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Georgia Boys Smokehouse Brings BBQ & Brew to Frederick

By Jan Sciacca It was a cold blustery afternoon when I walked into 141 5th St., Frederick, the new home of Georgia Boys Smokehouse. I was greeted by owners Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger and eightyear-old dog, Sadie. Although the rooms smelled of fresh sawdust, as the remodel from being the former D’Agostino’s Mugg-n-Pye was well underway, I could picture, and almost smell, the sights and sounds of what this new restaurant will soon be. Matt and Nick are expanding their Longmont business, Georgia Boys BBQ, to Frederick with a Smokehouse, tap house and sports bar environment. As I listened to Matt talk of the changes taking place, I could feel the warmth of the room, sense the aroma of deep smoked barbeque and envision the room full of men and women as they watch the latest sports rivalries via DirecTV and critique the 10-15 local brews on tap that will routinely rotate with other brews. As the fireplace and sports offerings provide a comfortable room to spend hours, the southeastern side or front side of the restaurant will offer fast/casual dining. In addition to their scrumptious barbeque, Georgia Boys Smokehouse will offer appetizers, burgers, Louisiana poboys, salmon, steak, shrimp, smoked wings, fried green tomatoes, fired okra and hand cut fries. Matt and Nick pride themselves in using local growers for their recipes. Their offerings are well tested, some of which have come from Nick’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother, in one case. Don’t be surprised to see a rotating menu. The Georgia Boys believe this helps ensure the freshness of the food. They also smile when they say, “Good food that’s affordable. You won’t go away hungry.” These two young men, who are both engaged to be married next summer, will be an asset to our communities. They originally met in Georgia, while attending college, but did not become a partnership until much later when they arrived separately in Colorado. Social media allowed them to realize that each one was here. Shortly thereafter, they both found themselves unemployed in industries that had been unfulfilling for them. Their business has grown dramatically as they journeyed from selling their barbecue “burrito lady” style to catering for friends, to the launch of Georgia Boys BBQ in a 113-year old house in Longmont. The opportunity to serve the tri-town area came at the urging of local residents and business associates. In their “spare time” both Matt and Nick are avid sports enthusiasts enjoying mountain biking, skiing, snowboard, hiking and climbing. Although the Frederick Georgia Boys Smokehouse is scheduled to open some time in January, catering is currently available now from the Longmont location. Menu offerings are available at A Frederick phone number has not yet been identified but the G Boyz can be reached at their Longmont branch at 720.999.4099. Hours will be: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9 pm and Friday-Saturday 11 am–10 pm. Barbeque and brew enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the Georgia Boys on Twitter and Facebook.

New Owners at Blackjack Pizza

By Peggy Blewett Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Blackjack Pizza, in Firestone, now owned by Connie Ernst and Jason and Shawna Bingham. They invite you to stop by and check out the changes they’ve made. Jason, Shawna and Connie took ownership of Blackjack Pizza on November 1, 2013. Their goal is to make this the best pizza in town. Offering delivery, carry out or dine-in eating; you will

The Green Pear Salon

See Pizza pg 21

By Peggy Blewett Green Pear Salon, in Frederick, has a new owner. Concha Aquirre, purchased the salon from the previous owner and now offers services from head to toe and even in between. With four on staff, they provide a full spectrum of hair services, manicures, acrylics, pedicures, waxing and more! Besides haircuts and colors and highlights, they do permanent waves, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatments for smoothing the frizzes, plus hair extensions. Clients can choose from shellac manicures, acrylic and gel enhancements and nail art when receiving their mani or pedi. Concha obtained her Nail Technician license in 1997 and Cosmetology license in 2002 and then her Small business training in 2003. She worked at a beauty school in 2005 full-time until 2011, then part-time to present. She has taken classes with Richard Molinaro and Sabine Bjork. Concha’s dream was to own a beauty salon and that day finally arrived when she had the opportunity to buy The Green Pear Salon in Frederick!! Concha is taking all her knowledge and training to make the Green Pear Salon a place where women, men and children can come and relax. Concha offers free wifi and this is

See Green Pear pg 22





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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

What’s On My Mind Kelly Martindale, Publisher

Bare Naked & Living Life Free The Facebook Friend request button was highlighted so I clicked on it to see who wanted to be my “friend.” Shock, wonder, sorrow, and a little fear surged through my entire being. Why would they be contacting me now? It’s been years…eleven years, seven months and about two weeks ago, since we talked. At my son’s funeral. Why would Jason’s aunt, my exsister-in-law, friend request me now? Never once since my daughter and then my son died, had that side of the family contacted me for anything. Well, my kid’s dad did but only to sue me for any money I might have gotten as a result of their deaths. Otherwise, nothing. We messaged back and forth for about half an hour. Small talk. She had been the liaison, my only connection, to my son when he lived in Michigan with his dad when they did not have a phone. My son was a teenager then. She helped me get him home when Jason’s dad would not cooperate with me. Then Jason moved back to his dad’s in high school and lived there until his death. She typed, “I wish Jason had never come here.” Regrets. So did I. But our reasons were completely different. I believe she believes Jason would still be alive if he hadn’t been there. I am proud to say I wrote a book that was published eleven years ago and it is still selling. But just two weeks after the release of my book, Jason died. I haven’t written for publication since. I often wonder what my writing career would have been like if I had continued to write these last eleven years. Regrets. I’ve been in and out of different churches for 23 years. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many churches I’ve attended or the number of different denominations and belief systems. What I can tell you is that except for the last year or so, I had "it" all wrong. The it I’m referring to is the personhood of Jesus. For many years I took my kids to church. Unfortunately, I portrayed Jesus as a taskmaster or someone ‘out to get us.’ My son tells me, “I felt like everything I did was going to send me to Hell.” My children must have thought I was like a ‘hellfire and damnation’ preacher. It’s been difficult to find the balance between choosing and doing what’s right with the grace available to us when we don’t. Regrets. It’s very easy to focus on the “what ifs.” And many people live in a cloud of depressive despair daily because they continually look back. They wonder what life might have been like. If only…. What I’m learning over the last year or two is to live free. To me, living in freedom means being comfortable in my own skin. Taking ownership of my personal traits that I really don’t want to change, for anybody. Accepting my flaws; I was born with certain attributes and without many others. I need to accept others too. With that, I have the choice to be with them (and their flaws) or remove myself from them completely. The most profound lesson, however, has been to accept forgiveness. It has proven to be easier to forgive others and accept forgiveness from others; but difficult to forgive myself and receive forgiveness from the Lord. I have regrets. I’ve mentioned a couple here but like so many of us, I have done things in the past that I am not proud of. They are my secrets. My shame. For most of my life, I’ve worn disgrace like a heavy hooded cloak. In my darkest days that cloak tightened around me and tangled me in ways I thought I would never escape. Perhaps you have felt that way also. It’s a frightening place to be and very lonely, sometimes terrifying. Part of the learning process has been sorting out what I did from what was done to me. And then accepting what was done to me as part of what has made me "me". It’s a challenge. It’s taken half a century. Yikes! I’ve had to face those I’ve hurt i.e. my kids, husband, friends, and family and tell them, I’m sorry. I’ve asked for their forgiveness. I’ve been figuring out ways to make it right for each individual

"...I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14

which takes perseverance and creativity since each one needs something entirely different from the next. I also have to live every day as a changed person. My actions have to match my words. It’s not easy of course. There is no guarantee that forgiveness will be granted by them. That is their choice. But what a joyful feeling when it is given. Burdens are lifted. The weight of the world is somehow lighter by that action. Receiving forgiveness from the people I've hurt is liberating. There is a sense that it is safe to be honest now. To be real, in all ways. As I’ve pursued ‘living free’ I’ve discovered an even greater freedom than I ever expected. What would make you die of embarrassment? In the literal sense. I think most might think it horrifying to be stripped naked in a crowd of people. As I ponder this question, and consider my past…having my thoughts exposed, along with my past actions, well, that would be far worse. I feel my heart beating faster as I type this. And then I calm down almost instantly because I realize I have exposed myself, with everything clearly displayed. And I am living to tell about it. If you have ever been in church, there usually is a cross with Jesus hanging on it. I think it’s fair to say I’ve seen at least 100 of these over the years. Well, one time and one time only, I REALLY saw it. I was fifty years old! Now, I was seven when I asked Jesus into my heart at Vacation Bible School. But on that particular day, at age fifty, it changed my life. Why? I didn’t see the spikes in His hands or feet. I didn’t see the crown of thorns on his head or the ripped skin. I saw His eyes. They were filled with love, a desperate love if you will. Jesus was desperate for me to understand how much He loves me. It seemed like I could hear, “Why don’t you get it? Why don’t you accept it? I love you. Just the way you are.” Everything about me is already revealed to the Lord. I am bare naked before Him. All my shame and horrible behavior. And yet, He loves me anyway. Finally, I can accept His love and with that, His forgiveness. And it is so freeing. There really is a song in my heart. Our pastor, Jim, recently said, “Forgiveness is the decision to be free from the prison of the past.” And that means free from regrets too. I have flung off that filthy burdensome cloak. I didn’t bury it in the closet in case I might want it later, I didn’t donate it so someone else would carry the crap that goes with it, no, I destroyed it or rather the grace of Christ did. Just because that’s what He does. That is who my God is. It is against His nature, His character to do anything else. So what if Jason had never gone to Michigan? I believe he would have died where ever he was at his appointed time. Did I waste the last eleven years not writing more books and magazine articles? I don't think so. While I misrepresented Christ to my children did I destroy their lives? God’s grace is even big enough for that. So you see, there really is no “wrong place at the wrong time.” Not if you believe in Heaven and Hell and God and Jesus. It’s a hard pill to swallow many times but that knowledge, that faith has the power to sustain me, and you, in every situation you find yourself in. 2014 here we to live and love because He first loved us!

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Youth Commission Delivers Meals Youth Commission delivering their Thanksgiving Dinner in a Box buckets to fifteen families in need in the Carbon Valley area. Families in Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Mead and Fort Lupton were all served through this program. These kids gave up the first day of their Thanksgiving break to shop for items that weren’t donated, put these buckets together and personally deliver them throughout the community. Thanks to each of you for your generosity and hard work! From left to right, pictured is Dylan Dufour, Ginny Ritz-Creager, Becca Vincent and Ashlee Allen. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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Join us at Time For Change Personal Training Fitness Group for a FUN way to get healthy and fit, all fitness levels are welcome. 5 Fitness Group classes to choose from: Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Frederick, Monday and Friday at 8:30am in Niwot, and Monday and Wednesday at 4pm in Niwot. When you purchase a 10 Session Punch Card and attend 10 sessions in a row, you'll get rewarded with a FREE Gift for staying consistent. Come to fitness group to find out what the FREE Gift is. Consistency is what will help you reach your goals and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Contact Tracy Rewerts, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Women's Fitness Specialist by visiting for details or call 303.828.2856.

Hajek Insurance Group 303-410-1441 Firestone

Monday night dinners are back!! Join us for a hearty meal for only $5 every Monday from 5-8 PM. Meals are prepared by the Auxiliary and members. Friday night dinners return as well and always a pot luck for the Bronco games. Bring a dish and friendship to share. Monday night darts and Monday night football adds to the fun. Many other activities throughout the week provide a great way to mingle with old and new friends. The post hall is available for rent for weddings, anniversaries, family get togethers, special events and fund raisers. Call 303-833-3878 to reserve now. You are welcome at any time and if you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the Legion, Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion or Legion Riders, please drop by for a visit. If you are looking for a Legion “home”, we are here!!! AMERICAN LEGION POST 1985, 870 1ST Street in Firestone or call 303.833.3878.

Carbon Valley Rotary Community Hero Awards

The Carbon Valley Rotary Club is seeking nominations for residents who have performed outstanding community service in the Carbon Valley area and who are willing to donate their time and effort toward either a specific community project or who continue to aid the community on an ongoing basis. There is no age discrimination where help is needed and Rotary wants to recognize both youths and adults for the good they do. The five categories of community service awards are: Firefighter/EMT, Law Enforcement, Education, Community Adult and Community Youth. Winners will be recognized at Rotary’s Annual Community Heroes Awards Breakfast on January 21, 2014 at Bella Rosa Golf Club in Frederick. Deadline submission is December 10, 2013 and everyone is encouraged to submit nominations in all categories. There is no limit to the number of nominations because there is no limit to the amount of good that is performed every day. Nomination forms can be accessed at or by emailing info@

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American Legion Post 1985

Veterans Of Foreign Wars Post 9741

We are searching for veterans to join us and become an active part of our Tri Town communities. Stop by and chat with a member to find out about our program any Tuesday and Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at 911 Carbondale Dr. Dacono, Co. 303-833-3248.

Miner’s Day Parade Grand Marshall’s Award Presented

On Friday evening, the 14th of November, members of the Frederick Miner’s Day Commission, the Frederick Park and Open Space Commission, and the Town of Frederick were on hand to present the Grand Marshall’s award to both V.F.W. Post 9741 and the local group of the Colorado WWII Reenactors, WW II Historical Re-Enactment Society. The two groups combined to lead off the 2013 Miner’s Day parade shortly after the flood in Frederick. Although the parade was shortened due to some road issues, it was still well received and the Miner’s Day festival was a much needed break for all concerned. At the award presentation it was noted that the patriotism demonstrated by both groups is still much needed and well received. It was also hoped that both groups would be back both next year and for many years to come.

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12

George E. Heath for Mayor of Firestone

Sorensen for Mayor of Firestone


To the Residents of Firestone,

Recently I read a statement by, Jim Clifton that caught my eye: “When the people are heard, they step up.” In our governing today some things are generally done upside down. For the most part, governing bodies feel as though they know what is best for the citizens. I totally disagree with this concept. I believe that “We the People” should be the driving force behind the decisions made by our governing bodies. It should not be a top-down process, but rather a bottom-up process. Political leaders are not elected to dictate to their constituents. They are elected to listen to what their constituents say and hear what they need and want, then form policies to meet those needs and wants. Firestone is a town with many talented and gifted citizens who have a rich legacy of experience and knowledge. The town’s leaders need to tap into these resources for guidance in making Firestone what the citizens want it to be. We often hear, “Nobody comes to the board meetings;” Some elected officials have noted that if citizens do attend the meetings it’s usually when there is a major controversy. Citizens have said, “They don’t listen to us when we speak up; they don’t hear what we say; they do whatever they want to do so our voice isn’t heard; we don’t count.” These statements resonate throughout the town. This needs to change. Change can only come about in two ways: First, More time must be spent ‘out with the people.’ We need to do as one of the leaders of the 17th century did when he spent most of his time out with the people and became known as the “People’s Advocate.” It is my goal to be the “People’s Mayor.” If I am elected mayor, I promise I will be out among you; I will listen to you and work with Committed to offering you. Second, it is my belief that unparalleled personal service if the people don’t come to us, we must seek them out and hold What you can expect: meetings in the subdivisions within the community. These meetings are Honesty ~ Attentiveness vital connections between the town Diligence ~ Efficiency leadership and the citizens. A practical approach The voices of the people must 303-500-5116 be heard. Our governing must be PO Box 998 “of the people, by the people and Frederick, CO 80530 for the people.” I sincerely believe that “when the people’s voices are heard, they will step up.” Together we will keep moving forward as ‘A A member of the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce Community in Motion.”

Divorce, Family Law & Wills

Ellen M. Ross, Attorney

Recently I have had several residents ask me what my platform was as I seek the office of Mayor. I never really thought about having to have a platform because I looked at my role as Trustee and Mayor Pro-tem for almost six years as a volunteer public servant rather than a politician. My decisions have always been based on what was right for the Firestone community. Being involved in Firestone municipal government is enjoyable, educational and very rewarding in striving to make Firestone the best community possible. Knowing that I was one of seven who contributed to the decisions that have positively impacted the quality of life for our over 10,000 Firestone residents is also humbling. Following is my top 10 list on my perspective where I see Firestone government’s role in the lives of the residents of Firestone. 1. I believe that you see local government using the U.S. Constitution as the primary rule of law. 2. Firestone is obligated to provide the highest quality and affordable services through our police department, public works and other services that the Town needs to provide. 3. Firestone must continue to work with all our other great local service providers, including, fire protection, water, power, sewer, and gas in a transparent and fiscally responsive manner. 4. Firestone shall use tax payer revenues efficiently and only for the benefit and improvement of our community. 5. Firestone will maintain our community’s infrastructure at a high level with a focus on efficiency, sustainability and fiscal responsibility. 6. Firestone must be proactive to bring in good paying jobs and increase our local work force. 7. Firestone must continue our reputation as a “Community in Motion” by working with local and national businesses to bring in retail, restaurants, services and entertainment into our community. 8. Firestone must strive to increase our housing options in our community. There is a great immediate need for multi-unit options such as apartments, condos, duplexes as well as patio homes and senior living options. Independent living, assisted living, memory care and other options to meet our growing senior communities needs. 9. Firestone must keep our government transparent with open communication to and from the residence to the elected representatives and staff. 10. Firestone must continue working with outside organizations, St Vrain Valley School District, Carbon Valley Chamber, neighboring communities, local coalitions for the planned growth of the region, and the list goes on. Firestone has been fortunate to have leadership in the past and present that has the best interests of Firestone at the core of their dedication and service. As Mayor, I will be proud to continue that tradition and promote the best interests of our community and meet challenges head on with common sense and in an honest and plainspoken manner. I ask that you seriously consider casting your important vote on April 1st 2014 to allow me to serve our community as Mayor. Please contact me if you have any questions. Email: Sincerely, Paul Sorensen, Mayor Pro-tem - Town of Firestone

Area Mayor’s Report—For those of us who do not attend meetings Firestone Mayor, Chad Auer

Chad Auer

zz First allow me to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. There are a number of community events this time of year and I look forward to seeing you at one or all of them. For a complete list of

Frederick Mayor, Tony Carey

Tony Carey

zz Frederick has experienced a very successful year. While we've faced challenges, the Town has made great progress thanks to solid planning and

community involvement. zz In September we faced the Flood of 2013. I want to personally thank everyone who stepped up to help. Our emergency

Dacono Mayor, Charles Sigma

Charles Sigman

zz Happy holiday season everyone! I would like to begin by welcoming Dacono’s newest City Council member, Nicholas Vogel to the Council. Councilman Vogel was

events, visit our town website zz Looking forward, we will once again be soliciting feedback from residence on a variety of issues including energy development, expansion of I-25 and town services. The survey will be available after the first of the year and the data collected is extremely important to us as we serve you. Please remember, you do not have to wait for the survey to offer your ideas and feedback! You are always welcome to attend any of our board meetings and speak during public comment. All ideas, criticisms, questions and feedback is welcome. zz I am pleased to report that, aside from a few lingering projects, Firestone has fully recovered from the flood. The enormous amount of collaboration that has taken place is staggering. I want to thank our town staff and residents for all of their hard work and dedication through the flood recovery. It was an outstanding display of the virtues that make Firestone the best town in America.

zz I want to thank voters for the overwhelming passage of the ballot measures. The support from local businesses, residents and public safety was amazing. As a result, we are moving forward with repairs and expansion projects that will increase safety and access to local businesses, schools and neighborhoods. Stay connected to our town website for project updates. Asking Firestone voters to invest in streets and parks was a tough sell for all of us. We take our responsibility to be good stewards with town resources and assets very seriously and we are committed to earning you a return on your investment. zz Do you have ideas, questions, complaints, feedback for the Mayor? Email me at and we will set up a time to chat over coffee. Speaking of coffee talks, I want to thank all of you have taken time to visit with me over the years. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and hear your thoughts on Firestone.

responders were outstanding, the citizens were very helpful and the numerous churches that became involved with taking care of the community went above and beyond the call of duty. It is our sense of community that makes us strong. zz Creating a vision for a community requires input from its citizens. During the past year we've gathered input in many different ways. Our community events not only provide entertainment and connection, they provide a means for Town leaders to hear what's on your mind. Community Bar-B-Ques and Coffee Talks are just a few ways to share. We've been listening. zz Frederick has been positively impacted through the partnerships that we've developed, and will continue to develop moving forward. Our work with the St. Vrain Valley School District, the Carbon Valley Recreational District, Frederick/Firestone Fire and others benefits us all. zz We've also had several new businesses move to town, increasing choices for citizens who wish to shop and take care of

other business locally. Among some of those choosing Frederick this year were: Longmont United Hospital, LMI, Otterbox, Trans West and Georgia Boys. zz New jobs have risen this year as well. In 2013 over 400 new jobs were created or relocated to our community. zz Our downtown is coming to life. As the face of downtown is redeveloped, a key player will be the newly formed Downtown Frederick Business Association. Thanks to Dustan Flannagan who is the President of this group and is spearheading their efforts. zz In 2014 we'll see the long planned monument sign finished at the entrance to Frederick. What a great way to let others know when they are entering our fine community. zz This month there will be holiday activities and good times with friends and family. I encourage you to attend community events, and to make your thoughts known. We represent you, so tell us how we're doing. zz Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

elected this past November and will serve Dacono residents until 2016. Welcome aboard. zz Congratulations to the Dacono Library for receiving a grant from Colorado State Library to promote early childhood literacy. These grant funds will be used to enhance the children’s library. zz Many thanks to the Carbon Valley-area police departments for their efforts with the Santa Cops program. Since 1997, our law enforcement community has made holiday wishes come true for thousands of children. Local businesses and community service groups, such as the American Legion and the Bella Rosa Men’s Club, annually support this program which raises funds and provides gifts to children from families in need during the holiday season.

zz I would also like to encourage anyone who has considered getting more involved with the City to submit an application to serve on a volunteer board or commission. Applications are being accepted for various City boards and commissions until 5:00 p.m., Monday, January 6, 2014. More information is on the City website or by contacting the City Clerk. There are many opportunities to get involved and no experience is required. On that note, I want to thank our board and commission members, as well as the generosity of those who commit so very much of their time to help make Dacono such a wonderful place to live and enjoy. zz May this holiday season be one of peace, goodwill, and family and community celebrations.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 5


Adell Erskin (mommy) says... 303-678-8442

Letter to the Editor:

