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FROM THE FIRST SHALOM Shelanu Graphic Designer: Erin Rosado We have all heard the phrase, “age is just a number,” and there is no group that affirms this belief more than the Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class of 5779—more fondly known as the “Mitzvah Sistas.” On Friday, May 10th, 2019, a group of ten women, in all stages of life, each become a bat mitzvah. For eight months, these individuals dedicated themselves to Torah, avodah (prayer) and g’milut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness). They have studied our Jewish values, learned how to read Hebrew, and taken hold of their Judaism in new ways. They explored their faith, connected to liturgy, and strengthened their Jewish identity, all while forming new friendships with one another. They are testimony that lifelong learning is for anyone ready to continue growing. While traditionally one becomes a bar or bat mitzvah at age thirteen, Reform Judaism offers the chance to symbolically take one’s place in the chain of Jewish tradition at any age. Judaism’s patriarchal roots and the lack of opportunity previously offered to women in synagogue life, have led to the request of becoming an adult bat mitzvah. For others, perhaps a lack of passion at adolescence was a hindrance from reaching the milestone. Or maybe you are a recent convert ready to continue your journey. Whatever the reason, becoming an adult bar or bat mitzvah is for anyone with the will to learn. “But, Rabbi, I don’t know Hebrew.” That’s quite all right! We will start from the very beginning and meet each individual where they are. Additionally, this process is much more than just learning Hebrew. It is about seeing life through a Jewish lens. It is about turning sacred learning into sacred living. It is about connecting to something greater than ourselves—our community, the Jewish people, the generations before us, the Torah and God.


“But, Rabbi, I am too old to learn.” Never! It is never too late to take your Judaism into your own hands—your understanding, your spirituality, your practice and your faith. Learning as an adult means getting to learn for the sake of living. It means finding deeper meaning in the everyday. Jewish Philosopher Franz Rosenzweig once said, “A new learning…has been born. It is learning in reverse order. A learning that no longer starts from the Torah and leads into life, but the other way round: from life…back to the Torah…the periphery back to the center, from the outside in.” “But, Rabbi, I don’t have any time.” We are all busy, but we make time for what we are passionate about, and you deserve to make time to achieve your goals as well. There may be no better gift to give oneself than that of learning—an hour and a half a week of gaining understanding and finding meaning with a group of new friends. Age is indeed just a number. One can achieve anything at any age. We need only determination, patience with ourselves, the readiness to ask questions, and of course, a good sense of humor. You may even surprise yourself with newfound self-confidence. During an aliyah to the Torah, as we hold onto the eitzei chayim, the two wooden Torah handles, we recite a blessing for receiving Torah. It is as if we are thanking God for the opportunity to take Judaism into our own hands— to learn how we can apply it to today, to enrich our lives with meaning, and to put its values into action. I hope you will consider the many Adult Education opportunities we offer, and I pray you give yourself the gift of lifelong learning. L’shalom,

Rabbi Cohen





L 'S hanah Tovah Tikatevu


Time for Memorial

Shabbat Shuvah

Thursday, September 26 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Hollander Family Chapel

Friday, October 4, 6:15 pm Saturday, October 5, 9:00 am

Erev Yom Kippur/Kol Nidrei Tuesday, October 8, 7:30 pm

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 29, 7:30 pm

Rosh Hashanah Day I

Monday, September 30 Morning Service - Your choice Early - 8:30 am (Junior Congregation grades K-5)

Late - 12:00 pm Children’s Service, 3:15 pm

Rosh Hashanah Day II

Tuesday, October 1, 10:00 am

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, October 9 Morning Service - Your choice Early - 8:30 am (Junior Congregation)

Late - 12:00 pm Fast Talk, 2:45 pm Children’s Service, 3:15 pm Afternoon Minchah Service, 4:30 pm, followed by Yizkor, Neilah and the sounding of the Shofar.

It’s that time of year! High Holy Days are approaching... L’ Shanah Tovah

L’ Shanah Tovah



Whether it’s on behalf of your family or your business, take out a High Holy Day Greeting in Shelanu and send New Year wishes while supporting CBI! Your greetings will appear in the upcoming issue of Shelanu!


L’ Shanah Tovah

L’ Shanah Tovah










We are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to wish your CBI Friends & Family a Sweet, Healthy & Good New Year!

Contact Erin Rosado at 561.241.8118 x. 130 or


be helped at all” – “ “I a people cannot help itself, it cannot~Theodor Herzl~

I am sure many of you have heard this story, but it drives home a valuable lesson, so I thought I would share it with you. Not so long ago, two teenagers while stranded in the ocean for two hours, hoped for a miracle from God. You see the two 17-year olds, Tyler and Heather, had been celebrating senior skip day, but got caught in a current while swimming at Vilano Beach, just north of St. Augustine. Shivering uncontrollably as their skin turned pale and trying their best to hold each other up, above the waves crashing against their bodies, two mikes off the coastline, the pair began to pray. Tyler cried out: “if you really do have a plan for us, like, come on. Just bring something”. The crew on a small little boat sailing from South Florida to New Jersey inexplicably heard their cries for help over the wind, waves and noise of their engine. Boat owner Eric Wagner commented, “It was kind of surprising we heard them. Especially when they were 150 yards away, almost 200 yards away, but it was definitely the scream that we heard and that’s why we were looking around. I truly believe it was divine intervention. It had nothing to do with me. I was just put there at the right place at the right time, and I did the same thing anyone else would have done, pulled them aboard.” The name of the boat: “AMEN”. “There were too many coincidences, in my opinion, for this to be a coincidence, the first words that came out of my mouth were, ‘God is real,’“ Heather later remarked.


