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features 12 Defining Elements - The 2020 Cosmopolitan Home of the Year A mid-century masterpiece by New Urban Home Builders and J. Visser Design 34 The Best In American Living Awards West Michigan shines at the national awards 60 The 2021 Spring Parade of Homes A 60-year-old tradition and the contenders for this year’s People’s Choice Awards

departments 6 MONEY MATTERS Ready to Play Defense Ways to protect your retirement savings 8 CUISINE Getting Fueled Milk-inspired dishes help energize the day 5 ON TREND Elite Style, Design & Performance Standale Home Studio reveals the best from Shaw Floors 11 ON TREND Award Winning Kitchens TruKitchens shares the recipe to create a winner

PICTURED HERE: The right colors and details are just some of the trends honored at the BALA awards. See full article on page 32.

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4 | spring 2021

ON•TREND by Standale Home Studio

Elite Style, Design & Performance Waterproof & worry-free products from Shaw Floors LUXURY VINYL FLOORING is the fastestgrowing and preferred product category today. Designers love it for its versatility and ultrarealistic visuals. These products can be installed anywhere in the home, allowing for a cohesive design element that brings the home’s aesthetic together. Advancements in digital printing and embossing technology also allow you to achieve a high-end hardwood look for a fraction of the cost. Installers love luxury vinyl for its simplicity and ease of installation. Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or hiring a professional installer, these products can often be installed and lived on in the same day, minimizing the disruption of a remodel project and taking much of the stress and mess out of the equation.

Finally, homeowners love the value and worryfree upkeep of luxury vinyl. Simply sweep and mop regularly to keep floors shiny, clean and beautiful for years to come. These products boast leading performance and peace of mind — and Standale Home Studio offers the full suite of 100 percent waterproof options from Shaw Floors. Meet Elite Built to endure, Floorté waterproof planks and tiles from Shaw Floors offer a variety of beautiful, durable and affordable options. All Floorté styles are 100 percent waterproof, making them perfect for active households prone to spills and accidents from kids and pets. Newest to the Floorté lineup of styles is Floorté Elite, featuring two cutting-edge innovations: Enhanced Natural Realism and ultimate scratch resistance. Enhanced Natural Realism is a new embossing technology that captures high and low gloss levels in the same plank - something no other luxury vinyl product can achieve! Knots and graining in

the planks also boast 3D texture. This more closely mimics the look and feel of real hardwood, but in a 100 percent waterproof product that can better withstand life’s little mishaps. What’s more, Floorté Elite promises ‘elite pet protection’ backed by a 15-year residential scratch warranty. Thanks to its PAWdefense™ technology, Floorté Elite guards against pet nails, dining room chairs and other common household activities by resisting surface level scratches. Shop all the latest Floorté styles and meet with a trusted flooring expert at Standale Home Studio, located in the heart of Standale Michigan. Let Standale take you from inspiration to installation, we look forward to serving you.

Sam Rich, Studio Manager for Standale Home Studio, in partnership with Shaw Floors

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Ready to Play Defense With Your Retirement Savings

For most investors, it’s no surprise that markets are subject to up-and-down fluctuations over time. And if you are investing with a long-term perspective, it’s pretty common for your portfolio to experience temporary declines in value. Given enough time, markets generally have shown an ability to overcome losses and help investors continue to accumulate wealth. However, managing market declines is different if you are nearing or in retirement. Chances are your 401(k), 403(b) or other type of workplace savings plan represents one of your largest financial assets. You want to make sure a sudden market downturn doesn’t put you in a difficult position. It takes time to recover from losses While much of our focus tends to be on news about stock markets performing well, the fact is that for investors, avoiding large losses can make a real difference.This is why many investors focus on determining their risk tolerance level and building a well-diversified mix of assets that reflects their risk preferences. As you grow older, you likely may want to reevaluate your investment risk. That’s because negative markets can be a lot more difficult to overcome if you are almost retired or you are already tapping your savings to meet current income needs. Consider these examples that show what happens if there’s a market decline at the same time you are withdrawing five percent of the portfolio’s principal to meet retirement income needs: • If your portfolio sustains a loss of 20 percent from a combination of investment declines and portfolio withdrawals, your portfolio will need to earn a 33 percent return to overcome that loss in the following year. •The challenge intensifies with a larger loss. If your portfolio loses 35 percent in total, it would take a 67 percent return in the next year to regain that lost ground.

6 | spring 2021

This points to the importance of modifying risk in your workplace savings plan later in life, as you close in on the time when you need to count on that pool of money for income. What to do before or during retirement If you don’t have time on your side – i.e., you are within five years of retirement or already retired and drawing down your assets, make a priority of reviewing the level of risk in your portfolio.That may mean reducing your holdings of equities within your broader asset mix. Yet stocks may still need to play a role. Given the realities that your retirement may extend for two-to-three decades or longer, you need to put your portfolio in a position to grow, even modestly, to help meet income needs over that span of time. Depending on your views on risk, the stock component may represent 50 percent or less of your asset mix.You’ll likely want to consider increasing your holdings of fixed income, alternative investments, and cash to help mitigate the impact of short-term stock market swings. The reality for most is that investing gets more complicated later in life. Talk to your financial advisor about how best to position your 401(k) or 403(b) portfolio to protect your long-term financial security. ❂

Lisa Cargill, ChFC®, CLU®,CRPC®, CDFA™ is a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies. Ameriprise Financial and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. Consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding specific tax issues. Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Some products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all clients. © 2017 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.

CASCADE FAMILY SMILES Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Michel Marie Wicksall, 1996 University of Michigan Dental School graduate

NEW LOCATION 4880 Cascade Road SE, SUITE B Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Member of ADA, MDA, WMDDS, KCDS & CDS

616.975.9700 Accepting New Patients

Specializing in custom homes for over 20 years. New or old, we will cover all of your painting needs. Josh frontjes Josh_frontjes@hotmail.com 616-813-6444 Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 7



Getting Fueled Real Milk-Inspired Dishes

From little ones learning the game to professional athletes pushing sports to new levels, nutrition impacts the ability to re-energize, stay hydrated and reach peak performance. Now, new data shows that one naturally nutrient-rich beverage provides more benefits than previously thought: dairy milk. Photos courtesy of Getty Images For years, real milk has been recognized as a powerhouse beverage that delivers nine essential nutrients, including calcium, protein RATTLE SNAKE PASTA and vitamin D. However, updated nutrient daily values for nutrition Recipe courtesy of registered dietitian Bri Butler and Power Portions labeling and more robust government nutrition databases have providTotal time: 15 minutes ed data that shows real milk delivers 13 essential nutrients, making it a Servings: 6 good or excellent source of four more vital nutrients: potassium, zinc, selenium and iodine. These nutrients help build strong bones, maintain 1/4 cup buttery spread a healthy immune system and maintain your central nervous system, all 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour of which directly impact athletic performance. 3/4 cup dairy milk (2% recommended) 1/2 cup vegetable broth “As a kid, you thought of dairy milk as the drink that helped you grow 1 tablespoon vegetable base and have strong bones,” said Briana Butler, MCN, RDN, LD, a perform1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, shredded ance and sports dietitian who advises athletes. “As you get older and salt, to taste (optional) start paying more attention to drinks’ attributes, you realize that truth pepper, to taste (optional) applies to adults and athletes as well. Real milk is a trustworthy and 1/4 cup pickled jalapeno slices nutrient-rich way to repair, rehydrate and replenish muscles and bod3 tablespoons minced garlic ies. It is truly an undeniable favorite of mine to fuel performance.” 10 ounces cooked rotisserie chicken, shredded 1 green bell pepper, sliced As the “original sports drink,” real milk has fueled athletes for cen1 red bell pepper, sliced turies and offers a natural nutrient combination not found in formu1 handful fresh cilantro, minced lated sports drinks. It provides benefits for fitness enthusiasts of all 1 pound whole-wheat linguini, cooked ages including building lean muscle, maintaining strong bones and supporting a healthy immune system. In medium pot, melt buttery spread then add flour; mix well. Slowly add dairy milk and vegetable broth, stirring well. With 13 nutrients, real milk isn’t just the ultimate training fuel, it also makes your favorite recipes more tasty and nutritious. Dishes such Add vegetable broth and Parmesan cheese; heat slowly until thickas Zucchini Oatmeal Muffins are made in just 15 minutes and are a ened. Add salt and pepper, to taste, if desired. quick and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed on the go, crumbled over yogurt or paired with eggs for a morning power-up.You can also Add jalapeños, garlic, bell peppers and roasted chicken; heat thoroughly. try Rattle Snake Pasta, a better-for-you version of a family favorite that combines rotisserie chicken, peppers and linguine. Serve over cooked linguini.

