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The Dream is Not Dead!

By Sean Essary

An advocacy for the Dream Act By Maryza Diaz

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Tuesday November 4th, 2008 Americans will find themselves choosing whom to lead the country into the next executive term. Heading the Republican Party is Arizona’s senior senator John McCain with selected running mate Sarah Palin, a female governor for Alaska. The G.O.P. have committed themselves in a race against the Democratic Party candidates Barack Obama and cited Roman Catholic Joe Biden. On October 15th at 9 PM ET, the third debate between the presidential nominees started with the casual pat on the back and shaking of hands. The demeanor of the debate quickly shifted to picking apart each other’s viewpoints most notably on how to handle the current economic crisis. McCain stated that Americans are hurting and angry. With the recent economic stimulus package set in motion, referred to as the bailout plan, McCain would invest $300 billion into buying home loan mortgages. He states this value would clear 11 million unwanted homes, creating a floor in which the real estate market would have a chance to recover. Illinois senator Obama replied that Americans are, “experiencing [the] worst financial crisis since [the] Great Depression”. He believes in using core principals to fix the economy, his plan would involve a rescue package for the middle class. To create jobs he would eliminate foreign tax breaks and bring more benefits to US companies in an attempt to decrease production overseas. To help families he would also cut taxes for the middle class and remove IRA penalties. Obama views this situation as a longterm challenge, he supports fixing the energy policy and improving the healthcare system. Both candidates promote a tax break. Their campaigns however, contrast on who to give the incentive to. McCain believes that the only logical method to boosting the economy is to lower the taxes set upon American companies; currently America stands as having the 2nd highest business tax rate

globally. Obama believes that the solution lies in promoting smaller businesses and providing relief for the working class. At a rally, Obama stated that McCain’s plan would give tax breaks to companies such as Exxon, having reported $12 billion plus in revenue. His solution would affect smaller business with less than $250,000 as well as 95% of America’s working population. McCain replied encouraging business with tax breaks, not by spreading the wealth around, is the only way to provide that economic stimulus. However through both primaries plans of action, the U.S. deficit would exceed $1 trillion. The Republican National Convention, held in a public stadium, hosted performances from Palin, McCain, and political satire from activists attending the event. As Palin warmed the crowd up blowing kisses and rallying McCain, the primary’s speech promised change for the future and suggested the community do the same by enlisting in the army and volunteering in the community. Background was also provided on McCain’s personal experience as a POW, prisoner of war, during the American war in North Vietnam. The Democratic National Convention hosted former president Bill Clinton as well as words from Obama’s running mate Joe Biden. Obama praised the accomplishments of prior U.S. executives through their achievements with the G.I. bill and its successes in allowing students to attend college. He also explained his own childhood and the poverty his mother faced using food stamps to provide for their family. On Oct. 2nd, St. Louis, Missouri 6:01 PM PT, Vice President nominees held their debate in Washington University. Issues varied from the war in Iraq to same-sex marriage. As Palin focused on environmental issues and waned on how to develop an exit strategy from Iraq, Biden expressed that if he were to assume the executive status in condition of vacancy, he would address the political leaders and use diplomacy with his accrued

foreign policy experience. At press time, Obama has risen to 6.8 points in approval rating above McCain. With the election less than a month away the popular vote is still undetermined. America will have to prepare for anything as the Electoral College decide whom to cast their ballots for in the 2008 presidential election.

In the constitution it is written that everyone has the right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, Nilo Thomas argued during a discussion about the Dream Act. If that’s true how is it that students who  have maintained a 4.8 GPA  all throughout high school are considered criminals and can not attend college? Some people think that the Dream Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) is just a gateway for another amnesty while some consider it a bill that could not just help us socially but economically as well.   People that oppose this bill from passing believe that it should be called the “Nitemare Act.”  For one, opposers say it is an amnesty bill and this seems to be the biggest worry. Secondly, some are afraid it is going increase the difficulty for students who are citizens of the U.S. to go to college because they believe all the money would go to the “illegal students” and students who are citizens should be “protected” from illegals taking their money.  The opposers dislike this act because they believe that “illegal is illegal, and they are tired of “illegals” taking all the jobs and that Congress should just say “no way Jose” to the bill.   So, what really is the Dream Act?   According to the National Immigration Law Center, the Dream Act would give the immigrant children who were brought here at the age of fifteen or younger the chance to go college, the opportunity to join the armed forces and have “conditional status” for six years.  However full authority is granted to every university, the decision of whether the immigrant students would pay in state or out of state tuition, instead of three times the original tuition.  If after the six years students have showed good moral character and have contributed to

“This country means much more than pursuing happiness to these students... it means

pursuing life.”

society they would be granted permanent residency. That alone challenges all arguments.  It is stated in the bill that students would be able to obtain conditional status, meaning U.S. citizens still have the advantage towards scholarships because many still require citizenship.  It is also the university’s decision on whether or not students would pay in state tuition, never stating giving the students a waiver into paying less than American citizens.  As for the competition into getting into a university, it would only challenge all students in having more consideration on their education. The Dream Act would offer an opportunity to those students who did not choose the decision their parents made to bring them to this country, because of that choice, children should not be called criminals. Most consider the U.S. as their home, remembering almost nothing of their native country. They are “guilty” only of wanting a better life by educating themselves beyond high school; after all they are paying towards their dream by doing not just good in school, but by keeping out of trouble and contributing to society.  Most of us know at least one student who is a “star athlete,” a “valedictorian,” a “community volunteer” that wants to go to college but can’t. Many students try to find loop holes around the current situation just so they can get post-secondary education but find it almost impossible to do so. How is it that they still find the strength to be determined and not give up knowing their chances of going to college are slim? “My family, my determination, and my positive mentality have been reasons why I continue to work on my education,” explained an anonymous student. While other students find it unnecessary to be involve school activities many students like our anonymous person find it as a way to gain respect from their peers as well as acceptance. “To be involved in school 4” activities, w x 5” h I am able to gain strengths. Strengths that I can draw upon are leadership, responsibility and gain a higher determination to make it to college,” explained the student.   Programs like Aguila and Hispanic Youth Foundation that are helping Latino students pursue higher education, by either rewarding them scholarship money or by helping them get as many scholarships as possible so they can go to college. However, they * can’t do it alone. They need your vote to help these students fight with claws and teeth for what Americans receive at birth: • Affordable • Fast the opportunity to be educated and • Convenient the opportunity to better themselves. “This country means much more than pursuing happiness to these students,” explained Nilo Thomas “it means pursuing life.”


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Amber Erickson


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A Fun and

Spooky Halloween Scottsdale holds fall festival tonight at Eldorado Park By Erick Beltran

The City of Scottsdale is hosting its annual Fall festival at Eldorado Park at the south baseball fields. The event runs from 6p.m. to 9p.m. Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun filled community event. The event is run by the City of Scottsdale’s Special Events Team, along with the help of other park staff and a wide variety of volunteers. Such as Service Learning clubs from all the high schools, The National Guard’s Project Challenge, and the Palm Lane Church. Along with the volunteers there will also be non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and Coronado’s Band Boosters. There will be forty game booths placed all around the fields. These are mostly for youth ages six to thirteen. There will be five other game booths that are more challenging designed for ages fourteen and up. If you have little ones to take care of you can head over to the tots only area where toddlers can also have some fun while still being safe at the park. At all the booths you can win prizes and candy. There will be costume contests; they are separated by ages so you won’t have to go up against the three year old in the ladybug costume. If costumes aren’t your thing they may be your dogs, dress him/her up and enter them into the canine contest. If carving is more of your thing then enter the pumpkincarving contest. There will also be a pie eating contest and best howl contest. Prizes for these activities will be gift certificates. There will be performances at the stage throughout the event by Coronado’s CHSazz, CDC, the DefSlamaz and Choir. Halloween can’t go on without something haunted. There will be a haunted forest that is rumored to be, haunted. At the conclusion of the event there will be a fireworks display that can be seen from the park and the neighborhood surrounding it. Besides the vendors, this event and all the activities at it are free, so there are no excuses for not seeing you there. (Unless you’re supporting the Dons at the Coronado Football Game that night.)

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Qori Krog


“Sheriff” Joe Arpaio

No Imagination? Or Mere Appreciation?

By TJ Kittle

By Qori Krog

From the fallout of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration raids on Hispanic concentrated areas such as Guadalupe, the public has vigorously questioned the Sheriff’s actions against immigration and how he’s using law enforcement powers. Now there has been speculation that Arpaio’s officer’s evacuated the public from a conference held by Arpaio in late September. The officers’ stood their ground against the public saying that, “no one is allowed back in until we feel that the Sheriff is safe.” This event of public evacuation has caught the eye of Phoenix’s Mayor, Mayor Gordon. Gordon soon after called a federal civil rights investigation against Arpaio adding that the investigation “isn’t anything personal, it’s about safety.” This has brought a new subject question that since the election is coming up, is Arpaio afraid of what the public has to say? If so, why is he still running this ridiculous act that he is in position only to “help the public.” Members of the public shouted that, “this is a violation of our public rights.” Although the members were eventually allowed back into the conference room, the people were furious with what they were faced with. This condescending act from Arpaio’s officers was as ridiculous as the officer’s response to the public. This outrageous happening was unconstitutional and a violation of public rights. The public did not take any legal action, but instead tried to confront the sheriff about the issue. Sadly, the only responses that the Sheriff gave were cold stares and ignoring sighs. Even though this subject was thrown under the rug I believe that the public needs to view both sides of the issue. Since the election of Joe Arpaio in 1993, the arrest of illegal immigrants has increased and the amount of illegal offenders is slowly decreasing. Maybe this man isn’t as bad as some people view him as. On the flip side though, many legal Arizonans have complained by being pulled over by one of the Sheriff’s officers just because she “appeared” to be illegal. Also, according to the Arizona Republic, Dan Saban, Arpaio’s running opponent, states that he would “reorganize the sheriff’s office and create 65 new deputy patrol positions which would improve service in rural areas. Arpaio in the argument stated that “rural law enforcement isn’t priority of the majority of Maricopa County residents as immigration is.” Is Arpaio obsessed with immigrant deportation or is he just doing his job? Since the occurrence of this event I have personally tried to contact the sheriff in search for answers to the previous questions. For the past week I have not received any response from Joe at all. Throughout my pursuit I visited the Sheriff’s web-site which is Although the site is full of news that he is part of, the Archives do not state any thing that even touches on the civil cases conference. On the other hand I successfully came in contact with Dan Saban, the Sheriff’s opponent. When I asked Saban, through e-mail, about the Sheriff’s behavior after the conference, Saban replied “He needs to confront his problems instead of turning away; the public needs to know that were on their side.” As members of the public, we need to start addressing the subjects that the Sheriff himself wants to keep hidden. The only thing that you and I need is get involved, not in violent mobs of course, but just trying to get the facts straight. We should hold our elected officials accountable, and in this country we do so at the ballot box.

Remember when you were five? When Hollow’s Eve came around and all you could think about was the mounds of candy you would have by the end of the night? It was an enjoyable time for most children, but for a high school teenager, is Halloween becoming a childish occasion or a chance to be a kid again? Many will argue that Halloween is not just a silly thing for kids twelve and under, like sophomore Tye Youngs, “You can never be too old to go trick-or-treating!” On the reverse, there are many students and teenagers that believe that Halloween is a time for them to “fiesta”, stay out till the wee hours of the night, and even cause some mischief. Take senior Justin Slover for example who says, “Why not all three? That’s a typical night at my house.” However, some teenagers enjoy taking the time to find the “Cat’s Meow” costume, or doing there makeup dramatically and hitting up houses with there friends to satisfy their sweet tooth. The question is really though, a matter of why. Why do “older” teenagers decide to trick or treat and others don’t? Is Halloween a holiday that older students use as a gateway to get away from the stress in their life? Or is it because they strive for the Peter Pan complex? One freshman, Sharon Alverez believes that she is “too old to trick or treat… when you are at least thirteen years old, you’re too old to go out.” Think about that. A freshman thinks she’s too old. There are seniors who still enjoy trick or treating. Like Carissa Moorehead, “I trick or treat… It’s fun to dress up and see your other friend’s costumes. It’s just fun!” Are younger adolescences losing the spirit of imagination? “I think that most teenagers are not into Halloween,” states HPA teacher Mrs. McKallor. What exactly is happening here? Freshmen are losing the vigor for holidays while seniors thrive to experience it to the fullest. Maybe it’s a matter of appreciation.

The AJ/Zollinger/ Goat/Biscuit Poll By A.J. Steward

At this point in the 2008 presidential election, who would you vote for?

12% Obama McCain


“Obama for yo mama, and me too.” Brittanie Rieu (11) John McCain/Sarah Palin-“Let’s make history.” Ariel Diaz (10) “RAMBO!! He dominates.” Kenny Edmondson (10) Whats the most important American issue to you?

What are you doing this Halloween?




Pg. 3

Tricked by the Treat When Halloween mayhem is taken too far By AJ Steward

They’re good at what they do, and anyone is a target. Their objective, get candy no matter what it takes. As a right to privacy, no names will be mentioned in this piece other than their self proclaimed group name, “The Wedge Rats”. Halloween for this entourage is the perfect day for pumpkin smashing, tp-ing houses, and bag-snatching. Everything is planned. To go along for the ruckus, you must be in all black and a mask. The fun starts as sundown, and always be ready for a Good Samaritan to ruin the festivities, it’s simple rules to a simple game. Bag-snatching has been popular for some years, and if you’re caught by the police having this much fun, you’ll earn yourself a red and blue limo ride; it is illegal. I decided on Halloween of 2007 I would go along for my first adventure bag-snatching. The Wedge Rats forewarned me of the potential danger they had endured on other runs, and told me that I needed to keep up at all costs. They went over where to go, and where to meet if they got split up, they even went over appearance. If someone’s six foot nine with a Jason mask on and a chain saw, he’d probably be angry some kids are skating off with his candy, referred to as a snatch, or a no-snatch. Elders or families with kids are definitely a no snatch. Other random teens, or not so well thought through costumes are a snatch. They covered over a skating by, bag-snatch technique, the only way you can snatch a bag without an unreliable evasion strategy. As the night neared its end after a lot of property damage, the bag-snatching would begin and my five minutes of training would have to settle quickly. It was time for the real fun to start. I didn’t know that having so much fun would come with so much guilt. There’s a fine line between having fun, and just taking it too far. This line is easily crossed by the actions that were displayed this night by a skater we were with who thought it would be funny to snatch from an estimated five year old Batman. We had just gone over the requirements to snatches that appeared to be younger. If they have a pumpkin, don’t snatch. If there’s no pumpkin, make the candy yours. As we neared our little Bruce Wayne, the thought ran through my head, “why are we doing this?” The boy was stripped of his candy and through the rumbling of skateboards you could hear him cry, and other people yelling ahead. We skated until we reached our meeting spot for the night and began to discuss what had just happened. We all agreed that it was wrong, but he still didn’t have his candy. That night was the night I thought about having better morals when it comes to fun. It can be obvious when a boy is five and doesn’t deserve to have his candy stolen. It’s not right to steal candy the only day it’s given out for free nationwide. Just go to a door and ask trick or treat, rather than rob the caped crusader for his Twix, let alone anyone. So if you plan on snatching some bags this year, have some morals, and take ole’ Jason’s candy, he’ll get over it sooner or later. As for little Batman, don’t you think he’ll remember that the next Halloween? Absolutely. For everyone, once you hear skateboard claps coming down the street be sure to stand guard, or they’ll get you for your candy. Have you ever been a victim of Halloween bagsnatching?

