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What We Do COREcruitment is an International Recruitment agency with divisions in London, Cape Town and the Middle East. Specialising in the Hospitality, Catering, Leisure, Retail, FM and Service Industry sectors. We specialise in both Permanent and interim management staffing solutions.

Candidates of COREcruitment can expect a prompt and honest service. As well as complete confidentiality, candidates can also expect guidance and advice in their career prospects – we will not dictate a career path but rather look at where they want to be and how we can assist them in getting there.

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Markets We are recruitment experts in a broad range of sectors within the service industry – and we’re always adding to the list. We source a wide variety of skilled and experienced staff throughout the world. Corecruitment looks after all positions from Chefs through to MD and Board Level roles in the UK and international locations. We have success in placing roles in support function role such as training, marketing, human resources purchasing, finance and more.

Specialist Divisions We have branched COREcruitment into the divisions listed below. Chef Recruitment FM Recruitment Domestic Recruitment Management Recruitment Interim Recruitment Executive Recruitment Retail Recruitment Leisure & Fitness Recruitment

Conferencing and events Service industry High street retail Luxury Retail Supermarket chains Contract catering Entertainment, leisure and theme parks Facilities management Government services Fast food and retail catering Health and fitness facilities Restaurants and hotels License trade Commercial services

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COREcruitment We recieve 8,000 applications every week. Keep this in mind when chasing applications. To ensure your CV is processed faster please attach an updated cv mentioning notice period, salary and international / local areas you are interested in working in. We will process your CV and get back to you if we have anything suitable – if not then your details will be retained on our database. If you have not heard a response within 10 working days then please assume that your application has been unsuccessful.

Once your application has been submitted Following your recent application we write to confirm how we are to provide you recruitment services. 1. COREcruitment Ltd. are to provide you permanent recruitment services that is to say we will act as an agency as defined under The Employment Agencies Act 1973. 2. You authorise COREcruitment Ltd. to seek work on your behalf. 3. In your recent correspondence you informed us that you wish us to seek employment within the service industry

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Of 9,000 up to 11,000 applications coming through every week only 2% submitted to employers


Coverage In addition to the London Head Office, COREcruitment has rapidly expanded their presence throughout the UK and now has developed international coverage with a branch in South Africa acting as the hub for all international recruitment. COREcruitment are currently working with over 200 businesses within the UK, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and more recently developed business within Australia and South East Asia.

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Job Interview

Preparation Below is a list of things to focus on ahead of the interview Interviews are always different: some are formal, others informal. The most important thing is to enjoy it, relax and be you. That said, an interview is like any other meeting – so do as much preparation as you can in advance.

websites, trade magazines, the library, news articles, annual reports, friends and business associates (remembering to keep the position confidential). >> Read More At The Interview Be prepared to ask well thought out and sensible questions about the company and its direction.

About The Position Prior To The Interview Find out as much as you can about the position: research what is expected in that role: its duties and responsibilities.

At The Interview Interview Preparation The interview is your best opportunity to gain insight into the job position on offer and the company. It also gives you a good opportunity to determine how your experience and talent can contribute to the company’s growth and profitability. Web: job-seeker-advice/how-to-prepare-forthe-interview/ Below is a list of things to focus on ahead of the interview:

About The Company Prior to the interview Find out as much about the company, its history, its current situation and its future as you can. Search

Be prepared to ask sensible questions: who has been successful and why? Who has failed and why? Who will you report to? What needs to be done in the first six months, in the first year? What does success look like for the role? Your recruiter will be able to provide insight in these areas prior to the interview also.

Job Interview

Preparation (cont) Know Yourself Prior To The Interview Ensure you know the contents of your CV thoroughly. Review you career history: paying particular importance to the dates, positions you held, duties and responsibilities. Concentrate on your most recent positions, but don’t neglect your early career

At The Interview Be prepared to answer questions on your strengths and weaknesses. During the interview try to highlight past experience, solutions your have found or achievements that would be relevant and beneficial to this particular role / company. It’s the perfect time to ‘sell’ you!

