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Capabilities Security and Surveillance Integrators

Who We Are Advanced Digital Solutions, LLC (ADS) is a surveillance firm focused on the development, testing, installation, integration and deployment of critically needed technical capabilities. These capabilities range from C2 platforms, video surveillance, access control, perimeter and border intrusion detection, countermeasures, biometrics, analytics, and data transfer design and implementation. ADS was founded in 2007 as a security systems integrator and since then has become a leader in advanced systems solutions including information technologies and communications. The Company has captured a large share of the east and south coast gaming market by providing mid to large scale integrated security solutions to various government and commercial clients. ADS is proud of our over 200 years of combined knowledge and experience in the fields of security, surveillance, project management/administration, and infrastructure startup operations planning. We seek out the latest “best in breed� technologies and have the proven ability to integrate them into complete situational awareness tools. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to exceed customer expectations by being cost effective, efficient, and innovative in our design and execution. A major key to the success of ADS has been the company leadership. Our leaders are businessmen who are field tested and proven. They are experienced in managing and executing large scale Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) projects in both friendly (permissive) and hostile (non-permissive) environments. Our extensive security and surveillance experience includes the development, testing, installation, integration and deployment of critically needed technical capabilities such as Command and Control Platforms, CCTV and Access Control. In addition, Perimeter and Border Intrusion Detection and Counter Measures, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, LPR, Wireless (RF and Microwave) Communications, Free Space Optics Communication, Secure Internet Communications, Nano Technology and Covert Surveillance Solutions are part of our core competencies. To demonstrate our commitment to cost effective installations; we are pioneering the use of inexpensive converters to convert existing coaxial infrastructure into a high speed Ethernet topography. This saves the cost of replacing the existing cable, reducing down time and extending the distance between the camera and the head end from 300 feet to 900 feet. With strategic global partners and large volume discounts we are able to provide excellent service with superior pricing. We combine the best commercial off the shelf (COTS) products with proprietary designed and manufactured head end hardware to provide top of the line powerful Command and Control platforms. Our customized platforms utilize power video, sensor and data analytics and algorithms to provide operators with intelligent and useful data for situational awareness and response via a user friendly interactive GUI. Our systems are secure against the highest levels of threat. ADS is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and has offices in Bardstown, KY, St. Louis, MO, Slidell, LA and Lafayette, CA to support customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.


A Leader In Advanced Systems Solutions Our Vision ADS is committed to providing its customers with quality solutions. We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvements driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of our people. We pride ourselves in putting the customer’s needs first as we strive to be... Best in Breed.

Staff ADS founders and leaders are accomplished business people with business ventures throughout the world. We designed ADS based on our successful experiences to stand above our competitors by focusing on Experience, Customer Service Commitment, Creativity and Flexibility. We are dedicated, motivated and talented individuals from various commercial and military backgrounds. We bring a solid foundation in management and leadership. We are subject matter experts in the field of technical surveillance and security, systems integration, networking, standard cabling practices, system design and consulting, special operations, technical targeting, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Our competent and knowledgeable staff assists customers with technical support, pre and post construction, pre and post installation support and unmatched global customer services at all times of the day or night. The ADS staff is proactive and knowledgeable, committed to delivering the best possible service to all our customers. Our systems are designed to meet your needs…



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Past Performance and Accomplishments

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One-Stop Shop

Security Solutions Our core business focus is medium to large complex, totally integrated, turnkey design, installation and implementation projects for mission-critical, multi-site surveillance applications. We offer solutions ranging from highend DVRs, IP encoders and NVR solutions to a fully converged digital management solution providing a mature virtual matrix, video wall operations and powerful event handling tools. ADS is a one-stop shop for integrated security solutions, providing the platform for complete secure building access control, including designing, building, and servicing the system, as well as training its clients. Target markets include but are not limited to: • Traffic & Transportation Hubs

