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A Letter from the Regnum Christi Philadelphia College


n behalf of the Regnum Christi local College we would like to express our gratitude to our staff, generous benefactors, Regnum Christi members and friends, the Legionaries of Christ, our volunteers and the pastors of the parishes in which we serve. We are delighted to share with you the 2019-2020 Regnum Christi Philadelphia Impact Report. Together we continued to move hearts towards Christ and this encounter fueled the Regnum Christi mission to form apostles in the image and likeness of our Lord as they went out to bring the joy of their faith into the world! In 2020 the world was faced with a global crisis, the COVID pandemic. As devoted apostles to Jesus Christ and His Church, Regnum Christi Philadelphia was challenged to live out the basic tenets of our charism in creative and unique ways. As apostles, we knew God was sending us to bring peace, joy and hope into the culture that was faced with fear, anxiety and despair. As you turn the pages of our Impact Report, you will experience inspiring stories of apostles who used this challenging time to launch out and share the joy and peace of knowing, loving and serving Christ in their homes, workplaces, parishes, schools, neighborhoods and beyond! Our hope is that you will experience a renewed sense of the urgency of the Regnum Christi Mission to the church: to REVEAL the Love of Christ, FORM apostles and LAUNCH them out to help BUILD up the Kingdom of God. This is our calling and throughout these past two years we were determined to live out this mission despite the many challenges. Saint Paul’s words to the Christian community in Corinth spoke clearly to us, “The love of Christ impels us” – 2 Corinthians 5:14. God bless you and your families,

The Regnum Christi Philadelphia College

Regnum Christi Philadelphia Leadership College

Who We Are

Fr. Aaron Loch, LC

Jim Gabriele

Anne Marie Goldberg

Katie Keating

Fr. Peter Kim, LC

Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC

Corinne Murphy

Fr. Scott Reilly, LC

Dave Savage

In Philadelphia we work our mission through our core activities:

• Forming Apostles • Evangelizing Missions

• Spiritual Retreats • Small Groups

• One on One Spiritual Direction • Evangelizing Families


Two blessed years of impact on the Body of Christ. You gave your time, resources and heart to our mission and created more impact than ever before. Take a peek at what we were able to do with your prayers, provisions, participation and promotion.

Be Part of the Regnum Christi Mission

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od is being eliminated from all sectors of life, our schools, businesses and even non-profits are being hard pressed to conform to the culture of death. In a recent Pew Report* those who profess no religious affiliation, referred to as the “Nones”, are now the largest subgroup in American society. The Challenge we face is that the “nones” will replace our next generation of teachers, nurses, business leaders and parents. *Pew Research Center: Religion & Public Life, October 17, 2019

WE BELIEVE that conversion to Jesus Christ continues to be the answer to conflicts facing the world. Therefore we strive to give glory to God and make the Kingdom of Christ present in the hearts of all people and in society. We believe God has specifically called us to fulfill our mission by making present the mystery of Christ who goes out to people, reveals the love of his heart to them, gathers them together and forms them as apostles and Christian leaders, sends them out and accompanies them as they collaborate in the evangelization of people and society. —Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation May 31, 2019 # 8




824 575 428

720 S O U L S I M PA C T E D

475 S O U L S I M PA C T E D


Regnum Christi Men & Women

Regnum Christi Mission Youth

Legion Of Christ Priests



250 Spiritual Eucharistic Masses Confessions Weekend Newman Direction Holy Celebrated Heard Support Center Hours Hours to Local Support Parishes to College Students


Retreats for Missions for Adolescents/ Adolescents/ Youth and Youth and Young Adults Young Adults

Retreats for Programs for Men/Women Men/Women

How We Measure Success

t’s called conversions to Christ. When we personally have assisted an individual to intentionally live out the truth of the Catholic faith in all areas of life, especially ones own family, and by launching out into leadership roles in Parishes, Colleges, High Schools and professional life, our work for the church has been successful. We consider the success of our mission to be a work of the Holy Spirit and one’s personal vocation to form the next generation of apostles who form new apostles, who form new apostles. This is the mission of Jesus Christ. Our mission is one and the same.





