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Monday, August 21, 2017 | Vo l u m e 1 2 2 | I s s u e 2

ASUNM’s plans for the upcoming year By Brendon Gray @notgraybrendon The office of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico, tucked behind the stairs on the lower level of the Student Union Building, has been bustling with energy as new President Noah Brooks and Vice President Sally Midani gear up for a busy semester. First and foremost, the administration is looking to follow through on campaign promises. To do so, the pair has three main goals: work with administration to get free student shuttles to and from home games, continue to streamline advisement and work to prevent sexual assault on campus. While the new Lobo Achieve website was implemented over the summer, the other objectives still require attention. When it comes to addressing sexual assault, Brooks has big ambitions. “Hopefully one day there will be no sexual assault anywhere,” Brooks said. In the near future, ASUNM hopes to sponsor one sexual assault prevention event each month, Brooks said. The goal for the 2017–2018 year is to create a


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Kevin Maestas / Daily Lobo / @ChunkFu_Kevin

ASUNM Vice President Sally Midani, left, and ASUNM President Noah Brooks, right, sit down to talk about their goals for the Fall 2017 semester.

Friday Night Live connects students with orgs By Timber Mabes @timbermabes Welcome Back Days are upon us, and UNM’s Student Activities Center is wasting no time bringing resident Lobos and first-time college students together. Last week’s Friday Night Live kicked off a weeklong series of University-sponsored activities and events. According to SAC, about 2,500 students Friday evening made their way into the Student Union Building, where more than 50 student groups ranging from young Libertarians to acappella fanatics tabled and advertised their clubs. The idea behind the event was simple: give students something to do that will increase their exposure to University life, said Ryan Lindquist, SAC director. “It’s the best place to meet student organizations, because sometimes it’s intimidating to pick up the phone or send someone an email,” he said of the event currently in its 12th year. Lindquist was apt to express his appreciation for one student organization in particular, ASUNM. “ASUNM stepped up to the table and allowed us to continue this event,” he said. “With budget cuts we had to get creative with a lot of things. FNL probably wouldn’t have happened without the assistance of ASUNM, the student government this year.”

Courtesy Photo / Student Activities Center

Friday Night Live

Despite budget cuts, SAC was still able to put on the event, which cost about $9,000 and featured an abundance of dancing, games and food. The event was free and open to all students. “We don’t allow outside entities to come in, because we want this to be purely a UNM event,” Lindquist said.

On the Daily Lobo website GOLDNER: Baseball — Lobo called up to Major Leagues

Some students found the event to be a great opportunity to try new things. “I was kind of shy during high school,” freshman Richard Dang said. “I wanted to make college more social.” After seeing them tableing at the event, Dang said he will be joining the Korean Club.

For UNM’s student organizations, FNL is a great opportunity to recruit new club members. “We normally get about 50-80 auditions from here and the other Welcome Back Days,” said Ellen Lusetti, the president of Something Major, a UNM acappella club. It is also an opportunity for student organizations to increase their expo-

sure among students on campus. Some organizations, such as Young Americans for Liberty, use these events as a way to spread their message to new students. “We try to focus on getting more people educated,” said President of Young Americans for Liberty Jess Ceron, who was hoping to recruit at least 20 new club members. Events like FNL held during UNM’s Welcome Back Days are where many organizations will recruit most of their new members, especially freshmen. “We’re just trying to recruit as many freshmen as possible,” Ceron said, remarking that these new students bring new ideas and add variety to her club. Friday Night Live is not the only time that new UNM students and organizations have the chance to interact. Welcome Back Days allows students to become engaged through free on-campus events throughout the month of August. These events include: UNM Communities Day, Student Organization Day and Campus Employment and Community Service Day. Students who are interested in learning about these events and others during Welcome Back Week can view a detailed schedule on the Student Activities Center webpage. Timber Mabes is a Culture Reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be conacted at or on Twitter @timbermabes.

HARWOOD: New Mexico’s school systems ranked second-worst in U.S. GOLDNER: Solar eclipse viewing party


Monday, August 21, 2017

ART expected to help clean up Downtown By Brendon Gray @notgraybrendon

The City of Albuquerque is looking to clean up its act this fall and hopes the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project will make major strides with the roll-out of 60-foot, all-electric buses. As the ART project aims to wrap up by year’s end, Mayor Richard Berry’s office hopes the new transportation system — along with other large investments — can transform Albuquerque’s center. Earlier this month, the mayor unveiled the new buses and announced Albuquerque would be the first in the nation to have all-electric rapid transit. Reminiscent of a Route 66 diner, the buses have a grey body, a checkered stripe and a neon accent running along the top. “The selection of electric buses make the ART project an even more sustainable project for Albuquerque’s future,” Berry said. Once the ART project is completed, there will be 20 such electric buses, each outfitted with

interior bike racks and USB chargers. They will be powered by PNM and take fewer than three hours to charge. According to a city cost analysis, the buses will save roughly 50 percent on fuel and maintenance costs. In addition to the savings, the carbon offset of using the buses will be the equivalent of removing 4,061-passenger vehicles off the road for a year. The fleet will run through the new ART-created rapid transit corridor of Central Ave. The corridor has been designed to include a nine-mile stretch of bus-only lanes and bus stations. The $22.9 million buses are funded using Federal Transportation Administration funding. With the cost of the project topping off at $119 million, the ART project is the largest public works project in the city’s history. UNM administrators hope the ART project will link a newly finished student housing complex — Lobo Rainforest — to campus. “With ART, hopefully students will be able to go back and forth from campus with ease,” said Lisa Kuuttila, CEO and Chief Economic

Development Officer at STC UNM. STC UNM is a University-based non-profit that was created to support technology transfer and promote economic development. Through the traditional ABQ Ride program, students will be able to utilize the rapid transit system for free. As before, students will need to obtain a sticker on their student ID cards in order to benefit from free rides. STC UNM is one of many tenants of the Lobo Rainforest building. Others include UNM’s Innovation Academy, the Air Force Research Lab and Nusenda Credit Union. “Having ART will make (Lobo Rainforest) more accessible and user friendly,” Kuuttila said, adding the new building is critical in developing the city’s own innovation district. The building is the result of a fourand-a-half year long partnership between UNM, the city, county and private partners called Innovate ABQ. The new building is designed to be the center point — or nucleus as Kuuttila calls it — for the partnership. Positioned at the intersection of Broadway Blvd. and Central Ave.,

Lobo Rainforest is also at the centerpoint of growing property crime and violent crime in the city. From 2013 to 2016, murders increased 65 percent, auto thefts 157 percent and robberies 87 percent, according to research done by the Albuquerque Innovation Team. Downtown — specifically Lomas as far south as Pacific Ave. and from Eighth St. to Broadway Blvd. — has been identified as a high-crime cluster by the study. “You kind of just have to be on the defense,” said Kyle Guin, a student entrepreneur living in Lobo Rainforest. “Lock your car, lock your windows,” he advised, but added his two years in the city have conditioned him to crime. Administrators hope this city investment can reverse the uptick. Last month, the mayor announced a plan to clean up Downtown that included: a greater police presence in the area, additional street sweepers, increased graffiti control and trash cleanup. The plan also included additional services for people suffering from homelessness, substance abuse and mental health issues.

The mayor’s announcement came shortly after a prominent business — Lavu Inc., a technology startup located at First St. and Central Ave. — publically warned it would abandon its Albuquerque office if crime persisted. The Lobo Rainforest building is one block east of Lavu’s Albuquerque office. Berry’s announcement included a commitment to more city partnerships with business owners and coordination between private security and police. For Guin, who developed software designed to streamline mobile phone calendar use, the innovative student housing is a good tool to start the revamp. “The innovation district has been a huge help cleaning up Downtown,” he said. “Now, we’re bringing people who mean absolute good for the community.” The building will be patrolled by UNMPD and have its own security. Brendon Gray is a news reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @notgraybrendon.


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Monday, August 21, 2017 / Page 3

UNM advisors provide students many resources By Kael Krepfl @thelobokael Every University of New Mexico student is required to meet with an advisor at least once per semester or a hold will be placed on their account. However, advisors are able to accomplish much more than releasing holds. UNM advisors meet with current students, assist with college recruitment and host workshops and graduation events. University advisors are often a student’s first resource for information, whether they are looking for detailed information about degree programs or general information about campus resources. Under the parameters of UNM’s advisement hold requirement, every student is given the opportunity to ask questions and obtain information at the start of every semester. Studies have shown that students who go to advisement more frequently tend to stay on track and graduate on time, said Angela Pacheco, Senior Academic Advisor for the College of Architecture and Planning at UNM. Advisors spend the majority of their time in the office, but also contribute to campus events and services including: New Student Orientation, alumni outreach and student graduation. For new students, the University Advisement Center provides general advisement to help them determine which university college will better suit their needs. Students can then seek specialized advisement from their college of interest. Along with those duties, advisors also attend biannual

advisement training institutes and monthly “Advising Matters” meetings, designed to promote cross-campus communication between departments. Advisement at UNM is a very strong community, and each advisor has a similar mission — the drive to support students, Pacheco said. These professional development training programs provide the University’s advisement staff with the resources they need to understand and utilize the best methods for helping their students. The new LoboAchieve website allows advisors to make active notes on a student’s account after every meeting to ensure that every advisor has access to the same information. Come prepared. The more visits you make, the more information you have, the more questions you bring with you, the more clarity you will have when you leave the office, said Garrett Watts, Pre-pharmacy Admissions Advisor for the College of Pharmacy at UNM. “Our job here is to make sure the student is getting what they need,” Watts said. Many advisors go beyond their job description for the betterment of their department. Pacheco recently initiated the Student Ambassador Program for the School of Architecture and Planning, in which prospective students can tour the campus with a volunteer undergraduate or graduate student, giving them a truly authentic look at what their college experience might be like. Many of the advisement offices at UNM have also implemented a student experience survey that gives their students the opportunity to

provide feedback on their meetings, which gives advisors new insight to improve upon their methods. By continually updating their processes, training their staff and improving student relations, the University advisement staff is working hard to promote confidence and nurture students’ independence. “If I’m advising well and being effective in my job, then it’s possible my students may not need to come in and see me all the time,” Pacheco said.