1% War on terror The economy



Yes No




Almost once



I snatch






Give Candy Nothing

“I give out potatoes.” Robbie Castro (12) “I’m going out with friends and having fun! Heck yeah!” Sarah Bacon (11)

The Economy-”It’s impossible for me to get a job.” Julie Boileau (11) War on Terror- “You never know where they’ll attack for sure.” Janett Guzman (11) The Economy- “We are about to be in another depression.” Stephanie DePalmer (10) War on Terror-”Stop the war!” Danny Leavy (10)

I Do the Snatching- “Trick-or Treating requires too much effort.” Richard Hagen (12) “I kinda growled and the dude went away.” James Burkhardt (12) “Someone would get a smacking!” Chet Barrett (12)


Pg. 4 C.O.R.E By Nicolle Brent

By Nicolle Brent

NOVEMBER, 2008 DEADLINES: Americraft - A Partnership in Patriotism ($1,000 to $5,000) Due:  November 1, 2008 Criteria:  Students (enrolled in grades 9-12) who are U.S. citizens. The theme for 2008 is to discuss the importance for Americans to buy products Made in America . Further details and essay guidelines are available in the Higher Ed. Center .  The Ron Brown Scholar Program ($10,000 annually for 4 years to be used at an accredited 4-year college/ university in the U.S. ) Due: Two deadlines – November 1, 2008 and January 9, 2009 (see website for details) Criteria: African-American seniors who excel academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential, participate in community service activities and demonstrate financial need. Further details may be obtained at: Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Voice of Democracy Competition (Prizes and scholarships awarded at the local, district, state and national levels; 1st place winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship.) Due: Extended from November 1 to November 8, 2008 Criteria: Students in grades 9-12 are required to write and record a broadcast script on an annual patriotic theme. Visit the Higher Ed. Center to obtain further details and an application form. Arizona Milk Producers Scholarship ($10,000, $7,000 or $5,000) Due:  Weekly drawings starting 8/25/08 thru 11/3/08 (Enter as often as you wish; one entry per envelope.) Criteria:  Full-time high school seniors who plan to enroll in an Arizona university as a full-time student for the 2009 fall term. Fact sheets stating entry requirements are available in the Higher Education Center. Joe Foss Institute – Veteran’s Day 2008 Scholarship Contest ($5,000 scholarship) Due: November 14, 2008 Criteria: Students of all national backgrounds that are currently studying within the U.S. Must be in grades 7-12. Essay rules and instructions on how to enter are available at: Sullivan Leadership Award (Full 4-year scholarship) Due: November 15, 2008 Criteria: Students who have demonstrated leadership, a commitment to justice thru service, effective oral & written communication skills, and strong academic achievement. U.S. permanent residents. Details are available at: City of Phoenix – Outstanding Young Man/Woman of the Year ($250 to $2,000) Due: November 19, 2008 Criteria: Students in grades 9-12 who live within Phoenix city limits. Students are required to apply online. Further details are available at:

This Month In Science

Social Studies By Sean Essary

Social Studies In Mr. Troutman’s Mr. Colling’s Earth & APUSH classes on Space Science classes campus the students are learning about rocks have been studying and minerals, as well as with DBQs, Document earthquakes and volcanoes. Based Questions, these They are also constructing preparations have proven a scale model of Mt. St. to be highly arduous and Helens. His Physics class implemented to ready is learning about constant students’ minds for the AP acceleration along with testing designed to create using a new technology, college credit eligibility. small lab, in unison with World history has been several ASU researchers. focusing on dynasties this    Dr. Joyal’s biology month, creating posters class is studying energy, to represent their favorite photosynthesis, and cell dictatorship in Mongolian division. China; projects revolve    Mr. McMullen’s around the great emperors chemistry class is learning who controlled over the about atomic models and Gobi Desert. After the the periodic table. His third presidential debate, earth science honors students need guidance class is learning about on how to review the weathering and water on material candidates deliver the earth. Miss Goose’s to them. Ms. Brodison biology class is learning has been leading her about photosynthesis classes in analyzing the and cell respiration. debates and examining Ms. Stephan’s zoology/ voter behavior based on botany class is studying how the candidates stand invertebrates and planarian with certain issues. The regeneration.  Her biology Executive Chief holds a honors class is studying large part of the nations cell reproduction. responsibility. Ms. Kemp’s    Ms. Mills’ APES class Government class has been is studying energy and reviewing the process of biomass.  Her honors how a candidate receives physics class is finishing his nomination as well linear motion and starting as how Electoral College projectile motion.  Her and popular vote affect honors chemistry which candidate receives is studying electron the presidency. Arizona configuration in atoms. history has been focusing Miss McKallor’s biology on powers of Congress and class is learning about branching into issues that DNA and genetics.  Her were faced during the civil HPA class is learning about war. Soon Mr. Conrady’s the skeletal system, and her class will be reviewing health care class is learning the Venta de La Mesilla, about the respiratory or Treaty of La Mesilla, a system. Ms. Bendel’s treaty that shaped much of aviation science will be the Arizona known today. trying out flight simulators Seniors should pay and learning more about a close attention in their pilots instruments as well Government classes as the as about performing the presidential race draws safety checklist. to an end and the nation is ready to replace the commander-in-chief. By Robert Pizzi

Entering the new quarter Mr. Beracy’s and Ms. Hansen’s C.O.R.E English I classes will be finishing short stories and poetry as well as starting with nonfiction writing and studying music censorship along with grammar and mechanics. They will be focusing on these skills throughout the entire month of November. Mr. Smith’s technology classes will be starting with Window operations and tools while exploring Microsoft Word and learning new tricks and techniques. Ratios, rates, and proportions will be the main concentration of Mr. Schmitz’s math classes during the month. Continuing with rocks and minerals Mr. Sweeney’s science class will be finishing up exploring the thrilling existence of rock and minerals as well as there importance.

Career Central

Nicolle Brent

Recognized Excellence October’s Exemplar Award By Nicolle Brent

“Where did you grow up?” Just one of the many questions the Coronado Explorer asked Steve Schrock; our October Exemplar Award winner. Steve grew up in Northern Indiana, attended Goshien High school, and graduated Goshien College in 2005. He is currently Coronado’s computer technician and is a very well appreciated part of the school staff. Our teachers recognized Mr. Schrock as a guy that is never too busy to help our teachers with anything technology related. “He never makes any one feel inadequate for not knowing what they’re doing,” says social worker “Mrs. K”. With the motivation of his wife at home Steve enjoys coming to school every day and working with our student body. When asked how he felt about receiving this monthly award he told us, “it’s a great honor and I appreciate that the staff thinks I do good work.” “Schrocky”, according to math teacher Mrs. Cassetti “is very brilliant and very reliable. Best I.T in the world.” World history teacher Mr. Conrady quoted, “Steve Schrock has been a great addition to Coronado. He helps us ‘computer novices’ with anything, even if it’s so simple a monkey could do it. He’s patient, competent, and a nice person.” Mrs. Brodison was also excited to tell us that Steve “is there anytime for any problems, he’s always on the spot like right when you call. He even fixed my computer as home; he’s an awesome help.” Along with the assistance of earlier computer technician Ms. Muller, Schrock continues to be an excellent help to our school we are all very grateful for his constant helping hand. Just remember if you ever have any technology related concerns or problems, just find our very own award winner, he’ll be happy to help. The November Exemplar Award winner will be chosen on the 3rd and released the 5th of the month. Look into this enthusiastic recognition for our staff.

On Our Way to Pass Math AIMS is coming faster than we thought By Melissa Shaw

With AIMS right around the corner, many math teachers are getting all the teaching they can in by packing their students minds with math. Mr. Kettlewell is teaching his students equations and graphing midpoints. His ambition to teach his students is benefiting and he’s prepared his students the very best he can and his hopes right now are for most, if not all of his students to pass their math AIMS this month. Mr. Hart is teaching his students the basics of geometry and Mr. Tsorin’s math class is learning how to balance checkbooks which is a very helpful skill to have. The trigonometry students in Mr. Bertrand’s class have been learning all about twelve functions, graphs, and slopes. Supplementary and complementary angles are what Mr. Replogle is busy teaching his students while Mr. Schmidt’s algebra students are learning properties of equations. Dr. Hayes is keeping the students in his GTH class very busy learning midpoint and distance with parallel and perpendicular lines. Deductive reasoning is what Mrs. Cassetti has been teaching her geometry students. Chrisman’s classes are learning similar things as Mr. Tsorin’s classes both teaching how to balance checkbooks.

October ESP Alvarez, Marco Arbizu, Mandi Baldwin, Edwin Barbouri, Krystal Bennett, Kristina Bravo, Nick Carpio, Franco Castorena, Zaira Clancy, Cheyanne Collins, Liz (Nancy) Dressing, Andrea Estrada, Jessica Frost, Travis Grimes, Kim Hagerman, Sarah Hajdarovic, Amina Hayes, Jessica James, Sarah

Jimenz, Ana Jones, Latovia Kittle, Thomas Kovarik, Victoria Lane, R Kiel Leavy, Danny Major, Kenny Marchbanks, Ashley Molina, Daniela Moore, Brittany Nicholas, Shanae Paul, Alyssa Perez, Ana Rice, Aundraya Rocha, Maura Romo, Jorge Roybal, Natasha Soto, Lauren

Nicolle Brent

LSC back in Action

Academia Too

By Nicolle Brent

In LSC this month Ms. Hughes’ classes are in the process of working with home depot and Harpers Nursery to get their garden up and running for the year. They will also be taking there first “Community Based Instruction” Field Trip to the library and civic center. Mrs. Loughlin’s Earth Science classes are going to be studying the Earth’s interior as well as plate tectonics. Her biology classes will be examining the Digestive System and all its functions. The LSC government classes are going to be focusing on

the election along with there candidates and issues related. Functional English students are working diligently on strengthening reading comprehension skills in the classroom and in the computer lab with the Success Maker program. Many of our LSC students continue to volunteer at Brighton Gardens each day. During the first quarter the students that participated were Ashley Marchbanks, Cheryl Martin, and Ethan Rawland. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Pg. 5

Halloween Tricks to Play On Kids By Hannah Collins

On Halloween, when your siblings come home from __________ or ___________, go get a really ______ mask and (Halloween activities) (adjective) hide under their ____________. Then when they are about to fall asleep, make ___________ noises and (place of sleeping/noun) (adjective) eventually they will have to look under the _________. __________ and scare them! Dress up as a ___________ (same noun) (verb) (noun) and sit in a ________________ by your front door outside. Then when kids come up to get __________, sit very (something to sit on, noun)

(edible noun)

still and at the last minute __________ up and grab their _________. Watch out for the angry moms though!


(body limb)

Here’s another one for that ___________ bro or sis; Get a bucket full of _________ that looks like ___________



(Halloween liquid)

Then slightly open a door and rig up the bucket on top of a door. When little ______________ walks through the

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Foreign Language By Nestor Martinez

A new quarter has begun, and the foreign language department is not wasting any time and is getting back to work. In Miss. Montana’s Spanish classes students will be going over Native Americans in South America, reading the novel “La ciudad de las bestias”, and also an intense grammar review. Miss. Richardson’s French classes will be learning the past tense structure, reading “Joan of Arc”, and learning middle age literature. In Miss. Pasek’s

Spanish class, students will be learning about Argentina and the soccer world cup and about Dia De Los Muertos. In her German class, students will be learning about hobbies, activities, and Octoberfest. Finally, in Mrs. Woods Latin class students will be studying participles in past tense, turning verbs into adjectives, and each student will also be working on researching a famous roman poet as well as having to present a visual presentation.

On Our Way To Fitness By T.J Kittle

The Coronado PE Department is looking forward to fitness week that is coming up sooner than thought to be. Many though would like to enjoy the weeks that lay before ‘Fitness Week’, with sports that contain unlikely combinations. Some Coronado Departments such as Intro PE are taking soccer to a whole new level. PE is taking soccer to the tennis courts. You heard correct the Tennis courts. In the upcoming weeks Coach Pasquel said that Intro PE was, “going to play another week of indoor soccer then take the ball out to the tennis courts” for a new twist. While other Departments

are not taking such a radical flip side to sports, they are still awaiting patiently for the everpopular Fitness Week. Although the words on student’s lips do not come out as exciting, or anxious, they were just that when students found out what was coming up in the sports section of PE. Hopefully, Fitness Week will be something to look forward to and not dread, just take the examples that your teachers give. Even though they’re not the ones taking the test. Still at least try to maintain a positive attitude before and throughout Fitness Week. Remember it’s only one week, plus you get play soccer on the tennis courts.

Mr. Gerchick’s classes try out “Small Lab” for the first time.

Don’t Fall Behind By Carol Toll

This time of year our English classes have a lot to do. Ms. Anderson’s senior class is working on there research papers. Ms. Anderson would like to remind all her students “not to fall behind”. Her English IV for Living students are interpreting informational text and beginning literary analysis, as well as essay strategies. Mr. Carey’s English IV class is currently beginning to study English literature. Along with English II, Ms. Vickers is teaching English AP, and Senior/ College English 101. AP English classes are working on thesis and direction for senior research literary analysis. Although College English is a challenging class; they are enjoying finishing their extended definition essays, and starting the study of argumentation strategies. English II is receiving

help by a guest speaker, Dr. Anne Hanson. She is assisting them with there persuasive writing. Mrs. Wood’s classes are concluding their poetry section, and starting up on short stories of the Renaissance, and Poe. Ms. Bendel’s and Ms. Saddler’s English class is half way through their book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, written by Sean Covey. This book is helping them to organize themselves and to set life long and short term goals. In English II honors her class is starting a book called “The Death of Ivan Illitch.” They’re also finishing Media, while focusing on tone with world literary. Saddler’s class is also exploring Mythology with the epic poem “The Odyssey”. English II of course is working hard and studying for AIMS.

