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Nov-Dec 2016

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The coming of the cinema • pages 2-5

Cover illustration:

Ealing cinema site ‘Under Construction’ Painting by Carlene Bender

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The Contactus Cartoon

The Ealing cinema site. This slightly side-on view shows a bit of the inside wall of the old cinema. Cover painting by Contactus editor/publisher, Carlene Bender. Made for us to remember what Ealing was like in Nov-Dec 2016.

24�����������������������������������������ProVantage Property Solutions property services

A couple walking past the cinema site in Ealing Broadway think they’re imagining hearing a bulldozer behind the walls, but dismiss it as “more likely to be the sound of the building falling apart”. What if they weren’t imagining it... (Building work on the Ealing cinema site is expected to start in December. See pages 4-5)

Illustration: Carlene Bender


It’s coming up

Features EALING CINEMA VIEWS1-5 • Cartoon • Wordfinder puzzle • Business-owner comments • Timeline summary • Watch the video #SmallBizSatUK in Ealing 20 promotional ideas Roundup of events: 3 Dec Whazzup West Ealing Busking with Chasing Deer A year of The_Ealinger What do we do Q&A: Alex Wrethman Why learn Polish  Polish biz in Ealing Grow with social media Business Shorts  Smaller is better Where to network  FAQs: #EalingBizExpo

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Contactus Wordfinder (a bit of weekday fun)

Shows with bits filmed in Ealing (Even if we didn’t get to see them on the big screen in our own town...) Note that this is just a tiny handful of films shot in Ealing – scores of films have been made at Ealing Studios alone. Find the UNDERLINED words below. - ALIENS - BATMAN


























Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 3





Best time of year The last two months of the year are definitely the most productive, most creative time for businesses in Ealing. Summer festival season runs a close second for its energy and enjoyability, but it it the busy shopping months of Christmas, along with the excitement of Small Business Saturday, and the joy of knowing the year-end break is coming, a time of planning and renewal, that make November and December the most rewarding time to run a business in Ealing. Contactus magazines are pleased to be here yet again this year, with our annual magazine. Happy clicking through this issue (use the live links (where you see ) to connect with your favourite biz. Thanks for ‘shopping by’. Carlene Bender Editor-publisher, Contactus magazines Web: Email: Twitter: @ContactusEaling Tel: 079 6039 2677 Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Issuu, LinkedIn and YouTube. Contactus magazines also publishes The_Ealinger online magazine, weekly in 2016, going monthly in 2017 (see p13-15) Subscribe for free to @The_Ealinger:

‘Contactus Ealing’

Local business magazine, West London Content (articles, photos, drawings), advertising and marketing – Carlene Bender, unless otherwise credited. Magazine concept, design and layout – Carlene Bender Created and produced in Ealing, just for Ealing

Big screen wait T he Ealing cinema construction site is a fact; a place in time, a fixed point in space – that’s how Doctor Who, often filmed close by at Ealing Studios, might describe it if he had to. Unfortunately it also seems to now be stuck in that “space”; a steady news topic week in, week out, since its doors were last closed in September 2008. In 2016, Ealing cinema was quite likely the most discussed topic in the borough, both in online forums (e.g. #EalingHour on Twitter, and in neighbourhood Facebook group threads), at face-to-face meetings, and in casual conversation. The frustration of Ealing film-lovers and the efforts of local decision-makers trying to sort out the situation are well documented in various local

media (we’ve attempted our own summary on page 5). Our angle therefore is the effect of the “cinema crisis” on local business – not the obvious side associated with the construction of the cinema and the shops planning to lease space, but the wider effects on different kinds of businesses. Ealing needs a cinema to grow its economy. This is a fact. Perhaps now at last the universe will conspire to make it happen.

How big is the Ealing cinema site? Watch our video of behind the facade:

SPORTING EALING FESTIVE OFFERS The ‘eyesore’ that is the Ealing cinema site opposite Ealing Town Hall

How would a cinema in Ealing impact on your everyday business?

“I’d go to the movies more often and be more chilled out...” - Joanne Sumner, The Joanne Sumner Studio; The Athena Network; Arbonne International “Well, it would help a business idea come to reality for me. A cinema nearby is something I’ve been waiting on for a while... apart from Park Royal that is.” - Aisha Ejaz, Zenith Street “It will save me time driving to see a movie.” - Loredana Baranga, Marketology “It would be a fun outing for the kids. It’s also a good opportunity for parents to take a breather: they can go enjoy a film while their children are having a fun time with us.” - Bianca McDonald, Brighter Horizons Kids Club

Page 4 6 / Contactus Ealing / Sep/Oct Christmas2015  2015 


Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 5

‘A cinema is good for business’

Members of the Businesses in Ealing - Contactus group on Facebook join in the group’s cinema discussion 4 Nov Julian Bell, Ealing Council leader “Excellent mtg yesterday with Tony Pidgley the new owner of the #EalingCinema site. We agreed they will start building the cinema in Dec. “I’ve always been confident that St George would get on and deliver the cinema. We are now Julian Bell: has finally getting made it ‘a bit of a personal crusade’ underway to bring a cinema which is a back to Ealing great relief.”

