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Fr. Scott Reilly Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC Fr. Aaron Loch, LC Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC Fr. John Pietropaoli, LC Fr. Peter Kim, LC

Mission Statement

Regnum Christi’s mission is to work as Jesus did. We reveal his love, form apostles and launch them out to help build the Kingdom of Christ. We awaken the individual and the family to their mission in life and in the Church. The goal of its various programs and activities is to form Catholics to be actively committed to Jesus Christ and his Church at the service of all people. Working in communion with the Church’s bishops and pastors is at the heart of Regnum Christi. Regnum Christi members strive to be leaven within the parish, schools and other Catholic institutions helping to form apostles to carry forward the work of Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls. The range of activities available to Regnum Christi members includes missions, service projects, education, catechesis, youth and family ministries, works of cultural transformation, and mass media.

Dear Friends of


R egnum Christi,

n behalf of our Legionary of Christ Community and Regnum Christi, I would like to thank you for your generous support in 2018. The Lord has blessed us abundantly in our mission to reveal his love to others, form them as his apostles, and launch them in their God-given mission to bring his love to others, and none of that would be possible without your help. Here are just a few highlights from this past year: • Over 500 participated in multiple local and international missions opening a 3rd overnight location for Holy Week Missions in Philadelphia. • High School and college student retreats inspired them to take the initiative to form small Christian communities and lead on mission and evangelization with classmates. • Multiple adolescent ECYD groups formed in homes began branching out to local parishes.

• The Lumen Institute, which provides business leaders with guided training and education, established a Philadelphia chapter. • Small group leaders began The Leadership Challenge to grow in their capacity to lead others to Christ. • The Women’s section launched a formation series “Created for Love” exploring Catholic teaching on cultural challenges facing the family. • We hired our first part-time employee as bookkeeper

In addition, due to your support in 2018 we were able to welcome to our community Fr. Aaron Loch, who will focus his work with our youth through ECYD. ECYD, Encounters, Convictions, and Your Decisions, is an international Catholic association of adolescents that make a pledge of friendship with Christ and with each other, living a Christian lifestyle, to build up a new world according to the Gospel. It’s inspiring to see these young people growing in their friendship with Christ, and going out as apostles of his love. Providing Catholic faith formation and opportunities to grow deeper in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is central to our mission. In this report you will learn through a personal testimony from a Regnum Christ apostle how the conviction of the Legionaries of Christ helped to form and support the launch of the apostolate Mercy Missions. I am always moved to hear stories about how a single retreat reflection, a small group encounter, a mercy mission activity or time in spiritual direction with one of the Legionaries has launched a new apostle on mission. Finally, this 2018 Annual Report will provide you with a summary of the charitable donations given to the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Philadelphia between January 1, 2018 and December 30, 2018. Each gift we receive is valued and put to work to continue our mission of revealing the love of Christ, forming apostles for the Church and launching them to build the Kingdom of Christ. We can only continue to grow this mission with your support and prayers. In Christ, Fr. John Pietropaoli, LC Regnum Christi Director, Philadelphia


Dear Friends of Regnum Christi, The members of the Regnum Christi Local Committee would like to thank you for a successful year of mission and fundraising directly impacting how we are able to move the mission forward in 2019. The mission of Regnum Christi is to be formed in the image of Christ so we can reveal him to the world, then form others in His image and launch out into our families, parishes and backyards to become Apostles for the church! John Volk

The purpose of the Regnum Christi Local Committee is to guarantee that all our apostolic initiatives are focused on this mission, follow a budget and are self-sustaining. The primary activities aligned with our mission include; • One-on-one spiritual direction at our center in Wayne, PA • Organizing and conducting retreats for families, men, women, couples, and youth • Providing faith formation and education on the beauty of the Catholic faith • Evangelizing missions, locally and internationally • Forming small groups of fervent disciples in love with Christ

Helen Gabriele

Continuing to foster open and transparent communication with Archdiocesan parishes, is a primary focus for 2019. In 2019-2020 members of the Regnum Christi Philadelphia Local committee include:

Anne Marie Goldberg

• Fr. John Pietropaoli - Regnum Christi Director • Helen Gabriele - Financial Oversight Director • Anne Marie Goldberg - Women’s Section Director • Fr. Michael Moriarty - Youth Director • Corinne Murphy - Development Coordinator • Fr. Scott Reilly - Men’s Section Director and Chaplain to Lumen Institute Philadelphia Chapter • John Volk - Emeritus • Stephany Ziegler - Emeritus This past year we had our sixth annual Friday Night Live fundraising event held at The Desmond Hotel and instituted an End of Year Bridge the Gap campaign which directly impacted our ability to grow our work with youth. Thank you for your support and participation! We look forward to another year of mission and growth.

