FY2010 Annual Report

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2010 report to the community

cleveland, OH Permit No. xxx


for cuyahoga valley national park

We are for your national park. Our passion is to help Cuyahoga Valley National Park achieve its full potential for the people of Northeast Ohio and the nation by enhancing the park experience. We cherish our Cuyahoga Valley as a phenomenal civic asset, a treasured landscape and a special place firmly rooted in who we are and what we care for.

Introducing our new name Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park Since our founding we have used the word “association” to describe our organization’s relationship to our national park. In 2010 we took a close look at our organization’s name and brand impression. As a result of this work, we concluded it was important to first create an impression that clearly defines our relationship to the park. Working with the following definition as a guide we determined that “conservancy” best describes our role in support of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Conservancy: An association dedicated to the protection of the environment and its resources.

history of our organization The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park traces its roots to a Cuyahoga Valley Association initiative in the early 1970’s to preserve the extraordinary cultural and natural values of the Cuyahoga Valley from emergent development pressures, culminating with Congressman John F. Seiberling’s successful campaign for Congressional designation of the Valley as a unit of the national park system in 1974. Today, the Conservancy draws its strength from thousands of members, park volunteers, community supporters and advocates who share a deep and abiding love for this beautiful 33,000 acre garden lying along 20 miles of the resurgent Cuyahoga River between Cleveland and Akron. We work alongside the National Park Service to engage the community in meaningful involvement with the park and its programs.

Introducing Stan Austin: our new superintendent

It is my pleasure to offer greetings and thanks to supporters of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. As the new superintendent, it has been an inspiring experience to be introduced to the great partnership between the park and the Conservancy. I am amazed by the work being done on behalf of the park by the Conservancy’s staff, volunteers, members and donors. When the efforts of the Conservancy and other partners are combined with our wonderful National Park Service staff, the outcome is truly extraordinary. Our talented staff have pride and a commitment to excellence in their work and we appreciate their dedication. about stan austin: Stan Austin comes to us from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area where he served as superintendent and Yosemite National Park where he served as acting deputy superintendent. Mr. Austin has an environmental science degree from Rutgers University, with an emphasis on water-quality and land management issues.

a letter from the conservancy

for all of you who do, we offer many thanks.

Like all of our members, we are for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We enjoy hiking and biking in the park and believe that our national park is one of the finest assets of northeast Ohio. It is a privilege for us to work for this organization in support of our great national park. This year more of you volunteered than ever before; the number of hours contributed breaks all previous records. The success the Conservancy and your national park has experienced in 2010 is directly related to the volume and quality of our dedicated volunteer community. Our donors (of time, resources and dollars) have helped to rehabilitate facilities, fund programs and most importantly, helped cultivate our park stewards of tomorrow by bringing children to the park for appreciation and education. Thank you to our members, our new Superintendent Stan Austin, Cuyahoga Valley National Park staff members and the many corporations and foundations that make possible the good work described in this report. We are one of the largest national park friends groups in the country because YOU care about Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The values of preserving and protecting the park, educating children and enhancing park visitor experiences are conserved because of you. With your continued support, we look forward to a very bright future for Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Deb Yandala Chief Executive Office Pam Carson Elected Chairman, Conservancy Board of Directors

education Located a short distance from the urban environments of surrounding cities, Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers a refuge from everyday life. This is particularly true for children who attend the residential program at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center (CVEEC). The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park is committed to providing experiences and opportunities for children to explore and learn in the natural world. During the 2009–2010 school year, more than 3,000 children attended the resident programs at the CVEEC. The Conservancy scholarship assistance of more than $120,000 made the park experience available to over 800 low-income students. These scholarships were made possible by the generosity and support of local foundations and individual donors. All the Rivers Run The Conservancy’s residential program, All the Rivers Run, a 4-day 3-night program, encourages and enables students to discover and learn about geology, park topography, diverse habitats and the relationship of all of these when it comes to flooding, erosion and water pollution. Students investigate concepts such as sustainability and biodiversity within the Cuyahoga River watershed, ultimately designing their own ecofriendly building using sustainable building design features and living practices.

Junior Ranger Camp During the three weeks of Junior Ranger Day Camp over 100 urban children participated in exploring forest, meadows, streams and the creatures that inhabit these places. Children wear socks over their shoes, collecting seeds to mimic seed dispersal. They learn to build a shelter, track animals and construct a compass. This year Junior Ranger Camp was attended by the children of the Akron Urban League, Boys and Girls Club of the Western Reserve and the Friendly Inn Settlement, in Cleveland. First Bloom The Conservancy and National Park Service staff had the opportunity to work throughout the year with youth from The Friendly Inn Settlement’s school program in a national conservation education program called First Bloom. Fifth graders learned about native plants and their relationship to the insects that depend on them. The year of learning culminated in the planting of two new butterfly gardens, one on the campus of the Friendly Inn Settlement and one on the CVEEC campus. Butterflies, especially the great spangled fritillary and the better known monarch, became frequent visitors and are expected to return in upcoming years!




I’m for cvnp: How you can help

Trails Forever

Our National Treasure

Every day, we see wonderful examples of the many ways people throughout Northeast Ohio support Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Thousands of volunteers donate their time to maintain trails, staff Park Place in Peninsula and Trail Mix and work with students at the environmental education center. Many generous companies underwrite fund-raising events, book meetings in our Extraordinary Spaces and organize employee volunteer outings. Many people contribute to our organization by participating in fund-raising campaigns, helping to build our TRAILS FOREVER endowment, adopting a park acre through our ParkShares program, and establishing a planned gift in their will. We want 1,000 new members The easiest way to express your passion and dedication for your national park is to become a member of the Conservancy. Doing so not only provides the funds to underwrite our ongoing operations, but it also signifies a deep commitment to our park and to the work we’re doing to conserve this vital asset and connect it to the region in which we’re located. A membership in the Conservancy tells everyone you value our national park and are committed to helping provide the funds to enhance the park experience for everyone who visits. In essence, your membership says, “I’m for CVNP.” In the coming months, we’ll be developing materials to help tell the story of various individuals who are for CVNP and are demonstrating that commitment with membership in the Conservancy. Our goal this year is to recruit 1,000 new members to our organization and grow our overall membership to 3,500. If you’re currently a member of the Conservancy, we want to thank you for your ongoing support. You well know the value of being connected to the Conservancy and appreciate the vital contribution the national park makes to the region and our quality of life. please join us in supporting your national park at


On a sublime summer evening last June 19th, 400 people gathered at the Virginia Kendall Ledges to celebrate the trails of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Topography, the kick-off fundraiser event for the TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund, was by all accounts a memorable experience. Guests began their evening by hiking to the Ledges Overlook, with its sweeping panoramic view across the Cuyahoga Valley. There, to sounds of traditional music and the glowing hues of the setting sun, people mingled and marveled at the exquisite beauty of our national park. After another short hike, guests arrived at the expansive peaked tent sheltering the dinner presentation. Chef Ben Bebenroth, of Spice of Life Catering, prepared a locavore dinner to remember and the candlelit tent virtually glimmered as nightfall descended. Guests ate and danced at the historic Ledges Shelter and settled down in adirondack chairs around a blazing campfire to take in the starlit night sky. Upon departing, Topography guests were heard to remark “best fundraiser ever” and “do it again.” We will, June 18, 2011!