• Military and Government Bases and Facilities • Finance & Banking

• Gaming & Casinos

• Correctional Facilities

• Logistics

• City Centers & Public Spaces • Medical Facilities • Oil and Pipeline

Monitoring and Management Our state of the art solution is more than a full replacement for the legacy analog matrixes…it is a turn-key solution for the video surveillance center. One unique part of our company is our global reach and integration of covert surveillance solutions. Our control center application can accommodate tens, hundreds and even thousands of cameras per site – operating over closed and open IP networks. This enables converged IP and analog video into one sophisticated service, and offers ‘surveillance by exception’ through intelligent real-time video analysis and real-time alarms. Key elements of our end-to-end video surveillance solutions include: • IP control room virtual matrix, remote access, video wall investigation, intelligent video analysis, investigation tools, case creator tools, control tools including analog keyboard and touch screen

• Motion detection, counter detection, behavior Detection, non-Detection • NVRs, DVRs recording and streaming • Analog cameras, IP cameras, encoders edge devices • Instant access to live and recorded video from any camera on any monitor


• Connect and control multiple monitors over the network

• Displays 1, 4, 9 and 16 split video screens over multiple monitors

intelligence architecture

• Proactive real-time alarm capabilities • Site mapping applications provides physical cameras location with real time alarm indication • Virtual matrix with on-screen multi features menu • Activation sequence of multiple commands upon event or time based • Joystick Controls- forward playback- reverse playback- PTZ • Easily scalable to support unlimited input channels • Replaces or complements existing analog infrastructure 23

DS has a unique

that makes it highly scalable and cost effective.” – Tim Lyvers, CEO

Intelligence Designed to find the needle in the “video haystack”, our intelligent video content analysis extracts pertinent information from multi-site/channel video content. It effectively detects, classifies and tracks video content in order to provide real-time alerts and automatic analysis according to predefined rules and scenarios, thereby optimizing the decision making process of security personnel. Video analytics is the technology which filters real time video streams and provides operators and managers with data necessary to work efficiently and effectively. ADS combines its expertise in security and surveillance to deliver comprehensive services that safeguard organizations against present and future threats. Consequently, our intelligence product can be seamlessly networked to provide a complete surveillance IP solution. ADS has a unique intelligence architecture that makes it highly scalable and cost effective. It is fully compatible with other administrator and query stations, the control center, and IP recording servers. Single PTZ Object Tracking: works with any PTZ camera providing automated pan and tilt object tracking. Missing Object Tracking: provides and audible and visual alert when predefined objects are remove from the camera view. Suspicious Object Detection: provides and audible and visual alert when suspicious objects are left unattended in the camera view. Face Detection/Recognition: Automatic face snapshot index created for playback and review. Provides audible and visual alert when predefined facial index is in view of the camera. Directional motion: distinguishes various object types moving across a designated area of interest and alerts upon directional line crossing, area motion detection or perimeter crossing. Counter Detectors. Counting and occupancy: counts people/vehicles and/or determines occupancy of people/vehicles and alerts when figure exceeds the predefined sum. Destiny: alerts when the number of people in a crowd exceeds a predefined sum.  Loitering: alerts when a person lingers in the same place over a predefined time.  Tailgating: alerts when a vehicle or person crosses the predefined line without waiting at least a specified interval of time after previous vehicle or person has crossed.  Crowd: alerts whenever the predefined area is crowded above a specified threshold (in percentage). 4

ADS Provides Real-Time Defense of Critical Assets

Cameras To complement our range of monitoring and management tools and intelligent analytics, ADS has spent a number of years sourcing high quality, reliable cameras from OEMs around the world. We remain well situated within the industry and are keenly aware of the latest technologies available. With our customers’ needs in mind, we have a camera for every need and budget. • • • • • •

Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Pan/Tilt (PT) License Plate Covert Full Range of Lenses

• • • • • •

Bullet Security Cameras Fixed Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) IP Thermal Full Range of Mounts