A Catalyst to Year-Round Service


rom Palm Sunday through the Easter Vigil, High Schoolers are challenged to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in Philadelphia, by actively engaging in the works of mercy and gathering together for daily prayer, Mass and evening Eucharistic adoration. This is Holy Week Missions, run by Mission Youth Philly. Each year more and more apostles are born from this dedicated week of spiritual growth. Three young women, Dana Bizal, Callie Couture and Grace Longo continued the mission as Apostles living in community and serving the poor, addicted and lonely in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. These three Mission Youth Apostles continued during COVID to receive donations from suburban parishes and distributed them to those living on the streets when the social service organizations they relied on were forced to close. THE IMPACT: three young women were transformed and sent out into the world to continue the mission of bringing the love of God into every facet of their lives.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS I was looking forward to this year was being able to get to say everyday to the people we are with “I will see you tomorrow. We are building deep, lasting relationships with people in a neighborhood where homelessness and hunger are everyday realities. Above all, it is a place that desperately needs Jesus. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve as a Catholic missionary in Kensington.” —Grace L.



Young Adult Community Dedicated to Finding God Through Adventure


oung adults are longing for fellowship, adventure, the outdoors and Christ. Two young Regnum Christi Men, Jack Terzian and Jack Ziegler, took the leadership role to establish Philly Frassati—a young adult movement aimed at creating experiences that increased their love for God and one another. The “Jacks” aim is to empower young men and women to live their lives to the fullest by courageously pursuing everything that is true, beautiful and good through human and spiritual formation. Their co-chaplain, Fr. Rueben Nuxoll, Legionary of Christ, accompanies the young adults on their mission to be saints. THE IMPACT: young adults are inspired to be witnesses for Christ by radically changing the meaning of fun and adventure in their daily lives.

I’M ABLE TO INTERACT in nature, experiencing its beauty and wonder through hikes, camping, beach trips, etc..all the while solidifying fellowship with other young men and women who are also on the path to becoming saints (God willing). When we are out in nature or on one of our excursions, we stop to read the word of God and thank him for creating such a beautiful place for us to live and discover his love for us, and also for bringing us into fellowship with each other. We do all of this while invoking and living in the spirit of our patron Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, an adventurer in his own right, and an avid outdoorsman when he inhabited this Earth before he was taken to the Father in heaven as a man in his mid-twenties back in the early 20th century. - John C. 8




Christ Reigning in the Hearts of Adolescents and in Philadelphia ow do we bring Jesus into the lives of middle schoolers and their small group of friends? That is the question that is answered by ECyD, an international Catholic association of adolescents who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other to build up a new world according to the Gospel.

THE IMPACT: over 200 boys spanning over seven parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have participated in an ECyD small group in the last three years. Through sports, fellowship, and the Gospel and under the direction of Fr. Aaron Loch, LC, High Schoolers who excel in their human and Christian leadership, are mentors to the middle schoolers by giving witness of life and their self-giving. The middle schoolers, who form a personal friendship with Christ in the midst of the culture, learn to acquire firm life convictions and to make free and responsible decisions according to Gospel criteria. Hundreds of adolescents are seeking to know and love Jesus Christ more each day and foster a closer friendship with him, knowing that the transformation of the world begins with asking Christ to reign in their own heart.

AS A MOTHER of four boys with the primary job of raising four fully Catholic men, I am so grateful for the work of the legionaries and Fr. Aaron through his work with our boys through ECyD on multiple levels. The friendships that we have formed with Holy Priests exemplifies to my boys how to live as Catholic men full of joy. That joy overflows to their friendships formed with their peers in ECyD. Through real life applications and service opportunities my boys have learned the beauty of Catholic teaching on the dignity of every human person. They are provided avenues not only to feed the homeless but to be the light of Christ by looking at them directly in the eyes, asking their names, listening to them and praying with them. It is hard not to tear up and stand still at this sacred moment as I watch my sons engage in this way.” —Kim Savage 9


Challenging Men to Become Warriors for the Family


egnum Christi Philadelphia men continue to step forward and use their gifts to help build the church in Philadelphia. The consistent driving force of Regnum Christi men are marked by forming Christ centered families, and stepping out into leadership roles in the workplace and their parishes. They are men sent out on a mission! Jim Gabriele, Tom Cancelmo, John Volk, and Kyle McGrath, and their Regnum Christi Chaplain, Fr. Scott Reilly, LC, are apostles who decided to honestly address the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture by leading a parish program That Man is You to develop a vision for a man fully alive! Since 2017 over 200 men have participated in at least one session at several parishes. THE IMPACT: the lives of men have been transformed by Christ!

