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2 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

Graduation Issue Contents Four Years at Cornell 2009-2013: TAKING A PAUSE TO REFLECT The Sun takes you back to some of the most momentous events of the last four years, tracing back headlines from this semester to the fall of freshman year. Re-read coverage of events that both stirred and indeliably changed the Hill, from the student suicides of Spring 2010 to the removal of the fences around campus bridges in Spring 2013.


Saturday Military Commissioning Ceremonies 8 - 11:30 a.m., Statler Hall

Live From Newman BIG RED PRIDE

Arts and Entertainment Ithaca, though miles away from the metropolitan music haven of New York City, has nevertheless wrangled quite the lineup of stars to come entertain the masses at Cornell. Reminisce over the Flaming Lips tearing down Barton Hall, Jon Stewart tickling the 2011 Parents’ Weekend crowd with joke after joke and other crowd-pleasers from the last four years.

Whether you counted yourself a Lynah Faithful or the friend who had to be dragged to games by Big Red fanatics, relive the biggest headlines in The Sun’s sports archives from 2009-13. The wins and heartbreaking losses alike await you.



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Senior Class Convocation Noon - 1 p.m., Schoellkopf Stadium President’s Family Gathering 2 - 3:30 p.m., Arts Quad C.U. Wind Ensemble 2:45 - 3:45 p.m., Arts Quad Ph.D. Recognition Ceremony 5 - 6:30 p.m., Barton Hall Chorus and Glee Club Concert 8 - 9:45 p.m., Bailey Hall

Sunday Commencement Ceremony The ceremony will be held in Schoellkopf Stadium 9:15 a.m.: Students assemble on Arts Quad 9:30 a.m.: Guests arrive at their stadium seats 10 a.m.: Procession arrives at stadium 11 a.m.: Commencement Ceremony 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.: Diplomas distributed at college or departmental ceremonies

College and School Receptions Begin immediately following Commencement Ceremony College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Ag Quad in front of Roberts Hall College of Architecture, Art and Planning: Arts Quad in the large white tent near McGraw Hall College of Arts and Sciences: Each department will have a reception for its graduates in different locations College of Engineering: Each department will have a reception for its graduates in different locations Graduate: Contact your Graduate Field Assistant for location School of Hotel Administration: Barton Hall School of Human Ecology: Bartels Hall, Newman Arena School of Industrial and Labor Relations: ILR Conference Center Courtyard Johnson Graduate School of Management: Sage Hall, Dyson Atrium Law School: Myron Taylor Hall, Berger Atrium College of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary College, Atrium

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Fences’ Removal Celebrated as‘Joyful Sign’

Students see closure after suicide tragedy A group of Cornellians stood at the Suspension Bridge. They paused to admire the view of the gorges — something that, until this May, they were only able to look at through bars after a string of suicides in 2010 led Cornell to fence off seven of its bridges. On May 17, the University removed five of the fences, according to John Keefe, project manager. The remaining two — those on the west side of Stewart Cascadilla and the Suspension Bridge — are expected to come down by May 24 and July 3 respectively, Keefe said. The day, for many, marked a milestone in a three-year-saga that has provoked debates over how best to prevent suicides from happening in the City of Ithaca’s iconic gorges. In 2012, Cornell agreed to replace the fences it had erected with mesh nets. The nets, which hang under the bridges and are equipped with heat-sensitive cameras that can detect when someone has fallen into them, are meant to restrict the bridges as a means of suicide while protecting the view of the gorges. “It is certainly a move in [a] positive direction to once again have an unfiltered view of the gorges, but at the same time

have a feeling of safety that the mesh systems will provide,” Keefe said. To John Mueller ’13, the fences were a reminder of depression, suicide — issues he said were on the forefront of his mind when he was a freshman at Cornell. “I lost my dad to suicide right before I came to school,” Mueller said. “Then, after the winter, the fences went up.” Having walked by the fenced bridges for most of his time at Cornell, Mueller said seeing the fences beginning to be taken down Friday marked a “huge moment of release.” It was also a somber moment for seniors, who, while celebrating the end of exams, the arrival of Senior Week and their imminent graduation, paused to reflect on the suicides that occurred their freshman year. “The fences coming down today are a joyful sign of the end of our struggles and the beginning of our celebrations,” Marie Camerota ’13 said, describing the moment as Cornell coming “full circle.”


Open vistas | Students cross the Trolley Bridge in 2010, left, shortly after the fences were installed. Above, a construction worker peers over the edge of the same bridge on May 17 after the fence’s removal.

“At the same time, it is a somber reminder that not all of our classmates get to celebrate graduation with us next weekend,” she added. The removal of the fences also serves as a reminder to “remember those who could not finish this four-year journey with us,”

Jose Oyola Morales ’13 said. “[It is] a symbolic gesture to the class that witnessed so much tragedy,” Morales said. University officials stressed that the mesh nets, while critical, are just one part of Cornell’s approach to promoting mental health and suicide prevention on campus.

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FALL 2012


C.U.Rattled by Sexual Assaults

String of attacks, one later reported false,generate fear,outrage


Party foul | A porch collapsed in the middle of a party at 208 Williams St. in August. The rental agency cited partiers’ “rhythmic vibrations.”

TimeLine 9.04.12: CORNELL STUDENT HELPS PREVENT GORGE TRAGEDY: Tom Collum ’14 may have saved a woman’s life by swimming her to shore after she fell 60 feet at the Six Mile Creek gorge and was knocked unconscious.

11.19.12 GAZA CONFLICT SPARKS HEATED RALLIES: As Israelis and Gazans fired missiles at each other, hundreds of Cornellians took to Ho Plaza for dueling demonstrations in support of each side of the conflict.

10.11.12 ITHACA POLICE OFFICER IS SHOT: An Ithaca police officer was shot in the West Hill area of the city while chasing a suspect. He was hospitalized but survived.

1.09.13 C.U. BANS TEP: Cornell kicked the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity off campus after two pledges were hospitalized in a “mentally scarring,” “sexually humiliating” hazing incident, University officials said.

11.6.12 ELECTION NIGHT IN ITHACA: Cornell students and Ithaca residents celebrated President Barack Obama’s reelection. Several Cornell alumni were also elected to Congress.

5.04.13 SKORTON RESPONDS TO DIVESTMENT DEMANDS: Despite fervent student protest, President David Skorton said that Cornell has no plans to divest its endowment from the fossible fuels industry.



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Police urged Cornell students “to take prudent pepper spray in the mail from worried parents. and necessary safety precautions” after two sexual “It’s nerve-wracking for freshmen coming into assaults and one incident of harassment were the atmosphere,” Rotteveel said. reported in one weekend in early September. At a meeting on Sept. 30, students demanded On Sept. 27, about four weeks after the first that Cornell improve the publicity of existing series of reported attacks, Cornell police resources for victims of sexual assaults and asked announced that an attempted rape had occurred for more transparency from the administration near the Engineering Quad. That reported attack about its response to sexual crimes. “What is happening tonight?” shouted one stuwas declared false by Cornell police in November, who said they had “irrefutable evidence” that the dent as an administrator addressed the group. “What is [the Cornell University Police initial allegations were baseless. Still, the reported attacks spurred student Department] doing to protect us tonight?” David Honan, deputy protest of the University’s chief of CUPD, said that sexual assault policy “I’m a little bit more wary police forces would be augthroughout the semester — demands protesters have about going to the library mented in light of the recent crime reports, but since said remain relevant, at night.” the administration’s regardless of the allegedly response did not satisfy false rape report. The reportMelanie Larkins ’14 many students. ed attacks also triggered stu“[After the attacks], the dent safety concerns. “I would say that I am a little more cautious administration told us to lock our windows, lock than before,” Angela Moe ’14 said to The Sun in our doors and take self-defense classes, and did nothing to address the fact that there is a ... seriOctober. “Overall … I feel less safe.” Melanie Larkins ’14 said she thinks twice about ous issue surrounding rape culture on our campreviously commonplace activities like walking to pus,” said Shiliu Wang ’13, who joined a group of student protesters outside Day Hall on Sept. and from the library at night. “I definitely think about walking home alone 20. “They need to take initiative and be responmore,” Larkins said. “I’m a little bit more wary sible for addressing that institutional view, strucabout going to the library at night because I don’t turally, as opposed to having the onus be on the victims.” want to have to walk back alone.” At the protest, students distributed a list of While the reported attacks have created anxiety among upperclassmen, it also alarmed some fresh- seven demands they also presented to the adminmen — who, amid the campus’ heightened preoc- istration, including the implementation of cupation with safety, have expressed fears about mandatory sexual violence prevention training for incoming students and training on “all aspects of their security. Allison Rotteveel ’14, a resident advisor in Mary sexual violence” for University administrators, Donlon Hall, said some freshmen have received faculty and staff.

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C.U.Puts $1.6M Into Gorge Safety After String of Accidental Deaths


Gorge safety stressed | The University announced in March 2012 that it is committing $1.56 million to promoting gorge safety.

Responding to three accidental drownings in Ithaca’s iconic gorges, the University announced in March 2012 that it is committing $1.56 million to gorge safety efforts. Swimming in the gorges is a popular past-time for students and Ithacans looking to cool off during the sweltering summer months, but has proven fatally dangerous for some. The University will install more

warning signs, produce an educational video to be shown during orientation and create a gorge stewards program — a student group that will help educate other students about which areas of the gorges are safe. The funding allocations come after three accidental deaths in the gorges during the summer of 2011, including the death of Nathaniel Rand ’12, who drowned in Fall

Creek Gorge near Ithaca Falls. Rand’s parents have been publicly critical of the University for what they have said is its lack of urgency in tackling gorge safety efforts. Despite the increased funding, Rand’s father Jacob Rand said he remains skeptical that the money the University has committed to gorge safety will be put to good use. “It’s great that money has been [allocated to gorge safety], but the funds need to be devoted to specific projects on the Cornell campus and in cooperation with the City of Ithaca that will achieve the goal of preventing future gorge deaths,” Jacob Rand said. In late May 2011, Kendrick Castro ’11 died in a swimming accident in the Fall Creek just one day after receiving his diploma. He had been wading upstream with friends in the area of the Stewart Avenue bridge when he slipped and was swept downstream. Then, in early June, Stanislaw Jaworski grad fell into the gorge after apparently losing his footing while walking along the gorge trail. That same day, Rand was swimming with a group of friends when he was trapped underneath the water near Ithaca Falls. A rescue effort failed and his body was not recovered until late that night.

TimeLine 3.1.12 LAST CALL: THE ROYAL PALM CLOSES The Royal Palm Tavern, which had been in business in Collegetown for 71 years, closed its doors for the final time in late February. The bar’s last days were marked by throngs of returning alumni, fond remembrances and a marriage proposal.

4.20.12 RON PAUL STIRS LYNAH FAITHFUL: The Ron Paul revolution roared through Ithaca on April 19, as the Republican presidential candidate and anti-establishment icon implored a Lynah Rink crowd of over 4,000 to join him and defeat the “tyrants” and “enemies of liberty” destroying America.

3.26.12 C.U. ROWING COACHES FIND BODY IN CAYUGA LAKE Several coaches from the Cornell rowing team helped recover a body they found in Cayuga Lake Thursday morning, according to Todd Kennett '91, head coach of the men’s heavyweight rowing team. Foul play was not suspected.

5.6.12 CITING TRAYVON, MAN THREW BOTTLES FROM FRAT ROOF: Allegedly taunting them with references to Trayvon Martin, a visitor to campus reportedly threw bottles and other objects at black students from the roof of the Sigma Pi fraternity house.

4.2.12 DALE CORSON, C.U.’s 8TH PRESIDENT, DIES AT 97: Remembered by Cornellians as the leader whose remarkably steady guidance saved the University from the upheaval of the 1970s, Dale Corson, the eighth president of Cornell, died March 31 at the age of 97.

5.11.12 PROFS APPROVE CALENDAR DESPITE DISSENT: Overriding widespread opposition from students, the Faculty Senate approved contentious changes to the academic calendar on May 10. Among other changes, the plan would add a break in February and shorten both exam week and senior week.


Out front | Then-President Dale Corson declares his opposition to the Vietnam War at a protest of 2,500 people on Oct. 15, 1969. Corson died March 31 at the age of 97.


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FALL 2011

Cornell Wins Tech Campus Competition

After nearly a year of designing, departure left Cornell as the clear lobbying and promoting, Cornell front-runner in the contest. Hours won the right to build a new engi- after Stanford withdrew, Cornell neering and technology campus in announced it received a $350 milNew York City, Mayor Michael lion gift — the largest donation in Bloomberg announced in the University’s history — to help December 2011. Cornell topped a fund the campus. field of 17 institutions that entered The University later revealed the the competition. donor to be Atlantic PhiThe University’s proposed cam- lanthropies, founded by Charles pus, to be built on Roosevelt Island, Feeney ’56. Feeney became a bilincludes more than 2 million lionaire after co-founding the Duty square feet of space and will house Free Shoppers Group. Cornell almost 2,000 partnered graduate stuwith The dents and about 250 proTechnion – Israel Institute fessors. The project is of Technology in its proposal. expected to The Technion take about 30 years to comis credited plete and cost with transas much as $2 forming Israel billion. into a techno“In a word, this project is “I think it’s logical powerfair to say that going to be transformative.” house, and it today will be has an “inMayor Bloomberg remembered credible as a defining record of moment,” Bloomberg said when breakthroughs and technology,” the announcement was made in Bloomberg said. December. “In a word, this project While Cornell will own the is going to be transformative.” physical Roosevelt Island campus, The tech campus competition, “a significant part of that campus which had been expected to contin- will be what we’re calling The ue until January, was radically Technion-Cornell Innovation altered in mid-December when Institute,” Provost Kent Fuchs told Stanford University withdrew its The Sun in October. bid. Stanford was widely considTCII will offer dual degrees and ered Cornell’s primary rival, and its will be a “50-50 collaboration”

TimeLine TWO LONGTIME C-TOWN BARS CLOSE OVER SUMMER: Johnny O’s and Dino’s, two popular student watering holes in Collegetown, closed in the summer of 2011. “There was a special lure of [Johnny O’s] that was inexplicable,” said one student lamenting the bar’s closing. 8.25.11 IFC DENOUNCES PLEDGING MANDATE: Greek leaders criticized the University’s decision to accelerate the timeline for several of its changes to fraternity recruitment. Cornell implemented the rules, originally planned to be phased in over a year, in August.


New in the big city | President Skorton speaks alongside New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the press conference announcing Cornell’s success in the city’s tech campus competition.

between the two universities. The degrees “will focus on master’s students who want to commercialize and start new companies,” Fuchs said. The proposal also promised to immediately establish a $150 million fund for start-up technology companies in New York City, the mayor said. “That fund is going to pay instant dividends,” he said. As the winner of the competition, Cornell and the Technion will receive nearly-free land on Roosevelt Island and up to $100 million from the city for infrastructure improvements.

Bloomberg said he hopes this campus will become a lasting legacy of his third term as New York City mayor and will help the city to someday overtake Silicon Valley as the technology capital of the world. “We think it will redefine our economic future,” he said. “History will write that this was a gamechanging time in New York City.” The University proposed an aggressive timetable for opening the new campus. Classes will begin in fall 2012 and will initially be housed in leased space until the permanent campus on Roosevelt Island is constructed.

9.23.11 ELF COSTUME PAYS OFF: Peter Scelfo ’15 was elected to the Student Assembly after dressing as an elf for two weeks. 10.27.11 SAFC BUDGET SCRUTINIZED: The same semester it nearly halved the funding cap for student groups, the budget for the Student Assembly Finance Commission rose by four percent. Thirty-five percent of the SAFC’s budget was spent on catered food, an expenditure the SAFC prohibits for the groups it funds. 11.9.11 MYRICK ’09 ELECTED MAYOR OF ITHACA: Just two years after graduating from Cornell, 24-year-old Svante Myrick ’09 was elected Mayor of Ithaca on Nov. 8. The young candidate won wide support across Ithaca’s five wards, shocking many who thought he was too young to win. 11.18.11 CORNELLIANS ARRESTED AT OCCUPY WALL STREET: Four Cornellians were arrested in New York City for participating in Occupy Wall Street protests. 11.21.11 HUMANITIES BLDG. SLATED FOR ARTS QUAD: A new building devoted to the humanities will rise on the Arts Quad, President David Skorton announced in November. The building, which will cost $61 million, will face East Avenue and attach to Goldwin Smith.

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Four Charged After SAE Death YI-KE PENG / SUN FILE PHOTO

Memorial | Flowers sit on a railing in front of the remnants of the Cook Street house where Brian Lo '11 died on May 6.

TimeLine STUDENT ARRESTED FOR HEROIN POSSESSION: Keri Blakinger ’11 pleaded guilty in February to thirddegree criminal possession of a controlled substance after admitting possession of more than four ounces of heroin. Under the plea agreement, Blakinger was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. 1.25.11 SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES MISSED: A 41-percent drop in enrollment has given Cornell’s Higher Education Opportunity Program — which gives a unique chance for students from poor educational backgrounds a shot at admission — its lowest enrollment since the program’s inception in 1969. 2.3.11 C.U. POLICE BREAK UP STUDENT SNOW FIGHT: The Cornell University Police Department shut down the second annual “Epic Snowball Fight on the Arts Quad” apprehending students, confiscating tin shields and knocking over a six-foot snow penis. 3.11.11 CHIDDY BANG TICKET SALES CAUSE CONFUSION: Confusion ensued among students over when, where and how to obtani tickets for a Chiddy Bang concert on March 12. Fifteen minutes before the tickets were supposed to be distributed there were none available. 3.14.11 HARRISON ’76 ELECTEDBOARD OF TRUSTEES CHAIR: Cornell’s Board of Trustees unanimously elected Robert Harrison ’76, CEO of the Clinton Global Initiative, to be its next chair. Harrison, a former student trustee will follow Peter Meinig ’61.

4.8.11 POTTERS PROTEST STUDIO’S END: More than 700 people signed a petition protesting the Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board’s decision to close the Straight’s ceramics studio at the end of the semester. 4.19.11 FEWER HOSPITALIZED AT LUPE CONCERT: New measures taken by the Cornell Concert Commission for the April 17 Lupe Fiasco concert in Barton Hall resulted in significiantly fewer student hospitalizations than the Kid Cudi concert on Nov. 6, CCC said. 5.01.11 CELEBRATIONS ERUPT AFTER BIN LADEN’S DEATH: Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks that claimed almost 3,000 American lives, was killed by U.S. forces in a firefight in May. After President Barack Obama announced the news in a speech late that night, students gathered in spaces around campus to celebrate. Students stormed College Avenue with American flags, blasting patriotic music out of their windows and setting fireworks off on the Arts Quad and West Campus. 5.06.11 STUDENT DIES IN CTOWN HOUSE FIRE: Brian Lo ’11 died in a house fire on Cook Street early on the morning of May 6. The fire, at 107 Cook Street, began around midnight the morning of Slope Day and burned uncontrolled for about three hours, according to thenDeputy Fire Chief Tom Parsons ’82. Six or seven other residents evacuated the building, he said. Lo was a senior in the School of Hotel Administration.

George Desdunes ’13 died on the morning of Feb. presented by the Tompkins County District Attorney. 25 after he was found unresponsive in the Sigma While Marie Lourdes Andre, Desdunes’ mother, Alpha Epsilon fraternity house. He was discovered on alleges in her suit that pledges “compelled [Desdunes] to a couch in the fraternity’s library and subsequently consume alcohol until he lost consciousness,” the defense died at Cayuga Medical Center. argues that the consumption of alcohol during the inciDesdunes, who was a brother in SAE, participated dents leading up to his death was “wholly voluntary.” in a mock kidnapping before his death, according to Andre’s suit says that after a hazing event in which court documents. He and another SAE brother had Desdunes was tied up and given alcohol by pledge their hands and feet tied with zip ties and duct tape. members, Desdunes became so intoxicated that he The two were asked questions, and when they “required immediate medical treatment. Instead, he answered incorrectly, they did exercises or were given was taken by the pledges, still bound at the wrists and drinks, such as flavored syrup or vodka, according to ankles, and dumped on a couch in the SAE house where he was unattended and left to die.” the documents. Three former SAE pledges pleaded not guilty on But according to the defendants’ lawyers, Desdunes May 5 after a grand jury indicted them on voluntarily drank “at least 10 to 12 ounces misdemeanor charges of first-degree hazing and perhaps as much as 15 to 20 ounces of and first-degree unlawfully dealing with a alcohol (rum and whiskey)” at the SAE frachild. A fourth person under the age of 19 ternity earlier in the night, before the pledge was also charged, but the records were event. For reference, one shot is appoxisealed due to the person’s age. mately equivalent to 1.5 ounces. One forThe three defendants whose names mer SAE brother reportedly saw Desdunes were released were Max Haskin ’14, Ben “with a virtually empty bottle of Captain Morgan rum” and another later observed Mann ’14 and Edward Williams ’14. Desdunes in an “intoxicated condition,” None of the four co-defendants were curDESDUNES ’13 rently enrolled at Cornell, according to a the defendants’ paper states. press release from Tompkins County District Desdunes went to at least one Collegetown bar, Attorney Gwen Wilkinson. the documents say, before he agreed to be “kidIn addition to the two charges, Williams also napped” by the pledges. Pledge members took pleaded not guilty to a third charge of second-degree Desdunes and another SAE brother to the townhouse criminal nuisance, a misdemeanor. apartments on North Campus, where they engaged in Authorities said Desdunes’ blood alcohol level after a “time-honored reverse custodial arrangement wherehis death was 0.35. By comparison, the legal limit to by the pledges took custody of a fraternity member, drive in New York State is 0.08. loosely restrained and blindfolded the member and But the defense attorneys for the pledges have engaged in mock questioning about fraternity history argued that Desdunes voluntarily consented to take and related information.” part in the fraternity ritual. The University withdrew recognition of SAE in Their lawyers’ explanation for Desdunes’ death March 2011, forcing the fraternity’s members to diverges from the one outlined in a separate, $25 mil- vacate the house by the end of that month. lion wrongful death lawsuit filed by Desdunes’ mothAdditionally, the SAE national organization closed er in civil court against SAE. That lawsuit’s account of the Cornell chapter and suspended all its members the night Desdunes died is different still from the one until they graduate.

8 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

FALL 2010


Students Protest Africana Move; University Increases Funding LINDSAY MYRON / SUN FILE PHOTO

Going Loko | Students joined a nationwide craze for the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko, leading Gannett to warn Cornell of its dangers.

TimeLine DONATION ESTABLISHES DYSON SCHOOL: The family of John Dyson, a former chairman of the New York Power Authority, pledged to give $25 million to Cornell’s Department of Applied Economics and Management. With the gift, AEM became the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as a result of the gift. 8.27.10 NIKE BENDS TO STUDENT PRESSURE: After Cornell threatened to not renew its licensing contract with Nike, the apparel giant agreed to create a $1.5 million relief fund for laid-off employees of Nike sub-contractors Hugger de Honduras and Vision Tex. Student activists led the University to pressure Nike. 8.31.10 STUDENT’S BODY FOUND IN GORGE: Rescue workers recovered the body of Khalil King ’13 from the Fall Creek Gorge on Aug. 31. Officials ruled King’s death accidental. 10.27.10 EDUCATION DEPARTMENT TO CLOSE: The Department of Education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will be phased out over the next two years, the University announced in October. DAIRY BAR CLOSES FOR RENOVATIONS: The renovation of Stocking Hall — home to the Department of Food Science and the Cornell Dairy Bar — began in November. The Dairy Bar is not expected to reopen until 2013. 11.18.10 JOHNSON DIRECTOR ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT: After serving as the director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art through 19 years and an estimated 300 to 400 shows, Frank Robinson announced his plan to retire at the end of the school year.

The University announced in December that the Africana Studies and Research Center — previously a unit under the supervision of Provost Kent Fuchs and separate from any of Cornell’s seven undergraduate colleges — would be merged into the College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1, 2011. Though Fuchs said the Africana Center would enjoy increased efficiency and support as part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the move was met with immediate backlash from Africana students and faculty, who said they were unhappy with the lack of dialogue in advance of the administrative change, as well as other concerns. Prof. Robert L. Harris, Jr. resigned his post as director of the Africana in protest of the reorganization. Two days later, he rescinded the resignation as he led a group of 80 to 100 protestors in a march to Day Hall. “This is about white supremacy,” Kenneth Glover, former resident hall director of Ujamaa, said through a bullhorn to raucous applause at the rally. Glover said Fuchs’ actions were part of a “conspiracy” and said, “If reason does not work, you have to go

the way Malcolm [X] went: ‘by any means necessary.’” In March, the University promised to increase the budget of the Africana Center by more than 50 percent over the next five years. The pledge — which increased the center’s permanent budget from $2.3 million to $3.5 million — was the first time the University made a specific fiscal commitment to the center. Additionally, the center received a one-time allocation of $2 million to “recruit new faculty, support research and develop a new Ph.D. program,” according to a University statement. Some students and professors, however, argued that the administrative relocation of Africana would compromise the 42-yearold center’s autonomy — a loss they said was not solved by the

additional funding. “In 41 years of service to Cornell, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Prof. James Turner, founder of the Africana Center. “[This decision] represents a simple raw use of power in an autocratic, undemocratic manner that is certainly not transparent.” Fuchs said the decision was made to provide Africana faculty and students with better support than his own office was able to provide. He said that his office did not have adequate resources to meet his own goals for the center. “I’m convinced that 20 years from now, Africana faculty, students, alumni and staff will look back and say, ‘This is the best thing that ever happened to us,’” Fuchs said.

Raise your hand | Students and faculty rally in front of Day Hall in December 2010 to protest the University’s decision to move Africana.

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 9


FALL 2009 & SPRING 2010

TimeLine 9.11.2012 CORNELL RAMPS UP RESPONSE TO SWINE FLU AFTER STUDENT’S DEATH: More than 1,700 Cornell students were diagnosed with probable H1N1 influenza during the academic year, prompting a University-wide response to the global pandemic. Warren Schor’s ’11 died on Sept. 11 due to complications relating to H1N1 — the first H1N1-related fatality in Tompkins County. Aside from Gannett’s efforts to contain the virus, Cornell’s athletics department eliminated the annual “camp out” for hockey tickets, and the Interfraternity Council put a temporary

moratorium on fraternity parties to limit person-to-person contact. REASSIGNMENT OF UJAMAA DIRECTOR CAUSES OUTCRY: Controversy erupted when Ken Glover, residential housing director of Ujamaa Residential College, was abruptly reassigned to another position. The student response highlighted growing unrest surrounding the University’s review of program houses on campus. In October, the group Students for Ken Glover, staged a march in support of Glover at the Homecoming Parade. Later that month,

more than 100 students and community members participated in a silent protest outside the a trustee meeting to share their concerns over suppression of minority voices on campus. CORNELL LOOKS WITHIN AS DEFICIT LOOMS: With Cornell’s current budget deficit still totaling more than $135 million, the University was forced to seriously reconsider its future. “Reimagining Cornell” — an effort the University touted as “one of the most comprehensive self-examinations” in its 144-year history — became the University’s strategic

plan that top administrators hoped would set Cornell on stable financial footing. 1.21.10 CAMPUS MOURNS LOSS OF THREE STUDENTS: Three Cornell students died over winter break 2010. Adam Frey ’11, a member of the Cornell wrestling team died after a two-year battle with testicular cancer; Clayton DeFisher ’11, a Biology major and Hunter Rawlings scholar, died at a New Year’s party from cardiac arrest. Oliver Schaufelberger ’11, a guide in Outdoor Odyssey and brother of the Kappa Delta Ro fraternity died in his home in Lebanon, New Jersey. 2.2.10 CORNELL FEELS EFFECTS OF BUDGET CUTS: With the University’s strategic planning process moving toward completion, the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance was the first of the semester to feel the effects of the cuts when it was told to prepare for its funding to be slashed by $2 million, about one third of its budget. The Russian department was also threatened, with the Russian major being redistributed to the comparative literature department. 4.20.10 GRAD STUDENT CONVICTED OF WIFE’S MURDER: A court returned a guilty verdict on each of the three felony charges against former Cornell graduate student Blazej Kot. Kot was convicted of second-degree murder for fatally stabbing his wife Caroline Coffey, a student at Cornell’s Veterinary School, whose body was found on a wooded trail in Taughannock Falls State Park.


‘They used to call me Piggy’ | As the swine flu pandemic reached its peak at the beginning of September, a pig’s head was found on a stake in the Arts Quad alongside a Lord of the Flies quote.

Suicides Stun Campus; Cornell Installs Fences The Cornell community was shaken in Spring 2010 after three students jumped from campus bridges between February and March. The highly public suicides attracted national media attention as all eyes turned on Cornell and the stunned campus grappled with what happened. In total, six students committed suicide and five others died from other causes during the 2009-2010 academic year. The University responded immediately after the third death in mid-March by placing 24-hour security guards on all bridges on and near campus. The guards, who remained in place until students left for spring break, were assigned to keep watch over the bridges. By the time spring break ended, the City of Ithaca and Cornell agreed to construct temporary chain-link fences along the sides of seven bridges. University officials maintained that the fences were a short-term solution to prevent further tragedy while longer-term solutions were being devised. The fences, however, stirred a debate that has stayed strong ever since. Some members of the community protested the fences’ obstruction of the gorges’ natural beauty, while others emphasized their potential life-saving benefits. The chain-link fences were eventually replaced by non-reflective black fences. Beginning in the summer of 2012, Ithaca and Cornell are

planning to install nets under most campus bridges, which will permanently replace the fences. Other immediate responses to the deaths included the expansion of mental health outreach services, personal check-ins on all students living on campus, a “Lift Your Spirits” event on the Arts Quad, and extended hours for counseling services. After the third suicide, which took place in mid-March, the University’s messages to the community struck a much more personal and urgent tone than previous announcements of student deaths. “Your well being is the foundation on which your success is built. You are not alone,” Skorton said in an e-mail to the community on March 12, 2010. “If you learn anything at Cornell, please learn to ask for help. It is a sign of wisdom and strength.” The suicides brought back discussions of Cornell’s grim reputation as a “suicide school.” Though the University’s suicide rate, despite the events of spring 2010, is slightly below the national average, many began to question whether Cornell takes enough proactive measures to prevent student tragedies. Improving the “culture of Cornell” became a common initiative among Student Assembly members and other student groups.

UNIVERSITY AND ITHACA SOUND OFF ON HYDROFRACKING: Technological innovations, including the development of new gas extraction capabilities like horizontal drilling and hydraulic-fracturing, known as “hydrofracking,” spawned interest in the Marcellus Shale — which extends into Tompkins County. With the prospect of a large-scale gas drilling project in Ithaca, Cornellians and Ithacans alike voiced concern about such a project’s potential environmental and health impacts.

10 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

THE CLASS OF 1964 Extends its congratulations to Karim Abouelnaga the 2013 recipient of the

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Award is a prize awarded to a graduating senior, or seniors, who have demonstrated the desire to pursue careers in public service at the local, state or national level.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Award

The class of 1964 would like to thank the members of the Selection Committee, Coni Robinson of the Office of Financial Aid, and all of the students who applied for the award. We wish you success in your future endeavors.

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 11


after each graduation and each reunion...



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t Cornell, it seems, certain personalities have come to just fit naturally with certain institutions. Happy Dave and Okenshields. Frank Robinson and the Johnson Museum. The Zamboni Guy and Lynah Rink. And, I hope, as I consider my upcoming walk through Schoellkopf on Sunday, Jeff Stein and The Sun. Throughout my four years at Cornell, The Sun has been perhaps the most constant presence in my life. Friends, career paths and several potential majors have come and gone. I’ve lived in different cities, learned how bad I am at many sports and sampled far more of The Chapter House’s beer selection than my gut or wallet could

paper. I think what really inhibits our fullthroated defense of The Sun is our (accurate) intuition that this 132-year-old paper is comprised of innumerable forces forever beyond our control — that it is so large as to dwarf our understanding of how we, as mere individuals, can influence it. For four years I’ve tried to show that The Sun can be associated with one individual. I now know how wrong-headed that was. The Sun is far, far, far bigger than I’ll ever be. All I can say is that I’m glad to have helped it along, and that I’m saddened to bid it farewell. With that acknowledged, I’d thus like to thank the following people (and pets) who


Associate Multimedia Editor

Assistant Sports Editor


Jeff Stein


Assistant Sports Editor

Assistant Sports Editor





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Senior Editor

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From the Editor

Adios, Amigos The following editorial was originally printed on March 1. OVER THE LAST YEAR, THE 130TH EDITORIAL BOARD has strived not only to bring a physical copy of the paper to newsstands every morning, but also to adapt to changes in the way the news is consumed. We have tried to capture videos that contextualize the words that you are reading, blog about the things that interest you, and publish updates as they happen via social media feeds. Reinventing a 133 year-old newspaper and transforming it into a multimedia organization has challenged us every day of our tenure as we struggled to balance these higher aspirations with the responsibility of continuing to publish a daily newspaper. It is a challenge that editorial boards before us have also faced, and it is the same one that the 131st editorial board will have to confront when it walks through the doors of 139 W. State St. on Sunday for its first editorial board meeting. We have done our best. And we expect the next editorial board will do the same. While we aren't particularly sad to hand off the early-morning angry phone calls from Cornell’s press office, the 1:00 a.m. marches to the library after the paper has been put to bed, or the sometimes bizarre office playlists courtesy of John Schroeder, we will miss this institution and remember it always. To the members of the 130th editorial board, I have enjoyed (almost) every second I spent down at the paper with you. To the 131st editorial board, you have given us confidence over the last six weeks that The Sun will be in good hands. You are going to have a great year ahead of you, filled with successes and failures. It may not always be easy, but I hope that you can look back on your time at The Sun as fondly as I do mine. — J.C.F.