2.8 million visits per year is evidence that people treasure Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The potential of the national park is dependent on the people who give back to it. The park’s volunteers are stewards who feel a deep sense of ownership and commitment to helping this national park reach its full potential. Cuyahoga Valley National Park has one of the most active volunteer programs in the National Park Service and in the past year was selected to receive the Midwest Regional George and Helen Hartzog Award for “Outstanding Park Volunteers-in-Parks Program.”

By bringing together trail enthusiasts, the business communityand national park supporters, Topography helped lay the groundwork for a Conservancy-led endowment fundraising campaign which has a goal of raising 10 million dollars for support of the 104 mile trail system of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Working in partnership with the National Park Service, the Conservancy is committed to developing and maintaining a world-class system of hiking, biking and equestrian trails for all people, for all time.

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s volunteer program is considered to be on the cutting edge of partnership. Two years ago, the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park took on a new role in the management of the park’s volunteer program and the success of the partnership is evident. In 2010 the program saw a 61% increase in the number of volunteers to over 4,000, as well as 46% increase in the number of hours to over 140,000. With our newly completed Volunteer Center located in the Village of Boston as a base of operations, Conservancy and park staff, together with volunteer leaders, have truly built a volunteer program worthy of national recognition.

Trails are the icon of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Cuyahoga Valley is laced with a system of trails which are used annually by millions of visitors. Not only are these trails well used, but they are loved and cared for by legions of volunteers who help plan, build, maintain, repair and patrol them. While the trail system is the responsibility of the National Park Service, our trails are in need of more financial support than the Park Service alone can provide. In response, the TRAILS FOREVER program was conceived to ensure that our trail system becomes a model for sustainability, inspiration and citizen engagement.

The increase in the number of volunteers as well as hours in 2010 can be credited in part to the expansion of our corporate volunteerism program. This past year, sixteen corporations brought 737 individuals into the park and gave nearly 5,000 hours to help maintain our trail system and protect and improve the park’s natural, historic and cultural resources. With the assistance of National Park Service funding, youth volunteerism has also grown over the past year with over fifteen groups, including four Eagle Scouts giving nearly 8,000 hours.

rk your p a ne s, mile s t o ts hig hlig h s & e ven t


Historic Preservation: The valley landscape continues to be enlivened by historic structures that have been rehabilitated by the National Park Service. Accomplishments in 2010 include completing the 1920’s Cancasci bungalow on SR 82 to house the park’s contracting office, rehabilitating the Holland House on SR 303 as the next historic farm offering for the Countryside Initiative and restoring two barns, including the magnificent cupola on the Brown-Bender barn on Akron-Peninsula Road.

stanford house

american recovery & reinvestment act

Fundraising Complete!

$8.7 million to Invest

We have raised $280,000, surpassing our fundraising goal by $13,000, for the rehabilitation of the Stanford House which is set to open in March 2011. Much credit goes to the 60 park supporters who stepped up to become “Stanford Stars” by each donating $1,000. These funds, coupled with other personal donations and grants from the National Park Service, the Ohio & Erie Canalway Association and area foundations, will enable extensive rehabilitation work on Stanford House and provide for all new furnishings.

In 2010 Cuyahoga Valley National Park received an $8.7 million grant for park infrastructure through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Funded projects include replacement of Tinkers Creek Aqueduct on the Ohio & Erie Canal, railroad tie replacement and nine miles of rail upgrade, capping three abandoned oil and gas wells and replacing failing individual septic systems with state-of-the art sanitary systems in the villages of Everett and Boston.

2010 milestones, HIGHLIGHTS & events

for our park

and grown our customer counts to over 45,000, resulting in over 14,000 sales transactions this past year. The store has also served as a welcome center for Cuyahoga Valley National Park informing the public on the importance of membership and welcomed over 40 new members to the Conservancy!

Invasive Plant Removal

A visit to the Terra Vista Natural Study Area in the north end of the park will showcase the tremendous progress made in the fight against invasive plants in 2010. Acres of the invasive shrub, Autumn Olive, have been cleared to allow the growth of native plants. This work has been aided by volunteers, who contributed over 7,000 hours of work on 430 acres. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative also provided funding for invasive species management. This funding enabled the park to establish a native-plant nursery and collect more than 400 pounds of bulk seed material from 40 species of native plants, which the park will use to replant sites after eliminating invasives. Safe is Sound

Working with Canalway partners, CVNP launched Safe is Sound, a campaign to address unsafe behaviors that contribute to accidents on the Towpath Trail. The name of the program is a reminder that users should provide an audible signal when passing. The Safe is Sound campaign included holding safety stops along the length of the Towpath from Cuyahoga to Tuscawaras counties, distributing bicycle bells and introducing an updated Towpath Trail mileage guide. The Ohio Parks and Recreation Association recognized Safe is Sound as the best partnership project in Ohio for 2010. Trail Mix

2010 proved to be a banner year for Trail Mix, our retail store located near the Towpath Trail, in the Village of Boston. Since Trail Mix opened in 2007 we have expanded our merchandise


ParkShares is making great strides in connecting future generations to the national park. Students at Old Trail School in Holly Wilson’s fourth grade math class are learning firsth and through their acre about the exceptional park resource that is available in their school’s backyard. The class has been able to incorporate lessons on perimeter and area by using arm span measurements to estimate distances and then compare them to the actual measurements on their acre done with a tape measure. Through educational means students were able to explore and enjoy CVNP. The national park has come alive as a learning laboratory for students at Old Trail School. A 100% “green” initiative, ParkShares utilizes Google Earth technology to enable users to view the national park from a “birdseye” perspective and then select their own personal favorite park acre to sponsor for a $75 donation. Sponsors can create a personal webpage where their own photos, memories and observations can be posted and shared with friends and family. photographer Tom Jones DVD Release

