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green & pleasant the natural place to visit

Coolings’ addresses The Gardener’s Garden Centre Rushmore Hill Knockholt Sevenoaks Kent TN14 7NN

Coolings Green & Pleasant Main Road Knockholt Sevenoaks Kent TN14 7LJ

Tel: 01959-532269 Fax: 01959-534092

Tel: 01959-534386 Fax: 01959-534711

Email: Website:

Email: Website:

Opening Times

Opening Times


Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm

(Coolings, The Gardener’s Garden Centre)

(Coolings Green & Pleasant)

Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Sunday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm

Getting here Local bus routes include the R5 and R10 from Orpington Station, and the 402 from Sevenoaks Station. Telephone SVZMWMX[[[XžKSZYO 2 timetable Cuttingsinformation. from Coolings for

Get in touch Phone







here are not many businesses that reach a hundred years and are still owned and run by the founding family, and although the future is becoming MRGVIEWMRKP]HMJ½GYPXXSTVIHMGX-WMRGIVIP] hope that Coolings continues to be able to provide all your gardening requirements for many years to come. Looking forward to the coming festive season we again have many tempting things to offer that will not only help your own enjoyment of Christmas but also be ideal KMJXWJSVXLSWI±WMKRM½GERXSXLIVW²MR]SYVPMJI Look out for top quality Christmas trees and Poinsettias at The Gardener’s Garden Centre, Christmas lunches in both Arthurs and Blueberry Café, and be sure to visit the Gift Department at Coolings Green & Pleasant, which looks to be better than ever with traditional and contemporary ranges for all ages and prices to suit all pockets. I join with the rest of the Coolings team in wishing you glad tidings for Christmas and the Christmas Opening Times Tuesday 24 December Christmas Eve Wednesday 25 December Christmas Day Thursday 26 December Boxing Day Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December

New Year, and we look forward to welcoming you to Coolings again soon. STOP PRESS! A team of 12 from Coolings undertook the Three Peaks Challenge this summer, climbing Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Mount Snowdon in 24 hours raising over £15,000 for Harris HospisCare.

g Paul Coolin Chairman Coolings

The Gardener’s Garden Centre, Rushmore Hill

Coolings Green & Pleasant, Main Road

Early closing

Early closing






Open as normal Open as normal


Open as normal Open as normal

Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December


Tuesday 31 December Wednesday 1 January


Open as normal



Thursday 2 January


Open as normal

Open as normal


r the ˆ Now is a good time to clea s etc., ready pot old cle greenhouse, recy ng for spri the month ˆ Plant tulips by the end of or bubble wrap sian hes ˆ Insulate pots with atures drop per tem if or d, ose if ver y exp below freezing ˆ Plant hardy bedding

Plant tulip bulbs like ‘Hotpants’, Bulb of the Year 2013

December Try New Horizons Organic Mulch & Mix

ˆ Add organic matter to the soil when digging over beds during mild spells ˆ Hardwood cuttings can be taken this month ˆ Prune vines before Christmas to prevent bleeding ˆ Reduce the height of roses to prevent wind rock


feathered One of our oolings C at s nd frie

ˆ Winter prune established Wisteria ˆ ;EXGLSYXJSVFMVHHEQEKIIWTIGMEPP]F]FYPP½RGLIW on fruit trees ˆ Plant shrubs and perennials if the weather is mild and the ground is not frozen ˆ Force rhubarb for an early crop

February ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ

¾S[IVMRKMWSZIV (MZMHIERHVITPERXWRS[HVSTW[LIR EXMW GPIQ VMRK S[I V¾ QQI XIWY ,EVHTVYRIPE re they have water ensu and birds the feed to er emb Rem sowing Prepare vegetable seedbeds ready for

A range of terracotta rhubarb forcers can be found in-store

Garden for November - February WORDS: MARK REEVE, PLANT DOCTOR

Mark Reeve

My plum tree had distorted fruit which looked very strange and didn’t ripen properly. Also there was no stone inside the fruit. What could this be? © Angela Berrie

This is a fungal disease going by the strange name of “Pocket Plum”. It can affect damsons as well as plums. There is really no effective chemical control, although Bordeaux Mixture can be used to help matters as it’s believed the fungus is closely related to Peach Leaf Curl.

My birch tree has a strange formation in the branches which I noticed last winter. The twigs seemed to have formed a ‘bird’s nest’ in the canopy. Is this unusual?

This is fairly widespread on birches and other trees. It is known as “Witches’ Broom” due to the branches resembling a besom broom. It can be caused by all manner of reasons, including fungi, insects, mites, viruses, or animal damage. It can be pruned out of the tree if it looks really unsightly, otherwise just tolerate it as it does no great harm to the plant.

broom © ‘Witches’ Folini co an Fr by ll’ ga

I have a lot of ivy covering my house and am worried it might be damaging the building. How should I treat it, or can I leave well alone?

