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What’s the state of Equality in


























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from the editor


ot only does Summer end the hibernation of us ‘bears’ who live in the north country but it also brings us the season of concert tours. Music is an expression of humanity and we are all touched by it… as Billy Joel says:


“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everybody loves music.” -Billy Joel

In this issue, we introduce a diverse range of musical talents. Romantic soulful vocals from Rachael Sage (pg 30); The 6 member all-male pop sensation from South Africa, Overtone (pg 44); and our Cover Girl, Sandra Alva of the hard rock band Modern Day Escape (pg 10). During our travels this past quarter, we stumbled upon unique shopping in Olde Mistick Village (pg 36), and stopped for some famous Connecticut food. We ate at the infamous Mystic Pizza and learned of the restaurant who served America’s first burger (pg 34). For something new, we have time-lined the unique history of LGBT equality in Connecticut (pg 8) and I personally found this information very enlightening. Therefore, as a regular contribution to future issue, we will continue this tradition. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, THANK YOU for taking the time to browse the pages of Connextions Magazine. Your comments and feedback are always welcome! We look forward to connecting with you soon. Be sure to subscribe and don’t miss the release of our Fall issue, featuring gay-friendly travels to our nation’s Capital!

Shelly Shelly Straub

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AUG 2011 Issue #4

7 Reasons LGBT FamiliesRock Canada’s New Gay Getaway WINTER

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Cover: Hard Rockin’ Modern Day Escape releases their latest album. Get an up-close and personal look at the ‘oh-so’ talented drummer, Sandra Alva, featuring exclusive photos by celebrity photographer Marc Cartwright.

Visit and compare two of the world’s most unique Casino Resorts, featuring Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino. 2012 is the year of Alan Turing. Who is he and why is this ‘his’ year? Our Op-Ed columnist Christopher de la Torre has the answers to those questions...and more! Webcomic turns Print Comic. Alex Woolfson, creator of the Artifice webcomic series makes headlines when his Kickstarter project meets fundraising goals within 48 hours!


Travel Rachael Sage releases her 10th album

Connecticut’s Art & LGBT History

Exclusive interview with Eduard Leonard, star of E!’s new series “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”

Unique gift ideas found in Olde Mistick Village

Food for Thought The where and how of America’s first burger


Technology 3 Must-Have Travel Apps

Lifestyle Finding it...featuring Dr. Frankie Bashan


Gabrielle Lindau takes us Dinosaur Hunting 7 Tips for a Maintenance-Free Yard

Get Inspired with Maria Lesetz

Meet PR Exec Matt Martin from Manhattan

De-stress...Go Fish

Babysitting Pets

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photos courtesy Kristen Talluto Photography

History has proven time and again that progress is rarely welcomed unanimously. So it is with LGBT life in America—an experience as compelling as it is controversial. The civil rights saga spans geography and generations, binding each chapter to the last with the single facet of human existence that would threaten civilization, while at the same time, guarantee its survival—diversity. The question now: do we continue this futile struggle against it? Or do we embrace our differences and build from blueprints yet undrawn?

LGBT in America by Edward Truth photo: Taken at the 2011 Pride festival, held at The Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford. courtesy: Glenn Koetzner, Crazy Dog Photography



Puritan minister Michael Wigglesworth moves to New Haven at the age of seven from England. It's rumored the future colony leader fought lifelong homosexual tendencies.



William Plaine of Guilford is charged for sodomy under penalty of death, after the governor’s aids pressure the court to change the sentence from a less severe punishment. Plaine’s sentencing is followed by a long history of executions, life imprisonments and murders in response to individuals who engaged in what was deemed an ‘offensive’ act.

The General Court of Connecticut adopts a list of twelve capital crimes, including idolatry, witchcraft, adultery and sodomy (here referred to as ‘man lying with man’).



Walt Whitman publishes Specimen Days, in which he writes about his encounter with B., the twenty-something ‘typical Yankee’ whom he fancies.

New Haven Colony expands sodomy to include sexual acts between women.



Dr. Samuel L. Liebman of Norwich State (mental) Hospital administers eight treatments of electro-shock therapy to a 23-year-old man of Native and Cuban decent.

“The Drag” by Mae West debuts in Connecticut. Known for her controversial acting career, the Brooklyn-born icon is said to have described the gay-themed play as one of her ‘comedy-dramas of life’.

THOM NICKELS, GUEST CONTRIBUTOR onnecticut learned the importance of autonomy early. As one of the thirteen colonies that pushed back against the British, it was outspoken enough to influence federal government formation, yet independent enough to carry an arcane conservatism that to this day, sets it apart from the rest of New England. In fact, just as I write this, headlines suggest Connecticut may be next in the union to abolish the death penalty. The state senate is set to vote on legislation that would replace it with life without parole. The vote reflects an unmistakable trend in American society away from capital punishment—the barbaric misuse of criminal “rehabilitation” that’s resulted from a collective denial of justice gone wrong. Connecticut, the trendsetter, has sided with human rights before—most recently in 2008 when the state supreme court extended the right to marry to gay and lesbian couples residing there. Inclusion is a far cry from 1800s New England, when sodomy was punishable by death. Now, scholars pour over vestiges of sexuality left in crevices of art and prose by visionaries who were perhaps unaware of the influence they might have a hundred years later. One such visionary was Walt Whitman, whose collection of poetry Leaves of Grass earned him fame for its “obscene” overt sexuality. It wouldn’t be until Specimen Days, published decades later, that we would see a more candid shot of the Long Island-born writer. In “A Connecticut Case” Whitman writes about B., the young soldier “not more than twenty-one” whom he calls a “good sample of the American eastern young man—the typical Yankee.” Whitman and others inspired the museum exhibition, headlined as the first to focus on sexual difference in the making of modern American portraiture. Continuing the legacy of Yale University’s famed LGBT history collection, Brooklyn Museum’s HIDE/SEEK explores the role of sexual difference in depicting modern America, considering social marginalization and evolving attitudes toward sexuality, desire and romantic attachment as the impetus for modern artistic themes.

In the 1970’s, the big question in gay academic circles was: is there a gay sensibility? Discussions around this issue then had all the heavy trappings of a theological debate, and the Yes/ No/ or Maybe panels never came to any conclusion. Years later, science began to ask a similar question, albeit in a slightly different form: Is there a gay gene? For a while it seemed that the answer was yes, but then came the counter-theorists, nixing certainty in that area. While proof in both instances may not be in living color, something, as they say, is going on. The LGBT ‘gene’ or sensibility works to create a sort of second sight. To be outside the heterosexual mainframe can generate a powerful inward focus, a willingness to expand mentally in areas considered heretical by the status quo. After all, one has already stepped out of the box and walked on the surface of the moon, so it might become easier, almost a natural thing, to create visionary thought or bold advances in literature, science, the arts, fashion, and so on. This sort of sight has always been in the world, and has come from LGBT artists, poets, philosophers, scientists and thinkers-- whether out, celibate, self hating, repressed, flamboyant, monogamous, or promiscuous—in a million different guises. Its manifestations are evident on the fashion runway, in the gender bender revolutionary music of David Bowie in the 1970’s, in the discoveries of Alan Turing, in the boundary breaking poetry of Allen Ginsberg or Adrienne Rich, the extraordinary work of Florence Nightingale, the architecture of Philip Johnson, the music of Lou Harrison, or in the theological writings of celibate (but sighted) monks. Despite the fact that not all is happy- clappy in Sighted Ville (consider the contributions of Aleister Crowley, for instance), the universe has always seemed to have a place for this invaluable, but fixed mantle.

The LGBT American experience is a mosaic of narratives lived by the fearless, retold by a grateful generation.