This past summer Tom Jones, one of the area’s premier photographers, created and released a DVD entitled Cuyahoga Valley In Concert which features over 800 stunning photos of our national park. Tom Jones digitally recorded the sound of wind, rain, waterfalls, coyotes and birds in valley and blended them with inspiring music in order to provide a soundtrack for the presentations’ images. This combination of both photography and music sold over 500 copies in 6 weeks.

left to right: 1. Invasive Plant Removal 2. Extraordinary Spaces Wedding 3. Volunteer Lock Demonstration 4. Riverday 2010

events for our park

Cabin Fever Express

On January 24, 2010, the Conservancy and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad held a joint donor appreciation event called Cabin Fever Express, a train trip through the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Onboard were 70 Conservancy donors at the Locktenders’ Circle, Great Blue Heron and Eagle Society levels. Guests mingled with friends, enjoyed treats prepared by Chef Larkin Rogers of the Conservancy, relaxed and took in the winter beauty of the national park

from the warm comforts of the Emerson Dome Car, the St. Lucie Sound Parlor Car, and the Lounge Car. The Conservancy was delighted by this opportunity to show appreciation for our generous supporters and treat them to a special park experience.

RiverDay 2010

RiverDay 2010 activities in CVNP were a huge success thanks to our 150 volunteers who collected over 300 pounds of plastic and rubber waste, 60 bags of trash, 150 pounds

of steel and scrap metal and 49 tires. As well, acres of garlic mustard, autumn olive and Japanese knotweed were cleared.


A crisp fall Sunday in the park was the setting for 300 supporters to rekindle old friendships, greet new faces and raise money for the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center.

The Clambake, now heading into its 11th year, is a tradition in the national park. The high note of the evening was the call for support. In a few

rousing minutes those in attendance donated over $28,000 for the center’s scholarship fund bringing the total net proceeds of the evening to over $55,000.

2010 financial statements

Revenue and Support Unrestricted Eniromental Education Program Fees: Net of Scholarships of $129,755



Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted


$ -


Total $


Community Outreach





National Park Service Subsidy










Contributions and Grants: Environmental Education Programs Community Outreach Stanford House/Volunteer Bulding Renovations Park Support Special Events Trails Forever General Operations

192,930 148,006 42,062 83,412 319,859 127,299

104,243 31,711 101,702 17,788 16,225 86,559 32,500

Investment Income (loss)



Other Income



Net Assets Released From Restrictions



Total Revenue, Support & Reclassifications






297,173 179,717 143,764 101,200 336,084 86,559 159,799












Program services: Environmental Education Programs Community Outreach Special Events


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

821,537 821,959 254,381

$ -

$ -

247,296 267,133












Support Services: Management and General Fundraising Total Expenditures Changes in Net Assets



821,537 821,959 254,381 247,296 267,133

Net Assets, Beginning of Year









Net Assets, End of Year









For a copy of the Conservany’s full audit report, contact us at 330.657.2909.

Revenue and Support

Expenditures Contributions $ 1,304,296

Community Outreach $ 821,959 Fundraising $ 267,133

Programs & Other $ 1,068,513 Memberships $ 274,294 NPS Subsidy $ 149,330

Management $ 247,296 Special Events $ 254,381 Cveec $ 821,537


Through the generosity of the individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations listed on the following pages, the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park is able to provide the many and varied programs, projects and services that you have seen highlighted in this report.

While space limits our ability to list all donors’ names, we are grateful for the support that each of you provides, no matter the size or type of your gift. It is because of your support that the Conservancy continues to flourish. Giving levels are representative of donors’ total contributions at $100 and above made between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010. Gifts from family foundations, donor-advised funds and company matching gift programs are reflected in individual donor contribution levels. The Conservancy has made diligent efforts to ensure accuracy in listing all donors at the $100 and above levels. Donor names are listed in accordance with the preferred publication name provided by the donor. Should you wish to change the way in which your name is listed in future publications or have any other corrections, please contact the Conservancy Development Office at 330.657.2909.

Legacy Society We are grateful to the following individuals that have remembered the Conservancy through a bequest or other planned gift: Stanley & Hope Adelstein Richard & Joan Ainsworth Mary Bevan Lori Box William & Mary Ellen Carroll John & Cyndee Debo Gerard & Ann Findlan Janet & Richard Jankura David Kopkas Mimi Jackson Lewellen Mort & Iris November Ann Marie Rowlett Ronda Russell Kenneth P. Sabol Sue Sahli Kathleen T. Schlemmer Steven & Connie Wait Carol Sue White Richard & Jane Whitehead Deb Yandala & Sherman Bishop Diana Young


$100,000+ Richard & Joan Ainsworth George & Susan Klein Mort & Iris November


$5,000+ The Abington Foundation Richard & Joan Ainsworth Akron Community Foundation Bokom Foundation Buckingham Doolittle & Burroughs Pamela Carson Cavaliers Youth Fund Lee & Tuni Chilcote The Cleveland Foundation Cohen & Company The Community Foundation of Lorain County Chris & Sara Connor The Mary S. & David C. Corbin Foundation John & Cyndee Debo Dominion East Ohio Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Forest City Enterprises

The GAR Foundation Frank Hadley Ginn & Cornelia Root Ginn Charitable Trust The Glenmede Trust Company Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Marie & Charles Grossman The George Gund Foundation The Richard M. & Yvonne Hamlin Foundation Sandra Haslinger Heidelberg Distributing Company ICF Foundation The Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation, Inc. Kaiser Permanente Kurtz Bros., Inc/KB Compost Services Inc KeyBank Foundation George & Susan Klein Diana Kunze & Arthur Brown The Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation Lehner Family Foundation Marcus Thomas LLC Medina Chapter Ohio Horseman’s Council Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation The Burton D. Morgan Foundation National Park Foundation Old Trail School OMNOVA Solutions, Inc. Rory & DeDee O’Neil O’Neill Foundation Parker Hannifin Corporation PNC PPG Industries Foundation The Reinberger Foundation The Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation Dudley P. & Barbara K. Sheffler Foundation The Sherwin-Williams Company The Sisler McFawn Foundation Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust The J.M. Smucker Company Dianne & Terry Squire F. William Steere

Summa Health System The Swagelok Foundation The Tecovas Foundation The University of Akron Mary Jo Veverka Charlie & April Walton Western Reserve Trail Running, Inc.



