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Reverse Weakness that Comes with Aging:

Now You Can Improve Bone Density, Muscle Strength and Balance.

Improving vitality and strength after age 30 has been almost unheard of. At best, we hoped to slow the musculoskeletal atrophy that comes with aging with rigor ous exercise and a healthy diet. But there is a way to actually reverse bone loss, increase strength, and improve balance and agility as we age. For 10 years OsteoStrong® has been offering a patented osteogenic loading system in centers across the world, and thousands of people are experiencing the benefits. A tenminute sweat-free session in four different positions — for chest, leg/hips, core and spine - triggers an adaptive flexing response in bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

Ten-minute session, once a week, provides measurable results.

Whether you’re seeking to take your athletic game to the next level, stay as fit as possible as you age, or recover from frail health in your elder years, we all share the need for a strong musculoskeletal system that is the foundation of our vitality.

Members of OsteoStrong re port stronger bones, increased strength, better posture, better glucose regulation (lower A1c), less back and joint pain, and bet ter balance. ALL of these benefits greatly reduce risk of fracture and injury, which is important for athletes and the elderly alike.

”My Mom had severe osteoporosis, so I needed to change my life to not follow that path. Since starting OsteoStrong I have had a significant in crease in my bone density!

I also have more stamina, I feel stronger when doing everyday things and have confidence I'm building bone for the future.”


There are 10 OsteoStrong locations in the St. Louis/St. Charles area. Call the location nearest you to schedule a FREE introductory session for you and your loved ones.

Ballwin 63011 (636) 697-3902

Chesterfield 63017 (636) 220-8080

Chest. Valley 63005 (314) 300-6655

Clayton 63105 (314) 541-5661

Creve Coeur 63141 (314) 300-6902

Ladue 63124 (314) 502-3402

O’Fallon 63368 (636) 238-8696

St. Peter’s 63376 (636) 685-0144

Sunset Hills 63127 (314) 501-2002

Telegraph 63129 (314) 300-9851

For more information visit

”My wife and I have been doing weekly sessions at OsteoStrong for almost 4 years. I used to complain a lot about back pain and knee pain - but not any more, and OsteoStrong is the only thing I added to my routine.”

–Ronald, 71 years young


This 13-foot tall custom built pondless waterfall is the dramatic feature in the back yard of a home in Sunset Hills. The hillside was just crying out for a waterfall, and now it makes a focal point for the owners from inside as well as outside their home.

The waterfall in this setting feels like a natural spring and rock outcropping that has always been there, and that the home was built around. This feature was designed and installed by Nature’s Re-Creations, nationally recognized as Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, Missouri’s first Water Garden Excellence Member, first-place winner of the North American Pond and Waterfall Building Competition and in the elite group of Aquascape Artists of the Year.

Nature’s Re-Creations stays on the cutting edge of technology and installation techniques to continually improve their projects and the environment. You can learn more about this project in an article on page 26. To discuss a water feature project, you can contact Chris Siewing at 636-223-2330 or check out their gallery and fill out the contact form at or view their portfolio at



Experience an elegant evening immersed in the tranquil sounds of nature, backlit by moonlight and underwater lighting. As you proceed through the self-guided tour, you will be entertained by the endless possibilities water features offer.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2022 – Starts at 6:45 pm For a map of the tour, visit It’s free. Join them for refreshments at the last stop.




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On The Road

Read this and other stories in John’s book, Coastal Missouri, and more road tales in his other two books A Road Trip into America’s Hidden Heart and Souls Along the Road, available at Left Bank Books. More of his stories are at

Beautiful Drive

Savoring Highway 94

Crossing the Missouri River at McKittrick, we traced the Katy Trail to the towering limestone cliffs at Bluffton, tall enough to earn the admiration of Lewis & Clark. Behind the face of the bluffs a pathway leads to the blufftops, a mile hike straight uphill at what seems like a 45-degree angle. Take oxygen. But the view from the top is worth the huff and puff. In fact, it’s damn close to the second-best view in Missouri. A thousand feet below, a Christmas tree farm cascades toward the river, and in the distance, the river splits and channels around an island. From up here it’s hard to see that old St. John's Church and its cemetery sit on a giant mound built to keep caskets from floating during floods. I climbed downhill. Around the corner I stopped for a snack at Steamboat Junction.

The snack shack sits right next to the Katy Trail. Erifnus waited while I walked up to the counter. Nobody there. Just a sign with prices, and instructions where to leave your mon ey. The honor system! I bought a Coke and a candy bar, left my money. But before I got back in my car, I checked out the Steamboat House, built from wood salvaged from the wreck of the Clara, a steamboat that sank in 1870 a few miles downstream near New Haven.

The house is a gem, a traditional farmhouse with some extras, like the Texas deck lights that

hang from the soffits. I was disappointed that the owners weren’t home...maybe they went to the grocery store. But what a great story. They trusted me, and everybody coming down the trail, to do the right thing. Good neighbors.

Erifnus headed west along one of Missou ri's most scenic highways. In many spots, Route 94 hugs the Missouri River like a belt. We drove on through Egbert and Americus and Starkenburg and Rhineland. The latter sums up the German settlers’ feeling for the beauty of this river valley. We made our way to Augusta for the night. When seeking the two basic food groups–beer and wine–Augusta has a bigger supply than any other town with a bike trail next

to a river. I skipped both courses, and headed straight to the back deck of the Red Brick Inn B&B, where a hot tub had my name on it. Only after a shriveling soak did I set out to find fermentation.

Indeed, Augusta is wine country. I know, every region south of the Arctic Circle touts its wine country. But this one saved French vineyards by grafting its nema tode-resistant Norton roots to threatened French vines.

This fertile Missouri River wine industry served America until Carrie Nation and Prohibition dealt the vineyards a blow. The vines never totally withered, and locals marketed a lot of grape juices, jams and jellies. Most likely, wine makers dusted off their skills in dank basements away from Carrie’s hatchet, and the revenuers. Now, wine and wineries are back. The great views never left.

Today from Augusta, you can pop a cork in just about any direction and hit a winery.

Personally, I gravitate toward beer gardens, especially in this German countryside. Lucky for me the Good News Brewing Company butts up against the Katy Trail, and they serve a mean Vampire Deathwish Pizza (house made garlic sauce with spinach, feta and mozzarella). Fortified with garlic I put my fists around a Perfect Storm Pale Ale and recited the Beer Prayer: Our lager, which art in barrels, hallowed be thy drink.

Thy will be drunk, (I will be drunk), at home as it is in tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head, and forgive us our spillage,

As we forgive those who spill against us. And lead us not into incarceration, but deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the beer, the bitter and the lager.

– (author unknown)

Follow John’s travels at johndrakerobinson. com/blog. His latest book, Souls Along the Road, is available on Amazon.

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The Green Home Coach

MARLA ESSER CLOOS, NAHB Master Certified Green Professional, Wellness

Within Your Walls Certified Professional and LEED AP, is the principal of Green Home Coach where she uses her "superpowers" to help home professionals and inhabitants to discover and create better homes for healthier, more comfortable lives. Making sim ple swaps to green and sustainable choices helps create better homes – a bit at a time in existing homes or all at once for new and remodeled homes. Find more at and @greenhomecoach on FB and IG

Prepping for Winter, yep Winter


With fall upon us, cooler weather offers ample opportunities to get outside, enjoy festivals, farmers markets and our own outdoor oases we’ve created around our homes.

The remainder of fall is a good time to plant new trees and shrubs and to seed new lawns or overseed existing lawns. Personally, we are creating more garden space and less lawn space for more color, edibles and less work maintaining the lawn.

Fall is also a good time to declutter. Unneeded items can be sold at a garage sale or consider hiring one of the local companies to pick up your give-away items and take them to thrift shops and recyclers. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, and it gives additional life to many products.

Fall is also the time to get your home, especially the outdoors, ready for winter.


It seems like sometimes maintenance gets a bad rap, yet maintaining your home is one of the most sustainable things that you can do. Maintenance preserves the life of things, so the more routine maintenance you do around the home, the fewer repairs will be needed, and the longer things will last. And the longer things last, the fewer things end up in the trash or the recycling bin.

Use a maintenance checklist to make sure that you do everything that needs to be done. A checklist will help you figure out what you can do yourself, and what you will need professional help with.

My friend Tina with Home Tips for Women has a unique, three-tiered approach to her home maintenance checklists. She explains that as a homeowner, your priority is to make sure that everything gets taken care of. And you don’t have to do that personally.

1. Inspect your home each season, inside and out, to find out what needs to be taken care of.

2. Maintain the things that require maintenance. (Or have a handy person do it.)

3. Update the things that require updating. When you have little time available, inspect. When you have more time, maintain. And when you’re ready to dive into something, update.

It’s a good idea to set some money aside, in a separate account, for the ongoing costs of maintaining your home. Don’t forget to reward yourself after completing your home maintenance, to motivate yourself to keep doing it, going forward.


Winter is a time for indoors for most, so the winter home maintenance checklist focuses on your interior home systems and keeping the people living in your home dry, warm, and comfortable. This is also a great time to find and repair all the minor, annoying things we ignore the rest of the year.

With winter weather, many hard-to-see haz ards become a chance for injury around your home. Be sure entrances are well lit, handrails (where

present) are secure, and walkways and steps are in good shape. A place inside for people to take off and put on boots is also helpful. Winter is the time to be sure all your home systems are working well. These systems support your home and lifestyle, yet we often forget about them as they are out of sight in basements, attics, or closets. Your home systems are your heating, cooling (air conditioning) and ventilation systems, hot water, plumbing and electrical. Learn about these systems, where they are, and the maintenance required to keep them running smoothly.

Schedule a tune-up with a heating professional for an inspected, cleaned, and readyto-use heating system that will perform better. And if there are any repairs necessary, tending to them now means you’ll have lower bills and fewer surprises later.


Your home is a big investment, as well as a place of nurturing and refuge. Preventative maintenance of your home protects your investment while improving the living experience in it. If you take care of your home, it will help take care of you.

In my book, Living Green Effortlessly, Simple Choices for a Better Home, Chapter 6 is dedicated to home maintenance. Tina of Home Tips for Women collaborated on this chapter with me, and it includes her great seasonal checklists. You can get a copy of the book at many libraries, on my website or on Amazon.