Stephany Ziegler

Please accept our invitation to join us on October 25, 2019 for our 7th Annual Friday Night Live with the Legionaries of Christ. This year the theme is: Forming Missionary Families. It is a fun evening to celebrate the gift of our shared faith and we welcome you to be part of this exciting adventure as we are “in labor until Christ be formed in all!” Galatians 4:19. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, please count on prayers for you and your families!



Katie Keating Regnum Christi apostle since 1999


here are many facets to my faith journey and each experience has laid a foundation in preparing me for where I am today. Looking back at my 20 years of working with the apostles of the Legionaries of Christ as a Regnum Christi lay member, I can see how their personal direction has led me to channel my gifts, energy and enthusiasm towards living my life for Christ and others.

After receiving my Bachelors degree in Nursing from Catholic University of America, I was able to experience the healing power of compassion and mercy through my vocation as nurse. I married my high school sweetheart Pierce at 22 and shortly after gave birth to our first of 10 children. It was in the daily work of being a mother that I experienced an unexpected revelation that the vocation of motherhood was indeed sacred and special and I must extend His healing power of compassion to my family. As a young mother I was introduced to the Pro Life Education Foundation that offered health care, financial and material support for mothers in crisis. This is where I immersed myself in Catholic teaching on morality, the gift of the marital union and that life begins at conception. As a young mother and wife, professionally as a nurse and culturally as a woman I came to understand that the culture had indeed lied to all women. God was working his own pro life campaign in my life with eight children at home. At the age of 39, I spent the next 15 years as a prolife and chastity speaker, hockey coach, active member of our local parish, but knew intrinsictly something was missing. It was an intimate personal relationship with Jesus!

convicted and invigorated in their faith lives. They introduced me to other women whom had a heart full of love for women and big dreams to bring all women like myself closer to Christ. As our relationship grew deeper with Christ and one another, the opportunities for mission grew into something we now call Mercy Missions. Working within and facilitating the apostolate Mercy Missions among our family and friends of Regnum Christ has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. In January 2016, I began volunteering as a nurse at the Community Center in Kensington, offering to pray with our clients as well as nursing services. The same year we expanded Mercy Missions to include a reading program at Drexel Neumann Academy for children whom had lost a parent to violence. We also began to serve homeless pregnant women at Women’s Home in Upper Darby, the following year we reached out to other social service organizations, Project Home, St Francis Inn, The Saranelli House, Rock Ministries to organize missions for families and teens through another Regnum Christi apostolate Mission Youth. Through Mercy Missions I have developed deep and lasting relationships with many in the underserved areas of our city. Oftentimes I would wonder what it meant when people would say you can encounter Jesus in others who are suffering. As I reach out to those whom have suffered abuse, been forgotten by many, battling addictions to drugs, pornography or suffering from mental illnesses, I have experienced the ministry of His presence, by simply being there, listening, receiving an anguished gaze with acceptance without judgement and extending His life in the midst of suffering. Mercy Missions has provided the opportunities to encounter Jesus in the suffering, and it has changed my life forever.

As I began to pray for a greater purpose in life, a clearer direction, I was introduced to the Legionaries of Christ. From the moment that the Legionaries stepped into our home and lives, my relationship with Christ changed forever. I was challenged by the Legionaries to bring others to Christ as they accompanied me along the way. Both my husband and I began evenings of reflection for men and women. The young padres in an act of total faith in Pierce and I, would come to Philadelphia with no means to support themselves or even eat! Because of their conviction and dedication to bring others to Christ, more and more Catholics became

To learn more about Mercy Missions visit: |5|

Regnum Christi |6|

on the Move |7|

Forming Missionary Families at the Service of the Church The Family: The Light of the World


n a 1986 homily Saint John Paul II said: “As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.” He meant that every family has a mission to bring the light of the gospel to the world.

Regnum Christi helps families fulfill that mission. We help men, women, boys, and girls to meet Christ as a real person, and to fall in love with him. We help them to grow in their relationship with Christ in the Church. We launch them as apostles who help others to know and love Christ too. For me there is no greater gift than to witness God’s grace transforming hearts, lives, and society itself. Fr. John Pietropaoli Regnum Christi Director

Woman: Heart of the Home


he poet William Ross Wallace beautifully describes the divine mission of the woman and mother in his poem “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle is the Hand that Rules the World”:

Fr. Peter Kim, LC

Woman, how divine your mission, Here upon your natal sod; Keep — oh, keep the young heart open Always to the breath of God!

All true trophies of the ages Are from mother-love impearled, For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world.

