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Nominees for the 90th Oscars® were celebrated at a luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton, Monday, February 5, 2018. The 90th Oscars will air on Sunday, March 3, live on ABC.

Front Row Left to Right: Mike Meinardus, Evelyn O’Neill, Glen Gauthier, Ziad Doueiri, Katja Benrath, Lou Sheppard, Marco Morabito, Brad Zoern, Scott Neustadter, Laura Checkoway, Kobe Bryant, Ildikó Enyedi, Raphael Saadiq, Paul Denham Austerberry, Josh Lawson, Michael Green, Vanessa Taylor, James Mangold, Richard King and Reed Van Dyk Second Row: Thomas Lennon, Peter Spears, Sidney Wolinsky, Jakob Schuh, Scott Frank, Jan Lachauer, Scott Benza , Darla K. Anderson, Alex Gibson, Gary Rizzo, Daniel Phillips, Laurie Metcalf, Nora Twomey, David Malinowski, Luis Sequeira, Christopher Townsend, Daniel Barrett, Stephen Rosenbaum, Jeff White, Mark Bridges, Tobias Rosen, Joel Whist, Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. Third Row: Ru Kuwahata, Jonathan Amos, Douglas Urbanski, Dana Murray, Justin Paul, Richard R. Hoover, Carter Burwell, Matthew Wood, David Heilbroner, Feras Fayyad, Kate Davis, Eli Bush, Paul Machliss, Eric Fellner, Megan Ellison, Richard Jenkins, Ren Klyce, Timothée Chalamet, Ruben Östlund, Shane Vieau, Dan Laustsen, Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Kerrin Sheldon, Dave Mullins, Rachel Shenton, Mark Mangini, Anthony Leo and Mark Weingarten. Fourth Row: Michael Semanick, Mike Mulholland, Gabriel Grapperon, Lisa Bruce, Kazahiro Tsuji, Julie Goldman, Nathan Robitaille, Bruno Delbonnel, Victor Caire, Sally Hawkins, Diane Warren, Bryan Fogel, Lee Smith, Kevin Wilson Jr., Arjen Tuiten, Daniel Lupi, Saoirse Ronan, JoAnne Sellar, Nelson Ferreira, Ivan Mactaggart, Emilie Georges, Doug Hemphill, Katie Spencer, Daniel Kaluuya, Dennis Gassner, Lucy Sibbick, Gregg Landaker, Christian Cooke, Graham Broadbent, Max Porter, and Stuart Wilson. Fifth Row: Virgil Williams, Mark Mitten, Frank Stiefel, Lori Forte, Chris Overton, Tom McGrath, Glen Keane, Chris Corbould, John Nelson, Dee Rees, Lee Unkrich, Margot Robbie, Dan Cogan, Paul Thomas Anderson, Hugh Welchman, Gary Oldman, Dan Lemmon, J. Miles Dale, Taura Stinson, Jacqueline Durran, Yance Ford, Willem Dafoe, Allison Janney, Sebastián Lelio, Rachel Morrison, Jordan Peele, Kristen Anderson Lopez, Robert Lopez, Michael H. Weber, Joslyn Barnes, Sean McKittrick, Thomas Lee Wright, Benj Pasek, Dan Sudick and David Parker Sixth Row: Alexandre Desplat, Mary J Blige, Amy Pascal, Gary Fettis, Octavia Spencer, Guillermo del Toro, Ben Morris, Aaron Sorkin, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Jeff Melvin, Hoyt van Hoytema, Andrey Zvyagintsev, Sarah Greenwood, Jason Blum, Chris Nolan, Sam Rockwell, Emma Thomas, Steve James, Joe Letteri, Carlos Saldanha, Meryl Streep, Greta Gerwig, Agnès Varda (cutout), JR, Tatiana S.Riegel, Steven Spielberg, Luca Guadagnino, Ramsey Naito, Julian Slater, Lonnie Lynn, Ron Bartlett, Pete Czernin, and Theo Green. credit: Todd Wawrychuk / ©A.M.P.A.S. Email:

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POWER and BEAUTY Timeless Beauty Yerika Soho (front cover) pg. 25

The ABC’s of Fashion Atoaneta Balabanova

pg. 28

Bulgarian Designer Diana Cholakova pg. 33

Made in Italy from Bulgaria Ivan Donev pg. 44

The Faces of Power & Beauty Sherlyn Fox pg. 52

Debbie Permado pg. 56 Andrea Leigh Logan pg. 59,60 Grace Liang pg. 70

Soul Healing Meghan Walsh pg. 76

Reserved for the Powerful Woman…

Model: Mikayla Pekala Hair :Michael Hopkins MUA: Mikayla Pekala Photography by ATOC

Yerika Soho I need to express myself in different ways. Not an easy task to talk about myself . But the opportunity to share a little piece of my life with you is priceless, so here I go.

I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Fortunately it is still beautiful after the disastrous hurricane. Growing up in the country side of Puerto Rico and in the city was fascinating. The country side was my favorite, because of an interaction with wild animals and nature. In my early years my parents were laidback hippies and I loved my first book. It was a Hare Krishna book with colorful images.

My sense of style comes from my Mom, she was the seamstress of the town. I started to make fabulous dresses for my Barbie dolls from scraps of fabric and a hair bow like Madonna. At school many girls loved it and I sold hundreds of those bows. So I bought my first tennis shoes with money that I made. I still ask my mom for fashion advice.

