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Creating Community By Connecting Neighbors

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Ps 34:5 NIV

THAT PLACE Be Enchanting on Colorado, Inc. Facebook By Callico S. Neu, Ex. Director This has been quite a journey so far and I am very excited to continue on! Last fall, I began meeting with a man named Jesse Esparza (small business consultant) and talking to him about an idea— a place for teens in the Tri-towns called “THAT PLACE� where many things would be offered to them as a help in the transition from being a young person in high school to an adult in the community and world. I don’t believe for one minute that our youth are just our future. They are also our NOW! They have energy, ideas, smarts, talents, opinions and sometimes all they need is a little encouragement and extra support to make things happen! In coming from a rather large community in Illinois, it was hard for me to see students hanging out on sidewalks and behind buildings around town. I knew from personal experience that things the interest them like movies, malls, bowling, skating, and the like meant driving in

Jason Olson

Professional 303-518-0089 Guitar Instruction

Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist of Apple and founder of people connect your to Does Helping music touch soul? Doesn’t it seem to have business through social media (an online magazine rack the ability to heal your heart or perhaps pump you up and of popular topics), recently wrote get you motivated? Imagine being in a room, surrounded Jennie Poppenger “Enchantment: The Art of Changing by your favorite melodies, The Social Media Whisperer enveloped in the moment where Hearts, Mindsâ€?. Guy is a thoughtnothing exists. Now imagine if you were playing that Face onelse Facebook leader and someone to watch, and he’s right on withFind the Face tomelody‌ concept of Enchantment. ‌if you or your child want to learn to play the guitar, In fact, 10% of the time your posts should be simply Jason Olson is the instructor you want. He’s intuitive to Entertain or Enchant. Why? This creates positive to your style of learning and playing, he’s creative in sentiment toward your business. keeping lessons interesting and Here are some practical tips to help you be more Enchanting: challenging and, simply put, Be likable. People buy from people that they like. he’s a nice, humble guy. Share mostly good news and positive information that will His aunt gave him be helpful. her old electric Be trustworthy by consistently (at least 2x per week, guitar and amp but no more than 1x per day) posting things that “fitâ€? on when he was your page. Stay away from politics– feel free to share that twelve-yearson your personal page. old and he’s been playing ever since. From a See Facebook pg. 2 kid to a professional musician in a regularly performing band, Jason Olson is a highly

Hands On Auto Tech

See Jason Olson pg. 19

Hands On Auto Tech wants you to get your hands dirty. Pete Dinstuhl, owner/ instructor/mechanic, runs his shop hoping to not just fix cars, but also share years of experience with customers and students. Started in December 2011, Hands-On Auto Tech was originally conceived as a working auto shop where classes of young mechanics could learn the trade. In Pete’s more than 40 years of running auto shops in the Boulder area, he often found that mechanics who had just graduated a technical school were not fully trained to work in an actual auto shop. The new mechanics would make mistakes simply because they did not have the hands-on experience needed to work in real-world conditions rather than in a tech school. Pete thought if he could teach the new mechanics in an actual shop, they would make less mistakes, which would save the shop money and possibly save the mechanic’s job. Just because it’s a great idea doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Pete is competing against large technical schools in the greater Denver area, but he’s determined someone is going to learn at Hands-On Auto Tech. HandsOn Auto Tech has expanded the scope of their educational opportunities by offering open-to-the-public Saturday

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

What’s On My Mind Kelly Martindale, Publisher

One Day Down I remember standing inside my front door greeting guests as they entered. I accepted the offered hugs and kind words with a smile and directions to join the others in the back yard. I remember that I smiled a lot, used my arms and hands with flourish, as I explained how frenzied life had become and apologized for the late notice, messy house and overall discomfort of the August heat; as if I had control over that. I was embarrassed by the attention, the gifts and the cards. I did not know how to act at my nine-year-old daughter’s memorial‌ ‌or at Black Angus, the first “niceâ€? restaurant I’d ever been in‌ or respond when someone asked me what I did for a living when I raised money for a pro-life, Christian organization‌or when asked how many kids I have when two of four of them have died‌or where do my siblings live when one of them is in prison‌. I didn’t know how to act then and I still struggle with being what I think others want me to be. But is life supposed to be about acting? Why is it so hard to be myself? Confession: My friends know that I don’t answer my door. Why? Security and solicitors are big reasons, but mostly because I usually look like cr*p and I don’t want to embarrass myself. Funny story: My granddaughter, Annah, now 5, knows grandma ignores the door. If the bell rings, we don’t move and we stay very quiet. If I see someone approaching the house, we often move to the back bedroom. One day, I was working at my desk where I could see Annah in the living room watching TV and the doorbell rang. Instantly, Annah dove behind the couch. How pathetic am I? I taught my granddaughter to hide‌ ‌like I’ve been doing my whole life. I’ve hidden or tried to be somewhat invisible because of the embarrassment I’ve experienced in the past. My parent’s physical and verbal fighting, my ex-husband’s alcoholism and abuse, being poor and most recently, my own behavior; all contributed to that feeling that I would never fit in. Trying to keep up appearances is very tiring and spending so much time preparing for what might be said or thought leaves little time for getting to know my true self. Thankfully, this last year I’ve been learning to simplify my life and clean out some of the clutter. I’m learning to let go of physical and emotional things that hamper me growing personally and professionally. That includes making decisions about who I let into my life and those that must not be a part of it.

So as I ponder my past, reflecting on the things I’ve missed out on for fear of embarrassing myself further, I accept that my life is more than half over. What do I still want to do? What is possible and what do I have to forget about? What is most important to me? Yesterday I met a young mom and visited with her while her kids and my granddaughter were at swim lessons at the CV Rec Center. I told her I didn’t bring Annah to the pool because I was embarrassed to be seen in a swim suit. How sad and unfair for Annah. How many times have I avoided playing outside with the kids because I didn’t have the energy and was out of shape? I don’t get into shape because I’m embarrassed by how I look in the first place. I want to take kickboxing but I have no coordination or stamina so I don’t do it. I frequently consider taking guitar lessons but don’t want to humiliate myself. I have no rhythm and that makes me afraid to even try. Again, what is truly important to me. Despite this vicious cycle and being somewhat of a recluse, I’m trying to find the motivation to do the things that are right for my life and for those I love. It’s difficult but I am finding strength and encouragement. I’m figuring out what really makes me tick, what brings me joy, what satisfies my soul, where peace really lives. I’ve let so many things keep me from what I wanted‌ I don’t want to waste anymore time. I know my past does not dictate my future and I don’t have to be a slave to my failures but it is an intellectual knowledge. It’s difficult to get that knowledge to stick in my heart. I’m striving to own my behavior and not cast blame on anybody else and now I have to accept me, flaws and all. My sister challenged me to answer my front door every time for a solid month. She said, “You’ll either be prepared by getting yourself dressed with make up or you’ll get over your vanity.â€? Then she told me to go get a swim suit that has a skirt and that I’d be comfortable in. As I look out my living room window I marvel that the neighbor’s trees have had leaves for two weeks and one can hardly see the blue sky through the thick of them. In my own front yard one of my trees has baby green leaves and buds of flowers already peeking out. Yet another tree is still barren; everything in its own time‌. Then the doorbell rings‌it’s my tree guy and one of my advertising clients. Well, no time like the present. I answered the door, with no makeup, bed head and pajama pants. One day down, 29 to go!

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“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.� ― Plato

*Kids 10 & under eat FREE after 5p.m. on Tuesdays w/paid adult entree • 1 child per/adult • Dine-in only

Facebook cont. from pg. 1

Vol. 12, Issue 4

Serving SW Weld County: Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, E. Erie, E. Longmont & Mead (15,500)! The ONLY Colorado publication to reach every Consumer in our area every month! For Display Advertising or to have a feature written call 303.833.5997 or e-mail E-mail press release info to Deadlines: 15th of each prior month. Classified Ads: FREE up to 25 words & $20 over 25 words. E-mail to & mail check to POB 962, Frederick, CO 80530. Locally Owned & Operated Since 1999: Kelly J Martindale Sales: Kelly Martindale Production: Kelly Martindale Writers: Trish Rife ďż˝ Kelly Martindale The opinions expressed in features, columns, press releases, letters to the editor, etc. are not necessarily those of the Owner and publisher of the Carbon Valley Consumer Report. The Consumer Report assumes no responsibility for any outcome to any businesses, any advertiser, any people or any government entity.

Deadline for Every Issue of the CVCR is the 15th of Each Month...Late??? Try Anyway! Re-Elect Debbie Brodhead MVFPD Board of Directors

Post pictures. Create a file folder of pictures that fit your business. Go to Google “Images� and find great pictures (unless they’re copyrighted). Use to bring more attention and emphasize your message (red shows up best). Crop photos if needed. Communicate! Respond to what people say. Make them feel that you value their opinions and input. Remember, it’s no longer ROI (Return on Investment) but now ROE (Return on ENGAGEMENT). Show gratitude. Tell them how much you appreciate their “likes� and comments. Repeat. People won’t remember 30 days from today what you said today. If you post content that gets good interaction, don’t be afraid to tweak it and use it again. B y J e n n i e P o p p e n g e r, Owner at Face to Face at 303.518.0089

I have been on the Board of Directors for the Mountain View Fire Protection District since May 2010. I am running for re-election on the May 8, 2012 ballot. The board and the complete staff of the MVFPD have made great strides in making the district the best it can be in the medical response and fire protection field. I hope to help make a difference in what the District wants to accomplish during the next 4 years. I’ve had experience in how the Fire District works and how a Town runs. I have been a Trustee on the Board of Trustees for the Town of Mead since April 2004, but will be off the board starting April 9th due to term “Mon d limitations. I spent a total of Buy Oay Madnes s ne, Ge FtreR (Fre t One â€? approximately 13 years on e En E e Up E S 5XP(V to $ a n the Mead board (October 8 FTUT. .4 d Va 9 lid Ever wich TU#F f E /PU3V y Mono FEFFN1SFTFOUt/PU day qual BCMFGP 1993-April 1998 and April BMJEXBAfter 4pmor Lesse S$BTIW r Valu %JOF OZPUIFS PòFS8 JO0OMZ e) &YQJSFT D 2004-April 2012). I have PVQPOPOMZ  lived in Colorado since 1973 Buy One Entr minus one year in Oklahoma. ee at Equa R l or Legular P I graduated from Longmont rice, esse r G /PU7 et Va / /PU3FE PUWBMJEXB BMJE8FFLFO lue 1/2 Pa 2nd E OZ ntree E FFNBC rice High School. I have one son, MFGPS$BPUIFSPòFS8#VòFU

of TI%JO FJO0ODPVQPOPOMZ  MZ&YQJS two step-daughters, and five FT  grandchildren. I have lived in Mead since 1984 minus 1 year in Berthoud. I have & / /PU3FE PUWBMJEXB YDMVEFT"MDPI OZPUIFS FFNBC PM worked for the Weld County

MFGPS$B P TI%JO òFS8DPVQP FJO0O O MZ&YQJS POMZ Sheriff’s Office at the Del FT  Camino SW Substation since June 2002.


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tal Ticket

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

In honor of this celebration, Colorado East Bank & Trust will be donating the flag and Carbon Valley Academy will be donating a flag pole to the Carbon Valley Veterans’ Memorial Park! We are proud to be a part of this great community and this wonderful nation.

April is Community Bank Month!

Bits & Pieces of Carbon Valley lllley

Page 3

Please Join Us For Refreshments!

COMMUNITY BANK DAY April 27, 2012 Member FDIC

Ladies Night

On April 29, 2012 from 5:00pm8:00pm at Sportsman’s Warehouse located at 11 W. 84th Ave. in Thornton at I-25 next to Ultimate Electronics is having Ladies Night. Drop in and Win Prizes plus there are Vendors to Enjoy! Venders including but not limited to Tupperware, Premier Design, Avon, A Touch of Gold Travel, The Bridal Loft, Chiropractic Works North, Arbonne, Tastefully Simple, Car Language, Orenda, Mary Kay, Gold Refinery, Cowboy Action, & many more! Call 303-428-6500 for more info.

Good Time Jazz – Verse 2

Longs Peak United Methodist Church, 1421 Elmhurst Dr, Longmont, will hold a a benefit concert on April 29, 2012 at 2.29 PM sharp. This concert will benefit MEALS ON WHEELS of Longmont and will feature the Longs Peak Dixieland Gospel Band plus Selected Co-Conspiritors. The Concert and Reception are free however your generous donation is urgently needed and 100 % of your donation bill benefit MEALS ON WHEELS. Please contact Chris Kent 720-625-9390 for additional information.

5th Annual Rotary Easter Egg Hunt!

Carbon Valley Rotary is excited to announce our 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt to be held Saturday, April 7th, from 1 to 3 pm at Hart Park in Firestone, CO. The Easter Egg Hunt will focus on children ages 1 to 12 years old with an emphasis on education and literacy – 300 of the 10,000 eggs will have a “Free Book Ticket” that the children can trade for an age appropriate book. the Carbon Valley Community Fire Safety House (weather permitting) and fire equipment will be on hand to educate children about fire safety. There will be four “hunt” areas divided by age and height. Parents will only be allowed to help children in the Toddler area. Only 10 to 12 children will be allowed in each area at a time – they will find the hidden eggs and then the area will be cleared. More eggs will be put out and the next group of children will be allowed inside the area. The Easter Egg Hunt will last the entire 2 hour period. We’d like to thank our sponsors Discount Tire and Service of Carbon Valley, 97.9 Big country, and Mountain View Fire Protection District. For more information visit our web site www.carbonvalleyrotary. org, or contact Beverly Mendel at or 303-596-7731.

“Spring Snapshot”

Encouraging Pride in America...



801 Flying Circle

Keenesburg • LaSalle • Mead • Severance + 13 other locations!

Think, Study, Vote! 2012 Elections:

Plato said, “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” Now that little bit of sarcasm should call all of us to be very careful how we vote. After all, we don’t want to elect folks who we later regret supporting. But voting is how we select our President and how we choose those to represent us in the Constitutional Republic we live in. In the 2008 United States Presidential election, only 63 percent of voting-age Americans voted. The consequences of elections are so important that I hope you are educating yourself, so you will make informed choices when you go to the polls this November. But please do not conclude that being an informed voter simply means choosing who can best read a speech written by someone else, or who is most convincing or appealing in 30-second TV ads, or what was said about a candidate by his or her opponent, a TV talking head, or on a Saturday Night Live skit. While it is often helpful to discuss ballot issues or the pros and cons of specific candidates with trusted friends, would it make sense to vote a certain way just because of how someone else says they are gong to vote? I have lots of friends who I disagree with on matters of voting and you probably do as well. How you ultimately cast your vote is a decision that’s far too important to leave up to someone else or to base on flimsy criteria. I once had a lady tell me that she could not vote for a certain candidate because his eyes were too close together. I asked her if there were specific policy disagreements she had with the candidate and she said, “I don’t know about that but I just can not trust a person whose eyes are too close together.” Is it a little worrisome to you that some people make their choices on who to vote for based on such shallow thinking? It is to me. But you can’t vote if you’re not registered. And if you are not registered to vote, please go to your County Clerk’s web site or the Colorado Secretary of State’s web site and get the process started. In Colorado, you will be eligible to register to vote if you: • Will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the next election • Are a United States citizen • Are a Colorado resident and have lived in your current precinct for at least 30 days before the election • Are not serving a sentence (including parole) for a felony conviction Think, Study, Vote! Keith Kettler is a retired Army Officer with extensive command and staff experience. He has worked in senior positions in the corporate world and is a retired business owner. He has lived in Frederick since 1998.

Learn how to “Get Your Story Straight” at this girls night out event with the Longmont Christian Women’s Connection on Tuesday, April 10th, from 6:00 pm to 7:45 pm, at The Plaza Hotel and Conference Center (1850 Industrial Circle, Longmont). Are the results of your digital photography out of control? Get practical tips on taking better digital photographs and learn about some solutions to today’s storage, editing and printing frustrations. Our guest speaker, Candy Troutman, an empty nester from Boise, Idaho, was out of money, time and strength. Hear about her journey from “Out of Order” to restoring a life of balance and joy. Enjoy a savory dinner and precious time with your girlfriends during this program, which includes dinner, a hostess gift, door prizes and valuable information, all for $22.00 inclusive. Please contact or Jane at (303) 682-2752, or Jo at (303) 678-7314 for reservations by Friday, April 6th.

Honor Flight May 6th!