Your New Solar Lifestyle SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME ENERGY ACCENT YOUR HOME DESIGN Manage your home’s electricity with a few taps on your mobile device when you choose a Solar + Battery + Smart Panel solution. We are St. Louis’ local, trusted, and experienced choice for solar energy solutions. | (314) 310-7614 Your Solar Lifestyle Awaits. We take care of everything, from design, to installation, to service. Our solar designers can customize a solar PV system suited for your lifestyle. SUSSummer22CountyLiving_HalfPage_2022.indd 1 7/16/22 11:54 AM Getting junk out of your life, keeping it out of landfills. HERE’S HOW WE DO IT: 1. SCHEDULE – Call or visit our website to schedule same or next day appoint ment. 2. ARRIVAL – We’ll arrive within an agreed 2-hour window and call when we’re on our way. 3. ESTIMATE AND GREEN GUARAN TEES – We’ll provide a free no-obligation quote for what you want moved. 4. IMMEDIATE REMOVAL – Upon agree ment, our team will remove your items immediately. 5. DONATIONS, RECYCLING AND UPCYCLING – We will donate as much as possible and send you a tax receipt. We’ll try to recycle or upcycle the rest. Our service includes: Residential, commercial, offices, storage units, warehouses, real estate and property management, construction, curbside pick-up, help for hoarders and more! We remove furniture, appliances, household / office items, e-waste, and construction materials. Give us a call, and we will haul! 1-800-LUG-JUNK • JUNKLUGGERS.COM $25 OFF ON A 1/4 TRUCK OR MORE Booking appointments now!. Limit one per house hold. Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts. Tax not included.

Getting Your Floors to Look Their Best



Plain, stained, chipped or cracked con crete on porches, pool decks, in garages or basements is subject to further staining and damage. But it can be made to look spectacular.

MARBLELIFE EnduraCrete can densify, seal, polish, grind, color and design concrete to look like premium flooring, much easier to maintain than untreated concrete. They can also be treated to be anti-slip without sacrificing design or appearance.


Stained grout and tile are frustrating to clean and can be unhealthy. If your shower or floor seal or grout fails, it is soaking up dirt and bacteria with each mopping.

More than just looking better, a new, uniform color for tile and grout can be healthier. Marblelife provides a clean gloss appearance that will not harbor mold or mildew, and provides a layer of protection across grout lines.


Marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, trav ertine and other natural stone are luxurious and durable surfaces, but not indestructible.

Foot traffic and inappropriate cleaning products make it susceptible to stains, spills, scratches and damage. They need proper periodic maintenance to keep their natural beauty.

Dull and damaged stone surfaces can regain their natural appearance with professional cleaning, restoration and

protection that also minimize potential for future damage.


Wax buildup on wood floors traps dirt and yellows, but it can be removed with a pro fessional cleaning. Light wear within the protective finish is screened and re-coated, usually in one day. Damaged, heavily worn or deeply scratched floors call for sanding, re-staining and re-sealing, taking a few days.

Regardless of what problems you encoun ter with concrete, tile, stone or wood floor surfaces, there is a solution. You can call the professionals at MARBLELIFE St. Louis at 888-254-9488 for a free at-home estimate, or visit their website

If Your Home is Settling, Don’t Panic.


Foundation problems can affect your home’s safety, appearance, and value. If you have wall or floor cracks, bowing walls or doors and windows that don’t close as they should, these are signs that your home may be settling.


Settlement is the movement your home experiences when changes in the soil below cause it to no longer be able to support the weight of your home, or parts of it. This can be soil that is drying and shrinking, usually after long droughts; soil that remains wet and softens, usually from heavy rain or flooding where there is poor drainage; or compression of poorly compacted fill soil, often where new building lots are developed.

Even if you haven’t seen changes in your home recently, more settlement may occur. Continuing wet and dry cycles can cause soil changes, and settlement is not over unless steps are taken to fix the problem.


The most effective way to fix a settling home is to pier it. Steel push piers are driven deep to bedrock or a stable soil layer. They can be installed inside or outside your home to

lift it back to its original position, closing cracks and improving the operation of doors and windows. The solution is quick, and the problem is solved. On lighter struc tures such as stoops or decks, a helical pier or screw pile may be more effective because the structure may not be heavy enough to drive push piers to a sufficient depth.

If you see cracks in walls or floors, inside or out, or doors or windows that don’t close as they should, don’t delay doing something about it. These signs of settlement may get worse if you ignore them. You can call Woods Basement Systems, the highest-rated, most reviewed contractor in their industry, for a free inspection. Their experts can restore your home to safe, functional condition. You can call Woods Basement Systems at 866-735-1890, or learn more at


BRANDON J ROOFING is a team of roofing experts who provide high-quality performance and customer service. We proudly serve the entire St. Louis Metropolitan area, with thousands of satisfied customers, and are happy to provide references.

We diligently handle the entire process for your roof replacement, beginning with a

UP TO $1,000 OFF


Coupon to be submitted during initial appointment. Expiration December 31, 2022. Offer not valid with any other discount or coupon.

As a Certified Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we offer you the best products in the industry. By mentioning this ad, we will add 50-year workmanship and materials warranties on new roofs, backed by Owens Corning. Roofing

storm damage inspection with your insurance company. Our customers benefit from our 95% approval rating from insurance companies.


Coupon to be submitted during initial appointment Expiration December 31, 2022. Offer not valid with any other discount or coupon.

Ask about our 12 months no interest financing!
We’ve got you covered! Highly Trusted and Respected
Company Call or email today for a free roof inspection 636-345-2881 For more information, visit

Simon Homes Presents New Custom Villas in Frontenac/Westwood

One of the region’s most respected custom builders, Simon Homes, offers an unparal leled lifestyle to the privileged villa owners in The Enclave, located in Frontenac and The Village of Westwood, just minutes from anywhere, near shopping, medical facilities, country clubs and fine restaurants. New for 2022, The Enclave portfolio showcases an array of elegant, free-standing villa designs – four ranches and a 1.5-story plan, all with 3-car side-entry garages and full masonry exteriors. Estimated starting prices range from the $1,200,000’s to

$1,500,000’s. This prestigious collection offers up to 4,090 square feet of living space, with a master suite and secondary bedroom suite on the main floor of all plans. Deeppour foundations allow for completion of the lower level and as much as 2,000 additional square feet of finished area.

Inside and out, Simon Homes focuses on open styling and spacious luxury living. Clients choose from eleven generously proportioned homesites, and ownership in the villas is fee simple.

In addition to these features, Simon Homes offers much more in luxury villa living. As a custom builder, they accord you exceptional freedom to personalize your residence to suit your lifestyle. Working with their architects and staff, owners can expand and make custom changes as desired. You’ll choose from a variety of exterior colors, and up to eight hours of consultation with their interior designers is included in the price of your home.

Carefree living is another significant asset in The Enclave. Home security systems are included, as are attractive landscaping and irrigation systems. Relieving you of the tedious responsibility of exterior lawn maintenance and ensuring the year-round beauty of your fashionable villa, yard care services and snow removal from driveways, sidewalks, and porches are provided to owners.

Serene, sophisticated, and stress-free, your villa lifestyle in The Enclave is a new dimension in prestige living. According to Barry Simon, President of Simon Homes, interest in The Enclave has been brisk, and they already have begun accepting contracts on the first homesite releases. For information you can contact Tracie Baum at (314) 469-4888 or (314) 713-6050.

BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER AFTER Marble | Granite | Tile & Grout | Terrazzo | Travertine | Stone | Wood | Concrete 888-388-7730 Call Now for a FREE Quote! RESTORE & MAINTAIN THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF YOUR FLOORS, COUNTERS & SHOWERS JUST LIKE NEW! 6 Month After Care Cleaning SupplyFREE 150+ HHHHH Google Reviews
Surround Your Home with the Landscaping It Deserves We can enhance your home with creative landscape design and installation: patios, walls, walkways, water features, rock gardens, firepits & fireplaces, stone and mortar. Also, erosion and drainage control and bio-swale solutions. All lawn care, plant bed maintenance, mulching and leaf clean-up. Snow plowing and ice management. Let us create a custom design and maintenance plan for your unique needs. We’ve Got Your Patio Covered! You know Suburbia for quality landscape and hardscape designs and installations. We are now proud to offer the Renaissance Patio line of outdoor structures. These are high quality, low cost solutions for homeowners to expand and improve outdoor living space.  They meet hurricane building standards, will provide your family with years of protection from sun, rain, and if you choose the screened option, freedom from mosquitos!  After delivery, most can be installed in a couple days. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 636-220-4911 See our gallery at CALL TODAY for your free estimate, and mention that you read this in County living to receive a fan-ready beam in your patio cover.  314-285-7334 PATIO ROOFING PATIO COVERS PERGOLAS SCREEN ROOMS

Consider Refacing Instead of Replacing

If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your kitchen, you may not need to go to the expense and mess of tearing out and replacing your old cabinets. If they are structurally sound, you can get a completely new look in a much less time and at a fraction of the cost by refacing all visible surfaces of the cabinets instead of building new ones.


In refacing, doors are replaced and all exposed surface are covered with matching ¼ inch hardwood or panels. Additional cabinets can be added. With all new doors, new soft close hinges and all new handles or knobs, your kitchen will be completely updated.


You will have literally hundreds of door styles and colors to choose from, and many options to explore. A few of the most popular options include crown molding, pull out storage in the base cabinets, glass door fronts, and under-

cabinet dimmable LED lighting. Ask about the build-up option that allows us to add to the top of your cabinet to make a standard 30” cabinet into a 42” tall wall cabinet.

Custom counter tops and tile backsplash com bine to offer a complete package. A totally new and updated kitchen.


Cabinet refacing provides a neat, clean installation, and is usually less than half the cost of a total tear out remodel. In most cases the cabinets can be refaced, counter top replaced, and a new backsplash installed in one week. Many of us have friends that have had total tear out remodels. Ask them how long it took for the remodel. Then ask the cost.

Classic Kitchen Refacing LLC has been the St. Louis area’s lead er in cabinet refacing for years. They can help you make all the decisions in design and selection of coordinating countertops and hardware to give your kitchen a completely new look. You can call them for a free in-home estimate at 314-470-5010.

Transform fraction just any look can dream

Marble | Granite | Tile & Grout | Terrazzo | Travertine | Stone | Wood | Concrete Call to schedule your free on-site estimate STLOUIS-OFFICE@MARBLELIFE.COM www.MARBLELIFE-STLOUIS.com888-570-7090 FROM DULL CONCRETE TO BEAUTIFUL ARTISTIC FLOORS Have MARBLELIFE EnduraCrete add beauty and value to your home by transforming your concrete floors! AFTER AFTER
dull gray concrete floors to vibrant colors and designs at a
of the price of new tiling or colored concrete. Whether refinishing a basement or garage floor, colored stains coupled with a polished or satin finish provide endless possibilities. Get the freedom of colors, designs and finishing styles. MARBLELIFE EnduraCrete craftsmen can emulate

Swim Beauty of

The Newer, Better Way to Make and Keep Garage and Basement Floors Attractive

If you are tired of your old, gross concrete garage or basement floor, you should know about the new generation of attractive coatings that go right over your concrete to give you a fresh, attractive shiny surface that stays looking great because it is much easier to maintain than a dull concrete surface.