My dad was an entrepreneur. He always said "Yerika, you can do and be anything, to be happy, but you always need to have a plan A, B and C". This was my best advice ever. My dad was my favorite person and I miss his peaceful and calming energy. My dad had a degree in Psychology and he worked as a counselor with abused children and substance abuse. My family moved to Chicago when I was teenager. Chicago was a cultural shock for me as I came from an island where I had banana trees in my backyard where I had iguanas as pets. Opportunities were endless. I married fairly young, but my marriage didn't end well. I divorced but as I always say - everything happens for a reason. When you live you can learn. After high school I studied cosmetology. Then I got my certificate of dental assisting. I worked at UIC in the pediatric department assisting 14 dentists a day with early morning surgeries and HIV patients. That was a challenge but so rewarding. Sometimes I miss it, but now I'm happier doing what I love. I'm fortunate to have found my life purpose and blessed. I'm a proud animal rights activist.

And then I began to fight for animal rights. I was 8 years old when I wanted to have a dog. I got a pet, but not exactly a dog. It was a beautiful goat. She was feisty and loving and I named it Pepa and she had cute little horns. I spent so many hours playing and running with her in our backyard. One day before Christmas Pepa couldn’t be found. I looked for her and cried so much and finally my dad told me what really happened to her. She was sold and killed for a Christmas party Goat Stew. This is a popular dish in Puerto Rico and we were invited to that party, but I didn't want to eat. I was so mad, and sad and missing my 'pet'. At that time, I stopped eating meat. First, I became pescatarian, then vegetarian and after a couple of years vegan. People think that they need to eat meat to survive. It’s a myth. I don't suffer from any deficiency and it is helping my autoimmune conditions. I personally know athletes that are thriving on a vegan diet. It can cure diabetes, lowers cholesterol, heart conditions, acne, obesity, chronic migraines. This kind of diet reduces the risk of all cancers, especially colon and stomach cancer.

My veganism journey and lifestyle bring interesting experiences. A few years ago I dined at a vegan restaurant in Chicago and the owner ask me if I knew how to bake something vegan. I knew it, but not for a restaurant. Then a great opportunity fell into my lap to have my home based cupcake business. So I started catering to that restaurant and made my own clientele. Doing hundreds of cupcakes by myself was so much work. But my goal was to show people how you can eat a sweet treat that can be delicious and vegan...My Azucar Vegan Bakery was a hit. In 2014 my business was voted for the Best vegan cupcakes in Chicago. Later I closed the bakery, but my kitchen is still open. Yerika's Kitchen has healthy meals for clients that want a plant based diet. I wish one day to open my own vegan coffee shop. Now I am involved with the fashion and modeling industry. One day my fabulous Brazilian friend showed me the ropes on how to work as a brand ambassador model. Before that I worked in a few local movies as make-up artist and extra. During

these fun years I learned that no matter how you look if you have a confidence you are beautiful.

I love photo shoots. It's a way to expressed ones self through pictures. Chicago has amazing photographers and fashion designers and I would love to have the opportunity to work with them. In recent years I have worked in movies and T.V. shows as an extra. Shows like Empire, Chicago Fire, Captive State and The Exorcist were successful. But it’s not enough for me. I needed to express myself in different ways and started to make jewelry. It was a therapy for me. So I created the line Nature's Diva. I like to work with semi-precious stones. They have healing properties that are undeniable. Lately I have enjoyed working with Swarovski crystals. Many of my jewelry I've donated to charities and fundraising events and a percent of my sales I donate to local animal shelters and rescues.

Antoaneta Balabanova Couture “I dream of Rome”

Antoaneta Balabanova Born in Bulgaria, she studied at an Art School, then graduated from the Textile and Fashion Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Antoaneta has worked as a fashion designer in fashion house "Rila“ and is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

Model: Lisa Legarreta Hair: Jenny Alton, Sesily Monique MUA: Dakota Navarro Jewelry: Lana May Designer: Antoaneta Balabanova Dave Kelley Artistics

Antoaneta Balabanova was nominated for Golden Needle by the Academy of Fashion, Sofia Bulgaria. She lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona since 2004. Antoaneta has developed a boutique "Galina Couture” together with her partner Galina Mihaleva, creating joint collections. She has participated in many reviews, created clothes for two Miss Arizona and also the legendary “Sister Sledge”. Model: Aubri Cooley Designer: Antoaneta Balabanova and Galina Mihaleva for Galina Couture Jewelry: Lana May MUA: Jamie Kouri Photographer: Emanuel Smith

In 2017, Kayla Webber, Vince Vaughn’s wife wore one of her dresses on the Red Carpet when she accompanied her husband at the 89th Academy Awards.

In 2017 she was nominated and became the designer of the year for Phoenix, Arizona. From 2001until now she lives and works in Michigan.

Dress up tonight no matter what you do!

Model Jacque Roxanne Stuard Designer: Antoaneta Balabanova Jewelry: Lana May MUHA: Ann Phelan Bourget Hughes Photographer: Dave Kelley

Pearls & Lace

Model: Elise Everett Jewelry & accessories: Diana Cholakova Photographer: Maria Popivanova

My work is a nostalgic reflection of my childhood and my country, Bulgaria. My name is Diana Cholakova and I am a Michigan-based fashion designer who creates unique pieces of wearable art. Mine is not the typical story of how a little girl dreams to be a designer when she grows up. I never dreamed of being a fashion designer. In my childhood in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) my friends and I did many different and interesting things like playing games outside our houses, forming teams to rescue animals, creating performances in the street, and inviting neighborhood residents to collect money for worthy causes. I also played piano, mandolin, and guitar, did Rhythmic Gymnastics, sang in the school choir, painted pictures, wrote stories and read countless interesting books. I was a kid with a big fantasy world. I really don’t know how I had time to do all of it. I excelled in all the arts and knew that theater combines all of them, so I attended a specialized school for drama. I completed my degree at The Academy of Film and Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria, and went on to study journalism at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, where I completed my second degree.

