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RED Silk Carpet Magazine We are proud to have a dedicated Team to bring you a variety of stories and Information within our industry. We look forward to serving you‌..

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Guthrie BonnĂŠtt ATOC

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Letter from the Editor in Chief

As I sit and ponder the process, the time and the dedication it takes to succeed in life, the more I realize my life has really just begun. The truth is many of us walk around sleeping ……. Most of you will know what I mean. Life is not always about self. It’s also about others and what and whom is attached to us. We are only as strong in life as we believe ourselves to be. Diamonds in the rough …… We are all diamonds in the rough. The reason we aren’t all shining bright is because we won’t withstand the pressure it takes to be transformed from a lump of coal to a brilliant sparkling diamond. Let me ask you this. If you only had one shot, one opportunity to have it all would you take it or let it pass???? Food for thought. Please enjoy all the hard work that was put into this #21 issue. Brilliant Diamonds!!!!!!!!

REC Shelley Pekala

Letter from Founder

Well, here we are 10 years and counting on the most wonderful lifestyle I have ever been on! Red Carpet Concierge International is celebrating memories. We are almost at 5,000 on Facebook with only a few that we invited. We certainly are peaking your curiosity! And that’s what we want. Our fuel never runs out, you wont let it. We revel in giving directions and love it when you arrive. Ask our Editor-In-Chief, Shelley Pekala, we have a roller coaster ride watching the talented young men, women and children pick up speed. We are always looking to add to our team members, and let me say right here “Thank you, Guthrie Bonnett, for reminding the world about Dream Team! You can reach out to us and tell us why you want to work until you fall asleep at the computer with glasses on your head and have a pair on.


Up Close & Per sonal with One of Chica go’s Finest Designer s… He’s known in the fashion world, you can see him on some of our favorite shows and he has a philanthropic heart and way of life. Can you guess who I’m referring too? Ok, I’ll tell you, it’s Emer Gomez of course. This angel’s talents range from fashion designer, actor, beauty stylist, to runway instructor. Emer has been featured in various magazines and has been an award-winning fashion designer for The Chicago Fashion Group International and a pageant judge since 1999.

Let’s take a deeper look into the life of Emer Gomez.

Born in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, the second holiest town in Mexico. He was raised in a modest home behind his church. Raised Catholic by a humble family, he was an altar angel at the very early age of one. Emer is an extremely positive person, and that’s a big part of his demeanor. People love to be around him because of his wonderful worker energy. He will never discourage anyone and only has their best interests at heart. His personality is very humble and grateful. “Always be grateful,” he says, every day !

Emer Gomez (center)

The gorgeous Elizabeth Vernon

This award-winning designer has a list of credits, dating as far back as the late 1980’s. Emer’s fashion portfolio consists of many awards in the categories of Handknit, Millinery and Fantasy just to name a few from Ray Vogue College of Design. There, he was named Chicago FASHION DESIGNER of the Year nominee in 1991. He also has numeric awards of Certificates of Excellence in Fashion Design in 1992 and 1993. This also included an Emmy in Outstanding Shoe Design in 1992 from the Fashion Group Foundation of Chicago.

Emer’s work has also been in several newspapers on his unique designs, these features included CHICAGO Sun-times, CHICAGO Skyline and CHICAGO Defender. He’s been in the Beauty industry as also a salon owner for over 25 years. Today after 29 years, he still enjoys being part as a Fashion show host. His passion for creativity makes him a great asset to the fashion world. You can also see Emer Gomez on your favorite Chicago Television Shows such as “Empire’s Prince Tribute“ (pictured), along with appearances on Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Chicago Justice along with The Exorcist and Shameless.

You will also see him in several Indie films such as

The Pages, Captive State, Glorious and Who Gets the Dog. He has appeared in Divergent and in an array of Television Commercials including Insta Care Commercials and The Chicago Soda Tax Commercial. Turns out, Emer is quite a favorite in the film industry as well.