“I’d love to see a cinema back in Ealing, to keep our hard earned money in Ealing in the local economy”

16 Nov Liz Pilgrim, babye “I’d love to see a cinema back in Ealing, to keep our hard earned money in Ealing in the local economy (visitors may choose to visit pubs and restaurants before or after going), to create jobs, to allow our kids to be able to visit a local cinema without the need for too many bus and tube changes and perhaps help our elderly residents get to see a film locally (cinemas often run concessions during off-peak times). I know that in a digital age, cinema seems old fashioned to some but there’s nothing like watching the big screen, being immersed in surround sound and knowing it’s not going to take you ages to get home. I cannot believe that it’s taken this long to get some movie action in Ealing, home of British film #lovelocal” 16 Nov Michael Greer, public relations “Apart from the convenience, and keeping income within Ealing’s local economy, it is simply wrong that the home of British film does not have a cinema. A multiscreen within easy walking distance of Britain’s oldest working film studio offers the potential of having a film festival that will enable Ealing’s many creative businesses to unite and grow.” 16 Nov Joanne Brianti, JLB Support Solutions “A cinema would boost Ealing’s growing reputation as a destination location – growing coworking network, Michelin Bib restaurant, artisan producers and great local crafters, TimeOut winners and runners up.”

TIMELINE SUMMARY Sep 2008 - Empire Cinemas closes its doors on New Broadway, Ealing (opposite Ealing Town Hall) Feb 2009 - Cinema building is demolished, leaving a ragged facade; for years there is no sign of rebuilding work Jul 2011 - Ealing Council starts considering compulsory purchase of Ealing cinema site Sep 2011 - Empire Cinemas CEO Justin Ribbons says building work could start “before Christmas” May 2012 - Ealing Council leader Julian Bell writes to Empire, informing them that compulsory purchase proceedings would start Jun 2012 - Empire Cinemas press release names Aug 2012 as construction start date, and “early 2014” for new cinema opening Oct 2012 - Construction vehicles reportedly observed on cinema site; no further work since Jul 2014 - Ealing Council serves compulsory purchase order (CPO); includes plans for a ‘cultural quarter’; cinema site now in the hands of Jon Ball: his Ealing Council’s Ealing Liberal Democrats party developer has launched partner, Land a ‘Save Ealing Securities Cinema’ petition Apr 2015 Inquiry launched into CPO Oct 2015 - CPO approved Aug 2016 - Developers St George PLC purchase cinema site from Land Securities Nov 2016 - St George PLC developers say that building work will begin in December 2016 Nov 2016 - Ealing Liberal Democrat party launches online petition ‘Save Ealing Cinema’, urging St George to “Make Ealing’s cinema a priority and set a date for completion”. Sign their petition here:

Page 6 / Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 

The 2016 Small Business Saturday UK marketing pack. Photo: @SmallBizSatUK

“Ealing shoppers How to make the most of are very shop Small Business Saturday local savvy; they ow in its fourth year in it’s a great opportunity to perk the UK, Small Business up our businesses and put understand Saturday is a campaign something out on show, to to create awareness about the attract new customers or to how smaller, small business industry, and to reconnect with regular ones. encourage people to use small Have a look at our 20 ideas independent businesses on that day. for promoting your business for shops and Ealing shoppers are very shop Small Business Saturday on p7. local savvy; they understand Some of these ideas will seem services how smaller, independent shops obvious, or maybe they’ll spark and services support the local some other new idea that will be support economy, and will be actively something interesting. looking for small business events The full version of the article is the local and offers to buy into on the day. available on LinkedIn via: economy” This year, Small Business


Saturday falls on 3 December –



Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 7

Get some extra attention with these 20 promotional ideas 1. Free gift. The trick here is to give away something you yourself would like to receive. It doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it need to be directly related to your business. Also consider buy-one-get-one free type offers, useful product samples, etc. 2. Competition. If you have a great gift that people are likely to go after, maybe make it into a competition – free tickets to a cricket match at Lord’s, for example, or a £200 high street shop voucher. Make sure it’s right for your audience – you don’t want to end up giving the cricket tickets to a rugby fan. 3. Discount. However you decide to do this, make sure it applies to Small Business Saturday – so shoppers will have to purchase something on 3 Dec. It can be a discount code for online shopping, or a printed voucher to bring along to the store or market.

“Small Business Saturday is a great day for announcements” something that can be taught online, consider holding a (free) webinar on the day. 9. Relaunch. Planning a logo or website refresh, or changing your company colours or slogan? Do it on Small Business Saturday, when customers will be looking to see what you’re up to. 10. Unveiling. New product, new shop, new partnership? Small Business Saturday is a great day for announcements. Include an early-bird offer and you’re in business. 11. Go live. Or just do something different from your everyday business.

4. Event. Hold a special event on 3 December and brand it an “Ealing Small Business Saturday promotion”. Make it fun – a free class, a taster session, a cake sale, a treasure hunt...

12. Open day. Do you run a club or gym or recording studio? An open day is one way to get people to come along and see your facilities, and try out what you have to offer.

5. Pop-up. If you don’t normally have a shop, try a pop-up shop. You don’t have to be a productseller to do this. If you’re in the business of giving advice or teaching skills, set a pop-up desk with plenty of display materials.

13. Greetings. If you’ll be away, or don’t wish to get too caught up in the day’s activities, you could simply publicly wish your

6. Fundraiser. Get sponsored to run a mile or two on 3 Dec, and donate the funds raised to a suitable local charity. 7. Mailing list boost. Everyone signing up to your mailing list on Small Business Saturday will receive something exclusive – e.g. the first chapter of a book. 8. Webinar. If your business is

