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October 2011

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A brighter future in store Lake Houston may be refilled

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Live today, worry tomorrow

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Blink is back in the neighborhood Movie reviews

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Love and football It all starts with you

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Photos from the football games, Open House, and the community pep rally!

Photo by: Maria Huerta

Sophomore, Blake Wright


October 2011


A brighter future in store Kristina Sanchez


Josh Akins Reporter


rosby High School now has an unaccepttable rating which has been a wake-up call for the community. There are questions to be answered as to what will be done to improve the unacceptable rating on the TAKS by the state. However, positive changes are in the making to put the high school back in good standing. Barely missing the mark, the high school failed in its math TAKS category by 0.3 students. The scores had steadily grown and then took a small downfall overtime. Over the past six years, there has been a 15 percent growth in the all students division of the math TAKS subdivisions. Last year, though, there was an 8 percent decrease from the previous year. Change is inevitable and is in the hands of many people. The central management is working to get the school back on track, assisting the high school administration. This chain trickles down to the teachers, who are working hard to invent more beneficial techniques of teaching the core subjects (math, science, English, and history) But, the focus isn’t entirely upon the people that run the school. The people that learn in it also contribute to the solution.“The students need to step up… not 100 percent are trying their hardest,” said Principle Dr. Marley Morris. Once all these factors are added up, the kind of positive change that the school is trying to accomplish can be made. One program that has been successful in helping improve TAKS scores is the RTI (Response to Instruc-

tion) program. This entails taking students out of their elective classes and using that time to help the students get a better understanding of math. Last year, there was a measurable improvement in individual math skills and this year it will be used more often. Strategically, this program will be expanded upon and used to get Crosby back to high TAKS scores. More ideas and programs are being created to get the students the tools they need to pass their TAKS. Hard work and dedication to the cause is what’s in store for the school to become acceptable again, but it’s not going to be an overnight task. The STAAR test, which is replacing the TAKS test starting this year for the freshmen, is going to become an obstacle to achieve the goal of improvement. Every year after the TAKS scores are gathered, the state board evaluates each school according to their scores and decides their rating. The switch from TAKS to STAAR makes the state come to a standstill. Unfortunately, this means Crosby won’t be able to be reevaluated for another two years; thus the school cannot have the opportunity to be acceptable until 2014. However, this isn’t putting a dent in Dr. Morris’s plan of getting Crosby High School back to its prior state, “Although we are all greatly disappointed by the recent ‘unacceptable’ rating of our school, CHS will continue to offer a superior academic environment while addressing every student’s educational needs. Our future ratings will reflect this renewed commitment.”

Crosby puts the pep in pep rally

Casey Johns



he stands were stuffed with age groups ranging from kindergarteners to high school students, drowning them with a sea of red and white. Talking and laughter echoed the packed gym while people awaited the start of the community pep rally. “Everyone that participated was creative and it was entertaining for the audience to watch.” said junior, Maesen Ash, varsity cheerleader. The Band and the cheerleaders began the evening with the national anthem, the traditional Crosby Cougar’s theme dance as well as the JROTC flag run. “I was surprised and overwhelmed with Newport Elementary. They are awesome! They had students dancing in the stands and the whole energy they brought,” said theater arts director Raymond Blanchard.


Drought drags onward, water levels drop

One example of how extreme the drought still is in Texas is that Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain has suspended the size and permit restrictions on hay coming from Louisiana to Texas until December. This is to allow Louisiana farmers to continue to help Texas drought-stricken cattle farmers by sending hay at the lowest price possible. Record breaking temperatures and the lack of moisture have caused a shortage of hay to feed cattle. Although Lake Conroe was designed to supply water to Lake Houston in times of drought, if the drought continues until the end of this year, Lake Conroe could drop eleven feet below its normal elevation. Not only has the drought affected livestock, but water sports as well.“The drought has prevented me from going knee boarding and wakeboarding,”said sophomore Blake Wright. The river authority estimates Lake Conroe will continue dropping three inches from evaporation and another three inches from the water that is being taken out each week as long as the drought continues. Both Lake Conroe and Lake Houston were built on the San Jacinto River as a source of drinking water for Houston. The city of Houston has talked to the San Jacinto River Authority stating that they may have to do some-

