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March-April 2013

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Pope Francis takes over

Anita Stuebe Reporter he Pope has ignored a rubric on some particular occasion. On Holy Thursday, the pope washed a woman’s feet. “Pope washes feet of young Muslim woman prisoner in unprecedented twist on Maundy Thursday,” reported the Telegraph the following day. “Pope Francis continued his gleeful abandonment of tradition,” On Thursday, March 14, Pope Francis began his role as the new leader of the Catholic Church. The first Latin American and the first Jesuit to become Pope in the church’s 2,000-year history, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is believed to have been the runner-up when Pope Benedict XVI was chosen in 2005. The new Pope brings together the first and the developing worlds. Latin America is home to 480 million Catholics. The Argentine priest has spent most of his time in his native


Josh Akins Reporter


March-April 2013

country, where he has been outspoken about poverty as well as leading unsuccessful campaigns against the Government’s efforts to legalize gay marriage and promote free contraception. Pope Francis’s age came as a surprise to some Catholics. At 76, he is just one year younger than his predecessor was when elected, and he has only one lung, the other having been removed due to an infection when he was a young man. However, he is said to be in good health, no doubt in part due to the simple life he has led, cooking his own meals and shunning palatial church mansions for a small, plain apartment heated by a tiny stove. His unflashy, low-profile style has endeared him to the people of Buenos Aires, where he has been archbishop since 1998, and he is known simply as “Father Jorge” by many in the city. “I think it’s cool

that there is a new pope, but I don’t know how he’ll be since he is from a different country as the other popes,” said freshman, Krista Fails. The 115 cardinals gathered at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to pick Pope Benedict XVI’s replacement. Benedict, aged 85, was the first in six centuries to step down as pope. In his statement, Pope Benedict, who turns 86 in April, said he had come to the certainty “that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.” Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said Pope Benedict had the right and potentially the duty to resign. “It’s a good idea to have a Pope from the America’s who’s better connected to the modern world.” said sophomore Kelsey Fuchs. Cardinals delivered more than 150-speech-

es in 10 pre-conclave meet- build a sand castle and it all ings known as congregations. then falls down,” said Pope There was much to discuss, Francis. As pope, he will from scandals involving have plenty to deal with. He sexual abuse allegations of takes the helm of a Roman money laundering by the Vati- Catholic Church that has been can bank. This year’s dean rocked in recent years by alof cardinals, Angelo Sodano, legations of inappropriateled the final Mass before the ness, and claims of corruption. conclave but, at age 85, was too old to participate in the voting itself. The lack of a clear front-runner to occupy St.Peters chair created an air of unpredictability that disconcerted veterans, pundits and the catholic faithful. American cardinals, 11 of whom voted in the conclave, had an unusually forceful role in shaping the preconclave debate over what kind of pope should lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. “When we don’t walk, we are stuck. When we don’t build on the rock, A cartoon illustration of Pope Francis what happens? It’s what hap- from pens to children when they

allowed to give out to college seeking students, and now students are having to pay almost double the amount they were going to originally pay, but they don’t have the money needed to pay and either have to look

into other less expensive colleges or if they are extremely low on money, lose the opportunity to go to college at all. This scenario has happened to many high school students and with the government sequestration (or government shut down) it is very likely to happen to more students to come. Between March 1 and September 30, 2013 this sequestration is going to require approximately $85 billion in spending cuts and in the next year they are supposed to rise to an even greater amount. Some people living in this government issue are more defenseless than others. Some families who are dependent on government programs like food stamps or, like in the example, financial aid for college are going to be more largely affected than other families who aren’t dependent on those money supplying programs given to us by the government. “I don’t think it is fair that the government is taking out funding from these helpful government programs. There are a ton of people who need the help that is given to them from these governmental programs,” says junior, Katrena Johnston. “People will start losing jobs and there will too many people that are badly affected from these money cuts.” On Wednesday, April

10, according to the Washington Post Online, Barrack Obama revealed a ten year budget blueprint that is calling for approximately $250 billion in spending on jobs, an expansion on pre-school education, nearly $800 billion in new taxes, which includes an extra 94 cents on cigarette packs. Obama’s spending plan is also cutting $1 trillion from programs. For the first time these cuts will include Social Security. Also these cuts will affect programs across the federal government. Obama is trying to persuade congressional Republicans to help him finish the job of debt reduction that was started about two years ago. Obama said his new budget is replacing “the foolish across-the-board spending cuts” also known as the sequester that is “already hurting our economy.” His plan will reduce the deficit and make necessary investments “because we can do both,” he said. “We can grow our economy, and shrink our deficits.” The sequestration is also affecting the CPI. The CPI stands for consumer price index, a formula that looks at how the prices of stuff we need (food, for example) change over time. It’s used to make cost-of-living adjustments in programs such as Social Security, veteran’s benefits and

Gov’t sequestration explained

hink about getting ready for college and the majority of the college bill is getting paid by some source of financial aid, then the government cuts down the amount of money that that financial aid is Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor News Editor Feature Editors

Copy Editors Courtney Bonds Anita Stuebe Buisness Manager Kristen Hoover Photographers Devan Anderson, Josh Akins, Courtney Bonds

Editorial Artist Sam Nuzum

Reporters Aaron Williams, Kenneth Rucker, Sheree Fails, Casey Johns, Zachary Leonard, Anita Stuebe, Devan Anderson, Kristen Hoover, Josh Akins, Sam Corral, Cristian Garza, Courtney Bonds, Kayla Ferguson



Jessica Curtis Aaron Williams Courtney Bonds Anita Stuebe Josh Akins Editorial Editor Kayla Ferguson Sports Editor Devan Anderson Enter. Editor Casey Johns

Principal Greg Bower Adviser Michelle Courrege

food stamps. The chained CPI is a twist on that: It measures living costs differently because it assumes that when prices for one thing go up, people sometimes settle for cheaper substitutes (if beef prices go up, for example, they’ll buy more chicken and less beef). Cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) would be lower with the chained CPI than with the plain old CPI. So depending on which formula is used, the amount of your Social Security payments could change over time. The COLA for this year was 1.7 percent. If someone’s monthly Social Security check was $1,250 last year, it increased to $1,271.25 this year. With the chained CPI, you would be getting $1,267.50 — or $3.75 less a month and $45 less a year. Again, that might not seem like a big reduction, but if the COLA is the same next year, the difference increases to $7.61 a month and $91.32 for the year. So the new chained CPI is actually helping citizens. The sequestration does have some negatives but it also helps citizens in some ways. Over 90 percent of the American population says that the sequestration is a bad thing for America but in many ways its helping a lot of people. Layout by Courtney Bonds


