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Annual Report 2 0 17

Fr. Scott Reilly

Fr. John Pietropaoli

Fr. Michael Moriarty

Fr. Peter Kim

Fr. Eduardo de La Torre

Mission Statement

Regnum Christi’s mission is to work as Jesus did. We reveal his love, form apostles and send them out to help build the Kingdom of Christ. We awaken the individual and the family to their mission in the life and in the Church. The goal of its various programs and activities is to form Catholics to be actively committed to Jesus Christ and his Church at the service of all people. Working in communion with the Church’s bishops and pastors is at the heart of Regnum Christi. Regnum Christi members strive to be leaven within the parish, schools and other Catholic institutions helping to form apostles to carry forward the work of Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls. The range of activities available to Regnum Christi members includes missions, service projects, education, catechesis, youth and family ministries, works of cultural transformation, and mass media.

Dear Friends of


R egnum Christi,

am honored to present to you the first annual report for Regnum Christi Philadelphia. We pray that this report provides you with renewed hope, knowing that “the plans of the Lord endure forever, the designs of his heart for all generations… to save their souls from death and to give them food in time of famine” (Psalm 33). How blessed we all are to be a part of that plan and that mission. 2017 was an inspiring and transformative year for Regnum Christi Philadelphia. Fr. Scott Reilly, Fr. Peter Kim, Fr. Michael Moriarty, Fr. Eduardo de la Torre and I would like to extend our gratitude to the tireless Regnum Christi apostles, donors, and the many youth who have led and participated in our apostolic programs that are setting hearts on fire for Christ! A major accomplishment of the past year was to launch our strategic plan. We are thankful for the Regnum Christi local committee and others behind the scenes who prayed for, assisted with and developed ​ the Strategic Implementation Plan. Below is a list of some of our accomplishments in 2017; • 1,000 plus Hours of Spiritual Direction at the RC Center in Wayne & on retreats • Over 500 participated in Holy Week, international and day missions • New website, marketing, communications & Social Media Strategy • Implementation of new online registration system • New partnerships with Archdiocesan parishes are continually being formed

• 50 participants for our international Missions (Mexico and Nicaragua) • 5 overnight retreats averaging 20 participants • Monthly Adoration in Chester and Bucks Counties averaging 50 participants • 7 Advent by Candlelight’s in various Archdiocesan parishes touching 800 + women to renew and refocus priorities for Christmas

The 2017 Annual Report is a summary of the charitable donations given to the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Philadelphia between January 1, 2017 and December 30, 2017. Each gift we received is an investment in the Regnum Christi Mission of Revealing the Love of Christ, Forming Apostles and Launching them to Build the Kingdom of Christ. Our major fundraising event of the year is Friday Night Live with the Legionaries of Christ. In 2017 this celebration among the Regnum Christi family and friends raised over $150,000. We are grateful to all our generous sponsors, donors and volunteers who came together to make the 2017 Friday Night Live a great success! On Friday, November 2nd, 2018 we will be celebrating the 6th Annual Friday Night Live with the Theme: Launching Youth with Hearts on Fire. We pray that this annual report provides a glimpse into the many ways Regnum Christi is helping to serve the Church in Philadelphia, and how you enable all this to become a reality. Christ is able to accomplish great things because of the generous support of our donors and all our volunteers. Please know how grateful we are, and that “we give thanks to God for you always, and pray for you constantly” (1 Thessalonians 1:2). In Christ, Fr. John Pietropaoli, LC Philadelphia Regnum Christi Director |3|


n Regnum Christi we follow a local governance model which includes a Local Committee. This committee is responsible for coordinating the mission of the Legion Of Christ and Regnum Christi : forming apostles at the service of the Church. Composed of Legionary priests and lay members of Regnum Christi, the committee is also charged with guaranteeing that our apostolic activities in Philadelphia follow a budget and are self-sustaining.

Stephany Ziegler

In 2017-2018 members of the Regnum Christi Philadelphia Local Committee include; • Fr. John Pietropaoli, LC - Local Superior for Legionaries of Christ Philadelphia community and Regnum Christi Director • Helen Gabriele – Financial Oversight Director • Stephany Ziegler - Women’s Section Director • John Volk - Men’s Section Director • Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC - Youth Section Director Helen Gabriele

• Fr. Peter Kim, LC - Regnum Christi Chaplain • Fr. Scott Reilly, LC – Chaplain to Lumen Institute Philadelphia Chapter We are excited to share with you the 4 Apostolic Priorities and associated goals that will continue to lead us towards our vision of forming a Philadelphia metro area where all Catholics are committed to Christ, and are apostles in their families, parishes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. The 2018-2019 Regnum Christi Philadelphia Strategic Plan 1. Live out our Regnum Christi Identity - Goals: To ensure a greater understanding of the Five Dimensions of a Regnum Christi Member and to create a culture of vocations among all Regnum Christi Families.