I WAS LOOKING for a way to connect more with Christ and the church, but nothing really seemed like a good fit. I would volunteer for the one off programs like meal packing, but there was nothing consistent that I found myself driven to. When TMIY was announced I was curious if it was the connection I was looking for. Not only has the program filled a void for me spiritually, it has given me great personal and spiritual connections with fellow Catholic men, excellent insight into life and the trials thereof, and has led to an overall improvement in my own family life and marriage that I did not even realize I needed until it was there. ­­Jeff T. 10


Christian Business Leaders Illuminating Society with the Light of Christ


nfluencing business leaders to illuminate Christ in their personal and professional lives is a pressing challenge. John Kelly, President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lumen Institute, has challenged himself to be a catalyst for change. Under the Spiritual Direction of Fr. Scott Reilly, LC and several Philadelphia men who are leaders in their professions, Lumen Philadelphia hosted an online video conference with Wharton Business School professor Dr. Michael Useem, Director for Leadership and Change Management, to business leaders throughout the country. THE IMPACT: Lumen Men will take action to begin influencing the next generation of business leaders with their mentoring support for Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) of Philadelphia.

LUMEN has enriched my faith and the spiritual direction provided by Father Scott has been invaluable Father Scott is a Holy man who 'tells it like it is' and gives priceless feedback needed for spiritual and personal growth Thanks to Lumen I am a better Catholic and I am growing in Holiness. That alone is priceless. —John D. A. Kelly, IV MD



The Domestic Church Reborn in Philadelphia Homes


espite COVID restrictions and the temporary closing of our churches, the women of Regnum Christi Philadelphia were challenged to strengthen their commitment to Christ. By intentionally encouraging one another to bring the presence of Christ into their homes, the reality of the domestic church was reborn. Living the times of the early Christians, locked behind closed doors the experience of the rebirth of the domestic church sparked creative ways to enliven family and personal prayer. THE IMPACT: Women were totally focused on a place to encounter Christ within their own families and a deeper desire for the Eucharist and communion with Christ. The only thing that mattered was to find a place to encounter Christ, within their own families. And staying spiritually connected with those outside the homes through virtual ZOOM prayer meetings.

THE WOMEN OF REGNUM CHRISTI are my family away from home. They inspire me to step outside of my comfort zone and share my authentic self. They challenge me to be a better wife, mother, daughter , all within a loving and trusting community of women who share one desire: to grow in our relationship with Christ. The restrictions placed upon us during COVID, only aided in my ongoing conversion-as these beautiful women continued to focus on the essentials of life; to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ and His church. —Corinne M.




$76,630 $76,630

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2019 $61,504

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2019 Income Total Income 2019 Income Total Income $341,495 2019 Income 2019 Income $341,495 Total Income $341,495


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Total $326,407 Total Income Income $326,407

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$26,902 $26,902 $26,902 $31,791 $74,801

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CALLED TO MISSION Expenses $292,737 Expenses $22,364 Lenten Monthly Giving

xpenses $292,737 went from $735/month $22,364 LC Household Expense


to $1,805/month

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Total Income 2020 Income Expenses Total Expenses $292,737 Total2019 Expenses $292,737

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$22,364$22,364 $36,910 $292,737 $22,364

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FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE WITH Total Expenses $363,781 2020 Expenses THE LEGIONARIES OF CHRIST $363,781 Annual GalaTotal Expenses LC Household 2019 $213,211 2020 $174,976


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Total Expenses Expenses Total Expenses $363,781 Total2020 Expenses $363,781 LC Household Total$363,781 Expenses $363,781 AdministrativeLC Expense Household LC Household (*increased payroll)