When I first heard this account, I thought it to be somewhat amusing. Too often we’ve heard of teens doing what they do, finding themselves in positions they can’t or don’t control, ultimately reading about their tragic ending. But the ending of this story where Heather says, “God is real” is not a revelation to anyone who frequents Congregation B’nai Israel. We witness the certainty of God every day in the faces of our preschool children as they learn what Judaism is; we see the reality of God in our preteens and teens as they prepare for their B’nai Mitzvah, Confirmation and Post Confirmation teachings studying what Judaism expects of us; we witness the evidence of God every Friday night, Saturday morning, and at each of our sacred Holydays when our Rabbis and Cantors lead us in chanting and singing why Judaism still is relevant and meaningful. And we see the goodness of God as we help our fellow Jew and non-Jew in acts of loving-kindness as we embrace our social outreach throughout the year. So as we return from the summer, ready to welcome in 5780, mark you calendars for August 18th at our Back to Shul day and allow yourself to experience the reality of God.


Jeffrey Cannon



As the weather gets a bit hotter here which I am not complaining about having left New York 10 years ago because of the cold weather, things are constantly changing here at CBI and getting hotter as well! We had a wonderful year in 18/19 with many improvements, exciting new programs and a great addition to our clergy staff in Cantor David Muchnick. As you are hopefully reading this and looking for the key word at the bottom of my column, let me tell you just a little bit of what we have in store for the upcoming year. We are already planning for the High Holydays (yes we are!), and trying make it even an easier process than last year which ran very smoothly. Don’t forget to bring your membership cards!!! The facility will continue to get a facelift like last year when we redid the entire parking lot. We will be installing 2 new A/C units atop the School buildings which will cut costs and make the building feel more comfortable instead of people complaining that they are freezing or burning up! We are working towards replacing our electric car for our terrific security team with a full guard house with cameras, A/C, and even a more secure method for people to enter or exit the facility. We are just waiting on the final approval from the city of Boca Raton, but it will be happening. We will continue to bring you great speakers and programs with our CBI Inspires series including a musical extravaganza that you should mark on your calendars now. The weekend of January 31/Feb 1, 2020 with Cantor Muchnick’s official installation as our Cantor on Friday night, and Saturday night will be an amazing concert with our Cantor and 6 of his outstanding colleagues flying in from NY to perform. This is just part of our musical fundraiser for the year as part of our CBI Inspires Series.


Again, looking back, and looking forward, I cannot express enough my deepest appreciation to my staff here at CBI. They are dedicated, tireless and warm and welcoming and I could not run this facility successfully without each and every one of them, so I thank my team from the bottom of my heart. Lastly, I am so proud to announce that despite the fact that CBI is known for many outstanding things, one of them being our security, we are going to get even better as my team and I were successful this year in writing a Homeland Security Grant to the state of Florida, and we were rewarded with the largest grant in the entire state for $150,000 of improvements and additions! We will be installing keyless entries, all LED lighting, improving old gates, additional cameras and so forth. So as you can see, we don’t stand still, we continue to build our community even all the way to Paris and back, (hint, hint), and I continue to be amazed and proud to be your Executive Director. October will be 5 years I have been here, and I always end my column with the wish for a great relaxing summer for all of you, time spent with family, and please, if you are around come see me and talk about any improvements, comments, complaints or compliments you may have. Have a peaceful and restful summer,

Steve Allen


It’s hard to believe that I am writing an article that is both recapping the year 2018/19 and also foreshadowing 2019/20. It truly feels like just yesterday that I first came on board as the interim Cantor of CBI. Ten months have flown by in a blink of an eye! As I write this article, I am overjoyed, grateful and excited to have been appointed as the full-time senior Cantor of this wonderful congregation and community. And here we are – already looking back at all that has been accomplished and that is yet to come. This past year has been filled with great enthusiasm and excitement. From our inspirational High Holy Day services to our Friday Night spiritual experiences. From our wonderful adult volunteer choir who have inspired us with their voices and harmonies to our one of a kind band, The Acoushticks, who single handedly bring life and vigor to our emotional pleas and prayers. The number of CBI programs that have created a warm and welcoming environment for all ages and the entire community are simply too many to count and recognize but the efforts of inclusivity and outreach is undeniable. I can’t begin to express how exciting is for me and my entire family to be welcomed and be a part of a community and congregation whose vision and motto is “Welcoming you from the first Shalom.” It is apparent and evident each and every day.


As we reflect on 2018/19 we become invigorated and excited as we expand, continue and plan for the upcoming 2019/20 year. Our High Holy Day services will continue to inspire. Our Friday night services will continue to elicit spiritual and emotional healing through song and prayers offered by all of the clergy, our adult volunteer choir and The Acoushticks. Our programs, from Sukkot to Feed the Community to a Cantorial Fundraising Concert to Purim and Pesach to Meet the Clergy Breakfasts to confirmation and graduations, will be planned with purpose and meaning and drive our vision of community building. 2019/20 will be a year that we all strive to not just continue where 2018/19 left off but to learn, grow and enhance all that has been accomplished. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, the entire senior staff, the CBI Executive and Board of Directors and this entire community for welcoming me, Dena and our children. You have all made this past year meaningful, enjoyable, inspirational and memorable for all of us. B’shalom,

Cantor Muchnick




10 Gde Confirmation Class of 2019/5779

Bottom Row (L to R): Bella Silbert, Sabrina Berlinski, Baylee Jacobson Middle Row (L to R): Alexander Domnitch, Mark Van Buskirk, Jacob Sobel, Jordan Meddoff, Tyler Van Buskirk Top Row (L to R): Cheryl Epstein, Zoe Goldberg, Cantor David Muchnick, Rabbi Rony Keller, Rabbi Allison Cohen, Associate Cantor Sarah Freudenberger, Kim Beame

