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Cover Photo: Ethan Sands, with a 4.02kg snapper. Counties Sportfishing Club Inc.

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Presidents Report We’re nearly at the end of the year and after Xmas it is going to be a busy time for us all. There is plenty enough going on right now as it is. The Classic and Fish ‘n Chicks committees are hard at it getting everything ready for the big comps and I know our suppliers/sponsors etc are also working hard now that summer is starting to get people outside. We do appreciate that they still have time for us too when we go door knocking for help with our competitions. Of course everybody is busy at this time of the year which make the Xmas break all the more welcome. For those of us who don’t get a break as such, remember to make the most of what time you have to yourself and try to get out fishing with your friends and family. I’ve always found December and January to be the most unpredictable of times to go fishing, it can be very rewarding at times and as if every fish has gone into hibernation at others. Of course it is the time when the weather starts to really settle down too and for many recreational anglers it’s the two months of the year they spend most of their time on the water. I guess with snapper fishing it is their spawning time so we can expect a lull, but some years the catching continues all the way through. There are plenty of theories around as to just when the best time for fishing is, be it the time of day, time of tide or even which time of the year. When I look back at some of my old ideas these days I think ’how did I even believe that!’ That kind of sums up for me what it’s all about. Trying to analyse the bad days and working out why it didn’t go so well. After sticking to certain methods for a few trips and having some success you start to believe you’re on to something and there you have it, a new fishing theory and it’s all your own. Except for everyone else who is doing exactly the same thing! It is true that sometimes we try to overthink what is a simple problem. That problem may be that the fish just aren’t hungry. Sometimes it’s best just to try again later. One thing I do know is that fishing wouldn’t be so much fun if we didn’t have to work for it. The good days make up for the bad days and we need the bad days to really appreciate the good ones. So now after all that deep thinking and insightfulness I have developed a brand new theory that’s all my own. Except that when I look back I realise I’ve applied this most of my life and in reality it’s a very simple theory and I suspect we are all aware of it. I am going to claim it as mine because it is the best fishing tip of all time. This is all rather deep and meaningful I know but here it is: Just get out on the water as often as you can and go fishing. That’s all you really need to do and success will come your way.

I thank everyone on the committee for their efforts so far, plenty left to do but the cause is good! For everyone else I appreciate you being a part of our club, we have a really good thing going and that’s what it is all about. Thank you all and enjoy the summer ahead. Michael Parker

New and Used Boats Motors Accessories Servicing They have a reputation for good quality workmanship, honesty and reliability. The onsite technicians are experts in Mercury, Etech, Evinrude & Johnson servicing and repairs as well as Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda. They can also fit new or used outboard engines and do trailer repairs, springs, winches and rollers.

9 Crosbie Road Pukekohe 09 2389180 John and Cheryl Moran John Moran enjoying a days fishing


Next Meeting Wednesday 28th November Last club meeting before Christmas The Cosmopolitan Club, 4 Victoria Avenue All CSFC members and their guests welcome You do NOT need to be a Cossie club member Meeting starts at 7.30pm


Bits ‘n Bobs

Auckland Police have extended their range of vehicles to include a jetski, which they will be using to get closer to boaties and ensure they are following the maritime bylaws.

Nationals Trophies Do you have a Nationals trophy? If so it is time to return it so they can be sorted, cleaned and repaired as necessary and got ready to be handed out again at next years nationals.

CLUB MERCHANDISE -all available to purchase on clubhub Hats / Washdown fobs / Flags / Measuring mats / Competition entries


Work at Te Toro Council contractors are currently working at Te Toro. They will be putting retaining walls up, improving drainage and planting new trees and shrubs. It is hoped that the work will be completed before Christmas. Obviously please be careful while they are working in the area.

20 Pounder Marcel Wadek caught that elusive 20lb’er while on holiday in the South Island recently, but we’re talking trout here –not snapper. Seriously fat looking trout there.

Kaden Blundell went out over the bar to get this nice 6.74kg snapper, which puts him at the top of the junior leaderboard.

Life Jackets Here’s a statistic that’s worth considering next time you’re out in your boat and deciding whether to put your life jacket on or not. An estimated 2/3 of boating fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a life jacket.


Warning From Waikato police Fishermen and boaties please pay special attention. Not sure if it is the current fuel prices or something else but there are a number of fuel tanks being stolen from boats. This is happening across the District. If you are not able to lock your boat away then please consider what you can take out of it and report any theft or dodgy activity to us. We want to know!