Ashley Carpenter Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

UNM advisor, Angela Pacheco of the School of Architecture and Planning, has been working at UNM for 15 years. She has spent 10 of those years as an advisor.

Kael Krepfl is a news reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @thelobokael.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Opinion Editor /

LETTERS UNM Africana Studies’ take on Charlottesville Editor, On August 1, 2017, the University of New Mexico was thrust into national social discord when the Mentoring Institute was called out for a racially insensitive tweet. Days later, the University of Virginia was thrust into political discord as white nationalists and neo-Nazis carrying armor, artilleries, clubs and Confederate flags descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia for a so-called “Unite the Right” rally around the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the Charlottesville campus. The event ultimately escalated into physical violence, led to several injuries and two fatalities and caused Virginia’s governor, Terry McAuliffe, to declare a state of emergency.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Trump needs to go Editor, I’m Jewish. I’m proud of being Jewish. In fact, being the only Jewish member of the State House of Representatives is a special source of pride. But there is always that concern — what if? When I was growing up, and we would read about what had happened in Germany during World War II, my father would warn me — it could happen here. I have never believed him. Our institutions, our culture, our history and our people are too strong. There will always be those who embrace hatred over understanding and love. But the vast majority of Americans will resist that hate.

The madness in Charlottesville added a dangerous element to an already divisive campus climate at UNM. In addition to several controversies over Black Lives Matter, the removal of white supremacist symbolism represented in the University seal and free speech on campus stemming from students opposing visits from “Alt-right” white supremacist figures, the mayhem in Virginia presented a very different kind of threat. It brought to light questions about how University leaders should respond when white supremacists surface and/or descend on campus. Our response must not be sadness akin to losing a race or not achieving a professional goal. It is not sad and regrettable when domestic terrorists enact a cartel of white supremacy. It is absolutely horrific and abhorrent. As well, our response must not be detachment or isolation, for each one does not express the gravity that oppressed

people feel who want to engage, understand and appreciate all human beings. Last but not least, our response to white supremacy must not be silent fear. To be tongue-tied in the face of tyranny and oppression means that we agree with what we are hearing and witnessing. In a 1958 speech, Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” The people that we lead on campus deserve better. They should know that their leadership is not intimidated by white supremacy and that we will stand up for the basic values of freedom, equality, justice and civility. In addition, they should know that we stand prepared to combat fascism as a moral and civic obligation. Anything less only emboldens white supremacists and betrays the leadership that we are called to employ against racially insensitive speech, persistent microaggressions and the real possibility of

physical confrontations and violence. Make no mistake. What the world witnessed in Charlottesville is what we have been witnessing all along. As well, the racially insensitive speech that we encountered on August 1, 2017 is also what we have witnessed all along. Therefore, we must continue to take deliberate and decisive action to oppose all efforts that attempt to normalize white supremacy on this campus. With that said, the Africana Studies Program will use its agency to challenge white supremacy and, echoing the sentiments of our Interim President Chaouki Abdallah, “will be vigilant against acts of discrimination, hatred and violence” at the University of New Mexico.

But what has happened in Charlottesville has shaken me. Not the event itself. As terrible as it was, we have seen this before. Nazis and white supremacists storming a peaceful city. Young, angry white men spewing hateful rhetoric. People hurt. People killed. It is horrible, outrageous and worthy of our highest scorn and condemnation. But it is not new — it is depressingly old. However, there is something new. We now have a President who has revealed himself. He is sympathetic with these angry, hateful people. And these evil people have taken solace in the President’s lack of meaningful condemnation. David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, thanked the President for his support. This has shaken me as it should all people of good will — Republicans, Democrats and people of every political persuasion.

Hatred and bigotry should not fall on party lines. While deep divisions on policy and conduct have developed between our two major parties, I have always hoped that we could all agree on this one point: that hate does not belong in our society. I have spent the better part of two years walking door to door in my district. I have talked to many supporters of Donald Trump. While I disagree with their support of his policies, I do not believe that the majority of his supporters, at least in my district, are racists or anti-Semites. They simply believed Trump had a better way. But now we know. This is not a better way. It is the evil way. And it is the time for those supporters to stand up and condemn this president. The president’s prior, unprecedented actions might be attributed to politics. This

is now beyond politics. No president in recent times has done what this president has done — publicly supported racial hatred and violence. Politicians from the president’s own party have condemned his failure to recognize the moral repugnancy of the altright’s actions and underlying beliefs. It is now time for us to show courage. We cannot be afraid to say what we know to be true. This President must be removed from office. There is no place in our great nation for a man of his truly despicable character. He is using the institution of the White House to support those views. If the President won’t resign, he must be impeached. Patriotism and love of country demand nothing less.

Dr. Charles E. Becknell, Jr. Director Africana Studies Program University of New Mexico

Daymon Ely NM State Representative, District 23


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campus climate where students feel comfortable reporting and talking about sexual assault. As for shuttles, Brooks said he and his team have had meetings with Parking and Transportation Services during the break. He hopes giving students more access to games will increase school pride and boost enrollment. However, boosting enrollment may be hard to accomplish. Enrollment in New Mexico’s public postsecondary institutions has dropped 14 percent over the last six years, according to state Higher Education Department data. And with a diminished Lottery Scholarship — which was cut 30 percent after the New Mexico Legislature approved decreased funding — the trend of shrinking enrollment could continue. The news that Lottery Scholarship recipients would have to cover more out-of-pocket costs came roughly a month after the new ASUNM administration was installed. In a campus-wide email earlier this year, Brooks urged students to contact their representatives and ask that they “keep the hardworking students of New Mexico in mind” during the special legislative session held this summer. The following week, the scholarship fund was cut. The administration was dealt another blow after the UNM Board of Regents chose to implement student fee increases and course premiums despite urgings from Brooks not to raise the cost of attendance. Now that the fall semester is starting, the executive branch of ASUNM — consisting of Brooks, Midani, their staff and other

agencies — will have the help of the legislative branch. The legislative branch, consisting of 20 student senators, writes bills amending the ASUNM constitution and resolutions, which express the sentiment of the Senate.

“The most important goal (this year) is to bring in diversity. Giving as many people on campus the resources they need to do what they want to is is a big goal for me.” Sally Midani ASUNM Vice President The Senate consists of three committees, each with five to seven senators. The Outreach and Appointments Committee handles Senate outreach and coordinates appointments; the Steering and Rules Committee reviews bills and resolutions before they go to the full Senate; and the Finance Committee oversees all appropriations. Midani oversees the Senate and ensures meetings go according to procedure. As vice president, she has voting power only in the event of a split. Meetings are weekly, with committee and full Senate meetings every other week. The

first gathering will be a committee meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 23. The Judicial Branch makes up the third and final branch of ASUNM. The ASUNM Chief Justice and all Associate Justices are appointed by Brooks and must be approved by the ASUNM Senate. This year, Midani, who acts as a liaison between the executive office and legislative branch, wants to see the two branches collaborate. She also wants more focus on diversity. “The most important goal (this year) is to bring in diversity,” she said. “Giving as many people on campus the resources they need to do what they want to is a big goal for me.” Brooks would also like to see more diversity within ASUNM. “There’s always the stigma that student government is from Greek life,” he said. To combat that, Brooks said the Elections Commission — which is staffed by the president — is working on implementing strategies to reach a greater student population. Last year, 2,400 undergraduate students made it to the polls, the highest student turnout since the spring elections of 2014, the Commission reported. Though the highest in recent years, the vote only brought out about 13 percent of all undergraduate students. All undergraduate students are eligible to vote. Senate elections take place every semester, and presidential elections every academic year. Brendon Gray is a news reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @notgraybrendon.