Alcoa Corporation Sandra & Mark Auburn Audio-Technica U.S., Inc Siegfried & Heidi Buerling Cascade Auto Group John & Betty Dalton FirstEnergy Corporation Clark Harvey & Holly Selvaggi Hill ‘n Dale Club Elizabeth Juliano Henri Pell Junod, Jr. KeyBank Anonymous The Lubrizol Foundation Diana Lueptow Thomas & Lisa Mandel Betty McGrath Charles & Katherine Mlakar Stephen & Amanda Ford Morris Portage Trail Sierra Club Douglas & Noreen Powers Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation Sue Sahli Joanne & Michael Schwartz Richey & Sandra Smith Ruth Swetl & Eppig Thomas & Diane Tyrrell Edwin & Libby Upton Steven & Connie Wait Jerry & Emily Welty William Wendling & Lynne Woodman WITAN Deb Yandala & Sherman Bishop

Locktenders’ circle


Stanley & Hope Adelstein Akron Community Foundation Akron Garden Club Jody Bacon The Banks-Baldwin Foundation Fred & Laura Bidwell Steve & Ellen Botnick Frances Buchholzer Marcia & Jim Carsten Joseph & Lisa Cellura Jeri Chaikin & Joel Newman John & Bonnie Childs The Henry V. & Frances W. Christenson Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation CommonGood Consulting, Inc. Nora Conway Jacobs & George Snider Deborah E. & William A. Currin Larry & Barbara Cuy Cuyahoga Valley Photo Society Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Cuyahoga Valley Trails Council CVEEC Educators CVNP Trailblazers The Cyrus Eaton Foundation Art & Shirley Duffy ERM Group Foundation, Inc. The Fedeli Group FirstMerit Bank / Akron Cynthia Flynn Capers Anthony & Mary Foti Guy & Catherine Gadomski Robert Briggs Gojo Industries Shawn & Marianne Grandon Barbara & Todd Greene Sean & Jacquie Grindall Michael & Martha Hardy Mary Jane Hartwell The Harvey-Selvaggi Fund of the Cleveland Fdn. Beverly L. Haws Stacey Heffernan Ross & Viki Henschen

Brooke & Sean Hice Dan & Joan Holmes George & Katie Hoy Hudson Garden Club Tom & Sue HutchinsonBrinton & Julie Hyde Sarah & Robert Jaquay Glen P. Jenkins Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Greg & Lori Kall Kurt & De-De Keller Key Bank National Association Kimble Clay & Limestone Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL Judith & Charles Kraus Judy Lahoski Litigation Management, Inc. Littler Mendelson, P.C. Judy & Roger Makowski Janice Matteucci & Parnell Tillotson W. Paul Mills &Thora J. Mills Memorial Andrew & Kathryn Moock Kenneth Murach & Jane Penttila The Musical Arts Association Carolyn & Daniel Nagy Jim Nash & Joanne Kim North Akron Savings Bank Gregory & Christine Orlowski Parma Community General Hospital John & Ellen Perduyn Charlotte Pliske Porter Wright Roger & Judith Read Timothy & Melinda Remington Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Roberts Roetzel & Andress, LPA Justin & Jane Rogers RPM International Inc. Ronda Russell John & Mary Jane Schremp John & Barbara Schubert Steve & Kathy Schultz John & Betty Seiberling Scholarship Fund The Shaker Lakes Garden Club Brian & Caron Smith Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Memorial Foundation

Richard & Emily Smucker Gary Stonum & Marilyn Shea-Stonum Thomas & Susan Strauss Walter & Sharon Strotz Patrick & Shirley Tchou Charles & Corrine Tennent Thompson Hine LLP Tourism Cares John & Margie Wheeler Carol Sue White Richard & Jane Whitehead Women of Color Foundation Sylvia & John Yankey


Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Students at Cleveland’s Urban Community School (UCS) have been discovering our national parks! UCS science teacher Ellie Reagan has spent two energetic summers as a National Park Service “Teacher-Ranger-Teacher” in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Wearing the traditional park ranger uniform, Ellie performed ranger duties, including teaching in both residential and day camp programs. During the UCS school year Ellie brings the national park to her students by implementing curriculum-based lesson plans that draw upon her summer park experiences. During National Park Week last April, UCS students developed their own grand National Park Fair. Eightyeight students’ intensively researched different national parks, created displays and souvenirs and then presented their findings to adult guests, parents and other UCS students. For most UCS students, it was their first introduction to our remarkable national park system, and it sparked their interest to visit other national parks. This school year Ellie has planned three Saturday morning field trips to CVNP for UCS students and their families. The group of enthusiastic students and parents hiked thespectacular Virginia Kendall Ledges and the bus is already filled for the next trip.

Akron General Health System Alpha Phi Alpha Foundation of Akron, Inc. Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. Augustus Stan Austin Joseph Berquist James McCrea Biggar Joseph & Michelle Blanda Arthur Brooks Julie Buffenbarger Arthur Busch Will Carney & Heather Blair Citizens for Metro Parks Doug & Karen Cooper Teresa & Mark Davey Arnie & Maude Delaporte Dana Pulk Dickinson Ronald & Nancy Dinger Ann & James Durr Robert & Ginny Eckardt Donae & Robert Eckert William & Pat Eldredge The Enterprise Corporation Stephen & Dorothy Farkas Gene & Marion Faubel The Garden Club of Cleveland Girl Scouts of North East Ohio Pamela & Mark Goldfarb Brian & Margaret Gothot Patricia Graves Thomas Green & Manju Gupta Bruce & Erica Greer Dennis Hamm John Heimovics & Nancy Pound Tom & Jeannette Hejduk John & Mary Holmes Margaret & Dave Hunter Jeff & Suzanne Hyde Dale & Pamela Inkley Bruce & Donna Jackson James & Marilyn Jaroszewski Bryan & Susan Kinnamon William & Julie Kodatsky David Kopkas Michael & Jan Kosmyna Susan Kruder Thomas & Kathleen Leiden W. Riley & Barbara Lochridge

Steven & Bonney Lueptow Judy & Roger Makowski James & Ros Mather Terry & Nancy McCann Matthew & Missy McGinness John & Susan McKenzie Robert Merzweiler Milan Tool Corp. Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation Dan & Marge Moore David & Inez Myers Foundation Michael & Marcia Neundorfer William & Jancie Newhouse Phyllis & Debra Ann November Childrens Fund Ohio Arts Council Sherry Petkovsek Kristi Pielstick Don Portugal Chip & Laura Preston Elaine Price & Gordon Landefeld Vicki Resnick & Bob Faber William & Helene Rogovy Arrye Rosser Stacey & Mark Rusher Joshua & Megan Schoenherr Ruth Simonis David & Sharon Klimm Brian & Mimi Sturgell Terry Lumber & Supply Co. Carol & John Thaler Thirsty Dog Brewing Company J. Bret & Diane Treier Patricia Vance David & Jennie Vasarhelyi Gregory Warren Doug & Christine Weber Western Reserve Bank Chris & Joe Williams Winter Buckeye Trail Run for Regis Lee & Robin Wood ard