thing drastic that has not been done for about twenty years. They asked if Lake Conroe could release up to 150 million gallons of water a day from its dam. The water would then go downstream to Lake Houston, so that it would remain deep enough to make sure the city’s water purification plant there can continue working. This will be the first time the city has drawn water from Lake Conroe since 1988. However, if this much water is taken from Lake Conroe for about two months, the lake’s water level will quickly decrease to the lowest it has ever been. The low moisture level is affecting everyone in the Houston area. “My grass has not grown and hair is everywhere in my house because my dogs have to stay inside,” said math teacher, Loretta Acreman. Also with the low moisture, the air and the ground become very dry which is affecting the bugs as well. “Ants and spiders are in my house. I had to call an exterminator,” said science teacher, Elisa Joseph. Without any moisture outside insects that need a lot of water, start to infest houses and other areas with water. “We could use a lot of rain and water, not just for our lawns and everyday use but for Lake Houston too,” said sophomore, William Anderson. There is a very low chance of rain and an even lower chance in the next few weeks, so it looks like Houston will be without drought relief for a while longer.

Welcome Back! Yearbooks on sale

ber 31 September 7 - Octo $65 ber 2 em ec D 1 er b em v o N $70 ary 13 December 3 - Janu $75

Library H



Friday 7

All Crosby ISD schools showed their spirit with their performances and spoke to the crowd letting it know that ‘This is Crosby.’ Two of the crowd pleasers were the performances of YMCA by Newport Elementary and the Crosby Cougar Steppers, dancing to a remixed techno song. “This night started with a boom and ended with a bang.” said freshman, Cierra Ponce.

:05 - 3:30

Wednesd Tuesday

ay 8:55 -



y 7:05 - 6:00



October 2011


Wildfires beginning to Improve

Josh Akins Reporter


Rick Perry to run for President

Casey Johns Reporter


overnor Rick Perry announced August 13 that he will be running for president in the 2012 election, “It’s time to get America working again,” Perry said. Perry has been the longest serving governor in Texas, having served since 2000. He graduated from A&M University in 1972 with a degree in animal science. In 1984 Perry was elected to the House of Representatives as a Democrat. In 1989, however switched to the Republican Party. A year later he was elected as the state Agriculture Commissioner for two years. Perry married Anita Thigpen in 1982. According to Perry’s state biography, “He first met Anita Thigpen at a piano recital during their elementary school years.” They have two children; Griffin and Sydney. “Our nominee has to be someone who isn’t committed to abolishing social security but is committed to saving social security,” said Mitt Romney, commenting on the recent Reagan debate. In Perry’s book Fed Up, he calls social security, “A failure and an illegal

Ponzi Scheme”. He currently faces heat for these published opinions. Grand Old Party (Republican Party) nominees have also been antagonizing Perry on his 2007 order on the HPV vaccine which prevents young girls from receiving sexually transmitted diseases and developing cervical cancer. Rick Perry was attempting to mandate this vaccine for all sixth grade girls. Despite Perry’s efforts, the law was overturned by the state legislature. On the bright side, according to CBS news, Perry will, if elected, create better job opportunities for America’s citizens. “I will put that up against anybody who’s running and particularly against the president we have today, whose job record is abysmal,” declared Perry.

lthough it hasn’t been much in the news lately flames are still blazing throughout Texas and the drought continues to parch our state. On October 4 there were 11 new fires that destroyed a total of 1,047 acres in Bastrop County. In the week of September 28 to October 4 there were a total of 104 fires and 5,731 acres destroyed. 1,000 of these acres were on Old Potato road. Twenty-five percent of these fires were kept under control but 50 homes might be evacuated. Previously on September 5 Remington Forest authorities declared that all wildfires have been kept u n d e r control and that all evacuees from that area can safely return home. Even in the most terrible a r e a s w h e r e wildfires had occurred, such as Wa l l e r , Grimes and Montgomery counties, people are allowed to go back due to the fires being taken care of and not as vigorous as a few weeks ago. “I’m glad the fires are getting better and people are allowed to go back to their homes,” said sophomore, Kodee Stelly. The final count was 76 structures destroyed and 23 damaged and approximately 19,000 acres were scorched. The majority of these losses were in Waller County where more than half the burned acreage and 65 of the burned structures happened here. Multiple sheds and

other out buildings were also damaged. “It’s such a sad tragedy to see so many people affected by this catastrophe. My prayers are with them,” said Spanish Two teacher, Louester LeBlanc. Officials say they are seeing continued improvement in efforts to get the fires under control in the tri-county area of Waller, Grimes and Montgomery, but the chances of another wildfire happening is still possible. Flares can also still occur at any time, especially if the wind starts to pick up and the current hot weather continues. “I feel very sorry for the people who are suffering. I hope it all works out in the end,” s a i d Social Studies teacher, Sandra Thomas. T h e people who had lost their homes or suffered damage in the tricounty fire will be able to apply for financial assistance and obtain clothing and food donations at a distribution center in Hempstead. “It’s disturbing that it is happening over there in Montgomery County area, but the good thing is people are trying to help those who lost their homes by doing donations. I hope everything turns out for the best,” said sophomore Jeanene Malveaux. The fires are slowly getting better. The temperature is starting to go down and it’s starting to rain. Soon everybody will be able to go back to their homes.