If the house is reasonably new with sound mortar and brickwork then it shouldn’t be a problem. However I would make sure you trim it to keep it away from gutters and window frames as you could get problems here. If you wish to remove it totally then cutting the plant off EXWSMPPIZIP[MPPOMPPMX1SWXGLIQMGEPWEVIHMJ½GYPXXSETTP]EWXLIMZ]LEW such shiny foliage and doesn’t absorb them well. SBK Brushwood Killer is probably the most effective. Remember that the aerial roots will be left behind after the plant has been removed so a pressure washer or wire brush may well be needed! Cuttings from Coolings 5




P lant it

%YXYQRMWXLIFIWXXMQIJSVTPERXMRK [MXLXLIREXMSR´WJEZSYVMXI¾S[IV FIMRKRSI\GITXMSR6SWIWTPERXIH EXXLMWXMQISJ]IEVFIRI½XJVSQXLI  warmer ground temperatures and incre ased rainfall, helping to give them a great start. Because of this, we have our largest selection of roses at this time of year. This means you will spoi lt for choice when selecting the right variety for your garden.

Lady Marmalade Rose of the Year 2014


Simply The Best %PEVKI¾S[IVMRKL]FVMHXIEVSWI[MXLQERHEVMR FPSSQWVITIEX¾S[IVMRKXLVSYKLXLIWYQQIV Superb fragrance with great disease resistance. A fantastic name for a present!

Mama Mia


Hybrid tea rose with very attractive coralorange blooms, highly fragrant. Always a popular plant on the Nursery!

4SWWMFP]XLIFIWX¾SVMFYRHEVSWI*ERXEWXMG JVEKVERGI[MXLWXVMOMRKFVMKLX]IPPS[¾S[IVW contrasting with the glossy foliage. With regular dead heading [MPP¾S[IVYRXMP November. A very reliable rose.

Top Tip Plant Roses with Root Grow

To give your roses a great start this autumn plant them with Root Grow. New roses will establish faster and with greater vigour as the Mycorrhizal fungi help to develop a more advanced root system. This also gives roses a greater tolerance to disease and drought! Give your roses a great start into the new growing season!

Christmas trees FROM Coolings WORDS: Jon Reburn

A natural Christmas tree is the real centrepiece of the festive season. At Coolings we pride ourselves in only selling British-grown, premium-grade cut trees, in sizes from 4’ to 15’ tall.

Nordman firs 7SYVGIHHMVIGXJVSQXLI½RIWX7GSXXMWLTPERXEXMSRWRIEV%FIVHIIRSYV2SVHQER½VW have the very best needle retention, fantastic shape and beautiful glossy foliage.

Norway Spruce Grown on the Merrywood plantation in Kent our Norway Spruce are the pick of the crop. These traditional Christmas trees are hand-dug to ensure JVIWLRIWWERH[MPP½PP]SYVLSQI[MXLEPSZIP]TMRI fragrance so evocative of the time of year. Big or small, we can provide them all! From the largest specimen trees seen gracing local churches and village greens, right down to tiny 1’ tall plants for the doorstep, we always look forward to serving you.

Natural Christmas wreaths, foliage and decorations Bring nature to your door with one of our lovely hand-made Christmas wreaths. We sell a wonderful selection of decorated and undecorated wreaths to suit IZIV]TVSTIVX]MRFSXLJVIWLGYX½VERHLSPP]JSPMEKI Also available in December will be foliage bundles, cut holly bunches and Mistletoe bundles, perfect for festive decorations. Or why not try our Foliage door hangers, table and mantle decorations to quickly brighten your home this Christmas.

Cuttings from Coolings 7




Christmas celebrations are once again on our minds and this year Arthurs will look and feel cosier than ever as ]SY[EPOMRXSWIIXLIKPS[SJSYV[IPGSQMRK½VITPEGI and our highland decorations.


opefully you will be joining us for a Christmas Lunch during December, starting from Monday 2nd December until Friday 20th (not including weekends). A three course menu is available with a choice of three sittings, 12.30pm, 1pm or 1.30pm, at a cost of £24.75 per person with a deposit of £6.00 per person on booking. Menus are available to collect in store or download from Coolings website. Bookings can be made either in person, or by telephone or post.