Remember the excitement of the “Mile of Smiles” Event last year on 9.11.11? Get ready to wave your flag and cheer on our veterans again! The next Military Honor Flight convoy passing through the Carbon Valley area will be Sunday, May 6, at approximately 8:30 am. The Honor Flight will be travelling southbound on I-25 from the Embassy Suites in Loveland to Denver International Airport where the veterans will board a charter flight to Washington, D.C. The bus loads of veterans will be escorted by the American Legion Motorcycle Riders, the Patriot Guard, a motorcade of Weld and Larimer County Sheriff vehicles, and car loads of families and friends of the veterans. The entire community is invited to gather along the I-25 West Frontage Road in front of FrederickFirestone Fire Protection District Station 2 to line up, salute, and honor our WWII Veterans and recipients of the Purple Heart. The Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, Mountain View Fire Rescue, other neighboring fire districts, and the police departments from Frederick, Firestone and Dacono will have their apparatus and vehicles lined up, and the Carbon Valley Rotary Club will display 100 American Flags. Please join us to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed so much and have served us well. Bring the kids, bring your camera, your flag, photo of a family veteran, or just be there. It will only take a few minutes to thank them for a lifetime of freedom. Show up and show your support! For more information email

Tri-Town Lions 9 Health Fair in Ft. Lupton

Rich Marsh

Attorney At Law ~Connected To Carbon Valley~

Real Estate/Land Use Law Construction Claims Business Law/Litigation Whistle-blower Cases Wrongful Death Serious Personal Injury Estate and Business Planning

Past President of Carbon Valley Chamber AV-rated by peers in Martindale-Hubbell since 1989

Samson, Pipis & Marsh,LLC 255 Weaver Park Rd. #200 Longmont, CO 80501 T: (303) 776-8499

Plan to attend the Lions Club & 9Health Fair on Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at Ft. Lupton High School. The following services will be available at no cost: Lung Function, Dental Screening, Pap/Breast Screening, Sleep Apnea, Chiropractic, Metabolic/Nutrition, Glucose Screening, etc. Blood draws will be available for a fee (cash only): Vitamin D-Hydroxy Screening, Hemoglobin A1c, etc. You can register on-line at and select on-line registration. You can then pay for your blood work in advance by using your credit card. You will find an array of stations, information tables, and doctors to talk to about your health. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact President, Jeanette Boyles, (303) 833-2018. Hope to see you there!

CLASSES Kickboxing | Kids MMA | Adult MMA Zumba | Boxing | Strength & Conditioning classes starting at $5 each!

“Saddle Up For Summer”

Get saddled up for summer with Dr. Brent from Café of Life Studio in Longmont, who will speak on the “Five Pillars of Health” at the Longmont Christian Women’s Connection on Tuesday, May 8th, from 11:00 am until 12:45 pm, at The Plaza Hotel and Conference Center (1850 Industrial Circle, Longmont). Get the moving toward your healthiest summer ever, so you can start enjoying all summer’s activities! Guest speaker, Paula Abbott, will discuss her journey from a life of pain to a life of peace as she speaks about “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Choices.” Enjoy a beautiful brunch, music, door prizes and complimentary child care if needed, all for $15.00 inclusive. Please contact or Jane at (303) 682-2752, or Jo at (303) 678-7314 for reservations by Friday, May 4th.

Single Parent Family Programs

The Pearl Group, a faith-based organization, provides a variety of support programs for single-parent families designed with minimal to no cost, including a transportation program (Car Clinic); the programs offered by The Pearl Group were established to help single-parent families and their dependent children move toward self-sufficiency. Please consider donating your old cars to this worthy cause during this holiday season. All donations are tax deductible. If you can help with this need, please contact Scott Owen at 970-290-5991, or the Director of The Pearl Group, Tessie Gale, at 720-864-9202 or

See Bits & Pieces—pg. 6

Just off highway 52 & just west of I-25. Go south on Puritan, west on Imperial then south on Eureka. It is on your right hand side.

Page 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

Area Mayor’s Report—For those of us who do not attend meetings MEAD z As I write this article the number of candidates for the Town of Mead Board of Trustees has grown from four to seven, which definitely means we need to have an election. Because the election will have been held on April 3, congratulations to the winners. Please remember that we are here to serve the community and our constituents. z While we are looking at our calendar, let’s make note of a couple of very important dates. First, the town clean up days will be April 13 and 14. If we run into inclement weather, the clean up days will be the following weekend. Second, also on April 14 will be the 9 Health Fair that will be held at the Mead High School. This very popular event will provide you with very low cost or free health examinations and constructive advice. Last year over 400 people participated and the wait times were extremely minimal, so come early and let’s keep our community one of the healthiest in the nation. Third item for our calendars is the annual Mead bike race to be held on April 22. This event attracts bikers from all over the West and will include several hundred participants. Please watch out for the bike riders on the roads as they will be concentrating on their time to complete the course and perhaps not be as cognizant of automobiles near them. z As the planning for the 2012 Mead Community Day is underway, several folks have asked what happens to the funds that were raised in last years event. Those funds are used for scholarships so the children of the Town of Mead can advance their education or participate in sporting events. To qualify for the scholarships the applicants must write an essay, complete an application and appear before a panel of judges that are recruited from outside the Town. My congratulations to the following winners: Zach Morgan, Haiden DeJane, Dominque Torres, Branden Barnett, Kaitlyn Strutt, Samanatha Goshia, Lauren Gallegos, Kelsie Majenus, Olivia Torres, Hunter DeJane, Molly Gehringer, Brittany Ainsworth, Dakota Naeb, Mathew Chavez, Christian Torres, Colton Strutt, Celine Perret-Gentil, Brianna Macy and Derek Edwards. z Last month the Town of Mead participated with the Longmont Chamber of Commerce in a Unity in the Community event. The Town reason for participating is to promote our great municipality, inform those that do not live here what they are missing and also to showcase the businesses that are in Mead. One of the “take aways” from that event was a number of people that asked where Mead actually is and where our boundaries begin. That has prompted your Board to engage in more “brand” recognition of our Town and you will see some signs that will be welcoming you to our Town. If someone asks you where you live you can tell them to just look for the “Welcome to the Town of Mead” sign. z We are entering into construction season in Colorado and the Town Board has awarded a contract for some reconstruction of Main Street including some amenities that will be a substantial improvement on the appearance. A firm was selected after a request for quotes was issued and a very competitive bidding process took place. We feel comfortable that the taxpayers of the Town of Mead will be getting a great improvement at an excellent price. By the way, Main Street will not be shut down completely so you can still patronize the businesses located there. z If you haven’t noticed, Town Hall is a very busy place. Every Thursday the seniors hold a luncheon and get together there and enjoy each others company. If you fit into that category please let Maggie Cornell know earlier in the week and please join them. They are a great bunch and unfortunately I don’t get to join them as often as I would like. An additional item the seniors have is a book club which meets on the third Thursday of every month. Great way to keep your mind sharp. Also on Thursday afternoons the Highplains Library District will have a computer technical person at Town Hall to assist you with your questions and use of the free computer terminals located there. Library books and videos can also be requested and they will be brought to Town Hall for you to pick up. Also we still have the two full bookcases of pre-read books that folks have brought in to share with others. Those books are there for you to take, read, keep or bring back. Another service of your community. z As always, if you have a thought , comment, question or suggestion as to how to make our community a better place to live, work and play, please either come to our semi-monthly Board meetings, mention it to one of your Board members (including those just elected) or give me a call. I am listed in the telephone book. Please watch out for children that might run into the streets on these sunny days and keep our troops in your prayers, no matter where they might be stationed.

RICHARD MACOMBER, MAYOR OF MEAD DACONO z Greetings everyone. I would like to

welcome a new business to Dacono - Epic Motorsports. They moved from Longmont and provide power sports enthusiasts with quality products. Epic will be located along the east I-25 Frontage Road in the existing Resolute office building. z Blitz Paintball recently received approval to expand and relocate within Dacono. Blitz provides some of the best recreational and tournament playing areas in the region and will be moving to Summit Blvd (WCR 8) between

York Street & Colorado Blvd. z These new additions are complementary to other businesses in Dacono like Dragon Race Engineering, one of the nation’s premier performance shops for late model corvettes and fuel injected vehicles. EarthRoamer builds high quality, self-contained, go anywhere, environmentally responsible Xpedition Vehicles. Both Dragon Race Engineering and EarthRoamer are located in the Resolute office building off the east I-25 Frontage Road. z Our Public Works Department recently upgraded our street signs to include our City logo on major streets and roads. z In conjunction with National Trails Day on Saturday June 2, the City is coordinating a day of city-wide beautification by volunteers to clean-up public rights-of-way & the St. Vrain Legacy Trail. It’s called “Team Up to Clean Up Dacono” and will be the second annual event. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me, my information is below. z The Carbon Valley Music Festival presented by the City of Dacono will take place on Saturday, August 4 at Centennial Field, next to the big blue water tower and we have an amazing lineup to announce. The headliner this year is the Lionel Young Band, 2011 winner of the International Blues Challenge. Also confirmed are Three Twins Broadband (feat. John Magnie & Steve Amedee of the Subdudes), Quemando, Bukner Funken Jazz and Brad & The Fat Cats. There are still a few slots left to fill, so stay tuned!! z If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at or 303.833.2317 x126. Have a great day!

CHARLES SIGMAN, MAYOR OF DACONO FIRESTONE z Judy Hegwood: I want to lead this report by honoring the hard work and dedication of retiring Town Clerk Judy Hegwood. Over the course of my tenure as Mayor, Judy has helped me tremendously. She was patient, positive and always willing to help. I am grateful for everything Judy has done for Firestone and wish her the absolute best in retirement. Please join me in thanking Judy for her service to Firestone. z Oil & Gas Development: Moving forward with oil and gas management requires collaboration on many fronts. When a property owner and/or mineral rights owner chooses to exercise their Constitutional right to extract resources, they must work with a long list of government agencies. To that end, Firestone continues to have open public meetings on all development activities, uphold the strongest public health standards and stay current with the latest data on best practices in oil and gas extraction. Please visit the town website for information on this important issue. Recreation: Per our citizen survey, recreation services are a top priority for Firestone residents. z

Quality recreation opportunities are important for individual health, economic development and community well being. As you know, Firestone officials have been engaged in a number of very important conversations about the need for our Carbon Valley Recreation District to develop a comprehensive master plan that provides a vision for the district that is based on a suite of qualitative and quantitative data from a wide range of stakeholders. We have asked for metrics on current operations as well as an accounting of programatic expenditures such as support to the Sr. Center. We have asked difficult questions and we have rolled up our sleeves toward solutions. Given the fact that Firestone residents are annually asked to contribute over $10,000 above and beyond the tax dollars already paid by tax payers, we believe our interests are justified. I encourage everyone in the Carbon Valley to educate themselves on the issues and VOTE in the upcoming Recreation District Elections. If you need more information - email me at z Scouts: Over the past 4 years, I have enjoyed leading the Pledge of Allegiance before Town Board meetings with many local scouts. I appreciate the boys and girls (and their adult sponsors) for their willingness to introduce these future Mayors to local government. Keep up the great work and I will see you at an upcoming meeting. z Public Safety: Did you know that our public safety departments continue to be statewide leaders? Our Police Department and Fire Department are recognized as leaders in a variety of elements of public safety and I wanted to thank all of them for their dedication and professionalism. We are truly blessed to such great individuals in our community. z I continue to serve on the Executive Committee for the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus. Among the many regional issues we are engaging is the Fastracks passenger rail system. While Firestone is NOT a member of the RTD district, this issue does have regional implications. If you have input/advice/ideas/comments on this issue, please send them my way - I will relay them appropriately. That Place: Did you know that a number local citizen leaders have taken the initiative to start a youth z center? They are a tremendously energetic and thoughtful team who have both the passion and intelligence to create a program that serves local kids with positive leadership, support and vision. For more information, email them at z Coffee Talk? As always, if you would like to set up a time to visit about local issues, share ideas or offer advice to this ‘lame duck’ Mayor - email me at

CHAD AUER, MAYOR OF FIRESTONE FREDERICK z This is a bittersweet time for me as I leave office as Mayor of this very special community. I thank each of you for your thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues through the years. My hope is that each of you feel you were heard and listened to even if we disagreed. Thanks to many of you for your support and participation in the community in so many ways. We live in a great community made stronger by each of you who are residents. Given that on April 3rd the first mail in ballot was used by the z Town for the election and the numbers indicate a much stronger participation among our residents than in previous elections. As a result on April 10, 2012 the following individuals will be given the oath of office and begin their service to the Frederick community. You are invited to attend this public meeting when we will install these new leaders. Congratulations to new mayor Tony Carey and to the three trustees elected; ___, ___, and ___ May your service be as enriching as my years of service have been. z We have much to do. On April 5 we will dedicate the second phase of Frederick Recreation Area. The work done in the past few years on the development of the Parks and Open Space Plan and the Downtown Development plan now must begin to become reality. That will happen as the board continues to make these two projects a priority. Soon I know that business owners and property owners in downtown Frederick will be asked to join in shaping and working on putting the plans in the Downtown development plan into place and I look forward to seeing the changes and the enhancements that will occur in the coming months and years. The same goes for the Parks and Open Space plan that our volunteer Parks and Open Space Commission will begin to incorporate into future development projects as well as tackle those projects that we can do within the dollars available to the town. z Bottom line is that it is time to move the plans from the drawing board to the reality the community and the board desires. I am so glad to have been a guiding force in seeing these projects become reality and the board I served should be commended for their support and leadership. z Also, we have a new Town Administrator, Matt LeCerf, whose enthusiasm and dedication to municipal governance already is evident as he reaches out to staff, the community, regional communities, and works with the Town Board. Please get to know Matt and his work. With an improving economy locally, statewide and as a nation our best days are ahead. Be part of the solution and building of a strong community. z Soon summer will be here and the Farmer’s Market will begin again on Main Street next to Crist Park. This is a great opportunity to support local farm products and vendors and demonstrates the vision of the leadership in Frederick to provide additional opportunities for residents to gather. The same goes for the Frederick in Flight planned for June and the 10th annual Miner’s Day in September...hard to believe the efforts of those volunteers 10 years ago has grown into the regional event that we call Miner’s Day. There are exciting plans in the works for the entire day so be ready to participate. z I could go on with so many ways our residents are making Frederick the place to live work and play. I cannot thank enough the many volunteer citizens who participate in boards and commissions of the town. These are critical to our community as we pave the way for new art, new historic preservation opportunities, engaging youth in the youth commission, or the important work of the planning commission in shaping and molding the future growth and opportunities in the community. But my thanks goes to the town boards I have had the pleasure to serve with during the last ten years and must thank each board member for their work effort and commitment to the town of Frederick. I encourage you to thank these servants for their willingness to give of their time and talent for the good of Frederick. I also ask that you give your support to the efforts of the new mayor and board that will be seated on April 10, 2012 at the 7 pm board meeting. These servants deserve your opinion in a respectful manner and please take time to learn the various positions on an issue. The board will be working to fill a vacant position in the weeks ahead (due to Tony Carey’s position being open now that he is mayor). z I want to also thank my wife, Jerri for her continued support and love through my time as a member of the board and mayor. Our spouses mean so much to our service to community and Jerri has been my strength and rock through all of my time in leadership. z Most of all I come full circle to my opening comments. My thanks and humble appreciation to the community for supporting my efforts and time as Mayor of our community! I look forward to the future in our community!


Election Results Frederick:

The results for the 2012 Frederick Regular Election are as follows: Mayor~Tony Carey 771 Board of Trustees: Gavin Payne 593 Amy Schiers 421 Laura Brown 399


Gary R. Shields 289 Ursula J. Morgan 206 Debra E. Bancroft 188 Richard Kraemer 188 A drawing will determine if Debra or Richard get the 2 yr or 4 yr term.