$250–499 John Adams Akhia Public Relations, Inc. Michael Almond Paul & Kristina Alsenas Mike Andrzejewski Anonymous (5) Carol Awender David & Donna Axson Bard Manufacturing Co. Inc Geoffrey & Maryann Barnes Caroline G. Barney Rebecca Bartholomae Bath Volunteers for Service Roland & Mary Bauer Jim & Karen Bennett David Bergholz Cornelia Bergmann Mike & Nancy Biedenbach Michael Borowski Ronald J. Braun

Adam & Vikki Briggs Deborah Brindza Howard Busse Century Cycles A. C. Ciancone Catherine Ciha & John Despins Ronald & Janis Clark John & Barbara Cochran Charles & June Cook Valori Corrigan Brian & Brenda Cummins Mark & Camilla Dalton Lloyd Deitz Anthony & Darlene DeMarco Lanny & Brenda Derreberry Michael Duff & Susan Black Julianne & Bill Everett Ethnea & Blake Ferguson Gerard & Ann Findlan William Frost David & Margaret Fullmer Michael & Diana Gabet Go2 Marketing The Patricia & J. Harvey Graves Family Foundation Larry & Michelle Grewe Kevin & Beth Grocott Jan Gusich Walt & Gwen Heeney Robert & Pauline Hermann David & Kathy House Steve Hunsicker Janet & Richard Jankura Dawn & Alexander Joseph Michelle Kautz Janice Kelly Darwin & Chris Kelsey The Kent Mold & Mfg. Company Thomas & Carol Kloetzly Christine Krol & David Sagerser Urte & Richard Kurlich Roger & Sue L’Hommedieu Philip & Patricia Libassi Dick & Mimi Jackson Lewellen Fred Luckay Lori Macso Wayne Mazorow Kathy McClaning Earlene McGonegal Jennifer McMahon & Toby Oster Dave & Cathy Mekker Gary & Christine Mikitin Karen R. Moyer Nancy Mumford & Charlie Wiener Janet & Spike Narten Travis & Mink Neely James & Ann Negrelli Ann & John Newby Brenda Nichols Northwestern Mutual Ralph & Kathy Obert The Ohio 8 Coalition Leadership Council Bill & Pat Oldham Linda & John Olejko Barbara O’Malley

John & Nadine Otterman Roger Pae John D. Papp Tim & Kelly Parkinson Jan & George Parry Rikki Peck Topko & Joyce Penhallurick Steve & Karen Petro Michael & Paula Phillips Frank & Frances Porter Michelle Primm Luis & Theresa Proenza Brian Ratner Ellie Reagan Helen Reed Congressman Ralph & Mary Regula James Reid Christopher Rizzo Bruce & Suzanne Rogers Brad Rose Schering-Plough Second Sole The Sedgwick FundThe Cleveland Fund Daniel & Therese Sheffer Gregory Shreve Bill & Karen Silver Robert Sisson Patti & Richard Starr Patty Stevens Sam & Gwyneth Stites Paul & Kristin Stoehr Mary Stormer Tim Strope Mr. & Mrs. John Telzrow Maureen E. Thompson Robert & Marti Vagi Donna Valentine Chris & Kathleen Vandevere Eileen Victoriano David & Gwen Waight Peter & Lois Wilson David & Carol Ann Wolfe Maryann & Gregory Wolowiec Timothy Yeager & Donna McDonald Richard Zatta Sr & Ruby Zatta

$100–249 Gary & Connie Adams Margaret A. Adams Michael Adams Gayle Thompkins Agahi & Ardeshir Agahi Steve & Sophie Albrecht Mitch & Suzanne Allen Ron & Helen Alplanalp David & Mary Beth Alspaugh Bridget & Alan Ambrisco American Tank & Fabricating Company The Anderson-DuBose Company Mel Annis Anonymous (17) James & Sandra Arbour Agnes M. Armstrong Steve Ash Pamela & Dave Auble Joseph & Carole Avella

Scott Awender Babcox Publications John & Lucy Morris & Becky Babcox Mark & Cathy Jo Baer Stephen & Betsy Bagstad Tim & Carole Baird Lowell Baker Baker McMillen Company Linda & Michael Barath Phil & Mindy Bartholomae Wendy Hurd & Edward Bartunek Steven Batdorf & Brian Linder June Baughman Ron Beahn Roy & Juanita Beasley Brian Becker Keevin Berman Margaret Betz Rebecca Bidinotto Judith Bigelow Christina Bittenbender Sherran Blair Gregory Blase Dudley & Kathryn Blossom Judith & Robert Blum David Galas & Margaret Bohn-Galas Mary & Ren Bookman William & Patricia Bourquin Robert & Paula Boykin Family Foundation John & Patricia Bracken John & Lois Bradford John Bradshaw Betsy & Eric Bray Luann Brenner Albert Brion John Brocketti James & Eve Brown Thaddeus Brown Stanley & Christine Broz Jocelyn Buckey Linda Buckey Pamela S. Burda David & Cindy Burgan William & Linda Burgess Anthony & Rebecca Busa Michael & Deborah Busta William Busta & Joan Tomkins Marty & Alison Butler Kitty Butler Kenneth & Carol Button William & Nancy Byrd Martha Cailor Philip Calabrese & Mary Bynum Kevin Calori & Family Larry & Kathy Campbell Greg & Dawn Canda Donald & Jean Canestraro Dirk & Diane Cantrell Michelle Capdeville Peter & Susan Caperones Tom & Rani Cargo Amy & Eric Carlson Leslie Carruthers Trina Carter David Carver Stephen & Monique Casteel

