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Welcome to the March edition of The Costa Link. It’s our Birthday(s)! The Costa Link is Four years old this month and is still the most popular A5 Magazine on The Costa Del Sol – so thanks for all the nice comments over the past few years. Our sister publication – The Marbella and Banus Directory is also celebrating it’s reached the ripe old age of two. The last month has been busy for us – it was nice to see so many of you at the Living Well Exhibition in Marbella, and we have also been costalink.magazine involved in various talks with our friends at Global FM. We are now able to offer some seriously good Deposito Legal: MA-228-2007 deals for advertising packages so why not give us Deadline Date: 18th of each a call. Looking forward this month, its St David’s month. Day on the 1st and St Paddy’s Day on the 17th so No part of this publication, including even more celebrations. Then, there’s the huge pictures may be copied, SCANNED, amount of sporting events this month, The Davis used or reproduced without our prior cup, the 2nd leg of The Champions League last 16, written consent. the start of this year’s Formula 1 season with two Costa Link Magazine accepts no grand prix and Rugby fans will be watching the Six responsibility for alterations to events listed, Nations and the Anglo –Welsh Final. So whatever claims made by our advertisers or your passion – it promises to be a busy month – information provided by our contributors. Enjoy it!!



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A W o m a n’ s W o r l d Advice for Women.....

• If you want someone willing to make a fool of himself simply over the joy of seeing you buy a dog. • If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never says it’s not quite as good as his mother made it

buy a dog.

• If you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour, for as long and wherever you want buy a dog. • If you want someone to scare away burglars, without a lethal weapon which terrifies you and endangers the lives of your family and all the neighbours buy a dog. • If you want someone who will never touch the remote, doesn't give a damn about football, and can sit next to you as you watch romantic movies buy a dog. • If you want someone who is content to get up on your bed just to warm your feet and


whom you can push off if he snores

buy a dog.

• If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't care if you are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if every word you say is especially worthy of listening to, and loves you unconditionally, perpetually, buy a dog. • But on the other hand If you want someone who will never come when you call, ignores you totally when you come home, leaves hair all over the place, walks all over you, runs around all night, only comes home to eat and sleep, and acts as if your entire existence is solely to ensure his happiness,

Then ............. Buy a cat. (Any resemblance to a man is purely coincidental)

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Hot Goss !

Katie Price was busy last month – that’s for sure. But, she will be celebrating rather than commiserating because she’s already made it through to the Let’s Dance For… Comic Relief finals. She joins Russell Kane in being the first two acts through to the big show that will take place on Saturday 12 March. And it was Graham Norton and Frank Skinner who gave KP their votes - after Katie danced her way through Queen’s I Want To Break Free – which apparently was so dazzling, the judging panel still loved it despite Katie proclaiming she has “two left feet”. Katie tweeted, “Nearly time I'm so NERVOUS… Have a giggle on my expense [sic]”. But despite the nerves, she got the votes and later thanked her fans for being so nice and keeping her in the competition. “I can’t believe having two left feet has actually paid off…not a bad result for my dancefloor debut,” she said after the show. Trust us, love – we can’t believe it paid off either – we weren’t expecting that! Katie and Russell will compete for the winning title and a chance to be in the Let’s Dance Hall Of Fame – following in the footsteps of Rufus Hound (who performed to Fight For This Love in 2010) and Robert Webb (who danced to Flashdance - What A Feeling in 2009). We’re not sure we can take the smugness if she does win – but hey it’s all for charity, no one got hit by a car – you’ve got to give the girl credit for that. Red Nose Day 2011 is heading your way on Friday 18th March when the great British public will once again be asked to Do Something Funny for Money. To join in the fun go to and find out how you can get involved.

El Paraiso Country Club

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INNO INNOVATIVE VATIVE cusine - the BES BESTT entertainment enter tainment - GREAT GREAT company company - all in a tranquil, tranquil, oasis of calm... Dine, Dance or be Ent Entertained er tained in style: style: El Paraiso Paraiso Restaurant Restaurant & Bar How to to find find us’ Ctr Ctra. a. Cadiz - Malaga KM 1 167 67 - PATIO PATIO ALCORNOCAL. ALCORNOCAL. Past Past CROWN CROWN PLAZA HOTEL, HOTEL, under the ffootbridge, ootbridge, turn right ttowards owards El PParaiso araiso Golf Cour Course se & El PParaiso araiso Hot Hotel el & follow follow the signs... you you will be so pleased you you found found us!!


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Hot Goss !

..... ends i r F d oo Well if they’re not dating they’re definitely making the Just G

most of being single friends together – if you know what we mean! That’s right, the pair, who have been getting very close on the set of their new film, Neverland, are also rumoured to be getting it on off-screen. Particularly after Rhys was spotted leaving Anna’s Notting Hill home early in the morning – in just his dressing gown. The Notting Hill actor, who used to date Sienna Miller, was spotted looking rather scruffy and as if he’d just woken up when he made the quick dash out of chez Friel - while later in the day Anna was snapped shopping for sexy undies – surely a sign that she’s intending on getting even more lucky. Anna only split from her ex of nine years, David Thewlis, in December and the couple have a five-year-old daughter called Gracie together. But looks like Ms Friel has already been having some fun and it's all thanks to the filming schedules for said new Peter Pan prequel, which began recording in September. And why not, eh? Neverland will see both Rhys (playing James Hook) and Anna (playing Captain Elizabeth Bonny) acting together for the first time – but these reports suggest it certainly hasn’t been all work and no play on set and frankly, it’s good to hear Rhys is smiling again after the Sienna fiasco. Besides you never know, it could lead to something big and beautiful – in fact, they might be totally hooked already (sorry, couldn’t resist). Oh and we'll be totally disappointed if Rhys was just innocently kipping on Anna's sofa for the night though. Where's the fun in that?

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There was a farmer who had four daughters. One night, he heard a knock at the door and found a young manstanding there. The young man said, "My name is Freddy. I've come to pick up Betty. We're going out for spaghetti. I hope she's ready." The farmer thought that this was cute, so he let them go out. Pretty soon there was another knock at the door and another young man was there. He said, "My name is Vance. I've come for Nance. We're going to a dance. Is she ready by chance ?" Again, the farmer thought this was cute and let them go. Soon, another knock on the door with yet another young man standing there. He said "My name is Moe. I'm here to get Flo. We're going to a show. Is she ready to go?" Again the farmer was amused and let them go. Once again, there was a knock on the door and a young man was standing there. He began, "My name is Chuck." The farmer shot him.

Asking A Farmer's Daughter For A Date


1) Which playwright described fox hunting as ? the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable?? 2) What is the correct anatomical name for the thighbone? 3) Which coronation street family inherited ?30,000 in the summer of 95? 4) Who last person to win BBC Sport Personality of the year? 5) Through which country does the Orinocco run for most of its 1000 miles? 6) Complete the lyrics of a well known Beatles song ?Picture yourself in a boat on a river with Tangerine Trees and...?? 7) What do Micra, Prarie and Primera have in Common? 8) Which food is eaten the most throughout the world? 9) From which musical does the duet ?I know him so well? come? 10) According to the proverb what is the road to hell paved with?