Cougarpolitan March-April 2013

New breast cancer

Sam Nuzum Reporter er sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer- again. After a mastectomy, removal of the breast, she has been cancer free for 17 years. Now, doctors say that she has stage four breast cancer which has spread to her lungs, lymph nodes, and spine. Three weeks later, she is in a hospice with a tube in her lungs to drain fluid, a catheter to relieve her body of urine, oxygen to help her breathe, and morphine to relieve the pain. She died after a week in hospice. Hope like Kadcyla could have saved


her life if she had not been too weak and her cancer had not been so far along. Mary Susan Edwards, sister of journalism teacher Michelle Courrege, should have had this hope. Her family prayed for the hope known as Kadcyla.



breast cancer cells by seeking HER2 breast cancer cells and killing them. Kadcyla was tested on 991 breast cancer patients and helped them live up to 30 months longer than expected.

patients tolerate these effects.

ing says Medical News Today. “My mother had stage two but has survived,” said senior Samantha Corral. Even though some patients may survive breast cancer, Kadcyla is helpful. I think it’s good because it gives them more time to be with their loved ones.” This medicine does make a difference and give hope for patients and their families who are informed about the cancer in the earlier stages and who are still strong enough to withstand the side effects.

students to do their best and praising their achievements. With the TED prize money, Mitra intends to construct a laboratory, where he can experiment the supplement of schoolwork. He refers to it as a “safe cybercafé for children” where children can improve their education. Mitra said he doesn’t think teachers are obsolete but their roles may be changing as students increasingly have access to self-learning through computers. He argues that his self-organized teams may be an alternative to regular schools in places where teachers may not be available. Traditional education stresses tests and punishments; Mitra says this causes the brain to shut down its rational process and surrender to fear. Adopting the grandparent method and showering children with admiration, is the “opposite of the parent method.”

Medical chemists and researchers have found another medicine to help reduce the HER2 cancer cells in breast cancer patients. This medicine is known as Kadcyla. Kadcyla is an infusion that uses Herceptin, which is a medication that halts the growth of

Even though Kadcyla gives the benefit of a longer life with breast cancer and a chance to get rid of it, it also has its disadvantages. Kadcyla causes the patients to experience fatigue, have a lower blood count, lower potassium, and neuropathy (where nerves don’t work properly), but most

Since Kadcyla was tested and successful the FDA has approved the use of treatment all around the United States says CNN News. Now that Kadcyla has been placed on the market, it’s very safe to say that there is more hope. Kadcyla can target HER2 breast cancer cells in the metastatic stage (late stage) but the best time to get the Kadcyla treatment is in the early stage. Kadcyla can still help in the metastatic stage to prevent the breast cancer from spread-

sive conferences that prepare business and political leaders. Mitra is a professor of educational technology at Newcastle University. He received the prize for his concept “self-organizing learning environments.” Mitra’s alternative to traditional schooling relies on enabling students to work together with computers along with broadband access to solve their own problems, instead the adults intervene to provide encouragement, rather than instruction. Mitra’s work alongside students in India has received attention and talk on his “hole in the wall” experiment, showing the possibilities of computers in learning rather than adult intervention. He was introduced to education as a physicist; Mitra said he was inspired by his boss to take up reaching others to write computer programs.

When Mitra bought his first personal computer his 6-yearold son was able to guide him in fixing problems he was having while operating the computer. Children living in poverty stricken New Delhi, he said, “It can’t be possible that our sons are geniuses and they are not.” Mitra conducted an experiment beside a bank ATM where he let children use a publicly accessible computer. They learned to browse the internet in English, although they were not fluent in the language. To prove the experiment would work in an isolated environment, he set up another computer in a village 300 miles away, “one of the kids was saying we need a faster processor and a better mouse.” James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, came to see the experiment and after spending time with the

children asked, ‘How much?’ Mitra was granted $1.5 million to further his research in India, Cambodia and Africa. Mitra claims the education typically considered is based on the necessities created by Britain’s colonial empire which required people writing things on paper and sending them around the world on ships. Schools taught students, who served as changeable parts in a bureaucracy where the skills of reading, writing and arithemtic were the key to success. Mitra argues that today’s world needs a new system in which the role of computers in education is essential. Mitra has recruited hundreds of volunteers from the United Kingdom, to help speed the learning process, many of them retired teachers who function more like “grandparents” than instructors, encouraging

EDUCATION: school without teachers

Jessica Curtis Editor hat if everything you knew about education was wrong? What if students learn more on their own than in a classroom with a teacher? What if the tests given and the discipline used actually get in the way of the learning process rather than accelerating it? Sugata Mitra has been asking these questions since the 1990’s. Mitra was awarded a $1 million TED Prize on the first day of the TED 2013 conference. The TED Prize announcement came at the end of an education oriented first day of the TED 2013 conference. The conference was attended by 1,400 people from 50 countries. The TED conference is a conference on technology, entertainment and design that started in the 1980’s. It has grown into a widespread nonprofit organization that holds expen-


drug gives

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Hugo Chavez dies after reforming Venezuela

Zachary Leonard Reporter


ugo Chavez, who died of a massive heart attack on March 5, was viewed as a hero by the lower-class citizens of Venezuela and as a bad man by American politicians. Chavez passes reforms that improved the economy of his country and refused to do business with the United States. Under the leadership of Chavez, reforms were made that lowered the unemployment rate from 15 percent in 1999 to eight percent in 2012 and poverty from 23 percent in 1999, to nine percent in 2011, according to official

government figures. While good things have happened in Venezuela under Chavez, the murder rate has risen to 45 intentional homicides per one hundred thousand people in 2011 from the previous twenty-five intentional homicides just 12 years earlier. Because of the massive amount of oil produced by Venezuela, the US was interested in trade with the Latin American country but since the American involvement of the 2002 coup to overthrow the Venezuelan government, Chavez has “made a career”

out of US-bashing. Chavez has since, until his death, allied himself with Iran and Syria. “I do not believe he was a threat to the US. He did force the US to re-evaluate their approach to Venezuela and the rest of South America to some extent,” said Dr.Sarah Flournoy, World History teacher. Who succeeds Hugo Chavez, and if he or she shares Chavez’s views on America, could possibly mean a new trading partners for the US which would result in more oil imports.