You have probably heard of and seen epoxy coatings, but may not be familiar with a newer product called polyas partic. It is similar in appearance, but there are advantages of the newer material, which until now has been used primarily in commercial settings. Polyaspartic coatings were first devel-

Why settle for an ordinary pool finish?

PebbleBrilliance® is the newest quality pool finish from PebbleTec® that will provide your pool new beauty, tranquility and value.

Every PebbleTec finish is a unique hand-crafted work of art. Comes with a 5-year warranty on labor and materials, with an expected life of 15-20 years.

We are the leader in pool plaster ing in St. Louis, the only licensed PebbleTec applicator in the Mid west. Over 5,000 Pebble Technol ogy finishes applied in the past 30 years.

oped for steel bridges for their corrosion-re sistant properties.

In addition to greater strength, two ad vantages of polyaspartic concrete coatings are their quick drying time and nearly odorless emissions after application. These innovations make them more versatile than traditional epoxy. The coating has a clear, glossy finish and decorative color chips are added for a bolder look and traction materials are add ed for a non-slip texture. Unlike epoxy, polyas partic is always formulated to be colorfast, so the color won’t fade or yellow, even after extended expo sure to UV rays. That means your

Visit our showroom at 13284 Corporate Exchange Dr. Bridgeton, MO 63044

See a gallery of our plastered pools at

garage will keep looking great longer.

Polyaspartic coatings can be applied in a variety of weather and temperature conditions, so you won’t need to wait. They cure within 30 minutes to an hour vs. about 16 hours for epoxy, so you can more quickly get back to your life. Polyaspartic dries hard, but maintains some flexibility, which helps keep a stain, abrasion, chip and scratch-resistant finish. It is also chemical, mold, mildew and salt resistant.

Archway Industrial Coatings, Inc. is a St. Louis-based company with many years of experience in quality concrete coatings, both commercial and residential. They are leaders in polyaspartic flooring solutions that withstand the test of time, while meeting their customers’ installation schedules and budgets.

Archway is committed to doing the highest quality work at the lowest cost. Their installers are employed directly by Archway, the highly trained “Dream Team” craftsmen who know the difference between a job and a job well done. You can now take advantage of their Fall discounts.

For a free estimate you can call them at 636-946-6464 and learn more about them at

in the Spectacular
For a free at-home estimate or more information, call 314-909-8877

Luxury Living at The Enclave Villas

Exclusive new development from Simon Homes in Frontenac and Westwood

We are proud to offer a limited number of custom villa homes off Spoede and Outer Forty Drive at The Enclave in Frontenac and the Village of Westwood. This selection of elegant, free-standing villa designs includes 3- car sideentry garages and full masonry exteriors, up to 4,090 square feet of living space, master suite and secondary bedroom suite on the main floor, open floorplans and spacious luxury living.

We are now accepting contracts on the first homesite releases. Starting prices from $1,298,900. For information call Tracie Baum at (314) 469-4888 or (314) 713-6050

Exceptional Interior Painting and Refinishing

Kathy Arnold Painting & Refinishing is a professional full-service painting company. We provide extraordinary interior painting, kitchen cabinet refinishing and carpentry.

We have over 35 years’ experience and are considered one of the

best residential painters in St. Louis. We can add architectural features like crown molding, fluted columns and picture frame trim, to give ordinary surfaces new dimension and interest.

Let us give your home new personality, charm

and a truly distinctive appearance. We are happy to provide excellent references.

For a free at-home estimate call 314-324-6255 See more examples of our work

BRET KLIETHERMES is owner of STRONG HUMAN FITNESS LLC, a personal training company that offers Complete Fitness Programs to help his clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. Bret has a Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness Promotion from Missouri State University, is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Professional Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Bret works with clients at The Fitness Partner, Inc., a boutique gym located at 14528 South Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield 63017. For 25 years, owner/operator Randy Stone has offered a more private alternative to the large box gyms that are often noisy and overcrowded. Now Bret has purchased The Fitness Partner, and Randy continues to train his clients there.

Bret offers both private and semi-private training to fit all budgets and schedules.

For a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation to discuss your goals and programs, you can call Bret at 314-6919040, email or visit

A Personal Trainer is the Key to Achieving Your Goals


There are important reasons why people want to start an exercise and nutrition program. To lose weight, get strong and healthy, look and be their best for an upcoming event, or to simply be a positive role model for their family. These reasons take on personal importance that is unique to each individual.

What is not unique, however, are the three major barriers to success that my clients faced when they tried to reach these goals on their own. These issues are exactly why they turned to me to achieve the success you see in the examples on this page, and why you may con sider doing the same if you are having a hard time reaching your health and fitness goals:

NOT KNOWING HOW TO PUT A COMPLETE PROGRAM TOGETHER. A comprehensive health and fitness program should consist of all the following with the proper amounts/ratios related to your specific goals: Nutrition, Supplementation, Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Exercise, Flexibility or Mobility Work and Proper Rest. If this seems a little overwhelming, you’re not alone.

NOT HAVING A WORKABLE PLAN OF ACTION. You can try the latest and greatest diet and exercise program known to man, but if it doesn’t fit into your schedule or physical capabilities, as well as integrate all the components listed above, then you’re simply wasting your time. A health and fitness plan must be “doable” for the individual - otherwise it is useless.

NOT HAVING A PROPER SUPPORT SYSTEM IN PLACE. Making changes in your routine necessary for achieving specific health and fitness goals can be extremely challenging. It’s inevitable that you will come up against frustrations, uncertainties and questions along the way. Having someone there to guide, motivate, educate, support and hold you accountable to what you have committed to do for yourself will prove to be one of the best ways to reach your goals.

If you are struggling with one or all of these problems on your path to improved health and fitness, then I would recommend not to waste another single day. I have helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and I can help you as well!

STORIES, STRENGTH, CONNECTEDNESS, hope & laughter. Friends enrich life. And independent living, assisted living and memory care at a Cedarhurst senior living community help make you or your loved one rich with friends. *Cedarhurst Promise™ program is only available at advertised community. Not applicable for respite or other short-term stays. Refund is available only if move out is a result of dissatisfaction with Cedarhurst community as documented throughout stay. Complete rent refund includes base rent only. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Please see Resident Agreement for additional details. Void where prohibited. THE CEDARHURST PROMISETM We promise. If you’re not satisfied and decide to move out within your first 60 days, we’ll completely refund your rent.* AND NOW, THE FRIENDSHIP BEGINS. CALL TO SCHEDULE A TOUR OF OUR COMMUNITIES TESSON HEIGHTS | 12335 W Bend Drive | (314) 597-9910 | CEDARHURSTTESSON.COM DES PERES | 12826 Daylight Circle | (314) 748-0151 | CEDARHURSTDESPERES.COM Don’t Replace – Reface Your Kitchen and Save! Cabinet Refacing * Custom Countertops * Tile Backsplash Refacing costs less than half of tear out remodel. Hundreds of door styles and colors to choose from. Add a custom counter top and tile backsplash for a totally updated kitchen. Call now for a FREE in-home Design Consultation and Quote 314-470-5010 Try our KITCHEN VISUALIZER at 20% OFF A Full Kitchen Remodeling Expires 10/31/22

BETSY CLEMENS MD is owner and medical principal at Midwest Hemorrhoid Treat ment Center, located at 450 North New Ballas Road in Creve Coeur. Dr. Clemens has specialized in evaluating and treating anal/rectal disorders for over 10 years and has performed over 28,000 IRC procedures.

Prior to opening MWHTC, Dr. Clem ens had a very busy family medicine practice and she remains board certified in family medicine. She has a compre hensive understanding of the body and uses a systematic approach to the diagnostic and treatment process. She received her medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and completed her residen cy at St. Johns Mercy Medical Center. For an appointment at the Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center, you can call 314-384-5710. To learn more about them and about IRC, you can visit

An Effective Solution for an Uncomfortable Problem


Almost everyone suffers from hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. Hemorrhoids are normal “cushions” of tissue filled with blood vessels at the end of the rectum. If enlarged, they can cause unpleasant symptoms. If left untreated, surgery may be required, which can be painful and require days to weeks of recovery.

Treatment options depend on the size of the hemorrhoids and severity of symptoms. Topical medications can relieve itching and shrink mild hemorrhoids. But for enlarged or bleeding hemorrhoids, options for longer-term relief have been limited to sclerother apy, involving injections similar to those for varicose veins, rubber band ligation, stapling and surgery. Each of these can have varying

results, cause days of discomfort and possibly cause complications, some of which are severe. But another option is available, an outpatient procedure called infrared coagulation (IRC). It provides long-term relief and is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that many studies have shown to be the optimal non-op erative treatment of choice. It is fast, effective, well tolerated and has fewer complications than other options.

The IRC treatment focuses infrared light on hemorrhoidal tissues. This coagulates blood vessels, causing the hemorrhoid to shrink and retract. The IRC procedure does not require anesthesia or special preparation. Patients may feel a slight warm sensation, but it usually is painless, and most patients return to work the same day. IRC received FDA clearance in 1984 and is covered by most insurance plans.

Our Decorative Polyaspartic Flake is a permanent and dura ble resurfacing product available in many colors that can be applied directly over existing concrete – NO NEED TO REPLACE! What makes Archway different: Our Dream Team foremen have 11-16+ years experience installing garage floors. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 636-946-6464TRUSTED SINCE 1987 HUGE FALL DISCOUNT! SAVE $200 to $500 Savings based on project size. Not valid for jobs in progress. Limit 1 coupon per job. Expires October 31, 2022. OLD, GROSS GARAGE OR BASEMENT FLOORS? We Make Concrete Floors More Attractive than New! WWW.ARCHWAYCOATINGS.COM

Wildlife Landscaping

Finest Custom Table Pads at Factory-Direct Prices

The way to insure perfect table pads is for the provider to visit your home to accurately measure and show you sample colors and textures to match your table and décor.

Custom Table Pads, an independent St. Louis dealer, provides the finest custom American-made table pads at factory-direct prices. They measure at your home or business, and show you a choice of 23 vinyl tops and 5 velvet bottoms. Perfect fit is guaranteed. Pads are heat resistant to 550 o, moisture and warp resistant. Patented hidden magnets minimize separation and slippage on your table.

Phone: 314-752-5577


and Native
Bring the delight of perennial wildflowers and native grasses to your own yard. Butterflies, hummingbirds and migratory birds will follow. GARDEN GREEN HORTICULTURE SERVICE 314-288-5036 GARDEN GREEN provides landscape design and installation of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, soil, stone and mulch. Offers maintenance and renovation of residential and commercial properties; spectacular gardens, identification and removal of invasive plants, rainscaping, deer-resistant gardens and more. Fall is a great time to plant. Call or email today for a free consultation.