12 Gde Pt Confirmation Gduation Class of 2019/5779


Bottom Row (L to R): Rachel Grubman, Hayley Cohen, Samantha Tankoos, Jennifer Lipshy Middle Row (L to R): Ross Bauman, Bruce Steinberg, Jack Goodkin, Myles Ross, Cooper O’Kuhn, Brandon Morantz WELCOMING YOU FROM THE FIRST SHALOM Top Row (L to R): Zoe Goldberg, Kim Beame, Rabbi Rony Keller, Rabbi Robert Silvers, Rabbi Allison Cohen, AssociateCantor Sarah Freudenberger, Cheryl Epstein

Pre-K Graduates-Class of 2019 Thank you to all of our Staff, Clergy, and the Parents for another amazing year! We know your children will move forward in leaps and bounds! Have a great summer!!






School for Living Judaism The School for Living Judaism held its annual SLJ Spring Retreat in April. We began at the Passover Shabbat service on the beach and then spent the weekend at the Pompano Beach Marriott Resort and Spa with our 6th-12th Graders. The retreat programming was designed and facilitated by the BISY (B’nai Israel Senior Youth) Board and all were active and engaged. The goals of the retreat are to bond the students to each other and to the SLJ staff and CBI clergy, to learn Jewishly and to have fun. This year’s theme was “Being a Mensch.” The students focused on team building, social action and creating community.

“This weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had with BISY. Programming was well-planned and this weekend was very fun.”-Brandon Sadow “My daughter was slightly hesitant to go on the retreat. My husband and I convinced her that it was a great opportunity and who doesn’t want to spend the weekend at the beach? Shortly after she left, we received a text that said, “I’m leaving my phone in the hotel room. I don’t need it.” Enough said!!!”-Melanie Simon (Ruby’s mom)

Here is what some of our students and parents had to say about the weekend: “The spring retreat was one of the best trips of my life! I got to meet new people and create closer bonds with the people who I already know. We had amazing services every day and we got to hang out all day and compete in fun competitions.”- Massiel Wilson “Massiel came home from the retreat with a deeper commitment to her faith and the temple. She had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with the clergy and her friends.”-Andrea Klemes (Massiel’s mom) “The retreat was a super fun weekend and everyone bonded through various activities, which were all amazing! I felt very connected from a friendship and religious stand point.”-Margo Segal “I got to learn new things in a social environment. It was an outstanding weekend!”-Danilo Asbell 10




BISY Camp Shul In

This year BISY decided to have a camp out at CBI! The teens came up with different programs throughout the night that you would typically do at camp! We had a tent building competition, obstacle courses through the wilderness and a dream program at the end of the night to gaze at the stars in the courtyard. The teens also got around a camp fire and cooked smores and hot dogs! They ended the night with a song session around the fire!

year which then culminates in a 4-day long camp experience at URJ’s Camp Coleman over Memorial Day Weekend. The students receive the love of big "brothers and sisters," three nutritious meals a day, and encouragement for the future. They also enjoy activities such as hiking in the mountains, water play, ziplining, arts and crafts, and a variety of sports and team building activities. It costs $500 to send one child in need to Camp Jenny, so this year BISY put on a bake sale during religious school hours to raise money!

In the NFTY World, we had two amazing teens

achieve their goals of being a part of the NFTY STR Board and NFTY North American Board! Brandon Morantz, BISY’s very own Religious and Cultural Vice President won Religious and Cultural Vice President of the NFTY North American Board!

Mazal tov!

Club 345 is a youth group for all our 3rd-5th graders! We had some great events this year including our first Foam Party, a mall scavenger hunt, jumping at Sky Zone, Monster mini golf and more! We had our last event at Hoffman’s Chocolate Factory making chocolate pizza with their favorite toppings and having any ice cream they want! The kids love to hang out with their friends after religious school and do fun activities!

Madison Rosenfield won President of the NFTY STR region! She served many years on BISY board and this last year sat on the NFTY STR board as Religious and Cultural Vice President! We couldn’t be more proud of our teens!

This year we have 10 BISY teens volunteering their time at Camp Jenny during Memorial Day weekend! Camp Jenny is NFTY's Southern Area and Southern Tropical Regions' year-round mitzvah corps project, giving children from an impoverished Atlanta community the opportunity to receive tutoring and support throughout the






Sisterhood Year In Review! We’ve had a busy season at Women of Reform Judaism/Sisterhood. Our activities over the past year encompassed numerous donations and various projects and events including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Donating plastic shofars for the NCECE students Donating gifts for the birthday basket (for the Friday night birthday blessings services) Rosh Hashanah Bags Project Opening Dessert Event with Rabbi Keller as guest speaker Pink Party (decorating items for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk) Team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk Election Program on proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments Zumba with the Rabbi Chanukah Party Friday Night Service on March 8, 2019 led by Sisterhood Bagging toiletries for Women’s Shelters at Mitzvah Day T-shirt sponsor for Mitzvah Day Providing snacks and refreshments for teen trips and retreats Donating a Passover Seder plate for Here Comes the Sun Donating a gift basket with beauty/glamour items for Here Comes the Sun Women’s Passover Seder Donating shabbat candlesticks for each bat mitzvah (teens and adults) Donating kiddush cups for each bar mitzvah Mother’s Day Flower Project Luncheon at Mizner Country Club Donating car mezuzahs for teachers of the SLJ graduating class Outstanding Achievement Award for Programming 2016-2018 from the Southeast District of Women of Reform Judaism Roll of Honor Sisterhood for our financial support of the Youth, Education, and Special Projects Fund (YES Fund) of Women of Reform Judaism