8 | spring 2021

ZUCCHINI OATMEAL MUFFINS Recipe courtesy of registered dietitian Bri Butler and Power Portions Total time: 15 minutes Servings: 12 1 1 3 6 1 2 2 1 1 1

zucchini 1/2 cups dairy milk (2% recommended) bananas pieces pitted Deglet Noor dates teaspoon vanilla extract tablespoons safflower oil 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoons salt teaspoon ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grate zucchini. Using kitchen towel or cheesecloth, wring as much water as possible. Set aside.


In blender, blend dairy milk, banana, dates, vanilla and oil until smooth. Set aside.


In large bowl, combine oats, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.

• ONLINE ORDERING Combine milk mixture, zucchini and oat mixture until well combined. Pour into coated 12-muffin pan.






Cook 30 minutes, or until golden brown. Tips: Pair muffin (counts as one grain) with eggs and unsweetened nut butter for a balanced meal. Crumble over plain yogurt for parfait twist. ❂

616.285.9300 2618 EAST PARIS AVE. SE GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49546 Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 9


20% off cut and color and complimentary conditioning treatment with blowout.

FULL LANDSCAPE DESIGN/BUILD SERVICES in West Michigan including 3D landscape renderings. From stone patios and custom gas fire pits, to water features and landscape lighting, each landscape is custom-designed and installed.

616.581.8124 www.miponds.com Ryan Farnol 6026 Kalamazoo Ave SE #283 Kentwood, MI 49508 10 | spring 2021

ON•TREND by TruKitchens

Creating an Award-Winning Kitchen The right recipe to put a space on the podium VERY FEW CLIENTS APPROACH their new kitchen design with the glint of a trophy in the back of their mind. More often, they have specific functionality ideas with an overarching look and feel they are seeking to achieve. In everyday kitchen design, the designer works to marry the clients’ lifestyle needs with a beautiful design that reflects their personal style. But what makes an award-winning kitchen truly possible is the intersection of a designforward client and an intentional, progressive thinking kitchen designer. When the right conditions between client and designer exist, then the following tips and tricks can be employed to take a kitchen over the finish line and onto the winner’s podium. Careful Planning More important than the look of the space is how well it functions. An awardwinning kitchen is not just designed for the sake of pushing the ball forward down the court of trends, the space must function practically so that it can be free spirited in design. Getting to know the clients’ daily routines, entertaining needs and general must-haves is crucial. Understanding building restrictions, local codes, and space constraints are also important. The more careful planning that is done upfront, the more successful a space will be in the end. Intentional Design Aesthetic A design-forward client is key when it comes to creating an award-winning space. A client who is willing to take a few risks or push some design boundaries unlocks a whole creative vault within a kitchen designer. The kitchen designer is now free to thoughtfully integrate trends or even create new ones. The depth of the beautiful finishes is now fully available to them. For many, the reason they entered the design profession is fulfilled in this unbridled environment. The result is a stunning space that both the client and designer is proud of, and that many others will look to for inspiration as they seek to fulfill their kitchen design dreams. Innovative Products, Materials and Finishes A client with an open mind invites themselves to be exposed to the depth of products, materials and finishes available on the market. A kitchen designer makes it their job to stay informed on the latest innovations and enjoys when a client wants to explore the many possibilities to make their space unique. Kitchen designers understand a well-designed space can quickly turn into an over-designed space if selections are made simply to be trendy, however, in an award-winning kitchen distinctive materials are always present. This may include the latest door styles, special finishes, unique colors, fresh countertop materials, technologically advanced appliances, stylish lighting, bold flooring, and much more. All these resources are thoughtfully employed to push or even set design trends in an award-winning kitchen.

Integrates Other Spaces The most exciting designs do not stand on their finish selections alone. In award-winning kitchens, clever integration of nearby spaces creates unforgettable moments in the design. In today’s world nearly every gathering ends up in the kitchen so why not accommodate that in the first place? For example, award-winning kitchens may feature a sliding wall that opens to outside entertaining areas. They may include full-service bars or multiple seating areas in the space. They may be designed in a way that eliminates many of the surrounding walls to allow the kitchen to exist seamlessly in the main living area of the space. No matter how the design creatively integrates the spaces around it, award-winning kitchens are often proven in more than just that space alone. Excellent Partners The kitchen designer is just one set of hands in the process. It is important to clearly communicate with the builder, interior designer, architect, and other contractors to ensure the overall vision is appreciated. They should know the plan from the beginning and be empowered to lend their expertise in achieving it. These partners are crucial in taking a design from dream to reality. At TruKitchens, our designers have the knowledge, experience, depth of products and right partners to design award-winning kitchens. We have done it before with multiple “Best in American Living Awards” from the National Association of Home Builders, “Best Kitchen” awards from the local Home Builders Association, “Excellence in Design” awards from our partner Grabill Cabinets and many national Houzz awards, among others. We would love to unleash our creativity on your home to create a truly special design; it all starts with the initial consultation.

Brent Weesies Senior Designer, TruKitchens 616.957.1969 hello@trukitchens.com trukitchens.com

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MID-CENTURY MODERN ARCHITECTURE is recognized for its iconic flat roofline, angular, clean lines, and asymmetrical profile. Expansive walls of glass and wide open floor plans include multiple access points to the outdoors, inviting a unique connection with nature.

With its front approach set back from the road, the home runs parallel to Gull Lake. The simple and clean attributes of the mid-century architecture complement the setting. The metal roof adds a strong layer of texture and the metal strap supports offer a modern industrial edge while providing a simple way to support the cantilevered design. Vertical batten board hardie siding, from Eikenhout, in four different widths, was randomly placed providing a fresh and unexpected look; its muted color palette feels organic to the lake setting

Emerald-green Gull Lake is a strikingly deep, clear lake and one of only a few lakes in southern Michigan born of glacial origin 14,000 years ago. Historically a popular summer getaway for regional tycoons including the Upjohn, Shakespeare, and Kellogg families, Gull Lake is mostly developed and this extra wide lot was a rare find. Although located in Texas, the homeowners have a family connection on Gull Lake and wished to create a home they could fill with people for enduring summer memories. An existing mid-century home stood on the site which was unsuitable for renovation, but served as the family’s design inspiration. A local builder recommended Jeff Visser, owner of J. Visser Design, for his passion to design intentionally organic homes which blend harmoniously with their setting. His overarching midcentury vision dovetailed with the homeowner’s and elevated this work earning the title of “The 2020 Cosmopolitan Home of the Year.” To undertake this long-distance build, the homeowners flew in for the more critical face-to-face meetings, but with today’s technology and 3-

14 | spring 2021

Expansive glass allows for front to back views and floods the interior with natural light. Bullet-proof stained concrete flooring features family-friendly radiant heat under foot. The double-sided great room fireplace is a true masonry fireplace that was masterfully engineered. A tongue and groove cedar soffit ceiling flows uninterrupted through the main floor, continuing outside to the back roof soffit.

dimensional imaging, J. Visser Design was able to help these clients clearly visualize the home design. Jeff finds it extremely helpful at the start, however, to meet in person. “There are efficiencies to using technology to move along a house build, but at the beginning when you’re designing something as intimate as a personal home, reading subtle cues and reactions in their face and body language is impossible to replicate otherwise.” Running parallel to the lake with its front approach set back from the road allowed Jeff to design a home with transparency. Spreading out in a linear fashion created three wings of separate spaces for privacy, plus expansive glass allowing front to back views and flooding the interior with natural light. “I have a pretty strong opinion in terms of how light should come into spaces,” Jeff explained. “The path of the sun across the site also helped decide the open front-to-back view. From the main living areas to all the outdoor entertainment spaces, this keeps the family visually connected.”

16 | spring 2021

The kitchen, with cabinetry from TruKitchens, was designed for largescale entertaining and includes a speed oven, two wall ovens, and a microwave, as well as a separate column freezer, refrigerator, and wine cooler. A graceful, walnut waterfall dining bar adds a warm touch to the space. The main sink was custom-crafted out of quartz to be flawlessly incorporated into the countertop from Great Lakes Granite Works.

First popularized in the 1950s, the American architectural movement boomed when soldiers returned from World War II, and suburbs all over the U.S. sprouted mid-century modern or Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style homes. Today, mid-century modern architecture is reinterpreted with state-of-the-art building materials, yet the overall design aesthetic of clean sculptural lines transcends time. Scott Branc, owner of New Urban Home Builders, was the ideal builder choice not only for his shared appreciation of the form and function of mid-century architecture, but because of his keen eye for the smallest details. “We simply like good architecture, no matter the style,” states Scott. If you’re leaning toward modern, however, New Urban Home Builders has the expertise to ensure this more demanding construction style is executed flawlessly. “Typically, our goal on a remote build is to conduct a weekly virtual walk-through with our clients to help them understand and gauge progress,” shared Scott. “We also use Buildertrend construction management software which gives our clients access to a portal where

18 | spring 2021

they can see things like pictures, schedules, budgets, and change orders. For local clients, we have standing weekly meetings to keep open communication and to help manage expectations. In this instance, we had a very involved design team; so Morgan in Dallas and Jeff led the client communication.”