I didn’t read my newest Carbon Valley Consumer Report as thoroughly as I am used to doing until just this last week. I am usually not one to write to a newspaper or editor, but this particular article listed below really struck a negative note with me, so I need to let you and others know what I am thinking, and in that regard this could be a rebuttal, and it would be fine with me if you printed it. I was puzzled and then astounded at the article on Page 5 that is headed: “Mayor of Firestone Paul Sorensen – Firestone Mayor Pro-tem”. First of all I was startled, thinking I had missed an election, but then gave that some thought and, no I had not missed an election. Why in the world would Mr. Sorenson be headlined under Mayor of Firestone? He is not the Mayor, and the Mayoral election for Firestone is not scheduled until April 2014. Imagine being a reader who may not understand our election cycles OR may not understand the correct definition of “pro tem”. In this article, the headline mentions Mr. Sorenson’s status as “Mayor Pro-Tem”, a title which actually only means that he steps up to the plate if something should occur to keep our elected Mayor from doing so. It is a temporary appointed position at best, with no assurance of being elected Mayor simply because he was pro-tem, and I do wonder who appointed him? Do you know the answer to that? I did a small amount of research on-line and discovered through five different resources, the same terms being used again and again regarding “pro tem” positions, those being “impermanent and temporary”, “for the present time, but not permanent”. Mr. Sorenson is an elected official of the Town of Firestone, in regard to his position as Town of Firestone Trustee, but there are several other individuals having been elected to that same position as Trustee who would qualify to be appointed. “Pro tem” is similar to Vice President, though he is elected to that VP position. He only becomes President if something happens to the current President, and it is only for a short term. He is not assured the Presidency at the next election. He must go through due process as every other candidate does. It concerns me that your readers as well as Mr. Sorenson may have the idea that being “Mayor Pro tem” gives him some sort of right to the Mayoral position when the appropriate time comes. I am not saying that is so, but it comes across that way simply by the way the headline is written. Of particular concern to me is that those who are unaware of this “pro tem” and election process Haircuts may decide NOT to vote after seeing this current Neck Shaves article (on the basis that they figure the election has already been decided). What a shame it would be to Mustache/Beard Trim deter voters from their right to vote simply because Shave of the way an article is presented. I also note that Facials the author of this article is not mentioned.  So, I would ask you this, please. I think the citizens of Firestone deserve to be educated 218 5th Street properly in all of the election procedures enough Frederick to know when something doesn’t look right and 303.434.1880 ask questions regarding their concerns. I also think it would benefit both the CVCR and Firestone Tues, Wed & Fri 8a-5p citizens if a little more research and attention to Thurs 10a-7p  Sat 7a-3p absolute accuracy would be used in any political writing published. Closed Sun & Mon Sincerely, Vernelle Hilborn, Discounts for Seniors & Citizen of Firestone Emergency Personnel

Men’s Services

There can be no crueler form of cancer than that which strikes children. Like most children her age, 3 year old Serenity Erskin loves to play with her friends. But something sets Serenity apart from her friends: Serenity has fought cancer not once, but now twice, in her young life. Serenity was born with Downs Syndrome, and had to undergo open heart surgery. After recovering from the surgery, she was dealt another bad diagnosis. The doctors discovered she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. (AML, Blood Cancer). She endured months of intense treatments, including 6 different chemotherapies. After almost a year of treatment, she was declared cancer free. Her cancer was in remission. In August 2013, a short 8 months later she relapsed. This will be another long battle of painful treatments, and will undergo a bone marrow transplant. In September 2013 the Colorado Front Range was devastated by a 1000 year flood. The Erskin family was hit again with flood damage to their home. Major repairs are needed to the Erskin residence, and with help from the community we can give them a home that provides a sound environment, safe and nurturing to fit Serenity's unique needs. Christies Design Build Remodeling of Dacono, CO is hosting a Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction benefit at the American Legion in Firestone. Confirm, mail or drop off auctions donations at Christies office, located at 114 8th St in Dacono, CO 80514 or call 303-833-4715. The Dinner is Friday, Dec. 6th, 2013 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Firestone American Legion at 70 1st St, Firestone. Donation, Donations, Donations! We need silent auctions donations, monetary donations, trade volunteers, and lots hungry people who like spaghetti! Visit The Serenity Fundraiser Facebook Page at : *Please make checks payable to the: The Serenity Fund and may also be made directly an JP Morgan Chase Bank locations. You may also send donations to: CVCR for Serenity, POB 962, Frederick, CO 80530.

MAIL SOLUTIONS INC. 0�������00�������0������00������ 200

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Buying in a Low Inventory Market

The temperature in the real estate market has begun to re-adjust; the hot arena once reserved for buyers has begun to cool, and sellers are again taking the reins. With many markets now displaying scarce inventory stock, and multiple offers making it even more difficult, it's easy to become discouraged as a buyer. However, just because you may be looking for a home in a low inventory market doesn't mean you need to give up your dream of landing your ideal property. Below are four tips for buying in a low inventory market.

Be prepared financially

These days, many sellers won't even work with those buyers who aren't pre-approved. Additionally, it would be heart-breaking to find that dream home only to have someone else buy it while you're going through the mortgage process. Before you even begin looking, make sure all of your finances are in order. This will not only make sellers take you more seriously, but will help speed along the entire process.

Know what you're looking for

From the right neighborhood, to the budget and the number of bedrooms, have a good idea of what you're looking for so you don't waste any time—yours, or your agent's.

Act fast

Gone are the days when you could mull over a property, or visit ten homes only to circle back to the first one you saw. With properties flying fast, if you see a place you like, put in an offer right away. Greg Zadel, CRB, CRS, GRI, Zadel Realty, 8110 WCR 13 S-4 Firestone, 303-833-3012,

The Consumer Report publishes FREE opinions on election issues & other items of voter/community interest. Email to by the 15th of each month.

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Frederick Hosts First Ever Deck the Downtown Contest


United Methodist Church Craft Sale and Luncheon

Eleven years! Not sure how many know this but the ladies at Rinn Church have been holding their Christmas Craft Sale for 11 years. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. The ladies at Rinn Church love cooking, baking and decorating for the sale, and they love seeing old friends and making new ones. If you liked last year’s craft sale and lunch, this year's will knock your socks off! There will be some new soups to tantalize your taste buds, and some old favorites as well. Where else can you get lunch for $5.00 on a busy day and do some shopping at the same time in a festive Christmas atmosphere? This year’s sale will take place on December 7th, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. right there at the church. Santa will be there for the kids from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, and can have their picture taken with him. Please help Santa out by bring a non-perishable food item for the Carbon Valley Help Center in Firestone. Rinn United Methodist Church is located at 3783 Bella Rosa Parkway, Frederick. For more information on the craft sale or if you're interested in having a low-cost booth, you can email Denise Stewart at skidenise@, or call her at (303)8332089.

3rd Annual Erie Country Christmas Parade & Celebration

Friday December 6, 2013 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm Country Christmas Parade of Lights is a beautiful hometown holiday event. The celebration consists of a living nativity scene, choirs performing, FREE hay rides, a fun Parade of Lights, and local businesses serving hot chocolate and offering Country Christmas Specials. Christmas carolers start at 5pm, the living nativity scene is from 5:30pm-6:30pm, the Parade of Lights starts at 6:30pm, and visits with Santa start at 7:00pm.

Downtown Frederick businesses compete for prize money and bragging rights The Town of Frederick is excited to announce the first ever Deck the Downtown Contest, which will take place December 2nd through December 7th and will give businesses the chance to compete to be crowned as the best holiday display in Downtown Frederick. Businesses will use their windows as well as outdoor elements to create a festive display for the holiday season by December 2nd. Anyone who drives into Downtown Frederick can vote for their favorite via an online photo gallery at or by coming into Town Hall at 401 Locust St December 2nd through December 7th. There will also be a chance to vote during the first hour of the Frederick Festival of Lights treelighting event in Crist Park on December 7th 6-7 p.m. before the winner is announced at the conclusion of the event at 8 p.m. The winning business will receive $500 courtesy of the Frederick Arts Commission, ad space courtesy of the Carbon Valley Consumer Report as well as a traveling trophy and bragging rights for the year. Take a tour of the following participating businesses Dec. 2-7 before voting for your favorite: Axis of Movement (451 Oak St.), Carbon Valley Academy Preschool (157 5th St.), Carbon Valley Coffee Roasters (214 5th St.), En Face Dance Studio (318 5th St.), Farmers Insurance/An Artist’s Vision (246 5th St.), Green Pear Salon (142 6th St.), LIFE Fellowship (451 Oak St.), Mr. Todd’s Barber Shop (218 5th St.), Pete’s Place/Papa Frank’s (201 5th St.), Rubi’s Tortilleria (142 6th St.), Shear Professionals (539 Oak St.), Simplicity Salon (225 Oak St.) and The Frederick Store (340 5th St.).

Carbon Valley Holiday Festival Set for Dec. 7

Communities of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono Join for Day of Activities Santa, Santa’s Workshop and thousands of twinkling lights will all be part of the 3rd Annual Carbon Valley Holiday Festival on Dec. 7. The communities of Firestone, Dacono and Frederick will once again team up this year to bring a day full of events from noon to 8 p.m. The festivities will kick off in Firestone with activities from noon to 4 p.m. at Coal Ridge Middle School, 6201 Booth Drive. Kids can share their wish lists and have photos taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Santa’s Workshop will be in full production allowing kids to create their own gifts and ornaments. People can also exhibit quilts as part of the quilt exhibit coordinated by the Firestone Cultural Committee. Kids also won’t want to miss the opportunity to try on fireman gear and get their photos taken with the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District. Local performers will present a selection of holiday music, and attendees can enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and candy canes throughout the afternoon. Dacono will light things up from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. with a tree lighting event at the St. Vrain Legacy Trail trailhead at the southwest corner of Colo. Highway 52 and Colorado Boulevard. Hot chocolate and cookies will warm things up as carolers present holiday music. Attendees can also make crafts and cards for military soldiers. There will also be a limited number of holiday ornaments for giveaway. The official tree lighting will take place about 4:45 p.m., followed by a fireworks show that will light up the sky. Frederick’s Festival of Lights and ninth annual tree lighting will wrap up the day-long event from 6 to 8 p.m. at Crist Park, 105 Fifth St. Bundle up to enjoy horsedrawn carriage rides, a live ice carving demonstration resulting in an interactive display, photos with Santa and thousands of twinkling lights throughout the park. There will be music performances by the Frederick High School Choir, the Calvary Church Ringers Bell Choir and ShowTunes Children’s Choir. While listening to holiday music and enjoying the lights, attendees will be able to enjoy free Starbucks hot cocoa and Safeway bakery cookies. Throughout the entire day, attendees are encouraged to bring a monetary donation for the Carbon Valley Santa Cops program or a can of food to exchange for a cup of hot chocolate at any of the community events. For more information about the Carbon Valley Holiday Festival, visit the Town of Firestone website at or call 303-8333291, the City of Dacono website at www.cityofdacono. com or call 303-833-2317, or the Town of Frederick website at or call 720-382-5500. The Carbon Valley Holiday Festival is sponsored by the Town of Firestone, City of Dacono and Town of Frederick, as well as local sponsors. Presenting sponsors are Encana Oil & Gas, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Ehrlich I-25 Kia, FrederickFirestone Fire Protection District, Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Brew at Deja Lu, Carbon Valley Consumer Report, Mountain View Fire Protection District and Starbucks Coffee. Santa’s Little Helpers sponsors include Safeway, B&L Towing and Green Pear Salon.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

LUH Lights of Love & Bake Sale

The Longmont United Hospital's volunteers are holding their annual Bake Sale on Thursday Dec. 12 from 7AM to 3:30PM or until sell out. And there have been sell outs in the past. Therefore we recommend you attend early for the best selection . There will be all sorts of goodies! The hospital is located at 1950 MountainView Ave in Longmont. Call the Volunteer Office at 303-6515205 with questions. The Longmont United Hospital Lights of Love will remain on sale until the Christmas tree lighting on Dec. 3. The lights are $10 each and cam be purchased in memory or in honor of a loved one. The lights are available at the Volunteer Office of the Hospital at 1950 Mountain View Ave. The Lights of Love Christmas tree lighting will be held at Longmont United Hospital on Tuesday Dec. 3. The public is invited to enjoy music by the Longmont Chorale, visits with the TAILS dogs, and the Hospital Caring clowns. There will be face painting, goodies to eat and beverages to enjoy. There may also be some surprises!

Santa at the Library

The American Legion Family will once again take the reigns for Santa at the Library. Where? Carbon Valley Library in Firestone When? Saturday, December 7, 2013 Time? 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM What? Annual visit with Santa and all children will receive treat bags from Santa This is a very special time for the youngsters and maybe a bright spot in their lives. We strive to make it a happy event and welcome photo shoots so bring your cameras and preserve the day for your scrapbooks. These are precious memories for everyone. Thank you to all who supported our Santa Cops Fund raiser on November 9th. It was a great day and our toy drive brought many great toys for our police departments to help them when they help Santa do his deliveries for Christmas. We hope to see you all again next year when we kick this event off for the kids. Thank you again from The American Legion Family at Post #1985 in Firestone.

Winter Wonderland

Come, relax, and enjoy a morning of entertainment with Christmas music and an inspirational speaker at The Longmont Christian Women’s Connection on Tuesday, December 10th from 11:00am to 12:45 pm at The Plaza Conference Center, 1860 Industrial Circle in Longmont. Bring your friends for a beautiful and peaceful morning out. The morning begins as Jay Erickson fills the room with the beautiful sounds of his violin and traditional holiday music. Brunch will be served and motivational speaker Dale Skram will share her humor filled message that is refreshingly real and inspirational. Tickets for the entire event are only $16.00 per person, inclusive. Reservations are required, so please plan to come and invite your friends to join you! Please email your reservation request to Longmontcwc@yahoo. com or call Jane at (303) 682-2752 for information and reservations by Friday, December 6th.

Annual Holiday Craft Fair at Imagine Charter School

Get your holiday shopping done early! Imagine Firestone is hosting a Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair, with handmade crafts and food items, home-based businesses like Pampered Chef and Scentsy, kids activities, and concessions. Have your picture taken with Santa! The Scholastic Book Fair will also be open at the school. Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7th, from 11 am to 5 pm. The school is at 5753 Twilight Avenue in Firestone.


The Helping Hand Food Pantry is excited to offer 100 food baskets for those who need a little help this Christmas season. We will be handing them out Saturday, December 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. We are located @ 451 Oak St. #100, inside Life Fellowship Church in Frederick. Deliveries are available if needed. Please call Stephanie @ 303-709-5218 to reserve your basket.

Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

The Longmont Chorale Presents: Let Heaven and Nature Sing! Sunday, Dec. 8 2013 3:00pm at LifeBridge Christian Church. There is a Guild sponsored Bake Sale before concert. Joining in the Christmas fun will be the St. Vrain Singers and Apollo Chamber Brass. Tickets 303651-7664 or www.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Santa & Mrs. Claus Ready for Photos with Your Kids

December 7 12:00 noon4:00 pm @ Firestone Holiday Festival @ Coal Ridge Middle School. Bring your cameras and Christmas Wish List and have your kid's photos taken with Santa & Mrs. Claus. Also have their photos taken dressed as a fireman.

Does your banker have money to lend? We do! From growing a business to home improvement loans, Adams Bank & Trust has money to lend. At Adams Bank & Trust, we value relationships — and we’d value yours. It’s that kind of commitment that has made Adams Bank & Trust successful for more than 95 years.

Bits & Pieces from pg. 3

A Family Owned Regional Bank

Firestone Water Supply Fully Restored, Restrictions Lifted

Where your business and personal banking belong 8308 Colorado Blvd. Firestone 303-833-3575

The Central Weld County Water District has made repairs to the main water supply line serving the Carbon Valley area that was damaged in the September 2013 flooding. Full water service has been restored. In the coming days, workers will be transitioning service from the temporary lines to the restored lines. During the transition process, water customers may notice air in the lines, but should rest assured that the water is safe for domestic consumption. Bacteria samples tested with an independent laboratory were found to meet the standards of the State of Colorado Health Department. All water restrictions within the Town of Firestone have been lifted. During the flooding, two of the three main water lines into the Carbon Valley area were severally damaged at the St. Vrain River, forcing residents into water restrictions for the past two months. The Town of Firestone has appreciated the patience and cooperation from residents as they adhered to the restrictions and waited for repairs to be made.

Give Yourself, Or A Loved One, The Gift Of Health This Year - Time For Change Personal Training Gift Certificates!

Let your loved one know you'd like to receive a Gift Certificate from Time For Change Personal Training or you can purchase this for yourself or a loved one, either way - you win. You'll get a FREE Gift when you purchase a Gift Certificate for Personal Training (I'm mobile so I come to your home) or a Fitness Group Punch Card, starting at $50, different options to choose from. Email Tracy Rewerts at or call at 303-828-2856 for details. You're Worth what are you waiting for? It's Time For Change starting today!

Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

Announcing Southeast Pre-need and Financial Solutions Rocky Mountain Division manager, Bob Sweeney, focusing on your pre-need funeral and cemetery needs. Give me a call to discuss your concerns about Medicaid spend down using a Funeral Expense Trust and/ or Estate Planning Trust specific to funeral home and cemetery costs.Call 720-771-1611.


The Pearl Group, a faith-based organization, provides a variety of support programs for single-parent families designed with minimal to no cost, including a transportation program (Car Clinic); the programs offered by The Pearl Group were established to help single-parent families and their dependent children move toward selfsufficiency. Please consider donating your old cars to this worthy cause during this holiday season. All donations are tax deductible. If you can help with this need, please contact Scott Owen at 970-2905991, or the Director of The Pearl Group, Tessie Gale, at 720-864-9202 or tgale@

TTelephone Te lephone Answering Service We’re Here When You Can’t Be Cathy Scofield, owner Live Answering Service  Paging Customized Service  Faxing Confidentiality  Low Rates No Contracts  E-mail Experienced  Friendly Emergency Experience “You’ll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without Us!”


Adoptive Families and Beyond

Adoptive parents from your area meet to plan how we could help support Adoptive Families. Adoption is a unique experience, and we would like to provide an opportunity for prospective and current adoptive parents to come together, meet each other, discuss common concerns, build a network of support, and have fun. Any and all Foster Families, Prospective Foster Parents and Kinship Care Providers are also welcomed to join our group. We welcome anyone interested in Adoption. Our next meeting and dinner is at 5:30-8:30 pm at the Carbon Valley Recreation Center located at 701 5th Street, Frederick, 80530. If at any time you should have any questions please let me know, you can e-mail me or call me at 720 903-0362. Email Roxane Chacon for more info at RSVP ASAP so we can get a head count for our group. You do not need to attend dinner 5:30-6:30.

10 Ken Pratt Blvd. Longmont 303-651-9053

1201 S. Lake Ave. Berthoud 970-532-1800

7800 S. Highway 287 Fort Collins 970-667-4308

CV Rotary Club

Come visit the Carbon Valley Rotary - the local club of the world’s largest and oldest service organization, Rotary International. Get to know us and what we do. Our membership is comprised of local business and community leaders. Learn what global service projects Rotary is working on as well as what community activities and events we’re involved in. We have interesting and diverse weekly speakers and are always eager to learn new ways to make our world a better place. We meet each Tuesday from 7:00 am – 8:00 am at Bella Rosa Golf Club in Frederick. Breakfast items from the menu are only $5.00 plus tip if paying by cash; or menu price if paying by credit card. To learn more about us visit our website, or contact Barb Goettsch at or 303.815.7949.

N Metro Business Women's Network

The North Metro Business Women’s Network (NMBWN) meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Carbon Valley Regional Library Conference Room from 9:15am to 10:45am. With support from its umbrella group, the Women’s Development Council of Northern Colorado, the NMBWN is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing networking groups in our area! Meetings including networking time with your fellow business women, a guest speaker AND breakfast! Cost is just $8 for guests and $5 for members. Membership enrollment is now open for 2013 so ask us about the benefits. For questions or to RSVP, contact President, Erica Gardner @ 303-408-0143 or Come see what we can do for your business. We can’t wait to meet you!

See Bits & Pieces—pg. 23

Single Parent Family Programs

Always An Answer

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We specialize in; corporate holiday decorating, holiday party centerpieces, fresh greenery wreaths, garland and kissing balls. Come spend an afternoon at Prospect New Town in Longmont. Great shops,& dining. Happy Holidays! The team at DeBritz

Teleflora Network can send locally & globally to loved ones. Flowers Wreaths Gift Baskets Poinsettias Blooming Plants Please call for details

Holiday Hours beginning November 15th M - F 9 to 6 Saturday 10 to 5 Sunday 11 to 3

Call Today! 720.378.6589

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722A Tenacity Drive Longmont, CO 80504 2013 DeBritz Floral Designs

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12

John Chapter One, Who is Jesus by Carl Brady

Create Those Memories in 2014 with that Special Vacation!