John Volk

2. Evangelize with Intentionality - Goals: To enable people to discover and develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, and to become his “backyard apostles.” 3. Develop Leadership Capacity - Goal: Support all members so they can better explain the Catholic faith to whomever they encounter. 4. Achieve Financial Health - Goal: Consolidate financial transparency. We are grateful for your support, and we ask you to continue to pray for the families who strive daily to live out their Regnum Christi charism as apostles of Jesus Christ. |4|

John Ziegler & Jim Gabriele Financial & Strategic Consultants

t h g i l t o SpAPOSTLE S

ince I was a young child, Regnum Christi has been part of my life. Both my parents are lay members in the Regnum Christi movement of the Catholic Church, and therefore co-workers with the Legion of Christ priests. As a result, I was given the great blessing of participation in my early years in deep interior spiritual formation youth programs including Conquest, Leadership Training Program and Mission Youth. In 2016, when I was 17 years old, I made the personal decision to follow Christ, to be his apostle as a Regnum Christi member. During my high school years, I found excitement and purpose as an apostle by participating and inviting other classmates into Missions in the US and abroad. The transition to college, although met with many challenges Jack Ziegler and temptations, was eased by the foundation that was Penn State College Student laid and the personal direction of my spiritual mentors the Legion of Christ priests. Forming a college community of prayerful apostles holds me accountable to my prayer life and continues to help me grow in my relationship with Christ. Regnum Christi and the missions in particular gave me the opportunity to make my faith my own and challenged me to grow deeper in friendship with Christ. I have always been drawn to the contemplative prayer and the apostolic zeal that stems from that deep relationship. Regnum Christi challenges me in my faith, to always be growing in my prayer life, to give everything to Christ and to join his mission and the church’s mission in a very tangible and deep way. I found a place where I am able to see my passions and gifts work for Christ and a community that continues to holds me accountable when I mess up. Regnum Christi has saved me from living as a lukewarm Catholic and gives me a passionate love for Christ as his apostle.


Regnum Christi on the Move! High School Missionaries and their Chaplain Fr. Scott Reilly head out into Philadelphia for a week long mission to serve the less fortunate in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Over 500 souls were touched.

Fr. John Pietropaoli and Fr. Peter Kim retreat directors with a group of women retreatants. Over 100 women participated in recent Spiritual Retreats to help renew and refocus their busy lives as daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers.

Mission Youth International Mission to Mexico. The Philadelphia Team completed an authentic Palapa Roof dining area to help a local community earn an income for their friends and family.

Fr. Peter Kim and Fr. Scott Reilly co-celebrants with Fr. Carl Braschoss, O. Praem. Pastor of Saint Gabriel Church in South Philadelphia. New partnerships are being formed with Archdiocesan parishes.

Fr. Michael Moriarty with a group of college students. Over 25 college students met weekly over the summer to encounter Christ through the word of God and one another, then launched to bring Christ back to their various college campuses this fall. |6|

Fr. Michael Moriarty celebrates Mass in the woods during a recent campout for boys and their fathers. More youth are being formed to be apostles in the Regnum Christi charism through ECyD.

Regnum Christi on the Move! The Lenten Evening of reflection at Saint Katharine of Siena in Wayne, featured Fr. John Bartunek, LC.The souls of over 250 men and women were set on fire as they entered the holy season of Lent.

Fr. Michael Moriarty teaching prayer to orphans in Haiti Missions. Over 500 participated in day, Holy Week and international missions in 2017.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Seminarians Dominic Mirenda (left- 2nd College) Andrew Lane (right-1st Theology). Dominic and Andrew have been active passionate participants in the Regnum Christi Apostolate - Mission Youth for the past several years. The young men enrolled at Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Indiana. Sacred Heart Apostolic School provides formation for young men in 7th-12th grade discerning a call to the priesthood in the Legion of Christ.

Seminarians at The Legion of Christ College of Humanities in Cheshire , Connecticut. Currently over 77 men are discerning the call to the priesthood and provided integral formation: spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic, to become holy Christian leaders.