11) Which food not rationed during World War II, was rationed after it? 12) In which year did Winston Churchill die? 13) What is the name of the marmalade cat created by Kathleen Hale, which shares its name with an American city? 14) For what is the Medoc area of France famous? 15) What are Cheshire, Gouda and Gorgonzola? 16) How is Cherilyn La Pier better known? 17) How is the UK golfing term albatross known in America? 18) Which monarchs sat on the Peacock throne? 19) Who first claimed that the world was not flat but a sphere? 20) Which animals communicate by touch, smell and dance? 21) Which word meaning letter is in titles of books of the bible? 22) What paper is used to test acid and alkali? 23) How many seconds are there in a quarter of an hour? 24) What type of animal is a vmi vmi? Answers on page 72

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Carrie Battley Psychic Medium

•›…Š‹…‡†‹—ƒ””‹‡ƒ––Ž‡›‘ơ‡”• •›…Š‹…‡†‹—ƒ””‹‡ƒ––Ž‡›‘ơ‡”• clarity and guidance to those in need through her psychic and spirit readings A natural born psychic medium, Carrie has trained in the circles of international psychic mediums Tony T ony Stockwell and TJ TJ Higgs. She has also attended regular tuition at the long standing Arthur Findlay College and College of Psychic Studies in the UK

Private readings are €20 for 30 mins

Feel drawn to have a reading?

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i ng A r t hu r w a s ge t t i ng r e a d y t o go o n a Q ue s t. H e w a s w o r r i e d a b o ut l e a v i n g hi s b e a ut i f u l Q u e e n G ui n e v e r e a l o n e w it h a l l th o s e l o n e l y k n i gh t s o f t he R o un d T a b l e . So h e w e nt t o hi s f a m o u s w i z a r d , M e r l i n, f o r s o m e a d v i c e . A f t e r e x pl a i n i ng h i s p r e d i c a m e n t t o M e r l in , th e w i z a r d l o o k e d t ho u g ht f u l a n d s a id t o c o m e b a ck i n a w e e k a n d he ' d s e e i f h e co u l d co m e up w i t h s o m e t h i ng . A we e k l a t e r K i n g A rt h ur w a s b ac k i n M e r l i n' s l a b o r a t o r y w h e r e t he g o o d wi z a r d w a s sh o w i n g hi m h i s l a t e s t i n ve n ti o n . I t w a s a ch a s t i ty b e l t . . .e xc e p t i t h a d a r a t h e r l a r g e ho l e i n th e m o s t o b v io us pl a c e . "T h i s i s n o go o d , M e rl i n !" t h e k i n g e x cl a i m e d , "L o o k a t t h i s o p e n i ng . H o w i s t hi s su p po s e d t o pr o t e c t m ' la d y , t he Q u e e n ? " " A h, s ir e , j us t o b s e r v e . " s a i d M e rl i n a s he s e a r c h e d hi s c l u tt e r e d w o r k b e n ch un t il h e f o u n d w h a t h e w a s l o o k in g f o r . H e t he n s e l e c t e d hi s m o s t w o r n o ut w a n d , o ne t ha t he w a s g o i n g to d i s c a rd a n y w a y . H e t he n i n se r te d i t i n th e ga p i ng a p e r t ur e o f t he c h a s ti t y b e l t w he r e u po n a s m a l l gu il l o t i n e b l a d e c a m e d o wn a nd c ut i t n e a t l y i n t w o . "M e r l i n , y o u a r e a ge n i u s! " s a i d t h e gr a t e f u l m o n a rc h , " N o w I ca n l e a v e k n o w i n g th a t m y q u e e n i s f u l l y p r o t e c te d . " Af t e r p ut t i ng Gu i n e v e r e i n t he d e v ic e , Ki n g A r th u r t he n s e t o ut up o n h i s Q u e s t . S e v e r a l y e a r s pa ss e d un t i l h e re t ur n e d to C a m e l o t. I m m e d ia t e ly h e a ss e m b l e d a ll h is k n i gh t s i n t he co ur t y a r d a n d ha d t he m d ro p th e i r tr o u s e r s f o r a n i nf o r m a l ' g e n t l e m a n s a us a g e ' in s pe ct i o n . S ur e e no u g h! E a ch a nd e v e ry o n e o f t he m w a s e i t he r a m p ut a te d o r d a m a g e d in so m e w a y . A l l o f t h e m e x ce pt Si r G a l a h a d . " Si r G a la h a d , " e x cl a i m e d K i ng A r t h ur , " T h e o n e a nd o n l y t r u e k n ig h t! O n l y y o u a m on g a l l t he n o b l e s ha v e b e e n t r u e t o m e . W ha t i s i t i n m y po we r t o gr a n t y o u ? N a m e i t a n d i t i s y o ur s !" Bu t S i r G a l a h a d w a s s p e e c h l e s s .. . .


Construction & Developments

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Official supplier of Official crown & sandtex paints crown In Spain.

OUT  ON  THE   gOlf cOUrsE A guy went out on the golf course took a highspeed ball right in the crotch. Writhing in agony, he fell to the ground. When he finally got himself to the doctor, he said, "How bad is it doc? I'm getting married next week, and my fiancée is still a virgin in every way." The doc said, "I'll have to put your penis in a splint to let it heal and keep it straight. It should be okay by next week." So he took four tongue depressors and formed a neat little 4-sided bandage, and wired it all together; an impressive work of art. The guy mentioned none of this to his girl. They got married and on the honeymoon night in their hotel room, she rips open her blouse to reveal a gorgeous set of breasts. This was the first time he saw them, and she said, "You'll be the first; no one has ever touched them before." He tore off his pants and said, "Look at this. It's still in the CRATE!"


w WHEELCHAIRS w REPAIRS Calle Antequera 4, La Cala de Mijas,

Tel: 952 493 061 Mob: 656 694 014


A Available vailable now from your local authorised Acorn dealer:


‡Simple directional controls Why compromise your lifestyle and freedom ‡Simple Safe and reliable because of difficulty difficulty getting ‡‡Safe up and down the stairs? ‡‡Built-in Built-in safety sensors ‡ ‡Remote An Acorn Stairlift could be the key to retaining your Remote control operation -quiet operation Smooth whisper whisper-quiet independence, while still being able to ‡‡Smooth enjoy the beauty and space of the home you love. ‡‡Operates Operates during a power outage Operates


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Doctor D0ctor

A 75 Year Old Woman Went To The Doctor

A 75 year old woman went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor told her she needed more activity and recommended sex three times a week. She said to the doctor, "Please, tell my husband." The doctor goes out in the waiting room and tells the husband that his wife needs to have sex three times a week. The 80 year old husband replies, "Which days?" The doctor says, "How about Monday, Wednesday and Friday." The husband says, "I can bring her Monday and Wednesday, but on Fridays she'll have to take the bus."

A Cardiologist Died

A Cardiologist died and they're having his funeral. The coffin was placed in front of a huge heart. When the priest finished with the sermon and after everyone said their good-byes, the heart opened, the coffin rolled inside, then the heart closed. Just at that moment one of the mourners started laughing. The guy next to him asked: "Why are you laughing?" The man replied "I was thinking about my own funeral" the first man asked.. "What's so funny about that?” He responded... "I'm a gynaecologist."