The travel industry is alive and doing quite well despite today’s economic uncertainties and the negative news. Most travel agencies are sensitive to this situation. When we listen to our customers, we hear the following comment: “We really want to get out of town, but really need to watch our pocketbook”. We, at Going Places Travel, can truly appreciate their cautious remarks but still want to help make some memorable moments for them and their family. Right now, our travel vendors are promoting many “value” packages for our customers. We have not seen prices for cruises lower than these for some time. Obviously, the cruise line’s objective is to maximize their weekly level of capacity and the winner is “you”, the vacationer. Value can be defined in several ways. For the cruiser, value means unpacking once, several different destinations, being entertained by a nightly Broadway-like production, superb dining, and an attentive service staff. Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Tahiti are also offering some wonderful deals. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico offer a wonderful value for both couples and families. For one inclusive price, you can get your airfare, transportation to the resort and Dear Judy & Going Places Travel, time at the resort. All-inclusive in Mexico means all meals, entertainment, water sports, and, on occasion, a round or two Bob and I want to thank you for of golf. The dining experience is extra special at some resorts making our vacation to Jamaica because they offer several different choices from Mexican to a wonderful memory. The White Italian to French and Asian and most at no additional charge. Some activities will likely have a fee like deep sea fishing or House Sandals Resort was scuba diving or motorized water sports. How my husband and everything we wanted I like to spend our days at these wonderful resorts is playing in a vacation. golf in the morning and just lying by the pool with our favorite I usually go online, and search book and being served our favorite beverage pool-side with every web site I can find to try to our in the afternoon. The hot new spots include Jamaica and there will be a nonstop charter flight from Denver early in get the best "deal" planning my 2014. This might be the time to try a new destination that own vacation. The frustration of offers great beaches, lots of adventure and some great golf. this and trying to coordinate air As many of you have read, we just returned from Jamaica with the resort makes planning a with friends and stayed at Sandals Whitehouse. I have been vacation a nightmare. to many Sandals (for couples) and Beaches (which is for If I would have known how much families) throughout Jamaica. The value they offer more peace of mind I would have is beyond compare, in my opinion. If you like planning ahead, the river cruises in had all these years allowing you Europe are already filling for 2014 and are offering Judy to book this for me, and make some wonderful packages including airfare and/or 2 sure all the details are complete... for 1 deals. River cruising both in Europe and in the I would have done this long ago!!! U.S. are becoming evermore popular. Alaska, for 2014, is again popular, but if you are I would encourage everyone to use flexible and don’t mind traveling in the early spring your service. The price that you or late summer into fall, there are some tremendous were able to find for me was the values on both the cruises and cruisetours. same or better than I was able to Hopefully, we have “wet your appetite” to get out of town sometime soon. Start planning your do•..with NO headaches. Judy, thanks again for all your help 2014 vacation to take advantage of those value added pricing. in planning our wonderful vacation . Judy Bakanec, owner of Going Places Travel Sincerely, located in Frederick, can be reached at 303-485Bob and Franki Bertram 9930 or

Simone Physical Medicine Sports Medicine  Chiropractic Acupuncture Physical Therapy All In One Location

Accepting New Patients

ACROSS 1 He is the Son of (Verse 51) 4 He is the (Verse 1) 8 The (Firestone, CO coffeehouse) 12 “Four score and seven years ...” 13 Salon sweepings 14 Memorization method 15 Black-eyed one, perhaps 16 Black-and-white cookie 17 Start of a fairy tale 18 Former Mets stadium 20 Louisiana politician Huey 22 Buffer between N. and S. Korea 24 31-Across rival, informally 25 49th state (abbr.) 27 He is the (Verse 41) 31 Insurer based in Hartford 33 Actress Gardner 34 Okra unit 36 Toronto’s prov. 37 He is the true (Verse 5) 40 Both coming and going (2 wds)

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10 List-ending abbr. 11 “In the Small Hours of the Morning” (Frank Sinatra song) 19 Both Begleys 21 Pro-gun org. 23 Kill electrically, as bugs 25 “Black Beauty” author Sewell 26 “High Noon” actress Jurado 27 Bull or rooster, e.g. 28 The one (Satan) 29 Sink in the middle 30 Garden tool 32 Stranded motorist’s need 35 Hoover, for one 38 Place to store an Easter bonnet 39 Give it a go 41 He is the (Verse 41) 42 Condo grp. 45 Reuben ingredient 48 Feminine suffix 50 Snake tooth 51 Mexican fast food 52 Texter’s chuckle 53 “... have you wool?” 54 Rockies abbr. 56 Heavy weight 58 Aaron used one

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Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 9

What do these businesses have in common? They have all joined Nextera Healthcare.

Healthy Strategies For The Holidays


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Here are some healthy strategies for the holidays so you can get through them with ease. It's a special time of year to celebrate with family and friends, but unfortunately, it can also become a time of high stress, overeating, and weight gain. This doesn't have to be the case, so this year focus on a healthy balance of food, fun, and activities. • Make Exercise A Priority - Making a conscious effort of actually scheduling your workouts in your calendar on a regular basis. This will help decrease stress, give you more energy, and make maintaining your weight an easier task. This doesn't mean it's a free ride to eat whatever you want all month long, but a moderate exercise program can help partially Phone :: 303.501.2600 | Longmont • Firestone Offered at North Vista Medical Center offset increased occasional holiday eating. • Workout Ideas - Join us at one of my fitness groups (5 different times to choose healthy food and snacks in your favorite holiday shapes. See usually leaves less time for cooking healthy meals, and from) or exercise with a friend. If you don't choosing fast, unhealthy options. Plan ahead now by making have time for a full workout all at one time, break it up by Google images for hundreds of ideas. • Smart Choices At The Party - Volunteer to bring up some healthy dishes that you can freeze and have a few to doing a few 10-15-minute spurts of exercise throughout the day. Try fitting in a workout before you go to a party as you'll a healthy side dish, so you'll at least have one item that will choose from when you need to stick one in the oven later for be too tired from the celebration afterwards. If the party lasts be a smart choice. Choose your favorite items in smaller a quick meal. • Get Plenty Of Sleep - If you're tired, you're more all day long, ask some of the other guests to join you on a portions, and eat slowly to savor every bite. Try to eat a brisk walk or play a ball game outside, the kids especially variety of vegetables, lean protein, and keep your serving likely to have less energy to workout, you'll make poor food love this. If the party is located where there is snow on size reasonable. If there is a buffet food table at the party, choices, and it will be hard to stay on track. Hopefully some of these healthy strategies will help you move away from that area so you won't be tempted to 'graze' ground, go with the kids outside to play in the snow. have a more enjoyable holiday season. In the long run, your • Stay Hydrated - When it gets cooler outside, you on more while you talk. • What If You Overeat? - If you overeat at one meal, mind and body will thank you. Get a head start on your new may find that you drink less water throughout the day. Try consume less calories on the next one. Research shows that year's weight loss goals. Now through January 31st, 2014, using a water bottle that has the amount of fluids you're it takes 500 calories per day (or 3,500 calories per week) start on my recommended weight loss program, maintain drinking on the side so you'll know exactly where you're above your normal/maintenance consumption to gain for 3 months, and get a $100 or $50 product credit of your at with the amount. You should be drinking, at a one pound. While it is impossible to gain weight choice. Contact Tracy Rewerts, NASM Certified Personal minimum, half of your body weight in ounces per from one piece of pie, if you choose to do this over Trainer and Women's Fitness Specialist at 303-828-2856 day. If you'll be drinking a cocktail at a party, be and over again, this is where you'll start gaining or visit for details. sure to drink water in between, as this will help in weight. The next day, get right back on track with Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! your recovery the next day. your workout routine and healthy eating. • Do Fun, Non-Food Activities • Stash Healthy Foods In Your Desk Together - It doesn't always have to be At Work - If you have healthy snacks readily about eating food. Plan group activities available to you at your desk, you won't be as with family and friends by creating tempted by the unhealthy holiday treats at the projects together like making wreaths and office. Christmas decorations. Sign up to volunteer • Stock The Freezer Now With at a local community shelter serving a meal, Healthy Meals - Everyone is over scheduled playing board or card games with a friend during the holidays with seeing friends in a nursing home, or walk through the and family, shows, parties, decorating, and neighborhood looking at decorated shopping. This homes. • Don't Skip A Meal So You Can Overeat Later - It's better to eat healthy like you usually would during the day so you'll feel better and stay in control over your food choices at the party. • Make Fun, Healthy Food Art - Like the healthy veggie GoAirheads Christmas tree pictured along with Field & Store this article, you could make this for As we now come to the end of the year I am the holiday party or have your kids make reflecting on God, my family, and my business. There was the sorrow of losing my Manicures Pedicures grandmother, whom we still mourn. Then the joy of graduating from college, and just now finishing up my first semester of grad school No Contracts at Denver Seminary. My family and I worked hard this year at the field and it is still not You own your own ad where we want to be but you our customers Free design have made 2013 our best year so far. We want to take this time to publicly thank God for Free logo help blessing us in our lives and the business, for FREE to Consumers protecting our customers and blessing their parents. We understand there are other places you can take your kids for entertainment and we feel privileged that you allow them to play at our field. Thank you again. So, having said that, we are giving away McDonalds certificates to the parents and/or the older 14th Year, Locally Owned & Operated kids who are driving to our field in the month of December. FREE

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So Much from So Little

By Robin Barrett As I was sitting in the nail salon waiting to get my nails done, I was talking and laughing with the ladies but for whatever reason when the Katie Couric show came on I had one ear peeled to the TV, which in this case was unusual. To be honest I have only watched her program once or twice. Katie announced her new series, “Challenge for Change Week.” I really wasn’t too interested. I was just thinking, “Here we go again.” It’s that time of year where someone is always asking for money or telling us it’s time for the doctor’s physical we have put off all year or you need to exercise more or you even need to rest more. As I sat there, I tried really hard not to listen but God, in his usual manner, really touched me when I wasn’t asking to be touched. And I actually listened. Katie’s “Challenge for Change Week” started in Phoenix, AZ, on Nov. 17, with her correspondent, Cameron Hughes. He was in Phoenix, the first of five cities in five days. Again, I was thinking, “How much money will he ask for or how many stories will he tell that will make people feel guilty into giving?” To my surprise it was totally different. Cameron Hughes, with the help of the entire city, including college kids, collected 1.5 million meals for Saint Mary’s Food Bank. I was shocked. They did this in just a short number of hours. That’s a lot of meals to provide those who are hungry. Cameron Hughes’ next stop was Denver, Colorado. There his “Challenge for Change” was to collect coats for “Coats for Colorado.” The coats project was originally started 32 years ago by the father of Steve Toltz, owner of Dependable Cleaners. “In the first year, my dad collected 750 coats,” Toltz said. “He cleaned them all and distributed them.” The Mile High city can get very cold in the winter and it is a blessing to provide good, clean coats to those in need. Cameron’s hoped to collect 5,000 coats to go towards the 70,000 that Dependable Cleaners now collects every year. With the help of the people of Denver, the kids at Merrill Middle School and Old Navy, Cameron exceeded his goal and offered almost 5,200 coats to Steve Toltz’s Coats for Colorado. I continued to listen to Katie’s show, not because I wanted to, but because I was compelled to. As I went about the rest of the day I continued to think about how much Cameron accomplished with so little to start with. Then it struck me, “God fed a multitude of people with only five loaves of bread and two fish.” Several disciples were worried that people should go home because they were hungry and there was nothing to eat. So Jesus sent the men to gather everything the crowd of people had to eat and they would share it. They only had the fish and bread. They didn’t have thousands of people helping them, nor a whole city, and definitely not the television and radio stations. God took a small amount of food from a handful of men and turned it into a feast with plenty left over. I am amazed at the phenomenon of Jesus’ love, patience and provision. Unlike most humans, Jesus wasn’t disappointed in how little food the men brought back. And Jesus wasn’t stressed that 5,000 people showed up without preparing for a daylong outing. Jesus knew these people; what was in their hearts and all their hidden secrets. But Jesus loved them. And Jesus took care of their hunger needs. Jesus took the two fish and broke them up as well as the five loaves of bread. He looked to the heavens and thanked “his Father” for what He had provided. Our Lord Jesus Christ provided food for every person and they ate their fill that day. After all ate and were satisfied, the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were LEFT OVER. The second amazing thing I realized was that Jesus listened. He didn’t prolong the people’s hunger because of His scheduled talk or wrap it up and take His teachings elsewhere. Jesus did not hesitate to care for their needs. He is still like that today. Jesus loves us. He invites us all to sit with him. He doesn’t worry how little we have. He doesn’t care how awful we’ve been. He has a good plan for us and He knows His Father will provide our needs if we would simply ask Him. Katie Couric’s “Challenge for Change” is like Jesus feeding the multitude. She and Cameron Hughes see a need, listen to the people and set out, with what they have, to fulfill that need. I was privileged to see another example of God at work just a few days later. At a gas station, about 3 in the morning, a scraggly man was standing near the entrance. My husband, Brad, walked past the man and said, “Hello.” Brad had already thought to himself, “He’s going to ask for money.” The man looked like he was trying to make eye contact; trying to have courage. Perhaps it was Brad’s pleasing voice or the simple fact of being acknowledged by a stranger, but the man did gain courage. When Brad came out of the store the man said, “Hey my white brother, can I ask you a question?” Brad turned around and to my surprise, his reply was, “Yeah, my brother.” This man just looked at my husband. Brad finally said, “Do you need some money?” The man smiled and said, “If you think you could spare something. It’s really cold tonight?” My husband handed the gentleman some money and said, “Brother, in God’s eyes, we are all pink on the inside. Doesn’t matter about the outside.” So I leave everyone with this final thought; God loves us. He takes great care of us. He’ll always know what we need when we need it and he’ll provide it. No matter who the physical provision comes from, just know God is the real person behind it.

Carbon Valley Help Center Increases Outreach by Helping Those in Need

In its first six months of operation, the Carbon Valley Help Center has had incredible growth in the number of clients that it has been able to assist by providing emergency food supply and information referral to local resources. In its first month the center served three clients, and by the end of October that number had grown to 92. Sue Pilon, Carbon Valley Help Center board member, said the response from the community has been astounding. “We’ve had so many people come forward to make donations, volunteer their time and be a our mission to help provide assistance to people in need.” part ofFlood Relief During the recent floods, the Carbon Valley Help Center became an integral part of the assistance and  Accredited Cruise Counselor recovery process, helping people who were displaced with  Certified Sandals Specialist food and providing referrals to agencies that could assist in  Princess Commodore Certification the recovery process. Client specialists at the center have  Mexico Destination Specialist also assisted residents in applying for FEMA funding and the Weld County Flood Relief Fund. The center has also  Hawaii Destination Specialist assisted local business owners affected by the floods. Volunteering The center continues to seek volunteers to help with various duties, including client specialists to meet with clients to discover their own strengths and skills, offer advice and support, while also establishing their needs for a better future. Interested volunteers should contact the center by emailing for an application. Volunteers will be subject to a background check. Donations The Carbon Valley Help Center relies on the assistance of people to donate both food and monetary gifts to help with operational costs to allow its mission to continue. Monetary donations are tax deductible and can be made by mail by sending to the Carbon Valley Help Center, P.O. Box 508, Firestone CO 80520. Nonperishable food donations can be dropped off at Firestone Town Hall, 151 Grant Ave., Firestone, during business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Carbon Valley Help Center is a 501(c)3 focused on helping people in immediate need move toward self sufficiency by unifying Carbon Valley resources. Located at 150 Buchanan Ave. in Firestone, the center is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with appointments recommended. For more information about the Help Center, call 303-833-3363, visit or email


Vol. 13, Issue 12

Firestone, Carbon Valley Help Center Recognizes United Power’s Contribution

The Town of Firestone attended the United Power Board of Directors meeting on Nov. 15, 2013, to thank them for their donation to the Carbon Valley Help Center, which will help many people in need throughout the area. The Help Center was a recipient of a $10,000 donation from United Power as a result of the company’s commitment to give back after the Colorado flooding. Trustee Matt Holcomb presented a Community in Motion award to the board of directors for their substantial contribution to the Help Center. “The Help Center has been able to quickly find its role in our community, especially throughout the recent flooding, and will even be more enabled given this generous gift from United Power,” he said. “Although United Power and the Help Center focus on different missions, they are both similarly focused on delivering the best they can for their members.” The Carbon Valley Help Center began in March 2013 as a local nonprofit designed to help people in immediate need move toward self-sufficiency by unifying Carbon Valley resources. The center offers information referral and emergency food supply, and is staffed completely by volunteers. Carbon Valley Help Center President Fred Skates said United Power’s donation will go toward maintaining the facility and replenishing food and supplies. Rachel Flutcher, executive director of the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce, said United Power has continued to be a strong leader in the community, supporting not only the chamber but local businesses. Firestone was represented by Mayor Pro-tem Paul Sorensen, Trustees Matt Holcomb, Darrell Walsh and George Heath and Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator Kristi Ritter. Also in attendance at the presentation was Rachel Flutcher, executive director of the Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Carbon Valley Help Center board of directors Fred Skates, Felicia SmithGraybeal, Gloria Walsh and Sue Pilon.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Frederick's Jenni Lovins at Massey Real Estate

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Need a Short Term Christmas Loan? 10%

Massey Real Estate of Longmont, welcomes Jenni Lovins to the brokerage firm. Jenni has lived in the Front Range area most of her life, growing up in Erie and presently residing in Frederick with her husband and two sons. As an associate of Massey Real Estate, Jenni's focus is residential properties in Longmont, Erie and Frederick/Firestone. “I’m so excited to have Jenni join my firm” says Susan Massey, owner of Layaway & gift cards available Massey Real Estate. “She is an excellent Visa, MC, or cash accepted addition to our group; her integrity, her passion for helping others and her knowledge of the area is in perfect alignment with our values." Jenni enjoys being involved in the community including her local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, a team captain for the Relay for Life of Carbon Valley and a youth baseball coach. She is excited for this new adventure in her life and the opportunity to help families find their dream home. Visit Massey Real Estate at www.



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Mobile Art Classes with The Cruisin’ Canvas By April Fordyce Blewett

After almost 20 years of wishing and dreaming about being an Artist, and many years spent trying to figure out how that passion could become a reality, Tami Showers launched “The Cruisin’ Canvas” while juggling her full-time job in sales. For more than 20 months before taking the risk of following her dream full-time, she began to feel it may be too much but, in December 2011 she took the plunge. On a wing and a prayer, Tami launched “The Cruisin’ Canvas” full-time in August of this year. Because she was invigorated and ready to leave the corporate “sales” world, she took a leap of faith and her creative career dream became a reality. Now Tami is able to bring you the experience of art and creation, literally, to your front door. This traveling art studio is a unique experience for all ages and all collections of people. With canvas and supplies provided, Tami exposes your creative side. Whether a large group or a small party, all can enjoy watching and creating together. Tami specializes in Holiday Parties, Corporate Team Building, Church Small Groups, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Family Reunions, Retirement Communities, and Women’s Groups, etc. She also teaches at local breweries and coffee shops. Tami and her loving husband, Bill, work together with God’s guidance to bring you and your group an experience of a life time. Tami and Bill were married in April and are enjoying life as newlyweds. One of Tami’s favorite past times is adding to her collection of heart shaped rocks. She has collected over 400 decorated Heart Rocks that will be on display at the Carbon Valley Regional Library all month long in February 2014. Please go check them out. She also played soccer for 30 years, she is a swimmer, hiker and enjoys riding her bike. She loves spending time with her kids, Hobie, Dozer and Tulip (they are furry and fun). Tami enjoys creating stained glass art and weaving on her six foot loom. Tami goes wine tasting and visiting Colorado’s many fine microbreweries. She also visits Colorado’s many fine hot springs destinations. She has lots of great friends and loves being connected to her church, Rocky Mountain Christian Church, here in Fredrick. The Cruisin’ Canvas is currently offered in Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, North Denver, Erie, Thornton, Westminster, Lafayette, Louisville, and more. Anywhere you are, the Traveling Canvas will go. Book a party before December 31, 2013 and get $20.00 off. If you wish to contact Tami Showers you can call, or e-mail any time, any day or visit her website at,, 970481-8183. Tami and The Cruisin’ Canvas love getting involved in the local community and being the boss of her own time. She is finding that her business has its own rewards, set of challenges and opportunities. “It’s not easy,” she says. “Attitude is important, every day.” Growing a new business takes a lot of dedication, faith, professionalism and stamina, but Tami loves it. She says, “I am enjoying the business and all the creative sides involved with it.”

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Food for the Soul

If You Want To Be Happy for The Rest of Your Life

In the 128th Psalm we find a recipe for happiness which is especially useful around the Christmas season, when some are overjoyed with the holidays and others are depressed. As with any recipe you will use in your baking this month, let’s begin by looking at the “ingredients” needed to achieve this elusive human desire. Surprise! This “formula” for a happy life begins with the fear of the Lord. It isn’t talking about us walking around the planet shaking in our Christmas boots either, just a reverential trust in the Almighty- enough to cause us to “walk in His ways” as it says in verse 1. When you discover just how awesome and faithful the Lord God is, it is not problematic to follow his instructions. And when we do, we gain the joyous life of which He speaks here. Of course, if we leave out some of the ingredients we cannot expect the same results as the picture shows us- just like in a cookbook. Can’t leave the oatmeal out of oatmeal cookies and expect the right taste. Verse 2 speaks of eating of the labor of your hands. This refers to actually working for a living and not counting on the Government to support you. No mention is made of the type of work- just working hard at some useful and honorable occupation that fits in with being a follower of the Most High. Mama used to say that “hard work never killed anybody”, and while some of us may complain that we’re ‘nearly dead’ from a difficult day at the grindstone, we really aren’t quite as bad off as we lead others to think we are, just tired. And tired is actually good, for Proverbs says “The sleep of the working man is pleasant.” No need for sleeping pills when you have spent your day’s energy in productive employment. Happiness comes up in verse 2, along with well-being. These are two things everyone desires but many seem unable to obtain. Keep following this recipe and you can enjoy both. While you don’t have to be married to be happy, verse 3 tells us that mixed in with following God and working hard, a good marriage results in a productive life and wife. And children are an obvious blessing from the union of a godly marriage and a godly home. Sounds like there are more than a few- though no number is ever given in Scripture for the perfect family. That’s a faith issue. Verse 4 sums it up succinctly, “for THUS shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord”. Now there are a multitude of other blessings God has for His people besides the ones given here, but suffice it to say that for the vast majority of Christfollowers, nothing beats a happy home. None who walks down the aisle in marriage is hoping for a quick divorce, but rather to “live long and prosper” (as Spock used to tell us on Star Trek). Unfortunately, in America the marriage results are fast fading from “happily ever after”, to too many “hop on the bus, Gus, set yourself free”. Back to square one. A great life follows a proper fear of the Lord. Everything flows from that right understanding. Failure to take advantage of His eternal wisdom and instructions leads to troubles aplenty. A life lived with humility comes with God’s provision; pride brings destruction and regret. So what will you choose? It’s never too late to begin anew, so start today and go with the recipe for success offered you in His Manuel. Few who have followed the Lord’s basic instructions before leaving earth (bible) have regretted it. And tens of thousands will testify throughout eternity that His way was indeed the highway to heaven and earthly bliss. The path is simple. You read it and you heed it. You “chew” it and you do it. God wants you to have the merriest of Christmases this year. Get off to a good start by hearing His directions for the happy life, and then experiencing one. And it might be good to gather with others who have found Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. Merry Christmas sure beats Happy Holidays. Nobody named Holidays died for your sins or has time measured by His life (BC/AD). Keep looking up; your redemption draweth nigh. By Pastor Jim Coleman. Abundant Life Church meets at 10:00 am Sundays at 4380 Highway 66, 3/10 mile east of I25 on the south side. Check our website at


Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Some are occasional, some frequent, some are dull and throbbing and some cause debilitating pain and nausea. What do you do when you suffer from a pounding headache? Do you grit your teeth and carry on? Lie down? Pop a pill and hope the pain goes away? If you frequently experience headaches, the American Chiropractic Association suggests the following: • If you spend a large amount of time in one fixed position, such as in front of a computer, take a break and stretch every 30 minutes to one hour. • Avoid heavy exercise. Instead, try walking or low-impact aerobics. • Avoid teeth clenching. The upper teeth should never touch the lowers, expect when swallowing. • Drink enough water day to help avoid dehydration, which can lead to headaches. Research shows that services provided by a doctor of chiropractic can be very effective in relieving headaches caused by tension in the neck; however, patients should also be aware that some severe headaches or headaches accompanied by unusual symptoms

Vol. 13, Issue 12

could be indicators of a more serious condition, such as the onset of stroke. If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek immediate medical attention: • The sudden onset of severe headache that is more intense than any headache you have ever had in the past. • Headache that is accompanied by blurred vision, double vision, trouble swallowing or speaking, or severe dizziness. • Headache that is accompanied by numbness, tingling, weakness or clumsiness in the arm or legs. • Headache that is accompanied by confusion, disorientation or loss of consciousness • Headache that is accompanied by fever. • Headache that is accompanied by a severe stiff neck. • Headache that is accompanied by persistent or unexplained vomiting. Dr. Mike Simone specializes in chiropractic treatment and the treatment of sports injuries at Simone Physical Medicine in Dacono. He is certified in acupuncture and is currently the Chairman of the Board of the American Chiropractic Association. He can be reached at 303833-2332 or through his website www.