Graduating Class of 2017 - Divine Mercy located in the metro DC area is a Legion of Christ sponsored university for those seeking a graduate degree in psychology and counseling. |7|

Joy, Dreams and Prayers From Your Philadelphia Legionary of Christ Priests


ur mission is clear: Jesus calls us and reveals the love of His Heart to us, forms us, and sends us out to evangelize and transform culture. Reveal, form and launch is our tagline. My dream and prayer in Philadelphia are that we touch the heart of the family, revealing Christ’s love for each one, helping them grow in personal relationship with Him and let Him form us in His attitudes and virtues. And with hearts burning with love for the Lord, they may zealously hand on the light of His love to all they encounter. The family is the heart of the society and in the measure in which the families become transformed the world will as well. My wish is that each of us intentionally become “Christoforoi,” bearers of Christ whenever and wherever. That we become, with Jesus, the light of the world. Fr. Peter Kim, LC Chaplain Regnum Christi Philadelphia


y dream for the parishes in Philadelphia, especially in those we have ministry, is a deep friendship with Jesus Christ be developed among the people. The Catholic Church runs so deep in this city; it has done so much good. Yet at this point in time, roughly 17% attend Mass on a weekly basis. Why? I think it boils down to relationship; they have not connected with Jesus on an affectiveheart level. My joy is to introduce people to that type of relationship with Jesus. You will see tremendous renewal in hearts and families when that begins to take place. Fr. Scott Reilly, LC Chaplain to Lumen Institute Philadelphia Chapter


had never before worked with lay adults until I came to Philadelphia. It has been a great experience and at the same time one of learning to serve the vocation of the lay people. I have seen the Legion and Regnum Christi grow in this country, despite the difficulties and trials, in a manner that could be called “miraculous”, because it is God’s work. If there is something I would wish it is for lay Catholics to be ever-more committed to Christ and to the Church. There is a great deal of potential in the American people, and I hope the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi will become a great force for evangelizing and serving the Church in America. God bless! |8|

Fr. Eduardo de la Torre, LC Chaplain Regnum Christi Philadelphia |8|

I want to be holy and to change the world. I love to share my experiences of Christ as a friend from when I joined ECYD, My hope this year is to get to know the Church in Philadelphia by listening and sharing the stories of each person and their dreams for the Kingdom of Christ. I believe that every person is both a treasure to be discovered and an extraordinarily influential apostle for Christ. There is nothing in this world that I would rather do than help each of you discover Jesus as your friend and your King and his exciting plan for you to be holy and change the world. Fr. Aaron Loch, LC ECyD Chaplain*

I arrived in Philadelphia from Chicago on Labor Day Weekend of 2017 to begin a month of great blessings as I met with many of the Regnum Christi families and to accompany those who had children interested in ECyD. I also met with many high school and college age youth passionate about missions, retreats and one on one spiritual direction. Some highlights for 2017 include; day missions to Kensington and Grays Ferry and an evangelization “Mission to the Mall� at King of Prussia during the Christmas shopping frenzy. My desire and dreams for the future of our youth is to have them formed in the Regnum Christi charism from grade school though High School so they have the tools to continue to live out this deep friendship with Jesus during college and young adulthood. Another desire to to have young men and young women in their twenties who are passionate about forming groups of adolescents and teens, schools and parishes throughout Philadelphia who know and understand Regnum Christi as a movement of missionary disciples ready to take to their homes and the streets and evangelize. I also wish to have a Youth Section budget that is able to sponsor young people on international mission trips and formation opportunities abroad such as the international formators courses and Catholic Worldview Fellowship. Fr. Michael Moriarty, LC Youth Director Regnum Christi Philadelphia *ECyD is an acronym for encounters, convictions and your decisions. It is a way of life for children 11-16 years of age which enables them to collaborate with Christ so that he might reign in their hearts.




Friday Night Live

e would like to acknowledge and thank all those who supported the 2017 Friday Night Live with the Legionaries of Christ benefit event at the Desmond Hotel.