When questioned, “What do you feel is your life purpose”, he replied, “to encourage other talents in hopes and dreams and make them BELIEVE anything is possible if you put your mind to it”. On a comical note, when asked about any crazy kind of happenings at fashion shows had he seen in his long career, he states, “Never drink and try to do runway afterwards”. Your face will hit the floor”! He goes on to say as advice to women, “Always wear the right size bra cup. We have seen many Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions”. Written By Sohia Cin RCCI Red Silk Carpet Magazine Photo by Emer Gomez

Santana Cr uz Rosario I’m a father of 3 amazing boys that I love so much and I am very proud of them. I was born here in my amazing city of Chicago. Later in my early age I was flown to San Juan Puerto Rico and moved to my native home town Humacau, Candelero Abajo between Palmas Del Mar. I went to school at Parcelas Martinez and Ana Roquet. I grew up with some of the most amazing people that taught me to always be humble no matter what happens in life. I became a cook at Coco Nuts Cafe and Plaza Steak House and at the age of 16 became an assistant for the known Chef Daniel. By the time I went to culinary school I was very advanced. Growing up we were taught to defend ourselves and with special training came specific skills that landed me jobs like body guard and much more.

In the mid-1990’s I was introduced to television broadcasting that lead me to many beach commercials like Coors light, Finlandia Vodka and many more. I now do background acting for some of the most amazing shows in Chicago like Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Empire. I portrayed a mobster body guard in Vegas, a detective protecting the street of Chicago and an amazing fire fighter trying to save as many lives as we could.

I have also been featured in numerous rolls like, Captive State with John Goodman. One of my favorites is Pages with Jaimie lee Curtis. Also, Windows with the lovely and amazing Viola Davis. It’s been a true blessing. I had to go thru a lot of things to get to where I am today.

I always thank God first for all my blessings. My passion is surfing and I love the beach, especially the one where I am from. am very adventures. I do my best to help out others. But best of all I am always humble. Thank you

Santana Cruz

RCCI Chicago Oscars The Documentary 2018

Emer Gomez, Ivan Donev, Santana Cruz

Harold Dennis, Santana Cruz

Santana Cruz

A Man with a Dream

He’s the Man on the Scene

Photo by ATOC

The one and only Harold Dennis is a force to be reckon with. He is moving his way up in the entertainment industry with twenty years in the business and over one hundred and fifty film credits. Harold recognized early in his career that being an actor is a never-ending maturation process and responsibility. We had the pleasure to spend some time with Harold as he hosted the Chicago Media Follow the Oscars at JC Martini Club in Chicago, on Saturday the 24th of February as one of the program master of ceremony. Harold Dennis

I can honestly say that when meeting Harold for the first time, you definitely can feel the flow of positivity and his love for the arts. He graced the JC Martini Club with his presence and gave all the guest, performers, paparazzi’s and nominee’s a great show. I was able to speak one on one with the hard worker himself. Let’s read a bit more and get deeper into the mind, dream, and life of Harold Dennis. Harold Dennis(L) Sophia Cin (M) Shelia D. Ross (R)

Written By Sohia Cin RCCI Red Silk Carpet Magazine

. Q: What inspired you to be an actor?

A: Of all the lifelong reasons I could think of was to be an actor after seeing my high school band teacher, John Watson Sr. appear in The Fugitive. He acted opposite Harrison Ford of all people. He actually appeared in a number of films. When I saw him in Soul Food a few years later that was the icing on the cake that sealed the deal for me. You see, Mr. Watson was a mentor to me in high school. His very presence on the screen made me want to take the chance and see if I could be in the movies. And so I did. Years later when I got the opportunity to speak with him before his transition, he told me that I was the actor, and that he was a musician. The casting directors called him in for the film roles. Mr. Watson was supporting me then as he did when I was a teenager in his band.

Q: What was your journey like to becoming an actor? A: My journey is truly mine and mine only. In my mind no one could or would spend twenty plus years of their life trying and doing what I did sacrificing and enduring to become a successful working actor. In early 1997 I started doing background work. When August rolled around I enrolled for the school year in beginning and advanced acting classes at Eta Creative Arts Foundation for three hundred dollars. After that very first class I was so moved and inspired that I said to myself that this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. Seven months after enrolling in the classes myself, other students and actors formed the Actin’ Up Performance Troupe. We met every Saturday morning religiously for a year in our basements honing our abilities. By summer of 1998 the classes at Eta ended and I was cast as the lead in a play called “I Was There When the Blues Was Red Hot”. By October 2nd the show went up at the former Gerri’s Palm Tavern initially for just two nights. We had so much fun that we continued to perform every weekend until I left the show in June of 2000. I must have performed around One Hundred and Seventy One shows. These were trying times but I hung in there. On the other hand I was living the dream and feeling fantastic doing it.