Thom Nickels is an author, journalist and historian whose major works include Out in History (2005), SPORE (2011), Two Novellas: Walking on Water & After All This (Starbooks, e-book), Philadelphia Architecture, and Gay and Lesbian Philadelphia.

Edward Truth is a New York City-based journalist and critical theorist. Follow him on Twitter @EdwardTruth

View the Hide/Seek exhibit online at


Laws against consensual sodomy are repealed. It’s not until the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v Texas that all remaining sodomy laws are deemed unconstitutional.



Yale University’s LGBT history exhibit opens. The collection is believed to be the most comprehensive, if not perhaps the only, of its kind in the country.

The State Senate passes a law protecting gay rights.



The State Supreme Court awards gay and lesbian residents full access to marriage, making Connecticut the third state to grant marriage equality. In 2009, the state’s constitution amended to include gender-neutral language. In 2010, all existing civil unions are converted to marriages.

Civil union law passes, only to be repealed the following year.



Hide/Seek exhibition opens at Brooklyn Museum, NYC. Continuing what began at Yale University, it’s the first major museum exhibition to focus on sexual difference in the making of modern American portraiture.

Governor Dan Malloy signs transgender protections into law.

r… e h t u o g ab n i h t e so m t s u j s There’

At only 23 years old, Sandra Alvarenga has lived a life that most of us only dream about. This heavy metal, hard-rockin’, openly gay percussion genius, plays the drums for the West coast rock band Modern Day Escape (MDE).


With a dedicated fan base of over 152,000 on facebook alone, MDE proudly busts out their latest album Under The Gun, featuring James Vegas on lead vocals, Marti Rubels & Mark Burn on guitar, Shep on bass and of course, Sandra on drums.

While touring the North American countryside, Sandra took a few moments to talk with Connextions about life on the rock-star road to stardom. Sandra and I connected immediately and if it weren’t for the fact that she was literally in-between gigs when we spoke, I’m sure the conversation would have lasted for hours. She has a ‘cool’ relatable demeanor about her, with a down-to-earth and humble personality, which is likely why she has an ever growing fan base (over 47,000 personal twitter fans) within the gay community.

11 photo courtesy Marc Cartwright Photography :


photos courtesy Marc Cartwright Photography :

“I am living my dream, you can too! S t a y h u m b l e , s t a y true to yourself and a l w a y s k e e p i t r e a l ! ”

How do the other band members of MDE feel about you being openly gay? Sandra: The band is super supportive. Our lead vocalist actually has an openly gay vocal coach. I wear the equality stripes on my cheeks when we perform and the band is totally down with that. The chemistry of the band works really well together, we are all close friends and look out for each other. Is your family accepting of you being openly gay? Sandra: At first, my Mom didn’t really comprehend the whole ‘gay thing.’ But a few years ago, Mom and I had a heart-to-heart talk and she has been super supportive ever since. Although the family knows I’m gay, I still haven’t brought a girl home yet. Have you always played the drums? Sandra: Growing up, I was raised in a Christian family, and I used to play drums at our church. I tried the guitar but the talent behind the drums seemed to come naturally. Do you ‘party like a rockstar?’ Sandra: While on the road, we typically get a couple hotel rooms. One room is for sleeping, the other is the party room. We do some drinking and we eat a lot! When we are on break, I actually like watching movies like Star Wars, and I listen to a lot of country music like Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. How did you become a band member of MDE? Sandra: I used to drum for Black Veil Brides and MDE had been on tour with them in the past. We were all mutual acquaintances. Are there any hard feelings when leaving one band for another? Sandra: No, we all have a respect for one another.

And the question our lady readers have all been waiting for… Are you spoken for or single? Sandra: Single. I always hear “I understand your life style, I can handle it.” Turns out they can’t. I’ve come to terms with that. You have become quite a role model for the younger generation, do you have any advice for them?

Who are your followers?

Sandra: I am living my dream, you can too! Stay humble, stay true to yourself and always keep it real! As my Mom says.

Sandra: My fans are typically a younger crowd. Mostly high school and college kids, aged 14-21. Lately, there have been a lot of gay girls coming to the shows. I imagine they appreciate the fact that I am openly gay and I have had fans tell me that I helped them ‘come out,’ which is an amazing feeling.

Sandra does a great job of keeping up with her social media and connecting with her fans so don’t be afraid to look her up! Catch the band on tour this summer, all the way from California to New 13 York and down to Texas!


Here’s some links to get you the latest: @Sandra_Alva

15 photos courtesy Marc Cartwright Photography :

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by Maria Lesetz, Happiness Coach & Motivational Speaker

Do you realize how many thoughts and beliefs you have about your life that keep you from being happy NOW and living out your dreams? These are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis of why you can’t have something or why that goal you have, can only come to you in a specific way. Doesn’t that feel limiting? Don’t you wish you could change the stories you tell yourself that make you feel like there are limited options? Well, you can. Matter of fact, you are the only one who can change your life for the better and the only one who can keep you stuck. What are you choosing today? Are you ready to set yourself free from all those limitations? It is my intention that after reading this article you will be in a more “open,” “allowing” space where you let in your desires and dreams with ease, because you have less rules of HOW it can happen. Here’s a little secret … challenge EVERYTHING you believe that makes you feel “less than” or “hopeless,” because that is NOT your truth. Matter of fact, those stories that you are telling yourself,


didn’t even originate from you! They are lies. Think about that for a second. If you believe that you are “not good enough” or “can’t be successful” … did that belief stem from someone else in your life? Yeah, it’s not even your story! WOW! Let’s ditch the disempowering story and embrace something new! I came up with these “Who’s to say” scenarios based on my own personal experiences once I started letting go of thoughts and beliefs that felt very limiting and realized that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE once we embrace the “knowing” that there are an infinite number of ways the Universe can bring to us financial success or the most amazing partner or great health and well-being! The list goes on. There is not just one way to experience these things … there are a gazillion ways! Are you open to receiving it all? Let this “Who’s to say” list expand your horizons on what is possible when you let go of everything you believe, that doesn’t feel good. Pay attention to what you say to yourself when you read each one, and what beliefs come to the surface of your mind:

Who’s to say that you can’t be watering your garden and as a result of that pure joy you get a few new clients and your business continues to grow along with your flowers? (This actually happened to me … I was “stuck” and I decided to take more breaks from working on growing my business and do something that brought me joy … and BAM! … As a result of following my “feel good”, the Universe brought to me more fabulous clients!) Who’s to say  that “goofing off ” is not productive?   What if “goofing off ” on occasion and loving every minute of it (with no guilt) was the most productive thing you could do? And as a result of “goofing off ”, you got that phone call you have been waiting for. Who’s to say  that daydreaming is futile/useless and is only for the lazy people who want to live in their delusional world?  What if living in that “delusional world” (the one that makes you feel good) is exactly what will bring you what you desire in life? When you “act as if ” what you desire is already here, before it even comes, that’s when it will come! Who’s to say  that you have to join a dating site to meet your perfect mate? Maybe you just have to follow what will bring you joy for that day,  go to a coffee shop and enjoy your coffee with your favorite scone and BAM .. he or she just shows up?

Who’s to say that you have to eat all the right foods to be healthy?  What if you just had to think the right thoughts?  What if having abundant energy and vibrant health wasn’t so hard and it was easier than you thought? Imagine that.

Who’s to say that when you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition that it has to change your life for the worst?  You can treat it like “just another bump in the road” like I did, and turn it into

one of your greatest success stories and live a more rich and fulfilling life than you did before! •

Who’s to say that your doctor or any other medical professional knows “everything” there is to know about how your future health will unfold? What if the ONLY thing that determined your overall health from this moment forward was your attitude and mindset, no matter what you are currently experiencing.