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Cougarpolitan March-April 2013

Page 4

Layout by Anita Stuebe

SecreT Crowds

America handles reality too sweetly Casey Johns

“E Reporter

veryone is a winner,” said the YMCA website, which is helpful to a young kid’s confidence, but it isn’t necessarily true in the reality aspect of their upcoming adult life. It’s not just kid programs becoming too “sweet”, research from the university of Bristol studied the difference between media and literature in England and America, “The use of words in books and media with more emotional content has steadily decreased in England but increased in the USA throughout the last century.” “More kids are babied and taught reality isn’t as hard as they perceived,” said junior, Tori Warbritton. Scholars and researchers argue whether the media plays a big impact on the children’s emotional development. At a young age, children notice the basic emotions such as happy, sad, mad, and fear

mostly from what they have experienced rather than from a TV show. As the children reach the age of eight, they are more likely to recall emotions portrayed in television programs. The http://futureofchildren. org article based on emotional development said, “One early study found that regular viewing of Sesame Street helped preschoolers learn to recognize emotions and emotional situations, though the preschoolers learned more about traditional school-based content than they did about emotional content.” Although media plays a big role in today’s society, “There isn’t a difference between now and then, we still act and are treated the same as other centuries past,” said sophomore, Marquelle Broussard. The biggest impact to a child’s development is the family involvement. “Family interaction seems to be the most important influence

in a child’s emotional development,” says an article discussing genetics and growth. An elementary school recently put an end to its traditional end of year school ceremony’s that rewarded students based on their academic, athletic, and honor roll achievements. Carol Dweck mentions in her book Mindset, “If we praise students for “being smart” or “being athletic”, research says that we create students who are afraid to take risks and usually shy away from challenges.” “I think both, kids are being taught nonrealistic expectations and then again we are teaching them the techniques they will need to mature with,” said sophomore, Cierra Ponce. When schools stop singling out the students who surpass standards, then where is the drive for those students to continue to succeed.

lete, and a hero, but for others this was a sad time because he had given them hope. Do athletes today think they are above the law or above people in general? These Superstar athletes are placed so high in social status that they may think they can do whatever they want. In March of 2013, Tiger Woods released an ad sponsored by Nike “Winning takes care of everything.” This ad has stirred controversy. In the past Woods admitted to being a sex addict and cheating on his wife at least 120 times according to the Huffington Post. People presume Woods is referring to his past and stating that just because he wins it erases his faults. . Dennis Rodman one of the highest ranked defensive players of all time, has an ego that makes some fans think he is obnoxious. Rodman recently went to North Korea and had a good time with Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un. Un is an U.S. enemy who recently put out an official threat to bomb this country. Athletes are thinking they are better than most by excelling at a sport. But the fans should also be held accountable for giving these athletes their egos. Constantly rushing these athletes

and begging them for their acknowledgement will give them that kind of attitude. So are athletes to blame for their attitude or are the fans? The majority of adults don’t worship these athletes because they know the bad things they have done. Children aren’t that advanced mentally, therefore they look up to these people because they are winners. “I thought they were good people but we are humans trying to believe people can do super human things,” said sophomore, Axel Andrews. Headlines scream when athletes are caught misbehaving: Barry Bonds

Athletes winning mean children losing

Cristian Garza Reporter


ne-point-one percent of all athletes take anabolic steroids according to Russel Meldrum from TheSportJournal. This may seem like a small number but only two percent of athletes make it to the professional level. Drugs are not the only thing athletes do to disobey the law. The athletes are praised even though they are not law abiding citizens. According to Kristen Sewell from the Santa Maria Sun, “No one is above the law, or at least no one should be. I don’t care if you can hit a ball 400 feet - that doesn’t give you license to go out and drive recklessly any more than I should be able to drink four shots of booze and get into a car.” “I do not agree with taking performance enhancing drugs, but why convey them to be a bad people; they still inspired many people as well as me whether they were on drugs or not,” said freshman, Angel Galvan. Lance Armstrong admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs in all of his Tour De France victories from 1999-2005, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. To some fans it still doesn’t change their view of Lance Armstrong: he is still a cancer survivor, ath-

Convicted in Steroids Case, Sammy Sosa Tested Positive for Steroids In 2003

Winning is what athletes care about. Winning suggests that you are a champion and these athletes are rewarded more for it. Kids grow up thinking they are compelled to be a winner like Barry Bonds with his 762 home runs. Will they have the knowledge that he used drugs to achieve that, or will they want to use these drugs because it makes him win? Cheating by an athlete is still cheating no matter how much success is earned by it.

Kenneth Rucker



n the last century, numerous ships, small boats and aircrafts have purportedly vanished within the infamous Bermuda Triangle, or as some call it “The Devil’s Triangle”. The boundaries of the triangle cover the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean island area, the Atlantic east to the Azores. Dating back to the voyages of Christopher Columbus, he had logged about bizarre compass bearings in the area. The region got its name w h e n Vi n c e n t Gaddis coined the term ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in a cover story for Argosy magaz i n e about the disappearance of Flight 1 9 . While the area is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world many theorists have tried to explain unusual disappearances which have occurred in its borders.

Time Vortex

Albert Einstein postulated that a curvature of space would cause even light to bend through it. Some theorists believe that “Time’”, as a force of nature, can also get warped based on your location. The Bermuda Triangle is thus one location on earth where the fabric of time is so thin that travelers can slip through it and emerge on the other side of a completely different time. This theory was solidified in 1970 when Floridian pilot Brue Gernon Jr., his father and friend Chuck Lafayette were flying toward Bimini Island in the Bahamas and noticed a strange elliptical cloud, which he later called Electronic Fog hovering only about 500 feet above the ocean.