Q: What was the hardest role you've ever played, and why? A: The hardest role I’ve ever played in film was the one that came with dialog written for the stage, all talk and no action. Page after page filled with dialog. After one day of filming the writer/director canceled the shoot. I believe he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into, and neither did I.

Q: What was the most fun role you've ever played, and why? A: I have the most fun with roles that involve my character giving a glimpse of what he wants and I then choose to get the audience to want me to have it. My character comes across a buildup of obstacles that I have to overcome. Then the obstacles become insurmountable to the point where it seems that all hope is lost. And I really enjoy it the most when the ending is ironic.

Q: What would be your dream role and what do you think you would bring to it? A: My dream role would be a play that would be a below average selfconscious kindly gentleman with a dark secret and something happens in his small surroundings that causes him to step out of his comfort zone to do the unimaginable to save all of humanity from annihilation. The rating on the film would be a PG-13. I’ll bring honest vulnerability and surprise to the screen as I fully embody this character.

Q: What advice can you give aspiring actors? A: I like giving advice to aspiring actors because I remember what I felt during that period in my career. I make suggestions to attend film screenings, volunteer plays and festivals. Take acting classes and continue to do so. Get on social media and join acting and film groups. Share information about the industry within the industry. Read books that you can learn your craft from. Attend seminars and workshops. Attend meetups. Study, study, study. Audition, Audition, Audition. Eventually with dedication, persistence and a buildup of confidence you will succeed in being cast in your very first play or film. The rest is a rollercoaster but at least you are aware and continually preparing. And from time to time ask yourself is it still worth it.

Q: If not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy? A: If I were not an actor I would just walk the earth. I used to say that a lot. I sometimes feel like I do just walk the earth and I’m having an awesome time doing it. I know for sure that if I were not an actor I’d be on the other side of the camera being the filmmaker.

Q: What’s a fun fact people might not be aware of about you? A: A fun fact that people may not be aware of about me that I’d like to someday train and sing opera. It’s never too late. I’ll find the time one day.

Q: Do you have a favorite actor/actress? A: I don’t have just one favorite actor or actress. I admire a lot of them for different reasons. One actor is so much cooler than all others. Another is scarier than all others. Another is the most vulnerable. Another moves me to tears the most. Another surprises me a lot with the choices made. My favorite actors turn scenes and touch, move and inspire me to react.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout from you? A: I have many upcoming projects to look out for. It’s an exciting time for me. I have projects completed and on the festival circuit. I have projects that are out and online for rent and purchase. I have projects being edited. I have projects that I’m sitting on the scripts and I have exciting projects that have just been uttered. Every day is Christmas. The presents keep coming. You can visit Harold Dennis here: w w w . I M D b . c o m / n a m e / n m 1 8 1 5 5 5 7 Harold Dennis has a social media presence. You can also view video interviews, some of his films and writeups on YouTube and Google. Written By Sohia Cin RCCI Red Silk Carpet Magazine

Henr y Okolo (H2H) Also known as H2H, he is a highly Rated and Talented Hip Hop and RnB Artist born on March 15, 1987 in Nigeria, Africa. At the age of 9 years old, H2H fell in love with Music listening to Musicians like Mariah Carey, Backstreet boys, Celin Dion, West life, R. Kelly and 2face Idibia his Idols after so many years in music. H2H is a song writer, composer, singer, rapper and a co-producer. He is a rising up and coming artist who has been doing music for the love of it notwithstanding the challenges as an upcoming musician. But he vowed never to give up on his dreams and aspirations. H2H has had one quote which he made about his love for music that captivates the soul, "Music is my life, I love music so much and I know I have all it takes to add more value to it and make the people love and enjoy music all the more. Most importantly I wish to change the world with music the best way I can". In the beginning of his music journey, Henry’s stage name was Heskie. As he began to do more shows and grow a fan base Henry decided he wanted to be different or show his difference, that is. Photo: Bright's Photos Studio

H 2 H Photo: Bright's Photos Studio

When he wasn’t in the studio or performing, Henry was working hard in the community where he is well known. So, in 2004 Henry 2 Heskie, H2H was born. In 2006 H2H had a single titled "Waka go down" which was produced by celebrity super star Artist Runtown a massive song in the early days and in his then unofficial music album he had songs like Psykolomental, Ololufe and Chinelo". In 2009 he pulled up another big one titled "Am a Millionaire and Fast lane". In 2010, he released another party Banga "I like D way" but due to financial challenges facing most upcoming Artists and lack of sponsorship the songs were not able to be promoted.

