Toledo’s digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) probes. ISM’s features include advanced sensor diagnostic tools that can be displayed on the M400 and accessed remotely via asset management software. The HART communication protocol provides integration of the diagnostics into process control systems. In addition, ISM sensors can be calibrated away from the process in any convenient location, then connected to the M400 which will set itself up appropriately.A software tool supplied with the transmitter enables configuration of the M400 via PC and USB stick. The configuration can then be shared among other M400s. This simplifies setup and enhances batch configuration efficiency.

For details contact: Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH Industriestr 3 48301 Nottuln, Germany Tel: +49 2509 94240 Fax: +49 2509 948240 E-mail: julia.pauls@meypack.de

For details contact: Mettler Toledo India Pvt Ltd 36/37 Jolly Maker Chambers II Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 Tel: 022-22024046, 22850516 Fax: 91-022-22029278 E-mail: deplmum@vsnl.com

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SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF FOCUS SCANNER 3D POINT CLOUDS FARO offers FARO SCENE 7.0 software platform which includes the high quality, high value functionality offered by its predecessor, SCENE 6.2, such as automatic object recognition, scan registration and position, and takes it a step further with integrated real time, on-site registration (www.faro.com/ scene) for FARO Focus Scanner 3D point clouds. The unique value of SCENE 7.0 can be realized by diverse industries, including architecture, engineering, construction and public safety or any industry where there is a premium placed on capturing/scanning, analyzing and enhancing 3D data.Real time, on-site registration enables the 3D scan data, whether it be from a single or multiple scans in process simultaneously, to be wirelessly transmitted (ie, no SD cards needed) directly to an onsite computer workstation/PC in real time. Additionally, the scans are automatically aligned on the workstation/PC computer in real time, in the field. This enables a new set of powerful user benefits unrivalled in the industry. For details contact: FARO Business Technologies India Pvt Ltd E-12, B-1 Extension, Mohan Co-operative Indl Estate Mathura Road, New Delhi 110 044 Tel: 011-46465664 E-mail: india@faro.com / amrita.gokhale@faro.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 67

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Check weigher CW 600HSA uses the state-of-the-art technology weigh cells (EMFC) to achieve greater accuracy in dynamic weighing at high speed. The system provides 100 per cent online weighing, ensuring compliance with international standards of pharma, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Check weigher CW 600HSA also improves production line profitability through significant reduction in product-give-away. The entire system is made from SS and designed for easy removal for cleaning purpose. It finds application in pharma – mono cartons, vials, ointment tubes, etc; food – snack food, spices, chemicals, agro chemicals, dairy, confectionary, glass/HDPE bottle, etc.

The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC system represents the first ever combination of highresolution gas chromatography and high-resolution, accuratemass (HRAM) Orbitrap mass spectrometry. This easy to use system provides the most comprehensive characterisation of samples in single analysis for the highest confidence in compound discovery, identification and quantitation. Building upon the flexible modularity of the TRACE 1300 Series GC, including user-exchangeable injectors and detectors, the Q Executive GC system has the quantitative power of a GC triple quadrupole MS combined with the high precision, full scan high-resolution, accurate mass capability that only Orbitrap technology can offer.

For details contact: Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd Gat No: 3 (PT), 5 (PT), 243 (PT) Kasurdi (Kheba) Khed Shivapur-Saswad Road Post: Khed Shivapur Tal: Bhor, Dist: Pune Maharashtra 412 205 Tel: 02113-305200, 305246 Fax: 91-02113-305250 E-mail: pcssales@tepl.co.in / teplinbox@gmail.com

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For details contact: Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt Ltd 102, 104, Delphi C-Wing Hiranandani Business Park, Powai Mumbai 400 076 Tel: 022-67429494 Fax: 91-022-67429495 E-mail: sagar.chavan@thermofisher.com

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PLATINUM CURED SILICONE HOSE REINFORCED WITH SS 316 HELICAL WIRE Imavac is platinum cured silicone hose reinforced with SS 316L helical wire. It has better transparency to visualize flow and kink resistance. Imavac is designed for material transfer application under high vacuum in pharma industries. The product is more superior compared to Imafit in high pressure and high vacuum rating applications. It is also used for anti-static application. Imavac conforms to US FDA 21 CFR 117.2600 Food Grade Standard, USP Class VI, and ISO 10993-1. It is certified by ROHS and TSE/BSE Certification (free of animal derived material), free of restricted heavy metals. It is free of Phthalate/Bisphenol/Volatile Plasticizer. It has US FDA DMF accreditation #26201. Complete validation package available upon request. Imavac has high burst pressure resistance compared to Imafit. It is designed for high vacuum rating applications. It has anti-static properties to dissipate static electrical charge makes it suitable for highly volatile flammable fluid transfer. It imparts no taste and odour. It is lot traceable. Its temperature range is -80°C to 180°C. It is available with SS-316 L Tri-Clover end. It is sterilizable by Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide Gas & Gamma Radiation. For details contact: Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd 319 Mahesh Indl Estate, Opp: Silver Park Mira-Bhayander Road, Mira Road (E), Thane Maharashtra 401 104 Tel: 022-28555107, 28555631, 28555914 E-mail: mktg@amipolymer.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 70

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HORIZOTNAL PEELER TYPE CENTRIFUGE Shiv Shakti Process Equipment Pvt Ltd offers horizontal peeler type centrifuge. Full opening housing gives complete access to the entire processing area, which allows for ease of maintenance, inspection, cleaning and validation. Clean room installation is possible with separation of the processing area from the mechanical components, which is achieved with a through the wall design. Inclined chute facilitate cake discharge, which is easily accessed for cleaning and validation. Feeding of the slurry across the entire length of the basket ensures uniform cake thickness.There are several possibilities for control systems from completely manual to fully automatic with a local operator interface and the possibility of plant networking. For details contact: Shiv Shakti Process Equipment Pvt Ltd 407 Shivam Chambers, Next to Sahara, S V Road Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400 104 Tel: 022-26788480 Fax: 91-022-26798284 E-mail: sales@shivshaktiequipments.com

FLUID BED DRYERS/COOLERS Fluid bed dryers/coolers are widely used in the industry for gentle drying/cooling of free-flowing solids.In fluid bed sysrems, the material is fluidised with the help of air stream using specially designed perforated plate. In addition to this, the fluidiser can also be made vibratory to assist the fluidisation by imparting mechanical energy. Drying/ cooling media (air/gas) area admitted in the plenum below the perforated plate. Fluidised state enables intensive interaction of the material and drying/cooling media (air/gas), hence high rates of heat transfer are achieved. Product residence time can be adjusted through adjustable discharge weir. Product drying and cooling is possible in single unit. AVM offers customised fluid bed drying systems with variety of configurations. For details contact: New AVM Systech Pvt Ltd AVM House, 3B+3 Part, 1/3, Akurdi Indl Estate Opp: Ador Welding Ltd D-1 Block, MIDC, Chinchwad, Pune Maharashtra 411 019 Tel: 020-27459986, 27459987 Fax: 91-020-27459988 E-mail: avmtechnologies@vsnl.net