October 2011

Megan Morris News Editor



Live today, worry tomorrow

Perhaps numbed by the exhilarating effect of “senioritis” is the realization that we as seniors and even juniors are about to take the giant leap from high school students concerned with our upcoming tests and finding a prom date to adults having to really focus on our futures and all we can do to secure a stable one. However such a task has obviously been made quite difficult since the 2008/2009 recession began in December of 2007. Since that December, when the economy began a steep plummet, the economic exchange rate has been on a day to day roller coaster ride, gaining and losing various amounts of points over the course of the last four years. Yet even as we set our courses across the patch of thin ice, rumored the worst economy slump since before World War II, it has been confirmed that we may in fact be out of the woods. On September 20, 2010 the National Bureau of Economic Research stated that the 2008/2009 recession in fact ended in June 2009. This makes for the case that the soon to be graduates must make due with a society marred with the outcome of the said “ended” recession. A scarcity of stable jobs, an increasing price tag on higher education and exorbitant gas prices to name a few scars. However, some may say to take such a devastating disaster as one of an advantage to seize the moment, and become determined. Americans whose sole purpose is to achieve a sort of phoenix effect, having our great country rise from the ashes. “I won’t be satisfied until every American who wants a job can find one, and until workers are getting paychecks that actually pay the bills, until families don’t have to choose between buying groceries and buying medicine, between sending their kids to college and being able to retire in some dignity and some respect,” said President Barak Obama on July 22, 2011. This quote shows that such supposed determination by Obama could beg the question is the economy really that bad and if it is then are we the kids who might not get to go to college if mom and dad want to retire sooner rather than

later? Should we truly be that concerned? But for all the emphasis put on

any such conversation concerning my future- an established one as the quintes-

Students and the Economy us about what we might be unable to do because of all the problems caused by that green stuff- that unfortunately does

sential young American working their way through college or servicing in the military. All of this is suggested and cri-

not grow on trees. We may not even have anxieties about what causes our issues and may continue to cause them. The kids of the troubled USA may not have any cares concerning economic issues as long as we can get out from under them and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. One can certainly appreciate the fears regarding the youth soon to be venturing out into such a complicated situation. This reporter can relate to such concerns as my own parents are constantly bringing up how or become very interested in

tiqued with the emphasis solely on how bad the economy is. How it has made life much more difficult. These concerns deal with how I should focus on a career that makes good money and is protected, so as not to become one among the 9.1 percent of unemployed Americans. But even with the warnings of economic issue being forced down our throats, with consideration and concern of course, by the media, our government leaders and even those most close to us, could the circumstance of the matter simply be going in one ear and out the

other? And even if it does is it such a big deal to be listened to so intensely? “We are going into an election year which allows us to elect new representatives that will create a reasonable long term plan to lower our debt. We as the electors need to take responsibility for our own mistakes and stop worrying about how we got into this mess and how bad it is. We need to worry about how to get out, ” said a CHS student I, myself, take my future quite seriously (if not sounding too pompous), but find that the economic issues that concern this country do not plague my thoughts every hour of everyday. I simply do not possess the free time. And even if I did, I am not of the fantasy that life is a continuous joy. Life is simply a synonym for the very definition of difficult, but I find that one must simply make do with what they have and work to achieve their goals and boost themselves out of the said slump. And when it comes to high school kids, at this point in time, the only way to get beyond any money troubles is to pass our classes and move on to bigger and better things. “I think that most people don’t care or are completely oblivious to the whole issue,” said Senior Samantha Hamm about her fellow teenagers, “and actually it doesn’t bother me that much. If you look at the past data of the stock exchange you’ll find that occasional dips are normal.” “Most live in their own little world and probably don’t pay attention to stories concerning the economy if they watch the news,” said another Senior Kathryn Merryman. “I personally am too busy to care about it now, but maybe when it gets closer to graduation I’ll get more into it.” However we think about our position one thing makes sense: why worry at this point in time about how to secure a good job now when you have a book report due tomorrow? I of course would not suggest a complete blow off of the budgetary situation, but rather a motion of setting to the side any worry. This would allow us to live in the now with more of a subconscious concern to reflect upon.