Advancing in Technology By AJ Steward

As far as technology goes, Coronado seems to be just keeping it’s head above water. In Mrs. Faretta’s cool stuff technology class they’re starting web page design. They’ve started using fireworks, their design program, and have posted already a few sights online. Things being taught under the guidance of Mr. Smith happen to be in Electronic Writing Center, where they’ve moved to Microsoft word for student writing and completed keyboarding successfully. Now, they’re recording in their daily journals

with an online program called “Ideally Journal.” You’re able to bookmark your entries and go back or forward to revise your writing. Mr. Nelson’s yearbook is now out and features everything to do with “Dons Pride” by shedding light on academics and fall sports. Other things on Mr. Nelson’s block are computer basics, where they are also taking a dive in Microsoft office and power-point and typing in their own journals. Here at Coronado there’s not too much going on, but were advancing.

Senior Tabitha Powell hangs up one of her photo’s to dry after the printing process in Ms. Cavalli’s photo class.

Junior Max Morales poses with a camera for his second year in photography. This is clearly a kid that knows what he is doing.

Fine Arts By Carol Toll

The fine arts are generally busy year long. Right now in Mr. Griffin’s class of history of rock n’ roll, they are listing to music every day. They put in a CD of rock n’ roll and just listen. They might take a quiz on it but then they just listen to them. Mr. Carey’s theater class is just working on acting out, and working on scenes. His Tech class is just keeping our auditorium up and running, so we can have performances in there. Mrs. Riccio’s Art I class is working on small bowl projects; they are also finishing up pastels. These bowls that they are making are called ceramic bowls. When they are done with them, they are going to sell them. The bowls stand for the amount of food people get. If you are interested in buying a bowl, visit Mrs. Riccio. Mr. Knapp’s art classes are very creative this part of the year. Art I is doing still life drawings; Art II is starting on doing painting with water paints. Art III is starting on oil paintings and Art IV is putting their art in an art gallery that is coming up. His 3-D class is doing a box project, and putting that in the gallery. Ms. Cavalli’s VISIONS students went on a field trip to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. They were introducing to Photographs from famous Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer. They are going to be doing more trips in November to Oracle Arizona to work with the very famous photographer William Lesch. Mrs. Griffin dance classes are preparing for the performances for their scholarship show; coming up next month. They are very eager.


Pg. 6 Ambassadors By Carol Toll

The Ambassadors are not busy at all, aside from delivering Hallowen candy grahams this month. They are still trying to find a day where they can meet with everyone in the club. Next month the ambassadors are going to be selling holiday grahams. This is to support the club and to celebrate the holidays. Keep updated with Ms. Mack in the counseling department for further information on meetings.  

Bands at Coronado High By Tori Sullivan

B.A.C.H. is continuing to have meetings on fund raisers and plans for raising money for the current and future bands at Coronado. The club is planning on selling band sweatshirts and also considering a car wash, hoping to raise money and keep the band involved with the student body.

Def Slamaz By Madi Cooper

“We are extremely proud of our pep-assembly performance,” Francys Arauz, president of Def Slamaz said. They are working very hard to make their dances different and more creative. They’re currently working on a dance for a Scholarship Show and a Halloween performance. “Be on the look out because [they] are bringing it!”

National Honors Society By Qori Krog

NHS members will be volunteering at the Fall Festival tonight. NHS also has the 5K Walk for Animals on November 15th at Tempe Town Lake. NHS is still hosting tutoring for all subjects every Tuesday at 3pm in the Media Center. Private Tutoring is also available. If you are interested, see Mrs. Willis or President Justin Slover to schedule a private session. Upcoming meeting dates are November 6, November 20, December 4. Remember service logs are due by December 18th and the sheets are available outside Mrs. Willis’s room.

Science Club By Erick Beltran

Coronado Science Club is currently selling Entertainment Books to raise money for their trip in the spring. The books costs twenty-five dollars and save you hundreds of dollars. The books are full of coupons that can be used in hundreds of places. They include twelve movie tickets, free meals, your favorite fast food places, and even free groceries. If you would like a book contact a science club member or Mrs. Mills in the science department. Along with selling books, the students in science club are getting ready to participate in the annual State Science Olympiad. The students are choosing events to participate in, including building an airplane and launching eggs.

Anti-Defamation League By Carol Toll

The Anti-Defamation League went into Mrs. Bendel’s class and Mrs. Saddler’s class the first Wednesday of the month. The group was separated into smaller groups inside the classes. The very first activity they did was designed to help students and mentors get to know each other and learn names. After they introduced themselves they played a mini game. They went around the room and the students had to give their name and where they thought their name came from. All the members of the club are going back to the classes and to do more activities with the students.

Society of Higher Arts By Tori Sullivan

Things are looking sunny for S.O.H.A. as they continue through the school year looking for fun, artistic activities to do. They are currently designing a new t-shirt for the club and you should be seeing them about the campus in no time. They also plan on painting faces at the remaining football games, so be sure to come out and bring a couple bucks to support your school, team and art program!

Service Learning By Erick Beltran

The Service Learning class at Coronado is doing a great job helping the community. Their next event will be Kids Voting. Service Learning will split up and go to different elementary schools in Scottsdale and assist the children voting. Children usually vote with what their parents say, which will sometimes gives an early score of who might win in the district that the children voted. This is a great opportunity for kids to see what it is to vote and hopefully have them vote when they grow up to voting age. Soon after the election Service Learning will begin their Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Drive will last through November up to Thanksgiving. After the food is collected it will be donated to families who need it.

Parent-Teacher Organization By Carol Toll

The PTO is making great progress so far this year. They will be supporting the AIMS testing by providing water and snacks. They also help out with CORE and the concession stands. They are also going to be helping out with project grad, senior picnic, and teacher appreciation luncheon. In their last meeting they had they discussed the AIMS support, put a committee to address varsity baseball fields, and came up with a CHS PTO web site. If you want to join the PTO this year and help out with Coronado High School, the meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm. Mark Petterson (president), Jessica Winget (vice President), Valerie Kurth (treasurer), and Keri Beracy (secretary) are the people in charge of this.

Marching Band By Tori Sullivan

This season, so far, is turning out fantastic for the Coronado Marching Dons! At their very first competition at Mountain Point High the band qualified for state with a rating of Superior. The next few competitions were fantastic as well, getting an Excellent at ASU band day and a Superior at Barry Goldwater High. The band continues to eagerly practice and improve their show as they get closer and closer to the state competition.

Japanese Anime & Manga By Tori Sullivan

J.A.M. is getting off on a great start as a first year club. They’ve watched various kinds of anime, as well as competed in art contests, role plays, small fund raisers, and they’ve even started a small manga exchange program to share their collections with each other. J.A.M. members also plan on dressing up as their favorite anime character for Halloween, so if you see someone wearing funky Japanese-esque outfits, it’s probably someone from the club!

Advanced Choral Ensemble By Madi Cooper

A.C.E. (Advanced Choral Ensemble) had an insane Homecoming week. The Open House on 10/15 recognized all of the fine arts along with the choir which performed along with A.C.E for a small audience. They also had performances at the pep assembly, in the parade, and at the Heritage Festival in downtown Phoenix. On Halloween night they will have a performance at El Dorado Park at 7:00. They hope to see you there!

VISIONS By Erick Beltran

On October 17 Visions went to the Scottsdale Civic Center to meet photographer Willaim Lesch. He gave examples of what street photography is considered to be and taught students different techniques to be a street photographer. The students then went around Old Town Scottsdale with their new found skills and shot the area. Visions also went to the SmoCa gallery to view Pedro Meyer’s work. He is a Mexican photographer that is considered to be the first digital photographer to put his work out.

Madi Cooper

GET INVOLVED! Join A Coronado Club! There are many to choose from to fit your interests.

A.C.E. - Brauer A.D.L. - Kunitzer Ambassadors - Mack B.A.C.H. - Bennet Best Buddies - Hughes C.A.S.E. - Brauer C.D.C. - Griffin Cheer - Mack CHSazz - Griffin Coronado Explorer - Gerchick Def Slamaz - Wallen Don News - Carey Girls for Change - off-campus advisor Global Citizens - Conrady International Club - Pasek J.A.G. - Mortenson J.A.M. - Farreta Key Club - Ferwalt Library Club - Hibbert Marching Band - Bennet N.H.S. - Willis Ping Pong - Gerchick Service Learning- Weisneck Science Club- Mills S.O.H.A. - Knapp StuGo - Winget Thespians - Carey Voice of 2009/2010 - Winget Yearbook- Nelson

Coronado Foundation for the Future By Carol Toll

CFFF is a small group of Coronado alumni and parents for the benefit of Coronado students. This group is to support the many challenges surrounding the Coronado community. CFFF values the potential of every student, lifelong learning, public education and the Coronado community. Their mission for this group is to expand the educational opportunities at Coronado High School to provide grants to benefit Coronado students. This group gets dues every meetings and it is your tax deductible that help level the playing field and give the students of Coronado the chance to excel even more!! The officials of this forming group are mostly alumni and parents: Linda Searfoss- President CHS ‘66, Dave HochstrasserVice President CHS ‘83, and Bob Flash-treasurer. If you want more information go and check with the front desk.

HEY S-E-N-I-O-R-S!!! 2008-2009 Yearbook>> Senior Section>> Senior Ads>> [Buy YOUR AD today!] Contact Mr. Nelson in Room B137 for more information.

Maryza Diaz

Nuestra Voz Latina

Pg. 7

El Sueño No A Muerto Escrito por: Maryza M. Diaz

La constitución de los Estados Unidos esta escrita para que todos los humanos tengan el derecho de la vida, libertad y búsqueda de la felicidad, pero como es que los estudiantes que han mantenido 4.8 promedio durante la “ high school” no puedan  asistir a la universidad simplemente porque son considerados criminales? Muchos piensan que el “Dream Act”,  el desarrolló, ayuda, y educación para menores que son inmigrantes, es solamente una escusa para una amestia. Lo que  están en contra de la ley no entienden el verdadero significado de esta ley. No  se imaginan que esta ley no nada mas puede ayudar al país socialmente  pero también económicamente. La gente quienes están en contra este proyecto quieren llamar lo “la pesadilla.” Después de horas de buscar información del “Dream Act” llegamos a  la conclusión de que cada argumento son casi siempre similares. El argumento mas  conocido es de que este proyectó  pueda ser una forma de amestia. Segundo,

es que ya es difícil para los ciudadanos de los E.E.U. para entrar a la universidad como para poner otra barrera enfrente de sus estudios. “todo el dinero se fuera para ayudar a los “ilegales” y que tienen que protejer a los estudiantes americanos de los  “ilegales” que quieren quitarles su dinero. Ellos aseguran que esto no es una forma de racismo pero ya están cansados de que los “latinos” estén quitándoles todos los trabajos, “ilegal es ilegal así que ya es tiempo de que el congreso estadounidense diga “no a José” al  proyecto, “según dicen en, com.  ¿Pero que es el “Dream Act” realmente? El proyecto “Dream Act” le daría la oportunidad a esos estudiantes que tienen viviendo en los estados unidos desde que tenían los quince anos o mas chicos a ir ala universidad o para enlistarse en las fuerzas armadas y obtuvieran un a residencia “condicional.” Pero la universidades tendrían la decisión si los estudiantes pagarían la cuota de la escuela como

resiente o residente afuera de le estado. Después de los seise anos si el estudiante comprueba que  no ha tenido ningún problema con la ley y ha echo bien en la escuela

que también esta escrito que dependa en la universidad es la decisión de cuanto van a pagar. Y tanto como la competencia para entrar a la universidad, eso retaría ms a los

*photo courtesy of:

o fuerzas armadas entonces la residencia permanente seria dada a ellos. Con solo esta información muchos de los argumentos han sido contestados.  En el proyecto esta escrito que los estudiantes recibirán residencia “condicional” significando que los ciudadanos  todavía tuvieran  una ventaja por que muchas de las becas requieren que seas ciudadanos. Y no es como si les fueran dar un descuento más que el de los residentes de los estados por

estudiantes para focarse más en sus estudios. Pero sobre todo este proyecto le daría oportunidades de educación a los estudiantes que no tuvieron que ver con la decisión que tomaron sus padres a traer los a este país. Por algo no fue su culpa de ellos tienen que ser llamados criminales. Muchos de ellos describen su hogar siendo los Estados Unidos por que ellos recuerdan siempre a sido así pero casi no saben nada de su

“Que es el Dia de los Muertos?” Escrito por: Maryza M. Diaz

  Mientras que muchos de los americanos están muy ocupados guardando sus cosas de “halloween” los días festivos de México como el resto de los países latinos van empezando.  Las festividades comienzan el 31 de octubre y se terminan el 2 de noviembre. Estas son las fechas que según todos los espíritus de todos los difuntos regresan a estar un rato con su familia. La gente hispana celebra la ocasión poniendo altares con fotos de sus familiares muertos junto con velas. Pero también con mucha comida rica que se prepara para esa ocación tan especial.       La tradición de “El Día de Los Muertos” ha sido celebrada por los mexicanos  por siglos. Cuando los conquistadores españoles llegaron a México encontraron que los mexicanos estaban  celebrando algo casi haciendo burla de la muerte. Parecía que habían celebrado ese ritual por lo menos 3,000 anos.  Los conquistadores trataron de parar este ritual pero fue en vano y ahora este día es celebrado en  los países latinos.    Los altares regularmente llevan siete escalones y cada uno tiene su propio significado. El primer escalón es devoción a los santos o de la virgen poniendo una imagen. El segundo escalón es para las ánimas del purgatorio. En el tercero se pone la sal para los niños del purgatorio, el cuartó lleva “pan de muerto,” en el quinto se pone la comida y fruta favorita del difunto, en el sexto se pone la foto del difunto la razón principal del altar. Y en el séptimo se pone un rosario hecho de tejocote y limas.    El primero de Noviembre es para celebrar a todos los santos al igual a todos los niños que han fallecido pues ellos son consideros inocentes. El día 2 de noviembre es cuando todos van al cementerio y en muchas ocasiones se lleva mariachi.    Muchos no miran la muerte como una cosa que temer. Al contrario hacen hasta estatuas de ella. La conocen por muchos diferente nombres. La Catrina, La flaca, La huesuda, La pelona son unos de los nombres  que las personas usan para nombra a la muerte.   Tampoco es extraño asar calaveras de dulce.  Estas calaveras son muy populares en los niños.        Es tan extraño que este día se llene de vida celebrando los muertos.  También es una tradición que poco a poco a estado creciendo. Si te gustaría aprender como hacer calaveras de dulce y otras recetas puedes ir a http://mexicanfood. o también puedes preguntarle a alguien de tu familia ya que ellos deben de saber más de esta maravillosa tradición.  ¡Así que adelante con la fiesta!

país de nacimiento. Estos estudiantes solo tienen la culpa de querer una vida mejor en la forma de tener una educación mejor de pues  de la “high school.” Después de todo estos estudiantes sí están pagando por su sueno no  nada mas  sacando buenas calificaciones pero también haciendo servicio sociales y no metiéndose en problemas. Todos conocemos a ese chico que es un gran jugador en un deporte o esa chica que se saca puros dieces que tienen todos para estar en la universidad, excepto el dinero ni el permiso de la ley para ir. Muchos tratan de buscar por ayudas y milagros de que puedan ir ala escuela, aunque esas posibilidades sean casi imposibles eso no quiere decir que ellos se vallan a dar por vencidos. “Mi familia, mi determinación, y mi mentalidad positiva  son las razones porque mi educación es mi trabajo,” explicó un estudiante anónimo. Mientas que otros estudiantes miran que no es necesario participar en actividades de la escuela,

estudiantes como el estudiante anónimo irán esto como una forma de respeto y aceptación entre sus compañeros. “Participar en actividades de la escuela me da las fuerzas que necesito yo. La fuerzas que me dan es como ser un “líder,” como también responsabilidad y determinación,” explico el estudiante.  Es gracias a los programas como “Águila y Hispanic Youth Foundation” que les da más oportunidades a los latinos que desean asistir a la universidad. Pero estas organiciones no lo pueden hacer todo, también necesitan tu apoyo. Si tu conoces alguien que pueda votar o si tu mismo puedes ve y hazlo por que estos estudiantes están peleando con unas y dientes del derecho que se les da a los americanos al nacer, la oportunidad de mejorar sus vidas, y  el derecho ala educación. “Este país significa mucho mas que solamente el derecho a perseguir la felicidad,” explico Nilo Thomas  “significa persiguiendo su vida.”

