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COPENHAGEN 21-26 February 2022




Huset-KBH Rådhusstræde 13 1466 Copenhagen K

Photo by Rolf Blicher Godfrey / Unsplash

Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2022 For the eight time, it is our absolute pleasure to welcome you all to Copenhagen Winter Pride Week! As always, this event is a chance for us to move inside, get warm, and focus on being together and strengthen the sense of community as LGBTQIA+ people. During Copenhagen Winter Pride Week, we focus on the Human Rights and Culture programs, and you can join us in listening, learning, and understanding each other through interesting presentations, debates, and performances. Winter Pride Week will take place in Huset-KBH. All rooms are accessible via lift or ramp. This year, the theme of Winter Pride Week is “SUSTAINABILITY”. It is meant to be a starting point of dialogue, debate, and further thought – both on how we can contribute to the fight for a greener planet, but also how we create and support sustainable communities. Winter Pride is all about creating light in a dark time, and therefore you will find that the program is focused on the positive aspects of the theme. Critical and political dialogue is important, but we also need experiences that will warm our hearts in the cold of winter – while keeping our distance, of course! Welcome to Copenhagen Winter Pride Week!

Photo by Max Adulyanukosol / Unsplash

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1 July 2021


About the BSP Program

Since the topics of the BSP format deals with issues that can be sensitive, they require a more private space and for that reason there is a different set of guidelines for participants at these events, namely the following safer space guidelines: •

BSP = Body and sex positivism Once again, you’ll find BSP (body and sex positivism) events in the program.

These events center around more sensitive and private subjects such as sexuality, sexual identity, the body, gender identity and all the experiences you can have as an LGBTQIA+ person exploring yourself and the world around you.

Our BSP content is presented through workshops, debates, presentations and salons, and these activities can include very specific details about gender, bodies and sexual experiences, even if it isn’t the main focus of the event. Unless otherwise stated, all genders and sexualities are welcome.

©The Gender Spectrum Collection

The events will take place in a closed-off room where photography or filming is not allowed. Tagging the participants on social media is also not allowed. Doors close when the event begins. To avoid interruptions, it will NOT be possible to arrive late for BSP events. Please be on time. What happens in the room, stays in the room. Respect the discretion of all participants and do not discuss the event or mention personal information obtained from the event with people who were not present.

BSP events create an intimate space for LGBTIQA+ people, and fortunately we know from experience that the majority of participants understand how to behave and know how to act with mutual respect and practice inclusivity. Bring a friend or come by yourself. Meet new people, stay curious and open-minded. Together, we are so much better.


17.00-18.00 Opening speech



17.00-18.00 AURA’s Drawing Workshop

17.00-18.00 TBA

18.30-19.30 Mental health in the community

18.30-19.30 Fat and LGBTQ+

20.00-21.00 Drag Night

20.00-21.00 Speaker’s Corner

20.00-21.00 Følsom Front

17.00-18.00 From Rainbow to Nuclear Family

17.00-18.00 LGBT Afghanistan

18.30-19.30 The Asylum System

18.30-19.30 Conversation w. an allo- and an asexual

18.30-19.30 A sustainable life as a transgender person

17.00-19.00 Peer-to-peer pleasure group

20:30-22:30 Pride Night Live

18.00-19.30 Chemsex

20:30-22:30 Pride Night Live

16.00-20.00 AURA’S silent disco



18.30-19.30 Burn Out




20.00-22.00 Porno

20:00-23:00 Queer Movie Night


17.00-19.00 AURA’S fastelavn 20.00-21.00 Stand-up



17.00-18.00 Meet the aromantic spectrum 18.30-19.30 Bøssernes Danmarkshistorie 21.00-24.00 Party – no alcohol edition

17.00-18.00 Tourism in intersectional activism

17.00-18.00 LGBTQIA without alcohol

18.30-19.30 Trans rights: bottom surgery

18.30-19.30 Meet other Danish Prides

20:30-22:30 Pride Night Live

20:30-22:30 Pride Night Live: Finale

The Winter Pride After Party! More information on our social media and



17.00-18.00 OPENING SPEECH The opening of Winter Pride 2022. Reception-style with something wet and a few speeches. Come and kick off Winter Pride 2022 with us! Language: English. Venue: Musikcaféen 18.30-19.30 A SUSTAINABLE LIFE AS A TRANSGENDER PERSON A talk with representatives from TiD and FSTB concerning legal sex change for children. What potential consequences can it have for the child later in life to not be recognized and met by society with understanding, for instance concerning the CPR-Number? Does it have any repercussions? These are subjects we will engage with during the talk between a representative from TiD and one from FSTB. The audience will be invited to ask questions. Language: Danish. Venue: Balsalen Participants: FSTB and TiD 18.30-19.30 BURN OUT For many activists, volunteers, and organizations, burnout is too common, however, do we address it enough? Do we do enough as organizers to prevent it? Why do so many activists burn out, is it particularly prevalent in the LGBTQ community, and how do we combat it? These are some of the questions we will look at in this panel talk, where we wish to put the mental health and wellbeing of activists’ center. Language: English. Venue: Musikcaféen

