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Green Pumpkin 125-025 Our new 6.25-inch Fluke Stick has a forked tail and ribbed body, which work in unison to create dynamic action, even on slack line.

PRODUCT SPECS SIZE: 6.25� TYPE: Stick Worm TECHNIQUE: Finesse/Pitching/Flipping

When fished weightless with a light-wire hook, the heavy-salt lure has a shimmying, gliding action akin to a stickbait. When twitched, however, it acts much like a ZOOM Super Fluke, but more of a rolling, darting, erratic action. It really is two baits in one allowing an angler to change up how it’s fished even during the same cast. The hybrid lure is a doozy when fished on a drop shot as well, for the tail slithers back and forth from the pressure of the water alone.

Junebug 125-005

Watermelon Magic 125-283

Watermelon Seed 125-019

Green Pumpkin Magic 125-284

Blueberry 125-026

Watermelon Red Magic 125-304

Watermelon Red 125-054

Green Pumpkin Purple Green 125-349

Watermelon Red 124-054

PRODUCT SPECS SIZE: 6.5� TYPE: Worm TECHNIQUE: Finesse/Pitching/Flipping

Junebug 124-005

Pumpkin 124-013

Watermelon Seed 124-019

The Magnum Swamp Crawler, at 6 1/2 inches, is a full inch longer than the original Swamp Crawler. But like the original lure, it really shines when fished on Texas and Carolina rigs, in addition to a shaky head, weightless or wacky style. Really, there is no wrong way to fish the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler.

Red Bug 124-021

Green Pumpkin 124-025

Watermelon Candy 124-120

Green Pumpkin Purple Green 124-349

We pride ourselves on giving discerning bass anglers the lures that help them put bass in the boat. When some of you said you loved the Z-Hog creature bait but wished it was a bit smaller, we listened. The new Z-Hog Jr, a 3 1/2-inch version of its beefier big brother, gives you the same great bait and action but with a slimmer, smaller profile. Our pros have been testing it for months, and the only questions we’ve consistently gotten is “Why can’t I keep these a secret?”

Junebug 123-005

The Z-Hog Jr. still has the rabbit-ear tail akin to the Zoom Super Chunk and the small flappers on either side of its body, in addition to the deep grooves on the front and back of the bait. Also, though the lure is smaller than the original, it will still hold a wide-gap flippin’ hook.

NEW PRODUCT SPECS SIZE: 3.5” TYPE: Creature/Punch Bait TECHNIQUE: Pitching/Flipping

Green Pumpkin Purple Green 123-349

Sprayed Grass 123-317

Black Sapphire 123-100

Watermelon Candy 123-120

California 420 123-308

Scuppernong Green 123-316

Scuppernong Candy 123-326

Black Red 123-001

Watermelon Seed 123-019

Green Pumpkin 123-025

Watermelon Red 123-054

NEW NEW COLOR Baby Brush Hog 042-317

Great for dirty and clean water applications, this is an excellent multi-purpose color. And, don’t be fooled by the dense color in the package.  Put this bait under some sunlight and you’ll see how attractive this color will be in the water.

Sprayed Grass will be available initially in six different lures with more possibly to come in the near future.

Z Hog Jr. 123-317 Finesse Worm 004-317

Trick Worm 006-317

Brush Hog 022-317

Z Hog 119-317


6� Lizard 002-349

Green pumpkin purple green is a new spin off of two of the most popular green pumpkin colors at Zoom. This new green pumpkin version is loaded with purple and green glitter making it effective in various situations. It’s another great all-around color that looks natural in clear water and yet puts off good flash for stained water. It is an excellent color for lizards, worms and creature baits.

Finesse Worm 004-349

Magnum Finesse Worm 114-349

Trick Worm 006-349 Z Hog Jr. 123-349 Brush Hog 022-349

Z Hog 119-349

Baby Brush Hog 042-349 Magnum Swamp Crawler 124-349

Ultra Vibe Speed Craw 080-349 Fluke Stick 125-349


Trick Worm 006-352

Emerald Blue is an exciting new color that works well in stained to brackish water colors. It’s very effective when fished around grass. Emerald Blue has an attractive dark silhouette combined with just enough flash to effectively imitate shad and crawfish.

Ultra Vibe Speed Worm 018-352

Super Chunk Jr. 041-352

Super Chunk 037-352 Brush Hog 022-352

Z Hog Jr. 123-352 Baby Brush Hog 042-352

Ultra Vibe Speed Craw 080-352

Z Hog 119-352

Swimming Super Fluke 116-345

Super Fluke 023-345


Super Fluke Jr. 056-345

Swimming Super Fluke Jr. 117-345

ZOOM 2014 Product Guide  
ZOOM 2014 Product Guide  

ZOOM 2014 Product Guide