Starters Chicken & Cider Pate served with Toasted Sundried Tomato & Basil Ciabatta and Tomato & Onion Chutney Thick Winter Broth with large pieces of Carrot, Celery, Courgette, Parsnip, Broad Beans, Potato and Pearl Barley Trio of Cheeses - lightly breaded Mozzarella, Camembert and Brie served with Beetroot Chutney and Salad *MWL:SP%Y:IRX¯½PPIH[MXL ,SOM,EOI&YXXIV½WLERH 'VE]½WLMR;LMXI;MRIERH Cream Chive Sauce

8 Cuttings from Coolings


To Finish

Traditional Roast Turkey with Sage 7XYJ½RK'LMTSPEXEERH6IH;MRI Gravy

Figgy Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter served with Custard or Double Cream

Roasted Belly of Pork stuffed with Apricots & Cranberries glazed in an Apricot & Orange Sauce

0EVKI-VMWL'VIEQ½PPIH'LSY\&YR topped with Chocolate Sauce Cranberry Crème Brulee

Poached Salmon Fillet cooked in White Wine & Dill Butter

Spiced Poached Pear with Pear Jelly

Vegetable Moussaka - layers of Potato and Mixed Vegetables in a slightly spicy Moroccan Tomato Sauce

Followed by

All the above served with Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Roast Parsnips, Brussels Sprouts and Peas

Fresh Filter Coffee and Mince Pie

Christmas cakes and puddings This year you can pre-order a Christmas Cake or Pudding by contacting Kris or Angela in Arthurs, leaving a deposit and arranging your collection date with them. All the cakes are well matured and spiked with brandy, packed with mixed fruit, prunes, apricots and dates. They are then individually hand decorated in three different designs. These will be available to buy for £14.99. We also have our home made 1lb or 2lb Christmas Puddings for sale at £8.00 and £12.00.

Order your Christmas Turkey at Coolings Did you know you can order your fresh Turkey from us? We are stockists for the very well-known Appledore Turkeys. With over sixty years of farming experience behind them, the Weathrall family deliver top quality arable and poultry produce at Appledore Farm in Kent. The turkeys enjoy a long and active life and this freedom to roam means they develop a distinctive taste and texture. Their welfare is of paramount importance as from the day they arrive they are fed on a simple diet of wheat and vegetable protein – free from additives, drugs or growth promoters. After roaming the grassy paddocks during the day they are bedded down overnight on the farm’s homegrown wheat straw. All Appledore Turkeys are wrapped in greaseproof paper & presented in a carry-home box, along with a sprig of VSWIQEV]ZEGYYQTEGOIHKMFPIXWERHEVIGMTIPIE¾IX[MXL easy to follow tips. Phone us for details on 01959 532269 or see our website ( The staff in Arthurs wish all our customers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gifts Gifts

at Coolings Green & Pleasant

This Christmas at Coolings Green & Pleasant we have a great gift range for the whole family!



Sensuality scented candle, £9.49 St Eval


Jewelled globe lantern, £14.99 Ivyline


Lambswool throw, £64.99 Bronte


Enamelware coffee pot, £24.99, Mugs £4.99 ICTC


Brass bangle £14.99 Just Trade


+PEWWREMP½PIW£4.99 Hot off the Press

GREEN TEA SOAP £8.99 Punch Studios


Birdy egg cups £15.99 Magpie

DUSTING DOWNTON-STYLE Ostrich feather duster £10.99 Eddingtons

Cuttings from Coolings 11


at Coolings Green & Pleasant



IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT Chef’s torch £17.99 Eddingtons

12 Cuttings from Coolings


Rocker garlic crusher £14.99 Joseph Joseph

12 Cuttings from Coolings


£6.99 Ulster Weavers

OLD SCHOOL VINTAGE Drinks monitor badge £4.29 Wild & Wolf

ON YOUR BIKE! Puncture repair kit, £17.99 Wild & Wolf Fine Matches £4.99 Archivist

Cuttings from Coolings 13

Gifts Kids

at Coolings Green & Pleasant



4YTTIXVEFFMXMREPIXXYGI[MXL½RKIV puppet friends £26.99 The Puppet Company


Hair artist pink hair chalk, £3.99 Brush on glitter tattoos £7.49 NPW

Tumblie Sheep Dog Everybody go ahhhhhhh £16.99 Jelly Cat 14 Cuttings from Coolings

SUPER STOCKING FILLERS Giant Insect, Wooden Snake from £2.99 Keycraft

BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Hoolaroo ball £8.49 Little Jelly Cat


Ridleys glow stars £7.29 Wild & Wolf

Christmas Themes

&Tips 2013

Frosted Mint Wintry white, crystal and antique silver, the palest Eau De Nil. 7RS[他EOIWERHMGMGPIWKPMXXIVERHWTEVOPI

Top tip Work with at least 600 lights on a 6 foot tree. Warm white lights for interior projects give a cosy light, use polar white outside.