20.00-21.00 DRAG NIGHT We wish to kick off Winter Pride with drag. This year Chantal al Arab will lead us through a quiz, so start practicing your knowledge of geography, of cartoons, or perhaps of queer history. The theme is a surprise, but we promise it will be a night of fun, extravaganza and drags, drags, drags. Language: English. Venue: Musikcaféen 20:30-22:30 PRIDE NIGHT LIVE PNL is a live studio where our amazing hosts Jezebelle May Daniel’s, Robin Andersen, and Malik Grosos are visited by various guests in combination with a stage for live performances, music, theater, cultural features, and more. It all takes place in front of a live audience and is livestreamed at the same time. Check out who, what, and when on Copenhagen Pride’s SoMe. Note: Live audience must arrive no later than 20.15. Language: Danish/English. Venue: Xenon Tickets: Free at “Pride Night Live”

A sustainable life as a transgender person 20:00-21.00 Balsalen

Photo by Darren Gambrell

TUESDAY 22/2 17.00-18.00 FROM RAINBOW TO NUCLEAR FAMILY A panel will guide us through the development in how LGBTQ+ families make a family: Once the community fought for the right of a child to have more than two parents. For many years, rainbow families were often three, four, or more parents. Today we see an increase in getting children in a “nuclear” constellation of two women or of two men. This is partly due to the fact that new opportunities have arisen, like insemination, ropa, and surrogacy. Language: Danish. Venue: Balsalen 17.00-18.00 AURA’S DRAWING WORKSHOP Sharpen your pencils when AURA invites you to a drawing workshop. You will be guided through exercises and given individual guidance in order to challenge yourselves no matter your level. All are welcome. More info on SoMe. AURA is a safer space for young LGBTQ+ persons up to 18 years old that want to meet other like-minded youth in safe, fun, and alcohol-free settings. Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen Participants: AURA 17.00-19.00 PEER-TO-PEER PLEASURE GROUP In this workshop, we'll explore the relationship to ourselves, our bodies, and our sexuality with an emphasis on pleasure through creative methods, whilst also learning about the wonders of our vulva. Let’s create a safe space for each other to share our experiences and empower each other in the process. NOTE! Open for all genders with a vulva/ vagina. Due to the importance of a safe space, this is a closed workshop, first come first serve basis. May contain intimate and/or sexual statements. Language: English. Venue: Vox


20.00-21.00 SPEAKER’S CORNER We are going back to the roots of activism and are reviving the speaker’s corner. The traditional soap box has been replaced with a stage, but other than that we have set the microphone free for all; activists, artists, and everyone else, who might have something to say, sing, or shout out. Language: English/Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen. 20.00-22.00 PORNO We invite you to a night of porn in collaboration with MIX. More info on SoMe. Language: English. Venue: Husets Biograf. Participants: MIX Copenhagen 20:30-22:30 PRIDE NIGHT LIVE PNL is a live studio where our amazing hosts Jezebelle May Daniel’s, Robin Andersen, and Malik Grosos are visited by various guests in combination with a stage for live performances, music, theater, cultural features, and more. It all takes place in front of a live audience and is livestreamed at the same time. Check out who, what, and when on Copenhagen Pride’s SoMe. Note: Live audience must arrive no later than 20.15. Language: Danish/English. Venue: Xenon Tickets: Free at “Pride Night Live” The Asylum System 18.30-19.30 Musikcaféen

18.30-19.30 THE ASYLUM SYSTEM Come and meet LGBT Asylum for a talk about the asylum system and the living conditions of LGBT asylum seekers. Get to know how the organization works and get insights into how it is to come to Denmark when fleeing your home country because of your gender identity or sexuality. Language: English. Venue: Balsalen Participants: LGBT Asylum 18.30-19.30 MENTAL HEALTH IN THE COMMUNITY Why is there, within our community, an overrepresentation of anxiety, depression, assault, suicide - and substance abuse? And how can we develop into more supportive communities that can support and help each other? Come and listen as we focus on mental well-being in the LGBTQ community. Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen Photo by Solbjørgh Hansen