On Friday night, July 5, 2019, we will participate in B’nai on the Bima. If you would like to lead a prayer or otherwise participate in the service, please contact me at or call me at 561.306.2930. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 15, 2019 in the morning for our opening event and for Thursday, September 26, 2019 in the morning for the Rosh Hashanah Bags project. Over the summer, we will be working on our upcoming season. We have some great new events in the planning stages. I hope you will join us. As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Ronna Young




The past year has been awesome for our Brotherhood. A few highlights included the creation of Bagels and Bros, our annual kickoff Event at Duffy’s, Building the Sukkah, Chanukah party to benefit JAFCO, March Madness, Marlins baseball game and Comedy Night. We have some serious momentum going, and we are always open to new ideas for programming, so please don’t be shy. This summer The Brotherhood will be participating in B’Nai on the Bimah on July 26th. We are very excited to lead this service, and hope many of our fellow brothers will join us. If you would like to be part of the service, please let me know so we can get you a part. In addition, we will be scheduling a few casual get togethers throughout the summer, so stay tuned. Hope to see you there. We accomplished a great deal this year and met many of the goals we were focused on. However, we are always looking for ways to grow, to improve and to expand our horizons. One goal we have for this year is to build stronger bonds between Pre-school dads, Religious school dads and empty nesters. Some of our newest and most active members came from these groups this past year, but we need so many more guys to join us. Please reach out to me with any ideas you may have to strengthen the bond. Your input would be deeply appreciated. Remember, this is our club and our success is dependent on everyone contributing their ideas and participating in events. That is all for now. Have an amazing summer. As always, if you wish to discuss anything with me regarding the Brotherhood, I can always be reached by phone/text at 561.221.4263 or by email at

Eric Handis







Mother and Daughter Take Hold of Torah Together

During each b’nai mitzvah service here at Congregation B’nai Israel, there is a custom to pass the Torah scroll from one family member to the next, from grandparents to parents to children. The bar or bat mitzvah then takes hold of the Torah scroll, taking his or her place in the chain of Jewish tradition. It is a heartfelt moment symbolizing the passing down and continuation of our religion l’dor v’dor –‘from generation to generation.’ So what happens when a mother and adultchild decide to become b’not mitzvah together? They are called up to the Torah for their aliyah together, symbolically accepting their role as teachers of Torah who already exhibit Judaism’s values every day. Cheryl Tancer explains, “I chose to become a bat mitzvah now because I want to be able to understand more about Judaics and Hebrew, as my own children will soon be going through religious school. I challenged my mom to join me in this journey.” And to this challenge, her mother Renee Nernberg said, “I accepted. How proud I was to be on the bimah with my daughter. This is a very BIG DEAL at my age (not telling!).” Cheryl has been a member for ten years. She and Gary were even married by Rabbi Silvers. They have two children who attend SLJ and NCECE, Ashley (7) and Ari (4). “When I was in my teenage years, I had a confirmation, in my Reform synagogue. As years went by, I found that I was missing something from my Judaic studies. I wanted to understand the meaning of the


prayers and to understand Hebrew and recite it.” The time was now. When asked about one of their most defining moments out of the entire Adult B’nai Mitzvah program, Cheryl said it was taking part in the class mitzvah project at JARC, the Jewish Association for Residential Care, a group home for Jewish adults with developmental disabilities, ranging in age from 20-80. The class volunteered, leading a morning of BINGO and snacks, bringing smiles to faces. It was a day of genuine and heartfelt interactions. For Renee, she recalled a spiritual moment that this program gave to her: “During my training, I had a very special outer body experience. Rabbi Cohen let me hold the Torah for the fist time. Immediately, I started to shed tears.” This class led to many “firsts” from holding and chanting Torah to wearing a tallis. “Hopefully, there will be many more ‘firsts.’” They both said, they also loved m e e t i n g t h e i r n ew “ M i t z va h Sistas” as the class formed a selfmade chavurah, a new group of friends who continue to meet up, although the year’s program has ended. Now, as they look forward to their children becoming b’nai mitzvah, the first in six years from now, they look forward to still continuing their own Jewish studies. As Cheryl said, “There is so much more to learn.”


Says Debby; “Every week the volunteers are given two gifts-the blessing of helping others, and the treasure of their friendship and camaraderie. Meeting Rev. Juanita Goode, Director of Community Relations for CROS Ministries/Caring Kitchen, at a networking meeting was eye-opening.” Goode Thanks CBI for our community service, and said, “CBI is the only organization consistently assisting us for so many years. Most students in SPB afterschool programs with discipline problems were angry and uncooperative for one reason-hunger. A simple PB&J sandwich solved behavior challenges occurring in these programs, ending most negative behavior and outbursts of anger. Instead, what we noticed was increased homework productivity and positive socialization, contributing to a more beneficial afterschool experience for the students.”


These volunteers, led by CBI member Debby Schwaber (delivering sandwiches herself), together, with the donations of PB&J from Victory Wholesale Group, can be proud of their contribution.


For over 25 years every week school is in session, Congregation B’nai Israel’s Sandwich Brigade volunteers to make and deliver 150-200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to The Boys and Girls Club of Boca Raton and The Caring Kitchen in Delray Beach. Then, the sandwiches are distributed to children in underserved afterschool programs.