Breaking a Midnight Snacking Habit

I recently worked with a woman who called and said she was having an issue with eating in the middle of the night. She hadn’t done it before 2020, but around that time she had some major stress in her personal life and was also experiencing all the stress and anxiety from the Covid pandemic.

She was taking Ambien for sleep and was completely unconscious of getting up, going into the kitchen and eating. In addition, she was eating all kinds of junk foods that she never would have allowed herself to eat during the day, like ice cream bars and Oreo cookies. Needless to say, it had caused her to gain weight which was creating anxiety for her as well.

During her session with me she responded well to the all the suggestions I gave her to prove that her subconscious thoughts could control her behavior. Next, I gave her suggestions specifically about her subconscious mind keeping her from eating at night and her body not needing any of those junk foods.

Following the session, she called back and said that she had noticed some good changes, but she wanted to do a follow up session. When she came back to my office, she said that there were a few nights that she had not gotten up and eaten, but on the nights when she did, it was only healthy foods. She would eat a banana or drink a glass of milk. Knowing that something had benefited her, she decided to do a follow up session for even greater change.

When a person is experiencing something like this and they feel out of control, any sign that their subconscious mind can create a positive change for them gives them hope. Usually, once a person‘s subconscious mind shows them that change can happen, more change is possible.

If you’re struggling with anything and feel out of control, hypnosis might be your answer. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to tell you how hypnosis might be helpful for you.

The Zen Approach to Buying Windows

We offer a simple, fast, and hassle-free way for you to get replacement windows you will love. After we receive some basic information, we can accurately price your window project and get your quote to you via email. Once we have priced your project you will not be relentlessly pursued with never-ending calls and emails pressuring you to move forward.

We offer high-quality win dows with a true lifetime warranty. Our installation teams are professionals who have installed thousands of windows and doors.

Once you decide we are a good fit for your project, we will send our professional measure team out to take measurements for the order. When your windows arrive, we will call to schedule a time for the installation.

JOAN KRUEGER has a private practice with an office in Kirkwood. Many individuals have achieved their behavior change goals, both personal and profes sional, through guidance they have received in her hypnosis sessions. You can contact Joan to discuss how hypnosis could help you achieve positive change in your own life by calling her at (314) 962-7558, emailing her at or visiting her website

Simple, easy, and hassle-free. Call, email or visit our website today to get started! 314-399-0856


Spectacular Waterfall –a Dream Come True

Colleen Brannan remembers the first time she thought about having a water feature at her home. She was at a restaurant in Chesterfield that had a small waterfall off the patio. She told herself that she would love to have one like that someday.

Years later she and her husband Bill bought a house in Sunset Hills with a steep, wooded back yard sloping down toward the house. She thought, “This is where I am going to have my waterfall.”

The first thing they did was replace the old railroad tie wall with one built from more solid and attractive stone. She also hired a company to build a waterfall. They dropped off stones for the falls, and never came back.

The company that installed the stone wall said they could build the waterfall. They did, and it leaked. They rebuilt it and it still leaked. Colleen knew that rebuilding it again was not an option.

They first contacted Chris Siewing, owner and principal designer at Nature’s Re-Creations, in 2016. On the St. Louis Water Garden Society’s Pond-A-Rama tour they had admired his projects, but never thought they could afford him. They also had often walked by Chris’s previous home and watched him build the extensive falls and ponds there. In 2020 they hired Nature’s Re-Creations, and the spectacular pondless water fall at their Sunset Hills home was completed later that year.

Colleen said that it was important for her to let Chris execute his vision. “I trusted

CHRIS SIEWING is owner and president of Nature’s Re-Creations, nationally recognized as a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, Missouri’s first Water Garden Excellence Member, first-place winner of the North American Pond and Waterfall Building Competition and in the elite group of Aquascape Artists of the Year recipients.

Nature’s Re-Creations is the area’s leading designer and installer of custom water features. For over 15 years, they have

him because I had seen his work. From the minute he walked on the property, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.” And the result? Colleen says, “Our water feature is wonderful – we are thrilled with it. We put a picture window in our dining room to look right out on it. We enjoy it as much from the inside of our house as we do outside. We particularly like the natural beauty of it, and the sound is so soothing. I can work outside for hours and thoroughly enjoy it.”

Chris says the Brannans’ water feature is one of the most challenging that Nature’s Re-Creations has ever built. It is 13 feet in elevation, and about 20 feet wide, with water dancing in raging, sheeting and cascading falls, some hidden in nooks and crannies that can only be seen from different angles. The huge boulders they brought in and planted in the hillside look like natural outcroppings of rock. One of Chris’s signatures is logs in the falls that, with the other vegetation that was already there, add to the natural look. There is one huge cedar log in the Brannans’ falls that took them hours to get up the hill. The pondless waterfall is pretty easy to maintain. Colleen takes care of the property herself, blowing out leaves and acorns a few times in the fall, and adding a few plants each year that blend in. She says, “It’s my hobby.”

What would Colleen tell other homeown ers contemplating a water feature? “I would tell them to hire the right person the first time. Chris did everything he said he was going to do. His team showed up every day and cleaned up when they were done. His quote was accurate, and we added some things that he came back later to complete.”

“We keep our falls running 24 hours a day, and from the first thing in the morning when the sun rises behind the hill, my life revolves around it. When guests first arrive at the house and walk around the back, they are just knocked out by what they experience.”

been committed to high quality design, workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Nature’s Re-Creations stays on the cutting edge of technology and installation tech niques to continually improve their projects and the environment. To discuss a water fea ture project, you can contact Chris Siewing at 636-223-2330 or check out their gallery at or their portfolio at


“Wow! We came back were so all did had

“Thanks for a job done. it’s


fontanapaving@sbcglobal.netEMBEDDED GRAVEL FINISH We have been transforming plain and boring concrete to beautiful, durable surfaces for over 37 years. Let us design and install a masterpiece at your home. See over 50 live video testimonials of our customers and their projects Here’s what our customers say about working with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing:
from vacation yesterday and
pleased with the work you
while we were gone. Makes us wish we
done it years ago!”
Cathy Milton
We think
Joe Stangl
company was easy to work with, did a great application and cleanup. Everything handled professionally, and the patio looks great!”
Steve and Ann Proscino Our 37th Anniversary Special: Save up to $500 off your job. Savings based on 10% off of DCR work. New clients only. One offer per customer. Must be presented at time of estimate. Offer expires 10/31/22. Call for a FREE estimate: 636-256-6733 • NEED A CONCRETE ‘MAKEOVER’? Garage Floors Patios Pool Decks Interior Floors

Does Your Home Have Uneven Concrete Surfaces?


These are unsightly and also tripping hazards that could cause injuries.

You may have tilting concrete steps or sidewalks, driveways or patios where a seam has turned into a step, or repeat ed cracking in sections of concrete slabs. These problems are often the result of a shifting or a weak soil base or erosion.

In the past, contractors relied upon mud jacking or slab jacking to level concrete that had settled over time. This involves pumping concrete slurry under the settled slab to raise it, hoping that the settlement won’t continue.

But that requires large holes in the concreteabout the diameter of a soda can. It can take an entire day to cure and the mixture itself is heavy – about 100 pounds per cubic foot, which can lead to further sinking.

There is now a great alternative called PolyLEVEL™, which uses a lightweight polyurethane mix that expands to fill the void beneath sunken concrete. This not only results in a solution that lasts longer, but also it looks better because it is less destructive to the applied surface. PolyLEVEL requires a much smaller hole – about the diameter of a penny, cures in 15 minutes and weighs much less – about two pounds per cubic foot. It

lifts concrete slabs to a level position with less weight and disruption than the legacy mud jacking or slab jacking process. The result is a safe, secure and level concrete slab.

In the St. Louis area, Woods Basement Systems is the authorized contractor for PolyLEVEL concrete lifting. They will inspect your concrete walk, steps, pool deck, patio or driveway and provide an estimate to have your sunken concrete slab lifted with PolyLEVEL. To meet with one of their concrete repair experts, you can call them at 866-735-1890 or learn more at

BEFORE AFTERBEFORE AFTER STONE FLOOR, TILE AND GROUT RESTORATION The experts at MarbleLife can restore and maintain the natural beauty of your natural stone and tile floors and showers just like new! 6 Month After Care Cleaning Supply Marble | Granite | Tile & Grout | Terrazzo | Travertine | Stone | Wood | Concrete Call to schedule your free on-site estimate STLOUIS-OFFICE@MARBLELIFE.COM www.MARBLELIFE-STLOUIS.com888-391-6980 UNHAPPY WITH YOUR FLOOR’S APPEARANCE? Worn, chipped or cracked stone? Ugly tile & grout? Let MARBLELIFE clean, polish, restore, seal and maintain for an easy-to-clean, better than new appearance – call us today! FREE Professional Care Cleaning ProductsBEFORE AFTER AFTER BEFORE 150+ HHHHH Google Reviews

Save Money by Renewing Your Outdoor Furniture

If your outdoor or patio furniture has strapping, slings or cushions that are worn, stretched or faded, you don’t have to spend the money for new furniture. Instead you can select your own fabric or vinyl strapping for a new custom look that will

give you many more years of use and save the cost of new.

Apple Tree Custom Sewing specializes in renewing fine outdoor furniture by custom-making new strapping, slings and upholstered cushions. They have hundreds of fabrics to choose from or you can bring in your own. Get your outdoor furniture ready for

summer with a whole new look!

Many of the leading outdoor furniture stores in St. Louis rely on Apple Tree Custom Sewing for their repairs. With over 30 years of experience, their expert sewing technicians can provide complete sewing repairs as well as custom designs made to your personal specifications.

APPLE TREE CUSTOM SEWING 10214 Watson Road Sunset Hills, MO 63127 314-752-8733

FALL SALE RECIEVE $350 TO $1500 OFF Savings relative to size of project Minimums app ly. Excludes jobs in progress. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 10/31/22.

STEVE CALLOWAY is owner of Garden Green Horticulture Service. They help homeowners select the plants, trees and shrubs that best meet their aesthetic desires and will thrive in their sunlight, soil and moisture conditions. They also revitalize and restore gardens, to help homeowners with changes that will make their yards better year after year.

You can call or email Steve for a com plimentary consultation in your yard, to identify your plants and advise on how to keep them healthy and looking their best. You can reach him at 314-288-5036 or

Fall is a Great Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs


Trees and shrubs planted in the fall push energy into their root systems, which will continue to grow over the winter. This produces brighter, healthier growth above ground in the spring.


When planting trees, consider available moisture in the soil, as well as sun and shade. Evergreens and conifers like dry conditions, while river birch, black gum and paw paw trees need more moisture. Evergreens and cherry trees like full sun. Paw paw, a native tree, prefers shade. The arbor vitae can take some shade, and hemlocks like even more.

Complete Services to Restore Your Pool Deck

Over the winter months, grit, mold and mildew stains leave your concrete pool deck looking dirty.