So whether it's your rods, reels, sounders, other bits and bobs or your petrol tank make an extra effort. Most of us know how gutting it is to have something stolen so let's not make it easy for the bad guys/gals. Spread the message team.

Something for the Newsletter? We’re always looking for items to include, so if you have a fishing report, some photos, or just a good story to tell please drop me an email on

Boat Check Forms New season so time to get a new boat check form done. You can get the form here or use the copy in this newsletter.

Clubhub Tips When you logon to Clubhub check the box that says (remember me) , do this on all the devices that you use to access the database. (phone, laptop, tablet, PC). I save the logon page as a bookmark or favourite depending on which browser you use. Or you can simply enter through the logon button on our website.


Counties Vs Clevedon The weekend of October 27th/28th brought the annual Counties Vs Clevedon interclub event. This year it was another hard fought competition, with a very close result. A single fish could have swung the result, but we managed to hold on to the shield.

We certainly did well with trevally, thanks mainly to Coxies sterling efforts in bringing this haul in. But we do need to try harder next year on the gurnard and kahawai, maybe we were missing our resident gurnard guru –who was off chasing trout of all things. A great effort by everybody who got out there over the weekend, even if some didn’t quite get back to the weigh in on time with their gurnard.


All fish weighed in for the competition, and any other fish donated by fishers, were donated to the charity Grandparents raising grandchildren and we received this email of thanks from them; Thank you SO much for all your efforts. We’ve had a few calls from Grandparents who received your amazing catch and you guys really made a big difference – you made them feel loved, special and you helped them feed their families. Your kindness is beyond measure, thank you so very much for thinking of our organisation. You have Anne’s contact along with mine for any future opportunities, we would love to hear from you. My warmest regards and thanks, Dana Youngman National Support Office Administrator Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Charitable Trust NZ


Ready for Summer? With the sunny weather finally here, and holidays on the way, have you checked your safety gear? Don’t forget to check your inflatable life jackets –and if your gas canister looks anything like the one below throw it away and fit a new one. Also manually inflate your jacket and leave it overnight to make sure there are no punctures. If it goes down then it’s time for a new life jacket. You don’t want to get let down by one of the most essential safety items you have when it matters most.

Do you have an EPIRB on your boat? When was the last time you tested it? If you can’t remember, or it was more than a couple of months then check it before you next take it out. While you are at it is it registered and are your contact details up to date? Contact NZ Search and Rescue at to make changes, or call on 0800 406 111. Remember, having up to date contact information can save vital time in an emergency situation.


Counties Logo What do you think of our current logo? Do you love it, hate it –can’t remember what it actually looks like? In case you can’t remember, this is what it currently looks like.

As mentioned in the committee notes our logo was discussed at the committee meeting. We have had the current logo for quite a number of years now, and it was suggested that it is looking a little dated. With modern reprographic techniques having improved greatly, both in printed media and production of items like shirts and other merchandise, many clubs are updating and modifying their logos to look better. Do you think this is something we should be looking at, maybe you think it’s time for a completely new logo, do you think the current logo represents the club? We would welcome your opinions, either send us an email, contact us on facebook, talk to any of the committee members, or even drop us a letter. Contact details on page 2, committee members details on page 15.


Counties Sport Fishing Club Inc Boat Check and Information Form

Boat Name:_______________________________________________ VHF Callsign (if any) ________________ Owner’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone number: Home: ______________________________ Mobile:___________________________________ Contact person: Name: _______________________________________Ph. No. ___________________________ Boat Make: _______________________________ Model: _______________________ Length: ______________ Colour: Above Waterline: _____________________ Below Waterline: __________________________________ Deck: _______________________ Cabin: _____________________ Cabin top: ___________________________ Any Identifying marks: _________________________________________________________________________ Construction : Wood



Other : ___________________________________________

Radio(s) on boat: VHF ___ Handheld _____

Boat Trailer Registration: _____________________

Engine Make and Model: _________________________________ HP ____________ The following is the minimum equipment list required by CSFC for all boats fishing off the West Coast. This boat check form may be signed off by an independent (non-family) CSFC or committee member and posted to: Counties Sport Fishing Club, PO Box 83, Waiuku 2341. Remember, boats can be randomly checked by weighmasters when weighing in fish caught over the West Coast. VHF RADIO ----------------------