Class of 2013 Columnists: Katerina Athanasiou ’13 Kat’s Cradle

Morgan Bookheimer ’13 Behind the Time

Alex Bores ’13 Tripping Up Stairs

Hannah Deixler ’13 Shades of Grey

Mona G. ’13 Erotic Epiphanies

Ashley Harrington ’13 Dancing in the Margins

Jing Jin ’13 Ringing True

Noah Karr-Kaitin ’13 Plain Hokum

Jacob Kose ’13 Scrambled Eggs

Jimothy Singh ’13 Quest for the Perfect Tale

Dan Rosen ’13 Smell the Rosen

Shane Seppinni ’13 Letters From a Young Curmudgeon Jon Weinberg ’13 In Focus

possibly handle. But The Sun has been my one true addiction — and I’m about to get cut off, cold turkey. I’m really going to miss working for this paper. For the last four years, it has been so much more than the place I work: It’s been my second home, my muse, my personal entertainment system, my teacher, my crutch and — in more ways than I’d care to admit — my identity. The wandering hordes of drunken spirits moving around campus these days are known as Cornell seniors. In about one week, we will be forcibly removed from our homes, unceremoniously ripped from our friends and instructed to do grown-up things like washing our clothes and something called “Filing Taxes.” A hot topic of conversation among our contingency, understandably enough, is what scares us most about leaving Cornell. Some say it’s losing carefree afternoons on the Slope. Others pinpoint late nights out in Collegetown. Normally, when asked, I’ll say something vague about college being fun. But here’s the undiluted truth: What I really fear is no longer being part of The Sun. I fear not being asked how I manage to keep up with my schoolwork while working at the newspaper, and I fear not getting instant feedback on a dynamite story on my way to class in the morning. I fear no longer watching strangers break out big, wide grins in Libe Cafe as they read the joke in my story’s lede. And I fear losing that underdog mentality so intrinsic to a college newspaper, that feeling that we are the novice teens of Scooby Doo, that sense that some egg-headed official somewhere at sometime is grabbing a copy of our paper and exclaiming, “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” But I don’t just fear that I will move on without The Sun. I fear — because I know, with absolute certainty — that The Sun will move on without me. As I sit here, looking at the newsroom in which I’ve made embarrassing mistakes, nailed perfect ledes, pounded the table in unadulterated glee and failed to open a bottle of champagne with a sword, I feel just how very small I am. I know dozens and dozens of editors have poured themselves into this paper, and that dozens and dozens more will continue to do so after I’m gone. Most Sunnies, I think, exhibit an understandable hesitancy to show the love of this institution I have expressed here. I believe this is partly due to our generation’s reluctance to unironically embrace anything with a serious purpose, and partly because nobody wants to elevate what is, undeniably, work to a central part of their life. But I think something else motivates Sunnies’ apparent unwillingness to show just how much they, like me, care about this

helped me help The Sun: To Mom and Dad, for reminding me that you can’t write clean ledes without clean underwear. Paying for Cornell was nice, too. Thank you so much for everything. To Prof. Amanda Jo Goldstein, English, that walking, breathing, corporeal argument for the primacy of the humanities, for taking me to the Four Zoas (and beyond?). And to Prof. Duane Corpis, history, whose discourses on early modern German penal law were worth the price of admission. To my managing editor mentors: Linhorst, thanks for teaching me that it is okay to wear a blond wig to Shortstop at 4 a.m. and call yourself “Molly.” And Stratford, thanks for showing me which administrator to go to for an unintentionally hilarious quote. Seriously, I would not know a scintilla about journalism without you guys. You are my heroes. To my news editors: Harris, Djabuti, KClose and Akon. When you lot started compet, I thought you were going to be terrible. Boy was I wrong: Now I don’t feel comfortable printing anything without showing it to at least two of you. From Hey Jude to Jar-Jar Binks, it really felt like it was us against the world. I guess we won? To Juan, for saving me from myself more times than I’d care to count, and for reminding me to always have a little pun. I don’t think you understand what a great editorin-chief you were. To the myriad other phenomenally talented Sunnies who helped me along the way. Shout-outs to David Marten, Zach Zahos, Joey Anderson, Ben Eisen, Munier, Keenan, Cody Gault, AD, DNK, AKB, MCR, FDR, Patty-values, Boom-Jacobs, Athanabobbins, Cowbell Guy, The Human Tesla Coil, June-bug, Nuke-’em Nation, Niczky, Eliza, Weinberg, Andrew Boryga and the many, many, many other brilliant writers and thinkers and friends whose paths I’ve been so fortunate to cross at 139 W. State Street. To my closest friends, whose paths I was so glad to have never had to cross at The Sun: Jacob Bucci, the engineer whiz kid and visionary couch-poet without a trace of pretension in his body, Dan Farchione, maybe the world’s best chance for curing cancer, and Scott Bergman, who is from Long Island. I couldn’t have asked for better friends for my time at Cornell. To Schroeder. Because I’ve never been tickled like that, in so many ways, ever before. And lastly, of course, to Akane. There’s nobody I’d rather listen to the police scanner with on a Friday night. (Except, maybe, Mowgli … when he’s not coming home drunk from Pixel.) I love you. Thanks for the memories. J$tein out. Jeff Stein is graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences and served as The Sun’s 130th managing editor. He may be reached at

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 13


Life After Last Call


ately, my friends have stood around street corners and the dimly-lit underbelly of Rulloff ’s prosthelytizing, reminding me that the end is nigh. As if this is the end of the Mayan calendar, and beyond May 26, there may be no existence — just the nothingness of the real world and the meaninglessness of workplace interactions around a watercooler. I don’t see it that way. Not much changed from Dec. 21 to Dec. 22 last year, and I am certain that the sun will rise again on May 27. A new crop of tuition-paying freshmen will rise up to fill the hole that the class of 2013 is leaving on Cornell’s balance sheet, and a new set of editors will take the reigns of this 132-year-old institution to keep reporting the news in one way or another. We will wake up the morning after graduation with the same friends, even if they aren’t in the rooms right next to us. While I am just as nervous and sad about the end of college as these prothelitizers, I refuse to accept the finality that they have assigned to this date. They say the best four years of our lives are over, but such a perspective looks at those four years as an isolated block, separated in space, with no relation to the rest of our lives. Though we are approaching last call and are about to get kicked out of this establishment, we will still feel the lingering effects; the buzz doesn’t just go away. I know that my life has changed for the better as a result of the time that I have spent at Cornell. I have become a more confident person thanks to the friends that I have made here and the time that I have spent as an editor at Ithaca’s first morning newspaper, and I am confident that the friendships I have made here will last far longer than four years. At a trip to Skaneateles last week, I saw two people who hadn’t seen each other since their high school graduation more than 50 years ago perusing their yearbook on a bench by the lake. Judging by the way that they laughed and chatted amicably, one might have assumed they had seen each other only days before. “What a great looking group of people,” they said as

they snapped a photo of us. One day, perhaps, we will look back at this photo in the company of old friends on a park bench somewhere. While 50 years is a lot longer than I can imagine going without seeing my best friends, I know that we share a special bond formed here that will allow us to pick right back up where we left off, no matter how much time passes. Especially today, there is no excuse for losing touch. Where it was once possible for someone to change addresses or home phone numbers and never be reachable, we have technology that will keep us connected. Even though this is not the end, I will still miss a lot about this place. I will miss the spontaneity that comes as a result of being constantly surrounded by friends and the ease with which it is possible to throw together some last-minute, spur-of themoment activity like, say, an elaborate murder mystery potluck. I have this spontaneity to thank for some incredible experiences here. I met my first friend at Cornell when he sat next to me at a Grapes of Wrath book discussion at the beginning of freshman year. Midway through the discussion, we turned to one another and saw in each other’s faces the same look of disinterest and boredom. We got up in the middle of the discussion and explored campus instead, searching for an elusive rock garden. A short time later, lost on a bus somewhere around East Hill Plaza, we stumbled into two other future friends and roommates. Even though this isn’t the end, I will dearly miss living in a house with eight of my best friends, and I doubt I will get another opportunity like it. Even though I found a door stuffed underneath my bed sheet one

night when I left my room unlocked, and another friend stole one of each of my pairs of shoes, leaving me with only mismatched shoes for a day, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I am going to miss hearing that familiar “Hel-LO-o” echoing through my house, announcing that one of the Growler Boys is back home. I was lucky enough to have found multiple homes at Cornell, one on Catherine Street, the other at 139 W. State at The Sun’s offices. I tried my best to shape this institution and align it with the changing times in the journalism industry, but it was really The Sun that was

Juan Forrer Takes Juan to Know Juan shaping me the whole time. I learned how to deal with tough issues, even if I didn’t always do so in the most graceful way. I stumbled. I threw papers to the ground in frustration. And I questioned myself constantly. But no college class or assignment could have taught me more about journalism, leadership and life than The Sun did. While I’ve already forgotten most of what I learned in the economics class I took last semester, I won’t soon forget the lessons I learned from The Sun and from the incredible people with whom I spent the last four years. While my time at Cornell may be over, the things I’ve learned and the memories I have made will last a great deal longer. Juan Forrer is graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences and served as The Sun’s 130th editor-in-chief. He may be reached at

Cornellian for Life M

y summer before college, I excitedly attended a local acceptance BBQ hosted by the Cornell Club of Rockland County, N.Y., in hopes of befriending other newly accepted students. The event started off with the same awkwardness I often faced with new beginnings, but it shortly faded once a few current students introduced themselves and their involvements on campus. Lindsay Bass, The

tions and how items flowed through the statements. I realized that perhaps it would be wiser to major in Applied Economics and Management, since I was growing tired of writing and worried I would lose my passion for it. I already had The Sun as an outlet, which sufficed my interest in being close to print media. Through taking Financial Accounting and going to office hours weekly, I met an

Helene Beauchemin With Regards Sun’s business manager in 2010, spoke very highly and warmly about the newspaper at the BBQ. As a newly accepted English major I jumped at the opportunity to introduce myself to her and find out how I too could get involved with the paper. Needless to say, since joining The Cornell Daily Sun in August of my freshman year, it has been the epicenter of my life at Cornell. At the time I was very proud of myself for joining an organization on campus that related to my major. It made sense, and I was content. That spring though, I decided to take a Financial Accounting course. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed learning about all of the different types of transac-

“angel investor,” as I would like to call him, who believed in my unlocked potential. Prof. Jack Little, AEM, realized my innate strengths, but knew I had become stagnant besides taking up an interest in transferring to AEM. He requested my resume for review and suggested I become more involved on campus. I was shocked at this suggestion because I figured transferring to AEM, working at The Sun and being in a social sorority was quite a handful already as a freshman. I thought: ‘Wasn’t this the year to gradually adjust to college?’ Looking back I realize that too many of us place limits on ourselves; we think what we are doing is enough. However, at the

time I was already a semester and a half deep into Cornell’s culture. Fortunately, as a freshman I respected and trusted Prof. Little’s guidance enough to apply to organizations I found particularly interesting. Throughout my four years I ended up joining the 2013 Convocation Committee, learning a great deal from my business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and working hard to attain a few internships in financial services that led to my ultimate career choice in consulting. If I have realized anything out of these last four years besides taking the time to listen to people’s advice and create a web of connections, it is to not stay stagnant. Even if you think you are content with how your life is going, try to push yourself a little further. I would say we all are determined individuals here at Cornell, but sometimes being too proud of our current accomplishments block us from making new ones. I received some wisdom a few weeks ago from Adam Raveret ’12, a Delta Sigma Pi alumnus, who sent the current seniors great advice about life after graduation: “[After graduation], you will not have any more benchmarks to reassure you that you are on the ‘right track.’ You will set your own goals and make your own decisions on how to achieve them.” In reading his “Ode to a Senior Year,” I recognized it as the very same learning lesson Prof. Little had been trying to bestow upon me my freshman year, and what I have been living by ever since. You should still be proud of your accom-

plishments and reflect on how far you have come, but not for long, as we Cornellians are still so young and have so many opportunities to seize, or even create ourselves. If you are a freshman, take your resume, check out the long list of organizations on campus and fill in those organizations you want to join on a fantasy resume (of course, don’t apply to internships with your fantasy resume). Create the resume that you want to have by your sophomore spring. Then, go out and apply. Once you enter these organizations, don’t just be a member in paper, but try to contribute and make an impact. College is the best time to take risks and make mistakes. And, if you are a senior, take Prof. Little’s and Adam’s advice. We all have made great accomplishments here at Cornell, but let’s not let that drive dwindle once we enter the whirlwind of our careers. Take the time the summer before you start working to sit down and write out a list of goals, and try to start working on one even before your start date. We are young and full of energy. Let’s not let that go to waste. Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2013! I cannot wait to hear about all of the great things to come once we show the world what we have to offer. Each and every one of us is a Cornellian for life. Helene Beauchemin is graduating from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and served as the 130th business manager of The Sun. She may be reached at


14 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013


Big Red Ambition:161Things Every Cornellian Should Do HOW MANY DID YOU DO? Compiled from student responses to an e-mail survey in 2005; updated 2009. ! 1. Make the library into your bedroom and have sex in the stacks ! 2. Finally meet the dazzling Denice Cassaro ! 3. Camp out overnight (re: sleep on AstroTurf) for hockey tickets ! 4. Go to the Cornell-Harvard men’s hockey game and throw fish on the ice ! 5. Sing along to “We didn’t go to Harvard” with the Cayuga’s Waiters ! 6. Sled down Libe Slope during a snow storm ! 7. Take Hotel Administration 430: Introduction to Wines ! 8. Streak across the Arts Quad ! 9. Take Psych 101 ! 10. Test out Olin Library’s musically calibrated steps by throwing stones on them ! 11. Attempt sake bombing at Plum Tree or Miyake in Collegetown ! 12. Order ice cream at the Dairy Bar ! 13. Climb the rock wall in Bartels Hall ! 14. Listen to a full chimes concert from the clock tower and guess the songs played ! 15. Register for classes during Freshman Orientation, then switch out of every single one by the time Add/Drop ends ! 16. Wear flip-flops to class in January ! 17. Go to the Fuertes Observatory on North Campus and gaze at meteor showers ! 18. Have a snowball fight in May ! 19. Milk a cow ! 20. Skip class to play frisbee on the Arts Quad ! 21. Bury a bottle of Bacardi on the Slope. Dig it up on Slope Day. ! 22. Pick apples at the Cornell Orchards ! 23. Attend the Apple Festival on the Commons ! 24. Flirt with your professor ! 25. Bomb a prelim ! 26. Ace the next one to save your grade ! 27. Attend Hotelie prom ! 28. Meet Happy Dave from Okenshield’s ! 29. Turn your face blue from screaming at midnight before the first finals ! 30. Get heartburn at the Chili Cook-off on the Commons ! 31. Enjoy Ithaca’s two months of warm weather — spend a summer here! ! 32. Go to a Shabbat dinner at 104 West (CornellCard it) ! 33. Watch the AAP students parade down East Avenue on Dragon Day ! 34. Enjoy corn nuggets at The Nines ! 35. Build a snow penis or count how many you see around campus ! 36. Dress up and view The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Risley ! 37. Take a class you think is impossible just for fun ! 38. Go on a wine tour ! 39. Kiss on the suspension bridge at midnight ! 40. Sleep through your alarm for a 1:25 class ! 41. Shop at the Friends of the Library Book Sale ! 42. Get out of a University parking ticket ! 43. Buy an Ithaca Is Gorges t-shirt, then get sick of wearing it and buy a variation (Ithaca Is Gangsta, Vaginas Are Gorges, Ithaca Is Long Island ...) ! 44. Learn the “Alma Mater,” “Evening Song” and “Give My Regards to Davy” ! 45. Attend an opening at the Johnson Museum of Art ! 46. Smuggle food from the dining hall and run for your life as they try to get back your stolen cookies ! 47. Do the Walk of Shame ! 48. Have dinner at a professor’s house ! 49. Get wasted at a professor’s house ! 50. Have lunch with President Skorton in Trillium; ask if he’s done with that burger ! 51. Play a game of tag in the Kroch Library stacks ! 52. See a play in the Schwartz Center ! 53. Rush the field at the last home football game of the season ! 54. Attend a Cornell Night ! 55. Gamble at Turning Stone (try not to lose money) ! 56. Watch dancers fly through the air at a Bhangra show ! 57. Have a midnight picnic in the Cornell Plantations ! 58. Wait in line for half an hour for a salad at the Terrace ! 59. Ignore any and all “No Winter Maintenance” signs … slip and fall on the icy stairs ! 60. Sit in Libe Café when you have no work to do and watch the worried studiers down gallons of coffee ! 61. Write an angry letter to the editor of The Sun ! 62. Go to Wegmans on a Friday or Saturday night ! 63. Explore the secret underground tunnel between Uris and Olin libraries ! 64. See the library’s Rare Book Collection ! 65. Pretend you are Harry Potter and study in the Law School library (looks like Hogwarts) ! 66. See the brain collection in Uris Hall ! 67. Eat at Taverna Banfi (formerly Banfi’s) and charge it to CornellCard ! 68. Buy beer at Jason’s in Collegetown and charge it to CityBucks ! 69. Take PAPL 2010: Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds ! 70. Take part in a psychology experiment ! 71. Take an unplanned nap in a library ! 72. Take over a building ! 73. According to legend, watch a virgin cross the Arts Quad and then witness A.D. White and Ezra Cornell shake hands ! 74. Live through an Ithaca blizzard and tell your friends how you survived frostbite ! 75. Throw a flaming pumpkin into the gorge ! 76. Play co-ed intramural innertube water polo ! 77. Spend all your lectures figuring out the day’s Sudoku. While sitting for the final, wish you had taken notes instead. ! 78. Hook up with your T.A.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87.

Order a PMP at the Hot Truck Play trivia at Ruloff’s on Sunday nights Go back for karaoke night on Monday Dress in pastels for ’80s Night on Tuesdays at Johnny O’s Hit up Group Therapy on Wednesdays at Dunbar’s Go bowling at Helen Newman Lanes Hand out quartercards on Ho Plaza Drive your car up and down Libe Slope or Ho Plaza Have a friend’s parents take you out to eat at John Thomas Steakhouse or Boatyard Grill 88. Eat a chicken parm sandwich from Louie’s Lunch 89. Eat breakfast at 2 a.m. at the State Diner 90. Males: Get thrown out of Balch Hall 91. Hook up with a freshman 92. Go skinny dipping in a gorge 93. Walk to the Commons and back 94. Go to an a cappella concert 95. Eat in the Risley dining hall 96. Write a message on the wall at Collegetown Pizza 97. Sell back your books; use money to buy alcohol 98. Drink bubble tea 99. Eat a Pinesburger 100. Walk to a fraternity party with your entire freshman floor 101. Go to a fraternity party as a senior; convince yourself you were never one of them 102. Get lost in Collegetown during Orientation Week 103. Get negged at a bar because the bouncer is actually friends with the person whose I.D. you are using 104. See a foreign film at Cinemapolis or Fall Creek Theater 105. Eat mongo at RPCC 106. See a concert at Barton Hall 107. Gain the freshman 15, pay $300 for a gym membership and don’t go 108. Eat brunch on North Campus 109. Do your Freshman Reading Project before you graduate 110. Fail your swim test, just for kicks 111. Tailgate for homecoming 112. Be a model in the Cornell Design League’s annual fashion show 113. Host a prefrosh 114. Request a song to be played on the clock tower 115. Get guilt-tripped into giving blood 116. Get asked if you are pregnant at Gannett (males and females) 117. Drink with your R.A. 118. Make a chalking; weep when it rains that night 119. Sing drunk on the drunk bus 120. Meet Bill Nye ’77, “The Science Guy,” and give him a hug 121. See how long you can go without doing laundry 122. Go on a road trip to Canada, flirt with the border patrol, smuggle booze back 123. Try to order pizza from a Blue Light phone 124. Go to the sex shop on the Commons 125. Get drunk on Slope Day, run into Vice President Susan Murphy ’73 126. Complain about the Slope Day headliners 127. Get tapped for a secret society 128. Go to Pyramid Mall, realize it is severely lacking, then drive to Carousel Mall in Syracuse 129. Attend Cross Country Gourmet at a dining hall near you 130. Complain about your writing seminar to no one in particular 131. Walk holding hands around Beebe Lake 132. Visit the Sciencenter 133. Watch a soccer game at Mama T’s, crammed in like a sardine 134. Get J.A.’d for urinating on the Law School 135. Hook up with someone randomly and then see them every day afterward 136. Go to a coffee house in JAM 137. See how many people you can cram into your dorm room 138. Watch people play Dance Dance Revolution in Appel 139. Write dirty messages with rocks in the gorge 140. Ride a horse at Oxley Equestrian Center 141. Ring the giant bell in the Plantations 142. Crash a political rally on Ho Plaza 143. Do the COE ropes course 144. Attend a show at the State Theatre 145. Prank call the CIT HelpDesk 146. Wake up at 7 a.m. for CoursEnroll; realize that your choice classes are full anyway 147. Ski at Greek Peak 148. Take a night prelim near the vet school, walk back in the dark 149. Trespass on Alumni Fields 150. Ask Uncle Ezra a question 151. Take the BASICS program 152. Walk to class in the snow, uphill both ways 153. Buy a Cornell-grown apple from a vending machine 154. Furnish an apartment entirely with items from the Dump & Run 155. Eat at each dining hall at least once 156. Ask for an extension on a term paper 157. Take part in Holi and get colorful 158. Prepare to pull an all-nighter in the Uris Library Cocktail Lounge by drinking three Mountain Dews and two cups of coffee, then eating a handful of No-Doz; accomplish nothing due to an inability to sit still 159. Tell a professor what you really think of his/her class 160. Attend a Sun organizational meeting: Go to for details 161. Climb all 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 15

16 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

The following provisional list of degree candidates for graduation is neither official or final.

BACHELOR OF ARTS In Arts and Sciences

Dinan Salah Abdelatif Rawan Salah Abdelatif Camilo Jose Acosta Andrew R. Adams Christopher Mathew Adams Daniel Eli Adelson Joshua Adjei Adeyeni Christopher Afolayan Elen Aghekyan Mariyah Ahmad In Sung Ahn Ariel Serena Aicher Amara James Aja Khamila Anike Alebiosu Angel Aleman Danny Jonathan Aleman Rebekah Selah Alexander Jake Robert Allyn Jennifer Annette Alvarado-Ross Michael Alvarino Moheeth-ur-Rehman Alvi Steven Eric Amanullah Roxana R. Amirahmadi Ye An Khalil Anchouche Alyssa Amy Anderson David Angeles Albores Sophia Loren Ángeles Sarah N. Angell Gloria Appiah-Kubi McKenna Máire Archer Charlotte Angelica Ariev Andrew Joseph Arnold III Ana Cristina Arroyo Zachary Eliot Ascher Yewande Abidemi Ashaye David Ashley Obiora Chidiebere Asiama Sarah Suzanne Asman Harpreet Athwal Natanya Shaine Auerbach Martha McClain Austen Jan Michael Cayabyab Austria Oyindamola Ayo-Ani Shamsi Aysha Peter Williams Bailey Andrew Martin Baim Ankur Lal Bajaj Amanda J. Baker Megan Johanna Baker Christopher Kraft Balch Rachel Léa Ballantyne Sidney Balman III Katherina P. Balram Raca Banerjee Jeremy Martin Banks Robert Prescott Banks Aishani Bansal Anna Maria Bardakh Alexandra N. Barger James Mawn Barger Charlene Antonette Barrow Pallavi Basu Natasha Elaine Batalha Benjamin J. Baum Camille Alexis Bayas Giovanna Baza Allison Katherine Bazinet Matthew Evan Becker Dustin James Bell Erin Elizabeth Belles Brian Ross Bendett Anna Nyijur Benjamin Sarah Lynn Bennedsen Ellen Meisner Benson Caryn Beth Berley Noah Tal Berman Lauryn Taylor Berretta Nipun Bhandari Shalaka Maya Bhat Subasish Bhowmik Sarah Lindsay Bick Melissa Bickerman David Bashirian Bishop Taylor Davis Black Jason William Boada Ruth Kraa Boansi Jessie Rachel Boas Jill Elisabeth Bodner Rebecca N. Bogatin Samantha Nazena Bollers Nicole Justine Bonilla Aidan Ignatius Bonner Jessie Bonney-Burrill Matthew Eddy Bonta Jamar Brian Booker Andrew Marc Boryga Emily C. Boudreau C. Robert Bradford Rachel Harris Bradford Della Jean Bradt Amy E. Brandley Matthew Edwin Brandorff Kevin Michael Braunscheidel Seth David Braunstein Erin Rose Bresnahan Carly Marie Britton Renée Marie Britton Jake Alexander Brodlie Ariel Paige Brodsky Thomas Gunnison Brooks Dara Patrice Brown Elizabeth Grace Brown Spencer Daniel Brucks Alexandra Danielle Daley Bruer Garrett Lawrence Bugbee Andrew Mark Bunyea Daniel Robert Burns Meghan Catherine Burns Jake Olson Burton Madeline Rhea Ouradnik Burton Alyssa Sara Bush Kaitlin Rose Butler William Blakey Parry Cadwallader IV Susan Marian Ko Callo Tavajay S. Campbell

Valerie Ann Campbell Carlos Miguel Cancela Vanessa Nicole Canosa Julia Xinzhe Cao John Dante Carbone Donald William Carpenter Ellis Wade Carpenter Katherine Cristina Carreño Leslie Marie Carson Damani Anthony Carter David Alan Cascione Erick Guillermo Castillo Mares Eliza Deanna Castro Lauren Nicole Celentano Audrey Alison Cerles Eugene Cha Jenna Maria Chaffee Patrick Allan Chamberlain Jonathan Michael Champagne Amanda Tienchi Chan Colin Yip Hang Chan Darwin Chan Gloria Yu Chan Jeremy Chang Jodie Chang Lucas Moraes Chang Hannah Chatterjee Stephanie Anne Che Misha Chen Checkovich Brendan Chen Cindy Chen Ida Chen Kevin Fay Chen Nicholas Walden Chen Spencer Tiwei Chen Steven Tiwen Chen Szu-Yu Chen Tianhui Michelle Chen Ying Chen Yu Chen Kelsey Cheng Kimberly Anne Cheng Andrea Ho Yee Cheung Zahra Jessica Chevannes Catherine Marissa Yen-Tung Chew Annie Chiao Guo Jie Chin Sydney Rose Chirls Maneesha Elizabeth Chitanvis Hyung Won Cho Yi Soo Choi Chelsea Young Chon Bryan Chong Hau Foo Anisha Chopra Alan Chramiec Ruth-Ann Camille Christie Xianyi Chua Changik Chung Christine Kim Chung Hyun Jung Chung Michael Anthony Cirillo Hannah A. Claudio Kristian Henry Harold Clemens Jay Sean Clifford Oscar JeanPierre Coaquira Castro Margo Isabel Cohen Ristorucci Brandon Lawrence Cohen Kau Toali Cole Andrew Scott Coleman Nicole Sara Collins Gilman Wright Conant III Daniel Jake Connolly Gretel Corsa Cara Marie Costich Arturo Lopez Covarrubias Scott Lauer Covey Jeffrey Thomas Cox Colin Eduardo Crilley Caleb Davis Crim Matthew Jeter Crowder Megan G. Crowell John Edward Cuchural Eloïse Victorine Cucui Aletheia Cui Peter Cui Christine Michelle Cummings Katherine Marie Cummiskey Tawnee Lysette Cunningham Renae Suzanne Curless Meghan Clare Curran Christine Alice Dalton Raj Yogesh Dave Jonathan Linwood Davis Doretha Abril Dawkins Bruno De Larragoiti Lucas Jean-Hervé De Lencquesaing Michael Christopher De Siena Seyanga De Silva Leslie Elizabeth Decker Raeed Yaqoob Ismail Deen Andrew Gregory Degatano Hannah Teddy Deixler Ian Bertel Dejoie Micah Kuuini Del Rosario Robert Ashton Delaney Rebecca Lynn DeLong Maria Luisa Deño Brendan P. Devine James Scott Deuschle Ishani Dhaon Darcy Marie Diago Pablo Luis Diaz Ethan James Dickinson Tiffany Rose Diebold Danielle Mia Diniz Katherine Mary DiPastina Christopher Dobyns Michael Scott Doliner Josefin Olivia Dolsten Brittany Hines Dombrowski Alyssa Marie Donadio Joanna Dong Maria Domenica Donnini Mayda Dorak Patrick Oliver Dorion Samir H. Doshi Katherine Marie Draude Jack Matthew Drillich Matthew James Drumheller Daniel John Du Pont Zhe Ran Duan Irina Dubinskaya Michael Mayne Dubreuil Eric Michael Dunstan Norvella Odette Dunwoody Andrew Ryan Ebanks Ian McLean Edelson A’ngelique Rose Edwards Miriam Sarah Eisen Nikita Ekhelikar Zeinab El Tobgui Katherine Vern Eldredge Benjamin Ross Elling Christina Anne Ellinger Sarah Suzanne Elliott Lucas William Ellison Michelle Lynne Elsner Lionel Emele Alex Erdmann

Jasmin Escutia Eno-obong Ifeanyi Essien David Roger Estey Melissa Anne Fabi Celestia Xi Fang Sen Fang Evan C. Fauntleroy Sean Michael Feely Jacob Victor Felton Violet Althea Fermin Viyath T. Fernando Laura Melissa Filman Chelsea Christine Finical Melissa Anne Fiore Jennifer Elizabeth Fischell Lorraine Judith Fitzmaurice Sonya Joan Flechon Kristen Susan Fletcher Edwin Joseph Flores Adam David Flugel Caitlin R. Flynn Kaitlyn Laine Flynn-Rozanski Anisleidy Fombona Jennifer Rodell Forbes Lisebeth Anne Forbes Matthew Patrick Ford Juan Carlos Forrer Yasmin Fouladi Gregory Gallo Fox Lane Jordan Fraum Ellen M. Free Alexander Vosburgh Frieden Samantha Sheau-Wei Fung Lyell Funk Timothy James Gahr Jenna Beth Galbut Lisette Gallegos Luis A. Gamero Justine E. Gandia-Jackson Harry Yehudah Ganz Karina Navarro García Kelsey Alexandra Gatto Eva J. Ge Michelle Miriam Gelshteyn Nicole Elizabeth Gemmill Subashiny Gengatharan William Elliott Gent William Martin Gerding Eric Alexander Gerow Stephen Vincent Giannetta Chaeyeon Gil Carnisha Mariah Gilder Helen Elizabeth Giles Blen Girum David Leder Glekel Aaron Jeremy Glickman Erin Amelia Goers Gerra Colleen Goff Jennifer Rose Goforth Aashin Gokal Rebecca Sophie Goldstein Seth Max Goldwasser Roberta Catherine Gomez Victoria Russo Gonzalez Pradeep Bala Gopinathan Kelly Carolene Gordon Alexandra Gottlieb Dylan Scott Gould Erin Hope Grainger Crystal Deloris Grant Michael Franklin Graw Christopher Joseph Gray Johnathan Jerome Gray Liza Christina Marie Graziano Claire Rebecca Greenbaum Michelle Sarah Greenberg Sarah B. Greenberg Simon A. Greenberg Caitlin Krystyna Gribbin Eli Avery Grossman Matthew Harry Gruber Kimberly Michelle Gruver Kendall Annelise Gruye Cara Eileen Guardino Gloria Estefani Guerra Stéphane Alexandra Guerrier Baher Rafik Attalla Guirguis Andre A. Gurayah Zoe Beck Gutterman Joanna Christine Guy Sharon Alison Guzman Victor David Haas Whitney McLeod Hagan Melanie Kate Halbout Alexander James Hallenbeck Brendan Harry Sverdlik Hammond Crystal Han Hollis Elizabeth Hanley Ashley Nicole Harrington Calvin Jaron Harrison Kelly Alexandra Harrison Chloe Grace Hart Allison Hartel James Andrew Hartzell Thomas Camerino Hawing Marcella McGee Hayes Jingpeng He Elizabeth Alden Hedges Alex Heikali Erich Jason Heintzen Peter Kiahn Helali Matthew Edward Heller Natalie Jeanne Hench Douglas Robert Hendler Samuel Eugene Hendrickson Benjamin Colin Hennessy Elizabeth Anne Lyons Henry Shavon Monet Henry Olivia D. Hentz Ashley Danielle Hicks Caitlin Ann Higgins Hiroshi Dean Hikida Alexa Lauren Hilmer Catherine Weilin Ho Erica Ho Eric Ryan Hoffman Esther Hoffman Anke Hoffstaetter Alexandra Elia Hompe Diana Nayoun Hong Sung Hyun Hong Prescott Braden Horn George Andrew Hornedo Jamie Katy Hu Jingru Huang Lisa Huang Michael Weihan Huang Emmylia Nokomis Tiger-Lily Hudson Kimberly May Hui Mykyta Hulko Calaandra Kekulani Hustace-Candea Alexander Eric Huth Cindy L. Huynh Jae Hee Hwang Jae Seon Hwang Marit Louise Imsdahl

Solveig Schwerin Imsdahl Christopher Ryan Iriarte Anthony Frank Irigoyen Shuva Islam Evguenia Olegovna Ivakhnitskaia Thomas Dean Iwaoka Nicholas James Jackson Olivia Ann Jackson Ryan Miles Jackson Peter Andrew Jacobs Nathaniel Gregory Jacobson Amina Saleh Jambo Jae Kwan Jang Katerina Jeng Alan James Jenson Myung K. Jeon Hunny Jeong Solomon Jeong Weimian Jia Shang Jiang Yuhui Jiang Jing Jin Tiancheng Jin Courtney Briyana Johnson Courtney Sharay Johnson Dylan Johnson Molly Dianne Johnson Virginia Beatrice Johnson Anne Louise Jones Austin Jones Kamaal Ali Jones Kierra Amber Jones Nolan Thomas Jones Amit Joshi Chanyang Ju Catherine Young Jung Hyunseo Jung Younshin Jung Andrew Mitchell Kagen Deepak Kaji Nitin Manjunath Kamath Jackson Jenssen Kamine Grace Sara Kaminer Chao Kang Edward Yeon-Shik Kang Kyoung Woo Kang Kyu Won Kang Seung Hyun Kang Rajeshwaran Kannappan George Stefan Karalis Nicole E. Karch Julia Adams Katz Emmet Harrison Kaufman Jennifer Anne Keefe Ante Josip Kendes Kimberly Camile Kerr Muneeb Zafarullah Khan Niazi Vera D. Khovanskaya Elizabeth Engel Kidd Emma Frances Kilfoyle Sean Thomas Killackey Laura Catherine Killian Chan Young Kim David Jae-Ik Kim Douglas Dukjin Kim Edward Eliot Kim Gabrielle Sooyeon Kim Hak Soon Kim Jeehyuk Kim Jennifer Suehyun Kim Kevin Kim Michelle Geewon Kim Min Kyung Kim Sang Jun Kim Sarah Yeon-Kyong Kim Seunghyun Kim Sinclair Byull Kim Tae Hyun Kim Alexandra Morgan Mouton King Ping King Daniel Joseph Kleifgen Victoria Isabel Klein Susannah Rose Klopf Molly Beth Klosk Lloyd Ye Kluegel Calvin H. Knapp Kamillah Amaris Imani Knight Margarete Grace Knudsen Lawrence Kogan Kyung Yeon Koh Kirsten Ellen Kohagen Dennis Kolva Gbambele J. Kone Leon Kong Katherine Chanel Konvinse Hyung Mo Koo Emily Fisher Koppelman Maya Alison Overby Koretzky Jacob Reuben Kose Myroslav Kostyuk Pavankumar Kottamasu Shannon Kow Madison J. Kramer Daniel Jacob Krasnow Kathryn Brenna Kremnitzer Ksenia L. Kriksunov Adam Seth Kroloff Sarina Kumar Ilyas Kuzembayev Rachel Shinae Kwon Joseph Yang LaBarbera Upamanyu Lahiri Eliza Maryrose Lajoie Susan Katherine Langer Melissa Kimberly Lantzer Janice Chi-Lok Lau Vanesa Lauradin Shannon Nicole Lawrence Natasha K. Lawson Michael Thomas Leanse Aleksi Wen-Hai Lee Brian Lee Edward Lee Hyunji Lee Jee Yun Lee Kyung Jin Lee Min Joon Lee Peter Lee Sandra S. Lee SeWan Lee Sujin Lee Sung Won Lee Sungsu Lee Tae Chin Lee William Kwon Lee Won Suk Lee Thomas Ufford Leger Benjamin Mandel Leinwand Geraldine Eleanor Kwan Ning Leong Adam Benjamin Lerner Micah Aaron Lerner Elizabeth Rose Leuin Christopher M. Levesque Garrett Benjamin Levey Aaron Michael Levick Carolyn Melissa Levitan Samuel Jordan Levy Byron Eugene Lewis