EnduraCrete® offers a full range of services to get it looking better than ever.


EnduraCrete power washing, using their own customized cleaning solutions, powers through that black build-up and helps maintain an extended clean appearance. It also eliminates the surface slickness that can result in slips and falls.

You can keep it looking its best with an Endur aCrete maintenance program and never see ugly concrete again – for

pool deck, sidewalks, and driveway with their auto-visit maintenance programs.


EnduraCrete provides a variety of trans formative services capable of turning dull gray concrete into a value-added source of pride. Everyone can enjoy the pool deck safely without toasting their toes with EnduraCrete Kool-CreteTM concrete coat ing. Kool-Crete can reduce your concrete surface temperature by as much as 30 degrees allowing your pool deck to be the


Shrubs provide nice color for your yard. The pinky winky hydrangea gets 4 to 5 feet tall and makes a nice border for a patio. It sports pink clusters in mid-summer, and its dried flowers can be used in floral arrangements for holidays.

Bayberry is an evergreen that bears white berries in the fall. Winterberry holly is a deciduous shrub that produces bright red berries retained until Christmas. The leaves on autumn brilliance serviceberry turn a bright sunset orange in the fall.

refreshing space you envisioned it being on those hot days.

If you have cracks in your concrete pool deck, you have movement, which means any treatment is going to need to flex with your property. Most coatings systems are designed for a stable surface, and will crack, check and split with underlying movement. EnduraCrete Deck-a-FlexTM is specifically engineered for such applications with enhanced flexibility. EnduraCrete Deck-AFlex can restore that clean quality cared-for appearance free from cracks and have your patio party-ready in no time.

Their concrete repair, polishing, staining, epoxy coating, Kool-Crete overlays, sealing and anti-slip treatments deliver a custom ized concrete surface designed to meet your desired look and feel.

Regardless of what problems you encounter with your concrete surfaces, there is a solution. You can call the professionals at EnduraCrete St. Louis at 877-781-5651 for a free at-home estimate or visit


JB Fence offers a selection of top quality, low maintenance poolgrade fence and gate options. Fence material options include galvanized steel, aluminum, vinyl and wood. All are manufactured in the USA.

Montage is a leading ornamental steel fence product from Amer istar, with an E-coat maintenance-free finish and a lifetime limited warranty. Montage Plus is a heavier option. Both come in black or bronze.

Echelon is the highest quality residential ornamental aluminum fence in the industry and Echelon

Plus is their heavier option. Echelon has a maintenance free, durable finish that offers a lifetime limited warranty. Both come in black, bronze or white.

Photo in lower left is a Legends Decorative vinyl fence by Master Halco. Vinyl fencing is made in traditional picket style, closed picket and privacy fencing. Legends products have a limited lifetime warranty.

Custom fabricated ornamental iron fencing and gates can be provided upon request.

Call or email today for a free estimate. 636-349-2288

Upgrade Your Fence This Year METAL ORNAMENTAL FENCE PRIVACY FENCE C E L E B R A T E T H E HO L I D A Y S IN ST Y LE HO LI DAY LI G H T I N G PAC K AG E S S TA R T I N G AT $ 1,500 6 3 6 -2 2 0 - 6 61 2 OutdoorLight s .com Now accepting a l imited number of new cl ient s HU RRY – SPOTS FI LL QU ICKLY Professional Installation Custom Design Promptly Removed Carefully Stored Ready to transform your beautiful home into an incredible holiday wonderland? With our full ser vice holiday lighting , you can do it without ever li ing a finger For improved appearance, safety, durability or privacy, we have the fence and gate for you
SUMMER SPECIAL: 10% OFF WITH THIS AD Value up to $500. Must present ad at time of purchase. Not valid with any other offer. Expires October 31, 2022

Fall and Early Winter Activities & Events

Take advantage of these wonderful events. Make this the year you get back out and enjoy the special festivals and entertainment events across the St. Louis metro area.

PLEASE NOTE: These events were still scheduled as of press time. Check websites for updates.


Saturday, Sept 17 South Grand


Saturday, Oct 1 10am-5 pm


Sept 9-Oct 9 Stages St. Louis Kirkwood Performing Arts Center


Sunday, Nov 6, 2am



Oct 15-30 Main Street St. Charles


Saturday, Oct 29 McKelvey Vineyards mckelveyvineyards.





Nov 3-13

Virtual via streaming


Nov 6-13 Jewish Community Center


Friday, Nov 11


Nov 19-Dec 23, Dec 26-Jan 7 Missouri Botanical Garden


Nov 2-13 Fox Theatre


Thursday, Nov 24

Downtown St. Louis


Sunday, December 18


Nov 25-Dec 24 Main Street St. Charles


Nov 26

Small Businesses throught the region


Friday, Dec 2 Downtown Maplewood


Saturday, Dec 10 Faust Park


Nov 23-Jan 1 Tilles Park


Wednesday, December 21



Grape Harvesting – The Wine Is Worth the Work!


In general, the prime time for the annual grape harvest falls in the months of August, September and October. The best way to test for maturity of a grape is by tasting them. If the grapes are sweet and flavorful, they are ready to be picked. Winemak ers will ensure the varietal flavors show through.

Another way to determine if grapes are ready to be picked is by examining their color. This is, of course, dependent on the type of grape that is grown. Red grape varieties will turn from green to red as they ripen, while the stems and grape seeds turn brown.

Grapes should be picked on a dry day, as wet grapes do not keep as well. Once har vested, they can be stored for several

weeks at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity level.


We’ve got the rundown on the man versus the machine debate. Hand-harvesting means that only hand tools such as knives and shears are used. Once cut, the grapes go into a collection basket and are trans ported to the winery. Machine harvesters travel through the vineyard with rods that gently shake the grapes off the vine and catch them in a large reservoir. Machine harvesting was introduced in the 1960s and has become one of the most important advancements in the wine industry. But, is one method better than the other? At the end of the day, the best technique depends on the winemaker’s goals and circumstances. Because delicate grapes can be prone to breakage during machine

harvesting, many vineyard managers will hand-pick their most valuable grapes. Some wine styles such as late-harvest or ice wine demand manual labor.


Brix is a way to measure the potential alcohol content of a wine before it is made. This is done by determining the sugar level in grapes. While each gram of sugar that is fermented will result in about one-half gram of alcohol, different techniques used by the winemaker will determine the final alcohol content.

Brix levels are collected in the vineyard before harvest to determine whether the grapes are ready to be picked. Winemakers use a device called a refractometer to crush single grapes from different sections of the vineyard to see which section of grapes are ripening first. Once the grapes have been pressed, brix levels are collected once again to determine the final sugar content and potential alcohol level of the wine.

Though harvesting grapes takes a lot of time, patience and a tremendous amount of labor, you’ll find that winemakers agree on one thing – it’s always worth the work!

The best way to experience the lifecycle of a grapevine is to visit a Missouri winery and see the vineyards for yourself. Wineries featured in this issue are awaiting your visit, so be sure to add them to your fall getaway plans!

Information courtesy of Missouri Wine and Grape Board




5601 High St., Augusta 888.667.9463

Located in the Augusta AVA, this winery is a vital stop for the wine connoisseur and amateur alike. The winery specializes in estate-bottled wine, meaning the entire pro cess, from growing the grapes to bottling the blends, takes place on the property and within the Augusta AVA. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff members take customers on a tasting tour of their award-winning wine list daily.

Enjoy live music Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at their open-air Wine & Beer Garden April through October. Make a weekend of it! The winery is within walking distance to many popular B&Bs and hiking and biking on the Katy Trail. Take the complimentary trolley to the three other wineries within the Hoffmann Family of Companies.


6601 S Highway 94, Augusta 636.482.8466

A sprawling vineyard on 76 acres of rolling hills and vistas operating for over 20 years, Balducci Vineyards has been voted favorite winery for the past 14 years by a local read ers' poll. The winery also boasts numerous award-winning wines featuring Missouri grown grapes.

Enjoy live entertainment Fridays through Sundays Spring through Fall, life-sized games, a bocce ball court, and plenty of room to enjoy a day outdoors. Plan your special events and weddings and wow your guests in the rustic chic barn. Don't miss the craft beer options aplenty, along with a full menu of sandwiches, salads, appetiz ers, and handmade pizzas - order the deep dish, it's worth the wait! Visit the website for hours and directions and catch a ride on the Augusta trolley to visit their sister wineries as well.


201 Montelle Drive, Augusta 636.228.4464

Situated 500 feet above the Missouri River Valley within the Augusta AVA, Montelle offers a breathtaking view of rolling hills, forests and the river valley just a few minutes down the road from its neighboring historic town, Augusta. The winery café offers daily lunches with items like fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps and pizzas, and bistro specials for the Summer and Fall extended evening hours.

Melodies of live music dance on the Osage mountainous air on weekends through the Fall. With covered and climate-controlled seating, Montelle can be enjoyed yearround. Their banquet room is a perfect setting for micro-weddings and other mem orable events. Montelle, also part of the Hoffmann Family of Companies, offers a

complimentary trolley to its sister wineries and activities in downtown Augusta.


5634 High Street, Augusta 636.482.9463

Mount Pleasant Estates is rich in history with more than 150 years of winemaking excellence. Experience the serenity of relaxing on the patio with the views of the sweeping vistas and Missouri River Valley. Discover the charm and history of old world winemaking in the richness and variety of Mount Pleasant's award-winning wines. Visitors to the winery in Augusta enjoy tasting wine in the spacious 4,000 square-foot tasting room.

There is entertainment year-round including live music on weekends in the summer and fall, cellar tours, wine dinners, holiday-themed events and more. With the rolling hills of the Augusta Appellation, beautifully landscaped grounds, historic structures, bronze statues, recently renovated ballroom, and impressive cellars, Mount Pleasant is an elevated event venue unlike any other. Visit for the day, the weekend, or book a private event to make memories in America's first wine region.



540 State Route B St. James 800.280.9463


Founded in 1970 by Jim and Pat Hofherr, St. James Winery has been focused on creating delicious, high-quality wine for over 50 years. This vineyard, positioned in the center of The Meramec Highlands, provides winemaking conditions unlike any other region in the world. The distinctive weather patterns and the unique soil in the vineyards are exactly what are needed to make wines that continue to create fans from around the world.

You and yours are invited to take a trip down Historic Route 66 and experience one of Missouri’s oldest and most treasured wineries. From wine and beer tastings, locally sourced dining, events and traditions, there is a little bit of everything at the St. James location. If travel is not current ly in the cards, you are invited to visit online to shop the St. James wines and learn more about what drives Missouri’s most awarded winery.


1947 Frene Creek Road, Hermann 573.486.5596

Nestled on the banks of the Frene Creek in Hermann, Missouri is a winery known for its illustrious family histo ry and wide variety of award-winning wines. Adam Puchta Winery is the oldest, continuously owned family farm winery in the United States and has seven generations worth of experience in producing quality wines worthy of the story they tell.