Who’s to say that growing your business is about doing all the right marketing?  What if growing your business was conditional on one thing and one thing only … that you were feeling JOY with every action step you took? That you only take “inspired” action steps, instead of forcing yourself to do things because you “have to” or “should.”

You are the only one who can change your life for the better, and the only one who can keep you stuck.

Who’s to say that YOU have to figure it all out?  What if YOU just made feeling good your #1 priority and as a result of that, the Universe delivered to you the HOW of unfolding your dream!  AND you were grounded in the present moment so that you could receive the HOW insights!

Who’s to say that money can’t just show up out of nowhere?  It happens all the time.  It can!  I am sending you a “You’ve Got Money” vibe right now!  You just have to be open to receiving money by loving your life, loving YOU and treating money with abundant love, knowing that it will always be there to take care of you.

Who’s to say that you have to work hard to get all the luxuries of life? I know people that “play hard” and get all the same things.  And they are happier than the ones that work hard!  Isn’t happiness the ultimate goal any way? Isn't being happy the "luxury" we are all looking for? Funny thing … we don’t have to look very far, because happiness is found within.

Who’s to say that all those judgments others have of you has to impact your joy? What if all that mattered was that you got rid of your OWN judgments of yourself and your life?

Who’s to say what the definition of “family” is? What if that’s all it was – which is a biggie – is where abundant love exists.

Who’s to say that you can’t have it all?  Maybe you can “have it all” and then some!

Who’s to say that when your day didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to that it was a wasted day?  Maybe those series of events that seemed like pointless detours are the exact pathway to creating the life you desire. If only you could RELAX about how your day went and embrace the attitude of “it is what it is”, “all is well” and ask out loud “how does it get any better than this?” And just TRUST that you will be shown how it does!

Follow your “feel good”. Challenge everything you have bought into and realize that it is not the “law of the land”. If it doesn’t feel good, then you need to craft a new story and that my friend, is the key to actualizing your greatest desires and dreams. Sending you abundant HUGS and Lovin' Life vibes that are felt to the core of your being!

For more inspiration from Maria, visit her website at


photo courtesy: Mohegan Sun

Who’s Got


A comparative look at two of the nation’s most unique and luxurious gaming resorts

Foxwoods Resort Casino, owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, is recognized the world-over as the ultimate entertainment destination.

From the vast array of gaming options in six casinos; AAA Four-Diamond hotels; five-star restaurants; world-renowned spas; award-winning golf; theaters; and exclusive retailers.

Guests are treated to Five Star Service and promised a visit that will be anything but ordinary.

Entertainment highlights this summer, include: Melissa Etheridge on June 10th and Sarah McLachlan on July 7th at the MGM Grand Theater.

In 2010, Foxwoods Resort Casino & the MGM Grand at Foxwoods instituted a new policy to formally recognize gay and lesbian employees and created a partnership with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Connecticut (CABO). 22

Quick Look • 340,000 s.f. of Gaming space • Over 6400 slot machines • 353 table games • 25 Retail shops • 2,200 rooms within 4 separate hotels • 21,000 s.f. award-winning Spa (G-Spa) • Over 30 restaurants •

150,000 s.f. of meeting space/banquet space

• 900 acre public & private golf course • 4,000 seat MGM Grand Theater • 21,000 s.f. nightclub • Luxury Bowling Alley • World’s largest Native American Museum • Daily slot payout on March 30, 2012 at 6:45 pm $6,126,739.00


Mohegan Sun, owned by the Mohegan Tribe, is the premier gaming, entertainment, meeting, dining and shopping destination on the East Coast. Since it was unveiled in 1996, Mohegan Sun has continued to evolve and today features over 300,000 s.f. of gaming space; a luxury hotel tower; world-class spa; restaurants & lounges; entertainment venues, including an arena; meeting space and banquet facilities; an indoor pool, an outdoor sun terrace and its own Mobil Gas Station with 20 full-service & self-service islands. If you are a Mohegan Sun Player’s Club member, and 21 years of age or older, check out Shine 360. Step inside and strike a pose as cameras capture a video of your shining moment. You can share your video with friends, or watch it again to relive your time in the spotlight. Fun Fact: Toggle between the English and Chinese language on Mohegan Sun’s website!

Mohegan Sun is a member of the IGLTA and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Connecticut (CABO). They offer exclusive GLBT night celebrations, jam-packed with celebrity appearances, hotel packages and Fleur Dance Parties at Ultra 88 Night Club. Connect with other gay gamers at 24

Quick Look

• 300,000 s.f. of Gaming space • Nearly 6400 slot machines • Over 350 table games • 35 Retail Shops • 1200-room luxury hotel tower • 20,000 s.f. world-class Spa (Elemis Spa) • Over 45 restaurants & lounges • 10,000 seat Arena • 100,000 s.f. of meeting and/or ballroom/ banquet space • Indoor pool • Outdoor sun terrace • Mobil Gas Station • Daily slot payout on March 30, 2012 at 6:45 pm $7,132,587.00


Finding Love

Keeper of the little gay book... Dr. Frankie

Dr. Frankie Bashan is a leading lesbian matchmaker, LGBT relationship expert, clinical psychologist, and founder of the successful business, “Little Gay Book.” Dr. Frankie is the CEO and founder of Little Gay Book; a local, personalized, boutique matchmaking service. Her area of expertise is finding love for the single lesbians and bisexual women of our community. She is an insider in the lesbian community and understands the challenges in meeting high quality, professional, emotionally available women who are interested in a committed relationship. After speaking with Dr. Frankie, it is apparent that she offers much more than just a ‘dating service.’ The education and counseling she provides can be invaluable for a lifetime, not to mention the service is so personal, that she only takes on a handful of clients at a time in order to maintain the emotional connection necessary to assist each individual. What prompted your decision to get into the business of matchmaking? Naturally, I have been drawn to matchmaking since a young age. I matched my father and my step-mom (she was my eye doctor), when I was 14 years old and they have been happily married now for over 20 years. Why do you specialize in lesbian and bisexual women? I am a lesbian. Initially when I launched, I realized there was an unbelievable demand for a personal and confidential matchmaking service. Adding individuals who identify as bisexual came a few months after I opened the business, when I came to understand that there are many bisexual women seeking lesbians.


Your services are concentrated in the Northern California area, but it looks like you are expanding? We specialize in clientele from Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area and New York City. I have a colleague in the New York area who assists in the initial consultation process. There are plans in 2012 to expand and possibly include Portland and Seattle. What is your greatest success story? My most significant success was finding a very introverted client, a partner who shared the same quiet qualities. I am always up for a challenge and I am pleased to say that this couple has been together for over a year now. To know I had a hand in that is a beautiful experience. Where did the company name “Little Gay Book” come from? I hold the little black book of the gay community. I have searched far and wide to find the women who have profiles on my website. Have you ever personally used a matchmaking service? No, only because I met my partner at a soccer game when I was 25 years old. If I hadn’t, I would certainly use a personal matchmaking service to increase the probability of finding someone. What is the best advice you would give to all the single women who are looking for love? • I would encourage them to look at their list of must-have’s and deal breakers. Narrow that list down to just 3. No one person will embody all that you are looking for so try not to be unreasonable. • Take risks, put yourself out there and be open! • Go ahead, click to and fill out a profile, it is completely FREE! Increase your chances of finding someone, what have you got to lose?

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Thereʼs never been a better time to buy or sell a home. Interest rates are low and thereʼs plenty of homes available at great prices. I have the experience to guide you through the real estate process with ease, and as a an associate with New York Stateʼs #1 real estate company RealtyUSA, I have the best buying & selling systems, technology, and marketing available to you. If youʼve ever considered moving to the home of your dreams, Iʼd like to assist you. Contact me today!