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Monday, August 21, 2017 / Page 7

UNM strives to be safe for all By Nichole Harwood @Nolidoli1 Universities actively trying to recruit international students are facing “challenging times” amidst disputes in the nation’s capitol. “There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding changes to official U.S. policies,” said Linda Melville, Associate Director for International Student & Scholar Services at UNM. “National dialogues are currently still very speculative, but the perception globally is that the U.S. is interested in placing greater restrictions on immigration.” Changes to immigration policy vary, from the newly proposed Raise Act which seeks to reduce levels of legal immigration to the United States by 50 percent, to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA allows individuals who come to the United States as children and meet several guidelines to request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years. Although the Raise Act does not directly focus on the international student/scholar population, changing U.S. policies toward immigration in general creates many questions and concerns within the global community and may discourage international students and scholars from pursuing an education within the United States, said Danielle Gilliam, UNM Global Education Office Administrative Officer. “These shifting policies could potentially create unfavorable perspectives abroad for our students studying in another

country,” Gilliam said. “It is still early in this political context to forecast how this will play out in specific terms or what it means for UNM, but this is a topic our department is actively monitoring.” The GEO remains committed to working with collaborators across campus to create an environment inclusive and welcoming for the students and scholars who come to UNM and to supporting our students who study abroad, she said, adding that the underlying value in international education is to foster more mutual and crosscultural understanding through these points of contact on campus and throughout the world. Over the last several months, GEO has been actively responding to the concerns of international students related to the initial executive orders of the Trump administration, Melville said. “Our students studying here are generally concerned about the ability to complete their studies and what their future prospects might be for employment in the United States,” she said. UNM’s Global Education Office website is featuring the letter “New Executive Order on Immigration,” issued March 6, 2017, giving a glimpse of some of the support the GEO is offering for international students and scholars. Additionally, GEO has worked to create a campus-wide message in celebration of their commitment to global understanding and diversity with the campaign, #YouAreWelcomeHere. The UNMproduced #YouAreWelcomeHere video currently has 192K views on the UNM Facebook Page.

Another action taken by educators is that of law professor Michael Olivas at the University of Houston Law Center and Santa Fe, along with over 100 law professors to create a letter to send Trump outlining the legal authority he has to preserve DACA. President Obama was urged five years ago to establish such an option, and the hope was that the actions would be preserved under this administration, Olivas said. “His proposed travel ban, the unnecessary ‘extreme vetting’ and other such initiatives, as well as his rhetoric, all point to a less-welcome climate for international students,” Olivas said in regards to some of President Trump’s changes and claims to make major changes to immigration policy. “It also makes the administrative steps more complicated and will delay students from enrolling and working afterwards.” As a professor, Olivas said he is afraid international students will go to the UK, Australia, Canada and other more welcoming colleges and countries, and the U.S. will lose this important source of diplomacy as well as student and faculty resources. “The president has no real role in your education, so consider coming to the U.S., where you will be welcomed by educators and U.S. residents,” Olivas said. UNM graduate Shabab Saad originates from Bangladesh and now lives in the United States, studying chemical engineering


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at UNM. Saad is currently looking to prepare for grad school applications and said his choice to attend UNM for his degree was strongly connected to cost, weather, environment and culture. As a graduate of UNM, Saad said the classes and amount of coursework assigned in his department are extremely challenging. “People feel like, ‘Yes, I’m going to go to UNM. I’m going to graduate,’ but that’s not all the case,” he said. “It’s challenging over here, and that’s what makes us different, that if you’re a graduate from UNM you end up in big places. I’ve know many people

going to NASA from here, going to MIT from here, to Stanford from here and excelling over there as well. So my experience overall was great, I got to learn a lot and I challenged myself.” Saad has attended UNM throughout the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, and while he hasn’t experienced any major changes himself, he has heard a lot of issues and stories of incidents happening around him, he said. After Trump’s election and inauguration, Saad feels it has been a little difficult for many people in many different coun-

tries to come to the United States as students, he said. “The Visa application has been challenging; there’s a lot of racism, a lot of sexism and overall it does not sound good based on the fact that you’re talking about the U.S.,” Saad said. “You’re talking about the U.S. president. It’s not just another country; it’s the United States of America. I think it has affected a lot of people so far. People over here have not been affected yet, I feel like, because we’re already here. People who are trying to come in are mostly the victims.” While Saad did not begin his time at UNM until after the

Trump administration took office, he said he would still be passionate about coming to UNM, and even if he felt discouraged, he would still give it his best shot, he said. “I think UNM or any other university as an institution literally has nothing to do with how the president is acting or how the country’s been run,” Saad said. “At the end of the day, as an institution, we all believe in better education, we believe in better inventions, we believe in innovative technology; that’s what we thrive for.” Saad’s advice to students and potential students is not to get

carried away by the immigration rules and not to get discouraged by what others are saying. “Because once you’re here, you’re here legally, and as long as the laws don’t change, — and it won’t; they can’t just kick you out of the country — I feel there is nothing to be afraid of,” Saad said. “There’s nothing to be scared of. You should just follow your path and just try out for the best opportunities.” Nichole Harwood is a reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.

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COPPERFIELD APARTMENTS Apartments ranging from $595

Omni HOuse

(505) 292-2111 2426 Garfield Ave, ABQ





cNM StudioS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, real estate consultant: 243‑2229. uNM/


reModeled, large 1BDRM apartment at 1210 Dr. Martin Luther King NE, 87106. Hardwood floors, open floor plan, off street parking, pets negotiable. $650/mo +utilities. Call 505‑377‑7630. reModeled, 1BdrM 1Ba apartment. 4 blocks from UNM at 1225 1/2 Tijeras NE. $550/mo INCLUDES utilites. AC, wood floors, off street parking. Call 505‑377‑7630. coMpletely

reModeled Studio apartment. Four blocks to UNM at 1210 Martin Luther King Jr. NE. Hard‑ wood floors, off street parking. $495/mo +utilities. Call 505‑377‑7630.

Turner Dr NE

Small, quiet community nestled in the Northeast Heights Foothills of the Majestic Sandia Mountain range. We are moments away from shopping malls, freeway access, restaurants, theaters, Kirtland Air force Base, parks, schools, and are a block from some wonderful Hiking trails as well as the Tramway bike trail.

Multiple Move In!


free uNM parkiNg, 1BDRM. $540/mo. 505‑850‑9749.

Domingo Rd NE

• One, Two & Three Bedrooms • Washer/Dryer Connections (in select units) • Next to large city park with playground • Next to Sandia Mountains • Large Pets Welcome • Wood Burning Fireplaces (in select units) • On city bus line with two stops • Friendly on site management • Moments from shopping, dining, library & I-40 • Beautiful Views • Near Hiking Trails • City Views

Contact us today to schedule a show‑ ing. Email or call 505‑924‑7059 ext 302... or 505‑589‑6615 to set up an appointment. (No walk‑ins please!)

(505) 821-4651 6110 Academy Rd NE, Albuquerque

Copper Ave NE

(505) 292-2111 14225 Copper Ave NE, Albuquerque

quite. and pets.

Ask how you can get 2 weeks free rent! Discounts available for students, medical residents, UNMH employees, UNM employees, UNM faculty, UNM alumni and UNM retirees ‑ inquire for more information.

All Utilities Included • Swimming pool/hot tub • On Site Laundry • Granite Countertops • Limitied Access Building • Walking Distance to Shopping, Los Altos Park & Bus Line • Furnished & Unfurnished Available • 24 Hour Fitness Center • New Stainless Steel Appliances • Vaulted Ceilings • Located Near Dining, Shops and Entertainment • Small Dogs and Cats Accepted

Right Size! Right Place!

StudioS w/ free utilities. 1 block from UNM. 1515 Copper NE. $485‑525/mo. 246‑2038 (Call between 9am‑6pm only). www.kachina‑ froM $475/Mo +utilities. 2BDRM from $550/mo +utilities. No pets. 3425 Smith SE. Tony Olmi 924‑1031.

Starting Price $675

(505) 268-0443 1001-1005 Louisiana Blvd NE, ABQ



Great Value, Great Location, Beautiful Apartments.

ABQ Encore Apartments (505)265-5253 810 Eubank Blvd, ABQ

Academy Square


Prices starting at $530 All Utilities Paid On-Site Laundry Facility • Off Street Parking • No Pets Allowed • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance • Friendly Professional Management Staff

large, No

clean. pets.

2BdrM apartMeNt, walk to UNM/ CNM. $775/mo w/utilities, move‑in spe‑ cial. 313 Girard SE. 505‑246‑2038. www.kachina‑ Studio apartMeNt. All bills paid. 5 Blocks south of UNM. 505‑750‑1169. $500/Mo.

Studio apartMeNt, w/d, off street park‑ ing. $575/mo, $500dd. 310 Stanford SE, 505‑362‑0837. walk to uNM. 1 and 2BDRMs. $600‑$750/mo +gas/ electric. NS. Pets negotiable. Academy Property Management: Call/ text Cathy 505‑362‑7774.


New Mexico Daily Lobo

daily lobo Duplexes hardwood floors, updated kitchen and bathroom, W/D, yard, off-street parking.$650/mo. +dd. 505-934-4331.

Houses For Rent rard, FP,

NORTH CAMPUS. Lomas/ Gi4BDRM, 2BA, hardwood floors, W/D, $1400/mo. 719-231-0527.

NOB HILL HOUSE for rent: light and bright.

2BDRM, 1BA. Hardwood floors. Large backyard. Dishwasher. Washer. Gas range. Walk-in-closet. $1000/mo+dd. 505-400-8871.


wood floors, fireplace. W/D. NP. $1050/mo + first/ last dd. 505-507-7892.

Rooms For Rent Room. QUIET MALE STUDENT only. Shared kitchen/ BA. Across from campus. $340/mo. 505-243-0553. SMALL




FOR NEW roommate. School oriented! $600/mo utilities included. House near Carlsile/ Indian School. Call/ text 505-850-4057.