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GENERATOR CONTROL STATION The generator control station is a complete digital console for generators to monitor and control the key parameters thereby ensuring the safety of the generator. GCS-909 is suitable for local and remote start/ stop applications. The controller can be used to electronic and non-electronic engines for providing monitoring and protection. The same controller can also be used in industrial engine only applications. The controller is equipped with graphics LCD display for showing the parameters and running faults in graphical and character formats. The controller monitors key engine parameters such as oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, charging current, RPM (monitored through main alternator voltage/MPU/charging alternator) and frequency. It also monitors safety switches such as high water temperature, low lube oil pressure, low fuel level, radiator water level and canopy temperature. The controller supports basic level configuration using keys and display; allowing field level staff to modify parameters which require customisation at the time of installation. All advanced level parameters are configurable only from a PC-based application through USB port. The controller offers electronic start/stop facility without need for manual keys. The controller offers many features such as setting delay values, set-points, switch configurations, etc. For details contact: SUN Industrial Automation & Solutions Plot No: 95, Developed Electronic Indl Estate Perungudi, Chennai 600 096 Tel: 044-30788900 E-mail: sias@vsnl.com or Circle Readers’ Service Card 73

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The oval wheels displace a precisely known volume of liquid through the meter, from inlet to outlet. The number of revolutions therefore is directly proportional to the measured volume. For the protection of oval wheel meters and turbine meters against foreign matter and solids contained in the liquids, measured with these meters. These strainers may also be used for protection of piping systems for contamination - strainers Type N ...without heating jacket, 15-100 mm (1/2” to 4”) size. Features pulse and current output for remote transmission; high flow capacity with little space requirement; high accuracy with low pressure drops; safe operation and long service life; and approved by Weights and Measures Authorities.

M c C r o m e t e r ’s V-c one f lo w m e t e r is an a d va n ce d differential pressure i ns trum e n t , w h ich i s i dea l f o r u se wi th l iq u id , st e a m or gas m e d ia in rugged co n d it io n s where a ccu r a cy, l ow mai ntenanc e and c os t are i mportant. W it h it s DP bV-Cone i t i s es pec i al l y us eful i n ti ght-fit a n d r e t r o f it i ns tal l ati ons . Features flow meter accuracy to +/-0.5%; flow meter repeatability to +/-0.1%; wide flow range; pre-condition flow; requires minimal straight pipe; low head loss and maintenance; no recalibration and long life.

For details contact Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26445626, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshnwial.net

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For details contact: Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26448558, 044-26448983 Fax: 91-044-26441820 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net

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ELECTRO MAGNETIC METER The instrument works on the principle of Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction. A magnetic field is generated by the instrument in the flow tube. The fluid flowing through this magnetic field generates a voltage that is proportional to the flow velocity. This voltage is measured by the electronics and a corresponding output provided. Universal power supply accepts any voltage from 90 to 265 V AC. Bi-directional flow measurement measures the flow in both forward and reverse directions. Built-in totaliser provides a separate totalized volume value for flow in each direction. Remote monitoring is monitoring of the process even in hard to reach places. Conforms to International Standards - designed to meet global requirements and available with international approvals. It can be used to measure flow rate of all conductive liquids and perfect for use in effluent treatment plants; PTFE lining option for corrosive liquid applications; and effective flow measurement of slurries owing to zero obstruction to flow. For details contact: Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd 267 Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai 600 010 Tel: 044-26448558, 26448983 E-mail: sales@toshniwal.net or Circle Readers’ Service Card 76

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Industry News Solenis Completes Colombiana




Wilmington, USA: Solenis LLC (“Solenis”) closed on its previously announced acquisition of the business and assets of Nopco Colombiana S.A. (“Nopco Colombiana”). Headquartered in Medellin, Colombia, Nopco Colombiana is a leading producer and supplier of specialized chemical solutions for water intensive industries, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, food and beverage and other industrial markets in Central and South America. The business will be integrated into Solenis as part of its direct-to-market strategy in emerging markets. “This acquisition represents Solenis’ commitment to direct channel investments in strategic growth markets,” stated John Panichella, president and CEO. “The addition of Nopco Colombiana allows Solenis to expand its capabilities to serve the growing process and water treatment markets in Central and South America.” “The strategic location of Nopco Colombiana’s production facility along with a talented commercial team, grants Solenis the opportunity to provide its broad technology portfolio to better serve the local market,” said José Armando Piñón Aguirre, vice president, Latin America. “We are initiating the integration of Nopco Colombiana’s business into Solenis, establishing Solenis’ solutions service model to create enhanced value for customers.” Solenis is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals for water intensive industries, including the pulp, paper, oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, biorefining, power and municipal markets. The company’s product portfolio includes a broad array of process, functional and water treatment chemistries as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. These technologies are used by customers to improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, the company has 37 manufacturing facilities strategically located around the globe and employs a team of approximately 3,700 professionals in 118 countries across five continents.

LANXESS Continues to Expect Record Earnings for 2017 Following Strong Second Quarter Cologne, Germany: Following a good second quarter 2017, specialty chemicals company LANXESS continues to expect the highest earnings in the company’s history for the current financial year. Global sales of the company increased by almost 30 percent to EUR 2.5 billion, up from EUR 1.9 billion a year earlier. EBITDA pre exceptionals improved by around 25 percent to EUR 367 million, compared with EUR 293 million in the prior-year quarter. This increase was primarily due to the earnings contribution from the newly acquired Chemtura businesses as well as to higher volumes and selling prices. The EBITDA margin pre exceptionals in the second quarter of 2017 stood at 14.6 percent, which was slightly below the high value of 15.1 percent reported in the prior-year period. “Our growth strategy is paying off. Our strong operating performance and our profitable acquisitions are the basis for our strong results in the

second quarter. The newly acquired Chemtura businesses are already making a significant earnings contribution, and the other areas of our speciality chemicals portfolio are also developing positively,” said LANXESS CEO Matthias Zachert. Due to one-time exceptional charges, net income was EUR 3 million, after EUR 75 million in the prior-year quarter. The one-time effects resulted from the Chemtura acquisition and the planned closure of chrome chemicals production at the Zárate site in Argentina in the fourth quarter of 2017. Adjusted for these effects, net income increased by around 75 percent to EUR 141 million, compared with EUR 80 million in the second quarter of 2016. “We are overall well on track and continue to expect record earnings for the full year. However, compared with the very strong prior year, we are anticipating a slightly weakened momentum for the second half of 2017,” said Zachert. LANXESS continues to forecast EBITDA pre exceptionals for the full year 2017 of between EUR 1.225 billion and EUR 1.3 billion. The company achieved its highest operating result to date in 2012, when it posted a figure of around EUR 1.2 billion.

WACKER and Royal Tech CSP Sign Partnership Agreement Munich, Germany: Munich-based Wacker Chemie AG has intensified its cooperation with Royal Tech CSP Limited of China, a specialist for highly efficient solar thermal systems that are based on CSP (concentrated solar power) technologies. The two companies signed an agreement to this effect. Under its terms, WACKER will supply its newly developed HELISOL® silicone fluid to Royal Tech, its exclusive partner in China. Royal Tech uses the silicone fluid as a heat-transfer medium in its solar power plants. HELISOL® can withstand thermal stress of up to 425oC for a long period of time and its viscosity remains low even at -40oC. In combination with Royal Tech’s parabolic trough collectors, the fluid enables efficiency levels that are not possible with conventional heattransfer fluids. At present, Royal Tech is building a 50- megawatt solar power plant in the city of Yuen in western China. Auguste Willems, member of WACKER’s Executive Board, underscored the importance of the new partnership: “As a leading polysilicon manufacturer, we have become a key player in the global expansion of solar power. With our newly developed silicone fluid for solar power plants, we are strengthening our portfolio in the renewable- energy field and, at the same time, are supporting initiatives to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Our partnership with Royal Tech will contribute to significantly enhancing the efficiency of solar power plants and, in turn, bolster the market position of our two companies in the highly promising market for high-performance CSP systems.” Richard Yu, general manager of Royal Tech, said at the signing ceremony: The systems use reflecting parabolic troughs to concentrate sunlight onto pipes (vacuum receivers) filled with heat transfer fluid. Heat exchangers and steam turbines then convert solar energy into electricity. In such systems, the level of efficiency primarily depends on keeping the heattransfer medium at the highest possible temperature and on effectively storing part of the heat obtained during the day so that the system can generate electricity after sunset and can operate around the clock.