LIFE JACKETS (1 per person)--------YES / NO

ANCHOR & ROPE --------------------YES / NO

SEA ANCHOR ------------------------- YES / NO

COMPASS ----------------------------- YES / NO

BILGE PUMP or BAILER ------------YES / NO

TORCH (working condition) --------- YES / NO

TOOLKIT -------------------------------YES / NO

FIRST AID KIT ------------------------YES / NO EPIRB or FLARES --------------------


FIRE EXTINGUISHER ---------------


Expiry date ______________________ Checked Yes / No

Optional Equipment: GPS -------------------------------------- YES / NO Other ___________________________________________________________________

Declaration: to be signed by the owner. I certify that all items on the minimum equipment list will be carried on board at all times when fishing off the West Coast. Signed __________________________________________ Boat Safety check carried out by (Please pint clearly)______________________________________________ Signature: ___________________________ 12

Diary Be sure to put these events in your diary or phone

Club Meeting

28th November

Marlin Money

2nd or 3rd or 6th Feb

Fish ‘N Chicks

2nd March

Counties Classic

15,16,17th March

Family day

14th April

Grunter Hunter

9th June

Ph 2359705

Trading Hours: Mon-Tues 9am - 8pm Wed - Sat 9am - 9pm

19 Kitchener Road Waiuku 13


Committee At this months committee meeting we had the first financial reports from our new treasurer, Nick, so welcome to the team Nick. Auckland Council are working on Te Toro reserve, and we are lucky that the local contractor insisted on bringing the work forward to now as it was originally scheduled for February. Starting now this should hopefully be completed before Christmas, which will cause much less disruption to us. It was brought up that we have had our current logo for many years, and maybe it was time for an update. We are looking for feedback from the membership on this (see page 11).




Michael Parker


Barbara Prescott


Nick King

Vice President Committee




021 654741 027 6938431


Matthew Douglas

027 5757411

Bob Hilton


027 4880563

Patrick Egan


021 2710533

Carey Walter


027 3922831

Bruce Sloane


027 4061581

027 2207775

027 2224538

Phil Nicklin Darin Burns


Alvin Pacey

021 544276

Mike Oldfield Bert Duncan

021 421713

027 2043151

021 2301917

021 373334

021 0335145

Max Prescot Nils McGee Fish ‘n’ Chicks

Claire Hull


Kevin Steele


Stephen Harper


Darin Burns Head Weighmaster

Stephen Watts


Assistant Weighmaster Charlie Norton Non Committee

Scott Warrender


Barry Warrender


021 626076

Sarah Parkinson


021 669944


027 5425471

Charlie Norton Radio Operators

Len and Helen Martinson


Leader Board Category


SmallFry (under 12 at end of season) Snapper Brock Johnson Kahawai Brock Johnson Gurnard Brock Johnson Juniors Snapper Kayden Blundell Kahawai Dion Watts Kahawai Surfcasting Gurnard Taylor Oldfield Kingfish Casey Hiltin Carp Mitchell Hilton Adult Snapper (from a boat) Michael Crane Snapper (Kite/Torpedo) Snow Snapper (Surfcasting) Alex Scott Snapper Length Measure Brock Johnson Snapper from Harbour Dion Watts Snapper ( Ladies) Kahawai (from a boat) Kim Schalper Kahawai (Surfcasting) Trevally Des Andrews Kingfish Glen Cox Kingfish Lenght Section Gurnard Aaron Parker Puka/Bass Shane McBarron John Dory Mark Franklin Trout Rainbow Tom Kayne Trout Length Measure Red Crayfish Albacore tuna Skipjack tuna Mahimahi Striped Marlin Striped Marlin Tagged Blue Marlin Lippy Black Marlin Broadbill Yellowfin Tuna Lippy

Weight 3.67 kg 1.53 kg 0.70 kg

6.74 kg 2.46 kg 0.91 kg 6.74 kg 6.09kg 8.80 kg 8.90 kg 3.4 kg 62 cm 2.25 kg 2.65 kg 3.93 kg 14.81 kg 0.96 26.2 2.18 2.14

kg kg kg kg

251.5kg 59.0kg

LENGTH RECORDS we need a clear photo of the fish on the approved measure, which are available for $25. The photo must be of the whole fish lying on its side with the mouth touching the head of the measure. We will need details of where it was caught and the name of the angler.

Weighmaster contacts Steve Watts 021 0335145 09235002 Scott Warrender

021 626076

DKM Fishing & Marine Matakawau contact Barry Warrender 16

235 2777 (shop hrs) 2351269

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Counties Sport Fishing Club Newsletter November 2018  

Counties Sport Fishing Club Newsletter November 2018