Entertainment October 2011


Movie Reviews Megan Morris

The Help

News Editor


dapted from the New York Times best-selling novel of the same name by Kathryn Stockett, The Help, directed by Tate Taylor, rated PG-13, is a surefire crowd pleaser with its down to earth representation of the charm, laughter, heartbreak, strength, and determination shown by the three central characters, Skeeter (Emma Stone), Minnie (Octavia Spencer) and Aibileen (Viola Davis). Set in the early 1960s during the Civil Rights era in Jackson, Mississippi, the film is the story of how the college-

graduate Skeeter who, disturbed by the segregation shown local maids in white households, enlists the help of two servants, Minnie and Aibileen to write a shocking book from the point of view of the African American help. The film is a constant emotional rollercoaster ride, leaving its viewers with whiplash from laughing hysterically one moment and sobbing the next. The viewer is allowed insight into various diverse lives of the fictional Jackson residents as they live in the troublesome time when

African Americans were lowly service works forced to use outside bathrooms and women were expected to quickly marry and have children even if they were not emotionally prepared for it. It is at times hard to relate to some of the movie’s seemingly crueler characters, but perhaps this gives the film its good vs. evil appeal. This film is one that audiences will want to watch again and again, guaranteed. This film is definitely 5 stars!

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Brent Matula Reporter


his summer, a new horror flick, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, was released starring Katie Holmes playing Kim, girlfriend to Alex Hurst (Guy Pearce), an architect. The couple, along with Alex’s daughter, Sally (Bailee Madison), moves into an old gothic house named Blackwood Manor. Sally is a young girl, who was neglected by her mother and her work-oriented father.

Blink is back in the neighborhood

Kenneth Rucker Reporter


p All Night is the first single off the new Blink 182 album that is tentatively scheduled for a September 27 release. The new album, now named Neighborhoods, containing the brand new hit Up All Night, holds the freshly polished skills that The Trio has gathered from their other successful bands: Angels and Airwaves (Tom DeLonge), Boxcar Racer (Tom DeLonge), and +44 (Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker). These boys have grown not only closer to each other, but have grown as musicians. Travis Barker’s drumming is as

technical as ever, showing the focus he’s gained while working on his solo album, Give The Drummer Some, that dropped February 22. Although the return of Blink 182 wasn’t completely triumphant, missing the angels descending from up above and the Almighty announcing the first new album being released by the three in eight years. All these freshly acquired skills will be put to use in Neighborhoods, leaving us with nothing more than high hopes for Blink 182. Not much longer Blink fans, patience is key, the time will be here before you know it.

She has the opportunity to explore her new home that’s full of dark corners and mysterious secrets. Sally is haunted by many voices on her adventure, voices that are hungry for freedom. Before Sally knows it, she has opened a portal to a hellish nightmare of monsters called the Homunculi. Sally tries to convince her father and his girlfriend of the hell that may be coming, but they don’t be-

lieve it. Sally has to convince them soon or they will become just another family that didn’t live to see the end of Blackwood Manor. The movie is an exciting horror story that keeps you wondering what the outcome will be. It’s a great movie for those who aren’t actually afraid of the dark. Will Sally convince her parents or not? See the movie and find out for yourself.



October 2011

Jessica Curtis Sports Editor

“I’m excited it’s a new year.” -Pam Stone

“It’s kinda boring, but it’s nice seeing my friends again.” -Garret Bench and Kiley Cambell

“I like sophmore year alot beter than freshman year.” -Brittany Daniels

“It feels good to be back.” -Alfred Castro

“ f p D -


Cougarpolitan 7 Maria Huerta & Kenneth Rucker Photo Editor & Reporter

“I’m a loser, all I did over summer was play Black Ops.” -Lucas Mason “I’m excited to be in band and football, and I can’t wait for basketball season to start.” -Jared Carrington

“I feel fantastical, I also feel mezmorized by all the people... especially Dakota Olivares.” -Elijah Sims.