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Pune, India: Anantha Padmanabhan has been appointed as Managing Director, Alfa Laval India Limited and Cluster President for India - Middle East – Africa, with effect from January 1st 2017. Anantha will be based in Pune, headquarters of Alfa Laval India.

In addition to 3F Mosquito, Global BioLife and Chemia are developing fragrances as additives for use in laundry detergents, shampoos and lotions, providing additional layers of protection against mosquitoes, and developing advanced coatings for industrial and medical applications.

Anantha Padmanabhan, with over 30 years’ experience, was the Managing Director Alfa Laval Middle East Limited heading Middle East business operations before taking up the new role in India. Anantha is a Mechanical Engineer and has undergone Management training with Stanford Business School, Ashridge Business School, United Kingdom and Marketing Akademie, Hamburg. Anantha started his career with M/s. Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited and joined Alfa Laval (India) Limited in 1985. Anantha has been serving in various senior and leadership positions with Alfa Laval, in India, Indonesia and Middle East and most recently as Regional Managing Director for Alfa Laval in the Middle East. Alfa Laval has been present in India since 1937. The Indian company holds a unique Group Manufacturing Unit status for supplying Centrifugal Separators, Decanters and Flow equipment for the global market through sales companies across the globe. The company's products & systems are widely used in a variety of applications in Indian industries like Food Processing, Inorganic, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Effluent Handling, Steel & Metal, Sugar, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Distillery, Starch, Edible oil Processing and Brewery. Alfa Laval India Limited holds ISO 9001:2008 Certification from LRQA of UK for its entire manufacturing operations and after sales services. With deep knowledge of processes, experience and expertise in handling projects, in-house manufacturing of a wide range of equipment have given a cutting edge advantage to the company to offer complete projects in diverse sectors like vegetable oil refineries, breweries, ethanol production and food processing.

Singapore eDevelopment's Global Bio Life & Chemia Corporation to Develop Functional Fragrances to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases Singapore: Singapore eDevelopment Ltd has announced that its indirect subsidiary, Global BioLife Inc., is collaborating with U.S.-based Chemia Corporation to develop specialised fragrances which can counter mosquito-borne diseases, diminish stress and anxiety, and act in anti-viral medical applications. 3F (Functional Fragrance Formulation) is a suite of functional fragrances being developed. The first product, 3F Mosquito, is made of specialised oils sourced from botanicals which mosquitoes avoid. 3F Mosquito was designed with an objective to identify, then create a suitable formula that was pleasant, yet excels in providing layers of protection against mosquitoes. Daryl Thompson, Global BioLife Director of Scientific Initiatives, leads the 3F research. "The specialised oils in 3F Mosquito are


Anantha Padmanabhan Appointed Managing Director, Alfa Laval (India) Limited

scientifically proven to affect a mosquito's receptors, essentially making the mosquito blind to your presence," says Thompson.

"Biomedical science has become increasingly vital. Global BioLife is taking steps toward providing solutions to issues that have plagued the biomedical field for decades. This working collaboration marks a first steps in actively changing the game of healthcare," said Chan Heng Fai, SeD Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and a Global BioLife Director. Global BioLife is an 80%-held subsidiary of SeD wholly-owned Global BioMedical Inc. The remaining shareholding in Global BioLife is held by Thompson's GRDG Sciences LLC and Australia Securities Exchange-listed Holista CollTech Limited, in equal proportions of 10% each.

Repsol invests 5 million Euros in Puertollano lubricants Plant Madrid, Spain: Repsol will invest 5 million euros in its Puertollano lubricants plant as part of the company’s objective to increase sales in both domestic and international markets. Production will be increased until maximum capacity is reached. The lubricants plant, Repsol’s most important worldwide, will produce between 115,000 to 170,000 tons per year, within the framework of the 2017-2021 strategic plan for the lubricants business. This is Repsol’s most international business, selling in more than 80 countries. The new strategic plan for the lubricants sector of the company aims to double the total sales volume to 300,000 tons, and quadruple it abroad. The main areas of growth will be in Asia and Latin America. Of the 147,000 tons of lubricants that Repsol sold in 2016, 115,000 tons (nearly 80%) was produced in Puertollano, while the rest came from company’s 10 other factories in countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. To handle the expected increase in production, the Puertollano lubricants plant will begin operating 24 hours a day, and has increased its workforce to close to 75 people. Repsol handles the entire process of manufacturing lubricants in Puertollano, from distilling the petroleum, to adding additives and the subsequent packaging. In addition, the company’s Technology Center conducts research to create products that are at the forefront of the sector and that meet the highest standards. The company has been a leader in the Spanish lubricants market for more than 20 years. The world’s most demanding motorsport competitions, such as the MotoGP World Championship, the Trial World Championships (indoor and outdoor) and the Dakar Rally are serve as excellent testing grounds for Repsol lubricants. Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 43

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Industry News DowDuPont Merger Successfully Completed

toward specialty chemicals and on powerful innovations to significantly increase the value of the company.”

Wilmington, USA: DowDuPont has announced the successful completion of the merger of equals between The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (“DuPont”), effective Aug. 31, 2017. The combined entity is operating as a holding company under the name “DowDuPont™” with three divisions – Agriculture, Materials Science and Specialty Products.

Organically modified specialty silicones form part of specialty additives. This is one of four growth engines in which the Essen-based industrial group sees above-average potential for growth and margins. Kullmann says: “Demand for specialty silicones has grown strongly over the past few years. China and its neighbouring countries are key markets for many applications. Thanks to the new plant, we will now be able to support our customers in the Asia region with even more speed and flexibility. At the same time we’ll be consolidating our position as the global market and technology leader for organically modified specialty silicones.”

Shares of DuPont and Dow ceased trading at the close of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Aug. 31, 2017. Beginning today, DowDuPont will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker symbol “DWDP.” Pursuant to the merger agreement, Dow shareholders received a fixed exchange ratio of 1.00 share of DowDuPont for each Dow share, and DuPont shareholders received a fixed exchange ratio of 1.282 shares of DowDuPont for each DuPont share. “Today marks a significant milestone in the storied histories of our two companies,” said Andrew Liveris, executive chairman of DowDuPont. “We are extremely excited to complete this transformational merger and move forward to create three intended industry-leading, independent, publicly traded companies. While our collective heritage and strength are impressive, the true value of this merger lies in the intended creation of three industry powerhouses that will define their markets and drive growth for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our teams have been working for more than a year on integration planning, and -- as of today -- we will hit the ground running on executing those plans with an intention to complete the separations as quickly as possible.” “For shareholders, customers and employees, closing this transaction is a definitive step toward unlocking higher value and greater opportunities through a future built on sustainable growth and innovation,” said Ed Breen, chief executive officer of DowDuPont. “DowDuPont is a launching pad for three intended strong companies that will be better positioned to reinvest in science and innovation, solve our customers’ ever-evolving challenges, and generate long-term returns for our shareholders. With the merger now complete, our focus is on finalizing the organizational structures that will be the foundations of these three intended strong companies and capturing the synergies to unlock value. With clear focus, market visibility and more productive R&D, each intended company will be equipped to compete successfully as an industry leader.”