“What’s important to us is to build good architecture with sound engineering.” – Scott Branc, New Urban Home Builders

As a former engineer, Scott engages in creative problem-solving to resolve challenging structural issues that may affect a solid, well-built home. Scott explains, “The simple and clean attributes of mid-century architecture actually demand much

more detail work and precision. Everything from foundation and framing all the way through construction has to be carefully thought through in advance because some components might need to be incorporated into the framing of the house, where in normal situations you would tackle those details after drywall and trim.” The team collaborated best in tandem with the homeowner’s working familiarity with Morgan Farrow of the Dallas, Texas-based Morgan Farrow Interiors. This full-service interior design firm was instrumental in complementing the home’s suitably minimalist vibe. The land surrounding Gull Lake is mostly loamy peat and silt formed from glacial outwash which tested Scott’s engineering prowess. With its wide expanse of windows, beams, and open floor plan, the structural members or load-bearing components necessitated careful consideration. The main house is cradled atop 118 helical piers; steel screws that auger into undesirable soil–in this instance about 30 feet deep–until they reach the correct torque below. The piers transfer structural load into a lower layer of secure, stable material. Additionally, the height of its crawl space was carefully calculated to keep the home above the water table while simultaneously as low to the ground as possible for aesthetic purposes. Cantilevered roof lines allow for high windows to maximize natural light. Jeff elaborates, “Stylistically, with so much roof, I wanted only the sleek silhouette of the roof to be the empha-

20 | spring 2021

The design of the front entrance was pulled forward creating its own roof line to set the tone for entering the home. The extensive landscaping by Rooks envelopes the entire site with an artistic mastery that is a true extension of the home design. An 8-foot-tall, white oak front door was custom-built by R & J Raven of Grand Rapids and features an oversized handle, significant to the design. The detached guest house was originally a garage that was renovated to have a bedroom, kitchenette, and a bocce ball court.

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 21

sis, so what you see from the entrance or lake is a series of angles all slanted in the same direction. On the structure, oversized beams extend from the exterior all the way through the house running front to back.” These strong lines become especially striking at night with this home’s transparency. Jeff pulled the front entrance forward and created its own roof line to set the tone for entering the home. Tongue and groove cedar soffit also flows uninterrupted through the main floor ceilings continuing outside the back roof soffit. Honoring the mid-century style, Scott didn’t want to trim the ceiling around beams that double as a structural roof system plus interior design element. He worked out a way to slide the ceiling over the top of the beam; yet another example of the importance of creative teamwork honoring architectural detail. An 8-foot-tall, white oak front door was custom-built by R & J Raven of Grand Rapids. Scott has a long history of using this company as they consistently come through with solid quality and eye-catching, functional hardware. Custom components also require the builder to

Spread out in a linear fashion, the home features three wings of separate spaces for privacy. The adult wing’s sleeping quarters are peaceful sanctuaries, and consist of the homeowner’s and in-law guest suites. The guest suite opens to the front of the home buffered by its own private outdoor fireplace and pergola.

think outside-the-box to install structural door supports and hinges for proper function. The homeowners wanted bullet-proof stained concrete floors with family-friendly radiant floor heat. Installed over a crawlspace that was fully engineered to support the weight, all the ductwork, chases, and plumbing had to be meticulously preplanned prior to pouring four inches of concrete. The double-sided great room fireplace is a true masonry fireplace so Scott had to ensure there were helical piers below to support that weight. He also had to ensure fresh airflow into the fireplace from below. Note that the vertical lines near the top of the fireplace is actually a return air vent for the heating and cooling system that was ingeniously incorporated into the stone so it wouldn’t be distractingly visible elsewhere.

“The path of the sun across the site also helped decide the open front-to-back view. From the main living areas to all the outdoor entertainment spaces, this keeps the family visually connected.” – Jeff Visser, J. Visser Design

The kitchen is built for large-scale entertaining with a speed oven, two wall ovens, and microwave; and separate column freezer, refrigerator, and wine cooler. A graceful walnut waterfall dining bar adds a warm touch to the space. The kitchen sink was custom-crafted out of quartz to be flawlessly incorporated into the countertop. Connecting with nature using multiple outdoor access points is key to mid-century architecture, and this home features a 20-foot bifold steel and glass wall that folds and stacks opening up to the screened-in porch. These doors are far more convenient and practical than conventional sliding doors, and the oversized glass panels create an illusion of space by seamlessly merging the two areas. A steel door closes off the family room from the recreation porch so the bifold doors can be open without affecting the noise levels and temperature of the rest of the home. The second story wing gives children and their guests room to ramble with multiple beds in each room and a double Jack and Jill bathroom set-up. Separated from the great room by an office, the adult wing’s sleeping quarters are peaceful, sound-deadened sanctuaries, and consist of the homeowner’s and in-law guest suites. The home24 | spring 2021

Separated from the great room by an office, the homeowner’s suite is a sound-deadened retreat. The bedroom faces the lake, offering a windowed wall of views. The bathroom features mirrored built-in armoires lining the walls, a floating dual-sink vanity and a massive glass shower from Glass Concepts.

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 25

owner’s suite faces the lake, while the guest suite opens to the front of the home buffered by its own private outdoor fireplace and pergola. The detached guest house was originally a garage that was renovated to have a bedroom, kitchenette, and a bocce ball court. Scott researched the proper materials necessary to construct the level playing field including several dedicated layers of specific materials, and finished with wooden bumpers around the perimeter. Michigan weather dictated hidden drains to properly remove water into a drain tile field. All the stone used in the home is Fond du Lac stone quarried out of Wisconsin. This quality natural material ages beautifully without the need for excessive care and maintenance. Plentiful outdoor amenities make this home the ultimate summer haven including an outdoor shower, fire pit, and swinging daybed for lazy afternoons on the porch. For the fire pit and garden planters, Scott used a technique called board-formed concrete which leaves the grain of the wood supports in the concrete after they’re removed. “Although not necessary, a hardscape detail like this adds texture and an architectural element to the home. By annually awarding homes such as this, Cosmopolitan Home continues to reveal the depth of transformative talent available in West Michigan. From any angle, this home can be appreciated for its iconic lines embracing its natural setting. Recognizing the inspiration of mid-century modern architecture to accomplish this goal, the efforts of Scott Branc, Jeff Visser and Morgan Farrow elevated the construction and design to achieve recognition as “The 2020 Cosmopolitan Home of the Year.” Congratulations to all. ❂

RESOUCE INDEX BUILDER New Urban Home Builders ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN J Visser Design APPLIANCES Gerrit’s Appliance AUDIO/VIDEO E2 Electric CABINETRY TruKitchens CONCRETE Concrete Revival COUNTERTOPS Great Lakes Granite Works COUNTERTOPS Hard Topix ELECTRICIAN E2 Electric FAUCETS & FIXTURES Williams Kitchen & Bath FRONT ENTRANCE DOOR RJ Raven GLASS & MIRROR Glass Concepts INTERIOR DOORS Standale Lumber LANDSCAPING Rooks Landscapes PAINTER GHM Painting SIDING Eikenhout

ROOKS LANDSCAPING Design Installation Maintenance

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Crafting Beauty Since 1980

RJ Raven offers exceptional handcrafted custom wood doors, entryways and windows n any style — traditional, historic or contemporary. Built by highly skilled artisans in our West Michigan studio. Let RJ Raven design and build your perfect door!

RJ Raven

Custom doors and windows

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Since 2000

Serving the greater West Michigan area with integrity and a servants attitude

GLENN MEDENDORP. 616.862.0964. ghmpainting@mac.com

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GLASS CONCEPTS Creative Interior & Exterior Glass Solutions – Since 1995 –

CUSTOM • Mirrors • Glass Handrails • Steam Enclosures • Shower Applications

Providing impeccable service to the Lakeshore & West Michigan

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Often copied never duplicated. Solid Granite and Marble

West Michigan’s leader in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Offering full service design, fabrication and installation.

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The 2020 Home of the Year Dream Team 616.954.2509 jvisser.com

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Proving excellence takes the right team Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 33

WEST MICHIGAN shines at the BALA

Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA)


The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is proud to present: The Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA, the building industry’s premier residential design awards program. BALA spotlights the most creative and talented building industry professionals who have redefined design excellence for homes and communities nationally and internationally. Winning projects showcase what building industry professionals need to know to set their product apart and hit the right mark with today’s highly educated and discerning home buyers. The talent of West Michigan was acknowledged with high honors at the 2020 Awards and Cosmopolitan Home is proud to share some of the local winners. Congratulations to all!