Here is an excerpt of his story: “Upon entering the cloud we witnessed an uncanny spectacle. It became dark and black, without rain, and visibility was about four or five miles. There were no lightning bolts, only extraordinarily bright white flashes that would illuminate the entire surrounding area. The deeper we penetrated, the more intense the flashes became, so we made a 135-degree turn to the left and headed due south out of the cloud. [...] The remarkable thing is that we did not come out of the storm 90 miles away from Miami as we should have. . . .We had traveled through 100 miles of space and 30 minutes of time in a little more than three minutes.”


The existence of a mysterious third dimension created by unknown beings has been speculated by some Bermuda Triangle theorists. UFO enthusiasts argue that the Triangle is a ‘Star Gate’ that extraterrestrials use for inter-galactic travel. Many were led to believe that Flight 19 may have been swept in to this UFO portal. The weather that day was clear and the flight was supervised by an experienced pilot (Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor). All of a sudden, Taylor made a radio call saying: “We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are, the water is green, no white”. It was also said that the Navy board of inquiry stated the planes “flew off to Mars”. Now, these theories aren’t proven. These are just theories that people have stated to try and explain the phenomenon that is the “Bermuda Triangle”.


Cougarpolitan March-April 2013

Social Media Threatens

Kayla Ferguson Reporter Eighteen year old, Nina, was thrown into the world of human trafficking by simply accepting a friend request from a man she didn’t know. The man promised her a better life, but when it was time to meet faceto-face, things quickly turned sour. The man Nina had been talking to was not the sweet boy she thought he was. When he picked her up from her home, she was dropped off on a corner where women tried to solicit customers, scared for her life. This was all because of her decision to speak to a man she didn’t know, online. Teenagers are relying on social media websites, such as Facebook, to keep connected with friends and family. Though, many don’t know the dangers they may also face. Anytime someone accepts an online friend request there is a risk of being conned into something or personal information being released. There is also the risk of talking to someone online who isn’t exactly who they say they are. Pre-calculus teacher, Ethan Mooney, explains, “While social media can be used in many constructive ways, teenagers often use such sites in unfortunate ways. They do not understand the permanence of their actions or the difference between talking to a friend and posting information for hundreds of ‘friends’ to see.” In extreme cases, teenage girls have been con-

vinced into meeting up with men they spoke to through social networking sites. At this point the girls’ voluntary participation became irrelevant and the men they met would put them on the streets to sell their bodies. The men they met online were nothing less than human traffickers. Obviously, cases this extreme aren’t commonly seen, though, there are often times when people aren’t who they say they are and teenagers are very much at risk because of this. A question commonly asked by parents is: how can we protect our children from this? World Geography teacher, Sandra Thomas said it is all about parent involvement. As a parent herself, “Privacy is expensive! You can have it when you pay your own bills… Until then, whatever is yours is mine!” Chemistry teacher, Chantae McKeller believes in a different approach. She explained, “Talk to your kids about the risks. Explain to them that online conversations and images last forever.” Though, there are benefits of social media, like having a quick easy way to communicate with family and friends, teenagers are often unknowing of the dangers presented. Know the risks, take precautions to keep safe and, keep from releasing personal information.

Houston Color Run


he Houston color run was a 5k race around Minute Maid Park that was a colorful way to donate to the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. The event took place on Sunday, March 24 and was open to people of all ages and speeds. When asked about the experience, Crosby senior, Charlotte Underwood shared, “There were so many people in outrageous costumes and it made me wish I had dressed up.”

The run was set up so that at each station, colored powder was thrown on the runners and was described as “a lot of fun and very colorful,” by junior Karlee Steadman. At the end, the racers were completely coated in bright colors. The race was sponsored by Expedition Balance, a charity that is committed to helping combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Junior Anna Hall

“Charolette Underwood, Anna Hall, and Aaron Williams”

“Junior, Anna Hall”

Porkchop’s Josh Akins Reporter



pring is here and so is its infestation of pollen, but that isn’t the only thing it’s bringing. Easter has just passed and it is the most popular spring holiday on the calendar and everyone, including me, is getting prepared. The two things that come to my mind when I think of Easter are obviously the Easter Bunny and then Easter eggs! Boiled eggs, deviled eggs, and plastic eggs that hold the candies and money: all types of eggs that play a huge part in the Easter holiday. So that’s what this issue of Porkchop’s Cuisine is going to be about: a couple types of egg dishes that can be easily made and served. The first dish will be deviled eggs, one of the most popular dishes you can make with eggs. The first step is to boil the eggs; a good amount of eggs to use is about ten to fifteen eggs. Next once they are boiled you need to de-shell the eggs. Afterward cut the eggs in half long ways and take out the yolk. Leaving the eggs to the side, mix the

Kayla Ferguson Reporter had a personal experience with this disorder and explained, “Me and my big sister went because our father has PTSD and we know what the war veterans are going through.” The money donated by the Color Run helps by providing veterans a relaxing environment with other veterans, a proper diet, and distracting activities. The charity supports a more natural way of coping instead of the traditional clinical environment.

yolk with some mustard and some relish. The amount of mustard and relish you use just depends on how strong you want them to be. It’s usually best to add a little of each at a time and taste it as you go until you get it to how you like it. After mixing the yolk and other ingredients put a spoonful inside of the mixture into the whole in each egg slice. And then you are ready to serve. “These deviled eggs sound delicious,” says junior, Brandon Knight. “I absolutely love deviled eggs. They are one of my favorite parts of the Easter holiday. Another egg dish that I love is a bacon and cheese omelet. If I ever have the time in the mornings I love cooking one up for a nice breakfast meal.” I agree with Brandon. I love all types of omelets but cheese and egg omelets are my favorite and I love cooking them for my family and I. The easiest ways to make an omelet is beat two or three eggs together and add a little salt or pepper to the mixture.

Sam Corral Reporter


Page 5

Pour the mix in a pan and let it cook thoroughly on one side. Add the bacon pieces and shredded cheese to the up side of the egg and then flip the egg in half. Once the egg has stayed in the folded form it is finished and ready to be eaten. “Omelets are amazing. I prefer syrup on mine but bacon and cheese is just as good,” says Dustin Leeds. “They are my favorite thing to eat for breakfast especially if there are waffles on the side.” I like the way Dustin thinks. I really like syrup on my eggs because it makes them ten times better in my opinion. Eggs for breakfast are not only delicious but if they are prepared right they are good for you too. Whether there is a side of waffles of just a couple fried eggs by themselves they are my favorite type of breakfast dish. “Both of these dishes sound absolutely delicious,” says Junior, Megan Blackburn. “I love eggs, especially when in the form of omelets.”