Elder Home Health Care Services

How To Keep From Getting a DUI Over The Holidays

DUI. What follows is a brief conversation to have with yourself BEFORE going to the event this holiday season; • Is it likely alcohol or drugs will be offered at this event? ♦ No. Then go to the party event without As we approach the holidays the opportunity another thought. to consume alcohol and or drugs increases. This • Yes. How will you get home? in turn increases the opportunity to receive a DUI. ♦ I am not going home. The important things to keep in mind are; plan ♦ Consider getting a ride to the event. before the event party and leave your car at home. • I will take a cab If you go to the event without planning, you are ♦ Take the cab to the event. setting yourself up for the opportunity to receive a • I will use a Designated Driver ♦ Plan what you will Hope, Options, and Planning = Excellence do if the designated driver drinks. See above. • I will call for a ride Toni Lavely ♦ Have your ride take you to the event. CACIII • Enjoy your holiday (303) 833-0840 celebrations! Christina Lavely If you or anyone you Offering: Administrative Director know is suffering from • Adult & Juvenile 204 8th St., Unit B addiction please call us at Dacono, CO 80514 • Level I & II Education/Therapy (303)833-0840.

New Hope Counseling Center

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Shopping for Success, a Story of Change

If you are like many Americans, you may be clipping the Sunday coupons before going grocery shopping to save a buck. It is tempting to fall into this trap to save some money. I used to use coupons also to help save my family money. Most coupons that are printed are for processed foods that are in a box, can, packet, or in the freezer section. There is nothing wrong with trying to save your family money; but, what are the cons about using coupons? When you are trying to implement a “healthy lifestyle” change with your nutrition…. you quickly find out that using coupons is not the answer to your grocery dilemma. Using a coupon to buy 10 boxes of Mac & cheese will not get you closer to your goal of losing weight and getting healthy, but it might save you a few dollars. The next problem is, even if you are not eating the Mac & Cheese yourself…. why are you choosing to feed it to your family? Most people who choose to start on a transformation to health tend to do it solo…. not including their family in their changes. I also started my own transformation this way…. not thinking that my family needed to “sacrifice” their way of eating just because I wanted to get healthy and lose weight. I was still “using coupons” for our favorite snacks such as chips, cookies, ice-cream etc. I was not yet a personal trainer or nutritionist at the time… I was just an average person trying to learn how to eat healthy and lose the 100+ pounds that I needed to lose. If I could have changed the way I began my transformation, I would have also made it a priority to change my entire family’s nutrition plan. What was good for me surely must be good for my kids. I truly wanted to live longer and to get healthy and decrease medical issue. So why would I not also want that for my kids? It was a hard decision because kids put up a lot of resistance. They are used to a certain routine and they also look to you to role model behavior… and let’s face it… I was well over 100 pounds overweight at that time… so I clearly was not being a great role model. It took me a year of choosing to eat healthy and learning how to be healthy before I actually implemented changes in my kitchen. The process was slow and painful. The kids were sugar and carb addicted along with not wanting to give up fast food and school lunches. Little by little, I educated the kids about how food acts when it enters into the body. They slowly started to eat more whole foods and less of the junk. When I became a nutritionist, the true changes occurred. My family became very interested in learning about how food affects their bodies, mood, hormones, and sleep cycles. By being a good role model, I was able to effectively change the way my family perceived food. It is no longer a matter of living to eat…. but eating to live philosophy at my house. It may seem impossible and some might say that my family eats healthy because I am a personal trainer and nutritionist… but the truth is… any family can implement changes that are positive and that will help to eliminate health problems due to social diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. My family has continually improved the way we eat. We now all practice “Paleo” nutrition which has had significant positive impacts on our health and fitness levels. People may say that it is too expensive to eat healthy, but the truth is… it is too expensive to get sick! If you would like to experience a change in your own household, I can help you get organized and I can teach you how to make it happen. I will be hosting a grocery store tour and discussion based on the Paleolithic principles of eating. I will also be sharing my story and discussing exactly how the nutritional changes in our lives have helped all of us. This will be held at the Natural Grocers store in Longmont. The date is TBD. Please call or email me to reserve your spot. ~Shelly N. Porcaro, NASM-CES, CPT, SFN (303)594-8325 shelly@

Full spectrum elderly care services, focused on the individual’s needs, provided by Denise Coe, Executive Director. Clients benefit immensely from the 14 years of experience that Denise has. She offers tailored services to meet the needs of the special person in your life. Denise says, “My passion in life is to make a difference in our aging population by doing for them what they no longer can do for themselves.” Her clients include seniors with loving, attentive families and seniors who are struggling without familial support. She has established relationships with various professional communities throughout Boulder County. Denise Coe has earned the respect and trust necessary from various doctors in the fields of geriatric internal medicine, dentistry, education, and others. Besides companionship and client need management, she also offers transportation, errand, advocacy, bill paying, household, and yard care services. She maintains medical journals for accurate communication between client and doctors and family. Denise also trains caregivers and she helps to or applies for and submits Medicare/Medicaid and insurance paperwork. Her lasting relationships with the families make her a valuable asset and the demand for her services is constant. Call Denise for references and more information at 720.231.9382.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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HEALTHY GMO And The Food Deception #5

Did you hear about the Washington State Initiative I-522 “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”? This Initiative was narrowly defeated. Let’s look at what happened in Washington State a little closer. The News Tribune recently reported that this defeat, although close, was supported by out-of-state big business to the tune of almost $21 million. The “Vote Yes” on Initiative I-522 raised $8 million dollars. (See link for the full story). Interestingly enough the Grocery Manufacturers Association was the largest donor to the “Vote No” campaign. They contributed $11 million dollars to the “No” campaign. The GMA created a special “fund” called the Defense of Brand Strategic Account to shield name brand companies from publicity, (such as Pepsi and Coke). This move is illegal and is being challenged with a lawsuit. “The GMA still faces legal action for having collected its money illegally without first registering as a political committee, according to the Washington attorney general, who filed suit against the food industry group and is expected to seek penalties in court.” Next to GMA, Monsanto contributed $5 million dollars to the “No campaign” followed by DuPont, Bayer and BASF. These are all companies that provide the world with GMO seed. Companies that state on their food labels “No GMO” by law can include up to 10% GMO. These are companies that people trust and food that people think is safe. Who do you suppose these companies are? I would say they are the companies that contributed to the “Vote No on I-522” Initiative. Here is a partial list of those companies. IZZE Naked Juice Gerber Cascadian Farm Muir Glenn Honest Tea Odwalla Wolf Gang Puck Larabar Kashi (Kellogg’s) R.K. Knudsen Santa Crus Organic Land ‘O Lakes Burts Bees (Clorox) Del Monte Ocean Spray Welch’s Similac Bear Naked McCormick Green & Black Organic Gardenburger Are you surprised at some of the names? Now let’s look at a partial list of the food companies that contributed to the “Vote Yes” campaign. Nutiva Annie’s Amy’s Wallaby Organics Lundberg Hain Celestial Barlean’s Frontier Clif Bar Organic Valley Whole Foods Vital Choice Diamond Foods Turtle Mountain Dairy Free Back to Nature Applegate Van’s Ben & Jerry’s Go Raw Ciao Bella Think Thin Redwood Hill Farm Stonyfield Natural Products Earthbound Farm Organic Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Organic Consumer’s Association It is pretty plain to see that this is “Big Business vs. Small Business” with Big Business having the deep pockets. The Big Business campaign aired ads stating that the labeling of foods containing GMO product would mean an increase in food costs. That would mean that Big Business would have to comply and would lose money as the public became more aware of GMO contamination in their products and the damage that it can do to one’s health. It is important to take control of our own health and welfare. It is important to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies and it is important to stop supporting Big Business! We need to send a message by refusing to buy products from companies that are deceiving us. Read more here: Dee West is a partner in Rocky Plains Quality Meats. We are located at 4022 York Street, Dacono, Co. directly east of the Colorado National Speedway. 303-833-3791.

Organic Hormone Free

This break from the shopping frenzy is brought to you by the physicians, providers & staff of Carbon Valley Medical Center.

Wishing you peace, health & happiness this holiday season Family Medicine

Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Shoban Davé

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Dr. Krishna Murthy

Dr. Nicky Theiss

Pediatric Medicine

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Heidi Pomfret

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6600 Firestone Blvd., Firestone, CO :: 303.833.8880 ::

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Seasonal Affective Disorder

Recently, I saw an article in the newspaper regarding SAD, it looked to be very thorough, but admittedly, I did not read the entire article. My first thought was, this is very timely, with what appears to be useful information, the second thought was, let’s change this to Seasonal Effectiveness. So, rather than writing an article about SAD, which anyone could look up on the internet for more specific information, (below is a snippet from the Mayo Clinic) I’d like to share a few ideas that are effective and inexpensive remedies. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms typically begin late fall / early winter, but could also occur during the opposite seasons of spring and summer. Fall and winter seasonal affective disorder (winter depression) Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder symptoms include: 1 Depression 2 Hopelessness 3 Anxiety 4 Loss of energy 5 Heavy, "leaden" feeling in the arms or legs 6 Social withdrawal 7 Oversleeping 8 Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed 9 Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates 10 Weight gain 11 Difficulty concentrating Considering this list, it may be important to contact a physician for a good referral for a counseling when symptoms are severe. If not, all of the following ideas may be used symptomatically, so these are not necessarily needed for use on a daily basis, but rather, any time we notice an uncomfortable change in mood. • Alarm clock that simulates the sun rise, for those who start the day very early. These help to naturally transition out of sleep when it is still dark. • Fermented vinegar, yes more about vinegar! In a nutshell, fermented (not distilled) vinegar positively influences the Liver. When the

Liver is functioning at it’s best, emotions, digestion and blood circulate well. 1 teaspoon of fermented vinegar (apple cider, rice wine, white wine or umeboshi) with 1/3 cup, or more of water, 2 or 3 times per day helps to relieve emotional stagnation. Children typically respond quickly. • Limit carbohydrate intake, (with the exception of fruits and vegetables) as a high amount of carbohydrates can negatively effect the system, producing a feeling of lethargy. • Acupuncture regulates the entire system and promotes proper movement of energy; blood circulation, digestion, and the areas of the brain that regulate circadian rhythms and hormones. Several treatment sessions may be necessary in the beginning, but then taper off to four times per year. • Exercise of any kind. Also, there are certain yoga positions that help regulate the endocrine system, which secretes hormones into the blood stream. Depending upon the severity of mood, it may be difficult to want to exercise, or even go outside at all, so this may be last on the list. Trying the first four ideas may be more feasible, and when ready, ask a family member, friend or neighbor to come by and encourage a walk or a visit to your local recreation center. Once an exercise routine is established, the brain craves the endorphin rush, and the calming effects we feel afterward, which makes it easier to want to exercise regularly. Most importantly, sometimes we can be most effective by asking for help when needed! Daisy Lear, MSOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. practices Chinese medicine & acupuncture i n Longmont. She is a Healthcare Provider for CIGNA (303)5873 5 5 7 daisylear@

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Colors of Christmas

Patio Covers Gazebos Pergolas Decks Stamped Concrete & More


When Service, Quality & Every Penny Counts... You Can Count on L & L Enterprises. “We Don’t Know Why We Waited So Long,” Kelly Martindale

L&L303-746-0298 Enterprises Locally Owned, Operated & Insured


Simplicity hair salon

Where dreams come true!

225 Oak St. | Frederick

Haircuts • Color • Perms • Styling • Up-dos •

Red and green have always been the conventional colors of Christmas and there has been much research examining why and how this came to be. The Victorians introduced many of the Christmas traditions practiced today and it is widely believed the colors often associated with Christmas - red, green, white, gold and blue - are based on Christian tradition. However there is also a preChristian historical basis for some of the colors. Green was considered the color of life long before Christ was born. Historical records show that Romans hung wreaths of holly on their walls and doors in honor of the winter solstice. During the 4th century the church began to celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th. Those same wreaths remained hung in homes and the color green along with holly wreaths became associated with Christmas. Red berries were added to the holly wreaths to represent the blood of Christ. Centuries later churches started presenting religious plays and introduced pine trees (green year round) in the story of Adam and Eve, and decorated them with red apples, associating the tree tradition to Christmas. Eventually gold decorations were added to represent the gift of gold from one of the Three Kings, meaning the richness of eternal life. Culturally, red, green and gold have long held many meanings. Red ranges from health and courage, love and passion to anger and danger. Green has long represented life and fertility, but also is associated with envy, poison and death. Gold? It has been know to mean life, sickness, bravery or cowardice! Whether the meaning of these holiday colors are religious, cultural, symbolic or all of these to you, all are beautiful colors and can enhance your home. Some of our favorites: From Sherwin Williams: Poinsettia 6594, Amaryllis 6591, Evergreens 6447, Jolly Green 6931 From Behr: Cranberry UL100-4 From Ben Moore: White Christmas 872, Mistletoe 474 and Winterwood 1486. For more information call Tim Zaerr at Blue Parrot Painting at 303.678.8442 or visit www.

Locally owned & operated

Tiffany ~(303)828-8955

I would love to help you keep your hair looking wondeful all week! Call me...soon!



HAIRCUT y r r e M tmas! Chris Specials for Senior Citizens

w/Tiffany | 9 yrs. Experience w/Coupon | exp. 12/31/13

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, thankfulness and delicious food. We encourage you to take the time to read these safety tips so that your celebration remains a safe one. • Focus on the task at hand. The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is due to unattended cooking. Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling or broiling food. If you are baking, roasting or boiling food check it regularly, and always remain in the home while you are cooking. Use a timer so that food is not forgotten. • Make a safe cooking area. Keep anything that can catch fire- such as oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, and towels - away from the stovetop. Also make a “kid-free zone” where children and pets are at least 3 feet away from where hot food is prepared or carried. • If a fire occurs GET OUT! Close the door behind you to help contain the fire and call 9-1-1 as soon as you are in a safe area. From everyone at Mountain View Fire Rescue, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! *Safety tips obtained from NFPA’s Cooking Safety and Thanksgiving Safety Tip Sheets. To learn more visit www.


I purposely named my business Face to Face so that it would be broad enough to cover a myriad of different things – social marketing, consulting and speaking. The MAIN thing I do is set up and professionally manage accounts on Facebook for businesses and non-profits. Did you know? Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the web. We all knew social media was popular, but this popular? Social media carries more weight than ever. It’s clearly not a fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit. Putting time and effort into your social media strategy clearly makes sense. If you weren’t already serious about social media, you might want to give it a bit more of your time. Let’s talk about TANGIBLE VALUE *Consumers will interact with your business if they feel it is to their benefit. *Your customer is interested in what's in it for them. Remember, it's not about you, it's about your customer. *Tangible value can include receiving discounts, obtaining coupons, winning prizes and purchasing. Need help with your digital strategy and promotions to303-518-0089 increase top-of-mind awareness and revenue? Call 303.518.0089. Jennie Poppenger Helping people connect to business through social media

Jennie Poppenger The Social Media Whisperer

Find Face to Face on Facebook

Kitchen Safety from Mountain View Fire Rescue

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein

Stamps Make Great Christmas Gifts

Frederick Post Office has a variety of Christmas stamps available, as well as holiday packaging supplies. The Postal Service is projecting 14.7 billion cards will be delivered from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. On average, the Postal Service processes 528 million pieces of mail every day. During the HOLIDAY season, that volume increases to 545 million pieces of mail daily. We expect to process 607 million pieces of mail on December 16. Shipping deadlines for this Christmas delivery are from Dec 14, for Standard Post Mail, Dec 20-21 for First Class Mail & Priority Mail, and Dec 23 for Priority Express Mail. *Remember also, the Frederick Post Office accepts Passport Applications, by appointment, M-F from 9:3012:00 and 1:30-3:00. Please call 303-833-2581 to set your appointment today.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Longmont United Hospital Opens Indian Peaks Medical Center on December 2

Indian Peaks Medical Center in Frederick, Colorado will open its doors Monday, December 2, 2013 at 7:00 am. The public is invited to tour the new facility at the Open House on Sunday, December 8 from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. The vision of Indian Peaks Medical Center is to provide a full range of primary care and specialty medical services with convenient hours and new patient care technologies. “Indian Peaks Medical Center was built to bring the best healthcare with the best technology to a community in need of healthcare services,” stated Peter Powers, director, Business Development. “Through our experienced medical professionals, preventative care and healthy lifestyle practices will be part of our new neighbor’s lives. We are very excited to be part of this community” Indian Peaks Medical Center Features Family Medicine (Family Practice) services • Experienced, caring physicians • 12 exam rooms • Laboratory Services • X-ray imaging • Latest technology in patient medical records • Convenient hours including same day, evening and weekend appointments Gynecology Laboratory services – drop in Orthopedic services Obstetrics and Gynecology services Integrated therapy services including acupuncture, massage, and more. Location: Indian Peaks Medical Center, 4943 Highway 52, Frederick, Colorado About the Open House When: Sunday, December 8, 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. Where: Indian Peaks Medical Center, 4943 Highway 52, Frederick, Colorado What: Meet the new physicians. Tour the facility. Complimentary blood pressure and blood oxygen screenings. Experience a complimentary chair massage or ear seed acupuncture. Enjoy a laugh with clown or a child’s painted face holding a balloon. See the best-behaved dogs ever, – the volunteer Therapy Animals In Loving Service will be ready to meet you. Join us! Refreshments will be served.

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Furry Godmothers Expands to Carbon Valley

By April Fordyce Blewett We have expanded! The Furry Godmothers has been centered in Arvada for over 30 years. And now Carol White lives in The Farm subdivision. Still settling in from her recent move in October, Carol is excited about being there for you and your pets. Carol White has been pet sitting since 1986, when she started working for Home Watch. Several years ago Home Watch decided to concentrate on in-home care for seniors and no longer offers pet sitting. This allowed Carol and others to start their own business, so they became the Furry Godmothers. The Furry Godmothers have clients who are celebrating 25 years. They have cared for families through several sets of pets, moves and life experiences. So many pet sitters start out thinking this is an easy job. But it takes dedication and a true love of animals to be successful. You have to be responsible, have an affinity for animals, and a loyalty to your customers and their owners. Carol White has given shots, pills, IV fluids, warmed food and eyedroppers of medication while sitting and caring for others pets. She has always gone above and beyond to provide the comfort that her clients and their pets have come to love and value so much. For Carol White and The Furry Godmothers, taking care of pets is a passion, not a business. She will be happy to give names of people who allow her to take care of their babies. “Even as I type this I am a pillow for one cat and a couch for Matthew 1:22-23 another,” says Carol. 22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord One of Carol’s most memorable experience was a had said through the prophet: 23“The virgin day that she walked into a house will conceive and give birth to a son, and they where she was taking care of some pets and saw a dead squirrel on the will call him Immanuel.” rug. She went into the garage to (which means “God with us). get a bag to put it in and when she came back to the room, the squirrel was gone! Carol said that her first reaction was that it must not have been dead as she had thought and now there was a live squirrel in the house. As she started searching the rooms for the squirrel, there it was in the family room. It was very dead and the dog had just moved it. The Furry Godmother is new in town. Her experience and passion truly goes beyond words. She is available to care for your pets while you travel for the holidays! Carol is offering $5 off for new client and the opportunity to earn $5 for each one you refer that becomes a client. To contact Carol White call 303-431-PETS (7387) or email furry.godmother@ JERRY L. HICKS 303-833-4218 “The pets love me and I love Firestone them, without the vet bills.”-Carol Licensed & Insured  Over 25 Yrs Exp White

Carbon Valley



12-4 PM AT COAL RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL, 6201 BOOTH DRIVE • Photos with Santa • Quilt Exhibit • Santa’s Workshop - Create Crafts & Ornaments • Dress Up Like a Fireman & Take A Photo With the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District • Holiday Music Performances • Hot Chocolate & Cookies!


Merry Christmas from the HSwI family to yours!

Call for FREE estimate today!

Dec. 7

4:30-5:30 PM AT ST. VRAIN LEGACY TRAIL TRAILHEAD (SOUTHWEST CORNER OF COLO. HIGHWAY 52) • Photos with Santa • Create Crafts and Make Cards for Our Military Soldiers • Holiday Music Performances • Limited Number of Free Holiday Ornaments • Fireworks Immediately Following the Tree Lighting • Hot Chocolate & Cookies!


• Photos with Santa • Thousands of Twinkling Lights! • Holiday Music Performances • Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides • Hot Chocolate & Cookies! • Live Ice Carving Demonstration and Interactive Ice Sculpture


Bring a monetary donation for Santa Cops or a can of food to exchange for a cup of hot chocolate!