34 | spring 2021


recognize top design trends

MORE THAN 160 SINGLE-FAMILY, multifamily, interior design, remodeling and community projects were honored at last week’s 2020 Best in American Living™ Awards (BALA) virtual ceremony. The awards are sponsored by Monogram Luxury Appliances, and the media partner is Professional Builder. Judges awarded nine Best in Region, four Of the Year, three Judges’ Discretionary Awards and one “Wow!” award, given to a project with a one-ofa-kind design moment. New categories, including Healthy Homes, showcased the innovation in the industry over the past year. These projects represent the nation’s best in home and community design, interior design and remodeling. BALA winners showcase top design trends that home buyers can expect to see in homes and communities over the next several years, among them: Updates to overall styles. Winners this year proved that modern is dominating, and now often paired with traditional elements to add authenticity to design. Contemporary and transitional designs still wow buyers; both styles are more refined than in years past. Traditional design becomes less fussy and rigid. Mindfulness in architecture and design. Homes and communities showcase new layers and depth to design. Design is purposeful and carefully curated. Authenticity is a primary goal in all aspects of design and achieved through embracing existing landscapes, careful editing and paying attention to materiality, proportions and details.

36 | spring 2021

Emphasis on streetscapes. Planners, architects and designers showcase a strong understanding on how to design public spaces. Homes feature front-yard gathering spaces to welcome neighbors safely; urban streetscapes prioritize the pedestrian experience over cars. More sophisticated indoor/outdoor connections. Architects and designs are looking for every opportunity to add visual and physical connections to nature. Windows continue to be bigger and more in number; when total windows are limited due to budget, windows are thoughtfully placed to ensure each captures a view, adds natural light and improves the space. Programmed and multifunctional outdoor living. Homes feature multiple outdoor spaces, often creatively layered to respond to changes in weather, gathering size and activity. Multifamily projects are right-sizing balconies for residents to offer personal paradises that are livable and furnishable. Sanctuary spaces. Indoors, buyers crave spaces to decompress and build human connections. “Unplug zones” (no or hidden screens) are becoming popular after much time at home. Owner suites feature spa-like details and finishes. Outdoor living offers cozy and oasislike spaces, like sunken fire pits, old-growth trees and warm materiality.

Home offices and flex spaces. New and remodeled homes offer at least one home office, often with an option or flex space for two. With more kids doing online schooling, separate work spaces are added adjacent to the kitchen that can be used for virtual school, homework, crafting, home command centers, etc. Architects take advantage of forgotten corners and circulation spaces by creating tucked-away flex areas, like small desk nooks off a hallway. Second (messy) pantries and kitchens. If square footage allows, homes include two kitchens: the primary kitchen for entertaining and a second separate but adjacent kitchen for prep. Back alcoves or spacious pantries offer more work space while solving the problem and mess of fully open kitchens in open plans. Updates to materiality. Varied colors, materials and textures don today’s façades and interiors. Playful materiality and maximalism in multifamily spaces, especially shared spaces, is on the rise. Neutrals, primarily white and gray, are paired with pops of color. The character of natural wood, and pairing of contrasting woods side-by-side, is emphasized; warm and natural tones are embraced.







NAHB’s BALA winners exemplify the best of the best in national design trends, as identified by the industry-leading BALA judging panel each year. Using these winners and trends, NAHB’s Design Committee hosts an annual Design Trends Roundtable during the International Builders’ Show. Trends are expanded upon, debated and added to, resulting in a comprehensive collection of trends. These trends are subdivided into five main categories: overall design, how we live, architectural features, colors and materials, and design details. Expect to see these trends across the home building industry this year and beyond. You’ll notice throughout the following pages how West Michigan’s winners utilized these trends and are leading the way with timeless design.

PHOTOS Left Page: Mayview Top: Greenlea Middle: Mayview Bottom: GlassHouse

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 37

GOLD WINNER One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 2,001 -3,000 square feet Holland, Michigan


Architect/Design | Visbeen Architects Builder | Bouwkamp Builders Interior Design | Cyndy Schurman Interiors

FEATURED SUPPLIERS: The Lighting Corner Sligh Closet & Glass Landscape Design Services

Wayne Visbeen Visbeen Architects

Randy Bouwkamp Bouwkamp Builders






photos by Ashley Avila

NESTLED ON A NARROW, corner lot in a historic neighborhood, this home is a modern farmhouse representation of its surrounding context. Queen Anne and Craftsman style elements are evident in the classic bungalowinspired porch and prominent gables located on the side of the home, which reflect local architectural vernacular. Its site opens out to a green park from the front porch, complete with a bellcurved feature, and is hemmed in on the side by the street and a shared alley at the rear.

TREND RECOGNITION Crisp Colors and Warm Woods Fresh and clean interiors are the name of the game. More designers are pairing otherwise “stark” or “cool” palettes with warm wood tones — either real wood or manmade — to create a look that is both dramatic, yet homey; highend, yet comfy.

The interior is delineated with entertaining and public spaces on the main level and private areas, such as bedrooms and a primary suite, tucked into a shed dormer above the front porch. The main level features kitchen, dining area, and living room with traditional fireplace in open concept, made distinctive through decorative beams in the ceiling. The exterior façade also features three types of siding to break up the length of the home at the street where the main level, upper, and gables spaces comprise scaled lap-siding and shake.


The judges called this home one of their favorites. “It feels very quaint.”

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 41

TREND RECOGNITION High-Quality Signature Entries In our often car-centric society, residents spend a lot of time coming into their homes through garages. Going forward, expect to see a greater focus on front entries and improved streetscapes. The entry extends behind the front door and includes the entire entry sequence: How will visitors and residents access the home? From traditional and highly ornamented to sleek and modern, the difference between a standard “front door and porch” and a high-quality signature entry is in the details. Would a pop of color or the addition of a new texture add another layer of interest? Is there a way to streamline the design to capture an “urban chic” vibe? What about an interesting way to incorporate the house number into the design, instead of as an afterthought?

42 | spring 2021

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 43




Grand Rapids

ACCORDIAN house The 2019 Cosmopolitan HOME OF THE YEAR

a NEW VIEW publica-

4269 Chicago Drive SW Grandville, MI 49418 616-534-8560



Grand Rapids



a NEW VIEW publication

The Magazine West Michigan Lives By

46 | spring 2021

1051 Jackson Street Grand Haven, MI 49417 616-842-1650

GOLD WINNER One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 3,001 -4,000 square feet Montague, Michigan


Architect/Design | Visbeen Architects Builder | Eximia Homes Interior Design | Portobello Road

FEATURED SUPPLIERS: DeGraaf Interiors Harder & Warner Veldhouse Electric

Wayne Visbeen Visbeen Architects

Andy Ashby Eximia Homes






photos by Ashley Avila

THIS CUSTOM, FRENCH COUNTRY-inspired lake house is instilled with a casual elegance, yet has a sense of formality to it with respect to its plan, exterior, and materiality. Envisioned as a semi-rustic, semi-formal home built for entertaining and reflective of a love for architecture, it features an incredible amount of character from the arched, wood garage doors; natural stone chimneys with copper caps; and cupola and copper finial on the exterior; to the exposed brick wall, wooden beams overhead, and high-pitched ceilings that create added volume in the interior.

50 | spring 2021

Dual, exterior post lights, square-tapered columns, and a bell-curved dormer welcome from the street and upon entry the view is brought through the home to the water beyond, creating a strong sense of relationship to the land. The 4-bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom home is intentionally set into the steep slope of the property, providing a lower-level walk-out on the rear elevation and creating a sense of backyard on the waterfront lot. Designed with the primary suite and guest bedroom flanking the foyer, the home features a connecting study to the primary bedroom that doubles as a sitting room with outdoor balcony.

TREND RECOGNITION Greater Use of Wood Wood is very clearly not an “accent” to other materials. Instead, it takes center stage in many instances, from floors and ceilings to cabinets and siding. In past years, designers have sometimes opted to paint or treat wood, but current designs show wood to mostly be incorporated in its natural state and color. Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 51

TREND RECOGNITION Nontraditional Storage Solutions All kitchens must come with upper cabinets, right? Wrong. Maybe as residents hope to declutter, so, too, does their storage. Instead of traditional cabinetry, designers will opt for shelving, both as a storage solution and as a design element. Another trend is a mix of open and traditional cabinetry for uppers, for practical storage reasons. In kitchens with open shelving and low-to-no upper cabinetry, the secondary/prep kitchen is often home to more cabinets/storage areas.


The judges praised the interiors.