Eventos de Dia de los Muertos For those who celebrate the beautiful tradition of Dia de los Muertos, here are some events that might just be what you are looking for. On November 1st and 2nd there will be a Dia de los Muertos Celebration at Mesa Art Center and also, there will be another Dia de los Muertos event at the Arizona Museum of youth 35 N. Robson, Mesa AZ. For more info contact (480) 644 2468.

“Encuestra Nestora” A Quien le tienes mas miedo?

You see this? This un-used white [well, now it’s black thanks to a nifty little side-button thing on the InDes... nevermind. Back to my point: This UNUSED space right here, could be an advertisement for your local Business or Organization. Contact us via for more Information!


El cucu La Llorona



El Chupacabras La Calaca



Joe Arpaio

Luis Rubilo 12 - “I’m not scared of that…[Sheriff].” Antonio Gonzalez 10 - “No esta haciendo su trabajo como sheriff. Esa mas dedicado a inmigracion que la ciudad.” Yadira Ramirez 12 - “I’m more scared of La Llorona because my mom always told me that she was going to come get me if I wasn’t behaving, and plus, it’s just scary the way she is crys for her kids when she killed them.” Erik Miranda 12 - “Lo juro que yo mire el chupacabras en Mexico!”

Pg. 8

Election ‘08

Amber Erickson

“Hot Topic” State Propositions On this year’s ballot, these are the propositions that are creating the most controversy. Look these over, argue, and vote!

Prop203-Transportation and Infrastructure Moving Arizona’s Economy (“TIME”) Act

Prop102-Gay Marriage Ban Prop105-Majority Rules - Let the People Decide

Supporters: Because the current law doesn’t cover all businesses in Arizona, such as those employers who operate on a cash-only basis. Also, the state needs to make the current law fairer and more predictable for employers. Opponents: The current law is tough and has withstood legal challenges. Also, if future changes are needed, the Legislature can address them. Lawmakers did just that earlier this year. If Prop. 202 passes, it will be virtually impossible to change it because of voter-protection provisions.

Don’t know where you can go to vote? Visit:

PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF ARIZONA; AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION OF ARIZONA BY ADDING ARTICLE XXX; RELATING TO MARRIAGE. Amends the state Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. State law already contains that definition. A yes vote would amend the Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. A no vote would leave the Constitution without a definition of marriage. Supporters: Yes. But because that prohibition is contained in a state law, it can be challenged in court and Prop202-Stop Illegal Hiring “Stop Illegal Hiring” Act is an initiative designed to crack down on unethical businesses who hire illegal immigrants. possibly overturned. A constitutional amendment would make a ban on This initiative targets employers who hire workers and pay under-the-table in cash, which fuels illegal immigration same-sex marriage immune from in Arizona. It revokes the business license of employers who knowingly or intentionally hire illegal immigrants. legal challenges. This initiative increases penalties for identity theft, as illegal immigrants often use stolen identities to conceal their Opponents: Yes, which is why Prop. undocumented status. Fines collected as a result of this initiative will be distributed to schools and hospitals to help 102 is a waste of time. Besides, the deal with the financial burden placed on Arizona because of illegal immigration. Would provide more protection to employers who violate state employer-sanctions law while broadening the law’s reach to the pay-in-cash labor market law that says “Marriage between and identity theft. Loosens some of the provisions of Arizona’s current sanctions law, such as requiring complaints to persons of the same sex is void and be signed, not making use of the E-Verify mandatory and offering other ways for employers to check the legal status prohibited” was challenged in court and the law was upheld. The legal of workers. A yes vote would change state law to reflect the above goals. A no vote would leave the state’s Legal battle is over. Arizona Workers Act intact

The T.I.M.E. Initiative will reduce congestion, offer modern transportation choices and preserve our spectacular open spaces by upgrading Arizona’s statewide transportation system. The Initiative builds needed highways, freeways and roads; creates rail options for commuters and travelers; and protects our environment by creating better bike paths, walkways, and safer school routes. The plan imposes strict performance and accountability measures to ensure that money is being used efficiently and that the projects improve quality of life in tangible ways. These improvements to our transportation system are funded through a one cent adjustment to our statewide sales tax over 30 years. Supporters: Governor Janet Napolitano is the key sponsor of the ballot measure along with the Transportation & Infrastructure Moving AZ’s Economy (TIME) Coalition. The group says the additional tax is a good trade-off because currently commuters are paying a “time tax”--the time wasted in traffic--that will be alleviated by their financial investment in enhanced road infrastructure which will mean faster commutes. Opponents: State Senator Ron Gould opposes the transit plan while Arizona’s economy is stagnating. About the petition drive to qualify the measure for the ballot, he said, “They’re going to have fun gathering signatures for a tax increase. I don’t hear people calling out for a tax increase on transportation. The Sierra Club opposes the plan on the grounds that too much of the tax increase is allocated for roads. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers oppose the plan on the grounds that too little of the tax increase is allocated for roads. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce is staying on the sidelines.

To protect the will of the people of Arizona for fiscal responsibility through true majority rule, any initiative that imposes additional taxes or spending must have support from a majority of qualified electors in Arizona. Currently, initiatives that increase taxes or spending can pass with approval from only a minority of qualified electors. In the past, big money, special interest groups have pushed higher spending and taxes. Arizona now faces one of the largest deficits of any state in the country. We must protect the will of the people and let a true majority of the voters decide. It would require that any future ballot initiative that would impose new taxes or fees or mandate state spending receive the approval of not just a majority of all ballots cast, but of all registered voters. Including those that choose not to cast a vote in the election. A “yes” vote would set a significantly higher standard for the passage of all such tax or spending proposals. A “no” vote would leave in place the current system, under which a simple majority of ballots cast all that’s needed for passage of ballot measures, including those that would raise taxes. Supporters: Special interests have commonly looked to Arizona’s relatively lax initiative process as a means to skirt the Legislature and propose tax increases. With the state budget looking bleak, the time may be ripe for these groups to bring another tax proposal. Opponents: There’s no reason to change the initiative process. No tax increases are currently on the table. And, if one is proposed in the future, it should be determined as it has always been: at the polls by actual voters casting actual ballots.

Enter the required information.

*All information on the above propositions comes from the Arizona Republic via: (

All you need is your: 1.House Number 2.Street Direction 3.Street Name 4.Street Type 5.Zip Code

and you’re good to go!

Why Not Share Your Vote? Why many individuals with-hold their opinions on voting By Madi Cooper

The elections have come a long way since 1775. Only white, male, property owners could vote at one time and now that everybody has the right to vote, very few people seem to be taking advantage of it. While some people may argue that it’s not “un-American” to vote, other will argue that it’s our civic duty. In the words of Mr. Steve Conrady, “If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to [complain] about our president.” Many people also use the argument that “our votes don’t count” to get out of voting, but our votes do count. The votes of the people decide the votes of the Electoral College. Every vote counts. The teachers here at Coronado have been speaking to the Explorer about this years election, but many of them don’t want to share their opinion because it “influences the views of the students. Surprisingly, students do listen to their teachers,” says Mr. Conrady. The Government teachers, Mrs. Kemp in particular, have been holding their view from their students. Politics have become a big part in everyone’s lives though; this year, especially, because of the race issue. Many democrats are refusing to vote for Obama because he’s African-American, and many republicans are refusing to vote for McCain because he’s older. Families are being affected by this debate. Some families have even been split in half. Depending on how strongly they feel about they’re party, a family could just not be able to talk about politics, or maybe they just enjoy a healthy debate every now and then. Groups of friends sit in the mall area at lunch talking trash about candidates. The problem is, many of these people aren’t taking the time to learn about the candidate. Many of them have heard a teacher mention who they’re voting for and they’ve just followed that idea, or they’re strongly opposed to that teacher so they’re doing the exact opposite. Even some small businesses have been affected by the election. Democrats don’t want to shop or eat at a republican and vice versa. Is the election out of hand? Maybe. Should the parties be going so all out on each other? Yes, this election is important, they always are, after all, that person will be the representative of our country for the next four years. But is it honestly necessary for the candidates and the parties to treat each other that way? That’s a good reason why some teachers don’t wish to share they’re opinions. So teachers don’t want to give their opinions, maybe that’s a good thing, students now have to do they’re research.

A Student’s Take An interview with a student about the upcoming presidential election By Robert Pizzi

  As the presidential election draws ever closer, quite a few students on campus find themselves thinking, Who am I going to vote for?  Student Andrew Lopez is wondering that himself at this moment.  “I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for.  I guess I’m leaning towards McCain.”  He’s seen the news; he knows the issues.  “[Obama] makes a lot of great claims, but I don’t think he has enough experience.”    “I’d feel more comfortable with someone who’s been on the scene for a long time, as opposed to someone like Obama, who just kind of appeared.”  Indeed, Obama was not a widely known person for many.  He served as an Illinois state senator for 8 years, and joined the U.S. senate in 2004.  McCain, on the other hand, has been a member of the U.S. Senate since 1986.     At the same time, he’s not with McCain on everything.  When asked about McCain’s prolife policies, he stated: “I can see where he’s coming from; I mean, its a living thing.  But our population is growing too fast, so I guess I’m with Obama on that one.”  He also agrees with Obama’s economic policies.  This includes his tax policies, the concept of tax cuts for the majority, and his often accused isolationist ideals of spending less on war and more on our country.  He does not, however, agree with Obama’s gun control policies.  “[If he makes guns illegal,] crime rate will go up as citizens break the law to obtain guns to defend themselves.”    So, what do Andrew’s parents think?  “[My parents are] veterans, so they respect veterans, especially prisoners of war.”  His parents both served our country, and they taught him to respect others who’ve done the same.  As far as they’re concerned, McCain’s the obvious choice.  Don’t you wish you had such an easy time deciding?    There’s no doubt that this election will be a difficult choice.  Both of the candidates are solid choices for different reasons.  Andrew’s weighed the options; have you done the same?

Amber Erickson

McCain vs. Obama

Pg. 9

In Favor of Senator John McCain... ...or in Favor of Senator Barack Obama? By Riley DiLorenzo and Jenn Bain

Obama or McCain? Time for a Change or Country First? When it comes to the 2008 election it’s the first election we’ve been watching and following. Many of our classmates have been supporting Barack Obama. We have taken a close look at each campaign and have decided to support the G.O.P. candidate, John McCain. Senator McCain wants an across the board tax cut by extending the Bush tax cuts and eliminating the Death Tax. He wants people to keep their own money and trusts them to spend it on their own priorities. Corporate taxes in America are among the highest in the world. Jobs are fleeing America because of high corporate taxes. As an example, Ireland recently had extremely high corporate taxes and one of the worst economies in Europe. They implemented a low flat tax, and now have the second strongest economy in all of Europe. Eastern European countries, recently released from the grip of the USSR, have economies that are growing at enviable rates, based on the principle of a low, flat federal income tax. Healthy growing corporations grow jobs and individual wealth. By growing the economy, tax revenue to the federal government can grow even when tax rates are cut. This principle was proven by John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. When it comes to federal spending, John McCain knows that congress is spending too much. As he has said, saying that congress spends money like a bunch of drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors. He wants to freeze the growth of most federal spending, so that we don’t add to the 10 million-million dollars of debt that we are leaving to our posterity. Senator Barack Obama has made it abundantly clear that he will raise corporate income taxes, and taxes on many small businesses and many individuals. However, he talks endlessly about his tax cut for 95 percent of American workers. Considering that 40 percent of American workers don’t pay any federal income tax, their “tax cut” will come in the form of a check in their mailbox. In other words, he wants to take money away from ambitious, productive people, and cut a check to people that don’t pay any federal taxes. John McCain has accurately described this as a form of welfare. Some, including “Joe the Plumber” from Ohio, have called this socialism. Barack Obama has proposed a million-million dollars of new spending that he says will have to be paid for by raising taxes, but by killing jobs and shrinking the economy the tax revenue will not be there. His tax policies will cost jobs because businesses will cut jobs in order to pay his higher taxes. He also wants to raise capital gains taxes (anywhere from 20 to 28 percent depending on when you ask him) even though he has admitted that this will bring in less federal tax revenue. Despite this drag on the economy, he wants to do this because he says “it’s only fair”. As a community organizer for the controversial organization ACORN in Chicago, a young Obama pressured banks and the federal government to make policies to give house loans to people who couldn’t afford them. As a United States Senator, he also took the second highest amount of lobbying money from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to protect them with a few other congressmen so that they could continue to make these bad loans to low income people. Apparently, the ACORN doesn’t fall too far from this tree. This social engineering nearly crashed the United States economy in September of 2008, and has still not been fully exposed to the point where it can be reformed. As president, it is very unlikely that Senator Obama would reform it. On this point alone, Barack Obama has shown a lack of judgement that is unworthy of a person running for the most powerful office in America. Speaking of the free world, Senator McCain has shown great leadership in foreign affairs and protecting the homeland in recent years. He was in favor of holding Saddam Hussein accountable for breaking the agreement he made when he surrendered to George H. W. Bush after the first Gulf War. ( Saddam took an entire country, Kuwait, to steal their oil and the US kicked him out with the help of our allies, and accepted his surrender so that he could remain in power in accordance with the UN resolution agreed to at the time.) Immediately before the second Gulf War, after Saddam violated nineteen UN resolutions, (not to mention attempting to assassinate a former president of the United States when he was visiting Kuwait), Senator McCain agreed with George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of England and many other American and world leaders to forcibly change the regime in Iraq. After al Qaeda decided to make Iraq the next front in the war against Islamic terrorism, Senator McCain stood shoulder to shoulder with President Bush and General David Petraeus in declaring that we would do whatever it took to bring our troops home with a victory, no matter how politically unpopular it was at the time. Victory was not guaranteed. In fact, Senator Obama and a small handful of misguided Senators voted to cut off the funds for our troops while they were in a theater of war, effectively surrendering to our enemy, and abandoning a vulnerable ally to the most vicious monsters to terrorize the world since Genghis Kahn. Because of Senator McCain’s steadfast political courage, the unimaginable has happened - an Arab democracy is blooming in the heart of middle east and striking fear into the hearts of dictators, tyrants, and despots throughout that region. Senator McCain showed excellent character and once again, Senator Obama has demonstrated that he just doesn’t have the judgement to lead the free world. Senator McCain has chosen Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate for the election. She is the only one on either ticket to have any executive experience. For nearly two years she has run the state of Alaska with tens of thousands of employees and balanced a budget of billions of dollars. Senator Obama has chosen Joe “foot-inthe-mouth” Biden as his running mate. He has become famous for asking paraplegics to stand up (“What am I talking’ about?”) during town hall meetings, and for spelling the three-letter word “job” with four letters (“J-O-B-S”). He also spends his time reaching out to the common folk at a local restaurant in his home town that has been closed for twenty years. In this aspect I would have to say that John McCain has shown the better judgement. John McCain has shown the consistency of being a leader through his entire career. His viewpoints and ideas are proven to succeed and his judgement has proven to be reliable. He is a man who will lead during these difficult times with a struggling economy and a world at war. He is a man that all Americans will be proud to have as their leader.