A 75 Year Old Man Went To His Doctor A 75 year old man went to his doctor’s office to get a sperm count. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring me back a sample tomorrow." The next day the 75 year old man reappeared at the doctor’s office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day. The doctor asked, "What happened, didn’t I ask you to bring me back a sperm sample?" The man went on to explain, "Well doc, it’s like this - first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing. Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, but nothing. Then she tried her left hand, still nothing. She even Have a seat Kermit. What I’m going to tell you might come as a big shock..... tried with her mouth, first with her teeth in, then with the teeth out, and still nothing. We even called up the lady next door and she tried with both hands and her mouth too, but nothing." The doctor was shocked! "You asked your neighbour?" The old man replied, "Yep, but no matter what we tried we couldn’t get the damned jar open”.



A M a n’s W o r l d c Magi g o r F

A Guy Goes To See The Doctor

A guy goes to see the doctor, because he's been a little too well endowed, shall we say. In fact, it's 25 inches long. Can't get any women to have sex with him. Anyway, the doctor says there's nothing he can do medically, but sends him to see a witch that he thinks might be able to help. The Witch takes a look at the problem (yikes!) and tells him to go to a particular pond, deep in the forest, and talk to a frog that lives there. "Ask the frog to marry you and each time the frog says no, you'll be 5 inches shorter." Worth a try, he thinks, and off he dashes into the forest, as anyone in this sort of joke would. Finds the pond and sees the frog on the other side, sitting on a log. "Will you marry me?" he calls to the frog. Frog looks at him, disinterested at best, and calls back,"No." Guy looks down, sure enough, he's 5 inches shorter. Hey, this is great, he thinks - let's try that again. "Will you marry me?" he asks the frog. Frog rolls his eyes, and shouts back again, "No!" Twitch - the guy's down to 15 inches. Well that's still a bit excessive, he thinks. Down another 5 would be perfect. So he calls across again, Will you marry me?" Frog yells back, "Look - how many times do I have to tell you? No. No. NO!"


We Buy Scrap Gold - Gold Coins Rings - Chains Pendants - ETC Inst nstant ant Cash Home Visits

diamonds iamonds wanted anted All MUSICAL best est prices rices paid aid INSTRUMENTS we can an tr ravel avel BOUGHT

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EST 1985 Pool T Tables ables on Profit Share Tables Domestic T ables New & Reconditioned Re-covering Service Accessories Local pool leagues Vending Mini V ending Machines

Tel: T el: 629 530 233 www.super www .super

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ESPRIT ESPRIT Est. E st. 10 10 Y Years ears

s y a l Disp

Specialists in: Awnings/Toldos: A wnings/Toldos: Commercial &

Domestic including recovering service

Blinds: VVertical, ertical, V Venetian, enetian, Roman, Pleated (also for tilt windows)

P Persianas: ersianas: (Shutter Systems) for Security and Sun Protection, Motorised or Manual Bring the 2XWVLGH 2XWVLGH Inside!

Mosquito Screen Systems: Unique in Roller,, Sliding, Folding, Andalucia, Roller Various V arious Colours

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W Wee W Will ill Beat ANY Quote

EAR Problems IN DOGS & CATS Your Dog or cat is scratching, shaking, and rubbing their heads and ears. It looks like ear mites…or ear infections. Both are common with cats and dogs, but how can you tell the difference, and what can you do about the problem? Identifying your dog’s or cat’s ear problem • Commons signs of an ear problem: • A bad odour coming from the ears • Pain when you touch the dog’s or cat’s ears • Ear scratching and rubbing • Redness or scabs around the ears • Frequent head shaking or tilting Ear mites are more common with cats, particularly young cats and kittens, but mites live on dogs too. Ear mites produce dark-coloured wax and dried blood look for dark specks resembling coffee grounds in your pet’s ears. Mites can also live on other parts of an animal’s body. When mites feed on the skin surface, inflammation results. This can cause infections and can even rupture eardrums and hearing loss if left untreated. Bacteria, yeast, foreign objects, allergic reactions, wax build-up, and matted ear hair are other causes of ear infections. Less commonly, a polyp (tumour) or drainage problem may be the cause. Ear infections from causes other than ear mites are more common in dogs than in cats. Wax from infections and allergies is often a lighter colour; head tilting and balance difficulties may indicate a middle ear infection. Dogs with long, floppy ears are more prone to ear mites and ear infections than are dogs with straight ears. Floppy ears decrease ventilation. When you suspect ear mites or an ear infection, have your vet examine your pet. Your vet will observe the type of ear discharge and check to see if a middle or inner ear infection is present. Treating ear mites - Clean out the debris in your cat’s or dog’s ears. The usual treatment after the ear cleaning is with ear drops that kill the mites and prevent secondary infections. Treatment needs to be continued for at least 3 weeks to kill developing as well as adult mites. Even if you see evidence of mites in only one ear, treat both ears as mites can travel. We also stock, use & promote " Thornit" at Posh Pets which is a fantastic powder for treating ear problems.In addition, ear mites can spread to other cats and dogs in your household, as well as to rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, and other mammals. For any help or advice contact us in the first instance at


Posh Pets Spain from La Cala is now quick & easy as the A-387 Road is fully open!!

Medical Tips

Is an Annual Health Check Really Necessary?


e all know that “prevention is better than cure” – that’s why we regularly service our cars and our gas central heating boilers and that’s why we visit our dentist regularly. In order to keep verything running smoothly we regularly check its all OK and, if there is a problem, hopefully we’ll have found out about it early enough to make sure we don’t have a big bill to pay or lots of pain to endure!


nfortunately that's not how we treat the most important thing in our lives our own bodies and our own health. The only time we ever seem to go to the doctor is when we are feeling unwell - then it’s already too late to avoid the problem and all we can do is try to cure ourselves of it. Thankfully this can most often be done with the help of prescribed medication but occasionally when more serious illnesses strike, very little can be done in the absence of early detection.


ancer and heart disease together account for the vast majority of premature deaths in the UK and many would have been avoidable with early detection. But there are many other illnesses and conditions which are not necessarily life threatening but are nonetheless very serious and make people's lives very miserable.


n the UK 250,000 people have Type 1 diabetes and just over 1.5 million have Type 2 diabetes. But more amazingly, it is estimated that there are up to one million people who have Type 2 diabetes but haven't been diagnosed yet! Early detection can help to avoid or, at the very least, alleviate long term health complications through proper diagnosis and treatment.


ll of us who are 30 plus years old need to take a proactive approach to our healthcare needs: hese tests should be done routinely as part of our annual health MOT: • Full Haematology Profile (blood test) • Cholesterol Test (cardiac risk factor) • Glucose Test (check for diabetes) • PSA (prostate test for men) • Cervical Smear (women only) • Weight and Body Mass Index assessment • Urine Analysis • ECG (heart) • Lung Function Test • Blood Pressure Check • Lifestyle Questionnaire and General Review

Make 2011 your year to be proactive and ensure you maintain good health 34

A Nurse led service providing an innovative and holistic approach to healthcare that brings the values and practices of a British Health Centre to the Costa del Sol, enabling you to access a service that is familiar. •Well Womens Clinic (Cervical Smears, breast examinations) •Full Health Assessments •Dyslexia Assessments •Complimentary Therapists •Counseling service •Hypertension management

•Community Mental Health team Mens Health Clinic (Includes PSA, Testicular examination) •Care Coordination Centre •Asthma Clinic •Diabetes Management •Vaccination Clinics

Tel: 952 83 57 76 Located in La Cala de Mijas just around the corner from the BP petrol station. Ample parking.