I started working as a journalist, writing about theater, music, art, films, and fashion in Bulgarian newspapers and on Bulgarian National TV and Bulgarian National Radio. After a few years, I won a contest to become a correspondent for Bulgarian media in Rome, Italy.

My mind was opened to big fashion in Italy. It is impossible to walk the streets of Rome and not be infected by true fashion. It is all around, from the ordinary and elegantly dressed people you meet on the street or in a restaurant to the freedom of clothing and communication; from historical and cultural accumulation to the new, pretty boutiques of Bulgari, Armani, Versace, Gucci, Dolce e Gabbana, etc Model: Madison McMahan Photographer: LTStudioUS

Model: Grace Hislip Photographer: Scott Mitchell

Designer of outfits and accessories: Diana Cholakova. This is her collection: Icons- one inspiration with Italian Address I think I subconsciously decided to delve into fashion after one particular fashion show right on the ancient Spanish Stairs in the heart of the Eternal City. I decided to do everything possible to get into the plant at the headquarters of the designers who were making haute couture in Italy. As a journalist, it isn’t hard to connect to the biggest and most renowned designers of the modern world, so I found myself interacting with some of the most interesting Italian designers, such as Dolce e Gabbana. During my stay with them, I saw and learned so many useful things about the fashion world. It is a difficult and cruel business, like any industry that is connected with so much money. However, I discovered that I really love those artists who use the old Italian traditions of Sicily—color, style, embroidery, lace, and bits of the culture prevalent in this amazing and very interesting part of Italy.

Classic Beauty

Model: Amanda Jean Patton HMUA: Amanda Jean Patton Designer: Diana Cholakova Photographer: Maria Popivanova

I had to leave my beloved Italy because I met my husband, who works and lives in the U.S., and I had to make a choice. When I came to the U.S., it was totally different—the country, the people, the style of living— everything. I started to think, “What can I do here?” I continued to write articles for Bulgarian media. I opened the first Bulgarian school in metropolitan Detroit to preserve Bulgarian culture, language, and traditions. I organized birthday parties, puppet shows, and theatrical performances. I worked in a sports club in Plymouth and offered Rhythmic Gymnastics classes there for the first time. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a very beautiful and popular sport in Europe, but it is not well known in the U.S. However, because I missed performing the arts myself, I decided to express my creativity through fashion. I started to design jewelry, first using brass, gemstones, and natural materials, and experimented in a variety of styles.

Since I am from Bulgaria, I enjoy incorporating my Bulgarian heritage and national roots into my work, so I found a new passion for making handcrocheted lace jewelry, accessories, and clothes. I create handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

Model: Amanda Jean Patton HMUA: Amanda Jean Patton Designer: Diana Cholakova Photographer: Maria Popivanova

I remember how, when I was a little girl, all the women in my family would sew, knit, and crochet clothing and household items. I was forced to help with this chore as a child and while it seemed boring, I did become excited about continuing this artwork of my childhood to create works for others to enjoy. I am very grateful to my relatives for teaching me how to make beautiful items. I am elated to see women now wearing my pieces.

My customers radiate confidence! My handmade, crocheted jewelry and accessories are sold in various parts of the world, including: The Flint Institute of Art in Flint, Michigan; art galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico; boutiques and galleries in Michigan, Florida, and California; and art galleries and boutiques in Bulgaria, Italy, France, and Europe. I am very creative, and I have a million ideas in my head at any given time, but unfortunately, I have only two hands and 24 hours a day. Sometimes it makes me crazy. I really enjoy making interesting and unique things because it distracts me from reality and helps me forget

all my troubles and problems. My world exists of fabric pieces, yarn, threads, crochet hooks, knitting and sewing needles, buttons, ribbons, beads, and so on. I like to combine knitting, crocheting, and sewing techniques in the clothes-making process. Women must use accessories as an accent with a dress--it makes every woman so feminine and charming. In addition to jewelry, I also started to design accessories (belts, hats, and bags) and clothes. When I learned that designers in the U.S. can present their collections in fashion shows simply by paying a fee, I was surprised. In Europe, it is not so easy to present one’s work in a fashion show because the approval procedure is quite long and painful. Maybe that's why the quality of designers is so high there. The stringent requirements apply to models, as well.

I started as a fashion designer in Michigan in 2012, primarily in runway shows. I designed clothes, jewelry, and accessories for the 2013 Miss Teen Beauty Pageant Competition (Top 10 for Michigan).

Model: Amanda Jean Patton HMUA: Amanda Jean Patton

Designer: Diana Cholakova Photographer: Maria Popivanova


dress on the Red Carpet,

Hollywood, CA, 2016. The Hungarian team who won an Oscar for the International movie “ Son of Saul “.

