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We are pupils from 5th year 1st división afternoon shift. It is our last year in the secondary school. It is called Comercial Provincial school N°1 Prof. C. E. Ibarra. It is a public school, small and nice, It have got 950 approximately pupils. Spread over three shifts morning, afternoon and evening, the courses are from 1st to 5th year, finishing high school with the title of mercantile expert, in our province it is celebrated every years the National Party of the students, it includes parades of carriages and school’s elections queens and takes place in the month of September, which coincides with the arrival of the spring. Our province has the shape of a boot and its bounderies are on the North part Bolivia, to the South Salta, to the West Chile and to the East Salta.

This is the map of our province. The capital has around 250.000 inhabitants. The total of the province around 500.000 inhabitans. It has four big geographycal areas the yungas, the valey, the quebrada and the puna. It is small but extremily beautiful. INTEGRANTES DEL GRUPO: Cruz, Mariela – Rueda, Yanina – Torrez, Amanda – Olmos, Flavia Escuela Provincial de Comercio N°1 Prof. C. Ibarra