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February 2013

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Women in combat approved but violent video games condemned

Anita Stuebe Reporter omen in the infantry and video game bans; two things circling the news lately that could be seen as controversial topics. In September of 2013, a small group of young female marines will break through one of the last barriers of macho in the US military. They will be the first class of female officers to take part in the Infantry Officer Course in Quantico, Virginia, a test of both physical fitness and mental will that prepares the corps’ future platoon leaders. All women will be volunteers, with their training closely watched. Such training could lead to women participating in the Marine Infantry permanently. In the coming years, lifting the ban on women in combat, announced January 24, 2013 by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, might prove challenging in the most iconic of military occupations- the infantry, (among the most physically demanding branches of the Marines and Army.) For the 65 years that women have enjoyed a permanent place in the United States military, they have been subject to restrictions. One reason is the idea embedded in our culture


February 2013

that women should be shielded from great physical risks. Another is recognition of the physical superiority of the average male over the average female. The last 11 years of war have clearly demonstrated that warfare is no longer waged in a linear fashion, and that the concept of “front line” no longer implies. Although infantry remains one of the most dangerous military occupations, lethal weaponry and tactics have heightened the risk of almost every occupation. War has become more uniformly dangerous. Infantry soldiers & marines are primary forces for operations on foot. They not only travel long distances, but also frequently carry loads in excess of 50 lbs; short- and long-term health effects of such demands can be significant. Physical differences between the sexes remain a tough subject. Determining gender-neutral physical standards for an integrated infantry will be one of the most difficult tasks ahead. As well as women in the infantry, another controversial subject at the time is a proposed bill to ban violent video games. Sen. Jay Rockefeller has introduced one of Con-

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gress’ first pieces of legislation related to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut: A bill to study the impact of violent games on children. “This week we are all focused on protecting our children. At times like this, we need to take a comprehensive look at all the ways we can keep our kids safe. I have long expressed concern about the impact of the violent content our kids see and interact with every day,” said Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. Rockefeller’s bill would direct the National Academy of Sciences to lead the investigation on video games’ impact and submit a report on its findings within 18 months. The legislation comes after reports suggested that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza may have played video games like “Call of Duty” and “StarCraft.” Other lawmakers, such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Sen. Joe Lieberman have also expressed support for scrutinizing the content of video games. “Recent court decisions demonstrate that some people still do not get it,” added Rockefeller. “They believe that vio-

Principal Greg Bower Adviser Michelle Courrege

has declined in recent years as computer and videogame popularity soared. We do not claim that the increased popularity of games caused the decline, but the evidence makes a mockery of the suggestion that the video game market cause violent behavior.” Rockefeller’s bill comes before any legislation in the senate to look at the role guns play in violent incidents. “The Entertainment Software Association, and the entire industry it represents, mourns the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to the families who lost loved ones, and to the entire community of Newtown. The search for meaningful solutions must consider the broad range of actual factors that may have contributed to this tragedy. Any such study needs to include the years of extensive research that has shown no connection between entertainment and real-life violence,” said the Entertainment Software Association. Both women in the infantry and the video game ban have yet to be compromised.

Obama restocks cabinet

Reporter illary Clinton, Tim Geithner, Jay Carney, Ken Salazar, Ron Kirk, Hilda Solis, Leon Panetta, Steven Chu, and Ray LaHood will all be packing their bags and heading out as Barack Obama begins his second term as president and his search for nominees to fill their positions. At the beginning of February Clinton stepped down as secretary of state. “I don’t have any real plans to make any decisions. I’m looking forward to some very quiet time catching up on everything from sleep, to reading, to walking with my family. I think it’s hard to imagine for me what it will be like next week when I wake and have nowhere to go. Maybe I’ll go back to sleep for a change,” said the former secretary of state in an interview with The Huffington Post in late January. The current Secretary of State is former Massachusetts Senator and 2004 Presidential nominee John Kerry.


lent video games are no more dangerous to young minds than classic literature or Saturday morning cartoons. Parents, pediatricians, and psychologists know better. These court decisions show we need to do more and explore ways Congress can lay additional groundwork on this issue. This report will be a critical resource in this process.” In 2011, the Supreme Court struck down a California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors. Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for a 7-2 majority, said the law was “unprecedented and mistaken” and noted that fairy tales, which are read to children at bedtime, have “no shortage of gore.” The Entertainment Software Association, which speaks on behalf of the video game industry, did not return a request for a comment. It has constantly argued, however, that video games do not make people violent. “The myth that video games cause violent behavior is undermined by scientific research and common sense,” said Michael Gallagher, president of ESA, in 2010, “according to FBI statistics, youth violence

Another member of Obama’s cabinet leaving is Tim Geithner current secretary of the treasury, although he planned to stay through the fiscal cliff, which ended at the beginning of this year, Geithner is expected to leave at the beginning of February. Obama has nominated current white house Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, to take Geithners position. Jack Lew is described by Obama to be “a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than television cameras.” Along with Clinton and Geithner, Ron Kirk ,the US Trade Representative is also leaving. “He needs to make money. He’s definitely going back to the private sector,” says a White House source. Kirk is an attorney and the former mayor of Dallas, Texas. There is not an actual date for when he will be leaving the cabinet, but his departure has been anticipated by many. With half the cabinet leaving, the question what will

the other half do. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to stay as he helps Vice President Joe Biden’s task force to find ways to reduce gun violence in America. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will also be staying. Vilsack has been a main key in the Obama administration and currently plays an important role in framing the administrations positions as it campaigns to modify America’s gun laws, ”I am pleased to continue working alongside President Obama to grow more opportunity and rural America,” said Vilsack at the beginning of the year. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is also keeping her position and plays an important role in Obama’s push for immigration legislation. Along side Vilsack and Napolitano secretary of education Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius will also be staying . Layout by Courtney Bonds