Total Income: $176,427 Sponsors:

Mr. & Mrs. Ward Fitzgerald Frank & Tricia Hallinan Mr. Stephen Wigmore

Table Sponsors:

Mrs. Pat Irvine Mr. Edward Morris Patrick & Wendy Stanton

John & Brenda Rossi Euse & Susanne Mita Pierce & Katie Keating Mrs. Carol Wolfington Joe & Lisa Corcoran Tim & Lisa MacCarrick

Monetary and in Kind Donations: Bob & Maggie Biggs Marilyn Boncek Ronald and Joanna Borza Karen Bozovich Mary Broadhurst Angela Brown Jillian Buhl Mary Byrnes Barbara Campbell Thomas Cancelmo Joseph Capista Cynthia Castaldi Anthony Celentano Lisa Corcoran Lisa Coyne Bruce Cumby Rocco DiMattia Ronald Dirienzi Jose I and Soledad R. Dominguez Bill East Christine Fauci-Wittman Diane Ferretti Hank Fila Brian Fila

Tom & Kelly Fischer Mary Ann Flanigan Mary Beth Fritz Anne Marie Goldberg James B. Griffin P.C. Patricia Hallinan Fr. Mark Haydu, LC Kathleen Heil Joanne Hennessey Barb Hodge John Hodge Lisa Irvine Vicki Irvine Mrs. Pat Irvine Katie Keating Bruer Kershner Peter C Kleponis PC Grace S Laughlin Angela Lawton Megan Liney Steve Lundeen Stepanie Lyons Lisa MacCarrick Jill Maher

Eileen McHugh Joene Merlo Patty Mingey Marykate Mink Lil Mita Bob Moore Edward Morris Tony Mullen Pat Mullen Michael Mullin Kathryn and Stephen Mullin Timothy Murphy Corinne Murphy Diane Neville J. Brian and Miriam P. O’Neill Kim Paczewski Patty Pawlow Mary K Perillo Jeannine Peters Lorrie Pierce Julie Riley Assunta Romero

Carla Santoleri David Savage Cynthia Sewall Kelly Shannon Bernadette Shine Joe Smith Wendy & Morah Stanton Brigette Stinger Lisa Tarone Bridget A Tomasicchio John Volk Michele Walton Lisa A White Chris Wolfington Mary Kate Wurster Yrma Zaffalon Stephany Ziegler

Special thanks to our monthly auto givers!* Kevin Barry Cynthia Castaldi Mr. & Mrs. J. Castaldi

Veronica Chandler Soledad and Jose Dominguez Tim & Corinne Murphy Michael Krafczyk Justin Stanbro

Jack Ziegler Mr. & Mrs. J. Ziegler

*Auto giving helps to provide a steady monthly income stream. Please visit RCPhilly.com to learn how to establish an automatic monthly donations to your credit card. | 10 |

Expenses and Revenue The summary below is an overview of the 2017 Regnum Christi Philadelphia operating budget: Revenue Total Annual Fund Monthly Pledging Priests Stipends Friday Night Live Apostolate

$376,443 $57,797 15.4% $13,530 3.6% $42,492 11.3% $176,427 46.9% $86,197 22.9%

Total Expenses LC Household RC Administrative Cost RC Apostolates

$341,903 $216,987 63.5% $37,922 11.1% $86,994 25.4%



Ways to give, visit: Donation.RCPhilly.com MONTHLY GIVING Monthly gifts drawn through your credit card or bank can greatly assist our cash flow and help us plan for the future. Simply visit donation.rcphilly.com to establish your re-occurring monthly gift. SUPPORT THE ANNUAL FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE BENEFIT Join us for the 2018 Friday Night Live with the Legionaries of Christ on November 2, 2018 at the Desmond Hotel. Be a Sponsor, donate an item or service for auction or support the donation committees. Visit FNL.RCPhilly.com for details. MATCHING CORPORATE GIFTS Many employers will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Your gift to Regnum Christi may be doubled or possibly tripled! If your company provides this benefit or if you want more information on how to provide a matching gift, contact us at donation.rcphilly.com GIFTS OF SECURITY Gifts of securities are credited at their fair market value, are tax deductible and incur no capital gains tax. Giving securities can help you conserve cash for other uses, plus you may be able to make a larger gift with securities than with cash. PLANNED GIVING Have you considered placing the Legion of Christ in your will? The Legion of Christ Priests and Consecrated members of the Regnum Christi family primary rely on the generosity of our donors for their future. CONTACT US: Contact the Development Office to learn more about ways to support Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ Corinne Murphy | Development Coordinator CorinneRCPhilly@gmail.com | 610-263-4300 | 11 |

487 Devon Park Drive Wayne, PA 19087 610-263-4300

Friday Night Live

Save the Date! November 2nd 6:30 pm The Desmond Hotel Malvern FNL.RCPhilly.com

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Regnum Christi Philadelphia 2017 Annual Report  

Regnum Christi Philadelphia 2017 Annual Report