Woodland Your favourite woodland elements, sumptuous reds and golds add sophistication.

Top tip Texture is the key, lots of foliage creates a rich background. Co-ordinate mantelpiece and banisters and tree for maximum impact!

Gingerbread Friendly and welcoming, warm reds and soft caramels, gingerbread & candy canes, sweet & charming.

Top tip Ribbon bows enhance home-made elements. 9 bows can be made from a standard roll of ribbon.

C hTrhisetmmeass

&Tips 2013

Toyshop Joyous mix of party colours! Toys straight from Santa’s workshop….

Top tip Use odd number multiples of the same decoration for cohesive effect.

18 Cuttings from Coolings

Santa’s Woodland

Hideaway 2013


f you go down to the woods this Christmas you’re sure of a big surprise! After his exciting arrival on Saturday 30 November at 11.00 am, Santa will be taking up residence in his own Gingerbread House on the Nature Trail. Santa’s Helpers will be on hand to ensure an enjoyable visit, helping youngsters with a special letter to Santa or festive colouring sheets before meeting the man himself. Visitors will receive a small seasonal gift as a memento of a very special day. If you would like to see Santa during November and December, please telephone 01959 534386 for available times and dates. As this event sold out last year we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment. Visits are £8.50 per child (accompanying adults go free!) and include a free Family Day Ticket to the Nature Trail.

Christmas Party Picnic Bookings 1pm – 2pm and 3.30pm – 4.30pm on Santa dates. Special Christmas Children’s Menu available – only £3.99 if booked with a visit to Santa (otherwise £5.99). For full details and to book call Melissa on 01959 534386. Santa will be available on the following dates: Saturday 30 November Santa is expected to arrive at 11am Sunday 1 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Saturday 14 December Sunday 15 December Monday 16 December Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 18 December Thursday 19 December Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Sunday 22 December Monday 23 December First visit 9.30am, last visit 4.30pm

at The Gardener's Garden Centre, Rushmore Hill Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 November ORPINGTON ART CLUB Orpington Art Club join us once again to display the talent of their many artists.

Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 December CHRISTMAS ROSE WEEKEND Visit our Christmas Rose Hellebore weekend and be inspired with some wonderful festive gift plant ideas. See Page 30 for details

Saturday 23 November FARMERS’ MARKET 9am to 3pm Buy your local fresh produce at our monthly Farmers’ Market

Sunday 8 December EAST SURREY WOODTURNERS Exhibition and Craft Sale with the East Surrey Woodturners

Friday 29 November A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS VISIT TO PORTSMOUTH* Cost £55 per person Join us as we visit the 14th annual Victorian Festival of Christmas in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - see or telephone 01959 532269 for full details

Saturday 21 December CAROL SINGERS 10:30am Join us in Arthurs for carols with the choir from St Katharine’s Church, Knockholt

Saturday 30 November RECRUITMENT OPEN AFTERNOON 2pm to 5pm Find out more about working at Coolings at our Open Afternoon. See Page 30 for details Monday 2 - Friday 20 December (excluding weekends) CHRISTMAS LUNCHES IN ARTHURS* See Page 8 for details Saturday 7 December FARMERS’ MARKET 9am to 3pm Buy your local fresh produce at our monthly Farmers’ Market in time for Christmas!

FLORISTRY WORKSHOPS WITH MYRA LESTER* 9.30am - 12.30pm, £25 per person includes lunch Worksheets detailing materials required will be provided at time of booking Friday 1 November AUTUMN TOPIARY Friday 20 December FESTIVE TABLE Friday 14 February HEART ON A PLATE Friday 28 March PUSSY WILLOW CASCADE Friday 11 April COPPER CURVES

*Items marked with an asterisk must be pre-booked – see Booking Form on Page 23 or call 01959-532269

at Coolings Green & Pleasant Thursday 5 October, 11am FREE NATURE TRAIL TOUR Free guided tour of the Nature Trail for Annual Pass holders. No need to pre-book, meet at the Nature Trail till at 11am

Monday 2 – Friday 20 December (excluding weekends) CHRISTMAS LUNCHES IN BLUEBERRY CAFE* See Page 24 for details

STORYTELLING FOR UNDER 5’S* Come and join the fun as favourite children’s stories are brought to life in special storytelling sessions for the under 5’s. Includes Little Seedlings lunch. £4.50 per child

Thursday 21 November, 3pm TOP TIPS* Be inspired this Christmas! Join our Visual Merchandiser for an afternoon tea and a demonstration on decorating techniques. With advice and tips on colour schemes, themes and a few seasonal stories thrown in, it’s so much more than just hanging baubles! £10 per person including afternoon tea