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February 2013

U.S. under

Courtney Bonds Reporter ever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. All the above symptoms describe what you could feel like if you get this seasons flu. Forty-eight states in the United States have declared this flu season to be one of the worst experienced since 2009 when H1N1, the swine flu, swept over the nation. Thirty-four thousand five hundred forty people have been diagnosed with this season’s flu outbreak, resulting in the death of 29 individu-


Kayla Ferguson

attack from within

als, since September 30, 2012. “Recently my clinic has been overthrown with patients who believe they have the flu or actually do have the flu,” said Kemah Physician Kevin Davis, “Four out of every ten patients I’ve seen in the last month have actually exhibited symptoms of the flu.’’ According to every year 20 percent of the U.S. population contracts the flu virus. “I’ve also seen many patients who were afraid of catching the flu and wanted advice on how to avoid the flu, and how

to control the flu if you do contract it,” said Dr. Davis. Washing your hands, drinking a lot of water, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and getting a flu vaccination are all ways the flu can be prevented. “I haven’t sent many students home with the flu, but I have noticed an increase in absences. It’s hard to say if the flu has reached its peak due to the fact that in many states the flu is still widespread,” said school nurse Tanya Murphy. Many doctors and health officials claim that flu vac-

cines are running low and only a limited amount can be spared by certain areas, but in reality this “running low” claim is used every year and is misinterpreted by most of the country. When you hear vaccines are running low in your area it doesn’t necessarily mean there is not enough to go around, but certain stores in your area have reported shortages. When trying to find a store that still has vaccines available call in advance and check their supply, if they don’t have an adequate supply,

there is probably another store right down the road that still has a numerous amount left. “There are some signs that the major flu outbreak affecting the U.S. has peaked in some states,” said Dr. William Schaffner on With the flu gradually peaking in some areas of North America minds have been set to rest knowing that this flu outbreak is at its worst and can soon come to an end. For now, people need to continue to take precautions for their health and keep getting vaccinated.

Anonymous hacks for justice

Reporter nonymous, a community of online “hacktivists” known for working against internet censorship for the freedom of the people. Anonymous is known for their protests against hate groups and revealing secrets about organizations that would otherwise remain unknown. They hide behind Guy Fawkes masks to keep their identities hidden and stay an anonymous source. Anonymous has recently launched what they call “Operation Last Resort” in honor of Reddit co-founder and internet freedom fighter, Aaron Shwartz, who recently took his own life after alleged thievery of a journalistic website. As part of Operation Last Resort, Anonymous has hacked and defaced the United States Sentencing Commission website


Casey Johns

in hopes to drop the charges that were put against Shwartz, even after his demise. More recently though, the group conducted a hack against the U.S. Federal Reserve and released information for over 4,000 banking executives, according to Huffington Post. The website has been restored since then and apparently the incident did not affect any operation of the Federal Reserve. Other news on account of Anonymous consists of multiple protests against religious groups known for disturbing the peace. Most notably, the Westboro Baptist Church website leak. After the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, WBC planned to picket the funerals supposedly “praising God for his work in executing his judgment,” according to a Westboro representative on the Westboro

official website. Not only did any knowing American disapprove, but so did Anonymous. The group released an online video calling out the church. An animated voice could be heard threatening to “render [Westboro Baptist Church] obsolete,” and to completely dismantle the WBC making it no longer exist as a group and more importantly, as a hate group. Anonymous then continued to hack into the Westboro’s website and release information of several executive members of the church. As well as releasing a public petition against the church onto Twitter, which received over 280,000 signatures. Throughout the battle between the two groups, Westboro Baptist Church has begun to be recognized as a hate group and has been banned in Canada and the United Kingdom, which can be

read on the official site as well, thus executing Anonymous’s plans to take down the church. Anonymous has also waged a war against the Church of Scientology. The church is known for brainwashing its members and tendencies towards being a religious cult. They are also accused of wrongly using copyright laws to restrict the amount of information about the church being leaked onto various websites. Anonymous took the initiative, releasing a video against the church onto the internet, again with an automated voice. The video consisted of Anonymous claiming that “for the good of your followers… we shall proceed to expel you from the internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form,” much like the video released against Westboro Bap-

tist Church. Anonymous then proceeded to flood the website with false data as well as releasing secrets of the church. Anonymous claims to have knocked the website offline with a denial of service attack, bombing the system with requests, and overwhelming it with data, as seen on Huffington Post. The website has since been restored, but Anonymous has stated in their videos, that they would not stop until the church has been destroyed. Anonymous, all in all, has made a significant effect on the amount of hate spread through the internet. They will continue their mission until all goals have been accomplished and complete freedom is an option through the internet.