Extending FM 2100

student wakes up to see that the sun is up and rushes to get dressed hoping to beat the morning traffic and make it to school on time. Before she reaches the door she stops in realization that there is no longer traffic anymore because yesterday there were five lanes instead of two, there was less traffic and she actually got to school early! Now that we have five lanes some students and teachers are finding it easier to get to school on time or even earlier. “The traffic isn’t as congested and there aren’t as many accidents that I’ve heard of,” says senior, Brianna Stewart. There are fewer accidents because there is no longer a two lane merge and everyone thinks it’s their turn to go, and then it just turns into a big mess. Now the traffic flows better than before, thus creating fewer accidents than before.

However some people still think that the traffic is just as bad as before. “I think that the construction is slow and unnecessary,” says senior, Khea Roberts. Students may still think this because of the construction of the overpass is still going on and the workers make people stop therefore creating traffic for others. Overall students still think that five lanes make it better to make it to school on time. “Now it takes ten minutes to get to school, I can sleep in an extra twenty minutes!” says senior, Jayme Burris. And everyone likes to get an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning! So whether you like to sleep in, not get in a car accident, or just like not being in traffic jams the new 2100 will help all.

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orge J d ro an nature e t n a Mo njoying l r a K rk e a p the


Kristen Hoover Reporter


t’s that time of year again, where students are getting ready for exams; like TAKS, SAT, ACT, STARR, and finals. It is also that time of year where students tend to get pre-summer laziness. Well in order to keep your head in the game I have a few tips on now to keep those good study habits up. “Do what teachers are asking you to do. If you are struggling with a certain subject, practice for that. For SAT and ACT you can go online and take the FREE practice test. And also for STARR testers there is some online review and practices you can do,”

said counselor, Amy Leos.


ome websites you can visit to do these free practices are (SAT and ACT) and (STARR). And for you TAKS takers make sure to pay attention! Teachers have either started or are about to start TAKS review, so if you actually listen you will be able to pick up on material that you may otherwise have missed.


very day counts. Do your very best, in every class, every day. You never know what item you will learn that day that may be meaningful or profound later on. I have learned that it will be beneficial, and that it helped me to do something that I would not have been able to do otherwise,” said, librarian, Loretta Moore.

So get your friends together, buy some pizza, put on some music, and get to studying. Finals, TAKS, STARR, and several other tests are right around the corner; make sure not to start slacking off now.

azo Coll


Jes s Aw ica C u Ma ay To r tis a ur” rch t hel 17 d


March-April 2013

Page 7


Casey Johns and Zachary Alan Collaborative Reporters

Spring fashion for 2013 has definitely taken a surprising turn. the at “Cow boy the Rel R ian ides tC ent er Sheree Fails Reporter


nstead of the floral prints and bright colors that were featured last spring, this year’s spring showcases 1960’s minimalism.


imple, kneelength dresses are a feature of 2013 fashion. Basic colors such as black, white,

and peach are prominent colors this year.


ollars are becoming less prominent on dresses along with smaller heels.


orizontal stripes are a pattern that is seeing more attention this year.


The sun

is hot on your tanning skin. Through your sunglasses you see the huge waves and the seagulls on the beach. You drink a cold can of sprite and live life with your tan fit body, loving summer life as the seagulls squawk. Then the bell rings as reality pops in your head; you realize that summer is only months away. So to make your dream of having a fit body here are some steps that you can do daily according to

Front Lift • Stand with feet shoulderwidth apart, arms at your sides. • Lift arms overhead, palms facing in, lifting right leg from the hip until it’s parallel to the ground. • Hold for 2 counts, then drop right foot into a front lunge.

Front Lunge

Leg Pull/Push Up

Kneeling One Up SideKick

• As you lower into the lunge, bring both arms out to your sides at shoulder height. • Hold for 2 counts, then rise and return to standing, bringing legs and arms back to starting position. •Alternate 20 reps (10 per leg) with control.

•Come to full pushup position with hands under shoulders and draw abdominals in toward spine. •Lift left leg to hip height (point toes) or slightly higher. Lift and lower left leg 5 times. •Repeat leg lifts on right side. •Extend left leg, bend elbows, and slowly lower chest 4 inches toward the ground; straighten arms. • Do 5 push-ups with left leg lifted, then lower. •Do 5 more push-ups

•Come to hands and knees with palms directly under shoulders and extend left leg behind you to hip height. •Grasp a 2-pound dumbbell in right hand (optional) and lift right arm out to the side to shoulder level. •Keeping hips, head, and arms stable, kick left leg out to the side as far as you can without rocking or using momentum. •Hold for 2 counts. •Return leg to starting position (keep arm lifted) and repeat 10 times; switch sides

with right leg lifted.

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Pennies: M Page 8

cant amount of money, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re worthless. Jardin Zinc Products in Greenville, Tennessee are the only company in the United States that benefits from the production of pennies. “Pennies are nearly completely useless, “I think the pennies should be discontinued since it’s wasting so much money,” said sophomore, Matthew Troppy . Because of inflation, in 1972 a penny was worth what a nickel is today, and our economy functioned just fine without having a coin that was worth 1/5th of a nickel. The United States has eliminated a small denomination coin in the past with relatively little trouble. In 1857, the Mint stopped making the Half-Cent coin, partly because the cost of making it had exceeded its face value, and partly because it was considered to be so small a denomination that it was no longer needed.