Unofficial Results Mayoral Candidate Joseph A. Wilson - 1,840 Board of Trustees Candidates Jonathan Hager - 1,353 Paul D. Ogg - 1,455 Janice Moore - 1,883 Ballot Issue 2 A Yes - 2,735 Ballot Issue 2 B Yes - 2,582


Mayor Chad Auer (incumbent) Trustee Matt Holcomb (incumbent) Trustee Paul Sorensen (incumbent) Trustee George Heath

Vol. 12, Issue 4


The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 5

By Carl Brady

ACROSS 1 Sailor 4 JFK postings 8 Apply less pressure (with ’’up’’) Encouraging and equipping you to write about a God who is real, 12 Falsehood who is reachable, and who changes lives! 13 Myrna Loy role in ’’The Thin Man’’ 14 Revealing photo Faculty of over 60 Agents, Editors, and Authors 15 Small bill 7 Inspiring General Sessions including 16 Tel ___, Israel 17 Plains Indian Transforming Our Culture - Dr. Ted Baehr 18 Drawer feature Founder and chairman of The Christian Film & Television Network™ 20 Homeowner’s document Persecuted Christians - Dan Wooding, ASSIST News Service 22 Swiss peak 24 Actress Joanne 8 Continuing Sessions 25 Ave. crosser Changing Paradigms of Publishing 27 Theme verse (Rom 10:9), part 1: If you ___ Take Your Fiction to the Gym with your mouth, Breakthrough Scriptwriting 31 Fly alone Please, NO Pat Answers! 33 Blood-typing system Narrative Nonfiction 34 Charged particle Gift Books & Devotional Writing 36 Beaver’s project Marketing for the Promotionally Challenged Author 37 Theme verse, part 2: “Jesus is ___,â€? Writing Suspense & Thrillers 39 Theme verse, part 3: and ___ in your heart 42 One of us? 59 workshops ~ Clinics ~ Panels ~ Lightbox Method Retreat 43 Morning hrs. and FOUR free 15â€?minte oneâ€?onâ€?one appointments with faculty 46 That guy 47 Number of Supreme Court justices 49 Number of Gospels A Culture in Peril Forum 52 Sandwich shop with Rick Marschall 55 Formerly, formerly Saturday, May 19, 10:30 â€? 4:00 57 “Go aheadâ€? signal 59 Medicinal plant What can one Christian do in the face of our nation’s spiritual crisis? 60 Ready for picking Rather than a traditional lecture, this is a forum where we will grieve for our nation’s ills and encourage each other as God’s warriors to defend biblical principles. 61 Trellis-climbing greenery Rick Marschall is the author of many political, cultural, and biblical works. 62 Pickle type 63 Theme verse, part 4: that God raised Him For more information visit Directed by Marlene Bagnull ~ from the ___, 64 Golf peg DOWN 1 Mop & ___ 2 Pigpen sound 3 “I’ve __ robbed!â€? 4 Make possible 5 “Mazel ___!â€? 6 Hot and dry 7 Theme verse, last part: you will be ___. 8 Book in which the first Passover occurred 9 Linkletter who hosted “House Partyâ€? 10 Common word on Brazilian maps 11 Potato bud 19 Clumsy one 21 Hosp. trauma center 23 Greek letter whose first letter is silent 25 Eastern European 26 Heavy book 27 It comes before the storm 28 Double-reed instrument 29 Neither’s partner 30 Cry loudly 32 Poem of tribute 35 Bk. after Ezra 38 He was cast into the lion’s den by Nebuchadnezzar 40 “When nothing else could help, love ___ meâ€? 41 ’’I believe’’ in a text 44 Detroit’s locale: Abbr. 45 Bergen’s dummy Mortimer 48 Cleveland’s lake 50 Part of ICU 51 Wander about Jeff Ewing, a third generation NAPA owner, celebrates his new location and combined 50 years 52 Pop of serving his neighbors with quality auto parts and expertise. After being in Firestone since 2002 53 Samuel’s teacher they needed to expand so moved to a new location and constructed a new building in Frederick. They 54 Texter’s chuckle had many great years serving the Firestone and Tri Town communities and now want to thank the 56 Hot tub communities for their support of a locally owned NAPA store. Their Grand opening is May 5th and 58 Hide the gray includes their annual car show and in store specials. The car show is from 10-2 with door prizes to follow. The store is open from 8-4. They welcome you to bring your car to display or just come check out some of the cool cars in the community. Make sure to support your neighbor, an independent business owner, located at 6034 Frederick Way in Frederick at Hwy 52. Their number is 303.833.3338.

NAPA Grand Opening & Car Show May 5th


OR S*.1-: S)005*/(?!

WOMEN, MEN & F".*-*&4

Closest Shop to the Carbon Valley (303) 772-7952 .BJO4Ut-POHNPOU Layaway & gift cards available Visa, MC, or cash accepted

In business to help people

10% -OANS


Sara Brandenburg (L), 17-yr-old World Record Holding Hunter, recently added this trophy to her collection. Stop in at Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun for information, training, supplies, and products.

G0-% & GUNS N EW U 4&%








NEW LOCATION 6034 Frederick Way

Just Off Hwy 22, Next To 7-11 Gas Station



Page 6

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

FREE Montigo Fireplace* 970.535.4256 • 970.581.0613 Residential Construction Remodels of All Types Light Construction Indoor & Outdoor Having a birthday next month or know someone who is? Send a birthday wish and photo to the CVCR. We’ll print it free of charge. Submit to and put “birthday” in the subject line, as close to the 15th of each month as possible. It’s that simple & it’s FREE!

*$1,000 value Montigo Fireplace • Based on model B-34 w/standard venting • Free install w/qualifying new build or remodel • Expires 5/31/12 • w/this ad • not valid w/other offers

Use the flooring company that Copperleaf uses & trusts.


“In The I25 Business Park” at I25 & Highway 66 970-535-6074 Large Indoor Storage Space for Lease Rv’s Cars, Trucks, Boats & Commercial & Business Storage!!

X 50’ U tt 20’ 20’ X 40’ U t CR F O tL O t

Happy 6th Birthday Our Wonderful Alex We are so thankful to God for you my boy. May God bless you with many more birthdays. With so much love Daddy, Mommy, Isaiah, David and Joseph. April 3, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday to our hero Owen! We love you so much! Mom, Dad, Juliet & Preston








tt W tE t t


Dear Jobah, happy birthday! you are a great gift of God, and we enjoy watching you grow up and in God’s grace. Love mom, dad, fayfo, gram, grandma, granny, and the rest of the family.




Office: 4075 Camelot Cir., Longmont, Co 80504 Mon- Thur – 9am-4pm Fri. – 9am - Noon Web Site –

Bits & Pieces from pg. 3 La Leche League to Meet

Whether you breastfeed your baby six days, six weeks or six months, you’ll find La Leche League meetings supportive and informative. LLL of Carbon Valley will meet on every 2nd Saturday at 9:30 at the Carbon Valley Medical Center at 6600 Firestone Blvd in Firestone on April 14th. Mothers with their nursing babies and mothers-to-be are welcome. A light brunch will be served. For directions to the meeting or more information please call Leisl at 303-833-2008 or Laura 303-682-8840.

Community Shred Week at Adam’s Bank & Trust

April 23-27 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For a fresh start to the Summer, bring in your sensitive documents to be shred and recycled - for FREE**! **Maximum 2 boxes per person/business **No Binders, metal etc., items must “shred ready”, loose and ready to shred Adams Bank & Trust is located at: 8308 Colorado Blvd Firestone.

Tech Thurs. at Daylight Donuts

Next Tech Thursday is April 19th, 6pm7pm at Daylight Donuts of Dacono with Brian Wright from Firestone Technical Resources. Firestone Technical Resources will be on site providing answers for all of the technology devices, gadgets, and software and more. More info call 303.833.2009.

Professional Photographer in the CV

Christa is a local resident who has graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in photography. She is available for any portrait that your family might what, from Senior Pictures to Family portraits and beyond. Christa offers different packages to meet the needs of her clientele. Sitting fees start at $85 and the group size can range from the individual to as

many as you like. She does outdoor settings, with the use of natural light, and can travel to your favorite picture spot. Schedule your appointment now for those spring family portraits or even those Sr. pictures for next school year. Schedule your appointment today and watch for our coupon on the back of our local King Soopers receipts. For more information you can contact Christa at 303-3247902 or 303-833-3402, email her at christa@, or check out her web site at http://christawilsonphotography. com.

R and D Accounting Reminds Us Tax Filing Deadline is April 17

Just a reminder to those who have not yet filed their 2011 tax return that April 17, 2012 is the due date to either file your return and pay any taxes owed, or file for the automatic sixmonth extension and pay the tax you estimate to be due. Normally the deadline is April 15, but when a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is extended until the next business day. Thus, since April 15 falls on a Sunday and April 16 is a legal holiday in Washington, D.C. (Emancipation Day), the due date for 2011 tax returns is extended until Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Need tax help or more info, call R and D Accounting at (303) 284-9538.


Longmont Dance Theatre premiers classical ballet’s greatest comedy, Coppelia, on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm and Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 2:00 pm. This story of mistaken identity and a beautiful mechanical doll, Coppelia, leaves young and old alike bemused by the antics of our two confused lovers, Swanilda and Franz. Choreographed by Longmont’s Kristin Kingsley, and with a beautifully engaging score by Leo Delibes, you’ll be whisked away to a doll maker’s workshop during this three act ballet. Musical accompaniment by the Longmont Dance Theatre Chamber Orchestra,

under the baton of Rick Thomas. and featuring costumes by the Kansas City Ballet and scenery by Enigma Concepts & Design. Niwot High School Auditorium at 8989 Niwot Road. All seats reserved, $18 Adults/$12 Students/ Seniors, For Tickets Call: 303.772.1335 or visit the studio at 1422 Nelson Road, Longmont.

Community Preparedness Class Series

Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, Business & Education Center, 8426 Kosmerl Place, Frederick, CO 80516, just north of Fire Station 2, where the AirLife Helicopter is stationed. The Carbon Valley Emergency Planning Committee and the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District will be hosting Community Preparedness classes on the 4th Thursday of each month in 2012. April 26, 2012 Thursday 6:00 pm Disaster Planning with Pets and Large Animals If you are like millions of animal owners nationwide, your pet is an important member of your household. Unfortunately, animals are also affected by disasters. The likelihood that you and your animals will survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado or other event depends largely on emergency planning done today. This class will provide important information, on some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an animal emergency supply kit and developing a pet care buddy system, are the same for any emergency. Whether you decide to stay put in an emergency or evacuate to a safer location, you will need to make plans in advance for your pets. Class begins at 6:00 pm and will last from 2-3 hours. Come out and join us and learn how to be better prepared. Please register early in advance to ensure adequate participation for each class by contacting the District’s Training Division at 303-833-2742 or if you would like to attend.

See Bits & Pieces—pg. 8

Happy 1st Birthday to our wonderful Lilly Bug on March 25th. You have brought so much joy to our lives, and are amazed by you every day. We love you so much! Love Mom, Dad and Buckley

Zion Your 2!!! Boo Boo Happy Birthday! We love you so much and cant believe you are already 2, You have grown up so fast! You are such a blessing to mommy and daddy. You have already turned out to be such a good little boy, and like I said we LOVE you so much!!! We hope you have a Wonderful 2nd Birthday! Love, mommy and daddy

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Divorce, Family Law & Wills

Brighten Up Your Winter Color!


*New Clients | w/Tiffany w/Coupon | exp. 4/30/12

PROM Styles!

(303)828-8955 or (303)833-4586

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Spring Highlights!

142 6 th St. #6 Frederick


Page 7


303.833.5000 Ellen M. Ross, Attorney Committed to offering unparalleled personal service What you can expect:

Honesty ~ Attentiveness Diligence ~ Efficiency A practical approach 303-500-5116 PO Box 998 Frederick, CO 80530

*New Clients | w/Tiffany w/Coupon | exp. 4/30/12

Locally owned & operated

Too Many Running Processes?

load at startup, you would need to look at the options or preferences of that program to tell it to no longer load at startup. Many companies sell programs that claim that they can cleanup your computer for you, but there are two potential problems with these programs. The first is that it will remove something that is necessary (and in cause your computer to become very unstable) or something you did want, without asking you. The second is that it will skip over anything that it does not recognize, which results in your system retaining malware that should have been removed. The scum that writes malicious code, such as spyware and adware, know how to hide from these cleanup programs and avoid being removed, so if you use one, be sure to do a manual inspection afterwards. If all this work is too complicated or just too time consuming, consult a professional! Be sure to check out our website at LSIcs. com, it’s currently a work in progress but we plan to have a section featuring more helpful tidbits and will archive the ones we provide here in our articles with CVCR. LSI, Computer Services offers networking, support, new product sales, and more. For more information call 303.833.5009.

The reality of the cleanup process is that I can’t give a short, specific answer that will cover every situation, but I can give you basic instructions that will help you determine whether you have the means to cleanup your own system or you should consult a professional. A professional will be able to determine the necessary processes quicker because they do it every day, but if you are willing to spend the time to learn what each of the processes relates to, you could potentially reduce the number of processes you have running. The first thing that you need to look at is the list of processes by clicking on the ‘Processes’ tab in the Task Manager (Ctrl-AltDel in Windows XP, 2000 & NT only - not supported in 98 or ME). These processes will all have strange names followed by SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE or the name of the current user. Items that have either LOCAL SERVICE OR NETWORK SERVICE listed are generally core components of Windows and should be left alone. The items that are listed as SYSTEM or the current user are the most likely to be the grime that you will want to remove. Here is where the real work comes in; you will have to figure out what each ve of the processes We ha s! does by searching p Lapto the process name in Google. For example, svchost.exe is a common process that is part of Windows and if you search Google you will see that it is the ‘Microsoft Service Host Process’ and should be left alone. As you go through the list, Plus you will start to FREE Upgrades* see that some of the processes are *4 gigs to 8 gigs RAM & Dual-core to Tri-core! w/PC purchase related to specific Services Include programs or are virus removal • support • upgrades • system clean up • repairs known spyware or networking • service contracts • new & used PCs & hardware adware that can be 27 Years of ACTUAL Experience uninstalled. This is Proudly serving Colorado homes and businesses! when you would go to the Add/Remove programs section of for all your computer & home networking needs! the Control Panel to see if there is an uninstall option. If the program is one that you Sat. 10-4 want to keep but you don’t want it ARE to automatically

8631 Frontier St | Firestone |


Helping people connect to business through social media

Jennie Poppenger The Social Media Whisperer

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LSI Computer Services, Inc.

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Zartman, Local Author Nails Taking Appointments Now! Jennifer Has frustration ever led you to a good thing? Jennifer Zartman, Simplicity hair salon

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Bits & Pieces from pg. 6

a homeschooling mom, became very frustrated with an English punctuation exercise in the form of a badly written story. She thought, ‘I can do better than this!’ She re-wrote the exercise as a story of a science nerd, Rory Anderson, who went on a high school field trip to a science museum. One of the exhibits included a simple hoop suspended over a black box, and as Rory looked at it, the hoop began to glow and gently spin, throwing off shards of light in all the colors of the rainbow. Jennifer’s class of one worked quietly until he got to the last sentence that ended with Rory “moving, sliding, and falling through the flashing rainbow into the purple mists, and the world went dark.� “Mom! What happened next?� Over the years, that anguished cry came back to Jennifer’s memory, and she wondered, what could happen next? After her three children graduated from high school and went on to college she had time to figure that out. Rory, King of Petla is the answer. Published in October of 2011, it tells how that ring of light pulled Rory into another dimension, where he met the King of the Fountain of Life and was commissioned to go to another planet to help the people of Petla. There he found more adventure, fun, and danger than he ever imagined, and Jennifer had a great time figuring out how Rory could fly with stone-powered vests, and how he could use Petlan rock technology to meet other needs in this

new world. The challenges required all his intellectual abilities and even his video game expertise. Jennifer won awards in high school for her storytelling abilities and still loves to draw people into a good story. The daughter of an army officer, she developed an early love for travel and exploring new places, real and imaginary. She now cherishes a home and roots on the front range, and lives in Loveland with her husband. There will be a book signing for Rory, King of Petla at DĂŠjĂ lu Books from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, along with book readings, store specials, and refreshments. The store is located at 8350 Colorado Blvd, Suite 170 in Firestone, Colorado. The book is currently available as a paperback at DĂŠjĂ  lu Books, and at About Kids Consignment in Frederick, as well as on, where it is also available as an e-book.

National Day of Prayer

t)FBUJOH t"JS$POEJUJPOJOH "$5/08 t3FGSJHFSBUJPO -*.*5&% t"QQMJBODF t*OTUBMMBUJPO 5*.&0/-: t4FSWJDF3FQBJS Lower Energy Consumption

Throughout the six decades since Congress established an annual National Day of Prayer, untold millions of Americans have come together every year to express humble reliance upon the Almighty. On May 3, 2012, citizens of the Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono will gather at 12:00 noon at the flagpole outside of the Firestone Town Hall (151 Grant Avenue, Firestone) to participate in the 61st observance of the National Day of Prayer. There is a pressing need for God’s people to unite in repentance $BMM$BSCPO7BMMFZ)FBUJOH"JSBU and corporate intercession for the sake of our beleaguered country. We continue to face unabated moral decline, economic turmoil, military conflict in the Middle East, and the ever-increasing assaults against 'VSOBDF"$$PJM$MFBOJOH our religious liberty. Given these urgent 4UBSUJOHBU *ODM4FSWJDF$BMM 4FSWJDF$BMM concerns, it is imperative that we remain on our knees in contrite supplication for the Expires 4/30/2012 $89 $1885 Not valid w/other offers United States, and our leaders. In doing so, we pay tribute to the XXXDBSCPOWBMMFZIFBUJOHBOEBJSDPNtXXXGBDFCPPLDPN$7)7"$ example set by our Founding Fathers and by presidents down through the years who have exhorted the American people to seek God’s help and deliverance during trying times. As Abraham Lincoln presided over a war-torn land, he called on his fellow citizens to take part in a day of fasting and prayer, making this statement: â€œâ€Śit is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history: that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord‌â€? What a powerful reminder of the true source of our well-being. It was in that spirit that “ONE NATION UNDER GODâ€? was selected as the 2012 theme, inspired by the faith-filled declaration found in Psalm 33:12: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.â€? Citizens of our Tri-Town community are encouraged to gather at the flagpole at the Firestone Town Hall at noon on May 3rd, 2012 to pray for our communities, our state, our nation, and leaders at all levels. Prairie Community Church is coordinating the gathering. Direct questions to Cathy McIntosh at 303-651-1640.