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ROOMMATE WANTED to share 3BDRM house with 2 other females. UNM student preferred. Near uptown with easy access to UNM. $400dd, $400 rent +utilities Call Melissa 505-269-1508. FEMALE

1BDRM FOR RENT in newly remodeled 2BDRM townhouse with PhD student. 3 miles from campus in old town. Female responsible student only. ND/ NS. $525/mo rent. $250dd. Furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid, including wifi. Refrigerated air, solar heat. Hot tub available. Good storage, full private BA. Call/ text: 505-975-6528.





Hey Lobos! Did you know you can receive free advertisements (25 words or less) in this category? Email from your UNM email account or call 505-277-5656 for more details!




UNM & CNM Student Discounts! •Safe gated community •Studio, 1 & 2 bedrooms starting at $535/mo •Study by the pool •4 miles from UNM near I-25


Call today for a tour! (505) 884-4044 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sat at 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


3400 Comanche Road NE

Location and Lifestyle...




Housing Guide Map 1 Nob Hill 2 Residence Life 3 Comanche Wells 4 ABQ Elevate

5 ABQ Encore 6 Omni House 7 Copperfield 8 Academy Square



Two Bedrooms Starting at $850 Washington St NE

Lomas Blvd SE


• A mid century landmark set in park-like community with garden style living • The heart of Nob Hill at your fingertips • 2 story town homes (no one above you!) with spacious floor plans, ample closet space, extra storage, and windows throughout for plenty of natural light • 24 hour access laundry facility • Refreshing seasonal swimming pool • Reserved carports available • Off street parking • Pet friendly (breed restrictions apply) We are walking distance to Sprouts Natural Grocery Store, Starbucks, and Quarter Celtic Brewpub! We are also walking distance to great restaurants, a city bus stop, and just 5 minutes to UNM!

505.266.3118 4949 Roma NE Albuquerque, NM 87108




5 7

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FALL BUDGET WORKSHOPS Will be held in Santa Ana A&B on the 3rd floor of the SUB at the following times and locations: Wednesday, August 30th 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM th Thursday, September 7 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM


Modern Management Development This course will focus on basic fundamental responsibility of supervisors and managers. Sep 12-Nov 30 TTh $499 11:00am-12:00pm

Professional Grant Development Oct 9-11

MTW $745


Real Estate Law Sep 11-29 MWF $349 Real Estate Principles and Practice Oct 2-20 MWF $349 Broker Basics Nov 6-Dec 1 MWF $349


Real Estate Pre-Licensing 6:00-9:30pm 6:00-9:30pm

Accounting Professional Test Prep CPA CMA CIA

Sep 9-Nov 11 Sep 9-Nov 11 Sep 9-Nov 11

$845 (4 sections total) $1995 $745

UNM Employees, use your Tuition Remission! Current UNM Students receive a 10% discount.

5 0 5 . 277. 0 0 77 C E .U N M . E DU/ L E A D

Daily Lobo Size: 2 (4”) col x 5” Run Dates: PDP Ad

August 21, 2017

Placed by Deborah Kastman UNM Continuing Education 505-277-6216



Lobos excited for new season Freshmen and upperclassmen alike can’t wait to hit the field By Matthieu Cartron @cartron_matt Ambitious. That is the word senior forward Claire Lynch used to describe the UNM women’s soccer team, one that is full of new faces and fresh promise. The Lobos will be hoping to improve upon last year’s record of 9-7-3 — and this time, they will have more opportunities to showcase their talent in front of a home crowd. The team is schedule to play on its home turf at the UNM Soccer Complex 11 times this season, compared to just seven such matches last season. In the 2016 campaign, the Lobos fell short of qualifying for the Mountain West Conference Tournament, despite beating conference powerhouses San Diego State and Utah State. Before kicking off the 2017 season, the Lobos will host an exhibition match against Colorado State University-Pueblo, a NCAA Division II program in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The ThunderWolves went 145-1 last season and lost 2-1 in the final of the Rocky Mountain Conference Tournament to Colorado School of Mines. CSU-Pueblo’s

strong season saw the team earn its first appearance in the NCAA Division II Tournament. For both UNM and CSUPueblo, the exhibition match will be the final opportunity for the coaches and fans alike to see their players in action before the start of the regular season. The Lobos official start to the 2017 season will begin Friday night against the University of San Francisco. The Dons compete in the NCAA Division I and are a member of the West Coast Conference. The Dons finished the 2016 season 7-12 and won once away from home in their 11 road matches. Finishing seventh in the West Coast Conference Tournament, USF failed to qualify for the Conference Tournament — something that head coach Jim Millinder will be hoping to alter in the upcoming campaign. San Francisco went 3-6 in Conference play and lost their final game of the season 2-1 to UC Santa Clara. The Lobos will likely be looking to get a look at many of the new players the team picked up. In addition to recruiting a conference and NCAA high 15 freshman, the Lobos will see the return of many players that were featured often last season.

Sophomore midfielder Jesse Hix, sophomore forward Gwen Maly, junior midfielder Jennifer Muñoz, senior forward Claire Lynch, senior defender Alexa Cabrales, senior defender Ashley Ballantyne and senior defender Emily Chavez should bring the experience and leadership necessary to bring the newcomers along. Ballantyne and Chavez were paired in central defense during the majority of last season, and Lynch netted eight goals, bringing her career tally to 17 and placing her fourth in program history for most goals. In her third year at the helm, UNM head coach Heather Dyche could be poised to see a young, energetic squad deliver the consistency that last season’s team never seemed to quite find. The match between the Lobos and the Dons will take place on Friday, Aug. 18 at 7:30 p.m at the UNM Soccer Complex. The Lobos won’t be at home again until Sept. 15, where they will take on the University of Houston. Matthieu Cartron is a sports reporter for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers women’s soccer. He can be contacted at sports@ or on Twitter @cartron_matt.


New Mexico Daily Lobo

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Coupon everymonday Bonanza BOX LUNCH 95 SPECIAL $7


Sandwich/Wrap + Soup & Cookie

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2201 Silver Avenue SE (corner of Silver & Yale) 262-2424


5939 4th Street NW Albuquerque 254-2424

5200 Eubank NE Albuquerque 275-2424

very Day E m a 1 OPEN 5am Central SE 2400

Now at Frontier!

Vegan and Gluten Free Baked Goods Catering Available CHAI No Microwaves HAPPY H OUR Soy-free, wheat-free bakery 3-5pm d aily Tasty made from scratch menu

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Emotions ran high at A Tribe Called Quest concert By Colton Newman @coltonperson 2016 was a year of hit-or-miss experimental albums, be it from Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” to Bon Iver’s “22, A Million” fans were generally split down the middle in either loving or hating mainstream contemporary releases. From what I could tell, 2016 could have been a period of forgettable music yet, out of nowhere, A Tribe Called Quest woke up from their 20-year hibernation with the release of their new album “We Got It from Here...Thank You 4 Your Service.” The album was critically acclaimed and full of sociopolitical commentary from the insane election year to the Black Lives Matter movement, garnished lightly with tributes to rapper Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor who passed away on March 22 of 2016 — in the middle of recording the album. Rumors began to spread that this would officially be the last Tribe album and, with that thought hanging around, I decided that it

Follow us on Twitter!

@DailyLobo Elizabeth Sanchez, Editor-in-Chief @Beth_A_Sanchez Jonathan Baca Managing Editor @JonGabrielB Celia Raney News Editor @Celia_Raney Robert Maler Sports Editor @Robert_Maler Johnny Vizcaino Culture Editor @thedailyjohnnyv Diana Cervantes Photo Editor @Dee_Sea_ Nichole Harwood News Reporter @Nolidoli1 Denicia Aragon News Reporter @deniciaaragon98 Kelly Urvanejo News Reporter @Kelly_Urvanejo Nikole McKibben News Reporter @nmckibben92

was now or never to finally see one of the most exalted rap collectives ever; at no better place than the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. On Aug. 10, the remaining members of ATCQ (Kamaal “Q-Tip” Fareed, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White) took over the amphitheater and guided the audience on a sonic voyage through their entire discography. Over the course of the night, there were laughs and tears from the stage to the audience, notably halfway through an expansive 28- song set; lead musician Q-Tip stopped to speak to the audience to recall a memory he shared with the late Phife Dawg. Tip began to tear up and, before leaving the stage for a short intermission he announced, heavily, that this would be the collectives’ last show in Denver. Prior, he announced the same thing at their New York and California shows. These shows, perhaps the last few ATCQ would ever do in their career, made the whole experience just a bit more meaningful. Sadly, this may not have been

Courtesy Photo / NY Magazine

their best-performed show of the tour. It was apparent that their age had caught up with them. Here and there, both Q-Tip and Jarobi seemed out of breath and would occasionally miss a lyric or two (Music Editor’s Note: Talib Kweli had the same issue when opening for Pretty Lights, Red Rocks 2013 – elevation is tricky). But what I can say about them is that they were having the time of their lives. ATCQ’s music is famously quirky and goofy: it comes

through during their performance with strong personality and the comical delivery of lyrics. It was a bittersweet experience to hear this legendary hip-hop collective perform songs like, “Can I Kick It,” “Bonita Applebum” and “Buggin’ Out” for the first and last time live. Every track was performed passionately, and with great enthusiasm. And yet, there was clearly and open wound throughout the show left by Phife Dawg. His space on stage was filled by a lone

Non-stop fun in 2017!