Information Needed Prior To The Interview 1. Who you will be meeting and the date & time of the interview

2. Company name, interviewer / title, full address, phone number, clear directions and where to park or the nearest mainline or tube station

At The Interview You should take along some well-prepared & neatly presented questions in a tidy folder or note pad. You could also take these on an iPad if preferred. This shows that you are methodical, organised, have given thought to the interview and that company. Remember to take a copy of your own CV to the interview. You can use this as a prompt if needed in the interview. Think about anything else that might be relevant to take to the interview (these could be past menus you have created or other examples of past work).

What To Do & Avoid By the time you have got to an interview, that interviewer knows your background and has considered your ability to do the job. The interview is not just based on the role but on personality, will you fit in, say the right things, will they like you etc.

Job Interview

Preparation (cont) • Don’t be late and do get there early • Dress appropriately: smart & well presented • Keep jewellery to a minimum • Clean shoes – remember to check yourself in a full length mirror • Do not smoke before the interview – the smell will linger and doesn’t create a great first impression • FIRM handshake and clear greeting • Maintain eye-to-eye contact throughout the interview – If a panel of interviewers; look at all of them in turn. When one asks a question, look at them to begin you answer, look at the others during your answer & finish with the one who asked • Keep your voice volume up, but don’t shout. • Body language is very important: face the interviewer, keep upright and don’t slouch

Interviewing Skills • In order to sell yourself you must know what the interviewer wants. Highlight your skills, strengths in a precise manner • Give a short 1-2 minute summary about yourself. • Start with what you are doing now, your current job (mentioning the skills that are comparable and complementary to the job you are applying for). Talk about your strengths / attributes, education and hobbies, interests, sporting activity etc. • Ensure you greet everyone with firm handshake & a smile – often a team is asked what did you think of him / her • Make conversation if you’re waiting in reception • Make conversation with the person who collects you.

• Get them to buy into you – sell yourself to everyone and be professional, friendly, amenable etc

Standard Questions (They are not always easy to answer) • Where do you see yourself in one / five / 10 years time? • What are your strengths? E.g. Tenacious, hardworking, diligent, good market knowledge • What are your weaknesses? (Always turn a strength into a weakness .e.g. perfectionists find it hard to delegate) • Most significant accomplishment / biggest disappointment • Hobbies. Employers like to know what their staff does socially / outside work. Keep fit / golf etc Further Examples

Difficult Questions • Current income / on target earnings • What salary you do want? • Reasons for leaving? Do not put your current company down, or the people that you work with e.g. personality clash could be seen a cause for concern. Focus on things such as need a new challenge and new focus or want to specialise etc rather than ‘I don’t like my boss’. • What is your ideal role? • What aspects of your work do you enjoy best / dislike (you could be caught out so ensure you know the role you are going for – it sounds a harmless question but has caught many out) • What do you consider your greatest achievement to date

Job Interview

Preparation (cont) Other Potential Questions You May Be Asked • Why do you want to work for us? (Whatever company it is – be sure to have done your research) • How will you benefit the company if we hire you? What can you bring? (Skills wise, not necessarily business / clients as some may see this as unethical) • How have you impacted on you current company? • How much do you know about our company? (research always pays off, ask intelligent questions) • What new ideas could you bring to the company? • What motivates / de-motivates you? • What are your ambitions? • How you work in a team / on your own? Give examples of being a team player, working on own initiative

Good Questions For You To Ask • Can you give me a breakdown of the duties and responsibilities? • What is the usual structure of a day / week? • What are the expected productivity levels / targets? • What are your immediate expectations of the jobholder? • What training / mentor schemes do you run? • What can you tell me about the company (start question with some knowledge of the Co. or they can throw it back asking you what you know) For instance. I know the company was established in???? Year & is headed by …… Number of properties having developed from ?? What else can you tell me / what are your future plans? • What are the initial tasks /duties that I will have to deal with / get trained in? • How is the business generally at the moment?

• What levels of business do you work? on e.g. margins, major accounts etc?