Following that, my work appeared in: a runway fashion show in Flint, MI; the Launch Showcase Artistic Show in Chicago, IL, Dare to Dream Artistic Show in Detroit, MI, Walk University Kids Fashion Show in Detroit, MI, Head-Wrap Expo Fashion Ethnic Show in Dearborn, MI; For the Love of FASHEN Runway Kids Show in Royal Oak, MI; the RAINN Fashion on Common Ground—Runway and Trunk Show at the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit, MI; the Winter Ball Fashion Show in Detroit, MI; Hollywood Then and Now, Runway Repurposed Fashion Show in Howell, MI, Fashion Weeks in New York, international designer competitions around the world, and fashion shows in Bulgaria and throughout Europe. I have received awards from The Rumi International Fashion Awards in San Francisco, CA (for Most Creative Fashion Design) and the Runway Repurposed Fashion Show in Howell, MI (first place in the Avant Garde category). I received two Nominations for Designer of the Year and Accessories Designer of the Year at the Red Carpet Concierge International PreOscars in February 2017, and won the Pre-Oscar related award for Accessories Designer of the Year.

In my presentations for runway fashion shows, I try to use my theater experience and my love of the stage. My fashion line segments are so artistic and different because they tell stories. My models present characters and are not just modeling clothes or accessories. My models are also artists and actors; some of them even sing or play an instrument during my shows. I am so thankful for my pretty and talented models. People think it is easy to be a model, but that is not true. They must stay in front of a camera, both indoors and outdoors, for several hours at a time and in different poses, they must look good all the time, and they must dress and undress in a split second. I want to say thank you to my family and friends for their support! I am also grateful for all the people who helped me and continue to be with me in all my creative adventures. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! https://www.facebook. com/fairytalejewelry

Model: Ashlyn Vandemergel Photographer: Maria Popivanova Designer: Diana Cholakova Accessories Designer: Diana Cholakova

Ivan Donev The designer Ivan Donev with his dress- sculpture. It is exposed to the exhibition “ Giapponizzati� of the Castle of Santa Severa Model: Mariana Hordiytsyak Designer: Ivan Donev Make up: Laura Baldassarra Photographer: Thilini Gamalath

Made In Italy

IVAN DONEV: MADE IN ITALY FROM BULGARIA Ivan Donev according to the Italian Medias is “a designer of Made in Italy, coming from Bulgaria”. He debut as a designer was at the Week of Fashion in Rome – Alta Roma (Haute Couture), 2012. There he won his first award for a Designer’s Debut. After the show he started getting a great number of proposals for International publications in magazines and fashion blogs. For a short time, the creations of the young designer started appearing on the covers of fashion magazines in London, UK and New York, USA.

(World Fashion Weeks) in Italy, Portugal, Dubai, Qatar, America, Turkey and France. There he met Paco Rabanne. Ivan’s collections are inspired by nature, geometric shapes, from different periods of the past from close and distant cultures. Beautiful embroidery, exotic feathers, lace and macramé; and prints stand out in his avant-garde style. Designer’s outfits are combination of volumes and shapes that create balance in clothes and jewelry created by him.

His art does not remain only on the catwalks of the world, but also on the pages of the magazines that have created the history of fashion journalism. Magazines around the world devote many pages to the talented Ivan Donev as: Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, HELLO , “Daily Mail”London, “Times”- India, "HAUTECOUTURE" magazine, Paris, "FAULT" magazine, London, "OGGI", "HELLO", "GRAZIA", "E'DONNA", "BURDA" - Italy, "Climber Fashion XY" magazine - Turkey "," IMimage "- New York, the Bulgarian newspaper " 24 Ore " and lots of others. Donev travels and shows his collections around the world in exhibition galleries and catwalks

Model: Cosmina Panaite Photographer: Alessandro Aberi Hair: Gogen Make up: Claudia Ferri Designer: Ivan Donev

For his latest collection, Donev finds inspiration from Islamic Art where the designer talks about the fashion language. Now the collection is going around the world. In March of 2016: in Beijing, Donev was one of the finalists of Hempel Award China Fashion Week and won the AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN. A few days after this adventure of East Asia, Ivan presents the collection in Egypt at the biggest fashion event in the Middle East called the Nefertiti International Fashion Festival. There his models showed Ivan’s amazing creations among the pharaoh’s tombs in the ancient temple of Luxor in the front of the Royal families and celebrities. Model: Jacqueline Lara Photo credit: Andrea Damiano Designer: Ivan Donev Nefertiti International Fashion Festival

Ivan Donev’s 2017 collection was presented to one of the most famous places in the world - the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. At the front of 6,000 people he showed clothingsculptures in the charity event “Alternative Hair Show” against Leukemia. Some of his models are exposed to the exhibition “GIAPPONIZZATI” of the Castle of “Santa Severa”.

Designer: Ivan Donev Alternative Hair Show 2017, Royal Albert Hall of London, UK

Sofia Milos, dress by Ivan Donev, Red Carpet Oscar ‘s ceremony, Hollywood 2017

Ivan Donev's creations are worn by celebrities in various countries and the most prestigious red carpet event as: the Venice Film Festival from Martina Stetiarova; Miss World Bikini; NAPA Valley Film Festival; BAFTA Los Angeles; Hollywood Independent Spirit Awards; actresses and singers like Briana Evigan "Step Up", Sofia Millos "CSI: Miami", "Passionada", Tichina Arnold of "Top Five" and "Big Mama"; the singers -Daya Grammy Awards for “Don’t Let Me Down”, also MYA Grammy Award Winning and Padma Lakshmi; the model and an actress Lady Victoria Frederica Isabella Hervey who is a daughter of the sixth Marquis of Bristol

SHORT PRESS: “Ivan Donev’s work is BEAUTY OUTSIDE THE TIME……… Harper's BAZAAR “ON THE WINGS OF INSPIRATION, the road to the world's catwalks. Elegant, graceful, fatal, airy, lady like and advanced woman. The style of Ivan Donev, style in which they are caught several cultural epochs of the past and the uniqueness of womanhood…. HELLO magazine Designer: Ivan Donev Model: Jaqueline Lara Photo credit: Andrea Damiano

The Designer Ivan Donev won Award for Excellence in Design of Hempel Award China Fashion Week. This outfit is from his collection “Bridge between Culture”

Sherlyn Fox Sherlyn was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. She loves her mitten state, but for the love of opportunities and family; her automotive career took her on a 15 year tour in Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois. She currently resides near her hometown in Michigan.