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ess than 48 hours after launching a Kickstarter project to publish his gay science-fiction webcomic in book form, Artifice writer Alex Woolfson has reached his goal of $7,000. Woolfson states: “I'm very happy and very grateful just to be able to print our webcomic as a book you can kick back and read on the couch. Printing is very expensive and it's something I was afraid would never happen. And just two days after launching the Kickstarter campaign, our readers have made it into a reality. Amazing." San Francisco based writer, Alex Woolfson creates action-adventure comics, with gay characters for both women and men to enjoy, under the playful banner Yaoi 911, with Artifice being his first webcomic. The full-color art is by Philadelphia-based artist Winona Nelson. Artifice is about Deacon, an android solider, fighting for love and survival against the powerful Corporation that made him. Artifice starts just after Deacon has failed a mission spectacularly. Not only did he disobey orders, letting a 19-year-old business


liability named Jeff, survive, he also attacked and killed those who were sent to retrieve him. Soon, both their lives are on the line as his corporate masters push for answers and look to tie up loose ends. "I wrote Artifice because I loved action and sci-fi stories as a kid," Woolfson said. "But I never got to see what I really wanted to see and that's kick-ass genre stories with heroes who just happened to like other guys. Artifice was my attempt to write the kind of story I always wanted to see." Full Artifice webcomic synopsis: “It was supposed to be a routine "clean-up" mission on the isolated colony Da Vinci Four, but Deacon, a prototype android soldier, has failed spectacularly. Not only did he disobey orders, letting a 19-year-old business liability named Jeff survive, he also attacked and killed those who were sent to help him. Now, the brilliant and uncompromising robopsychologist Clarice Maven has been summoned by the Corporation to determine why.

With Deacon at her absolute mercy, Maven will find out exactly what happened between the android and this boy—and she will use her terrible power to make sure Deacon never fails the Corporation ever again." Check out the Artifice webcomic online, and stay tuned for the printed release at



R [

achael Sage, the internationally known recording artist, releases her 10th album in May of 2012. She is a born performer, a poet, a producer, an artist and an entrepreneur.


“Genuine talent…Sage has a knack for writing melodies that will break your heart…where there’s poignancy there is also subtlety, unforced passion and knowing observation.” -

Rachael’s latest album, titled Haunted By You features melodies that seductively portray the passion of falling in and out of love. Not only is it evident that she has poured her emotions into this


latest album, the tracks feature her sweet endearing voice that radiates through your soul. The acoustic guitar-based track “Everything” celebrates the shameless joy of a new attraction, “when all you can see is shimmering possibility.” Currently on tour to promote her latest album, Rachael has become one of the busiest touring artists in independent music, performing 150+ dates a year throughout the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Along with her busy performance schedule, she is an accomplished business woman who finds the time to manage her successful label MPress Records. Not to mention, coordinating the MPress Records charity fundraisers, which support the National Network for Youth (NN4Y). She has gathered artists from all over the nation to create the latest New Arrivals: Vol. 4 CD, loaded with over 20 songs. Sales from the CD benefit the NN4Y organization. Rachael tells us: “Over 1.6 million youths, aged 12-17, sleep on the street

Rachael Sage

annually. I had no idea that over half of all homeless youth have been kicked out of their homes, or that almost an equal amount have been sexually abused. Homeless youth are less visible, but the problem is staggering.” To purchase your copy of the CD or attend the next benefit concert, click to

- Rachael Sage

Being really true to yourself and honest in your life is not a responsibility, but an opportunity.

As an advocate for equality and an OUT bisexual performer, Rachael tells us: “the LGBT community has been very accepting throughout my career.” Rachael shares that she has been in love with men and women an equal amount in her life. She continues: “I am open about who I am and how I live. It’s an exciting time to be queer and I believe our society is hungry for it.” With her energetic heart of gold, Rachael has become a wonderful role model, not only in the gay community, but in every community that has a longing to make a difference and spread positive energy and harmonious music.


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 

 

WARNING: This book is NOT for MINORS, as it contains strong language and sexual references. (note: MINERs, however might find it amusing!)

A Tail and Two Clitties

Lady Gent Code Magazine

Fangs and Stilettos

Author & illustrator, Louise, in a long distance relationship with Georgia, started to make up these stories to cheer her up before departing for the airport; so, The Brothbone and McSmelly Files were born from love and hope.

Lady Gent code is a magazine for the ‘lesbian and bisexual gentlewoman’, cofounded by Rosio DeLeon and Angie Salazar. Set in a tone of clear, simple and attractive design, this publication is designed to incorporate the values of chivalry and positive self-acceptance for the betterment of the female community.

Written by Anthony DiFiore, this young adult fiction novel is the first book of a new series that follows the adventures of a group of fashion-obsessed supernaturals as they navigate an industry held together by vampires, ghouls, and other strange creatures. Enjoy laughter and drama in this “Twilight meets The Devil Wears Prada” adventure that blends fashion and magic. Exerpt: “The three of them stood there with their arms folded, their bodies enwrapped in plus-sized furs. They looked like an evil triad of mob wives who had been kicked out of North Jersey and unleashed on the streets of Manhattan.” Available in paperback and e-book formats on May 15, 2012 from inGroup Press.

This is a hilariously funny, adult only, tale of two dogs, Liza (tri-sexual) and Darcy (Dykey Darcy), who are UNDER-THE-COVERS agents for the CIA (Canines Investigating Arseholes).

Check out the online magazine at:

Order your copy at: brothboneandmcsmelly/index.html Notice: It's OK to purchase a printed product. "Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of Americans. Working forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago." - Chuck Leavell


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www. N Y s a y s I D o . com

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and tell NY

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y t re ats

America’s First Burger r N an e w E n gl


Burgers: According to legend, the first hamburger in US history was served at Louis’ Lunch sandwich shop in New Haven, Connecticut, circa 1895. Louis Lassen, founder of Louis’ Lunch, served steak sandwiches to local factory workers out of a small wagon. Excess beef from his steak sandwiches was ground up, grilled, and then served between two slices of bread… thus began America’s hamburger craze. Today, The Economist estimates that America consumes approximately 40 billion burgers each year. In 1948, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first fast-burger joint and the Big Mac

remains the most popular sandwich in the world. Although, with the wave of creative cooking sweeping our nation, the common ‘cheeseburger’ has gone gourmet! Connecticut and the New England area, often call for a dash or two of Nutmeg in their hamburger recipes, adding a bit of Caribbean flare for a fantastic Jamaican Jerk Burger! The “jerk mixture” typically consists of: vinegar, water, chili, green onion, garlic, thyme, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, molasses, and salt & pepper, but be sure to wear gloves and thoroughly wash hands with soap after handling this zesty mixture. Louis’ Lunch is still selling the infamous burgers today and they are served with either: cheese, tomato or onion... keeping it simple, just as they have been for decades!

Wine: There are 24 wineries located on the Connecticut Wine Trail. The trail is split between two routes, one on the eastern side and one on the western. Both trails include picturesque small New England towns, but I would highly suggest visiting during fall, when the leaves have given off their radiant colors...Though you may prefer to visit for their annual wine festival, which is held during the month of July, in Goshen.

known pizzerias in the US. Originating in New Haven, Pepe’s currently has a family-owned chain of seven restaurants, six of which are in Connecticut and one on Central Park Ave in NYC.

Since it’s legal in the state of Connecticut to marry your same-sex partner, ever considered a winery wedding? According to, Connecticut leads the way in the number of possible winery-wedding venues throughout the New England area.