Continues on page 13


Wondering where to shop or whom to support on Small Business Saturday, 3 December? Here are a few events and offers happening on the day in Ealing. - Speed Networking Session 1-2pm at West Ealing Workspace (see advert, p9) Contact: Carlene Bender @ContactusEaling @EalingSBS - Utility Warehouse info booth 1-2pm at the Contactus Speed Networking Session (see above) Contact: Jose Rihan @JoseRihanUW - Christmas Vintage Fayre 6-10pm at Tea Darling, Questors Theatre. Contact: Pam Redrup @TeaDarling87 - Facebook chapter giveaway Join the Marketology mailing list on 3 Dec for a sneak preview of Loredana Baranga’s new book, “Social Media Simplified”. Sign up at: Contact: @MarketologyUK - Extra Athena retweets The Athena Network (West London branch, including Ealing) will be retweeting members’ tweets which include the hashtag #SmallBizSatUK Contact: Joanne Sumner @AthenaWLondon - Buy 5 VA hours, get 1 free Virtual assistants JLB Support Solutions are offering this deal until 17 December. Contact: Joanne Brianti @JBrianti - Follow @EalingSBS Tweet your own Ealing offer/event anytime, tagging @EalingSBS and including the hashtags #Ealing and #SmallBizSatUK, and we’ll retweet and @mention you leading up to the day and on the day itself. Have a successful 3 December, and keep in touch.

Page 8 / Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 

What’s happening in West Ealing

A Canberra Road view of the West Ealing Workspace building


dgy, arty, quirky, original and intriguing are some of the words being used to describe West Ealing as it goes through its current period of regeneration and rebuilding. Here’s an idea of some of what’s going on for businesses in W13. 1. West Ealing Workspace. That’s still the working name for this project, while the space undergoes a transformation from regular office building into a coworking hub for creatives and indie businesses. A team of local organisations, including OPEN Ealing, West Ealing BID, Catalyst, West Ealing Neighbours, and Contactus magazines, has been drawn together by the funding body Ealing Council to work out the design, marketing and community integration of the hub. It’s expected to be up and running in spring. @ealingworkspace ealingblueprint 2. My West Ealing website. A quick search for ‘West Ealing’ online coughs up a confusingly large number of websites, forums, groups and pages. The idea behind the My West


Ealing mega-website is for it to be an umbrella host for all these diverse sites. The site will accommodate business pages and offer advertising space. The project is being run by Ealing Council sourced funding. @mywestealing 3. Business networking events. Three dates coming up: see the advert on this page for our free speed networking session to mark Small Business Saturday on 3 December. And on page 8, the next Contactus magazines West Ealing Business Meetup is on 29 November. This is also a free event – register via Eventbrite. These business meetups will continue monthly until the Ealing Business Expo & Networking Festival on 19 & 20 May (more info on pages 27-28). ealingbizexpo

Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 9

Above: A My West Ealing committee meeting at the Welshore Hub Below: Location of St James’s House (with its red-chairs kitchen), 105-113 Broadway W13 9BE. It is opposite Flynn’s Bar, and the entrance is on St James’s Avenue.

Page 10 / Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 


The Chasing Deer guide to: ‘busking audience etiquette’


itshanger-based trio Chasing Deer have taken busking to a new level in Ealing – each time they go out to play live on the pavement the event turns into quite a show – shoppers stop to stare as passers-by chip money into the guitar case and sign up to the band’s mailing list. Sign up here yourself: contact We talk to the three members, Rob, Adam and Chris, about the dos and don’ts of being a busking audience, and what happens when their fans surprise them. As the frontman, Rob, you get to go first. The streets of Ealing are not accustomed to this standard of busking. This half-year alone you’ve played Pitshanger Lane during the Ealing Half Marathon, Ealing Farmer’s Market anniversary celebrations, the W5 Food Market at the Ealing Town Hall, Bond Street art pop-up and various other local stops. You also plan ahead and have a

few weights in your guitar case to hold down the paper money! How much money is too much to put into the guitar case? Rob: We appreciate people giving whatever they can, whether that be a note, a pound or simply the time of day to stop and listen! In our relatively short time busking we’ve been given a whole variety of things from a Champagne bottle to pairs of sunglasses! We have yet to receive a £50 note, or have money successfully thrown from a passing vehicle – so we’ll see what 2017 brings! Now Adam, you’ve got quite a beat going there. Is that a special kind of box? Do you have different sizes, like a box-drum set? Adam: Our ‘box’ is a Cajon, a Spanish-origin percussion instrument. It’s a self contained instrument with a variety of different percussive sounds. It’s great for listeners to dance along and brightens

up the days of everybody – ourselves, passers by and the dancers themselves! We’ve had people dancing on their commute recently in Ealing Broadway on their way home from work. We add new songs to our set every week, as you can see by visiting our YouTube channel: chasingdeer Subscribers get a new cover song from us

“People will always need and enjoy live music so it’s everybody’s responsibility to support and maintain this”

every Thursday LIVE from our living room in Ealing! We take requests for private bookings and work our favourites into our busking set too! Don’t your hands hurt after a while? Adam: Playing throughout the winter we all have aches and pains in our hands, but I use a special hand wax used by climbers to prevent mine from getting any worse!

Rob: Not at all, it shows we’re playing the right songs if people want to join in! We quickly adjusted to the sounds and sirens of London and just keep going through the rain and snow too! Chris, you’ve studied music at university. Do you have an academic view of the industry? Do you envision a wave of live busking taking over the borough of Ealing? Chris: The UK music industry at the moment is going through a tough patch, with venues closing down and musicians coming and Photos: @ChasingDeerBand

Back to you Rob, you’re singing and playing keyboards. Would people singing along really put you off?

Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 11

Chasing Deer l-r Adam Biddlecombe, Rob Hodkinson and Chris Wood

Busking in Ealing, left to right: At Ealing Farmers Market and in front of the Ealing Town Hall. Above: with manager Geoff Langston

going overnight. However, I think people will always need and enjoy live music so it’s everybody’s responsibility to support and maintain this. London is a city that prides itself on its diversity, history and culture. Street performers are a big part of that, sparking creativity and adding even more for tourists and locals to see and enjoy. @ChasingDeerBand chasingdeer Chasing Deer are a three piece trio based in Pitshanger, Ealing. They regularly perform both original music and cover songs on the streets, also taking their show across Europe. Available for private bookings, interviews, festivals and shows. Become a #DeerChaser and sign up to their mailing list via their website for competitions, news and updates! See advert on page 12

Available for  Weddings ­ Corporate Events ­ Parties Educational Workshops ­ Festivals Become a #DeerChaser at

Like ­ Subscribe ­ Follow


Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 13


The_Ealinger is published online, but every so often we do a limited edition print run

A look back on 2016 with The_Ealinger magazine


udging by the number of outdoorsy covers in The_ Ealinger online magazine’s first year, you would be forgiven for thinking all we did in the summer was go to festivals and such (not that far off, actually). Actually, all the 2016 covers are on pages 14-15, but here’s a list of all our Q&A features with local personalities, “the bit to read” every week. In case you missed any, they’re all still there online to go back and enjoy. January – Silvana Lanzetta, Alex Molokwu, Ben Farmer, Bobby Patel February – Rhian Aubrey-Martin, Anita Wong, Juliana Lee Dubuisson, Marion Nickolson, Emily Rose Adams March – Hayley Balls and Colin Scott, Simon Hall, Nicola Gaughan, Ceza Ouzounian April – Hilary Nicholl, Barry Nicoll, Natasha Gupta, Richard Nadal May – Loredana Baranga, Alex Pemberton, Nichola Schwarz, Keith Dowling, Christina Martin

June – James Cunningham, Faith Hagerty and Felicity Sandford, Lucy Aley-Parker, Patrick Harrison July – Zahra Shah, Peter Prickett, Darren LeRoy Halford, Chloe Jean August – Mandie Wilde, Naomi Rattray, Yewande Rolph, Rory Thomas Butler, Anita Wong, September – Greg Bagley, Jessica Rose, Ann Hunter, Caroline Bryants October – Kate McKenzie, William Hardman, Alistair Slaughter, Chasing Deer November – Pascale Chaillet, Pamela Redrup, Donald Collins, Liz Pilgrim

Continued from page 7

business colleagues a successful Small Business Saturday. Post on social media or take out an advert in your local magazine. 14. Flyers. Whatever your offer is for Small Business Saturday, get it printed so customers can hold on to it – and use it. 15. Survey. Small Business Saturday is a day when people are feeling supportive of small businesses. If you launch your feedback survey on 3 December, you’re likely to get a few more answers. 16. Poll. A quick and easy way to engage with your audience and glean some key information. 17. Countdown. A few days before Small Business Saturday, start a countdown so your customers know that something special will be happening in your business on the big day. Install a counter plug-in on your website, or a calendar in your shop window, or tweet it every day. 18. Free consultation. Not always the funnest way to win new clients, this idea works best when it is specifically targeted to an already receptive audience. 19. Celebrity. A definite short-cut to grabbing attention is to engage a well-known local person to join in your celebrations on the day. 20. Decorate. Start by @The_Ealinger ordering a marketing pack from smallbusinesssaturdayuk. com, which includes branded The_Ealinger back issues promotional material. Decorate Only just discovered our weekly online too by adding a banner to your website or your mini-magazine The_Ealinger? Have a read of back issues via: social media profiles. @EalingSBS Follow @The_Ealinger @ContactusEaling

Page 14 / Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 

The_Ealinger covers: Jan-Nov 2016

Tahlienger E

Contact us MAGAZINES


Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 15

Contact us MAGAZINES Advertising service for Ealing businesses • promoting local shops and home-based biz – online, in print and in person

Advertising at a glance

Ads in The_Ealinger start at £20 for a slot of this size. A full page ad costs £75 & a Q&A spread £150. The full ad package goes for £250. All with free artwork & super social media boosting. @The_Ealinger

What we do Here’s how Contactus magazines helps promote and connect Ealing businesses:

Thank you to our advertisers and readers for your support in 2016. In 2017 ‘The_Ealinger’ online magazine goes monthly – look for it on the last Monday of each month, full of all sorts of happy photos and events happening in Ealing. Add your email addess here to get it for free in your inbox:

- online magazine ‘The_Ealinger’ and annual ‘Contactus Ealing’ offer affordable advertising - editor/publisher Carlene Bender attends your events, and posts and shares tagged photos and videos on social media - our business expos, growing bigger every year, are a great place to exhibit and to network - we run free monthly face-to-face business meetups, formerly in Acton, now in West Ealing - we launched & currently admin two busy Facebook groups for businesses in the area: ‘Businesses in Ealing’ and ‘Businesses in Acton’ - comprehensive online Ealing Business Diary of local networking events updated every Monday so you know where to go - as an #EalingHour host, & with our free #LetsTweetTogether class, we bring local biz to Twitter @ContactusEaling Do you work from home or run a business in Ealing? Come meet, connect & collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs doing the same in Ealing. Networking group No Annual Fee | Connect | Collaborate | Fortnightly Meetings Business Directory Helping you make your business more sociable by teaching social media & designing a clearer website. 1:1 coaching Social Media Training | Website Training Workshops | Campaign Management Facebook Training Group

Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 17


Photo: @EalingConnect


Here’s a quick run-down of upcoming events being run by Anita Wong from Bommie Media and Ealing Connect:

Attendees at the first Ealing Connect on 11 May

Running two businesses: separate but complementary


nita Wong launched two businesses in 2016: Bommie Media, for designing websites and teaching social media courses to business owners; and Ealing Connect, the borough’s newest networking group for entrepreneurs. “It’s been a busy half-year,” Anita explains, having officially launched in the run-up to the 19 May Acton Business Expo, where she took a stand and met her first sets of clients. Anita is positioned at that essential crux for small and medium-sized businesses, the point where social media, websites and networking meet. Not only does this market position suit her talents, training and strengths, it was completely designed that way, and has become her USP (unique selling proposition), as she explained in her Q&A in The_Ealinger magazine back on 29 August: “As a web designer and social media manager I feel we can offer a unique combined service which sets me apart from most who only offer one or the other!” Bommie Media, although set

up in 2014, never fully got going until this year (as if it had been waiting for Ealing Connect all along). Through Bommie Media, Anita offers one-toone clinics, social media outsourcing, web design, and workshops Anita Wong: (face-to-face) based in Ealing and webinars Broadway (online) on any kind of social media topic. The Ealing Connect group meets for just over an hour and a half every two weeks, alternating between a morning meetup and an afternoon one. She also launched an evening networking session back in September. Have a look at the listings in the sidebar, keeping your diary to hand!

- Wed 7 Dec: 10am-12noon A Morning of Networking with Ealing Connect Venue: Charlotte’s W5 Tickets: £10 - Wed 7 Dec: 12noon-2pm Ealing Connect Christmas Lunch Venue: Charlotte’s W5 Tickets: pay-as-you-go - Thu 8 Dec: 8pm-9.30pm Canva Workshop - Make your graphics sparkle! Venue: online Tickets: free online booking

“I feel we can offer a unique combined service which sets me apart from most who only offer one or the other!” - Thu 12 Jan: 10am-4pm WordPress Website Training Workshop - Take Control! Venue: Charlotte’s W5 Tickets: £67-£127 via Eventbrite

- Mon 9 Jan An Evening of Networking Venue: Charlotte’s W5 @BommieMedia Tickets: book via Eventbrite BommieMediaLondon - Wed 25 Jan Social Media Day @EalingConnect (details being confirmed)

Page 18 / Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 

“My primary ambition is always to create fantastic environments that become part of our local community”


Alex Wrethman CEO, Charlotte’s Group The Ealing local who fell in love with hospitality after taking on a part time position after school, Alex Wrethman has got Ealing into the Michelin Guide at last. He explains why doing things differently makes good things happen


ongratulations on your Bib Gourmand award from Michelin for Charlotte’s W5, one of only 15 new Bibs in London, and a first mention for Ealing anywhere in the guide, ever. One step closer to that star, maybe? Is that a goal for you? A: It’s always wonderful to win awards but my primary ambition is always to create fantastic environments that become part of our local community. Charlotte’s W5 is not aiming to be a Michelin Starred restaurant. The aim is create a space that Ealing residents and workers can use throughout the day from breakfast to dinner with a few cocktails thrown in.

Photos: @CharlottesGroup

You’ve managed to get a few “offbeat” ideas to work at Charlotte’s W5, that’s only been open less than a year – cashless-only payment, three plate sizes, and a restaurantas-community-hub status for example. How come doing things differently works so well for your business? How do you get your customers to make that mental leap with you? A: Being really open and honest with customers is important. I’m looking to create innovative ways to meet my customers’ needs, whilst still looking to the needs of my business. Running an independent business these days is tough. Sometimes it’s


about thinking out of the box, but sometimes it’s about being ahead of the curve. I would imagine a lot of places will be going cashless in the foreseeable future. It makes good business sense. Plus we are becoming more of a cashless society all the time with the introduction of Apple Pay and contactless payments. Most people are familiar with the food and drink side of Charlotte’s Group [the group includes original branch Charlotte’s Place in Ealing Common, plus Charlotte’s Bistro in W4 and Charlotte’s W5 at Dickens Yard], but as most of our readers are local business-owners, sum up this concept of “a third place” – do you really not mind if we come

Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 19

in and sit all day at a table with our laptops? A: Again, for me that just makes good business sense. The people who like to work from Charlotte’s W5 during the day will be the same customers who will come and buy rounds of cocktails here on a Saturday night or use our space for their big launch parties. Plus I love getting to know these people – finding out what they are working on and hearing their stories. The question of retail space at Dickens Yard keeps coming up – so besides greater footfall, what will be the advantages of having more shops close by? A: Everyone feels this area could become a real destination for shopping in West London.

As a local, I would welcome a more upmarket retail offering that differs from the shopping arcades. People are looking for choice and I think Dickens Yard could provide a much wider catchment area across West London. As someone who grew up in Ealing and is still living here, shall we call you a “local hero”? A: It’s very nice to be applauded but I really don’t consider myself to be a “hero”. I’m just looking to create venues in Ealing that I would be happy to visit in my own neighbourhood. I think the real local heroes are the doctors and nurses who work in Ealing Hospital. @CharlottesGroup

“The people who like to work from Charlotte’s W5 during the day will be the same customers who will use our space for their big launch parties”

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Five signs that you need a carpenter 1. The cupboards don’t fit. Flat-pack furniture is all well and good but what happens when you have an awkward-shaped space that nothing from the shop fits? That’s when you need a trusted tradesman, a skilled person: a carpenter. 2. When it’s something special. There’s a thing (or there should be a thing) called “wedding furniture”: the bedside cabinets, new bed and matching chest-ofdrawers that newlyweds shop for when setting up in a new master bedroom. That’s when the chipped formica hand-me-down goes out and the finely crafted oak or birch pieces come in. 3. You need a bespoke piece. Imagine this: all the furniture in your living space is made of maplewood – tv stand, dining room set, rocking chair, crockery


cabinets. But over there is the old pine sideboard. When you accept that it’s time for the sideboard to go, that’s when you need to commission a one-off piece. 4. Something in your “perfect set” breaks. Don’t even think that you can just flick through a couple of websites and find an exact replacement if one of your special pieces is broken or badly damaged. Start looking for a carpenter instead. 5. When you have no idea what to do about your furniture. Natural wood, stained wood, painted, varnished, decorated or plain – if you’re struggling to decide just what you need in the shelving, furniture and storage department, or what would look good in your space, or what you can realistically afford, then speak to a carpenter.