Daphne’s Simplicity Hair Salon Adds Nails & Massage

Daphne Hutton, owner of Daphne’s Simplicity Hair Salon, welcomes Lynnze McVicker (hair & nails) and Tara Stoner (massage therapy) to her salon. Both women bring unique talents to the Frederick salon at 225 Oak Street. Customers can call 303.833.3235 to make an appointment. Daphne’s Simplicity Salon offers a full array of services including haircuts, color, hairlights, perms, waxing, nails, massage and has retail products to purchase for hair and skin. Daphne’s offers special discounts to military, police and fire personnel as well as local business employees and high school and college students. Daphne is also proud to display the custom wood products of Richard Rude. Richard’s fine wood products range from dressers and frames to complete kitchen cabinets and bedroom sets. He and his son use beetle kill pine and his work is stunning.

Avidity Technology Solutions, LLC

Technology solutions customized to meet your needs! Is your computer running slow? Have a new program you need installed? Tired of keeping up with the updates and maintenance? PC Support for the Home offers: • PC Performance Improvement • Virus and Malware Removal: Includes performance improvement • Software installed • New install of Windows or Linux • Year-long maintenance contract: After Virus and Malware Removal & Includes 1 free hour of onsite service • Remote support just an email or phone call away Phone: 720-383-9475 & E-mail:


Half Price at Your Little Ones Locker

Half Price Day on most items once a month. typically it’s the last Saturday of the month (barring any major holidays). All consignors get to shop the ½ price deals before the public. Come to Your Little Ones Locker at 204 8th Street in Dacono. You can call 720-545-2806 or visit




"$ Tune Up

"$ Install

Expires 4/30/2012


Expires 4/30/2012


Vol. 12, Issue 4

Expires 4/30/2012

Page 8

20% OFF

Adoption~Tri-Town Support Group FHS Booster Bingo Night

Join us for Adoptive Families and beyond!! We meet at Frederick Recreation Center at 701 5th Street in Frederick. Contact Stacey Jones 720-494-9556 for questions, or email sngjoneshm@ Please RSVP ASAP so we can get a head count for our group. You do not need to attend dinner, 5:30-6:30, you can always attend for 2 hours of training. Certificates for training available upon request. Dinner is available for $3 per/person and Childcare is available for $4 per/child. Financial consideration is given to those with need. Please don’t hesitate to ask and don’t let money stop you from joining us. Upcoming dates of meetings for 2012!! This will be the best year yet! March 17th, April 21st, May 19th‌ all meetings will be from 5:30-8:30.

La Leche League to Meet

Whether you breastfeed your baby six days, six weeks or six months, you’ll find La Leche League meetings supportive and informative. LLL of Carbon Valley will meet on every 2nd Saturday at 9:30 at the Carbon Valley Medical Center at 6600 Firestone Blvd in Firestone. Mothers with their nursing babies and mothers-tobe are welcome. A light brunch will be served. For directions to the meeting or more information please call Leisl at 303-8332008 or Laura 303-682-8840.

GriefShare Workshop & Support Group

Mondays, 7:00-8:30 p.m. at RMCC Chapel Niwot Campus. This Christian-based workshop and support group is for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them. The class, which runs as a 13-week session, will repeat itself for year-round support. Although the session is free, a $16 workbook is suggested. To register, contact Jan at 303.652.6834 or Join the group anytime and find hope and encouragement.

Dinner is Served TWICE

The Helping Hand Food Pantry is now open the first AND third Thursday of every month to distribute food boxes and serve dinner to our community. A free dinner is served from 6:00 p.m. to  7:30 p.m. and food boxes can be picked up between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. We are located inside Life Fellowship Church at 451 Oak St. in downtown Frederick.  Please call Stephanie @ 303-709-5218 with any questions.

Support Frederick High School Booster Club by attending bingo held every Saturday night at 7:00 pm. Have fun playing bingo and help the Frederick High School Booster Club earn money. Bingo is a fun activity for the whole family for as little as $4 per person. We have a great special - the Warrior Special includes 36 games on the e-max computer, 3 paper packs, or 18 sets of bingo games, and 30 double action games. This is a $56 value for $40. In addition, each week we pay out a total of $1700! The Longmont Bingo Alley is located in Longmont on Main and 17th Ave behind the Wendy’s. Please join us for a great time and help support our local kids and check out our site at

Tri-Town Toasters Club

Meetings are Monday evenings at 6:30 - 8:00 pm at 10550 Jake Jabs Blvd, in Firestone. The Tri-Town Toasters are a diverse group of people who meet weekly in the Carbon Valley area with a common purpose of developing confident and competent public speaking skills in a safe friendly environment. Toastmasters meet in a club setting where all members participate and lead the meetings. There are no instructors or grading; member participation and meeting quality are critiqued by fellow members in a positive yet always room for improvement style. Guests are always welcome to come check it out and can anticipate an enjoyable experience with encouragement, yet without pressure to participate. For more information contact club president, Julia K. Davis Dtm, District 26 Toastmasters at or 303.775.1106.

Coalition of Christians in Commerce

Two monthly meetings are held for the Coalition of Christians in Commerce. RSVP now for the April 9th (typically the first Monday of each month) luncheon, 11:30 to 1:00 at pinocchios in Lafayette at 211 N Public Road. Great food, great speaker and networking with fellow Christian business owners, bring business cards and come ready to market your business and learn what the economy looks like in the next 5 years for our businesses. The second meeting is the last Wednesday of the month and meets south Denver at the Imperial Chinese 431 S Broadway. RSVP at LinkedIn or call 720-290-3626. God bless your week!!

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

FRRE Performs First Rv Solar Power Install For The Season.


Multicolor Highlight Special starting at



Tri-Town Seniors

Hollie Kennedy 303.833.2739

Help the Homeless Winter Drive Tiffany Trujillo 303.828.8955

357 Likes After Contest

We had 58 new “Likes� and am thankful for every one of them plus the other 299 that were already friends of the CVCR!!! Thank you ALL. Mike and Hana C. are the winners and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person and presenting them with a gift basket worth OVER $500! Thanks to all the sponsors who helped me with the gift basket. Shelly Porcaro provided the largest valued item with her fitness assessment at Just Tri Fitness. Thanks also to Fisher KIA & Justin Gasman, Pepper Jacks Grille & Janel Czajkowski Elmore, Axis of Movement & Alisa Schillinger, The Carbon Valley Rec & Renee Witty, Daylight Donuts & Linda Lou Allour, LSI Computer Services, Inc., CJ Liquors, and Doggie Doodles. Watch for our next contest in May!

MOMS Club of Frederick, Firestone, & Dacono Kathy Weimer 303.485.8282 or

Tri-Town Lions Club Jeanette Boyles 303. 833.2018

Playing It Forward

Del Torr 303.947.8564 or

A Kid’s Place

CASA Program and Child Advocacy Center 1610 29th Avenue Place, Suite 201, Greeley, CO 80634 970-353-5970 or

EF Foundation for Foreign Study

Tri-Town Toasters Club

720.984.7473 or

5995 Iris Parkway ď‚&#x; Frederick ď‚&#x; (303) 833-2050 Ethan Kerns, DDS ď‚&#x; Services: Primary health care services, including medical, dental & behavioral health. A Medical Home where services are integrated to best serve you and your family.

Lyn Evizich 303.833.2387 or

Tessie Gale, at 720-864-9202 or

Red Hatters

Acupuncture for Veteran’s & Their Families Daisy Lear

Longmont Christian Womens Connection or Jane 303.682.2752

1/2 hr

1 hour

1 1/2 hr

cont. from pg. 1

Diana Murray 303-678-1423 or Ann Marie Zemko 720-684-6806.

Tri-Town Kids Clothing Bank

A Measure ‘N Balance Experience


Operation Blankie

Julia K. Davis 303.775.1106 or

Grand Opening Massage Special


Melissa 303.847.8165 or

Tammy Nissen 720.938.2624

0BL4U]'SFEFSJDL 303.910.6492


Frederick High School Booster Club

Frederick High School 720.443.2065 or

hair salon

Where dreams come true!

$15 Shellac on Nails $25|$50|$75 TPMJEDPMPSt&YQJSFT

A Woman’s Work

Send your contact info to This is a free listing. Please put “organization� in the subject line. Thank you to Linda Allour of Dacono Daylight Donuts for suggesting the CVCR add this information for the Carbon Valley and surrounding areas.


Taking Appointments Now!

donors and professional partners are the eyes and ears of our communities. You are the ones who help us identify 303-255-3227 I-25 & Hwy 52 the women who are stumbling. It is always our hope to help catch them before they fall.� Two AWW grant recipients shared their stories. Both working women said they never thought they would be the women needing A Woman’s Work shared the stories of women and their families they help help and were so grateful that A Woman’s Work exists for other women like them. “This organization is not just for disconnected individuals but for those like to a group of nearly 50 at Bella Rose Restaurant on Tuesday, March 13, 2012. A Woman’s Work is a private non-profit that assists local women and their families us who just need a one time hand up so we can get back on our feet,� one of the recipients said. “This is a loan of kindness and we are only asked to pay it forward who live or work in the St. Vrain Valley. “We have been helping your friends and neighbors for nine years with – it is a great program.� If anyone in the Carbon Valley area is interested in donating, volunteering or everything from housing to transportation to child care and more. The difference between us and most non-profits is that we are able to assist people immediately,� receiving more information on this organization, please visit their website at www. Cindy Noble, AWW Executive Director said. “We are a unique organization here or by contact a Woman’s Work at 303-827-7085 or via e-mail to catch women who might otherwise fall through the cracks. We exist because our at

Local Non-ProďŹ ts, Clubs & Organizations


Nails & Massage

Front Range Renewable Energy (FRRE) had the privilege of installing their first solar system of the season on a Trail Manor 3023. What makes this RV/camper unique is it is a hard sided popup. It takes the best of a regular RV and the best of a pop-up and puts it into a very compact, very lightweight towable camper. This type of camper required a different approach for installation being it was a pop-up. A typical install on a non collapsible type camper would have the wire from the solar array ran inside a vent or through an already existing opening in the roof routed down to the battery system. With this install we decided that the best approach would be to run the wiring externally to the battery bank to give the flexibility this camper required. The owner of the Trail Manor, Paul, wanted a system so he could have the capability to be offgrid for extended periods of time. Paul didn’t want to be restricted to the standard RV park to get the power he needed, but wanted the flexibility to stay anywhere and have ample power to run the loads he needed without the umbilical. After discussing his power needs and the physical space available on the roof of the camper we decided that a 3 panel system totaling 405 watts of solar DC power should be sufficient for his needs. To make a fun story short, the total install took about 6 hours for this system and I am glad to say, Paul is very pleased and is the proud owner of a complete off-grid camper and he can take his wheeled island with him where ever he goes. RV/Camper solar systems typically consist of a solar panel(s), a charge controller rated for the solar array you are using and ample wire to run from the array to the charge controller and from the charge controller to the already existing 12 volt battery bank. If you like the idea of being completely off-grid, we can match up an inverter from the 12 volt DC system to run any 110v AC devices you may want to power. All systems are completely customizable to the end users needs just like our portable solar generators that were featured here in the Consumer Report last month and a few months ago. All systems are tested during the process and after completion to insure component continuity and performance. All hardware used for installation is marine grade stainless steel for years of worry free issues. Single panel (135 watt) systems start at around $800.00. This is a complete system including all needed components and installation. Price will vary depending on your unique situation. For further information please feel free to contact Lawrence at 303.775.7083, visit the website, e-mail us at or better yet stop by our fully interactive facility located at 8105 W. I-25 Frontage Rd. #3 Frederick, CO. 80516, which is located directly across I-25 from Stapp Toyota.

Page 9

A Woman’s Work

Frederick Salud Family Health Centers

The Pearl Group for Single Parent Families La Leche League

LLL of Carbon Valley meets every 2nd Saturday at 9:30 at Carbon Valley Medical Center at 6600 Firestone Blvd in Firestone. Mothers with their nursing babies and mothers-to-be are welcome. A light brunch will be served. For directions to the meeting or more information please call Leisl 303-833-2008 or Laura 303-682-8840.

many cases 20-30 minutes. I love our community and the fact that people know each other. It is tight knit and a caring community. I wished for a place that our teenagers could call their own and be a part of after school and one night on the weekend so they could be safe and have fun at the same time- right in their “own backyard�. Writing the business plan took quite a bit of time. But it was time well spent as it helped really get all of my thoughts and ideas on paper in an organized fashion. Then, I was able to start sharing more with others the vision I had to help make our community even better! We have had many meetings with various people and just had our first community meeting on March 9th at the Carbon Valley Regional Public Library. Every person I have talked with about THAT PLACE agrees that it is needed here and they all want to see it happen! About 8 years ago, I am told, they did try to make it happen at a place called the “Jazzy Bean�- however, there were about 100 teens there the first night- and so the problem was finding a place to hold the number of teens that wanted to have a place to hang out. This is the same challenge we are currently facing. We need THE PLACE for THAT PLACE! Our goal is to open Labor Day weekend of 2012. We need a place that the Highschoolers can come to after school Monday through Thursday from about 2:305pm. Friday nights; we plan on being open as a hang out place for them after games from about 9-11:30pm. If you have ideas or suggestions in helping us find our place, please contact us. , find us on Face book at thatplacecolorado or call Callico NeuExecutive Director at 720-838-0251. We have people willing to help remodel and upgrade our space and we aren’t opposed to sharing space with someone using the facility at other times. Our next community meeting is going to be held at the Carbon Valley Regional Library on Friday, April 13th from 4-5pm. Please join us for more information!

Hope Floats

Hopes Float provides accessible boating and fishing in Colorado Company Overview Hopes Float utilizes a 25 foot pontoon boat which has been retrofitted with wheel chair locks and a ramp to facilitate our clients who are confined to a wheelchair. For our clients who are mobile, we offer pedestal seats and can offer up to six fishing stations. There is no charge to participate in these trips. Description Hopes Float was founded in 2002, and received its non-profit status in 2006. Hopes Float season runs from mid-May through the end of September each year. We offer trips along the front range of Colorado, and have been as far north as Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft. Collins, to Pueblo Reservoir. Volunteers are the life blood of Hopes Float. We have two primary volunteers on each trip. The Boat Captains are experience boaters, and are in charge of the trips. The Boat Hosts are volunteers who assist our clients with fishing, hand out water, and make sure everyone is having a great time. All volunteers are required to pass a background check. Hopes Float provides an engaging, fun, accessible fishing experience to special populations of disadvantaged children and adults. 303.651.0849 or hoopesfloat@msn. com Founded 2006 Location P O Box 1161, Longmont, CO 80502

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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FREE Birth Announcements

Send their photo to carbonvalley@ & put baby in the subject line. Send name, town, & birth date, along with the photo and how you are related.

Vol. 12, Issue 4


Residential ď‚&#x; Commercial ď‚&#x; HOAs Tree Trimming, Planting & Removals Shrub Shearing & Pruning Stump Grinding ď‚&#x; Brush Chipping Gutter Cleaning ď‚&#x; Snow Removal Spring Yard Clean Ups Fire Mitigation ď‚&#x; Eco-Friendly

Complete Tree & Landscape Maintenance

720-394-8357 Carbon Valley ď‚&#x;

10 Years Experience • Licensed • Insured

Frederick’s Revolving Art Show Through April 16th

Don’t’ miss our Mar-April Artists at Frederick’s Revolving Art Show and Sale at the Bella Rosa Golf Club. You’ll find us at 5830 Weld Co Rd 20/ Bella Rosa Dr. just off Colorado Blvd. The Club House is open from 6 am till dusk. It is free and open to the public. Sales are available on site. For information call 303 678 2940.

The featured artists are: Bob Becker ď‚&#x; Marilyn Fingerlin ď‚&#x; Dustin Carrera ď‚&#x; Hazel McCoy

�Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.� James 1:17

One of the featured artists of the March/April show, Hazel Darlene McCoy: A Kodak Brownie was added to my childhood toys of wooden spools, mud sculptures, and cut out maps and blueprints. These, along with a fascination for patterns revealed by decaying wood, peeling paint, and rust, have grown to today’s photography of the suggestive and hidden traces of nature and relationship found in weathered objects, in reflections of movement, and in foliage whispers of a breeze. Left is A Study in Contrast and below is Fence Bound.





Hazel Darlene McCoy

Locally Owned, Operated & Insured

What to Do When Emergency Vehicles are on Road

Sutter Home White Zinfandel 750ml, $3.99


Grey Goose 750ml, $21.99


LANDSHARK $10.99 12pk

10% OFF


ďƒ§ I-25

Firestone Blvd.

CR 13/Colorado Blvd

*off total purchase w/ad Exclusions Apply Sale prices through April 30, 2012

Cimarron St.

All New Six Pack Sampler! Pick Your Own!