In 2017, H2H teamed up with Sophia Cin a female Haitian/American MC/Rapper to cook up a Hit song titled Cucumba (Produced by Bigtymerbeatz) in Nigeria, Africa. Cucumba is a song which is gaining massive air play in the US, Haiti and Nigeria currently. He has come out now to show tenacity, courage and determination to surpass his challenges with signs of massive air-plays and his latest songs #Cucumba and #Whineam are gaining. H2H says he has a lot of songs in his archive waiting to be released and he is eager and keen on writing more. H2H is working on traveling to the US by 2019. Let us watch out for him as he's on his rise up to the top.

Photo: Bright's Photos Studio

Photo by Guy A Spagnoli

Nick Bravo has been acting since his Sophomore year of High school back in 2004. He started off on stage with classics, such as The Odd Couple, and Ten Little Indians. He then made his musical debut in Joseph the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat. However, it wasn't until his senior year he would receive his first lead role as Mr. Lyons in the musical and drama Blood Brothers. Nick attended Columbia College Chicago where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts/Acting. During college Nick was introduced to the film side of acting and hasn't turned back to the stage since. "I always found my talents to be easily seen through a camera lens. When it comes to stage acting I have to fight my nerves and control them. When it came to film, it was more natural for me.” After five years at Columbia Nick expanded his resume with voice over work, commercial work, television, and feature film work.

Actor| Model: Nick Bravo Photographer: Mike Schacht MUA: Kasey Surges

His Freshman year of college he had the opportunity to work on his first feature as actor Shia Labeouf's body and photo double in the action-packed film "Eagle Eye" in 2007 "I had the opportunity to work side by side with Shia and director D.J. Caruso. I was able to learn and experience something not many get to experience so early in their film acting career. “

Model: Nick Bravo Photographer: Stephen J. Tuplin FX MUA: Nick Bravo Production Assistants:. Nikki Sterlinsk | Nate Richardson |Dino Zaigirdar| Sarah Halko

Nick is continuing to pursue his passion for acting with the help of now three talent agencies (Encore Talent, Paige Model and Talent, Bravo Talent). "I am extremely grateful to have the representation that I have as it allows me to have a strong support system and a team I can trust.�

Last year Nick had the pleasure of working alongside Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, and well-known Director Michael Bay in Transformers 4. "I walked on set that day as an extra and after being pointed out by Michael Bay, I was given a small scene with Mark Wahlberg himself. It's moments like those that I enjoy what I do so much.

Nick has auditioned for numerous television shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and much more . One of his greatest accomplishments was booking a small feature role in the tv series "Crisis" which aired on NBC. "I was able to rehearse with the director and main actors for a very intimate scene."

You never know what to expect in this industry." Nick's most recent projects include an action short film entitled "Dangles" which releases sometime this upcoming Fall. Nick also has a Dark Vampire photoshoot which is scheduled to begin pre-production next month!

Model: Nick Bravo Photographer: Stephen J. Tuplin Set Designer: Shari Cornes Wardrobe: Shari Cornes Milliner: Audra Elizabeth SFX MUA: Bonnie Bones Contact Lenses: Exotic Lenses Production Assistants: Dino Zaigirdar| Alex Duran

Thirteen years later Nick was determined to continue to grow as an artist and expand his talents in a different way, one being modeling. "I was always hesitant to try modeling.

I considered my look opposite of a model.” Little did Nick know he would spend five years investing into the modeling world. “ I look back at the photos and although proud of my work, I could not replace the work and knowledge I have now.”

"I never knew modeling involved so much. I always thought it was just jumping in front of a camera and smiling and making awkward poses. After doing it myself for five years I can definitely say I have a high respect for those who have been doing it for much longer.” Nick has shot with numerous photographers expanding his modeling portfolio to display all the different looks and roles he can portray.