“I’m tired because I have to wake up early, so I just take a nap.” -Andrea Spain


October 2011



Aaron Williams Copy Editor


ow that summer 2011 has ended, an entire list of video games has become available for gamers everywhere to experience. Everybody’s heard of the popular games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, Guitar Hero, or Just Dance, but who has heard about those games that haven’t hit the mainstream and are just waiting to be played? The game that will make its spotlight in the mainstream will be Catherine, released on July 26, 2011 for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. In ATLUS’s recent installment, Catherine, the player takes on the role of Vincent Brooks, a middle-aged man who is questioning his committed rela-

Rachel Cessna

tionship with his long-time girlfriend, Katherine. The game is surrounded by the rumor of people, mainly single-men, dying in their sleep from experiencing reoccurring nightmares. After a night of hanging out with his friends at a bar called The Stray Sheep, he wakes up next to a mysterious and beautiful woman named Catherine, not remembering the events that transpired the night before. Being pressured into marrying Katherine and wanting to continue living his non-committed life, Vincent is then pushed into the moment in his life where he’ll have to pick between his long-term commitment to Katherine, or a carefree, fun-filled life with the mysterious Catherine. In addition to his decision making process, Vincent begins to experience a nightmare where he finds himself climbing a tall, dark tower named “Babel” where he has to escape a monster chasing him. Will Vincent be able to stay alive in his dreams while picking the girl of his dreams? The player will be able to make decisions throughout the

available endings as they see that their decisions highly effect how their rela-

tionship with each girl progresses. This game will have the player on the edge of their seat as they try to escape the horrors that haunt Vincent each night, and have them coming back for more as they see what Vincent does next to get his life in order. “Catherine” is rated M (17+) for Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Alcohol, and Violence and is now available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

It’s a Weird, Wacky World!

Copy Editor



game that will determine if they’ll end up with either Katherine or Catherine based on their choices. The central hub of the game will be the Stray Sheep, where players will talk to characters about events that are transpiring while checking their messages from both of the girls and hearing clues about what Vincent has to face in his nightmare later that night. After leaving the Stray Sheep, players will then experience Vincent’s nightmare where they’ll have to climb the giant tower Babel by stacking blocks on one another and avoiding monsters as they try to escape the horror that terrorizes him that night. The game also features two multiplayer modes where players can work together to reach the top of four different towers, or work against each other as they reach for the top. “Catherine” is an action-puzzle game that will definitely have the player wanting try to achieve each of the nine

n July 4, 2011, Jonathan Schwartz, 41, called 911 to report that he had murdered his mother in the Upper East Side area of New York. Before police arrived at the scene, Schwartz called back to say “No, she committed suicide.” The mother was found in the bedroom of her luxury apartment with multiple stab wounds and Schwartz was convicted of murder, despite his insistence that it was a suicide. A relative, who asked not to be named, told the New York Daily News “I just can’t believe it. She loved him, because he’s her son—but he gave her some problems. She was a very gentle person and a wonderful mother.”

Two birds, one stone…


e all know that it’s a good idea to be green: use biodegradable products when possible, refrain from throwing trash out of the car window, and recycle, etcetera…but a biodegradable coffin/coffee table might be taking things a bit too far! The table/coffin by Halfway House Design can be used to store wine, books, and other items until it’s time to store a body. Disturbing, yeah? But at least it’s biodegradable!

What’s in a name?


New Zealand Family Court Judge viewed the name of a 9-year-old girl as a form of child abuse. What’s her name? Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii…yep, you read it right. The girl had complained that “[S]he fears being mocked and teased” about her name, and the judge asserted legal custody over the child so as “to ensure that a proper name was found for her.”

Wife Carrying Competition


n Sonkajἃrvi, Finland, male competitors race while carrying their wives. In the major competitions, the prize depends on the wife’s weight. The race was inspired by a late 1800s robber named Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen. Ronkainen was accused of stealing women from his village and carrying these women over his shoulder as he ran away. Though the race seems humorous, many contestants take the competition very seriously. Wife carrying is now practiced in the United States, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world and has a category in the Guinness Book of World Records.