James Youngerman Lewis Neil Anthony Lewis Christopher Lewis Leyen Ethan Xiangming Li Nancy Li Sharon Cheng Li Weilin Li WenFang Li Yi Li Yiran Li Andie Mimi Liao Kah Seng David Lim Kevin Lin Min Lin Nancy Lin Xi Lin Chloe Isabella Lincoln Rebecca Lee Litman Jesse Zexin Liu Lei Liu Qiao Xing Liu Tianye Liu Yukun Liu Veronica Sara Lizzio Yu-Chi E. Lo Marika Lõhmus John Michael Lombard Anthony John Longo Sindy Lopez Sofía Margarita López Yingbo Lou Nathaniel Mason Lovell-Smith Benjamin Daniel Lovin Nathaniel Lowry Xing Lu Rebecca Lea Lucash Marina Jenelle Luciano-Carson Coledon Peter Lupoli III Maryanne Therese Luther Nicholas Kerrol Lycette Atlee Glen Lyden Grigor Robert Lynch Michael Lawrence Lynch He Ma, Jr. James John MacDonald Sasha Sydney Mack Hannah Elizabeth MacLean Paige M. Madden Zachary Morris Magdovitz Gabriel Jordan Mahan Mollie Megan Maher John Edward Makar III Mark Ayala William Malin Giselle Elisabeth Karine Malina Gregory W. Malzberg Jade Danielle Mandel Carolina Louise Manning Eboni Jade Marion Suzana Markolovic Amanda Ann Martin Madhuri Martin Cody Andrew Martinez Maxwell Manuel Martinez Patricio Gabriel Martinez Llompart Pretty Samantha Martinez Aisha Masud Miklos Zoltan Mattyasovszky Tajwar Mazhar Nicholas Cantwell McCormick Megan Mooney McCoy Adelaide Edith McDonnell Nathaniel Thomas McEwen Kevin James McGinnis Anastasia Lara McGlade Samantha Grace McKenna Peter McMillan IV Brenna Amanda McPeek Meaghan Suzanne McSorley Suhaila Meera Amanda Catherine Meinhold Laura Lisseth Melendez Alexander Hanna Mercho James-Lee Alexander Meredith Daniel Merzlyak Jessica Ivy Mesick Visha Maria Meyer Mariam Imran Mian Robert John Micikas Patrick Ian Mickelson Alexandre Mihailescu Adam Barrett Miller Carolyn Cordelia Miller Laura Nari Miller Samantha E. Miller Alexandra Elizabeth Milstein Jie Min James Colin Miner Maria Minsker Ananya Mishra Monica Lakshmi Misra Samuel Sandi Moijueh Lydiah M. Mokaya Zachary James Montague Lorena Alexandra Montalvo Toledo Tony Eugene Montgomery Seok Min Moon Eric Alfredo Mora Costandino Dufort Moraites Justin Morant Erica Cherese Moses Leighton David Moskowitz John Rudolph Mueller Supriya Mundhra Jaclyn Marie Munoz Thomas Lawton Munson Celia Anne Muoser Pavitra Muralidhar Christopher Mark Myers William Manning Najar Luke James Namer Ruchi Nanda Maria Regina Napolitano Ryan David Navi Madeleine Frances Neet Shaun Jie Xiong Neo Alexander Newman Nora Cho Lei Ng-Quinn Sarah Mai Nguyen Christa Marie Nianiatus Joseph Thomas Niczky Yekaterina Nikiforova Joseph H. Ning Lila Jun Eron Nojima Morgan Juliana Nole Logan Powel Noonan Christina Maria Norberg Benjamin Lee Nosarzewski Royce R. Novak Rafael Price Nur Torree Nwachukwu Cecilia Marisol Ochoa Rebecca Anne Ochs Alyssa Colleen O’Connor Emiri Oda Salome A. Odera Julyun Oh Seoyoon Oh Ji Won Ok

Dean D. Oliver Emily Morgan Olsen Benjamin Joel Olson Elizabeth Esther Olson Lindsay Marie Omichinski Lauren Maria O’Neal Kwaku Opare-Sem Christine Penelope Ordway Alexander Vincent Orfanos Abdiel José Ortiz Carrasquillo Tracey Sophia Otto Lynexa Lauterlyn Owens José Rodolfo Oyola Morales Dilara Ozbek Jessica Clare Pachak Anirudh Suresh Padmarao Stephanie Pamela Pagan Urboshi Pal Adrian Uriel Palma Jared Logan Palmer Mark A. Palmere John Finn Palmeri Sierra Danielle Palumbos Alex Yifan Pan Samuel Dodge Panarese Aperahama Lawrence Parangi Jorge Pardo Ziyad Parekh Karina Parikh Jisoo Park Keonseo Park Miri Park Quilla Isabella Park Sejoon Park Seokhwan Park Soojin Park Harry Young Parmenter Melanie Holly Pasch Harsh Vinod Patel Jay Patel Leela Rukmani Patel Sanjana Sanjay Patel Hillary Maslin Paulsen Stephanie Danielle Pearson Christina Lynn Pedrin Westrem Samuel Eldwine Pell Cheng Peng Eric Jingchi Peng Robin Morgan Perelli William Perera Jessica Guadalupe Pérez Jessica Walker Perlman Ruby Elizabeth Perlmutter Frank Vincent Perrelli IV Demetra Mary Perry Zachary Scott Peskin Tyler Charles Peterhansel Brenton Marquel Peters Andrew Michael Peterson James Frederick Pflasterer Tadd Carlson Phillips Matthew Tyler Picket Lily Amanda Picon Lovely Pierre Raymond Hamel Justin Pierson IV Nevena John Pilipovi´c -Wengler Catherine Pimentel Andrea Sofia Pimienta Desirree Keosha Pizarro Karolina Agata Plonowska Dmitriy Podlog Kelsey Elisabeth Poisson Lucas Jon Policastro Nicholas Pace Pologruto Brian Benjamin Pomerantz Joaquín Esteban Ponce Díaz Odis Marinela Ponce William Poon Steve Jose Poveda Umang Prabhakar Reetchel Josephine Présumé Kira Marcy Pritchard Elizabeth Matilda Proehl Xiaotian Qin Devon Alexandra Quinn Alberto Quintero Michelle Rada Reshmitha Radhakrishnan Lucia Maria Rafanelli Diwakar Mithila Raisingh Sumana Laxmi Raj Karthik Rajasethupathy Andres Esteban Ramirez Sindhuja Ranganathan Stephannie Leong Ratcliff McKellen Kimura Rattray Robert James Ravier Alex Simon Rawitz Arielle Elizabeth Ray Curran Pathuri Reddy Julie Hannah Reed Jacob Louis Reep Adriana Elena Reinecke Gabrielle Francesca Reinecke Timothy Richard Remetta Jessica Danielle Reno Martin Daniel Requena Felipe Restrepo Scott D. Reu Kayla Nicole Richards Daniel Seymour Robbins Cody Ryan Roberts Emma Mary Rogers Charles David Rose Nathaniel Adam Rosen Adrienne Solana Rosenblatt Benjamin Rosenthal James Marcus Rosenthal Martin Andrew Roskoff Merrill Catherine Roth Sheveena Sasskay Rowe Ilan Naftali Rubin Adina Rubin-Budick Amanda Allison Rupert Cassady Elise Rupert Angela Florence Rupinen Xavier Alexander Rusk Marie Clare Russell Regina Renee Russell Robert Derald Ruttenberg Alexander Iain Ryde Diana Christine Rypkema Jessica Lynn Saba Joshua Sacks Aaron Sage Nicole Elizabeth Salach Kirsten Alexis Salline Taylor Patrick Salo Adam Bennet Salwen Herman Joseph Sameisky XI Gregory Adam Samek Matthew Cody Samet Gloria Marthalena Samosir Harianja Deborah Rachel Sands Andrew David Santana

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 17

Adam Ariel Sasson Umbar Sattar Eric Jonathan Sawyer Robert J. Scarlett Nicholas Hamilton Kuriyama Schaefer Skyler Joseph Schain Saeward Elisabeth Schillaci Benjamin Mungo Schneider Lauren Davis Schorr Catherine Charles Schrage Katharine Hamilton Schubauer William T. Schurman Michael Craig Schwartz Michelle Ashley Scianni Jennifer Marie Scodes Shavagne Arlene Scott Kelley A. Scully Samuel Benjamin Segal Morit Lyta Segui Samara Rose Selden Da Eun Seong Shunsuke Serizawa Nick Frederick Settje Jarred Ryan Seymour Abhishek Shah Ankur R. Shah Atik Kiran Shah Neha Sunil Shah Ghalib Saeed Shaikh Joseph Rosset Shampain Rachel Gervais Shangraw Kartikeya Shastri Eli Shalom Shaubi Spencer Patrick Sheaff Daniel Joshua Sheiner Michael Suyang Shen Weili Shi Eric Sunghoon Shim Steven Frederick Sholes Harrison Tyler Shore Sana Sharif Siddiqui Talia Claire Siegel Zachary Brian Silversmith Jennifer Marie Silvia Andrew Russell Simon Robin A. Simpson Dhiran Singh Joseph Anthony Singh Jake Aaron Sion Jia Ying Situ Julie Lauren Sitver Christopher Philip Tomikazu Slijk Matthew Aaron Sloan Karishma Lees Smart Alexandria Marie Smith Hannah Catalina Smith Joanna Shawntae Smith Marisa Tienyun Smith Clinton Robert Oney Snyder Christopher Minyoung Sohn Woo Young Son Daniel Ian Sondike Michael Barnett Sones Kyungju Song Shihui Song Evelyn Soto Marc Nabil Sourour James Edward Sparkman Audrey Blair Speer Jeffrey P. Spence Joshua Hruby Sperling Curtis Andrew Spiller Dylan Muir Spitz Peter J. Stanley Alex Starr Adam Howard Stein Jeffrey S. Stein Anne Kim Sternling Mary-Margaret Stevens Courtney Peters Stevenson Patrick Michael Stewart Liya Stolyar Jesse Bryan Stoopler James Ryder Stroud Divya Subramanian Seung Won Suh Jae Hak Sul Connor James Sullivan David Lee Sun Jeffrey Sung Kevin Thomas Suspanic Jamie Elizabeth Sutton Beau Kevin Sweeney Perry Charles Swergold Meghan Lilyan Swidler Margaret Abell Szczerbicki Erin Rachel Szulman Colleen M. Taggart Sumire Takamatsu Alicia Wing-She Tam Crystal Tsui-Mei Tan Peter Nicholas Telesca Emma Dahlia Thanhauser Arrikka Kimza Theophile Jacob T. Thompson Michael Bryce Thomsen Helen Muxi Tian Joseph Redman Timmons Valerie Naa Kwarley Titus-Glover Akash K. Tiwari Juan Carlos Toledo Anagha Alka Tolpadi Renee S. Tornatore Shaye Kathleen Torres Violetta Torres-Barón Katharine Lee Tregurtha Amanda Michelle Tremaglio Siddhant Trivedi Sara Gia Trongone Samantha Kathleen Trumbo Faye Alexandra Tsakas Stephanos Gregory Tsoucas Daniel Patrick Tsoy Amelia Simone Tsui Justin Oliver Tyvoll Taylor Caroline Udell Hope Nkechinyelu Ukatu Brian Robert Umanoff James Englander Underberg Ana Vanjak Michelle Elisabeth Varghese Lenard Vasquez Mario Carmelo Vasta Joshua Samuel Vekhter Aleksander Mikhaylovich Veksler Marshall Jed Verdi Frederique Nathalie Verly Kaitlin Anne Vervoort Lauren Frances Villarreal Eric Joseph Vina

Jasmine Lavonne Wade Nicole Elizabeth Wagner William Patrick Wagner Jennifer Lynn Waldmann Sarah Alexis Walecka Ian Scott Walker-Sperber Allen Wang Brian Shun Chao Wang Jason Jinfei Wang Jennifer Xiao-Ting Wang Jingyang Wang Kimberly Wang Robert Minghao Wang Tianfei Wang Yipu Wang Daniel Kenichi Ward Joseph Jeffrey Ward Noah G. Brumbaugh Warnke Valencia Sierra Washington Anthony Wagih Wassef Ian Thomas Watkins Lei Weng Abigail Lillian Wessel Jonathan George Westman Benjamin Butler Weyhrauch Jourdan Ellington White Benjamin J. Wie Nathalie Anne Wiesendanger Nerissa Bernice Williams Jessica Faith Wilson Khrystyne Hillary Wilson Miriam Aviva Wishnick James Caleb Witten Michael Saporta Wodka Michal Wojcik Theodore Bennet Wolf Jason J. Wong Rachel Yuen-Yung Wong Zoe Chi-Ling Wong Jacob Earl Wonn Alan Douglas Workman Joyce Wu Warren Lee Wu Xi Wu Yeu Sanz Wu Monique Anne Wyatt Theresa Faith Wynn Qianjing Xia Yi-Ran Xin Chengcheng Xu Jason Xu Jingyuan Xu Karl Xu Julie Xue David Duncan Yandell Giussepe Andres Yanez Barom Yang Kevin H. Yang Margaret Yang Seong Woo Yang Vivian Qian Yang Ali Yazdi Ryan Yeh Si Ning Yeoh Richard Seokhyun Yeom James Wing Pui Ying Ji Sung Yoo Joon Seok Yoo Jong Min Yoon Tian Xiang You Daniel Walter Young Christina Markous Youssef Benjamin H. Yu Vivian Yu Chaofan Yuan Jesella Zambrano Ashley Zaragoza Joshua Zeng Daniel Stephen Zezulinski Blake Xinyang Zhang Bonan Zhang Jeffrey Yingda Zhang Meng Zhang Shu Zhang Yujiao Zhang Justin Tengfei Zhao Yuanjian Zheng Arthur Yao Zhou James Qitai Zhou Xiaoyi Zhuo Frances Ann Ziesing Kherlen Zoljargal Da Zou Michael Zullo Johanna Zussman-Dobbins Aleksandar Zvorinji

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Agriculture and Life Sciences Lauren Cassandra Aberegg Kassandra Nichole Abrams Bensen Landeros Achtsam Héctor E. Acarón Daniel William Acker Kobina Amponsah Acquay Michelle Danika Adams Myan Aaron Adams Jedidiah Amanor AdarquahYiadom Radhya Adityavarman Melissa Marie Aellen Alexander Agoado Isabel Aguirre Saima Ahmed Cedric Inigo Ahn Osaretin Charles Aimuyo Ceren Birsen Aksel Jacqueline Rose Albert Adam Zrinski Albitar Sarah Margaret Albonesi Scott M. Albrecht, Jr. Alonso Alcaraz Castellanos Mindy Elizabeth Alexander Brett Joseph Allen Owen Aminat Amadin Brian Steven Amato Ryan Edward Amberg Charlotte Elizabeth Webb Ambrozek Joseph P. Amsili Ila Sahai Anand Margaret O’Hagan Anderson Kelli Lynne Andonian Nicholas Christian Apollo William Michael Aragundi Nixon Ricardo Araúz Melendez Leigh Frances Archer Alexandra Nicole Ponce Arcilla Enrique Mauricio Arechavaleta Garza Caleb Michael Mand Arellano Casey Jayne Arlig Miles Atta Asafo-Adjei Nicole Elise Attanasio

Abigail Jane Augarten April Dee Aviles Morgan Ann Axenfeld Kenneth John Babcock Joshua Adam Bader Benjamin Matthew Baevsky Therese Kathryn Bailey Stephanie Lauren Ball Elias Kurt Barber Erin Kelley Barley-Maloney Erica Kay Barnell William John Barnes Joshua Ryan Barrom Carrissa Gail Bartlett Michael Robert Basedow Sara Salem Bashraheel Brandon David Bass Maria M. Bateson Caitlin Jessica Baumhart Dylan Joseph Beal Helene Katharine Beauchemin Morgan Danielle Bell Morgan S. Beller Eliza D. Bellis Gila Kaplan Belsky Colleen Ida Benko Eric Nicholas Benson Molly Sherman Berger Shiva Bhargava Emily Rose Bialowas Emily Nicole Bick Miles Jordan Biggs Garrett John Blaber Michael Alexander Black Rachel M. Blady Joseph Aaron Blau Lili Miriam Blumenberg David Blumin Valerie Anne Bollinger Eliana Rose Bondra Audrey V. Boochever Nicholas Reymond Booker-Tandy Hannah Diefenbach Boone Stephen Michael Bosak, Jr. Alexandra Rose Bothner Brianna Lee Boub Allison Kay Box Erin Boyd Janelle V. Boyd Carolyn Brooke Bradford Tarah Jade Brand Eugene Michael Brandon III Katherine Allison Brent Kaitlyn Rose Briggs Gabrielle Doré Brind’Amour Emma Jae Brofsky Michael Joseph Bronzino Amanda Marie Brown Andrew Robert Brown Patrick D. Brown Eliza Mille Bruce Kathryn Ann Buchan Sarah Anna Budik Jessica Budiman Nathan James Bull Robert Daniel Bullington Caroline Mary Burglass Christopher Daniel Burke Caleb Andrew Burlee Brooke M. Burnette Mark Hanson Bushnell Owen Conner Butler Mara Calce Joseph Salvatore Calderone Mary Margaret Calkins Krista Joann Call Elizabeth Megan Calvert Brianna Jean Cameron Peter Brook Campbell Dov Jack Marcel Camuzeaux Juliana Elena Canale Anthony Alfred Capria Marissa Gloria Cardillo Elizabeth Ann Carey Maryn O. Carlson Elizabeth Ann Carnes Kelli Ann Carstensen Brian Martin Cash Maria Elizabeth Catanzarite Victoria Louise Cecilio Charles Maximilian Cernuda Michael Joseph Ceruzzi Jocelyn Chacko Kayleigh Chalkowski William Charles Chandler Emile Andrew Chang Howard Chang Joseph Edward Chely II Eitan Chemerinski Kevin Chen Yuen Ching Brenda Chen Nelson Chepkwony Adam Robert Cherubini Joyce Gloria Chery Richard Anthony Childers Daisy Mae Chinburg Jonathan Cho John Choi Yun Ji Choi Kaitlin Connie Chou Peter H. Christine Stacy A. Christopher Elly Yiyi Chu Mileu Chung Cristina Maria Circu Brandon William Clark Solana Gabriella Claudio-Albarran Benjamin Cline Cynthia Elaine Cohen Olivia G. Cohen Andrew Michael Cole Genevieve Nicole Collins Charles Frederick Coombs IV Morgan Lindsay Corn Ginette Marie Cornett Agnes David Cororaton Manuel Alexander Correa Ethan G. Cramton Anne Elise Creamer Luigi Crevoisier James Maxwell Critelli Brett Cromwell Bryan Joseph Curtis Charles Stanley Curwen Emily Christine D’Agostino Grace Aboitiz Daher Colin J. Dailey Kyle Douglas Dake Kelly Matthew Dalton Phillip James Dalton Schuyler Dalton Christopher Joseph D’Angelo Patricia Daniel Kristina Elizabeth Danielak Shannon Lacey Darou Kelly Lynn Davies Courtney Lynn Davis Mason Kenneth Monroe Day Yassine Takafumi Debbagh

Luke Elijah DeFisher Melanie Monet del Rosario Anna Irene Denis-Rohr Sean Peter Dennin Christopher Ting Fung Dennis Madhvi Deol Benjamin Neil Derish-Luby Apurva Rajiv Desai Jackson Gray DeStefano Matthew Ian Detweiler Rebecca Susan Deveau Ryan Michael Devlin Shaan Singh Dhariwal Benjamin Enrique Diaz-Ordaz Michael Gerald DiChiara, Jr. Rachel Adele DiDominica Eric Diehl Mollie Rose Dillon Jennifer Nicole Dilzell Sarah Cronin Dinger Robert Charles Doerflinger Jonathan Paul Doheny Fiona Claire Doherty Hannah Nicole Dolgin Aaron Donato Ryan Thomas Donohue Andrew Paul Doody Seth Cary Doran Tahir Akil Dossett Alexandra Nicole Dougherty Hanna Wilson Drake Danielle Lynn Dryer Austin James Duenas Shane Nicole Dunau Gabriel C. Dunn Emily Munroe Dura Alec Stephen Durkheimer Jamie E. Dvorak Cathryn Elizabeth Dymond David Albert Einheber Amber Elizabeth Eller Stephanie Ellman Joseph Eltahawy Dolapo Damilola Emmanuel Colin Björn Enderlein Carolyn Marie Entelisano Amy Kathleen Ericksen Kelsey Kristina Erickson John Esposito, Jr. Rachel Lynn Evanowski Kyle James Ewanouski Ian Hollister Fahey Mark Daniel Farchione, Jr. Jamil Mohamed Fatti Charles Joseph Fears Peninah Michal Feldman Zhoucen Feng Eleanor Kate Fenn Anelys Fernandez Amarilys Fernandez-Maldonado Robert Paul Fiedler Alexander Edward Fieldcamp Christopher John Fieschko Joshua Andrew Figini Jason Ross Filonuk Julia Frances Fiore Molly Abigail Fisher Meghan Beatrice Fitzgerald Clare Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Connor Bellamy Fitzpatrick Taylor Victoria Flynn Stellie J. Ford Emily Jill Foreman Aiden Scott Forsi Amanda Leigh Forstater Brianna Nichole Fowler Arden Timberlake Freedman Micah Girdwood Freedman Vanessa Elizabeth Freeman Kiersten Kelly Frenchu Stephanie Audrey Friedman Adele Christine Friello Richard Bell Frost III Nana Fujiwara Elizabeth Joy Fullerton Charles Harwood Funderburk III Courtney Lee Gallagher Chelsea Lee Gallup Amber Nicole Garcia Andrew Brandon Garcia Cassandra Frances Langdon Garcia Kayla Layne Garcia Sheila Guadalupe Garcia Ryan Patrick Garfine Brendan Vincent Garrity Mercy O. Gbenjo Frank Paul Geiger Hans William Geiszler Yashodhan Sandeep Gharat Mina Ghassemi Colin Chiarello Gick Megan Leigh Gilbert John Fitzgerald Gillespie James Maxwell Gladstone Michael Jake Gladstone Lauren Dana Glasky Catherine Anne Gleed Maxx Jay Goad Allison Marie Goetzmann Marti Catherine Goldenberg Jordan S. Goldstein Jaime Andres Gomez Xiaoyun Gong Isabel Gonon Stephen John Gould Siddarth Govindarajan Melanie Rachel Graber Shoshana Nicole Graff Katherine E. Grandle Kathleen Ann Gray Danica Martin Gredoña Melissa Fabregas Green Julie Michelle Greenberg Zoë Paige Greenfield Jack William Grieshober Michael William Grome Ian Grosfelt Yijing Gu Bryanna Fay Gulotta Chong Guo Arjun Gupta Priya Rani Gupta Gregory Eric Haffmans Erin Marina Hagen Rebecca A. Hagge Ryan W. Haid Lauren Alexandra Halpern Alice Mackenzie Hamilton Ryan Kathleen Hand Caleb Asa Handy Kara Michelle Hann Dylan A. Harmon Raven Michelle Harris Rosemary Jean Harris Stephanie Michelle Harris Sally Madelaine Hartwick Liana Harutian Ross W. Hathaway

Joseph John Hauswirth Daniel James Hawkes Justin William Hawkins Kristen R. Haynes Shanwenyi He Sarah Jane Hein Tyler Cal Helmann Matthew Vernon Henderson Brian Gregory Henrich Shane Robert Henry Stephanie Olga Hernández Yale Bernard Herskowitz Jennifer Anne Heumann Raven Dae Lana Hickson Meghan Theresa Hilbert Sage Micah Hiller Candice Nicole Hilliard Zofia M. Hilton Penelope Ann Hobbs Robert L. Hockenbury, Jr. Alexandra N. Hoffman Charles Christopher Hoffman Gregory Michael Hoffman Thomas Jack Holdstein Jessie Anne Holley Julian R. Homburger Erika Helene Hooker Elizabeth A. Hoover Kyle Frederick Horn Tianjun Hou Calvin Demetri Howard Marshall Jin Huang Peter Daniel Hufnagel Jacob Ara Hurst Syed Mohibul Hussain Nicole RaNae Huynh Sae Rom Hwang Sarah Amelia Icke Victoria Chiara Imbesi Eriko Inagaki Katharine Louise Ivory Steven Charles Izen Kamille Nicole Jackson Kristina Page Jackson Kayla Rose Jacobs Sharmila Jai Kumar Ye Jin Jang Sean Michael Janney Behnam Javidfar Ethan T. Jayne William Perez Jenkins Haoxing Jin Savannah Star Johnson Shanna Kryston Johnson Lisa A. Jones Reid James Jones Ajay Kailas Noah Kaminsky James Kang Richard Donghun Kang Kelsey Ingrid Kanik Omar Kanji Elle Marie Kaplan Michael Andrew Kaplan Thomas Ie-Young Kartika Kelsey Ann Karys Jared David Kass Michael Alexander Kats-Rubin Dayna M. Keene Thomas Henry Keith Andrew Michael Kelleher Cody Robert Kelly Jonathan Derrick Kelly John William Kennedy Juliana Marie Kennedy Bennett Miles Kenyon Sarah Ketani Madiha Amanullah Khanani Sujoy Khasnavis Han Ah Kim Justin Jee-Hyun Kim, Jr. Justin Tae-hyon Kim Min Byul Kim Sooyeon Clara Kim Veronica Kim Veronica D. Kim Sara L. King Abigail Chang Kinnear William Gale Kiplinger Eliana Sara Kirshenblat Byron Timothy Kittle Erika Ashleigh Kleibrink Devon Grant Klooster Amanda Leigh Klopp Alexander L. Koeberle Lawrence Simon Kogos Michael David Komrowski Daniel Kong Vishesh Rahul Kothary Emily Nicole Kowalchik Marthe Goodwin Krause Julia Carol Krauss Benjamin David Krenzer Brian Ross Krieger Kevin David Krieger Joseph David Kussin Vinamra Krishna Laddha Danielle Kathryn LaLone Garrett Stephen Lane Spencer Arielle Lane Stephen Michael Lane Kelly Teresa Lang Mary Catherine Lang Rachel Patricia Langham Daniel Michael Lapidus Heather Margaret Larkin Kevin John-Maki Latson Stephanie Wei Lau Jaquelyn Marie Lauletta Kathryn Elizabeth Laventure Dayna Shante Lawrence Cheuk Yi Joseph Lee Joanne Lee Jordan Lee Kelly Anne Lee Mou Jian Lee Paul Lee Seung Tae Lee Luke Peter Legakis Kevin Lei Yongfang Lei Morgan Tiffany Leibfried Jamie Ann Lembo Melissa Anne Lenker Olivia R. Lerner Steven Ross LeValley Cody Marc Levine Robert Ian Levokove Hongyu Li Li Li Meng Li Joseph Chae Chan Lim Abraham Lim Tony R. Lin Wai Ho Bruce Lin Peter Bradley Liptak Dara Ruth Littig Linda Jacqueline Liu Rafael Enrique Lizarralde

Sarah Elizabeth Loftus George Rafael Lont Benjamin Dietrich Lott Tracey Pauline Louis Samantha Jean Lovering Jean-Paul Lozada Katrina Bor-Rong Lu Margaret Mary Luebs Ann Julia Lukaszewicz Jillian Mariah Lyles Jingxia Ma Yan Ma Derin Jessie Macchia Jennifer Macera Kristen J. MacFarlane Sarah Ashley MacLean Sidney Lucille Madsen Anthony Frank Maers Robin Christine Magalis Andrew Dick Magnuson Mark-Robert Oluseyi Ishola Mahaga-Ajala Ashley Michelle Maher Jaclyn Elizabeth Mahoney Taylor Anna Mahren Diana L. Mak Amundam Sosso Mancho Christopher P. Mancuso Myra Mika Manning Jessica May Mannix Jennifer Renee Marino Bryan Stephen Marlow Jill Elaine Marshall Lauren Mie Masatsugu William Penn Maselli Christopher Keenan Massey Maude Theo Matthai Alice Downing McBride Ramsay Dickinson McConnell Elizabeth M. McDonald Tyler David McDonald William Joseph McFall Kristin McGregor Theodore Mitchell McHardy Erin Elizabeth McKee Sarah Frances McKeen Kristi Marie-Elise Mckenzie Mia Rickard McKie Sarah Elizabeth McMahon Erin Louise McMillan Patrick Adam McNamara Henry Michael Medina Rebecca Medina Abram Allen Mellinger Donald William Melvin Max Oliver Meneveau Amanda Merkel Erica Morgan Merritt Matthew Lee Metzler Samantha Jean Migliaccio Vincent J. Mihalek April Marie Miller Brittany Marie Miller Gregory Boudreau Miller Joseph Samuel Miller Juliette Talia Erani Miller Kenneth S. Miller, Jr. Labreshia Teon Mims Amy Michelle Mitchell Nicholas David Mlady Stephen Joseph Mock Fiona Maighread Modrak Miles Zane Moen Mahindra Mohan Olivia Marguerite Newmarch Molineux Paige Morgan Mollineaux Albert Nissim Monina Sara K. Moore Joshua Albert Morales Emmanuel Moran Velez Robert B. Morgan III Victoria Melissa Morgan Riku Moriguchi Layne Jillian Morowitz Luca Lloyd Morreale Stephanie Lee Morris Samantha Leigh Morrow Laura Marie Mortelliti Yuriy Moshkovskiy Nicholas Ravindra Mulchan Phillip Codey Mullan Dillon Scott Dunlap Murray Matthew D. Murray Meghan Olivia Mutchler Sarah Putman Myers Mohit Nair Ananya Chandrika Nanduri Michelle Nanni Daniel Joe Nascimento Nicole Marie Nava Olena Olegivna Nazarenko Dylan Ray Nelson Carly Elizabeth Neumann Jack F. Newton Gabriel Ng Lauren Coughlin Niedbalec Taylor Marie Nieman Itamar Niesvizky Omar Hasan Nijem Jason William Noble Elizabeth Anne Nolan Hannah Rebekah Norton Isabelle Risha Nunberg Trisha P. Nussbaum Patience Chisom Nwachukwu Michael Christopher Nystrom Timothy Patrick O’Boyle Michael Santos Ocana Christiana Oduro Conor Henry O’Gorman Kennedy Ogoye Jonathan Blake O’Hanlon Anne Lucinda O’Hara Chidinma Sandra Okafor Alexandra Renee Okula David Omotayo Olusoga Adil Hussni Omar Kurt Stephen Ondash Boris Ivan Opacic Michelle Lorraine Opela Julian Howard Ordman Roxana Galdamez Orellana Shona Brittany Ort Lauren D. Osborn Arielle Miwa Oseki Robbins Brian Patrick O’Toole Justin Michael Pacor Cynthia R. Pakkala Ruwan Pallegedara Elizabeth Kristina Palmquist Melissa Lynn Panasci

18 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

Robert James Pannell Cole Nicholas Papakyrikos Alexander James Pappas Eliana Jasmires Paradis Kourtney Brielle Parchment Connor Jay Pardell Ryan Carl Pardoe Heena Park Jung Hee Park Suna Park Joseph Austin Parker Nicholas Carl Parrilli Taylor James Parthemer Andres Fernando Patino Lindsey Marie Patterson Isara P. Patumanon Anna Marie Payne Brooke Taylor Pearson Michelle Susan Peck Anne D’Amour Pennington Eric Steven Peresiper Andre Calazan Perez Elizabeth Ann Perkus Alexa Brianne Perman Maxwell Wyatt Petersen Kyle John Phillips Brooke Danna Pian Jennifer Pierre Anna Kirsten Plociak Lisa Kathleen Poirier Yizary Polanco Jean Carlos Polanco Lopez Zachary Ian Porges Susan Patricia Porteous Henry Coors Porter Joseph Michael Porter Ava Post Sasheen Peta Gay Pottinger-Francis Matthew Daniel Poveromo Dana Lauren Powder Ethan Charles Prather Deveney Kelly Pula Hannah Alice Purkey Edward Paul Pyszczynski Constance Qian Yunshu Qian Qianzhuang Qu Amanda Chelsea Quain Ellen F. Quarmby Charles Spencer Koppensteiner Quay Elizabeth Kathryn Quinn Caleb Matthew Radens Aeshna Rajmaira Javier Ramirez Jennifer S. Ramirez Trey Edward Ramsey Thomas W. Randall Casey Elizabeth Randazzo Nicholas Tyler Randle Jackson Raymond Randolph Sarah Jerome Rastatter Charles Houston Ray Elizabeth Victoria Reamer Kristen Elizabeth Reardon James Patrick Rectenwald John Patrick Redos Corey Daniel Reed Michael Robert Regina Jessica Marie Reisdorf Margaret Vina Remsen Murui Ren Xinru Ren Mackenzie Carol Reynolds Ryan David Reynolds Tyler E. Reynolds Lucas Jackson Rhoads Lauren Angela Rice Peter James Richards Brett Alan Richardson Nicholas William Rielly Elaine Patricia Rigney Preston B. Rimbey Daniel Joseph Rivera Dawn Marie Rivera Eliud Rivera Jacqueline Rivera Natalie Dora Rivlin Khizer Rizvi Frank Philip Rizzaro III Spencer Alexander Roane Christie Ames Robinson Gabriella Grace Nell Robinson Gabriela Rodriguez Gabriel Jose Rodriguez Diaz Minho Roh Sunho Roh Gabriella Natalie Roman Andrea Ivette Romero Trevor Louis Romich Katie Rong Tiffany Elaine Rose Lindsay Ann Rosenstein Katherine Lee Rosettie Etienne Bertrand Rossert Lindsay Alexandra Rothfeld Lauriane Rougeau Jonathan David Rubin Kristin Lin Rumovicz John Conner Russell Vincent Joseph Russomagno III Ava Giuliana Gentilcore Ryan Natasha Huff Saidikowski Caroline Wallace Salisbury Richard Ryan Salvagno Jennifer Lynn Samel Ashley Sams Nicole Elizabeth SanGiacomo Jacob W. Sangren Danielle Eve Marie Sanok Aaron Joseph Santangelo Shane Noriah Savage Justin Ross Schick Ryan Michael Schiedo Bonnie Lynne Schiffman Jeanne Lee Schnell Emma L. Schnur Angelica Lauren Schreyer Andrew Patrick Schrichte Maxim Schuler Samantha Marie Schwalje Cara Elizabeth Schwartz Jonathan T. Scolere Madison Elise Scollick Riley Richard James Scott Jessica Yuanjia Seah Jun Jie Victor Seet