$151,000 $151,000 $151,000

$39,485 $39,485 $90,222

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2020 Expenses Total 2020 Expenses $363,781 Expenses 2020 Expenses


FridayLC Night Live Household Expense $39,485 $36,910 Events Office Rental Events Events Events Events $39,485


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2019 FUEL THE MISSION $7,500 (end of year giving campaign)

#GIVINGTUESDAY 2020 Covid Virtual Giving $2,790




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2019 Expenses Total 2019Expenses Expenses 2019 $292,737 Expenses 2020 Income

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Income $341,495 come $341,495


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2019 Expenses 20202020 Income Total Expenses Income 2019 Expenses Total Expenses $292,737 Total Total Income $326,407 2020 Income 2020 Income $292,737 Income $326,407 Total Expenses $292,737


$39,485 $90,222




WITH GRATITUDE COMBINED GIVING FOR 2019-2020 Over $200,000 Eustace & Suzanne Mita Ward & Kathryn Fitzgerald Over $50,000 Anonymous Over $25,000 Francis and Tricia Hallinan K Ten Kids Foundation Over $10,000 John & Stephany Ziegler Michael & Jill Krafczyk Stephen Wigmore Tim Regan David & Kim Savage Stephen & Eva McKendrick Jerry Francesco Over $5,000 Damian & Lizze Della Vecchia John & Debbie Volk John & Brenda Rossi Sandy Swider DAS Companies, Inc. Over $1,000 Roland & Catherine Arthey Ron Bacski Adolfo & Juanita Bagnarello Violeta Baldwin Kevin Barry Marilyn, Raymond & Margaret Boncek Joseph & Colleen Bracken Joseph Capista Ralph Chieffo Children of the Father Foundation 16

Joseph & Debra Conan Charles & Marianne Connolly Joseph & Lisa Corcoran Bruce Cumby Spencer Cumby & Associates Mark & Laura Dabkowski Elizabeth Davis Patti & Kirk Davis Rocco DiMattia John Donohue Barry & Hank Fila Dan Finley John & Andrea Fiorillo Edith Ford Mary Beth & David Fritz James & Helen Gabriele James Griffin Ryan & Clare Griffin Robert & Elizabeth Hallinan James Haslam & Lovena Nickie-Haslam Barb & John Hodge Britton Hoffman Tim & Vicki Irvine Ann Regina Joyce Soledad Dominguez, Jose & Robert Kaper Annie & Michael Kicak Pauline & M R Kielbasa Michael Klapak KMJ Care LLC Marlene Lewis William & Maria Liney Felicia Longo Robert & Megan Longo Leo Maletz

Kyle McGrath & Kelly Mullen Richard & Patty Mingey James & Marianne Molinaro Edward & Cheryl Morris Shelia Mullin Corinne & Timothy Murphy Theresa Murtagh & Paul Murtaugh James & Louise Nolen John Paulovich Mary & Giulio Perillo John Petrozzi Philadelphia Mission Ambassadors Lorrie, F. & Fred Pierce Eric Rubino Cynthia & Robert Sewall Mary Sharkey Justin Stanbro Patrick, Wendy & Veronica Stanton Brigette Erwin & Vincent Stinger Fred Strittmatter John Tahtabrounian Rosanne Terzian Bridget Tomasicchio Pat Welde Samuel & Lisa White Tara Wolfington Chrissy Youngblood Paul & Susan Zavodny Gifts in Kind Tim Regan Marty Rotella Auto Givers Vickie Badgley Violeta Baldwin Kevin Barry

Kristen Buck Donald Campbell John Ciavarelli Anthony & Sarah Coppa Deirdre Cresta Michael D’Angelo Richard Dooley Britton Hoffman Annie Kicak Nicholas Lee Luke LeTourneau Rob Longo Corinne Murphy Grace Murphy Diane Neville Erin Nowak David & Bonnie O’Brien James O’Day Susan O’Hanlon Lorrie Pierce Judith Secoda Linda Springrose Justin Stanbro Patrick Stanton Fred Strittmatter Michele Walton Margaret Watkins John Ziegler Jack Ziegler


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