• • • • •

Dome Camera Network Varifocal Megapixel Environmental Resistance

Access Control ADS offers systems to meet requirements of all types, from simple systems for just a few doors to systems with larger scale and even enterprise requirements, with integrated video, photo badging, biometric, graphic maps, telephone entry and many other powerful features. Our hardware can be deployed using traditional proprietary security networking techniques, or standard TCP/IP networking utilizing your existing network or one dedicated to the security system. But we’re more than just a products company. Whether you are an end user who wants to improve your facility’s security, or a security systems integrator looking for an alternative solution, we are the logical team with whom to partner. • Biometrics • Hand or Finger • Wireless Transceivers

• Facial • Voice • Proximity

• Retinal • Long Range Vehicle ID Systems

Data Transfer Capabilities ADS has provided our customers customized applications for sending and receiving sensor data independent of environmental conditions. Through proven trials and performance we can send data in unique ways that can maximize performance and give the customer options where there once were none.


Multipliers for Security Intrusion Detection Systems and Electronic Security “We offer lower costs, less network downtime, reduced false positives/negatives, using very little human intervention to run our electronic security or intrusion detection system”. Every organization needs a real-time defense to protect its critical assets. Our electronic security and IDS systems can meet your needs and grow with you with throughput options large enough to meet your needs. ADS provides vulnerability-based intrusion detection and prevention built on the foundation of the world’s most popular intrusion prevention software. Most providers offer a “one-size-fits-all” solutions, but our solution is comprehensive and focused on total prevention and security. We use a phased approach with each phase building upon the benefits and features of the previous one, adding capabilities to optimize a company’s protection. Our systems incorporate products that meet the various customer needs. • Laser • Magnetic • Active

• Infrared • Radiological • Network Defense

• Seismic • Short Wave

• Acoustic • Passive

Training We employ a training staff composed of experienced professionals with diverse security backgrounds. This staff has training certification from our OEMs as well as national, international and state and local certification from the gaming and security commissions. This group is aligned with our technical support specialists broadening our company core competencies. The composition of this group was deliberately designed to enable the broadest possible base of knowledge and skill sets available from numerous years of service from a multitude of specialized backgrounds. ADS provides trainers to the comprehensive certification program at the Surveillance Directors Academy in Las Vegas. Technology Assessments ADS is well versed in the area of technology field assessments based on multiple years of service and experience. Many times during the course of developmental engineering, technology can become misaligned from it’s original design specifications. The company understands the need to apply practical and relevant field tests to technology throughout the development process, up to and after the equipment actually finds itself in the hands of a user. Our success in locating or assisting in the building of technology solutions stems from this critical understanding. This approach has proved time and time again to be extremely effective in solving real world, real time problems.


e use very little human intervention to run our electronic security

intrusion detection system”