Nick has done commercial print, he has been featured in five magazines such as

VS Chicago, Vintage, Haute Couture Magazine, Revia Magazine, M&M International Modeling Magazine, Shotcaller Magazine. He has also walking the runway for Chicago designers displaying their work. Nick is extremely involved with the Chicago scene and events going on throughout the city. "I love going out to give back to all those who have supported me. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my family and friends.�

Model: Nick Bravo Photographer: Stephen J. Tuplin Airbrush Masters: Diego Gonzalez

Nick takes the time weekly to host and make appearances at charity events, local fashion shows, magazine launch parties, and so much more. Doing so Nick was recognized two years ago by the "Who's Who Society Organization," which nominates specific individuals who take on the role as a industry leader driven to change throughout the Chicago community. "I have always been told to be an inspiring person but never thought I would be nominated for something so special.� It's no mystery that Nick Bravo is a force to be reckoned with.

Model: Nick Bravo Photographer: Stephen J. Tuplin Wardrobe: Carmela Rinella of C. Rinella Designs MUA: Ana Garcia of Ana Garcia Artistry| Jaii Barry Production Assistant: Dino Zaigirdar of ZaiMedia

Model: Nick Bravo Model: Aubry Woods Photographer: Stephen J. Tuplin Wardrobe: Carmela Rinella of C. Rinella Designs MUA: Ana Garcia of Ana Garcia Artistry| Jaii Barry Production Assistant: Dino Zaigirdar of ZaiMedia

Meska Sweets offers authentic Gluten Free Moroccan treats that are hand-made in Englewood NJ, minutes from Manhattan, in small batches using all-natural ingredients. Meska Sweets has a selection of traditional Moroccan treats based on centuries old tradition along with its signature Gluten Free Moroccan Macarons, a combination of Orange Blossom/Almonds, Matcha/Walnut, Chocolate/Almonds, Coffee/Walnuts.

Meska Sweets' offering encompasses delicious edible gifts to offer, in lieu of chocolate, as well as boxes of lovely Moroccan treats to indulge on with colleagues and loved ones. Mehdi Menouar GM at Meska Sweets646-580-4960 Instagram: #MeskaSweets

Taking a Leap of Faith

Donavon Markeith was born, raised, and educated in Baton Rouge Louisiana. As a single parent, Donavon enjoys spending time with his only son. Donavon strives greatly with his art and cultural expressions to show his views of fashion to the industry. Donavon is also a designer of custom crowns and head pieces. He is currently networking with other young men from I AM YOGÉ Modeling Group on building them into great models. His daily quote is” Today we dream big, tomorrow we dream higher.”

Words cannot begin to explain how my time and experience with Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago has been. It was truly a blessing from God to allow me to meet such amazing professional individuals who exuded class and elegance in my presence. I am forever grateful and thankful to have been chosen to represent Team Yogé in Chicago as the 2018 Male Model of the Year. I would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this happen and a special thanks to one of my inspirations Ms. Yogé AKA “Momma Love”..”

RCCI Chicago Oscars The Documentary 2018 Model of The Year Donavon Markeith

Donavon Markeith Photos by ATOC


Photo By ATOC

RCCI Chicago Oscars The Documentary 2018 Model of The Year Donavon Markeith


w w w. s h e l l e y p e k a l a . m y m o n a t . c o m

Model Brandon Morgan Photos by ATOC

Email: w w w. s h e l l e y p e k a l a . m y m o n a t . c o m w w w. r e d c a r p e t c o n c i e r g e o f c h i c a g o . c o m Photographer: Visata Rupeka

Guthrie Bonnétt (#ATOC) 773-656-0789 Photos By A Taste Of Chicago #TEAMATOCPHOTOGRAPHY #TEAMATOCMODELS

Red Carpet Concierge International t h 10

Year Anniversary!

Chakib Doghmi & Friend at Chocolate Gala 2013

Oscars 2011

G l o r ia T h e H a t O u r M is t r e s s O f C e r e mo nies !

L e a d i n g T h e Wa y F r o m A b u D h a b i

J E R R E E C A R D E NA S O F E X P R E S S I O N M AG A Z I N E FA S H I O N S H O W 2 0 1 5

Moussa Of Whispers In The Park!

Oscar with The Guy!

T h e C a b l e S h ow m e e t i n g P a r i s H i l t o n !