Jeremy Robert Seibold Benjamin Welles Sellew Zachary Joseph Semenetz Sunho Seo Kevin C. Sergeon Yosmel Serrano Renee Olee Setter Alecia Marie Shaffer Jeffrey Daniel Shaffer Justin Sean Shapiro Scott Andrew Shapiro Matthew Zachary Sharpe James William Shaughnessy Christian Pearce Shaw Ling Shen Thomas William Shepherd Timothy Patrick Shields Abigail A. Sholtys Jonathan Shtaynberger Kelsey Shaw Silberman Adam Silver Lenita Renee Silvera Richard Martin Silverman Aaron Banevur Silverstein Molly Hannah Silverstein Kuldip Singh Ram Simrat Singh Joseph Michael Sinopoli, Jr. Patrick Sipple Mark Thomas Skeels Anna Kathleen Smith Carla Alexandra Smith Lauren Margaret Smith Marion Elaine Smith Taylor Douglas Smith James Michael Solomon Rebecca Erin Soloway Hye Yoon Song Alden Louis Sonnenfeldt Hilary Ann Soohoo Taylor Ashley Southard Maximilian Gustav Spielmann Matthew Spiers Jordan Ross Spitzer Nicholas Alexander St. Fleur Lukasz Stala Abigail Katherine Stamp Andrew Blake Stanmyer Marie Marcia Stanton Joseph R. Stanzione Victoria Mae Starzyk Jesse Reed Steberger Alyson Lauren Stein Alisa Dyan Steinklein Sara Conklin Stevens Zachary Michael Stevens Kristen Marie Steves Glenn A. Stewart Hugh Patrick Stewart Christopher P. Stinson Christopher Gepe Strayer Allison Elizabeth Strub Patrick Joseph Sullivan Jennifer Melissa Sun Stephanie M. Supa Daniel Harrison Sussman Jeffrey Michael Sussman Richard Jack Sutton Katherine Alexa Sweitzer Greg Parker Sykes Mark Wei Tai Geoffrey Hsining Tam Rose Tarsio Lucas Steele Tasker Lilian Mae Taylor Marissa Katherine Taylor Matthew Joseph Taylor Ross Sullivan Taylor Graham Paul Tenney Emmitt Six Terrell Adey Teshome Lindsay Nicole Theodore Karnveer Kaur Thiara Angela Lee Thomson Eric Edward Thompson Emily Victoria Throwe Temitope Ibukunoluwa Tiamiyu Kenneth Charles Tkatchuk Timothy H. Tong Virginia Huei Tong Nilsa Elizabeth Toppe Maxwell M. Torrey Kristen Marie Towne Thomas Michael Trasolini Nathaniel Treffeisen Gillian Margaret Trimber Anton John Tschosik Ho Yeung Daniel Tse Alyssa Yae Tsuchiya Megan Rosemarie Tubb Janice Yan Tung Hyo-bin Um Robert Lee Utsey III Maximilian Van Bourgondien Jordan Negrin Vartanian Christina Camille Vasquez Zachary Leighton Velcoff Anna Elizabeth Viau Sean David Volk Shanna Shao Wade Richard Malcolm Walter Brian Durham Walton Olivia Lavaun Walton Elaine Elizabeth Wang Jessica Wang Maize Wang Xuejun Alice Wang Yuchao Wang Kyle David Ward Dazell Deshaun Washington Robyn Hannah Watson Emily Mae Webster Richard Ran Wei Yichen Wei Susan Rochel Weibman Olivia Marie Weihe Grant Gregory Weiss Michele Luise Weiss Scott Corey Weiss Michelle Marie Wemette Jennifer Rose Werbitsky Bradley Matthew Werner Zachary George West Alyssa Marie Wetterau Cheryl Lorrayne Whilby Ryan Allister Wickens Paige Alexa Wilkins Cody Ballou Williams Danielle Courtney Williams Marcus Christopher Willis Kae-Lynn Buchanan Wilson Benny Yiu Wong Wen Jun Wong Yao Sing Wong Jacqueline Rachel Wu Natasha May Wu Sylvia Wu Tingting Wu Henri Pierre Eleuthere Wuilloud-Aguas

Yun Xu Zhong Xu Ria Sara Mohan Yalamanchili Steven Akira Yamada Danrui Yang Zhimeng Yang Zeyu Yao Brittany Danielle Yee Jingbo Yi Su Jung Yoo Timothy Sukhyun Yoo Jacqueline M. Yost Michael Jay Young Daniel E. Younger Yasong Yu Jie Yuan Xiaotian Yue Kevan Eftekhar Zadeh Jon Robertson Zalaznick Regina Anne Zaremba Katrina Alane Zavislan Derek Edward Zerkowski Tami Yi Zhan Victoria Zhang Chen Zhao Nanhai Zhong Timothy Joseph Zimicki Brandon Lee Zipper Jonathan James Zollo Charles Chaoyang Zou Joshua Benjamin Zuk Andrew Joseph Zukosky

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Architecture, Art, and Planning Katerina Athanasiou Charles Stephen Bailey Garrett William Barker Matthew Gamble Davis Rodrigo de Dios Mulet Jamil Mohamed Fatti Spenser Polk Gruenenfelder Emmylia Nokomis Tiger-Lily Hudson María Gabriela Huertas Díaz Catherine Young Jung Michelle Taejung Kim Si Jie Daveen Koh Serene Liu Kwan Martin W. Leung Le Luo David Anthony McCuiston Kimberly A. Nguyen Royce R. Novak Kyle Adam Parsons Alexander Lucas Quint Robert Luis Rinaldo Joshua Rolón Adrienne Solana Rosenblatt Andres Silvestry III Ulysses James Smith Alexa Lee Solimano Brandon T. Taylor Christian Joseph Turner Shepperson A. Wilbun Lydia Xu Kevin Yen Nenha Sadia Young Wei Onn Yuen William Randall Bard Zahn Vera Zorkina

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Engineering Mohamed Abdullah Najeeb Abdullah Hector Enrique Acaron Ledesma Warren William Acker Amelia Kate-Gillich Adams Thayer Simas Adsit Erin Ahlers Erik Ahlgren Can Akcevin Afolabi Oluwatobi Akingbe Darlin Alberto Thomas Edward Alexander Jeffrey Raymond Alfano Stephanie Alexandra Altrui Arun Ananthamoorthy Ian Christopher Anderson Aleksey Yuryevich Andriyenko Ryan David Anthony Dana Lynn Arose Katherine Lang Aviza Tsenguun Badamsed Christine Marie Bakewell Chidanand Balaji Calvin Ando James Baldwin Daniel Albert Balentine Kali Banare Baptiste Erica Inez Barnett Anthony Joseph Basile Brandon David Bass Josephine Taylor Bates Victor G. Bautista Evyatar Hagay Belson Ashley Lauren Benson Andre Bergeron Rachel Marilyn Bernick Ishaan Sagar Berry Gabriel Bevilacqua Soares Karan Bhatia Annas Bin Adil Sauhard Bindal Edward Arthur Bingham Mathew Boban Samantha Phusanti Bobra Anthony Adolfo Boiano Michael Anthony Bommarito Christopher Lawton Borodic Timothy Bostick Bosworth Alexandra Rose Bothner Alexander Buhse Brady Alexandra Provost Braun Veronica Kristine Brennan Jennifer Diane Brenner Mason Andrew Brody-Carney Andrew Park Broenen Steven Michael Brown Jacob Scott Bucci Mark Alan Bunney, Jr. Ronald Louis Bunshaft Thomas Anthony Burton Mark Hanson Bushnell Fiona May Byrne Jee Su Byun Mariana Caballero Javier Mauricio Campanini Ramon Reynaldo Campusano Olivia Hancock Carr

Molly Evelyn Casey Sun Chae Sze Hui Chai Katherine Marie Chaloux Jonathan David Chamberlain Andrew K. Chan Horace Hoyin Chan Kristian Chan Caroline Chang Mengzhe Chang Thomas Won Jun Chang Christopher Chapa Graham Randall Chapman Nicholas Chartrain Emily Chen Yiyi Chen Yuen Ching Brenda Chen Xiangrui Chi Derek Chiao Guo Jie Chin Karen Chin Tiffany Chio Mitchell Allan Chisholm Yongjoon Choe Ashleigh Sujin Choi Harim Choi Seung-Youn Choi Michelle Chou Ishan Chowdhury Deborah Shangyee Chu Jessica Yuan Chu Joy Zi Jun Chua Matthew Chun Hyunsoo Chung Jaebum Chung Claire Elizabeth Cipriani Amanda Melissa Clow Sara Lynn Coffey Jeremy Robert Cohen Ricky James Matulac Concepcion Danya Mercedes Contreras Brandon Matthew Cook Charles Frederick Coombs IV Anne Elise Creamer Nathaniel Nelson Culver Stephanie Marie Curley Camilla Christina Dagum Sean Michael D’Andrea Richard Okyere Dansoh II Jennifer Alexis Davis Kenneth Mark Deakins Patrick Michael Dear John DeCorato Isaac Degani Alissa Brianna Del Toro Ian Lee Delwiche Gaomin Deng Sean Peter Dennin Jackson Gray DeStefano Scott Alexander DeVries Aaron Beech DiPietro Matthew DiSalvo Eugene Doan Owen Song Dong Walter Roosevelt Fichtenbaum Donica Jonathan Mark Donovan Laura Elizabeth Dorsey Sarah-Elizabeth Egan Drinon Karen Elizabeth Duffy Richard L. Dunning Travis Michael Duran Kristin Margaret Edgerton Anne Edmundson Joseph Steven Elich Colin Bjorn Enderlein Masaki David Endo Sarah E. Erickson Elizabeth Escalera Jane Ellyn Esterline Gabrielle Powers Facquet Vishal Vipul Fadia Joseph Anthony Fallurin Qiming Fang Dylan Jacob Fath Lauren Peggy Feinstein Royce Yunhan Feng Karen Eva Feuerstein William Brian Fieles Kevin J. Fiero Brian Andrew Griffiths Finn Samuel Eric Fischer Jeffrey Shieh Fitch Meghan Beatrice Fitzgerald Allison Fleck Benjamin Scott Fleury Stellie J. Ford Andrea Lamere Fortman Andrew Gilmore Francis Shawn Joseph Franjeskos Scott David Franklin Jill Elizabeth Freeman Brandon Kevin Gainer Mary Elizabeth Galanko Stacey Renee Gambrel Han Gao Aldo Gabriel Garcia Monica Priya Garde Stephanie Christine Gary Andrew David Gasbarro Bernard Daniel Gaskey Jennifer Lauren Gass Kristian Anthony Gennaci Briton Sean Gergen Julio E. Gerlein Nathan Sameh Ghabour Kira Gidron Harrison Thomas Gill Laura Ann Gilmour Cameron Ira Glass Chian Yeh Goh Neil Gokhlay Jonathan Edward Goldsmith Louis Todd Goldstein Eva Marie Golos Jacqueline Eve Gonzalez Andrew David Gorodetsky Siddarth Govindarajan Christopher Daniel Graham Matthew Christopher Granados Jesse Alexander Greene Patricia Karen Grippo Kate Allison Grosslein Sean Michael Grove Peter Shen Gu Zhuo Guan Rohiverth Guarecuco Jr. Xinyi Guo Vaibhav Gupta Debashree Guruaribam Sara Kristine Gushgari Daniel Alexander Haberman Adam Richard Hachey Michael Rafael Haggerty Dong Hun Han Pranav Hanagal Max Leon Hans Derek Michael Harden Ashley Ann Harms

Adam Wilson Harris Dana Elizabeth Hartsig Bridget Emily Hegarty Mark Gerard Hendrick Christopher A Herrera Spencer M. Hicks David Christopher Hietala Elaine Gina Higashi Alexandra Marie Hilbert Kayleigh Marie Hind Philip Hirsch Thomas Mathew Hirschfeld Katherine Alison Hirt Daniel Robert Hodash Kaitlyn Marie Hoffman Christopher O. Hogan Stephen Hyunwoo Hong Daniel Evan Honig Erika M Hoppner Allison Wei Hsia Jeffrey Hsiao Kyle K. Hsu Tedman Wilbur Hsu Shengling Hu Timothy Yien Hu Cheuk Hang Hui Cody Daniel Hutcheson Howard Luhao Hwang Joonyoung Hwang Michael Francis Hyland Young Bum Hyun Peter Im Andrew Harrison Imm Eriko Inagaki Tanjina Islam Ritchie Wing-Gee Iu Ashwathi A. Iyer Adam Moshe Izraelevitz Benjamin Gordon Jaeger Hee Sun Jang Shane Thomas Jarvie Corinne Taylor Jaskiewicz Al Jean-François Adam Samuel Jelfo Daniel Jeng Jonathan H Jenks Brian Richard Jiang Minni Jindal Bill W. Jo Matthew Sousa Johnson Sanford Marsalis Johnson Samuel Christopher Jones Alicia Violeta Juárez Camacho Heejoon Jung Hojin Jung Hyewon Jung Peter Megowen Jung Melissa Ann Kachala Yu Kambe Chao Kang Rahul Kapoor Imtiaz Mohamed Karim Kolbeinn Karlsson Jared Daniel Karson Jonathan Daniel Kaufman Megan Noel Kay Brett Kelly Conor Patrick Kennedy John William Kennedy Ryan Christopher Kennett Niket Khanna Hannah Ariel Kiem William Jerome Kiffer Daniel Y. Kim Haejin Kim Hong Chan Kim Jane Hyojung Kim Michelle Dawn Kim Suzi Kim Won Kyum Kim Justin Jee-Hyun Kim, Jr. Maxwell Klefstad Benjamin Theodore Kling Alexander Thompson Klug Elias Kneisser Whitney Y. Ko Adam Joshua Kohl Rudra Pradeep Koul Roland Krieger Ranjay Aditya Krishna Erin Jennifer Kuhl Supriya Kamakshi Kumar Jonathan Michael Kuriloff Erica Catherine Kurowski Vera S. Kutsenko Adela Kuzmiakova Matthew Douglas Kwock Nathaniel Der-Lin Kwok Benjamin Tak Chun Lai Jaime M. Laird Nafeesa Noorallah Laiwalla Mark Andrew Landy Feng Lang William John Lange, Jr. Warren Lau Matthew Joseph Lavengood David Law Anna Elizabeth Le Aleksi Wen-Hai Lee Chae Rim Lee Colleen Sujin Lee Cordelia Rou-Chien Lee Hyodong Lee Jae Dong Lee Jean Hooi Lee Joonsuk Lee Jun Young Lee Justin C. Lee Kyu Young Lee Stephanie Nicole Lee Emma Marie Lejeune Danielle Christine Lertola James Leung Connie Cen Li Dai Li Erluo Li Ethan Xiangming Li Jason Li Jennifer Chia-Hua Li Xing Li Yiwei Li Yuanji Li Zhonghe Li Alan Tao Liang Anthony Jason Lim Daryl Zi Gui Lin Hanna Lin Kimberly Sydney Lin Shirley Xin Lin Marissa Anne Linne Katherine Grace Linscott Elana Liskovich Alina Chen-xue Liu Benjamin Liu Deborah Yang Hao Liu Guangyu Liu Jimmy Liu Qiao Xing Liu Rafael Enrique Lizarralde

Johnattan Llanos Kevin Lo Tsz Him Lo Sarah Elizabeth Loftus John Michael Lombard Daniel Londono Hellen Karen Lopez Matthew Christopher Lordahl Bryan Kit Ming Louie Andy Lu Cathy Y. Lu Crystal Spring Lu Gongcheng Lu Wen Hao Lui Corinne Cathryn Lusher Ha Nguyen Nhat Luu Brian Anthony Lynch Daniel Joseph Lyon Nathan Samuel Macher Kristy Marie Macias Maya Madhavan Areeb Muhammad Malik Shawn P Malloy Christopher P. Mancuso Vikram Maran Daniel Matthew Margolin Liana Mari Charles Marc Marquet Aaron Michael Martinez Sandra Salena Martinez Beth Anne Matzkin Michael David Mazzola Sarah Nyambura Mburu Charles Peter McCann Nicholas Patrick McCarthy Robert John McCombs Daniel Patrick McHenry Kathryn Ann McQuade Yoni David Medoff Michael John Mehallow Katrina M. Mehringer Hersh Pradip Mehta Daniel Ramon Mejido Crystal A. Mendez Madeline Louise Messer William J. Metzler Jorge Alejandro Mexia Ponce Xiao Mi Junyan Miao Mehmet Sercan Mihmanli Mark Gawain Milner Lauren Min Jonathan Baldwin Mohr Joseph Anthony Mongeluzzi III Rodrigo Monsalve, Jr. Costandino Dufort Moraites Robert Louis Morandi William Thomas Morgan Sabrina Brooke Moroz Julia Elizabeth Morris Ryan Francis Morris Caris Mariah Moses Daniel Moskowitz Jeff Mu Anirvan Mukherjee Nicholas Ravindra Mulchan Edgar Munoz Daniel James Murphy Brett Lauren Musco Brian David Nader Kaditya Subrayalu Naidu Aditi Rajiv Naik Jaya Kunhikrishnan Nambiar Nicholas VanRensselaer Nardelli Varun Ramaswami Natraj Rujuta Arvind Natu Michael Grant Nazario Alexander Carl Nestle Ann Katherine Newcomb Scott Andrew Newman Yenhou Clement Ng Linh Hoai Nguyen Thinh Phuc Nguyen Bojiong Ni Adam Edward Nichols Daniel Jordan Nilsson-Cole Lucas Nissenbaum Thomas Edwin Obrien V Randall Lewis Ochs Samuel Ryan Odle Matheus Almeida Ogleari Claire Yan-Cheer Oh Corey Oses Erin Kathleen O’Shea Shay Nathaniel Osler Felipe Osterling Tara Marie Ostock Adam Christopher Overvig David Rafael Padilla Claire Qingyi Paduano Richard R. Panzer Hyun Jeong Park Jay Hoon Park Seung Park Sooyoun Park Sabrina K. Paseman Ajay I. Patel Michael Louis Paull Ziyou Peng Leah Carmella Perazzo Lemay Perez Christopher J Perry Maxwell Wyatt Petersen Brooke Danna Pian Raymond Hamel Justin Pierson IV Allison Irene Pinterpe Rebecca Ann Pisarcik Matthew Henry Pizzonia Louis Alejandro Polanco Sebastian Yordano Polanco Patrick Garrett Porter Nolan Ian Reginald Poulin Rudolph E Powser IV Seth Lee Pree Charles Brett Provenzano Kelsey McKenzie Prucha-Mitchell Julie Marina Putzak Qin Qi Shuyan Qin Omeo Abdul Quddus Hana Tabassum Qudsi Adriano Quiroga Garafulic Tejas Chandrashekhar Raje Eashwar Rangarajan Chirag Raghuveer Rao Jacob Avrum Raskin Heidi Ellen Rausch Raisa Razzaque Kristin Elena Regan Jie Ren Oliver James Renick Clifton Conrad Reynolds Kristen Elizabeth Reynolds Catherine Coryell Richardson Owen James Sullivan Rickey

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 19

Salmaan Abbas Rizvi Andrew Beyer Robbins David Joseph Rodriguez Michael Angelo Rodriguez Yordany Rodriguez Michael Romanko Luis Eliseo Romero Andres Manuel Romeu Elliott William Rosenberg Kyle Richard Rosenberg Karen Rachel Rosenblatt Steven Jon Rosenfield Michael David Ross Alexander Christian Ross-Stuart Deven Atul Roy Alexander Raymond Ruyack Sean Emmett Ryan Andrew Joseph Rzeznik Juan Pablo Saavedra Benjamin Christopher Sabo Anshul Sacheti Derek Myles Saddler Markus Salasoo Hersh A. Sangani Paras Gautam Sanghavi David J. Santa Ana Juan Pablo Sarmiento Matthew Lawrence Scheff Margaret Scheiner Bonnie Lynne Schiffman Scott Jarrett Schlacter Colin Frederick Schmidt Kelsey Romer Schmidt April Jean Schneider Neesha Regmi Schnepf Samuel Harrison Schnog Benjamin Anthony Schoener Ariel Leah Schwartz Joshua Michael Schwartz Taylor Michael Seabaugh Jacob Louis Segal Christian Andres Segarra Neil Anjan Sen Alexander William Senko Ethan Sungmin Seo Amanda Lynn Serino Kyle Lee Seyler Kartikeya Shastri Yuqiao Joe Shen Kimberly G Sheriff Zachary Michael Sherman Jiaxi Shi Sally L Shi Adam Shih Melissa Dori Shinbein Aadeetya Shreedhar Christos Sideris Julie Marie Silva Brandon Rayshawn Simmons-Rawls Alexandra Joyce Simpson Mark Kenneth Simpson Divyaraj Singh Makhlook Manik Singh Anil Vikas Singhal Patrick Sipple Wesleigh Owen Sisco Apurva Sisodia Lydia Elizabeth Skrabonja Larry Allen Slaughter Cameron Alexander Smith David Stanley Smith Elizabeth Grace Smith Kale Ross Smith Turner Alexander Smith Pamela Brin Snodgrass Karina Sobhani Sabina Sobhani Alexander Song Ki Song Sang Hoon Song You Sung Song Alden Louis Sonnenfeldt Tyghe Robert Speidel Melinda Spinella Benjamin David Stadulis Joseph William Staehle Joseph Thomas Stagnitta Amanda Claire Steffy Gregory J. Stein Mark Stepanian Lucas Alexander Sterle Brian Derek Stern Jamie Adele Sternlicht Zachary Michael Stevens Pauline Katherine Stewart Stephen L. Stinson Carl Woodman Stokley Allysia Danielle Stover Eric Daniel Stucker Ryan Patrick Sturm Min Su Mengjuan Sun Josh Qiaoxi Sun Andrew Ki-Jung Sung Nathan Andrew Supakul Aakash Sureka Deanna Marie Surma Edward C. Szoka Eric Jordan Tacher Taizhi Tan Walter Tan Margaret Rose Taormina Joshua William Tashman Maria Venelinova Tchamova Andrew Milan Tennant Sarah Kaye Terry Austin J. Thomas Nicholas Coan Thompson Keli Vieno Siukola Thurston Tian Tian Dustin Joseph Tiedemann Samantha Anne Tierney Vincent Tieu Marisa Ann Till Phillip Marvin Tischler Ackerley Liang Xun Tng Gabriel Enrique Torres Paul Vincent Travisano Koffi Nono Trenou Joseph Del Triska Adam Michael Trofa Christopher Mark Trosin, Jr. Niki Sevasti Tsahalis Andrew Roe Tsao Ivan Tse Yee Ting Tse Peter Hengte Tseng Tse-Yin Tu Cecilia Guadalupe Turcios Ahmet Kaan Turkel Nicole Marie Uber Alexander Michael Vargas Kevin Andres Vasquez Rebecca Ann Ventimiglia

Christine Gerry Vernon Vishal Vijay Alisha Vimawala Maria Demetrios Vissas Karl Otto Volkmann Emily Katin Voo Nicholas Scott Wade Samuel Robert Wagstaff Lauren Marie Walden Daniel Joseph Wallace Qian Wan Tiffany Wan Alexander Jing Wang Daniel Ning-enn Wang Lijia Wang Mahina Guyue Wang Xirui Wang Scott Patrick Warren David B. Waskie Neil Andersen Watters Robert Vincent Weber Daniel Thomas Webster V Dylan Patrick Webster Peng Wei Jennifer Lynn Weidman Mark Douglas Welch Whitney Nowak Wenger Stewart Kirkman Wenner Ryan Richard Westover Livingstone Anthony Whyte Aaron Kester Wilkening Calvin Jay Winder Brian Michael Wojcik Kai Weng Wong Caleb Daniel Woo Jacqueline Lee Wood Zachary Edmund Wright Cheryl Wu Derrick Tak-Lun Wu Jilong Wu Li-Chieh Wu Daniel Michael Wyleczuk-Stern Sophia Xu Weiling Xu Xiang Xu Zhige Xu Rohit Yallamraju Beverly R Yang Danrui Yang Sijun Yang Yuting Yang Rosemary Russo Yardley Chiping Yeh Kimberly Chih-Fong Yeh Zhaoxin Yin Stephen Paul Yoon Bradley Brown Yosaitis Kyle Henry Yost Daniel E Younger Howard Tsun Ho Yu Jeffrey Yu Jie Yuan Betsy Bita Zadeh Daniel Anthony Zagnoli Marjan Zeb Zaman Zachary Alverde Zeller Siyu Zhan Jesse Zhang Le Zhang Tong Zhang Xi Zhang Yaoqun Zhang Jason Luobing Zhao Christopher F Zheng Luyu Zheng Dennis Wei Zhou Kevin B Zhou Yanqing Zhou Zhe Hao Zhou Julia Li Zhu

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Hotel Administration

Karim Adel Abouelnaga Shannon Ladan Adelman Mary Katherine Elizabeth Adie Bashir Abdullah Alhadi Tareq Ali Gorka Amian Caroline Brittany Anderson Martin Antoniev Andonov Joaquim Jean Albert Ardisson Juan David Arguello Pazmino Kelly Erin Armstrong Michael Adams Ashton Nicholas Vincent Asoli Lauriane Liliane Marguerite Bambou Kendra Grace Barnett Patrick Daniel Bartlett Tejvir Basra Stephen Mark Beemsterboer Krista Marie Bekkevold Meagan Kathryn Berry Mollie Elisabeth Bickel Peter Austin Biechler Braden John Birch Victor Alden Bogert Brayno Braynov Meghan Kathryn Breneman Wyatt Lawrence Bridges Peter John Brogan Eric Aaron Brown Hakeem Brown Brendan Thomas Bruno Andrew Maclean Burke Thomas Francis Burke Alicia Pamela Butters Lauren Ellen Olivia Cairns Michelle H. Cannon Jacqueline Carvajal Charis Jeanne Chambers Anukul Chandhok Albert Chang Jason Charles Matthew Chen Timothy Yee Chen Jessica Cheng Monica Minjung Choi Kevin R. Chung Christopher Brian Clark Michael Vernon Cline Keith Michael Coats Bridget Mary Cohn Jack Daniel Crowley Lindsey Shea Cummins Abigail Kathleen Cunningham Dylan Bruce Cunningham Kevin Francis Curley Vincent Paumier Cusma Kevin Robert Dame Sonate Dan-Princewill James Bowden Deck Taylor Ann DeLorenzo

Tomaso Vincenzo DeNiro Chloë Margaux Denning John Anthony DeSantis Molly Desmond Stefan Marc-Anthony Dixon Kyle Alexander Dolby Cole-Gabriel DuMond Robert G. Edell Samuel Chapin Eisenman Mollie Elizabeth Eisler Todd Michael Feldman Catherine Caroline Flint Emilia Fonda Demi Fong Danielle R. Foster Christie Ann Fredericks Alexander Tyler Friedman Cory Harris Furst Jayann Mahina Yuk Sim Gabrio Eric Gorenstein Jessica Lessall Goss Nathaniel Estis Green Michael Alexander Greene Sydney Ludwig Grims George Gardner Groen Debby Hyun Gu Ye Gu Niels Alexander Hansen Tessa Elizabeth Hart Devin Arthur Hartling Emily Hauser Colby Sebastian Heiman Samantha Anne Heleba Maxine Marie Hepfer Gil Heymann Bingzhao Ho Brett Spencer Hochberg Kathleen Grace Hodge Jenilssa Maria Holguin Kathleen Mary Hollis Erica Jean Holmes Yoon Jee Hong Ethel Hoon Jonathan M. Horowitz LeRoy Sylvester Howard II Adele Jiachen Huang Sofie Lynn Issembert Shane Christopher Jackson Shuang Ji Adebukanla Efunwunmi Johnson Reed Murphy Johnson Samantha Hua-Pan Johnson Ethan Shephard Joseph Michael Vincent Jurgielewicz Jackson Scott Kalb So Young Kang Shayna Beth Kay Caroline Kelter Gabriel Jacob Kennedy Danbi Kim Jiye Kim Joan Hyun Kim Joo J. Kim Se Rhee Kim Stephanie Christine Kuntz Jonathan Siu Chung Kwok Giacomo Andrew Latona Andy Y. Lee Dasom Lee Dawn Pearl Evelyn Lee Dong Jun Lee Ga-in Lee Yun Ha Lee Sarah Ying An Edlyn Leow Richard Mitchell Levins Julie Marguerite Levitsky Robert Mackenzie Lewis Levina J. Li Michael Alexander Lieberman Cindy Lin Hao Liu Evan Z. Livingston David Lo Shaina Abigail Loew Audrey Loke Eric Maimon Brendan John Mallick Christina Angela Mandal David Cedric Martin Kendall Brittany Martin Rosa Edoviges Martinez Patrick Joseph Mayer Conor Blynn McCabe Lindsay Maureen McDonald Lauren Elizabeth McGowan Joseph J. Mckay Michael James McLaughlin Miles Jones McMullin Samantha Medina Christina Joan Milano Lana Rose Miller Cassandra K. Molitoris Alessandra Marina Momo Kylie Schoen Monagan Brian James Mueller Hiroaki Narita Yaris Ng Pang Carolyn Elizabeth Christine Nieberding Catherine M. Nieberding Steven Christopher George Nieberding Nico Nissl Dana Hillary Ocher Christopher Mark O’Donnell Andrea Stacy Oran Gabriella Orillac de la Guardia Ruben Ortega, Jr. Samuel Kroy Ostergaard Elissa Osterland Wanfen Ou Analise Jane Palomo Juliann Nicole Panehal Nazario M. Paragano Sun Jung Park Errick Christian Peck Michael Hugo Perlman Jonathan Pineda Nicole Piscioneri Arthur Ricardo Pizza Alissa Poloumieva Emily Rae Pramer Anthony Joseph Quintal Alyssa Marie Ravenelle Taylor Patrick Rijos Jessica Arbetter Rosenberg Lindsay Ann Rosenblum Gavin James Royster Matthew Scott Rubin Renee Rushefski Hyerim Ryu Laura Jean Saniuk-Heinig Joseph Benjamin Sanson Alyssa Lynn Santy Katherine Nicole Satinsky Carlo Savasta Wanda Maricel Schell-Gonzalez Kimberly Brooke Schlossberg Jordan Preston Schlotterbeck

Jonathan Forbes Scrugham Matthew Seward Nao Shibata Eva Angeline Simitch Warke Wing Tim Jonathan Sit Lindsay Nicole Slaven James McGinty Snook Brennan Corbin Spreitzer Julia C. Steck Kristopher K. Stengele Kaitlin Cassidy Stenson Rebecca Noelle Stewart Spencer Elliot Stier Leonard Fred Talavera Yong Kai Tan Andrew Chase Tarantino Katherine Alice Teng Colin Thomas Toner Matthew Tong Gourvjit Toor Michael Joseph Tormey Michael Angel Torres Sarah Elizabeth Trillo Shawn C. Tsai Jerome Joseph Tse Lilian Tso Corey Arielle Ufberg Monique C. Van Hartingsveldt Carlos Vazquez Alexandra Lee Wangeman Chad Benjamin Wemischner Lili Weng Charles Linwood Winslow Lauren Rose Wippman Kazusa Yamane Amy Yao Dorcas Yue On Yeung George Yeung Edward Yew Jim Yu Sara Katherine Yun Lucía María Zambrano Barrera Abigail Raye Zatz Stephanie Michelle Zeidenberg Lucy Qiong Zheng Xi Zhou Rosalind Zhu

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Human Ecology Phillip Anthony Abarca Aarti Mahesh Agarwal Uchenna Nkechi Agbim Christina Maria Aguilar Fariha Ahsan Phoebe Jane Ai Ellen Elizabeth Alexander Katelyn Mackenzie Alexander Kristine Nicole Alexander Stephen Joseph Allegra Colleen Elizabeth Anderson Laura Katherine Anderson Benjamin Yates Andrew Elizabeth Ann Antrim-Cashin Nicole Beth Apfel Carlie Jeanine Arbaugh Kristen Elizabeth Archibald Elizabeth Omolade Atteh Martine Aurelien Julie Lauren Avrutine Kwame Agyeman Badu-Danso Juhye J. Bae Lina Saeed Bajwa Jonathan Levi Bar Zachary Yale Barletta Matthew Louis Barnett Mariana Barros Barreto Allison Ann Bauer Sydney Kaela Beck Alexandra Lynn Bellows Jesse Leonard Bendit Scott Alexander Bergman Robyn Elise Bernstein Max Samuel Blumenthal Morgan Taylor Bookheimer John V. Boyle Helena Michael Brenner Annaclaire Brodnick Christina Marie Bryce Katherine Mary Louise Buckner Paul Joseph Buehler Julia Grace Burgdorf Adriana Lee Burton Karen Elizabeth Calabrese Marie Elizabeth Camerota Hannah Mahassen Campbell Jorge Adrian Campos Tory K. Cange Alessandra Ilaria Cardi Carrie Ann Carlton Matilda Fatoumatta Ceesay Anna Sophia Ceniccola Zin Htet Chan Sharjeel Chaudhry Honzer Chen Jessica Chen Matthew Cari Chen Yufei Chen Diana Cheung Jeff Choi Jacob Paul Christ Jenny Eunbee Chung Kristina Lynn Ciampi Nina Michelle Clark Brian Matthew Coard Michael Commesso Peter Daniel Congelosi Alice Muriel Cope Alexandra Cote Kyla Rose Cretekos-Gross Nicole Dana Crystal Kaci Cannon Cunningham Jenica Gayl Dabrowski Regina Amore D’Amico Nadia Daoud Bailey Marie DeBarmore Mikhail Lagrimas DeJesus Christian Henry Paul Delaszlo Caroline M. Delson Joseph Alan DeMari Nathan Gregory Dembowski Yue Deng Sarah Helen Dephtereos Alisha Rajendra Desai Emily Naismith Devins Jana Dimitrievska Claire Marie Dishong Shelby Anne Distenfeld Maggie Mei Diu Taylor Ryan Dodds Elissa Ashley Driggin Nathalie Alexandra Dupart Alexander Abraham Egan Rachel Marta Eklund Farrah Amber Elamir

Rebecca Brynn Elbaum Garrett Orwin Evenson Cassandra Skye Federman David Ian Feldman Hannah Margaret Fillas Natalie Kay Finn Courtney Ann FitzPatrick Martine Fleurius Kathleen Rose Fogg David Zachary Forman Elana Kathryn Foust Kaitlyn Ann Francis Susan Freeman Jaime Michelle Freilich Caralyn Eve Friedman Emily Amber Futcher Sara Lauren Gager Anita Ganti Antoinette Marretth Gayle Hannah Dodson Geiser Alexandra Zoe Gensemer Samantha Kimiko Giertych Reena Gilani Bari N. Giller Ross Paul Gillum Casey Marissa Glassman Haley Elise Glazer Alexandra Marissa Goldberg Matthew Gottesman Arin Marie Grant Dayna Nicole Greenstein Rebecca Joy Gregory Allison Elizabeth Guba Marissa Joy Guttenberg Yoon Chul Haam Rebecca Allison Haft Joshua Mina Haimi Paige Jennie Hall Brooke Allison Hammer Ailish Meghan Hanly Ariel Nicole Hart Genna Marie Hartung Alok Harwani Melissa Louisa Hoffman Iris Ann Hoxha Jill Hsia Johanna Singer Hughes Molly Anne Hulbert Elizabeth Marie Humphrey Sandra Wei Hwang Michael Hyon Haroon Omar Ismail Joelle Marie Jach Damien Scott Jackson-Ricketts Jacquelyn Michele Jacob Alyssa Margarite Jacobson Christine R. Jannuzzi Oren Nathaniel Jaspan Joshua Jeong Diana Jiang Di Jin Elizabeth Francesca Johnson Robyn Leslie Johnson HaeJin Kang Edi Kapetanović Melanie Rose Katz Kaitlin Anne Kellner Caitlin Mara Kelly Michael Anthony Kelly Laura Evelyn Kennedy Samantha Kristen Kerr Dhruv Vijay Khade Heoi Jin Kim Jennifer Young Kim Sujeong Crystal Kim Yoola Kim Jill Allena Kirby Marlena Joan Klein Christine Constance Klosteridis Christopher Takaya Knight Hayeon Koo Jordan Michael Kravitz Jennifer Ku Rachel Anne Kuhns Daniel Kuhr Hannah Erin Labadie Hansen Lam Alexander Michael Lanes Samantha Mary Elizabeth LaQua Talya Leah Laub Anne Catherine Laurita Xuan Ky Le Jane Luisa Ledesma Himchan Lee Jae Hee Lee Ji Soo Lee Jisun Alyssa Lee Jonathan Lee Jun Oh Lee Kyu-Ri Lee Olivia Wen Yi Lee Yoonsup Lee Rachel Ilana Leopold Arielle Levy Daniel James Lewis Xiao Qing Li Ann Chen Lin Elaine Chenchi Lin Anuradha Lingala Rachel Katherine Linsner Yuxin Liu Emily Ann Loehmer Emily Ann Lopes Christine Wing See Lui Zoe Isabel Luscher Fei-Shan Mai Neeta Malviya Juanita Naomi Martin Kafi N. Mavour Elizabeth Blythe McCoy Margaret Katherine McDonald Lauren Elizabeth McGuinness Marie Evelyn McKenna Molly Eileen McMahon Jessica McSweeney Meera Sathis Menon Chloe Anne Michel Suyoung Min Emily Anne Mitchell Peter Wayne Moore Rebecca Ann Morgan Lulu Mu Deanna Eileen Nardella Rae Anne Nathanson Rodolfo Nazitto Boris Nektalov Tess Elizabeth Swords Nelson Zachary Walter Nollet Nnadilim Dorothy Okafor Ashley Melissa Olopherne James R. O’Neil Sarah Jean O’Neil Helen Ong Caitlin Eileen Parker Nisha Mahendra Patel Ritesh S. Patel Elisa Pennella Marissa Perlmutter Kathleen Phung