Patio doors secured, Safes opened and fitted, Locks upgraded, Changed key holding. Fully registered. Credit cards now taken. Call Bob and Debbie on:

952 660 233 - 667 668 685

T HI N G S T H A T A R E D I F FI C UL T TO SA Y W HE N YO U AR E DRUNK a) Innovative b) Preliminary c) Proliferation d) Cinnamon

Things that are VERY difficult to say when you're drunk..... a) Specificity b) British Constitution c) Passive-aggressive disorder d) Transubstantiate

Things that are DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE to say when you're drunk... a) Thanks, but I don't want to sleep with you. b) Nope, no more drinks for me, I've reached my limit. c) Sorry, but you're not really my type. d) Please take the shots back, let's have water. e) Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight? f) I'm not interested in fighting you. g) Oh, I just couldn't - no one wants to hear me sing. h) Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have zero coordination. i) Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to vomit in the street. j) I must be going home now as I have work in the morning. k) That chair looks wobbly and dangerous and I certainly wouldn't try balancing on it with this short skirt on in case I fell off. l) I must get to my bed as I could never have a really good sleep in that hedge.






Based in Spain we are a British run removal and storage company that prides itself on high levels of service at competitive prices. We have depots throughout the UK and include an export wrap of all your effects in a specialist material, on all our international removals. We are a fully registered Spanish Removals Company regulated by the British Association of Removers (B.A.R) assuring peace or mind and quality of service.


TELEPHONE 0034 968 654 667 or 0034 968 655 171 Email: Go to for your free online estimate

What’s On Guide 1st Intenational Womens Day Golf Tournamenr at La Cala Resort entry fee is 49€ each, teams of four players, for further information, contact 952 669 033. Fama Ladies Fashion show - 11th March at Suave Restaurant in Fuengirola at 12.00 midday, Entry is 18€ contact Pat Coleman on 620 354 885 for more details. Miraflores Playa Restaurant - formally Vista Del Mar) is reopening on 11th March For further info please contact Dave on 952 934 840 Living Well Marbella - Are having an open day and networking lunch on 13th March from2 -4pm Entry is 20€ for further details please call 603 544 078 Miraflores Playa Restaurant - Are having an evening of Ska and Reggae with Reverend Toon of Looney Toonz, There is Soul and authentic Curry cooked by Chef Nigel Mellor, latterly of Silks Marbella, all for only 10€ - contact Dave on 952 934 840

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DAMP SPECIALISTS ‡ RISING DAMP ‡‡CONDENSATION CONDENSA CONDENSATION TION ‡‡)/$.,1*3$,17‡028/' )/$.,1*3$,17‡028/' Specialist products for drying out walls through electro-osmosis. Guard your premises against damp with the Lectros Osmotic Damp Proofing System.

KEY BENEFITS: ‡ Successfully used around the world for over 30 years. ‡‡Over 20,000 systems installed. ‡‡Environmentally friendly, friendly, no chemicals or fumes. ‡ Permanently guards against the dangers of rising damp. ‡ Protects property of any age and structure. 100% ‡ Simple to install with little disturbance to building structure. GUARANTEED ‡ Immediately effective. effective. ‡ Can be fitted with monitoring systems for added peace of mind. ‡ Virtually Virtually indestructible (self healing). ‡ 30 Years Years manufactures guarantee. www.damptec www ‡‡Free estimates and site survey survey.. inf Office: Of fice: 952 804 834 / 677 328 279 Mob: 616 872 951

e l i t e Glass Curtains SL SPECIALIST MANUFACTURERS AND INSTALLERS OF GLASS CURTAINS Protect and reduce effect of dust, wind, noise &

Protect and reduce the effects of dust, wind, noise rain on your balcony & rain on your balcony


Createananallallyear yearround roundusable usable terrace terrace Create Framelessglazing glazingsystem systemwith with undisturbed undisturbed views Frameless views Specialist in manufacturing glass curtains Specialist in manufacturing glass curtains 20 years experience in glazing industry

Full public liability insurance

Full public liability insurance

Trade and commercial enquires welcome

Trade and commercial enquiries welcome Closed Elviria



References available upon request From quotation to installation you can be sure of a first class product and service from Elite Glass Curtains

We will beat any like for like quotation For your free no obligation quotation call now on PHONE - 952 830 503 MOBILE - 630 625 085 E-MAIL - WEB - ELITE GLASS CURTAINS S.L., POLIGONO ELVIRIA 26, ELVIRIA 29600

ocal Info Emergency Numbers Central number for Fire, Police & Ambulance National Police Local Police Guardia Civil dica

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Emergency 061 Ambulance Marbella 902 505 061 Ambulance Coin 952 453 267

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Town Halls Marbella 952 761 100 San Pedro 952 453 020 La Cala de Mijas 952 493 208 Fuengirola 952 589 300 Estepona 952 801 100

Fire Brigade Emergency number 080 Marbella 952 774 349 Estepona 952 804 483 Fuengirola 952 461 046


Consulates 952 952 952 952 952 952 952

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Tourist Information Marbella Coin Estepona Fuengirola San Pedro

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Bus Stations Marbella 952 764 400 Coin 952 450 366 San Pedro 952 781 396 Estepona 952 800249 For a list of complete times Train Timetables 902 240 202 Airports Malaga 952 048 844 Gibraltar 956 773 026

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All the Cinemas listed below show films in English as well as Spanish. Call first to check what is showing that week. Marbella: Cinesur Plaza del Mar 952 766 941 La CaĂąada 902 333 231 Puerto Banus: Gran Marbella 952 810 077 Coin: La Trocha 951 315 039 Fuengirola Cinesur Miramar 902 221 622

Chemists 24 hour chemist Urb. Artola, Ctra. Cadiz Km 194. Marbella. Tel: 952 83 25 89

Taxis Marbella Taxis 952 774 488 Mijas Costa Taxis 952 476 593

Diary Dates March 1st - St David’s Day March 3rd to 13th - Carnival of Cadiz March 8th - Shrove Thuesday March 17th - St Patricks Day March 27th - Clocks go forward

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UK to Spain or Spain to UK

‡/2&$/‡1$7,21$/ ‡/2&$/‡1$7,21$/ ‡(8523($1 ‡(8523($1 ‡&2//(&7,21$1''(/,9(5< ‡&2//(&7,21$1''(/,9(5< ‡6725$*( ‡6725$*(

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CCONTRACT ONTRACT CCARDS ARDS DISHES DIGIBOXES DIGIBO XES REMO TES REMOTES TT.V. .V. REPAIR REPAIR SSATELLITE ATELLITE INSTALLATION INSTALLATION All with 12 months guar guarantee antee We We deliv deliver er and install in all ar areas eas check out our prices Call us to check Monday-Friday Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday Saturday 10am - 2pm

952 541 147




Emerald Isle... You will find that the Emerald Isle is a minty gin cocktail is a perfect green drink for St. Patrick's Day parties, although I prefer the Caruso. A dash or two of bitters does help the drink considerably. While aromatic bitters are customary, I've found that mint bitters are an equally nice compliment and if you're feeling a little wild, orange bitters are quite interesting also. Ingredients .1 oz gin .1 tsp green crème de menthe .2 dashes bitters Method 1 Pour the ingredients into a

cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. 2 Shake well. 3 Strain into a chilled glass.


Jardin Botanico, Local 16, La Cala de Mijas.