Our safety focus for this month is highway traffic safety for emergency responders. Highway accidents are the number one cause of law enforcement fatalities every year and one of the leading causes of firefighter fatalities. We want you to know what to do when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle or when approached by the lights and sirens of a fire engine, ambulance or police car. If a police officer has stopped someone at the right side of the road, the other drivers should get in the left hand lane if possible when passing them. As possible, steer slowly and safely to the left when police vehicles are stopped on right side of road. If lights and sirens are approaching you from behind or head on you should pull your car as far to the right side of the road as possible and stop. A fire engine or an ambulance must have that -YVTNYV^PUNHI\ZPULZZ[VOVTL same courtesy, move to PTWYV]LTLU[SVHUZ(KHTZ)HUR  the right. If every vehicle ;Y\Z[OHZTVUL`[VSLUK without sirens and lights ([(KHTZ)HUR ;Y\Z[^L]HS\L goes to the right, it’s like YLSH[PVUZOPWZ¡HUK^LÂťK]HS\L`V\YZ parting the Red Sea. 0[ÂťZ[OH[RPUKVMJVTTP[TLU[[OH[OHZ If you’re in an intersection, THKL(KHTZ)HUR ;Y\Z[Z\JJLZZM\S just stop until after the lights MVYTVYL[OHU `LHYZ and sirens have passed. If the emergency vehicle is approaching you from the side at a cross street, stop and pull as far to the right as possible to and allow them to pass through the intersection. It could make the A Family Owned Regional Bank difference of life and death for the person to whom :KHUH\RXUEXVLQHVVDQGSHUVRQDOEDQNLQJEHORQJ they’re responding. For more information :/PNO^H` *VSVYHKV)S]K :3HRL(]L -VY[*VSSPUZ -PYLZ[VUL )LY[OV\K contact Frederick-Firestone    Fire Protection District at 303-833-2742 or visit us on the web at

“Helping Carbon Valley Shoppers from being stuck between a rock and a hard place!"

Tax Season Tips & Help: It’s Not Too Late

to Make a 2011 IRA Contribution

If you haven’t contributed funds to an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) for 2011 tax year, or if you have put in less than the maximum allowed, you still have time. You can contribute to either a Traditional or Roth IRA until the April 17th deadline for filing your individual tax return for 2011 (not including extensions). It is important to inform your investment advisor, or IRA trustee that the contribution is for the tax year 2011. Otherwise, the trustee may report the contribution as being for tax year 2012 due to the fact that this is when they receive your funds. You may contribute up to $5,000 of your earnings for 2011. However, if you are age 50 or older in 2011, the contribution limit increases to $6,000. You can fund a Traditional IRA, a Roth IRA (if you qualify), or both, but your total contributions cannot exceed the amounts noted above. The IRA contribution limits are slated to remain the same for the tax year 2012. Gibbs & Assoc Traditional IRA: You may be able to take 10079 Belmont Stree a tax deduction on your Firestone, CO 80504 individual tax return for the contributions to a traditional IRA, depending on your Denyse Gibbs, income and whether Owner you or your spouse, 303-908-6240 if filing married filing joint, are covered by an employer’s retirement denysegibbscpa@g plan.

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Page 11




BeauTIFul Hair by Tiffany Trujillo





PLUS Stamped Concrete Pergolas Decks & More Roth IRA: You cannot deduct Roth IRA contributions, but the earnings on a Roth IRA may be nontaxable if you meet the conditions for a qualified distribution. The earnings portion of a nonqualified distribution is taxable as ordinary income. Saving for retirement should be part of everyone’s financial plan and it’s important to review your retirement goals every year in order to maximize your savings. Also a reminder that the deadline for individual tax returns this year is Tuesday, April 17th. Denyse Gibbs, CPA - Owner of Gibbs & Associates, PLLC in Firestone can be reached at 303-908-6240 or denysegibbscpa@gmail. com. Denyse Gibbs, CPA - Owner of Gibbs & Associates, PLLC in Firestone can be reached at 303-908-6240 or denysegibbscpa@gmail. com.

ciates, PLLC

et 4


As we transition from winter to spring it is important to change our hair care routine. Along with the blooming flowers and warmer days, spring brings on the season for frizz and flyaway hair. As the seasons change from cold and dry to warm and humid, the seasons ever changing moisture levels wreak havoc on our hair. The changes in moisture level causes extra frizz. This is because the hair is trying to soak in the moisture from the air. It is important to protect your hair from changing moisture levels by applying a protective oil treatment. I recommend Rusk DeepShine Oil because it is an alcohol-free argan oil treatment that smoothes the cuticle, balances moisture levels and improves elasticity. In addition to moisture level changes, springs warmer days are also affect our hair. The warmer tempters are to blame for dull, dry hair. This is because the heat in the air causes the cuticle of the hair to open which can lead to split ends, breakage and gives hair a duller color. To avoid this, switch your shampoo and conditioner to something with more moisture. It is also a good idea to blast your hair with a shot of cool air from your blow dryer as you finish your blow out. Cool air closes the cuticle and seals in the moisture. Cutting off split ends will help your hair look refreshed and fell healthy once again.

Always An Answer

Telephone Answering Service


We’re Here When You Can’t Be Owners: Wanda Taylor & Cathy Scofield Live Answering Service  Paging  Customized Service  Faxing Confidentiality  Low Rates  No Contracts  E-mail Experienced  Friendly  Emergency Experience “You’ll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without Us!”

Exterior Color Schemes

Its early spring and warmer than usual weather reminds us its time to start thinking about tending to landscaping, preparing our gardens and outdoor maintenance - particularly painting our home’s exterior. Many of our clients want to change their home’s exterior colors, but aren’t sure where to start and often have a hard time with their final decision. Although there are hundreds of colors from which to choose, the exterior of your home may not be the place to experiment with crazy hues as your main color. Subtle organic colors work well outdoors and fit well within the 2012 color trend predictions that draw from the American landscape. For exteriors these colors encompass a wide range of possibilities. The easiest way to go? Your local paint store’s exterior brochures, where you will find a large variety of suggestions - and they are just that - guidelines to follow, not rules. Speaking of rules we still like to follow the 60:30:10 rule: 60% for the main body, usually a neutral to mid-tone color. Select this color first as it is the color you will see the most. This color will lead you to your choice of trim and accent colors. 30% for the roof and trim. The roof doesn’t have to match, but should harmonize with the trim, which consists of fascia boards, gutters, window trim, and entry doors. The trim color should complement the main body to define the architectural details of your house. 10% for an accent color for architectural features such as shutters, decorative molding, doors, brackets, columns and porch decks and ceilings. Anything you paint with the accent color will stand out so if you aren’t sure what to include, your painting contractor can advise you. Necessary but not always attractive items such as gutters, downspouts, etc., can be painted the body or trim color so they are less noticeable. Still want to bring in that wild color? Make it your accent color or fourth color and use it for your front door. If you find you can’t live with it, it’s only a quart of paint. If you’re thrilled with it you can use it to paint your shutters and other small accent pieces. Here are some popular color schemes from Sherwin Williams: REDS Body: Red Barn SW7591 Trim: Alabaster SW7008 Accent: Domino SW6989 For you wild ones our fourth color door pick is SW7682 Bee’s Wax GRAYS Body: Summit Gray SW7669 Trim: Extra White SW7006 Accent: Greenblack SW6994 Our fourth color accent choice: Daredevil SW6882 GRAY/GREENS Body: Rare Gray SW6199 Trim: Casa Blanca 7571 Accent: Pewter Green SW6208 Our bold fourth color door choice: Izmur Purple SW6825 Last but not least, ask you painting contractor. He’s been painting exteriors for years and knows what works and what won’t. By Tim & Sheree Zaerr, owners of Blue Parrot Painting, serving the Carbon Valley & surrounding areas. See more of Tim’s Paint Tips at blueparrotpainting. com &

Page 12

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

TOTALLY Looking for a

ly er m on r Fo arb ley l C al ta V en Dr. Hani Marogil, DMD, PC • 630 Main St. • Unit B • Frederick D


New Doctor?

Offering Excellent & Affordable Dental Care In A Privately Owned Practice

Tom Mino, DO

tXXXNBSPHJMEFOUJTUSZDPN 2nd Location • 303.466.4646 • 340 E. 1st. Ave. • Ste. 202 • Broomfield

Accepting New Patients & Most Insurances!


For Patients With No Dental Insurance Marogil Dentristry *Offer valid w/this ad only. Valid at Frederick location only. Not valid w/any other offers or prior services. This offer expires 4.30.12.

• Ask for a free preventive health guide.

Also Available: Laser Whitening InvisalignŽ BOTOXŽ JuvÊderm™

4QFDJBM*OUSPEVDUPSZ0òFS New Patient Exam with X-Rays

• We welcome new patients.

We Carry ObagiÂŽ Medical Skincare

Hani Marogil DMD, PC

• We provide a wide range of primary care services to meet your family’s needs.

Rick Artist, MD

All JuvÊderm™ & BOTOXŽ are administered by a doctor.

Hours: Mon and Thur, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tue, Wed, Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

8350 CR 13, Suite 160 (Colo Blvd, next to Dairy Queen) Firestone, CO 80504


comprehensive restorative & reconstructive dentistry • implant replacement implant restoration • veneers • composite filings • laser dentistry digital radiography • partials • dentures • crowns • bridges (made in the USA)

Setting the standard for exceptional care! In-House Discounts Available for Non-Insured Dental Patients!

Swinging to Nationals~Dance & Golf

Axis Dance Company Booster Club’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament entitled “Swinging to Nationals� hosted by Saddleback Golf Club in Firestone. All proceeds will go to the Axis Dance Company Booster Club as they raise money to send our dancers to The Hall of Fame Dance Challenge NATIONALS this summer! Thank you for your support! We welcome all skill levels to this tournament. The tournament will be played as a Best Ball competition, also known as a Scramble. Each player from the 4- person team hits from the tee. The team then makes their next series of shots from the spot where the best ball landed. This process continues till the ball is in the hole. The tournament will begin at 7:30am and be followed by lunch, raffle, prizes, and awards ceremony at the Saddleback Outdoor Pavillion. Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012 Time: Registration 7:00am, Shotgun Start 7:30 am Location: Saddleback Golf Club, 8631 Frontier St., Firestone, CO 80504 Cost: $400 per foursome (4 golfers), $125 per single golfer Corporate and hole sponsorships available. If interested in additional information, please call (303) 833-7353 or email us at info@ Registration may be picked up by me, Axis of Movement, Saddleback Golf Club, and ADCBC parents. Hope to see you there! Summer is right around the corner and Axis of Movement has some amazing plans in the works! Summer schedules are here NOW! Register and pay for summer dance before April 15th and receive 10% OFF your total camp, intensive, or tuition. We also offer sibling discounts. Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and Massage Therapy to keep summer HEALTHY! Visit our website at

Firestone’s Clean Up Day & Food Drive

Š2011 Exempla Healthcare

Ruth Vanderkooi, MD

Coming Out of Hibernation

During the long winter months, we tend to become homebodies; hibernating in our “caves� until the sun warms us up and melts away the signs of cold. During the cold months, we also pack on the pounds due to over indulging in comfort foods and warm baked goods and drinking loads of frou frou hot coffee drinks and less iced water. These long, cold, and dark days tend to leave us a little less than motivated to get up and get started with being active again. What is stopping you from exercising? Some common reasons are being too tired, too busy, and being bored or confused about your exercise plan. We may tell ourselves these excuses, but the real reason we don’t exercise often goes a little deeper. 1. The consequences are not immediate. For most things in life, there are immediate consequences if you do not follow through with something that you are supposed to do. What happens if you do not exercise though? Do you immediately become obese? Do you immediately have heart disease, diabetes, or cancer? No. All of these problems can result from the lack of exercise over time. The sad part is, you could have most likely prevented the onset of these diseases if you had added exercise and healthy nutrition into your daily life. 2. Today’s world does not require as much movement. We don’t have to be active to get things done these days. We rely heavily on the internet and our vehicles to take us where we need to be. Television and gaming

In spring tradition, the Town of Firestone is hosting its 11th Annual Cleanup Day and Food Drive on April 28, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Firestone Public Works facility, 7500 Pine Cone Ave. (WCR 20). This is the perfect opportunity for Firestone residents to bring all unwanted household debris to be disposed of through a community-wide effort. In addition to the cleanup, the Town of Firestone also welcomes residents to donate non-perishable food items as part of a food drive to benefit local food banks. Once items are disposed of, residents are welcome to join Town staff and elected officials for a free pancake breakfast and a hot dog or hamburger lunch. Household items accepted in the cleanup include lumber, tree branches, shrubs, furniture, mattresses, concrete, doors, cabinets, tires, TVs, screens and monitors, computers, stereo Your Vacation and Cruise Specialist equipment, yard equipment, bicycles, chain link fences, water ~Since 1985~ heaters, stoves, washers and dryers, and steel. Residents will be asked to separate tree limbs, wood and steel when unloading. Household hazardous waste will also be accepted during the day, “You’re busy, let us take care of the details.â€? which includes flammable materials, latex and related materials, oil, antifreeze and other car products, toxic material, batteries, Specialists in: aerosol, acids, bases, oxidizers and unknowns. However, please Cruises ď Ź Vacation Packages note that all materials must be in a clearly marked container and Honeymoon Planning & Registry properly packaged to avoid leakage. Items not accepted include Groups ď Ź All Inclusive Resorts refrigerators, freezers and 55-gallon drums. International & Domestic Destinations Firestone residents will be asked to provide proof of residency, either with a water bill statement or other proof of address. Town staff will be available to help unload items for those people who are unable to do so themselves. For more information, call 303-833-3544 or visit

Hands On cont. from pg 1 classes and private group classes focusing on the basics of auto maintenance and repair. The first class being offered is a Women’s Car Care Clinic on Saturday, May 12th. The class is designed for students to know what most drivers should know, but don’t. Three of the women’s cars will get oil changes by the class that day and the other students will receive coupons for a free oil change later. The instructors will walk them through a full inspection inside, outside, and under the car. Class size is limited to 10 students, and the cost of the class is $75, which includes an oil change, snacks, and fun. Students must be over 18 or accompanied by a parent. In addition to Pete Dinstuhl’s experience with cars, he also trained as a diesel mechanic in the U.S. Coast Guard and served on Search and Rescue teams off the coast of New Jersey before relocating to


Colorado. Pete’s lead mechanic, Tom, also served in the military. Tom worked on jets for the Airforce prior to opening his own auto shop in Philadelphia. Then he brought his 15 years of auto mechanic experience to Colorado and Hands-On Auto Tech. The third mechanic, Laura, gives the shop something most other shops can’t offer; female perspective. Although she fixes cars, Laura can relate to the difficulties women can have at regular auto shops. Come meet your favorite new mechanic; maybe it’s you! Hands-On Auto Tech is located at 1566 Vista View Dr. Unit C. Vista View Dr. is located one block south of highway 119 off of County Rd. 3 1/2. One mile east of Walmart. Find them on-line: Call for an appointment: 720-340-4024. Mention Carbon Valley Business Report for a $10.00 oil change.

have replaced family game night, walks in the park, biking, and hiking. We have become a nation of inactivity, even in our school systems. If you were not raised in an active family, you may find it difficult to add exercise into your life after being inactive for so many years. 3. We see exercise as optional. Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health, quality of life, and weight management. Why is it that we are always trying to find a way around exercising? Whether it is the use of a new diet pill, diet plan, gadget, plastic surgery, or weight loss surgery, too many of us still think we can get all of the benefits of exercise without actually having to do it. 4. We are not used to being active. For many people, structured exercise is something they have never done before. As a result, bringing exercise into their lives creates a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Having to rearrange your schedule to accommodate these new changes can make you feel completely overwhelmed and resentful at times. The good news is‌ once you get on a set routine, it will feel like second nature. A personal trainer can help you “map outâ€? your personalized plan of action and help keep you accountable and excited about your new lifestyle. If you are feeling like you can relate to some of these “trueâ€? reasons why you may not exercise and you need some guidance, please give us a call. We can get you going down the right path this spring and get you prepared for a fantastic summer. Sincerely, Just TRI Fitness, LLC, Shelly Porcaro, CPT/SFN 303594-8325 or Nicole Mendenhall, CPT 303-304-4924 nicole@

Organic Hormone Free

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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HEALTHY Our Take On “Pink Slime”

What are you getting in that “fast food” burger? How can they sell them so cheaply? Do you go for the “cheap” ground meat in the grocery store? I remember ground meat sold in plastic sleeves. After cooking it, I couldn’t eat it. There was just something about the smell and the texture….. and now I know why. Recently there have been headlines regarding the “Pink Slime” that is added to ground meat to stretch and cheapen the product. The video “Food Inc.” shows how this happens, but in case you haven’t seen “Food Inc.” I will explain the process. “Pink Slime” is a fat product that is the fat and other undesirable parts that are left over when an animal is processed. Sometimes this material is actually collected from the slaterhouse floor. This material is heated and then ground into a very fine consistency. Due to possible bacteria (really, slaterhouse floor?) the mixture is then treated with Ammonia. (Do you really want to eat a cleaning agent?) This mixture is sent off to the major processing houses to be added to the ground meat they are processing. This mixture typically contains fat and other questionable parts from animals processed from other countries as well as many processing plants around the US. There is no way to track the origin of the “Pink Slime”. There is also no label on the package you might purchase to show that “pink slime” has been added. Does this sound healthy to you? What about all the ground beef recalls? The next time you take a bite of that “fast food” burger, you may want to ask yourself what you are really eating. Rocky Plains Quality Meats is devoted to bringing back “real food” to our patrons. Our Ground Bison, Ground Lamb, Ground Pork, Ground Elk, Ground Chicken, Ground Turkey and Ground Beef are all produced with real meat, 95% fat free, and no additives such as “pink slime”! You can be sure that our ground products are safe, cook up juicy and taste great. This meat is also grass-fed and grass-finished which is what nature intended. Our processing facilities are local and we have direct oversight. If you haven’t heard about us before, check out our website at www. Dee West is a partner in Rocky Plains Quality Meats. We are located at 4022 York Street, Dacono, Co. directly east of the Colorado National Speedway. 303-833-3791.