Zoe Piccolo Julie Marie Pillittere Richard Ritt Pongvitayapanu Meril Ann Pothen Tracy Jeanne Potter Kirstyn Elizabeth Powell Jessica Leigh Powers Luis Alberto Pozo-Gonzalez Alysia Antoinette Radak Nicholas Antonio Ramos Ashwin Ramachandra Rao William Taylor Reed Katelyn Marie Ridgeway Lauren A. Ritter Abby Elizabeth Robinson Isaac Reuven Rosenberg Jennifer Erin Rosenthal Danielle Sara Rosh Patricia Ann Rothenberg Margarita Rozenshteyn Thomas Sean Rucker Matthew Saks Parsa Salehi Christine K. Santiago Emily Gail Schlussel David Thomas Schneider Sally A. Schultz Tal Schwager Kimberly Shao Rebecca Sharma Emma Suriani Sheldon Yueyue Shen Abhishek Shenoy Kristina Marie Shultz Rachel Joanna Siegfried Philip Thomas Skummer Katelyn Elizabeth Smith Raquel Antonnette Smith Helen Jin Soh Danielle Rae Sommers Rye Ri Son Yusnier Sonora Lopez Spenser Stephen Souza Jessica Elizabeth Sparling Thomas Lindsey Spettigue Sara Kate Spiro Lauren Olivia St. Victor Maclen John Stanley Irina Starkova Mandela K. Steele-Dadzie Julie Beth Steinberg Laura Holland Stokes Jaroda Nikki Strapp Michael Masao Sugihara Collin Suh Kimberly Ann Summers Katya Swarts Christine Ann Sweeney Jessica Lynn Sweetman Kevin Tai Sloka Tankala Dominique D. Thomas Alyssa Eileen Thompson Tiffany Tsay Lauren J. Turner Brittany Lauren Tusa Alyssa Marie Tutunjian Tyler Charles Underriner Morgan Kate Valachovic Branden William Van Loon Vanessa Vélez Miriam Jean Wachs Naomi Monica Wald Elizabeth Ann Waldorf Shiliu Susan Wang Elizabeth Marie Wartella Kelly Elizabeth Wilcox Alexander Wittenberg Diana Wu Sylvia Garki Wu Cherry Xu Lisha Xu Veronica Therese Yambrovich Anna Yang Emily Yeh JiYoon Yoo Amy Yu Xinyu Zhao Andy Jun Zhou David Zhou Emilija Zygelyte

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE In Industrial and Labor Relations Emily Christine Abaroa Alexander Samuel Adler Samara Andaleeb Ahmed Derya Deniz Akbaba Trevor James Allain Tae Keun Ane Kyle Frank Arendsen Ryan Dominique Arsenault Kristen Lee Askin David Weslock Asser Ramsey Khalid Ataya Erik Justin Axell Berna Bai Flora Wonsun Baik Alexandra Helene Barra Kevin Patrick Bassney Andrew Lloyd Bauer Gregory James Becker Ramzi Spencer BenSaid Sarah Elizabeth Benowich Adel Lotfi Benslimane Daniel Joseph Blackman Jordan S. Block Rachael Molly Blumenthal Alexander William Bores Lindsay Taylor Boyajian Frederic Franklin Brace Arianna Loreal Bradley Joseph J. Brennan Megan Kathryn Buckley James Christopher Butler Cristina Helena Caballero Marcela Gisele Cabello Helen Michelle Cabot Julia Anna Cabot Julio A. Cabral Corrada William Michael Candell

20 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

Mario Céspedes Joseph Youngchul Chai Amanda Whitney Chan Ivan Chaykovskiy Shao Fang Chen Josephine Chen Kimberly Ying Hua Chen Leslie Yehjin Chi Amos Christopher Chiou Tammy Jihae Chung Charles Mitchell Clausner Robert Nash Cohen Nathaniel Keith Conti Daniel Clark Cooper Brandon Glenngrey Coulter Megan Katharine Cutaia Nicholas Anthony D’Agostino Juliet Genevieve Dachowitz Richard Palmer Daley Steven Michael DelVecchio Sebastian Marc Deri Roneal P. Desai Samit Dharia Sam M. Dix Andrew Clark Doberstein Andrew Frank Dominick Susanne Wren Donovan Kendall Stephen Drake Amy Rose Dreisiger Victoria Rose Easterday Scott Benjamin Eckl Isabel Anna Eckstein William Xavier Edmonds Alyssa Aida Esber Chyanne Michelle Eyde Denell Benora Falk Christopher Michael Fateh James Stuart Feld Gabrielle Fernandez Jon Darren Foster Devon Bailey Furlong Annie Xinyu Gao Andrena Ronelle Garden Jonathan R. Gartner Leighann George Adam Michael Gitlin Adam Mitchell Glapa Alex James Gonzales Ariel Alexis Gonzalez Andrew Louis Goodman Nicholas John Gordon Michael Kenneth Gormley Briana Ashley Greco Benjamin Lee Greenman Nicholas Dominick Gregoretti Shea Thomas Hasenauer Houston Ross Hawley William Spencer Herrmann Jonathan Conrad Hill Allison Marie Hilovsky Whitney Sherease Holman Christopher Charles Holmes Diane Kathryn Hund Shannon Rose McKelvey Isaacs Jesse Heath Isleman Fiona Ismail Marc Andrew Jackson Kristen Lee Jenkins Kevin Karl Johnson Nicholas Bradford Johnson Christopher Journey Stefan Jovic Iheatu Kenenna Kanu Ariel Grace Kaplan Diya Kapur Harisen Drew Kardon Noah Samuel Karr Kaitin Audrey Maeng Katz Michael John Kazley Michael Joseph Kehoe Franck Merlin Kengne Nikola Kesar Ji Seup Kim Sumin Kim Yeiser Kim Michelle Nakia Kizer Lucas Kowalczyk Jason Alexander Kowalski Daniel Krenitsyn Joshua Thomas Varcoe Lakelin Nicholas Donald Lawrie Marko Louis Lazin Homin Lee Justin Jinwoo Lee Yuyang Li Nora Lin Garrett Loh Ke Lou Angela Lu Annelise MacLeod Alisha Liliane Magnus-Louis Paul Donald Maier Joseph M. Malejki Colleen Elizabeth Malley Samuel Adam Mark Florencia Maria Marquez Tyler Joseph Marrero Joseph Liam Martin Andrew Evan Martins Matthew Lawrence McCullough Kelly Rose McGinty Ryan James McIntyre Sarah Irene McNee Allison Elizabeth McQueeney Robert John Mingey David Minicucci Pallabi Mitra Danielle Joyce Monzo Ethan T. Moore Marissa Nicole Morrison Michael John Murphy Alyssa Helene Murrett Lauren Emily Neal Cameron Smith Nickels Daniel Anthony John O’Brien Elizabeth Marie O’Brien Christina Alane O’Connell Cara Bridget O’Connor Nadia Theresa Odai-Afotey Daniel Hanseul Oh Michael Oh Gregory Daniel Oran Hilary Joy Orzick Eun Pyung Park Luke Samuel Patterson Lucas Joseph Pitman Belinda Beatrice Platt

Brianna Zoie Pollard Alexander Joseph Pruce Shamita Rahman Nadia Kamila Raynes Robin Sydney Raynor Marshall Scott Reifer Evan Harrison Rich Alexandra Carey Robson Magda Judith Rodriguez David Raymond Roger Marc Benjamin Roloson Samantha Nicole Rosa Matthew Jeremy Rosenspire Alexandra Mercedes Ruby Shrutika Sachdev Shashank Samala Christopher Thomas Sanders Aminatta Sanyang Zachary Evan Schelberg Jeffrey Paul Schick Michael John Schiliro Patrick Kevin Schoener Brennan Allison Schrade George Robert Schubert Rachael Ari Schuman Lauren Marie Schwarzenholzer Matthew Ryan Scognamiglio Shane David Seppinni Daniel Robert Sexton Needhy Atul Shah Manpreet Singh Shergill Zakhar Shtulberg Brian Lee Silver James Cooper Smith Zachary P. Smith Jessica Mahealani Sneed Diana Djatsa Sokeng Jaclyn Rebecca Sperber Elizabeth Anne Spivak Jonathan Theodore Stack John Paul Stewart Jake David Sussman Casey Lee Sweeney Gemma Tamariz Hee-Wei Daphne Tan Miguel Ángel Tapia Rivera Craig Steven Tarasoff Andrew Ryan Tardiff Miranda Emily Tecklin Jessica Marie Testa Joseph Carl Tretter, Jr. Matthew David Truesdail Ashley Grace Tse Alexandra Grozuczak Tunis Saba Vahdat Gabriella Vega Cynthia Lauren Vella Brynne A. Vernon Sarah Grace Victor Jessie Colin Miles Walker Kevin Alexander Weber Jonathan Michael Weinberg Zoe Alexandra Weiss Alexis Werth Alison Clare Wessner Jay Robert Wexler Jasmine Ide Yanes Christine Kyuyon Yo Hae Yeon Yoon Wayne L. Yu Shirley Xi Yuan Zhen Zhang Alison Louise Zimmerman Ariella Mercedes Zwerling

BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE In Architecture, Art, and Planning

Daniel J. Ahn Maya Noelle Alexander Kristina Andrea Alford Laura Amaya Caio Caesar Barboza David Alexander Bibliowicz Lauren Kelly Borah Chuan Hao Chen Joon Hyuk Choe Stephanie Y. Choe Daniel Hogeun Choi Constanza Barbosa Cortes Gretchen Hanneman Craig Mercedes Noemi Cuvi Warren George Davis Anthony Joseph DiValerio III Patrick Speakman Farley Tiana Michelle Fillman Andrew Faulkner Fisher Julia Gamolina Andrew Thomas Gorzkowski Ashley Jane Griffin Mikhail Thomas Grinwald Jennifer Helene Grosso Taek Ho Han Sebastian Valentine Hernandez Aura María Jaramillo Sanclemente Taleen Astrid Josefsson Bo Kyoung Jung Jeffrey J. Kim Yoonjee Koh Natalie Kwee Jenny Youngin Kwon Brian Ming Lee Joshua John Lekwa Danlu Li Karen Chi Lin Jacqueline Liu Katherine Barbara MacDonald Adrianne Claire Ngam Viet Hoang Nguyen Andrea Ruth Onorato Giffen Clark Ott Anna Michelle Pelavin Katarzyna Magdalena Pozniak Wajeha Qureshi Brian Michael Raby Sameera Meeran Razak Howard Andrew Russell Elease Ariana Samms Nathaniel Saslafsky Kyle Edward Schumann Soo Ran Shin Donald Solomon Silberman Abigail Jean Smith Man Su Ying Ying Su Jeremy Eunsung Tan Anthony Emanuel Terzino Jose Miguel Tijerina Mauricio Vieto Melanie Jean Weismiller Nathan W. Wight Charles Ernest Logan Williams Meng Qi Xu Melinda Strahan Zoephel

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS In Architecture, Art, and Planning Rebecca Elizabeth Ashby-Colón Jeffrey Robert Ayars Cynthia Rae Baker Justin Alexandre Batten Madeline Ann Bender Madeline Rhea Ouradnik Burton Soo Yeon Chai Tianhui Michelle Chen Monica Cho Danielle Haeyoun Choi Taber Elizabeth Colletti Nicholas Donald Faust Erin James Ferro-Murray Emily Ilyssa Greenberg Zoe Beck Gutterman Jeremy Thomas Handrup Virginia Beatrice Johnson Zachary Thomas Kinkade Christina Ko Hannah Sapinsley Levy Zhili Li Xin Meng Molly Mae Messersmith Kwame Ahuma Nana-Atoo Martha Therese O’Connell Eunjin Park Michelle Jungen Park Miri Park Michael Joseph Picos Emma Grace Przybylinski Alexandra Teixeira Riggs Dan Rosen Emily Kim Ruegger Matthew A. Sweets Stephanos Gregory Tsoucas Anne Wu Da Ying

MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Tiffany Lauren Arakaki Rodney Alan Bell Clifford Chan Deborah Chang Bin Chen Shao Chen Yi-Chien Cheng Hyungjin Choi Hyun Chung Ji Young Chung Thomas John Esser Shuning Fan Sijia Fan Matthew Robert Finn Ryan Thomas Glick Yongfei Gu Andrew Alan Hart Noah Ives Dong Young Jung Mi Ju Kang Donghyun Kim Gunho Kim Zuhal Kol Nelly Ann Lam Ji Hyun Lee Yuen Ying Serena Lee Jessica Elizabeth Levine Dan Li Runsheng Lin Jeffrey Adam Lodin Colin Joseph McCrone Julia Cherie Duvall Pascutto Christine Mae Pearson Tiffany Zara Peterson Armando Rigau Yumet Benjamin Ryan Salance Kristofer Joshua Sellman-Johnson Ga In Sim William Schickhaus Smith Dick Kar Ida Tam Yi Tang Henry Adam Weber Julia Katherine Weiss Xin Zhang Wei Zhao Linlin Zhong

MASTER OF ARTS Christopher C. Ahn Aydin Serif Akyurtlu Philip Ogden Armour Neil Michael Ashton Nathan Dale Birch Kamalika Bose Natalia Buitrago Evan Nelson Buntrock Yiwen Cai Aileen Cardona Arroyo Anna Rose Casey Ana Gabriela Castillo Bonilla Ophelie Marceline Chavaroche Katherine Victoria Coffield Edward Sgro Cormany Can Dalyan Kristine Marie DeLuca Anaar Iris Desai-Stephens Alison Marie Fisher Mozelle Foreman Diego Fossati Shyla Cherrelle Foster Diana Ellen Garvin John Matthew Gorczyk Alexander Balzebre Gordon Pranav Gupta Mahyar Hadighi Sylvia Tamara Hakopian Rodrigo Hasbun Erin Accampo Hern Vincent Francis Ialenti Satoshi Ito Xin Jin Alaina Marie Kaiser Katherine Nicole Kaliszewski Aaron Donald James Kelsh Jun Sung Kim Harald Martin Kliems Caitlin Elizabeth Kolb Nolan Andrew Kopkin Flora K. Lee John Chang Hoon Lee Marie Edith Lenoble Nan Li Mengru Liu Xiaomeng Lu Margot Kristine Lystra Agrima Mahajan Matthew Stephen Martin Andreea Ecaterina Mascan

Michael Toshi Matsuda Becquer Medak-Seguin Nathan Walter Meyvis Esther Washburn Mezey Lindsey Marie Commons Milz Katherine Elizabeth Mooney Priya Mukherjee Jason Charles Oaks Kristy Lee Parkinson Pamela Annabel Perez Jean Holiday Powers Sharmini Radakrishnan Nicole Joanna Reisnour Thomas Anton Richmond Jimena Roses-Sierra Eric C. Rowe Jonathon Arthur Rusch Monica Mariella Salas Landa Rumela Sen Jiyoon Song John Matthew Sova Lynne Stahl Russell Alexander Stepp Aoise A. Stratford Kristen Elizabeth Streahle Nichole Elizabeth Szembrot Yee Hang Tam Blanca Epifania Torres Johannes Wankhammer Elizabeth Robin Warburton Mariam Luke Wassif Yael Susan Wender Ran Yan Lei Ye Ru Ye Fang Zhang Tianli Zhao Lingwen Zheng

MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING Kaylie Ackerley Kelli Bailey Nichole Marie Baker Joshua Mark Davendonis Katie Jean Donnan Daniel Seth Harrison Jonathan Mark Ivers Joseph Killian Tony Leong Sefra Levin Si Ning Li Stephanie Rhoades Jason Rush Kathryn Stone Marita Ann Wilson Amber Wynkoop


Aseel Addawood Elijah Olakitan Adedire Oluyemi Olasoji Adetule Ruchika Agarwal Varun Agarwal Owusu Ansah Agyeman Badu Kyle Winston Ahlers Elham Alipanahiramandi Benjamin Remi Allardet-Servent Sean Joseph Allen Philip James Alley Jamaal Malvin Alleyne Alexander Mansfield Alm Chongyi An Caitlin Elizabeth Anderson Anthony Alexander Andrews Seth Henry Andrews Rishabh Animesh Justin Jeremiah Araway Patrick Adam Armstrong Andrew Louis Arnold Ankit Arora Aparna Ashok Christopher Atkins Sean Colin Augustino Dimitri Kamenov Avramov Mamadou Tahirou Ba Revanth Reddy Baddam Uday Bahal Lu Bai Rajlaxmi Bajpai Curtis A. Baker Jennifer Starling Baker Joseph Michael Ballerini Abbas Banihashem ShiJie Bao Xiaofan Bao Aditya Baru Felipe Bastos Gurgel Silva Serdar Benderli Rebecca A. Berman Bahadir Beyazoglu Vishal Thakchandra Bhagwandas Jeremy Evan Blum Hooman Bolandi Mario Edward Botros Declan Paul Boyd Caroline Marie Brial Erin Rose Briggs Morgan Lynn Brophy Joshua William Brown Katharine Anne Browning Samantha Elizabeth Brummell Nicholas Emerson Bruns David Nicholas Buck Jeffrey Stephen Buente Sara Ann Burbine Neil James Butler Matthew Scheller Byrne Qiaochu Cai Sarah Kathryn Callanan Chen Cao Diego Benjamin Cassina Carlos Alfonso Castellanos Andrea Maria Castro Bianca Jordan Cha-camp Andrew Chun-Hao Chan Elbert Chang Jesseon Solomon Chang Sunil Channapatna Ravindrachar James Chao Michelle Manshan Chau Thuy-Anh Do Chau Anu Chauhan Sandeep Chawla Xuerong Che Chaorong Chen Christine Chinya Chen Daniel Liang-Han Chen Michael Chen Po-Hung Chen Si Chen Sizhe Chen Ting-Hao Chen Xiaolong Chen

Yicong Chen Ying Ru Chen Zeyuan Chen Jeffrey Leesing Cheng Lanjun Cheng Marvin Cheng Yan Chie Cheng Yu Cheng Crystal Tze-Ying Cheung Gilburt Lee Chiang Justin John Ka-Win Chin Dhinakaran Maheswaran Chinappen Ankur Anand Chiplunkar Kyu Jun Cho Hwan Choi Jiahn Choi Sung Jun Choi Lingcen Chong Anirban Chowdhury Wai Tin Chu Jun Yang Chua Young-Jin Chung Frances Raija Ciolino Scott Daniel Cipoletti Sean Andrew Clark Sarah Monroe Clement Sudharsan Coimbatore Premkumar Daniel Michael Coll Matthew David Collinsworth Zhilin Cong Pablo Antonio Crespo Bosque Christopher Perry Crowder Xiao Cui Christine Mary Curtis Wei Dai Sanyukta Das Aniket Dash John Rutledge Dean Parin Rashmin Dedhia Robert Edward DeFeo, Jr. Yi Deng Siddharth Dev Subhra Kanchan Dey Michael Freed Dezube Anandi Dharam-Singh Akshay Nick Dhawan Dallas Esperdiao Dias Peter Kenneth DiMarco David Alan Diner Zhenzhen Ding Kerianne Dobosz Chen Dong Weichao Dong Jennifer Ashley Doughty Steeb Meyer DSilva Zuo Du Diane Anaïs Dubois David Seth Dunn Kieran Bernard Jiamin Dunne Patryk Marek Dziudziel Raluca Eftimoiu Kedari Reddy Elety Najla Nabil Elmachtoub Nicholas Sean Eng-Rohrbach Stefan Christopher Engst Thomas Paul Erb Odohi Ogbang Ettah Lyla Stephanie Fadden Christopher William Fairfax Douglas Ian Famularo Xuhua Fan Samuel Fanfan Qiming Fang Anthony Marshall Fazio Jeremy David Fein Chelsea Dylan Feldman Hanna Cali Feldman Yunzhou Feng Matthew Steven Fisher John Fitzpatrick Brian Phillip Fleischer Ian J. Forsythe Diana Sharon Foster Jeran Thomas Fox William Christopher Frick Joseph Martin Fridlander YiZhen Fu Zhongyang Fu Kevin J. Fuhr Aishwarya Reddy Gangadi Timothy Kun Gao Wei Gao Weihong Gao YingYu Gao John Domonick Gardus III Eric Michael Gargiulo Addisu Tesfaye Gebre Sheree Janine Geller Mevlana Celaleddin Gemici Andrei Georgescu Angi Nazih Ghanem Theodoros Gkountouvas Michael Alan Gloss Pragya Goel Mihir Shriram Gogate Matthew Goggin Louis Todd Goldstein Chenru Gong Pradeep Bala Gopinathan Mohnish Atul Gorasia Anuj Shrivallabh Goyal Kevin Paul Green Peter Russell Greenberg Xiaohan Gu Jianying Guan Shion Guan Hongyi Guo Ting Guo Xiaobei Guo Xiaolong Guo Aanchal Gupta Maneesh Gupta Mihir Gupta Rudhir Gupta Swati Gupta Asresh Guttikonda Seth Hafferkamp Christopher Hall Peter J. Halliday Lauren R. Hamme Matthew Robert Hammerle Lu Han Nicholas Blaine Hansen Naved Ejaz Hussain Hashim Furqan Hassan Syed Mohammad Hassan Xingyao He Yuanyuan He Cathy Elizabeth Henderson Charles David Hernandez Tricia E. Hevers Yi-Yun Ho Eric Stephen Hollabaugh II Zexi Hong Meredith Emily Horne Ben Hoselton Chen-Shao Hou

Chun-Chieh Hou Tyger Lathia Howell Chia-Hsun Hsieh Hung-Lun Hsu Kyle K. Hsu Tedman Wilbur Hsu Benting Hu Ran Hu Tianyu Hu Kaixun Hua Qingyue Huang Yan Huang Yun-Wen Huang Zhixing Huang Grace Hwang Michael Francis Hyland Sung Kyoon Im Michael Gene Ingersoll Laura Marie Jackson Stuart Alan Jackson Rishi Jaglal Dalanda Aliya Jalloh Won Jun Jang Nuttavut Jarutikorn So-yae Jeong Soo Jin Ji Sungsik Ji Cheng Jia Haoyu Jia Weixuan Jiang Yingying Jin Yue Jin Luke Rego Johnson Umesh Sai Jonnalagadda Joseph Kevin Bernard Shweta Joshi Se Hwan Jun Natalie Jessica Kacik Emma Carole Yadang Ganne Kamnang Maryamsadat Kamrava Joohyuk Kang Luxin Kang Yiming Kang Allen Kariuki Sachin Vijay Karkhanis Aditya Sanjeev Kelkar John Nathan Kerr Nadeem A. Khan Yaser Obiedallah Khojah Michael John Kilzer Jee young Kim Jin Kim JiYoung Kim Jung Ryul Kim Sang Kyu Kim Yong Jae Kim Yong Seok Kim Young Hwa Kim Katherine A. Kirk Jennifer Nicole Klenka Ken Ko Yo Han Ko Alex Ryan Kopp Oleg Igorevich Kordunskiy Brandon Joseph Kovarovic Oleh Krupa Stephanie Zofia Kubala Amanda Elizabeth Kuczun Arvind Vidyadhar Kulkarni Radhika Ramchandra Kulkarni Arpit Kumar Mythri Varambally Kumar Shreedevi Kumar Kevin Hao Su Lam David Lambl Kristopher LaPan Joshua Ryan Lazoff Demel Dae Yeol Lee Jangwon Lee Junghun Lee Seung Yun Lee Ting-Yu Lee Wenceslaus Wen-Hao Lee Benjamin Emil Lehman Michal Leszczynski Patric Leung Ang Li Boshi Li Chonggang Li Erluo Li Fangxin Li Feng Li Le Li Minghao Li Qiao Li Ruijia Li Sherwin Li Shijia Li Siqi Li Ting Li Xian Li Yi Li Yiming Li Yuan Li Naiqiao Liang Johnathan Joseph Licitra Hyun Suk Lim Chieh-sheng Lin Hsin-I Lin Lynn P. Lin Zhouchi Lin Kun Ling Yannick Lingelbach Daw-Ran Liou Jr-Jiun Liou Bozhen Liu Hanchen Liu Hao Liu Jiani Liu Ruchen Liu Rui Liu Shuangzhou Liu Sijia Liu Wenwen Liu Yayu Liu Zhipeng Liu Francis Miguel Lora Edward Lu Jia Lu Jianan Lu Mark Wayne Lu Yen-Chun Lu Zhengda Lu Jian Lv Michael Peter Lyons Xin Ma Stephane Charles Simon Maarek Garishta Madan Sean Sherwood Magee John Magnus Abhijeet Mahagaonkar Anthony Ho-Yin Mak Prashant Makwana

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 21

Wing-Yee Man Mikail Adam Mannan Zuyao Mao Sharvari Sanjay Marathe Cynthia Ann Marinaro Nicholas John Marra Christopher Michael Martin Cole Ernest Martine Michael Nicholas Mastakas Noah Benjamin Maze Molly Ann McDonough Luis Enrique Medina Kathleen Patricia Mehary Rushabh Mehta Tulsi Mehta Weilin Meng Xuetao Meng Swapnil Ramesh Mengawade Richard Arnold Merluzzi Madeline Louise Messer Weiqiao Miao Alexander Edward Miner Aurosish Mishra Sima S. Mitra Ambie Mobula Basyirah Binti Mohd Khairi William Hudson Mohr Robert Russell Moore Francisco Javier Morales Cortes Patrick Michael Moran Alex Adrien Morency William J. Moseson Dahlia G. Musharrafieh Kiryakos Spiro Mutafopulos Liyaqatali Gudusaheb Nadaf Ashish Amala Nadan Yoshiyuki Nagasaki Vidya Sindhu Nagesh Risa Naka Christopher Mark Narine-Thomas Alfred B. Nelson Brittany Lynn Nelson Joshua Michael Nelson Matthew Nelson Ajinkya Shashank Nene Thu-Thao Ngoc Nguyen Sangchen Ni Christopher D. Nieves Yu Ning Yuxiao Ning Rachel Christine Nordberg Rajpal Bobby Singh Nyotta Samuel Akoi Nyuon Mosadoluwa Oluwagbotemi Obatusin Robert Oisin O’Callaghan Sean Patrick Ogden Rotimi Oladele Ogunbiyi Afolabi Adefisayo Ogunnaike James Richard Olson Brian David Orecchio Benjamin B. Oswald Viral Oza Minglian Pan Yijie Pan Harsh Pankaj Panchal Sampurn Singh Pannu Jayanth Parayil Kumarji Trusha Jayant Parekh Chanwook Park Emmeline Soomin Park Jonathon Stuart Parsons Remy Florian Pasco Jimil Jayeshbhai Patel Nishant Prakashbhai Patel Raksit Pattanapitoon Archana Pattathil Radhakrishnan Yun Peng Sruthi Penmatsa Jaileene Perez-Morales Caleb Tyler Perkins Nicholas Christopher Perrotti Ajay Avinash Phadke Trang Nguyen Phuong Pham Nguyen Pham Thi Bao Grant Edward Philipson Fei Pi Christian Roberto Pichard Alliende Matthew Dunham Polnerow Bethany Leanne Potter Siobhan Brigid Powers Ashish Prakash Pooja Prakash Rachel Elizabeth Proske Lin Qi Linhui Qi Di Qian Chao Qiu Connie Qiu Sandra Chieh-Yin Quah Shiwen Quan Kara Quartararo Nicolas Wallace Raasch Nikunj Hemendra Raithatha Kunal Rajani Chetan Singh Rajawat Karan Raje Atif M. Rakin Purnima Ramakrishnan Aaditya Ramesh Dipesh Satish Rana Amy Scarlett Rayo Friederike Elisabeth Helene Margarethe Recker Racquel Redwood Lauren Elizabeth Reichenbacher Hyundo Peter Reiner Russell Edward Reinhart Hillary Ann Richard Sarah Jayne Richardson Justin Daniel Richmond-Decker Eduardo Rivera Ali Abbas Rizvi Daniel Rocio Julian Lorenzo Rodriguez Michael Angelo Rodriguez Mario Alberto Rodriguez Cervantes Leah Marie Roldan Jonathan Barrett Rolling Edgar David Roque Joshua Daniel Roybal Jesse Luo Ru Stephen A. Rys Byung Wook Ryu Won Seok Ryu Sarabjeet Singh Saluja Duangkamon Sangvanich Khadeejah Imani Sani Paul I. Sarkaria Saurav Behl Timothy Paul Savard Anthony John Savas Harshal Sawant

Aayush Saxena Thomas Stephen Schmidt Brian M. Scott Louis Charles Segalini David Christopher Self Hongwon Seo Ryan Scott Serell Daniel Shae Sahil Vijendra Shah Sushil Shanbhag Anusha Shankar Prashanth Shanthaveerappa Pranjal Sharma Richa Sharma Vivek Rajesh Sharma Xiao Bo Shen Yefei Shen Zhihang Shen Brian Michael Sherman Haobing Shi Xiaolei Shi Seyedeh Ghazal Shoorideh Shirazi Nejad Bei Shu Pedro Cito Silberman Seong Leol Sim Patrick Simeon Alex Robert Simmons Saril Singer Amrit Singh Ankit Singh Supriya Singh Amrisha Sinha Jonathan Craig Sinkin Carrie Smith Samuel Huntington Smith Heesung Sohn Paul C. Soldate Neha Sondhi Chen Song Yangyang Song Edan Soroker Daniel Shawn Southern Max Spector Russell Leith Speiden Norman Randall Stapleton Justin Brian Steimle Gregory James Stevenson Thomas Stojanov I Diana Su Yu Su Suma Boyu Sun Hao Sun Jane Sun Simon Siqi Sun Wei Sun Xi Sun Raheel Mustafa Syed Yongcheng Tai Andrew Malcolm Tai-Pow Sharvil Shailesh Talati Hee Lien N. Tan Yiyang Tang Yuk Heng Tang Wit Tatiyanupanwong Gregory Tavarez Kurt Tuck Hoi Teichman Harry Egon Terkelsen Anh Thuy Van Thai Joseph Thomas David Louis Thomason Ou Tian Peng Tian Wan-Yi Ting Nicholas P. Tombari Anton Dimitrov Tonev Olivia Marcial Torre Brian David Toth Jordan Alexander Toth Ricky Shing Chi Tse Nikhil Sudhir Vaidya Stephan Van Dyke Abhiram Janardhan Varadarajan Geet Manish Varma Divya Vasudevan Marc Vaz Sanjna Venkataraman Arjun Ajay Vinze Rohit Vora Muhammad Isa Wada Misty Aestas Wahl Clive S. Wan Boran Wang Charles Jueilei Wang Chen Wang Jeffrey Dean Wang Ji Wang Jiayuan Wang Jin Wang Ke Wang Ke Wang Tianyi Wang Wei Wang Xiyu Wang Yezhou Wang Yunhan Wang Zhexiao Wang Zhu Wang Thomas A. Washenko Dylan Patrick Webster Long Wei Charles Edmond Weill Michael Benjamin Weingarten Andrew Robert Weirman Kuo-Wei Weng Benjamin Eli Werner Mark T. Weston Brian McCulloh White Matthew Christopher Williams Michelle Arama Wilson Hong Yi Wong Jun Jie Wong Jason Patrick Wright Haotian Wu Hench Hai Ji Wu Jingsi Wu Lei Wu Michael Yen-Ting Wu Ning Wu Qiujie Wu Xingjian Wu Liufang Xiang Hantang Xiao Rui Xiao Silin Xie Wan Hua Xie Yilun Xing Hanbing Xu Mengyi Xu Xiaoshi Xu Yitian Xu Jin Yan Minghao Yan SiCong Yan Chen Yang Dan Yang Heran Yang Jia Yang

Jinbo Yang Lin Yang Marrisa Yang Victoria H. Yang Xuejiao Yang Youyou Yang Dennis Alberto Yanga Yao Yao Afshin Esfandyar Yazdani Junichi Yokoyama Hasan Ersin Yoruk Miho Yoshida Roni Yosofov James Robert Young Bing Yu Ching-han Yu Huihua Yu Jingjing Yu Jocelyn Yan-ling Yu Long Cheung Yu Mengliang Yu Helen Eudora Yuen Jungmin Yun Zachary Evan Zanini Qichen Zha Ada Winyee Zhang Chen Zhang Cheng Zhang Duhan Zhang Lijin Zhang Nan Zhang Peter Zhang Qingxue Zhang Rongda Zhang Sheng Zhang Tianhe Zhang Xi Zhang Xiyan Zhang Xuefan Zhang Yang Zhang Yichi Zhang Zhi Zhang Cong Zhao Dan Zhao Hongyao Zhao Li Zhao Qicheng Zhao Zhizhen Zhao Guangchao Zheng Yumeng Zheng Siming Zhong Zishu Zhong Wen Jie Zhou Yueqiao Zhou Qianyi Zhu Zerui Zhu Ziyi Zhu Qi Zuo Michael Edward Zwillenberg

MASTER OF FINE ARTS Alexander Joseph Chertok Peter David Chizinski, Jr. Elizabeth Anne Corkery Brian Michael Dunn Nicholas Adam Friedman Aisha Macintyre Gawad Raja’a Khalid Baseera Kauser Khan Christina Wing Yun Leung Wen Wen Mao Samuel Richard Nam Daniel Inouye Peña John Charles Searcy Katherine Somody Kimberly Nicole Williams Gabrielle Maria Wolodarski

MASTER OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATION Marissa Elizabeth Amiraian Zachary Joseph Aragosa Rachina Nand Badlani Ja Ryung Cho James Nicholas Costaras Jasmine Cherrelle Davis Rachel Ann DeSantis Bonnie Anne Frazier David Haiwei Ge Constantine H. Grivoyannis Carrie E. Howard Rachel Glenn Johnson Rachel Diane Kahn Sean Thomas Looby Jason Mathisen Seth Aaron Musikant Mythily Raghunath Shivani Rajput Jacob Mills Ramsey Alyssa Leigh Schoen Tyseer Khamis Siam Elyisha Sodhi Julie Lynn Spalding Katherine Rose Strausser