CBI VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES WRJ Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Sue Levine New Member Gifts Marcy Bratman 561-241-8118 x 125 Social Action Committee Andrea Cannon High Holy Day Office Help Minda Shaiman 561.241.8118 x 119 Community Partners* Jewish Family Services-Food Pantry JARC-Jewish Adult Recreation Center 561.477.6181 Boca Helping Hands Suzan Jazvanian

Please help us with this initiative and volunteer to make sandwiches or help with deliveries. Donations are always appreciated.

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Anne Cann serve the homeless on Thursday nights 561.674.3378

For more information contact Debby Schwaber at or Andrea Cannon at

The Soup Kitchen Enrique Zuanetto Food prep and serving the poor and homeless 561-239-3137 Boys and Girls Club- Mentoring /Afterschool Programs Vanessa Ross

Thank you, Minda Shaiman

Social Action/ Special Projects Manager

Andrea Cannon

Chair-Kantor Family Center for Justice

Cros Ministries Brian Rowe Gleaning- Picking crops for underserved communitiesThe Caring Kitchen-Food prep and serving the poor and homeless

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Looking Forward 2019-2020 KFCJ Collections Susan Elliot August 18, 2019 - School Supplies; 561-544-8606 October 9, 2019 - High Holy Day Food Collection *requirements and age restrictions may vary by organization November 26, 2019- Feed the Community December 25, 2019 - Give Back Christmas Feast This is a partial list of many volunteer opportunities in our community. February B’NAI 23, 2020 - Lori Sklar Mitzvah Day YOU FROMCall usFIRST with any questions or•suggestions and if you would like to help. CONGREGATION ISRAEL • WELCOMING THE SHALOM WWW.CBIBOCA.ORG 15

to our

New Members Ingrid Allen Bruce Allen Shira Bassly and Jonathan Courtney Annie and Robert Becker Abbe and Steven Becker Samantha and Adam Bender Gloria Bernstein Olivier Blechner Sandra and Arthur Brown Stephanie and Douglas Cannon Ron Chazan Alexander Cohen Karen and Leslie Coles Alison and Marc Collman Alyse and Matthew Comiter Karen and Bernard Dayan Melisa and Andrew Demers Mindy McGuire and Daniel Eisenman Renee Trachtenberg and Myron Forim Jennifer and Adam Frankel Daria Furman Naylis Gonzalez

Elizabeth and Paul Greenberg Jacqueline and Brian Greenspan Lisa and Adam Grossman Erica and David Hecht Jacelaine and Lawrence Horn Sloane and Harris Howard Geoffrey Ittleman Melissa Romano and Jonathan Joseph Jill and Don Kalogeras Naomi Kerstein Debra and Stanley Kronberg Erin and Matthew Leeds Barbara Lerner Rita and Stuart Lestch Erica Lieberman Zolotta Liebman Luisa and Michael Linett Sarah Lipp Melissa and Patrick Loyacona Jordana and Howard Magin Lisa Segal Mintz Elisa and Jordan Moss Alexandra and James Myrick Pamela and Dean Nottingham

Amy and Randy Olson Kara and Christopher Paldino Raymond Poolat Theresa and Ian Reisner Sheri and Michael Riskind Debra and Richard Romanoff Lisa and Howard Rosen Suzanne Rubin Sandy and Joseph Sabrin Michael Salem Allison and Justin Scheckner Alunita Lazar and Rafael Schwartz Rita Sauve and Jeffrey Serxner Briana and Adam Shestack Amy and Andrew Shook Diane Solomon Samantha and Adam Steiger Samantha and Sean Tomalty Marilyn and Stuart Troy Ashley and Robert Truett Diane and Stephen Udell Donna and James Yazman Michelle and Andrew Zeeman Marie and Gary Zwerling

Cocktails &n

o i t a s r e v Con Our CBI Membership Cocktails & Conversation Event turned out to be a fun evening filled with lots of new friendships and introductions, comradery, laughter and great food.



a note from

Marcy Membership Bratman Engagement Manager

It was a very good year… and Membership is still growing strong… The best part of the Membership Committee’s role this year has been meeting and inviting ALL CBI members to join us for all the wonderful activities we have to offer. We kicked off our first event that was extremely well attended, starting with our Back to Shul, Food Truck Frenzy. There were new member initiatives; small intimate dinners at our members’ homes. Thank you to Sue and Richard Levine, Michele and Ted Goodwin, Julie & Ted Knote, Robin and Jeffrey Siegal, Susan and Barry Lyman, Pamela and Merrill Reuter. Your hospitality was truly appreciated. Our afternoon event called, “Aging Schmaging” brought back music, songs and lots of laughter from our past. At shabbat we recognized members who have been here for 18 years of membership.

We Invited the entire CBI Adult community to a cocktail party so that they could connect in an informal setting with our new members, Clergy and Professional Staff. We will continue to extend a warm welcome to the CBI Community and beyond at Shabbat Services as well as continuing to engage volunteers to join us to spread the gift of mitzvah for those less fortunate. Looking forward to the New Year that will have exciting events and programs for all to enjoy. Enjoy your summer and watch your emails for important information. We will be sending out new Membership Cards & Decals for the upcoming year. Stay tuned…. High Holy Days is around the corner!

Come and meet your Syna gogue family and connect!





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Consultation on Conscience Congregation B’nai Israel is a member of the Union of Reform Judaism, which represents Reform Jews throughout North America. Part of that movement is the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. For nearly six decades, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (the RAC) has been the hub of Jewish social justice work. The RAC mobilizes around federal, state, and local legislation; supports and develops congregational leaders; and organizes communities to create a world overflowing with justice, compassion, and peace. They have helped activate the Jewish community in the key debates and mobilizations of each generation from the civil rights movement to contemporary fights over LGBTQ equality immigration, gun violence etc. One of their programs is The Consultation on Conscience. The 2019 Consultation on Conscience brought together Jewish congregational and communal leaders to build meaningful connections, learn and expand the skills needed for social change, and deepen our knowledge of critical issues facing our communities. Held over three days in Washington, DC, includingn advocacy visits on Capitol Hill, the Consultation offered leadership training, network building, and in-depth issue education for Reform Movement social justice leaders and congregants. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend the Consultation.