07795 411 400

When you need a carpenter, contact Tim Bywater-Owen of West London Carpentry & Decoration. @WLCarpentry westLondoncarpentry


Contactus Ealing / Nov-Dec 2016 / Page 21 Joanna and Tony point out a Polish greeting during a recent walking tour of West Ealing

WHY LEARN POLISH Here are seven reasons – some serious, some more light-hearted... 1. To understand your neighbour better. OK, people who move here need to speak English and most do but, especially in these post-Brexit times, it would help if you learned a little of their language if only to give them a few words of greeting or a pleasantry to help make up for some of the unwarranted abuse from some of our citizens they may have had to suffer personally or have certainly heard about.

Here’s to multi-lingual Ealing – and knowing what ‘tak’ means By Joanna Dudzinska ‘Why everyone in Ealing should be able to speak a bit of Polish’


hen my friend and colleague learned that I was asked to write about this topic for ‘Contactus Ealing’ magazine, he snatched it from me, saying it surely should be written be a Brit, not a Pole. So, I let him. His “top seven reasons” are in the column at right. And here is what I’d like to tell you. If you live in Ealing, you are most likely to come across Polish people, have them as neighbours and do business with them, maybe on a daily basis. Many Poles cannot speak English. Very often they work hard doing menial jobs. They have little or no opportunity to learn English, living in a house shared with other Poles. Now, dear reader, if only learning a language involved learning the words and phrases! Most letters may look the same, but they sound different. You cannot translate words on a

one-to-one basis. Compared to English, Polish doesn’t need so many pleasantries to sound polite. That’s why some Poles may seem rude or harsh to you, but in truth they probably are not. Should you end up with a Polish neighbour, wouldn’t it be priceless to see their reaction to your ‘Dzien dobry’ (Good morning/afternoon)? When they reply asking how you are, you can say: ‘Dobrze, dziekuje. A ty?’ and don’t worry too much about the answer, as it may be too complicated to comprehend. Everyone knows some good Polish grocer’s in Ealing. Imagine you wanted to know when they were expecting the next cold meats delivery so you could get the freshest sausage or ham for Christmas? Say you’ve asked them the question, it would be good to understand the answer. I do love helping people learn English or Polish. Get in touch if you would like to learn with me. Ealing Walking, Talking and Exploring Group

2. You learn a language, you learn about a different culture and a different way of thinking and doing things. Ours is not the only way. 3. Learning Polish is good for your health. Especially for your teeth. Trying to pronounce all those consonants together gives your teeth a really good clean. 4. Continuing with the food theme. Beetroot, pickles and ham. Go to any Polish shop and begin to sample the range and the quality.

“Learning Polish is good for your health...” They are starting to produce jars with the labels in English so maybe this won’t help you learn the language but sample the food anyway! 5. It is always useful to know a few words of the language if you ever find yourself in that particular country – phrases like ‘where am I?’; ‘nearest toilet please’, and so on. 6. Learning languages is good for your brain and helps to keep dementia at bay. 7. Learn the language and you can start working out what your girlfriend is telling her mother about you on the phone (ok maybe that is not such a good idea!).

Many different types of frozen pierogi on sale in Acton

‘We don’t only sell pierogi’ – a look at Polish enterprise By Joanna Dudzinska


any people in Britain know the Polish word ‘pierogi’ which dictionaries translate into ‘dumplings’. I think they became more popular in the UK than in Poland, being easily available in numerous Polish shops, restaurants and even English supermarkets. Polish people have been coming to live in Ealing since WW2 and earlier. They had no choice but to emigrate, due to the geopolitical situation back in the 1940s. When Poland joined the EU in 2004, many Polish people took advantage of the free choice of a place to live. After the war, most of them couldn’t find employment matching their qualifications because of the language barrier. Likewise, for most of those coming to the UK later, but before 2004, this meant they had to do menial jobs. In recent years Polish immigrants can be divided into several groups: educated and qualified doing professional jobs; those working and studying; those doing menial jobs; and those living in poverty,

sometimes suffering from addiction, breaking the law or just being unsuccessful. They are no different from members of any other society. What is it like in Ealing? I don’t know what the 20-odd Polish people who lived in Ealing in the 1920s did for a living, but now, almost 100 years later, the 20,000+ Polish people here earn their bread in many different ways. A large proportion have their own businesses. There are an estimated 200 Polish firms in our borough, according to a member of The Federation of Poles in Great Britain. Everybody knows about Polish construction teams, cleaners and childminders. Apart from these, when you are out and about, you can’t help noticing Polish grocers, restaurants, hairdressers, nail parlours and beauty shops, estate agents, doctors, dentists, therapists, accountants’ offices and legal firms – most of them have signage in Polish as well as in English. There are many transport companies carrying people and parcels to and from airports,