• Design & Installation • Garden Center • Irrigation • Outdoor Kitchens • Fire Features • Landscape Lighting

52 | spring 2021

6464 Broadmoor SE Caledonia, MI 49316

616.698.6910 www.harderandwarner.com





The Magazine West Michigan Lives By

Brent Veldhouse 616.437.5362

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 53

PLATINUM WINNER REMODEL OF THE YEAR Best in Region—Midwest East Grand Rapids, Michigan


Architect/Design | J Visser Design Builder | MVM Builders Developer | REINVENT Landscape Architect/Design | Rooks Landscaping Interior Design | Rock Kauffman Design FEATURED SUPPLIERS: Philip Elenbaas Millwork

Rock Kauffman Rock Kauffman Design REINVENT

Jeff Visser J Visser Design







The judges praised the home’s good exterior bones and how the renovation elevated the design and finishes.

IF THIS STUNNING HOME looks familiar, it’s most likely because it also received the 2018 Cosmopolitan Home of the Year award. We’re not surprised it was also awarded a BALA. In an area where land value heavily outweighs appreciation of the past, this post-and-beam mid-century modern home was destined to be razed. The tightly formatted four-bedroom lake home sits on a relatively flat lakeside lot. Sitting just above water level, an all-glass south façade provided unforgettable summers — and extremely problematic winters. With a high water table, a slab on grade floor, outdated single-pane picture frame windows, and strong Michigan winters, the underutilized

photos by Brian Kelly Photography

floor plan no longer worked for today’s lifestyle and turned into a summer retreat. A complete renovation and addition provided full-year functionality while preserving the aesthetic and tradition of the mid-century home. A 1,149-square foot addition to the footprint allowed for an enlarged primary suite, relocation of bedroom 2 into existing garage space, a revamped entertaining kitchen and butler kitchen, and a new three-stall garage. All ceilings remained exposed by creating a new raised floor, with crawl space, to resolve water table issues and allow a new in-floor HVAC system.

TREND RECOGNITION What’s Old is New Again A renewed focus on genuine sense of place makes adaptive reuse and historic preservation projects a priority. By focusing on what came before, designers can build on history instead of starting over, and residents will feel more connected to the place they now call home. Through preservation and adaptive reuse, builders and designers can capture parts of our heritage. It all boils down to this: Why get rid of a sense of place, when it’s already there?

TREND RECOGNITION Sophisticated Indoor/ Outdoor Connections Having indoor/outdoor connections in a design enhances livability and provides a great amenity to future residents. With new technologies and increased availability of glass walls, pocket doors, and large windows, new and remodeled homes alike are benefiting from seamless indoor/ outdoor connections, both visually and physically. Even on tight lots, architects are finding design solutions to ensure every home has a view of or access to outdoor living.

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 57

Go with the Original ...

The original closet and storage specialist for over 30 years 1254 Scribner NW • Grand Rapids, MI 49504 • 616.913.9148




616.285.9300 2618 EAST PARIS AVE. SE GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49546 58 | spring 2021





And the People’s Choice Awards THE SPRING PARADE OF HOMES is back and hasn’t missed a beat. It’s still the best way to see the latest design innovations and ideas for your home. If you’re looking to build, to buy, or, just searching for inspiration, the Parade is a fun way to see first hand the best design and craftsmanship that goes into creating a home. You’ll view the finest architecture, interior design and landscape designs all while discovering the latest trends, must-haves and smart solutions for your home. Presented by the Home & Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids, the Spring Parade of Homes is a 60-year tradition not to be missed. Cosmopolitan Home is proud to present the second People’s Choice Awards, where you get to vote for your favorite homes in five different catagories: Best Exterior, Best Interior, Best Site Harmony, Best Kitchen, Best Over-All Home. The voting begins mid-June and the following pages represent the homes you have to see on this year’s Parade as they are the contenders. You’ll be inspired by the wealth of refreshing ideas, innovative products and flawless, custom work on display. And, stay tuned for voting instructions on our Facebook page. Good luck to all! When June 4 - 12 Event hours Fridays & Saturdays: 1-9 p.m. Monday - Thursday: 4 - 9p.m. Ticket prices General Ticket: $15 at homes, $10 at Lake Michigan Credit Union locations Children 12 and under: Free Tickets and free maps are available at all the Parade Homes. Virtual Tours paradeofhomes.mygrhome.com

60 | spring 2021

people’s CHOICE


HOME 31 ADA 2757 Meadow Crossing Drive Ada, MI 49301

INCLUDES Square Feet: 3,780 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 4 Price Range: Contact Builder OVERVIEW Lown Homes welcomes you to our 2021 Spring Parade Home, located in Maple Ridge Ravine. This two-story home was crafted with exceptional quality and intentional design for an open concept feel. Experience our passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail together with the following features: • Spacious main floor living area with a large picture window, rich stained open shelving, and a gorgeous stone fireplace. • Spectacular outdoor living amenities featuring a screened-in porch, spacious patio, and inground swimming pool • Main floor master suite features dual vanities, trey ceiling, a free-standing tub, and a large walkin closet with personalized cabinetry • Custom cabinetry throughout, featuring the mudroom with bench and built- in cubbies for the family, ceiling details in several rooms, and many other details you come to expect from the Lown Homes Carpentry Team.

DIRECTIONS 196 East to M21 East to Headley St, South through Ada on Thornapple River Dr, South on Buttrick East on 28th St to Meadow Crossing on North Side of 28th St.

LOWN HOMES At Lown Homes, we have a passion for Custom Building and Remodels, an extensive background specializing in custom carpentry.

Josh Lown info@lownhomes.com 616.366.3436 lownhomes.com


616.457.4818 www.ainteriors.net


616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com

POOLS 616.698.7242 www.zylstradoor.com

616.784.1270 www.fox-pools.com Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 61


HOME 13 BYRON CENTER 4668 76th Street Byron Center, MI 49315

INCLUDES Square Feet: 4,645 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 Price Range: $1 Million plus

DIRECTIONS From Grand Rapids: Take 131 South to M-6 West (Exit 77) to Wilson Avenue (Exit #3). Turn Left on Wilson Avenue and head South to 76th Street. Turn Right and head West on 76th Street to 4668 76th Street SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

CELEBRITY BUILDERS, LLC For nearly two decades the Celebrity Builders Team has been perfecting and refining our process to give you the dream custom home you have always wanted. Here at Celebrity Builders, our attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship goes unmatched — we expect excellence — and yet there is much more to this team than meets the eye. Whether you are looking for a space to entertain, a private oasis, or have no idea where to start, our commitment is to make your idea a reality. We treat your home as our own, and by choosing to build with us you are becoming part of our family; one that values relationships, communication, and makes the building process fun, easy, and memorable.

OVERVIEW This beautiful Custom Home by Celebrity Builders is truly a classic farmhouse oasis. Upon pulling into the property you cannot help but envision enjoying a spectacular Michigan sunset from the front porch as golden hues dance below the tree line. Approaching the house you are greeted with a contrasting Barn capable of housing anything from campers, a wood shop, hunting supplies — you name it. As you step out of your car, you will stroll up to the front porch where the true beauty of CVI Design comes into realization. Open the front door and the vertical shiplap paneling gives way to a beautiful great room complete with a 12-foot ceiling showcasing rift white oak beams, an authentic barn beam mantel, and built-ins on either side of a fireplace. Take a left and you enter the open-concept and spacious kitchen and dining room. Whether it is the rift white oak custom inset cabinets throughout, the walk-in pantry, or the accompanying dining room prep area, the intricate craftsmanship is on full display. Walk into the spectacular back screen porch and the sloped stained wood ceilings complement a second fireplace, perfect for enjoying the surrounding beauty of the property. The rest of the 2144 sq. ft. main floor also features a locker area, a uniquely planned home office, and a master suite. Head upstairs and you’ll notice the open stairway with metal spindles leading to three bedrooms and two baths. Retreat back down to the lower level and the custombuilt entertainment center, large family room, fifth bedroom, and bath, as well as a workout room with a connected cedar sauna, will leave you speechless. This 2021 Spring Parade Home by Celebrity Builders is definitely one you will not want to miss!

Troy DeHoop 616.299.2178 Rob Vis 616.291.1808 info@celebritybuildersllc.com celebritybuildersllc.com


616.241.2655 www.modernhardware.com

616.281.5522 www.westmichiganlumber.com

616.534.8560 www.thelightingcorner.com

616.532.4131 www.gerritsappliances.com 62 | spring 2021

616.662.0140 degraafinteriors.com

616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com


HOME 7 CALEDONIA 2627 84th Street SE Caledonia, MI 49316

INCLUDES Square Feet: 4,484 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 full, 1 half Price Range: Contact Builder OVERVIEW Dan Vis Builders is excited to showcase another stunning custom home. Various textures, vibrant colors, interesting patterns, and fun vintage details all intermingle creating an eclectic space that sparks your curiosity about what will be around every corner. Combining playful and dramatic materials with functional design elements make this home the perfect space to raise your family or to entertain any size gathering. The stunning custom kitchen with butler’s pantry not only opens to a spacious living room with a stone fireplace and vaulted ceilings but spills out to a covered deck and gorgeous in-ground pool and patio. This home invites you to enjoy the best of life!