Kortni Eden Reporter


RIES: Mar 21 - Apr 19 Aries, you’ve been one to accomplish some nearly impossible tasks so if lately you feel you can’t quite swing a home run, do not beat yourself up about it. You have done all that you can for now, and it might be time to take a break from climbing this particular mountain. Enjoy the view — and consider turning back if you think you just don’t have the energy or inspiration you need. Think of it as understanding your capabilities and acting accordingly. TAURUS: Apr 20 - May 20 This month be sure to pay careful attention to the finishing details. From how you look to the way you sign your name, will have an effect on how people view you. Make it a goal to get off on the right foot every morning. During the day, double-check all your texts for typos or sloppy phrasing and do not forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever you can. Leaving a positive impression is the best type of finishing detail of all. GEMINI: May 21 - June 20 The hardest part of making cool things happen in your life isn’t the part where you think them up it’s the part where you actually have to build them into something real! Getting started is going to be a challenge for you, but if you feel strongly about taking the next step, you will find the self-discipline you are going to need to whip things into shape. An ambitious friend is ready to step in to lend a hand or just be your cheerleader. CANCER: June 21 - July 22 The little idea you nurtured so brilliantly is going to hatch soon, and before you know it, you will need to nudge it out of the nest and watch it fly on its own. Although you generated this innovation, you might not be the person to guide it to completion. Take your ego out of the equation and let other people in on the fun. Now that your ideas have established a foothold in the real world, there may be some criticism. You have nothing to worry about, so stand proud. LEO: July 23 - Aug 22 Entering some sort of competition soon? If you are worried about being outsmarted, you shouldn’t be! You are in an extremely vibrant phase of mental ability right now you are sharper than a tack, quicker than a whip and much more charming. Plus, you have an unbeatable secret weapon: Your organizational skills. Do your research; dig into the background of who or what you are facing. Once you get a complete picture, you will know how to approach the situation. VIRGO: Aug 23 - Sept 22 Is a friend’s birthday coming up? You’d better check. Details like that could throw you off track. Make sure you’re good with your return correspondence, because someone has been waiting for your answer and they might be losing patience. A quick note or phone call (full of your usual charm, of

course) should calm any stormy waters and lay the groundwork for future commitments — that could lead to an infusion of closer ties. LIBRA: Sept 23 - Oct 22 Like a shooting star, your creativity is refreshing, bright and a little bit startling lately. Get yourself out into the world and you will gain inspiration from typical, mundane objects. In your mind, a pencil could become a futuristic skyscraper design and the line at the grocery store offers a glimpse of reality choreography. Sculpt the world the way you wish it really was. SCORPIO: Oct 23 - Nov 21 A recurring issue in one of your relationships will come back to the front burner. If this is turning into an uncomfortable pattern, you need to address it head on. It’s perfectly okay to ask for the attention you deserve, and you are well within your rights to find out why they aren’t giving it to you. The bottom line is that if you wish things were different, they won’t change until you talk about them. SAGITTARIUS: Nov 22 - Dec 21 This month spend some quiet time sorting through recent events, you will begin to notice a pattern. Someone is going down a negative path — but you don’t have to follow them! Separate yourself a little bit from the people who make choices you don’t agree with. If they wonder where you went, then you should discuss your concerns. If they don’t seem to miss you, then you have made a good choice and have once again proven that your instincts are spot on. CAPRICORN: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Everyday items and common conversations will take on a heavier meaning. You are entering a phase of life in which you’ll possess a great deal of mental discernment; the hidden meanings behind the superficial words and actions of others are apparent to you. The challenge this month will be to stay impersonal about events, because you are privy to information unknown to others. Now is not the time to blow the whistle and get people riled up. AQUARIUS: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Watch how you spend money this month. Things might be moving beyond your control, and you are in danger of getting lazy about keeping track of expenses. A little money here, a little money there, and before you know it’s gone. Do yourself a favor and review your budget as soon as you can. You will be amazed at the big effect some very small changes could make. PISCES: Feb 19- Mar 20 The events around you will have a life of their own, and trying to shape them into a better form is going to be a big waste of your time. Do not worry about being labeled a quitter — there is a big difference between giving up and resigning yourself to accept things as they are, and you know it. Life is too short to tackle battles that are pointless.

October 2011


Ask Annie

Annie Anonymous Reporter


y dad and I are really close. It was a shock when he told me he was getting remarried and that I was getting a step-sister only one year younger then me. Not too long after their marriage I noticed my step-mother treating her daughter better then me. I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but I want equal affection. I know it would mean a lot to my dad if my step mother and I became close. What should I do” From: Daddy’s little girl Don’t take it personally. Maybe your step mom just doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with all the new changes. A great way to bond is to talk to her like you would a friend. If you are more open with her she’ll do the same. Plan a day with her so the two of you can bond without distractions. Good luck and I hope everything works out.


very time I get on Facebook there’s always something posted about me from the same person and it’s really starting to get to me. I thought I could handle this, but some of my friends are starting to believe the rumors. I don’t know how to handle this situation; please help!” From: Facebooked Facebook starts so much drama, but everyone loves it. Just ignore it ;they’ll eventually get bored and stop. If they don’t stop, block them. True friends will be there no matter what, so don’t worry about those who are turning

against you; you don’t need them. y best friend is a guy and we’ve known each other forever. A few months ago he started dating one of our mutual friends. I thought they were perfect together, but I recently discovered he’s cheating on her. I’m not sure what to do because I don’t want either of them hurt.” From: Caught in the middle It’s always hard to get between friends. Telling her would not make your best friend very happy. Let him know that you don’t approve of what he’s doing. Don’t be too aggressive or he’ll get defensive. After you tell him your thoughts ,step back, and stay out of it. These things always work themselves out for better or worse.