Worse than weed



girl gets blinded and mostly paralyzed from smoking “synthetic marijuana” known as kush. Emily Bauer, now 17, tried kush for the first time with her boyfriend and suffered damage to her brain. After 15 minutes of smoking kush, Emily said she had a migraine and wanted to lie down. She then had strokes that caused her to urinate on herself, run into walls, speak nonsense, have delusions, and act violent. She was taken to

Northwest Cypress Hospital, placed in a coma, and spent four days in the ICU while doctors did tests on her brain. Doctors found out the strokes caused part of her brain to permanently shut down due to the brain not being able to receive oxygen and her blood vessels contracting. After she was lifeflighted to Memorial Herman Hospital Children’s ICU, her blood vessels opened up. This caused the pressure to her brain to be at a level twenty-eight (a

normal human is from one to ten). She had to have a life or death operation that would drill a hole into her head to drain the fluid from her brain. Kush is designed to mimic the effects of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, with lab created compounds. Gas stations, head shops, and online sites can often sale this product for as much as $40 dollars per gram. “The substance is banned in many European

countries, but by marketing it as incense and clearly stating that it is not for human consumption, domestic sellers have managed to evade federal regulation.” according to The New York Times. The U.S Drug Enforcement Administration said more than 100 different synthetic cannabinoid compounds are in circulation with all these compounds, it is difficult for lab researchers to discover what causes these side effects.

Emily will be moved to TIRR rehab to learn how to see, walk, and talk again within a few years. “It is my little sister shining through, in every way she can manage, with every ounce of strength.” said Blake Blake, her older brother. Emily’s mother has started a charity for Emily called S.A.F.E. (Synthetic Awareness For Emily). This charity will spread awareness about the dangers of kush so that no one will suffer like Emily. Layout by Courtney Bonds

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Keep the drive safe Claudia Ramirez Student


any teenagers would go to the ends of the Earth to argue that they’re impeccably good drivers. You may have even heard some of your own friends bragging about how they can multitask while behind the wheel. There are many distractions for teen drivers, but sending or reading text messages while driving could very well be the most deadly. Believe it or not, texting while driving astronomically increases the likelihood of an accident. Most teens consider themselves exempt, believing that, since they have done it before without incident, they can easily escape indefinitely without a scratch. Little do they know, according to most driver education

sources, sending a simple oneword text takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds. At 55 mph. that’s the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blindfolded. Those five brief seconds could cost not only your own life, but the lives of others around you. While there may be no such thing as a perfect driver, you can easily be a cautious driver. Just remember that there shouldn’t be any motive for texting and driving. Take some time to check out some more safety tips at, and share these safety procedures with friends and loved ones. Keep in mind, when you drive, you have enough to do. Take a break, turn off your phone, and enjoy the ride.

Cougarpolitan February 2013

Marines pay for college Kristen Hoover Reporter


ou did the time, you got the degree, and now you have about $56,000 worth of loans or you could have gone to college for free, while getting paid, and doing something worthwhile the whole time. That’s exactly what Marine recruiter Staff Sargeant Khris Slaughter advised journalism students to do on January 15, 2013. “You have to want to be a Marine,” said Staff Sargeant Slaughter. This is the first step to get started towards making your life have an important marker. Next, you’re going to need at least a 50 on you ASBAV. Then, you have to have certain moral requirements, no drugs, certain tattoo requirements, and physical requirements. This sounds like a lot of effort to put forth, and for what? There is this little thing called a G.I. Bill, with this bill, your enrollment and acceptance into the United States Marines you can get any degree through any college for FREE. That’s right free, and also while you’re out there serving your country and getting a college education, you’re getting paid. There are a few stipulations though, like boot camp, Marine combat Training, MOS where you learn how to do your job, and after the Marines

so kindly pays for everything all they ask for is your dedication and four years of service after you’re done with college. People are probably thinking “Oh, I can’t get into the Marines,” or “I’m not sure the Marines are for me.” Well here is a rundown of what goes on while in training. In the first phase they take anything that might make you unsuccessful and get rid of it. In the second phase they build you up in a Marine Image, which consist of a certain mental, emotional, physical, and moral standard. Lastly, in the third phase they fine tune you into an outstand-

ing individual. Also, for you women out there don’t fret about going into a combat zone. In the Marines it is very unlikely that you will be put there. Also, if your let’s say you’re a nurse, you would not be pulled out of your job if a draft were to be put into place. Anyone interested in a opportunity in the Marines can contact Staff Sargeant Khris Slaughter at the Marine Corps Recruiting Service 6908 B Garth Road, Baytown, Texas, 77527 or by phone (281) 421- 2873/7349. The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

Marine Staff Sargeant Slaughter. speaking to the Cougarpolitan Newspaper Staff

Proclaiming Romeo/Juliet laws

Kenneth Rucker Reporter


hen Shakespeare brought Romeo and Juliet to life, he was intentional in choosing two young characters as his protagonists. So now, two teens having a consensual relationship is understandable. But an adult molesting a child is reprehensible. The difference between the two situations would seem obvious. But in many states in the U.S., legally speaking, there’s little distinction between Romeo and Juliet’s mutual decision and the abusive actions of a child molester. An older teen who is intimate with his younger girlfriend can be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for the act. Even worse, he may carry the stigma of being labeled a predator for the rest of his life. The problem typically

arises when the male is 18 or 19, the female is between 14 and 16, and the parent of the younger teen presses charges. (Even Romeo would be labeled a predator today, as he was believed to be 16 and Juliet 13 when their relationship began.) Though the age of consent (i.e. the age at which an individual can legally agree to be intimate) varies from state to state – and often splits along gender lines – it is definitive in one aspect: it refers to intimacy between heterosexuals. In over half the states in the U.S., close relations between homosexuals is either not addressed by existing laws or is considered a crime. In Texas, a new law took effect on September 1, 2011, that prevents teenagers and young adults who engage in relations with a

teenager under the age of 17 from being labeled as predators. Often referred to as a “Romeo and Juliet” law, this new law is designed to exempt teenagers and young adults from having to register as predators and being labeled as such just because their consenting partner is under the age of 17. This exemption only applies if there is no more than a four year age difference between the two young people. If the act is between a teenager or young adult over the age of 17 and a teenager under the age of 17. Additionally, for the new law to apply, the purported “victim” of the intimate encounter must be at least 15 years of age. Significantly, this new Romeo and Juliet law will not