17.00-18.00 LGBT AFGHANISTAN LGBT+ persons are some of the most at risk persons in Afghanistan. In this debate we wish to highlight the plight and needs of LGBT+ persons in Afghanistan and discuss how the international community can and should aid LGBT+ persons who need protection. Language: English. Venue: Balsalen Participants: Sabaah

18.00-19.30 CHEMSEX Chemsex is a relatively large phenomenon in the community, especially in MSM groups. We host a conversational saloon to invite to talking and sharing in a closed space. There will be a few people leading the conversation, but you are most welcome to join in the talk. Language: Danish. Venue: Vox

17.00-18.00 TBA Check out our social media for more info on this event! Venue: Musikcaféen

20.00-21.00 FØLSOM FRONT Concert with Følsom Front. They are a queerfeminist band with (primarily) Danish lyrics that with loads of iron, love to minorities, and a healthy portion of criticism of the system and the norms create amazing pop songs. Language: Danish/ English. Venue: Musikcaféen

16.00-20.00 AURA’S SILENT DISCO AURA dances away the cold and the gloominess with Silent Disco! We will dance, eat some snacks, and play a few games with the volunteers of AURA. Come ready to party! More info will follow on SoMe. AURA is a safer space for your LGBTQ+ persons up to 18 years old that want to meet other likeminded youth in safe, fun, and alcohol-free settings. Venue: Xenon Lounge Participants: AURA 18.30-19.30 CONVERSATION W. AN ALLO- AND AN ASEXUAL As asexual you’re often met with expectations to explain your sexual attraction. This often leads to one feeling the urge to have the person asking to explain the concept themselves. With this conversational saloon we wish to let this scenario take center stage between a person, who experiences sexual attraction (allosexual) and a person, who doesn’t. We will look at questions such as how it feels to get turned on or the other way around, how you react to kissing someone you like and how you prioritize different relations. Language: Danish. Venue: Balsalen Participants: FAD – Foreningen af Aseksuelle i Danmark 18.30-19.30 FAT AND LGBTQ+ The discussion on the lack of representation and the shaming of different minority groups have been gaining strength in the last years, but fat people are rarely included herein. What challenges do one meet when one is fat and LGBTQ+ – both the structural and cultural ones – and how do we break the invisibility of fat LGBTQ+ people? Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen

20:00-23:00 QUEER MOVIE NIGHT Tonight is Queer Movie Night! The first screening will be in collaboration with the leading film festival of the Nordics: MIX Copenhagen. We will show Nordic Lights, a short movie program with stories from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The second screening will be disclosed on Copenhagen Pride’s SoMe. Info: The cinema’s cafe opens 1 hour before the screening. Language: Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Venue: Husets Biograf. Tickets: Free at “Queer Movie Night”

OTHER EVENTS 19.00-20.30 A GEOPOLITICAL PERSPECTIVE ON HIV How were vaccines for corona developed so quickly, when we still don’t have a cure for HIV/Aids? At this event Medical Museion puts a spotlight on the development of HIV treatment. Steven L.B. Jensen from The Danish Institute for Human Rights will talk about the struggle against HIV globally. Professor and vaccine researcher Ole Schmeltz Søgaard will share his work with HIV treatments and discuss the difference between working with HIV and Covid-19. Language: Danish. Venue: Medicinsk Museion, Bredgade 62, 1260 Kbh K Tickets: 100 DKK via

THURSDAY 24/2 17.00-18.00 TOURISM IN INTERSECTIONAL ACTIVISM Most queer people of color and other minority communities would be familiar with the interest journalists and academics have in their lived experiences. Sometimes these interactions evolve into meaningful and impactful results that directly affect and improve the lives, communities, and NGO's. Impactful exchanges are often outnumbered by minimum impact, leaving QTIBIPOCs fatigued and drained for their efforts. We wish to explore how we can create fruitful exchanges and how to set boundaries. Language. English. Venue: Balsalen Participants: Sabaah 17.00-19.00 AURA’S FASTELAVN AURA invites you to an early Fastelavn. Come dressed to impress, play “slå katten af tønden” and be crowned catmonarch! We create our own masks and decor before the ‘cat’walk, where we find the best costumes! More info on SoMe. Venue: Musikcaféen Participants: AURA


OTHER EVENTS 18:00-19:30 CONVERSATIONS ON QUEER ART From cave paintings to neon lights. Come join us in a conversation and relaxed hangout on queer aesthetics and LGBTQIA+ art history, facilitated by art pedagogue Eik. Through drawing, creative writing, and conversations we will highlight and talk about a variety of artists and queer art practices through time, material and space. Language: English. Venue: Depot, Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3, 1359 Copenhagen