Pizza: Though extremely well-known for the family-owned Mystic Pizza restaurants, mainly due to Julia Roberts and her breakout role in the 1988 film “Mystic Pizza,” there is another famous tourist-attracting pizza joint in Connecticut, which specializes in white pizza-pie, topped with freshly shucked littleneck clams. Pepe’s (Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana) opened in 1925 and is raved as one of the oldest and best


Olde Mistick Village Meander down brick pathways in the tranquil setting of duck ponds and waterfalls, while browsing over 40 quaint stores and restaurants in Olde Mistick Village.


uring a trip to Connecticut, specifically to check out the gaming scene, we stumbled across a small dogwood lined village. For those who are unfamiliar with Connecticut, Olde Mistick Village is located less than 2 miles from Historic Downtown Mystic, and about a 15 minute drive from Foxwoods Casino. I don’t know about you, but when I shop for gifts, I prefer the unique, hard-to-find, meaningful, “I put thought into this” type of offering, rather than another Yankee Candle or Applebee’s Gift Certificate. Not that one can have too many candles or dinner certificates, but personally, I try (when time permits), to give from the heart. With the plethora of stores, that contain an abundance of artisan hand crafted items, I shopped until I was ready to drop! Sofia’s Mystical Christmas has every possible ornament you can think of, from guitars, drums, and Elvis; to dogs, cats and holiday ornaments. I polished off at least 4 people from my Christmas list in this store alone. Southern Exposure is the perfect destination for handmade Navajo Inlay jewelry and authentic Cowboy Boots. Vegetable Ivory and Organics has unique Jewelry & figurines made out of nuts, as well as natural soaps, bath salts, detergent, honey, hand painted wine glasses and hand poured soy candles. The Gray Goose Cookery has over 4,000 square feet of gourmet kitchen products, featuring All Clad, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, Le Creuset, Viking, Krups, Henckels and Wusthof. Irish Eyes has been a cornerstone in Olde Mistick Village since 1979, with Claddagh & Celtic Jewelry and wedding bands, Guinness Licensed merchandise, Belleek fine china, hand knit Irish sweaters and Hanna hats & caps.

Olde Mistick Village photo courtesy: David Iannuzzi

Olde Mistick Village photo courtesy: David Iannuzzi

Olde Mistick Village


Mystic, CT photo courtesy: Glenn Koetzner, Crazy Dog Photography

Olde Mistick Village

While sitting in the gazebo, we enjoyed an outdoor picnic with tantalizing gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. The award-winning Blue Squid Bakery, Cheese Shop and Grilled Cheese Café has 30 varieties of cheeses, a bakery with over 40 flavor combinations for cupcakes, and hundreds of freshly made grilled cheese sandwich choices. The most popular is a Lobster Grilled Cheese with chunks of fresh lobster meat and their "original" cheese blend on extra thick white bread. Although, my favorite is the roasted artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, basil pesto & fresh mozzarella cheese on sour dough bread.

the chowder cook off. Each store provided a good sized sampling of the chowder for less than $1.00 each, with all proceeds to benefit the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center Emergency Food Pantry for families in need. The Cabin Fever Festival also offered an intriguing demonstration by the Police K-9 unit, a Live Birds of Prey presentation, and several entertainers.

As if shopping wasn’t enough, during our visit, we were thrilled to join the Cabin Fever Festival and partake in

For more Connecticut travels, adventures and restaurant reviews… click to

Needless to say, the activities and shopping were so inviting at Olde Mistick Village, that we ended up staying (at a hotel within walking distance) for three days!


Gabrielle Lindau Famed Director Gabrielle Lindau takes on the adventurous task of filming “Dinosaur Hunters”


ith a Master of Arts in Communications from the European Graduate School, and a Bachelor of Science from New School University, New York City native, Gabrielle Lindau has undeniable talent and a zest for life that shines through the lens of her camera. Gabrielle states: “What strikes the cord of beauty, may be, photographing the light hitting your tumbler on a cafe table in Italy's Piazza Duomo; or perhaps it's filming a dinosaur excavation in the Montana Badlands; maybe it’s simply going for a dip in the Long Island Sound. If it wasn't for the amazing world we live in and the freedom to explore it, there would be no risks left to take, and without the risks we wouldn't have stories from behind the lens.” Gabrielle’s directorial resume includes award-winning features, such as: “These Showers Can Talk” and “My Real Porn Life.” As well as, musical direction of the video “I want the Right,” performed by Lori Michaels. Lindau also spent time as a multi-media Producer/Director for the Estee Lauder Company. Recent awards include: • • • •

TV AUDIENCE AWARD in 2011 from the New York International Independent Film Festival for Dinosaur Hunters INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER TO WATCH AWARD in 2011 from the New York International Independent Film Festival and GOLDEN KITTY AWARD for BEST DIRECTOR in 2010 from My Lesbian Radio for These Showers Can Talk BEST REALITY AWARD in 2011 from the New York International Independent Film Festival for My Real Porn Life HERO OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2010 from A Thousand Moms

As an OUT member of the LGBT community, we asked Gabrielle what she thought of some of the media labels, such as “badass dyke.” Gabrielle tells us, “It's funny that the press has labeled me with so many queer references. It's an interesting topic and good question to answer because I've had great relationships with both men and women; but it has been years since I've dated a man… I prefer women.”


“The road to adventure will lead us all down rewarding, inspiring, and enlightening paths.” - Gabrielle Lindau We were also curious if being an OUT member of the gay community has hindered her career in any way. Lindau responds: “You bring up a great point about whether being gay/bi/lesbian has hindered my career. I love traveling and working aboard but I do think because homosexuality is still illegal in many countries, UAE Dubui for example, it effects the employers choice to hire me or distribute my work. I have such a strong presence on the web for my work in the GLBT community that some of the international media outlets in these countries may be hesitant to contract my work. I've actually attended summits at the United Nations on the topic and plan to have a documentary called "Who You Are" finished by the summer. "Who You Are" explores the opposition many GLBT community members are facing today. Vertna Bradley (another filmmaker I met while studying in Switzerland) and I are working on it together. We've collected footage from all over the world that exploits the hate crimes by police, right wing extremists, and religious fundamentalists against the GLBT community during Pride celebrations.” Currently, Gabrielle is taking a journey across America, with camera in hand for her latest adventure; filming Jonathan Shaffer and crew, in their quest to find dinosaur remains. Watch as the Dinosaur Hunters encounter: prehistoric fossils, dangerous animals, local authorities, extreme weather, and each other. From the Montana Badlands to the Florida Glades, these hunters will dig for the most fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth. Dinosaur Hunters was honored to receive the TV Audience Award by The New York International Independent Film Festival . A recent blog post by Gabrielle, while on location with the Dinosaur Hunters: “As I climbed throughout the Montana Badlands the expression G.O.D “Great Out Doors” took on a whole new meaning. In the scorching August heat, I went on a

field expedition into dinosaur territory with a small crew of fossil hunters and a camera in my hand. A local guide from Baisch’s Dinosaur Digs in Glendive, Montana, lead the way as we set out on a journey to find the infamous T-Rex (or at least what was left of it). By day three into the trip, I started to feel like we literally had traveled back in time, mostly because there were no toilets. Several crew members suffered physical injuries such as dislocated ribs and bruised knees, all due to the brutal landscape we were navigating on. Giant spiders were trying to murder my lead talent and I kept picking up a bizarre buzzing noise through the camera’s microphone, which I was convinced, had to be rattlesnakes (it turned out to be flying locusts). Towards the end of the trip, both the beauty and mystery of a world from 95 million years ago was revealing itself. The team discovered the remains of a triceratops and dinosaur bones seemed to be popping up everywhere; dino teeth were even more abundent! I kept thinking darn it, if only my dentist “Dr.Toscano” had a demand for dino implants as opposed to the standard veneers.” Check out the new reality TV series "Dinosaur Hunters" preview video at

With camera in hand, from the streets of NY to extreme terrain in the Montana Badlands, Gabrielle Lindau is living proof that taking risks can be the best part of a life filled with adventure.


