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: Firdaus AR

The World is one and one for all And should be cherished and protected by all means We only have one home, not two, not three, but one The world should be protected and clean for the forthcoming humans Global citizenship is about taking care of everything Not destroying it Everything should be treated fairly, And also with respect We should be protecting the Earth from pollution The Earth has done us a favour, by sheltering Us humans We should protect the Earth to repay the goods and luxuries It has given us

UNITY In our heart There’s purpose Hope and goal Which we have to fight Which is Unity Can we live without unity Can all human races without unity Of course not Without unity We cannot finish We cannot fix We cannot put things right So We fight for it We uphold it Once more What make it right What realize us If it isn’t Unity

By: Name: Istighfari Dzikri Class: 7-2 SBI School: 49 Junior High School City: Jakarta Country: Indonesia

Technology & Global Citizenship

I’m a global citizen I need technology for my turn

We live in the vast world When the technology like a gold It connects us just with clicks Through various countries and ethnics

Now I feel the world is tiny Because of sophisticated technology

Though I sit in front of laptop I can see the Everest’s top When I water my rose I can hear the Hawaiian volcanoes

I’m a global citizen I need technology for my turn

With nowadays technology You can conquer the world easily

From fascinating England To the amazing Thailand Then incredulous Vietnam And the fabulous Uncle Sam

You can have all of them on your hand Just with a machine friend That’ll help you being a global citizen

One See, to the entire of the world We are living in this world to help each other There are so many people need our help Our role in their life Every people have their own hope But, we are one

We can do it together And make it happen in our life As one With shoulder to shoulder We create peace, justice and lawsuits We are the people of the world We are the global citizen

Name: Paramastri Maharsiwi School: 49 Junior High School Country: Indonesia

I don’t have to Speak American, jewish, Arabic nor Indonesian Only to express my love to all of you

I don’t have to be White,black,nor yellow Only to be loved by all of you

I don’t have to be Western, eastern, nor modern Only to present my love to all of you

I just give it To you Without any reason Because god give loves To all of us

Name:Naufal S.M School:49 JHS City:Jakarta


Another war, another fight Torture the youngs, torture others Chop others' smile for your own pride Care nothing but your own snug

How could you live in such a way? With the huge walls appear around Blinding your sight, closing your heart Destroying reasons for a togetherness Seizing dreams to be in a set It makes you drive in a lucidity of ignorance And letting go all the precious things you should know

How could you stand it? When a chasm grows among us When our different colors become all that matters We try hard to reach each other, but failed Everything is getting fall apart in difference 'cause we are all standing alone, with no place for holding on And when it comes to the separate ways of us We are all just being nothing but a sinking ship

If this is how you planned it Then you must be in it all alone

Because we are all the same Despites the blacks and the whites We are all standing for a unity Gazing up high to the same blue sky Holding hands tight, run across Overtake our sparkling future

This is what we need Being in such an unbreakable bond Following our hearts' whispers Take this luminous path And reach out the solemn peace in life

We are one we limit our self America, Israel,Palestine, Indonesia They are only the name of our boundary we limit our self American, Israeli, Palestinian, Indonesian they are only the name of nationality we see others Black, white, yellow, Afro, Caucasian, Asian they are only seen on our eyes we live in the same house so called earth and that's the truth God create us as one and never discriminate So let us be as one we are one

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All poems and songs from Indonesia  

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