Thursday 24 October, 10am, 11am, 12 noon, 1.30pm WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT Thursday 28 November, 10am, 11am, 12 noon, 1.30pm HANDA’S SURPRISE Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November HALF TERM NATURE TRAIL HALLOWEEN QUIZ Spook-tacular quiz trail (well, mildly scary!) £2 entry in addition to Nature Trail admission, small halloween prize on completion Monday 28 & Thursday 31 October, 11am HALLOWEEN COOKIE WORKSHOP* Make and decorate some special Halloween cookies with our Cookery Expert. Enjoy a delicious picnic-style lunch while your cookies are baking! Age 5+, all children must be accompanied by an adult. £9.99 per child Tuesday 29 October & Friday 1 November, 11am BUILD A BIRD BOX WORKSHOPS* These exciting hands-on workshops provide children with a great opportunity to build their own wooden Bird Box to take home and use in the garden. All tools and materials are provided, children are just asked to bring along a responsible adult and lots of enthusiasm! £8.95 per child age 5-11 years Thursday 14 November FOOD NIGHT – WINTER WARMER* .SMRYWJSVEHIPMGMSYWGSYVWI±;MRXIV;EVQIV² meal of winter favourites. Tables can be booked between 6.30pm-9pm. Blueberry Café is a licensed premises. To book call Melissa on 01959-534386. £19.99 per person

Saturday 30 November, 11am SANTA CLAUS ARRIVES AT COOLINGS GREEN & PLEASANT Come and see Santa arrive at Coolings Green & Pleasant before he heads down to his house on the Nature Trail. This is a free event, no need to pre-book. (If you would like a personal visit to see Santa please see booking details on page 19) Thursday 5 December, 4.30pm-6.30pm CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS TEA WITH SANTA* See page 24 for details Thursday 19 December, 9.45am-10.45am and 11am-12 noon MRS CLAUS’ GINGERBREAD WORKSHOP* Make and decorate some special Gingerbread cookies with our Cookery Expert. Age 5+, all children must be accompanied by an adult. £4.99 per child. See Page 24 for details Saturday 21 December, 11:45am CAROL SINGERS Join us in Blueberry Café for carols with the choir from St Katharine’s Church, Knockholt Thursday 9 January, 8am BIRDWATCHERS BREAKFAST* Join us for a peaceful early morning visit to our Bird Hide and enjoy a walk around our Nature Trail, the best time to spot birds and wildlife as they enjoy a quiet start to the day. Full English Breakfast in Blueberry Café included. £10 per person, includes breakfast

*Items marked with an asterisk must be prebooked – see Booking Form on Page 25 or call 01959-534386

Winter Essential WORDS: Brian Archibald

Ti ps

Pr oducts

ˆ Drain down water features and remove batteries from timers for the winter ˆ Get pots off the ground and put them next to a wall for extra protection ˆ Fumigate then insulate your greenhouse ˆ9WI¾IIGIXS protect tender plants from frost

ˆ Fleece Roll and Jackets – protect your plants and pots from the cold. Cut fleece: from £1.50, Haxnicks fleece covers: £7

ˆ Sulphur Candles – fumigate your greenhouse before insulating for the winter. Price: £7.49 ˆ Bubble Wrap – ideal for lining your greenhouse. Price: from £2.00

ˆ Pot Feet – keep pots off the ground to aid drainage and stop water freezing in the pot. Price: from £0.99

ˆ Rock Salt – keep your paths ice-free. Price: £6.99 ˆ Snow Shovels – for the worst of the winter weather! Price: £9.99 ˆ De-Icer and Windscreen Scrapers – for your car De-Icer: from £1.99, Scraper: £3.99

ˆ Logs, Kindling and Firelighters – stay warm and cosy inside! Logs and kindling: from £6.49, Firelighters: £2.25

A FOND FAREWELL by Paul Cooling

At the end of August we said a fond farewell to a long-standing and much valued member of our team, Barbara Clarke. Barbara has been with us for more than 15 years and many of you will have appreciated her artistic ¾EMVMRGVIEXMRKMRWTMVMRKHMWTPE]WMRTEVXMGYPEV the stunning Summer Showcases she has put together with Nicky Peto. Barbara’s experience and cheery disposition will be missed by us all and we wish her a long and happy retirement.