M e i nd Un h T e tet id u G he o re T


Scientist, pioneer, wartime hero, visionary, creative genius -

Alan Turing, Father of Computer Science, 1912—1954 by Christopher de la Torre


his year marks the centennial of Alan Turing, the father of computer science—the original Wizard. The man whose love for logic was so great, it sought not only to understand it, but also to create it. Turing's profound curiosity for machines led to the 1950 article, "Computing machinery and intelligence", in which a confident mathematician proposed artificial intelligence and introduced what we now call the Turing Test. Can a machine reason with a person? Or are a machine's neural pathways just a bunch of data with no heart, no soul, to make them real? The strident, fearless tone of his research undoubtedly made him a few enemies, just as most academics gripped firmly to the notion that inanimate, lifeless objects could not be engineered to interact with humans, much less think autonomously or act cooperatively. But Turing was onto something. Scientist, pioneer, wartime hero, visionary, creative genius—Turing was many things. It's easy to focus on his contributions during the Second World War because without him, the free world may have slipped into a totalitarian future of death and discrimination far more ghastly than what we know today. Turing's logic was strong enough to break the infamous Enigma machine—the U-boat code that gave the Nazis claim to the Atlantic. Because of Turing, the Allies gained an upper hand and the rest is, as they say, history. But while Turing had clearly earned the gratitude of a nation, he knew that his very existence was against the law. In 1952, Turing was prosecuted as a criminal, following his admission to having sex with a man. History may wish to remember Turing against a backdrop of standing ovation, but the logician-turned-inventor who delivered Great Britain from the Nazis was instead, near the end, forced to choose between prison and chemical castration, of which he took the latter. He chose death not long after his prosecution. The instrument—a cyanide-laced apple— betokens his own dubious identity, teetering

somewhere between knowledge, discovery and self-betrayal. Yet, while less fortunate heroes live and save and die only to be forgotten, Alan Turing's legacy thrives as we leapfrog further into the information age. It's likely that Turing's motivation in life was less interested in reconciling with an undeserving public than it was consumed with finding truth in freedom, justice and autonomy. Bravery in those dark days, against an unthinkable hate machine required no less than a solid conviction that all phenomena share the same material reality. But was Turing aware of the fact that his view of 'materiality' would lead to the greatest human self-discovery of all time: that we are, in fact, complex machines with souls? Perhaps the image was forged deep within him, at the core—an image of an image only he could see—materialized in dreams, amidst madness, or perhaps only at the very end as his essence bled into the ether. When former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown bestowed a posthumous apology to the wartime hero in 2009, it was in response to a petition started by John Graham-Cumming and signed by thousands of scientists and human rights activists invested in the man, the symbol that is Alan Turing. Still others remained critical following the address, calling it a useless political gesture by the incumbent whose disingenuous remorse only added to an already morally bankrupt repertoire. But do any of us really know who we are? Can we determine the morality of a person on prejudice alone? These are questions suited well for the centennial of a man who, with his fearless sense of identity and commitment to science and truth, gave our understanding of self so much. In the end, we remember Alan Turing for his otherworldly contribution to truth and progress—an intellect resilient enough to guide a mind untethered. A most amazing man indeed.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus

Christopher de la Torre is a science writer for publications like Singularity Hub, Salon and Vogue. Follow him on Twitter @urban_molecule.

Whose House is it Anyways? by Juno Rae

Losing a part of your family is never something that ever gets easier over time. No matter how many years pass by, there is always a void that seems to resurface at the most unexpected moments. Some pet owners go out and fill the pain by bringing a new member into the family, while others just drive on in life, not willing to face the hurt and pain again later down the road. No matter which option you choose, a piece of your heart always remains empty for the one that is no longer by your side. But the passion our pets have taught us shines through every now and then when we have the opportunity to make new friends along the way, even if just for a brief encounter!


If given the opportunity, I highly recommend pet sitting every once in a while! The comfort felt of having that furry company amidst your presence is like a warm cozy blanket you can get lost in. How the pleasant friendship

was rekindled by the simple excitement of being greeted at the door! The wake-up calls, the walks, the constant companionship and reminder that you are the sole caretaker of this unconditional love sitting before you. And as time presses on, the joys of pet ownership continue to emerge. The wonderful duties of poop clean-up, pet hair all over and the many adjustments made to your home to accommodate your guest. But oh the pleasures and joys of everything balance themselves out, leaving your heart softened and spirit lifted in warm rememberance of your prior family member. So when you feel a little lost and need a little something to ground you in those sporadic heart-breaking moments, call on a friend and pet sit for awhile! It is therapeutic for the heart, mind and soul!


Connextions Magazine gets personal with Eduard Leonard, star of E!’s newest series “Mrs. Eastwood & Company.”

The new series chronicles the lives of Dina Eastwood, the wife of Oscar-winning film legend Clint Eastwood, and their daughters Francesca (18) and Morgan (15), along with the all-male six member vocal group from South Africa managed by Dina, "Overtone." "Mrs.Eastwood & Company" is an unprecedented look at the surprisingly normal, extended and blended family behind one of Hollywood's most iconic superstars. This series invites viewers to witness their lives and proves that familial bonds are shaped by more than DNA. The intellectual member of Overtone, Eduard, is the oldest in the group and has been struggling to find his true identity since moving from South Africa and in with Dina.

"Nothing is more important to me than family – no matter how you define that," said Dina Eastwood. "People might be surprised by how we live our lives and our unconventional approach, and I also believe that it's hard not to fall in love with my band, 'Overtone.'"

"I'm really proud of my family," adds Clint Eastwood. "They are a constant source of inspiration and entertainment." "’Mrs.Eastwood & Company’ offers an exceptional look at a rarely seen side of pop culture and we're thrilled to bring this wonderful family to our viewers," said Lisa Berger, President, Entertainment Programming, E!" CM: How did you meet Dina and Clint? Eduard: Clint and Dina were in Cape Town, South Africa during the filming of Invictus in early 2009. Our group, Overtone, was performing a Queen tribute show called "Killer Queen," during the same time. One night Dina and some friends went on a "girls'


night out," when she happened to pick up a flyer from the sidewalk promoting "Killer Queen" and they decided to attend a show. After the show, Dina approached us and said she would like to book a private show for the cast and crew which included Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and of course Clint. Later that week we performed for them and that was where we first met Clint.

had my whole support structure pulled from under me. The best part is having a whole new world open for me, not only opportunity wise but also in my frame of reference. Here I can truly start a new, free life. CM: What new experiences have you had since moving to California? Eduard: West Hollywood and the San Francisco Pride was a culture shock to say the least. The way people live and let live is truly inspiring. The Vegetarian friendliness is also a great surprise. CM: What made you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

(L to R) Shane, Ernie, Valentino, Eduard, Riaan and Emile

CM: What has been the best and worst part about leaving South Africa and moving to California? Eduard: The worst part is most definitely leaving my family and friends behind. I am part of a tiny close family and a very close knit circle of friends. Coming here felt like I

Eduard: I’ve been performing in some way or another since I was very young. I have been singing for as long as I remember. The first time I sang alone was at a high school talent show and the response I got from the audience also was a determining factor of whether I had "it" or not. I developed a true passion for singing while in the choirs I've been part of. Singing at the Mozart Requiem in St. Petersburg with the University of Johannesburg Choir sealed the deal for me.