Back in 1857, the Half-Cent had purchasing power that would translate to well over ten cents today, so in some ways it was akin to our eliminating the dime. Yet, commerce continued with-

nations have completely eliminated their most minor denominations with almost no impact on commerce or consumer confidence in the monetary system. New Zealand got rid of its penny and coins without “Pennies are near- two-penny incident back in 1989, and ly completely use- in 1991 replaced their two lowest paper denominaless, “I think the tions with coins. In 2006, Zealand eliminated pennies should New the nickel, and while they be discontinued were at it, they significantly down the rest of the since it’s wasting shrunk coins. All of this numismatso much money,” ic change took place without any major problems. said sophomore, “Things will change; Matthew Troppy . reforms of our currency, and product pricing that would take place would out any major hiccups, de- be good for our economy. spite the fact that the penny No more 99 cent stores,” coin suddenly shrunk from said junior, Max Lovell. a hefty, one-inch-plus in di- History has shown ameter chunk of copper that us that updating the monweighed almost 11 grams, etary supply in countries to a penny that was less than where the currency is very half the weight and 40 per- stable has had little, if cent smaller than the pre- any, negative effect on the vious coin. Many foreign economy, or on people’s teachers have a hard time his seems to be a reoc- relaying the message,”



is a new curriculum instituted for STARR test takers, but even though juniors and seniors do not take the STARR we are used as guinea pigs. It is used to cover more material in a shorter amount of time. It also is used to give more information to the students to hopefully improve scores on state mandated test. The CSCOPE curriculum is geared to help freshman and sophomores to get better scores on STARR test, not for juniors and seniors who do not take the STARR test. With juniors taking the last round of TAKS this year, in any regular class we have to use multiple sets of books in order to have the correct material for TAKS. “It’s really

mundane and treats the state mandated test like our future. If the school has to buy a curriculum, why pick the most bland and least useful to our future? It doesn’t allow teachers to teach their subject. It forces them to teach the state mandated test,” said,

junior, Meagan Giering.

curring theme throughout said, junior, Katrena Johnston. the student body members teachers could find a way that are experiencing the new to make the material both CSCOPE curriculum. Teach- informative and interesting, ers have to teach the test not students would be able to their subject, so what we are better understand the matelearning is not beneficial for rial. Also if students are conour future. Students also find stantly copying down the mathat it seems that teachers have terial, and never actually get a difficult time being able to around to using it, the notes put forth the material that is would be of no help. CSCOPE supposed to be taught. Not all is all about teaching the test, students believe that it is “mun- not teaching the material and dane” and “boring” though. things we will need in college “I think CSCOPE or the real world. If all students curriculum is a neat way are doing is practicing for the to teach, but I believe the test, how can we expect them to turn into citizens that look for solutions, instead of expecting life to be a big test that is handmade? When students transition from high school to college they experience a major difference in material and learning, because of the change in what they are learning for the material for.

Teachers have to teach the test not their subject, so what we are learning is not beneficial for our future. Students also find that it seems that teachers have a difficult time being able to put forth the material that is supposed to be taught.

acceptance of the coinage. Also, the reduced-cost clad zinc penny, which has been produced since mid-1982, holds additional dangers when swallowed by children and others, unlike all previous U.S. coins. If the copper plating is breached, the penny quickly corrodes into a sharp-edged object, which is more likely to lodge in the digestive tract. Injury is more likely and furthermore, zinc and copper digested from the lodged pennies may be toxic. “Pennies are kind of stupid, because I never use them and they’re worthless,” said sophomore Kelsey Fuchs. Removing pennies from our monetary systems would save the United States a lot of money annually. “I think pennies have no contributions to society. They are wasting money and material,” said sophomore, Logan Tinsley.


“I like CSCOPE. I feel more prepared with the material we are learning,” said, ju-

nior, Cheye n n e H e r ring.

Sheree Fails Reporter

Kristen Hoover Reporter

March-April 2013 Anita Stuebe Most useless coins in existence cause Reporter more trouble than they’re worth

Movies and You

New teaching methods create confusion

oney exists to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, and pennies don’t do that effectively. There has never been a coin in circulation in the U.S. worth as little as the penny is worth today; a penny, the smallest unit of money, is equal to 1/100th of a dollar. One cent, yet, it takes 1.7 cents to make a penny and the melt value of pennies ranges from more than 2.4 cents for the pre-1982 copper pennies, to nearly a full cent for the zinc pennies The uselessness of a penny is overwhelming. Every year 70 million dollars of federal tax money is used to subsidize the existence of pennies. That’s a lot of money, being wasted on a coin that you can’t even use in a parking meter, toll booth or to buy a candy bar from a vending machine. If we were to use steel instead of zinc to make pennies, we would save a signifi-


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ou’re at home wondering whether to go out to the movies or stay at home and watch a movie. Your choices are endless! Here are some choices from people around the school: See pg. 12


Inside Scoop

March-April 2013

Page 9

Theatre Production Cristian Garza Reporter


he Crosby high school Theater Arts Club competed in a divisional One Act competition on March 21 at Barbers Hill High School, and advanced into District. Theater arts performed their complex comedy called “A Servant of Two Masters”. On March 28 the Theater performed once again in district against Summer Creek, New Caney, and Barbers Hill. Although not advancing past district, they received an All-Star Tech Ensemble Award

Kayla Ferguson Reporter



he choir has been practicing for the upcoming UIL competitions between April 17 and 19. They performed a Pre-UIL concert on March 21 and were given the opportunity to practice with renowned director, Reneè Kloes, who has won sweepstakes almost every year she has been directing. Sweepstakes is the highest honor in musical UIL, when the group earns straight 1s on their performance. The Cougar Corale is hoping for this honor.

Casey Johns Reporter


eady, set, winning! Saturday, March 23, 2013 was the UIL district meet at Crosby High School.Overall CHS won second place in districts and have over 16 participants either going to region or are alternates. Individual winners are: Computer applications: Rana Luu – sixth place Computer science: Cullen Sessions- sixth place Third place team: Sessions,

Abulawi, and Fails Current issues and events: Robert Cadotte- fifth place Feature writing: Cara Strickhausen- first place and going to region Headline writing: Mikayla Thomas- second place and going to region and Rosaline Cruz- fifth place Informative speaking: Ashley Lance- first place and going to region and Josh Colemansecond place going to region Good luck to all going to region and keep on winning!

Kristen Hoover flaunting her UIL medal for LD Debate.


Hannah McKeon , Hailey Styles, Devin Peña, superintendent, Keith Moore, and boardmember at the Pac-10 ceremony.


Cougar Corral performing at the Pre-UIL choir concert.