Tel: 952 599 236. Mob: 685 578 743


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ONLY â&#x201A;Ź6.90

Spring Roll, Special Salad, Chicken and Sweetcorn/Tomato/Hot and Sour Soup or Spare Ribs.


Beef with Blackbean/Oyster/Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo/Curry or Chicken with Cashew Nuts/Sweet and Sour/Curry or Prawns with Vegetables or Sweet and Sour Fish (Hake)


Special House Fried Rice, Boiled Rice or Noodles with Soya Bean Sprouts or Chips


Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, Cream Caramel or Fruit Main restaurant serving usual delicacies 6pm - 12pm



Take Away

952 930 717 Tuesday To Sunday 10am to 10pm Please Order 1 Hour Before For Our Best Service

Find Us Behind OPEN COR Riviera Edif. El Saladito 2, BC 3, Urb.Riviera del Sol, 29649 Mijas Costa

Mama Nostra

Golden Sun

Traditional Italian food & grill. Fresh pasta, wood burning pizza oven, Open every day 12 - 11. Riviera Commercial, Tel: 952 934 496

Traditional Chinese Food. Takeaway menu. Special lunch menu only â&#x201A;Ź6.95. Open 12.00-16.00 and 18.30-24.00 everyday. Riviera Commercial. Tel: 952 931 737

Advertise Your Bar or Restaurant HERE Call: 663 061 669

Harrys Sports Bar

All live sports and premiere league football. Six TVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and big screen. Full menu, Sunday roast and homemade tapas. Large sun terrace. Open 10amlate, seven days a week. Upstairs Los Jarales, Calahonda

Recipe: Basic Pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday on the 8th of the month we thought we would give you a quick basic recipe for the pancake batter.... We think it’s all about the toppings! Here a few you may not that thought of: Cream, Maple syrup, melted chocolate, ice cream, Nutella, Smarties, Golden Syrup, Blueberries, Bananas to name but a few.....


1)Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre. Add the eggs and beat with a whisk or fork. Gradually beat in the milk, drawing in the flour from around the edge, until you have a smooth batter. 2) Cover and leave to stand in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 3) Heat a little oil in a 18cm heavy-based frying pan, tilting the pan to spread the oil evenly. 4) Pour in just enough batter to thinly coat the base of the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes until golden on the Ingredients under side. Flip over, and cook the • 120 g plain flour other side until golden. 5) Transfer to a plate and keep warm. • 2 eggs 6) Repeat with the remaining batter • 300 ml milk to make eight pancakes.

• Vegetable oil, for frying

RESTAURANTReview..... Restaurante Santiago del Calvario: Now that the new road to Alhaurín El Grande is open (only 12 minutes from Fuengirola), we wanted to see why everyone’s talking about Santiago’s. Entering this old Spanish townhouse is like going to someone’s home – knock on the door and you receive a warm welcome into the dining room with candles lighting up the cosy Moorish interior. The menu is international from traditional British classics like beef and ale pie with horseradish mash and calves liver with bacon to exotic dishes such as coconut tempura prawns and Pacific Rim rack of lamb – the owners have seen a lot of the world and it shows. We decided to ‘go British’ as it was a cold night and the rich and wholesome flavours were perfect for a February evening. The quality of the food was amazing and all for 17.95€ – we couldn’t resist the butterscotch crème brulee or the chocolate fudge brownie so we opted for three courses. On the owner’s recommendation, we drank a fantastic bottle of Navarran crianza – a steal at 13.50€ After dinner we wandered through this beautiful old building into the garden. We were stunned. The starlit sky and fruit trees gave the place a magical feel and we can’t wait to come back in the summer to dine ‘al fresco’.The food and service standards are very high and there’s something here for everyone whether it be an impromptu dinner for two or a special celebration. They call Santiago’s ‘Alhaurin’s best kept secret’ – it won’t be for long......

Annie & Mike Fuengirola

Jasmine J asmine

Indian Indian Restaurant Rest sta aurant

Fantastic F ant antas astic Indian Cuisine Lovely Lovel ely y Surroundings Surroundings Friendly Friendly C Courteous ourteous Service Service Take Take Away Away & Home delivery Aw delivery Service Service A MARBELLA MARBELLA

C/.Califa, C/.Califa, n.º n.º 6 Portal Portal C C,, Edificio Edificio Las Las Lolas Lolas 29660 29660 Nueva Nueva A Andalucia ndalucia


Bull Ring R ing

Jasmine J Ja asmine

IIndian ndian Restaurant Rest sta aurant



9 952 52 8 81 15 51 18 82 2

Centro Centro Plaza Plaza

A l l C h a n g e : With the new Matrix movie Reborn coming later this year we at Costa Link wondered if some of our favorite films would have been different if they had another actor playing the parts we all know and love (Will Smith as Neo for instance).....

Julia Roberts, She may have had 'Pretty Woman', but Julia Roberts could have cornered the romantic comedy market all by herself if she hadn't turned down the chance to star in 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Shakespeare in Love' and 'While You Were Sleeping'. While her loss would eventually be Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock's gain, it wasn't just romance films she was turning down – she also decided to pass on erotic thriller 'Basic Instinct'. The 1992 move made Sharon Stone a household name. Bruce Willis - Romantic weepie 'Ghost' could have been slightly different if Bruce Willis

had played the lead character. However, he wasn't sure about playing a ghost – much to Patrick Swayze's delight. Maybe realising his mistake, he would eventually play a member of the undead in the classic “The Sixth Sense”.

David Schwimmer, was offered the part of J in Men in Black, the younger of the two

lead agents. However, Schwimmer decided it wasn't for him, allowing Will Smith a chance to take not only the role but pretty much announce to the world that he was a genuine movie star.

Sir Sean Conner, the Scottish actor has made a few film

choice errors – most notably passing on the chance to be in two of the biggest blockbuster series in recent history. While you can't now imagine anyone else playing Gandalf other than Sir Ian McKellen, Connery was in fact the first actor to be offered the role. However, the thought of filming three films back-to-back didn't appeal to Connery, nor did the fact that he didn't understand the script. He also turned down the chance to play Morpheus in 'The Matrix' because he, yet again, couldn't get his head around the story. Fearing another blockbuster oversight he decided to make 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. The result? A superhero film that was not only a huge flop, but promptly saw him retire from acting. Will Smith, Sir Sean Connery wasn't the only one to have been confused by 'The Matrix's script. Will Smith passed on the chance to play Neo – a role that became an iconic one for Keanu Reeves. Smith would later explain, “You know, 'The Matrix' is a difficult concept to pitch. In the pitch, I just didn’t see it. I watched Keanu’s performance – and very rarely do I say this – but I would have messed it up. I would have absolutely messed up 'The Matrix'. At that point I wasn’t smart enough as an actor to let the movie be. Whereas Keanu was smart enough to just let it be. Let the movie and the director tell the story, and don’t try and perform every moment.”

Tom Hanks was offered the lead roles in 'Field of Dreams' and 'Shawshank Redemption', but eventually passed on the projects. Both would have played up to Hank's everyman persona, but how different would 'Jerry Maguire' have been if Hanks had played the arrogant and unraveling sports agent? We'll never know, as Cameron Crowe had to turn to his second choice instead after Hanks said no. It ended up being arguably Tom Cruise's greatest role.