prevent the adult individual from facing prosecution for an underlying crime such as carnal assault of a child, but it does exempt the accused from registering as a predator. Recent changes in the laws governing consensual acts between minors or an adult 18 years of age and a minor 14-16 years of age have acknowledged that this intimacy is not the same as molestation. The new laws, named “Romeo and Juliet laws” after Shakespeare’s tragic teenage lovers, attempt to correct overly harsh penalties and prison terms meted out over the years. In 2007, these laws went into effect in Connecticut, Florida, Indiana and Texas. In Florida, a 28-yearold man who’d been placed on the state’s offender registry was able to remove his name after

passage of Florida’s Romeo and Juliet law in July 2007. At age 17, Anthony Croce began having coitus with his 15-year-old girlfriend; when he turned 18, the girl’s disapproving mother pressed charges and Croce plead no contest. He was then legally compelled to register as a predator. Florida’s new law still regards underage relations as a crime, but a judge may now determine whether to strike this offender designation from those previously convicted. Cases that may lead to an overturned designation would involve a victim who is age 14-17 and has agreed to a consensual relationship; the offender would have to be no more than four years older than the victim and have no other previous crimes of this nature on his record.

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Cougarpolitan February 2013

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Surprising Rodeo Scholarships

Kristen Hoover Reporter Anonymous Annie Reporter

“My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and I have no clue what to get him. We’ve only been dating four months and I don’t know the price limit. Any ideas?!” -Confusedgirlfriend -It’s not about how much the gift cost, its how much heart and thought you put into the gift. Think about his interest, like his favorite band or what cologne he likes. Taking him to a concert could be a great way to spend time together while listening to great music. If you want a simpler approach, take him on a special date to the beach or nice restaurant. (Plus you get to eat the delicious food!) “I can’t stand this girl in one of my classes. We got into a fight a few months back. Even though I’ve gotten over it, she continues to irritate me with little rude comments and ugly looks. What should I do before I say something back and make it worse?” –Tiredandirritated -You can’t control others actions, therefore she probably won’t stop. The best way of handling this is following the cliché saying, “be the bigger person.” The reason she picks on you is for a reaction, giving that to her will be falling for the trap. Stay strong; just remember to never let words effect you and who you are. “I want to get more involved in school activities, but all clubs and organizations have already started. For next year, how can I be more involved?” –Lackingspirit -Find out what you love to do. If you aren’t sure, experiment with different clubs and organizations. You never know until you try. Go to after school meetings to discover what the club is about and what it promotes. Also, try talking to your friends in organizations and get an more in depth view on the activities. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and try new things.


cholarships worth up to $18,000! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo isn’t just all animals and rodeo art, they offer four other scholarships that have nothing to do with either of those things.


• 238 four year scholarships worth $18,000 each • To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must meet criteria of citizenship, residence, academic standing, college/university enrollment plans, demonstration of leadership, character and economic need •Fill out an application


• 114 four year scholarships worth $18,000 each • To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must meet criteria of citizenship, residence, economic need, academic standing, college/university enrollment

Rodeo Artist Line Up T

Artist line up 2013

Feb. 25 Toby Keith Feb. 26 Gary Allan Feb.27 Alan Jackson- Armed Forces Appreciation Day Feb.28 Zac Brown Band Mar. 1 Mary J. Blige- Black Heritage Day Mar. 2 Brantley Gilbert Mar. 3 Demi Lovato, and Austin Mahone Mar. 4 Styx Mar. 5 Lady Antebellum Mar. 6 Dierks Bentley Mar. 7 Bruno Mars Mar. 8 Tim McGraw Mar. 9 The Band Perry Mar. 10 Julion Alvarez, and Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon- Go Tejano Day Mar. 11 Jason Aldean Mar. 12 Kenny Chesney Mar. 13 Jake Owen Mar. 14 Pitbull Mar. 15 Blake Shelton Mar. 16 Luke Bryan Mar. 17 George Strait, Martina McBride, and the Randy Rogers Band


• 5 four year scholarships worth $18,000 each • To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must be a dependent of a service member in active duty, reserve, honorably discharged veteran or the National Guard. Applicant must also meet criteria of citizenship, residence, academic standing, college/ university enrollment plans, demonstration of leadership, character and economic need •Fill out an application

Commission on Colleges and participate in a curriculum leading to an associate’s degree. Applicant may not receive more than $40,000 in other financial aid, excluding the Show scholarship. • Fill out application To look more into these scholarships and apply go to this website http://www. (according to the official Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo website)


• 10 two year scholarships worth $8,000 each • Participate in an interview process. Has made a formal application to enroll with intent to attend a non-profit Texas college or university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School