Ride to Help Veterans Through Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Poker Run Fund Raiser for Non-Profits Benefitting Veterans and their Families

Motorcycle fund raiser for two local 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, Acupuncture for Veterans and their Families (AVF) and Veterans Helping Veterans Now (VHVnow). AVF provides free health care for veterans, active duty and their immediate family members through Chinese medicine and acupuncture. For more information about AVF please visit VHVnow is a center for veterans and their families that provides a variety of programs and support. For more information about VHVNow, please visit This Poker Run will begin and end at the Veterans Helping Veterans Now center located at 600 Terry Street, Longmont on Saturday, June 9th at 10am. $15.00 per person To participate, please contact Martin Cottrell at or Vietnam veteran, Martin Cottrell, is volunteering his time and expertise in organizing this event. The poker run will be approximately 140 miles and will include a $100 cash prize and a 50/50 drawing as well as food before and after the event. There will also be raffle drawings, one of the prizes includes a brand new DNA, all chrome front end valued at $660. Please join us in our effort to support those who have given so much. Daisy Lear is a Health Care Provider for: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Acupuncture is covered by: Federal and State Workman’s Compensation and some auto insurances. Daisy Lear, MSOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. at or call 303.587.3557.

Sick on the weekend?

Visit Urgent Care Now available at Carbon Valley Medical Center

Saturdays - 9 am - 4 pm Sundays - 10 am - 4 pm • Urgent Care doctors on staff • On-site Radiology No appointment is necessary - just walk in! Visit our web site for medical advice 24 hours a day. Browse over 100 symptoms to learn more about managing illness or injury.

6600 Firestone Blvd, Firestone, CO 80503 303833.8880 ::

Providing quality orthodontic care for kids, teens & adults since 1992. Comprehensive treatment including new correctivce techologies such as

Complimentary Initial Consultation 704 1st Street•Firestone

Simone Physical Medicine Sports Medicine  Chiropractic Acupuncture Physical Therapy All In One Location

Accepting New Patients Accepting United Health Care, Anthem, Kaiser, Aetna and many more


Dr. Michael P. Simone, DC Dipl. Med. Ac. Jannine Simone, MS, PT (Just east of the stoplight at CR52 & Colorado Blvd)

118 8th St. in Dacono

11078 Cimarron St., Ste. H Firestone, CO 80504



Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, the smallest  Cosmetic act of caring, or a smile..  Implants  Restorative all of which have the  Children  Preventative potential to change a life.  Sedation  Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

Matters 35 Creative Years

Students Excel at Carbon Valley Academy Learn Why


303.774.9555 | 4040 Coriollis Way | Frederick 80530

Busy Bee Preschool Now Enrolling! zzIn home preschool

zzSmall student to teacher ratios zzQualistar rated program zzCurriculum for ages 3-5 zzKindergarten readiness zz2/3/4 /5 day program options zzExtended care available zzField trips zzEnrichment classes zzSummer camp! Geared for ages 3-6. Class times are 9-1 and a sack lunch is brought from home. Session I starts June 4. Extended care available. Call today! 303-833-5022

Creative Years Learning Center is celebrating its 35th anniversary in business this year. What began as a small center with a couple of classes of preschoolers has grown into high quality and research-based programs for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergartners and School-Agers in a stateof-the art building located in Frederick. Trish Boyle (L) and Deb Stoner (R), Executive Directors/Owners began their business together in 1977 offering Creative Learning as a platform for their school. Although the times and the buildings have changed, their belief in offering children a stimulating environment designed to enhance your child’s growth and development has not. The programs offered at Creative Years are designed to build a child’s positive self image, stimulate intellectual curiosity, develop physical coordination and competence, foster cooperative social interactions and encourage independence, responsibility and self-direction. Each program at Creative Years offers a safe, loving atmosphere where parents can trust that their children are provided with opportunities to grow and explore their world within an enriching, developmentally appropriate environment. Nature walks, field trips, reading programs, social/ emotional development curriculums, physical fitness, fine motor development and creative arts are just a few of those opportunities offered to children enrolled at the center. Creative Years’ experienced staff is made up of knowledgeable teachers who exhibit qualities of warmth and concern for each child and their family. Creative Years Learning Center is located at 6501 Frederick Way in Frederick. You can contact them at 303.833.9001 or www. for more information or to schedule a tour of their center.

Colorado Tigers Softball Needs Your Support

The Colorado Tigers 12 and under girls competitive fastpitch softball team will be hosting a huge garage sale to help raise funds for the 2012 tournament season. These girls are your neighbors! They live in the Tri-town area, Erie, Longmont and Louisville. This very talented group is a first year team and is part of the Front Range Girls Softball Association, www.ladywarriors. org. Firestone area coaches, Jason Johnson and Chris Gruner, are very proud of all the hard work these girls have accomplished to prepare for the softball season. The Tiger girls have the goal to play as much softball as possible this summer! Tournaments and equipment are expensive. To achieve that goal we need to raise some money. Please support our team by coming to our Garage Sale. All the proceeds of the garage sale will go to the team to pay for upcoming tournaments. The garage sale will be held Friday, April 13th, Saturday, April 14th, and Sunday, April 15th. The hours each day will be 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The garage sale will be located at 9631 Bramwood Street, Firestone 80504. A cul-de-sac In the Stoneridge housing subdivision. A variety of items will be for sale. Toys, books, sports equipment, art, television, appliances and more. Colorado Tigers will also accept items donated to the garage sale. The Colorado Tigers are a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Any help is appreciated. The team is also accepting sponsors. Sponsors will have their name and/or logo on the team banner that will travel with the team to all the tournaments across the front range area. Please contact Joni Gruner at for more details about the garage sale or sponsorship. Please stop by our garage sale and support our girls! April 13th - 15th, Fri - Sun, 8am - 3pm 9631 Bramwood, Firestone

April is Autism Awareness Month

Top 10 Fairy Tales

1. Shrek & 2, 3, & 4 2. Puss in Boots 3. Aladdin 4. Little Mermaid 5. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs 6. Lion King 7. Ever After 8. Tangled 9. Enchanted 10. Beauty & the Beast Great family friendly fairy tales. See reviews of each of these and many other movies with fantastic family values. List provided by the Movieguide. For more info visit

Every autistic child suffers from some form of Sensory Processing Disorder. Jennifer Shaw shares her son Toby’s plight with SPD in the new book Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting changed my faith & my song. From the early bizarre symptoms to the intense moments of despair to Toby’s miraculous recovery following therapy, Jennifer offers parents practical resources as well as hope and encouragement to everyone who is dealing with extreme life circumstances. Jennifer’s new radio single “Life Not Typical “ was the Most Added on Billboard last week.

Free Babysitting

Living Water Northgate Church is offering FREE BABYSITTING! 7073 Colorado Blvd, Frederick Parents Night Out on Friday, April 27th 6-10pm Please contact Ingrid for more info and to register: 303-396-4056 or

Most Importantly... Be Prepared for a Fire!

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is to have a working smoke alarm that alerts you to both a fire that has flames and a smoky fire that has fumes without flames. It is called a “Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm.” A smoke alarm greatly reduces your chances of dying in a fire. Make and practice a home fire escape plan and set a meeting place outside. Make sure everyone in your family knows at least two escape routes from their bedrooms. For more information contact Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District at 303-833-2742 or visit us on the web at

“Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Area Library Events

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Child Care in the Carbon Valley Area

Carbon Valley Regional Library Happenings The Carbon Valley Regional Library is located at 7 Park Avenue, Firestone. For more information on any of the programs listed, visit or call 720-685-5100.

zz What Do I Read Now? – Learn how to quickly and easily identify similar authors, find series books in order, locate award winners, and more as we explore the NoveList database. Registration required. – 6:00 pm. Wednesday, April 18. zz Common Sense Couponing – Learn how to use common sense and potentially save 50-70% or more on your grocery bill. Learn where to find coupons, when to use them, and how to organize them. This is not an extreme couponing class – 6:00 pm. Tuesday, April 24.

Erie Community Library Happenings

The Erie Community Library is located at 400 Powers Street, Erie. For more information on any of the programs listed, visit or call 720-685-5200. zzLocal History Series: The Power of Heritage and Place – Astrid Liverman, Ph.D., Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and History Colorado, discusses current and future projects aimed at preserving Colorado’s history and historic places. – 7 pm. Thursday, April 12.

Melissa Bunn, Pamperer/owner


$ 00 OFF Call Today!!



PRICES * Prices start at $25.00 for most Residential lawns. * If you have a large or above average sized yard, call for estimate

AERATION BENFITS * Supplies soils and roots with more air to stimulate growth. * Reduces soil compaction * Helps control and reduce thatch build up * Helps water and fertilizer reach the roots

Other Services Provided

* Fertilizing (Prices start at $30.00) * Sprinkler System start up ($33.00 7-zones) * Sprinkler System Repairs * Sprinkler System Design & Installation * Landscaping & Sod Installation * Homeowner is responsible for marking all interior sprinklers prior to aeration* Serving the Tri Towns since 2002

Owner: Cole Lathrop


Bingham Brother’s Lawn Service & Landscape 303.587.1509 | 720.301.3325 |

GREEN By Choice Not By Chance


SPECIAL $150GREEN Power Rake, Aerate & Spring Fertilizer


FREE FREE FAll Fertilize/Aerate w/2012 Mowing* *New Customers w/entire 2012 mowing services

Local, dependable, affordable, licensed & insured

Schedule services or call for estimate

Best Rates Don’t Delay Call Today

Don’t Let Liability Be the Treasure Found at Your Yard Sale

As spring arrives, so do the signs on every neighborhood corner pointing to the nearest yard or garage sale. A sure mark that someone is spring cleaning – a dreaded chore that can actually turn into a profitable enterprise. However, the whole experience can quickly turn into a nightmare should someone slip and fall, and you are considered legally liable. Allstate encourages homeowner’s to understand their policy in regards to yard sales before you tag the first piece of merchandise. “When residents hold yard sales they need to understand that they can be held liable should a shopper get injured on their property,â€? says London B. Bradley, Allstate’s West Central Regional Sales Leader. “When we have yard sales we invite our entire neighborhood onto our property and this increases the chance for injury. It is fiscally important to review your home insurance coverage with your local agent to ensure your insurance coverage is comprehensive.â€? In addition to checking your insurance coverage, Allstate encourages you to plan your sale with safety in mind: • Check with your local agent to find out if your house insurance covers yard sales. • Setup clear and marked walking areas between sale items. • Store sharp and dangerous items in a

541 Oak St. l Frederick 303.833.9933

Crowned Victorious!

The Christian Women’s Association(TCWA) invites you to a women’s conference onApril 21, to be held in Westminster. You can join us for a day by registering at http:// As Daughters of the King, we are CROWNED VICTORIOUS! Spend the day feeling like royalty when you attend the CROWNED VICTORIOUS Women’s Conference. The Conference is designed to enhance and inspire your walk with the Lord. With speakers designed to cater to the busy working women, the exhausted mothers and the “not feeling� so sexy wife. It’s our hope you will leave feeling encouraged and spiritually rejuvenated! TCWA will be hosting an impressive lineup of speakers; hear from a former state representatives, radio celebrity, a miracle walking, a professional stylist and even the Executive Director of the Tea Party. A line up sure to speak to your heart and the God gives them. Be refreshed and Be inspired! So please come join us for a free Breakfast and Lunch, fellowship with other Godly women, and sound biblical teaching. You will be blessed! Space is limited. Early registration until 1 April. Register at www. Location at Cornerstone Christian Academy at 12000 Zuni Street, Westminster, CO 80234. Directions are N on I- 25 to exit 223, 223 for 120th, Left on 120th, Right onto N. Zuni St. Registration is $45 for members and $59 for non-members and $75 for vendors. Scholarships available upon request. All registrations include Lunch and networking Breakfast.

safe place not out in the open. • Repair all yard holes, loose railings, and cracked concrete. • Keep your pets inside the house. • If an injury occurs on your property be sure to get immediate medical attention. • If you hold regular yard sales ask your local agent if your policy requires you to add business insurance. Most homeowner’s insurance and rental policies will cover you for bodily injury and property damage that you or your family members cause to others, including court costs and judgments against you. However, the coverage amount is typically limited, often to $100,000. Additional liability protection is available and everyone should consider getting enough insurance to protect their assets and finances. “One other item to consider for those who have frequent yard sales, is that you purchase a separate policy for business liability, or an in-home business policy,â€? said Bradley. “As a general guideline, if you have a couple of yard sales a year, you’re probably covered by your homeowner’s policy. If your sale is a charity event, you’re also probably covered. But if your yard or garage sale business is growing out of a hobby or interest, such as jewelry making, crafts, quilting, collecting or liquidating estates, it’s probably time to review your insurance needs with your agent.â€? Erika Lousberg, Your neighborhood agent, can be reached at 303442-4902 or Erika Lousberg-Your Carbon Valley Neighbor, you can reach me at 303-442-4902 or

A Perfect Place 2 Play St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-4631 ď ’

Lion’s Den Legacy Elementary (720)652-8169

All About the Little Ones Countryside (720)226-8844

Little Feet Childcare Frederick (720)532-2573 ď ’

Bloom! Montessori Preschool in Longmont (303)776-8173 ď ’

Little Peeps & Co. Sharpe Farms (720)352-7522

Bright Future Childcare Longview (303)702-0908 ď ’

Little People’s Place Fox Run (303)702-0057 ď ’

Busy Bee Preschool Ridgecrest (303)833-5022 ď ’

Little Wonders Daycare Idaho Creek (303)774-0874 ď ’

Carbon Valley Child Care Carbon Valley Area (303)833-0398 ď ’

Marcy’s Daycare Old Frederick (303)833-3411 ď ’

Country Kids Preschool Mead (970)535-4825 ď ’

Melissa’s Toddler Town Raspberry Hill (303)834-8420 ď ’

Creative Kids Child Care Sweetgrass (303)464-0175 ď ’

Messiah Lutheran School 1335 Francis St., Longmont (303)776-3466

Creative Years Learning Ctr Miss Amy’s Preschool Carbon Valley St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-9001 ď ’ (303)833-4030 ď ’ Cynthia’s Child Care (303)564-5697 Exploring Minds Academy Erie (303)828-3452 ď ’ Frederick Day Care Country Side 720.362.2644 ď ’

Mommy Daycare Booth Farms (303)776-9484 ď ’ Peanut Gallery Child Care Firestone-Sagebrush (303) 908-3303 ď ’

Playhouse Day Care St. Vrain Ranch Frederick Discovery School (303)833-3648 ď ’ (303)679-1413 Robin’s Nest Family Future Footprints Daycare Childcare Firestone Ridgecrest (303)833-4536 ď ’ (303)833-5778 ď ’ Hand-N-Hand Daycare Tri-town area (720)244-0963 ď ’ Heart & Hand Child Care Platteville (970)785-6138 ď ’ A Home Away from Home Sagebrush (303)833-3197 ď ’ Husky Club @ Centennial Elementary (720)652-8240 Imaginations at Work Firestone (303)833-6745 ď ’ Johnson Family Daycare Ridgecrest (720)982-6228 ď ’ Grandma Bea’s DayCare Mead (970)535-0109 ď ’ Kids First Preschool Booth Farms (720)939-9954 ď ’ Kim Sanger’s Family Child Care, Erie (303)828-4620 ď ’ Knudsen Kidz LLC Firestone 720-939-2461 Leaps of Knowledge Savannah (303)466-6999 Lisa Day Care Savannah (303)833-5646 ď ’ Little Critters Firestone (303)833-3282 ď ’

Robyn’s Nest Pre-school Firestone - St. Vrain Ranch (303)833-3762 ď ’ Sharon’s Daycare Ridgecrest (303)833-4529 ď ’ Soaring Eagles Child Care Prairie Ridge Elementary (720)494-3641 Tammy’s Daycare St. Vrain Ranch-Firestone (303)833-2791 ď ’ Tatum’s Little Hands Daycare Ridgecrest (303)345-3339 ď ’ Teddys Kids Oak Meadows (303)651-3345 The Little Crowe’s Nest Centex Country Side (303) 833-5253 3 Generations Home Daycare Sagebrush (303) 833-4483 ď ’ Wee Folks Childcare Ridgecrest (303)304-4509 ď ’ ď ’ Licensed Provider

If you provide child care please e-mail information to This listing is free as space is available. The CVCR is not responsible for any errors.

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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BUSINESS & SERVICE DIRECTORY Your ad here, just $50 per issue

Real Estate

Acupuncture Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Providing Quality

Healthcare for the Whole Family

303.833.3012 8110 WCR 13 S-4 Firestone



Call for Consult & Appt.