© Bubble wrap ll by Andrew Kelsa


No. of Tickets





Friday 29 November 9am departure

£55 per person


9.30am - 12.30pm

£25 per person, includes lunch

Autumn Topiary

Friday 1 November

Festive Table

Friday 20 December

Heart on a Plate

Friday 14 February

Pussy Willow Cascade

Friday 28 March

Copper Curves

Friday 11 April

Total Cost £

Print Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss) .................................................................... Signed......................................................................... Address .................................................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................. ............................ ............................ ......... Postcode ......................................................Telephone Number ...................................................................................................... Email ......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Your details will only be used by Coolings Nurseries Ltd and will not be passed to any third parties. I enclose a cheque for £ ______________________________ (payable to Coolings Nurseries Ltd) *Or please debit my VISA/MASTERCARD/SWITCH* (*delete as appropriate) Card No ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ Issue No (Switch only) _________________________ Start Date ___ ___ / ___ ___

Last three digits of Security No ___ ___ ___

Expiry Date ___ ___ / ___ ___

Please Note: Bookings are non-refundable. All bookings received will be acknowledged. Return completed form to: Coolings, Rushmore Hill, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7NN

WORDS: Mel Clark Christmas here at Blueberry CafĂŠ is our favourite time of year! Whether you join us for Christmas Lunch, a treat after Christmas shopping or an extra special Tea with Santa, we are delighted to welcome you during this festive season.




French Onion Soup with Parmesan Crouton served with warm Home Baked Bread

Roast Turkey and Trimmings served with Roast Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Christmas Pudding served with Custard or Cream

Smoked Salmon Terrine served with Granary Toasties Whipped Brie Salad served with Dates and Candied Walnuts

Smoked Haddock & Watercress Fishcakes served with Winter Slaw and Sweet Potato Wedges Ale & Mushroom Pie served with Spring Onion Mashed Potato and Roasted Carrots

2 Courses bt3 Courses ÂŁ23.95 Booking now from Monday 2 - Friday 20 December (excluding weekends). Call Mel on 01959 534386

Christmas Tea with Santa Join us on Thursday 5 December, between 4.30pm-6.30pm for Tea with Santa.

Mains Turkey Roast Dinner Fish Fingers Chips & Peas Pigs in Blankets with Mashed Potato and Carrots

Desserts Mini Doughnuts with Chocolate Dipping Sauce Strawberry & Mallow Kebab Skewers Strawberry Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream

Drinks Apple / Orange Juice or Hot Chocolate Each child will also receive a festive cracker and a small seasonal gift during Tea with Santa. Bookings must be 24 Cuttings from Coolings made in advance, ÂŁ10 per child, call Mel on 01959 534386.

1YPPIH;MRI8VMžI[MXL Homemade Christmas Gingerbread Lime & Cranberry Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard or Cream

To follow Coffee and Mini Mince Pie

Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread Workshop Join Mrs Claus and our Cookery Expert ERH½RHSYXLS[XSQEOIKMRKIVFVIEH cookies that are perfect for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve. Join us to make and decorate some special Gingerbread cookies during this fun festive workshop. Children must be aged 5+ and be accompanied by an adult. We have two sessions on Thursday 19 December, 9.45am-10.45am and 11am-12 noon. Bookings must be made in advance, £4.99 per child, call Mel on 01959 534386.



HALLOWEEN COOKIE Workshop Includes picnic-style lunch (Minimum age 5 years)

Monday 28 October 11am

No. of Tickets

Cost £9.99 per child*

Thursday 31 October 11am BUILD A BIRD BOX WORKSHOPS (Minimum age 5 years)

Tuesday 29 October 11am

STORYTELLING FOR UNDER 5’s WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT includes Little Seedlings lunch

Thursday 24 October 10am

£8.95 per child*

Friday 1 November 11am £4.50 per child*

Thursday 24 October 11am Thursday 24 October 12 noon Thursday 24 October 1.30pm

STORYTELLING FOR UNDER 5’s HANDA’S SURPRISE includes Little Seedlings lunch

Thursday 28 November 10am

£4.50 per child*

Thursday 28 November 11am Thursday 28 November 12noon Thursday 28 November 1.30pm

TOP TIPS includes Afternoon tea

Thursday 21 November 3.00pm

£10 per person


Thursday 19 December 9.45am

£4.99 per child*

BIRDWATCHER’S BREAKFAST includes breakfast

Thursday 9 January 8am

Thursday 19 December 11am £10 per person

All children must be accompanied by an adult

Total Cost £

Print Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss) .................................................................... Signed......................................................................... Address .................................................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................. ............................ ............................ ......... Postcode ......................................................Telephone Number ...................................................................................................... Email ......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Your details will only be used by Coolings Nurseries Ltd and will not be passed to any third parties. I enclose a cheque for £ ______________________________ (payable to Coolings Nurseries Ltd) *Or please debit my VISA/MASTERCARD/SWITCH* (*delete as appropriate) Card No ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ Issue No (Switch only) _________________________ Start Date ___ ___ / ___ ___

Last three digits of Security No ___ ___ ___

Expiry Date ___ ___ / ___ ___

Please Note: Bookings are non-refundable. All bookings received will be acknowledged. Return completed form to: Coolings Green & Pleasant, Main Road, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LJ