By Andy Ward

Recently I was asked, “if the opposite of pro is con, then what’s the opposite of progress?” Shyly, I gave a blank shudder and a hollow “I don’t know.” The answer is congress. Lately, congress has been making no progress, but perhaps just the opposite. On November 4th American voters will press electronic screens, fill in arrows and send in their ballad of their desired presidential candidate. In this time of scary words like “economic crisis”, “unemployment” and even “recession” - who is capable of taking the reigns of this country and steering it in the right direction? No one other than Senator Barack Obama. Obama has the welfare of America on his mind and he understands the wants and needs of our country. Barack Obama is one of the most experienced men to have ever graced politics’ threshold. As an alum of Occidental College, Columbia University and most notably for being “magna cum laude” from Harvard and was elected president of the Law Review. Obama has taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for around twelve years. (A&E Network - He wished to peruse law school to improve crime and unemployment around his neighborhood. Obama has stepped outside to help the good of others in his earlier years, why would he not carry out these ideals as commander and chief? As we go throughout high school we start out preparations for college. In college we have to pay for tuition, room and board, books, car expenses, food and gas. In this “economic crisis” with us in high school and leaving college in just a couple years, how are we going to solve these issues? Obama understands the importance of education and, is ready to come up with a plan to make our following transition years into college as easy as can be. The McCain/Palin ticket have seemed inert to this pressing issue that seems so important to us. Barack Obama is committed to maximizing the learning experiences of children and students of America. Coronado isn’t the wealthiest school, however we have so many talented and deserving students who don’t always get the opportunities that should be allowed. The Illinois senator plans to make science and math a priority for students to ensure they have access to tools to make them more efficient in school. Drop out rates have been increasing in Arizona and Obama and Biden when elected, plan to address the drop out rate issue. (Obama’s website on education The measures that are being taken now to better the high school experience seem to be minimal to none because, these are supposed to be our best four years of our life. Right?  Even after high school “Joebama” wishes to create better opportunities for students to go to college.  Obama has proposed to make college affordable for those who can’t always make ends meet when it comes to tuition. Many times I hear “I’m going to ASU out of high school,” or “I’m going to NAU after I graduate.” However, with scholarships becoming scarce and the competition getting more fierce to get in college: what is a student to do in this time of economic turmoil fresh out of high school? The only thing we can hope to get out of this election is: change. In the previous presidential debates of this year the keyword seemed to be change. To all Americans this word means something different. It could mean a new source of energy, change on the view of our foreign relations or even accessible healthcare. All these are pressing issues that if are just left on the back burner, just might boil over. If elected president, Obama will be the voice of all the Americans who need change - now. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are advocates for change because they understand the urgencies of problems that cannot be solved on their own. How long can we live dependent on foreign oil? How far can we continue polluting the Earth? How can a family who can’t pay their mortgage pay their ever-increasing healthcare plan? America needs someone who is not afraid of change. We cannot continue to live in America with these issues above our heads and, we cannot endorse candidates whom wish to further these conditions when elected. During the presidential debate, McCain slung the word “change” around like it was going out of style. However, he has voted with the Bush administration 90% of the time; is this change? (CNN Politics - http://politicalticker. No doubt McCain is highly qualified but, we can’t risk having him at the helm of our country. Americans can’t continue to pay for the unnecessary war we are in now.   Barack Obama spoke out against the war during the first year because, he saw the troubles the war would bring, and attested that America should not be involved with Iraqi affairs. If America could bring the troops home, we could focus on more serious issues on our home front. This is the kind of president Obama will be, one who wishes to solve issues that may be of most importance. When elected, Obama wishes to use a phased withdrawal, which, seems to be the most reasonable and understandable proposed plan. (Obama’s website - McCain “strongly disagrees with those who advocate withdrawing American troops.” (McCain’s website - Our sons, daughters, fathers, and uncles are all fighting a war, which has no end in the near future. We don’t need a president who still wishes to keep our troops on foreign soil. What kind of change is that? In JFK’s inaugural address he stated “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” which was received as a shock to the American people. I have now looked at Obama and have seen this is his message for America. Barack Obama has asked what he can do for America and America has replied asking for “change we can believe in.”


Pg. 10

T.J Kittle

Who Could Ask For More?

Junior Varsity Football

By James Burkhardt

With a dominating 53-28 win over Seton Catholic on October 24th, Coronado moved to 8-0 on the season. Going into the game, Seton had been regarded as possibly the toughest threat to an unbeaten season, but those thoughts were washed away within the first five minutes of the opening quarter. With an interception, kickoff recovery and outright amazing plays all around, the Dons allowed Seton no room to spare from the beginning. Coronado led 39-7 at halftime, and even some Coronado fans were more interested in watching Seton’s quarterback, who threw for 262 yards on the night, than the Dons run out the clock. Senior Kaylin Ashley continued to impress, scoring two touchdowns, but was injured with a bruised knee late in the first half. Ashley is expected to play this week against Higley. Coronado needed the big win over Seton having come off their closest game of the year against Tempe. With less than two minutes to play, Junior Colton Anderson blocked a field goal that would’ve put Tempe ahead, 28-31. Anderson

Victory at last! In the first half on October 17, Coronado’s ?-? Homecoming victory over Tempe, Senior Bryan Dunlavey catches a touchdown pass. Later in the fourth quarter, Dunlavey caught the game-winning TD, after hard running by Senior

recovered the ball and the Dons, led by Ashley, drove the length of the field to score what would be the game winning touchdown. The defense held off Tempe for thirty seconds and Coronado hung on to win the first homecoming in five years 34-28. Despite being undefeated, the Dons have a lot riding on this week’s match-up against Higley. Should Coronado win, they will clinch the East Sky Region and solidify a spot in the top five for the state playoffs. On the other hand, if Higley pulls out the upset, they would have the inside track to the region cham-

Boys Varsity Golf By TJ Kittle

The Boys Varsity Golf team has recently suffered from painful loses against teams that they believe should have beat. The teams that they have most recently been defeated by are Seton Catholic, and Queen Creek. Although the hard loses have come more times than not for the team, they have successfully defeated Tempe four times and have never once lost to them before. Through the long hours of practice and the swinging of clubs the Golf team expresses a sense of urgency to work hard and reveals a heart to win. With the long awaited regionals coming up the golf team has been practicing hard to not only improve their game but also improve team unity. According to Stefan Abdo (10) the team is, “showing improvement and gaining confidence.” The team will need every bit of that confidence when

they face three tough teams just before they head to regionals. The teams to beat are Tempe, Mary Vale, and Trevor Brown. The team has been has also been inspired to take part in the “butt kicking” as coach Slater commented at Coronado’s Home Coming assembly. The Dons have valiantly been in search for a role model, but Coach Slater was quick to the punch, not only inspiring the team, but other fellow Dons as well. The Dons Varsity Golf team is coming to a regular season conclusion and they do not want to disappoint the fans. Not only do they expect to win but they expect to become stronger as a unit. Fortunately for the Dons have Senior Leaders like Chet Barrett to lead the way to victory. Hopefully, the Dons can return with a trophy that states Coronado as regional champs.

pionship and the Dons would need a win against Arcadia the following week to guarantee a top five finish. Higley began the season 0-2 after losing to two 4A Division I schools, McClintock and Cactus Shadows. Since then they have not lost a game and will go into this week’s game with a 6-2 record. The biggest key to the game will be stopping senior running back Chris Campbell. Campbell has rushed for 1070 yards so far this year, leading the East Sky Region, 16 ahead of Kaylin Ashley. Going into big games, talented teams shake up how they tend to play. Though

Higley isn’t generally a passing team, they may pick up that part of their game for the showdown versus Coronado. Looking further ahead, Coronado will take on the rival Titans on November 7th at Arcadia. Arcadia has had an expected season, losing only to Higley and Queen Creek. They are no longer in contention for the region title, but are in a solid spot for the playoffs. True intrigue comes from the Titans first year coach Jim Ellison. Former Supai students may remember him as a P.E. coach there, but now is the head varsity football coach at Arcadia. Junior quarterback Colby Kirkegaard who has put together a very good season will be attempting to avenge last season’s loss to Coronado. In that game, Kirkegaard was 6 for 22 passing with an interception; a key reason why the Titans lost. Coronado will have the advantage of momentum, talent and heart going into their final two games, leaving the fate of a perfect season in their own hands. A home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs in waiting, and really, who could ask for more?

By TJ Kittle

As expected the Junior Varsity Football team earned a victory against Tempe on Wednesday. Although the team has not been able to accomplish what Steven Slover predicted they still pulled out with a win that they were all proud of. Steven Slover predicted that if the team did not finish the season with a 5-3 record, then they would finish it with a 4-4 record. After asking about the prediction Steven remarked, “We didn’t finish like I had thought we would, but we still put out the effort.” This was a very convincing statement that contained background evidence from the Tempe game. As the team looks on to the end of their season they said, “We will win the last game no matter what.” Hopefully if they keep the same effort and heart onto the field against Arcadia they can record a season ending victory as the team waits for. Jamael Haywood had these concluding comments for the team, “We’ve played hard, been through some rough times, had lots of fun, but still have no regrets.

Frosh Football By TJ Kittle

The Freshman Football team had been previously under frustration and stress due to the loss of games and their disappointing record. According to Coach Colville they needed to “step up and play hard” which they accomplished in both games against Tempe and Seton Catholic. All three of our football team’s have defeated the buffaloes, but the freshman’s victory was especially recognized. Although the team’s record has not been phenomenal to say the least, the frosh dug themselves out of a pothole against Tempe that came as a much needed win. On Wednesday the freshman gave the crowd something to cheer about with another incredible defeat against Seton Catholic. The players commented saying the game was “long and tedious” but in the end the Dons came out victorious. With less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the frosh already expecting a win scored a touchdown that held Seton back for the remainder of the game. The freshman ended their season with a 40-24 victory that will not only remain in their minds, but the spectator’s minds as well for the rest of the year.

Strongly Holding On By Maryza Diaz

“We are currently ranked 8th in state but once all the top two from each division are taken out we are still number one in power rankings,” clarified Merry Berhe, captain of the varsity volleyball team. Even though the lady Dons have lost a few games they are still holding on hoping to reach their “peak” at state. For the last three weeks the team has played their two toughest opponents, Arcadia and Seton Catholic. Even though Arcadia posses the top two players of the state, according to MaxPreps, the lady Dons still made Arcadia work hard for their victory. The first two games were full of tension and agony, each point being up for grabs. The first two matches were won by Arcadia but by the third match students and parents were cheering harder then ever to support the girls. Even though the odds were against them the girls managed to win the third match showing their opponents that they were not going to give up. Coronado at that point had been the only school to

Elevation: With Merry Berhe ready, Junior Rachel Murray puts the block on a Williams Field foe on October 23rd. As the winning season ends, our Lady Dons look forward to the playoffs.

beat Arcadia in at least one volleyball match. At the end the girls might have not won the game but they did win the respect of their fans and parents, because they showed that no matter what the odds were they were not going to give up without a fight. The game against Seton Catholic was nothing like the game against Arcadia. Loosing all three matches with one of the scores being 25 to 7. “During the game against Seton Catholic, our team failed to start off strong and we pshyed ourselves out and didn’t

give Seton a game,” Merry tried to explain on why they had such a devastating defeat. “Had we played our game, Seton wouldn’t have looked as good as we made them look,” Merry added. It seemed that the team on this night the girls had a harder time working as a team. Amanda Pinner, a key player on the team, was having an off game. In many occasions she failed to spike the ball, hitting the net or taking care of her territory so the ball wouldn’t hit the floor. Besides the mistakes a lot of the girls made, Aurielle

Coyle did an excellent job on two of the plays. The ball was spiked with a lot of force towards her two times and yet some how she found it possible to keep the ball in play. During “Senior Night” the girls gave an emotional “Thank You” to Coach Willis and to their parents for supporting them this year. The recalled the memories the made as a team. Nicole Devlin even admitted to being surprised on how good this year’s team turned out to be. This game was one of the most suspenseful the girls had ever played. The scores were close no one could predict the winner. But after five games the lady Dons could have one more reason to celebrate. The game ended the way it should have, with a win. “Thanks to all our loyal fans and parents who support us at all our games. We really appreciate your support and we hope that even more people will come out to our final games,” Merry concluded. Now you know that your varsity volleyball team is still strong so go out to the games and support your

Sports Too

T.J Kittle

Pg. 11

Don Fanatic

Cross Country By Matt Henricks

By Melissa Shaw

Kourtney Zimmerman is a proud fighter for the Coronado Dons. She specifically chose Coronado based off of the school spirit she saw our Dons proudly ooze when she came to see our school. Being a freshman, Kourtney visited many other high schools such as Mclintock, Arcadia, and Saguaro. There was something that she saw that was very different yet appealing at Coronado. She not only saw our pride, but she saw students everywhere wearing red and blue. She also attended Thunderbird high school the same day and stated that there was absolutely no comparison to Coronado spirit wise. Coronado students were shouting the color shout at the top of their lungs while Thunderbird students were holding there head down with no school pride. This swayed Kourtney’s decision not only because she saw our spirit, but because she wanted to be apart of it. She is on the volleyball

team here at Coronado and she’s also on the boys wrestling team. Not many girls have the strength and courage to join the boys wrestling team. She always has been into so called “male” sports, and wrestling is without a doubt her most favorite sport. She was on the boys wrestling team at her previous school and has been wrestling for 4 years. When she was younger, her friend’s older brother would wrestle with her and she soon realized this was something she had a strong passion for. Last year, Kourtney took second place in state and now she’s here at Coronado competing for the Dons. Next year, Kourtney plans to be on Coronado’s boys football team. She attends every home game and attempts to attend most of the away games. Feeling the energy of the field and seeing the look of hunger for victory in the eyes of the Don’s football team has convinced

her to join the players and to continue to lead Coronado to their gleaming streak of winning. On her cheek she paints the numbers 68 and 79 to represent her friends on the Coronado football team. She only wears red and blue when she’s attending a game and she has red and blue hair extensions that match her outfit she wears every Friday. Her favorite coach is Coach Beracy and Coach Anna. She looks up to Coach Beracy because he enjoys winning and wrestling is his passion as

well. They both remind her of the K.O brothers which represent the cowboys. You’ll catch Kourtney busting onto stage at lunch trying to encourage other students to be themselves and not to be afraid of what others may think. When you think of a Coronado Don, Kourtney fits the description perfectly. She’s setting good examples for her freshman students and taking pride in the year 2012. She is proud to be who she is and she takes pride in being a warrior for the Coronado Dons.

