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WINTER PRIDE WEEK 22-26 February 2021


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Copenhagen Winter Pride Week In the winter darkness, we need something to look forward to. We are happy and proud to present a new and diverse program for Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2021 that includes speakers, professionals, and performers. Under the theme of “FIRSTS”, this year’s focus is on the positive experiences we as LGBTQIA+ people have with ourselves, with each other and with society. Critical and political dialogue is important, but we also need experiences that will warm our hearts in the cold of winter, and we need to get together and enjoy ourselves. This year, Winter Pride Week will be in an online format, so we can enjoy interesting conversations and events together while staying apart and keeping each other safe. In 2015, we decided to expand Copenhagen Pride with a Winter Pride. The starting point was and is based on the fact that in the summer, we mostly use the outside city spaces, and during Copenhagen Winter Pride Week, we move inside and focus on social aspects in order to strengthen the sense of community among LGBTQIA+ people. During Copenhagen Winter Pride Week, we focus on the Human Rights and Culture programs, and you can join us in listening, learning, and understanding each other through interesting presentations, debates, and performances. Welcome to Copenhagen Winter Pride 2021!

Welcome to Copenhagen Winter Pride Week 2021!







This year we’re online! Although we were hoping to be physically together and feels each other’s presence at Winter Pride Week 2021, the situation has turned out to be different than what we could’ve wished for – but we’re obviously going to take that in stride! Therefore, we’ve adapted the program to an online format, where you can follow along from home. It’s going to be available through our Facebook and YouTube channels. Special thanks for Huset-KBH for letting us use their venue and equipment for some of the performances! So, how does it work? To see an event, simply tune into our Facebook or YouTube channel at the starting time and join in! Find the full program with the times on the next page. If you need any assistance or find that something isn’t working quite right, don’t hesitate to be in touch via our social channels or by writing A massive thanks to the volunteers who have worked hard to adapt the format and make sure that we will be able to enjoy Winter Pride Week this year.

See you online!




17.00-18.00 LGBTI+ inclusion – what works?

17.00-18.00 The wellbeing of LGBTI+ students

17.00-18.00 Breaking up with the majority norms

18.30-19.30 ’Firsts’ in the Global South

18.30-19.30 Talk with Camilla and Alex

18.30-19.30 The cutback of trans rights

19.30-20.00 Winter Pride Studio

19.30-20.00 Winter Pride Studio

20.00-21.00 LGBT parents are coming out

20.00 CBS Winter Drag Bingo Livestream!

20.00-21.30 Harry Clarke

21.00-22.00 FIRSTS

21.00-22.45 And Breathe Normally



17.00-18.00 My first encounter with bisexuality

17.00-18.00 Emotional harm in the healthcare system

18.30-19.30 Pride: Something new in this world

18.30-19.30 Queer nesting

19.30-20.00 Winter Pride Studio

19.30-20.00 Winter Pride Studio

20.00-21.15 LGBTI+ live music unplugged

20.00-21.15 Q-OBSTRUCTIONS

21.15-21.45 We’re dancing together by ourselves!

Remember that every evening there will be a social event online! Follow our Facebook or YouTube channel to join us!


MONDAY 22/2 17.00-18.00 LGBTI+ INCLUSION – WHAT WORKS? There has been a rise in initiatives that strive to push the boundaries of LGBTI+ inclusion in the workplace. But some studies show that initiatives like unconscious bias training can end up having no or very little effect in terms of lasting behavioural change. To explore this topic further, norm critical consulting firm NORM invites a panel of colleagues from the field to discuss: is it always true that unconscious bias training is ineffective? And if so, what methods can be used instead? Language: English Participants: Elin Ferm from NORM 18.30-19.30 ‘FIRSTS’ IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH This event will look at the positive steps being taken to improve the lives of LGBTI+ individuals in the Global South. It will focus on ‘firsts’ such as a new counselling service in East Africa, a film festival in Tunisia, and a financial empowerment curriculum in Kenya, all of which aim to improve the wellbeing of LGBTI+ populations. The event will shed light on and celebrate the achievements of those fighting to secure a better future for LGBTI+ individuals in the Global South. Language: English Participants: TBA 19.30-20.00 WINTER PRIDE STUDIO Our wonderful host Jezebelle May Daniel’s presents the Winter Pride program together with a variety of guests during the week. After the last event, Winter Pride Studio is back with a round-up of the day. Languages: Danish and English Participants: Jezebelle May Daniel’s and guests