Outdoor Shop and Bike Shop Brand New Surly Long Haul Trucker Touring Bikes $40 per week or $10 per day Rent North Face backpacks and sleeping bags Affordable bike repair exclusively for UNM student, faculty, and staff. Custom bike part orders available.

FITNESS Affordable Personal Training Available for students and faculty/staff- Come workout with our certified personal trainers! The Fall “Works” & “Wow” schedule are available for purchase now. Try new classes GRIP, PiYo, Pound, & Zumba Toned!

Intramural Sports Welcome Back Golf Singles Tournament Friday, August 25 North Campus Course. Must present valid UNM Lobo Card. First Tee Time is at 3:00 PM Green Fee TBD Outdoor Kickball Tournament August 30, Show us what you got. Single day event must be pre-registered.

IMPORTANT! Team Representative and Free Agent meetings for: Outdoor Soccer and 3-Player Volleyball Leagues Sunday, August 27 Mandatory Meeting for both league sports Soccer 12:30 B102 Volleyball 1:15 B102 Johnson Center

Gabby Rivera News Reporter @gabbychlamps

Ariel Lutnesky Culture Reporter @ariellutnesky Matt Narvaiz Sports Reporter @Matt_Narvaiz

Colton Newman is a writer and photographer for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at music@dailylobo. com

UNM Recreational Services

Brendon Gray News Reporter @notgraybrendon

Gabriela Garcia-Huff Culture Reporter @thegreen_goblin

microphone, which stood center stage in tribute to the late rapper. The mic would be lit up by a spot light whenever Phife’s voice was heard in a song. To close off ATCQ’s last Denver show, their encore performance consisted of “Award Tour,” “Can I Kick It?” and “We the People…” During the encore, Q-Tip launched himself into the audience and gave a plethora of high-fives and hugs, turning his microphone over to whoever was closest to him so they could shout out a few song lyrics. And once Q-Tip was back on stage to perform “We the People…” he sparked a closing chant of “We the people” and “We are equal.” As A Tribe Called Quest get closer and closer to finishing their brief comeback tour and, in turn, end their story with an incredible last performance, I can only count myself lucky enough to have been able to experience their historic music live and in person.

Non Stop Fun! | 277-0178 Johnson Center 1102

Getaway Adventures Meow Wolf / Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe Day September 10 Windsurf or Paddle Board August 26 or 27 Outdoor Rock Climbing September 9 White Water Kayaking lessons September 14,21,28 Weekend Trip September 30-October 1

Recreational Facilities Swimming Pools, Weight room, 3 Gymnasiums, Dance Room, Fitness Room and Tennis courts! Make Johnson Center your health club! Just come in with your valid Lobo ID and it is free!!!

FALL 2017


New Mexico Daily Lobo

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Journalism and Photography

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Former Lobo signs with Atlanta Falcons By Cameron Goeldner @goeldfinger Former Lobo running back Jhurell Pressley signed to a contract with the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday following an injury and the subsequent release of running back B.J. Daniels, according to the team’s website. Pressley, who was a member of the Falcons practice team last season,

originally signed with the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent following the 2016 NFL Draft. After being released by the Vikings last September, he was claimed on waivers by the Green Bay Packers, but didn’t stick there either. Pressley has never appeared in an NFL regular season game, but showed promise during the preseason. He returned a kickoff for a touchdown while trying to make

the squad for the Vikings. He has speed and agility that make him a threat to reel off big plays, something he did often during his career at UNM. In four years at New Mexico, statistics show that Pressley played in 50 games, rushing for 2,725 yards on just 394 attempts, a healthy average of nearly seven yards per carry. He also caught 18 passes during his tenure with the Lobos, which

was good for 220 yards and one touchdown. In 2014 he lead the NCAA in rushing yards per attempt with 9.5 yards per attempt. The 6.9 yards per attempt he averaged in his career is the best in Mountain West history, per statistics. Pressley is expected to wear 35 for the Falcons, though he is a longshot to make the Falcons 53man roster. The Falcons carried three running backs on their depth

chart last season, but already have plenty of depth behind starter DeVonta Freeman. But Pressley will at least have the opportunity to break through. Cameron Goeldner is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He contributes to baseball, football, basketball and track and field reporting. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @goeldfinger.


Freshmen excel at Cherry vs. Silver game By Aaron Cowan @aaronco With 22 practices under their belt, Lobo players made final pre-season preparations, hosting their Cherry vs. Silver intrasquad exhibition match on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 6 p.m. in Johnson Center. Cherry came out on top, dominating all three sets and racking up scores of 25-17, 25-20 and 25-16. UNM Head Coach Jeff Nelson offered his take on the game saying, “I was actually quite happy with how we played. We have nine new players. I thought they were nervous...They had to step up, and they did.”

Sophomore outside hitter Lauren Twitty echoed Nelson’s views, saying, “Overall I thought the energy and effort was good. I think it was a good chance to get the nerves out of the freshmen and to get them some playing time.” Twitty lead the match statistically with 16 kills, two errors on 28 total attempts and three blocks, giving her a .500 hit percentage. Her teammate, middle hitter Victoria Spragg, came close behind with a .467, including nine kills and five blocks. Other standout players included: Mariessa Carrasco with seven kills and three blocks, Carly Beddingfield with four kills and one block and Hailey Rubino with four kills and three blocking assists.

Leading on Cherry defense, Carson Heilborn delivered 34 assists. Ashley Kelsey contributed 18 digs, while Rubino tallied nine. “It was really fun coming out for the first time and being able to play against the upperclassmen,” Rubino said of her first college game experience. “Our chemistry is really good, and we’ll keep building on that.” The Silver squad contained all freshmen plus volunteer assistant Ricardo Sanchez, while Team Cherry included veterans and most of the likely starters. Team Silver still produced respectable statistics with Nicolette Clark recording seven kills, followed by Yasmin Tan who logged five and Abbey Willison with three. On defense, Sarah Lobo put in

17 assists for Silver. Sanchez and Tan each contributed eight digs, and Kayla Long contributed six. The game started with Cherry taking a lead at 10-3. Silver fought back, closing to within three points at 18-15. However, the Cherry team powered on, winning the first set 25 to 17 at 1:25 of play. Team Silver was more competitive in the next set, tying things up at 8-8, 16, 17 and 18-all. Cherry kept the pressure on and edged ahead to take the set 25-20. The final set, like the second, started with an 8-all tie. But errors on Team Silver and strong responses by Cherry paved the way for a 25-16 win in 19 minutes of play. The team will have the next few days off before heading to

Ames, Iowa at the end of the week to play Nebraska Omaha, Kent State and Iowa State in the Cyclone Invitational on Aug. 25 and 26. Lobos will stay on the road the following week for the Glory Road Invitational, playing UTEP, Youngstown and North Dakota in El Paso, Texas on Sept. 1 and 2. The Lobos will return home Sept. 8 and 9 for the Lobo Classic against UT Arlington, Portland and Northern Colorado in Johnson Center. Visit for a complete schedule. Aaron Cowan is a sports reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at or an Twitter @aaronco.



POPEJOYPRESENTS.COM/SUBSCRIBE or call 505-277-9771 for a brochure. The 50% UNM discount saves the subscriber 50% off regular ticket prices and applies to the first two subscriptions. Extra subscriptions at general public subscription prices. For students, half the subscription is paid from an award by the UNM Student Fee Review Board. Students must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours for the Fall 2017 semester. Student pricing lasts as long as funds are available. For faculty and staff, UNM pays half the subscription as a taxable benefit. To qualify for the benefit, you must be employed and paid by UNM with at least 0.5 FTE as of September 1, 2017. UNM DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 5, 2017

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b bo o /DailyLo DailyLo ailyLob @Puzzle @DCrossword Los Angeles Times Daily


Where Were They Then? (Level 2) By Eddie Wyckoff

White to move and mate in 3. From Gregory Kaidanov vs. Viswanathan Anand, Moscow 1987. In this game, Anand was about 17 years old, and not yet a GM. He would go on to win the FIDE World Championship in 2000, and was the undisputed World Champion from 2007-2013. Anand’s opponent, Kaidanov, was about 27. Both players earned their GM titles the following year. Kaidanov went on to win the US and World Open tournaments in 1992, and is today a prominent coach. Hint: not 1.Qh8+. Solution to last puzzle: 1.Qc5+ Nxc5 2.Kc4+ Bxd2 3.Bxg3+ Bf4 4.Bxf4# Want to learn how to read this? Visit Suggestions? Comments?