Kayla Ferguson Reporter

Academic UIL Sheree Fails Reporter

Justin West directing the Crosby choir at the Pre-UIL concert on March 21.

Theatre performers rehearsing for the one act play “A Servant of Two Masters”.

ach section of Pac 10 is doing different forms of fundraising. They have had bake sales and fruit snack sales. They have celebrated their heritage, by putting on a black history program in February, and have recently made care packages to send to the elderly in nursing homes. At the end of April, Pac 10 will be having another bake sale.

Joshua Jennings and Lesly Gutierrez posing as proud champions of persuasive speaking UIL.


he Crosby High School band has been prepping for several different events this semester. On Friday, March 22, the band performed at the Post Office re-dedication to Purple Heart recipient, David McNerney. Trumpet player, Annalise Fisher, was given the opportunity to pay special tribute by playing Taps while the American flag was being raised in McNerney’s name. The band is also

preparing for UIL competition that will take place on April 16 at Kingwood Park High School.

Maria Huerta and Jamie Swisher performing at the post office rededication on March 22.

Trophy won by Crosby UIL academic teams for overall second place in competition. Keep it up Crosby!

Ashley Lance and Joshua Coleman showing off their UIL medals for imformative speaking.

Layout by Kayla Ferguson

Entertainment Cougarpolitan Page 10

Blasting the beat

Kenneth Rucker Reporter


ell, you’ve all seen my Christmas music lists, my old school, and now it’s time to jump into a genre of music that is sweeping across the U.S. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London, England, United Kingdom. It emerged in the late 1990s as a development within a lineage of related styles such as 2-step garage, broken beat, drum and bass (jungle), and dub reggae. In the UK the origins of the genre can be traced back to the growth of the Jamaican sound system party scene in the early 1980s. The music generally features syncopated drum and percussion patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub bass frequencies. 20. 12th Planet - Reasons (Doctor P Remix) (2010) 19. Flux Pavilion & Doctor P - Bass Cannon (2011) 18. Kode9 & the Spaceape - Kingstown (2005) 17. Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix) (2010) 16. Pinch - Qawwali (2006) 15. Untold - Discipline (2008) 14. Zomby - Spliff Dub (2008) 13. Africa Hi-Tech - Out in the Streets (2011) 12. Pearson Sound - PLSN (2009) 11. The Bug, feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart (2008) 10. Joker - Psychedelic Runway (2009) 9. Katy B - Katy on a Mission (2010) 8. Addison Groove - Footcrab (2010) 7. Girl Unit - Wut (2010) 6. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (2009) 5. Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (2010) 4. Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories (2006) 3. Burial - Archangel (2007) 2. Benga & Coki - Night (2008) 1. Skream - Midnight Request Line (2005)


Sam Corral Reporter


e w T e c h n o l o g y

F l e x e s

unbreakable, super thin plastic screen, retractable these are the features of the new bendy screen smart phone that Samsung is creating. “I would buy this phone because I drop my phone a lot” says senior, Jayme Burris. This new phone will have super-thin plastic that is bendable and unbreakable, instead of glass. According to daily mail. com. Samsung is also creating a phone sized device that opens up like a book, revealing a tablet screen inside. Another new piece of technology is 3d printers, these printers allow you to make design on the computer and then print it out in in a 3d version of it instead of on a sheet of paper. “I would buy this, it would be cool to see the things

I create on the computer come to life” says senior , Ashley Armstrong. A new iPhone connection is the iFusion; it has been specifically designed to address the requirements of small office/ home office users by the most useful features of a traditional telephone with the iPhone. It lets you start a video conference (face time) with apps like Skype and Facebook, it charges your iPhone faster than a USB cord or wall charger. You can stream music on your iPhone while it charges on the ifusion dock. The I fusion looks just like a an old school house phone. What do spiders and the iPhone have in common? Well, nothing really. But not if you include some newly published photos that give the iPhone 5 a creepy, spidey-like design. “I really think this Iphone would be awesome to have!” says , senior, Dalton Cook. It is unlikely that Apple’s next version of the iPhone will even remotely resemble the designs above. That being said, it’s not far-fetched to think that the smartphone could one day be apart of our daily wardrobe. Apple’s best friend, Google, is already is proving this with “Project Glass.”

Layout by: Casey Johns

Kristen Hoover Reporter


The fee is $30 thousand per couple per week. This $30 thousand covers the seven day and six night stay, airplane ride, submarine trip, scuba and snorkeling, a personal professional photo album, access to the spa, a gourmet meals and drinks.

s your eyes begin to flutter open, you see a site that startles you. A beautiful green sea turtle staring down at you, then schools of fish speed by, and a breathtaking dolphin glides by with a curious glance in your direction. This sounds like my kind of place, relaxing with a great view. On the island of Fiji, which should be rewarding enough, there sits a spectacular place called, Poseidon Resort. Picture of the Kelebek Cave The first of Hotel, showing the fairy chimthe proposed chain of underwater five-star Looking to spend more time resorts, Poseidon was on land? Maybe you should opened in early 2010. try the Cave Hotel in TurIt’s the world’s first perkey. This place, overlooking manent one-atmosphere Uchisar and seafloor structure, nestled just 40 feet “Fabulously Fascinating” underwater.

graphic by: Sam Nuzum

Cavusin, has a long history dating back to medieval times. The top two chimneys once served as chapels for local hermits. The cave hotel in located in Kelebek, which in English is The Butterfly, and has 36 rooms. Some of these rooms have fairy chimneys; some are in caves and some of them in the traditional arched rooms. The rooms are split into six categories: Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suites, Suites, King Suits, and Presidential Suites. Suites have big bedrooms with hand-carved furnishings and locally-made fabrics, marble-walled bathrooms with their own hamam basin, a Turkish bath, power showers and bathtubs, and a beautiful flower-filled garden with fairy chimneys behind it and the Pigeon Valley opening out in front of it. If you are interested in either of these places you can visit or, and picture provided by blogspot. com.