Photographer: Georgina Vaughn Photography

Sherlyn has had many “titles� through the years; she loves and owns all of them. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a MiMi (grandmother), a significant other, a long time best friend to many of her favorite ladies, an automotive professional, a beauty entrepreneur, an community and national advocate, a former pageant and beauty blogger, the current Board Secretary for Fashion Group International-Detroit Chapter and she is the reigning Ms. Michigan Woman 2018 and will

compete in July 2018 for the Ms. Royalty International and Royalty America title. She has been involved in the beauty and media industry for nearly 20+ years. As a cosmetics entrepreneur, Image Consultant and Professional Makeup Artist, she has mentored and worked with many top professionals and notable faces in the industry.

She has worked with most aspects of the media industry and very closely with pageant contestants, judging, competing, blogging, and sponsoring for several years. In addition to entrepreneurship she has also maintained a successful career in the automotive industry in leadership roles for the past 23+ years. She is currently a Program Manager for Supplier Quality on the Safety Campaign Team and a Global Process Team Member at Fiat Chrysler Automobile US LLC in Auburn Hills, MI. . She considers herself a training junkie. She is a Cum Laude graduate from Bethel University and begins her Executive Master’s Degree (eMBA) at Michigan State University this summer as the Class of 2020. She is a veteran in the automotive and beauty industry; she has earned many automotive quality and beauty certifications including a Barber Technician Certificate in Tennessee. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her love, family, and friends at concerts, live music, sporting events, philanthropic

Photographer: Rick Martinez Studio RM Photography

projects, anywhere fashionable, and loves to travel anywhere around the world. She has been to more than 15 countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, England, France, and Belgium. One of her life goals is to see her grandbabies marry the loves of their lives, so aside from her busy career, she cross-trains, does yoga and pure barre to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sherlyn on the Pageant and Community Life “Pageantry, in some cases, is a misunderstood world. From the outside looking in it probably appears quite glamorous at times. Of course there is a bit of that on occasion during competitions, photo shoots, gala’s etc. but in actuality pageant life to me is not only building a network of sister queens which become lifelong friends but also serving the community not only to which we live but where possible around the country for foundations and organizations that mean something to me, to us, to my family, and my friends.

Photographer: Rick Martinez Studio RM Photography

You do not need a crown to support worthy causes, however Sherlyn supports many worthy organizations such as Grace Centers of Hope, Forgotten Harvest, Asthma is Real, Dress Up Wine Down, Gleaners Food Bank, Mittens4Detroit, etc. and she also serves as the Board Secretary for the nonprofit Fashion Group International- Detroit Chapter. The cause closest to her heart is Sexual and Domestic Abuse due events that occurred in the past within her family. She is an Ambassador for Common Ground,

I think we all have experienced hardship or low points in our lives, but I chose to learn from them and cannot or will not let them define me.” Sherlyn stated. a RAINNmaker for the RAINN Foundation (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network), volunteers and served on the Gala committee for HAVEN. She has recently began the initial steps to acquire her own nonprofit “Fashion4Hope” which will allow her to continue to host, volunteer, and produce charitable events to raise funds and awareness to organizations that are valuable to the communities in which we live.

Sherlyn knows the importance of supporting organizations that support not only people she knows or have known but those who haven’t needed them yet. No one will ever know when they will need these organizations. They are so important to our community and giving back her time, money and effort is how she can thank them for what they have done and will do in the future.

Photographer: Rick Martinez Studio RM Photography

Additionally, during her current reign as Ms. Michigan Woman she is representing all women 45 and up. She hopes to inspire and empower all individuals, especially those over 45 to “never give up on your dreams and aspirations, age is just a number, we ARE worthy of more, beauty is timeless, we are like fine wine, we are wiser and better with age”. With her dedication to the community Sherlyn has acquired 4 Presidential Service Awards (3 GOLD & 1 SILVER) and currently

working on her 5th for her thousands of hours worked in the community and tens of thousands of dollars that have been raised through events where she has participated over the past few years. Sherlyn is nominated for RCCI 2018 Michigan Humanitarian of the Year. Good Luck Sherlyn!! To follow Sherlyn’s journey to the International Crown or for Appearances, Charitable Events or to Sponsor contact the following: FB: @msmichiganwoman IG: @sherlyn707 t: @msmichiganawb e:

A LEGACY OF BEAUTY AND POWER Meet Debbie Permoda: Designer, Entrepreneur, Mother, Grandmother...An Empowering Woman.

Growing up in a single-parent home in Indiana, Debbie was primarily raised by her father and grandfather. While their intentions were good, certain things a girl needs her mother for- Debbie had to navigate on her own. She finished high school, and worked various jobs to buy the things she needed. She had many talents, and while some in her shoes may have fallen behind and used their circumstances as an excuse, Debbie used her talents and skills to find a way to always move herself one step further. After working as a server, and then exploring the medical field as an EMT, she developed an interest in business. She worked for a photographer, and soon joined a partnership as a gymnastics instructor, traveling to daycares and YMCA’s. Now, with two children and as a single mother- she knew she had to continue to rely on her skills and determination to set an example for her young daughters: that no matter what life hands you, you keep going, giving your all in every situation.