DIRECTIONS South on Kalamazoo Ave to 84th St, Turn left (East) on 84th past Breton Ave, Home is on North side of 84th just past Breton Ave.

Be sure to Like us on Facebook and visit us at www.danvisbuilders.com

DAN VIS BUILDERS When choosing a Grand Rapids custom homebuilder; quality craftsmanship, precise attention to detail, and excellent customer service should rank at the top of your wish list. These same attributes continue to set Dan Vis Builders apart from other custom home builders in Michigan.

Dan Vis danvis@gmail.com 616.293.3597 danvisbuilders.com


616.785.3088 www.greatlakesgranite.com

616.532.4131 www.gerritsappliances.com

616.281.5522 www.westmichiganlumber.com

616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com

616.662.9800 www.hardtopix.com

616.534.8560 www.thelightingcorner.com Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 63


HOME V2 Virtual Tour

INCLUDES Square Feet: 7,100 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 4 Full, 1 half Price Range: Contact Builder OVERVIEW This amazing lakefront home is truly breathtaking! Take your time and enjoy the virtual tour of this completely custom home. This home was designed to perfectly fit the needs of this family while making the most of the lake views.

DIRECTIONS Virtual tours may be viewed online at: paradeofhomes.mygrhome.com

• Stunning kitchen with double islands, custom cabinets, amazing pantry, and coffee bar • Screen porch with a fireplace, heated floors, and beautiful view of the lake and pool • A perfect lower level for entertaining with a kitchenette, game room, craft room, and wood-burning fireplace with custom surround

SHERWOOD CUSTOM HOMES At Sherwood Custom Homes every home is built and designed by us with no wasted space and using the highest grade materials. Utilizing our sister- company Houtnerf Cabinet Co, all of our cabinetry and woodworking is custom made. We take pride in the detail and quality of our work. Our staff and our contractors are dependable, honest, and communication-focused. We are just the right size to meet every need and keep the customer involved throughout the entire project.

• Inset brick flooring in the front and back entries • Impressive master suite complete with his and her custom closets, large tile shower, and sitting room attached • Custom Metal railings on a beautiful open stairway

Jeff Sherwood Jeff@sherwoodcustomhomes.com 616.891.1865 sherwoodcustomhomes.com


616.241.2655 www.modernhardware.com

616.281.5522 www.westmichiganlumber.com 64 | spring 2021

616.662.9800 www.hardtopix.com


616.878.5000 www.villageci.com

61.531.1110 www.norbertsglasandmirror.com

616.647.5538 www.premiergranitetops.com

616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com


HOME Virtual Home

INCLUDES Square Feet: 3,605 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 6 Price Range: $1 Million plus OVERVIEW The Glendalough showcases simple but edgy design aspects, blended with a transitional presentation in a historical cottage development setting. The Glendalough Lake Home was designed and built for a couple just new to their retirement years. Holland, MI was the end of their search for a retirement destination in a lakeside infill development within a historic resort area. The small cluster lots led to some interesting design/construction challenges. Creating 3600+ Sq.Ft of lake home vertically instead of horizontally led to creative uses of materials in order to adhere within the setbacks and height encroachments. Blending modern materials with hints of yesteryear, cottage construction aspects took some forethought, but with two great clients to work with, both interior and exterior designers on board, and our ample construction team we were able to mesh the two seamlessly.

DIRECTIONS Virtual tours may be viewed online at: paradeofhomes.mygrhome.com


Creekside Companies has over 25 years of awardwinning expertise in renovations & custom home Probably one of the most talked-about and soothing spaces to relax is the 4th floor covered patio. The building along with professional real estate. views at this level are incredible. The motorized screens, the tile floor, the countertop bar with awning win- Serving the greater West Michigan area, delivering dow, and recessed ceiling heaters provide this space with every need and every event mother nature sends. the best design, building & remodeling experience possible with our excellent craftsmanship and The entire home was constructed with an “aging in place design” as it is zero-step from the garage functional design. entry to every floor via the elevator as well as all the shower spaces. Pictures attest to the success...

Doug Butterworth admin@creeksidecompanies.com 616.669.7673 creeksidecompanies.com


616.241.2655 www.modernhardware.com 616.530.8200 www.standalelumber.com

616.957.1969 www.trukitchens.com

616.532.4131 www.gerritsappliances.com Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 65


HOME 26 ROCKFORD 7570 Sunfish Woods Court Rockford, MI 49341

INCLUDES Square Feet: 7,570 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 full, 1 half Price Range: Contact Builder DIRECTIONS 131 North to West River Dr. exit 91, turn left onto West River Dr, continue onto Cannonsburg Rd for approximately 5 miles. Turn left onto Sunfish Lake Ave. Take the 3rd left onto Sunfish Woods Ct. The home will be on your left.

OVERVIEW The Muston Construction team is excited to showcase this eclectic modern home in the 2021 Spring Parade of Homes. You will find custom cabinetry, hidden pantry, beautiful tile work incorporating Terrazzo tile, Walnut trim details and built-ins throughout, bonus room on the upper level overlooking the 2-story great room, polished concrete floors in the basement with in-floor heat, 2-story black brick fireplace with special Walnut features, and a unique bookcase with a secret passage to a storage room. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for a look at more houses we have built!

MUSTON CONSTRUCTION The homes we build bear our name because we believe our most valuable asset is our reputation. Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest aim. Our goal is to build homes you will love coming home to.

Phil and Myeeda Muston office@mustonconstruction.com 616.887.9088 mustonconstruction.com


616.727.0909 www.wmkitchenstudio.com

66 | spring 2021

616.534.8560 www.thelightingcorner.com

616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com


HOME 32 ADA 2985 West Locust Lane Ada, MI 49301

INCLUDES Square Feet: 4,290 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 full, 2 half Price Range: Contact Builder OVERVIEW This contemporary home is located in the exclusive Bruce Heys Builders’ Kennett Square development. A custom walk-out ranch home sits in a beautifully wooded lot that opens to a peaceful natural pond. The home is a clean contemporary style with breathtaking views from every room. Featured in this home are amazing customs from stunning cabinetry, elegantly designed doors, an incredible contemporary stairway system and many more Bruce Heys Builders state-of-the-art home solutions. Check out this beautiful home to experience what a truly custom home can be!

DIRECTIONS From Buttrick and 28th Street intersection, turn east on 28th Street for roughly 1.2 miles to Kennett Square Development, on the south side of 28th Street. Turn right into the development on to West Locust Lane. Home is the first driveway on the right. Parking is along West Locust Lane.

BRUCE HEYS BUILDERS Bruce Heys Builders has been building relationships in West Michigan for over 20 years. We are committed to redefining the standard for your custom building and renovation experience. Call us to learn how we can help build your dreams.

Bruce Heys info@heysbuilders.com 616.682.0592 heysbuilders.com


ROOKS LANDSCAPING 616. 897.4287 www.rookslandscaping.com

616.458.9700 www.orgwestmi.org

616.785.3088 www.greatlakesgranite.com

616.459.4523 www.eikenhout.com 616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com

616.698.7242 www.zylstradoor.com

616.453.8201 www.standalehomestudio.com Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 67


HOME 27 ADA 4494 Giles Ave. NE Ada, MI 49301

INCLUDES Square Feet: 2,811 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 full, 1 half Price Range: Contact Builder

DIRECTIONS Follow US-131 N, W River Dr. NE/West River Dr. NE and Cannonsburg Rd NE to Giles Ave NE in Cannon Township

OVERVIEW JDH Custom Homes welcomes you to view this urban beauty cast in a serene rural setting. This home features modern, timeless amenities that are a must-see. The exterior is a show-stopping newly released exterior siding with stone elements. The interior presents dramatic wall features and lighting. We cannot wait to welcome you to what is next.

JDH CUSTOM HOMES Josh Hankamp, Owner of JDH Custom Homes, has been in the building industry for 20 years. JDH Custom Homes is a small company with a personal feel that focuses on making Homeowners’ dreams a reality. JDH is not a production home builder; everything his team does is 100 percent custom. They love to use top-of-the-line, energyefficient, and stylish materials while meeting personalized needs and desires. JDH is the perfect choice for your custom dream home.