From the Horses Mouth

Foaling Season... Y

es its that time of the year again, after breeding your mare with a suitable stallion of your choice, you have been waiting an agonising 11 months, for your new arrival to come. If you are present at the birth, of the foal, then you should be honored as mares tend to foal in the hours of darkness and in private, on a more serious note, if you are there at the birth then you should watch from a distance and remain very quiet, otherwise your mare may decide to stop her labour.


nce the foal arrives, your first step is to ensure itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s breathing, remove the birth sac from the head, if the foal is breathing then leave the delivery area and observe the mare and foal from a distance, however if the foal is not breathing , then try tickling its nostrils with some straw, if this doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work then rub the foal vigorously with a towel, these procedures usually shock the foal slightly and initiate respiration. A normal healthy foal will lift his head within seconds of being born, and make creeping movements away from its mother, if the mare hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stood up yet, these movements will break the umbilical cord. You must never cut the cord yourself immediately after the birth, as the foal receives blood from the placenta during this time. Once the cord breaks the stump should be dipped with a mild iodine solution, the iodine dries up the stump and stops any bacteria entering the foals body via the stump, you should regularly examine the stump for several days after delivery to make sure it remains dry. Foals are usually standing and suckling within an hour of birth, some may need a little help to find the teats, but soon get the gist of things, this first suckling is very important, as this is when the foal gets its colostrums, this is full of antibodies and gives the foal a good start. This is only a basic guide there is no such thing as a text book birth, Usually the mare just gets on with things and nature takes its course, however if things seem to be taking a little longer than they should, or the mare shows signs of distress, then you should call your vet out, even if he arrives to find a healthy mare and foal, its always safer to be on the cautious side. If the delivery goes well which most do, then call your vet out as he will need to check the foal and give it a tetanus injection, also he will need to check the mare for any retained placenta. You must keep the entire placenta for your vet to examine when he comes. Once you know all is well, and mare and foal are fine, then you can breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy your long awaited arrival.

Happy Foaling Season.

Bill and Denise Whitehair welcome your pets to


‡ Large exercise areas ‡ Collection & delivery service ‡ Trimming & Grooming Salon ‡ Pedigree Cat & Dog Breeders ‡ Professional Caring Staff ‡ UK Export Arranged ‡ Recommended by Vets ‡ Open Every Day ‡ Est & Licensed Since 1998

Tel: 952 112 978 or 630 197 435

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Strange but true... A guy went one Saturday night to a party. He was having a good time, had a couple of beers and some girl seemed to like him and invited him to go to another party. He quickly agreed and decided to go along with her. She took him to a party in some apartment and they continued to drink, and even got involved with some other drugs (unknown which). The next thing he knew, he woke up completely naked in a bathtub filled with ice. He was still feeling the effects of the drugs, but looked around to see he was alone. He looked down at his chest, which had "CALL 911 OR YOU WILL DIE," written on it in lipstick. He saw a phone was on a stand next to the bath, so he picked it up and dialed. He explained to the operator what the situation was and that he didn't know where he was, what he took, or why he was really calling. She advised him to get out of the tub. He did, and she asked him to look himself over in the mirror. He did, and appeared normal, so she told him to check his back. He did, only to find two 9 inch slits on his lower back. She told him to get back in the tub immediately, and they sent a rescue team over. Apparently, after being examined, he found out more of what had happened. His kidneys were stolen. They are worth 10,000 dollars each on the black market. Several guesses are in order: The second party was a sham, the people involved had to be at least medical students, and it was not just recreational drugs he was given. Regardless, he is currently in the hospital on life support, awaiting a spare kidney. The University of Texas in conjunction with Baylor University Medical Center is conducting tissue research to match the Man with a donor any information leading to the arrest of the individuals may be forwarded to the University of Texas Campus police, or the Texas Rangers. Better be careful who you party with!


SPLITS FROM 550â&#x201A;Ź DUCTED FROM 2000â&#x201A;Ź

Solar Water Heating Fully Installed From 1,000 euro


Servicing and repairs all makes & models. Service contracts.

TEL: 666 087 496




Removed professionally on all surfaces



Tel 610 121 398 tĞhƐĞƚŚĞtŽƌůĚƐŵŽƐƚĞīĞĐƟǀĞ͕ ůŽŶŐůĂƐƟŶŐ͕ŶŽŶƚŽdžŝĐ͕ĂŶƟŵŝĐƌŽďŝĂů ƉƌŽĚƵĐƚĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͘tĞĂůƐŽŽīĞƌ͗



High Pressure water jetting Drain tracing, C.C.T.V. Septic tank problems and installations Bath, sinks and toilets unblocked Leak detection and repairs Fully Qualified, Fully Legal, No Call Out Fee.

Tel: 951 310 111

Mobile: 651 111 005


DID You Know..... • Footprints of astronauts who landed on the moon should last at least 10 million years since the moon has no atmosphere. • Both men and women can be turned on by the aromas of wine. • The national orchestra of Monaco have more individuals than its army. • Earthworms have five hearts • The Himalayan gogi berry contains, weight for weight, more iron than steak, more beta carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges. • A Playboy magazine survey found more women talk dirty during sex than men • Paraguay and Moldova are the only countries with national flags with different emblems on the obverse and reverse sides. • Fingerprints of koalas are similar (in pattern, shape and size) to the fingerprints of humans • If an Amish man has a beard, he is married. • If a native Hawaiian woman places the flower on her right ear, she is available. (The bigger the flower, the more desperate) • Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning. • SCUBA divers cannot pass gas at depths of 33 feet or below • Pele has always hated his nickname, which he says sounds like "baby-talk in Portuguese". • Two phone books with their pages interlaced require more than 8000 pounds of pressure to separte. • Urban birds have developed a short, fast "rap style" of singing, different from their rural counterparts. • The lion costume in the film Wizard of Oz was made from real lions. • Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight. • The Pope's been known to wear red Prada shoes. • Coco Chanel started the trend for sun tans in 1923 when she got accidentally burnt on a cruise. • Up to 25% of hospital keyboards carry the MRSA infection. • In ancient Greece, children of wealthy families were dipped in olive oil at birth to keep them hairless throughout their lives. • Ghandi didn't allow his wife to take penicillin to save her life from pneumonia but took quinine to save himself from malaria. • More than 90% of plane crashes have survivors. • The Mona Lisa used to hang on the wall of Napoleon’s bedroom. • Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts. • Eating a packet of crisps a day is equivalent to drinking five liters of cooking oil a year. • Plant seeds that have been stored for more than 200 years can be coaxed into new life.



JIMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HOME IMPROVEMENTS Bathroom Reforms Kitchen Reforms Renovations Repairs Give Us A Call, NO Plumbing Job to Small!!!! Carpentry Painting Ceramic Tiling Tiling Wooden W ooden Flooring Pool Maintenance

Full Property Maintenance Interior & Exterior ffree ree q quotation, uotation, no no obligation obliligation Mobile: 692 207 799 645 559 423 www

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Puzzle It Out

Solutions on page 74

Quick Crossword

Logic Puzzle

Across 1. Former Italian currency 5. Matured 9. Verbal 10. Feint 11. Consisting of pictures 13. East southeast 14. Worth 15. Home

17. Sand bar 19. Carry with difficulty 22. Persist 24. Backside 25. Largest continent 26. Views 27. Russian emperor

Down 1. Easy gait 2. Colored part of an eye 3. Thoroughbred 4. Computer key 5. Wall hanging 6. Free of deceit 7. Jacob's brother 8. Expunge 12. Small egg

16. Fertile areas in deserts 17. Resorts 18. Not there 20. Murres 21. Cog 23. A large open vessel


How many words can you make from the letters in the wheel? Each word must contain the hub letter H. Can you find a 9-letter word and at least 15 other words of five letters or more avoiding proper nouns?