Photos: Joanna Dudzinska

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“Name the business, and I’m pretty sure that you will find a Polish firm doing it locally” and between the two countries. You will find Polish travel agencies, newspapers and a radio station. They run language schools and Polish Saturday schools. You name the business, and I’m pretty sure that you will find a Polish firm doing it locally. Many of these businesses provide their services mainly to their compatriots, especially when the language is a barrier. Go on social media and you will find Polish groups: Poles in London, We Live in London, Greenford/Northolt and Ealing Sale and so on. Check out local Ealing groups: many Poles offer their services on the Businesses in Ealing and Businesses in Acton groups, Hanwell Friends, West Ealing Friends, Northfields Friends and so on. We don’t only sell ‘pierogi’ and do household jobs or construction work! English Lessons Online and Offline


How to grow your Ealing business with social media

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The Ealing-based Athena West London networking group onsider this quote from is increasingly making use of Erik Qualman, author of Facebook groups to add value ‘Socialnomics’: “We don’t for their members, giving them have a choice on whether we do opportunities to connect and social media, the question is how share their expertise outside well we do it.” their monthly meetings. So how you can engage your We all celebrated Pitshanger customers with social media? Lane’s success last year when I’ve picked a few examples from they won the best #GBHighSt in Ealing businesses to illustrate London competition. But it didn’t how well these companies are happen just like that. utilising social media. John Martin Estates were at the heart of this campaign, and Sharing what’s happening got all the shops on Pitshanger People buy from people, and Lane involved, as well as local showing what’s going on is an home-based businesses, to use excellent way to connect in a meaningful way with your clients. their social media profiles to encourage their customers to This is where Contactus magazines is excelling – Carlene vote for Pitshanger Lane. They also used their Facebook uses plenty of pictures and videos pages, the local Facebook of the events that she covers in her magazines ‘Contactus Ealing’ groups, and their Twitter business and individual profiles to and ‘The_Ealinger’. remind everyone living in Ealing These are shared through all to vote. the social media channels she And if you want to see a uses, including her Facebook local business outshining on page and Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Instagram, check out the @F4Fade West Ealing especially on #EalingHour (a barbershop account which Twitter chat for Ealingers) to they grew in three years to promote local businesses 22.1k followers, posting regular and to encourage people to pictures of their sharp haircuts. buy local. Their Snapchat and Periscope presence demonstrates they know their ideal client very well. If you want to find out about other ways to grow your local business with social media, check my next blog on this topic. @MarketologyUK By Loredana Baranga


“Showing what’s going on is an excellent way to connect with your clients”

@LoredanaBaranga @MarketologyUK

Moving out? Ealing Common based estate agents Go View London have “a wonderful selection of apartments with immediate move-in dates.” Contact the sales team to book a date for viewings. See details in advert below. @goviewlondon goviewlondon

For no obligation advice on sales, lettings or management please call 020 8992 0333 or email enquire@goviewlondon.

babye relaunch Pitshanger-based Liz Pilgrim has re-launched her much-loved babye brand as “a consumer mum and baby blogzine with news and launches combined with an online shop in association with Amazon”. Look out online for the familiar toys and clothes brands that used to be on sale in her shop. @babyeblog

Relaunched babye (est 2003) maternity, baby & lifestyle blogzine + NEW relaunched shop with Amazon UK.

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Taking care of landlords Landlords – would you like guaranteed rent, even when your property is empty? Then give me a call to find out more: Ashley @ ProVantage Property Solutions – 020 8099 6026

Why we love working with small(er) businesses:

Ealing biz Facebook groups businessesinealing BusinessesinActonW3 Do you run your own business in Ealing? Join the Contactus magazines’ online networking Facebook groups.

Learn English with Joanna 25% off website design & dev @iDigitalise

English Lessons Online and Offline Ealing Walking, Talking and Exploring Group

Solving our customers’ problems with innovative technology and creative ideas. #ecommerce #entrepreneurs #startups

Contact Joanna Dudzinska Email:

Prepare to achieve

Not enough hours in the day? Achieve your goals with our goal-setting bootcamp, coming to you in January 2017.

Small is better

Let me take some admin tasks off your hands. Call Jo Brianti – 020 3137 2940

Go to for more info.

1. It’s easier to reach the head honcho, so decisions can be made faster. It saves time on all levels. Who hasn’t felt the frustration of winning over the assistant or deputy with a great sales pitch, and then having to do it all over again, and (maybe failing!), in front of the boss. 2. Small businesses are more flexible. This is especially valuable when is it is a small business dealing with a small business. We’re all in the same boat, and understand the demands of (dare I say it?) running a business alongside running a home. 3. They (we) work weekends!!! And nights!! Which means that if there is a job to rush through, you can get it done, no problem.

Team GB basketball call-up for W5’s Brad


bit of a cheer goes up in the W5 Physio offices as physio team member Brad Scanes has been offered a part-time position to work with the Team GB women’s basketball team. Training camps start in December and build up to next summer’s European Championships. Brad has spent the last three years treating the under-15s, who won the bronze medal at this year’s European Champs. Brad Scanes: physiotherapist An avid basketballer himself, with the women’s Brad is looking forward to working basketball team with the women’s team. “Hopefully we can build on last year’s European success and have another good year,” said Brad. • It’s Movember Time at W5 Physio Well as if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, W5 Physio are again doing Movember, for the sixth year running, in support of men’s health. Their donation page is at: @W5Physio W5Physio


Shape up with self-defence classes

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nterested in learning something new that not only helps you get in shape, but develops your self-defence skills as well?” Choi Kwang-Do may be just the thing, explains Master Jason Wright, chief instructor at the Ealing school, which meets and trains in West Acton: “Our unique martial art classes are an excellent way for adults to feel fitter, stronger, and more confident.” Sangita Shah, a student who was interviewed on the school’s Facebook page, gave this testimonial of her experience Master Wright: of Ealing Choi Kwang-Do: leads a team “I am naturally not a physically of qualified dextrous individual. I would never instructors have believed that I can do what I can do today. Despite my advancing years I am more flexible and dextrous than I was 10 years ago!!” See advert (at right) for information about booking a free trial session. @EalingCKD Ealing CKD