WINTER PRIDE, LET’S GET SICKENING (but from home - we’re not going for that COVID-19 sickening look, hunty). Join our live stream with your favourite Miss CBS hostess, aka. Miss Boogie and friends, when we once again repeat our popular annual Winter Pride Drag Bingo - online this year, to respect COVID-19 restrictions. Tune in for gags and bingo realness and perhaps even a business model explained by a drag queen? Who knows! Info on Facebook. Language: English Participants: Miss Boogie and friends 20.00–21.30 HARRY CLARKE “I’m Harry Clarke, and I’m gonna mess you up”. In collaboration with House of International Theatre we present a mesmerizing theatre monologue, which was a huge Off-Broadway hit in New York in 2017. 90 minutes of intense drama about identity, sexuality, and freedom, as well as the dangers of leading a double life. As Harry Clarke, our protagonist initiates his first relationship with a man - and his sister. Harry Clarke is written by playwright David Cale and directed by Joseph Sherlock. Language: English Cast: Jody Fish Presented in collaboration with House of International Theatre

Harry Clarke Monday 22 February 20:00-21.30

20.00 CBS WINTER DRAG BINGO LIVE STREAM! In the words of a legendary Queen: C’MON Photo by Benny Thaibert


TUESDAY 23/2 17.00-18.00 THE WELLBEING OF LGBTI+ STUDENTS LGBT+ Youth has conducted the first Danish survey looking into the wellbeing and conditions of LGBTI+ students in primary school. Unfortunately, the results show that too many LGBTI+ students are experiencing discrimination in school. Come and here more about the results and the political recommendations of LGBT+ Youth for a more inclusive and diverse school system. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the report and the politics of LGBT+ Youth. Language: Danish Participants: LGBT+ Denmark 18.30-19.30 TALK WITH CAMILLA AND ALEX 19.30-20.00 WINTER PRIDE STUDIO Our wonderful host Jezebelle May Daniel’s presents the Winter Pride program together

with a variety of guests during the week. After the last event, Winter Pride Studio is back with a round-up of the day. Languages: Danish and English Participants: Jezebelle May Daniel’s and guests 21.00-22.00 FIRSTS Once again, MIX Copenhagen will present a selection of short films for Copenhagen Winter Pride. Based on this year’s theme, the audience is invited to a viewing of six short films all sharing the theme of FIRSTS. Each in their own way, they portray the ‘first times’ you can experience as an LGBTI+ person: the first romance, the first sexual experience, the first love. In the darkness of the cinema, we invite you to feel each other’s presence and enjoy the art of film - at a distance, of course. Language: English Presented in collaboration with MIX Copenhagen

The wellbeing of LGBTI+ students Tuesday 23 February 17.00-18.00


WEDNESDAY 24/2 17.00-18.00 BREAKING UP WITH THE MAJORITY NORMS Are you tired of normative expectations of how to act and talk about your life at work, at the dentist and at family dinners? As an LGBTI+ person, it can be hard and exhausting to be in this normative headwind. Uncovering and denaturalizing majority norms creates more freedom to be who you are and is good for minority wellbeing. This is why the awardwinning women behind Normværk & Ren Snak are inviting you to be inspired and practice breaking up with majority norms in humorous and loving ways. Language: Danish Participants: Sabrina Vitting-Seerup (World Public Speaking Champion 2016) and Rikke Voergård-Olesen (Erhvervsprisen, Rainbow Awards 2020) 18.30-19.30 THE CUTBACK OF TRANS RIGHTS We are seeing both cultural and legal trans rights in decline in Europe today. For example, Hungary’s complete ban on legal gender reassignment or the growing TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) movement. We’re gathering a panel – with input from our European colleagues – to discuss and shed light on these tendencies. Language: Danish Participants: TBA 20.00-21.00 LGBT PARENTS ARE COMING OUT What’s it like being a Muslim mother of a homosexual son? How does it feel when your child shares their gender identity with their parents? We know the coming out stories from the LGBTI+ person’s point of view, but at this debate, we’ll hear from three parents with their own special stories. Language: Danish Participants: FSTB (Association to support for transgender children) and Sabaahs parents’ group.