The experience was invigorating. To

hear Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was nice, but to hear three young people from Florida was special. Elias Rosenfeld is an Immigration Activist, a student at Brandeis, and part of the DACA Program. He is a Dreamer and an undocumented immigrant who lost his visa because his mom passed away. Matt Deitsch is the co-founder of March of Our Lives, a grass roots movement on gun violence. From Parkland, this young man has done meaningful work for gun control on an international level. Zoe Terner is from Lake Worth and the NFTY Social Action Vice President. She chairs the NFTY Gun Violence Protection and Sexual Violence Protection Task Force. A student at University of Florida she chairs the Student state Leadership network. She will be a RAC Intern this summer and go on to Law School. These young people were featured on the opening Plenary of this event of 1200 people. These young people are not America’s future leaders. They are leading now. We attended workshops on Community Building, How to create and run a successful Campaign, How to work with our Teen groups within our Congregations on social action/social justice projects, and so much more. We attended a Panel discussion on “Jews of Color.” We look forward to attending the next Consultation on Conscience in 2021. Please join us!!

Andrea T. Cannon


L. Tadd Schwab

Sandy Schwab


Sandy Tankoos




Behind the Scenes: Suc-

Feldman Children’s Library & Howard Computer Lab 2018-2019 School Year STATS


1 Facebook Live storytime 12 SLJ classes 16 Mommy & Me Storytimes

e Red

16 Podcast episodes


24 Book of Life blog posts



133 new books added to library 298 apps in lab and on iPads 443 Look & See classes 785 NCECE storytimes 1,850 books, CD’s & videos borrowed 10,304 items on library shelves

In 2018-19, Heidi Rabinowitz was overjoyed to return to CBI after a stint at PJ Library headquarters in Massachusetts. This year the library was used for preschool Storytime, Mommy & Me field trips, SLJ classes, Early Dropoff, Karate and Gymnastics enrichments, tutoring, and board meetings; the computer lab was used for Look & See, SLJ classes, iPad enrichment, Early Dropoff, Aftercare, and board Skype interviews. Heidi Rabinowitz, MLS, performed 25 storytimes and 13 Look & See visual literacy classes per week. She also set up, maintained, and managed distribution of three sets of mini iPads for classroom use, with content varying by age group. In June 2018, Heidi participated in the annual Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) conference in Boston, MA. During the school year, she participated in Limmud Boca, created a NCECE Reading Olympics program, and livestreamed a Facebook Live Interactive Passover Storytime with a guest author. In response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Heidi spearheaded Love Your Neighbor, an AJL project to recommend Jewish books for readers of all backgrounds that was covered by Tablet and Horn Book magazines. Heidi wrote articles for NewCAJE’s Jewish Educator magazine, the American Library Association blog, and the Jewish Learning Matters website. This spring she created Jewish Kidlit Mavens, a Facebook group that gained 300+ enthusiastic members in its first week. Heidi continues to host The Book of Life Podcast, where she’s been interviewing authors since 2005.

Photos: Pre-k book borrowing day, Heidi at CBI Open House, a thank you note from a reader, Facebook Live flyer, Toddler storytime, Reading Olympics, a Look & See lesson on scale and patterns, assorted Facebook posts.



THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS SUPPORTERS Shomrim/Guardian Society ♦ Mitzvah Circle Edmund and Sam Bogen Jeffrey and Andrea Cannon David Coppa and Devon McManama Bruce and Marcia Davis David and Robin Ellman Lawrence and Jodi Fiedler Ira and Robynn Ginsberg Naylis Gonzalez David and Rachel Greenberg Robert and Auta Hendler Craig and Penny Laufer Kermit* and Arlene Meade Neil and Constance Meisel Philip and Blair Nadel Roy and Helene Schwedelson Adam and Alissa Shapiro Gary* and Corey Shapiro Jeffrey and Robin Siegal Spencer and Dara Siegel Stanley and Susan Silber Victor and Vicki Weinstein William and Barbara Weprin Scott and Lori Weprin Todd and Elizabeth Weprin Bob & Helene Vollmer

Rabbi's Circle Lawrence and Diane Feldman Lester and Lynn Garson Jeff Hollander David and Leslie Kantor Tzedakah/Justice Circle Alexander Gellman Kenneth and Paulette Howard Laurence* and Paula Runsdorf Arthur Schechner and Cynthia Hollander Schechner Chai/Life Circle Steven and Abbe Becker Howard and Deborah Belford Leonard and Phyllis Greenberg Ronald and Sharon Landau Renée Nadel and Harry Dubow Harry and Amy Seidman Barton and Shirley Weisman Richard and Lois Werner Bonim/Builders Circle Jerry and Fran Butwin Douglas Feurring and Alexandra Karram Lewis and Lori Gold David and Robyn Rubinoff

Honorary Shomrim Laurence and Robin Nagle David and Amy Ross Gary Rubin Harvey and Phyllis Sandler Larry and Andrea Schnurmacher L. Tadd and Sandra Schwab