Josh Hankamp josh@jdhcustomhomes.com 616.889.9394 jdhcustomhomes.com


616.459.8367 www.beldenbrickandsupply.com

68 | spring 2021

616.647.5538 www.premiergranitetops.com

616.669.3085 www.elenbaas.com

616.771.0530 www.williamskitchen.com


HOME 33 CASCADE 7455 Cascade Rd. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

OVERVIEW This custom contemporary home sits on 1.2 acres in Cascade. The home features beautiful black walnut flooring throughout the main floor as well as 10’ ceilings with 8’ doors. The stairway features custom floating walnut treads and metal fabricated railings. Designed with a modern James Hardie panel and EasyTrim siding system with accents of stone and black walnut on the front elevation. This home has 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths, as well as a laundry room on the main and upper levels. The oversized 3 stall garage includes 2 outlets for charging electric vehicles. In the kitchen, you’ll find a 48” pro range, cabinet face column fridge and freezer, as well as a walk-in pantry. Walking into the master bathroom you’ll find a 10’ custom black walnut vanity, a large soaker tub, and a huge walk-in shower. You won’t want to miss your chance to check us out!

INCLUDES Square Feet: 3,539 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Price Range: $900,000 - $1 Million Home is For Sale

DIRECTIONS East side of Cascade Rd SE, North of 36th

ELYSIAN BUILDERS’ Elysian Builders believes that building your home should be a bliss-filled, delightful experience. While building a home may seem overwhelming, we try to make the process as seamless as possible from beginning to end. Working closely with our subcontractors and designer from start to finish to meet your needs, makes this a reality.

Jordan Hilbrand jordanhilbrand@gmail.com 616.893.9718 homesbyelysian.com


616.457.4818 www.ainteriors.net

616.530.8200 www.standalelumber.com

616.771.0530 www.williamskitchen.com

616.534.8560 www.thelightingcorner.com

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 69




The best of the best from the 2021 Spring Parade of Homes pictured below want your vote ... Celebrity Builders, Home 13 Muston Construction, Home 26

Creekside Companies, Home V

JDH Custom Homes, Home 27

Lown Homes, Home 31 Bruce Heys Builders, Home 32

Sherwood Custom Homes, Home V2 Elysian Builders, Home 33


• https://www.facebook.com/Cosmopolitan-Home-615923745108443/ Best Exterior • Best Interior • Best Site Harmony • Best Kitchen • Best Over-All Voting starts mid-June at www.facebook.com/Cosmopolitan-Home

An Interactive Directory for the Home APPLIANCES, EQUIPMENT AND HARDWARE

Bekins Audio/Video & Appliances (616) 957-2333 Decker & Sons (616) 456-5121 Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery (616) 248-0605 Gerrit's Appliance, Inc. (616) 532-3626 www.gerritsappliances.com ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS

42 North Architecture + Design (616) 340-8047 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 x116 DeHaan Homes (616) 896-8300 www.dehaanhomes.com Fitzpatrick Custom Design (616) 532-2000 J. Visser Design (616) 954-2509 Lucid Architecture, Inc (616) 741-0044 Mathison Mathison Architects (616) 920-0545 Visbeen Architects, Inc. (616) 285-9901 x2 AUDIO-VIDEO RETAILER

Created Control (616) 356-2660 Decker & Sons (616) 456-5121 Streamline Systems (616)457-5460 www.streamlinesystemsmi.com AWNINGS

Action Awning LLC (616) 874-7400 www.actionawning.com www.facebook.com/pages/ Action-AwningLLC/479665515420452 BRICK, STONE & MASONRY

Belden Brick & Supply Co. (616) 459-8367 Bultema Bros. Builders Supply, Inc. (616) 245-1125 BUILDER

Ashby Builders (616) 893-6284 Aukeman Development Co. (616) 669-4363 B.D.D. Construction Co. LLC (616) 696-1226 BDR Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 458-8505 Berghuis Construction LLC (616) 217-6565

Celebrity Builders LLC (616) 291-1808 Christin Homes (616) 874-2694 www.christinhomes.com chad@christinhomes.com Colonial Builders LLC (616) 534-2030 Curt Moran Builders, Inc. (616) 293-0660 Daeco Builders, Inc. (616) 682-2422 Dan Vis Builders LLC (616) 293-3597 Dan Vos Construction Co., Inc. (616) 676-9169 Dave Dusendang Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 874-7085 www.dusendanghomes.com Dave Visser Builder LLC (616) 791-8899 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 x116 DBC Custom Homes (616) 878-5400 www.dbccustomhomes.com www.facebook.com/DBCcust omhomes/ www.instagram.com/dbccustomhomes DeHaan Homes (616) 896-8300 www.dehaanhomes.com Diephuis Builders, Inc. (616) 956-7441 Eastbrook Homes, Inc. (616) 988-1324 Epique Homes, Inc. (616) 437-1767 Falcon Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 682-1700 Forest Hills Homes LLC (616) 940-9015 Habitat For Humanity of Kent County (616) 588-5220 Infiniti Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 322-3005 Insignia Homes (616) 940-1703 Interra Homes (616) 862-1292 J & J Concepts LLC (616) 540-3560 J. Peterson Homes LLC (616) 291-1816 Jim Tibbe Homes (616) 916-8895 John L. Koetje Builder, Inc. (616) 538-4241 Kenowa Associates, Inc. (616) 531-0069 KLH Custom Homes LLC (269) 823-8041 Koetje Builders, Inc. (616) 457-3450 LeBlanc Custom Homes (616) 723-1467 www.leblanccustomhome.com www.facebook.com/LeBlanc-CustomHomes-1546652642282852/ Drew@leblanccustomhome.com

Let Us, Inc. (616) 893-2341 Lown Homes LLC (616) 366-3436 Makuski Builders, Inc. (616) 299-1725 Maplewood Homes (616) 499-5054 www.maplewoodhomes.com Mike Schaap Builders, Inc. (616) 399-9925 www.mikeschaapbuilders.com Mosaic Properties & Homes (616) 235-0711 x201 Muston Construction, Inc. (616) 887-9088 www.mustonconstruction.com www.facebook.com/mustonconstruction www.houzz.com/pro/muston/__public office@mustonconstruction.com New Urban Home Builders LLC (616) 401-5669 Nugent Builders, Inc. (616) 866-7663 P.A. DeHaan LLC (616) 299-1329 Raymar Homes (616) 299-7664 Schultz Builders LLC (616) 405-9316 Scott Christopher Homes (616) 784-4500 Scott Lamaire Custom Homes (616) 802-8850 Sherwood Custom Homes LLC (616) 891-1865 www.sherwoodcustomhomes.com jeff@sherwoodcustomhomes.com Snellink Builders (616) 437-4527 Snowden Builders LLC (616) 299-8455 Solomon Homes LLC (616) 437-1179 Sytsma Construction LLC (616) 437-4966 www.sytsmaconstruction.com sytsmaconstllc@gmail.com Tim Schollaart Builder LLC (616) 890-1381 Tim VerStrate Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 677-6062 www.timverstratecustomhomes.com Tom Montsma Builders, Inc. (616) 662-0229 V.H. Construction, Inc. (616) 723-4243 Viersen Properties LLC (616) 299-6846 Whitmore Homes LLC (616) 446-3482 Woods Builders Homes, Inc. (616) 272-3468 BUILDING MATERIALS

Eikenhout Building Supplies (616)-459-4523 Foundation Building Materials (616) 534-4903



Benchmark Wood Studio (616)994-7374 benchmark-studios.com Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 www.closetandroomsolutions.com Rivershores Building Products, Inc. (616) 738-8440 Rivershores Hardwood Flooring & Cabinetry Company (616) 243-7000 -EGR (616) 738-8440 - Holland www.facebook.com/Rivershore sHardwoodFlooringCompany/ www.houzz.com/pro/rivershoreshardwoodflooring/rive rshores-hardwood-flooring sales@rivershores.com Standale Home Studio (616) 453-8201 www.standalehomestudio.com www.facebook.com/standaleinteriors www.houzz.com/pro/standaleinteriors www.pinterest.com/standaleint Starlite Kitchens (616) 583-9304 www.StarliteKitchens.com www.facebook.com/StarliteK itchensandBaths www.houzz.com/pro/rbronsink/starliteTru Kitchens (616) 957-1969 The Williams Studio (616) 771-0530 www.thewilliamsstudio.com www.facebook.com/TheWilli amsStudio www.houzz.com/pro/william sstudio1/williams-studio#8 CLOSET ORGANIZERS


Modern Hardware (616) 241-2655 www.modernhardware.com www.facebook.com/ModernHardware www.houzz.com/browseRevie ws/modernhardwaregr https://instagram.com/modernhardwaregr?igshid=jq4pmumhl0vb Progressive Hardware (616) 607-7373 www.pro-hardware.com prohdw@sbcglobal.net FLOOR COVERING

