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THE TOP 4 MOST POPULAR PAYMENT APPS By Continuum Software Solution Inc

Overview â–Ş

We are already in technology and transformation era.


With various payment mode becoming simplified with online transactions, cashless cards and eventually Canadians are using mobile phone for making countless payment with #paymentapps- A secure gateway.

Top four payment apps 1. 2. 3. 4.

Apple pay Google pay Samsung Pay The Starbucks App

Apple pay: â–Ş Apple pay supports most major credit or debit card schemes, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay.

Google pay â–Ş Google pay is having comparatively shorter span but it has taken a great pick with its greater number of users and it has merged services of Google wallet and Android Pay. â–Ş There is a reward system offered in each service to ensure customers makes purchases through their mobile device.

Samsun Pay â–Ş

Samsung key feature that it brings is Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology to enable more secure contactless payments.


Whether you need to tap or swipe a card, Samsung Pay makes payment possible at almost any POS terminal in Canada.

The Starbucks App â–Ş Starbucks App allows customer to pay via secure code that appear in the smart phone linked with the respective payment card. â–Ş The key highlight of this feature is, on each order there will be reward points which customer can avail in future.

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