Trans Rights: Bottom Surgery 18-30-19-30 Balsalen

18.30-19.30 TRANS RIGHTS: BOTTOM SURGERY In 2022, LGBT+ Denmark published the first-ever report on trans people's current rights and access to bottom surgery in Denmark. Come join us as LGTB+ Denmark's trans rights activists explain key findings and discuss the future of trans healthcare in Denmark. Language: English. Venue: Balsalen Participants: LGBT+ Danmark 20.00-21.00 STAND-UP The title says it all; a microphone, a bunch of hilarious people and gorgeous jokes. Get your laugh on when Molly Thornhill hosts a night full of funny people. The line-up of the night consists of, amongst others, Brynhildr and BjarkeCharlie Serritslev. So, come! Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen 20:30-22:30 PRIDE NIGHT LIVE Tonight, the Copenhagen Pride Youth Team is hosting the PNL studio with the amazing hosts Robin Andersen and Malik Grosos. The hosts will be visited by different people who all represent different organizations. We will through interviews and performances learn more about their activistic agendas all regarding LGBTI+ activism and awareness. The night will end with a chill, acoustic musical feature. Check out who, what and when on Copenhagen Pride’s SoMe. Note: Live audience must arrive no later than 20.15. Language: Danish. Venue: Xenon Tickets: Free at “Pride Night Live” ©The Gender Spectrum Collection



17.00-18.00 LGBTQIA WITHOUT ALCOHOL Alcohol is often a central aspect of social events and of many of the LGBTQIA spaces. What can an alcohol-free space do? How can we create and maintain them? Why do we need events and space that are alcohol-free? We invite you to a talk on the subject, so come and join the debate. Language: Danish. Venue: Balsalen 17.00-18.00 MEET THE AROMANTIC SPECTRUM Most have, by now, heard of asexuality, but meeting the people that do not see themselves in the image of romantic twosomeness, rom-coms, and the eternal hunt for the one still invokes misjudgment and confusion. We therefore want to shed light on the term “aromantic” and the difference between asexuality and aromanticism. Meet a panel of aromantic people with different sexual orientations, and hear their experiences, their take on romance, dating, and society’s focus on the one. Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen Participants: FAD – Foreningen af Aseksuelle i Danmark 18.30-19.30 MEET OTHER DANISH PRIDES More and more prides have sprung up across Denmark over the past years. We have invited some of them to share their experiences, to explain their reasons for creating their pride, to discuss the years to come, and for all of you to get to know them. Language: Danish. Venue: Balsalen

21.00-24.00 PARTY – NO ALCOHOL EDITION Without any reason we want to throw a party, where the party – and not the alcohol – takes center stage. Keep an eye on SoMe to see what the night entails. If you show signs of intoxication, you will be asked to leave the party. Venue: Musikcaféen

OTHER EVENTS 18.00-19:00 DEPOT UNPLUGGED LIVinthewoods — Liv is the lonely front-woman of LIVinthewoods. Full-on acoustic country folk with a love for all things sad and somber. Not sad? You mean not yet! In a good way, of course. Ashley On The Trail — Female country-folk trio plays dusty cowboy songs with three-part harmonies inspired by old western singing groups. nmtsk — singer-songwriter with a soulful, jazzy, RnB feel. Composing on the piano and singing about love using quirky allegories. Language: English. Venue: Depot, Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3, 1359 Copenhagen

Party – no alcohol edition 21.00-24.00 Musikcaféen

18.30-19.30 BØSSERNES DANMARKSHISTORIE Lars Henriksen and Chantal al Arab share stories from “Bøssernes Danmarkshistorie”. Of pioneers, provocateurs, and police investigations. Of caravans, love, and camp. Of equality, law, and loyalty. Of celebration, freedom, and faggots. Of drags, death, and illegality of dancing. Of secrets, hope, and homophobia. Of sailors, sex, and standing side by side. Of loneliness, experiments, and ecstasy. Of the past, the present, and the future. Language: Danish. Venue: Musikcaféen 20:30-22:30 PRIDE NIGHT LIVE – FINALE The PNL WPW Finale: A live studio where our amazing hosts Jezebelle May Daniel’s, Robin Andersen, and Malik Grosos are visited by various guests in combination with a stage for live performances, music, theater, cultural features, and more. It all takes place in front of a live audience and is livestreamed at the same time. Check out who, what and when on Copenhagen Pride’s SoMe. Note: Live audience must arrive no later than 20.15.Language: Danish/English Venue: Xenon Tickets: Free at “Pride Night Live” Photo by Matheus Frade / Unsplash


TBA WINTER PRIDE WEEK AFTERPARTY Aa always, we will end Copenhagen Winter Pride Week with a night to remember! Find all the information on Copenhagen Prides social media channels and on our website:

Photo by Alexander Popov / Unsplash


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