Brain Teaser The Castle - A square medieval castle on a square island is under siege. All around the castle there is a square moat 10 meters wide. Due to a regrettable miscalculation the raiders have brought footbridges, which are only 9.5 meters long. The invaders cannot abandon their campaign and return empty-handed. How can the assailants resolve their predicament?


Say What You See...



teleweb internet & telephone just got better! tion for someone who lives here full time. Do you have a wireless internet system that you are not happy with? Teleweb will convert you over to their service at no cost. What have you got to lose?


teleweb – “Pay as you go” internet Teleweb Internet & Telephone, has been providing wireless internet services since 2003, and in that time, has seen consistent growth and added new exciting services to its well established high speed 5GHz wireless internet service. FLEXIBILITY: Because you do not need a land line, you can have internet on a “Pay as you go” system. There are flexible solutions ranging from 1 hour to a permanent connec-

Marbella Technical Services

Electricity LED lighting Garden lighting

Technical Service Maintenance Consultancy

Plumbing Decalcification Heating

Salt Water Pump Systems Ph control

952 92 96 96

622 22 55 02

Teleweb offers a telephone system (without the need for a landline) with calls from 1.8c per minute. It is just like a Telefonica landline without the wires. No need to have your computer on to make and receive calls. Choose a telephone number from your home country or just elect to have a Malaga number. This system will work anywhere in the world with the same low call costs, you just need an internet connection. For more information on any of the above, please call Teleweb on 952 833 300 or Email: info@teleweb-marbella.


From Our Advertisers... Kings Klub and Knockout Locks

have just opened a new Ferretería in Torreguadiaro (just before the entrance to the port at Sotogrande). Their aim is to Provide British quality items at Chinese Bazar Prices, whilst retaining the feel of a friendly local builder’s merchants. There are a huge number of useful items available, such as tools, paints, roller brushes, mastics, silicones, locks, all types of ironmongery including door furniture, fixtures and fittings, screws and nails. There are also a number of familiar names including Draper tools and No More Nails. Other services include key cutting, satellite equipment supplied directly to the trade, free delivery on all building, electric and plumbing supplies. They are, of course, still offering 24 hour emergency locksmith services, and all previous Kings Klub or Knockout Locks clients are eligible for a 10% discount on all items. For more information call 951 273 538 or see our ad on the back page.....

Costa del Sol Oven Cleaning

One job that most people really hate is cleaning the oven! It’s a dirty job – but someone’s gotta do it! That someone is Costa Del Sol Oven Cleaning. They have been going for just over two years and offer a unique service on the Costa Del Sol being the only people cleaning ovens using nothing other than STEAM. This is a really popular service with people who want their oven cleaned with the use of chemicals. Chemicals can leave a residue in the oven and will always be present, can be breathed in or even worse, can get into your food as it is cooking. The Steam is a natural source produced by heating clean water. It eliminates harmful bacteria including e-coli, salmanella and listeria. The low pressure and high temperature cleaning meaning there is no risk to components or parts and the oven can be used immediately after cleaning. The steam clean machine is similar in looks to a vacuum cleaner, it has a chamber for clean water and heats the water in a similar way to a kettle. There is a long tube with a nozzle on the end and a trigger to release the steam. Once applied the grease wipes away, for burnt on stains a little scrubbing is necessary. A HEALTHY AND ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY WAY TO CLEAN YOUR OVEN CALL 664 073 956 - Or see our ad on page 5.....




Please give us the opportuinty to save you money on your next project call us now for a free quote

Our extensive knowledge of the current building regulations can help you create the perfect windows, door or screen Telephone - 952 805 267 Mobile - 600 082 288 - Workshop - C/Cerrillo, 4 Poligono Industrial, 29680 Estepona. Telephone 951 273 933 Showroom - Nueva Estebbuna, C/ Monterosso, 82 Estepona . Telephone 952 825 267 Opposite the Wednesday Market in Estepona


Economic & Currency News... Offshore Pensions and New UK Pension Law

In recent years QROPS, an offshore pension scheme offering those that transferred their UK pension overseas more flexibility, have become increasing popular and well advertised. There has been recent concern in some international publications over the miss-selling of QROPS, as offshore advisors do not need the same training and experience as UK based pension advisors. Key changes in UK legislation make comparison between retaining your pension in the UK or moving it overseas, more complicated. In April of this year, a major pension review in the UK will see greater flexibility for pension holders. There is no longer any requirement to purchase an annuity, which many viewed as a key reason to move their pension pot overseas. There is also much greater flexibility in the amount you can withdraw from a pension, up to 100% (subject to income tax), if you can prove you have an income of £20,000 elsewhere. QROPS still have features and benefits which an expatriate may want to consider. However, it is important to take into account both UK and Overseas pension laws, and to do a cost/benefit analysis of the two situations, with your financial advisor.

Property in Spain

The Spanish statistics office or INE ( has released it’s figures for property transfers in Spain in 2010. There where 1,837,931 transfers in 2010 which is down 0.4% when compared to 2009. The difference is negligble, and perhaps hints towards a bottoming out in the slump in property sales. The Bank of Spain has ordered many regional banks to get rid of repossesed property stock in 2011, which is likley to lead to a flood of discounted property on the market this year.

Written by our financial expert James Alexander. If you would like fully regulated independent financial advice please contact us – or on 663 061 669.



For those of you that have two passions in life (cars and golf) we thought this might be a good way to combine the them!!

Escalade Mercedes


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Golf Tips And Tricks Fitness & Golf It is important to be fit when you play golf , running out of power as you step up onto the 16th tee could be the end of a game, or at the least put an end to the standard you had played to up to that point. Keeping your mind focused on the game is of maximum importance and as I am sure you will all agree as we become tired concentration is a problem, so how do we get fit for golf and should we work to build certain muscle areas with the idea that stronger will make the better player or should we build general strength and stamina, I think overall fitness is the right way to go, not forgetting that a 4 hour round of golf will mean the body requires refueling, so if you are one of the many golfers who heads for the tees with no food or drink in your bag that could be your problem. So do we run for the gym as the professional golfing world now is or are there other more subtle ways to improve stamina for the golf course, the swing itself uses a large amount of the bodies muscles as you play a shot and develops its power from the core of the body, so for an average amateur player general practice to work the swing muscles and walking to build up the strength in the lower body should be the answer Walking the golf course is how golf is meant to be played you don't have to carry your bag there are a great selection of trolleys , powered and manual that will mean the only thing you will be carrying around the course is the body weight you carry everywhere all the time

and if that is two much then perhaps the gym and the fitness specialist is where you should be going but otherwise use the game you have come to love , to improve your stamina, play and practice more using your feet for transportation as you play and you will feel the difference over those last few holes and notice it on your score card as your concentration improves. There are those of you who for medical reasons cannot walk the course and golf courses that are difficult to walk but when you don't have an excuse, the buggy is only for the lazy golfer and not for those who now see fitness as help towards a lower score. By Mark Sibley of Miraflores Golf Academy



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9-letter word - PARACHUTE Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letter H: chart, cheap, cheat, chert, chute, earth, hater, heart, parch, patch, peach, perch, ratch, reach, retch, teach, theca, preach, chapeau,chapter, chateau, trachea.