– R. Dale Dodd PMP, Chief Technology Officer


ADS Utilizes Multiple Copper and Fiber Technologies

Past Performance and Qualifications Project Description: Charlotte City Surveillance System ADS designed and implemented a city wide surveillance system integrating multiple city wide systems into a single interface. ADS designed and built the command center and video observation center for the city that has allowed CMPD to activate a new department that is focused on real time crime 24 hours per day. The systems has expanded to include video from multiple departments to include DOT, Utilities Department, Parks and Recreation cameras, as well as other departments and has migrated some commercial video feeds from throughout the city. ADS teamed with the Cities IT department to assist in providing both a wired and wireless infrastructures that provides video to central storage. Along with the system, ADS redesigned the CMPD interview rooms at both the Headquarters building and at the precinct. This partitioned the system to allow viewing and control of sensitive video to select users. ADS is currently assisting the city with expansion and is providing system support as a full time member of the city. Project Description: McGuire Nuclear Station ADS provided the design and installation of a new video network infrastructure to support the security requirements for this critical site. Along with the new network, ADS provided additional hardware to expand the system capabilities and is currently providing 24 hour system support and maintenance. Future plans include the continued expansion of the system with critical integrations to disparate system and the migration to a true enterprise solution. Project Description: Boomtown Belle Casino Due to budgetary constraints, this client opted to use a multi-phase conversion from analog to digital recording on this project. ADS developed a migration plan that initially focused on key coverage areas, eliminating downtime, and increased observeration productivity, while staying within budget. Consideration was given to long term space needs, HVAC, and power requirements once the full migration was completed. ADS is currently working on the final phase of conversion. Project Description: Classified This project involved the complete design of a CCTV and perimeter detection system without the benefit of a site survey or schematics/site plan. We used Google Earth and written details to develop the entire system. We were able to successfully install and integrate all equipment within the customer’s timeframe and budget due to detailed planning and testing. We designed a complete mock system to test all components and integrations. The equipment integrated included long range CCTV cameras, outdoor Infrared illuminators, outdoor PIRs, and a video management system. The outdoor PIRs would sense motion and notify the agent inside. It also pans a PTZ to that zone as well as activates the illuminators during dark hours of operation. The most difficult part of this project was the design of the equipment to be easily and quickly deployed with little input required from the agents to operate.


Project Description: Old National Bank With over 200 sites, ONB is the largest bank in the state of Indiana. ADS has upgraded the Corporate HQ to Genetec Security Center 5.2 for access control as well as bringing in some 25 recently added branches with HD cameras and access control. The expansion plan is to convert all branches to Genetec security center. Project Description: Seneca Nation of Indians Casino ADS designed and implemented a large scale CCTV and Access control system with multiple sites feeding back to one command and control center. We developed a 7 door man-trap including bulletproof glass doors and garage style roll up doors to allow money to be safely transported in and out of the building via armored vehicle. We developed, designed and installed the first microwave transmission system to be used in New York state to bring video, audio, and access control data back from a remote site to the command and control center. This secondary site was located across an interstate and no other form of interconnectivity was available. We also utilized multiple copper and fiber technologies to deliver data throughout the facility. We integrated a highly scalable video management software overtop of their existing digital video recorders to allow deeper integrations to other hardware, complete case management, and improved back-up solutions. This installation was a fast-tracked project with very tight timelines. To expedite installation, many sections of the rack design and cabling were completed off-site in our technical facility. Project Description: Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation ADS has partnered with the county parks department to provide design services, consultation, and installation of an enterprise security system that will allow the department to centrally monitor over 240 separate sites and provide this situational awareness to the city and county police departments. Project Description: University of North Carolina, Charlotte ADS designed and implemented the security system for the new Student Activities Center and Basketball Arena. The system is designed to allow recognition of individuals located anywhere in the arena. ADS is assisting the campus with future plans that include a campus wide mesh wireless network and campus wide centrally stored video system with distributed user interfaces as well as designs to build a command center for 24 hour surveillance and security. Project Description: Berry Plastics With over 90 manufacturing facilities, Berry Plastics is the largest plastics manufacturer in the US. ADS is involved in the design and deployment of high definition camera systems, access control, IP intercom and automated gate entry controls. 8

Complete Redundancy is Engineered into Every Project

Project Description: Hollywood Casino ADS is involved with this exceptionally large project that requires coordination with multiple trades to meet the strict installation deadlines. This unique project requires custom fabrication of various camera mounts and 11 Station Casino Observer Consoles. Complete redundancy is engineered into this project, including redundant HVAC, Generators, UPSs, and recording devices. The project involved use of multiple IDF closets and large pair feeder cables in order to limit the number of free stranded cables entering the head end control room. In addition, field device power supplies were located remotely to limit voltage loss caused by long distance runs. Complete integration of all products was a necessity for this installation. The custom system we provided allows a single graphical user interface (GUI) user to access and control live and recorded video, monitor alarm points, and compare point of sale receipts with actual video., Additional features enabled the creation and editing of incident reports, tying them to video and/or photos, while keeping all time records accurate via an integrated GPS based time clock.