Name of the game Aaron Willams Assitant editor


pring marks a holding point in the video game industry, but gamers are bombarded with advertisements and previews of upcoming blockbuster hits that’ll make the wait worth it. Capcom, creators of the Resident Evil franchise, are setting up the season by giving previews of their upcoming game set in the future: “Remember Me.” Set in NeoParis in 2084, technological advancements have been made where “Remember memories can be Me” the game digitized, bought, sold, and traded— wiping out any form of privacy from society. Social networks have become so advanced that any form of intimacy has been swept away due to the modification and exchange of a person’s experiences. Citizens have taken comfort in exchange for constant surveillance, and the economy that trading memories can provide can give great power.

Former elite memory hunter, Nilin, has the ability to break into people’s minds and steal—even alter—other’s memories. Gone rogue, Nilin becomes captured and taken into prison with her memory wiped clean. Searching for her past with the help of her only friend, Nilin escapes from prison in order to recover her stolen memories. “The idea of uploading and exchanging actual human moments of intimacy really does sound like something Facebook might jump on in a second if the technology existed,” according to IGN journalist Keza MacDonald. Players will take control of Nilin in this 3rd-person actionadventure title in her search to rediscover her past. Having a similar feel to the 2008 hit “Mirror’s Edge,” players willhave the ability to parkour and free-run all over Neo-Paris, along with incorporating some combo-building melee fights. During their journey, players will collect what’s called “Pressen,” which allows the capability for customization in their stats, skills, and abilities. “Remember Me” is expected to be released June 4th of this year and is pending for a rating (meaning there isn’t conformation from the ERSB on the true rating) of T+ for Teens or above.

Cougarpolitan March-April 2013 Drake dreams big 1.

Why did you decide to play golf?


Do you usually do well at competitions?


Do you get excited while you play or do you stay “professional”?


Sports Page 11

“I like it because it’s hard. I like a challenge.” “Generally I do. I usually hit in the low 80’s.”

“I use my game face. I get excited on the inside, but stay calm on the outside.” 4. Does it bore you to watch golf? “No, I really like it.” 5. Do you play golf for fun, or just to kill time? “I play for fun!” 6. Do you wish to make golfing your profes

Drake, following through with his putt

“Yes, but if it doesn’t work out I want to get into Political Science.” -Drake Rupple, Junior

Drake Rupple swinging away!

Courtney Bonds Reporter


player is down on the field. He’s grasping his knee and crying out in pain. The audience stares as the athlete rolls side to side trying to overcome the overwhelming pounding sensation that encases his entire leg. Out of the corner of their eyes the audience sees a man calmly walking out to the player, but no one knows who this man is, he’s always on the sidelines but he’s not a coach, who is he? He reaches the player and starts trying to evaluate him, he calls for the golf cart and pulls a red bag off, he reaches in and pulls out this black cast looking contraption and secures it on the athlete’s leg, in the blink of an eye the athlete is up and on the golf cart being driven to the training

room for further evaluation. This mysterious man is Coach Roy Hardy, head athletic trainer. “Coach Hardy attends every practice and every game. He is looked up to as a man of wisdom and intelligence by athletes, but is not known by others,” said junior, Macey Torrence. An injured athlete is always welcomed into the training room and is always looked after. Coach Hardy keeps his staff on their toes and constantly prepares them for the worse. The staff of 16 student train-

ers is always prepared to take action when need; whether it be an ankle needing to be taped or a hamstring need-

ing to be stretched these student trainers can learn it all. On March 24, 2013 the Crosby trainers were able

Training in Action

to travel to the Toyota Center for a clinic held by the Houston Rockets trainers. The trainers went through a series of stations set up to further expand our understanding of concussions, treatment machines, rehab techniques, physicals, and kinesio tape. After a the clinic the trainers spent some down time before the game at US Golf & Games where a majority of the trainers tried their hand at the batting cages. “The night was great. We aren’t just friends; we are more than that; we are a family, except Cassandra Harrell. I don’t think

she likes me,” said freshman, Taylor Phillips. The trainers were then able to attend the Houston Rockets versus San Antonio Spurs game later that night at the Toyota Center. The game had everyone on their feet as the Rockets pulled in a close win of 96-95. The trainers feel as if they have had a very successful year. “We have learned more, done more, and went further than even imagined, said junior, Ashleigh Potts. Next year the trainers are looking forward to the new fall football season and GHATS (Greater Houston Athletic Trainers’ Society), where each individual will be able to show off their newly learned talents and skills in different competitions; such as a quiz bowl and an ankle taping contest.

Victor looks to next season

1. How did the team do in district? District champs!!

2. Are you excited to be part of the


Very excited, we are doing so good this year, and hopefully we go far in playoffs. 3. Do you plan on playing next sea-


It all depends on what I have going on next year. 4. Did you expect to get this far in the


Yes, since day one I felt that we had a pretty solid team. 5. Do you think the team could be

state champs? (From left to right) Myah Chenevert, Shaniece Ward, Aja Walker, Tralana Lewis, Sharissa Frank, Courtney Bonds, Macey Torrence, Cassandra Harrell, Kodee Stelly, Lauren Lanclos, Shalyn Hatfield, Ashleigh Potts, Jill Dangerfield, and Taylor Phillips.

I believe so, we just have to give it our all and not have any slip ups. -Victor Villafuerte, Sophomore Page Layout by: Devan Anderson

And More...


March-April 2013

Page 12

Movies and You continued... Sheree Fails Reporter

Jennifer Villarreal

Lesly Gutierrez

“ Good plot and movies with a good reputation (i.e. Hunger Games, Star Wars,etc.)

A good storyline, because then it’s a good movie.

•What do you look for in a movie?

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“ Movie theatre for the full movie experience and the popcorn!

• What’s your favorite movie?

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10408 Rockley Rd

•Do you prefer watching movies at the theatre or at home?


Anything with Adam SandlerBilly Madison, Happy Gilmore, etc. and anything Disney animated movies (they must have great music!)

The Cougarpolitan Letters can be delivered to: Journalism room, 714 14703 FM 2100 Crosby, TX 77532 281-328-9237 Ext: 1849

•What do you look for in a movie? •Do you prefer watching movies at the theatre or at home?

Home, so I can get comfortable and don’t have to deal with other people.

• What’s your favorite movie?

Atonement, because it has a good storyline, lots of character development and it’s historically accurate.

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Vol. 11 Issue 4 Mar-Apr 2013  
Vol. 11 Issue 4 Mar-Apr 2013  

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