‘Be friendly to your gut,’ says local nutritionist


t’s time to get intimate with your gut, says West Ealing based nutritional therapist Christina Martin of Future Health Management. To help and support you, Christina is offering a one-hour workshop at her clinic in Ealing Broadway. ‘Have a 1:1 with your gut’ Cost: £45 Email her for details of venue and dates, and to book your place: ecmartin@futurehealth Christina says the workshop would be useful for “anyone who wants to learn how to maintain gut/stomach health, or for those suffering from constipation, acid reflux, and stomach pain.” Why is gut health so important? Christina explains: “Poor gut health can lead to all kinds of problems – start with improving your gut health, and you’re on the road to improving overall health.” @ecmartin1 futurehealthmanagement

“Start with improving your gut health”

Classes held at Holy Family Catholic Primary School Vale Lane, Acton W3 0DY – Mon & Wed 8.00-9.00pm

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Family hosts Ealing Broadway company London Host Families Ltd “specialises purely in host family accommodation” for people working or studying in London for more than a few weeks. The agency also caters for visitors on business courses who prefer to stay with a family. LondonHostFamilies

WHERE TO NETWORK Here are some of the faceto-face business networking options in Ealing. Check out our Ealing Business Diary updated every Monday at: EalingBusinessDiary MEMBERSHIP/PAY-AS-YOU-GO • The Athena Network (Ealing) Joanne Sumner @AthenaWLondon • Ealing Connect Networking Anita Wong @EalingConnect • Ealing Chamber of Commerce Vesna Nall @EalingChamber • BoB Club Ealing Sajjad Ahmed @BoBEaling FREE/SPONSORED • Contactus business meetups (West Ealing) Carlene Bender @ContactusEaling


The Athena Network, Ealing: businesswomen-only networking monthly lunch meeting • Acton Business Meetup Zahra Shah @getfitwithzahra • Ealing Business Forum Geoff Langston @EalingBForum • Ealing Business Partnership Andrew Dakers, Camran Mirza • Link4Coffee Ealing Dipa Kotak @L4GNWLondon • Ealing Tweetup Michael Greer @MGreer_PR • Ealing Homeworkers Lunch Zahra Shah @getfitwithzahra • West London Networking (North Acton) Alex Molokwu @hellocoworkhub

Katie Jayne Tutoring: Keeping Education ‘Fun!’


ducation consultant and qualified teacher Katie Jayne believes that her one-to-one lessons are successful because they are “individualised for each child”. “Parents bring their children to me and my team for a number of reasons; often if there is a gap in school learning, or if they are preparing for an exam. “Quite often it’s merely to help foster confidence and academic skills in the comfort of a one-to-one Katie Jayne: environment,” says Katie. Education “All of our tutors are qualified Consultant teachers who aim primarily to support children’s development by making lessons enjoyable and challenging but also adaptable, to keep the learning fun!” Katie is also building an app to support children and parents with helpful tips and activities linked to each year of primary school. “I would love to hear from parents, fellow teachers, anyone at all!” she says. @KatieJayneTutor Katie Jayne Tutoring

QUALIFIED TEACHERS NEEDED Looking for fun, engaging and proactive teachers.

Are you a qualified teacher who would like to earn an additional income? After school and/or weekend hours available for all subject areas for children aged 3-18 years.

Please email: with a copy of your CV.

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FAQs: Ealing Business Expo


y now some of you would have seen the adverts and posts saying “Save the date for the Ealing Business Expo & Networking Festival, 19 & 20 May 2017” (and if you haven’t, please turn over to the back page of this publication). More or less the same set of questions have been coming up, so we’ve compiled these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer questions you may have about the event. Q: When can we book exhibition stands? A: We expect the Expo website to be ready for online booking by the end of the year. Subscribe to the Expo mailing list via the website, or via Eventbrite, so you’ll know as soon as the table sale is open,

Photo from the last Contactus expo in Acton

and better yet, so you get first access to any early bird rates! Q: Why is the Ealing Business Expo being held in West Ealing? A: The West Ealing Workspace at St James’s House (W13 9BE) is the largest exhibition-style space close to the Ealing town centre that is right for an event of this potential and scale. Contactus is proud to be working with Ealing Council, West Ealing BID and other local organisations to get the space ready in time. If you’d like to come along and see the space yourself, come along to our upcoming business events being held there on 29 Nov and 3 Dec (see p8-9). Q: What’s the ‘networking festival’ bit all about? A: Networking is a strong theme

Tahlienger E

for Ealing businesses. We’ll be using the Expo to celebrate the best bits of networking that the borough has to offer. STOP PRESS: We are proud to announce that The Athena Network (Ealing) have joined us as one of our Expo sponsors! Q: And ‘festival’..? So will there be live music? A: Ah! Let me refer you to pages 10-12 and I’ll leave it at that for now... @EalingBizExpo

Use our monthly online magazine ‘The_Ealinger’ to promote your event in Ealing Adverts start from £20 @The_Ealinger

Contact Carlene Bender

Contact us MAGAZINES


email Carlene at: join our mailing list:




19-20 MAY 2017

• two-day festival of networking • making connections for business • venue: West Ealing Workspace • free to attend as a visitor • register via Eventbrite • exhibition stands on sale Dec 2016 • sign up now for early-bird rates •

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