Look after

Wildlife this Winter WORDS: Kirsten Walters


very year thousands of hedgehogs die while RIWXMRKMRFSR½VIW&EX populations have suffered severe decline in the last century - with one species (grey long-eared) down to just 100 and falling. And migrating birds aren’t all off to South Africa - redwings, blackbirds and robins arrive back from colder parts of northern Europe, whilst many other species move to urban areas in search of food. Winter wildlife gardening is certainly not a time for dormancy. It’s time to get into the habit of feeding the birds and wildlife in our gardens. Bird tables, hanging feeders and window feeders are all great ways of bringing birds into any size garden. Don’t be scared to place a feeding station quite close to your house – the birds will become accustomed to you and you’ll get a front row seat on all the activity outside. It’s very important to maintain a constant supply of food so your regular customers don’t become vulnerable whilst looking for another source.

26 Cuttings from Coolings

Given that hedgehogs can trundle over two miles a night, consider giving them a decent rest spot with a Hedgehog House. This one is handmade in Essex from beautiful redwood. Place in a quiet part of your garden, preferably against a wall or fence and facing away from cold north winds. Some hedgehog food will provide much needed nourishment, especially if the winter is mild enough to break their hibernation. Despite bats mythical reputation, these fascinating creatures are vulnerable. They play a vital role in pollination, pest control and seed dispersal for reforestation. As their natural habitats become scarce, a Bat Box can provide the perfect roost. Position the box as high as possible in a sheltered sunny position. On buildings place them as close to the eaves as possible.

Design &

P lanting services Don’t know what to do with your garden? Is it getting you down? Coolings offer a variety of services:

DESIGN SERVICE For a complete makeover or to improve a neglected area of your garden, our freelance designers will come for an hour’s consultation for £75. If you go ahead with a design they will buy your plants from Coolings, which includes our 5-year guarantee for hardy plants.


(AN IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT) Another very popular service we have at Coolings is our Spring Clean. During February and March we can tidy your borders ready for the new spring/summer season, digging, edging your lawns and pruning. One day Spring Clean (from 9.30am to 4pm), with a team of two. ONLY ÂŁ299

PLANT DOCTOR An hour’s consultation at your home with the Plant Doctor for advice or help choosing plants JSVEHMJ½GYPXWTSXMW†

PLANTING SERVICE We also offer a Planting Service for ÂŁ45 per hour, planting anything from one tree to a whole border.

Planting Service and Spring Clean available within the following postcodes: DA 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,14,15,16 SE 9,12 TN 13,14,15,16 BR 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Please call either Lesley or Neil on 01959 532269, or email us at or

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Here at Coolings we have a dedicated team who have been with us for many years. As you may know, Ian Hazon is our Production & Operations Director, and he shares some of his experiences over the years. Have you had an interest in plants for a long time? My parents and grandparents were all keen gardeners. Several members of my family also had farms with livestock and growing crops so I guess it was inevitable that some of it would rub off on me. At the age of about 12 I realised you could take a packet of seeds and turn them into plants which could be sold for extra pocket money. I soon bought a second-hand greenhouse and went on JVSQXLIVI1]½VWX7EXYVHE]NSF[EWWIPPMRKTPERXWEXQ] Uncle’s shop and following work experience from school, I started at a commercial nursery. So how long have you worked at Coolings? Following my training, 3 years of which was spent studying commercial horticulture, I started at Coolings in August 1991, some 22 years ago. The position for Glasshouse Production Foreman was advertised on a card on the jobs board at college. Over the years I took control of the glasshouse production as Michael Cooling retired and in January 2009 I was appointed a Director. What’s it like being Production & Operations Director? The role is very varied but enjoyable and rewarding with its fair share of challenges. With crop production alone no two years are ever the same so we are constantly tweaking the cropping, trying to ensure the Nursery is growing the right amount of plants. Being involved with planning the developments at Coolings means we are always trying to look ahead at what might be needed in the future, we are not just building a business for today. 28 Cuttings from Coolings

Ian on the Nursery

Ian (centre) hanging around with


What is a typical day for you? During the spring I try to devote most of my time to the Nursery. We have a very capable team ensuring all the tasks get done. Once the spring season is over I concentrate on plant orders for the following year and the other projects the company is working on. Recently this has been the refurbishments in Arthurs, looking ahead we now have planning permission for the redevelopment of the Shop. What has been your favourite experience whilst working for Coolings? There really have been many but it has been great to see the business grow to meet the needs of our customers. Watching members of the team succeed in their roles and gain promotion is also very rewarding. Coolings celebrated its centenary this year and it was wonderful to share this occasion with the team when we all went to the House of Commons for dinner, accompanied by Peter Seabrook who I remember watching on lunchtime television, Pebble Mill At One, when I was quite young. I did share this with him and he muttered something about feeling old‌ Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to talk to us, Ian.