Century (616) 988-4524 DeGraaf Interiors (616) 669-1621 Johnson Carpet One (616) 531-3100 Klingman's Furniture (616) 942-7300 Village Custom Interiors www.villageci.com (616) 878-5000 https://www.facebook.com/VillageCI Standale Home Studio (616) 453-8201 www.standalehomestudio.com www.facebook.com/standaleinteriors www.houzz.com/pro/standaleinteriors www.pinterest.com/standaleint GARAGE ORGANIZERS

Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 www.closetandroomsolutions.com Closet Concepts, Inc. (616) 913-9148 www.closetconceptsofgr.com info@closetconceptsofgr.com

Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 www.closetandroomsolutions.com

Glass Concepts Inc. (616) 994-7050 www.glassconceptsinc.com www.glassconceptsinc.com/gallery

Closet Concepts, Inc. (616) 913-9148 www.closetconceptsofgr.com info@closetconceptsofgr.com Closet Design (616) 772-1119 Michigan Shelf West, Inc. (616) 863-6481

Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 www.slighdesign.com www.facebook.com/SlighDesign/ www.houzz.com/pro/slighclosetandglass/sligh-closet-and-glass sarahc@slighdesign.com

Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 www.slighdesign.com www.facebook.com/SlighDesign/ www.houzz.com/pro/slighclosetandglass/sligh-closetand-glass


Closet Design (616) 772-1119

THELIST Glass Concepts Inc. (616) 994-7050 www.glassconceptsinc.com www.glassconceptsinc.com/gallery Norbert's Glass & Mirror Co. (616) 531-1110 www.norbertsglassandmirror.com Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 www.slighdesign.com www.facebook.com/SlighDesign/ www.houzz.com/pro/slighclosetandglass/sligh-closet-and-glass sarahc@slighdesign.com HOME AUTOMATION

Created Control (616) 356-2660 Streamline Systems (616)457-5460 www.streamlinesystemsmi.com HOME ELECTRONICS INSTALLATION

Bekins Audio/Video & Appliances (616) 957-2333 Bekins Audio/Video & Appliances (616) 957-2333 Created Control (616) 356-2660 Streamline Systems (616)457-5460 www.streamlinesystemsmi.com HOME ORGANIZATION

Closet Concepts, Inc. (616) 913-9148 Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 Systematic (616) 350-9597 INTERIOR DESIGN

42 North - Architecture + Design (616) 340-8047 Dwellings, Inc. (616) 532-7897 Great American Spaces (877) 553-9945 www.greatamericanspaces.com Rock Kauffman Design (616) 956-3008 Klingman's Furniture (616) 942-7300 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 www.standaleinteriors.com Joseph Szymczak www.studioatslate.com KITCHEN & BATH

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids (616) 632-2284 www.dreammakergr.com

An Interactive Directory for the Home

Granite Transformations (616) 726-1388 Great Lakes Granite Works (616) 785-3088 www.greatlakesgranite.com www.facebook.com/GreatLakes-Granite-Works109217255792578/ www.houzz.com/pro/greatlakesgraniteworks/greatlakes-granite-works www.instagram.com/great_lak es_granite_works DBurgess@greatlakesgranite.com Infusion Showrooms by Etna Supply (616) 514-5177 www.infusionshowrooms.com www.facebook.com/infusion.s howrooms www.instagram.com/infusionkitchenbathshowrooms/?hl=en Mont Granite (616) 647-0700 www.montsurfaces.com www.facebook.com/montgranite www.pinterest.com/montgranite/ www.youtube.com/channel/UC phAqTXwVEvQ9CDL1xiJ2iQ Premier Granite & Stone (616) 647-5538 www.premiergranitetops.com Richards Kitchen & Bath Showroom (616) 247-0965 Re-Bath of Grand Rapids (616) 949-8827 www.Rebathgr.com www.facebook.com/ReBath-of-Grand-Rapids399202116792753/ info@rebathgr.com Standale Home Studio (616) 453-8201 www.standalehomestudio.com Starlite Kitchens (616) 583-9304 www.StarliteKitchens.com www.facebook.com/StarliteKi tchensandBaths www.houzz.com/pro/rbronsink/starliteTru Kitchens (616) 957-1969 The Williams Studio (616) 771-0530 www.thewilliamsstudio.com www.facebook.com/TheWilli amsStudio www.houzz.com/pro/williams studio1/williams-studio#8 LANDSCAPE DESIGN

Alfresco Landcapes LLC (616) 453-2530 www.alfresco-landscapes.com

Landscape Design Services, Inc (616) 399-1734 www.landscapeds.com Rivertown Landscapes LLC (616) 866-1700 www.rivertownlandscapes.com LANDSCAPING & LAWN SPRINKLING

Alfresco Landcapes LLC (616) 453-2530 www.alfresco-landscapes.com Landscape Design Services, Inc (616) 399-1734 www.landscapeds.com

Re-Bath of Grand Rapids (616) 949-8827 www.Rebathgr.com www.facebook.com/ReBath-of-Grand-Rapids399202116792753/ info@rebathgr.com Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 www.slighdesign.com www.facebook.com/SlighDesign/ www.houzz.com/pro/slighclosetandglass/sligh-closet-and-glass SIDING & ROOFING

Rivertown Landscapes LLC (616) 866-1700 www.rivertownlandscapes.com

Eikenhout, Inc. (616) 459-4523 Standale Lumber & Supply (616) 530-8200 www.standalelumber.com www.facebook.com/standalelumber



The Lighting Corner (616) 534-8560 (616) 842-1650 (G. Haven) www.thelightingcorner.com www.facebook.com/thelightingcorner/?fref=ts www.pinterest.com/TLC_1984

Action Awning LLC (616) 874-7400 http://actionawning.com https://www.facebook.com/pag es/Action-AwningLLC/479665515420452


Adventure Credit Union (616) 243-0125 xx1207 www.adventurecu.org Chemical Bank (616) 588-7438 www.chemicalbankmi.com First United Credit Union (616) 532-9067 www.firstunitedcu.org Independent Bank (800) 285-3111 Old National Bank (616) 802-3921 www.oldnational.com SECURITY

EPS Security/Engineered Protection Systems (616) 459-0281 www.facebook.com/EpsSecurity https://twitter.com/EPS_Security www.linkedin.com/company/ep s-security-inc-/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCP NhObLZqFHqhuYODhVTo9O/ www.houzz.com/pro/epssecurity/eps-security-systems SHOWER & TUB ENCLOSURES

Closet Design (616) 772-1119 Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 Norbert's Glass & Mirror Co. (616) 531-1110 www.norbertsglassandmirror.com


Great Lakes Granite Works (616) 785-3088 www.greatlakesgranite.com www.facebook.com/GreatLakes-Granite-Works109217255792578/ www.houzz.com/pro/greatlakesgraniteworks/great-lakesgranite-works www.instagram.com/great_lakes _granite_works DBurgess@greatlakesgranite.com Premier Granite & Stone (616) 647-5538 www.premiergranitetops.com Starlite Kitchens (616) 583-9304 www.StarliteKitchens.com www.facebook.com/StarliteKit chensandBaths www.houzz.com/pro/rbronsink/starliteTop of the World Granite, Inc. (616) 791-7444 Williams Kitchen & Bath (616) 771-0505 STONE & TILE

Certified Tile and Stone Installers (616) 437-3520 Genesee Ceramic Tile Dist (616) 243-5811

Great Lakes Granite Works (616) 785-3088 www.greatlakesgranite.com www.facebook.com/GreatLakes-Granite-Works109217255792578/ www.houzz.com/pro/greatlakesgraniteworks/great-lakesgranite-works www.instagram.com/great_lakes _granite_works DBurgess@greatlakesgranite.com Mont Granite (616) 647-0700 www.montsurfaces.com www.facebook.com/montgranite www.pinterest.com/montgranite/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCp hAqTXwVEvQ9CDL1xiJ2iQ Premier Granite & Stone (616) 647-5538 www.premiergranitetops.com Top of the World Granite, Inc. (616) 791-7444 STORAGE

Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 www.closetandroomsolutions.com Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 422-4321 WINDOW COVERINGS

Klingman's Furniture (616) 942-7300 Standale Home Studio (616) 453-8201 www.standalehomestudio.com www.facebook.com/standaleinteriors www.houzz.com/pro/standaleinteriors www.pinterest.com/standaleint/ WINDOWS & DOORS

Eikenhout, Inc. (616) 459-4523 Pella Windows & Doors by HORNE (616) 889-5857 www.pellabranch.com/western-michigan www.facebook.com/pellawindowsanddoorswm www.instagram.com/pellawestmichigan www.pinterest.com/pellawestmichigan www.linkedin.com/company/pe lla-windows-&-doors-by-horne www.twitter.com/PellaWestMich R J Raven Corporation (616) 245-5684 Standale Lumber & Supply (616) 530-8200 www.standalelumber.com

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