"Mrs. Eastwood & Company" premiers Sunday, May 20th at 10pm ET/PT on E!

of her life. I think every son who has a close relationship with his mom feels afraid to disappoint her in any way. Dina has been helping me with the process ever since I told her. She has helped me to realize that I can, as she would say: "exist in your normal state." I also have friends back in South Africa who have been behind me all the way. CM: How did your band mates and your new family react to you coming out? Eduard: There have been some hiccups in the band but you cannot expect everyone to shift their mindset overnight. However, now things are very comfortable. As for Dina, her brother Dominic, Clint's daughters Francesca and Morgan (all of whom are featured in "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" premiering Sunday, May 20th at 10pm ET/ PT on E!), I've experienced nothing but support from them. I had this misconception that Clint is very old school and might not understand, but then he directed "J Edgar" where he worked with Dustin Lance Black, and I saw a new side of him that made me respect him even more.

CM: How would you describe your place and function in Overtone? Eduard: I am one of the front men of the group. I sing tenor or soprano when I'm not singing lead. I am also a total clown and the philanthropist of the group. I also handle all the social networking (remember to follow @overtoneband on Twitter). CM: What is it about your personality that helped you and your band mates stick together and thrive? Eduard: We all have mutual respect for each other. Being the comic relief and having the ability cook I think helped as well. CM: How many languages do you speak? Eduard: I am fluent in Afrikaans and English. I can get my way around German and Dutch and I'm busy learning Hebrew and Spanish.

CM: How have your fans responded to you coming out? Eduard: I'm still in the process of coming out publicly. I have yet to find out what their response will be. Hoping for love. CM: Do you have any words of wisdom for others in similar situations? Eduard: Freedom is bigger than fear. Be true to yourself. Give people time to come around as you might be pleasantly surprised at how much deeper your relationship with them can become. Don't be hard on yourself. Those who choose not to understand, choose to remain uneducated. The problem isn't with you, it’s a reflection of their own insecurities and fears. Inevitably you want true friends and loved ones who love you no matter what. Love yourself first and love will find its way to you.

CM: What helped you decide to 'come out' and who was it hardest to tell? Eduard: Truthfully I'm still in the process of coming out. Not everyone in South Africa knows yet. It was hard to tell my mom, even though I knew she would never cut me out



Landscaping tips you need to know

For an ‘almost’ maintenance free, always blooming yard full of color •

Shrubs needs trimming but perennials can be, for the most part, maintenance free. Pick ‘perennials’ rather than ‘annuals’ if you prefer not to re-plant each year.

Pick newer varieties, which tend to be free of diseases and pests. For example, there is a new variety of designer lilacs that resist mildew.

If you are buying a perennial or shrub, make sure you know the growth habit. For example: You wouldn’t put a wide spreading juniper near an entry way, because it would need constant trimming. Tip: size the plant to the area you plan to nest it in.

Due to water shortages, pick a plant variety that has a drought tolerance. Day lilies can handle heavy rains, as well as minimal water during a drought.

Consider long blooming plants such as knock out roses (a shrub that requires full sun) and lavender (a perennial that also enjoys full sun).

Pick a late spring to early summer bloomer, such as salvia or bleeding hearts, and plant next to an early/ mid summer to early fall bloomer, such as tall phlox, sedum, cone flower or black eyed susans.

Know the height and width of the plant you select. For example: A spirea would be a good choice to go under a window, but make sure to pick the variety that grows only 2-3’ high. There is a new variety of the limelight hydrangea, which only grows 2-3’ high, versus the old variety that grows much taller.

Please note: Plant varieties differ depending on your climate. The examples referenced above, are 46 intended for landscaping in the northeastern region of the US.

47 photo courtesy: David Iannuzzi


Does Anyone Travel Without an App? by: Joe Stabb

where to wee At the touch of a button, find the nearest location when you’ve really got to ‘go!’ Go “WEE” that is… Where to Wee is an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that shows you where to find the closest restroom, anywhere in the world. I found their blog to be quite interesting as well...Rate restrooms based on cleanliness & amenities, and read interesting stories of unexpected finds in bathrooms throughout the world!

Packing No, this is not some crazy sex app for men. This is an organized way to pack the right clothes and accessories for the right trip. Obviously, your needs for a beach trip to Miami will differ from that of a business trip. Imagine your very own portable, personal packing assistant. Manage your travel packing needs and expectations without creating list after list. Click to their website for a list of numerous awards they have received for this app, and see for yourself just how much time you can really save with a packing “assistant.”

Happy Hour… Any Hour! It’s always 5’oclock somewhere! Happy Hours by GoTime is available free through iTunes and lists over 100 US cities with food & drink specials. Extremely handy while traveling, since it’s difficult to find an affordable menu in unknown territory, when you are NOT in the mood for another fast food burger! You can always be frugal and still have a stiff drink!


Ne w Yo r k ?

Planning a trip to


pacious and fully furnished luxury hotel apartments, at affordable rates starting at just $245 for a 3 bedroom! Guests also enjoy the fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, barbecue area, sun decks, movie screening room, club lounge and car service from all major airports in NYC. Two minutes from World Trade Center. We treat you like “family!�



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By Sierra Mable


don’t eat fish. I get my fish-oil in pill form each morning. But I do stress, and I get that each morning as well. When fishing, I practice the catch and release program. But someone else baits the hook and releases the catch. Nope, I don’t touch slimy things either. Are you wondering why I bother fishing at all? It’s simple… the power of a quiet place, with the sun shining on my face, while gazing across a glistening lake brings me a peace that I can’t seem to find otherwise. Even when the worries of my world seem to be at their peak, I am able to STOP, RELAX, LISTEN to the nothingness, and just BE. I can think with clarity, or not think at all. As my mother would say, “Have you been thinking too much? You seem stressed.”

keeper has taken a break and stepped out for a bit. This sign has become more of a statement, and this statement has become more of an attitude. An attitude that says, “I’ve had enough for today, I need a break, and I won’t be back.”

Hence, the familiar saying, “Gone Fishin.” As a child, I remember seeing it hang from the local store’s wooden screen door. Today, the stores hang a, typically boring, OPEN/CLOSED sign in their window. The term possibly meant that the store

To get the most out of your de-stressing fishing trip, here are some simple suggestions: •

Go where there is no cell service… or leave the cell at home.

Pick a remote pond, stream or bridge, rather than a crowded lake.

Choose a fishing companion wisely. Don’t bring someone who will complain all day and bring your spirit down.

The only ‘safety’ suggestion I would recommend, is if you plan to go alone, let someone know where you are! If you enjoy eating fish, you might get more than just a stress-free day of relaxation… you could catch yourself dinner as well! Enjoy Fly Fishing? Prefer a guide? Check out our friend Naomi of Reel North, LLC in New Hampshire at reelnorthllc. com or look to this incredibly detailed website (where-to-fly-fish-in-america. com) listing several of the best fly fishing location in the US. Bass fishing? Tournaments last through October and I found this website helpful to find a tournament near me… Any kind of fishin’? Go ahead and put up the gone fishin’ screen saver or post it to facebook… grab a fishing pole, bring a chair and find a decent size body of water!


Is there something, something more to me. a flower blooming, no one sees. Devoid of light, and hid in shame, why so secret? None to claim. Strive to grow, inside so choked, must release this peice revoked. Cast away among the stones, I fear to be for life unknown.

Unfold yourself to be seen, let not the stones become your drowning. Petals crisp in morning dew, it is the journey that awaits you.


