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SAFETY GLASSES By Spectacles Outlet

W HO WE ARE When we say ‘direct from the factory prices’ we mean it. Spectacles Outlet is different. It’s a top notch opticians at the front with our own factory at the back. Meaning we can offer the professional service you’d expect from a High Street chain but with significantly cheaper prices as well as a more personal level of care. Come and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed by our super fast service and dazzled by our super low prices.

(It’s easy when you own the factory.)

W HY S AFETY GLASSES? If you work in an environment where your eyes could be damaged in any kind of way you should wear safety glasses. In some circumstances, ‘over goggles’ that fit over prescription glasses will do the job. Although for long term use employees should really wear prescription safety glasses, as ‘over goggles’ don’t give comfortable vision, due to the effect of light refraction through two sets of lenses. All of our Bollé safety glasses are made with polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate being the lightest material and offering the greatest impact resistance. Giving you the greatest protection for your eyes.

Eye injuries at work are common and can occur in many different settings. Some common kinds of eye injuries are as follows: Scratches Such as from rubbing dust from eyes. Cuts Possibly from small shards of glass or small objects projected from tools. Chemical burns From any kind of chemical product used within a workplace. Foreign bodies Such as grit, metal, wood or glass entering the eye.

All our safety glasses meet EN166F as a minimum. These are tested to withstand a 6mm ball bearing fired at 45m/sec. All companies must comply with the 1993 regulations relating to eye protection, now taken as European Norm i.e. EN Standards.

“Wearing normal spectacles or contact lenses on their own will not offer sufficient protection to your eyes. We’d be happy to advise you on the most appropriate prescriptive safety glasses.“ Lincoln Yiu, Optometrist

OU R S AFE TY GLASSES O FF ERIN G We offer companies a flexible offering on safety glasses for their employees. Companies have the option to send their employees to one of our two outlets (Edinburgh or Musselburgh), where they will be able to pick a pair of prescription safety glasses. Employers can then have the option to pay the entire cost, or pay a percentage, with the employee picking up the rest of the bill. Customers can bring a valid prescription or book an eye test with our inhouse Optometrist in either Outlets.

We ask companies to set up an account with us to allow monthly charging for any safety glasses purchased throughout the month and to obtain our commercial contracts discount. On collection, our experienced Optical Consultants can make any adjustments required to the frame for a more secure fit to ensure your employees benefit from optimum eye safety in the workplace.

OU R S AFE TY GLASSES RAN GE Our safety glasses partner, Bollé, is a leading manufacturer of safety glasses. All lenses (except bifocal and antireflective) carry Bollé’s exclusive K&N rated Platinum anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings as standard (at no extra cost). This gives both prescription and nonprescription wearers the same level of protection. In areas where body heat or temperature change is an issue this is crucial to ensure operatives can continue to wear their safety glasses in the most extreme conditions. On top of all of this, Bollé frames are also covered by a 2-year manufacturing warranty where most providers only offer 12 months.

We have a simple pricing structure, with discounted commercial contracts available, across three lens types depending on your requirements.

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