Debbie set out to start her own traveling gymnastics instruction business, and succeeded in acquiring her own clients across Northwest Indiana. She enjoyed running her own business and decided to open a coffee shop in the popular Lighthouse Place Mall in Michigan City, Indiana and then moved on to also open a Merle Norman Cosmetic franchise. Throughout their childhood, her daughters, Lacie and Jennifer, learned a very important lesson from their mother: never see a door closing as a sign to give up, rather, see it as a sign to open a new door, to new possibilities to succeed. Both daughters helped teach gymnastics courses, served coffee at the coffee shop, and worked with clients at the cosmetic shop. They earned money, and learned the ropes of each business, as they witnessed their mother’s work ethic and determination in each new venture she set out on. Now, with five grandchildren, Debbie runs her own online hair extension sales company, and designs handmade formal gowns for pageants and special events. She contributes to many charities, donating her time, services, and products to others in need.

Both Lacie and Jennifer have carried on their mother’s positive mindset and persevering spirit in their own lives and into motherhood. Jennifer- a single mom of two, carries her mother’s same perseverance and dedication to making sure her children know they are loved and provided for, no matter what obstacle comes along.

She is teaching her children to not let circumstances or events change the good inside of you or limit what you can achieve. And to always be the one to offer help to someone in need, because by empowering others, you create a chain reaction of good things happening in people’s lives. Lacie’s five year old daughter, Lexie, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016. Her husband, Ryan, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, in 2017. Despite the emotional and financial stress these devastating events have brought, Lacie was raised by a woman who taught her to never settle for what you’re handed. To always maintain the happiness inside of your home, and the peace within your heart. Lacie and her family have

become even stronger throughout the chemotherapy and treatment processes for Lexie and Ryan. The entire family has come together for multiple fundraisers on behalf of both, which has given them the strength and support they need. The family is happy to say, that Lexie is in remission and Ryan is exceeding everyone’s expectations with his treatment as well. And, despite the family’s personal circumstances, they still participate in charity organizations and fundraisers for others. They function as they normally would, and they never give up. One woman’s choice to never let anything stop her from being the best she could be has been passed on to two generations: her daughters, and now their children....who are learning by the example of their mothers and grandmother- that settling is never an option. That things happen in life that we cannot change, but that we can change the way we react. That each day is an opportunity to be even better than we were the day before. And that above all, we are strong, independent, invincible...empowered women.

The Faces of Beauty and Power……

Powerful Beautiful Woman

Andrea Leigh Logan Eating disorders come in a rainbow of colorful flavors, each with its own distinct recipe. Start with a big heap of self-hatred, add a dash of perfectionism, and sprinkle with insecurity and you’ve got the basic ingredients for selfdestruction. While these traits undoubtedly factored into my personal struggles with Bulimia, I think a more deeply seated issue was to blame.

I was a “Yes Girl.” You see, Yes Girls are pleasant and agreeable, the type of girl that others describe as sweet or nice. However, because their identity is created by the rules of society and the opinions of others, Yes Girls often have a very ill-defined sense of self, and this is where I got into trouble. For any Yes Girl, the idea of self-exploration seems about as appealing as a root canal. “Who am I?” is not the puzzle I sought to solve, it was, “What do you want me to be?” I simply wanted to know the rules. I wanted to know what was expected of me—I wanted structure, an outline, and guidelines for behavior. And so, I continued on as the dutiful Yes Girl that I was, for more than 13 years. My eating disorder began in my Freshman year in college, a treacherous time for many, often riddled with uncertainty and instability. “These are the best years of your life.” I heard people say, “You will come into your own and find out who you really are.” These proved to be fateful words. For the first time in my adult life I began to gain weight. The weight lifting sessions required by my college basketball coach added lean muscle. That, combined with late night food runs caused me to gain scale weight.

Beginning in junior high I was preoccupied with my weight and with unhealthy eating habits. When the “Freshman Fifteen” came in college, I was crushed. I was known as “The Girl who could do everything” and “blessed with a smile that shines”, so how could I be getting fat? My perception of myself was always in terms of what I am not and what I haven’t accomplished—a sum of my failures instead of a sum of my successes—so gaining weight was unacceptable. I recalled that Cosmopolitan Magazine had once published the ideal weight for woman: 125 pounds. I was now 17 pounds above this number. I was exceeding the limits. I was breaking the rules. I was being a bad Yes Girl.

I was 5’10” tall and very athletic with a scholarship in basketball and volleyball. In reality, I was within a normal, healthy weight range, but this didn’t matter to me. I was determined to be good again. I would lose the weight, then more weight, and redeem myself. And so, I began to diet. I also binged. The connection between dieting and bingeing has been researched and proven over and over again; severely limiting your food intake almost always precipitates a binge. Of course, at the time I did not know this. Recovering bulimics do not talk about the night they ordered three pizzas, devoured a liter of Coke, then threw up; followed that with a bag of Doritos, a Big Mac, and French fries, then purged; and finished with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It was not uncommon for to consume 6,000 to 10,000 calories per day. After more than 13 years, I knew I had a serious problem. I had lost a lot of weight, dropping from a healthy 145 pounds to below 115 pounds. I would starve myself for as long as I could, then I’d be so hungry that I would binge on anything, then make myself sick again. It was a vicious circle of starving, bingeing, and purging. I exercised excessively. I was seriously underweight, sickly, and emotionally fragile.