We are the voice & bridge of LGBT business in the NYC Area. As the first gay/lesbian Chamber of Commerce in NYC, we are here to assist businesses obtain SBA Certification. NY State Certification and loan processes.

NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce AD Rev Carmen Hernandez is the CEO/Founder/Outreach/Pastor at Stratford Community Services, Inc. As an activist in the Soundview section of the Bronx for the past 25 years, Rev. Carmen Hernandez has helped empower at risk inner city kids. The Rev has proved to be a vital part of the South East Bronx community.

Contact Rev. Carmen Hernandez President/Founder (646) 401.7918 Email: Website:

The NYC LGBT Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a not-for profit 501 (c) (6) whose purpose is to assist and facilitate in economic development opportunities for LGBT and minority businesses.


The Big Gay Band

Professional LGBT Wedding & Events Band

THE BIG GAY BAND Professional

Our mission is to perform at LGBT and LGBT friendly weddings, ceremonies Our
 and events all across the county. We’re here to spread the message that LOVE ceremonies
 should NOT have a sexual orientation message
 and neither should marriage! From Pop to Country and everything in between, should
 The BGB aims to entertain and we want BGB
 to workwith your event and themes to to

 make them the best that they can be.

Performing across the country!

 Featuring Vincent Leggett Please

 - Creator and Lead singer Facebook:

THE BIG GAY BAND Professional

 We are an ALL GAY wedding and events band here to perform at gay weddings and events all across the country. We mailny do coversmessage
 with a wide range of music styles. Currently in the process of meeting with songwriters to create original music. Mr. Gay World USA Tennessee and contestant on the new upcoming reality TV show "Vincent Leggett" is the lead singer. should
 Follow us on Twitter: @biggayband and to


For bookings please email:

New Apartments in



Chill on the beach. Swank, fully-furnished apartments for business or leisure. Great vacation spot. In the art deco neighborhood. Walking distance from the beach, Lincoln Road, Española Way & Ocean Drive.

Guest Suites

Come spend your vacation with us!

Book Online Now

Visit our website & Contact us! Ÿ +1 (201) 706-1017

Matt Martin

PR newbie Matt Martin is bringing ‘nice’ back with razor-sharp sincerity.



takes Manhattan

Interview by Edward Truth

OnlyMattMartinPR hit 12 months in January, and already its owner—the business is named after him—has been nominated for a Mashable Award, a People's Choice Award and a Shorty Award, the latter of which honors the best of social media. The Long Island native empowers his clients with webinars on how to stay relevant, even when yesterday's headline turns stale. Fueled by a career in high-end retail, Martin gained notoriety when his blog hit 1.5 million views. His concept was simple: stay positive. Now, the public relations startup takes the motto, "Relate To Your Public."

showing up to a benefit or donating to a cause to help gay culture progress, it seems like we fall short. Because my heart is larger than my pockets are, I volunteer to host and produce fundraisers—Broadway Sings for Pride, Swish, March of Dimes (with Jacqueline Laurita from Real Housewives of New Jersey) and others—LGBT Center of NYC, HRC, GLAAD, Imperial Court of NY—the list goes on. Every bit helps, and I enjoy making a difference. I would love to see more people take a stand. People ask me why I bother. I firmly answer, 'Why not?'

What's with the slogan?

We all learn lessons. What are yours?

I guide my clients to stay relevant to their direct and indirect demographics—whether it's through media or press placement, social media, events, or public appearances. Staying relevant is vital to staying fresh.

I've learned not to sweat the small stuff and keep moving. I've also become more selective with my clients. If I feel I can't do something, I tell them I'll refer them to someone who can. People find my honesty refreshing. Why try to give a service you can't provide? It's just bad business. The PR world is a tight circle— cut-throat, if you ask me. I've learned to bite my tongue. It's not worth the tit-for-tat.

Selling to celebs turns blogging turns larger than life. Your PR virginity, how’d you lose it? My blog was positive—something that wasn't really available on the Internet. I introduced the public to reality stars as everyday people who happen to have a much larger platform. It wasn't hard to gain their respect and trust because I put them in a positive light, in an uplifting way. I ended the blog so I could share more screen time with my favorite housewives and other reality shows. I was invited to exclusive parties and began to get noticed. My publicist at the time gave me the best advice, basically telling me the 'positive image' approach was something I could do, and do well. I launched OnlyMattMartinPR in January 2011 and the rest is history. Wait a minute—philanthropy isn't all about throwing around oodles of cash? I've been an 'out' gay male for almost 10 years and I notice how in most cases gays don't support their fellow gays. Whether it's

photos courtesy Kristen Talluto Photography

Best client? The definition of a good client is someone who understands that you don't become successful overnight. It takes hard work on both sides. I'm not a miracle worker. Communication is key as well. I often stay in contact with my busiest clients, even if it's just to check in and say hi. But if a client isn't 'busy' it doesn't mean they're not important. Anytime a new opportunity comes, I let them know right away. I have my favorites of course, but business is business. Worst client? Egos get checked at the door for me. I don't tolerate disrespect or 'diva' complexes. I have a few war stories of clients doing crazy things. You just have to take it in stride and keep moving.

Edward Truth tells it like it is. Follow him on Twitter @EdwardTruth.


Highlights from the 19th Original GLBT Expo in New York

March 2012

As reported by the RDP Group: •

23,451 people attended from 29 States and 18 Counties-this was the largest crowd in the 19 years running.

The Original GLBT Expo is ranked by Crain's Business as one of the largest events held in New York City.

The highest percentage age range that attended was 23-35 years old.

53% of attendees were male.

67% had some college to post graduate.

Average income was $50,000 to $75,000.

Over 60% are considering to buy a car and/or house in the next 12 months.

The 2012 Gay Economic impact by the Expo exceeded $10,000,000 for New York City.

Hope to see you all next year!


For more highlighted photos... click to

photo courtesy Michael Craft/Twisted Images

Congratulations Kevin Power

Connextions congratulates Kevin Power of Westchester, NY as the winner in this year's Mr Gay World USA competition. Click to for updates on the Mr. Gay World competition that was held in April of this year, as well as information on next year's USA auditions and "The Next American Gay" reality show.



H i e g t i h s l ight b e W Meet Darry Marengere and his business, Marengere Group. This organized and clean website gives excellent insight to the many individuals interesting in starting their own business. They offer coaching, planning, quick steps to success, as well as intelligence reports (for those of you working on your business plan, this is a critical piece). Darry kindly allowed me to preview one of the DVD’s offered from their website, The Honourary MBA in Entrepreneurship eBook. This eBook gives you a very basic but very inclusive look at the how and why of starting a business… even which business may be the right choice for you. There’s no MBA needed to interpret this DVD, the simple questions, asked in ‘layman’s terms’ really pin point what you are after in your quest to be an entrepreneur. Kudos Darry for helping entrepreneurs get going and small businesses succeed! Ever heard those radicals demonstrating the sin of homosexuality with this biblical scripture? "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." Leviticus 20:13 (NIV) This has got to be the most inclusive website I have found to date. Not only does it offer a listing of over 6,800 Christian churches worldwide that are gay-friendly, it also details and explains those particular scriptures that are regularly used against the God-loving gay community. Looking for reading material other than the Bible, but related to? Find books such as Calling the Rainbow Nation Home, written by ET Sundby. From this website, the downloadable Amazon eBook is sold for only $6.00. is an affirming gay Christian (GLBT) site dedicated to… "Building (ALL) the Body of Christ in Love!"


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Domestic Violence The Unspoken Truth



Melissa Ferrick

Cruising what will it cost you? the Caribbean

Spring 2012 Issue #6

My Body made him gay

“Still Right Here”


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