Evonik Opens New Plant for Specialty Silicones in Shanghai Shanghai, China: Evonik has started up a new plant in Shanghai, China, for production of a wide range of organically modified specialty silicones. The products, which are manufactured in batch processes, are used in, for example, polyurethane, paints, and coatings applications as well as in a variety of industrial applications. Christian Kullmann, Chairman of the Executive Board of Evonik, formally inaugurated the plant on September 5, in the presence of about 300 guests from the worlds of politics and business. On this occasion he said: “The plant is yet another important cornerstone in Evonik’s growth strategy. We’re focusing on businesses with a clear orientation

Evonik has been successfully operating in China for more than decades. With the takeover of the specialty additives business of Air Products at the beginning of 2017 and the opening of new plants in Nanjing, Evonik has once again significantly extended its activities in Asia.

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction and Mitsubishi Chemical Announced a New Partnership Frankfurt, Germany: Air Liquide Engineering & Construction has signed a cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation to license MCC’s Butene-to-crude-Butadiene technology used in the petrochemical ndustry .Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) has developed this state-of-the art oxidative dehydrogenationtechnology of n-butene to produce crude Butadiene and verified the viability in a demonstration plant at MCC Mizushima, Japan. Butadiene is an important industrial chemical used in many day-today products, mainly as synthetic rubber for the automotive industry. Butadiene can also be used as a raw material for the production of products such as polymers, plastics and paper chemicals. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction can now offer its customers a unique integrated solution for both, butane dehydrogenation and butadiene extraction. This allows to extend the production of Butadiene from the conventional extraction from a Naphtha Cracker product to on-purpose production based on a wider range of feedstocks. Air Liquide Engineering and Construction is a worldwide recognised butadiene licensor with 37 references and itÊs capabilities in custommade design and engineering of butadiene units have been recognized as a benchmark in the industry, providing production reliability, low energy consumption and product quality. Domenico DÊElia , Vice President and Chairman of Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, said , „Partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is yet another important step to enhance our integrated offer in butadiene technology licensing. The combination of high-quality solutions in addition to our existing technology portfolio will create sustainable alternative production routes to our customers and create value over the long-termÊÊ. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation takes its position as one of the worldÊs top chemical companies and has a long history not only as a high quality petrochemical products manufacturer, but also as a licensor for reliable petrochemical technologies and a broad range of high performing catalysts.

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Industry News New Ro Membrane Elements Impress in Practice

“The outstanding results of our ASD products in benchmark tests with other manufacturers at one of the largest pulp manufacturers in Europe once again underline the extraordinary quality of our products,” says Alexander Scheffler, responsible for LANXESS’s global membrane business. One year ago, Zellstoff Stendal launched a project to test LANXESS’s newly developed Lewabrane ASD range of membrane elements. This involved installing conventional reverse osmosis (RO) elements with a standard feed spacer and FR elements with LANXESS’s new ASD spacer in parallel in a single pressure vessel. Feed spacers are essential components for spirally wound membrane elements. They are made of polymer material and are optimized to ensure constantly good performance for a wide range of raw water compositions and various process parameters. The LANXESS spacers have a special “netting” that reduces biological growth and particle fouling by minimizing dead zones. The netting has an alternating strand design (ASD) of thin and thick filaments, which is what gives the spacer its name. Frank Gorges, plant technician for water treatment at Zellstoff Stendal GmbH in Arneburg, was excited about the result: “We were very impressed by the performance of the ASD membrane elements from LANXESS. We test a lot of products in our plant and hardly any of them have been able to provide such consistently high results throughout an entire year.”

Praj Recognised by IIMM for its Supply Chain Management Practices Pune, India: Praj Industries, a global process solutions company, has been recognised for its supply chain management (SCM) practices by Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM). Praj has been awarded the “Best Supply Chain Management Practices” in the large manufacturing sector category at the 4th Annual Awards held at Sheraton Grand Pune. IIMM is a national apex body representing a wide spectrum of professionals engaged in various facets of Material Management such as planning, sourcing, logistics & supply chain management. It has a network of 51 branches and 19 chapters and IIMM Pune is the oldest branch established way back in 1966. IIMM Pune started First Logistics and Supply Chain Management Awards in 2014 and these awards have gained widespread acceptability in India Inc.


Cologne, Germany: New reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements from LANXESS with ASD feed spacers have undergone a trial in Germany’s largest industrial water treatment plant. More than 50,000 cubic meters of water are needed every day for pulp manufacturing at Zellstoff Stendal GmbH, Arneburg, and this is treated using reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins. The new grades impressed with their performance and consistently high level of rejection.Optimized for applications in brackish water, these Lewabrane-branded elements are characterized by very low energy consumption (LE = low energy) and high fouling resistance (FR = fouling-resistant).

The 4th Annual Award recognizes an organisation that has demonstrated superior commitment, innovative strategic leadership and significant supply chain management/logistics contributions within the industry. It had esteemed jury comprising industry stalwarts and they unanimously selected Praj for implementing effective supply chain management using powerful SCM solutions. Speaking on this development, Mr Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman of Praj Industries said, “Innovation is the backbone of Praj’s operation, be it 2nd Generation Ethanol technology or processes including supply chain management. It is in the DNA of Praj to challenge ourselves and come up with newer ways of conducting business, and achieving better efficiencies in a competitive environment. Praj is happy to be recognised by the National Apex Body of Material Management for our practices in supply chain management. In the scheme of manufacturing, and especially in the case of Praj, supply chain management plays a pivotal role. In fact, it would only be fair to say that it plays a ‘strategic business’ role and that’s why SCM is being discussed in board meetings too‰.

Ingersoll Rand launches Next Generation R-Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors in India New Delhi, India: Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in compression technologies and services, today introduced new models to its line of Next Generation R-Series oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors, which provide a more energy-efficient solution for customers with high capacity air requirements. The RS200 to RS250 models rotary screw air compressor will reduce energy cost by approximately 10% for large manufacturing facilities. The RS200 to RS250 models are available with the new, state-of-the-art single-stage airend, or the two-stage airend that increases airflow by up to 16 percent. The new fixed-speed models are 10 percent more efficient compared to legacy products, while the variable speed option is up to 35 percent more efficient compared to the industry average. Commenting on the launch, Amar Kaul, Chairman and Managing Director, Ingersoll Rand India Limited said, “Around the world, businesses turn to Ingersoll Rand to redefine reliability and efficiency. The next generation R-series will help our customers do just that by delivering world class efficiency, increase uptime and deliver the right solution for operational excellence. The new series will enable our customers in India to be more competitive in the global environment by boosting their productivity with a state of the art airend that delivers as much as 15% improved efficiency and 16% greater airflow capacity. The IE3 premium efficiency motor will help deliver significant energy savings and the optional variable speed drive (VSD) will further decrease energy demands. With the launch of next generation R-Series, we continue to push the edge of innovation to help our customers achieve real business results, including cost reductions and lower total cost of ownership.” “The ability for these compressors to deliver outstanding efficiency without compromising reliability meets the increasing demands of industries to increase productivity while reducing energy use,” said Kevin Kosobud, Portfolio Leader, Oil Flooded Compressors for Compression Technologies and Services at Ingersoll Rand. “Our Next-Generation R-Series RS200 to RS250 models help customers increase overall Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 45

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Technology News Shell Completes Sale of Chemicals JV to SABIC for USD 820 m Jubail, Saudi Arabia: Shell has completed the sale of 50% interest in its petrochemicals joint venture (JV) SADAF located in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, to SABIC in a deal valued at USD 820 million. Announced in January this year, the sale was completed following anti-trust filings in the relevant countries and regulatory approval from the Saudi Arabian Government. The divestment is part of Shell’s global value-driven $30bn divestment programme and will enable it to focus on its downstream activities and advance selective investments in its global chemicals business. Shell’s other activities in Saudi Arabia remain unaffected due to this transaction. The SADAF JV includes six petrochemical plants that have a combined production of more than four million metric tonnes annually. SABIC is expected to make additional investments in SADAF and integrate all its activities with its other affiliates. At the time of announcing the transaction, SABIC CEO and vicechairman Yousef Al-Benyan said: “With this transaction, SABIC is looking to capitalise on synergy opportunities of SADAF with other affiliates, and improve its operation and profitability.” The Saudi Arabian Government owns 70 per cent of petrochemicals manufacturer SABIC’s shares, while the remaining 30 per cent is publicly traded on the country’s stock exchange.