Alongside my eating disorder came hair loss, depression, self-hate, and lies. A consequence of all the food I consumed was the enormous grocery and restaurant bills I accumulated. Since I wasn’t earning much money, I quickly developed crippling credit card bills. When I used up my credit cards, I wrote bad checks for food, which caused legal problems. This was another in a string of bad choices all stemming from my bulimia.

PREGNANCY I was in the midst of my disease when I became pregnant. Early on, before I told my OB/GYN that I was bulimic, I developed a strategy (in my irrational mind) of how I could continue purging while still getting nutrition to my developing baby. I started by eating something nutritious then follow that with carrots. A little later, I would throw up until I got to the bright orange carrots. When I saw orange in my vomit, I figured I had nutritious food for the baby, left in my system. Later when I admitted this behavior to my doctor, he said he was not overly concerned about the baby because she would take all the nutrients first. The real concern was how malnutrition would affect me. My pregnancy was difficult. I almost lost my daughter twice before my doctor put me on complete bed rest in the fourth month of my pregnancy. I was diagnosed with toxemia preeclampsia. My body began to shut down. My doctor told me that if I didn’t stop with the vomiting, I would lose the baby. I successfully stopped vomiting and found that my metabolism had virtually stopped. I went from 115 pounds to 202 pounds during the first 5 months of my pregnancy. The fact that I gave birth to a healthy girl is a miracle. But the day after my daughter was born, I was back to my old behaviors. My monster was back. My sick, comfortable cycle of chronic exercising, bingeing and purging, was raging full bore

MY CAREER During the course of my years, I believe my path has led me to where I am today. My career has taken me across a broad spectrum. For over 13 years, I had the privilege of training our finest men and women of the United States Marine Corps. My responsibilities were physical fitness and cross training in a broad array of physical conditioning and strength. I opened a 3500 square foot CrossFit Box where people became strong, fit, and confident. The most important goal was to give people a place to belong and reach their inner strength.

My next career move was my journey West. A small-town girl from Sneads Ferry, NC, decided to take a chance in Hollywood. I became fortunate to work and manage a Wellness Clinic owned and operated by Dr. Rob Huizenga (AKA Dr. H), “The Biggest Loser” doctor, in Malibu, CA. Not only working for Dr. H, I became a Celebrity Trainer to top celebrities, producers, and directors. The journey did not stop there. I have made appearances on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull, Beverly Hills Housewives, Nike Commercials produced by Gary Gray (Director of Straight out of Compton), back trainer for a Reality Show called Strong produced by Sylvester Stallone……. Yes, Rocky Balboa.

Through my journey, I have my own philosophy of training—Myioform Adaptive Training. This is based on positive psychology, staying focused on positive emotions, and individual traits to find and nurture—their health and fitness goals. I am proud that I can help people change their lives for the better. Like I tell my clients who are really my friends, fitness might not be a cure, but it’s the medicine you can have— that’s why we say YES to it every day.

I can be found @aleighfitness on Instagram, and on my website at


Fashion Blogger Troy Michigan w w w. c o l o r a d g r a c e . c o m

Hello, my name is Grace Liang.

I am a 43-year-old woman who was born and raised in China. I struggled with poverty and family abuse for many years. I moved to America for love in 2007. I married the most amazing man who gave me two step-kids and two granddaughters. After 10 years of being happily married, I lost my husband to cancer in early 2017. Don’t cry for me, his life is living on through mine. I am living my life to the fullest every day as much as I can. I believe in the quote “Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future.” I am currently a full-time life style blogger based in Troy, Michigan and my blog is called

match the real me. So, I decided to learn how to put makeup on, do my hair, and dress more stylishly. After many years of reading fashion magazines and watching YouTube videos, I finally noticed the difference. There were more and more people telling me that they liked my style and asking me where I got my clothes. I started to realize that I do have something to offer. I have always loved fashion and wanted to be a fashion designer. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to draw or how to sew. About 3 years ago, I read many articles about fashion bloggers. It made me start to think that I could do it too! So that was how I started my blog.

Color and Grace This is my 3rd year blogging and I just quit my teaching job to become a fulltime blogger this year. It is totally a dream come true for me. I had never considered myself beautiful or fashionable until I met my late husband many years ago. He was the first person who ever told me that I am very beautiful. I didn’t believe him at first, but after he said it every day I decided to take a hard look at myself in the mirror. What I saw was a slim, but dull woman without any makeup and a plain hair style. Well, based on the Chinese standards of beauty, I seriously didn’t see myself as one of the pretty people. I didn’t want to let him down since he had more faith in me than I had in myself. Lol! I knew I had a beautiful heart, but my physical appearance, at least to me, didn’t

Over the past 3 years, I have been featured in many magazines. For example, in January 2016 I was featured in Marie Claire Magazine. I was also interviewed by TV 20 and later became one of their co-hosts for What’s Up Detroit. I have been deeply involved with promoting and helping the local fashion industry. I was the guest speaker at Fashion House of F.A.B’s 1st year anniversary gala, conducted a blogging workshop, and was a member of a fashion panel at the Michigan Fashion Summit. I was also listed as in the Top 30 Fashion Over 40s blog and Top 100 Petite Fashion Blogs. I furthermore received the Over 40 Style Influence Award. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to work with Stacy London (the co-host of What Not to Wear) and designer Steve Madden.