Level 1 2 3 4 August 14th issue puzzle solved

ACROSS 1 Feathered Nile wader 5 Tropical hardwoods 10 Title of respect 14 Have a flat? 15 Barbera’s partner in cartoons 16 Sea eagle 17 Designer Schiaparelli 18 Moving 19 Journalist Jacob 20 Sustained nuclear chain reaction requirement 23 Room where you may have to stoop 26 One working with dough 27 Really botch things 31 Port and claret 32 __-Magnon 33 The Cowboys of the NCAA’s Big 12 34 __ one’s time: waited 35 Haphazard 38 Tires (out) 40 Give in to the munchies 41 __ green 44 Emmy nominee Fischer of “The Office” 45 Edible seaweed 48 1992 Disney film featuring a magic lamp 50 Wild West brothers 51 A breeze to use, in adspeak 55 Moscow news acronym 56 Retired racehorses, often 57 Thames museum 61 35-Down house 62 “I give!” 63 Ticklish Muppet 64 Inexact figs. 65 “My heavens!” 66 Prince’s “Purple __” DOWN 1 Intense anger

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

8/21/17 8/16/17 August 14th issue puzzle solved Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

By Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette

2 __ Paese: Italian cheese 3 GEICO product: Abbr. 4 One of Barbie’s siblings 5 Pad __ 6 Right direction? 7 Opposed 8 Madison Square Garden hoopsters 9 Clear wrap 10 Mythological swimmers 11 Daughter of King Minos 12 Liqueur flavoring 13 Mr. and Mr. 21 HDTV maker 22 Explorer with Clark 23 “Preacher” network 24 Black goo 25 Ref’s ruling 28 Zingers 29 That, in Tegucigalpa 30 More definite 34 Information units 35 Tegucigalpa’s country 36 Tablets that can’t be swallowed

©2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

37 __ tai 38 Jai alai balls 39 Observing Ramadan, say 41 __ favor 42 Sixth sense letters 43 Stubborn beast 44 Muppet who plays lead guitar in The Electric Mayhem 45 Baseball division

8/21/17 8/16/17

46 Blokes 47 Become an expert in 49 Point of contention 52 Killer whale 53 Blend 54 Doesn’t allow to rust 58 Mobile’s st. 59 “Enough gory details, thanks” 60 Ages and ages

Lobo LifeMonday-Wednesday, campus calendar of events August 21-23, 2017 Current Exhibits A New Deal at UNM: Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00am5:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00am– 7:00m Saturday: 12:00–4:00pm Zimmerman Library, Waters Room 105, Center for Southwest Research The exhibit focuses on UNM’s involvement in New Deal programming, as both a recipient of funds and as a location for New Deal- related offices and programs. It Was Then 10:00am-4:00pm Wednesday and Friday CFA Downtown Photography exhibition by UNM Fine Arts student, Rachel Donovan. Long Environmentalism In The Near North Tuesday- Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm, Saturday: 10:00am - 8:00pm UNM Art Museum Subhankar Banerjee presents a selection of his photographs, writing, lectures, interviews and other activist initiatives over the past sixteen years that contribute to the long environmentalism in Arctic North America. Entering Standing Rock Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology The exhibition features photographs, posters, film, music, news reporting and other works by artists, journalists and activists who have supported or participated in DAPL protests. La Frontera y Nuevo México: The Border and New Mexico Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

La Frontera examines border and immigration policies and realities from an anthropological perspective. No Hate, No Fear: Responses to the Presidential Ban on Refugees and Immigrants Exhibition Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology This exhibition features both musical instruments from the countries singled out in the original travel ban and coverage of the protests at airports against the ban. What The Color Blue Sounds Like Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00am4:00pm Richard Levy Gallery What The Color Blue Sounds Like, is a sculptural installation made from wood, metal, and paint by Mick Burson. Originally from Waco, TX, Burson is currently in the master’s degree program in studio art at the University of New Mexico. Reurpose/Revision/Reconstruction Exhibition Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm Richard Levy Gallery This exhibition presents works by Albuquerque sculptor/architect Bruce Warren Davis and multidisciplinary artist and UNM professor, Mary Tsiongas. 66 Mile Radius: Three New Mexico Artists at Tamarind Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm Tamarind Institute The 66 Mile Radius includes a series of collaborations at Tamarind with three New Mexico artists, Nina Elder, Judy Tuwaletstiwa, and Tom Miller, who all live and work within a 66-mile radius, and each representing a unique response to New Mexico history, landscape, and culture.

True Self Project Monday - Saturday, 10am-5pm Domenici Center West and Auditorium lobbies Everyone knows what True Self means when Ghandi says, “Be True Self.” This exhibition explores this notion.

Monday Campus Events



Campus Events

Campus Events

Rapid HIV Testing 10:00am-2:00pm LGBTQ Resource Center Free and anonymous HIV testing through the New Mexico Department of Health. Results are available twenty minutes after the test.

Welcome Back Days - UNM Departmental and Programs Day 10:00am-2:00pm Duck Pond President Abdullah serves ice cream on the first day of school. Stop by the Duck Pond to get great information from campus departments, programs/colleges with live entertainment from Noon to 1pm.

Welcome Back Days - Safety, Health and Wellness Day 10:00am-2:00pm Duck Pond Booths from the Safety, Health, Wellness and Recreation departments will be at the Duck Pond. Live Music from Noon - 1 p.m.

Lectures & Readings

Mid Week Movie Series - Showtimes for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 8:00-10:00pm SUB Theater Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders.

Cancer Control Work in Progress Series 11:00am-12:00pm Cancer Research Facility, Room G-25 Andrew L. Sussman, UNM, presents.

Meetings Survivors Writing Together 2:30-4:00pm UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Room 1048 A journaling support group for individuals who have a current and/or past cancer diagnosis.

To submit a calendar listing, email

Theater & Film

Student Groups & Gov’t Out Womyn Meeting 4:00-5:00pm LGBTQ Resource Center

Lectures & Readings “What is the University For?” 12:30-1:45pm Zimmerman Library, Waters Room

Meditation 9:00-10:00am WRC Group Room Welcome Back Days - Campus Communities Day 10:00am-2:00pm Duck Pond Information about all of the Cultural, LGBTQ and Women’s programs and departments at UNM. Look for UNM museums, student art displays and performing arts information as well. Green Chile Stew will be available. Red Rally Aggie Build 4:00-7:00pm 1855 Sigma Chi Road NE Help ASUNM Lobo Spirit build the Aggie for Red Rally.

Student Groups & Gov’t Salud Toastmasters Club 12:00-1:00pm Domenici West, Room B-116 Network with others from HSC and the rest of UNM to improve your communication and leadership skills.

Theater & Film Mid Week Movie Series - Showtimes for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 4:00-6:00pm and 7:00-9:00pm SUB Theater Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders.

Preview events on the Daily Lobo Mobile app or 505-277-5656

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149 MAnzAno st NE #B Albuquerque,


Tuesday, Professionals Sept. 5, 2017 Security Security Security Hiring Event veterinAry AssistAnt/ 10:00 AMreCePtion‑ to 6:00 PM Professionals Hiring Event

Multiple Units Available for Immediate Move In!

1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, real estate consultant: 243‑2229.




dent preferred. Ponderosa Clinic: 881-8990/ 881‑8551.

10:00 AM toTuesday, 6:00 Tuesday, Sept.PM 5, 2017 Sept. 5, 2017 Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 10:00 AM to 6:00 10:00 toPM 6:00 PM 10:00 AM toAM 6:00 PM

ing! We have over 25 positions to fill quickly! Join us for our job fair August 17th from 12pm-2pm. Can’t make the job fair or have questions? Apply online today apply or call Jennifer 505‑349‑8033.


Coronado Center (Security Office)

Audio & Video Bikes & Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

Apply at event and interview

substitutes needed. worKing with

CustoM soFtwAre develoPMent!

We can create or modify software for you! C++, Python, Java, or web software running on Php, Drupal or Wordpress. 575‑779‑6660.

For Sale

dorM sized 505‑263‑8827.