Porkchop’s Josh Akins Reporter

Coral Hohn Reporter

plans, leadership and character • Fill out an application


he candle’s glow cast dancing shadows across the curtains of an open window, there is a gentle and cool breeze that comes drifting in, slow romantic remedies play through the iPod’s speakers, the lighting is low and the evening is calm. He gazes in her eyes as she gazes back into his and there is nothing that can ruin the moment that has been created on this perfect night, except… a poorly cooked meal! That’s why, in this Valentine issue, I will be giving the perfect meal to prepare for that one significant other, so the romantic dinner will lead to something even more romantic later. First, the meal needs to be started off with a light Cesar salad that can be covered with fresh basil and garlic dressing. The Cesar salad mix can be found at any local grocery store such as Wal-Mart or Kroger. To make the dressing

you can buy a bottle of any brand garlic dressing and add some basil seasoning in with it. It adds a little extra favor to the dressing that anyone will like. Then on top of the dressing you can add a small hand full of craisins (dried cranberries). Next will come the entrée, which will be some grilled pork chops with a side of grilled asparagus with a honey mustard dipping sauce on the side. The pork chops and asparagus will be pretty simple. Grill the pork chops until they are a good color. A simple seasoning can just be some salt and pepper but you can always add other seasonings you would prefer such as Tony’s Chacheres or others you might like. Finally there will be the delicious dessert. It will be a chocolate cake with honey dipped almonds and a light drizzle of dark chocolate on top. On the side there will be a small amount of fig

preserves. The cake can be a simple cake mix from any local grocery store. There are tons of chocolate cake mixes to choose from so you can choose which ever one you feel your significant other will like. Dip some almonds in a small amount of honey and put them on top of the cake. Afterward you can drizzle some melted chocolate on top of the almonds. The fig preserves are optional, but if you decide to use them you can find a jar of them at many local stores. Wrap all of these different ingredients together and you will end up with a very delicious yet simple meal to serve to your significant other. This is just an outline though. There are still tons of things that can be changed to meet that other person’s standards. I hope you enjoyed these ideas I have given. And I hope it builds your relationship to be stronger than it already is. Layout by Josh Akins

Be Mine! Page 6


Teacher Love , S

February 2013

Be Mine! Page 7

Student Love and Love at first sight

Layout by Jessica Curtis


Cougarpolitan Difference in Fake or Real Love February 2013

B. I think about her/him when I see or hear something that reminds me of him. C. She’s/He’s always in the back of my mind...

A. Of course! Every minute I’m not with her/ him is not worth living. B. No, the longer we’ve been apart the easier it is for me to focus on my day.

A. No because all my daily activities revolve around her/him

D. If I’m not with her/him, I’m usually with someone else

C. When I think about her/him I want to do a better job and be a better person.

B. She/He tells me that they like me, but we don’t all get together very often.

C. They all really like her/him and they usually invite her/ him along when we’re all getting together.

C. They must like me because they invite both of us to hang out with them.

D. My friends haven’t really met her/him yet.

D. I wouldn’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever met any of her/his friends.



es s u .S r D


know who they are” said junior, Katrena Johnston. However, most teenagers still believe, and swear, that they are in love by just looking at someone. But the truth is you can’t have a real relationship based on physical attraction it will just fall apart. “I’m not attracted to looks; I’m attracted to who the person is.” said senior, Desire Klise. This is the mindset we need to have to truly be in love but at a young age we ignore the facts and let ourselves believe the fairy tales endings and that love at first sight is a true thing. “Most teenagers today say love, but mean physical attraction.” said senior, Kenneth Rucker. They are just extremely attracted to how their crush looks, but don’t truly have those feeling of commitment and dedication. How do you really know if its love or desire? According to Judith Orloff, M.D. the author of “Emotional Freedom”




kn o




there are signs of both feelings. The signs of desire follow: You’re just focused on the person’s looks and body, not their personality. You’d rather keep the relationship on a fantasy level, not discuss real feelings. You really don’t want to spend quality time together. The signs of love follow: you want to spend quality time together. You get lost in conversations and forget about the hours passing. You honestly listen to each other’s feelings, and make each other happy. He or she motivates you to be a better person. You want to get to meet his or her family and friends. So before you think that its love at first sight, think again.

6. How do you spend your time when you are together? A. Kissing...or more!

B. Go to dinner, see a movie, make out for a while...the usual routine. C. We do everything! We love sports, movies, dancing, talking...and the kissing is great, too. D. We make out. Why else would we be together?

7. How do you spend your time when you are apart? A. I think about how long it will be before I see her/him again and obsess about her/his life B. I spend it doing whatever needs to be done to catch up on life. C. I want her/him to be proud of me D. My time is spent the same way, just with someone else.

Beyonce Comes Back 2013

Zachary Alan Reporter

formance at this year’s Super Belgrade, Serbia Bowl. Pyrotechnics, thick and will continue thighs, and a face-shaped stage weren’t the only things throughout fifteen featured at the performance. European countries he New Year has Kelly Rowland and Michelle before coming to brought with it some the United States Williams graced the stage amazing news for Beyoncé to create a wave of nostalJune 28. Beyoncé fans. Her Super Bowl gia that was once Destiny’s will grace Texas performance, the with two release of the new shows, one on Destiny’s Child July 6 at the single “Nuclear” , American Airher new album arlines Center riving this spring, in Dallas and and the announcethe other on ment of the Mrs. July 15 at the Carter Show world Destiny’s Child reuniting at 2013 Super Toyota Center tour, fans definitely in Houston. Bowl (curteousy of CNN) have enough on their 2013 is already Child. Helping Beyoncé out plates to be satisfied. turning out to with “Bootylicious”, “In On January 10, be Beyoncé’s year. Beyoncé posted a message dependent Women Part I”, She was the real and Beyoncé’s hit, “Single to Facebook saying: “I winner of the Super Ladies”, Kelly and Michelle am so proud to announce Bowl, she got to seemed ecstatic to sing with the first original Dessing with Destiny’s tiny’s Child music in eight their former band mate, Other Children, even if their microphones years!” along with a link Beyoncé is giving were only about at a six and that led fans to pre-order the world a tour the newest Destiny’s Child a negative four, respectively, that has been on album, Love Songs, which while Beyoncé’s was at everyone’s wishlist about a ten. was released on January since her album On February 3rd, 25 which featured the new “4“ came out, and Beyoncé announced the single, “Nuclear.” we are anticipating Beyoncé certainly start of her Mrs.Carter Show a new album within did not disappoint the audi- world tour to be April 15 in a month or two. ence at her Halftime perLayout by Aaron Williams

cause realit y

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thought you loved me!” These five words are once again sobbed, screamed, or sent in a message when that fairytale relationship is saying ‘The End’. As teenagers, we find it difficult to depict the differences between love and physical attraction; and in the end, someone gets left with a broken heart, and crushed dreams and plans. As teenagers we believe in love at first sight. However, that is not the case. To be in love you must spend more time with the person than just simply “love” the way they look. That is at first sight. “I believe there isn’t such thing as love at first sight, because you can’t look at some one and