Dana F. Castle Tom & Leigh Cavalli Daniel & Cynthia Chagin Robert & Caroline Chandler Robin Chandler Edith Chase Sam & Jen Chestnut Thomas & Karen Clark Mark & Cathy Clark Ruth Clinefelter Lawrence & Beverly Cole Chris & Tim Collins Gene & Joanne Colombo Robert Conrad Karen Costantini Dale & Chris Cooper Wiley Cornell & Richard Marschner Patricia Cornett Cathy & Michael Corr Patrick Coy & Karin Tanquist Laurie & Tom Coyle David Crain Dave T. Creps Carol A. Crowe Karin D. Cseak Michael & Peggy Csierny Keith & Pam Curnow Bill & Sandra Currier David & Robyn Cutler Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy Margit Daley Carl & Joan Dangel Alice & Ralph Darr Jeff & Kathy Day Doug Delahanty Raymond & Melody DeMarco Deborah & Dean DiCarlo Thomas & Judith DiNardo Connie & Bozo Djukic Teresa Dolinar Michael & Jennie Dollard Henry & Mary Doll Stephen & Sue Donahue Patricia & Jerry Donnelly Mary Pat Doorley Terry & Cynthia Dragan Clarence & Connie Drennon Christine Dresser Jerry Egan Jon & Cindy Elsasser Harry & Esbenshade Timothy Everett & Miriam Lifsics Martha Everhart Betsy Finley Shawn Fiore Kirby & Virginia Flanagan John & Mary Kay Flask John & Carol Flato Karen & William Flowers Edwin Folts & Judy Knuth Folts Karen & Richard France Ken & Karen Frankenbery Rita Frantz Christine & Robert Freitag Todd Fulmer Robert H. Gadbau Susan R. Gaetjens

Bennett Gaines Charles & Julia Gall Paul Gallmeier & Evalyn Greene Jean M. Gent Nicholas & Ruth George Hugh & Angela Gillen Fred & Holly Glock Ron & Lilly Glosser Larry & Jennifer Goddard & The Parkland Group Steven & Holly Goetz Robert & Kay Gold Kerry Good & Pamela Chinnici-Good Tracy & Steve Goos Arnold Gordon David & Patricia Gram Christopher & Susan Grant Robert & Cynthia Grayson Judy & Andrew Green Carolyn Green Marjorie Greer Howard Monique Gresham Craig Griffin Kathryn & Timothy Grigg-Miller Steven Guba Martin & Ann Gulbransen Henry & Komal Gulich Deborah Gustafson Terry & Jeannie Haines Ray & Dale Halliwill William Hall & Patricia Eschbach-Hall Everett Hancock Dennis & LouAnn Hanink Stephen & Susan Hansler Joan Harris Brian Harte & Krystyna Orlowski Tina Hauptner Laura Hauser Robert G. Heller Eleanor Helper Peter Henriksen David Herbster & Meredith Morgan John & Nan Herron Mary Hickcox Kern Brett Himes Martin & Ronda Hinterlong Judy Hirschman Brian & Marilou Hitt John & Stella Hnanicek William & Susan Holman Patrick & Pitter Holland Rob & Erica Holman Carolyn Holt Thomas Horner Bonnie Horovitz Michael Horvitz Jane R. & Michael J. Horvitz Philanthropic Fund John & Rita Hottell Ray & Janice Hrbac David & Carol Hudak Angela Hummel & Bernard Thiel Kathryn Hunter Joseph & Janis Hutchinson Anne Hutchinson Marilyn & Richard Hyde Ann Ingling

The Intown Club of Cleveland Fonda Jackson Herbert & Fran Jacobs Chuck & Jeanne Jakubchak Paul & Judy Jeffery Albert & Laura Jenkins Phillip & Amy Jenkins Mary & John Jenkins John & Erin Jesser Bonnie & Vincent Johnson Melissa Johnson Eric Johnson Robert & Hedy Jones Tom & Bertha Jones James Jorgenson Linda Jozsa Dan Karchmer Terry & Loretta Kasza Merrill & Susan Katz Sue Kauer John Kauffman & Thomas Wortham C. William & Ardith Keck Heather & Ben Kelly Don Kemp Winnetta Kennedy Dan Kephart S. Casey Kerr Linda & Leo Kipfstuhl J. T. Kirkwood, Sr. Alan Kirk Gary & Mary Anne Klasen Cindy Klements & Denise Lachowski Elena & Brian K’Meyer George & Phyllis Knepper Rich & Linda Kolehmainen Matthew & Gwenn Kolenich Dave Koncal Kurt & Diane Korfhage Rick Kryza Robert Kubec James Kunkel Thaddeus & Margaret Kurczynski Richard A. Kurlich Irene Kusmierz Jerome Kustin V. Michael & Karen Lahey Scott R. & Pamela Lange Michael & Debra Lavelle Ray Leach Aaron Lear Toni & Den Lecorchick Kevin Leeson Susan & Robert Leggett Hal & Barbara Leitch Matt Lerner Carol Lewanski Mercedes Lira Harvey Litowitz & Johanna Krontiris-Litowitz Janice M. Logsdon Everett Logue & Claire Bourguet Coeline Longville Keith Loud Joseph & Georgia Loutzenhiser William & Anne Lowery Christine & Chip Lucas

Brett Mabin Phil Madden Conrad A. Mamajek, Inc. Robert & Ann Mansfield Richard & Dorothy Marsh Kay Martin & Dennis Keating Stephanie Masek Joseph Matuscak Jim & Kathe Mayer Jackie Maynard Brian McCafferty Marylou McCoy James & Gail McCready Jane C. McDavid William McHenry Ian & Mary McNeil Lisa Meranti Bruce & Gael Mericle Thomas & Marilyn Merryweather Stephen & Sonja Metzler Cheri Michel Lisa Mier Michael Mikolaj Jim & Mary Miller Sue Miller Gloria Millner Alan & Kathleen Miller John & Catherine Milos James Misak Donald & Cynthia Misheff Rodney & Mishler John & Janet Mitchell Diane Moffett Kasey Morr Kimberly & Bret Moore Michael D. Moran Marie Morgan Stuart Morrison Larry & Sophia Morton Eliot & Michelle Mostow Paul & Gretchen Motts Jim Mungo Leonard M. Muni Thomas Musarra Jaynee & Larry Nance Geoffrey Neeson & Kathy Gottschalk Robert Nekic Louis & Stefanie Nerone Nestle Foundation Guy Newton Roger & Gail Nicholas Robert & Pamela Novak Michael & Susie Novak Kurt & Cynthia Nygaard Christopher & Elaine O’Connell Barbara O’Connor Thomas Olbrych M.D. John & Carolyn Olive Curtis & Suzanne Oliver David & Nancy Opper Terrance Orenich John & Mary Organ Shannon Osorio Margaret O’Toole Steve Paddon & Janet Perkins C. W. Eliot Paine Ralph Palsha Gary Papes & Patricia Rastetter Papes Francois Parent & Micheline Hamelin