JV and Frosh Volleyball

Dons Swim Team By Qori Krog

By Nicolle Brent

As the end of our volley ball season creeps up our Lady Dons have had a remarkable comeback from last year. With the freshman team record as ___ and junior varsity’s as ____ our school should be proud of their strong effort. The 2008 season ends on Thursday the 23rd of October with a home game against Williams Field. Although many of the team members are “really bummed” that the season is going to be over most are excited for Club Crush Volleyball and our Softball season to start. The Coronado Explorer talked to members of our JV team, Amber Webster (10) and Jessica Horrigan (11) to get the scoop. When asked how they’re feeling at the conclu-

sion of the season Jessica told us she “Thought we did really well and even though we could have done better, especially against Arcadia, we definitely improved since last year.” “We proved Coronado can win,” added Amber. It’s not only the JV team that’s improved either, our fabulous frosh did outstanding when it comes to altering and using the skills they have in teamwork to the best of there abilities. Obviously with players like this our JV and Varsity teams next year will be lucky and we hope for yet another winning season. As the captain and a skilled setter Melissa Conrad (9) had no problem telling us

Cross Country, led by captains Matt Henricks (12) and Jesus Parra (12) and coaches Mrs. Brodison and Mr. Beracy, has recently placed 5th in the city. Runners Jesus Parra (12), Juan Herrera (10), and Shayla Hernandez (11), all placed in state. At press time, Cross Country is preparing for regions tonight. Tentative male runners are Jared Riehl (12), Juan Herrera (10), Elvis Rivera (12), Tomongo Hill (10), Jesus Parra (12), and Joe Breese (12). All Cross Country girls are running. Having already placed in state, and received two invitationals, the team is eager to finish the season strong at regions.

she personally thinks her

setting needs a little work. Just goes to show nobodies perfect. She thinks that in the end her team worked really splendidly together and she’s super ready for next year. Melissa too is thrilled for Club Crush and softball season; she also hopes to be on Coronado’s Varsity Volleyball team next year. Is there anything you would like to say to your team? “It was so much fun, I love our team; we’re seriously like one big family”, said Ms. Horrigan with a pleasant smile. Congratulations Coronado Lady Dons on an excellent 2008 season. Can’t wait to see you all dominate next year.

While some swimmers are glad to be free from Fernwalt’s wrath, there are many on the team that practiced this past week with spirits high, anticipating State. This season for the swim team has had its ups and downs with defeats against the Tempe Water Buffalo’s and Williamsfield. On October 24 and 25, regional’s took place. On Friday, swimmers took part in individual events at McClintock Pool while on Saturday the finalists and relays took place. For the Boys relay teams, Adam Dickerson(11),

Maxx Simmons (11) Joey Kredlo (11), and Jeff Ramirez (11) made it with the 200 yd medly, while for the 4x50, Adam, Maxx , Joey and Ryder Pyper (12) made it. The last boys relay that made it to state was the 4x100 with Alex Baldwin (10), Jeff Ramirez (11), Chase Davidson (10), and Adam Patino (10). The individual events for boys are 50 free, with Ryder Adam D., and Maxx which also made it in 100 yd Breaststroke. For the girls relay team Alyssa Paul (12), Andrea Goodman (11), Natalia Aranda (10) and Cassie

Adams (11) are in the 200 yd. Medly, while for the 4x50 the members are Alyssa, Andrea, Monica Hall (11), and Cassie. The last relay that made it to State for te girls is the 4x100 relay team with Qori Krog (11), Carissa Moorehead (12), Jelena Kolomejac (11), and Monica H. For the individual events Natalia Aranda made it in the 500 freestyle event. Most of these swimmers aren’t in class today so if you see any of these swimmers on Monday be sure to ask how they did!

PICK ‘EM Five die-hard football fans make their prediction of the top 5 college teams. Do you agree with the “experts”?

Mr. Biera 1. Texas 2. Alabama 3. Penn State 4. Oklahoma 5. USC “He’s the real McKoy.”

TJ Brown 1. Notre Dame 2. ASU 3. Illinios 4. Missouri 5. Oklaoma “I don’t care dude.”

Nathan Ferguson 1. ASU 2. Michigan 3. Oklahoma 4. Florida 5. Notre Dame “Whatever Biera has stinks!”

Baylor Cloar

TJ Kittle 1. ASU 2. Florida 3. Texas 4. USC 5. Alabama

1. Florida 2. Kentucky 3. LSU 4. Alabama 5. Arkansas

“Go Sundevils.”

“It was a long run.”

Campus Happenings

Pg. 12

Riding Champ

CHS’s own cowboy junior Austin Beier tells Coronado Explorer the ropes of being a rodeo star By Hannah Collins

Boys at Coronado usually play baseball, basketball or some other sport, but junior Austin Beier’s favorite sport happens to be involved rodeo. Rodeo is a public demonstration of cowboy skills, such as bronco riding or calf roping and is a popular sport that is mostly played in North America. There are several different events that come with rodeo. Beier is involved with bull riding and bareback. Bull riding is where a rider tries to stay on a bucking bull for at least eight seconds. Bareback is a rider riding a horse without a saddle. Beier started doing rodeo sports when he used to attend the econ and agriculture based school, Paradise Valley High, two years ago. Now, Beier has been bull riding for two years and doing bareback for one. When asked about which animal he prefers to ride, Beier said “nope, I get a

completely different feeling when I ride each animal, but they are both fun”. Beier and a friend were always interested in rodeo sports. After making a few phone calls they tried riding and became a part of the High School Rodeo Association. Beier says “riding at first was really nerve racking” but he improved and says now it is a lot of fun. Beier now goes to the Buffalo Chip arena in Cave Creek every Friday night to practice riding and once a month he competes in a competition lasting two days. Both events Beier partakes in involve the rider staying on the bucking bull or horse for at least eight seconds without falling off. The rider is scored for only eight seconds no matter how long they last on the animal. Both the animal and the rider are scored on a scale of one to fifty. When compet-

Junior Austin Beier competeing in bare back horse riding early in the day at Buffalo Chip arena.

ing, Beier is up against forty other bull riders and ten other bareback riders. First prize at Buffalo Chip is $900, second is $600 and third is $400. Beier says one of his favorite moments is the second time he rode bareback and tied for 3rd place due to a “good horse”. Beier says you’ve got a good animal when “they buck hard, don’t cover a lot of ground and when a bull spins”. Not only do riders get prize money but instead of a trophy they receive a belt buckle. Back at home, Beier’s parents are very supportive. Beier comes from a riding family and says that “my dad used to ride and a lot of my

family on his side ride too”. Beier’s friends are just as supportive and encouraging. He makes a lot of friends through riding and at competitions. Beier states that riding is “not going against people, you go against the animal, so it’s easier to make friends with the people you are competing against”. Like every sport, even rodeo has celebrities. Beier says that some of his inspirations come from rodeo stars like Lane Frost and Gary Lefew. Lane Frost was a pro bull rider, but died in 1989 due to an injury while riding a bull. Gary Lefew is a world riding champ who has won many riding honors. Beier looks up to Frost and Lefew “for their riding styles and they had good sportsmanship”. Beier is involved in one of the most dangerous sports and is often nicknamed “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports”. Take a Friday night to watch Beier practice at the Buffalo Chip arena and decide for yourself how risky the sport is and maybe you’ll want to try it yourself!

Where is the rest of your costume? Girls dressing in less than appropriate attire for the holiday By Amber Erickson

Walking through the Halloween stores that seem to have appeared by magic overnight at the start of October, a few things are evident: one, the gags are getting cheesier every year; the employees there are either very bored or so into their jobs they don’t notice the stares they get from customers; and three, the “costumes” the store has to offer for girls and women of all ages, are coming with less and less fabric. In a time of such a slump in the economy as this one, surely there are other places they can cut money from. Once upon a time, there were some costumes that called for a shortage in fabric and they weren’t nearly as “on the scene” as they seem to be now. In the stores now, it is hard to find a costume that could pass for decent in public places on any other day. I’m not saying that anyone in a coherent state of mind would consider wearing their costume outside of a Halloween dance or get-together

or trick-or-treating, but they should at least have the option for a costume decent enough to allow that decision to be made. It seems that the majority of costumes for girls and women have gotten lower-cut and higher-hemmed. Many are also missing a large portion of the space in between. The most traditional of choices for Halloween, witch costumes, are typically imagined by most people as a long shabby black dress with pointedtoe shoes and a pointy hat. They have since turned into short almost cocktail-type dresses with a low cut front and a choppy-cut hem. Many even ditch the old-fashioned pointed shoes for stilleto type heels or high-top boots. The only traditional part left is the pointy hat! Where is the taste? Where is the tradition? The answer is clear when you look to the faces of the general public who seem to love the change in typical dress and the now skimpy at-

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tire. Calling it out for what it is, the tradition and taste went out the window with society’s demand for sex appeal. Naturally, companies are responding to the public’s demand for more skin and less fabric. Costumes that cover all major areas and then some don’t sell in stores. When asking a store clerk who chose to withhold his name and workplace, what he saw coming off the shelves faster, he replied “the more skin [a costume] shows, the more we tend to sell.” It is a sad truth that society wants to see their women as well as their youth in such distasteful attire. The truth is, society no longer wants its female race to be

covered. The females of the race don’t even want themselves covered. Hemlines are getting daring, alterations are being made, and girls are risking their reputations for a day to achieve the sex appeal that many are pressured into. Some do it if their own will and others dress to fit the crowd. The question is, how many more inches can they cut off? Every inch is another piece of their innocence, stripped from them so very young; every thread another sign of their conformity to societal demands; and for what? A Halloween costume? Ladies. Think twice tonight when you’re putting on those final touches. Whether it be wings to complete the pixie costume, a tail for that black panther set-up, or a pointed hat to match the not-so-traditional witch dress; look yourself in the mirror before you go out tonight and ask yourself: is it worth being objectified to fit the standards of Halloween that society has so nonchalantly distorted?

Urban Legends: believe them or not?

Here are a few of the most common urban legends haunting America. But are they real or just tales to scare children? by Hannah Collins

Goat Man Goat Man is the result of an experiment gone terribly wrong. One night, while a scientist was working on a top secret experiment to take animal strengths and applying them to humans, there was a power failure and chemicals mixed causing a smokey cloud. When the cloud lifted, the scientist had turned into Goat Man and escaped before he could be contained. Ever since, Goat Man has been wandering about the country searching for innocence teenagers to attack!

When a Stranger Calls Legend goes that one night a teenage girl was babysitting two small children. While she was babysitting, the phone rang. She picked up the phone and heard someone breathing heavily and telling her he was going to get her and the children. Scared, she called the police and asked them to trace the call. When the call was traced, they told her to leave the house right away with the children because the call was coming from inside the house!

Doppelganger A doppelganger is a mysterious and unproven creature many people have come to face to face with. A doppelganger is an exact replica of you. They are like a twin, but a meaner or more evil one. Legend goes that if you happen to see your doppelgangers then both your days of living are numbered. Bloody Mary Back in the day, a girl named Mary fell into a coma. Doctors were so ill experienced with medicine, they thought she died. So Mary

was put into a coffin and buried…alive. Mary’s mother could have sworn that every night she heard Mary scream and finally convinced people to dig up Mary’s grave. When they found Mary, she was covered in blood, scratches on the lid of the coffin and her fingernails were gone. Ever since, it’s been rumored that if someone goes into a dark room with a mirror, they should say “Bloody Mary” three times and she will appear in the mirror to kill her victim!