The Heritage Society

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CBI Planned Giving & Endowments Anonymous  Anonymous  Bruce and Marcy Barrick  Alan and Karen Bauman  Howard and Deborah Belford  Jonathan and Nel Bloom  Dean and Lisa Borg  The Estate of Francine Cole  Ervin and Katherine Fleishman  David and Carol Gart  Robert and Leslie Ginberg  Barry and Debby Glick  Howard and Sue Goldman  Richard and Candy Hachenburg  Jeff Hollander  Marissa Hollander  Kenneth and Paulette Howard  Greg and Cindy Jacob  David and Leslie Kantor  Howard Kaye  Paulette Kenney  David and Julie Kirschner  Tevie and Iris Kozak  Laurence and Phyllis Malmuth  Michael and Gail Meddoff  Renée Nadel and Harry Dubow  Philip and Blair Nadel  Laurence and Robin Nagle  Pamela Reuter  Gail Sack  Robert and Miriam Shumaker  Jeffrey and Robin Siegal  Susan Sklar  Jason and Lori Solodkin  Max and Judith Stern  Vicky & Gary Weiner  Philip and Sharon Wishna  Jeffrey and Ronna Young 

“The Heritage Society” is a level of recognition given to CBI members who have provided a deferred gift such as a charitable trust, life insurance policy, will, IRA, or pension of $100,000 or more to the Synagogue.

* z”l

 2008-2009 Endowment Campaign  Create a Jewish Legacy Campaign

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W e G iv e T h a n k s

The following contributions were received by the synagogue office from March 14- May 13.

Cantor Freudenberger Discretionary Fund The Sisterhood Board in Gratitude to Cantor Freudenberger for leading the Women’s Seder James Miller in Memory of Irene Miller Cantor Stephen Dubov Music Fund Barbara & David Slipacoff in Honor of Joan & David Dubov’s 70th Wedding Anniversary Beverly Sisisky in Honor of Joan & David Dubov’s 70th Wedding Anniversary Joan & David Dubov in Honor of Renee Nernberg becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Norma Andrews in Memory of Stephen Dubov Children’s Fund Herbert Wissner Feldman Children’s Library Fund Fran & Jerry Butwin in Honor of Tthe Birth of Louis Lawrence Feldman Myra & Tom Shaughnessy in Honor of Larry & Diane Feldman’s new grandson, Louis Vic & Vicki Weinstein in Honor of The Birth of Diane & Larry Feldman’s Grandson, Louis Lawrence Feldman General Fund Arthur Kaplansky in Honor of CBI’s Shabbat Services Dr. & Mrs. Donald Schermer in Honor of Dr. Allan Warnick Edith Bamdas in Honor of CBI’s Shabbat Services Larry & Maxine Burstein in Honor of Lucas Cohen, with prayers for his healing Michael Gefter in Honor of Jason & Bonnie Miller, with prayers for their healing Lois & Richard Werner in Memory of Ira Rosenberg Lois & Richard Werner in Memory of Fanny Gerber Here Comes the Sun Fund Sheila Solow & Mickey Schwartz KFCJ Fund Andrea & Jeffrey Cannon in Honor of the Birth of Diane & Larry Feldman’s Grandson, Louis Lawrence Feldman Lois & Arthur Mickelson in Honor of Rachelle Liebman Andrea & Jeffrey Cannon in Memory of Ethel Winifred Borg, our thought and prayers are with you at this time Andrea & Jeffrey Cannon in Memory of Daniel Stein Andrea & Jeffrey Cannon in Memory of Franklin M Fisher, our thoughts & Prayers are with you Memorial Fund Alexandra Karram Feurring in Memory of Emilia Karram Anna & Ken Schwarzwald in Memory of Joseph Leon Schwarzwald Anna Berman in Memory of Meir Redensky Annabelle Silverman in Memory of William Gross Annette Sauve in Memory of Murry Kopita Arlene & Neil Reger in Memory of Solomon Miller Barbara Kaluzna in Memory of Harold Kaluzna


Barbara Kaluzna in Memory of Harvey Cohen Barbara Schimmel in Memory of David Schimmel Barbara Shashoua in Memory of Arnold Chaplik Barton Weisman in Memory of Jane Weisman Helene & Bob Vollmer in Memory of Ruth Roselle Stewart & Geraldine Vollmer Carol & Rob Trow in Memory of Brenda Smira Debby Schwaber in Memory of Robert Schwaber Dr. & Mrs. Steven Diamond in Memory of Sander A. Diamond Elinor Toberoff in Memory of Wallace J. Clarfield, Sidney Kandel, & Louis Resnick Erich Kupferberg in Memory of Ada Kupferberg Fran & Jerry Butwin in Memory of Gertrude Marcus Gregory Katz in Memory of Robert Riesner Harvey Sonnenstein in Memory of Mildred Sonnenstein Jim Yazman in Memory of Laverna Yazman Joseph Wilkes in Memory of Harry & Anna Wilkes Judy & George Bell in Memory of Danny Stein Karen & Les Coles in Memory of Ely Coles & Beatrice Malter Katya Neuwirth in Memory of Harold Neuwirth Linda Harris in Memory of Ethel Winifred Borg Linda Posner in Memory of Allan Posner Lisa & Dean Borg in Memory of June Einsidler Marcia Davis in Memory of Samuel Gittleson Marie & Dan Polley in Memory of Barry Ross Marilyn Greenberg in Memory of Richard Greenberg Marjorie Frankel in Memory of Ronald Frankel Marsha & Vince Micciantuono & Family in Memory of Anne Goldstein Kornmehl Martin Mayer in Memory of Dr. Joseph C Mayer Miriam Klein in Memory of Dora White Myra & Tom Shaughnessy in Memory of Simon Kreisler Nancy & Jerry Hirsch in Memory of Suzanne S Hopp, Regina Kirsch Konheim, Eugene Hirsch & Irving Hirsch Renée Nadel in Memory of Joel Nadel & Anna Gershen Rita Gare in Memory of Henry J Harris Rosalind Juster in Memory of Esther Berman Ruth Jacobson in Memory of Minnie Kaplan & Arnold Jacobson Sandy & Ken Tankoos in Memory of Sophie Rich Sandy & Ken Tankoos in Memory of Isadore Rich Shirley Weisman in Memory of Herman Mitchell Schwartz Sigrid & David Feder in Memory of Tilly Feder Sandy & L. Tadd Schwab in Memory of Leonard Schwab The Bigayer Family in Memory of Michael Bigayer The Bigayer Family in Memory of Jaret Jacobson Toby Akers in Memory of Joe Akers & Fannie Akers Ellen & Wayne Zuskin in Memory of Joyce Zuskin Albert Makoff in Memory of Sarah Makoff Naomi Kerstein in Memory of Nathan Kerstein Albert Meltzer Ruth E Sultan Music Fund Myra Schenkman-Savage & Maxray Savage in Memory of Aaron Adler