Just two miles outside of the town of Hermann, Adam Puchta Winery provides a quiet country setting with award-winning wines and a family atmosphere. Explore their Missouri wines in the 1858 farmhouse, enjoy a meal from the 1855 Cellar Bistro, or elevate your visit by scheduling an Elevated Tasting Experience in their 1855 Press House. From great food to great wine, Adam Puchta Winery has something for everyone.

For 167 years, the Puchta family has kept the winery spirit alive through prohibition and now enjoys spotlighting the history and love of wine that has defined a family legacy.

The oldest, continuously owned family farm winery in the United States

Come Experience the Legacy

1947 Frene Creek Road Hermann, MO 65041 573-486-5596

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1110 Stone Hill Highway, Hermann 573.486.2221

Established in 1847, Stone Hill Winery in Hermann is Missouri’s oldest and most awarded winery. The historic winery was once the second largest winery in the United States until Prohibition. Reopening in 1965, it reestablished the Missou ri wine industry and continues to produce wines from their own vineyards in and around Hermann. The property has been restored to showcase its original German American mid-18th-century architecture. Tours of the underground cellar system, the largest series of arched underground cellars in the country, are a must-see. As you walk through the cellars, you will see firsthand how wine is made. The Vintage 1847 Restaurant is a unique culinary destination. Focusing on German and American cuisine, it is situated within the original barn and horse stables. The Sherry House is the event space and often hosts live music on weekends. It is the perfect place to sit and relax with a glass of wine looking over the vineyards and the rolling hills of Hermann.

CONGRATULATIONS TO STONE HILL WINERY for once again celebrating its Missouri Wine Competition accolades. Receiving both the Governor’s Cup for Best Wine Produced in Missouri for its 2020 Chambourcin and the C.V. Riley Award for Best Norton Produced in Mis souri for its 2020 Norton, this marks the fifth competition in a row where the winery received the top honor! Along with the top two honors, Stone Hill Winery received Best of Class Dry Red for its 2020 Chambourcin, Best of Class Sparkling for its Brut Rosé, and Best Varietal for its 2021 Traminette as well as 11 golds, 14 silvers, and 8 bronze.

The annual Missouri Wine Competition is run by the State of Missouri’s Wine and Grape Board and features national and regional wine experts and sommeliers as judges for the two-day blind tasting. Over 235 wines were entered into the competition this year, with one receiving the coveted Governor’s Cup and the title of Best Missouri Wine. Cheers to Stone Hill Winery for their amazing accomplishment!


noboleis vineyards

100 hemsath road, augusta, mo, 63332


100 Hemsath Road, Augusta 636.482.4500

Situated on 84 acres in the first designated AVA in the country, Noboleis Vineyards offers panoramic views of the historic, rolling hills of Augusta. Enjoy a Wine Flight on the hilltop pavilion or sidle on up to the bar in the Tasting Room for a more in-depth, guided tasting with one of the highly trained staff members. Order pizzas or appetizers from the menu or pack your own picnic basket to enjoy at your leisure.

Whichever route you choose, your hosts are there to ensure that you have the best time during your visit to Noboleis. As truly a family owned, family grown business, it is their hope that every guest has a memorable experience whether visiting for the very first time or a returning customer! Plus, enjoy live music every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm, now through October. They can’t wait to see you!

OpenDaily 11amto5pm
Family Owned, Family Grown.
Wine Flights Live Music Friday Happy Hours 1st Sunday Vineyard Markets

Autumn Special Events



Historic Tour & Patio Lunch

Tour the historic estate, vineyard and man or. Horse-drawn wagon ride, wine tastings and wood-fired pizza lunch.

To purchase tour tickets:


Doe’s Day Out

Ladies at McKelvey while men hunt

SAT DEC 3 Christmas Market


Tour & Lunch 12-2p

M&M MUSIC 2-5p



1/2-price drinks Fridays 4-9pm plus:

OCT 7 & NOV 4 Line Dancing 6-9p

OCT 14 & NOV 11

Clayton Jones 5:30-8:30p

OCT 21 & NOV 18 Karaoke 6-9p

OCT 28 Movie on the lawn

OCT 15 Texas Giants

OCT 16 Calvert & Williams

8901 Hwy YY New Haven, MO 573-459-6123


8901 State Highway YY, New Haven 573.459.6123

McKelvey Vineyards is on a 60-acre farm that once produced some of the best wines in the region. During prohibition, the winery closed, and the vineyards were removed. In 2016, owner Patricia McKelvey began the process of restoring the old farmhouse and vineyards to their former grandeur. The property is now open to the public, with an all-season pavilion, event center and guest lodging. McKelvey Vineyards serves more than unique and enticing wines. Their experiences are just as delicious, offering exclusive dinners, exciting day trips, fascinating tours, and weekend getaway packages that you won’t find anywhere else. They are bringing renewed life to this land that is part of Missouri’s time-honored wine making history. Lush landscapes and sophisticated charm compose the perfect setting for weddings, anniversaries, receptions, celebrations of life, holiday parties and more. From intimate gatherings to extravagant affairs, the service is exceptional and the photo opportunities are endless.


29 Wildhorse Creek Band 2-5p Wine Country Wagon Rides

The New Barn at Woods Fort Golf Club Is Already Booking Spectacular Events

The Barn at Woods Fort, a brand-new freestanding wedding and event facility at Woods Fort Golf Club in Troy, debuted with a preview party during construction with over 200 guests in attendance. Based on what they experienced, four weddings and two corporate events were booked on the spot for this year, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since.

At 13,000 square feet, The Barn will host up to 425 guests, the largest venue in all of Lincoln County and a welcome addition to accommodate the Troy area’s explo sive growth. The Barn offers a catering kitchen, two built-in bars, two private banquet rooms, two bridal suites and two groom suites to handle weddings, rehearsal dinners and bridal showers. They offer Grooms Day packages on the course with a gourmet steak dinner option and beverage service on course.

State-of-the-art audio visual also makes it the perfect venue for corporate events, church retreats and many more special

gatherings. They offer their own catering and also have a preferred list of other caterers they work with.

Lucy Hughes, President and Principal Partner at Walters Golf Management, also manages Woods Fort day-to-day. She brings a strong food service background to The Barn. She personally toured over twenty-two of the best event venues across the state of Missouri to help put together her recommendations to the Thompson and Geeding families, owners of The Barn and Woods Fort Golf Course and Restaurant. The result is a stateof-the-art facility at The Barn that has turned out even beyond her expectations.

For weddings, The Barn delivers flexible all-inclusive packages at attractive prices. All china, tableware, table decorations, chargers, linens and even the day-of-event planner are included. This makes planning and budgeting easy, helping every step of the way to affordably deliver your dream wedding or special event. Friendly and gracious banquet team members keep track of all the details and share your excitement. Chefs serve up delicious dining options that you and your guests will love, to ensure even more lasting memories of your special day.

They have also created an outdoor ceremony site overlooking their

new bridge, with a water fountain and an area that can seat 300+ within walking distance from The Barn. And there are private valet golf carts to take your guests from car to event venue.

Woods Fort Golf Club is located at 1 Country Club Drive in Troy, Missouri 63379. There are six hotels in Wentz ville, just 15 minutes from Woods Fort. For more information about booking an event at The Barn and Grooms Day golf packages, you can contact Kelly Dean at com or by calling 877-311-5178.


Walters Golf Management invites you to visit the completely renovated Woods Fort Golf Club, just 30 minutes by car from Chesterfield. Over $3 million has been invested in the course and facility over the past six years, and a new driving range is coming in late fall or early spring.

The 18-hole Woods Fort Golf Course, on beautiful rolling hills, offers family-friendly play that is enjoyable and challenging for all player levels. The fairways are wide and generous, and the greens are average to large, most with undulations. Water hazards come into play on four holes. The course features 6,404 yards of golf from the

longest tees for a par of 72, a course rating of 71.8 and a slope of 129. Designed by Jerry Loomis, the Woods Fort Golf Course is a classic, offering a country club golf experience at daily fee prices. Reviews by players are outstanding.

The newly renovated Restaurant at Woods Fort is a state-of-the-art facility with brand new kitchen equipment, including a new pizza oven. The restaurant seats 140 guests, the bar seats another 45, and the Restau rant Event Center can handle 120.

Woods Fort Golf Club is managed by Walters Golf Management (WGM), the leading golf course management company in the Midwest.


Book Your Special Event at The Barn at Woods Fort

Let us bring your vision to life. When you have your wedding, corporate event, church retreat or other special gathering at The Barn at Woods Fort, we are committed to making your big event our big event. Your moment, your memories, our passion!

The Barn, a brand-new wedding and special event venue at scenic Woods Fort Golf Club, will comfortably welcome up to 425. Our catering facilities, chefs and staff will delight you and your guests.

Don’t delay – contact Kelly Dean to start planning today by calling Kelly at 877-311-5178 ext. 104 or via email at

Phone (636) 528-0040

Woods Fort Unveils Newly Renovated Restaurant!

Save your appetite for the newly renovated Restaurant at Woods Fort, offering delicious appe tizers, sandwiches, pizza and generous entrees for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday 11am-9pm. Happy Hour 3-6pm Tuesday through Friday. We also offer a full menu of scrumptious full-meal Catering Packages to Go. Check it out at catering-to-go.

1 Country Club Dr.  H Troy, MO 63379 H (636) 528-0040 H

Watch for Phase III at Woods Fort Golf Club: Enhanced & Improved Driving Range coming Late Fall or Early Spring 2023 @thebarnatwoodsfort

Enjoy Recreation and Relaxation Year-Round at Innsbrook

Imagine being able to live in a place where every day is the weekend. A short drive from home is Innsbrook: where your daily dreams of escape from reality actually become a reality. Whether your idea of a perfect weekend is ultimate adventure or peaceful relaxation – you can customize your own piece of paradise at Innsbrook. This resort community offers more than 100 lakes, warm sandy beaches, multiple nature trails, an amenity complex with pool, lazy river, fitness center and more; a full-service restaurant, coffee shop, a championship 18hole golf course, and events and activities year-round for all ages. Innsbrook is the best of both worlds for those who want to be in harmony with nature, but have all the comforts of city living just 30-45 minutes away.


Innsbrook offers opportunities for rec reational activities year-round. Golf is a favorite for many guests and residents at Innsbrook. This recently renovated 18-hole championship course sits amid rolling, wooded hillsides, narrow fertile valleys, and 12 sparkling lakes, complete with lush Zoysia fairways and impeccable bentgrass greens. If the culinary arts are what delight you, Innsbrook proudly offers multiple places to dine. There is casual food truck fare at the Par Bar, which is open during the golf season to give golfers, residents and guests a quick place to pick up a cocktail and lunch on the pro shop patio. Another casual option is the poolside Summerhaus at the Charrette Creek Commons.