B. They like her/him but don’t really know her/him that well.

c a n’ t

Sam Corral Reporter

A. I don’t know. We don’t spend time with her/his friends any more. They must be really busy lately.


Love Vs. desire

A. They avoid being around us when we’re together. In fact, they are starting to avoid me when we’re apart now too...

ve when you

D. Not at all.

5. What do her/his friends think of you?

o in l ’re ou

B. Sometimes my thoughts distract me, but I don’t get too far off track.

han your drea t r ms tte e .”b

2. Does thinking about her/him get in the way of your daily activities?

C. I miss her/him, but we are usually sending each other short messages throughout the day if we can’t get together, so it doesn’t ever feel like we’ve been apart for a long time.

D. Out of sight, out of mind!

4. What do your friends think of her/him?


e ep b

A. I think about her/him every minute of every day

3. Do you get ornery and depressed when you go more than a few hours without seeing or talking to her/him?

sle la

1. How often during the day do you think about her/him?

l fa

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Inside Scoop

February 2013

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Art Club


he Art Club have their meetings every Wednesday and are preparing for the fine arts festival by creating t-shirt designs and banners to prepare for competitions. They’re also waiting on a schedule of community service projects throughout Crosby. The students in the Art Club are also working on refining techniques that they learned in art class. They plan to create murals around town to beatify the more rundown buildings in need of come care. They’re also preparing pieces for culture shapers, art competitions, and rodeo art competition.

Art done by Crosby Students, displayed at the Rodeo Art viewing.


Jeanne Thibodaux introducing her students art work at the Rodeo Art viewing.

Cougar Stars

The Crosby High School Cougar Stars opened the night at the Toyato Center with their team pom routine on February 5, 2013 as the Houston Rodeo took on the Golden State Warriors.

hoking on the stench of formaldehyde, gasping for clean air, hands shaking, and stomachs churning as Mrs. Joseph’s second and sixth period classes sink their scalpels into preserved, skinned cats, soggy sheep brains, and squishy cow eyes. In anatomy and physiology, junior and senior students are performing cat dissections in order to learn more about how bodies function and where different organs are located in reference to what lies around HaleyDillard and Corey Schnexnayder cutthem. “Dissections are an ting into a preserved sheep brain in anatomy amazing way to explore the and physiology. body, and learn about the functions of the working parts,” Says senior Quinton Didone. This is a great learning experience for students who wish to go into the medical field. It’s also a great way for students to get familiar with handling unsettling tasks. “Dissections are fun, and it’s a good hands on experience for obtaining a better understanding of the body,” says Senior, Cullin Session, preparing to dissect the junior Megan Black. eye of a cow.

Layout by Kayla Ferguson


UIL Competitions

t the Livingston Invitational Leslie Rojas, Jessica Muldrow, Dalmeet on February 2, the ton Cook, Trey McCarty, and Isaiah journalism team brought home first Telamintes are all apart of the team place. The team consists of Mandi which won first place for science. Stiles, Cara Strickhausen, Rosie Individual winners are Leslie Rojas Cruz, Alex Marroquin, and Mikayla winning first place, Jesssica MuldThomas. row in fourth, Dalton Cook in fifth, “We go to a ton of practice meets, Trey McCarty in seventh and Isaiah we read through the journalism Telamintes with tenth. manual and we take advice from our The Klein Forest Meet took place coaches,”. said Cara Strickhausen. on January 26. The journalism team “Alice Hoy is a great coach and the struck again as they won first place past competitors have inspired me to journalism team. In news writing do well,”.said Mandi Stiles. Mandi stiles won second place and “Practicing, you get more used to Jennifer Castro won sixth place. In it and Hoy’s edits help a lot,” said editorial writing Cara Strickhausen Mikayla Thomas. won first place and Jennifer Castro Headline writing: second place won fourth place. And for headline Rosie Cruz, first place Alex Marwriting Alex Marroquin won first roquin place while Mandi Stiles won third Feature writing: third place mikayla and Cara Strickhausen won fifth Thomas, second place Rosie Cruz, place. and first place Cara Strickhausen Social studies : fifth place Rene Novoa News writing: sixth place Mandi Stiles First place current issues and events team :Robert Cadotte, Emmanuel Wasson, and Joseph Fuseller Individual winners are Robert Cadotte, second place and Emmanu- Jacob Gonzalez and Ashley Lance were presemted with full-ride scholarships for el Wasson, sixth place their achievments in debate.