Space Invaders Missing You (U)

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Castle - solution You can put one foot-bridge over one corner (thus a triangle is created). Then from the middle of this foot-bridge lay another footbridge to the edge (corner) of the castle. You can make a few easy equations confirming that this is enough.


Trivia Quiz Answers 1) Oscar Wilde 2) Femur 3) The Duckworths 4) Tony McCoy won Sports Personality of the Year 5) Venezuela 6) Marmalade Skies 7) They are all cars made by Nissan 8) Rice 9) Chess 10) Good Intentions 11) Bread 12) 1965 13) Orlando 14) Wines 15) Cheese 16) Cher 17) Double Eagle 18) Iran 19) Pythagoras 20) Bees 21) Epistle 22) Litmus 23) 90024) A Pig


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Jokes page

A passerby watched two Irishmen in a park. One was digging holes and the other was immediately filling them in again. "Tell me," said the passerby, "What on earth are you doing?" "Well," said the digger,"Usually there are three of us. I dig, Paddy plants the tree and Mick fills in the hole. Today Paddy is off ill, but that doesn't mean Mick and I get the day off, does it?"

Simultaneously, the genie vanished. Only the gentle lapping of Guinness on the hull broke the stillness as the two men considered their circumstances. Michael looked disgustedly at Patrick whose wish had been granted. After a long, tension-filled moment, he spoke: "Nice going Patrick! Now we're going to have to pee in the boat."

Two Irishmen, Pat and Murphy, saw sign saying "Tree fellers" wanted. Murphy said to Pat, said, 'If only Seamus had been with us we'd have got that job.'

What do you call an Irish spider? Paddy long legs.

Happy St Patricks Day!

Lost at Sea Two Irishmen, Patrick & Michael, were adrift in a lifeboat following a dramatic escape from a burning freighter. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, Patrick stumbled across an old lamp. Secretly hoping that a genie would appear, he rubbed the lamp vigorously. To the amazement of Patrick, a genie came forth. This particular genie, however, stated that he could only deliver one wish, not the standard three. Without giving much thought to the matter, Patrick blurted out, "Make the entire ocean into Guinness!" The genie clapped his hands with a deafening crash, and immediately the entire sea turned into the finest brew ever sampled by mortals.


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A look at what's in store for you during March.....



You are feeling empowered and productive this month, with energy to spare, dear Capricorn. Family and domestic conditions improve this month, as do finances, especially money and property shared with a partner or coming from outside sources other than your personal income. You begin March with a lot of little things to do errands, returning phone calls and emails, appointments, and paperwork. The 15-17 brings surprising but pleasant news. As the month advances, much pleasure is derived from family and home life, even if the pressures of work still call you!


Focus continues to be on finances, possessions, comfort, and practical matters this month, dear Aquarius. Pleasant financial surprises may be in store on the 15-17. March is a strong month for taking charge of your finances and for monetizing creative projects or hobbies. Studies, learning, communication, and transportation matters are moving forward after the 10th, when you will be feeling more mobile, cheerful in attitude, and communicative. After a few months of some confusion or lack of clarity in your love life, relationships begin to regain momentum.


March is an energizing month for you, dear Pisces. Others are paying special attention to you and the feedback is good! You are beginning to feel more confidence about money making abilities and your work, and this confidence will only increase in the next few months. You are getting into a more practical routine that helps you to feel grounded and enthusiastic about the future. New Moon energy from the 15-17 gives you a boost. You feel that you can easily shed the unproductive or unhealthy attitudes that have been weighing you down.


You are certainly regaining your confidence this month, dear Aries. While the changes may not be dramatic, they are definitely indicating that you are moving forward and coming out of your shell. You have been more introspective recently and you are building towards a rather exciting and action-packed spring and summer. Decisions are coming to you more clearly, plans are straightening out, and your romantic life is less confused. You know your position. Excellent days for good favor, partnering, and personal appeal are the 7-31, but especially the 7-8, 16-17, and 20-21.


Friendships are especially dear to you this month, dear Taurus. You are meeting new people and enjoying making contact. For some of you, your romantic life could involve some sacrifices from the 7th forward. Others are keeping your love life secret just for the time being and enjoying your privacy. Home life is becoming more and more straightforward. In the next few months you will be pouring a lot of energy into your home and family, seeing to it that any complicated or confusing matters at home are straightened out.


Your career is on the upswing in March, dear Gemini. The 7-8 and 15-17 are especially strong periods for material and professional success. Pleasantly surprising events are happening in your career mid-month. The 7-8 is also good for positive energy in love and partnership. In general, people in your life are becoming more accommodating from the 10th forward. March should be quite prosperous for you. A friendship is becoming clearer and less complicated. You are ironing out your differences. Wonderful conversations with friends and lovers this month help to lift your spirits.







Practical matters, including finances and career, are beginning to clear up for you this month, dear Cancer. You are putting confusing situations and insecurities about your earning power or career path behind you, particularly after the 10th. Some of you might even enjoy a promotion or other type of honor in your career. Others are appreciating your knowledge and breadth of vision. You are making beneficial connections and finding it easy to take problems in stride. Some of you are considering taking courses that will boost your professional appeal. After some months of introspection and perhaps hesitancy, dear Leo, you are regaining confidence. You are figuring out what it is you want, personal plans are beginning to move forward, and your decision-making ability is now back on track. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easier to find support from others, and for some of you to obtain or manage loans, particularly from the 14-16, when you are pleasantly surprised by the help you receive. The people in your life are generous with their time and energy, and their happiness ricochets back to you. Strong energy for love is with you this month, dear Virgo. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about reconciliation, fixing problems, enhancing a partnership, or attracting a new relationship, the cosmos are lending a helping hand. The 14-17 brings pleasant surprises in love. Complications in your intimate life or with shared finances begin to disappear this month, and you are beginning to see some real progress. While March is not the most energetic period of the year for you, many of you will be feeling revitalized through the support and generosity of others. You continue to work hard and get your practical affairs into order in March, dear Libra. Many of you are living up to your New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resolutions and paying more attention to health and fitness routines. Changes are in the air for your personal relationships this month, and you will be thoroughly enjoying the increased clarity. After some months of not really knowing where you stand in a friendship or partnership, matters become clearer and the people in your life more straightforward. The 7-8 and 21-22 are stronger days for opportunities. Work and career matters are starting to move forward for you in March, dear Scorpio. After some months of delays, stalled plans, and perhaps lack of enthusiasm, you are starting to regain confidence, passion, and interest in your work. You can prepare yourself for a busy and active professional life in the next few months. For the first half of the month, however, you are able to take a break from the rigors of competition and pressure, finding more time for recreation. The 15-17 brings pleasurable surprises and attention your way. A very pleasing and heart-warming month is in store for you, dear Sagittarius. After months of confusing signals in the romance department, love becomes clearer and you are rebuilding your faith and confidence in people around you. From the 7th forward, in fact, your personal charisma skyrockets. Travel and educational plans are beginning to show movement forward. Some of you are meeting romantic interests from a different cultural background than yours. Home life is rewarding and supportive, especially since you are giving back and taking the time to make family feel special.


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