Wanting a seated lunch or dinner with family and friends? Stop by the Clubhouse Bar & Grille or the Market Café and Creamery. The Clubhouse is situated at the 18th green and features a full bar, lunch and dinner menus along with live music on the weekends. The Market Café and Creamery is Innsbrook’s newest café, located near the main gate with an entrance just for the public on Highway F. Both residents and guests alike can enjoy their favorite Star bucks beverages, pastries, sandwiches, and even hand-dipped ice cream daily.


Over duration of the pandemic (and still today), more families than ever took refuge in the resort’s peaceful, gated environment and chose to adopt the serene Innsbrook lifestyle. As popularity of the community increases, new developments, including the Treehouses of Talblick, opened up (Phase III will open this fall). Those seeking a life of leisure can secure their desired lot, enjoy all the amenities of ownership now, and build when the time is right at your own pace. As our expert construction and design team help plan and execute your dream home, you can enjoy all that Innsbrook has to offer before, during and after your build is complete.


Innsbrook’s natural charm leaves a lasting impression on visitors and residents. From quaint cottages and rustic chalets nestled in the woods, maintenance-free villas and cozy condos to custom homes and the newest treehouses perched on a bluff, Inns brook is the natural choice for living the life you have always imagined. Being a nearby sanctuary for over 50 years, families can enjoy the lake lifestyle and other amenities throughout the year, including open-air concerts during the summer, kids’ camps and activities, artist workshops, pickleball, tennis, volleyball, equestrian activities and more.

Residents and guests can often be seen relaxing on their private docks or enter taining guests on their wrap-around decks overlooking the forest below. Kids can skip stones, roast marshmallows, track wildlife, or build forts - hearkening back to days when having fun meant having freedom to get dirty while exploring nature’s wonders.

Picture your perfect family weekend or couple’s getaway, a retreat to a place where you can enjoy the great outdoors or just cuddle by the fire.

Innsbrook would love to welcome you to become a part of the next generation of “IBKers” and discover the lifestyle and time-honored traditions. Despite having to navigate through the pandemic challenges, the Innsbrook community continues to provide a baseline of normalcy and peace within its gates. Innsbrook’s 7,500+ acres of spacious, secluded property and ameni ties allow you to safely live life with little interruption.

To join the Innsbrook family today, contact one of Innsbrook’s expert agents at 636.928.3366 ext. 9199 or property@ Or, explore Innsbrook without an appointment from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week, or virtually at


A Place in the Country

Bill is a Charter Member of the American Tree Farm System and his timber property is ATFS certified. He is a lifetime member of Quail Forever and the National Rifle Association.

Checklist for Sellers of Rural Property

If you or someone you know has rural property that you or they are thinking about selling now or in the near future, there are considerations to keep in mind about selling. Experience shows that 80% or more who sell experience “seller’s remorse.” They waited too long, mostly just from procrastinating. Keep in mind is that while land values go up, “improvements”, meaning a home, barn, cabin or other structure on the property depreciate over time.

We tell owners that the time to start the process of selling their property is often when they first start to think about doing so, especially for older owners. That is before big investments are needed to prepare it for sale. The longer they keep the property, the less they use it and the more they wish they had sold earlier.


Here are questions to organize thoughts to help begin the process for selling. These are beneficial to share with whoever you might be working with to sell. If not right now, then you might want to cut this page out and put it with your farm or property papers.

1. The first question is: Have you made the emotional decision to sell? That is, can you see yourself no longer owning the property? What change in circumstances would make you more ready to sell?

2. What are the best features of your property - list all that come to mind. Then circle top 5 features and rank order with 1 being the most important; feel free to elaborate about each.

3. What attractions are near your property, and why are they appealing?

4. Besides you or the principal owner, who else should be involved in decisions about a sale?

5. Have you listed the property before, and have there been any offers?

6. Is there income from the property –crops, timber, grazing, hunting or other recreation, leases?

7. How much are you wanting to walk away with (net)?

8. What is the most desired timing for a sale?

9. Would you need/want to buy another property or complete a 1031 tax-deferred transaction?

10. Why would you be selling? Is the reason confidential, or OK to share with a prospective buyer?

There are a lot more details, but this can help to get the juices flowing.

Items You Will Need for the Sale

Checklist of items you will need to begin the sale process:

n Copy of survey if available

n Extra set of keys

n Tax records

n School district information

n Utility information

n Any association fees, restrictions, etc.


The National Association of Realtors says over 95% of buyers find their properties listed on the Internet. But an Internet sale requires a strong presence on the few truly dominant rural property websites. There are hundreds of lesser sites, including brokers’ sites that just don’t move the dial. The 4 leading sites outperform others by a huge factor.

A seller should work with a broker with knowledge and experience to assure your property comes up to the top of digital searches. The professional you work with needs the digital techniques that drive that 95% of sales. This should be a broker who is passionate about your property type and has working knowledge on those sites to give your property preferred treatment in the listings. Also the agent should be someone can trust, is personable and has a lot of experience in closing complicated transactions.

BILL ZIERCHER is the founder of Select Properties Real Estate. He has been active in building, buying, selling, and managing rural real estate and income property for over 30 years. His company’s 10-step marketing process offers unmatched exposure for the rural real estate market. For a free consultation or to find out how much your property is really worth, you can contact Bill at 314-412-3966. And for copies of previous “A Place in the Country” Articles you can email him at


Creativity Gets Large in Augusta

Rest assured the giant duck in Augusta with an immense 24-foot wingspan was not fed an experimen tal food. Instead, the huge mallard drake is the product of the exceptionally imaginative minds and artistry of coppersmiths Brian Watson and Ben Boyher, a talented duo specializing in creating larger-than-life sculptures fashioned from recycled, naturally aged scrap metal. Surprisingly, the monumental size pieces of art they craft are not the product of a formal art education. Ben has a lifetime of construction and carpentry experience, and Brian’s background is in engineering and computer technology.

Ten years ago they started a business making and installing residential copper teaching themselves how to do ornamental work like bay windows and creating what are known as standing seams in metal roofing. They developed their own techniques for flashing and water-proofing that set themselves apart from the competition by

focusing solely on quality over quantity and combining modern tools and materials with old-world craftsmanship.

“We created everything on-site so it always fit correctly. Brian says. “After hundreds of jobs, we never had a single unhappy customer. Not one call-back or a single leak. While that felt good, we were looking for something more creative.”

In 2014, and after Brian had been sculpting with metal for fun in his spare time he had the out-of-the-ordinary thought of making an oversize C. F. Martin guitar crafted from repurposed metal. “As a lifelong guitar player, I had thought before of making my own instrument so the idea of creating a guitar really appealed to me, and it seemed like it would be fun to craft.”

Soon he was collecting artifacts and scrap from residents in Augusta where he lives

and even dragging rusty metal from the woods in and around town.

“When the piece was finished, people would recognize things they had donated and that really added another layer of meaning”, Brian said.

Three years later in 2017 the 12-foot-tall instrument was completed and placed on the front lawn of Brian’s Augusta home where it was admired by passersby, including Zoe Perkins, Kirkwood Arts Commission Chair. She arranged to have it used as a centerpiece of the annual Kirkwood Cars and Guitar Festival.

Subsequently a local Kirkwood philanthropist purchased it for the city and it is now on permanent display in the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center.

“People with knowledge of Martin guitars will recognize it has Martin’s legendary bracing and the timeless D-series body. The relative proportions are all in keeping with the real thing.” Brian says.

When the guitar was finished the men joined together to devote more time and energy to the art and creating specialized tooling for doing repousse panel work, which is the art of hammer-forming a copper sheet from the back.

“We started to incorporate these reliefs of ducks, bears, elk, bison and other wildlife, into the range hoods and bay windows that we had already been doing professionally,” Brian remembers.

“When we realized how much we enjoyed creating art, we decided to go really big,” Ben recalls. “Knowing how much people enjoyed the guitar, we accepted a commission and took on creating a 12-foot-tall sasquatch as our first large-scale piece together.”

They explain the variety of materials and equipment needed to work large, and solving one-of-a- kind problems, is what keeps the day to day work really exciting.


They work well together and there is a real easiness about their interaction, demonstrating the countless hours they have spent together. “Brian’s wife is my cousin so we have known each other for a really long time” Ben explains.

Brian agrees, “There’s a trust that I just don’t think a lot of business partners share, which really just leaves the work without the politics.”

In late 2021 the men fashioned the mallard, which in fact is thought to be among the largest mallard drake sculptures in the world. Like the guitar it is created from re purposed scrap and was displayed along the road in front of their shop when completed.

“The thing became so big it would no longer fit in the shop. We rolled it outside where everyone in town got to watch the final half of the build. It felt like everyone was behind us, like they were all in on it” Brian said. “We live in a pretty tight knit community of 291 residents so they kind of were. There were lots of questions and ‘selfies.’”

Now they are working on a commission of an American Bald Eagle descending and catching a timber rattlesnake in its claws. The snake itself will be 11 feet long, with 3600 individual scales, The eagle’s wingspan will be 18 feet, all out of copper over the top of a stainless-steel armature entirely hidden within the piece.

The sculpture has been commissioned by a resident of Augusta and Brian and Ben are excited it will be on display locally. “This is definitely the most technically challenging piece to date.” Brian says, before adding it should actually be complete late in 2022 after a total of six months of work.

Part of the time to build is taken up by how meticulously the men plan before starting. They look at hundreds of images of the animal they will be creating, diligently studying every aspect of its body in the same position as the final sculpture.

“We look for a super dynamic pose, showing movement. We always hand draw the subject from several angles,” Ben says. “If you don’t know what it really looks like, you will never be able to create it dimensionally in free space. We look at bone structure and anatomy to ensure the final sculpture is believable, even to the folks that know all about it.”

Brian adds that they use an AutoCAD computer program to ensure the relative proportions are perfect.

They explain that sometimes walking away from what they are creating is the most productive thing they can do when working

on monumental size art.

“Sometimes working on a particular aspect for a long time, you can stop ‘seeing’ it,” Ben says.

“You get good at knowing when to give up” Brian says laughing, “You’ll walk out the next morning and the problem is just staring right at you. For example, one eye may be way bigger than the other one. It’s really kind of amazing that not doing it can really save a lot of time when you are doing it.”

They see the reworking of different parts as part of the process like layers in a painting. It is seldom perfect on the first try, but an ebb and flow occurs until the desired outcome is achieved. Understand ing that it is all necessary, helps to maintain perspective, they say.

“It’s just metal, you can cut it off and weld it back on” Ben explains.

Despite their commit ment to perfection in the art they create, Brian and Ben are not pretentious nor braggadocio about their art but are more like neighbors from down the road. They take the work seriously, but not themselves, and enjoy easy-going personal ities and humility despite their remarkable creative abilities.

