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feb 2018

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Covenant Family

When talking to people outside of our organization, the question I receive most is “Why is Covenant so different from other companies?� My answer is that we are a Team that knows the roles each person plays, and a Family that cares about each member of our organization.

TEAM: My father is a builder, and I grew up working on his projects during my summer and Christmas breaks. During these times, I was able to witness firsthand what an effective team was able to accomplish. The dedication and consistency of the team that he built was the secret to his success. My desire four years ago when coming to Covenant was to be a part of the building of such a team. I have since witnessed the rare assembly of a talented and skilled team that has been able to accomplish remarkable feats. Each one of you are an integral part of that team and our success is dependent on the role that you play every day. FAMILY: Being part of a family means that you have responsibilities and duties, and that you are not alone with

their support. I was able to witness this first hand just this past week when my wife had a sudden heart attack and was rushed into surgery. The prayers and support we received was overwhelming, and reminded me how grateful I am for this Covenant Family. In less than 72 hours, she was home, active, and recovering miraculously. I know the prayers of our family were heard. God is good! I hope you never have to go through an event like that in your lifetime but if so, always know that your family will be here to support you when needed.

As we move forward to improve and strengthen our company, I ask you to look above at our seven core values and recommit yourself to focus on what each one means to you and how you can improve. I am privileged and grateful to be a part of the Team and Family here at Covenant and pray God’s blessing and protection on each of you every day. I look forward to the challenges and exciting days ahead working along side of you. k ev i n ro c k, v p o f s o u t h er n d i v i s i o n

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| Confidential support service

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who die each year, 1 indie3ofwomen heart disease & stroke JOIN THE MOVEMENT to end heart disease & stroke in women






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Make your new addition our addition to the newsletter! We’re looking to feature the new babies of Covenant in future publications. If you’d like your new bundle to be featured, please send a picture and his/her name to, or you can send them through our Facebook Page. Otherwise, please continue to send field and/or any picture you think would make a great addition to the Covenant Connection. Thanks!

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take hold of your finances NINE WEEKS. That’s all it takes to get the tools and knowledge needed to take charge of your finances. Imagine being DEBT FREE. Imagine a life free from loan officers and creditors. Experience financial freedom! Covenant cares about your financial well-being, therefore, offers 100% reimbursement to employees who enroll in Financial Peace University taught by “America’s Financial Guru.” Above: Some of Greeley’s Winter ‘17 class, and their nine-week accomplishments



GREG DALLAS JOSHUA BRAD CASEY TIMOTHY JONATHAN GUILLERMO MIRANDA KENDRICK FERGUSON CRAWFORD DOUGLASS SHARKEY JOHNSON GAUSIN The dynamic Centennial team from Midland, Texas was personally recognized by Covenant CEO, John Cavitt, following his recent Midland field visit. John traveled to the field with Field Supervisors, Greg Miranda and Brad Crawford, and couldn’t have been more impressed with what he witnessed. He exclaimed, “Greg is an outstanding leader and is clearly leading an outstanding team. Each person handled themselves with competence and poise, which embody the essense of what makes Covenant the great company it is.” Furthermore, Covenant is excited to highlight a TEAM in this month’s Recognitions as we all know, teamwork makes the dream work! GREAT job to each of you.

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OPERATOR III - $2,000 ● OPERATOR II - $1,000 ● OPERATOR I - $500 ● SHOP - $500 ● RIG-UP CREW - $250


REFERRAL BONUS REQUIREMENTS SEND APPLICANT TO: WWW.CTEST.COM > APPLY NOW ● Your name must be entered under “How did you hear about us?” on the online application after selecting “Employee Referral” ● Both referred and referring employee must be “Active” employees at the 90-day mark ● Program designed for external hires only; not internal applicants ● All Covenant Employees are eligible for the referral bonus except: Executive Management | Human Resources | Supervisors/Managers involved in hiring and/or recruiting

Do you know someone who is driven, reliable, hardworking, team-oriented, and will thrive in our values-based company? We want to meet them, and reward you for their success! If they meet the required qualifications and are hired on, you will receive a REFERRAL BONUS when they complete 90 days of employment.

HR@CTEST.COM | 832.500.3115


OSHA reports that HAND INJURIES are trending upward. These are also the most common injuries away from work, which impacts our daily lives. However, they are also some of the most preventable injuries. Removing rings and choosing the right gloves could be the difference between a bruise and a laceration...or even worse. Be careful with your hands! If you lose the use of your hands, you lose an awful lot.

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DISTRICT MANAGER WELL TESTING & FRAC STACK DIVISION, NLA | ETX Covenant was so fortunate to gain Kayne following the acquisition of Key Energy, where he served in the same role he now serves in here. Kayne Frye has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 13 years—nine of which were in Well Testing and Frac Stack, two years were spent off shore, and two years he served as a Mud Engineer. He was born and raised in North Louisiana and has worked in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the Gulf of Mexico so far in his Oil and Gas career. When Kayne isn’t working, he enjoys all kinds of hunting and shooting, and especially has a passion for duck hunting. A couple interesting facts about Kayne are that he is celebrating 18 years of marriage this year, and was once a SCUBA instructor and dive master in the Florida Keys. Talk about well-traveled!


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Wade Rogers Roger Bowlby Eric Leibman Anthony Canevari Cheryl Costinett Brandon Vigil Clint Sellmer Angelo Zito William Zion Russell Nobles Casey Pickersgill Anthony Miller Connor McCormick Jose DeLeon

Matthew Button Saul Arias Marcus Chacon Matthew Hernandez

s i b le y , L A Kayne Frye Linzo Parker Aaron Riley


Covenant Connection - February 2018  

Please enjoy the February edition of our company newsletter featuring a word from the VP of Southern Division, Kevin Rock and much more in t...

Covenant Connection - February 2018  

Please enjoy the February edition of our company newsletter featuring a word from the VP of Southern Division, Kevin Rock and much more in t...