151 GRANT AVE. • 303-833-3291 WWW.CI.FIRESTONE.CO.US




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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12

Rachel Flutcher, Executive Director | Office at Adams Bank & Trust | Firestone | 303.833.5933 | |

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bill Meier|June Werner|Judy Bakanec|Jesse Esparza|Heather Morgan|Sharon Voss|Franki Bertram|Jenny Breitenfeldt|David Pickett


Promoting Business, Educating Citizens, & Supporting Our Communities attend the December 12 business luncheon to hear from Greetings Business Owners: Cover-to-Cover Readers

local non-profit efforts. hand shake No Contracts We have some exciting events and new member You own your own ad commitment benefits to look forward to in 2014! If you have not Free design Free logo help joined or renewed with the Carbon Valley Chamber of FREE to Consumers Commerce yet, please register for one of our events as a guest and come and see for yourself what all of Only Colorado publication the talk is about! We are a dynamic thriving business to reach WHOLE area monthly community with impact across from Hwy 7 North to Readers Keep Paper ALL Month 14th Year, Locally Owned & Operated Hwy 66 along the Eastern I-25 corridor. Visit www. FREE for more information. Warm Holiday Wishes to you from the Carbon Valley (303) 833-5997 of Mead Chamber of Commerce! 303.833.5997 • -Rachel Flutcher, Executive Director BEST Source for Local Advertising


• • •

Check out our monthly events for chamber members:

Welcome New Members: View Full Chamber Directory!

z Business After Hours- usually the 1st Thursday of month- various locations host

Pawz Veterinary Clinic LLC 303-652-5222

North Forest Office Space Brett Steinbar 7203230613

Nerium Skin Care Mary Ruddy 720-635-1401

Next Business Luncheon:

July Cozad for Weld County Commissioner cozad4commissioner@gmail. com

Next Business After Hours:

Georgia Boys Smokehouse 141 5th St, Frederick

Carbon Valley Relay for Life Chris and Julie Laxson

z Business Luncheon- 3rd Thurs. at various locations z All Business Matters- 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 8:15 AM – 9:25 AM Bella Rosa Golf Course z Espresso for Entrepreneurs- 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 8:30AM – 9:30AM at The Brew at Deja Lu z Mind Your Business monthly workshop- 3rd Wednesdays 3:00PM – 5:00PM at The Brew at Deja Lu

JOIN or RENEW NOW if you are not a member of this dynamic chamber! Contact the Chamber office or visit:

Thursday, Dec 12th, 11:30 - 1:00PM Presentation: Nonprofit Showcase. Chamber members will hear from local area non-profits on ways to give and get involved. Held at the Saddleback Golf Club in Firestone. REGISTER for the NEXT BUSINESS AFTER HOURS! at Hosted by Adams Bank and Trust on Thursday, December 5th at 5:30PM - 7:30PM at 8308 Colorado Blvd., Suite 100 in Firestone. Bring a new, unwrapped toy for Toy’s for Tots...and Santa will be here for office photo’s or just for fun from 5:30-6:30! Enjoy food and drink while fostering business and industry relationships! Must register online.

For All Your Beverage Needs


As 2013 is drawing to a close, please take a moment to view upcoming activities in the Carbon Valley during the month of December. Small Business Saturday kicked off the Holiday season on Saturday Nov 30th. Start your day of shopping madness in the Carbon Valley at local coffee shops, one of a kind boutiques and retail stores from hardware and paint to custom made bike leather. View the Chamber Member directory ( to find all of these great local businesses and more! Come to our holiday business after hours, hosted by Adams Bank & Trust, celebrate the season on December 7 at the Carbon Valley Holiday Festival and

Don’t Delay Publishing Soon! CALL Jan-303.775.5901 Distribution

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Six Pack Sampler! Pick Your Own!

Cimarron St.

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“Helping Carbon Valley Shoppers from being stuck between a rock and a hard place!" Lotto Tix • Mixers • Gift Items • More

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12

FFFPD Promotes Two to Captain




s ve


e ow T t




ts cu

A traditional Barber for a Man’s Man

303.833.4041 Get a warm lather neck shave with EVERY haircut

20 Years Experience Mon-Fri 7a to 6p • Sat 7a to 2p Highway 52 & Glen Creighton • Dacono

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Two Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District officers were promoted to the position 970.532.0702 • 720.320.9085 of Captain on Saturday, November 9, 2013, after successfully testing for the position. Captain Jim Klug and Captain Greg Boatman both held the position of Lieutenant before testing and being promoted. ►Bulk Mailing ►Delivery to Post Offices ►Inkjet addressing ►Labels ►Inserting/Sealing/Stamping ►Tab Seal Captain Klug is the training officer ►De-Duplication of addresses in files ►Maps (plotting addresses from a file) ►Mailpiece Design Consultation for the Frederick-Firestone FPD, and has ►Database List Management ►Free Answers to Postal Questions! ►Pick-up/Delivery of jobs been since June 2008. He was also recently ►NCOA (change of address file - national database) ►Pre-sort for maximum postage savings 1st class and Standard nominated and selected as the 2013 recipient of the Colorado State Fire Chiefs’ Larry Ketelhut Fire Instructor of the Year Award, which will be conferred at the State Fire Chiefs’ Leadership Conference in December Captain Greg Boatman began his career with the Frederick-Firestone FPD in February 2002 and has served with distinguishment, most recently in leading his crew in a voluntary community service project that has been awarded an Award of Excellence. “A leader is not the one who directs from a position of safety in the rear of the column. He or she has to be the one in front, establishing the vision of what lies ahead and taking the first risk. A leader must commit to do more than they ask of the people following them. It is not a position of privilege, but instead a position of service. It means that when a need arises, you step up to be the first to meet it. It means not accepting mediocrity, but striving for excellence. It means service above self. These two men embody this definition of leadership, and we are very proud and fortunate to have them as part of our team” said Fire Chief Theodore Poszywak Both Captain Klug and Captain Boatman will be officially recognized during the 2014 Awards and Promotional Ceremony that the Fire District will hold on June 13, 2014. ABOUT FREDERICK-FIRESTONE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District (FFFPD) is governed by a Board of Directors and provides to the Town of Frederick and the Town of Firestone and their residents emergency medical services, fire protection, prevention and education. For more information about the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, please contact FFFPD Community Outreach Specialist Summer Stair at 303-8332742 or by email at

Freezing Temps Break Weak & Aged Parts Items to Consider:  Tire Tread & Air  Defroster  Windshield Wipers  Heater  Anti-freeze  Fuel Treatment

10% OFF SERVICE with this ad • exp. 12/31/13

r e d i s n Co se.... The

not valid w/other offers New Customers Only Valid up to $100 discount

Other Services Offered:

Engine tune-up & oil changes Custom wheel alignment Radiator flush & every fluid Brakes & power steering AC Repair Transmission & differential

CARBON VALLEY GARAGE Your Home Town Auto Repair Solution

Kids Against Hunger & Nation to Nation Ministries Team up to feed Hungry Children

For Immediate Release – Pine Ridge, SD. Recently Nation to Nation Ministries, lead by Pastor Dennis Carlin, has received the gift of 23,000 meals ready to eat or MREs from Kiwanis Clubs Kids Against Hunger - headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This gift can help meet immediate needs for protein-rich filling meals for those Lakota families struggling to make ends meet as cold weather approaches on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Future needs of the Lakota people are being met by Nation to Nation with the purchase of goats and chickens to provide them with meat, milk, and eggs. Designed to work much like the Heifer Project but on a much smaller scale; families that received goats and chickens are required to pass the offspring to other families that want to begin providing for themselves. Nation to Nation and the Lakota People of the Pine Ridge are always looking for goats and chickens that are in good health, if you have a goat or chickens that you feel would benefit this “Pay it Forward” program you can donate them to Nation to Nation, a 501(C) (3) organization. About Kids Against Hunger: Kids Against Hunger was founded in 2008 by the Denver Kiwanis Clubs to provide specifically formulated nutritious food for children around the world. The meal ingredients are formulated by food scientists to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed by an undernourished child’s body and mind. The food is also acceptable to the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world. The food offers all 9 of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition, something that can’t be said about other typical food relief sources such as rice or beans alone. It is also very simple to prepare, requiring only 6 cups of boiling water to make a complete meal. Learn more about Kids Against Hunger at: About Nation to Nation: Nation to Nation Ministries, led by Pastor Dennis Carlin was established 13 years ago to

Batteries Die Timing Belts Snap Heater Motors Fail Wiper Motors Break

Coolant WINTERIZATION Test Check Fluids Wipers Set Tire Pressure SPECIAL Includes Inspect FREE with any service • with this ad • exp. 12/31/13 not valid w/other offers


Committed to Ethical Repair Services 13730 Deere Ct. • SE Corner Hwy 66 & I-25 Longmont 80504 M-F 7:30a to 5:30p

meet the immediate and future needs of the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. For more information on Nation to Nation Ministries please contact: Pastor Dennis Carlin, 970-988-2927 or learn more at or their website:


The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Be Inspired at Axis of Movement Pilates

When we first met “Chris” in June of 2011, we knew introducing him to Pilates would be a great challenge. Accomplishing the results he and his doctor were hoping for would be an even greater challenge. Chris has severe kyphosis, scoliosis, and fusions in L1-5. His torso was hunched over to the point that there became concern for not only his posture and balance, but also his organs. After 2 years of hard work, dedication and resolve, Chris can begin to stand in his 6 ft. 3 in stature with some ease. He embraces his new found height, and shouts to the rooftops his love of Pilates. It is truly amazing what we have been able to accomplish together!

Vol. 13, Issue 12

Local Leaders To Celebrate Grand Opening Of Delta Effects Public to welcome new locally owned tax prep, accounting, bookkeeping and start up business solutions office to the Gunbarrel community.

Irish Step Dance

Jane Brautigam, Boulder City Manager, and other dignitaries are set to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, November 16th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM to celebrate the opening of Delta Effects’ first office. “We are really excited to see so much support from our friends and neighbors,” said Valerie Johnson, Director of Operations at Delta Effects. “As a locally owned business, being part of the community is a huge focus of our company and we appreciate the support.” Indeed, Delta Effects has already pledged to donate a percentage of its first year profits to help the victims of the recent flood. “We feel that being part of the community is how business should be done,” said Johnson. The general public and members of the press are invited to attend the event, hosted onsite at 6525 Gunpark Drive Suite 320, where refreshments and food will be served accompanied by live music. The owners hope to meet as much of the community as possible during this event. Delta Effects is a locally owned and operated tax preparation and small business services firm based out of Boulder, CO. The team of partner owners, consisting in Enrolled Agents, RTRPs, CPAs and MBAs, has more than 100 collective years in experience in the field. To learn more, visit:

Welcoming New Dance Students Looking For a New Home

Erie Chamber of Commerce Dec. 2013 Events

Holiday Studio Dance Showings

Each dance class will showcase their talents in class the last week of December. Dancers are asked to invite parents, siblings, friends and family members to join in the celebration. We will have hot chocolate and treats. Families are also encouraged to bring a dish or treat to share. Celtic Steps of Boulder is in the house on Wednesday evenings! Ages 5-10: 4:45pm-5:45pm. Ages 11 and up (including adults): 5:45pm-6:45pm. The current session will run through December 18th and new session begins January 8th and runs through March 12th. Please email for more information. Currently we are running a dance Groupon that is worth 20 pirouettes. This Groupon is perfect for NEW Axis of Movement Dancers. Monthly Tuition-$45.00 for 2 hours of dance instruction per week for 1 month ($94.00 value), or $99.00 for unlimited dance instruction for 1 month ($264.00 value). This is a huge savings! Dancers eagerly awaiting to check us out, this is the perfect opportunity.

Preschool Classes: Call For More Information About Classes We Can Offer Your Preschool.

Busy Bee Preschool attending class with Ms. Alisa at Axis of Movement (left).

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness!

Mix and Match Private Pilates, Yoga, and Massage Sessions. Buy any two 60 minute sessions and get one FREE! Only $130! Special ends 12/31/13. New clients only.

Firearms Rules for Kids 1. 2. 3. 4.

If you see a gun, STOP! Don’t touch it. Leave the area. Tell an adult. If you see a gun that you really, really, really want to touch, STOP. Don’t touch it. Leave the area and ASK an adult if you may safely handle it. 5. If you see a gun and don’t know whether it’s a real gun or just a toy, treat it like it’s a real gun.

Adapted and expanded from the NRA’s Eddie Eagle materials. Children should be taught rules 1-3 beginning as soon as they are old enough to talk. Rules 4-5 should be added as soon as the child understands and can repeat the earlier rules.

Labels All Wrong In Abortion Debate

If there are two terms I really find disdainful, they are “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” It seems to me that the “pro-choice” people do not want to use the word abortion, and for that reason they do not call their movement pro-abortion — even though that is exactly what they are. Several years ago I saw a woman driving a car with a bumper sticker that read: “If you can't strust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a baby?" I’ve never seen another, so they might not have ever been too popular — probably because anyone looking at that particular bumper sticker, whether pro or anti-abortion, would have known the answer. We can’t trust you with a baby because your choice might be to murder it. Both women and men who profess to be “pro-choice” prove time and again that they have no interest in any other choices for people other than the choice to kill an unborn baby. Ask some of the most radical pro-choice liberals/Democrats you know if they believe in a woman’s right to choose to have an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle in her home to protect her children (the ones she did not abort). Do you wonder if they would back that same woman’s right to chose to use a school voucher? Do liberals back her choice to send those children to any school — public or private — she chooses? Are the pro-choice advocates anxious for women to choose to be married, stay at home, raise children and join the PTA? Will the pro-choice liberals among us stand by and allow a woman to choose to be a Republican? Will they be happy when she chooses to ignore the Democrats proclaiming that Republicans are waging a war on women? How much support will the woman get from liberals when she chooses to protest outside an abortion clinic? Can she choose to protest the murders of innocent defenseless babies going on inside? After all, she is using her body to stop abortions of babies. Doesn’t she have to right to chose what to do with her body as much as the young women entering the establishment to get an abortion? Just let a mother chose to enter any school run by the teachers union and ask them to stop teaching her children about liberal causes and start teaching them to read and write. She will be lucky if she isn’t lynched. As women do not have the right to choose what school their children go to, so to they do not have the ability to choose what they learn. Conservative parents, mothers and fathers both, have to re-educate their children almost every night. But let’s not just pick on the pro-choice crowd. The pro-life group seems to suffer from a misnomer, as well. Not wanting to use the words “anti” or “abortion,” they do not call themselves “anti-abortion,” which is exactly what they are. Perhaps some of them believe

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWLY ELECTED 2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS! • Jonathan Barton • Jeannie Hulse • Sandy Hutzley • James Sites Thank you to all the candidates who ran for the Board. We anticipate another successful year for the Erie Chamber of Commerce! Network at Noon – Chamber Members Only Tuesday, December 3 11:45 am – 1:15 pm Erie Community Library 400 Powers Street Erie, CO 80516 RSVP: 303.828.3440 $10 Charge Includes Lunch Erie "Business Watch" Meeting and Presentation Wednesday, December 4 12:00 – 1:00 pm Erie Town Hall, 645 Holbrook Street Erie, CO 80516 Please join us for a Business Watch Meeting in the Community Room at TOWN HALL. Please enter in the rear through the basement entrance. Chief Vasquez and the Police Department will be prepared to educate us on holiday crime prevention. For more information and to RSVP, please call 303.828.3440. Country Christmas Parade & Celebration Friday, December 6 5:00 – 8:00 pm Historic Downtown Erie ~ The celebration consists of a living nativity scene, visiting with Santa, choirs performing, free wagon rides, a Parade of Lights, and local businesses serving hot chocolate and offering Country Christmas Specials. Ribbon Cutting/Open House ~ Public Invited Saturday, December 7 12:00 Noon We Cover Colorado Allstate Office 16765 Washington Street Thornton, CO 80023 RSVP: 303.828.3440 No Charge Holiday Open House – Chamber Members Only Wednesday, December 11 3:00 – 7:00 pm Erie Chamber Office 235 Wells Street Erie, CO 80516 Drop by and enjoy holiday goodies at the Chamber office! RSVP not required.

the term anti-abortion does not sound very nice. Or perhaps they don’t want New Chamber of Commerce Member Orientation to come right out and say Tuesday, December 17 10:00 am – 11:00 am exactly what they believe Erie Chamber Office, 235 Wells Street in. Erie, CO 80516 I do not know why. RSVP not required It stands out as they stand in front of abortion clinics with signs that say “Abortion is murder.” Their cause seems to be a not very well-kept secret. To say you are prolife is akin to saying you are pro-flowers. Who isn’t? Even the people who perform abortions would probably tell you that they love life and living things as much any person ever could. I’m sure that the women who work in abortion clinics with children love their children as much as the women protesting outside. So being pro-life means nothing. It is not a real stand. Being anti-abortion means a great deal. Especially to that unborn baby that is about to be terminated inside the clinic. To me, both sides are in need an honest nomenclature. When we are visited by aliens and they see signs that say “pro-choice” and “pro-life” they will be baffled as to why these two groups seem to be opposed to one another. Perhaps what we need is a movement that is “pro-clarity.” Al Jacobson is a Commerce City homeowner and he writes children’s stories.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Senior Events

Page 19

s n a e Holy J tition! e p m o C ● 303.833.2739 6615 Frederick Way ● Frederick

F.Y.I Holiday Closures The center will be closed the following days: December 24, 25, 31, and January 1, 2014. Friday Movie Matinee @ Senior Center December 6 at 2 pm. Cost is only 75 cents and includes a few snacks and drinks. The movie playing will be “A Christmas Story” rated PG-13 Dexterity and Hand Strength At the Senior Center December 6th {Friday}11am-12noon Interactive health event on Dexterity and hand strength. Win prizes and enjoy laughing with fun activities! Join us if you or a loved one struggles with hand pain, weakness, dexterity issues. Bring a friend for extra fun! No resented by Encompass Home Health...a national leader in medical home care! For more info 720-341-7976, Sherri. No RSVP needed. ""That Ain’t Right!” Corner December 10th Assisting you to find the resources to fix your issues big or small 11am-1pm at the Senior Center. “Scrooge” Candlelight Matinee December 8th {Sunday} Time:11:45am departure approx. return 5:30pm Cost: Member, resident /$47 Member/$56 Non-member /$67 Deadline: December 4th This is a classic pleaser, just in time for the Holidays. Enjoy gourmet fine dining and fabulous on stage live entertainment.

e g d i r n e k c e Br s e r u t lp u c S Snow 2/13 Trip

F.Y.I. Did you know you can register for any of the upcoming trips online? You can at It’s so easy, just check with the front desk to make sure you’re set up with a password to get started. Up-Coming Trip Announcements! “Scrooge” Candlelight Matinee Date: December 8th {Sunday} Time:11:45am departure approx. return 5:30pm Cost: Member, resident /$47 Member/$56 Non-member /$67

Cham Anto a/ n Trai ito n tri 10/1 p 2

Holiday Evening Potluck Date: December 10th {Tuesday} Time: 4:30 pm Arrive with a side dish—We will provide the pulled pork. We will sing Christmas Carole's around the piano and bring cheer to all! Sign-up for this at the Senior Center.

Open Gym Days! December 26th & 27th. 9am-3pm Features pickle ball, basketball, shuffleboard, and corn hole. Learn a new sport… just for the health of it. “Handel’s Holiday Hits” Greeley Chorale December 21st {Saturday} Time: 4:45pm departure approx. return 9:30pm Cost: Member, resident /$15 Member, non-resident /$18 Non-member /$22 Deadline: December 16th We will stop first and have dinner at the Double Tree in Platteville (on your own). After that we head to Greeley to the Union Colony to enjoy the Greeley Chorale singing favorite choruses from Handel’s beloved Messiah, as well as time honored carols and traditional tunes of the holidays. White Fence Farm December 27th {Friday} Time: 4pm departure approx. return 8pm. Member, resident/$5 Member, non-resident/$6 Nonmember/$7 Deadline: December 20th Not to be missed! Everyone's favorite chicken! So much to see and do at the gift shops and musical entertainment areas. Dinner on your own. Silver Sneaker®/Senior Juice and Coffee Bar held at the Rec Center December 27th {Friday} Time: 8:00 - 11:00am. FREE Come and have a morning snack and juice or coffee before or after your workout. Meet some new people for good conversation! Crafts & Sew Day: Every Tuesday Time: 1:00-3:00 pm The group meets in the Senior activities room trying their hand at a variety of arts. (table decorations, gifts, scrap booking, greeting cards, beading and more.) We’ve added the quilters and sewers for a complete group. G.I. Coffee Hour Day: Every Friday Time: 9:30 am Stop at the senior center for coffee and catch up on the latest news with other veterans. It's all about sharing! We will have a little coffee cake or sweet something to go along with the wake-up beverage of the day.

Rose Parade December 30th.– January 3rd, 2014 $1,871 $2,399/double $2,799/single $2,469/triple 9 days* 14 meals (8 breakfast, 6 dinners) 2014 Tropical Costa Rica February 22– March 2 California Rail Discovery $1995/double add $650 for single

Senior Lunch Menu

December 4th Sweet & Sour Chicken, beef & broccoli, cashew chicken, rice and fortune cookie catered by Wah Wok December 11th Italian manicotti w/marinara sauce, steamed medley, salad and cake catered by Pete’s Place All Members Business Report following lunch . Mountain Man will be here . Those who want to can draw names for the gift exchange on the 18th. December 18th Spiral baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole and roll catered by Pepper Jacks. All bring a Christmas dessert to share. Wear your favorite Christmas sweater/shirt. Gift exchange for those who drew names week prior. Fire Dept. will doing blood pressure. December 25th CLOSED HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! Cost is $7.00/per person

Senior non-member {Or guest under 55} $10 SilverSneaker® /Senior member $4 SilverSneaker® /non-Senior member $7 **Please call 303-833-2739 by 1:00 pm the Tuesday before if you plan to join us for lunch as they are catered. Call in cancellations must be made by 1:00 pm the Tuesday prior otherwise there will be a lunch charge. **ALL SilverSneaker® members must swipe their card to get the SilverSneaker® member price.

2014 The Splendors of Italy Sept. 20-29th $3159/double contact Aleta for single price

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Annual Holiday Craft Fair at Imagine Charter School

SCHOOL MATTERS Busy Bee Preschool is Now Enrolling!