Daisy Lear,

MSOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.

Carpet Care Lynn Benton – Qualls

6025 Arapahoe  Boulder


Located North of Saddleback Golf Course Firestone, CO Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma

w w w . FI S H E R K I A . n e t


303 - 471 – 4999 303 - 641 - 8131

Real Estate residential | land | commercial | income/business properties

becky lyall

Real Estate


303-678-8442 •720-256-3284

Serving Your Real Estate Needs Since 1985



Yes, Dear

Handyman Services LLC

Richard Hoffarth  720.480.7352 Locally Owned & Operated

Real Estate




Now Enrolling Full & Part Time Care!

(303)833-5022 Vicki Athmann

720.378.6589 | 720.378.7861 Full Service Teleflora Florist Everyday Occasions • Birthdays • Valentine’s Day Free delivery to local funeral homes Small Student/Teacher Ratio ● Wire anywhere in the world • Order Online Now Enrichment Classes Included ● Retail Shop Opening Spring of 2012

a licensed Firestone preschool where “Learning is Fun!”

Delivery to Mead, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick & Longmont |

Vol. 12, Issue 4

Senior Lunch Menu

April 11th Country style BBQ ribs, baked beans, creamy coleslaw, homemade rolls and dessert catered by The Bridge. After lunch business meeting Before lunch {11am} Ghost Towns of the Rockies talk April 18th Crock pot pizza, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and assorted desserts catered by Life Fellowship {plates and silverware provided} Bring a flower or plant cutting to swap April 25th Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, fruit and cake catered by Pete’s Place. FBLA will be the servers. Before lunch {10am} seminar on Parkinson’s. 11:30 am Fire Dept. doing blood pressures Cost for Senior Lunches Senior member $6 Senior non-member {Or guest under 55} $9 SilverSneaker® /Senior member $3 SilverSneaker® /non-Senior member $6 **Please call 303-833-2739 by 1:00 pm The Tuesday before if you plan to join us for lunch as they are catered. Call in cancellations must be made by 1:00 pm the Tuesday prior otherwise there will be a lunch charge. **ALL Silver Sneaker® members must swipe their card to get the SilverSneaker® member price.

Senior Events

Rockies Baseball {Rockies vs. Giants} April 12th 11:30am Cost: $17/mem $22/non-mem Includes transportation, ticket and parking. Once upon a Mattress at Jesters Dinner Theatre {Longmont} April13th {Friday} 5:15p Cost: $30/member $35/non-member Enjoy small town theatre in this quaint setting. A full comedy musical about medieval times a princess and a pea and all her mishaps. Tour the work of Popoff’s carvings/ lunch Day: April 23rd {Monday} 9:30am Cost: $5/member $10/non-member Follow us on a wood carving adventure. We will drive the route where Mr. Popoff has taken old dead stumps and created artful animals {bears, wolves, dogs squirrels, fox, and yes gnomes!} Most of these are in Gunbarrel, Boulder, Longmont & Louisville area. Lunch will be on your own at Alice’s Kitchen in Longmont. “The Drowsy Chaperone” Boulder Dinner Theatre Date: April 26th {Thursday} 5:30pm departure/ 10pm return Cost: $36/member $41/non-member A mix up, mayhem and madcap wedding. New comedy musical. Sure to please! Price includes transportation meal, drink, gratuity and show. SilverSneaker®/Senior Juice and Coffee Bar @ Rec. Center Sponsored by MorganStanley SmithBarney Day: April 27th {Friday} Time: 8:00 - 11:00 am Cost: FREE Come and have a morning snack and juice or coffee before or after your workout. Meet some new people for good conversation! Periodically we will give a prize or two away. REMEMBER SilverSneakers® swipe your card at the front desk. *PLEASE make sure you swipe your card each and every time you enter the building. Twice if doing two different things in the building.* Veterans Coffee Hour This group meets every Friday at 9:30 am Stop at the Senior Center for coffee and catch up on the latest news with other veterans. Its all about sharing! We will have a little coffee cake or sweet something to go along with the wake-up “black gold”

Cancer Support This caring and sharing group meets with those who have had or presently have cancer. Meets on the second Monday of every month from 11:00 am– 12:30 at the Prairie Greens Club House. Grief Support This group is to assist in the grieving process. If you have lost a spouse, friend or loved one, consider joining this informal discussion group. Bring a snack and we will provide the drinks. Meets every second and fourth Friday 1:00– 2:30 pm at the Prairie Greens Club House . Lifestyle Change Program ~~NEW~~ If you have type II diabetes, pre-diabetes, or are interested in healthy lifestyle choices then this ongoing informative class is for your benefit. Please join us on the 2nd Thursdays of every month from 1-2:30 pm at the Senior Center. Class cost is $1.00 per visit. ~~NEW~~ “The Good Old Boys Breakfast Club” { GOBBC } The first Monday of the Month @ 8:30 am meet at Rosario’s in Dacono. Have breakfast and meet new “guy” friends!


Sponsored By Frames, Games & Things Unnamed Play: Senior Moments | Reminisce Lear’s Dice | Penny Hockey and more

Sunday Senior Dance

Day: July 8th (Sunday) Time: 2:00 pm-5:00 pm Cost: FREE for members/$5 for non-members Dance to the magical sounds of Jim Erhlich Fun for all! We will have door prizes and refreshments!

Hawaiian Cruise for Seniors

Hawaiian Cruise with the Tri Town Seniors onboard Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas. September 13thSeptember 26th, 2012. 9/13= Fly from Denver to Vancouver (overnight in Vancouver) 9/14= depart Vancouver, BC cruising through 9/19. 9/20 to 9/21= Lahaina , Maui 9/22= Hilo, and Mt. Kilauea 9/23= Kailua ( Nawiliwili) 9/25= Honolulu disembark ( Optional tour to Pearl Harbor ) overnight flight home to Denver. Arrive 9/26 Cost: $2120...interior stateroom based on double occupancy. $2380...ocean view...Price includes airfare, pre-cruise night hotel, transfers to Vancouver and Honolulu, travel insurance, shipboard accommodations, meals, onboard entertainment, gov’t fees and taxes and $100 ship credits. Call travel Agent: Sarah Bender @ 303-469-1668 or Group Leader: Aleta Purcell@ 303-833-2739 for more information.

Volunteers are needed to answer phones Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am-1 pm. Sign-up if you can help. Senior Center Contact Info 6615 Frederick Way Frederick Co 80530 303-833-2739

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

"Discipling People to Christ" Come Join Us!

We would love to have you visit Firestone Baptist Church. Our goal is to disciple people to Christ. We accomplish this by helping people to know why they believe what they believe through God's Word. By making the Bible the foundation for every step of life. And making sure tradition is not the focus, but God's Word. Goals of Firestone Baptist Church We meet at Carbon Valley Academy  The Worship of Christ 4040 Coriolos Way  The Wellness of the Body of Christ Frederick, CO  The Witnessing to Unbelievers

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Lenten & Holy Week Schedule Maundy Thursday Worship w/Holy Communion April 5 7:00 pm Good Friday Worship April 6 7:30 pm

Sunday School 9am

Worship Service 10am

Wednesday Night Home Bible study: Call for directions Men's Bible Study: Call for location and time

Easter Sunday 6:30 am Sunrise Worship 8:00 am Breakfast 9:30 am Worship 650 S Park Ave Ft. Lupton, CO 80621 303-857-6827 email: 303-736-9959

All children ages 3 - 11 are invited to join us! The party will include: Story Time Egg Hunts Tons of candy Door Prizes

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Easter Weekend Prairie’s Farm

at the southwest corner of WCR 22 & 11

For more info call 303-651-1640

Meeting Sundays at Coal Ridge Middle School at 10:30 -

L.I.F.E. Fellowship Frederick Celebrates 5 Years in Tri-Towns Area

Grace Point Community Church Helping People Say ‘Yes’ To God!

We are currently in the process of gathering a LAUNCH TEAM made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds who want to be part of something new and exciting and help us launch a new family oriented church in the city of Firestone. Our plan is to begin monthly church services in the Summer, and then weekly services in the Fall. If you live in or around the Carbon Valley area we would love to talk with you about how you can be a part of our team, either in a leadership or supportive role. For further information, please visit us at or call 720.217.3407

Area Churches Prairie Community Church Worship Service Sunday at 10:30 a.m. (303)651-1640 Coal Ridge M.S., 6201 Booth Dr, Firestone Pastor Brian Thompson Living Water Northgate Friday’s: Youth Group 7 pm Sunday’s: Bible College 8am Free Snacks at 9 am & Service 10am 303-668-1329 www.Livingwater.LA 7073 Colorado Blvd. (WCR 13) Frederick Pastor Steve Owings New Horizons Christian Church Worship 10:00 a.m. & Bible School 9:00a 303-833-3013 530 Cherry St., Dacono Pastor Rob Thomas Rinn United Methodist Church Worship 9:30a Sunday School 10:45a Cowboy Fellowship Weds. 7:00p 3783 WCR 20 & I-25 W., Frontage Rd. 303-776-1578 Rev. Barbara Johns-Schleicher Tri-Town Baptist Church Sun. School 9:00a Worship 10:00a & 5p Wed. King’s Kids 6:30 Bible Study 7:00 420 Johnson St. (Oak St.), Frederick 303-833-2826 Pastor Don Veazey First Baptist Church of Dacono Sun. School 10:00a Morning Service 11a Sun. Eve. 6p Wed. Prayer Meeting 6p 717 Dahlia St., Dacono, 303-833-2527 Pastor Samuel Sanchez Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Sun. Worship 9:00 a.m. Sun. School & Bible Study 10:30 a.m. (303) 857-6827 650 S. Park Ave. Ft. Lupton Pastor Keith L. Besel Life Song Church of Erie Sun. School 9:15a Service 10:15a 303-828-1040 500 Briggs St., Erie

On March 18th, 2007, a small group 1640 303.651.c. ec org of Christians from all over the north metro www.prairi area gathered in a tiny storefront in the Miner’s Square building in Downtown Frederick. At that time L.I.F.E. Fellowship had been ministering in the Westminster area for nearly 3 decades but had never before attempted a church plant. That day marked the start of a thrilling adventure for all involved. God had worked many “minor miracles” to get the church to that point, in that place, at that time. Every day thereafter has been a journey of faith for all involved. On Sunday March 18th, 2012 L.I.F.E. Fellowship Frederick celebrated 5 years of ministry in the Tri-Towns area. During this time hundreds of families in the community have been blessed by the people and ministries based within. In addition to the traditional ministries found in most Christian churches, the Helping Hand Food Pantry serves hot dinners and boxes of food twice a month as well as offering skilled labor to those in need. Faithful servants have provided meals to Students and Senior Citizens on a weekly basis. Kid’sLIFE Preschool continues to minister to little lives in a loving environment while equipping them for success in school. Much has changed at L.I.F.E. Fellowship Frederick from the days of “karaoke worship” in a small storefront. Even bigger things are on the horizon. If you have never visited before, or if you haven’t visited in a while, you are invited to be a part of what God is doing in the Tri-Towns area through L.I.F.E. Fellowship Frederick. Sunday Morning Worship Services at 10:00 AM. For more information visit

St. Columba Orthodox Church Anglican/ Western Rite Sunday Matins 8:30a, Divine Liturgy 9:30a 726 N 119th at Highway 7, Lafayette 720-208-6281 Fr. Les Bundy, Pastor

St. Scholastica Catholic Church Liturgy: Tuesday 6:00pm Saturday 3:00pm ; Sunday 9:00am 303-828-4221 or 303-833-2966 Main & Wells in Erie, CO Fr. Hernan Florez, Administrator

St. Luke Orthodox Church (Eastern Rite) 8:00 a.m. Orthros, 9:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy, Sun. School 11:15 a.m. 303 665-4013 ( 722 Austin Ave. Erie CO 80516 Fr. David Mustian, Pastor

Guardian Angels Catholic Church 15179 WCR 7 in Mead Liturgy: Mon. 5:30 pm Sat. 5:30 pm Sun. 9:00 & 10:30 am 970-535-0721 Rev. Gregory Ames, Administrator

Northern Hills Christian Church Services & Sun. School at 9:09a & 10:44a Saturday Service at 5:05 p.m. 720-685-1717 5061 E. 160th Ave., Dacono/Brighton Pastor Thomas

LifeBridge Tri-Towns Grow 9:00 a.m. Worship 10:00 a.m. Frederick High School, 600 5th St. 303-776-2927

Frederick Foursquare Spanish Church Sunday Services 10:00 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. Wed. at 7:00 p.m. 720-933-7117 211 Dunmire St., Evanston, between Frederick and Firestone Pastor Laura Salazar Seventh Day Baptist Church Sabbath (Saturday) Worship 9:45 am Sabbath School 11:30 am 303-541-9097 6710 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder Pastor Steve Osborn Abundant Life Church Sunday Service & Sunday School 10:00a 970-535-0311 4380 Hwy. 66 (.3 mile east of I-25 on south) Pastor Jim Coleman St. Theresa Catholic Church 502 Walnut Street Mass: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:30am Saturday: 6:00pm Sunday: 10:30am and 12:30pm Espanol & 5:00pm Espanol (303) 833-2966 Fr. Hernan Florez, Pastor Pastor Drew Depler

St. John Ev. Lutheran Church Sun. School & Bible Class - 9:00 a.m. Sun. Worship - 10:00 a.m. 310 Byers Ave - Platteville (970)785-2021 Pastor Wm. Leerssen Calvary Bible Church Sunday Worship 10:30 am Erie High School-3150 WCR 5-Erie Student Ministry for Middle & High School 303-442-3484 New Life in Christ Church Iglesia Nueva Vida en Cristo Sun Service 11:00/Servicio Domingo 11:00 a Tues. Bible Study 7:00 pm Martes Estudio Biblico 7:00 pm We are a bilingual church. Somos una iglesia bilingue. 307 Salisbury Ave., Platteville, CO (303)833-2870 Pastor Jose V. Saenz L.I.F.E. Fellowship Sunday 9:15 a.m. 451 Oak St., Frederick (303)451-5433 Pastor Brady Thornton

Mead United Methodist Church Sunday Worship - 9:00am 511 Palmer Ave, Mead, (970)535-4249 Pastor Mark Heiss

St. Brigit Episcopal Church Sunday Worship: 9:30am 110 Johnson St. Frederick 720-208-0280 Pastor: Felicia SmithGraybeal

Living the Truth Ministries Bible believing Church; we want to grow with you. Sunday 10 am and 6 pm Thursday 6 pm 545 Main St., Erie, CO (720)272-2026 Pastor Carl Gerdes

Firestone Baptist Church Sunday School 9a Worship 10a 4040 Coriolos Way, Frederick (Carbon Valley Academy) 303-736-9959 Pastor Jason Kokenzie

New Hope Fellowship/Erie Baptist Church Corner of Cheeseman & High, Erie Sunday service 10:00 am Children’s church 10:30 am (303) 828-0638 Pastor Dr. Mitch Gardner Messiahville Baptist 4700 CR 6 (east of I-25) Sunday School 9:45a Service 11a 720-253-5783 Pastor Corey Seulean Pastor Moore La Iglesia Bautista Messiahville le ofrece un servicio Cristiano en Espanol todos los Lunes alas 7:00 p.m. La direccion es 4700 County Road 6 en Erie Transportacion gratis llame 303-669-5180 Erie United Methodist Church 604 Holbrook St, Erie (across Town Hall) Sunday School 9:30a.m. (for all ages) Worship 10:30 a.m. Nursery provided 303-828-3906 Pastor Jim Calhoun The Fort Foursquare Church Sunday Worship 11:00 AM 217 4th St., Dacono, CO 80514 Pastor David Findley Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Worship 8am Sunday 204 Park Avenue Ft. Lupton 303-650-6170 Reverend Gary Sitton

Cowboy Christian Fellowship Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. Rinn UMC 3783 Weld Cty Rd 20 Frederick Sue-Marie or Galen at 3- 661-0841. or e-mail Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church Summer Schedule: Sunday Services 8:30 & 10:30 a.m. 640 Alpine St., Longmont, CO 80504 303-776-1789 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Highland Lake Ward Sacrament Meeting 1 p.m. 9029 Grand Mesa Avenue, Frederick Bishop Christopher LeBaron 970-535-4609 Rinn Valley Ward Sacrament Meeting 9 a.m. 9029 Grand Mesa Avenue, Frederick Bishop Paul Glover 303-702-7313 Saddleback Ward Sacrament Meeting 11 a.m. 9029 Grand Mesa Avenue, Frederick Bishop David Parker 303-833-2121 Carbon Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church 418 8th St. #A, Dacono, CO 80514 Sabbath School 10:00 A.M. Saturday Worship Service 11:15 A.M. Pastor Frank Wilson 720-939-5472