very day I wake up and look into the mirror. I wish I could change everything. I can’t remember a time when I was happy about my appearance. I really want to live life and just be happy with myself but these thoughts are always eating at me. How can I forget about my short comings and love myself again?” From: Lost in appearance Everyone wishes they can change at least one thing about themselves. You aren’t alone. My advice is to talk to people you trust about your feelings. Try looking in the mirror and finding good in yourself. Smile doll everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don’t let this stop you from living your life.

Embarrassing Moments

Kaila Gueary Reporter


e have all had embarrassing moments, and it’s really funny until it happens to you. So how exactly would you classify a moment that is embarrassing? You could blush, laugh, cry, or feel ashamed about the incident. Just remember that embarrassing moments have happened to everyone or at least will. “When I was in Kindergarten, I went to one of my friends’ birthday parties. When we were singing ‘Happy Birthday’, I snuck a giant piece of cake and shoved it in my mouth. Then when they started to cut the cake, they noticed a huge chunk of chocolate cake missing. My mom looked straight at me while I looked around. ‘I suspected Kaila!’ I said. My mom said, ‘No, Kelsey I see that frosting all over your face!’ ‘No you don’t!’ I said. Everybody started laughing because they saw frosting and sprinkles all over my cheeks, mouth, nose, and forehead. I still kept lying and saying that it was Kaila, but really it was me.” -Kelsey Carter, freshman said “One time I was at my old friend Leah’s house, we were on the computer

and we thought it would be funny to open up forty of the internet explore things. Leah’s brother, Steven, is a very angry person and liked to get on the computer as soon as he got home from work. Leah and I were at the door waiting for him and he yelled at us as he starts exiting the internet. I went to drink some water and I spit it out all over Steven and the computer screen. I felt so stupid and went to get some napkins, but when I went to the kitchen, I tripped and fell on my face.” - Samantha Dodson, senior said “My stepsister and I made a deal with my sister, Kayla, to run around the streets with her undergarments and a mask on, no one was outside nor coming I felt embarrassed because she actually did it.” -Casey Johns, sophomore said “One time we were at Schlitterbahn and we were on the Buggiebahn and Kortni flew off of it and so did I. My bottoms came off of me somehow and I did my best to scramble and pull myself together to find them.” -Briana Clark, junior said


October 2011



Back to School Fact and Fiction: Teacher Edition Katie Pavlu Reporter


sually, when students hear the word teacher they think of the common stereotype used often in movies and T.V. shows. They think of a scary old lady with a ruler in hand and glasses, with their hair pulled back in a perfectly smooth bun; they think of the many math problems and history facts written on a chalkboard; they think of the pop quizzes and long lectures about the effects of our generation’s obsession with cell phones and Facebook; they think of the late grades, tedious homework assignments, lunch detentions and tardy slips we receive for being a few seconds late to class. When students think of teachers, sometimes they even picture them as monster-like creatures that live in their classrooms and stay up all night plotting their next evil act, or big elaborate project that is sure to stress out all

of their students, assuring they have no social life that week. However, they are so much more than that. Surprisingly enough, they don’t live in their classrooms; they actually have lives outside of school just like their students. They have families, hobbies, and interests outside of the subject that they may teach. Before we can discover this, we must be willing to open our eyes and make an effort to get to know them. For example, Michelle Morar, the new geography teacher and swim coach, likes to travel during the holidays. She has traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, Paris, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, the Bahamas, and she travels to California three times a year. “My favorite place to travel to is Paris, because there is so much history there

and it gives me a chance to practice my French,” said Morar. She was born in Oregon and moved to Kingwood when she was thirteen, where she attended Kingwood High School. During her high school career she attended a summer camp called Science Olympia. This was the first stepping stone in her decision to become a teacher; however it wasn’t until her second year of college, at the University of Texas, while studying to become a doctor when she realized her calling as a teacher. “I taught at Kingwood for a year,” said Morar, “then I moved to Crosby because I wanted the ‘home feel’ of a small town.” Manuel Noguez, the new Spanish teacher, also has an interesting background. He was born in Queretaro, Mexico where he attended high school,

and later moved to America. It was during law school when he was inspired by his professor to become a teacher. “I knew I had two options, math and Spanish,” Noguez said, “and I decided to take the easiest path.” When he is not teaching or grading papers, he enjoys going to the movies and playing soccer with friends. As one can see, teachers really do have lives outside of school. Their mission is not to make our high school careers miserable, but to ensure that we have the best education possible in order to succeed in our later lives. So next time we jump to conclusions about our teachers and what their lives are like outside of school, maybe we should take into consideration that they are people too.