“We have found people are looking for the custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of art we are creating,” Brian says.” It’s fun for us seeing people enjoying them. You can watch their faces just light up immediately, especially kids. It can be anything, made of anything, as long as its ridiculously big.”

“Our art itself is different than what everyone else has and I think people appreciate that. If they are spending their money, they want it to be something that speaks to them personally and I think that’s what we are really hitting on here. We are not aware of anyone in the area filling the same creative niche,” Brian says. “We really enjoy working huge, and

that is the type of art on which we hope to build our business. There is no interest on our part in making 500 souvenir coffee mugs.”

“We are a couple of humble, regular guys who believe that the ‘everyday’ becomes the reward for finding your passion. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to help people see their own crazy visions realized. It’s an honest living, being creative!”

If you are interested in learning more about Augusta Missouri Metal Arts, you can visit their website, reach them by email at, by snail mail at PO BOX 73, Augusta Missouri 63332, or by phone at 636-484-0002.


COMPUTER TUTORS is a local, woman-owned small business founded in 1997.

DEDE CATSAVIS is the founder and owner. For 25 years they have provided computer services to thousands of satisfied, happy customers. Computer Tutors works on Windows and MAC computers, sets up home networks, eliminates viruses and also will help with any of your other electronic devices. You can reach them at 314-608-7920, and at

Woods Basement Systems Introduces






If Your Home Technology Isn’t Working

As It Should, Maybe You Need a Tune-Up

ere are two typical situations we encounter, and how we solved them:

A client called saying her internet was super slow. She had old AT&T service and fiber was not available, so we helped her switch to Spectrum. Her router was 8 years old, so we updated her to a mesh Wi-Fi 6 router to take advantage of the faster signal. She had bundled landline and cell phone with AT&T, so made sure neither was discontinued with the internet service. She had five TVs

Hand Jeff suggested she purchase ROKUs for them and not lease the cable boxes from Spectrum – saving her more than $50 per month. He returned after Spectrum set her up and connected the computer, printer and other devices to her new cable network. He installed all the ROKUs and downloaded the Spectrum app so she could have the same TV channels and guide as she had with the cable box. Then he showed her how to use the spectrum app with her ROKU installed TVs. She was a very happy client who saved lots of money by ‘cutting the cable.’

Another new client had just moved into a much larger home and said her Wi-Fi and home theater ‘weren’t working right.’

Jeff diagnosed her internet issue and set up additional access points which he had with him. The previous owners’ Ubiquiti router was OK but didn’t provide coverage throughout the house. After installing the new access points, he tested all devices - cell phones, laptops, printers, TVs - in all parts of the house to make sure Wi-Fi coverage enabled every thing to work everywhere. Then he checked out the home theater. The previous owners left a nice setup but no instructions. Jeff fixed the speaker system, helped her order a new sound bar, came back with a few ROKUs and re-wired the entire system. He then showed her how to use all the equipment in her home theater. The client was much relieved and very happy to now have a fully functioning home theater as well as fast, full Wi-Fi coverage.

RainDrop® Gutter Guard.
self-cleaning protection for gutters. Advanced design fits any home. Installed with care, protecting your roof, gutters, and foundation from costly water damage, erosion, flooding, and more. RainDrop Gutter Guards require no maintenance, and cost less than regular gutter cleanings.
Keeps out debris - leaves, twigs, pine needles, moss, and more.
Handles water in high volumes – even heavy rains and downpours.
Durable - Polypropylene blend withstands severe storms, heat, cold and ice. Call today for a free at-home estimate 866-735-1890 Learn more at Left: Before Above: After RainDrop Gutter Guards are installed. THE RAINDROP® GUTTER GUARD The RainDrop® Gutter Guard

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy Planning is a new phrase for estate planning. Estate planning is a life plan that protects your legacy. It protects you in case of incapacity. It protects your beneficiaries at time of death. Legacy planning also means asset protection for wealth management, with higher end incomes that include different types of irrevocable trusts. If you want to preserve your legacy, then it’s time to take care of your estate plan.


A Last Will and Testament is basic estate plan ning. A will takes assets titled in one person’s name who died through Probate Court. A Last Will and Testament is a public record of your assets and how you want your estate divided. If you are a parent, a last will and testament names a guardian for your children so that their security and future is one that you de cided before a worse-case scenario happens. Why? Without a Will, Missouri laws dic tate who will receive your legacy. It can be that brother or sister or niece you don’t like. No plan is a State plan.

I think of the story of the boy orphaned because of the latest mass shooting. The recent tragedies strike home and I hope people will be proactive in planning their legacy. A Last Will is basic legacy planning. A Living Trust is the next option for your estate planning.


People mistakenly believe that a living trust is only for the wealthy. That is a myth to bust. A living trust is not solely for wealthy people. The trust is a private document that sets out who inherits your assets. A Pour-Over Will comes with the living trust. The Pour-Over catches forgotten assets

and pours them back into the trust at death.

A home titled in the trust keeps the house value out of probate. A life insurance policy naming the trust is strong protection for living beneficiaries. Your legacy and distri bution of assets remains private. The trust is not a public record of what you own and

minors trusts for underage minors and name a Trustee. You may build a special needs trust for a family member with a disability. In addition, you can protect a loved one from themselves by creating a spendthrift trust inside your living trust.


Wealth management works for the individual and for the business owner. Current tax proposals will impact your estate, gifting, and capital gain tax dollars. Strategies such as the Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT), a Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT), or a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) may meet your financial goals. As your wealth and assets increase, your estate plan ning needs to protect all your legacy.

Why Now: Moderately wealthy families may start paying taxes never paid be fore. Business owners may not have enough plans in place. Proactive planning is critical now before the tax laws change. Let’s look at possible wealth manage ment solutions.


who received your assets.

When you work with an attorney to design and create your tailored estate plan, you are the Grantor who gives everything back to yourself as Trustee of your assets. Nothing changes but property and asset titles. People with moderate incomes benefit from establishing a living trust. If legal incapac ity happens, a Successor Trustee may step in to preserve your legacy. A living trust is revocable and amendable during capacity.

If you are a parent or have a family member with a disability, the living trust is a great option for family planning. You may create

People tend to procrasti nate planning for the worse case scenarios. Why? Thinking about death and preparing for it are not pleasant.

When you create a legacy plan that changes w with you and your family, you give protection to your family. A plan protects your legacy. You will have peace of mind. It’s better to plan that for your family to deal with financial burdens and costs in addition to mourning the loss of a loved one. Legacy planning is important. Book Now for your complimentary consultation with Sheri Tucker, your estate ally attorney.

SHERI TUCKER, ESQ. is the Founder and Owner of TUCKER LEGAL SERVICES, LLC. She has been licensed in Missouri since 1992. She is an experienced estate planning and elder law attorney, a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and WealthCounsel. Sheri is your “personal care attorney” for peace of mind in estate planning. To set up a complimentary consultation you can call or email Sheri at 314.332.0011 or

It provides protection for your family and property... and peace of mind for you.

Take a fresh road trip. Living columnist


John’s Newest Book, Souls Along The Road, Is Hot Off The Press

The stories along these roads reflect life’s uneven rhythms. Fun. Fear. Breakdowns and revelations. The beauty of violent storms. The scents of September sycamores and campfires, forest fires and kitchen fires. His stories serve up tastes and touches and sounds you can’t coax from a tweet. You probably shouldn’t read this during church.

Available at fine bookstores everywhere. Or email John at

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“Marla does a wonderful job simplifying what can often be an overwhelming subject. I found her action steps easy to understand (and more importantly...implement). In addition, she provided a TON of tips, tools and checklists that any homeowner would find invaluable. Overall, I found the content to be well organized and can see myself using this as a resource time and time again!” Great, Great,

It’s possible to do all three—without breaking the bank! Marla Esser Cloos, the Green Home Coach in her book Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home provides simple steps that can save you money now, increase your home’s value, and make your home healthier for you, your family—and the environment.

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PAR Residential is the largest property tax consulting firm in the metro area. If there are no savings, you pay no fee. We have provided over $10 million in tax savings since 2009.

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Make Your Home Look
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Wax buildup traps dirt and yellows, we remove it a

Light wear within the protective finish is screened and re-coated, usually in one day with no dust and minimal odors. heavily worn or deeply scratched floors are sanded, re-stained and resealed, in just a few days.

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professional cleaning.
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Should I Sell My Business If We’re in a Recession?

The Answer is Maybe...

ow! Business owners are going through a lot! Maybe you were thinking it was time to move on before all of this hit. Or maybe it has affected your business and caused you to think about a succession plan. Did you wait too long, or is now the perfect time? Well, that depends.

There are many factors that need to be weighed in this decision over and above the timing and lifestyle issues of more “normal” business times. Things like your industry and your geography. Where you and your family are in life: do you have time to wait several more years? What do banks think of your industry right now? What do banks think of acquisitions at this time in general?

The bad news is that some industries and geographic areas are going to be affected negatively. This might not be what you want to hear, but it is what happens in a reces sion and might be the case for some time

Wto come. However, if you are in a position where you must sell, there may be options that will make it work even if the outcome is not as ideal as you had hoped.

The good news is that some industries will sell just fine or even well in slow econo mies. There are always businesses that are expected to survive a recession well and even grow. Educated buyers often seek out these types of businesses to secure their personal fortunes. An experienced business broker should give you an honest assessment of how your own company is positioned to sell in this environment. Keep in mind that you can find business brokers and mergers and acquisitions intermediaries that only get paid when you sell your company.

Another positive to note is that often the buyer pool changes when the economy dips. Many businesses are currently owned by people who lost their jobs at some point and purchased a business rather risking putting years in at another job only to be let go again. That is likely to start happening again very soon. This brings qualified people with knowledge and money into the potential buyer mix.

JEFF BACH is a leading broker at Fusion Business Services, along with the other top brokers in this area. Fusion Business Services combines the highest levels of technology, marketing and professional experience for your needs. With access to their large network of qualified buyers, Jeff offers the best opportunity to help you successfully sell your business. He only gets paid when you sell your business. Valuations are free and are the starting point to knowing when it is the right time to sell your business. Jeff can also help qualified buyers find and buy a business that meets their goals. He is also an Official Member of Forbes Business Council.

You can contact Jeff for a free, confidential, no-obligation discus sion about selling your business or buying a business at 314941-8530, or by email at jbach@

Bargain hunters are always poised to take advantage of opportunity. They have resources and capability. Many already own businesses and have support teams to take on another business.

Brokers who help owners sell their business es build up lists of qualified buyers. This is their true inventory. A broker or intermediary that is successful could very well already know buyers for your company. Reach out and learn if it is a good enough time for you to sell, and if there are potential buyers looking for businesses like yours.

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