660018Menaul Albuquerque, NM 87110 children ages mos. Blvd - 8thNE, grade. on the spot Coronado Center (Security Office) Must be available at least two days a Coronado Center (Security Office) Apply at event and interview Coronado Center (Security Office) Coronado Center (Security Office) 6600 Blvdmeet NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Apply event Apply atatevent andinterview interview week either 8:30-3:30, or Menaul 3-6. must Pay orand Qualified candidates these minimum requirements Coronado Center (Security Office) 6600 Albuquerque, Menaul BlvdBlvd NE, NM Albuquerque, NM 87110 NM 87110 Menaul NE,87110 Albuquerque, 6600 Menaul Blvd6600 NE, onApply the spot Apply at event and on spot Center (Security Office) atspot event and interview DOE. Please email resume Coronado to onApply thethe 6600accommodation Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110to any (candidates needing an with respect at event and interview interview on the spot or on the spot or Qualifi ed candidates must theseApply 6600 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NMthese 87110 Qualified candidates must meet minimummeet requirements Qualified candidates must meet these minimum requirements online ahead of time on the spot or Qualified candidates must meet minimum requirements of these requirements may speak with athese Regional Human (candidates needing an accommodation with respect needing to any minimum requirements (candidates (candidates needing an accommodation with respect to any orahead of time Qualified candidates must meet these minimum requirements Apply online PAid internshiP: editoriAl Assis(candidates needing an accommodation with respect to anyHuman toApply expedite your interview of these requirements may speak with arequirements Regional or Qualified candidates must meet these minimum online ahead of an accommodation with respect any of Apply Resources Manager by contacting our local branch office). to expedite interview (candidates needing an accommodation with toto any onlineyour ahead of time time of these requirements may speak with a Regional Human tant. Professor seeks student editoResources Manager bywith contacting our respect local branch office). offorthese requirements may a Regional Human (candidates needing anspeak accommodation with respect to any Apply online ahead of time Apply online ahead attoto arrival! these requirements may with a Regional expedite your interview at arrival! of these requirements mayour speak with aspeak Regional Human rial and publishingResources assistance. expedite your interview Apply online ahead of time Manager by contacting local branch office). Resources Manager by contacting our local office). of these requirements may speak with abranch Regional Human our to expedite your interview • High school diploma or equivalent of time to expedite your Human Resources Manager by contacting Resources Manager by contacting our local branch office). • Highoffice school diploma or equivalent atatto arrival! Friendly, informal in North Valexpedite your interview arrival! Resources •Manager by contacting our local branch office). Be branch 18 years old (21ce). for driving positions) at arrival! at AT: arrival! local offi APPLY ley. Must have reli• High school diploma orpositions) equivalent at interview arrival! • be High diploma or equivalent • Betransportation, 18 years old (21 for driving • Pass employment background check & drug/alcohol test • school High school diploma or equivalent able, and detail-oriented.• Long-term po• years High(21 school diploma ordiploma equivalent Be• 18Beyears old for driving positions) • Maintain current active status of required license at all 18 old (21 for driving positions) • High school or equivalent •background Be 18 years old (21 for&driving positions) test • Pass employment check APPLY AT: APPLY AT: sition through summer 2018, flexible • Be 18 years old and (21must for drug/alcohol driving positions) APPLY carry atfor all whenpositions) ontest duty •background Betimes 18 years old (21&check driving • Pass employment check drug/alcohol • Pass background check &times drug/alcohol test APPLY AT: AT: • employment Pass employment background & drug/alcohol test hours • Pass employment background check & all drug/alcohol • (8-12/week). Maintain current Email active status required license at • of Strong customer service & communications skillstest • current Pass employment or for more information • Maintain current active status of required license at at allall& drug/ • Maintain active status ofstatus required license at check all • current Maintain active ofbackground required license with • current Computer skillsstatus to use of therequired latest technology • Maintain active license tools at allat times and must carry at all times when on duty alcohol test times and must carry all times when on duty and must carry at allattimes when on duty resumè anreferences. timestimes and must carry all times on duty client sites times and at must carry atwhen all times when on duty • •Maintain current active status of required license at • Strong customer communications skills Dress code for&event -skills Business • Strong customer service &service communications • Strong service & communications skills • Strong customer &service communications skills • customer Strong customer service & communications skills ormore for more information now hiring bArtenders! Hacienda or for information for more information ororor for more information for more or for moreinformation information allskills times and must carry at alltools times when on duty Computer toto use the latest technology tools • the Computer skills toskills use the latest technology at at •skills Computer use the latest technology tools at • skills Computer tolatest use the latest technology tools at Del Rio is • hiring bartenders for NM Computer to •use the technology tools at • Strong customer communications skills E O E / M i n o r i t i e s / F e m a l e s / Ve t / Benefitsservice for full time& positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, client sites FULL TIME & client State Fair. Experience is not required. client sites Disability: Allied Universal Services sites sites Company Paid Life Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, Recognition TIME client sites client • PART Computer to use theTraining latest technology • • Dress code forfor event - skills Business is an Equal Opportunity Employer & Reward Programs, & Career Development Programs, Call 505-835-1975 for details• orDress apply Dress code - Business code for event -event Business • Dress code event - Business committed to hiring a diverse Employee Assistance Programs, Company Discounts & Perks tools at client sites • Dress code for event -for Business online at workforce Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon)

Tuesday, Sept. 2017Office) Coronado Center5, (Security 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

For Sale


Professionals Animal Sept. Tuesday, 5, 2017 Hiring Event Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 Hiring Event Hiring Event 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM sherAton AbQ uPtown Hotel is hirist/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary stu-

Professionals Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Hiring Event Contact us today to schedule a showing. Email or call 505-924-7059 ext 302... or 505‑589‑6615 to set up an appointment. (No walk-ins please!)

Apartments Condos Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Office Space Rooms for Rent Sublets

For sAle: used old piano. Selling it for only $35. CAll 268‑5782.

two‑drAwer wood filing cabinets. CoMPletely reModeled, lArge $45. 505‑263‑8827. 6600 Menaul Blvd NE, Legal. Albuquerque, NM 87110


Apply at event and interview on the spot

1BDRM apartment at 1210 Dr. Martin Luther King NE, 87106. Hardwood Garage Sales orBenefits •&Dress code for event - Business floors, open Qualified floor plan, offcandidates street park- must meet these minimum requirements EEOOEE/ /MMiinnoorriittiieess//FFeem a l eess//Ve tt// forfor full time Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIME Benefits timepositions: positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIME & Company Avon sAles rePs‑ Work PT selling EDisability: O E / M i n Allied o r i t i eUniversal s / F emmaalServices l e sVe / Ve t/ Benefits for full Paid timefull positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIME &Benefits Life Insurance, 401k Retirement Recognition new thriFt store! My Secret Trunk: ing, pets negotiable. $650/mo +utiliPART Disability: Company Paid Life Insurance, 401k RetirementPlan, Plan, Recognition EO E / M i n oAllied rAllied i t i e sUniversal / F e m a Services l eServices s / Ve t / for full timeLife positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, TIME &PARTTIME TIME (candidates needing an accommodation with respect to any Disability: Universal Company Paid Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, Recognition Make Up! Start up kitsFULL startPART at $25. is an Equal Opportunity Employer EOE/Minorities/Females/ & Reward Programs, Training & Career Development Programs, TIME Benefi ts for full Retirement time&positions: Medical/Dental/Vision/Insurance, is/ M aniEqual Opportunity Employer &Life Reward Programs, Training CareerPlan, Development Programs, we’re on Facebook. 4531 isleta blvd. ties. Call 505‑377‑7630. Disability: Allied Universal Services Company Paid Insurance, 401k Recognition E O E n o r i t i e s / F e m a l e s / Ve t / Benefits for full time positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIME & iscommitted an Equal Opportunity & Reward Programs, Training & Career Development Programs, to aa Employer diverse TIME & Employee Assistance Programs, Company &&Plan, Perks Vet/Disability: You can earn 40% PART commission FULL TIME & Company Paid Life Insurance, 401kDiscounts Retirement Recognition committed to hiring hiring Allied diverse Employee Assistance Programs, Company Discounts Perks iscommitted an Equal Opportunity & Reward Programs, Training & Career Development Programs, Menaul NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 Disability: Allied Universal Services Company Paid Life Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, workforce Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon) of these requirementssw.may6600 speak with Blvd a Regional Human to Services hiring aEmployer Employee Assistance Programs, Company Discounts & Perks Programs, Universal is diverse workforce Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon) & Reward Programs, Training &Recognition Career Development TIME PART TIME $1,000 withPART the Kick Start Bonus. Go Employee reModeled, 1bdrM 1bA apartment. 4 committed to hiring a diverse Assistance Programs, Company Discounts & Perks workforce Programs*, Tuition (comingPrograms, soon) Discounts & Perks an Equal OpportunityEmployer is an Equal Opportunity & Reward Programs, Training & Reimbursement* Career Development Employee Assistance Programs, Company State License Number Enter Reference Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* workforce (coming Statesoon) License Number Employer blocks from Resources UNM at 1225 Manager 1/2 Tijeras by contacting our local branchtooffice). Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* committed to committed hiring a todiverse Employee Assistance Programs, Company Discounts &(coming Perkssoon) Photo State License Number Code: Dsanchez2240 hiring a diverse workforce NE. $550/mo INCLUDES utilites. AC, workforce Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon) State License Number State License Number Qualified candidates must meet these minimum requirements 2834 wood floors, off street parking. Call Art or engineering student needed dAvidMArtinezPhotogrAPhy.CoM • High school diploma or equivalent State License Number (candidates needing an to accommodation withlandscaprespect to any help injured artist repair 505‑377‑7630. ing, house, and sculpture. Located 20 • Be 18 years old (21 for driving positions) of Child these requirements may withMusta have Regional CoMPletely reModeled studio Care minutesspeak from UNM. trans- Human apartment. Four blocks to UNM at portation. • Pass employment background checkManager & drug/alcohol test 505‑897‑1538. Resources by contacting our local branch office). ChildCAre now hiring FT/ PT posi1210 Martin Luther King Jr. NE. Hardgood • Maintain status Call of required all Fit with student schedules! PT tions available. 298‑7547. license at wood floors, off street current parking. active staff needed to assist with homework $495/mo +utilities. Call 505‑377‑7630. •all times High when schoolondiploma andequivalent facilitate activities, games and times and must carry at Jobs duty or Off Campus sports in after school programs, Free unM PArKing, large, clean. • Be 18 years old (21 for driving •$540/mo. Strong No customer service & communications skills $11/hr. NE, positions) NW & University loca1BDRM. pets. information Apply at or for more • latest Passtechnology employment background check &online drug/alcohol test 505‑850‑9749. • Computer skills to use the tools attions. FOR MORE 2bdrM APArtMent, • Maintain current active status of required license at all INFORMATION clientwAlK sitesto UNM/ looKing For A tutor for a junior in CNM. $775/mo w/utilities, move-in Needs helpon withduty Algebra times and must carry high at allschool. times when • SE. Dress code for event - Business cial. 313 Girard 505‑246‑2038. II and sometimes w/ other subjects. Evenings Mon-Thu & Sundays. skills Hourly • Strong customer service & communications or forthese more minimum information requirements Qualified candidates must meet pay. Starts immediately. Duplexes • Computer skills to use the latest technology tools ati n o r i(candidates EOE/M t i e s / F e m a l eneeding s / Ve t / an accommodation with respect to any Benefits for full time positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIME &

SECURITY Coronado Center (Security Office)

State License Number

Apply online ahead of time Apply at event and interview to expedite your interview on the spot at arrival! or

Employment Child Care Jobs Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Internships Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

Apply online ahead of time to expedite your interview at arrival!