Ariel Cisneros & Mother


Jean-Pier re DeBeche, son of Manny DeBeche and Claudia Olguin Lepez -2017

Oscars 2012

Media Event for Oscars party at Howl at the Moon 2015


I know who this is, but he’s not quite as cute as Johnny Dep!

Our first Oscars coverage on the Red carpet 2011.

2012-A book reading of the life and loves of an event planner at Cannes!

Fashion Whispers in the Park! 2012

I bet you can’t guess who t his i s! Goofy! No? Oh, its Guy Spagnoli & friend.

American Beauty Show at McCormick Place 2017, they comprise of many platform artists, hair designers, spa experts among many others to show their accomplishments and share them with attendees. My career began a while ago where I served as a spa and salon owner for 34 years. Being in media I can now sing praises from the best to those that are contemplating this career. There is one logic only, there is no such thing as "I can't do that"! That alone will bring you success. I felt only natural to be there and seemed to feel, just maybe I should try once more to come back home. And then Red Carpet Concierge International's lip quivered and so with a grateful heart for the past, go I forward to the future of sharing with the world!

2014 National Restaurant Show with Vice President of Coca Cola

Guthrie Bonnett having fun at Tony Long’s Fashion Bar event 2016

Chakib Doghmi & Friends at RCCI Oscars 2011 event At DeWitt Place in Chicago

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan & Chakib Doghmi 2011 Photo by Steve Starr

An evening in Monte-Carlo began at the Hilton & Towers in Chicago and highlighted the beautiful daughter of Rita Hayworth, Princess Yasmin Aga Kahn. The ambiance was festive and a Hollywood scene filled the Grand Ballroom. It was Opulence! The mood was festive, however, the purpose was a staunch underlying factor. The President and Chairman of this years Alzheimers Gala was Harry Johns-his committee was comprised of entergenic volunteers that helped shaped the outcome of this memorable evening. Family stories of Alzheimers disease filled our minds and eyes as we sat by seemingly helpless, praying that strength would fill all these hearts afflicted for support to carry on. Learn more about recent progress in Alzheimer research funded by the Alzheimer’s Association. It is our wish at Red Carpet Concierge that you make a decision to assist with donations, reach out to join the association and give support to those afflicted. Sandra Smith-Doghmi

Merchandise Mart Bridel Expo 2013

Wi t h Fab r i ce C al mel s A nd C hak i b D og hmi 2014

Carolina de Athey & Craig Ahrens 2014

Sherrie Gearhart

& Mikayla Pekalo -Model of the Year

M i k e D i t k a & S t eve S t a r r !

1364 NORTH DEARBORN PARKWAY “BEYOND THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA….” The life and times of Ernest Hemingway are revisited in this garden vignette. This classic garden is accented with a cabana set with everything needed for a writer on safari: typewriter, books and decanters of scotch, perhaps guests, the Fitzgerald’s and Gertrude Stein are on the way.. jaunty attire from haberdash defies the title of this vignette.

1235 NORTH DEARBORN PARKWAY “A PICNIC CALLED PARIS PARIS CAFÉ SOCIETY OF THE 20’s” During the 20’s, Hemingway lived in Paris with Hadley, his first wife. He wrote of Paris as staying with you for the rest of your life, “for Paris is a movable feast”. Hadley and Ernest Hemingway were part of the Paris Café Society, mingling at Paris outdoor cafes with many talented, creative expatriates and Bohemians; Zelda & F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Cole Porter, Miro, Picasso and Gertrude Stein to name a few. Paris was the center of the artistic universe - it was there, in his rented one-room attic office that Hemingway wrote his first novel - The Sun also Rises. Hemingway’s Paris “a movable feast” - inspires our picnic in the grass as a garden vignette. Grass covers the park, the table, the chairs & café server - wherever there is grass, there can be a picnic. A picnic called Paris. Dearborn Garden Walk

Chak ib Doghmi

R E S TAU R A N T S H OW M c C O R M I C K P L AC E 2014

2018 Oscars is Over Guthrie ‘til Next Season

Red Silk Carpet Magazine # 21 RCCI 10th Year Anniversary  

Fashion, Film, Entertainment, Lifestyle magazine

Red Silk Carpet Magazine # 21 RCCI 10th Year Anniversary  

Fashion, Film, Entertainment, Lifestyle magazine