MASTER OF INDUSTRIAL AND LABOR RELATIONS Misbah Khatana Aamir Nazar Yousif Albuijan Lane Daniel Andersen Seung Cheon Bang Genevieve Marie Biedron Naruephon Boonyaban Emily Jane Busch Richard Rae Carpenter Julie Straus Chaiken Katie Marie Coupe Trevor William Dolge Sarah Elizabeth Edwards Laurie L. Fuller Minseok Hong Shu-Jui Hsu Sang Bum Hur Ingrid M. Jensen Hilori Kaloti Tajeshwar Singh Khara Emily J. Kientz Meghana Komati Christopher Quejean Lee Jong Moon Lee Kayoung Lee Royce Si Tao Lee Lingmin Li Michael D. Maffie Clara Young Moon Michelle Renee Morrissey Neoma Mullens Anupama Murthy

Augustin Oisel Jae Hyun Park Connie A. Park Dong Jin Park Michael Curtis Randolph Joshua David Reschke Scott Ross Natalie Jeanette Rygiel Tiffany Gayle Scheff Jeremy William Sniezko Akanksha Shivanand Swami Nenuca L. Syquia Andrea Joanne Tang Susanna Tolkin Josie Joe Trine Longbo Wang Angela June Wasserstrum Kory McKay Wilcox Yunjia Wu Wei Zhang Meijie Zhang Pin Zhou

MASTER OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Emily Ann Bauer Ethan Matthew Dropkin Gwendolyn Ellman Gabriel Farrell Tracy Ann Hudak Nathan Elis Irving Allison Anne James Erik Scott Jones Elizabeth Kaplan Kushner David Henry LaGro Katherine Yi-Jie Li Yalin Li John Louis Mascharka Rebecca Elizabeth Mikulay Chelsea Marta Miller Rania Mirabueno Jesse Hines Nicholson Melissa Beth Poulin Roana Tirado David Thomas Torrey de Frescheville Rosaura Trejo Hernandez Christina A. Twomey Kimberly Marie Wilczak Peter Wirtz Ryan C. Wright Hanzi Yang Shuochen Zheng

MASTER OF MANAGEMENT IN HOSPITALITY Evan Francis Bailey Alexander Cole Basse Vikaskumar Baldevbhai Bhakta Michael Brandes Shi Chen Navine Chhuon Allen Richard English Nima Fazeli Marisa Anne Galbut Yuehong Ge Blake Matthew Golom Asli Gursel Christina Ann Harostock Toshio Hattori Lu He Zhuodan Huang Hari Jung Rahul Kamalapurkar Abram Charles R. Karchem Elizabeth Brewer Kelly Hiroyo Kubo Sandy Li Alexis Nicholas MarcouxVarvatsoulis Maripyli Martin Mendoza Paola Alexandra Mora Costa Daniel Newman Stephanie Wang Pao Viraj Naresh Patel Joshua Reid Phillips Eric James Rager Matthew Alexander Rakow Reid Lewis Scott Fong Ting Melody Sin Myungkeun Song Daniel Alejandro Stankiewicz Kanika Thakran Sean Scott Tolkin Lok Kuan Wong Nan Xie Jieli Xu Wanqing Yang Yunzi Zhang Enlin Zhou


Khafila Abiola Binju Abraham Patricia Ann-Marie Abraham Nana Adwoa Akowuah Seung Hyun An Dorit Arad Dessalew Worku Aynalem Sangeun Bae Woonghyun Baek Soo Hyun Baik Andrew Jay Bass Bhawna Bist Ivan Alfredo Blume Moore Simon Peter Breen Ryan Brown Justin William Burden Amiris Nicole Caesar Jane Calder James Carlson Nai Chong Chen Yong Seok Choi Cristina Child Cortes Maywadee Chinavanichkit Kristin Claus Robyn Joy Coleman Ariana Sofia Constant Amy Joy Couch Jessica Jean Coulson Shaowei Cui Isabella Maya Dalla Valle Mitchell Swigart Huycke Davis Lilian Vasile Deconescu Adji Bousso Dieng Scott William Dimmick Meng Ding

Jessica Jean Doll Linda H. Donahue Xuan Dong Xuemeng Du Kaitlin Conlon Dufton Shawn Paul Duggal Luwen Fan Jiayao Fang Chantelle Suzanne Farmer Jichuan Feng Eugene Tyson Fifer Pegi Ficken Christine Lorraine Filiciotto Brian Keith Flanagan Ya Gao Wen Ge Yunyun Ge Russell Giordano Kenneth E. Glover Jessica Samantha Goldstein Jinneth Carolina Gomez Sarmiento Rajeev Kumar Goyal Mackenzie Grambor Matthew Christopher Green Yinghong Guo Amit Gupta Parasto A. Hamed Xue Han Paul Hanounik Abigail K. Hart Bashir Hassan Changchen He Ido Herman Yanlong Hu Yinghua Huang Yu Huo Sung Hur Philip Juong Hy Syed Afzal Hyat Xinyue Ji Fan Jiang Jiali Jiang Kai Jiang Jessica Lee Kane Adam Vern Kennedy Katherine Elizabeth King CJ Kodani Hannah Powers Koski Robert James Krumhansl Manoj Kumar Anthony J. Kveragas Ann M. LaFave Aaron Roy Larsen Felicia Michelle Lashley Kenneth Evans LeBlue, Jr. Ti-Na Lee Matthew Leo Fredrick Legge Keane J. Leitch Peng Li Wanyu Li Houchun Liu Xiao Liu Yue Liu Guoliang Lu Ping Lu Shengtao Ma Tingting Ma Bethann Clark Maas Shruti Madathanapalli Getachew Ewonetu Mamo Erin Ashley McKeon Joao Mesquita Freire Matthew Joseph Michetti Melissa M. Minto Alin Nirvana Moncada Brito Michael Benjamin Moscarelli Souad Moussawi Kaleigh M. Muller Jose Manuel Munoz Godoy Sameena A. Nazir Zhen Nie Chularat Niratisayakul Nicholas Blankenbaker Noyes Chutinart Ongkosit Ruxuan Ouyang Rachel K. Parks Ayanna Mbi Parris Jason Alan Patch Denise Frances Paul Zachary John Pegram Rinchen Peldon Marisol Perez Benjamin Adam Perry Hamidreza Pezeshkian Judy Pham Joseph Porter, Jr. Ze-Fon Lisa Potter Heema Rai Venilla Rajaguru Fatima Rasheed Andrew J. Reilly Humberto Jesus Restrepo Pierre-Antoine Rigaud Juliana S. Roding Kanika Saxena Yael Shemmer Amanda Buffett Sims Mandeep Singh Rebecca A.H. Sirianni Allison Byrd Skaer Yueming Song Karen Penders St. Clair Sara A. Storrer Susmoko Supriyadi Eric Justin Swidler Valerie Anne Tavana Allegra Greer Taylor Teerayut Teerasupaluck Xiaoxu Tian Amy Joy Uber Maureen Elizabeth Valentine Rahul Venugopal David James Walsh Huaguang Wang Xin Wang Yingnuo Wang Zhiling Wang Ben Weinberg Xiao Wen Yang Wen Crystal N. Wilson Rhesa Annmarita Wilson Andrew Robert Wisnieff Jiajing Wu Qingqing Xiao Nan Xu Shuya Xu Lei Yan Yan Yan Qing Yang Xintong Yang Shu Ye Hang Yin Kyungkeun Scott Yu Rundong Yu Andrew Dylan Zak Da Zhang Le Zhang Shujing Zhang

Tianshu Zhang Xialu Zhang Xiaolu Zhang Yan Zhang Yue Zhang Chunyou Zhao Yue Zhao Zhetao Zhao Shudan Zheng Zhong Zheng Victoria Margarita Zoghbi Párraga

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Fathi Kamal Abdelsalam Najibah Eradah Abdullah Jonathan Abraham Adekunbi Oludoyinsola Adefule Iyioluwa Teleola Akinlawon Jamal Aljojo Pratima Arapakota Adam Roberts Backus Timurlan Baiserkeev Lauren G. Beckles Saika Shaolin Belal Lincoln Calvin Bent Llerena Anomitra Bhattacharya Dao Bian Ashley Danielle Bratton Shane Robert Bryan Katrina R. Burkgren Le Cao Marcus Yeong Cerroni Sen Cathy Chan Robert C. Chase Nicolas Chavez Xiomara Chavez Suarez Cheng Chen Sheng Chen Weining Chen Xinyue Chen Yanran Chen Yuanyuan Chen Brandon Paul Chiazza Arti Dhar Jennifer Anne Dohrmann-Alpert Chenchen Dong Xiaoyu Du Sarah Gardner Evans Yufei Feng Nancy M. Ferguson Yoanna Ferrara Jamie Caitlyn Frank Alicia Lyn Freedman Yanyan Gai Lang Gao Wenyi Gao Nira Gautam Ritwick Ghosh Rasheda Gilyard Jillian Elizabeth Gregorie Hira Hafeez-Ur-Rehman Elizabeth Callie Ham Takako Hashida Marquis LeVon Hawkins Toniqua Belinda Hay Le He Jonathan Mark Hill Rebecca Ashley Hollister Xiao Hu Tengda Huang Hui Hui Michael David Hutson Ndubuisi Ibeh Aleksandra Janjic Gregory Richard Jette Navyatha Joginpalli Matthew Paul Jones Machal Karim Sarah A. Kipling Samir Alejandro Kiuhan Vasquez Xiao Le Jaesun Lee Justine Lindsey Lewis Ninghao Li Chang Liu Dan Liu Min Liu Wei Liu Yun Liu Jacob Matthew Lopez Tomas Lucas Haiyue Luo Hao Luo Linda Robi Majani Elizabeth J. Mannion Shuyue Mao Brian Arthur Matuszewski Henry Plattenburg McCaslin Estelle A. Meunier Innael Todd Miranda Joseph Allen Mizener Nancy Morales Jennifer M. Nelson Daniel Thomas Nolan Joanne Awuor Oport Jiawen Pan Soo Hyun Park Wei Pu Hemant Kumar Pullabhotla Cheng Qiu Raza Habib Raja Tiffany Ramsay Noe Ronen Gabriela Rosario Leite Soares Morgann Courtney Ross Mohammad Javad Rostami Keiko Sakamoto Jonathan Philip Saltman Momodou Salifu Sey Yina Shi Dev Shrestha Raj Krishna Shrestha Aditya Shrinivas Shipra Singh Fei Song Boheng Su Yeh Jin Suh Qin Sun Jeremy Dennis Swanson Kristin Szczepaniec Chen Tang Maria Fernanda Tellez Andrade Adam Wendell Tewell Cheryl B. Thayer

22 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

Thitsar Gulzhan Uisimbayeva Michaela Gabryela Konstantina Vaporis Tao Wang Yidong Wang Yicai Wen Qinya Wu Zhongshu Wu Shi Xia Maria Yang Xuan Yang Zhishen Yang Atsushi Yokosawa Qian You Carrie E. Young Mallory Allison Young Miao Zhang Yi Zhao Tianxiang Zheng Yucheng Zheng Yanbing Zou

MASTER OF REGIONAL PLANNING Allison Anne Arnold Logan Axelson Cymone Deborah Bedford Eva Henrietta Birk Eleanor Solomon Bomstein Andrew Nichols Bruce Andrew Bertram Buck Caleb Tzeshun Cheng Cristen Blair Chinea Daniel Dillon Clausner, Jr. Desmond Corley Benjamin H. Cummins Dhanya Elizabeth Elias Amy Michelle Ellingson Katherine Jane Filardo Alyson Fletcher Lucy Gent Foma Norton Clay Frickey III Juliana Townsend Fulton Vidhee Mukesh Garg Elisabeth Garner Erica Gutierrez William Price Gutshall Christopher Glenn Hayes Benjamin David Helmes Martha Nebelsiek Hertzberg Maren Elizabeth Hill Frances Lee Ho Emily Frances Hunter Sergio Hunter Vineet Sam John Julie Patricia Johnstone Johannes Kettler Sungyon Kim Inna Kitaychik Zeewan Lee Ann Marie Leonard Shi Fei Li Amy Bo Liu Sarah Michelle Luongo Jennifer Ann Marotto Catalina Marshall Manriquez Luis Angel Martinez Jared Mast Marshall Owen Allen McCormick Ian Devoe McLaren Jacob Thomas McNally Vladimir Micic Tomas Moller-Holtkamp Burmeister Ariel Beau Morales Lydia Jane Morken Timothy Patrick Morzel Juliet P. Mugabi Sean Michael Murphy Travis North Bonnie Angela O’Neill Mitchell Christian Paine Rebecca Alyse Parelman Rhoda Jane Pflum Jennifer Rae Pierce Angela Stricher Previdelli Jiang Ren Molly Elizabeth Riordan Martin Romo, Jr. Kemberli Michelle Sargent Yiwen Shao Adrienne Renee Smith-Reiman Joseph Jeffrey Sollazzo Mary Haden Whatley Springer Matthew Franklin Styer Yuanxin Sun Nishant Tapuria Ana Patricia Vasudeo Steven Eric Wang David Jeremiah West Megan Lynne Witwer Yuanshuo Xu Joshua Orden Yost Kari Marie Zabel Fanfan Zhao Shuochen Zheng Hunter Zupnick

MASTER OF SCIENCE Michael James Adelman Danny Hermawan Adiwibowo Muhammad Adnan Daniel Russell Albert Alexander Amir Alemi Nancy Elizabeth Allen Irma Amelia Vikrant Vir Anand Alyssa Gray Anderson Emily Asenath Smith Hnin Wuttyi Aung Lauren Moise Aycock Thomas Christian Bachlechner Ryan Casey Badeau Jose Roberto Balmori De La Miyar Aliyah Rebecca Barrett Christine E. Baver Joseph Carey Bazler Robert Edward Beazley Steven Lawrence Beckman Paul Gerard Berry

Haris Bhatti Kaifu Bian Matthew Keenan Bierbaum Bryant S. Blank Dimitra Bouziou Garry Robert Brock, Jr. Lola Brown Victor Gauss Bucklew Erica Ruth Bupp Larissa M. Buttaro Carmella Calabrese Dorr Oliver Campbell Jose Guillermo Cano Eric A. Carr Weimin Chan Mark Andrew Wing-Ki Chan Vishal Chandrasekar Siddarth Chandrasekaran Xiaodong Chen Eric Taiyang Chen Lin Chen Peng Chen Shiyao Chen Karen Qing Zi Chiang Matthew Ian Childers Kai Fong Ernest Chong Kristina Renee Colladay Voula Christina Collins Megan Louise Comins Mitchell Anthony Cooper Rebakah Daro Minarchek Mark D. Dascenzo Erin K. Daugherity Prasit Deewatthanawong Jesse Elizabeth Delia Manuel Ignacio Diaz Martinez Todd Michael Dickey Graham Nichols Dixon Bowen Dong Sergei Dyda Cecilia Ann Earls Nicholas Scott Eggert Katherine Marie Ehlert Florian B. Eichiner Thomas Kirk Ellingham, Jr. Bryan Emmett Laura Escobar Vega Courtney June Faber Jaye Jeffrey Fain Austin Fang Ruogu Fang Emily Jean Farrar Alessandro Farsi Laura Christen Fegely Jacob Belinkoff Feldman Polyxeni M. Filios Pok Wai Fong Dorina Frasheri Zachary Andrew Frederick Michael David French Robert George Gallasch Martina Gancarova Yang Gao Casey Ann Garland Irina Gaynanova Mallory Renee Gerace Dipayan Piku Ghosh Shivam Ghosh Matthew Goff Deepti Gopalakrishnan Justin Michael Greenly Biswajeet Guha Brad Gulko Abhishek Gupta Adithya Sagar Gurram Matthew Steven Hall Yunfei Han Sarah Anne Harris Benjamin Pita John Hasseldine Francis Havlak Colin Andrew Heikes Kenneth Hernandez Amy Lee Hetherington Patrena Delorie Hodges Shreyas Jaikumar Honrao Tauhira Hoossainy Jesse Bennett Hopkins Nicholas Geoffrey Horton Hadi Hosseinzadegan Michael James Houghton Cad Lewis Hoyt Chao Huang Ruirui Huang Kristina Marie Hugar David Huland Sarah Emily Hulick Allen Christon Hurst David Neil Hutchison June Ho Hwang Steven Stewart Ibara Claire Stouthamer Ingel Aadhar Jain Sunayna Jain Nicholas James Jean-Baptiste Jeannin Holly A. Jensen Jian Jiang Li Jiang Francesqca Elsa Jimenez Kyoung Joo Jin Ben Carl Johnson Anne Blaylock Johnson Benjamin Lee Johnson Brandon Marquese Jones Chaitanya Suhas Joshi Joeun Jung Yukyung Jung Pil Gyu Kang Yan Kang Ceren Karaca Sherri Jean Katz Yohannes Yemane Kesete Mihir Ramchandra Khadilkar Jessica Lynn Killian Jin Sub Kim Daniel June Kim Sung A. Kim Sun Jung Kim Brian Thomas Koo Adarsh Prakash Murthy Kowdle Verena Krause Wei-Chih Kuo Devin James Lachowsky Chor Hang Lam Erin Stranford Lamb Ronald Zachary Lamberty James Paul Lata Karlton Lajuan Lattimore Ryan Kin Wah Lau Changju Lee Anna Elinor Legard Matthew Joseph Leineweber Robert Aaron Lewis III Ang Li Hao Li James Yi-Wei Li Donghao Li Anna Liao Chung Li Liao

Chuan Liao Patrick S. Lii Yen-Chih Lin Brian Lindley Shenwei Liu Yao Liu Hong Yueh Lo Stephen James Longfield, Jr. Whitney Lonsdale Jiajia Lu Yingying Yu Kai Ma Christine Sudabeh Majd Thomas James Vincent Malley Craig Chiu Manahan Cerise Marcela Sean Robert Martin Kristie Lynne McAlpine Kevin Casey McAvey Gregg T. McElwee Mathew William McLean Katherine Margaret Melville John Carl Mergo III Gregory Edward Merz Nithin Michael Edward James Miles Flora Min Hee Hwa Min Ryan Harris Mitch Daniel Roger Moberg Ozias A. Moore, Jr. Andrew Mulder Julia Agnes Mundy Christopher Paul Nadeau Taro Albert Naoi Santiago Naranjo Palacio Divya Natarajan Nathali Lynn Neal Philip Nee Katherine Maragaret Nelson Darryl Harlan Ngai Thi Thao Duyen Nguyen Joel Daniel Nishimura Porawon Nitjarunkul Jennifer Lynn Novotney Meagan Kathleen O’Brien Vlad-Victor Oncescu Carlos Tadeo Ortega Otero Mark Francis Owkes Steven Pacenka Kasia Paprocki Giyoung Park Spencer Park Stephanie Ann Parker Radhika Jayesh Patel Meryem Öznur Pehlivaner Cheryl Ann Perich Adrienne Phifer Philomin Juliana Jaclyn Loren Popkin Kevin Michael Posman Alicia Nicole Potuck Alvin Pratama Erica Delores Pratt Veronica Blythe Prush Kristen Pueschel Tanvi Rao William Z. Rayfield Alexandra Marie Raymunt Timothy J. Reber Heather Marie Reed Geoffrey Warren Reeves Alison M. Remillard Jennifer Marie Richards Joseph Andrew Rosenthal Tyler Jeffrey Ross Joyjit Roy Roanna Clarissa Ruiz Michael Jinnxien Saelim Azadeh Sakizadeh Dipanjan Samanta Ace George Guañez Santiago Nicolas Savva Fisal Ali Sayed Susan Beth Scheufele Everett A. Schlawin Alexander Douglas Schlichting Raechel Deann Schneider Samuel Schrauth Kaitlin Erin Schrote Rebecca Michelle Schur Sathish Kumar Sekar Natalia Igorevna Shabaltas Michael William Shafer Megan Delphia Shanks Divya Sharma Ilan Shomorony Elaina Nicole Shope Jonathan Harold Shrimp Katharine Elizabeth Silberstein Jesse Lee Silverberg Avtar Singh Ruben Sipos Shannon Oseback Sitler Navin Sivakumar Danya Jane Smart Bobby Joe Smith II Maria Suk Smith Madeline E. Smith Soshana Adele Smith Bryan Davis Sobel Kunlaya Soiaporn Mutiara Sondjaja Victoria Leslie Sosik Thomas L. Spencer Samanvaya Srivastava Clint Andrew Stalnecker Isaac Robert Storch George Raymond Stutz Alison Marie Sudano Parvez Sam Sukheswalla Elizabeth Keller Sullivan Yingzong Sun Catherine Sun Julie Louise Sutton Vasileios Syrgkanis Kylan Szeto Evan Howdieshell Tallmadge Sue Nee Tan Kwan Wee Tan Benjamin Zhong Xian Tang Tigist Yazie Tebebu Lauren Marie Thomas Leifur Thorbergsson Yuan Tian William Wakefield Tipton, Jr. Thanh-Tam Thi Truong Amy Joy Uber Baris Evren Ugurcan Uchita Gopishankar Vaid Nathan Jay Van Zee Laura Escobar Vega Mark William Verheggen Marcus Dean Walter Ying Wan Jiang Wan Chaozi Wang Chenyue Wang Guozhang Wang

Lu Wang Alexander David Warning Bradley Richard Weinberg Yanan Henry Wen Bradford Scheid Westgate Robert Stockton Wharton Ryan Thomas Williams Kelly Chiappa Wilson Brooke Wilson-Zaja Cynthia Wisnieff Stephanie Dale Wood Lauren Yueh-Ming Wu Jason Wu Pei-Chun Wu Chenxi Wu Michelle Yuen-ting Wu Bingxin Xu Yariv David Yanay Dong Yang Feng Yang Huang Yang Jun Yang Qiuyue Yang Kyung Hwa You Yizui Yu Chi Zhang Yefei Zhang Ping Zhao Qing Zhao Xuan Zhao Nikolay Zhelev Zhelev Shuo Zhou Radoslav Zlatev Yiou Zuo

Conferred at the Cornell University Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York City Michael P. Anthony Natalie Barron Alison Bender Roy Stuart Berryhill, Jr. Belinda Beshi Jonathan William Bourne Kara Elizabeth Breznak Bethany Byrd Erida Castro-Rivas Catherine Leong Choy Emily Lauren Clark Julie Ann Depper Carolyn Elizabeth Donohue Kenneth Wha Eng David Daniel Feist Amanda Leigh Ferrao Douglas J. Fish Lindsy Jennifer Forbess Maytal Gabay Andrew Michael Goldfine Melanie Heather Golombeck Benjamin A. Haber Michelle Hakakian Nikole Hedges Pamela Blanche Jacobson Ethan Christopher Jensen Rodrick Kabangila Madison Alexandria Kidwell Yulia Landa Kaiming Li Kara Long Jonathan Manto Sian Frances Mara Johanna Martinez Katherine Martinez Kayla Mary McKinnon Sara Marie Muir Skender Murtezani Kaitlyn Bridgette Nelson Meghan K. O'Donogue Debra Michelle Orringer Sucheta Pai Mitesh Jagdish Patel Whitney Rose Quitta Urania Rappo Dave Robinson Michael Joseph Satlin Lisa Rukavina Schwartz Chelsea Jeanette Semrau Patrice Severe Erin Leigh Sherer Daniel Shirley Sophie Rachel Shpritz Elliott L. Silverman Peter Michael Smith Andrew Somerville Janine Tedesco Harma Khachig Turbendian Amy Jia Wang Muhammad Waseem Alana Michelle Weatherly Paige Blanche Yellen

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Rodrigo Casale Abe Shigeki Abe Sasha Abraham Amir Ali Adab Iyanuloluwa Adewuya Rosa Maria Ailabouni Akinade S. Ajiboye Azeez Olanrewaju Alawiye Evagelos Alexopoulos Gregory R. Allen Scott D. Anderson Todd C. Anderson Satish K. Annapureddy Derick Appia-Kubi Pratima Arapakota Kanon T. Armstrong William Bruce Armstrong Harish Arora Karthic Arunachalam Mazdak Asgary Parin Ramana Athota Steven Charles Baal Vinay V. Badami Aritra Bandyopadhyay Abhishek Bansal Justin Tyler Barclay Ryan Barringer Richard A. Battle-Baxter Michael Christopher Beck Eric Becker Douglas Andrew Beers Angelo Raymond Belliotti Sidney Bennett Diego Enrique Bermudez Bermejo Ryan Berube Christopher Edward Beutel Akshay Bhatia Kaushik Bhattacharya

Sutirtha Bhattacharya Amir Ali Bhimani Ashley O’Brien Binter Jason Andrew Boera Kenneth E. Bogden Adam Silver Boorstin Christina J. Borm Monica J. Boyle Amanda Kay Bradley Michael D. Breazzano Kevin Bromby Anthony Steven Brough David B. Brown James F. Burns IV Emily Jane Busch Parker Allen Bush Zachary James Canter Alex Cardenas Spencer L. Carter Colin W. Carty Louis Castelli Maricela Castillo Gaurav Chadha Kunal Chakrabarti Haricharan Gopal Challapalli Sreenivas Chamanthula Eric Ming Yin Chan Ufei Chan Renita R. Chaney Saeil Chang Evan N. Charles Robert C. Chase Jatinder Pal Singh Chatha Eva Chau Chandrakanth Venkata Chebiyyam Min Chen Qingye Chen Clinton J. Cherco Ranwei Chiang Shaoan Chin Emile Gerard Ho-Sing ChinDickey Jeong Ah Choi Christopher Chin Chong Angad Chopra Devashish Choudhury Anshu Chouhan Omer Shaukat Chowdhry Man I. Chu Melissa Ellen Cianciolo John Richard Ciecholewski Stefan Michael Claypool Camille Geneen Cole Bret Nolan Collazzi Duncan Joseph Cooper John Michael Costello, Jr. Matthew R. Crimmin Scott David Cruciger Wei Dai Jeffrey Ross Panaguiton Damian Konstantin Peter Damm Edward Daniel Derek J. Daniels Steven M. Danielson Saurya Prakash Das Vikram K. Daswani William Thomas De Groot Leon Dean Jerry Decembre Tanicka Decembre Jennifer Esmeralda Delaney Kyle Blake Delisle Shi Deng Faheem Shaukat Desai Srikanth Deshpande Jahangir H. Dewan Piya Dey Amitkumar Dhameja Giri Dharan Shubhika Dhawan Karen Burkhart Dick Adam Michael Dilluvio Robert Peter DiStanislao Kassim Zul Dossa Daniel A. Doucette Gleb Vladislavovich Drobkov Daniel B. Dubrow Lynnette Duenas Apirudee Dulyasittikorn Pamela Dunaway Andrew D. Elliott Keara Shea Everdell Pavel Fage Russell Jason Feldman Deepak Kiron Savio Fernandes Christian Ferri Aurangzeb Firoz Nohra Clemencia Fonseca Ryan Cyril Frank Brandon Benjamin Frankel Brett M. Freeman Robert P. Frisch Yan Fu Mary E. Fuller Jennie H. Fung Trevor Michael Gamba Nitin Lal Gandhi Chetan Prakash Garg Diego Javier Garzon Jose R. Gaztambide Patrick S. George Joshua Peter Gernold Gaetan Guy Gobeil Alex William Goepfert Krupa G. Gohil Shawn Alexander Goldsmith Margarita Golub Sanjeev Goluguri Guy Gresham Ravjit Singh Grewal James Raymond Grout II Timothy Patrick Groves Ming-Yi Gu Xisi Guo Ankur Gupta Rohit Gupta Daniel Gurvich Diana Ha Haider Zafar Habib Anthony Habra Kimberly M. Hagedorn Welela Haileselassie Matthew Dale Haistings Christopher James Halabi Michael R. Hall James E. Hamilton Nora Hansanugrum Rachel S. Happen Elissa B. Harwood William Leon Hassell, Jr. Eric Hassen Charles Thomas Hastey William Robert Hatanaka Kanwardeep Singh Hazrah Jason Pierre Hedges Felipe Miranda Heiderich Michael Sean Hendrix Trevor Heringer

Kenneth Christian Hess Robert Himel Atul Suresh Hirpara Peter Walter Hlawitschka Stephen Yee Fai Ho Uyen Bao Hoang Austin J. Holbrook James William Holt III Michael M. Horning Timothy David Hosmer Stephanie J. Houng Daniela Kirilova Hristova-Neeley Eugene Hsu Ryan N. Huddleston Alfred J. Hunt Sang Bum Hur Sung Hur Amanda Salomon Hyland Fawzi Ismail Irani Joseph P. Irineo Gopi Krishna Jaligama Joydeep Jana Himantha Jayanath Jayasinghe Zachary Woodbury Jemmott, Jr. Jing Jiao Yan Jin Samuel D. Johnston Gaurav Juneja Seemab Kadri Jonathan D. Kahan Mangesh Kalbhor Manman Kang Bernard M. Kaplan Jeff Karl David Brooks Kaufman Simran Kaur Stephen Leland Keel Desmond Barry Keenan Karlin Keller Peter J. Kemerer Yada Khosithpumivate Manu Khullar Hyoungil Kim Jun Kim Junghyun Kim Young Seok Kim Michael C. King Siobhan Catherine King Richard William Kirby Christopher W Kissane Stephen P. Knode Karl Christoph Knothe Allan Thomas Koivo Venkat Kommineni Michael David Kramer Anand Krishnamurthy Balaji Krishnamurthy Anshuman Kumar Irene Tze-Ting Kuo Sasi N. Kuppannagari Adam Kupperman Dennis Kurian Stephanie Kwok Kaya Ladejobi Omid Alex Lalehparvar Haroon Ulugh Beg Latif Gregory Scott Lauze Jeannette Kathleen Lawrence Hoai An Duc Le Jennifer M. Le David Robert Lee Eunkyung Lee Hee Kyung Lee Kevin J. Lee Robert Lee Sang H. Lee Vincent Lee Veronica Lescay Megret Anthony G. Lesmes Joshua A. Levine Chen Li Michael Li Mimi Li Yale Li Chengya Liang Winnie Lieu Natalie S. Lin Murali Krishna Linga Jerry Liu Jian Liu Jingchao Liu Rory Bruce Lowe Robert Lawrence Ludricks III Ade Lufadeju Daniel Patrick Lynch Angela F. Lynn Naman Madan Atul Magoon Nina S. Mahesh Sachin Maheshwari Konstantinos A. Maimis Satya Gopi Manapragada Daniel J. Mar Stephen M. Markgraf Rajagopal Marripalli Alejandro Jose Martinez Machado Jaime Jorge Martinez Soto Alice Alves Costa Martins Jessica Celeste Mason Anne Matson Keisha K. Mbiwan Charles B. McCulloch Jeff McDonald Stephen James McIntosh Jimmy Medeiros Hardik Pradip Mehta Said Mia Yimei Miao Timothy James Millican Naomi R. Mirsky Aditya Misra Maria Guadalupe Moreno Issam Moussaoui Mohammad Movassaghi Catherine Nkatha Mugeria Abir Mukherjee Robert Thaddeus Muller William Joseph Mutell, Jr. Amanda S. Myers Aditya Nair Suneeta Gopal Nallakatla Syed Ahmed Shafin Nasr Richard Bryon Neufeld Hai-nam Nguyen Tam Nguyen Jennifer Nicolls Jun Ning Moataz Khaled Ahmed Hamad Nour Nicholas Blankenbaker Noyes Michael P. O’Neill Olukayode Akangbe Oladele Katherine Duvivier Olaksen Maduvegadde S. Omprakash

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 23

Chris K. Orimoto Eduardo Jose Padilla Sada Andrew R. Paget Giorgi Pailodze Kajal Palan Yue Pan Dinesh Amar Panjwani James Y. Park Kawon Park Joshua P. Pasquariello Lei Pei Chong Peng Lev Perelman Cara Dorean Petonic Hoang Long Phan Marclan A. Pinnock Gopinath Polavarapu Thomas R. Pomrink Ljubica Popovic Nirupama Prakash Kumar Thomas Procida Dan Qi Jeffrey Jose Quezada Paul Rabanal O. Scott Raffo Vijay Anand Raghavan Sharan Maraj Raghubir Lakshmi Raj Subramanian Rajasimhan Pramod Ramarao Vishwanathan Rangarajan Genghui Rao Henrique Brusius Renck Hannah Elizabeth Richards Elizabeth C. Riley Joshua Robert Robbins Edith Louise Robinson Michael James Roche John Craig Hicks Roddy Winston M. Rodriguez Heraclio Rojas Bhavin K. Rokad Craig S. Rosoff Timothy John Roundtree James Lewis Rumpf Scott A. Russell Sarah Elizabeth Sachse Nauman Saeed Elisa Duygu Sahin Dinesh Salem-Natarajan Kristin Leah Sapieha Annurag B. Sarcar Gaurang Gopal Sardana Harjinder Singh Sarwara Jessica Elizabeth Saturley Nishad S. Savur Ankur Saxena Lavanya Gowri Sayam Matt C. Schroeder John Schumacher Steven Jay Schuster Thomas Scott Murat Şen Christopher Eugene Seneta Vishal Bipin Shah Krishnamurthy Shankar Farhad Firoz Shariff John W. Sharkey Manik Sharma Vijay Sharma David Gerald Sharon Alina Shastun Hye Jung Shin Joseph Hyungsun Shin Naum Shteinbah Andrew D. Sickinger Basit Siddiqi Gagandeep Singh Gergely Sipos Ryan Martin Small Gerald V. Smith Michael James Smith Robert Daniel Smith Todd Lowell Smith Paul L. Sousa Jason Spencer Rajan Sriram Anand Sriramagiri Daniel Severin Sternberg Mark A. Steward, Jr. Thomas Gaines Stokes John B. Stott Adam Martin Strauss Brian Roger Stuckey Nethra Thippasandra Subramanya Peter J. Sukits Timothy Casey Sullivan Omar Shafeek Sultan-Khan Wijaya Sumono Bin Sun Ian Scott Swanberg Richard Wing Chuen Sze Yogender Kumar Tagra Jiahui Tan Jo Hsin Tang Tony Chia-Yi Tao Kranthi Kumar Tata Marko Tuomo Tauriainen Eric Wesley Taylor Troy Taylor Nicolas Elie Teboul Rodrigo Tejeda Hanna A. Teklit Martin R. Terwilliger Sandeep Thalapaneni Tulsi Ajay Thanawala David James Thompson Raul Trevino Lee Michelle Tryhorn Valeri R. Tsanev Margaret Y. Tsang Uday Sarma Tumuluri Richard Emil Turner III Fred Twum-Acheampong Demetrios P. Typadis Anupama Kamala Umachandar Frederic George Walton Underwood Sanket Upreti Sam Van Anvar J. Varadaraj Lakshman Venepally Vikram Venneti Ceyli Charlotte Villamil Lee Michael O. Villanueva Elvis Vincent Amardeep Virk Vasilis Nick Vlahiotis Christian Joseph Wagner Thomas John Wallace David Erik Walter Carlos Wang Da Wang Fei Wang

Mingjian Wang Wei Wang Willy Yu-Chung Wang Danielle Marie Washington Shintaro Watanabe Allison A. Watters Abigail Wilson Weast Michael T. Weaver, Jr. Wei Wei Xiushi Wei Amity Bastow Weiss Kevin Michael Welling Emerson Wen Megan Linda Whitman Randy A. Wilson Hoiling Wong Shelagh Sze Wong Gongyan Wu Mingxi Wu Wenyi Xie Poonam Yadav Lynn Margaret Rose Yakoweshen Chuan Yan Alexander Kyung-Yul Yang Hua M. Yang Tong Yang Zhen Yang Rama Chaithanya Yatham Kevin Lam Yau Yeung John Y. Yong Tadayoshi Henry Yoshida Milson Charles Yu Wen Jing Yu Andrew Dylan Zak Mike Zani Elliot Zhengfei Zhang Xiaoming Zhang Xiaotian Zhang Zhiyang Zhong Xin Zhou Yi Zhou Feng Zhu Jing Zhu

DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Jesse Benjamin Jones John M. Rowehl Christopher Andrew Stark

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Seth Ackerman Cecilia Santos Acuin Fenaba Rena Addo Olutayo Adedayo Adeyemi Kathleen Rose Agres Bernardo Mauricio Aguilera Mercado Fernando Alfredo Aguirre Perez Ebad Ahmed Syud Momtaz Ahmed Christopher C. Ahn Leah Marie Alabanza Yasin Alan Daniel Russell Albert Rachel Ryan Albert Laura-Oana Albulescu Sarah Michelle Alexander Krystal Heather Allen Juan Francisco Alonso Hyung Chan An Steven Shi An Vikrant Vir Anand Sutee Anantsuksomsri Caroline Jayne Andrews June Andrews Jason Allen Anema Claudine Tsu Lyn Ang Kathleen J. Arnink JMR Apollo Arquiza Ricardo Jose Arribas Kitipong Assatarakul Henrique Carlotto Aveiro Essayas Kaba Ayana Patrick Robert Ayscue Neela Priti Babu Tekla B. Babyak Kristopher Learion Baker Gabriel Balmus Vincent Demetrius Baltazar Mallika Banerjee Cameron Lee Bardliving Sabrina Anne Bardowell Jessica Barker William Douglas Barnhart Robert Anthony Barton, Jr. Robin Michelle Baur Jessica S. Bean Martha Anne Beckwith Jacqueline Marie Benson Joshua Berger Emily Georgiana Bergeron Ariel Bianca Beverly Erica Melanie Bexley Michele Annette Bialecki Jeremy Gilbert Bird Alex William Black Amy M. Blakeley Isaac Curtis Blesener Kate Suzanne Blesener David Benjamin Blocher Jolyon Keith Bloomfield Dimitra Bouziou Owen Coury Boynton Matthew Alan Bratkowski Alexis Clark Briley Bernardo Enrique Brown Megan Sonntag Brown Timothy Joseph Brown Cory Clayton Browning Brian Andrew Bryce Eliza Marie Buhrer Hong Thuy Thi Bui Jayme Carolynn Burket Stephen Edwards Burkhardt Philip Reuben Buskohl Becky Ann Butler Oluranti Eugenia Campbell Scott M. Campbell Tuan Anh Cao Ying Cao Cayelan Christine Carey William Chad Carlos Amanda Noel Cass Derek John Cavatorta Elva Cha Jeffrey Neil Chadwick Collin Sik Kin Chan Chun-Ti Chang Kuming Chang Hitesh Jaiprakash Changlani Avishek Chatterjee Hong Chen

Tiffany J. Cheng Soon Hon Cheong Joshua Jongwoo Choi Woo Song Choi Stephen Michael Ciccarella Randy Todd Clark Scott Clark Benjamin Alain Clarke Joshua Nathaniel Cobb Kirsten Kryder Coe Jillian Standish Cohen Jeremy David Cone Kelly Dianne Cook Edward Sgro Cormany Jason N. Corwin Deirdre Ann Costello Simon Robert Cotton Reginald Dwayne Covington Emily R. Cramer Julia Marguerite Crane Jacob Crawford Mariana Mercedes Cruz Tyler Christian Cullender Caitlin Cunningham Kayvon Patrick Daie Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil Jonathan Michael Darmon Sonali Sanghita Das Ashley Anne Dayer David De Angelis Gabriel José De Frías García Stephanie DeGooyer Sara Deleon Grigor Demirchyan Margaret Mochon Demment Sanjay Dharmavaram Muralidharan Angela Marie DiCiccio Chao Ding Upik Wira Marlin Djalins Rachel Mika Dorin Dušan Drabik Jeffrey Clayton DuBois Michelle R. Duncan Erin Whitfield Dunn Samuel Dwinell Emily Burt Eaton Michael Paul Ehrlichman Emre Ekinci Youssef El Fassy Fihry Açmae El Yacoubi Sarah Elizabeth Ensor Matthew S. Erie Alexis Clare Erwin Rafael Escalona Reynoso Chao Fang Matthew John Farrar Michael L. Farrell Freeha Fatima Matthew David Fellion Carl Ferkinhoff Mark Christopher Ferraguto Luciana Pereira E. Ferreira William Warren Fetzer Brigitte Nicole Fielder Melissa Figueroa Findley Ransler Finseth Joanna Joy Fisher Paul Frederick Flaig Heather Ann Flores Ry Roger Forseth Zachary Andrew Frederick Nicholas James Fuda Daniel Richard Fuka Heather E. Fullerton Heather Janell Furnas Gustavo Procopio Furtado Lucas Heitzmann Gabrielli John Christian Gaby Vikram Gadagkar Alycia Susan Gailey Madeline Rose Galac Frances Gallart-Marques Teresa R. Galloway Damien Garbett Armando Garcia Lydiah Wanjiru Gatere Nebiat Gebreegziabher Gebreselassie Carolyn Marie George Michael David George Arnaud Didier Germain Trina Ghosh Dastidar Masayuki Katagiri Gibson Claudia M. Gilson Amanda Kay Gilvin Irving Tong-meng Goh Shih Lin Goh Zachary Kendell Gooch Igors Gorbovickis Billie Alethea Gould Christopher Jay Graham Megan Dianne Graham Anoop Singh Grewal Jessica Lee Grodio Cassandra M B Guarino Kristin A. Guertin Jamie Elizabeth Guillory Kevin Dinh Ha Charles Henry Haitjema Olivia Margit Hall Kathleen E. Hames Buck Timothy Hanson Danielle Aberle Haque Katherine Bundy Harding Jason Scott Hardy John Wallace Harter Ekaterina Harvard Todd Alan Harvey Mohd Zafri Hassan Tee Havananda Mingyu He Yin He Angela Langevin Heavey Benjamin Douglas Heavner Gretchen Lee Watson Heavner Christoffer R. Heckman Erik Grant Helzer Daniel Hemberger Ryan Henderson Lihong Huang Herman Richard Jamie Herring Karen Baldovi Heymann Varun Hiremath Emily Margaret Hoagland James Austin Hobbs Nikolas Charles Hoepker Lesli M. Hoey Franz D. Hofer Matthew D. Hoffberg Kellie Marie Cicconi Hogan George Charles Homsy Walter H. Hopkins Dafna Hornike Noriaki Hoshino Hadi Hosseinzadegan Robert Michael Hovden Peilin Hsieh Lillian Chieh-hwei Hsu

Pichiang Hsu Ruirui Huang Siyu Huang Marisa Joann Hughes Robert James Humphrey, Jr. Nicholas Phillips Huntington Kahyun Hur Matthew William Hurst John Huynh Pasquale Iacono Sarah Miriam Iams Akiko Ishii Allison Lara Hornor Jack Jeffrey Bryan Jacquet Mario De Queiroz Mont Jales Sabine-Verena Jauss Pengsheng Ji Xinyin Jiang Congrui Jin Artit Chinwattana Jirapatnakul Adrea Renae Johnson Laura Lynne Jones Julie Anne Joosten Danielle Nicole Kalkofen Gaurav Kampani Eun Jung Kang Tarandeep Singh Kang Eliot Kapit Vinay Andrew Kapoor Nikolaos Karampatziakis Ananth Prakash Kaushik Keigo Kawaji Jess Keiser Clarice Agnes Krebs Kelleher Virginia Marie Kennedy Saba Khan Pichamon Kiatwuthinon Philip Brandon Kidd Brian Namghi Kim Boram Kim Chung Koo Kim Grace Kim Hannah Kyungjoo Kim Kathleen Allison King Felice Beth Klein Seong Yeon Ko Xianzheng Kong Nolan Andrew Kopkin Theodore Korzukhin Mary Elizabeth Kosloski Maxim Kostylev Amber Rose Marija Krauchunas Marko Krco Ashima Krishna Marie Elyse Krysak Alexey Kudryavtsev Naresh Kumar Deladem N. Kusi-Appouh Ada Maria Kuskowski Hojoong Kwak Jin Kyung Kwak Misha Taylor Kwasniewski Sai Man Simon Kwok Brooke Ashley Laflamme Alberto J. Lamadrid Erica Lee Larson Martin Olov Larsson Sara Johanna Larsson Brian David Lawrence Christine Nicole Layton Chang Hoon Lee Jee Hye Lee Ouk Jae Lee Sang Hyeon Lee Song Eun Lee Wooram Lee Simon Lefrancois Irene V. Lessmeister Congcong Li Heng Li Juan Li Minxing Li Xiaoxiao Li Kendra Rose Liddicoat Janna Ulrike Lierl Debra DengWen Lin Miao-chong Joy Lin Julie Mann Lind Ari Solomon Linden Yading Ling Neith Grace Little Luqiao Liu Arshiya Lokhandwala Jonilyn Greta Longenecker Michael Andrew Lowe Yuerui Lu Shisen Luo Jeremy Scott Luterbacher Peter M. Luthy Benjamin Brooks Machta Daniel James Mack Fatima Mahmood Samreen Malik Cresten Brant Mansfeldt C.M. David Marsh Sean Robert Martin Madeline Martinez Kassandra Martin-Wells Nicole Saffold Maskiell Andrea M. Maurizio Peter E. Maust Patrick Timothy Mayer Jessica Anne Allerton McArt Richard James Mccloskey Michael James Mccourt Tyi Lindsey McCray Colin Peter Mclear Philipp Meerkamp Otilia Menyhart Yahya Mesgarpour Tousi Kari Marie Midthun Yoshiaki Mihara Daegan Ryan Miller Jennifer Blair Misyak Clay Thomas Mitchell Vernon Calvin Mitchell Sudeshna Mitra Daniel Jacob Moebius-Clune Eamon Joseph Molloy Andrea Isabel Moreno Switt Darcy Steeg Morris Morgan Elizabeth Mouchka Sana Mujahid Mustansir Yunus Mukadam Kristin Elizabeth Murphy Patrick James Murphy Sricharan Murugesan Marie Anna Muschalek Itay Nachshon Nichole Kristina Nadermann Rajendran Narayanan Stefan Surhash Natu Jennifer Lynn Nelson Francis Muigai Ngure Linh Duc Nguyen Jing Ning Wannasarn Noonsuk Timothy Priestley Novikoff Sean Patrick O’Brien

Richard Ocampo Maicol Arley Ochoa Daza Scott O’Connor Inish Michael O’Doherty Robert Fernando Ojeda John C. Olthoff Rafael Orozco Ramirez John Christopher Owsley Milena Dorota Pabiniak Joan Doyle Paddock Renato Paes Leme Chang Hee Park Siddharth Preston Pathi Shrivatsav Pattabiraman Kelly Lee Patterson Claudia Costa Pederson Jason Andrew Peiffer Aaron David Pelttari Scott Perez Javier Ignacio Perez Burgos Seth Michael Perlow Robin Smith Petruzielo John Duong Phan Elizabeth Esther Phelps Michael David Phillips Kelly Irene Pike Steven George Pinkerton Mircea Ioan Pitici Pavel Petkov Popov Stephen T. Poprocki Alvin Pratama Lonnie J. Princehouse Corey James Ptak Jin Seok Pyone Kaiyan Qiu Jenna Beth Rajchgot Shantanu Rajaram Rajwade Raghuram Ramanujan Nandini Ramesh Sankar Mario Ramirez Basora Jose Manuel Ramos Nieves Chad Garrett Randl Matthew Louis Ranieri Sarah Joiner Reilly Alison M. Remillard William Henry Renninger Diego Ariel Rey Tal Richards Laura Nicole Rickard Jennifer Michelle Rieser Daina Lydia Ringus David Rudy Rivera Jorge Luis Rivera Marin Dean Jonathan Robinson Marc Etienne Rockmore Lorraine Doralys Rodriguez Rivera Kimberly Ann Rollings Bethsabe Romero Marcela Romero Rivera Melissa Lynn Rosario Jose Juan Rosario Deondra Eunique Rose Deborah A. Ross Arina Codruta Rotaru Kevin Daniel Roth Adeline Patten Rother David Henry Rowinski Karl-gustav Rueggeberg Carlos Samuel Ruiz-Vargas Gloria B. Russo Wassell Eric Michael Ryan Gina Therese Ryan Anthony Joseph Sabelli Hiroaki Sai Peter Curtis Samuelson Scott Russell Sanders Thom Santisakultarm Swarnavo Sarkar Anne Sauer Jennifer Lyn Schaefer John Schaefer Cornelia Johanna Franziska Scheitz Anne Abigail Schneider Robert William Schombs, Jr. Seth Avram Schweitzer Lindsay Lauren Sears-Tam Jonathon William Senchyne Nathan Robert Senner Yu Mi Seo Xavier Serey Noni Damali Session Timothy Joseph Shaffer Nur Ain Shahrier Anuttama Sheela Mohan Maxim Y. Sheinin Yi Shen Corinne Elizabeth Sheridan Yue Shi Jennifer Lynn Shirk Sarah Marie Short Megan Sikowitz Samuel Milton Simkin Joseph Lawrence Simonis Rajni Singh Amit Singhai Subrena Elaine Smith Kyong Min Son Ju Ho Song Yang Song Sucheta Soundarajan Benjamin Albert Sowell Laura Grace Spitler Supree Srisamran Sarah Louise States Caitlin Alice Stern Henri Raphael Sternfels Angela L. Stevenson Gregory Russell Stiesberg Jessica Renee Streit Edward Remco Strong Joyce Elizabeth Stuckey Xiaoyang Su Warut Suampun Chinmayee Venkata Subban Claire Bess Sudolsky Joo Yeon Sun Xianfei Sun Ravishankar Sundararaman Cecily Hodges Swanson Charlotte Dorothy Sweeney Karen Alison Swetland Jamie Rubenstein Taber John Timothy Taber Yasushi Taira Rebecca Anne Tally Eugenia Siu Ning Tam Junhao Shawn Tan Qinwen Tan Qi Tang Jing Tao Suiyigheh Joyous Tata Inder Rafael Tecuapetla Gomez Wee Don Teo Dede Yawa Tete-Rosenthal Reshmi Krishnan Theckethil Robert Quinn Thomas Chenxi Tian Seifu Admassu Tilahun

Kimberly Ronda Todt Silvana Toska Antoine Gabriel Traisnel Thuy D. Tranviet Wen-Chyan Tsai Yu-hsin Tsai Adam Wei Tsen Hsin-wei Tseng Richard Neil Turner Anand Teertha Vaidya Jeffrey M. Valla Saiba Varma Roger Hale Varney Felix Severo Vazquez Rivera Andre Christopher Velasquez Vivek Venkataraman Leslie Javier Verteramo Chiu Zachary Warren Via Kathryn Dushane Vignone Krishnaprasad Vikram Susan Mary Villarreal Lynne C. Vincent Justin Elliott Vines Raghuvir Viswanatha Kitiya Vongkamjan Rolf Waeber Gavin Walker Katherine Harvest Walker Michael Emil Wagner Tywanquila Lavarre Walker Marsha Diane Wallace Michael Jay Walsh Alwin Ming-Doug Wan Benjamin Lee-How Wang, Jr. Chen Wang Liaoruo Wang Meng Wang Mengqiao Wang Qiu Wang Shuo Wang Xiao Yu Wang Xinli Wang Ying Wang Chika Watanabe Alexei Andre Waters Ashlee E. Watts Douglas Allen Webber Jennifer Rose Weiser Bin Wen Yao Weng Allyson Armstrong West Erick D. White Michele Ann Whitecraft Lindawati Wibowo Gunawan Wicaksono Ann Wilde Michael Willemann Daniel John Williams Jennifer Anne Williams Keith Richard Williams Emma Clare Willoughby Martha Sherrill Windrem Kimberly June Wong Richard Wong Joshua Duke Woodbury Jay N. Worley Shaomei Wu Xinwei Wu Ying Wu Bo Xiang Luo Xiao Xiao Xiao Yi Xie Gang Xu Jin Xu Jian Yan Sybil S. Yang Zichao Yang Pablo Yanguas Ainur Uskemenovna Yessenalina Alexa Patricia Yesukevich Eric Chun-ngam Yip Sungsoo Michael Yoo Tyson Joseph Yost Fan Yu Gun Jea Yu Jiajie Yu Jiwon Yun Zachary John Yuzwa Jennifer A. Zambriski David Stephen Zeber Shuang Zhang Yimeng Zhang Yueting Zhang Chen Zhao Ping Zhao Yingying Zhao Changxi Zheng Jingxian Zheng Zhaoli Zhou Anita Y. Zhu

Conferred at the C.U. Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences in NYC Jonathan Cheney Bardin Jacob Louis Bitterman Jonathan William Bourne Jacqueline A. Brazin Aikaterini Chatzi Jonathan Jiunn-Hsiang Chen Yu-Hung Chen Christina Jean Crump Zeeba Roozbeh Daruwalla Kabir Alessia Deglincerti Zehra Dincer Xiaozhou Fan Anna Alexis Federman (Zaydman) Megan Lee Fitzgerald Carolina Birmann Gabbai Cristina Ghenoiu Samuel Globus Krzysztof Glomski Nicholas William Harbison Ryo Hayama Kenneth Christian Hess Amanda Michelle Holland Fang-Ke Huang Linda Huynh Bongnam Jung Armen Kherlopian Melissa Anita Cabinian Kinnebrew Christopher Kloss Ryan Kniewel Fabien Gilbert Lafaille

24 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013

Steve Lianoglou Da Liu Kirti Magudia Allysia Matthews Evan Molinelli Julia Moore Tal Nuriel Ankit Bharat Patel Siudeep Prajapati Stephanie Michelle Pyonteck Zhicheng Qiu Poonam Rath Megan Jennifer Ricard Megan Christine Riddle Asif M. Rizwan Daniel Rohle Robert M. Samstein Jessica Schneider Sebastian Malcolm Shaffer Sushila Alyssa Shenoy Aneesh A. Sheth Tyler Roy Simpson Jennifer Lillian Small Rachel Elizabeth Speer Christopher Francis Stratton Daniel Stephen Terry Drew Fraser Thacker Wayne Wesley Tschetter Eleanor Tyler Rui Wang Xiaonan Wang Pamela Christine Wille Jason Arias Willis Jr-shiuan Yang Dou Yeon Youn Chao Zheng

DOCTOR OF THE SCIENCE OF LAW Luwam G. Dirar Anna Dolidze Esteban Hoyos Adedokun Olatokunbo Ogunfolu


Conferred at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC Juveria Abdullah Andrés Abreu Daniel Rahul Agarwal Joseph Brooks Alsberge Bem Linton Atim Shaka Joaquin Doyle Bahadu Erika deWyllie Billick Dustin L. Boothe Gabriel Wolcott Briscoe Alessandra Calvo-Friedman Christina Nicole Cordeiro Jeffrey William Craig Yan Cui Rachel Anna Day Huley Dru Shumpert Dickert Sasha Courand Druskin Jade Sacha Helen Edwards Mark David Elliott Michael Graff Fara Adam S. Faye Michael Brian Feldman Erik Steven Fisher Ava-Dawn Patricia Gabbidon Nathan Gaines Yaroslav Gelfand Lindsay Marie Gibbon Matthew Lawrence Goodwin Andrés C. Gottfried Blackmore Kaitlin Ann Greene Andrew Steven Griffin II Elan Leong Guterman Maritza Terese Sharon Harper Kelly D. Harris Aaron Heerboth Vishal Vinod Hegde Daniel Joseph Holzwanger Syed Amal Hussnain Matthew Lawrence Inra Jacob Cole Jackson Malcolm Johnson Kai B. Kang Ruchi Kapoor James Yong Kim Jay D. Kim Joon-Hyung Kim John Paul Kleimeyer Isaac Andrew Klein Abraham Korn Neha Kumar Dakotah Cheyenne Lane Jason Lee Leslie Lee Jason D. Lehman Julie Ilana Leviter Naomi Lewin Lillian F. Lewis Brian S. London Andrea Lorenze Olga Ferreira Martins Danielle McCullough Christopher M. McGinn Michael John McMahon Ali M. Mendelson Marshall Curtis Miller Yoann Henry Millet Michael Anthony Mooney Jonathan Daniel Moreno Joseph B. Negusei Thomas Francis Xavier O’Donnell Neal S. Parikh Jonathan Larmour Powell Steven Thomas Riccoboni Landon Scott Roussel Jennifer Ann Salant Blossom Patricia Samuels Alexandra Marie Sanseverino Megan Mahala Schlagman Theresa W. Schwanke Stephen M. Seedial Naomi Shike Daniel Benjamin Sonshine

Lauren Elizabeth Stewart Miyuki Tanino Pamela Joan-Yin Tieu Cristina Jose Toledo-Cornell Ansara Marie Vaz Talia R. Walker Hanano Watanabe Odette Grace Williams Marissa Diane Wise Noah Bedford Wohlert Peng Wu Karen Sijie Zheng

Conferred at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar Hanin Abou Ayash Ghaith Farid Abu Zeinah Maria Ahmad Haya Fayez Ahram Maha Al Ghafry Munjid Al Harthy Jowhara Hamad Al Qahtani Rama Albaz Fadwa Gamal Ali Khawla Fuad Ali Mustafa Al-Kawaaz Sadeer Al-Kindi Yahya Al-Mezrakchi Mason AlNouri Maryam Ayaz Arnab Chowdhury Ladan Davallow Ghajar Iqbal Mahmoud El-Assaad Moamena Ahmed El-Matbouly Rana Mohamed Mamdouh Amin Emam Abdullah Firoze Ahmed Zena Basil Ghazala Moath Hamed Tarrek Hassan Hegab Abhyudaya Joshi Sundus Mari Lamya Suhail Mubayed Seif El Din Sadek Sanah Sadiq Bassel Saksouk Setareh Salehi Omran Rahima Hussein Sanya Reem Shawar Zaid Husni Tafesh Bassem Zaki Abdelmalak

DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Judith Claire Alishauskas Katherine Allen Melissa Andritz Jennifer Marie Battista Jeffrey David Beverly Emily Linde Bold Rebecca Bordonaro Shannon Marie Brighenti Stephanie Blake Brittin Alicia Marie Brown Jasmine Tiffany Bruno Shannon Nicole Cabell Collin Marshall Cary

Jennifer Michelle Cassano Peter Clauss Jennie Dahar Lonnie Evelyn Denmark Antonia Robertson Domino Rachel Sacher Donocoff Julia Dillon Drury Katie Shea Emerson Mark Fagan Rachel Lauren Fogg Dylan Anderson Fry Matthew Frank Galati Steven Jeffrey Godbey Brian John Goff Sherri Elizabeth Gress Juan Carlos Guerra Denise Marie Hardisky Diana Sisca Harya Ellen Kay Haynes Danielle Corin Hein Samantha Ruth Foster Hodgkins Sara Elizabeth Huckabone Kate Elizabeth Huggler Terri Naoko Iwata Caitlin Elizabeth Jeffrey Sarah Ruth Kalafut Raina Sylvie Kaplan Alexandra Elizabeth Korn Timothy Robert Krebs Nathaniel Paul LaHue Jessie Emma Lake Thomas Calvin Linden, Jr. Amanda Kelly Little Alexander James LoPinto Leigh C. MacAyeal Martha Alice MaloneyHuss Benjamin Kevin March Ilyssa Lee Meren Melissa Morgan Mieczkowski Kathleen Suzanne Molero Jennifer Katherine Morrissey Melissa Ann Nashat Kathleen Clare O’Hara Glenn Michael Palmer Linda Marie Valas Pedro Dana Lauren Peirce Kim Anh Phan Laura Beth Pollock Bronwyn Elizabeth Purcell-DeAbreu Kaitlin Elizabeth Quirk Kevin Render Anahi Rivera Michael James Robinson Caitlin Bessette Roswell Shira Anne Rubin Naomi Rose Salama Charlotte Elaine Sanford-Crane Lindsey Ann Schneider Lisa Angela Schupak Erica Jane Secor Susan Elizabeth Shaffer Sookram Stephanie Louise Silberstang Kelli Ann Smith Shannon Marie Smith Set A. Sokol Shoshana Pauline Sommer Amanda Elise Spector Scarlett Springate Eila Susskind Laura Elizabeth Waite Jocelyn Marie Whitworth Amy Lynn Wong Courtney Anne Wong Po Ting Wong

Erik Zager Ann Marie Zollo

DOCTOR OF LAW Ashley Cicely Akins-Atewogboye Edward Ameri Hiram Marcos Arnaud Adam R. Augusiak-Boro Joachim Daniel Bakey Genevieve Nan Ballinger Michael Andrew Barnett Brenda Beauchamp Angelo Raymond Belliotti Diana Christine Biller Cheryl Leanne Blake Brandon Michael Bodnar Amanda Kay Bradley Ian Joseph Brekke Sarah Claire Miller Breslow Arrington O. Brown Scott T. Burnett Heather R. Byrne Melissa Cabrera Christopher Bradley Cain Meredith Ellen Carpenter Alison Marie Carrizales Andrew Buckley Cashmore Emmanuel Castaneda Jessica Grace Cauley Marihug Paloma Cedeno Wen-Ying Angela Chang Grace I. Chiang Stephanie YunJin Cho Cheehyung Ester Choi Youjin Choi Alice Kim Choo Ewelina Chrzan Jee Hyang Chung Patricia Ciccone Sarah Leigh Ciopyk Tyler Moraga Clarke Zachary Leon Coffelt Danielle Loretta Coffey Anthony Ray Collins Herve Yves Comeau Katharine Irene Connaughton Curtis Ray Coolidge Geoffrey Davis Cramton Thomas Joseph Curry Charlotte Suzanne Davis Tiffany Darlene Davis Christopher Ward Dickson Adam Michael Dilluvio William Thomas Dong Andrew Curran Donohue Alexander Jerome Douglas Judah A. Druck Stacey Paige Eilbaum Elaina Lucila Emerick Christopher Edward Engler Katherine Evangeline Ensler Benjamin Philip Falkenberg Joseph Fan Russell Jason Feldman Courtney E. Finerty Aaron Thomas Frazier Steven Fruchter David Fu Travis K. Gaines Clever H. Gallegos Cynthia Cristina Galvez Tamara Gavrilova

Daniel Jared Green Jared W. Grimley Daniel Patrick Gwen Elliot James Hales Mudi Han Brantley Austin Hawkins Felipe Miranda Heiderich Sarah Jane Heim Amanda D. Hellenthal Cody Herche Benjamin George Hillengas Jessica Liat Hittelman Tamara Yael Hoflejzer Amy Hsu Ashley Nicole Hughes Lauren E. Humphrey Xue Jiang Rudi Julius Joanne Kang Nicholas Joseph Karasimas David Brooks Kaufman Rashell Khan Earl Alexander Kirkland Adam Eugene Kobler Jocelyn Alyssa Krieger Madeline Kwong Connie Yun-Shin Lam Sean M. Langille Alicia Ye Eun Lee Andrew Scott Levine Ilya Leyvi Jun Li Anders Linderot Hahn L. Liu Jenny Geejay Liu Lilian Maggie Loh Victor Lopez, Jr. Steve Y. Ma Steven J. Madrid David Edward Mannion Suzanne Price Marinkovich Stephanie A. Maron David W. McBride Joanna McCarty Karen Anne McClendon Michael W. McDorman Ashley Elizabeth McGovern Colin Sinclair Mckeon Lucas Colin McNamara Mystyc Star Metrik Nathanael Tenorio Miller Chad Robert Mizelle Kelse H. Moen Linda Mohammadian Randy Moonan John E. Mucha Heather Elyse Murray Adrian Ochoa Adam Lee Olin Mariloly Orozco Matthew Jude Oster Puja Patel Afton Geraldine-Mary Pavletic Joshua Edward Peary Nicholas Robert Planty Chad Michael Pollard Dorota Katarzyna Poplawska Katherine Powers Karina Lynn Pulec Alexandria T. Pulido James Pyo Rebecca Quan Divya B. Rao Joseph Lee Reutiman Saad Ullah Rizwan

Tradition continues...


Main Photo: A proud squirrel senior poses with the traditional Cornell rodent graduation collar while enjoying an acorn on the Arts Quad. Inset: Squirrel Ph.D.s always march boldly onto Schoellkopf Field wearing glistening medieval armor.

Dunia Rkein Michael James Roche Emily Mae Rockett Daniel L. Rosenberg Alexey Rtishchev Sergey Andrey Rudin Brittany Danielle Ruiz Pablo Daniel Ruiz James Lewis Rumpf Johanna Sanchez Lisa A. Schmidt Thomas Schultz Gerry D. Scott Brianna Kay Serrano Eliad Shapiro David Gerald Sharon Najwa-Monique Cecile Sharpe John Maxwell Shaul Cody Brice Sibell Kirk Allen Sigmon Alison Ann Skaife Sarah Joleen Steece Emma Kyoko Steiner Daniel Severin Sternberg Matthew William Stichinsky Mari Catherine Stonebraker Jessica Ashley Taubman Ross D. Thomas Sara Brady Tomezsko Christopher Edward Tomlinson Maryam Toossi Chukwudi A. Udeogalanya Jennifer Michelle Uren Tiina Elisa Vaisanen Tian Wang Shu Wei Jeffrey L. Wiener Joshua Daniel Wohl Connie Yao Jefferson Song Yi Milson Charles Yu Olesia A. Zakon Xiao Zhang Zhuo Zhang Maryam Zhuravitsky Zachary Paul Zuniga

DOCTOR OF LAW & MASTER OF LAWS In Int’l and Comparative Law Meghan E. Bowman Jovana Crncevic Ryan Delaney Patrick Claude Meson

MASTER OF LAWS Kathleen Denise Adda Benoit Frederic Allouis Chaya Ampornklinkaew Kuukuwa Bentsiwa Andam Cecile Anne Antoine-Melon Lola Marie Victoire Boucard Manisha Chaudhary Alexandra Chauvin Roberto da Gama Cidade Dirk Simon de Waard Xue Dong Yiting Du Chanakya Dwivedi Claudia Jolanda Fanelli Jingyi Feng Salvador Gallo Korkowski Diego Garay Pérez Lisha Ge Manasa Reddy Gummi Xiaoyan Han Lingxi Hao Masayoshi Harada Valérie Thanh May Ho Minh Triet Siyi Huang Zuhuan Huang Chidinma Kelechi Ihemedu Nabah Ahmed Ikram Shingo Ito Mathias Kahler Hancheol Kang Nina Rachel Kanovitch Omar Ibrahim Khashaba Helga Lund Laursen Lennart Martin Lautenschlager Maryam Olajumoke Abimb Lawal Ang Li Jiayan Li Mengyin Li Runze Li Ting Li Xueran Li Meng Liang Dan Liu Jing Liu Haowen Luo Tian Ma Yingnan Ma Masashi Naruse Jennifer Anne Frances Nettleton Alberto Pacchioni Chul Hong Park Dmitry Paskalov Marieta Paxinou Wade Reginald Poziomka Siddhartha Premkumar Yifei Qi Sumin Qu Ferdinand Benalla Redulla Luisa Adriana Rivera Eljach Edward Sampa Takehisa Sato Roland Walter Günter Schmidtbleicher Eric Silberstein Lerner Andrey S. Simonyan Yuanfang Teng Yoshiya Washington Usami Nutta Vasantasingh Kun Wang Antonio Pauli Martti Wirta Di Wu Hsiao-Chien Wu Hailong Xia Yichen Yang Shuyang Yao Fengyi Zhang Jinchao Zhang Yaoqian Zhang Yun Zhang Yiyi Zhao Dongqing Zheng Lilu Zhou Naiyuan Zhou Wenzhu Zhou


Graduation Issue 2013 | The Corne¬ Daily Sun | 25

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT ire: Barton on F ips L g in Flam 10 April 18, 20






Leo Vill At the J areal: Cosmos Oct. 20 ohnson 12

Jon Stewart Returns to Barton Parents’ Weekend 2011 COURTESY OF CORNE LL UNI


Billy Joel Bailey Serenades , 2011 Dec. 2

Passion P Electrifies it Barton Nov. 5, 20 11







vels i Le n i c i Av arto ing B om ec o H m2012

The Sun

B.o.B H Homec its Barton oming 2011 COURTESY


e ollectiv C n o i ll Fash Corne arton B Stuns , 2013 7 2 l Apri









26 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 <<< March 2010 Four sequential images show portions of the campus’ response to the string of suicides. After the University erected fences along the bridges, students decorated them with flowers and poems, and held several community gatherings.

FOUR YEARS IN PHOTOS <<< 3.16.12 The spring 2012 specimen of the yearly Dragon Day serpent, complete with smoke wafting from its snout, slithers along Ho Plaza amid a surrounding crowd of admirers. New York State laws now prohibit burning the dragon on the Arts Quad.

9.28.09 >>> A line of people seeking a seasonal flu vaccine forms outside of Willard Straight Hall. Over 2,000 doses were administered that day. In early 2009, the campus was reeling from an outbreak of H1N1 influenza.

10.24.12 >>> President David Skorton speaks at “Illuminate the Night,” an event held on Ho Plaza after a string of sexual assaults and bias incidents on campus. “We have to share our fear until it is gone,” Skorton said. <<< 4.18.10 Known for their theatrical concerts, The Flaming Lips perform at Barton Hall. Concert-goers raged in a sea of balloons and confetti; and Wayne Coyne, the band’s lead singer, opened the show by rolling over the crowd in a plastic bubble.

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 27

FOUR YEARS IN PHOTOS Design: Rob Lieberfarb Photos: Connor Archard / Sun Senior Photographer: Harlem Shake • Tina Chou / Sun File Photo: Men’s basketball and Lupe Fiasco concert • Matt Hintsa / Sun File Photo: Lift Your Spirits on Arts Quad and swine flu line • Esther Hoffman / Sun Photography Editor: Dragon Day • Matt Munsey / Sun Staff Photographer: Skorton outside Straight • Lindsay Myron / Sun File Photo: bottom bridge fencing photo, Africana rally, Flaming Lips and snowball fight • Shailee Shah: Sun Staff Photographer: flower arrangement in fencing • Jade Tabony /Sun File Photo: blue flower in fencing • Kelly Wang / Sun Staff Photographer: corpse plant.

<<< 2.03.11 A giant snowball fight erupts on the Arts Quad. Cornell Police shut down the snowball fight, apprehending a student, confiscating tin shields, and knocking over a six-foot snow penis.

> > >

4.17.11 M.C. Lupe Fiasco shakes water as he performs at a sold-out Barton Hall show. The Chicago-born rapper kept smiles on the audiences’ eager, albeit somewhat inebriated, faces as he navigated through a set of tracks from throughout his career.

3.15.13 Almost 400 students, some wearing tutus or body paint, flooded the A.D. White Room in Uris Library to perform Cornell’s version of the “Harlem Shake,” a viral video. “It was crazy and awesome,” one student said.

> > >

> > >

3.19.10 Aaron Osgood ’11 celebrates after the Big Red defeats Temple University in the first round of the NCAA tournament, making Cornell the first Ivy League team to proceed past the first round since 1998.

> > >

3.13.12 Students observe a blooming “corpse plant” in Cornell’s Greenhouse shortly before its flower opened and released its famous scent, which is often compared to the smell of rotting meat. Amorphophallus titanum flowers only rarely in indoor settings.