Over the past 3 years, I have been featured in many magazines. For example, in January 2016 I was featured in Marie Claire Magazine. I was also interviewed by TV 20 and later became one of their cohosts for What’s Up Detroit. I have been deeply involved with promoting and helping the local fashion industry. I was the guest speaker at Fashion House of F.A.B’s 1st year anniversary gala, conducted a

blogging workshop, and was a member of a fashion panel at the Michigan Fashion Summit. I was also listed as in the Top 30 Fashion Over 40s blog and Top 100 Petite Fashion Blogs. I furthermore received the Over 40 Style Influence Award. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to work with Stacy London (the co-host of What Not to Wear) and designer Steve Madden.

Ashley Marie Jones, I am Miss Worldwide USA Ambassador of Live Out Loud Charity. I am Brand Ambassador for Liberia, Bill Rogers Youth Foundation. I am also founder of See No Color, which opened with a winter workshop to empower our youth. I am a freelance model, promotional model, print, runway, interview TV host. I have done Extra work on Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Empire season Southside with you, (Obama first date movie), Also was stand in for Chicago PD last season 2015, As of this year (2017), I am working 2nd team core On Empire season 3 & 4. One-year experience of PA work. I love to travel the world. Recently I did a segment on the Travel Channel Extreme Water Parks series at Magic Waters. I hosted a workshop for an Internationally published photographer.

Model: Ashley Marie Jones MUA: Aisha Lathan Dabner Photographer: Charles Spence

I have modeled for the international brand of House of Byfield from the Netherlands, international Angelle Chang ( Jow Junior Collection), international Leandro Mulet and for International French Designer Wafaa Lahlah.

I have a fun bubbly personality and great attitude. Very reliable and easy to work with as well. I attend school at Missouri State University where I will receive my bachelor’s degree. My passion is modeling which is Art. That was the path I choose to awaken my fellow people. This began with the thoughts of Beauty in the middle of chaos. Which turned into the passion for the only things I now know, Fashion, creativity, and modeling. Can’t wait to show the world what I have coming next.

Model: Ashley Marie Jones MUA: Aisha Lathan Dabner Photographer: Charles Spence

Limousine, Party Bus, Airport Transport, call


Meghan Walsh Holistic Life Advisor & Spiritual Teacher

The Heart Chakra. For weeks I was being shown, in all areas of my life, how I could heal this area through meditation and helping others. It was coming up in my meditations, readings, workshops, my personal life, and even with my clients and their own personal issues. I was seeing common threads, messages, issues, and circumstances that all had one common thread, opening my heart. That’s exactly when the fear, doubt, anxiety, and anger come creeping in. We know the track record of how things go when we move toward love versus the feelings just mentioned above, yet we still experience and can get sucked up into them. The fear. The fear to love and understand. The fear to feel. We can make the situation different. But how? We meditate. We listen. We feel. And the solutions come. Happiness comes. Through finding our inner voice. The one that belongs to and was given to each of us. For a purpose. For direction. For many, we notice and acknowledge signs when they support the fear but not when they dismiss it. When we do move through the fear, stay with the experience or issue, with the help of meditation and contemplation, we are able to notice the signs of how to change and improve our own lives. In a society that is fighting to stay the same. In appearance, in behavior, and in thinking. But one that is also begging for change. For a chance. People are taking charge of their own happiness and realizing this yearning for love that we all share. This inner voice and knowing. Our intuition. The chills we get. The dreams we have. That feeling in the pit of our stomach. Energy. We have moved away from love and as a result we have moved away from our gift of knowing.

Women in particular share this innate gift. The goddess is rising in society and the strive for perfection is changing its definition. We have experienced a time of severe narcissism seemingly void of self-worth. We see this in mass social media and news, the easy example being the Kardashians. We see this in beauty and fashion trends. We see this in politics. We see this almost everywhere in the media and our daily life. What we also see is an amazing rise of yoga, meditation, environmental and soul awareness, a concern for sustainability, and a great acknowledgement and desire to not only love people but all that we are given in this life, on this planet, from our Mother, Earth. We are at a wonderful crossroads of rebirth where we have a true choice of which we want to pursue.

Through times of pain we are presented opportunities for great healing and change! To see the lessons within the experience and to acknowledge a new path being placed before us. It's an opportunity to focus on our own strength and love of our self and those we truly hold dear. It is a clearing of that which does not serve us, with direction as to how to heal and evolve if we give time to listen within. It is times like these when we can become empowered by our own story and are given an opportunity to find our true purpose through that. What we go through and how we heal ourselves not only benefits us but is healing and inspiring to others. We all go through things and how we find resolve is learning to understand why they have happened in our life. How they can show us a new direction and a new opportunity to heal ourselves further as well as others through realizing our true purpose. Our life’s path leads us to our true purpose, but we must have faith in the path and open our hearts to the journey. The only reality is the Now. Not the Past or the Future. Meditate. Open up to feeling and healing your true self. And be honored to be shown how you can help others through that! Freedom from Fear = Freedom to Feel

Meditate Daily! Learn to Know, Heal, and Free Your Self!! Beginner’s Daily Meditation: Breathe in and out three times, letting go of all that is stuck within. Place one hand on your heart and one on your stomach. You can do this in a sitting or lying down position. Focus and observe the breath. Notice feelings and sensations that arise. And imagine you heart opening with each inhale and lightening with each exhale. Do this for at least 5 minutes a day for 40 days.

Sat Nam Savitri Tera Kaur

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