• Where does the company see itself in the next 1 & 5 years and where would you see me then. Is there anything about my background or skills that you have concerns about or anything you would like to cover again with me while I am here?”

• How would your colleagues describe you?

• What is your normal interview process?

• What style of management do you best work under / your style of management?

• Will there be a second / third interview as I am interested and want to make sure I am available.

• How do you manage your team?

• When do you think the next interviews will be held? &

• How you motivate staff / delegate work? • How you would increase current business level?

• Who are your role models & why?

• Where / when are you planning to hold 2nd interviews?

Job Interview

Preparation (cont) • Do you do psychometric & personality testing / assessment centres (may have to take ½ day off for this. • Have you seen many people? • How do I compare to your other candidates?

How To Handle The Money Issue The question of remuneration can be very sensitive and often requires extended negotiations to reach a figure that is fair and acceptable to both the company and the individual. Some points to remember: Most companies want to make a fair offer. They want to bring new employees on board at a salary level that provides incentive to change jobs that also is consistent with the company’s existing salary structure for that position. The days of 20% and 25% increases in compensation are gone. Inflation rates are down, all corporations are more conscious of maintaining

consistency in existing salary structures, the economic growth in many industries has levelled off and the competition for better positions has increased. So be realistic in your expectations. The position and opportunity is the single most important element of your decision. No amount of money will make a bad job good. A quality position, working with quality people in a dynamic work environment offers rewards that money can’t buy. Be flexible. Compensation packages are a combination of salary, reviews, titles and perks. These elements can be arranged and re-arranged – sometimes very creatively – to satisfy both the individual and the company. Keep your recruiter involved. Part of our job is to handle sensitive negotiations and move both parties to a fair and acceptable compensation package. We do this for a living and can often offer alternatives that will satisfy both parties.

Job Interview

Preparation (cont) How To Exit The Interview Leave the interviewer wanting more:

How To Interview On Skype/ Video

card, internet and intranet access and filling out hundreds of forms. Get your bearings. Find out where the toilets, the exits, various rooms and emergency exits are.

Increasingly first stage interviews are conducted via the web. This is especially the case when interviewing internationally:

How to Resign From Your Job

Advice on starting a new job

• Do you really want to quit? Make a list of reasons of why you should resign .

The first day:

• Have you pursued all avenues for advancement within your current firm?

Your first day will be sorting out staffing details. Most likely, you will be running around for an ID

Consider all options

• Would you leave if you were offered more money

The COREcruitment

Process Client Process

Candidate Process

Company research & meetings

Internal and external database search referrals and targeted search

Understanding recruitment needs; brief on the position

In-depth interviews

Advertise Position, source and attract high caliber candidates

Reference checking and psychometric testing

Matching Success

Client follow-up


Candidate follow-up

COREcruitment connects the right people with the right job with an unrivaled level of commitment.


Testimonials “Corecruitment have been providing recruitment services for Carluccio’s for many years. In the 4 years that I have been working here Corecruitment have proven to be the most successful in sourcing the right people for our business. What makes them successful? Corecruitment actually listen, understand , their practice is consistent and trustworthy. All of which helps them to be my favourite and successful preferred suppliers.” Marcus “In this difficult financial climate, as you may think, is not always easy to find what you are looking for. What I realised during my search for a new job, it is very important to have a professional, friendly advice. With Core Recruitment I found professionalism dedication and commitment which busted my chances in my job search. COREcruitment team were always there to support and advice me. Their approach is very warm. Communication is very professional and friendly, always getting through to them with ease. For no more than a month, with Core’s help and support especially Lyndsey Rush who I can say is a reflection of what Core Recruitment is all about, I received a great job offer. I would recommend to all those who are out there searching for a change in their career to get the best help and advice from” Edmond “I have been really impressed with Corecruitment excellent service, especially Jade, who really listened and understood my needs and provided the options that suited my expectations. The communication with Jade throughout my job search was prompt and detailed from day one when we established great rapport. I have just started my new job and it proved to be exactly what I have been looking for. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new career opportunity.” Alesksandra


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