Rejoice Lutheran Church Sunday Worship: 8:00am and 10:30am Renovations are completed & we are worshipping at 3413 Lowell Lane, Erie. 303-828-3953 Pastor Ruby Narucki St. Dimitrie the New Orthodox Church Saturdays 6:00p Vespers, Bible Study Sun. 9:00a Matins;10:00a Divine Liturgy Sun. School 11:00a 6060 Puritan Lane, Frederick, CO 80516 303 460-7035; Rev. Fr. Loan Bogdan Rocky Mountain Christian Church Frederick Campus Non-denominational Christian Sunday Worship 9 & 11:15 a.m. 5860 Majestic St (CR13 N. of Hwy 52), Frederick 303.652.2211 Lead Pastor Alan Ahlgrim Calvary Chapel of Longmont Sunday Service @ 09:30am Thursday Worship & Prayer @ 07:00pm 1801 Sunset Place Suite D in Longmont 303-870-1861 Pastor: Michael Patrick Grace Point Community Church A Foursquare Church P.O. Box 623 Firestone, CO 80520 720-217-3407 Lead Pastor: Tim Lyon If your church is in the Tri-Towns, Erie, or Mead—please e-mail information and we will be happy to list it here, free of charge, to

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

So Many Choices When It Comes To Cruises

Every year more and more people discover why cruises are the ideal vacation. A cruise ship is basically your giant buffet of wonderful experiences with a wide selection of cuisines and cultures, activities in the sun and spas to pamper your every indulgence, destinations to exotic spots and a million ways to relax. You can do it all or do absolutely nothing - the choice is yours! To book the perfect cruise for you and your family, simply follow these helpful guidelines compiled by your travel counselor. Be sure that booking your next vacation should be as relaxing as the vacation itself. Your first choice is the most enjoyable, for it allows your mind to wander around the globe and back again, revisiting every destination your dreams have ever taken you to. Where in the world do you want to go and for how long? The length of your trip largely depends on how much time and money you can afford. Cruises offer everything from one or two-night excursions out to sea and back, to journeys that take you around the world in 100 days. Three-day weekend, fourday midweek, week and two-week cruises are the most popular. With 70 percent of the planet covered in water, the next question should not be where to go but where to go to first! Cruise ships visit many ports around the world providing you with rare glimpses into many cultures all in one eyepopping vacation. Many first-time cruisers choose the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera where you pleasantly float from one island paradise to the next. Soak up the sun, learn a water sport or discover a new flavor of margarita-the tropics never disappoint. For a local alternative, try Alaska, where you’ll experience calving

glaciers and curious whales while following either the Inside Passage or the Gulf of Alaska route. Or, take a fall cruise to New England and Canada, where you’ll be introduced to our neighbors of the north while watching the leaves turn on shore. Aim for Europe and a Mediterranean cruise to the likes of Italy, Greece and the French Riviera, or tour the Scandinavian capitals from the sea, where historic cities like Copenhagen and Helsinki reign with centuries of heritage. There’s also the small ship cruises along the river waterways of Europe like the Danube and the Rhine. You can also start planning for 2013 with 2 for 1 sales on the river cruises in Europe. There has also been a comeback of the riverboat ships on the Mississippi this year. What a great way to see a little of America! Paying the brochure rate for a cruise is like paying full sticker price for a car. To lessen the sticker shock, book early - generally 120 days prior to the sail date - and be flexible about your travel plans, for just like the rest of the travel industry, off-season cruises are typically cheaper. The most significant factor in determining the price of your ticket will be the size and location of your cabin. The most-expensive and least-expensive cabins are likely to sell out first, so book early if you have set your sights on either. Cabins are listed as interior (no windows) or ocean view (with windows), with outside cabins naturally higher priced. If you are booking a cabin with windows, check with your travel agent to ensure that your view is not obstructed by equipment such as a lifeboat. Most cruise ships have wonderful balcony cabins. The price of your ticket will include your cabin, on-board entertainment and food. Other items to consider when budgeting your trip include: taxes, surcharges, and fees, including departure taxes and port charges. You should verify which fees and port taxes are included in your cruise rate. Alcoholic beverages, bottled water and soft drinks are also extra. Some ships offer

Vol. 12, Issue 4

“soda packages” that feature unlimited soft drinks during the cruise for about $15-$20. Shopping purchases made on and off the ship as well as on board extras, such as gambling, spas, massages and ship-to-shore calls would be extra along with tipping. Most cruise lines use a billing system for your convenience. They will take an imprint of your credit card and set up a tab for the cruise, presenting you with the total bill at the end. Keep all the little receipts you sign to verify the tab’s total. A cruise ship is a luxury hotel with a different view every day. There really are no limits to where you can cruise nowadays, as every ocean and river can be explored in style and luxury.And when compared with the cost of a land-based holiday, cruising offers excellent value with everything you need wrapped into one package. For the most thorough advice and the best deals, find a cruise specialist. Travel agents are often certified cruise specialists, and they know which low Internet offers to avoid and which ports of call can make a great cruise unforgettable. A good cruise specialist may offer you group rates, free upgrades, shipboard credits and other amenities or discounts. They will clarify the need for passports and visas, explain your dining choices and advise the cruise line of any special dietary requests, check periodically to see if the price of the cruise has dropped, book your air and hotel, and review your documents and reservations to make sure that everything is in order. Contact your local cruise specialist, Judy Bakanec,ACC at Going Places Travel. 303-485-9930 or

Firestone Resident Honored for Assistance in Structure Fire

Firestone resident Eric Fountain (left) was recognized at the March 28, 2012, Firestone Board of Trustees meeting for his efforts and assistance in a structure fire on Feb. 25 on Granville Circle in Firestone. Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District Fire Chief Theodore Poszywak presented Fountain with a plaque honoring his efforts. Fountain was the first to notice smoke coming from the garage across the street from his home and took immediate action to assist neighbors to exit their home. He then entered the garage and contained the fire with a fire extinguisher before the Fire District arrived and extinguished the remainder of the material. “Mr. Fountain’s selfless actions directly contributed to the preservation of life,” Poszywak said in a release from the fire district. “If he had not been quick to take action, the fire would have spread to the livable spaces in the home and caused severe damage and potential harm to the occupants. We are proud to serve a community where people are willing to help each other in times of need.”


Wheels & More

FREE | | Like us on Facebook | 303.833.5997

The CVCR is not responsible for any ad content. Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.


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HORSE RIDING LESSONS Private-Safe-Experienced We offer the finest in horse boarding and training, 30+ years experience, hands on help. Huge quiet indoor arena, Close to Dacona-Frederick #303-910-1903 [3-12]

Dacono Condo 2 bedroom, 2 bath, one car garage, fridg, dishwasher ,available now. $800 month, $800 security deposit. Lease No pets. Gabriel ct, 303-776-8715 [4-12]

Part-time help wanted for liquor store, must be able to pass background check, must be 21, must be available weekends and evenings, need to be able to lift 25lbs Please apply in person 3907 Hwy 119 Longmont, CO 80504 [4-12]

FOR SALE: Maytag Neptune washer/dryer. Approximately 8 years old, good condition. $500 for set. Located in Firestone. (303) 833-3719 or for info. [4-12]

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HP Officejet G85. All-in-one: print/copy/fax/copy. Works great just needs ink. $50. 303-776-7894. Treadmill - ProForm Interactive Trainer. New motor, belts. Fold deck. Works great! $150. 303-776-7894 [4-12] For sale 2004 Ford Escape XLT 4WD Excellent condition. One owner, runs like new $8500 or best offer. Firestone Call Jason @ 720-427-1719 [3-12]

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Free Picture with Easter Bunny with $10 Purchase April 7th Noon-3pm Your Little Ones Locker Kids Consignment Store at 204 8th Street Dacono 720-545-2806 [4-12]

Fusion Dance and Theatre Company Presents A Call For Open Auditions For “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” By Appointment Only At Fusion Dance and Theatre Company at 4041 Bruin Blvd., Frederick, CO 80504 Contact Renee Rossi or 720-842-7573 [3-12]

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM! COLORADO TIGERS 12 & Under softball is having a HUGE GARAGE SALE Friday April 13 thru Sunday April 15th to raise money for the 2012 tournament season. Lots of great items! Hours will be 8 am to 3 pm 9631 Bramwood Street in Firestone. Located in the Stoneridge subdivision. [4-12]

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We Pick Up Broken Equipment We offer free pick up of broken or unwanted lawn tractors, snow blowers, rototillers,go carts etc. I also pick up scrap steel when time permits. 970-584-0977 Firestone resident [3-12]

Roommate (male or female), Longmont, Must have a job! No Smoking. 4 bedroom, two story brick home, big deck, beautiful yard w/trees, fenced, garden, on dead end street, walk to the paths to town & farmers market. Kim 801-809-1313 [4-12]

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LOVE HORSES? You don’t have to ride a horse or own one, to enjoy their company. I Love “My” Horse Program, Firestone area, Call Beth 303-746-7786 [2-12]

HIRING New manufacturing facility in Frederick is hiring winders for alternator production. Please contact Leslie at [3-12]

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HOME BUILDER AVAILABLE FOR RENOVATIONS Remodels, Basement Renovations, Hardwood and Tile Floors, Garages, Roofing, Cement Work and Driveways, Decks, Add-on Rooms….Call for estimate…over 25 years experience… local references available! Kenyon Homes303-651-9460 [2-12] Insurance and financial planning company seeking professional sales and customer service personnel to join our ever expanding team of professionals. Sales experience a plus but not req’d. Training will be provided. This is a fantastic opportunity for either part time or full time job seekers. No real travel required except within your local community. Compensation commensurate with experience level and hours worked. If you have great customer service skills, telemarketing abilities, enjoy getting out and meeting neighbors and business owners within your community, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Please send your resume to: Or you may call 303-776-5300 and ask to speak with Scott Holm [2-12]

Nice furnished basement room for rent in Frederick. Too many extras to list. Call 303.887.6313 [2-12]

Looking for work? Call April 3033350758 [3-12]

Vol. 12, Issue 4

The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

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ď‚˜ Obituaries ď‚™

~Obituaries & Memorial Messages are always FREE in the CVCR~Please tell the funeral home or e-mail to

The Chapel of Personal Service Since 1958

Ahlberg Funeral Chapel

326 Terry St. • Longmont, Colorado • 80501 Phone (24 hrs.): 303-776-2313

Jason Olson cont. from pg. 1

accredited instructor who also teaches classical guitar at the University of Greeley. He lives in the Carbon Valley, he’s a husband and dad, too! Having a Bachelor in Music and a Master in Music gives Jason E-Mail: • credentials; he knows his stuff. But his student’s own words prove Expanded parking & chapel seating your investment of time and money will be worth it: Before starting lessons with Jason, I had been plinking away on my own for about a year. But now, after three months of lessons, I feel like I’m making great progress in a way that makes complete sense and is not totally random. I knew a little music theory already, but Jason is rapidly helping me ďŹ ll in the large remaining holes — especially in applying it all to the guitar and to real guitar playing, in Funeral and Cremation Services any style. I feel like there’s so much to learn, but he understands my learning style and goals and keeps me motivated and moving forward. Since 1922 I also appreciated how accommodating he was in working out a time 503 Terry St., Longmont slot that worked for me after work. The new studio is really cool too. (303)-776-4477 It’s in a hip, convenient location downtown, and I take advantage of the pre-lesson practice area, with practice amp and headphones, to tune up and warm up. – Ben K. Funeral • Cremation • Burial The investment is reciprocal; Jason opened a contemporary studio to accommodate new and long-time students. Located at Beautiful plots available 320 Main Street, Unit D, in Longmont, it’s an easy and quick drive from the Carbon Valley. The new studio offers a fantastic reception "With care and concern, we have been area designed specifically for students to warm up and get ready for serving Longmont, Boulder County, the Carbon Valley area and all other their lesson. Individually tailored, lessons focus on the goals and neighboring communities since 1922." achievements of each student. My son started lessons with Jason as a cute 9-year-old who wanted to be a rock star. Nearly six years later, his greatest asset is Whatever the need, the knowledge of music theory that has come from Jason not only teaching how to play his favorite Please call about songs, but helping him understand why he’s doing it a certain way. Through the years, Jason has we’d like to help you. our special come along side Sam, whether it be learning a favorite lick, composing music for a school project, ~Heath Carroll Veteran’s or getting ahead for high school jazz band. Jason has been instrumental in producing a conďŹ dent & Robert Sweeney~ Burial Program young musician who can adapt to any performance opportunity. – Donna S. Jason has taught guitar lessons since he graduated from Erie High School. As a youngster he taught himself but later took lessons so he could improve. “There is just something about the versatility of the guitar that makes it so (FPGGSFZ8)PXF much fun to play,â€? Jason says. “The guitar is used in so many 'VOFSBM%JSFDUPS styles of music. Everything from Rock to Classical.â€? He also explained there are a couple styles of playing which are finger style and flat pick. He teaches acoustic and electric and all styles )&-1*/(:06 of music; classical to heavy metal, blues and jazz‌. $&-&#3"5&-*'& I have been taking lessons from Jason for a little over two 4JODF years now, and I can’t imagine where I would be otherwise. I actually left Jason for lessons closer to my home, but I soon $PGGNBO4USFFU missed the quality of instruction that I had with Jason, and -POHNPOU $0 returned to him in short order. He tailors the lessons to what 1IPOF   I want to focus on, and keeps the lessons challenging yet 'BY   XXXIPXFNPSUVBSZDPN rewarding. We started on rhythm; mine was horrible and was always a point of frustration for me. Jason taught me to hear the rhythm, write it out in a format that was easy for me to read and play during my practice sessions. We have since moved on to more challenging ďŹ nger style picking which has made the guitar a completely different animal. I can’t believe the instrument Jason has opened up for me, and I look forward to other areas we have yet to touch on. He is a gifted musician and a patient instructor that will teach you to play any style you can imagine yourself playing. – Jay R. Jason says, “It’s rewarding to help people who do not know how to read music and then get them to the place where they play a complete song. That reward grows as they learn new genres, sing and even play in bands. The whole process is fantastic.â€? He says it is never too late to learn. Right now he has a student who is 72 years old. He works with students as young at seven. When not teaching or playing, Jason enjoys the outdoors. He and his family camp, go off-roading, and hiking. He says he’s an old farm boy and likes mending fences and spending a simple day out at the Pawnee grasslands. Jason’s wife, Lori, works at Imagine Charter School and his son, Alex, attends Imagine also. They have lived in the Carbon Valley for twelve years. Many locals have watched Jason perform in the ever-popular band, Last Men On Earth (LMOE). For more info visit Jason’s web site at www.jasonolsonguitarist. com or call 303.621.4031.


Complete Burial Provisions

Steve & Son Lawn Care 303.906.1874

Elder Care

Full spectrum elderly care services, focused on the individual’s needs, provided by Denise Coe, Executive Director. Clients benefit immensely from the 14 years of experience that Denise has. She offers tailored services to meet the needs of the special person in your life. Denise says, “My passion in life is to make a difference in our aging population by doing for them what they no longer can do for themselves.� Her clients include seniors with loving, attentive families and seniors who are struggling without familial support. She has established relationships with various professional communities throughout Boulder County. Denise Coe has earned the respect and trust necessary from various doctors in the fields of geriatric internal medicine, dentistry, education, and others. Besides companionship and client need management, she also offers transportation, errand, advocacy, bill paying, household, and yard care services. She maintains medical journals for accurate communication between client and doctors and family. Denise also trains caregivers and she helps to or applies for and submits Medicare/Medicaid and insurance paperwork. Her lasting relationships with the families make her a valuable asset and the demand for her services is constant. Call Denise for references and more information at 720.231.9382.

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The Carbon Valley Consumer Report—Bringing Residents Information About Area Businesses

Vol. 12, Issue 4

UNLOADING OUR SECOND FRIDGE HELPED US STOCK UP ON GROCERIES. That old, empty beast was costing us money on our electric bill, so we kicked it to the curb for recycling and earned $75 from United Power. Learn more about rebates at and find out what you can do to save at

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U N I T E D P O W E R .C O M T O G E T H E R W E S AV E .C O M


on Whirlpool Appliances!*



Saturday April 21 WCR 13/Colorado Blvd

Pine Cone Ave.

CAPPÂŽ customers save 25%

Enroll in our Customer Appliance Protection Plan (CAPPÂŽ) and receive a 25% discount! (Req. 1yr. CAPP commitment.)

HURRY IN to our showroom at

3766 Eureka Way, Unit 1, in Frederick Sale ends April 30!


Regularly priced merchandise. Sales prices subject to stock on hand.No special orders please.

Grant Ave.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission does not set prices or terms for the product(s) and/or service(s) seen in this ad.


8350 WCR 13, Firestone, CO 303-364-1345

FINANCING AVAILABLE with approved credit

Weather Siren Test

March 21, 1864 in which Lincoln said “Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.�

in the Town of Frederick and the Town of Firestone - ((Weld County Wide Test) When: Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Noon



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(QWFRP$SSO\s  RU Standard credit qualifications apply. Loans subject to final credit approval. †(QW)HGHUDO&UHGLW8QLRQs(QWLVDUHJLVWHUHGWUDGHPDUNRI(QW)HGHUDO&UHGLW8QLRQ 


April 2012 Carbon Valley Consumer Report  

The April issue of the Carbon Valley Consumer Report for Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, Erie, Longmont, and Mead Colorado

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