Celebrating our 10th Year in the Carbon Valley Area

(1 full-time and 1 part-time opening for ages 3 and up) * Licensed In-Home Care in Firestone * 2 adults working with the children daily * Full preschool program daily included in the tuition * CPR and First Aid certified * Owner/Director has a degree in child psychology * One dog...kenneled during childcare hours * Non-smoking home * Dance, Yoga and music classes monthly * 15 passenger van with approved seatbelts * Monthly Field trips and outings * Fenced backyard * Conveniently located to I-25 * Hours of Operation: 7:15 am-5:15 pm Monday - Friday Call Vicki Athmann @303-506-8825 or check out our website for more information.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

Get your holiday shopping done early! Imagine Firestone is hosting a Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair, with handmade crafts and food items, home-based businesses like Pampered Chef and Scentsy, kids activities, and concessions. Have your picture taken with Santa! The Scholastic Book Fair will also be open at the school. Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7th, from 11 am to 5 pm. The school is at 5753 Twilight Avenue in Firestone.

Students Create Web Design To Bring Awareness

Compete with fan pages for favorite non-profits Firestone, CO, October 4, 2013– Where can Saint Jude’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors Project and Friends of the Longmont Library come together? Where can fan pages let Catholics Come Home and Comic Relief battle it out? Try a middle school technology classroom. Seventh and eighth grade students at Imagine Charter School at Firestone are taking web design to a whole new level. They’re giving it a purpose. It’s a concept called Service Learning, and it’s not the first time students at Imagine have experienced it. Last year, fifth grade and kindergarten students used an animal expo to educate the community on the services available for domestic and wild animals. “The idea of service learning,” according to technology teacher Aaron Hollingshead, Eighth grade student Kylie Mazur edits code for her “is that if students are going to learn a subject matter, in this case web design, let them do it in a way that takes them beyond the classroom into website promoting Color Vibe, an organization known the real world where they can make a positive impact.” for the 5K Color Run that supports local charities “There are multiple benefits to service learning,” continued kindergarten and organizations. teacher Kristen Baker. “The benefits to the students are that while they are learning about subject, they are able to help the community and the world.” Baker and fifth grade teacher Kim Campbell were able to take their students last spring to meet and hear world-renown conservationist Jane Goodall. Seventh and eighth graders were required to research organizations as a part of an internet research unit, which then connected into creating web pages to promote the nonprofit’s work. Created pages will compete for votes, and the winning page will win a prize for the student and a cash donation to the organization it supports. “I like this project because it teaches kids about web design and prepares them for the real world.” Explained eighth grade student Lyv Quillen, who is creating a page for the Longmont Human Society. “Plus we get to work on something I really care about.” Voting is open to the public and will run through November 15. Visit the official voting page at

Teen Motor Vehicle Fatalities Rise in 2012, Reversing Positive Trend

Since 1977, we have offered quality early education and care programs for:

Infants Toddlers Preschool School-Age


National Teen Driver Safety Week was Oct. 20-26 Parents of teenagers may think they don’t have influence on their kids, but when it comes to safe driving, they do — and it could mean the difference between life and death. From 2004 to 2011, rates of motor vehicle crash deaths among 15- to 19-year-olds in Colorado dropped more than 67 percent. However, in 2012, Colorado experienced a 10 percent rise in teen fatalities from 2011. “The pairing of statewide education and heightened enforcement has contributed to a significant decline in teen driving fatalities, but the increase in 2012 is cause for concern,” said Ali Maffey, policy and communication coordinator at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “Before teen drivers get behind the wheel on their own, experts suggest parents sign a contract with their teenager outlining clear rules and specific consequences if rules are broken. This accountability goes a long way in decreasing a teen’s risk of motor vehicle crash or fatality.” In conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 20-26, the Colorado Teen Driving Alliance launched a new online parent course providing step-by-step instructions on how parents can support their teens through Colorado’s Graduated Driver Licensing laws. The course was prompted by a new Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment survey of 738 parents of teens throughout Colorado showing only 6.4 percent of parents could accurately identify components of graduated driver licensing laws, including curfews, passenger restrictions and seat belt requirements. “Teaching your teen to drive can be a daunting process,” said Carol Gould, highway safety manager at the Colorado Department of Transportation. “But the best way to put yourself at ease is to get up-to-speed on the process of getting a license, understand the specific restrictions for teen drivers and treat the learning process as a true partnership with your teen by helping each other navigate Colorado‘s laws and safety guidelines.” All teen drivers must log 50 hours of practice driving with a parent or legal guardian. Experts recommend using this practice time to expose teens to a variety of road types and weather conditions. The online parent course guides parents through lesson ideas to cover during the 50 hours of practice driving. The learning process should not end once a teen gets his or her license. According to a survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, teen drivers are 50 percent more likely to crash during the first month of driving on their own than they are after a full year of driving experience. After two years of driving experience, a teens’ accident rate is cut in half. The Colorado Teen Driving Alliance is a group of government agencies, law enforcement and private partners who work together to reduce teen driving fatalities and injuries. To learn more about Colorado’s graduated driving licensing laws, how to support your teen through the process and access the online parent course, visit www.

720.542.9805 8196 Colorado Blvd. Firestone In the Safeway Shopping Center Hours: 11 — 10 Daily


6501 Frederick Way, Frederick



Christmas Special

Buy 1 Get 2nd

On Combinations #1 - #33

Firestone Location Only • Expires January 2, 2014 *Excludes Fridays & Saturdays • Of Equal or Lesser Value Not Valid on To-Go Orders



Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Pizza cont. from pg. 1 be greeted with a smile and a full menu to create your own pizza confection. Whether your taste leans towards the Classic Pepperoni pizza, Full House Meat Lover’s pizza (which has everything but the kitchen sink), or the Natural (a veggie lover’s pizza), then this is the place for you. They didn’t forget the kids…the Straight pizza offers a mixture of different types of cheese! Rolling hot out of the oven is their new square pan pizza; different dough, different sauce and a different taste….sooooooo good you have to try it! Blackjack Pizza makes all of their own dough and sauce daily for a fresh great taste. Great news! Starting in December, they’ll have gluten free crust available for an additional charge. If you are dining alone the personal pizza is ideal for one person or great for lunch. Is this your dinner? Top it off with one of their three delicious salads; the Antipasto, Mediterranean or a Fresh Garden Salad. Meeting with family and friends after a Bronco game? Sit back and order their Supreme Pizza for delivery. It’s the best deal in the house. Want sides of breadsticks or cheese bread? Feel free to get creative and add bacon or jalapenos or some pepperoni to your cheese bread…the sky’s the limit. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Don’t forget the wings. Choose Hot N Spicy or BBQ and they come boneless or bone-in. If pizza is not your thing then try a Stromboli. Mouth watering and every bite delicious. Every great meal deserves a yummy dessert so top it off with some delicious Cinnabread with icing. Blackjack Pizza offers you pizza to pop all at one stop. Check them out on Facebook and get great deals daily with advertised specials. Call in for delivery, order on line or pick-up one of these great tasting pizzas for dinner today. Preorder for large or small parties. Make it easy on yourself for birthdays, Holiday gatherings or watching the Broncos. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. So if you are ordering for one or a hundred, Blackjack Pizza wants to serve you. Winter hours Sun-Wed 11-9 Thur 11-10 Fri/ Sat 11-11 Blackjack phone 303-833-2875 email We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District

2013 Annual


Don’t Miss Santa Making His Way to Your Neighborhood in December! Friday, Dec. 20, starting at 4 p.m. Firestone/Overlook, Maple Ridge, Evanston, Parkview Oak Meadows, Mountain Shadows, Booth Farms

Saturday, Dec. 21, starting at 3 p.m. Sagebrush, St. Vrain Ranch, Ridgecrest, Countryside, Frederick, Prairie Greens, Savannah, Angel View

Sunday, Dec. 22, starting at 3 p.m. Casa Grande, Stoneridge, Monarch Estates, Eagle Crest, Raspberry Hill, Eagle Valley, Summit View, Fox Run

Monday, Dec. 23, starting at 4 p.m. Morningside, Rinn Valley Ranch, Wildflower, Wyndham Hill, Saddleback Heights, Owl Lake, Moore Farm, No Name Creek, The Farm

For subdivision route information, please visit

Redline Cup BMX Winners & Riders

Congratulations to Carbon Valley’s own Redline Cup BMX Winners and riders at USA BMX Redline Cup Series in Blue Springs, Missouri October 18-20! We are thrilled to announce Ian Schillinger from Team Dacono won 1st place in Age 9 Intermediate Class, receiving a #1 RLC Plate, jacket, and trophy. Shelby Schumacher won 2nd in Girls age 15 Expert Class, Chris Schumacher won 2nd in the 31 and over Open Class, and Brandon Zepeda-Orth won 5th in Age 8 Expert Class. Braxton Elsen received 1st place in Class and will be featured in PULL Magazine. Congratulations to all these riders for their outstanding hard work!

Holiday Job Hunting: Keep your Spirits Up

Page 21

When you’re under- or unemployed, the holiday season is not the most wonderful time of the year. On top of all the emotional stress, you are facing financial stress too. It’s worth it to try to keep your spirits up both for your family and friends and so that you have a positive attitude with potential employers. Hiring can be slow in December, so use this time to take care of your personal well-being and to prepare all of your job hunting tools for when the job openings begin to roll in. To start, don’t give in to the urge to overspend in the spirit of the season. Have candid conversations with your family and set boundaries for gift giving. To keep up a playful spirit, watch for free entertainment opportunities. Psst – the library offers free fun for the whole family, including regular storytimes and monthly movie nights. Taking care of your physical wellbeing can work wonders if your mood is dark. Go for a brisk walk. Try out a low-cost class at the Carbon Valley Recreation Center or the library. Experiment with meditation or deep breathing exercises. If you use the free Weigh and Win program, you can even get paid to get in better shape ( Finally, make sure all of your job hunting tools are in order. Get your resume into tiptop shape. Expand your skills by booking training time with a librarian or taking a free online class through Coursera, Khan Academy, or Learn4Life. Practice answers to tough interview questions with a friend. And always put a smile on when you’re answering the phone so your voice is cheerful and welcoming when potential employers start to call. For more help, visit the Job Zone at the Carbon Valley Regional Library every Tuesday from 1:00-2:30pm.

Page 22

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12


Former State Your ad here, just $50 per issue w/3 month commitment Senator Real Estate Acupuncture Insurance Mortgage Wins Seat Acupuncture & FREE PRE-QUAL on Aims Chinese Herbal Get it NOW! Board; Medicine FREE CONSULTATION Providing Quality Wood Steve Cloyed Healthcare for the 303-772-7030 or 303-915-4493 Whole Family Takes 720-684-6012    (303)587-3557 303.833.3012 Second   Jim Long 8110 WCR 13 S-4 All Your Insurance Needs Term Firestone Daisy Lear, Life • Contractor • Business , Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. Home • Auto • Health • Dental Unopposed 17 Yrs. in the Carbon Valley • Co. Licensed #1000020918

USDA • FHA • VA Loans No Down, 100%! Refi’s to 125% • Low Rates

Call for Consult & Appt.





Yes, Dear

Blue Parrot Painting

Handyman Services LLC

720.378.6589 | 720.378.7861

Full Service Teleflora Florist Everyday Occasions • Birthdays • Wedding Free delivery to local funeral homes Wire anywhere in the world • Order Online Now 303-678-8442 •720-256-3284

Real Estate

Richard Hoffarth •720.480.7352 Locally Owned & Operated



303.833.4070 539 Oak St. Frederick

Cindy Campbell Associate Broker

Each office independently owned & operated


Patti Welcomes Rachael Goodard

Frederick Store & Liquor 340A Fifth St. • Frederick • 720.242.6111

Groceries & Liquor LOWEST cigarette prices in town!

~a stylist of 15 years ~

• Haircuts • Color • Perms Call for pricing! Now offering the services of Don Burke, experienced tattoo artist


Mon.-Thurs. 6 am-9 pm Fri. 6 am-10 pm Sat. 8 am-10 pm Sun. 8 am-9 pm


The Melgar Family thanks you for your support!

Green Pear cont. from pg. 1 a bilingual salon. Concha says, “I want to give special thanks to my children, Carlos and Claudia, also a very dear couple that have been my clients for 15 years and to all my clients who have followed me everywhere I go, for their support. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of you. Thanks for supporting me all the way!! Thanks for helping me achieve my biggest dream in my life!!” She and her staff are anxious to help clients obtain styles that make them shine. She is privileged to have three wonderfully talented women working with her: Sam, Dani, and Jamie. Each one is an asset to The Green Pear. Dani Macleod started nail art when she was 14-yrsold but didn’t decide to do nails professionally until 2010. She went to school and got her AA in Graphic Design and didn’t feel she had quite found her calling. She had always been into art and felt she needed something more hands on, more personal, and sociable. She came to realize the beauty industry is all that and more. Her clients enjoy fresh, new trendy colors or even a perfect sheer professional look. She takes care of bridal parties too and offers a unique twist on the classic French manicure! Men enjoy a good foot scrub followed by a relaxing foot massage! Even five-yr-olds want a different colored glitter on each nail. She caters to all. With Dani holding your hands or massaging your feet you will receive quality services in a friendly relaxing atmosphere. She says, “People are surprised how a real pedicure is supposed to feel. Too many times the lower priced salons want your business but they want you in and out quickly. Clients who come and sit on my pedicure throne will be taken care of in a relaxed environment and still be ready in time for the rest of your day.” Dani says her heart belongs to her daughter, Violet, who has down syndrome. “She keeps me grounded,” says Dani. “She has a quick sense of humor about her and you just can’t help but fall in love with her.” Violet was born with a hole in the 4th chamber of her heart and doctors said by the time she was one, Violet would have total heart failure. At seven-months-old, Violet had open heart surgery to repair the hole. “She amazes me every day with her strength,” says Dani. “Violet will be 13-yrs-old Dec. 19th…Big Party that day!” Dani’s December special is a weekly drawing for a FREE basic pedicure. There is no purchase necessary but you have to come in and enter your name and phone number. Basic manicures are $12, regularly $15. Samantha Priebe started working for the Green Pear salon last November with the previous owner, Fran. They




Real Estate Services & Certified Distressed Property Expert

At its November meeting, the Aims Board of Trustees residential | land | commercial seated Ray Peterson as the new director for District C, representing Eaton, Windsor, AultHighland, Briggsdale, New Raymer and Grover school districts. Peterson Real Estate defeated Windsor resident Louis Beard in the election. Also sworn in was Larry Wood, current Board Director for District D, representing parts of Greeley-Evans Serving Your Real Estate Needs Since 1985 School District 6. Wood was unopposed in his bid for a second term. Peterson operates Peterson Ranches of Nunn on the property where he was raised. He earned his bachelor’s in Animal Science and his master’s in Adult Education from Colorado State University before earning a doctorate in Educational Administration from Arizona State University. His professional experience includes serving as state senator from 1982 to 1994, more than a decade in CSU’s Extension Service and nearly 30 years in the Colorado Department of Education. He currently serves on several boards including President of the Weld County Farmers Union, member of the Weld County Livestock Association, the Greeley/Weld League of Women Voters, and the High Plains District Board of Trustees. “Community colleges serve such an important role in higher education, and I look forward to the opportunity to help Aims continue to provide the very best to our community,” Peterson said. “Given my life experiences and my dedication to community service, I think I have a lot to offer as a Trustee.” Wood, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Colorado College and holds an MBA from the Ray Peterson University of Michigan, takes a second four-year term serving District D. He is the Chief Lending Officer for First National Bank, where he began his banking career 35 years ago. Throughout his career he has been primarily involved in commercial and real estate lending. “I'm very happy to be able to continue my relationship with Aims. It has been very rewarding,” Wood said. “I believe Aims is positioned to become the number one community college, providing superior education at the lowest price for the people in our district.” The Board also elected Walt Richter for a second, two-year term as Board Chair, Mike Geile for a second, two-year term as Board Secretary, and Carol Ruckel for a two-year term as Board Treasurer. The Aims Junior College Larry Wood District is governed by a fivemember Board of Trustees elected to four-year terms by voters in the district which serves residents of twelve school districts in Weld County, as well as portions of Adams, Broomfield, Larimer, Logan and Morgan counties. Call Aims today at (970) 330-8008 or visit for more information on how to register for classes.

Becky Lyall

Prospect’s 722A Tenacity Drive S. Longmont just off Hwy 287

Delivery to Mead, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick & Longmont

Real Estate

were sad to lose Fran to Phoenix, but she left behind a great business for Concha to build on. Samantha is excited to see where Concha will take this salon. Sam loves working in an industry where people can walk with their heads higher because they feel good about how they are presenting their inner self to the world. She was privileged to work under two former platform artists in the Chicago area and now has a passion to help others. Sam and her husband have been blessed to have hosted some amazing foreign exchange students, and now have opened their home to fostering some great kiddos in their area who need a loving home. Samantha considers herself a bit quirky, calls herself a foodie and would love to get to know you and give you a great haircut or new fresh style for the holidays. Samantha always offer 20% off to foster families and local social workers; and 15% off to seniors. Haircuts for kids in transition in the foster care system are free. You can contact her directly at 720.442.3093 or email Jamie Roesler has been doing hair for over 12 years and enjoys helping people find the the look that brings out their inner beauty. Jamie has been in Colorado only three years since moving from Alaska. She says, “Whether we are keeping long hair healthy with a trim or making a more drastic change, I love sculpting hair.” She has four daughters and plenty of hair to work with. She started working at the Green Pear in November and looks forward to growing her clientele. One of her clients said, “I've been to expensive stylists and cheap haircutters. No one has helped me be as comfortable in my hair as Jamie has. She's a great listener, and she has a surprising amount of experience that compliments a talent for giving clients exactly what they want. I'm grateful that she's my one go-to person for hair.” – Ann Lynn Jamie’s specials for December are a Free haircut with any color or texture service and men’s and children’s haircuts for $10. You can contact her directly at 720-3185107 or The Green Pear Salon is available for all your hair, waxing and nail needs. Visit them at 142 6th St., Unit 6, in Frederick, CO 80530. You can also visit www. or call 303.833.4586. Their hours are: Tuesday 10am to 4pm Wednesday 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm Thursday 10am to 6pm Friday 10am to 7pm Saturday 10am to 5pm


Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Bits & Pieces from pg. 7 Tri-Town Toastmaster’s Club

The Tri-Town Toastmaster’s Club #1112188 has moved to our new location. This club is made up of a diverse group of people who meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of the month in the Carbon Valley area. Our main purpose is to develop confident public speaking and leadership skills for personal growth in a safe friendly environment. Each meeting lasts an hour and provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member can participate and has the opportunity to develop competent oral communication and leadership skills. Terrified to speak in front of a group? Join us to practice. Looking to improve your communication skills? Don’t worry, there are no instructors or grading; member participation and meeting quality are critiqued by fellow members in a positive yet always room for improvement style. Guests and the general public are always welcome to attend our meetings. You can expect an enjoyable experience with fun, encouragement and networking with business leaders, yet no pressure to participate. We are currently recruiting new members and invite you to attend and bring a friend! Please join us the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at our new location: Rocky Mountain Christian Church - RMCC Fredrick Campus, 5860 Majestic Street, Frederick, CO 80504. For additional questions, contact one of our board members: VP Education, Julia Davis – - 303-775-1106 or VP Membership, Dario Montelongo Jr. – – 720-6700209 Additional details can be found by visiting: index.htm or

Supporting Student Activities Through Volunteers

The general purpose of the Frederick Booster Club (FBC) shall be to promote encouragement, support, and financial assistance for the academic and athletic programs supported by Frederick High School (CO). The FBC also promotes interests and participation of extra-curricular functions and fundraisers, which may benefit some or all of the current student body. The FBC will do all things necessary or convenient to accomplish such purposes. To join please visit our website at: click on "membership."

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North Metro Business Women's Network

On November 13th the North Metro Business Women’s Network (NMBWN) featured Pat Zietz from The Inn Between in Longmont, CO. Pat came to spread the message of The Inn Between and how this organization is helping families by providing transitional housing and supportive services for families who find themselves homeless for a period of time. “The Inn believes that education is the key to ending the cycle of homelessness. Every resident works with a case manager and participates in programs that will help them move toward becoming self-sufficient.” Since 1993 The Inn has helped many people including: single and two parent families, teen parents, women experiencing domestic violence, persons with disabilities, seniors and more. www. At NMBWN we're building an amazing group of small business owners in the Carbon Valley community!! We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 915am, at the Carbon Valley Regional Library in Firestone. This is a beautiful location, as well as an incredible resource for small business owners. December is Party Time!! We are having a Clothing exchange for our monthly meeting. Please bring business clothing or accessories and exchange them for the same amount of clothes you bring. (limited to 10 pieces) Also bring clothes that you would like to donate to the The Inn Between. Bring plenty of business cards, we want to know what you do! The cost is $5 for both members and guests. Let us help you connect with new faces in the community while you get to help an incredible local organization at the same time! For more information please contact: Christina Martinez, President NMBWN, 303-887-7790. See you at the library!