F u t u r e F a r m e r s of A m e r i c a


he Future Farmers of America (FFA) has stayed busy since the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) keeps getting closer and closer. On March 8, a group of FFA members will travel to the HLSR, for Tour Guide Day where they will take groups of kids and senior citizens around the livestock area to show them different types of animals that are usually seen at the rodeo while giving them facts about those animals as well. They will also be explaining to the children and senior citizens different types of agriculture businesses that help the HLSR become what it is. These businesses range

from cattle herding to horse riding. FFA will also be involved in the annual Career Development Events (CDE’s), which starts the week of February 11. Some of these CDE competitions are horse judging, landscape judging, livestock judging, wildlife, and farm business management. FFA members compete in these competitions every year and try to place first. Tons of other schools compete against Crosby so winning first is a big accomplishment. With all of these competitions and trip the FFA’s calendar is chocked full and will for the not only this month but next month too.


Pick up a newspaper application in room 714 Mrs.Courrege’s room

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Entertainment Cougarpolitan Page 10

February 2013

Beautiful Creatures easy to Zachary Alan folllow Reporter


eautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl is an amazing novel that all readers should pick up. The book explores the themes of fate versus free will, the supernatural, and love. Beautiful Creatures’ plot flows smoothly and proves easy to follow. In Beautiful Creatures, Ethan Wate, the novel’s main protagonist, is plagued with dreams of a mysterious girl after the death of his mother. His hometown of Gatlin, South Carolina begins to change when a strange girl, Lena Duchannes moves in with her notorious uncle, Macon Ravenwood who is known for never leaving the Ravenwood plantation. Lena is from a family of Casters, an alternative name for magicusers that due to a curse are claimed for either the Light or

Aaron Willams Assitant editor

such as Ethan Wate’s struggle to escape the social normative of high school life and the seemingly crazy and seductive Ridley Duchannes, and flowing story. I literally would read for intervals of five or six hours without taking breaks. Beautiful Creatures is full of relatable characters and the familiar setting of a small town in the South. Anyone who appreciates Civil War era history will love the historical fiction provided by the novel. I would recommend Beautiful Creatures to anyone looking for a wonderful novel to read. Beautiful Creatures is an amazing Book cover of Beautiful Creatures start to a beautiful series, the by: Kami Garcia and Margret Caster Chronicles. Thanks to Stohl the novel’s beautiful imagthe Light and help break the ery, awesome characters, and curse that plagues her family? amazing plot, I would rate Beau The novel took me tiful Creatures 5 out of 5 stars. on an amazing journey with its vivid characterization, the Dark on their 16 birthday. Will Lena go Dark and destroy everyone that she loves? Or will she be claimed for

Name of the game


ver wonder what it was like to gather a large group of ninjas on a battlefield, brawling to the death while taking on a gargantuan multi-tailed demon? Well, we hope you do now. Namco-Bandai and devel-

oper CyberConnect2 is releasing the next installment video game of the worldwide phenomenon: Naruto Shippuden. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 presents over seventy playable characters, enhanced fighting graphics, and massive scale boss battles. As like the previous Ultimate Ninja Storm games, the story line closely pertains to the most recent plot in the show. Namco-Bandai wants to appeal to the audience that has seen the story to be a part of the action, and wants to invite those who have yet to watch the series to understand what’s going on. Continuing on Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the story picks

up where Konoha is invaded by the Nine-Tailed DemonFox, eventually leading up to the Fourth Great Ninja War. Players will be able to witness hands on the events that led up to one of the most climatic

points in the Naruto franchise. Ultimate Ninja Storm will follow the same gameplay as the previous games with some slight tweaks. A new mode has been added where players can engage in sidescrolling missions. While keeping their free-roam stage battles, Namco-Bandai wanted to make the battles feel more realistic and gives the chance for the player to develop their skills rather than mash random buttons and win. The “Awakening Mode,” which gave players ultimate power when their health reached a certain level, can only be used once per battle now, stripping the player of the privilege to overpower

fighters and making it more of an achievement to turn the tables. As before, players will be able to select two fighters to assist them in battle, now granting them the ability to jump in and form combos with the player; the fighters’ new combo system came with a twist, and that’s the new health bar, which will deplete every time the support player is hit. The stages have now been drastically modified, giving players more of a feel of the environment as they revisit memorable areas. Gimmicks have been added to the battlefield, granting the capability of interacting with the environment; if players want to attack their opponent with a giant steel bar and let them fly through a building, they can now. The increased size of the stage grants the new battle feature of boss battles, where players have to fight giant demons using different tactics than normal one-onone combat; the boss battles correspond with the battles in the anime, so those familiar to the show should have a good idea on how to win, while newcomers can test their skills and see if they can win the fight their own way. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is available for PS3 and Xbox 360 March 5, and is anticipated for a rated T rating for teens.

Fabulously fascinating Kristen Hoover Reporter


ushy, Gushy, Touchy, Feely, Lovey, Dovey. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day. The day full of love, hearts, kisses, and for some misses. Not everyone gets to have the revolting luxury of having a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. For some of us, we spend the day around our other loved one, like friends and family. Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about the “love” everyone associates with it. Love comes in many forms. You can love your pet, you should love your family, and we all love our friends.


o instead of spending all that money on your boo and making elaborate plans for a “romantic” night, makes plans to hang out with your girls, or guys and just chill. Have a karaoke night, watch movies, play games, eat whatever you want and, of course, indulge in plenty of chocolate. I know chocolate isn’t that all Valentine’s Day stuff, sure, but if the day is going to be here, you might as well take advantage of what it has to offer. So take this day of love and spend it having fun and with people you will be around for a while.