The Plaza Group to Purchase US chemical distributor Conchemco Texas, USA: Petrochemical marketing firm The Plaza Group is set to acquire US-based marketer and distributor of chemicals and solvents Conchemco, for an undisclosed sum. Established in 1990, Conchemco operates as an independent company focusing on in-home services of buying, selling and brokering chemicals. The company’s core products are acetone, toluene, xylene as well as other major aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Conchemco owner and CEO Tommy Mrazek said: “We are excited to be part of a company that shares the common business principles of integrity, quality and a positive outlook on the future of our business.” The Plaza Group president and CEO Randy Velarde stated that the upcoming acquisition of the Conchemco brand will add significant strategic value to it, including the addition of its key officials, such as Tommy Mrazek, Rich Olson and Steve Martin. Velarde said: “The acquisition of Conchemco is a great opportunity to expand our expertise in chemical distribution and marketing, as well as grow our client base. “The addition of these key players enhances the value of the acquisition and fortifies future growth plans for The Plaza Group.” The Plaza Group was founded in 1994 and focuses on marketing refinery and petrochemical products. The company markets certain refining and chemical products for Husky Oil, Mitsui, Olin, Shell, Valero, Southern and Total Petrochemicals.

Tronox to Sell Alkali Chemicals Business for $ 1.325 bn Connecticut, USA: US-based Tronox has signed a definitive agreement to divest its Alkali Chemicals business to Genesis Energy for USD 1.325 billion. With its mining and processing facilities located in Green River at Wyoming, Alkali Chemicals focuses on producing natural soda ash that is used in multiple sectors such as glass manufacturing, detergents, baked goods and pharmaceuticals. Tronox CEO Peter Johnston said: “We were pleased to have received significant interest in our Alkali business from multiple potential buyers. “Genesis' proposal was the most compelling for its overall value, with its combination of price, favourable contract terms, and speed to closing, committed financing, and expected ease of regulatory approvals. These considerations, in aggregate, provided the highest level of certainty to Tronox.” In February, Tronox signed a definitive agreement to acquire the TiO2business of Cristal for USD 1.673 billion. The company plans to use the proceeds received from the sale of Alkali Chemicals in funding TiO2 acquisition, which is expected to close in the first quarter of next year. After the completion of the Alkali Chemicals divestment, Tronox will focus on TiO2 business. The company is also planning to refinance a portion of its capital structure to lower its overall cost of debt. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions and is expected to close in the second half of this year. In both the transactions, Credit Suisse is acting as financial adviser to Tronox, while Kirkland & Ellis and Willkie Farr & Gallagher are providing legal assistance to the company.

Sadara Chemical Company Commissions Last of its 26 Units at Saudi Petrochemicals Complex Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Saudi-based Sadara Chemical Company, a USD 20 billion joint venture between Saudi Aramco and US-based Dow Chemical, has commissioned the last of its 26 plants at its petrochemicals complex in Jubail.The toluene diisocyanate (TDI) unit commenced production last week while the dinitro toluene (DNT) and toluene diamine (TDA) units began operations in April. TDI is primarily used in the production of flexible polyurethane foam for furniture, mattresses and car seats. It is also used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, speciality foams among others. Sadara claimed that this complex is the world's largest petrochemical facility to be developed in a single phase. Last August, its mixed feed cracker, the core part of Sadara’s operations, commenced cracking ethane gas and naphtha liquid feedstock to produce chemicals for the site’s other facilities. Sadara’s four polyethylene production units came online between 2015 and early 2017.

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Technology News

Mumbai, India: Andhra Petrochemicals' oxo-alcohols facility in Visakhapatnam, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is the only producer of oxo-alcohols in India and accounts for 30% of the market. It produces Isobutanol; 2-ethylhexanol and n-butanol. The facility began its operations in 1994 with an initial capacity of 30,000mtpa. Over the years the company enhanced its production capacity to 39,000mtpa. The estimated investment in setting up the facility was about $50m. In March 2007, Andhra Petrochemicals announced its plans to expand the capacity of the oxo alcohols facility in Visakhapatnam. The expansion was completed in May 2010. The expansion plan increased the plant's production capacity from 39,000mtpa to 73,000mtpa. Andhra Petrochemicals invested about USD 65m in the expansion. The expansion project was carried out using loans, internal accruals and debt. About $44m is a term loan and the rest of the investment came from internal accruals and equity.IDBI Bank, State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad and Andhra Bank are some of the lenders for the project.

In the past year, BASF globally has doubled its sales of products based on certified palm kernel oil. BASF processed a total of 508,000 tons of palm-based raw materials in 2016. BASF is thus one of the largest processors of palm products worldwide. Each year, 71 million tons of palm products are manufactured globally. Currently, around ten percent of this is palm kernel oil. This represents approximately seven million tons of palm kernel oil, of which only about 1.3 million tons are currently RSPO-certified. For many years, BASF has been advocating to make sustainable oil palm products the industry standard in the cosmetics, detergents and cleaning agent industries. BASF has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2004 and also joined the High Carbon Stock Steering Group in 2016 to promote the industry activities for forest conservation.

In October 2007, Andhra Petrochemicals announced that it had chosen modern LP Oxo SelectorSM 30 Technology, from Davy Process Technology, a London-based supplier of proprietary process technologies. Davy's technology is considered the most efficient and economical method for the production of oxo-alcohols.

IMCD to Buy Specialty Chemicals and Ingredients Distributor LV Lomas

BASF's Dahej Site Certified for Production of Sustainable Oil Palm Products

The Netherlands: Netherlands-based distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients IMCD is set to purchase Canadian and US speciality chemicals and ingredients distributor LV Lomas.

Dahej, Gujarat: BASF’s Dahej site, along with Gebze (Turkey) facility, has been certified for the production of sustainable oil palm products. “Two more BASF Group’s production plants have received the Supply Chain Certificate of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The certification of the two plants - Dahej (Gujarat, India) and Gebze (Turkey) - helps further strengthen BASF’s operations network for certified palm products,” said the company in a press statement on the occasion of the RSPO’s fifth annual European Roundtable in London. At 20 locations around the world, including Dahej, BASF manufactures certified ingredients for the cosmetics, detergent and cleaning agent industries, from products derived from sustainable palm oil sources. “Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in South Asia. BASF is committed to providing local customers with sustainable palm products. With our site in Dahej, India, now certified according to the RSPO supply chain standard, we are able to offer the optimal conditions required for customers to change over to certified ingredients and therefore jointly transform the market towards sustainable products along the entire value chain,” said Rahul Tilve, vice president operations, care chemicals, Asia Pacific. BASF is one of the largest global manufacturers of ingredients for cosmetic products, detergents and cleaning agents as well


Andhra Petrochemicals Oxo-Alcohols Facility Expansion, India

as food performance ingredients. For the manufacture of these products, mainly palm kernel oil and its derivatives and to a lesser extent palm oil, are used. Certification according to the RSPO Mass Balance Module allows the mixing of certified sustainable oil palm products with non-certified products. The Mass Balance supply chain administratively monitors the trade of RSPO certified palm oil and its derivatives throughout the entire supply chain, as a driver for mainstream trade in sustainable palm oil.

With offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, LV Lomas will enable IMCD to increase its presence in Canada and improve its position in the US. IMCD CEO Piet van der Slikke said: “This is an important step in the further development of IMCD’s North America region as it not only expands our geographical presence into Canada in all core markets but also further strengthens our US organisation and coverage.” The deal is expected to close at the end of this month. It is subject to customary regulatory review.Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, IMCD had a turnover of EUR 1.75 billion in 2016 and employs over 1,800 people in over 40 countries.

Canada’s Superior Gains US Assets of Yankee Propane and Virginia Propane Ottawa, Canada: Canada-based Superior Plus has completed the acquisition of all the assets of Yankee Propane and Virginia Propane in the US. The intent to acquire the two US firms was announced by Superior last month. The company has paid approximately $27.5m out of an aggregate purchase price of nearly $31.5m on closing. The purchase price was paid in cash from Superior's credit facility. Yankee Propane is a propane distributor serving residential and commercial customers in New York and New Jersey, while Virginia Propane is a similar business serving Virginia. Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 47

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Project Update

New Contracts/Expansions/Revamps The following list is a brief insight into the latest new projects by various companies in India. CHEMICALS M Chemicals proposes an expansion from 10-TPM to 35-TPM of its synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit in GIDC Sachin, district: Surat, Gujarat. The estimated cost of the expansion is `12-million. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to MoEF sources, EIA report has been prepared by Aqua-Air Environmental Engineers. The existing plant manufactures 10-TPM 6-Nitro, 1-Diazo, 2-Napthol, 4-Sulphonic Acid. The expansion entails addition of new products namely, 25-TPM G-Salt, R-Salt, Amido G-Acid, Aniline 2,4 DSA, Aniline 2,5 DSA, Para Nitro Chloro Benzoyl Sulphonic Acid, Sulfo Tobias Acid, Para Cresidine Ortho Sulphonic Acid, Schaffer’s Acid, Broenner’s Acid. Total plot area is approximately 1,650-sq m, out of which, 300-sq m has been used for green belt development. 5-KLD effluent will be treated in-house ETP and 10KLD effluent will be sent to common MEE of MEPL for evaporation. Mamta Texdyes (Samba) proposes a synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit in GIDC Sarigam, district: Valsad, Gujarat. The project is spread over 2,250-sq m. The estimated cost of the project is `32-million. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to SEIAA sources, Eco Chem Sales Services is the environmental consultant. The proposed products are 200TPM sulphur black grains, 300-TPM sulphur black liquid and the byproducts are 250.1-TPM sodium thio sulphate crystal and 47.12-TPM sodium chloride salt. 700-sq m area has been proposed for green belt development. Industrial waste water will be treated in primary and tertiary treatment plant and treated waste water will be discharged into CETP Sarigam. Resipol Adhesives proposes an expansion of synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit in village: Rajpur, district: Mehsana, Gujarat. The estimated cost of the expansion is ` 40-million. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to SEAC sources, the manufacturing of existing products, 2.0-TPM benzyl alcohol, 1.1-TPM benzyl benzoate, 3.0-TPM benzoic acetate, 1.4-TPM sodium benzoate, 1.8-TPM sodium acetate will be discontinued and 300-TPM polyester resins (different grades) and alkyd resins (different grades), 90-TPM melamine formaldehyde resin and 85-TPM urea formaldehyde resin will be manufactured as new products. The plot area is approximately 6,033.00-sq m. Unit has proposed 2,000-sq m area for green belt development. Industrial effluent of 0.42-KLD after primary treatment will be evaporated in kettle type evaporator. Two DG sets each of 65-KVA will be provided. It was decided to recommend the project to SEIAA, Gujarat for grant of environmental clearance. Royal Wood proposes a 90-TPM phenol formaldehyde resin, urea formaldehyde resin, melamine urea formaldehyde resin and melamine formaldehyde resin manufacturing unit in village: Modvadar,

district: Kutch, Gujarat. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to MoEF sources, existing products are 3-million sq m per month plywood, flush door, block board and veneer. The manufactured resin will be used for in-house consumption at the wood products plant. The project will come up on 11,603.62-sq m of existing land. The green belt area is 600-sq m. A base platform will be constructed for the resin plant; remaining will be MS structure. Eternis Fine Chemicals proposes an expansion of synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit from 42,200-TPA to 60,000-TPA in MIDC Kurkumbh, district: Pune, Maharashtra. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to MoEF sources, total land area is 100,400-sq m and built-up area is 42,710-sq m. 33 per cent will be developed as green belt area. The project will entail: 1) capacity expansion of existing products and by-products; 2) addition of similar products and by-products; 3) introduction of new eco-friendly biomass boiler as replacement to furnace oil. Project involves manufacturing of fragrance from organic raw materials by chemical process like hydrogenation, esterification, Diels-Alder reaction, cyclisation, dehydrogenation, aldol condensation, etc, followed by distillation to match precise quality standards. By-products capacity will be augmented from 11,400-TPA to 20,000-TPA. The estimated cost of the project is ` 1,050-million. The power requirement 12,000-KVA will be available through Government Electricity Board. Panoli Intermediates (India) proposes an expansion of its specialty chemicals manufacturing unit and a new 10-MW coal-based captive power project in Unit-III, GIDC Nandesari, district: Vadodara, Gujarat. The estimated cost of the project is `100-million. The current status of the project could not be ascertained. According to MoEF sources, the total plot area is 15,480-sq m. The capacity of isomers and DNCB such as 2:4 DCNB, 2:6 DCNB, 2:5 DCNB is to be augmented from 200-TPM to 2,200-TPM, ortho anisidine/para anisidine from 100-TPM to 1,100-TPM, ortho nitro aniline/para nitro aniline from 300-TPM to 2,300-TPM, isomers of DCA from 80-TPM to 1,080-TPM, isomers and DCNB such as 2:3 DCNB, 2:5 DCNB. isomers of DCNB such as 2:3 DCNB, 2:5 DCNB, 3:4 DCNB from 200-TPM to 2,200-TPM, H-acid from 50-TPM to 500-TPM and addition of a new product namely, 1,500-TPM derivatives of nitro phenol and a new 10-MW coal-based captive power project. 10-MW power requirement is to be met from MGVCL and 10-MW from the captive power project. The effluent will be treated in proposed effluent treatment plant. Saras Plywood Products is planning a 60-TPM urea formaldehyde resin manufacturing plant in New GIDC Gundlav, district: Valsad, Gujarat. The existing land area is 1.5 acres. The estimated cost of the project is ` 7.5-million. Kalyan Industries is the equipment supplier. The project is waiting for environmental clearance. Civil work will commence in 3 months. The project is planned for completion in this year. According to SEIAA sources, the company has proposed primary