Wheels & More

FREE | | Like us on Facebook | 303.833.5997

Looking For Extra Income? Work From Home! 57 year old Home-Based Business, Great Income, Free Online Training, Flexible Hours. No Inventory, No Employees, No Overhead. You'll Love The Products Too. Visit [12-13]

PEACE OF MIND PET SERVICES All aspects of pet (and home) care while you're away from your home. Experienced/References • Serving the TriTown area. Leave a message for Norma @ 303-833-3164 [12-13] LIMITED TIME ONLY! Start your own business today for $99 and start making money TOMORROW. Check out our catalogs on my website at Send me a message or call me at 970-535-0749 [7-13] Book your party today premier jewelry and earn free jewelry. Call Christina Heiney 720-448-3649 [9-13]

Announcing Southeast Preneed and Financial Solutions Rocky Mountain Division manager, Bob Sweeney, focusing on your preneed funeral and cemetery needs. Give me a call to discuss your concerns about Medicaid spend down using a Funeral Expense Trust and/ or Estate Planning Trust specific to funeral home and cemetery costs. Call 720-771-1611 [12-13]

VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 9741 We are searching for veterans to join us and become an active part of our Tri Town communities. Stop by and chat with a member to find out about our program any Tuesday and Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at 911 Carbondale Dr. Dacono, Co. 303-833-3248

Usborne Books & More is Children's Publisher of the Year for 2012. My website: or on facebook at Kelli Sablow, local consultant and mom of 2. Order directly on website or contact me to learn how you can get FREE books! Excellent quality books for newborns to high schoolers. [7-13]

Simplicity Salon in Frederick has booth space available to rent. They are looking for a manicurist/pedicurist who is self motivated. Person may be new in business or experienced as staff will help you build clientel. Call 303.910.6492 or 303.833.3235. [7-13]

HOME BUILDER AVAILABLE FOR RENOVATIONS Remodels ● Basement Renovations Hardwood and Tile Floors Garages ● Roofing Cement Work and Driveways Decks ● Add-on Rooms Call for estimate…over 25 years experience… local references available! ● Kenyon Homes- 303-651-9460 [9-13]

Kenmore Washer/Dryer set for $450 Broyhill Dining Table & 6 chairs $650 Cal. King size pillow top mattress (great condition) $500 Mission style Headboard/Footboard, Dresser & nightstands set $650 Entertainment Center $500 970-481-8183 [12-13]

FREE Fertilizer U-Haul 303.833.0345 Bring your shovel and your truck! [10-13]

Horse, Dog or Cat Massage and Acupressure for your pets, contact Beth 303-746-7786 [12-13]

Need contractor insurance call 720-684-6012 [10-13]

FOR SALE 7 foot Christmas tree with stand, Bradford Exchange "Sunset Splash" And "Dolphin Majesty" dolphin collector plates with certificate of authenticity - artist Lassen; in original packaging, microwave, lingerie chest of drawers, end table, console humidifier on wheels, dishes, books, ACE 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump only used a day, call 303-746-1381

Palger, LLC is a company dedicated to performing electronic services on your domestic and professional equipment, industrial machinery, circuit boards, and any other type of electronic device. Victor Palacios German Firestone, CO 80520 Phone: 303-833-6506 [10-13]

Sale: 1940’s Vanity, mirror and chair, skinny dressers, end table, desk, dishes, glasses, punching bag, resistance workout, shelves, red lava lamp for Christmas! 303-7461381 will return calls as work allows. [12-12]

Do you want to know more about Jesus? For FREE Bible Studies send your name and address to: Free Bible Studies PO Box 866, Firestone, CO 80520 [8-13]

I have four Hankook Optimo tires they are 235/45/ R18 tires. these tires cost over 700.00 Dollars. I no longer have the car so I don't need the tires anymore. these tires have 80 to 90% tread. Clint 720-491-0789 [10-13]

*NOW HIRING!!!** Team Members wanted, Earn your FREE ipad2 and your LEXUS in 90 days or less, Ask me HOW! aspx 303-862-5010 leave message

a pool table for sale: World of leisure pool table and extras, $1200 OBO, 720-204-6628 [12-13]

WANTED Old houses to metal detect. Lost some Jewelry? Learn the art of detecting and gold prospecting! Longtime C.V. resident. Fun, friendly & insured. Call Patrick @ 720-205-0234 [8-13]

Moving Sale! Piano, lawn mower, treadmill, sewing machine, mattress, lamps, PC computer, tires, outdoor grill, cedar chest, much more. 303-953-1088 [6-13]

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Profitable, recession proof, small franchise business for sale in the tri-town area. $15,000 TurnKey. Call 303-956-0300 for information. [6-13]

Bernina 440QE, great condition, includes BSR and walking foot, 56 extra bobbins, carrying case, storage box. $1400. Deb 303-684-0617 [11-13]

Landscaping Design and Construction. Concrete Edging, Sprinkler System Installation, Repairs, and Winterization. Installation/ Repairs of Cedar and Vinyl Fencing. Lawn mowing, Fertilizing, Aeration. Snow Removal, Magnesium Chloride, and salt applications. Commercial, Residential, and HOA'S Welcome. Autumn Lawn & Landscaping 970-371-3955 [11-13]

Keep your pets at home while you travel the world! I’m an experienced (10 years), reliable pet and house sitter. I will walk, feed, cuddle, entertain and exercise your pets. I can stay at your house or develop a daily schedule for your cats, dogs, horses, birds or reptiles. I can give medication and shots. References available. Price depends on service provided. Call Chelsea at 303-819-3541 or email [11-13]

Hamilton\'s Design & Remodel Competitive Carpet & Blind prices In Business Since 1984 Free Estimates Call 303.833.8925 [11-13]

Confused about health insurance call 720-684-6012 [9-13]

Donate your car, truck, boat, or RV to or 303.659.8086 [9-13]

PAINTERS & Painter's helpers. Must be clean cut, able to pass background check, have valid driver's license, reliable transportation and phone. Painters must be able to brush, roll, spray. Send resume or work history to [6-13]

Wanted to Buy: Tractor to cut weeds on 3 acres. Call 720.746.9569 [10-13]

Sale: 1940’s Vanity, mirror and chair, skinny dressers, end table, desk, dishes, glasses, punching bag, resistance workout, shelves, red lava lamp for Christmas! 303-746-1381 will return calls as work allows. [12-13] SIMPLY SAID DESIGNS ~ Designs that can be applied to walls, glass, metal, ceramic and even more for that personalized look. www.mysimplysaiddesigns. com/1503/ 970-535-0852 [12-13] HELP WANTED looking for part-time clerk/stocker. Must be 21 Must be able to pass background check. Please apply in person 3907 Hwy 119 Longmont, CO LAWN TRACTOR RESCUE I haul away broken or unneeded lawn & garden tractors,rototillers,snow blowers etc. Mark 303-532-6733 [9-13]

1970 Chevy Pickup, 3/4 ton, $6800 720.775.9278 [10-13]

THIRTY-ONE GIFTS for you!!! Signature purses, totes, and eye catching storage solutions. Hostess design parties with great deals and rewards! Catalog viewing at www. 970.535.0852 [12-13] AVON ~ Order by visiting my online AVON website which is available 24 hours every day at www.youravon. com/dbancroft. Skin care products for entire family. [12-13]

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Library News

Weld County Flood Relief Fund Sees Growing Need

Carbon Valley Regional Library

Real Estate/Land Use Law Construction Claims Business Law/Litigation Whistle-blower Cases Wrongful Death Serious Personal Injury Estate & Business Planning

The Carbon Valley Regional Library is located at 7 Park Avenue, Firestone. For more information on any of the programs listed, visit www. or call 1-888-861-7323. z Santa Saturday - Get ready to tell Santa your Christmas wish! Numbered tickets will be handed out at the door and cameras are welcome. We'll have crafts for you to make while you wait and holiday music will be provided for your listening pleasure. Thank you to the American Legion Post 1985 and the Ladies Auxiliary for their many years of bringing Santa to the Carbon Valley Regional Library. We love you! – 11 am. Saturday, December 7.

Past Pres. of CV Chamber of Commerce AV-rated by peers in Martindale-Hubbell since 1989

z Lego Blocks in the Library - Join Curtis Mork, the LEGO Guy as we learn about the history of LEGO blocks, their cool uses as well as have a building contest! Registration required. z 11 am – Grades Kdg – 5th grade; 1:30 pm - 6th-12th grades - Saturday, December 14.

Rich Marsh

Erie Community Library

Attorney At Law

~Connected to Carbon Valley~

The Erie Community Library is located at 400 Powers Street, Erie. For more information on any of the programs listed, visit or call 720-685-5200.

255 Weaver Park Rd. #200 • Longmont 80501

z The Science of Flying - Learn about the basic principles of aerodynamics and flight from a NASA funded aerospace engineer! Dr. Ben Hamlington is coming back to the library to teach you about how airplanes take off and stay in the air. He will show you how to apply your new knowledge of flying to make awesome paper airplanes! This program is for students in grades 3-5. Registration is required. – 3:30 pm; Friday, December 20.

American Cancer Society & the Relay for Life of Carbon Valley Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday Season

z Parent Workshop: Every Child Ready to Read 2 - Children's reading success in kindergarten and beyond begins with positive language and literacy experiences from the time they are infants. Come learn about the current research on early literacy skills and the easy practices that you can do with your child throughout your day to help them get ready to read! Soon-to-be parents and parents with children from 0-4 years old will especially benefit from this workshop. This is a parent only workshop; please either leave your children at home or bring another adult to have fun with your children in the library while you get the scoop on early literacy! Registration is required. - 2 pm; Saturday, December 7.

z Rabbits Take a Winter Break - Smiles abound in this familyfriendly magic show as Comedy Magician Connie Elstun and her hilarious costumed rabbits invade the library to take their annual winter break. They need your help as they search for good reading material on rabbits you may already know. – 3:30 pm; Saturday, December 28. z Wrapping Paper Crafting - Don't throw away that wrapping paper just yet! Bring in your used paper to make a variety of fun crafts - from themed thank-you cards to handmade beads, or maybe a new favorite bookmark. All school-age kids are welcome for some fun and age-appropriate project instruction. Any additional supplies will be provided by the library. Registration is required. – 1 pm; Monday, December 30.

Vol. 13, Issue 12


Homeschool Mom's

If you homeschool children ages 9 and older and would like to meet once a week with other homeschoolers for support, fun, and learning call me at 303-257-4689 or email

Child Care in the Carbon Valley Area

Greeley, CO – Of the over $1.1 million that has been received so far by the Weld County Flood Relief Fund, victims in Weld County have received more than $300,000 in assistance. Of this amount, over $100,000 has been used for housing, home repairs, and rental assistance, $16,704 to appliances, $24,852 for transportation, and the rest for other essential basic needs. Total requests for assistance from the fund are currently over $3 million from more than 275 applicants. “While every applicant’s needs are unique, each presents a request that has to do with the basic needs of living a normal, everyday life: housing, furnishings, transportation, and more. One interesting and exceptional case was an active military personnel applicant whose uniforms and gear were lost in the flood. The committee that makes the funding decisions quickly chose to support this request,” said Jeannine Truswell, President & CEO of United Way of Weld County. While many needs are being addressed by the fund, grants from the Federal Emergency Management Association, low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration, nonprofit agencies, faith-based organizations and other sources, many more resources will be needed to help affected households regain a daily foothold. This will come in via additional contributions from state and federal governments in the next several months. We are also counting on concerned local citizens and businesses to continue their generosity to help as many victims as possible. “We have been paying close attention and estimate that the fund will receive requests of at least $4 million in assistance for our Weld County neighbors to regain their lives and livelihoods,” noted Judy Knapp, President & CEO of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County. “We know that the needs will far outpace the money that has generously been donated to the fund. We are gratefully that other groups will be stepping in to also provide assistance with some of these unmet needs.” For certain, the most acute need for flood victims, especially those in the affected mobile home communities in Evans and Milliken, which added up to nearly 260 units, is affordable housing. This has exacerbated an already tight and expensive rental and ownership housing market in the county. At this point next steps for many of these families are yet unclear, but the relief fund and many other agencies and entities are doing their best to help victims find their way. A joint project of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County and United Way of Weld County, the Weld County Flood Relief Fund continues to receive donations and accept applications. To make a contribution to the Weld County Flood Relief Fund, please call either organization during business hours or go online to make a donation at any time. If you or a loved one needs assistance in finding recovery help, call 2-1-1 (or 970-353-8808 locally or with a cell phone) or visit

Leed Fabrication Services Invests In Education And The Community With Generous Donation To Aims Community College.

Leed Fabrication announced on November 11, 2013, that its Board of Directors has voted to make a generous donation to Aims Community College through The Aims Foundation. At a meeting with the new Division III Dean, Dr. Godwin Chungag, the Vice President of Operations, Virgil Simoens relayed the good news that Leed Fabrication had made a donation of $100,000 as a naming opportunity for a new stateof-the-art training facility at Aims Community College. The investment will sponsor the Leed Fabrication Welding Lab located on the Aims south campus in Fort Lupton, Colorado, in support of the Aims Welding Program. The welding lab in Fort Lupton will also be used in conjunction with new Aims Agriculture and Oil and Gas Programs, as offered on this campus. Aims understands the work force development needs of this dynamic industry and Aims’ Welding Department has a longstanding relationship with Leed. In fact, Leed Fabrication is one of the strongest employers for our welding graduates. Their regional offices hire many of Aims’ students as welders and managers. Said Simoens, VP of Operations “We are impressed with the quality and training of the students who come from Aims…we look forward to encouraging more students to train in our industry and realize that there are good jobs right here in our community…many of our best employees come from Aims and we look forward to working with more in the coming years.” Leed CEO Olson related how excited he is about the new welding facilities at the Aims Community College Ft. Lupton campus that offer students stateof-the-art facilities and give them a true sense of how much potential fabrication and welding careers have. He is also impressed with how Aims is teaching students and how Aims is reaching out to District 6 to try and help interested high school students explore the program and alternate careers in the manufacturing industry. Also in attendance was Dr. Marsi Liddell, President of Aims Community College; Steve Olson, CEO of Leed Fabrication; Julie Buderus, Director of the Aims Foundation; Jenna Oliver, Chief of College & Community Relations at Aims; and Paul Hasty, Chair of the Welding Department at Aims Community College. Dr. Marsi Liddell thanked Mr. Olson for Leed Fabrication’s generosity and faith in Aims Community College. Dr. Godwin Chungag looks forward to the opportunity to expand the resources available to his students as a result of this donation. To find out more about investing in education through The Aims Foundation please contact Julie Buderus, Director of Institutional Advancement, Aims Community College Foundation at or (970) 339-6583.

A Perfect Place 2 Play St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-4631 

Carbon Valley Child Care Carbon Valley Area (303)833-0398 

Future Footprints Daycare Ridgecrest (303)833-5778 

Kids First Preschool Booth Farms (720)939-9954 

Little Feet Childcare Frederick (720)532-2573 

Teddys Kids Robyn’s Nest Pre-school Messiah Lutheran School 1335 Francis St., Longmont Firestone - St. Vrain Ranch Oak Meadows (303)833-3762  (303)651-3345 (303)776-3466

All About the Little Ones Countryside (720)226-8844

Country Kids Preschool Mead (970)535-4825 

Hand-N-Hand Daycare Tri-town area (720)244-0963 

Kim Sanger’s Family Child Care, Erie (303)828-4620 

Little Peeps & Co. Sharpe Farms (720)352-7522

Miss Amy’s Preschool St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-4030 

Sharon’s Daycare Ridgecrest (303)833-4529 

The Little Crowe’s Nest Centex Country Side (303) 833-5253

Beech House Preschool Wyndham Hill (720)202-4282 

Creative Kids Child Care Sweetgrass (303)464-0175 

Heart & Hand Child Care Platteville (970)785-6138 

Leaps of Knowledge Savannah (303)466-6999

Little People’s Place Fox Run (303)702-0057 

Miss Ross's Daycare Firestone (720)684-6622 

Shooting Stars Daycare Summit View Estates-Fred (303)684-6464 

Bloom! Montessori Preschool in Longmont (303)776-8173 

Creative Years Learning Ctr A Home Away from Home Carbon Valley Sagebrush (303)833-9001  (303)833-3197 

Learning to Grow Childcare Little Wonders Daycare Stoneridge Wyndham Hill (303)868-9864 (303)774-0874 

Mommy Daycare Booth Farms (303)776-9484 

Soaring Eagles Child Care Prairie Ridge Elementary (720)494-3641

3 Generations Home Daycare Sagebrush (303) 833-4483 

Bright Future Childcare Longview (303)702-0908 

Cynthia’s Child Care (303)564-5697

Husky Club @ Centennial Elementary (720)652-8240

Lisa Day Care Savannah (303)833-5646 

Lion’s Den Legacy Elementary (720)652-8169

Peanut Gallery Child Care Firestone-Sagebrush (303) 908-3303 

Sweet Things Childcare Booth Farms 303-774-6322 

Imaginations at Work Firestone (303)833-6745 

Little Critters Firestone (303)833-3282 

Marcy’s Daycare Old Frederick (303)833-3411 

Playhouse Day Care St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-3648 

Tammy’s Daycare St. Vrain Ranch-Firestone (303)833-2791  Tatum’s Little Hands Ridgecrest (303)345-3339 

Bugs & Flowers Daycare Stoneridge (970)388-6762  Busy Bee Preschool Ridgecrest (303)833-5022 

Exploring Minds Academy Erie (303)828-3452  Frederick Day Care Country Side 720.362.2644  Frederick Discovery School (303)679-1413

Grandma Bea’s Day Care Mead (970)535-0109 

Little Blessings Preschool LLC Melissa’s Toddler Town Sagebrush Raspberry Hill 303-482-5352  (303)834-8420 

Robin’s Nest Family Care Firestone (303)833-4536 

Traditions Childcare Raspberry Hill (720) 204-6089 Wee Folks Childcare Ridgecrest (303)304-4509   Licensed Provider~If you provide

child care please e-mail information to This listing is free as space is available. The CVCR is not responsible for any errors or issues with individuals/services.

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

As we move into the winter months the cost of heating our homes increases and we begin to search for ways to offset those costs. People heat their homes with furnaces, kerosene heaters, propane heaters and other appliances that use fossil fuels. All appliances using fossil fuels put off deadly carbon monoxide (CO) when operating. In this month’s article, your firefighters want to draw your attention to home heating safety. Understanding the Risk What is carbon monoxide? • Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Because it is impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic fumes, CO can be fatal before you are aware it is in your home. At lower levels of exposure, CO causes mild effects that are often mistaken for the flu. These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue. The effects of CO exposure can vary greatly from person to person depending on age, overall health and the concentration and length of exposure. Where does carbon monoxide come from? • CO gas can come from several sources: gas-fired appliances, charcoal grills, woodburning furnaces or fireplaces and motor vehicles. Who is at risk? • Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning. Medical experts believe that unborn babies, infants, children, senior citizens and people with heart or lung problems are at even greater risk for CO poisoning. What actions do I take if my Carbon Monoxide Alarm goes off? • Evacuate all occupants immediately. • Determine if any of the occupants are ill and determine their symptoms. • Call your local emergency number (911) and when relaying information to the dispatcher, include the number of people feeling ill. • Do not re-enter the home without the approval of a fire department representative. • Call a qualified professional to repair the source of the CO after the fire department or local utility company has cleared the home of CO. How to protect yourself and your family from CO poisoning • In addition to smoke detectors install at least one UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed carbon monoxide alarm with an audible warning signal near the sleeping areas and outside individual bedrooms. Carbon monoxide alarms measure levels of CO over time and are designed to sound an alarm before an average, healthy adult would experience symptoms. It is very possible that you may not be experiencing symptoms when you hear the alarm. This does not mean that CO is not present. The presence of a carbon monoxide alarm in your home can save your life in the event of CO buildup. • Have a qualified professional check all fuel burning appliances, furnaces, venting and chimney systems at least once a year. • Never use your range or oven to help heat your home and never use a charcoal grill or hibachi in your home or garage. • Never keep a car running in a garage. Even if the garage doors are open, normal circulation will not provide enough fresh air to reliably prevent a dangerous buildup of CO. • When purchasing an existing home, have a qualified technician evaluate the integrity of the heating and cooking systems, as well as the sealed spaces between the garage and house. For more information contact the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District at 303-8332742 or visit our website:

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Send birthday wish & high resolution photo to the CVCR. Make sure file name is the name of the person with the birthday. We’ll print it free of charge. Submit to and put “birthday” in the subject line, as close to the 15th of each month as possible. It’s that simple & it’s FREE!

Happy 1st Birthday Cade Boston! We Love You! Love, Mom, Dad, Nolan and Drew

Happy 2nd birthday Kali. We ALL love you so much!

Happy 8th birthday to our Little Monkey...Trizden. You are the best surprise we have ever received and we are so thankful to have you in our lives. Love, Mom, Dad and Paden

FREE Birth Announcements

Send high resolution photo to & put "Carbon Valley Baby" in the subject line. Send name, town, & birth date, along with the photo & how you are related. ”Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Jared and Luree Melvin, of Frederick, along with proud big brothers Riley and Joshua Melvin, would like to welcome the latest addition to their family ~ Logan Chandler Melvin October 24, 2013 9:39 am 7 pounds 20 inches

Firestone Ballot Measures Pass

Voters Show Support for Sales Tax Increase to Fund Street and Park Sustainability Preliminary election results from Nov. 5, 2013, show that the Town of Firestone 2C and 2D ballot questions were both successful among voter turnout. Ballot question 2C proposed a 1-cent sales tax increase dedicated to provide funding for operations and maintenance and capital improvement and rehabilitation projects for Firestone streets and parks. As of 8:30 p.m., 2,272 votes had been counted for this ballot question with 1,489 (65.64 percent) of the votes for yes, with 783 votes (34.46 percent) voting no. Ballot question 2D was a ballot question to allow the Town of Firestone to allow debt to accelerate the construction of certain projects. Of the 2,270 votes at 8:30 p.m., 1,304

(57.44 percent) voted yes and 966 (47.56 percent) voted no. “I am humbled by the election results,” said Firestone Mayor Chad Auer. “The message is clear - Firestone wants to invest in the future through sustainability and common sense. As elected leaders, we must continue our commitment to stewardship of tax dollars. The Firestone Board of Trustees will begin initial conversations in the coming weeks to determine next steps in the process, including a timeline of projects. “This is another exciting time for Firestone, and a great testament to the citizens who lead this effort. It’s an honor to be a part of such a great community,” Auer said. A Firestone citizen-led task force created the committee named Firestone Citizens for Streets and Parks in order to support the ballot initiative to provide a comprehensive sustainability plan for these town facilities. The proposed 1-cent sales tax increase will provide funding for capital improvement projects, including:

• Firestone Boulevard entrance and widening. This will upgrade the entry into the community and complete the build out to four lanes, from Colorado Boulevard to Interstate 25. Other projects that are planned to be funded are: • Locust Street reconstruction • Colorado Boulevard reconstruction • McClure Avenue improvements • Sidewalk along Sable Avenue from Birch Street to Colorado Boulevard • Historic Firestone Street Reconstruction (water lines will also be replaced during reconstruction, but will be funded through the water enterprise) The ballot question will also provide a sustainable funding source to repair and rehabilitate streets infrastructure, including cost saving operations such as seal coating, chip sealing, crack filling, restriping, pothole filling, overlays, etc., and park facilities, including playground and ball field repairs and equipment replacement.

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 13, Issue 12

Winter Wonderland

Come, relax, and enjoy a morning of entertainment with Christmas music and an inspirational speaker at The Longmont Christian Women’s Connection on Tuesday, December 10th from 11:00am to 12:45 pm at The Plaza Conference Center, 1860 Industrial Circle in Longmont. Bring your friends for a beautiful and peaceful morning out. The morning begins as Jay Erickson fills the room with the beautiful sounds of his violin and traditional holiday music. Brunch will be served and motivational speaker Dale Skram will share her humor filled message that is refreshingly real and inspirational. Tickets for the entire event are only $16.00 per person, inclusive. Reservations are required, so please plan to come and invite your friends to join you! Please email your reservation request to or call Jane at (303) 682-2752 for information and reservations by Friday, December 6th.