Product Description: Indy Live Casino This project involved the relocation of existing equipment, including 450 cameras as well as the addition of expanded capacity and capabilities. In addition, this installation included 32 monitors, 5 observer consoles, 112 alarm contact points, 64 access controlled doors, all integrated into one video management system, as well as integrating Point of Sale terminals with the CCTV sytem. The system is multi-redundant with Raid 6 recording and built in spare DVRs for redundancy. The complexity of this installation was increased due to requirements of minimal downtime for the move from the temporary casino to the permanent location. The detailed schedule was met while cordinating with other trades. This project was successfully completed to the client’s absolute satisfaction.

Project Description: River City and Lumiere Casino’s These 2 projects had multiple integrations into single command and control platforms. From one graphical user interface (GUI) a user is able to manage a cpmplete installation including: access and control of live and recorded video; observe, verify and grant access to areas; compare point of sale receipts with actual video; create and edit incident reports and tie them to video and/or photos; and keep all time accurate via a GPS based time clock. Included in this installation is High Definition IP, as well as standard Analog cameras located in both indoor and outdoor environments. Due to union limitations, the customer requested that we rack, cable, program and test all head end equipment in our technical facility off site. To ease the final installation, we carefully marked and labeled every piece of equipment and created drawings for reassembly. Significant engineering went into this prep due to cables running between multiple racks. Due to the ADS design, the local union was able to reassemble it all; reconnecting all cables with no issues or delays. This process cut onsite installation time by 75% and insured that the customer received the standard of quality and consistency they expected from ADS.

Project Description: University of Kentucky Working with BCCLT Consulting Engineers this is culmination of many years of testing and development with the University of Kentucky to provide a cutting edge campus wide integration of High Definition video surveillance, advanced access control, mass notification with extensive database integration to provide a single smart card solution for all campus facilities. This includes one of the largest research hospitals and equine research facilities. The project will extend for several years and involves many specialty partners such as electrical contractor, door hardware contractor, several manufacturers but the main back bone is Next Level Security Systems Gateway 4000 with custom software integration to the main UK database for staff, student and faculty.


Additional Past Performance Greektown Casino, MI Electrolux, NC Zynga, CA Margaritaville Resort Casino, LA Solid Waste Services, NC Boot Hill Casino, KS South Carolina Housing Authority Kansas Star Casino, Kansas City, Kansas River City Casino, St Louis, MO Port of Cortez, Honduras Royal Palace, UAE Fort Knox, KY Sudan Classified Classified Facilities, VA UPS Logistics L’Auberge du Lac Casino, Lake Charles, LA All Seneca Gaming Properties, Niagara Falls, NY Belterra Casino, Florence, IN Blue Sky Casino, French Lick Casino Boomtown Belle, New Orleans, LA Paragon Casino, Marksville, LA Menominee Casino, Menominee, WI Cypress Bayou Casino, Charenton, LA Trump Casino, Gary, IN Hollywood Casino, Toledo, OH Hollywood Casino, Kansas Speedway Kingdom Centre Saudi Arabia


e strive to provide our

clients with a comprehensive set of quality capabilities” – Steve Brown, President

• Sales & Consulting • Design • Engineering • Project Management • Installation • Customer Training

Additional Accomplishments First Deployed Digital Recording System in Louisianna. First Deployed Digital Recording System in Indiana. First Successful Classified Government Contract for Integrated Perimeter protection solution in foreign hostile environment. First Deployed Integrated Digital System in Missouri. First 2000+ camera digital integrated system in Indiana. Early 2010 developed our first Digital Recording Hardware Solution. Work has been featured in SDM and Security Integrators Magazines. Introduced the first touch screen based Digital Recording System to the US Gaming Market. 10

Corporate Headquarters l 3737 Philemon Avenure l Charlotte, NC 28206 l 800.818.7229 10

ADS Corporate Brochure  

ADS Corporate Brochure