London, United Kingdom

Contactus publishes 'Contactus Ealing' local business magazine (now incorporating 'Ealing Homebiz') – with nine issues in 2015.

The magazine spreads the word about shops and services in Ealing (West London), with special emphasis on businesses run from home and located in Ealing. It's a great place to advertise to Ealing shoppers, as the magazine also appears in print and is distributed in the area.

Editor/publisher: Carlene Bender

The 'Contactus Chiswick' special edition is published once a year; in 2015 it's out in summer. The 2015 winter special is 'Contactus Acton'.

In 2016 look out for one bumper issue, out in November.

Also in 2016: new every-Monday online-only mini-magazine: 'The_Ealinger'