Christine Paringer Mark Parker & Sue Serdinak Lynn Parmentier & Grant Murphy Tim & Karen Parsons Jonathan Pavloff Scott Pendergast Barbara & Mark Pennington Michael & Janet Pera Wendy & Jeffrey Perdue David & Terri Perelman-Hall Mark W. Perkins Peter & Donna Pesch Maryanne & Joseph Petkac James & Kate Petras Kathleen Pettingill Marvin Pflaum Mary & Donald Phillips Brian & Lisa Pierce Greg Platis Josie & Jonathan Platt PNC Financial Services Group Ted Polcyn Karen Powell Thomas & Theresa Pretlow James & Mary Lou Puperi Carolyn Radcliff & Richard Wiggins Steven & Julia Radwany Michael Radey Mary B. Rafferty Sandra Raines Margaret J. Rakas Melissa Ramsak Rodger Ramsthaler Charles & Kathie Rankin Thomas & Geraldine Rask James & Nancy Reed D.J. Reiser Thomas & Connie Repko Harold Rex & Nancy Brown Rex Deborah Rex George Patrick & Nancy Reymann David & Hope Reynolds William Rich Valerie Riedthaler Jack Rigby Edward & Anne Robakowski Ken Robinson Paul & Marne Roche Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum John & Elinor Rodgers Jim Roetzel Larkin Rogers Diane Roman Fusco Rudy & Elaine Rosales Laura Rusick Larry & Wendy Rybka Albrecht Saalfield Dennis Sabol Michael & Lynn Saddleton Chris Saine Marcia & Paul Sandstrom David & Laura Sangree Gary & Paula Savage Joan & James Schattinger Kathleen T. Schlemmer Barbara & William Schloman

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad broke all ridership records in 2010, carrying 189,000 passengers a nearly 28% increase over 2009. CVSR offers a wide diversity of excursions and transportation for national park visitors, with weekend excursion service offered throughout the year and five day a week service offered in the summer and fall.

The Countryside Conservancy The Countryside Conservancy has supported community-based agriculture systems throughout Northeast Ohio since 1999. The Countryside helps re-establish farms in Cuyahoga Valley and operates farmers markets in Howe Meadow during the summer months and Old Trail School during the winter months.

Juerg & Katherine Schmid Donald & Rosemary Schmid Jim & Kathleen Schmidt Lara Schmidt & Brett Baker Dorothy Schnacke John & Audie Schneider Richard Schneider Richard & Dina Schoonmaker Lotte Schreiber Pinkus Memorial Philanthropic Fund James & Margaret Schroeder Leanne Schumacher James & Robin Seeley Oliver Seikel Robert L. Seiler Rose M. Seliga Mark Shaughnessy Steve Shechter Amy Sheldon Bruce Sherman Mary & David Shewmon Nancy & Joan Shimer Steve & Sharon Shriber Jonathan & Amber Shulman Michael & Carrie Shuster Michael Silvestro Eric Silvi Jim Singer Carol Slover

Janus Small Carl & Barbara Smeller Bernard Smith Stan Smith Robert & Susan Smith Dudley & Rose Mary Snell James & Diana Snider Patricia Snyder Peter & Mary Snyder Frederick & Elizabeth Specht Shawn & Kristin Spindel Spirits of Hudson LLC 2 Br. James Spooner Jim Sprague Rae & Mark Sprague Julie Lewis Sroka Karen & Cliff Stadler Stan Hywet Hall Mary Jane Stanchina Steere EnterprisesEngineering Department Eugene W. Stepanik Gerald & Agnes Stitz Patrick & Linda Stoneking Strang Corporation David & Stuczynski Nancy Sugden & Robert Newbery Carolyn Sugiuchi Hillary Sullivan Dan Sveda Bert Szabo Arno Szegvari Nelson Talbott Tim & Fran Tartara

Dave & Reanetta Taylor Sarah Taylor David & Ilona Telfer Bryon Thomas & Rebecca Reimbold Gregory & Gwen Tomasko Edward Toth Martin & Marcia Trimmer Judith & William Tucholsky Larry Turner Roger & Sharon Vail Jeffrey & Janet Van Wagner John & Verna Vander Kooi Paul Vidal Karen Vielhaber Anne & Craig Vinkovich Damian & Linda Vopat Timothy Wahl John & Gail Walker Jeannie Rae Warner Robert & Emily Warren Gerry Weimann Ronald & Weinberg Norbert & Edith Weisend Robert S. Weiss Ayelet Weissmann Charles & Lucy Weller Robert & Marlene Wells Lewis West Dickson & Ann Whitney George & Betsey Wick John E. Wilkinson Gene Wimmer Bruce Winges & Bonnie Bolden Bill Jordan & Laurel Winters Timothy & Kimberly Winter Bob & Shoshana Wodzisz Terrence & Barbara Woodworth Gerry & Mary Lee Wuchter Carl & Constance Wysocki David E. Young Diana Young David & Margot Youngs Al Zelaya Rosemary Zampelli Bill & Pat Zeigler Marianne Zoldak & James Lavelle Andrew Zurick & Marsha Bazzoli

Memorial Gifts Gifts to the Conservancy were made in memory of the following: Joan Box Rick Clunk Gerald Collier Alice Cuthbertson Thomas Ellis James English Martha Findlan Bonnie B. Frye Mark A. Grebelsky David Kah Joel J. Kolenich John A. Lahoski Richard Lang

Norm Lutz Don W. McCoy Phyllis Musarra Mary Kay K. Newton Patrick H. Reymann Andrew Roberts Erik P. Sandstrom Dudley Sheffler Mignon Steere Donald Streszoff Michael Tucker Lillian Wendling

Honor Gift Gifts to the Conservancy were made in honor of the following: Pamela Auble June K. Baughman Burton Berk Roy K. Box CVEEC Intern Alumni John H. Dalton John P. Debo Joshua Donathan Karen S. France Mora E. Gabet George & Katie Hoy George Kiteley Susan Klein Janet Kucera Tonia T. Lesh Morton R. November Susan Spinelli Tim Thomas Thomas N. Tyrrell Carol Sue White

Matching Gifts The following companies matched their employees’ gifts to the Conservancy: Allstate Giving Campaign Anonymous AT&T Foundation Eaton Corporation Emerson FirstEnergy Foundation FM Global Foundation Grainger IBM Corporation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kaiser Permanente KeyBank Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. PPG Industries Foundation Progressive Insurance Foundation Employee Giving Program The BF Goodrich Company The Lubrizol Foundation Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program

In-kind Gifts The following provided an item or service to the Conservancy: Akron Garden Club Akron Life & Leisure Magazine