Security Professionals Needed

Coronado Center (Security Office)

Services Abortion And Counseling Services.

Caring and confidential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Southwestern Women’s Options. 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 505‑242‑7512. ?bACKPACK busted? ABQ Luggage

& Zipper Repair. 136 Washington SE Suite G. 505‑256‑7220. AbQrePAir. CoM PAPer due? ForMer UNM instructor,

Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254‑9615. MasterCard/ VISA.

MAtheMAtiCs, stAtistiCs tutor.

Billy Brown PhD. College and HS. 505-401-8139,

Health & Wellness

APPLY AT: Apply at event and interview APPLY AT on the spot

6600 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110


or Qualified candidates must meet these minimum requirements OPENINGS AVAILABLE StartingInsurance, at $9.50/hour (candidates needing an accommodation with Plan, respect to any Disability: Allied Universal Services Company Paid Life 401k Retirement Recognition of these requirements may speak with a Regional Human client sites PART TIME neAr nob hill. Large 1BDRM; hardJobs On Campus is an Equal Opportunity Cashier/Bussing Positions Apply online ahead time Employer & Reward Programs, Training & Career Development Programs, Resources Manager by contacting our local of branch office). wood floors, updated kitchen and bathof these requirements may speak a Regional Human committed to hiring a diverse Day, Night, Weekends. • Dress codewith forCompany event - Discounts Business& Perks Employee Assistance Programs, room, W/D, yard, off-street parking. is FAshion, MusiC or dance your Food Discounts and Benefits to expedite your interview workforce Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon) $650/mo. +dd. 505‑934‑4331. • High school diploma or equivalent thing? Do you findoffice). yourself at local art work around yourour schedule. Resources ManagerPrograms*, byWill contacting local branch shows or festivals? Would you like to Houses For Rent

at arrival!

• Be 18 years old (21 for driving positions) State Licensegive Apply in person makeup, movie or food reviews? E O E / M icheck n o r i t&i edrug/alcohol s / F e m a l e s /test Ve t / Benefits forNumber full time positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, FULL TIMEafter & 2pm. • Pass employment background Want to get paid for it? You might Disability: Allied Universal Services Company Paid Life Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, Recognition 2400 Central SE • Maintain current active status of required license at all times and PART TIME want to apply to be a culture reporter. is an & RewardSelect Programs, Training & Career Development “freelance reporter” on hr.unm.mustPrograms, carry at all times when on Equal duty Opportunity Employer edu/unmjobs be sure toCompany make a Discounts to hiring Employee Assistanceand Programs, & customer Perks servicecommitted • Strong & communications skillsa diverse wAnted young FeMAle student for noteTuition that you’re interested in culture. workforce Reimbursement* (coming soon) part-time nanny/ mentor/ role Programs*, model/ • Computer skills to use the latest technology tools at client sites Contact or

•unM north HighCAMPus. school diploma or equivalent Lomas/ Girard, 4BDRM, 2BA, hardwood floors, FP, •W/D, $1400/mo.719‑231‑0527. Be 18 years old (21 for driving positions) 3 bloCKs to UNM 3BDRM, 1BA companion for 20 year old female for de•House.Pass employment Hardwood floors, W/D, DW, background twins (special needs).check Knowledge&of drug/alcohol test tails. fireplace, private yard + parking $1,410sign language helpful. Send letter of interest tostatus Eddie Ray of at Po boX 3176 •/mo. 505‑296‑2326. Maintain current active required license at all Want to interlove lobo sPorts? Albuquerque, nM 87190 view coaches, players, team man3 bloCKs to UNM 3BDRM, 1BA and alumni? Want to get paid beePs helP wanted. Experi-on agers times and carry at retAil all times when duty House. Hardwood floors,must W/D, DW, for it? You might want to apply to be a ence preferred. Permanent position. fireplace, private yard + parking $1,410sports reporter. Select “freelance reFriendly, helpful, reliable people apply •/mo. 505‑296‑2326. Strong customer service & communications skills porter” on and be in person only. No phone calls! 3500 sure to make a note that you’re internob hill house for rent: light and Cental Ave se. ested in sports. sports@daily •bright.Computer skillsfloors. to use the latest technology tools ator Contacteditorinchief@ 2BDRM, 1BA. Hardwood Looking to hire? Tap into UNM’s hardLarge backyard. Dishwasher. Washer. for details. student population and adverGas range. Walk-in-closet. client sites $1000/mo working tise with the Daily Lobo! Call 277‑5656. +dd. 505‑400‑8871. •CArlisle DressAndcode for event - Business Constitution.


State License Number

AlbuQuerQue insight MeditAtion

Center offers various days and times for meditation, dharma talks and discussions in the Vipassana Buddhist tradition. All levels of experience are welcome. Meditation guidance is offered for new attendees. See

struggling? oFFering strength‑

based, problem-focused, holistic, experienced therapy. UNM area. Most Insurances. Sliding scale. Jay Glickman LPCC. 505‑585‑2601.

Apartments studios w/ Free utilities. 1 block

from UNM. 1515 Copper NE. $485525/mo. 246-2038 (Call between 9am6pm only). www.kachina‑

FroM $475/Mo +utilities. 2BDRM from $550/mo +utilities. No pets. 3425 Smith SE. Tony Olmi 924‑1031. 1bdrM

bloCK to unM. Large, clean, quite.

1BDRM. Starting $610/mo and 2BDRM starting $765/mo. No pets. 505‑255‑2685/ 505-268-0525.

$500/Mo. studio APArtMent. All bills


studio APArtMent, w/d, off street

parking. $575/mo, $500dd. 310 Stanford SE, 505‑362‑0837.

to unM. 1 and 2BDRMs. $600-$750/mo +gas/ electric. NS. Pets negotiable. Academy Property Management: call/ text Cathy 505‑362‑7774. wAlK

Pt AssistAnCe For a disabled individual: consulting, driving, and some travel. $10-20/hr. UNM students only. Nobhill. arthurtackman@gmail. com. Call/ text 505-450-5111.

Ask how you can get 2 weeks free rent! Discounts available for students, medical residents, UNMH employees, UNM employees, UNM faculty, UNM alumni and UNM retirees - inquire for more information.



Computer Stuff

Security Professionals Security Hiring Event Professionals Security Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 Event 10:00 AM to 6:00Hiring PM

Announcements Auditions Fun, Food, Music Garage Sales Health & Wellness Legal Notices Looking for You Lost and Found Services Travel Want to Buy Your Space


Security Professionals Security Hiring Event Security

NM 87108. 2BDRM, 1BA 800sqft, $695/mo **2 WEEKS FREE MOVE IN SPECIAL** Lovely apartment complex centrally located near Nob Hill and UNM. Ready for immediate move in! 3 on site laundry facilities. Water, sewer and trash paid by landlord; tenant pays electric and gas. Ask about our pet policy!


paid. 5 Blocks 505‑750‑1169.


FULL TIME & PART TIME Benefits for full time positions: Medical/Dental/ EOE/Minorities/ Vision/Insurance, Company Paid Life Insurance, Females/Vet/Disability: 401k Retirement Plan, Recognition & Reward Allied Universal Services or for more information Programs, Training & Career Development is an Equal Opportunity Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, Employer committed Company Discounts & Perks Programs*, Tuition to hiring a diverse Reimbursement* (coming soon) workforce

3BDRM, 2BA, wood floors, fireplace. W/D. NP. $1050/mo + first/ last dd. 505‑507‑7892.

FULLRooms TIMEFor&Rent Benefits for full time positions: Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, Company Paid Life Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, Recognition PART TIME looKing For new roommate. School

& Reward Programs, Training & Career Development Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, Company Discounts & Perks Programs*, Tuition Reimbursement* (coming soon) With sMAll bAseMent Furnished Room. Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico QUIET MALE STUDENT only. Shared

oriented! $600/mo utilities included. House near Carlsile/ Indian School. Call/ text 505‑850‑4057.

kitchen/ BA. Across from $340/mo. 505‑243‑0553.


FeMAle rooMMAte wAnted to share 3BDRM house with 2 other females. UNM student preferred. Near uptown with easy access to UNM. $400dd, $400 rent +utilities Call Melissa 505‑269‑1508. 1bdrM For rent in newly remodeled

2BDRM townhouse with PhD student. 3 miles from campus in old town. Female responsible student only. ND/ NS. $525/mo rent. $250dd. Furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid, including wifi. Refrigerated air, solar heat. Hot tub available. Good storage, full private BA. Call/ text: 505‑975‑6528.

State License Number


The Daily Lobo is digital first! E O E / M i n o r i t i e s / F e m a l e s / Ve t / Disability: Allied Universal Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce

If your words could heal, would you speak up?State If yourLicense presenceNumber could provide comfort, would you participate? Our volunteer advocates provide support, advocacy, and crisis intervention for people affected by sexual violence through the 24-hour crisis hotline. We’re dedicated to healing. Advocating for your rights. Educating for change. Help make a difference in our community. Be a Rape Crisis Center Volunteer.







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