Hannah Collins

Last minute Halloween costumes Spur of the moment Halloween party? Here’s some

ideas for you to rummage around the house to find a quick costume By Melissa Shaw

photo credit to

Ghost- find an old white sheet, cut holes for eyes and wear! Hippy-70’s look with colorful tye-dyed clothes, torn jeans and flowers in hand. Cowboy/girl-throw on some dirty jeans and cowboy hat, with plaid shirt and boots will complete your western look! Vampire-tie a black sheet around your neck as cape with lipstick on your mouth for blood. Mummy-grab about five rolls toilet paper to wrap it around your whole body, and walk around with your arms stuck out. Jail inmate- find some black an white striped clothes to wear and roll around in the dirt. Find a shovel to carry around and say you just escaped! Burglar- all black clothing and a ski mask is all that’s necessary here, maybe carry around a flash light and a bag of loot! Clown-wear your dad’s oversized shoes with brightly colored clothes and wear some face paint. Nerd- Pull your shorts high up, a button down shirt, huge glasses and a pocket protector if you can find one. Basketball star-Some Coronado gym shorts and long tank-top while walking around dribbling a basketball

Haunted History By Carol Toll

As a popular holiday in American culture, many people aren’t really sure how Halloween originated. The Halloween holiday has a lot of mysterious customs and there are a lot of different cultures that have a holiday similar to Halloween. Halloween can be dated back as far as the time of the Romans. One story is that the customs came from the religious practices of the Druids who were persecuted by the Romans. On the 31st of October, they would hold a feast to honor their ancestors. The Druids would honor their gods on the following day, and somehow it was decided to combine the feasts on October 31st. When Corey Johnson, a CHS alumni, was asked what he thought the history of Halloween was he responded, “Halloween originated in the Gaelic culture as a festival for the Celtic religion and is regarded as the C eltic New Year. The festival occurred on October 31st. They believed that on Halloween night, the boundaries between the living and the dead dissolved temporarily, to protect the living…” Patricia Arias was also asked about Halloween’s history and commented “I think Halloween was created by people who tried to make fun of the dead. It might have started off with ghosts and then from there other scary creatures were created.” Arias was asked why people trick-or-treat and she said, “I think we go trick-or-treating just for the fun.” Mrs. Criswell also responded saying that “because we are a society of fun young people, we enjoy the fun of

the party.” Another source for the holiday can be dated back hundreds years ago in Ireland. Story goes that, the Irish farmers would go from house to house begging for food because they wanted to celebrate their ancient gods. When people gave out their food, the farmers told them good luck and thanked them. If the villagers didn’t give out food, the farmers would make threats saying “you treat me or I will trick you,” coining the action and phrase of “trick-or-treat”. Another Irish tradition was jack-o-lanterns. Myth says that a farmer named Jack tricked the devil into never taking his soul but when Jack died his life was filled too many sins, banning him from heaven and hell. The devil tossed him an ember from hell and Jack carved a turnip and put the ember in forced to search the earth forever looking for a place to rest his soul. So in Ireland a jack-o-lantern is a symbol for a damned soul and is used to keep bad spirits away. When asked what the best part of Halloween is, senior Taylor Wade commented, “My favorite part is dressing up and getting free candy.” Mrs. Anderson said “Once trick-or-treating with the kids is done, I usually find one of the MANY live music options for the night. Watching bands perform on stage in full costumes is hilarious!” Andrea Dressing replied “I like the fact that you can be anything you want to be on Halloween”. No matter what age or culture you are or where you believe the holiday came from, you can always find a way celebrate Halloween.


Qori Krog

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy A look at one of the forms of Douglas Adams’ masterpiece

  Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the first book in a self-proclaimed “trilogy of five.”  Formerly a radio show, then a TV series, then a computer game, and later a movie, it has become exceedingly famous for its unique brand of humor.  Quite frankly, the book deserves every bit of fame attached to it.  The characters are likeable, the plot is great, and the humor is addictive.    The story focuses on the adventures of Arthur Dent, a man who runs into an extremely unfortunate series of events.  Accompanying Arthur is Ford Prefect, a writer for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the most famous guide to the

Journey Of Dreams NiGHTS finally comes back

Celebrity Gossip

By Tori Lynn Sullivan

By Robert Pizzi

galaxy, mind you), Zaphod Beeblebrux, the current president of the galaxy, Trillian, a mathematician and astrophysicist Arthur met briefly at a party, and Marvin, a paranoid and depressed robot. The crew finds themselves on a quest to find the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything, armed only with several towels and a spaceship powered by an infinite improbability drive.    Humor is virtually everywhere in this book.  You won’t stop laughing until you finish reading it, and even afterwards you’ll more than likely have random fits of laughter for the rest of your natural life.  The great thing about this type of comedy is that it appeals to virtually everyone.     The bottom line is, give the book a chance.  No human can make it through without laughing viciously.  That, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, means that this book is absolutely phenomenal.

Pg. 13

As I was going to the game store the other day to browse, I noticed a very interesting title, NiGHTS; Journey of Dreams, so I picked it up. The reason I was so interested in it is because it is the sequel to the over 12year old original game, NiGHTS Into Dreams, made for the Sega Saturn. There are two different child characters, William Taylor and Helen Cartwright, to choose from, each of them set in a part of the dream world Nightopia. As the character, you can what they call “dualize” with NiGHTS and fly around, grabbing

Get A Life! TODAY!

Haunt of the Living Dead & Zombie Graveyard 1061 North Dobson Road Located in the Theatre District, Directly Behind Chili’s and Bass Pro Shops General admission: $20

up orbs for points and stopping the Wizerman, whom the children learn are the villains in the dream world and team up with NiGHTS to stop them. As the game goes on with the children dualizing and fighting, NiGHTS becomes more powerful and can even change into different forms, such as a dolphin or a dragon, in order to get certain targets that aren’t usually very easily accessible. This game applies great usage of the Wii controller, either using the regular Wiimote to point where you want NiGHTS to go, or using the joystick on the nun chuck to direct the flying dream jester. The actual flying actually seems a little complex at first, but you soon get the hang of it and it is almost second nature as you glide through the stages to save Nightopia.

By Hannah Collins-Lewis

Latest in the Hollywood love lives is the semi-shocking of queen of pop Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie’s recently “announced” divorce. Possible reasons for divorce were fights over how much time is spent for their careers and that Madonna wanted to adopt another child. They were even arguing about when to announce the divorce as well. Madonna wanted to wait until her Sweet and Sticky tour was over next year but supposedly Ritchie wants it to be publicized before this Christmas. When they were wed, no pre-nuptial was signed; meaning when the divorce follows through, Ritchie will receive at least $120 million of Madonna’s $650 million and joint custody of their three young children. Another break up occurring is the split of Hugh Hefner from his younger girlfriend of eight years Holly Madison. The Girls Next Door star and the creator of Playboy recently confirmed their break up in the beginning of October. Hefner stated to that he “planned on spending the rest of [his] life with Holly”. Reasons for the split were that Holly wanted to get married and start a family but “that isn’t very much in the cards for me, so there has to be a certain reality there,” Hefner said. Despite all the drama at the Mansion, The Girls Next Door is still airing and taping episodes. The break up obviously hasn’t affected anyone’s careers. Yet. All the break ups? All at once? Wow, it must be hard to be rich and famous when you could get anyone you wanted. Although, the celebrities’ circumstances are difficult for them, for the average Joe’s like us it’s just another day in Hollywood.

Songs of a Higher Frequency Perfect Symmetry


Appeal to Reason

Tempe Annual Halloween Carnival Kiwanis Park, 6005 S. All-America Way 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Games, food, music and costume contests for every age Arizona’s Original Scream Park Alice’s House of Nightmares, 3D Fear Factory, Castle of Darkness and Gold Miner’s Revenge 8823 E McDowell Rd., Scottsdale, AZ All Access Pass: $25 Two Attractions: $20 Single Attraction: $16 Fear Farm Haunts Corn Maze, Dead Head Ball, Coffin Ride, Fear Farm and other haunted attractions 99th Ave just north of McDowell Rd 7:30pm-11pm Price: $18-$23 Arizona Fright Nights Tolmachoff Farms 5726 N 75th Ave Haunted mazes Price: $12 7pm-11pm *Those under 15 must be accompanied by an adult* The Haunt 511 E La Donna Dr. Live action haunted house Price: Free, but donations are appreciated 6:15pm-10pm Shadowlands Haunted Attraction Fiesta Mall Event Lot 1445 W Southern Ave Haunted attractions are The Revenant, The Chamber and The Wrath with live actors. Price: $15-$28 7pm-12:00am The Gauntlet Mesa Golfland/Sunsplash 155 W Hampton Ave Black Death themed haunted maze and family fun golfing Price: $20-$30 7:00pm-12:00am

By Sean Essary By Qori Krog

Keane is a British pop band with a sound that recalls early 80’s U2. Perfect Symmetry is bursting with dynamic beats and instrumentals. In the album opening “Spiralling”, we are greeted by many “ooh’s” that get you excited for more to come. With song titles like “The Lovers are Losing” and “Love is the End”, you can only guess what inspires them to sing. If you’re a fan of contemporary balladeers such as Coldplay or enjoy the classic sounds of U2, go get Keane.


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Lyricist Tomas Haake contributes the words behind the cyclic rhythms of Meshuggah’s Obzen. Constant bass beating on a separate tempo combined with the crunch of the guitar seamlessly perfect the Meshuggah style. Breaking down what society has brought up to be social standards, the words belief and salvation are used sharply with depravation and decay. The album is covered with images of a stone tower, a representation of structure. Through the perception Meshuggah creates, the art focus would alternate from the tower itself to the destruction of the land that lies below it.


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By Qori Krog

Appeal to Reason, released on October 7th, is the latest from the politically charged rockers Rise Against. While the CD is geared with new lyrics, it has the same Rise Against beat/sound. With song titles like “Long forgotten Sons” and “From Heads Unworthy”, this album is jam packed with lyrics that are enough to flow through your veins like venom. One stanza from the song “Kotov Syndrom” goes like this, “my dreams are of children, orphaned by blood, spilled at these hands, here on the graves of the innocent, we raise our flag.” Pretty crazy huh? This is the CD that you don’t want to pass up the chance to hear, especially if you enjoy their past albums.


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Dontastic Creations

Terror in the Clock By Riley LiLorenzo

Below is a short horror story written by DiLorenzo for his English IIIH class. Enjoy. Mu ha ha! The boy sat up in bed drenched in a warm but bone chilling sweat. His night terror had been speaking in his ear all night. The things that it was telling him to do, the things it was saying to him in the dark hours of the night had seemed so real to him. With wide eyes he dared not sit up in bed. He stared at his ceiling as the horrible images from the dream flashed through his head, cringing at every blood curdling scene replaying themselves in his mind. “How could my mind come up with such terrible things while I sleep? ” thought the boy to himself as his recollection of the horrors continued dancing their way around his head and into his heart. It had been two minutes since his awakening, but his heart still pounded as if someone was stepping on his chest. He knew the time because of a digital clock at the side of his bed which he had gathered enough courage to turn his head to look at. The clock read 3:17 AM. Every beat made his body more weak and he began to shiver. This brutal beating in the boys’ chest, which had now moved to his stomach and head, eventually gave the boy a sudden, strange bravery that lasted only long enough to force the boy to sit up in bed. In his adrenaline attack he had expected to sit up to find that his dreams had become reality, but as he looked around his room he noticed that everything had been the same as when he had first rested his head on his pillow that night. The boy took a few minutes to break the stiffness in his arms, and a few more to regain control of his legs which moved shakily and weak. He closed his eyes for a brief second in a moment of comfort only to open them to look at the clock. “Surely ten minutes had passed since the first time he looked at the clock,” he thought. But as the boy stared at the red, glowing sections of the

device, it was to his horror in seeing that not only that the time had remained at its solemn position of 3:17 AM, but also that something had caught his eye in the reflection of the glass. The boy had found that something had not been right. Something was different in his dark room. Something was there that had not been there when he first rested his head on his pillow that night. Something in the darkest corner of the boys room was moving, ever so slowly toward him. He had only noticed now because it had been moving so slow that its hovering was undistinguishable at first glance. The boy felt a loss of voice. He could not scream, he could not move, he could barely breathe. It was as if the thing moving closer to him was sucking his senses out of him slowly, but painfully. “It couldn’t be real,” he thought to himself. “The images and stories in my head were dreams. They were nightmares.” But as he thought these things he could not help but notice the thing growing slowly closer to him had not stopped its motion. It was still crawling, its decrepit body as if in a strobe light, shaking as it grew closer to his low bed. It wasn’t human, in fact, it didn’t even look real. Besides the horrible beating of his own heart, the silence in his room was being interrupted by sounds of the thing moving itself across the floor, and a low humming that was so faint that in only the silence of the stopped time could it be heard. The boys racing mind began to recollect moments from his dream. He remembered the words that he had been whispered, and from the words he remembered the images. The images began to make the thing coming toward him seem a bit less frightening until he remembered something from his dream. He remembered the words that someone had been whispering in his ear. “I am coming to get you,” rang

through his ears. It was so real that he couldn’t tell if it was in his head or if it was coming from the terrifying, creaky, macabre flailing at him. Again he heard it, “I am coming to get you.” This time he was sure it had come from the macabre. He could now place a face on it. It was terrifying with a sullied face, with eyelids which were no longer there. Half of the mouth was gone and the thing’s legs were stretched in front as it trembled toward the boy. Oh, the hideousness of it made the boy begin to cry. His warm tears mixed with freezing sweat for he now had a fear of hopelessness and helplessness overtake him. He could not move for the thing had come too close and it would surely move more rapidly if he tried. He could not scream for the boy knew that it would make the thing become more hideous and frightening than it was. He also knew that none of these things could help him now. If he were to scream no one would hear him; if he were to run no one would be there to help. He was alone and he knew this for the time on his luminous clock had remained at its position at 3:17 AM. His end was sure to come, for when it struck 3:18 AM the thing, along with him would be gone, and only then would the world continue moving. And it continued clicking toward the boy’s bedside. It is indescribable, the frightening images that had been mixed in the boys head in his last moments which seemed to last hours. He had seen the horrible dreams from his sleep and heard the demonic voices still pounding in his ears. He had seen the thing touch his bed first, then the wet sheet plastered over him, and then it touched his skin. The untellable pain that had pulled through the boys body made him shiver like the thing. The boy screamed and moved and the thing grew faster and more viciously abhorrent. The boy then saw every act that he had done to inflict

pain or harm on another flashed in his head, and he recognized the detestable images. These conceptions were the mere horrors from the boy’s nightmares. They were his own thoughts and memories. The concentration of this terror sent the boy into a panic for now the pain of them was growing larger than the pain from the thing, now hovering and shaking over him. Now the boy realized something that had not been there before. Another thing, just as decrepit and vile as the one over him was now in the darkest corner of his room. The boy looked down at his bed, where he saw his body, whole; he was watching himself sleeping. The thing in the corner of his room was also watching him. To the boy’s surprise, it had moved from its spot and crawled to the boys bedside and whispered in his ear as he slept, “I am coming to get you.” Hearing this, the boy had realized the terrors of his dreams and where they had come from. The creature had whispered the nightmares into his ear. At this panic, the boy could take no more. His pain and fear slowly ate at him until there was nothing left but a decrepit, hideous, terrible, vile creature. The thing disappeared, but a new one had been born. No more could the thing think of anything but the terrible thoughts of his dreams. He now had an urge to spread his terror with someone. He looked up and saw a boy lying asleep in bed. There was a glowing clock next to him. Suddenly the boy shot up, his wide eyes plunged through the room and passed over the thing. It could see terror strike across the boy’s face and the thing began humming and moving. The only other sound in the room was the sound of it moving across the floor and the horrible beating of the boy’s heart. The boy’s red clock read 3:17 AM.