Blasting the Beat

Kenneth Rucker Reporter


hen done right, a great love song has the power to make you feel as if you are in the throws of an epic, earth-shattering, everlasting love. Like the auditory equivalent of kissing in the rain or an intimate candle-lit dinner, these romantic ballads will make you want nothing more than to fall in love. 1. Marvin Gaye- Let's Get It On 2. Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender 3. Bette Midler -The Rose 4. Dido - Thank You 5. Extreme - More Than Words 6. The Beatles - It's Only Love 7. Sarah Mclachlan - Building A Mystery 8. Al Green - Let's Stay Together 9. Barry White - You're The First, The Last, My Everything 10. Jackson 5 - I'll Be There 11. Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U 12. Sonny And Cher - I Got You Babe 13. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game 14. Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight 15. Journey - Faithfully 16. The Beatles - And I Love Her 17. Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me 18. Wham - Careless Whisper 19. Carpenters - Superstar 20. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

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Cougarpolitan February 2013



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1.Why did you join the Swim Team? “I love to swim and it is my favorite hobby. 2.Do you like swimming? “No, I love it.” 3.Have you placed in any competitions? “Yes, we placed 22nd out of 136 on our 200 Freestyle relay.” 4.What is your best time? “My best time is 1:10:05 on my 100 Individual Freestyle.” 5.Do you plan on going to college with a college with a scholarship for swimming? “No, I plan on being a marine biologist.” 6.Have you been on the swim team before? “No, this is my first year and I plan on joining again next year.” -Luis Ibarra

1.Why did you decide to join powerlifting? “Because not everybody can do it.” 2.Have you placed in any competitions? “Yes, I recently tied for first.” 3.Do you enjoy going to the meets? “Yes, I enjoy seeing other peoples strength.” 4.Does this give you a sense of pride or joy? “Yes It gives me pride.” 5.Do you plan on continuing this through high school? “I’d love to.” - Tremonte Greene


1.What made you want to join the tennis team? “Well, when I was younger (9) I started playing for fun.” 2.How long have you played? “I’ve played for years! (Ever since I’ve seen Serena play.)” 3.Do you plan on playing professionally? “Of course!” 4.How is the Tennis team doing in the tournaments? “They’re actually doing pretty good.” 5.Do you think the team can make it to nationals? “Personally, if they’re more dedicated to it and they have a love for tennis, then yes!” -Faizon Matthews 1.What college did you get scholarships from? And for what sport? “I got scholarships from Midwestern State, Henderson State, and McPherson for football.” 2.What college did you choose? Why? “I chose Henderson State because their football team has a nice program and I know many people that have graduated from there and they told me it’s a great college and it would be excellent for me.” 3.Are you excited about this opportunity? “Yes, I feel like it will be a great opportunity to get to meet new people and to be own my own in a different state.” 4.Do you plan on making this sport your career? “If I’m good enough to, I would love to go Pro.” 5.Will you miss being in Crosby with your friends? “Yes, we have a bunch of memories on and off the field that will stick with me forever.” 6.What do you plan on doing after college? “I would like to have my degree in Journalism and to be an anchorman on ESPN.” -Justin Walter



1.Why did you join the Swim Team? “It just looked like fun.” 2.Do you like swimming? “Yes, it’s a lot of fun.” 3.Have you placed in any competitions? “No, we started late so I’m slower than everyone.” 4.What is your best time? “1:32 on my 100 Breaststroke.” 5.Do you plan on going to college with a college with a scholarship for swimming? “If I could get one, yes.” 6.Have you been on the swim team before? “No, this is my 1st year.” -Darrian Paige


1. What position do you play? “I play all five positions, mainly Small Forward.” 2. Is this the position you prefer? “Not really, I want to be a point guard. I like setting up my teammates.” 3. Do you ever shoot baskets? “On rare occasions I do. I mainly pass a lot.” 4. Have you ever made the game winning shot? “No, but I’ve hit very important clutch shots.” 5. Do you plan on making basketball your career? “Of course, what kind of question is that?” 6. Would you like a scholarship for basketball? If so, where? “Yes I would. Either Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas State, or Oklahoma State University.” -Ben Deffenbaugh

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February 2013 Quiz answers •

Page 12

Mostly A’s: Slow down before you hurt someone! Hate to break it to you, but you are stuck in the “lust” stage and not getting anywhere close to “love.” Unless you can calm down and learn to behave like a normal human being when it comes to this guy, your relationship is headed for disaster. Mostly B’s: You definitely haven’t hit the “love” point, but with a few key changes in your relationship you have a shot at it. Try talking more and making out less. If you can handle a deeper relationship, you could really turn your relationship into something long-term, but it will take some work. Mostly C’s: You probably don’t need to hear it from me, but I think you’re in love! Congratulations! If the two of you keep your relationship moving in such a positive direction you can really enjoy some lasting happiness in your life. Just remember that love doesn’t solve everything, you still have to work at it. But, if you wake up every day and remember why it is that you love him so much then you will enjoy an even stronger relationship down the road than you have today. Mostly D’s: Why did you even take this quiz? Come back and try again when you are only dating one guy...

Mayde Creek team powerlifting team: Tremontae Green- 4 in region, Matthew Riddick- 4 in region, Grant Narcisse- 3 in region, Kyle Leal- 4 in region, Chase Nix- 11 in region, Benji Meche- 5 in region, Joshua Opiela- 12 in region, Aaron Davis, Austin Walter, Val Hernandex, Andrew Hackett, and Angel Galvan

Tristen Cotton going for a lay-up at the Crosby vs. Summer Creek game.

Cougar Stars preform at the Houston Rockets half time show.

Cade Thompson’s gold medal art work for the rodeo art show.

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Darrian Manuel signed with Texas Lutheran University, Justin Wlater signed with Henderson State, and Shaquan Matthews signed with Navarro Jr College.

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Valentine's Day