21.00-22.45 AND BREATHE NORMALLY 2018-film by Icelandic director Ísold Uggadóttir. Adja, a refugee from Guinea-Bissau, meets Lara’s eyes, handing over her fake passport in the airport’s passport control. Lara is in training as a border patrol officer, juggling building a career and taking care of her son, while on the verge of losing their home. When everything seems to be falling apart, Adja appears, who is now seeking asylum in Iceland. While forming a powerful bond, each woman unexpectedly places the other on a stepping stone towards a hopefully better future. Language: Icelandic, English, Creole - English subtitles Cast: Kristín Thóra Haraldsdóttir, Babetida Sadjo, Patrik Nökkvi Pétursson

And Breathe Normally (dir. Ísold Uggadóttir) Wednesday 24 February 21.00-22.45


THURSDAY 25/2 17.00-18.00 MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH BISEXUALITY We know it isn’t easy to come out or to live as bi+. We want to discuss these topics with a panel: The first time you encountered the concept of bisexuality; the first time you identified as bi+; the first time you encountered biphobia. Language: Danish Participants: LGBT+ Denmark

19.30-20.00 WINTER PRIDE STUDIO Our wonderful host Jezebelle May Daniel’s presents the Winter Pride program together with a variety of guests during the week. After the last event, Winter Pride Studio is back with a round-up of the day. Languages: Danish and English Participants: Jezebelle May Daniel’s and guests

18.30-19.30 PRIDE: SOMETHING NEW IN THIS WORLD This intersectional panel debate addresses the wider potential of Pride for society. Pride is a public ritual that promotes the rights of LGBTI+ communities to be free from discrimination, but also generally celebrates the sanctity of the individual. Perhaps, Pride represents an emerging civil religious movement that allows groups, corporate sponsors included, to worship higher values. The panellists discuss if Pride is replacing or accompanying other forms of religion. Language: English Participants: Stefan Schwarzkopf, Sine Nørholm Just, and Jannick Friis Christensen (CBS)

20.00-21.15 Q-OBSTRUCTIONS For this new concept, we have invited Queer artists to participate in Q-Obstructions! The artists will be performing their own expressions prepared with the Winter Pride’s added obstructions where theme, sound, time, and props must be incorporated into their performances. Join us for an evening of creative explorations, where no one but the artists know what will unfold. Language: All languages are welcome! Participants: See the online program

My first encounter with bisexuality Thursday 25 February 17.00-18.00

Photo by Tanya Randstoft


FRIDAY 26/2 17.00-18.00 EMOTIONAL HARM IN THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Have you ever been met with bewilderment, lack of respect or critical questions about your sexuality or gender identity at the doctor’s? In that case, you’ve likely been exposed to emotional harm. It is a typical but nonetheless serious consequence of a healthcare system designed for the heteronormative majority. How do we help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel to include LGBTI+ people, and how do we avoid emotional harm in the healthcare system? Language: Danish Participants: LGBT+ Denmark and Danish Society for Patient Safety 18.30-19.30 QUEER NESTING Normstormerne invites you to an intimate conversation based on queer joy and struggle in a calm and cosy atmosphere. The frame of the conversation is how to build queer resilience together based on our lived experiences. We are looking forward to sharing the conversation-starters with you so that we can begin our talk! The queer nest is a place to rest while listening, drawing a sticker, and taking part in the conversation while enjoying a soft spot and queer love around you! Language: English Participants: Normstormerne

of the LGBTI+ community’s fantastic music performers will perform live unplugged. You can, among others, meet MOODY and her playful and flirty pop universe mixed with her inspiring and personale lyrics, and Betty Bitschlap, Denmark’s only recording drag artist, who’s vision is to show that you can be part of both the queer community and the mainstream music industry: “I might be queer, but my music is completely straight forward”. Language: Danish and English Participants: MOODY, Betty Bitchslap, Mathilde Savery, Joachim Ersgaard, and more. 21.15-21.45 WE’RE DANCING TOGETHER BY OURSELVES! We round up this year’s Winter Pride Week 2021 by dancing together with ourselves when our LGBTI+ DJ delivers the coolest beats directly into your living rooms!

Emotional harm in the healthcare system Friday 26 February 17.00-18.00

19.30-20.00 WINTER PRIDE STUDIO Copenhagen Pride’s Nadia Abraham and Albert Bendix host the Winter Pride Studio where various guests are visiting in between the evening’s LGBTI+ Live Music Unplugged event. Language: Danish and English Participants: Nadia Abraham, Albert Bendix, and more. 20.00-21.15 LGBTI+ LIVE MUSIC UNPLUGGED Friday will be an evening of music when some ©The Gender Spectrum Collection


Photo by Camilla Winter

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