By Jason Kurtti

Carol Toll

The Almost Back Page

The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist

Erick Beltran

Picture of Heribert Illig and early Gregorian Calendar. Pictures from and

The Phantom Time Hypothesis By Chris Kloskin

By Nestor Martinez

South Scottsdale Adventures

When it comes to conspiracies there are many that are referred to as “crackpot” theories. These theories are usually so outlandish that no one takes them seriously. One in particular, called the phantom time hypothesis, would be considered a crackpot theory by many people. However, this theory actually has some evidence to back it up. So why is this conspiracy so hard to believe? Because if it were true then this would not be the year 2008, but rather the year 1711. The phantom time hypothesis claims that the Early Middle Ages (A.D. 614-911) never happened. The idea behind this is that either the time was added by mistake, or on purpose. If it was added by mistake, it would have happened when the Gregorian Calendar replaced the Julian Calendar in 1582. The Gregorian Calendar was created to be ten days shorter to make up for the inaccuracy of the Julian Calendar. When this happened it counted 300 years that never happened. As for the idea that it was done on purpose, there is little evidence to support this. There really is no reason for adding time to history. No one really stands to gain anything by doing this. The only explanation is that someone did it just for the sake of doing it. Not the best explanation, but it still allows this hypothesis to be plausible. Now this theory doesn’t say that all the events that happened in this time period never happened, it means that the events happened at different times. This would mean that we would have no idea when any event that happened in this time period actually took place. I’m sure the big question you’re asking is how this idea came to be. Heribert Illig came up with the phantom time hypothesis in 1991. That’s right, the theory is less than 20 years old. Since its conception the theory has developed a cult following. Many people believe the phantom time hypothesis to be true and some have even tries to help prove it’s real. However, no one has found any substantial evidence that supports this idea which is why it remains a hypothesis and not a theory. So what would happen if the hypothesis were true? Well, every history book would have to be changed. Every important year you have memorized would mean nothing: Independence Day would have actually occurred on July 4, 1497, not July 4, 1776. Anyone born in the 1990’s would actually have been born in the 1690’s. This wouldn’t be the 21st century but rather the 18th. Worst of all the millennium won’t happen for another 300 years so none of us could say we saw it. The phantom time hypothesis will most likely never be proven true or false. Even if it were true the government would probably try to cover it up to make things easier. I’m sure the government wouldn’t want to pay for new history textbooks for the entire country.

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The Lyricist By James Burkhardt

With the impending election next week, I figured a politicaltype song would be appropriate for this edition of The Explorer. So who better to find a political oriented song from than the man who said he never wrote protest songs? Bob Dylan released “The Times They Are A-Changin’” in 1964 and for this issue I’ll take a look at its title track. Come gather ‘round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you Is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’ Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin’.

  The first two lines are meant to gather the attention of the entire American populous, not just small groups or areas in certain parts of the country. The rest of the stanza nearly makes more sense now then back then. For all the people who are now being buried because of high interest loans and unaffordable payments, this addresses those problems. Jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, so it’s time “you better start swimmin’” because within the next few years, life may become even more difficult to maintain. Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won’t come again And don’t speak too soon For the wheel’s still in spin And there’s no tellin’ who That it’s namin’. For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changin’

   In the beginning of this stanza, Dylan refers to the media that gives daily recaps on how much worse everything is becoming, while saying times like they are, are once in a lifetime, so take advantage. Later he warns to be more skeptical than definite, because the outcome has not yet been decided. The stock market is game of chance and risk. The ninth and tenth lines can be perceived many ways. One way could be how those that are “losing out” on playing the market will “win later” when it crashes. Another way could be those that are “losing now” at the market will “win later” when it rebounds. Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don’t stand in the doorway Don’t block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled There’s a battle outside And it is ragin’. It’ll soon shake your windows And rattle your walls

Bob Dylan around the time of the release of his song “The Times They Are A-Changin’ ” For the times they are a-changin’.

   This stanza could refer to the bailout proposals congress has brought up over the past few weeks. Dylan may be referring to the process of government and how slow it moves. “He who has stalled” could be the government and in the long run could be the ones who “get hurt” the worst. Come mothers and fathers Throughout the land And don’t criticize What you can’t understand Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command Your old road is Rapidly agin’. Please get out of the new one If you can’t lend your hand For the times they are a-changin’.

  Dylan is a very liberal mind. These lines put down the conservative “Grand Old Party” ideals of dwelling on past successes. Especially during the 1960s, America was transitioning very quickly and parents that attempted to control their children were simply hindering both their development and the development of the country. He ends by basically saying, “Get out of the way, you’re only a road block to change.” The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin’. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’.

   What Dylan means in the first two lines describes how what people are starting to realize is happening, is already well into the process and won’t be turned around. Just as the times are changing in the economy and whatever else, so is politics. This is a monumental election for the United States. Either way, a minority will be elected into one of the top two spots. People world-wide are anticipating our election. In fact the times really are a-changin’.

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The Slovereign

Erick Beltran

The Spooktober Sleuther

“Execution Indecision”

By: Matthew Henricks

Once again its time for the Sleuther and it may actually become a challenge this time as the answers aren’t posted, although I guess that was really a test of who paid attention this time as only two people returned the answers to B-244. A school of 1,300 people and only two people returned it. Hello, where were the rest of you? Anyways, that aside you all have a chance to redeem yourselves and I’ve decided to split this Sleuther into both the styles it’s seen. The first part requires that you answer each question to answer the next, while the second portion is some riddles that need answers. Once you have solved the Sleuther return it to room B-244 for a prize.



1. The Hundred Years War started in ________ a. a.



2. _______ is a popular __________ term discussing someone’s accomplishments

3. The first ___________ company was the ____________ ___________s company c.

y o


4. ________ is sometimes referred to as a climate __________ d.



5. The Foreign Legionnaire was strongly tempted to __________, but was all too aware of the dangers in the _________. 6. If I were speaking about filet, torus, ovolo, echinos, caveho, scotia, and cyma, to what would I be referring?


On November 4th, people all across the nation will be bustling into crowded voting booths in crowded town halls and community centers in hopes that their vote will be the deciding factor in their preferred candidate’s quest for election. Hopefully at this point, those people attempting to tackle the somewhat important multiple-choice question of who should be our next president have done their research and have a clear-cut idea of who they support. But what went through these people’s minds in the days leading up to election, and what is their support based on? It has become clear over the last few months that the focus of this year’s presidential election between Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and Senator John McCain of Arizona is not on who you support, but why you support them. With a constant blitzkrieg of false reports and accusations littering both the media and the campaign trail, many of the rationalities that have developed to either refute or confirm the credibility of Obama and McCain are simply not credible. With the election less than a week away, let’s take a look at some of the more outrageous claims made for or against our current presidential and vice-presidential candidates, in hopes that you leave these thoughts to wiser men, like those in the Treasury Department, come Election Day. This is The Slovereign… Much of John McCain’s campaign has centered around foreign policy, citing his military experience and time spent as a prisoner of war as proof that he is ready to lead the country. I’m sorry, but being a POW doesn’t mean that you are prepared to assume control of the launch codes. Not to dishonor his courageous sacrifice, but it means you were dealt a crappy hand forty years ago and got stuck in an even more crappy situation. I’ve lost count of the number of times where I was discussing politics with someone and their pro-McCain argument consisted of “But man, he was a POW.” Yep, and the guys in Guantanamo Bay are growing more savvy in foreign policy by the minute. If this argument held true, my grandfather would have just as much claim to the presidency as John McCain. Let’s all join in a rousing performance of “Hail to the Chiefs” in honor of the Slovereign’s grand-daddy. A lot has been said about John McCain’s age (he just turned 72). While many of these concerns are legitimate, they should not be the only factors contributing to your decision on who is best to lead. Don’t get me wrong, the guy looks like a Civil War vet and I swear his cheek is staring at me half the time, but doctors last year pronounced him in perfect health and declared him physically fit to assume the duties of president. After all, we elected Ronald Reagan to a second term when he was 73. These comments are tame, however, in comparison to the one’s levied against Obama. Barack Obama’s campaign has been bombarded with countless false claims that have grown steadily more radical with each point Obama gains in the polls. For instance, a widespread smear campaign on the internet is calling Barack Obama the anti-Christ. So he’s not just a bad dude, he is in fact the seven-headed beast of the biblical book of Revelation said to bring forth the Apocalypse. The internet post reads: “According to The Book of Revelations: The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal.... the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything. Is it OBAMA??” There are several problems with this prophecy. For starters, at no point in Revelation, or anywhere else in the Bible, is it even insinuated that the anti-Christ is either a man, in his 40s, or Muslim. It’s also worth noting that the religion of Islam was founded four hundred years after the book of Revelation was written. And if either of these points weren’t able to sway you in your biblically misguided ways, Barack Obama isn’t even a Muslim. Not that people haven’t tried to label him as one. Many reports, including several from Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Caucus campaign headquarters, have made false accusations that Obama was raised Muslim and continues to worship the religion of Islam. A report even surfaced in January that Obama attended a radical Islamic school while living in Indonesia as a child in the late 1960s. Many others have argued that, as his middle name is Hussein, he must be a Muslim. In truth, Obama has never practiced Islam, and has been a devout Christian since the mid1980s. While living in Indonesia, he attended both Muslim and Catholic schools, although neither directly catered to either religion. But hold on, his middle name is Hussein? He must be a Muslim….really? That’s like saying someone with the last name Black must be African American. I don’t know if you’ve met senior Joseph Black, but he could poke a few holes in that logic. This story caused such a stir in the media that Obama himself had to go on national television in order to discuss and defend his faith. These misguided feelings have also manifested at McCain rallys, where chants of “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” could be heard during a rally in Albuquerque, NM on October 6th. For the record, McCain did nothing to silence the crowd following these remarks. While the majority of these far-fetched accusations have concentrated on the presidential candidates, Republican vice-presidential nominee and Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has also experienced, as well as taken part in, a slew of false reports and over-exaggerations. One of these reports claims that Palin faked a pregnancy in order to cover up her daughter’s out-of-wedlock love child. The rumor states that Palin’s infant child Trig, who is afflicted with Downs Syndrome, was really birthed by Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol, and was covered up by Palin in order to maintain the sanctity of the family name. Many conservatives in the Republican base were turned off by this new development. The only problem with this is that Palin has already gone public about Bristol’s current out-of-wedlock pregnancy. If Bristol is five months pregnant now, how is it possible that she was also able to mother little Trig less than seven months ago? Add in the fact that Palin was out hiking Juneau when she was supposedly seven months pregnant and it’s pretty easy to see that this story belongs in the political recycling bin. After all, not too many people are out traversing Kirimanjaro when they are weeks away from going into labor. Scratch that one from the record. Another claim that should not be considered when choosing candidates is Palin’s boast that you can see Russia from a point in Alaska. While it is true that you can see the small Russian island of Big Diomede from the equally small Alaskan island of Little Diomede, it is untrue that this has any strategic significance or lends any form of foreign policy experience to Palin, both of which she has hinted at on the campaign trail. I can picture the interview now: Katie Couric: “Okay Governor, I can see from your response that you thought the last question about the Bush Doctrine was a little annoying, so let’s try an easier one. Do you have any foreign policy experience?” Palin: “Aw shucks no, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Now may I continue to assault Barack Obama’s character in an effort to draw attention away from my own questionable judgment?” Couric: “And you call me annoying?” While Palin has been in and out of the headlines since being chosen as the Republican VP nominee, her Democratic counterpart, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware has taken the opposite route and primarily avoided the spotlight. In fact, many would be surprised to learn that Barack Obama even has a running mate on the ticket. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Biden has a notorious reputation for being excessively long winded. Although I guess in an election like this, the fact that the candidate who talks the most is the least known of the four should come as no great shock. You just might want to try Googling him before Election Day. For all I know, the Stock Market is plummeting eight hundred points as I sit and write this article. Yet that is exactly why this election is so important. The events of November 4th, 2008 will dictate the course of our country’s prosperity for years to come. In all seriousness, this is one of those defining moments in history that even Hollywood couldn’t have dreamed up. So don’t waste this opportunity because you were too ignorant to take an honest look at the candidates. Sift through the rubbish and let the issues dictate your course as you make that decisive step into the voting booth.

r e

By Justin Slover


Issue Statistics with Absolutely No Journalistic Value



Number of Editors in the Lab on Lab Day: 6 (never all at once) Word of the Issue: Vote How many times did YOU count it?: _____ Number of Staffers that sang along to Mr. Gerchick’s Marley Mix: A Lonely One Number of Halloween watermarks used to eliminate trapped White Space: 5 Number of Last Minute Changes: Impossible to Count Number of Lead Stories this Issue: 2 Number of Pages Eliminated to get it to Press: 4 *tear* Guesstimation on how many Staffers used the Journalism Stress Reducer: 3 The Number that Probably Should Have: 15



“It’s a powerful feeling to watch others cringe in fear.”


Aries 3/21-4/20 You’re thinking in a new (and kind of weird) way about your health, so don’t hesitate to talk with someone smart about it. Maybe you just need to eat more carrots, or maybe allergies are starting to be a problem. Taurus 4/21-5/20 You’re at your best socially right now, and you can feel the great energy passing among you and your pals. If you’re on a date -- and if not, why not? You’re as charming as can be, so you should make the right impression   Gemini 5/22-6/21 You’re a little scattered today, but that’s cool -your friends don’t mind so much when you go on and on without really swaying too much. The ride is definitely worth the small price of admission.   Cancer 6/22-7/22 You’re feeling quiet and tidy and kind of chilled out today, so you should find that people are more willing to cut you some slack later on when you’re raging. It’s good to rack up points.  

* credits to:

Leo 7/23-8/21 You and your friends are still getting along just fine, but hang back and let them take the lead -- if anyone actually does, that is. Sometimes it’s all about recharging your social batteries. Virgo 8/22-9/23 Use your great energy to do something amazing. It’s one of those days when you can organize the masses to do almost anything, so dream up something that feels right and do it.   Libra 9/23-10/23 You’re in a good position to go it alone if you have to -- maybe your lab partner is slacking off, or maybe you just need to make your own lunch for a while, but it’s all good for you.   Scorpio 10/24-11/22 Your assistance is so vital to one friend that they might almost be too scared to ask -- afraid that you’ll say no. It’s a good time for you to step in, do what needs to be done and then step back out.  

Sagittarius 11/23-12/22 Hold on to your big questions for the time being -- your teachers and parents aren’t in the mood to indulge them just yet. You may need to blow them off for a while, actually, so try something else. Capricorn 12/23-1/20 You can feel the energy of the universe pushing you over the finish line -- or at least helping you get a lot done. It’s a really good time to go for extra credit or wow the adults.   Aquarius 1/21-2/19 Someone isn’t letting you in on everything they’re thinking, and that could lead to some serious confusion if you’re not careful. Try to make sure you’re open to information from new sources.   Pisces 2/20-3/20 Have you been fretting about some issue that you know you need to deal with? Now is the time to do something -- anything -- to move past it. You’ll be surprised at how much good comes of it.  

Coronado Explorer Spooktober Edition 2008 - 2009  

Please enjoy!

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