Pollock Youth Scholarship Fund Dorothy & Jack Herman in Honor of Dorothy & Jack Herman’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Sandy & Ken Tankoos in Honor of Samantha Tankoos Fran & Jerry Butwin in Memory of Gwen Wurtzel Fran & Jerry Butwin in Memory of Les Cohen Lainie & David Cohen in Memory of Wini Borg Jessica & Andre Weliky Rabbi Cohen’s Discretionary Fund The Sisterhood Board in Gratitude to Rabbi Cohen for leading the Women’s Seder Anita & Irwin Ettinger in Honor of Karen Bleier becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Harriet & Mort Weinstein in Honor of Renee Nernberg becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Joe Wilkes in Honor of Karen Bleier becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Marc Penn & Jake Orville in Honor of Andrea Klemes becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Marlene Kantor in Honor of Rachel Dyckoff Pat Rosen in Honor of Emily Danson becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Paulette Kenney in Honor of The Joyous Adult B’nai Mitzvah Shabbat Service Sandra & Albert Makoff in Honor of Karen Coles becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Susan & Jerry Wolff, Marlene & Brin Benjamin, & Elaine Bono in Honor of Rachelle Goldsmith Vanessa Tabor in Honor of Vanessa Tabor’s Conversion Karen Bleier in Honor of Dr. Andrea Klemes Rabbi Keller’s Discretionary Fund David Sandman in Memory of Simon, Minnie & Manny Sandman, & Sydelle Epstein Harvey & Marvis Bock Donor Advised Fund

SLJ Teacher Education Fund Wanda Wegweiser Stan Harris NCECE Fund Dara & Spencer Siegel in Memory of Shlomo Levy Ian Silbert in Memory of Shlomo Levy Jeffrey & Laura Sobel in Memory of Shlomo Levy Kathy & Hy Kleinman in Memory of Shlomo Levy Susanne & Mel Young in Memory of Shlomo Levy Sybil & Irving William Graubard in Memory of Shlomo Levy Talie & Sean Leder in Memory of Shlomo Levy Vincenza & Ivan Segal in Memory of Shlomo Levy Tzedakah Fund Paul Friedlander in Honor of Karen Bleier becoming a Bnai Mitzvah Michele & Ted Goodwin in Memory of Sophie Lindenberg WRJ Sisterhood Fund Carol Finn in Honor of the WRJ Sisterhood Seder Frances Fischer in Honor of CBI’s Sisterhood Susan & Stanley Silber in Honor of Stuart & Lois Gross Youth Group Fund The SLJ Board in Memory of Suzanne Ellen Siegel Ronna & Jeff Young



Rabbi Silvers’ Discretionary Fund Edwin & Ethel Lokshin in Honor of Joan & David Dubov’s 70th Wedding Anniversary Ellen & Marc Sinensky in Honor of Rabbi Silvers’ 25th year at CBI Debbie & Gregory Stein in Memory of Daniel Stein Gayle Zobler in Memory of Jan Hirsch Myra & Tom Shaughnessy in Memory of Lillian Kreisler Susanne & Mel Young in Memory of Harriet Tunick Carin & Selwyn Cooperman SLJ Scholarship Fund Anita Glickman in Honor of Renee Nernberg becoming a B’nai Mitzvah Beverly Kappelman in Honor of Renee Nernberg


Fund of the Month Your contribution helps make a difference.


Offsets the cost of purchasing books, computer lab equipment, and other materials needed for our beloved children’s library, which is enjoyed by both our preschool and religious school students.




Exclusive for Congregation B’nai Israel Hilton Boca Raton Suites offers discounted rates for all members, affiliates, family & friends.

Your guests will enjoy: 199 Suites with Bedroom & Living Area Complimentary full breakfast & cocktail reception Minutes from Congregation B’nai Israel and area attractions

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Cemetery Arrangements for CBI Members • Congregation B’nai Israel has a dedicated section at Star of David in North Lauderdale. • Star of David is a modern, clean facility that has easily accessible plots, peaceful water and paved walkways. It also allows upright headstones (while others only allow markers). The North Lauderdale location provides a convenient location for those who may be traveling in from local airports. • Because we have purchased these plots as a group, we are able to offer our members and their families a discounted rate. • Services may be held at CBI or at the Star of David Funeral Chapel.

For more information contact Marty Mayer Coordinator, Cemetery Commitee CBI Member


*As of the date of printing, CBI has a small number of unsold plots.


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Matthew H. Maschler represents a select clientele of Buyers and Sellers of real estate in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida.

Private Mausolems Available for Family Estates

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Shelanu Issue 6_July & August

Shelanu Issue 6_July & August  

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