HOME God IMPROVEMENT wants you happy! 970-535-0311

Abundant Life Church Sunday Service at 10am 4380 Highway 66, 1/3 mile east of I-25 Longmont, CO 80504

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

650 S Park Ave, Ft. Lupton • 303-857-6827 • Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Midweek Advent Schedule Wednesdays (Dec 4, 11, 18) 5:00 and 7:00 pm Supper 6:00 pm, Hymn Sing 6:45 pm, Worship 7:00 pm Christmas Day Worship with Holy Communion 9:00 am

Area Churches Dacono New Horizons Christian Church Worship 10:00 a.m. & Bible School 9:00a 303-833-3013 530 Cherry St., Dacono Pastor Rob Thomas

Carbon Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church 418 8th St. #A, Dacono, CO 80514 Sabbath School 10:00 A.M. Saturday Worship Service 11:15 A.M. Pastor Frank Wilson 720-939-5472 First Baptist Church of Dacono Sun. School 10:00a Morning Service 11a Sun. Eve. 6p Wed. Prayer Meeting 6p 717 Dahlia St., Dacono, 303-833-2527 Pastor Samuel Sanchez Northern Hills Christian Church Services & Sun. School at 9:09a & 10:44a Saturday Service at 5:05 p.m. 720-685-1717 5061 E. 160th Ave., Dacono/Brighton Pastor Thomas The Fort Foursquare Church Sun. Worship 11:00 AM 217 4th St., Dacono, CO 80514 Pastor David Findley Frederick Living Water North Gate Thursday’s: Youth Group 7pm Friday’s: Celebrate Recovery 7pm Sunday’s: Donuts, Coffee & Juice 9-10am Sunday’s: Celebration Time - 10am First Saturday of every month: The Brook Worship Night at 7pm Call 303-668-1329 for current Home Groups and Bible Studies info 7073 Colo. Blvd. Frederick Pastor: Steve Owings

St. Theresa Catholic Church 502 Walnut Street, Frederick Mass: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:30am Saturday: 6:00pm Sun.: 10:30am and 12:30pm Espanol & 5:00pm Espanol (303) 833-2966 Fr. Hernan Florez, Pastor

St. Dimitrie the New Orthodox Church Saturdays 6:00p Vespers, Bible Study Sun. 9:00a Matins;10:00a Divine Liturgy Sun. School 11:00a 6060 Puritan Lane, Frederick, CO 80516 303 460-7035; Rev. Fr. Loan Bogdan Rocky Mountain Christian Church Frederick Campus Non-denominational Christian Sun. Worship 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. 5860 Majestic St (CR13 N. of Hwy 52), Frederick 303.652.2211 Lead Pastor Shan Moyers St. Brigit Episcopal Church Sun. Worship: 9:30am 110 Johnson St. Frederick 720-208-0280 Pastor: Felicia SmithGraybeal Cowboy Christian Fellowship Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. Rinn UMC 3783 Weld Cty Rd 20 Frederick Sue-Marie or Galen at 3- 661-0841. or e-mail Frederick Foursquare Spanish Church Sun. Services 10:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. Wed. at 7:00 p.m. 720-933-7117 211 Dunmire St., Evanston, between Frederick and Firestone Pastor Laura Salazar

L.I.F.E. Fellowship Sun. School 9a & Service 10a 451 Oak St., Frederick (303)451-5433 Pastor Brady Thornton

Rinn United Methodist Church Worship 9:30a Sun. School 10:45a Cowboy Fellowship Weds. 7:00p 3783 WCR 20 & I-25 W., Frontage Rd. 303-776-1578 Rev. Barbara Johns-Schleicher

LifeBridge Tri-Towns Grow 9:00 a.m. Worship 10:00 a.m. NEW Frederick High School 5690 Tipple Parkway in Frederick. 303-776-2927 Pastor Drew Depler

Tri-Town Baptist Church Sun. School 9:00a Worship 10:00a & 5p Wed. King’s Kids 6:30 Bible Study 7:00 420 Johnson St. (Oak St.), Frederick 303-833-2826 Pastor Don Veazey

The Profound Promise of Tadpoles and Caterpillars

By Rick Marschall SWARTZ CREEK, MI (ANS) -- The late Malcolm Muggeridge was an iconic figure in British life and English letters. An essayist and critic, soldier and spy, journalist and satirist (he served as editor of Punch, the venerable humor magazine) he was, until his death at age 87 (1990) a thinker who was forever interested, and always interesting. He walked a path that similar intellectuals walked: an early interest in Socialism or Communism -- his wife's aunt was Beatrice Webb, the famous Fabian Socialist -- then a roughly simultaneous conversion to conservatism and Christianity. Those others include G. K. Chesterton; C. S. Lewis; Hilaire Belloc; in America, Whittaker Chambers -- literary men whose early views were either Marxist or atheist or both (Lewis' friend J. R. R. Tolkien wound up his journey as a profound Christian, but did not commence from a radical origin). Like these persuasive apologists, Muggeridge not only came to understand the gospel's relevance to the contemporary world, but he was an extraordinarily gifted apostle, a missionary to his own people. I recently came across Muggeridge's thoughts inspired by, of all things, a caterpillar: "Quite often, waking up in the night as the old do, and feeling... like a butterfly released from its chrysalis stage and ready to fly away. Are caterpillars told of their impending resurrection? How in dying they will be transformed from poor earth-crawlers into creatures of the air, with exquisitely painted wings? If told, do they believe it? Is it conceivable to them that so constricted an existence as theirs should burgeon into so gay and lightsome a one as a butterfly's? I imagine the wise old caterpillars shaking their heads - no, it can't be; it's a fantasy, self-deception, a dream." These are reflections not so much on the miracles of resurrection and of new life in Eternity -- or, indeed, new life on earth after accepting Jesus -- but upon humankind's congenital disinclination to accept supernatural gifts of God. Deliverance? Healing? Forgiveness? Salvation? Eternal life with God? Available to ME? "No, it can't be; it's a fantasy, self-deception, a dream." At another time, perhaps inspired by the same encounter with a caterpillar, Muggeridge was challenged by his friend William F Buckley, on the latter's television program "Firing Line," to invent a parable whose meaning was unambiguous. "I was actually watching a caterpillar in the path of my garden, a furry caterpillar. And I thought to myself: Now, supposing the caterpillars have an annual meeting, the local society of caterpillars. And my caterpillar, an older caterpillar, addressing them, says: 'You know, it 's an extraordinary thing, but we are all going to be butterflies.' "'Okay,' the caterpillars say. 'You poor fool, you are just like an old man who is frightened of dying, you're inventing something to comfort yourself.' [But] these are all the things that people say to me when I say I am looking forward to dying because I know that I am going to go into

See Tadpoles pg. 27

Firestone Prairie Community Church Worship Service Sun. at 10:30 a.m. (303)651-1640 Coal Ridge M.S., 6201 Booth Dr, Firestone Pastor Brian Thompson

Living the Truth Ministries Bible believing Church; We want to grow with you. Sun. 10 am and 6 pm Thursday 6 pm 545 Main St., Erie, CO (720)272-2026 Pastor Carl Gerdes

Grace Point Community Church Firestone, CO 80520 720-217-3407 Pastor Tim Lyon

New Hope Fellowship/Erie Baptist Church Corner of Cheeseman & High, Erie Sun. 10:00 am & Children’s 10:30 am (303) 828-0638 Pastor Dr. Mitch Gardne

Firestone Baptist Church Sun. School 9a Worship 10a 4040 Coriolos Way, Frederick (Carbon Valley Academy) 303-736-9959 Pastor Jason Kokenzie

Calvary Bible Church Sun. Worship 10:30 am Erie High School-3150 WCR 5-Erie Student Ministry for Middle & High School 303-442-3484

Erie St. Luke Orthodox Church (Eastern Rite) 8:00 a.m. Orthros, 9:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy, Sun. School 11:15 a.m. 303 665-4013 ( 722 Austin Ave. Erie CO 80516 Fr. David Mustian, Pastor Life Song Church of Erie Sun. School 9:15a Service 10:15a 303-828-1040 500 Briggs St., Erie St. Scholastica Catholic Church Liturgy: Tuesday 6:00pm Saturday 3:00pm ; Sun. 9:00am 303-828-4221 or 303-833-2966 Main & Wells in Erie, CO Fr. Hernan Florez, Administrator La Iglesia Bautista Messiahville le ofrece un servicio Cristiano en Espanol todos los Lunes alas 7:00 p.m. La direccion es 4700 County Road 6 en Erie Transportacion gratis llame 303-669-5180 Impact Rock Church (303) 835-4214 470 Briggs St Erie, CO 80516 Rejoice Lutheran Church Sun. Worship: 8:00am and 10:30am Renovations are completed & we are worshipping at 3413 Lowell Lane, Erie. 303-828-3953 Pastor Ruby Narucki

Erie United Methodist Church 604 Holbrook St, Erie (across Town Hall) Sun. School 9:30a.m. (for all ages) Worship 10:30 a.m. Nursery provided 303-828-3906 Pastor Jim Calhoun Mead Abundant Life Church Sun. Service & Sun. School 10:00a 970-535-0311 4380 Hwy. 66 (.3 mile east of I-25 on south) Pastor Jim Coleman Guardian Angels Catholic Church 15179 WCR 7 in Mead Liturgy: Mon. 5:30 pm Sat. 5:30 pm Sun. 9:00 & 10:30 am 970-535-0721 Rev. Gregory Ames, Administrator Mead United Methodist Church Sun. Worship - 9:00am 511 Palmer Ave, Mead, (970)535-4249 Pastor Mark Heiss

New Life in Christ Church Iglesia Nueva Vida en Cristo Sun Service 11:00/Servicio Domingo 11:00 a Tues. Bible Study 7:00 pm Martes Estudio Biblico 7:00 pm We are a bilingual church. Somos una iglesia bilingue. 307 Salisbury Ave., Platteville, CO (303)833-2870 Pastor Jose V. Saenz Longmont Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church Sun. Services 8:30 & 10:30 a.m. 640 Alpine St., Longmont, CO 80504 303-776-1789 Calvary Chapel of Longmont Sun. Service @ 09:30am Thursday Worship & Prayer @ 07:00pm 1801 Sunset Place Suite D in Longmont 303-870-1861 Pastor: Michael Patrick LifeBridge Christian Church Worship Saturdays at 5 p.m. & Sundays at 9:30 & 11 a.m. 10345 Ute Hwy, Longmont 303.776.2927 Pastor Rick Rusaw Ft. Lupton Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Sun. Worship 9:00 a.m. Sun. School & Bible Study 10:30 a.m. (303) 857-6827 650 S. Park Ave. Ft. Lupton Pastor Keith L. Besel

Platteville St. John Ev. Lutheran Church Sun. School & Bible Class - 9:00 a.m. Sun. Worship - 10:00 a.m. 310 Byers Ave - Platteville (970)785-2021 Pastor Wm. Leerssen

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Worship 8am Sun. 303-650-6170 204 Park Avenue Ft. Lupton Reverend Gary Sitton Lafayette Flatirons Community Church 355 W South Boulder Road, Lafayette Sat. 5p & 6:45p and Sun. 9a & 10:45a 303-664-5524 Jim Bergen

Messiahville Baptist 4700 CR 6 (east of I-25) Sun. School 9:45a Service 11a 720-253-5783 Pastor Corey Seulean Pastor Moore

St. Columba Orthodox Church Anglican/ Western Rite Sun. Matins 8:30a, Divine Liturgy 9:30a 726 N 119th at Highway 7, Lafayette 720-208-6281 Fr. Les Bundy, Pastor

Cairn Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Progressive, Open and Engaged Sunday Worship:10:00 a.m. Education Hour: 11:30 a.m. 1700 Stonehenge Drive Lafayette, CO 80026 303-442-1861 (p); 303-442-6413 (f) Rev. Dr. Charisa Hunter-Crump CharisaHunterCrump@ Misc Areas Seventh Day Baptist Church Sabbath (Saturday) Worship 9:45 am Sabbath School 11:30 am 303-541-9097 6710 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder Pastor Steve Osborn Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Highland Lake Ward Sacrament Meeting 1 p.m. 1721 Red Cloud Road, Longmont Bishop Christopher LeBaron 970-535-4609 Rinn Valley Ward Sacrament Meeting 9 a.m. 9029 Grand Mesa Avenue, Frederick Bishop Paul Glover 303-702-7313 Saddleback Ward Sacrament Meeting 11 a.m. 9029 Grand Mesa Avenue, Frederick Bishop David Parker 303-833-2121 Northern Hills Church Meets Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45am 5061 E. 160th Ave Brighton, CO (on Hwy 7) 720.685.1717 Pastor Rob Kelly If your church is in the Tri-Towns, Erie, or Mead—please e-mail information and we will be happy to list it here, free of charge, to

Vol. 13, Issue 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 27


~Obituaries & Memorial Messages are always FREE in the CVCR~ Please tell the funeral home or e-mail to

Raymond Joseph Even June 26, 1934 to Nov. 2, 2013

Raymond Joseph Even, age 79 of Longmont died Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the Tru Community Care Hospice in Louisville. Mr. Even was born June 26 1934 in Sturgis, South Dakota to Pete and Emma (Steffes) Even. Raymond attended school in Sturgis and proudly served in the Marines. He married Bonita Simon in Sturgis. Raymond and Bonita moved to Longmont in 1963 from Casper Wyoming. Raymond was an independent man, liked by everyone who knew him. He was a hard worker and dedicated family man. Raymond adored his wife and loved South Dakota. He loved animals and enjoyed raising cattle, often times treating them as pets. He had a big heart and would help anyone. Raymond loved to gamble with his brother in law Donnie Symonds. He owned and operated E & H Welding in Mead. According to his sons, Raymond could fix anything. Survivors include his beloved wife Bonita of Longmont, five sons; Michael of Longmont, Keith and his wife Kathryn of LaSalle, Curtis and his wife Theresa of Berthoud, David and his wife Lisa of Longmont and Brian and his wife Amy of Longmont. Also surviving Raymond are 13 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Raymond was preceded in death by his parents and one brother Edward, who died in 1998. Memorial services have been held. Interment will be at the Black Hills National Cemetery in Sturgis next spring. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Humane Society of Longmont. Howe Mortuary was in charge of arrangements.

Robert Denney

Vern E. Koldeway

Sept. 22, 1953 to Nov. 6, 2013

Vern E. Koldeway, of Mead, died November 6, 2013 surrounded by his family at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, CO. He was 60. Vern was born September 22, 1953 in Littleton, CO the son of Richard and Joan (Klausner) Koldeway, and was the oldest of their 14 children. His family came to Longmont when he was a young child and he was a graduate of Longmont High School. On July 24, 1971 he married Debbie Morgan in Longmont, CO where they raised their three children. Vern was a master electrician, owning and operating Koldeway Electric for more than 31 years. He was a hard worker from childhood on, and loyal to his large family which he enjoyed the most. Survivors are his wife Debbie of Mead, his daughters Amy (Doug) Pineda of Lyons and Lori (Jason) Starck of Windsor, his son Jerod (Krystal) Koldeway of Loveland, and his grandchildren Mason, Jessica, Brooke, K.J., Emma, Kalyn, and one on the way. Vern also leaves behind his brothers Phil, Don, Matt, Alan, Danny, David and Joe, and his sisters Theresa, Carol, Kathy and Mary. There are also numerous nephews and nieces, and his mother in law Betty Morgan to honor Vern’s memory. Preceding him in death are his parents and his brothers Dale, and Arnold. A Funeral Mass was held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church with burial following at Longmont Mountain View Cemetery. Contributions can be made for Flood Relief to: Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation ATTN: Oskar Blues Flood Relief Fund, c/o Howe Mortuary, 439 Coffman St. Longmont, CO 80501.

Denney, Robert, 64, of Frederick, died November 13, 2013 at his home. Cremation was entrusted to Howe Mortuary and Cremation Services. No services are planned.

Always Open & Caring for You!

Despite the loss of our facilities, our ability to serve you remains fully intact.

Tadpoles from pg. 26

eternity. You see?" Buckley asked, "Please explain." "And so he -- the caterpillar -- abashed, draws back, but in a short time he is in his chrysalis, and, sure enough, he's right. He extricates himself from the chrysalis, and he is no longer a creeper, which is what caterpillars are; he is flying away." As before, the lesson I derive is not -- I should say not ONLY -- that there is a New Life. Because we know that truth from God's word; Mother from examples of uncountable transformed sinners; and because some of us have If there are roses in Heaven, experienced profound inner, spiritual changes. will you send one just for me? And in terms less prosaic but no less miraculous, we see examples of amorphous tadpoles become So I can hold it close to my heart distinctive bullfro gs, and, indeed, creepy where you’ll always be. caterpillars become beautiful butterflies. But in the parable of Muggeridge there I will lay it on my pillow each night are, once again, the other factors as old as as the Angels tuck me in. humankind's sentience: doubt, skepticism, ridicule, denial, and the old "scientific proofs" I will know that you are near me against the miracles of God Almighty. These and feel you presence once again. attacks, and myriad attackers, can be daunting to a lonely believer. I am thankful for all the years Yet that scenario does not affect, at all, you were there to help me through. the Truth. Yes, it is the case that we can be (and, as Christians, are in the process of I will always remember being) transformed from ugly and common, to “My Precious Mother” precious and unique. The Truth does not rely whose love was honest and true! on people's opinions of it. Neither do God's In Loving Memory of promises wait for the world's vote on whether Michelle Ann Rupel He will keep them. Muggeridge's predecessor C. S. Lewis Who Received Her Angel Wings wrote of the night his frankly intense devotion December 13, 2009 to atheism was transformed, melting (kicking and screaming at first?) to a realization of the Always in our Hearts! Fact of God's existence: "You must picture Love Rob, Jess, Paden & Trizden me alone in that room... night after night, feeling, whenever my mind lifted even for a second from my work, the steady, unrelenting approach of Him whom I so earnestly desired not to meet. That which I greatly feared had at last come upon me. ... I gave in, and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most... reluctant convert in all England." And the rest of his days were glorious. The author of "Mere Christianity" and "The Screwtape Letters," as Malcolm Muggeridge was to do a generation later -- and as you and I may do this week -- spread his new and colorful wings in splendor, affirming God's transformative power... as a new creation in Christ. +++ I have taken us back a century or so, visiting names of great converts, great exegetes. We can also visit the 1970s, when the Jesus Movement and other manifestations of "Born-Again" Christianity swept the nation. A children's song that was savored by adults too -- still, to today, as we all are a little grayer or (in the case of singer-songwriter Barry McGuire) balder. But still appreciating the joy, and the truth, of "Bull Frogs and Butterflies." From a backstage intervi ew in Australia recently: Click: Bullfrogs and Butterflies: watch_popup?v=p3enBv3MzLI ASSIST News Service (ANS) - PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609-0609 USA Visit our web site at: -E-mail:

439 Coffman Street Longmont, CO 80501

Geoffrey W. Howe


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“Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him. I will argue my case before him.” Job 13:15

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 28

Open HOuse

Indian Peaks Medical Center 4943 Highway 52, Frederick, Colorado

Sunday, December 8 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Milestone Medical Group

Meet the physicians. Tour the facility. Quick & free health screenings. Massage. Ear Seed Acupuncture. Free food and fun for all!

Family Practice, Ob/Gyn, Imaging, Lab Services 303.833.1900

Front Range Orthopedics & Spine 303.772.1600

Health Center of Integrated Therapies

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Christmas Special


Crystalhead Gift Sets 750 41.99 Baileys 750 all flavors 19.99 Smirnoff 750 all flavors 11.99 Svedka 1.75 all flavors 19.99 3907 Hwy. 119 at I-25 • (303)776-8359 Black Velvet 1.75 13.99 Locally Owned & Operated Canadian Mist 1.75 14.39 Over Over 100 100 different different .97¢ .97¢ minis minis Wild Turkey 101 1.75 34.99 Perfect Perfect for for stocking stocking stuffers!! stuffers!! Pendleton 750 19.99 Grey Goose 750 all flavors 27.99 Extensive Wine Selection~We take special orders Gentleman Jack 750 24.99 Opus One, Orin Swift (Prisoner, Abstract, & Milagro Silver Tequila 750 19.99 Pappilon), Silver Oak, Native Sun, Patron Silver Tequila 750 39.99 Ice wine, & more Evan Williams Egg Nog 750 8.99 2.9 % Sales Tax Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog 750 8.99 Lefthand Sawtooth 12pk 13.99 Lefthand Mountain Mixer 12pk 14.59 ALL Wine 10% OFF* 15% OFF Mix/Match Case Price*


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Curriculum is based on the Colorado State Standards: same standards as the public schools ensuring School Readiness Active Military Scholarships CCAP


 Winter Camps... Happy Feet & Bennett Karate  Before & Afterschool Programs

(Colorado Childcare Assistance Program)

Transportation to/from Carbon Valley Schools

Honoring Learning • Building Relationships • Promoting Play

303-828-3452 • 4051 NE County Line Rd • Erie, Colorado 80516 •


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bo a k s a

Colorado Licensed Teachers for Preschool, Prekindergarten & Kindergarten

HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS Well Drinks & Draft Beer

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*All Specials Expire 12/31/2013 • Not valid w/other offers

720.542.9805 8196 Colorado Blvd. Firestone In the Safeway Shopping Center Hours: 11 — 10 Daily

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Vol. 13, Issue 12


Firestone 8350 Weld Cty. Rd 13 Carryout/Dine-In Winter Hours: Sun.-Wed. 11am-9pm Thursday 11am-10pm Sat.-Sun. 11am-11pm





Exp. March 31, 2014 Extra Toppings $1.25 Each Carryout or Delivery • With Coupon Not valid w/other offers • Firestone





1 CheeseBread OR 1 CinnaBread & 2 Liter Soda Exp. March 31, 2014 Extra Toppings Extra Charge Carryout or Delivery • With Coupon Not valid w/other offers • Firestone





Exp. March 31, 2014 Extra Toppings $1.00 Each Carryout or Delivery • With Coupon Not valid w/other offers • Firestone


Tri-Town Delivery


Carbon Valley Consumer Report Dec 2013 Georgia Boys BBQ, Blackjack Pizza of Firestone, The Green Pear Salon

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