Akron Symphony Orchestra The Akron Tile & Fireplace Co., Inc. Akron-Canton Airport Eileen Antfang Arborwear Aspen Brownie Works April M. Bachtel Ms. Phyllis Bambeck Pamela Barnes Clurie Bennis Bob Evans-Fairlawn Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort Bravo Cucina Italiana Brueggers Bagel Bakery Debra & Stephen Bures Camp Hi Canoe Livery, Inc. Caruso’s Coffee CDW Healthcare Century Cycles CertaPro Painters of Akron/Canton Chagrin Arts Jeri Chaikin & Joel Newman Dwight W. Chasar M. Jane Christyson & Bob Mahoney Cleveland Browns Cleveland Metroparks The Cleveland Playhouse CommonGood Consulting, Inc. Constantine’s Garden Center Larry & Barbara Cuy Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Steven DiFranco Jewelers Discount Drug Mart Don Plusquelic Earth Day Coalition Eaton Corporation Robert J. Faber Fleet Feet Sports Northfield Guy & Catherine Gadomski Nina M. Gionti Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Gray & Company, Publishers Great Lakes Baking Co. Great Lakes Publishing Greater Akron Audobon Society Barbara & Todd Greene Harry & Karen Grindall Clark Harvey & Holly Selvaggi Heritage Farms Hey Mavis Hudson Garden Club Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant The Inn at Brandywine Falls Jerry Jelinek Rebecca Jones KeyBank Robin & Mark Kirk Dennis Kleidon George & Susan Klein Susan Kosich Gertrudellen Kramer Krieger’s Health

Foods Market Lake Erie Nature & Science Center Laurice Skin Care and Cosmetics Lazy Bee, Ltd. Lewis Landscaping, Inc. Lewis Massotherapy LifeCenter Plus, Inc. Little Tikes Bronwen Lodato Lowe’s Fairlawn, OH #0633 Maguire Photographics Main Street Gourmet Marty’s Bike Shop Jim McCormac Medina Raptor Center Edward & Lynn Metzger Michael Trecaso’s Italian Specialties Mogodore Dental Group (Dr. Vogelsang & Dr. Nolan) Nancy Murray My Molten Muse Susie A. Myers Daniel & Lorraine Nelson New Leaf Home Design Nirvana Yoga, LLC North Coast Litho North Coast Multisports, Inc. O’Brien Art Glass Ohio Hardwood Furniture Ohio Magazine Old Trail School Rory & Dedee O’Neil Peninsula Art Academy Printing Concepts Red Cedar Coffee Company Residence Inn by Marriott Richey Industries. Inc. The River Brasserie & Bar Robert J.-Events and Catering Roseland Lanes Royalton Supply Landscape Center Secure State Diane M. Seskes Shaw JCC of Akron Simply Swank Spalding/Emig Company Spice of Life Catering Dianne & Terry Squire Starbucks Coffee Company Strawberry Hill Catering Summa Health System Peggy Taddeo Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Vertical Runner Doug Weber The Western Reserve Historical Society Western Reserve Playhouse Western Reserve Public Media Gary & Carol Whidden Whole Foods Market Catherine Widemire Wild Bird Center The Wilds Bill Jordan & Laurel Winters WVIZ/PBS Ideastream

Board of Directors

conservancy Staff

Gayle Thompkins Agahi Director External Partnerships Cleveland Clinic

Greg Kall System Vice President, CIO Summa Health System

executive Staff

Richard Ainsworth Community Volunteer

Bryan Kinnamon Retired Executive Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Janice Matteucci Chief Operating Officer

Sandy K. Auburn Consultant Dave Bergholz Community Volunteer Cynthia Flynn Capers, PhD Special Assistant to the Provost University of Akron Pam Carson EVP, Group Executive Key National Banking, KeyBank Sam Chestnut Head of School The Lillian and Betty Ratner School

Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer

John Debo Chief Development Officer

Sue Klein Community Volunteer/ National Park Visitor

Administrative Staff

Lisa Mandel Community Volunteer

Bridget Garvin Ambrisco Director of Volunteer Programs

Chuck Mlakar Chief Executive Officer The Millcraft Group

Dee Brannan Secretary

Daniel Nagy Group ControllerFinancial Services CBIZ, Inc

Jocelyn Buckey Manager–Communications and Membership Development

Chuck Byrd Finance Manager

Michele Holderbaum Head Custodian Megan Lohuis Cook Jessica Opper Program Specialist–Education Shannon Phillips Dishwasher Vince Pizzoferatto Cook Larkin Rogers Executive Chef Betty Ann Slota Cook Ali Voorman Special Event Host Guest Services

John Najeway Owner, Thirsty Dog Brewery

Mary Foti Grants Manager

Lee Chilcote Managing Partner The Chilcote Law Firm

Rory O’Neil President Quetzal Corp

Lisa Battista Sales & Guest Service Director

Keith Gillespie Computer Technician

Patricia Clark Reservations Coordinator

Samuel DeShazior Senior Director, Business Development Greater Akron Chamber

John Perduyn Retired Senior VP Global Communications Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Shelby Lewis Volunteer Program Assistant

Ellen Murphy Guest Services Manager

Lisa Meranti Development Officer

Steve Randolph Guest Services Assistant

Guy Gadomski CPA Outsource Accounting Solutions

Joanne R Schwartz Dean and Professor Emeritus Kent State University

Maureen Reich Administrative Services Director

Peggy Taddeo Special Event Host

Thomas E. Green Shareholder and Vice President Kastner, Westman & Wilkins, LLC

Michael Shuster Attorney at Law Porter Wright

Dott Schneider Development Coordinator

Sean Grindall Senior Vice President PNC Investments

Terry Squire Retired CEO

Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center Staff

April Walton Community Volunteer

Frank Batch Cook

Douglas J. Weber Senior Attorney FirstEnergy Corp.

William Boyd Head Chef

Mary K. Holmes Principal MKH Consulting Jeffrey Hyde Managing Director Ideas in Focus Nora Jacobs Vice President Hennes Paynter Communications

Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX

Bill Wendling Director of Public and Private Partnerships Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County John D Wheeler Senior Vice President for Administration Case Western Reserve University

Jennifer Bucheit Environmental Education Specialist Connie Dages Office Manager Paula Foster Cook Stacey Heffernan Director of EEC

Retail Staff

Tammie Campbell Sales Associate Tracy Christoff Sales Associate Pamela Chinnici Good Director of Retail Operations Mary Hyde Sales Associate Kara Kracker Store Manager Carla Menhorn Sales Associate Lorrie Smith Sales Associate David Young Sales Associate

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