Ian driving a forklift

Have you ever thought about

joining the Coolings team? H elen Musson joined Coolings as a Gardener in March 2013:

“Since working here I have been made to feel very welcome and the people are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I am able and encouraged to put in ideas about the garden and feel quite proud of the Dahlias which I look after in Arthurs garden. I love helping the customers and being part of the team and am looking forward to doing the Design course at Coolings in September.” -J]SY[SYPHFIMRXIVIWXIHMR½RHMRKSYXEPMXXPIQSVI about working at Coolings, please come along to our Open Afternoon from 2pm until 5pm on Saturday 30 November 2013 in our Lecture Room at Rushmore Hill. You will have an opportunity to meet some of our staff, ask any questions you may have and learn about our weekend and weekday vacancies for 2014.

Christmas Rose Weekend

Please call Jane on 01959 532269 or email janehopson@coolings. to let us know if you will be attending so we have an idea of numbers. Alternatively let us know your name and email address and we will contact you in the New Year with details of our vacancies. Full details will also appear on our website ( in January 2014.


a Seasonal Celebration of Hellebores Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December In the depths of winter and into the New =IEVXLIVIMWSRI¾S[IVMRKTPERXXLEXWLMRIW out in the garden above all others. That is the Hellebore. Varieties of Helleborus niger are known commonly as the Christmas Rose, as they produce their cheery blooms around the festive season. These beautiful undemanding perennials are both classy and easy to grow. We have hundreds of plants on our Nursery including many fantastic modern hybrids that EVIFVIH[MXLYT[EVHXMPXIH¾S[IVWEPPS[MRK greater appreciation of their beauty.

,IPPIFSVYWSVMIRXEPMWSV0IRXIR6SWI¾S[IVW as the name suggests a little later around Lent. %PXLSYKLRSX]IXMR¾S[IV[I[MPPLEZIE mouth-watering selection of choice varieties, including the sought-after double Havington 7IVMIW8LIVI[MPPFIEPSZIP]GLSMGISJ¾S[IV colours from velvety blacks through to delicate yellows, with speckled thrown in for good measure! Come and visit our Christmas Rose Hellebore weekend on 7/8 December at the Gardeners Garden Centre to be inspired with some wonderful festive gift plant ideas. Or just treat yourself. But beware, we will be having some great offers to really tempt you!!

NatureUpdate Trail WORDS: John Poland


fter such a busy summer on the Nature Trail it is hard to believe that autumn is upon us already. At this time of year there is still so much to see, not least the beautiful hues of our native trees as the leaves turn before falling. Even once denuded, bare branches can be turned into something quite magical by an early winter frost. After the abundance of wild fruit, berries and nuts diminishes, the focus of attention switches to the Wild Bird Hide. As the days grow cooler and shorter in PIRKXLQER]FMVHW¾SGOXSXLIJIIHIVWMRXLIMVWIEVGL for food to see them through the winter. Feeding the birds all year as we do, means our bird feeders are XLI½VWXTSVXSJGEPPJSVPSXWSJHMJJIVIRXWTIGMIWERH you never know if a visit to the Hide will be rewarded by a glimpse of something special. This year has seen sightings of Bramblings, Nuthatches and Greater Spotted Woodpeckers – in addition to our everpresent escaped and now naturalised Parakeets! Something else to see are our latest arrivals, the three Oxfordshire Sandy and Black piglets, who have RS[XVYP]WIXXPIHMR-EQWYVI]SY[MPP½RHXLIQEW adorable as we do! As I write, we are trying to think of suitable names for the all-girl trio. Those of you that joined our Friends of the nature Trail scheme last year will hopefully have enjoyed our regular emailed updates and been able to take the opportunity of joining one of our quarterly free tours. Now may well be time to re-new your subscriptions, or arrange for a wonderful Christmas gift of an Annual Pass for someone special. Happy Christmas and see you next year on the Nature Trail! Cuttings from Coolings 31

Main Road, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LJ Registerd Charity No. 1003903


A Ceremony of Remembrance at Coolings Green & Pleasant Thursday 21 November 2013 from 6.00 to 9.00pm (ceremony 6.30 to 7.00pm)

green & pleasant the natural place to visit

followed by an Open Evening in support of Harris HospisCare

(10% of all sales will go directly to the Charity)

Christmas Department - Gifts - Decorations - Cards

For more details call 01689 825755 or visit

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Coolings garden centres magazine for winter 2013

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