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FMC India is planning an expansion of its chemical manufacturing unit at IDA Patancheru, district: Medak, Telangana. The estimated cost of the project is ` 17.5-million. As of September the project was waiting for the environmental clearance. According to MoEF sources, the plot area is 4.027 acres. The company proposes to manufacture 50-TPM of products as part of the expansion. Green belt on 33 per cent of the land area will be developed and maintained. Power requirement will be made available through SPCPDCL. The project will be completed within 2 years. Globex Laboratories (R&D) proposes a pigments manufacturing unit at village: Dabhasa, district: Vadodara, Gujarat. According to MoEF sources, the project will come up in the existing land on 9,312-sq m. Kadam Environmental Consultants, Vadodara is the environmental consultant. The project will entail manufacture of 40-TPM red pigments, 40-TPM yellow pigments and 450-TPM dilute phosphoric acid. Environment clearance has been obtained for the products – red pigments and yellow pigments. Construction work has begun, as EC and NOC have been received. Effluents generated will be treated in effluent treatment plant having MEE. The company has applied for Amendment in Environmental Clearance dated 26th September 2012 for change in fuel from LDO to agro waste briquettes and addition of one raw material, ie, phosphoric acid and generation of dilute phosphoric acid (25 per cent basis) as by-product. Bohra Industries is implementing an expansion of its chemical and fertilizer manufacturing unit at Umarda, district: Udaipur, Rajasthan on 14,500-sq m of existing land. The project will entail expansion of single super phosphate capacity from 400-TPD to 600-TPD, granulated super phosphate from 200-TPD to 300-TPD and addition of new products namely 150-TPD triple super phosphate, 550-TPD synthetic gypsum, 30-TPD Di-calcium phosphate, 160-TPD phosphoric acid, 0.3-TPD potassium fluoride, 150-TPD H 2SO4 and 0.3-TPD Sodium Tri Polyphosphate (STPP). Machinery has been ordered from China. Civil work is in progress. The project is scheduled for completion in 2018. Ami Lifesciences proposes expansion of its synthetic organic chemicals manufacturing unit (viz, pharmaceutical bulk drugs and drug intermediates) from 65.70-TPM to 131.60-TPM in Padra, district: Vadodara, Gujarat. The estimated cost of the project is ` 87.046-million. Environmental Consultant to this project is Envisafe Environment Consultants. According to MoEF sources, total plot area is 23,760-sq m (existing 10,270-sq m and 13,490-sq m for expansion). The unit currently manufactures 2-TPM 1-Acetyl Naphthalene, 1-TPM 2-Acetyl Naphthalene, 6-TPM Itopide HCl, 1.20-TPM Loxapine Succinate, 0.30-TPM Amoxapine, 6-TPM Venlafaxine, 6-TPM Progunil HCl, 6-TPM CB-2-L-Valine, 0.60-TPM Nateglinide, 0.60-TPM Quetiapine, 24-TPM Carbomazepin and 12-TPM Oxacarbomazepin. The expansion will involve addition of new products. Water requirement from ground water source will be

increased from 34.53-cu m/day to 181-cu m/day after expansion. Effluent generation will be increased from 9.35-cu m/day to 79.5-cu m/day after expansion. Highly concentrated effluent will be sent to captive incinerator for incineration. Remaining effluent (70-cu m/ day) will be treated in the ETP comprising primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Treated effluent will be sent to CETP for further treatment. ETP sludge, inorganic residue and incineration ash will be sent to TSDF. Spent carbon, organic residue will be sent to incinerator.

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treatment plant followed by evaporator for treatment of industrial effluent and has also proposed a multi-cyclone separator.

Adi Finechem is planning a 40-TPA specialty products manufacturing project on a 2-acre land at an estimated cost of ` 400-million in village: Chekhala, district: Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The project is waiting for environmental clearance. RSPL RSPL is planning a 1,500-TPD soda ash plant and 40-MW captive power project in village: Kuranga, district: Jamnagar, Gujarat. Land acquisition is in progress. 85 per cent of land has been acquired. The project is waiting for environmental clearance. The entire project is planned for completion in 5 years from zero date. MINING Metabluu Power, a sister concern of Minera Udyog India, is planning a 75,000-TPA iron ore mining project in village: Devikonda, district: Karimnagar, Telangana. The project is awaiting Government approval. Aryan Ispat & Power is planning an expansion of its coal washery in village: Bamoloi, district: Sambalpur, Odisha. The project will come up in the existing 204.65-acre integrated steel plant premises. The capacity of the project is to be augmented from 0.70-MTPA to 5.70-MTPA. The cost of the project is ` 600.7-million. The project is awaiting environmental clearance and planned for completion in 1-year from zero date. According to MoEF sources, the expansion is based on heavy media cyclone (wet process) technology. The washery will produce washed coal of an average ash around 34% (GCV 4,350Kcal/kg), middling (ash content about 58%) of GCV around 2,350-Kcal per kg useable as fuel in FBC boilers. The proposed expansion will be the state-of-the-art with close circuit water system, classifying cyclone, high frequency screens, thickener and multi-roll belt press filters. Power requirement of 5-MVA will be sourced from its own power plant connected with the Grid Corporation of Odisha. DSP Associates is planning a 15,17,600-TPA sand (minor mineral) mining project in the mines of Tikola-1 Sand Unit at village: Tikola, district: Gurgaon, Haryana. Mining lease area is 42.50-hectare. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 55-million. The project is waiting for environmental clearance. Mining work is expected to commence soon. According to MoEF sources, out of the total area, 31.50-hectare area falls in the river bed and 11-hectare area falls in agricultural land (outside river bed). Method of mining will be opencast semimechanized without drilling and blasting. The mine will be excavated out in layers up to a depth of 3-m in riverbed and 9-m in agricultural field. Letter of Intent (LoI) for mining contract has been granted for a period of 9 years. Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 49

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Forthcoming Events

Tapes Sealants and Adhesive Expo


Dates: 15-17 November 2017 Venue: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai Event: Tapes Sealants and Adhesive Expo is a 3 day event in Chennai. This event showcases products like adhesives, sealants, adhesives tapes, machinery for adhesives, construction and packing adhesive, glass and pet bottle label adhesives and much more in the adhesives and sealants industry

Dates: 25-30 January 2018 Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru Event: Tooltech Bengaluru is a 6 day event in Bengaluru. This event showcases products like heavy machinery, machine tools and accessories, metal cutting tools, metal cutting services, metallurgy products, machine design services, etc, in the hand, machine and garden tools industry.

For details contact: Unitech Exhibitions Pvt Ltd Expo House, No: 338, 1st Main Road Nehru Nagar Indl Estate, OMR, Chennai

ENGIMACH Dates: 06-10 December 2017 Venue: Helipad Ground, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Event: ENGIMACH showcase engineering products and services, heavy and light machines, machinery equipment and accessories, tools and parts, technological devices and products, engineering tools and allied products and services. It is the most trusted machines and tools show that exhibits latest products and services, latest innovations and technologies and is known to attract visitors around the world. It is an ideal event that witnesses the best buyer and seller partnership and is a dynamic platform. For details contact: K & D Communications Ltd 3rd Floor, Kailash-A, Sumangalam Society Above HDFC Bank, Opp: Drive-In Cinema Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Waste Technology India Expo Dates: 18-20 January 2018 Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mumbai Event: Waste Technology India Expo is a 3 day event in Mumbai. The waste management and recycling exhibition will have solutions for managing and recycling of different kinds of waste, both solid and liquid, generated in industries, cities, homes, etc, to ensure clean surroundings. This event showcases product from air and water management, environment and waste management industries. For details contact: Virtual Info System Pvt Ltd 231 Mastermind-1, Royal Palms Mayur Nagar, Aarey Milk Colony Goregaon (E), Mumbai

For details contact: Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post Bengaluru, Karnataka

IMTEX Dates: 25-30 January 2018 Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru Event: The Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition is a 6 day event in Bengaluru. It will showcase the exhaustive range of innovations and technological refinements in the complete product segment of metal-cutting machine tools. For details contact: Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers 10th Mile Tumkur Road, Madavara Post Bengaluru, Karnataka