Success tips for freshman Anita Stuebe Reporter


hile everyone is having lots of fun, new doors of opportunity are opening every day. Now is the time to start thinking about the future. Freshman will be exposed to thousands of ideas to be tossed around in their heads, but don’t let it become too much. Just remember it’s not a bad idea to give some thought as to whether one would like a career in medicine, science, or maybe something to spark their creativity. Being involved in extra-curricular activities is great for a college application or perfect for staying active and showing some cougar pride. Becoming involved by attending football games,

dances, and pep rallies, or by joining a few clubs such as Student Council, golf, tennis or even chess can be very helpful; colleges like to see an increase in activities throughout the high school careers. Growth is the answer, as well as having the community seeing everyone’s progress. A key to success is determining what types of person one is and what type they want to grow into. Go-getters, or someone who stands on the sidelines or behind the scenes? Growth won’t change the freshmen; just enhance who they already are. The next four years will be the best years of your life.

Sports It all begins with you! Cougarpolitan

October 2011


Will Anderson Reporter


rom the first week of summer until the afternoon of August 19th, the Crosby Cougar Football Players have worked and trained hard to be the best that they can be. The players pushed through the heat and intensity of summer workouts filled with determination, pride and the intent to win. With this intent, the teams fought hard against Texas City in their first scrimmage. Each team consisting of Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman exited the football field with a victory. The Cougars played their best against Montgomery High School in the first game of the season. Although they tried hard, none of the Crosby football teams came home with a win. The players are pushing hard to fix mental mistakes that gave up the game. Varsity played up to their motto “fast, hard, finish” but they couldn’t achieve the win. The varsity ended the game with a score of 49-28. “The team as a whole could have come off stronger. Since it was our first real game I believe our focus was kind of off. But we are going to hit PN-G really hard.” says Chase Nix, Varsity linebacker #45. “I think that if we work on our execution and our blocking on the offensive line we will be able to perfect our mistakes against Montgomery.” says Luke Robertson #55, Offensive lineman on Junior Varsity. Even though the freshman team made their tackles and caught their passes, they just weren’t able to claim victory, coming home with a score of 28-14. “Our weakness against Montgomery, I think, was our offense. If we perfect our blocking and passing, we will easily win the next game.” says freshman Devan Anderson, offensive lineman #53. Throughout the weeks of September, the Cougars played against Port- Naches Grove and Baytown Lee. Even though they put all their force and effort on the field, they lost both games. These losses won’t break their team down, but will help fix mistakes and get the Cougars ready for the next game against North Forest Bulldogs.

Love and Football

Jessica Curtis Reporter


he beginning of football season is unlike anything in America. Texas High School football is unlike anything in Texas. Crosby High School football is unlike anything in the district. The static energy in the air from the upcoming game has the whole school pumped up. The boys are ready to deliver a winning game to their fellow classmates as well as their admiring girlfriends. The admiring girlfriends are ready to witness their boyfriends succeed at bringing a loss to the other team. The energy even reaches out to the teachers. They get excited as their hometown, for most of them, is going to win again. The energy and cheerful attitudes go full circle and captivate the whole school simply due to a Friday night, a Friday night filled with High school football. The stadium lights blink on as the boys begin to run onto the field. The cheerleaders chant reassurances, the trainers strut behind the boys ready and waiting for the boys to begin kickoff, and the boys, serious faces, thoughts racing, running plays, preparing for the first play. The silence of anticipation from the crowd continues until the band and dance team break the quiet,

“Kick off Kick off!”

Sam Fowler starts at a trot, then a subtle jog, into a sprint, and then he gracefully connects his foot with the football and sends it soaring at least fifty yards into the end zone. The starting line sprints to tackle the opposing team and get a first down. Crosby High School football is a big thing. Life revolves around football season. It is a beautiful pastime, and interesting to see a play move in unnatural ways to save a ball, or possibly make the winning touchdown. To love life is to love football.

12 October 2011 Maria Huerta Photo Editor

Cougar Pride Cougarpolitan

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