28 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013


Alex M. Vargas


B.S. Engineering, Class of 2013

Congratulations JP! You’ve accomplished a tremendous goal with determination and poise; you are an inspiration to us all. Your graduation marks the next great chapter in the life of an amazing person. You possess the intelligence, charisma, loyalty and eloquence needed to succeed and blow the world off its feet. Our best wishes for endless success and happiness. You deserve the best out of life. We are very proud of you and love you! Love, Lily, Mom & Mike

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

–— Mark Twain

Yes! You did it! Congratulations Alex! You are such an incredible person. We hope your dreams give you joy and guide you to accomplish great things. Love… Grandma Pat, Grandma Maria, Mom & Dad

Nuestro Amado Juanpi, We have been blessed to have you as a son. Your character, perseverance, and integrity are some of the many qualities that we admire about you. It has been a truly rewarding experience watching you grow to become the man you are today. Remember, life is not advancement, it is growth. It does not move upward, but expands outward, in all directions. We pray that your love for each other will over flow more and more, and that you will keep growing in your knowledge and understanding. (Philippians 1:9)

Con todo nuestro amor, Dios te bendiga y protégé hoy y siempre, Mami y Papi

Christina Maria Aguilar

Congratulations to our Fashionista! Love, Your Family

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 29


The Corne¬ Daily Sun would like to congratulate its 2013 Graduating Seniors Sarah Angell Katerina Athanasiou Helene Beauchemin Morgan Bookheimer Alex Bores Colin Chan Darwin Chan Joy Chua Katherine Carreno James Critelli Hannah Deixler Shane Dunau Scott Eckl Jaime Freilich Juan Forrer Reena Gilani Emily Greenberg Esther Hoffman Gina Hong Cindy Huynh Peter Jacobs Jing Jin Noah Karr Kaitin Michelle Kim Byron Kittle Daveen Koh E. Konstantopoulos Jacob Kose Eliza LaJoie Adam Lerner Albert Liao Alina Liu

Cyrstal Lu Tajwar Mazhar Sarah McKeen Diana Mak Patricio Martínez Laura Miller Fiona Modrak Annie Newcomb Christa Nianiatus Joe Niczky Karina Parikh Ruby Perlmutter Elizabeth Proehl Lauren Ritter Dan Robbins Dan Rosen Matt Rosenspire Nick St. Fleur Shane Seppinni Katie Schubauer Joesph Staehle Amanda Stefanik Jeff Stein Brian Stern Juan Carlos Toledo Alyssa Tsuchiya Jordan Vartanian Jon Weinberg Jesella Zambrano

Congratulations to Joseph Porter (CALS) for being the FIRST in the family to receive an undergraduate degree from an Ivy League University. Your Dad (Joe) is proud to be an ILR grad in 2013 also. The entire family is extremely proud of both Joes Cornell alumni!. Class of 2013 rocks! We love you!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sherri, Eric, Elizabeth Williams, and the PA Porters.

Congratulations Sammy!!! We are so very proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. May you go on to live a successful and meaningful life. The best is yet to come...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Alex, Abby, Ethan and Scout

Samantha Heleba Cornell University Hotel School Class of 2013

30 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013



Michael U. Zullo Class of 2013 Cornell University College of Arts and Science Congratulations to a wonderful son and brother. We are very proud of you and we wish you continued success in your future academic endeavors and beyond. MOM, DAD, PETER AND JOSEPH

Isabelle Nunberg CALS 2013

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 31


Bryan Louie

Congratulations, Bry. We are so proud of you for the hard work you’ve done over the last 4 years. We know it wasn’t easy at all. You’ve done it. We hope that grad school will be much easier for the next couple of years. Keep up your hard work.

Best of Luck and have a great future. Mom, Dad, and all of us

Congratulations Katie!

Felicidades Juan! It’s been so much fun watching you grow. We are so proud of all your accomplishments. We cannot wait to see what is next. Love always, Mamá, Papá and Esteban

We are so proud of you, we love you, and the next cruise can be your treat!! By the way, we know your secret and you owe us a tres leches cake! Love Daddy, Mommy, Sarah, and Emily

“To Our Shining Star JOANNA SMITH”

Your college graduation Fills us with love and pride. We always knew that you could do Whatever you really tried. It's a long and challenging journey To get a college degree, But you wouldn't quit it, you just went and did it, And we're beaming affectionately. Your achievement is awesome, Joanna You've worked hard and you've passed the test. We love you so much, and we want you to know, We think YOU”RE THE VERY BEST! Love You, Your Family

Matthew — Keep those creative juices flowing. Congratulations on your graduation. Love, Mom & Dad

32 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013



Dear Meril,


We are so proud of you, we know you’re going to go on to do bigger and better things and we’ll be here supporting you along the way. Love, Mom, Dad, and Michele Dear Arrikka “Teeka” Theophile, It feels as if it were just yesterday when we brought you home from the hospital. We watched you take your first steps, start your first day of school, graduate from middle school and soon graduated from high school in the top ten percent of your class. And before we knew it, we were driving you to Ithaca, New York to attend Cornell University. Time has surely passed us by and it is now time for us to head back to Cornell University to celebrate your achievement and graduation. Finally, this day has come and we cannot stop the tears flowing from our eyes. We are very proud to be able to share this day with you. Your accomplishments would not be possible without the blessing of our savior, Jesus Christ. We thank God for watching over you during your studies at Cornell. We know that Cornell is a prestige university and would like to heartily congratulate you on your great performance. We know that it has been tough on you to be away from your family. But you have done well, my daughter; we are truly proud of you. We know you are an intelligent student and worked really hard to accomplish this great achievement. You deserve the success and recognition from your professors, peers and family. Your consistent hard work, dedication, perseverance and encouragement paid off. You have made us very proud parents. You will be thrown with many challenges soon, as you enter another phase of your life; but we believe that you will excel in all. You have a great personality and a sharp mind. We are sure you will use these to your best advantage. You have excelled beyond our expectations. Keep climbing the ladder of success! The sky’s the limit. We are here to support you each step of the way. We thank God for making both your and our dreams come true. We hope to continue having family Cornell alumni.

Congratulations Cornell graduate! We love you Teeka`!!! With all our love, Mommy and Daddy


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 33

John Anthony DeSantis

We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments!


Love, Mom, Dad, Nonnu, Nonna, Patricia, Daniel, and Kristin P.S. Welcome to the Big Red Alumni Family! We are so excited that you are part of the club! Patricia ’06 and Daniel ’08

34 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013




Daniel Merzlyak


Rudra, Congratulations! You Did It! Dear Daniel,

Happy Graduation Day!

We are so proud of you! Best of luck for your future!

May you have an awesome future! We always think about you! Right from when you were a little kid and till today, you have only given us reason to hold our heads up in pride. We are so lucky to have you in our life.

Congratulations and best of luck for a successful career. We love you very much, Faya, Polya, Mother, and Vova

Proud Mom, Dad & Sonia


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 35

Congratulations to

Miranda Tecklin


We are so proud of you!


A special thank you to the faculty and staff at the IRL School for such a wonderful experience. The Tecklin Family

36 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013




It feels like only yesterday, I was dropping you off on your first day of school. While I watched you slip through my fingers, I thought about the future ahead of you. It filled me with joy and strength to keep striving for a better tomorrow. Today is that future I imagined on your first day of school, yet you made it more splendid than my eyes could have foreseen. From the rest of the family, you are a shining star for everyone who has known you. You have always persevered through the ups and downs of life and been the beacon of hope for our family. You have inspired not only us, but also your friends, teachers, and other people from all walks of life. Being so determined and focused on your goals, we have no doubt youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll make it further in life than we can imagine today. Your impact will keep resonating in the lives of many people, much more than it already has. Know that we all love you and will always welcome you with open arms. Love, Your mom, Niki, and the family


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 37

Congratulations Kelsey,

You’re on your way, but you always have been. You are entering exciting times, and have many adventures before you. Have fun and continue to lead an extraordinary life.

Our hearts go with you. Love, Dad, Mom, Shayna

Dear Samantha Grace, What an experience it has been watching you grow into such an amazing, talented, independent, motivated and gorgeous young woman! Kudos to AXE, the Callbaxx and all your professors and TA’s that have helped along the way. Wir lieben Sie so sehr! Glückwünsche! Ihnen das sehr beste im Leben immer wünschen!


Much love, Mom, Dad, Charlie, Thunder and your very proud extended family.

38 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013


Congratulations my dear Shasha!!

I’m so proud of you!!! I’m so blessed and so grateful to have a daughter like you!!! You are a focused, determined, goal oriented, artistic, compassionate, responsible, and loving young woman. You are a blessed gift, an angel that God sent into my life. May life be sweet to you. Please always remember to enjoy the present moment, the “now” and always make the best of it in every way. Believe, have faith, think only of the best and everything else will be fine. I love you, Mom

Hey hey hey have you seen Our special member of Cornell’s class of 2013? You may know her from ILR Or from her years living in Spanish house & in Boldt Hall Don’t overlook her even though she isn’t tall During her Cornell time she had travelled near and far To Buffalo, Nicaragua, and even Peru And also in the chorale she enjoyed singing for you Congratulations Elizabeth, our Big Red Star We are so very proud of the young woman you are!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Joe ‘16, Catherine, & Mike


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 39


Taylor Smith,

Congratulations! You should be proud of all that you have accomplished. You continually challenge yourself and have proven to be successful. Your future is bright and I wish you the best of success in all that is to come. Whether it be in California, New York or some new destination, I look forward to seeing what you accomplish next. It was motivating to see your dedication while at the Junior College knowing that your end goal was to graduate from a school such as Cornell. It takes a lot to make a decision to attend school so far from home. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to see new places, meet new people and create lasting memories. It’s great to see how much you have enjoyed your time at Cornell. I’ll always be there to support you and look forward to seeing you back home. Cameron

To Ben Baevsky...


on all of your accomplishments Esther!

Keep SHOOTING for the STARS!! !! Love, Mom, Dad and Stan

We are so proud of you! You are a Cornell graduate! We wish you much success and happiness always. We love you very much! Love... Mommy, Daddy, Melanie and Erica

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” — Proverbs 3:5-6

Kelsey, We love you and are so proud of the beautiful woman that you have become. Love always, Dad, Mom, Alex & Jason

40 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013


Lana Rose Miller Class of 2013

From this to that in a flash! Congratulations to the best and smartest daughter and granddaughter.

We love you! Sarah Benowich Cornell ILR 2013




THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 41


to be


42 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013



Watch out world… our adorable baby is about to make his mark…

Spencer, from your infectious smile, kind heart, intense tenacity for what you believe in and want, intelligence beyond your years, you have always made all of us extremely proud of you. The world is your oyster…crack it and all the pearls will fall your way! We love you very much and congratulate you on this milestone in your walk of life, Mom, Dad, Rachel, Lance, Elizabeth, Samantha, Garrett and Travis

Dear Jeremy, You’ve grown into an extraordinary man. You’ve worked hard as an Engineering major, and Cornell provided the opportunity for you to grow to the highest levels intellectually and personally. More important is that you’re a compassionate and caring person with great integrity. Your deep friendships from AEPi and Cornell will likely last a lifetime. You have a such a bright future as you begin your career at Facebook as a Software Engineer. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Erica

THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 43


Congratulations Kaci C.Cunningham,Class of 2013 From your very first graduation, we knew you were destined to do great things. Your accomplishment at Cornell is yet another confirmation, among many over the years.

Congratulations! We are so proud of you.

Love, Mom, Dad and Trey

Congratulations Marcella McGee “Sally” Hayes

Our Happy Warrior!



With Love and Pride, Dad, Mom, Mary Catherine, Thomas and George

44 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013



Congratulations Graduate! We are so proud of you reaching this milestone in your own unique way: your literary achievements at the Daily Sun, your fun-loving, energetic comedic writing, performing and soulful singing with the brotherhood of Men of Last Call, and, as the nurturing chef of Collegetown’s “Kose-Cuisine.” We know that you will continue to leave your artistic imprint on this world with your beautiful spirit and authentic words. Good luck and much success on your journey. Love, Mom and Dad Zayde, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Barbara, Matthew, Heidi and David, Harry, Rafaela, Sofia, Jill, Judy, Kip and Sam, Savta, Navah and Dror, and all the Markoses and family in Israel


THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 45

Congrats Sasha,

we love you! Mom Dad David Dale Denay Colin Surabhi Ishan and Taj

46 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013



THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013 47

48 THE CORNELL DAILY SUN | Graduation Issue 2013


Wrestling Coach Predicts More Wins Can’t Take Evanston Out of the Girl I DAKE

Continued from page 49

scored in the second period and in the third, Nevinger escaped from down in the third. Nevinger ended the third with 12-8 decision and advanced to the consolation semifinals after being named an All-American. In the semifinals at 165 pounds, Dake and Tyler Caldwell of Oklahoma State were scoreless after the first period. Dake started the second down and escaped after eight seconds for the only points in the period. Dake pushed through the third and racked up 1:52 in riding time in the third. With riding time, Dake won a 2-0 decision to advance to his fourth NCAA finals where he faced Taylor in a grudge match. “The beginning matches were tough. I didn’t score as many points as I wanted to. I got the job done and wrestled tough,” Dake said. “The guys had really good game plans coming into the matches to keep the match score low and that’s what they did. That’s what I had to deal with.” In the consolation bracket Saturday morning, Garret, Bosak and Nevinger all stepped on to the mat to fight in their respective weight classes. Garrett took down the fifth seed Jarrod Garnett of Virginia Tech in a 13-9 decision in the first match of the morning to go against Alan Waters of Missouri. With a 6-1 decision, Garrett won which

put him in third place for the entire tournament, securing his All-American standing and breaking a Cornell record for the most wins in a season with 43. “The coaching staff has been talking Nahshon up since day one. … He is just a kid that gets better every single time he steps on the mat. He is a student of the sport and is extremely disciplined,” Koll said. “Good things happen to kids who work hard, and he got what he deserved. It’s a testament to his work ethic. His goal is to have people saying, ‘Kyle Who?’ You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with Nahshon.” At 141, Nevinger faced Hunter Steiber of Ohio State where he lost a 9-0 decision to send Nevinger to the fifth place match. He faced fifth seed Evan Henderson of North Carolina and won a 9-2 decision to come in fifth place overall for the 141 weight. “Mike struggled throughout the year and was the eleventh seed. Nobody but the coaches expected him to place, but we did. ... He lost the first match in overtime, which put him in the consolation bracket. I think he ended up wrestling eight matches and it was a tough road,” Koll said. “Mike knocked off some really talented athletes and came back to take fifth in the country, which was better than he did last year. We couldn’t be more thrilled with Mike and he still has another year.”

Red’s Goalie Crucial for Ivy Crown M. SOCCER

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biggest goal of the season: winning the Ivy League Championship. While the Lions were determined to spoil Cornell’s title dreams, Columbia was unable to contain the Red after junior striker Daniel Haber scored the game-winner at the 14-minute mark. “It was a hard fought game and [the Lions] were very talented and very good at possessing the ball,” said senior forward and tri-captain Tyler Regan. “I think that we played very solidly defensively. There were very few chances for either team, but Haber put away a great goal and it was all that we needed.” Leading up to the goal, Nissl had a solid shot on goal, but Columbia’s senior defender

Brendan O’Hearn was unable to clear the ball out of the Lions’ defensive third. Junior defender Jake Rinow headed the ball back into the box, where Haber was waiting for the right opportunity to score. The junior striker caught the ball, edged past a defender and sent the shot home away for the win and the Ivy League title. With the shot, Haber picked up his 18th goal of the season, lifting him to 43 points for the year. All season Zawislan stressed that every next game and next play are the most important of the season, and the contest against Columbia was no different. Cornell outplayed the Lions in almost every aspect of the game — recording a 6-2 advantage in shots on goal, 5-4 in corner kicks and 15-5 margin in total shots. After Haber’s early goal, Cornell continued to give a

dynamic effort, especially in the defensive third where senior goalkeeper and tri-captain Rick Pflasterer made two saves behind a solid back line of junior defenders Jake Kirsch and Patrick Slogic, sophomore defender Peter Chodas and Rinow. Pflasterer helped the Red to its seventh shutout of the season. The victory is his 15th of the year, which breaks the Cornell record for wins in a single season and places him in second place for alltime wins in a career (29). Saturday also marked Cornell’s first win over Columbia since 2010. Last year the two Ivy rivals battled on Nov. 12, where each team had a share of the conference title on the line; however, after a hard-fought 110 minutes, the teams shared a 1-1 tie and missed out on winning the Ivy crown.

t is often that I question the sanity of my family. My mom, my dad, my brother, and I are not people that I would (under any circumstances) consider to be “normal,” and as I alluded to in my first column a couple months ago, one area in which our crazy behavior manifests itself is in our undying love of Northwestern football. As the college football season comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to explain a little bit of our crazed obsession, and then to try to justify this behavior, if I can. This past weekend I attended my last Northwestern game as a student at Cornell. While many would not take college athletics into their decision regarding their pursuit of an undergraduate degree, it was at the forefront of my mind when I chose to come to Cornell. That is not to say that Cornell’s athletics are not a part of student life in Ithaca, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the football, hockey, basketball, swimming and other sporting events that I have seen at Cornell. However, there is no comparison between the athletic culture of a Big Ten school and the Ivy League conference. It was a factor in my college decision, but I ultimately decided that coming to Cornell would simply mean maintaining a long-distance relationship with my Wildcats. Over the past four years, this has meant taking 10 buses over two days to see Northwestern play at Army last fall, making my way to Syracuse for a game, as well as eight trips back to Chicago with the intention of seeing Northwestern take the field. This past weekend, as Northwestern crushed the Illinois Fighting Illini to claim the Land of Lincoln Trophy (the LOL Trophy if I may) I saw my first Northwestern victory since becoming a Cornell student. I had previously upheld a 0-10 record in the games that I had witnessed, which should help illuminate that often this is self-inflicted stress, not

Annie Newcomb Sucks to Suck enjoyment. For the games I have not been able to make it to in-person, I have watched many games at various locations on campus or at the fitness centers. For those fellow students that I have scared with my yelling, I sincerely apologize. I have tried to explain to those who I have visibly offended, but I am sure that there are many more of you that have suffered emotional damage from my irrational displays. While this shows my recent dedication to Northwestern, one of my first Northwestern memories also defines the way in which my family commits to college football. I was probably four or five years old, and it was just me and my dad heading to the Northwestern game in Evanston. I wasn’t feeling well, and I got sick in the car. Where most parents would quickly turn home and feed their child soup and take the day off, that was simply not an option for my family. Rather my dad bought me a new t-shirt, we threw out the old one and then proceeded as if nothing had happened. While this may seem like an unreasonable decision, it is one that is not surprising to anyone that knows my family, but it is also a decision that I support in every way. In this way, Northwestern football has always been a part of my life. I missed many birthday parties throughout my childhood, and from the age of four to eighteen, I only missed two home games. My friends always struggled to understand the appeal of leaving our house on the weekend at precisely 7:00 a.m. to tailgate until precisely 10:30 a.m., head to the stadium to watch the pregame, watch the game and then stay at our tailgate until 5:00 p.m. However, this is how my fall Saturdays have always been spent. From there, it evolved into a matter of pride. No matter the weather, time of day or circumstances, the Newcombs would be at Ryan Field. Through hot Chicago games at the end of August, through downpours (where my father always lovingly preached “Once you’re wet, you’re wet, you’ll live”) and through snow, we have stayed to support Northwestern to the very end. I have understood throughout my life that this dedication was well past obsessive and into insanity, and it was only a couple of weeks ago at a Cornell football game where it started to hail that my friend turned to me to say, “Your family does this how many times a year? And for fun?” Outside of our Northwestern family, it is clear that our decisions are not rational. They are not reasonable, and many would not understand why they are a staple of my life. I say all of this to try and help any reader to understand that in many ways my love of Northwestern is no longer a choice. It is truly a sick way to feel, and I guarantee that the stress of the “Cardiac Cats” (for all of their extremely close games) will undoubtedly take years off of my life. However, I am forever proud of my family and our commitment to Northwestern. For the sports fans out there, there should be even more respect for this support given that Northwestern is not a team that wins consistently. While their history has much improved in my lifetime, there is still a lot of heartbreak as a Northwestern fan. A lot. Annie Newcomb is a graduating senior columnist. She can be contacted at Sucks to Suck appeared alternate Fridays this semester.

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Dake Wins 4th Straight NCAA Wrestling Title As the lights go down on senior captains Kyle Dake and Steve Bosak’s time wrestling with Cornell, their stories end with a multitude of successes as made apparent by the history made this past weekend. Dake’s win in March at 165 pounds as a senior makes the senior captain the only wrestler to ever win four national titles in four weight classes and only the third to ever win four titles in their collegiate career at all. “I was just filled with joy. All of my dreams finally came true. For the past 20 years of my life, I wanted to be a national champion. When I got to college, I wanted to become a four time national champion. To finally have it done and have my family, coaches, friends and teammates there to support me … I was just ecstatic,” Dake said. The seven Cornell individual wrestlers who qualified for the NCAAs — Dake, Bosak, freshman Nahshon Garrett, junior Mike Nevinger, junior Chris Villalonga, sophomore Jace Bennett and senior Stryker Lane — all traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, to compete against the best wrestlers in the country in March. Going into the tournament was different than ever before for the Red. Dake had won NCAA titles at 141 as a freshman, 149 as a sophomore and 157 as a junior and was looking to take his fourth title at 165 as a senior. Winning four titles in four different weight classes was an accomplishment that no other collegiate wrestler has ever done, but Dake was able to do it. “The kid he was wrestling is arguably one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport. The reason that it was such an epic battle is not that Kyle was going for his fourth national championship; he was going against the guy that was


Dake the Great | Kyle Dake is the only wrestler to ever win four national titles in four weight classes. deemed the most outstanding wrestler in any weight class last year,” head coach Rob Koll said. Dake had a target on his back from the start. His opponent for the final round, Penn State’s David Taylor even went as far as saying in a statement before the tournament really even began that, "I believe I'm the best wrestler in the country." As of the quarterfinals on Thursday, of the original seven for Cornell, only Garrett, Dake and Bosak advanced to the semifinals, thanks to a 10-0 major decision for Dake; Garrett and Bosak had wins by decision to advance, with Nevinger advancing through the consolation bracket after a tough starting loss that went into overtime. In the semifinal matches though, the tides turned for the Red. Garrett faced off against Illinois’ No. 2 Jesse Delgado. At the first whistle, Delgado went on the offense and held a 42 advantage over Garrett after the first period with two takedowns. Delgado added another point with an escape and added two more takedowns in the second. Delgado ended

up with a 10-5 decision knocking Garrett into the consolation matches to vie for third. “Nahshon is a constant optimist in anything he does. He is always smiling and positive. That is the kind of person that you want to surround yourself with … He is immediately one of the team favorites,” Koll said. “It’s awesome to see Nahshon to come in as a freshman and step right up to compete on a national level and be one of the best in the nation,” Frankie Perrelli ’12 and former Cornell wrestler said. “It's important for the team to have a young guy that does very well and can be seen as a leader even by the older guys.” At 141 pounds, Nevinger advanced to take on Mark Ballweg of Iowa — Nevinger needed the win in the consolation bracket to become an All-American for the second time in his career. In the first period, Nevinger took down his opponent and added two back points. Neither of the two See DAKE page 48


Red Makes Sweet16 Run


We are the champions, my friends | The Cornell men’s soccer team celebrates after winning the Ivy League championship, its first outright title since 1977.


Squad Takes Ivy Championship After going 1-15 in 2008, expectations for the men’s soccer team were low; however, in four years under the leadership of head coach Jaro Zawislan, the program has grown stronger and experienced a complete turn around. This season the No. 14 Red finished with a 15-1 overall record and a 6-1 mark in the Ivy League, which earned the team the Ivy League Championship outright for the first time since 1977. “Lifting up [the Ivy League] Trophy was unreal,” said senior center attacking midfielder and tri-captain Nico Nissl. “I remember standing in the middle of

the field and watching all my peers cheering. I was like ‘Wow we finally reached our ultimate goal.’ It was definitely a moment that was hard to settle in. I don’t think it hit a lot of us until quite a bit later, but now that we’ve achieved it, it’s really been a dream come true.” Ending the 2012 fall campaign on a positive note, Cornell handily defeated Columbia (4-8-4, 2-3-2 Ivy League), 1-0, successfully clinching the Ivy League crown outright for the second time in program history. With the conference title, the Red also earned an NCAA Tournament berth

— its first since 1996. However, the team celebrated the NCAA news on Friday night after learning that Dartmouth (9-7-0, 52-0) beat Brown (12-2-3, 41-2), 2-1, in overtime. “The number one goal of the season [to win the Ivy League Championship] has been accomplished,” Zawislan said. “I am so happy and proud of the players. Their hard work has been validated.” Playing against Columbia was going to be a battle for the Red, but the team was completely focused on achieving its See M. SOCCER page 48

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –– Cornell’s historic 2009-10 campaign began with the Red’s first win over a Southeastern Conference team in 37 years. It would end in the Sweet 16, at the hands of the top-ranked SEC team in the country. Widely-considered the best Ivy League squad since 1979, Cornell fell to No. 1-seeded Kentucky, 62-45, last Thursday night at the Carrier Dome –– ending the Red’s legendary NCAA tournament run. Undoubtedly energized by the largely pro-Cornell crowd, the 12th-seeded Red jumped out to an early 10-2 lead courtesy of five points from senior guard Louis Dale and senior forward Ryan Wittman’s only 3 of the half. However, Cornell’s players proved no match for the length and athleticism of a Kentucky team that will undoubtedly have several representatives in this summer’s NBA Draft. Indeed, the Wildcats responded with a 30-6 run of their own, spearheaded by freshman center DeMarcus Cousins’ 4of-5 shooting. Plagued by Kentucky’s suffocating defense that forced 12 Cornell turnovers in the first 20 minutes alone, the Red started the second half trailing by 16 –– its largest halftime deficit of 200910. Cornell’s 16 also marked the least amount of points it had scored in a half all season. Coming out of the locker room, the Red held the Wildcats to just six points in the first 12 minutes and battled back to within six, 40-34, following a trey from Dale with 5:42 remaining. “When we got to that point and we cut it to six, I thought we had it. I thought this was our game,” said head coach Steve Donahue in the post-game press conference.

However, the No. 2 team in the country –– led by Cousins and freshman guard Eric Bledsoe’s 8-of-10 performance from the free-throw line –– was able to pile it on down the stretch and quell any chance of a Cornell comeback. At 0:43, Bledsoe found freshman guard John Wall –– projected as this year’s No. 1 overall draft pick –– for the alley-oop to cement their team’s place in the Elite Eight. For the third game in a row, Dale led the Red with 17 points while also grabbing four rebounds. “We're just going out there trying to win. At the end of the day, I would be satisfied with zero points and a W,” Dale said. Sophomore guard Darius Miller managed to effectively limit Wittman’s offensive potency, as Cornell’s leadingscorer was held to just 10 points and 2of-7 from beyond the arc. That said, Wittman finishes the season having tallied double-figure point totals in 33 of the Red’s 34 contests. “[Ryan] was 2-for-7. If he's 3-for-7, it's a good night. That's how crazy basketball is. Obviously we rely on making shots. That's how you're going to compete against that kind of athleticism,” Donahue said. Kentucky held Cornell to both its lowest field-goal percentage (33.3) and points in a game (45) on the season, and also kept the nation’s top 3-point shooting team to just 5-of-21. Even when the Red players were able to get an open look, the shots just weren’t falling. With 35 seconds remaining and the Wildcats matching their largest lead of the game at 17, Donahue brought in his reserves.

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Over Four Years,Cornellians Smash Records,Clinch Wins FOUR YEARS

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crowd, the 12th-seeded Red jumped out to an early 10-2 lead, but ultimately proved no match for the size and athleticism of Kentucky’s NBA-bound freshman class. March 26: The men’s hockey team was bounced from the NCAA playoffs by New Hampshire, 6-2. March 29: Cornell’s wrestlers earned second place overall, as four members of the Red were crowned All-Americans. April 23: Cornell hosts a press conference to announce Bill Courtney, former Virginia Tech assistant, as the new head coach of the men’s basketball team after the departure of former skipper Steve Donahue for Boston College. Sophomore Year

Oct. 30, 2010: Cornell football earned its first and only Ivy League win of the season in a narrow victory over rival Princeton, 21-19. Emani Fenton ’11 sealed the deal when he picked off a pass in the end zone with 23 seconds left on the clock. Jan. 29, 2011: The women’s hockey team won its 18th consecutive game in a shutout over Rensselaer, 6-0. Cornell finished the year with three players earning All-American selections and reached the Frozen Four for the second consecutive season. Feb. 11: Max Groebe ’11 led the men’s basketball team to backto-back wins for the first time all season, hitting 6-of-8 from downtown in the Red’s overtime win against Penn. March 13: After struggling through the first part of the season, the men’s hockey team came back down the stretch to earn the No. 4 seed in the ECAC playoffs. Joe Devin ’11 sent the Red into the semifinals with an overtime game-winner against Quinnipiac. March 19: Kyle Dake ’13 earned his second consecutive individual NCAA championship, leading Cornell wrestling to the No. 2 spot in the competition. March 19: Cornell gymnastics won its first ECAC title in program history, posting a top score of 191.675. April 23: In the final match of the season, the men’s tennis team won its first Ivy League title in program history with a victory over Columbia, 6-1. The Red finished the season with an undefeated conference record. Junior Year

Sept. 15: Men’s tennis head coach Tony Bresky informed his team on Sept. 14 that he will be resigning in order to accept the same job at Wake Forest, multiple sources told The Sun. The unexpected announcement hit the team just two days before its first match of the 2011-12 season, which takes place on Sept. 16 at the Princeton Invitational. Nov. 14: Six thousand one hundred and twenty-eight fans poured into sunny Schoellkopf field on Nov. 12 to send off the senior class in its final home game, but it was sophomore quarterback Jeff Mathews who stole the show. Mathews rewrote the Cornell record books, completing 40-of46 passes for five touchdowns on 521 yards, leading the Red to vic-

tory, 62-41, over Columbia. March 10, 2012: The No. 3 Cornell women’s hockey team has had many statement victories this season, but none compare in excitement or importance to the Red’s thrilling victory over No. 5 Boston University on March 10. Defenseman Lauriane Rougeau ’13 scored the winning goal with just ten seconds left in the third sudden death overtime, giving the Red a trip to the NCAA Frozen Four. March 23: Men’s wrestler junior Kyle Dake captured his third national title of his career. The Ithaca native earned his win, as Dake’s head shots drew blood from St. John’s contender. May 11: Slugger Chris Cruz ’14 powered the Cornell baseball team to victory in the longest-ever Ivy Championship series Game 3. Shattering Cornell’s solo season home run record, Cruz’s late blast gave the Red the win over Dartmouth and entry to the NCAA tournament. Senior Year

July 27: Three Cornellians — Muhammad Halim ’08, Morgan

Uceny ’07 and Ken Jurkowski ’03 — competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Nov. 10: The men’s soccer team won the Ivy League Championship with a 1-0 win against the Columbia Lions, as junior Daniel Haber scored the game winner just 14 minutes into the game. This year marked the first time since 1977 that the Red won the title outright. Nov. 24: Men’s ice hockey took on the University of Michigan Wolverines in a battle at Madison Square Garden over Thanksgiving, stealing the show with a 3-0 win at the Frozen Apple showdown. Dec. 7: Junior Daniel Haber was named First-Team AllAmerican after a strong season with Cornell, where he led the Red with 18 goals and 43 points. On Jan. 8, 2013, Haber signed a professional contract with Israeli soccer team Maccabi Haifa. Dec. 17: Head coach Kent Austin gave his notice that he would not return this fall to coach the Red football team. He accepted the joint position of vice presi-

dent of football operations, general manager and head football coach of the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Jan. 3, 2013: David Archer ’05 was named the Roger J. Weiss ’61 Coach of Cornell Football by Athletic Director Andy Noel. Archer was a former captain for the Cornell football team in his time with the Red and also helped recruit extensively in the past. Feb. 10: Senior Nick Wade became the first Cornell athlete to run a sub-4:00 mile. Feb. 17: Men’s tennis won the indoor ECAC Tennis Championships for the second time in the last three years. March 10: Cornell women’s hockey took down Ivy foe Harvard in a 2-1 victory to snatch the ECAC title. Junior forwards Brianne Jenner and Jessica Campbell sealed the deal for the Red with their first and third period goals, respectively. March 24: Senior wrestler Kyle Dake won his fourth NCAA Championship in his fourth different weight class, making him the only collegiate wrestler to ever

do four in four and one of three to ever win four at all. He finished his Cornell career with an impressive record of 137-4. April 29: Senior Luke Tasker agreed to terms on a free agent contract with the San Diego Chargers and became one of 23 undrafted players to join the team as it heads into training camp for the upcoming NFL season. The week before, teammate J.C. Tretter was drafted to the Packers in the fourth round to join Green Bay heading into the pre-season. April 30: The Cornell men’s track and field team was ranked No. 19 in nation by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association, marking the Red’s first time in program history cracking a Top25 ranking since the new rankings system began in 2008. May 9: Senior lacrosse player Rob Pannell became Cornell’s second two-time Tewaaraton Trophy finalist. Pannell commands the longest points-scoring streak in the nation, notching at least one point in each of his 69 career games with the Red.

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A Retrospective of the Last Four Years in Cornell Sports Freshman Year

Sept. 28, 2009: The football team upset Yale in New Haven, Conn., to notch its first Ivy road win since 2005. A shutdown defensive effort lifted the Red over the Bulldogs to help Cornell start the season 2-0. The football team would not win another game all season. Nov. 3: The women’s hockey team started off an historic season with its first-ever sweep of ECAC Hockey foes Dartmouth and Harvard. Dec. 23: Jim Knowles ’87 resigned his position as the head football coach to become the defensive coordinator at Duke. Knowles’ tenure ended on an eight-game losing streak, and he was 26-34 in six years on the Hill. Jan. 6, 2010: The Red sent shockwaves through the sports world when it led then-undefeated No. 1 Kansas, 41-38, at the half. With less than a minute to play in regulation, Cornell found itself up, 64-63; however, some solid free-throw shooting by Sherron Collins down the stretch extended the nation’s longest home

winning streak to 51. Jan. 27: Kent Austin, formerly the offensive coordinator at Ole Miss, was announced as the football team’s next head coach. Feb. 23: The women’s hockey team clinched its firstever ECAC Hockey crown after downing Rensselaer and Union at home. Feb. 23: Cornell wrestling kept its streak of consecutive Ivy titles alive, winning the crown for the eighth straight year. March 2: The gymnastics team won its third straight Ivy League championship. March 9: The women’s hockey team downed Clarkson in overtime, 4-3, to win the ECAC Hockey championship game and earn an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. March 19: The men’s basketball team defeated Temple, 78-65, in Jacksonville, Fla., to notch its firstever March Madness win.

March 20: The men’s hockey team won its 12th ECAC Hockey championship in school history with a shutout win over Union, 3-0. The team earned an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament and a re-match with the University of New Hampshire. March 21: The Red continued its legendary NCAA tournament run, defeating fourth-seeded Wisconsin, 87-69, to secure a berth in the Sweet 16. In doing so, Cornell broke the Ivy League record for most wins in a season with 29. March 21: The women’s hockey team dropped a marathon 119:26 national championship game to Minnesota-Duluth in triple-overtime to close out the most successful season in school history. March 25: Cornell fell to No. 1-seeded Kentucky, 62-45, at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y. Undoubtedly energized by the largely pro-Cornell See FOUR YEARS page 51


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