At the heart of every missionary, there must be a deep seeded love like that of our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the mission of every woman and mother to water that seed of love and gradually stoke its fire till it becomes a consuming fire in union with the Spirit of Jesus: a heart burning and yearning for souls. Regnum Christi helps women and mothers to become “the hand” and “the heart” of love. Fr. Peter Kim, LC Chaplain Regnum Christi Philadelphia

Men: Image of God the Father


y mission is to walk with men and help them to live their vocation to lead according to God’s plan. I am their friend, their priest and my greatest joy is to see them lead their families on their journey to heaven.

Fr.Scott Reilly, LC

I love this quote I read in a book, The Hebrew word for “male” is zakar, and it means “the remembering one.”Men are called to pass on the living memory of God in the world. They are not called to remain silent and allow Satan to spin his web of relational chaos and division, but to be like the New Adam, Jesus Christ, and speak forth the truth of man and woman’s relationship with each other and God. As the “remembering one,” men preach Christ’s total gift of self on the cross with their lives and words. They “make present” this gift of self at home, in the workplace, on the soccer field, and in the locker room. Fr. Scott Reilly, LC Regnum Christi Men’s Section Director and Chaplain to Lumen Institute Philadelphia Chapter


Teens, College-aged and Young Adults: Launching Out on Mission

S Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC

t John the Evangelist said “Love consists in this: Not that we have loved God, but that he first loved us and gave his only Son for our sake.” My passion in life is to lead others to encounter Christ and experience his love. When young people encounter Christ through prayer, through mission work, through reading scripture together and through one-on-one spiritual direction, their lives are changed forever! I can’t make anyone experience this encounter, but I can spend every minute of my life helping facilitate this encounter for them. With the prayers and support of many generous souls, I hope to persevere in this calling until death on the cross alongside Christ himself. That’s what I call living the dream! Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC Regnum Christi Philadelphia Youth Director

ECYD a way of life


Fr. Aaron Loch, LC

CYD members are those who feel called by Christ to do two things: be a

better friend of Christ and change the world for Him. My work in Philadelphia is to create situations that facilitate Encounters with Jesus Christ. These personal Encounters form personal Convictions in their hearts. These Convictions influence their Decisions. Once a young man or woman has Experienced Christ’s personal love for them, their Convictions will drive them to make great Decisions that shape the world around them and build the Kingdom of Christ (Regnum Christi) and the place I teach them to start is in their homes with their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The way they do this is Charity. Charity is the love of the Heart of Jesus Christ that impels ECYD Adolescents to live the New Commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). Charity is ECYD’s prized virtue. By living charity, adolescents seek to be witnesses of God’s love, following the example of the first Christian communities (Cf. Acts 4:32 and 2:42).

*ECYD is an acronym for encounters, convictions and your decisions. It is a way of life for children 11-16 years of age which enables them to collaborate with Christ so that he might reign in their hearts. |9|

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Operating Budget, Expenses and Revenue 2018 The summary below is an overview of the 2018 Regnum Christi operating budget.

Revenue Total $ 367,094

Expenses Total $ 321,927

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Retained Earnings as of January 1, 2019 $ 45,167

Ways to Give Visit: MONTHLY GIVING Monthly gifts drawn through your credit card or bank can greatly assist our cash flow and help us plan for the future. Simply visit to establish your re-occurring monthly gift. SUPPORT THE ANNUAL FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE BENEFIT Join us for the 2019 Friday Night Live with the Legionaries of Christ on October 25, 2019 at the Desmond Hotel. Be a Sponsor, donate an item or service for auction or support the donation committees. Visit for details. MATCHING CORPORATE GIFTS Many employers will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Your gift to Regnum Christi may be doubled or possibly tripled! If your company provides this benefit or if you want more information on how to provide a matching gift, contact us at

GIFTS OF SECURITY Gifts of securities are credited at their fair market value, are tax deductible and incur no capital gains tax. Giving securities can help you conserve cash for other uses, plus you may be able to make a larger gift with securities than with cash. PLANNED GIVING Have you considered placing the Legion of Christ in your will? The Legion of Christ Priests and Consecrated members of the Regnum Christi family primary rely on the generosity of our donors for their future. CONTACT US Contact the Development Office to learn more about ways to support Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ. Corinne Murphy Development Coordinator 610-263-4300

Mailing Address: RC Activities, Inc. PO Box 22 Newtown Square, PA 19073-0022

7th Annual Friday Night Live …with the Legionaries of Christ

Join us for a fun evening with great friends & food celebrating MISSION!

Friday, 6:30 pm October 25th The Desmond Hotel | Malvern | 11 | Purchase Event Tickets at:

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