International Power Transmission Expo Dates: 22-24 February 2018 Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mumbai Event: International Power Transmission Expo will ensure visitors to provide mechanical power transmission and drive systems. High quality products will be exhibited in the event such as worm gear drives, helical gear drives, planetary/ epicycle gear drives, bevel gear drives, variable speed drives, harmonic drives, pump gear drives, electrical and electronics, linear motors systems and drives, brakes and clutches, etc. International Power Transmission Expo will provide meeting place for the manufacturers and industrial experts to gather and discuss latest developments and advancements. Visitors will discover latest power transmission technologies. The event will help to harness the power of digital and will provide tools and knowledge to succeed in this interactive world. For details contact: Virgo Communications And Exhibitions Pvt Ltd Virgo House, 250 Amarjyoti Layout, Domlur Extn Bengaluru, Karnataka Tel: 080-25357028, 41493996, 41493997 Fax: 91-080-25357028


P o w e r Tr a n s m i s s i o n a n d Control Dates: 31 October-03 November 2017 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China Event: PTC Asia is the biggest event in the power transmission and fluid power industry worldwide. It helps increase brand awareness, to enter the Asian markets and to leverage business with new and existing customers. 1,350 exhibitors will be showcasing their upcoming products targeting top visitors. For details contact: Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd 301 B & Q Pudong Office Tower 393 Yinxiao Road, Pudong Shanghai, China Tel: +(86)-(21)-50456700 Fax: +(86)-(21)-50459355

Powder & Bulk Solids Montreal Dates: 14-15 November 2018 Venue: Palais des Congres de Montreal, Montreal, Canada Event: The event will showcase wide variety of automation related services associated with this field. Thus event like this will organize wide variety of workshops, seminar presentation and open forum questionnaires with the help of it the exhibitors will showcase products and services like accessories, components, automation, instrumentation, controls, conveyers, feeders, dryers, dust collection, scrubbers and material handling equipment associated with this field. Beside this the event will cordially invite all the eminent and distinguished experts associated with this field. For details contact: UBM UBM plc, Ludgate House 245 Blackfriars Road London, U.K. Tel: +44-0-20-7921-5000

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Author: The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) Price: $290.77 Publisher: The Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI), 1st Edition About the book: A new joint publication by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI). This book provides clear recommendations and guidance for oil tankers, chemical tankers and dual classed oil/chemical tankers with the aim of achieving improved safety, standardisation and compatibility with terminal facilities. It supersedes the 4th Edition of OCIMF’s (1991).This new book contains a significant amount of new tanker industry accepted recommendations on safety and equipment, including additional tonnage categories and recommendations for ship owners.This book will be of interest to anyone who deals with oil and chemical tanker manifolds and their associated equipment and will be of interest to individuals, and teams, designing, constructing and repairing ships.

Author: Frank R Spellman Price: $138.53 No of pages: 923 pages (Paperback) Publisher: CRC Press (3rd Edition)

DYNAMIC SIMULATION OF ACTIVATED SLUDGE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS Author: Sara Pinto Price: $56.00 No of pages: 124 pages (Paperback) Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing About the book: In Portugal many wastewater treatment plants are presently operating in accordance to predetermined schemes, with few concerns to variations of the activated sludge process and without optimizing its performance to achieve a better effluent quality. Little attention has been given to the activated sludge models as powerful tools for wastewater treatment process understanding, design, control and optimization. The main goal of this study is to contribute to the understanding of the activated sludge process, to the simulation of organic carbon removal based on ASM3 and to the use of respirometric assays in order to obtain kinetic and stoichiometric coefficients for model calibration. Respirometric assays were carried out using raw wastewater (as substrate source) and return activated sludge (as biomass source). The dynamic simulation of the WWTP was confronted with several limitations related to the treatment plant performance and an alternative approach was performed to understand the consequences of different operation methodologies, in terms of process efficiency.



About the book: This book addresses management issues and security needs, contains coverage on pharma and personal care products (PPCPs) and includes regulatory changes. The author explains the material in layman’s terms, providing real-world operating scenarios with problem-solving practice sets for each scenario. This provides readers with the ability to incorporate math with both theory and practical application. The book contains additional emphasis on operator safety, new chapters on energy conservation and sustainability, and basic science for operators.A complete compilation of water science, treatment information, process control procedures, problem-solving techniques, safety and health information, and administrative and technological trends, this text serves as a resource for professionals working in water and wastewater operations and operators preparing for wastewater licensure exams. It can also be used as a supplemental textbook for undergraduate and graduate students studying environmental science, water science and environmental engineering. WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT Authors: Joanne E Drinan and Frank R Spellman Price: $85.12 No of pages: 300 pages (Hardcover) Publisher: CRC Press (2nd Edition) About the book: This book continues to provide a simple, non-mathematical account of the unit processes used to treat both drinking water and wastewater. Completely revised and expanded, this 2nd Edition adds new material on technological advances, regulatory requirements, and other current issues facing the water and wastewater industries. Using step-by-step, jargon-free language, the authors present all the basic unit processes involved in drinking water and wastewater treatment. They describe each unit process, the function of the process in water or wastewater treatment, and the basic equipment used in each process. They also explain how the processes fit together within a drinking water or wastewater treatment system and discuss the fundamental concepts that constitute water and wastewater treatment processes as a whole.Avoiding mathematics, chemistry and biology, the book includes numerous illustrations for easy comprehension of concepts and processes. It also contains chapter summaries and an extensive glossary of terms and abbreviations for quick reference. Chemical Products Finder | August-September 2017 | 51

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Product Index A


Adjustable Level Switch


GC/Q-TOF System


Automatic Adapter Test System


Generator Control Station




Bag Lifting Centrifuge


High Pressure Ball Valves


Ball Valves


High Pressure Needle Valves


Horizontal Peeler Type Centrifuge

40 36

C Case Packer Machine


Hybrid & Iron Oxide Adsorbers

Case Packing


Check Weigher



Check Weigher


Connected Solutions for Higher Process and Product Safety




Conta Bin Blender



Industrial Gear Units


Integrated Measuring and Dosing


Ion Exchange & Specialty Adsorber Resins


J Jacketed Reactor System


Die-cut Strip Packaging



Double Cone Blender


Leak Detector


Level Indicators


Level Switch


Level Switch


E Electro Magnetic Meter


Ermeto/Bite Fittings


Evisceration System



M Magnetic Level Switch


Falling Film Evaporator


Manifold Valves


Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers




Mixer Emulsifier


Fork Level Switch 28

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Robotic Palletizer


Modular Industrial Gear Units


Rotary Steam Tube Dryers


Modular Surge Protection Device





Sami Wedge Plug Valves


Multi-parameter M400 Transmitter


Seamless Integration of Focus Scanner 3D Point Clouds




Smooth-surface Motors


Solid State Relay


Spray Coolers


SS Seamless & Welded Pipes, Tubes, Foil, Coil, Flanges & Fitting


Stability Chamber


N Needle Valves


NGS Target Enrichment Solution


Nitrile Gloves


O Octagon Blender


Octagonal Blender


Oil-free and Gas-tight Piston Compressors


Oval Wheel Meter


Oval Wheel Meters (Type OI)


T Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


Triplex Series Pumps



P Platinum Cured Silicone Hose Reinforced with SS 316 Helical Wire 39 Powerful Conveyor Drives


Precision Piezo Stage


Programmable DC Power Supply


Push Fitting


Ultrasonic Cleaner/Bath


V Vacuum Technology from Pumps to Systems


V-Cone Flow Meter


Vibro Shifter



Q Q Exactive GC Orbitrap GC-MS/MS

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Mobile Pumping Stations


Zone 3D Software Platform


R Rapid Mixer Granulator


Remote Data Communicator


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Plastindia Foundation



Prima Equipment



Sulzer India Pvt Ltd



UNP Polyvalves (India) Pvt Ltd



VAC Enterpriise India LLP


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