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UNM strives to simplify rape reporting process By Jonathan Baca

The University is taking steps to simplify the resources and reporting process for sexual assault victims on campus, in response to an internal assessment that found the process confusing.

UNM’s Sexual Assault and Awareness Task Force is working with the Provost’s office and Dean of Students office on “coordinating and streamlining the University’s efforts to combat sexual violence on campus,” according to a press release. “There are too many options, too

many places to go, too many people,” said UNM President Bob Frank. “You get good help at all those places, but they don’t always lead to the same channels, and it can lead to problems for both victims and people who get accused of being involved in these kinds of events. We’re working on

it, and we hope to have significant progress here in the near future.” Adding to UNM’s comprehensive response to sexual assault, called LoboRESPECT, Dean of Students Tomas Aguirre is leading efforts to implement a new model called CARE — Compliance, Advocacy,

mile (4:50.22) and the 800-meter race (2:11.52). Junior Sophie Connor earned third in the mile with a time of 4:52.64, and senior Tamara Armoush was fourth (4:53.05). Silva said the wins were that much more satisfying after having dealt with numerous leg injuries throughout her career at UNM. “It’s honestly extremely rewarding to be able to accomplish this in what is my last season,” Silva said. “I’ve been competing for quite some time, and I’ve dealt with so many injuries in the past. Just to be able to contribute points and be a part of this is so amazing.” The Lobos almost had two athletes win multiple championships, but Van Grinsven came up short in the 60-meter hurdles, losing by just .03 seconds to San Diego State’s Micha Auzenne (8.21). Van Grinsven rebounded by winning

the 400-meter dash, clocking in at 54.69. However, the final results were delayed for about an hour because Van Grinsven and another runner bumped during the final turn, forcing a review of what happened. “That happens a lot of the time when you do a cut in. It just gets a little messy sometimes,” Van Grinsven said. “Sometimes you have some pushing and shoving, so I wasn’t about to get pushed around. I gave a little back, which caused a little bit of controversy.” The other two individual winners for the women were redshirt freshman distance runner Alice Wright in the 5,000 meters (16:31.85) and senior sprinter/jumper Aasha Marler in the triple jump (12.84 meters). The team composed of redshirt senior Nicola Hood, sophomore Kelsi Lewis, junior Emily Hosker-Thornhill and senior

(top) New Mexico freshman Daniel Lam competes in the pole vault event. Daniel Lam took fourth place in the heptathlon on Saturday at the Albuquerque Convention Center. (bottom) Cheyne Dorsey, Yannick Roggatz, Ridge Jones, Allan Hamilton, and Scott Bajere celebrates the team’s first place win. The Lobo men won the Mountain West Indoor Championship with a final score of 160 points.

Response and Education. “This group represents almost 50 different units from around campus and even off campus, with abo`ut 80 people total taking part,” Aguirre said in the release. “It’s a big undertaking and a tough issue to tackle.”


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Track and Field

Men and women seize the MWC Both teams outpace the competition for second-straight sweep of conference By Thomas Romero-Salas The New Mexico men’s and women’s track and field teams maintained their dominance of the Mountain West Conference this weekend, sweeping the indoor conference titles for the second consecutive year. The men held off Colorado State on Saturday to win the team’s third straight MW championship. The Lobos finished with 160 points, while the Rams had 140 for second place. For the women, the road to a repeat was much easier, as they won the meet by 53 points (149- 96) over runner-up CSU. “It just means the world to all of us, especially having it at home,” junior sprinter Holly Van Grinsven said. “It just makes it so much worth it because all your family and friends came to see all the hard work you put in. That’s most rewarding because you put so much time and energy, sweat and tears into this track, and to win it on this track is an incredible feeling.” As a team, the women had four individuals and one relay team claim gold over the three-day meet. Redshirt senior distance runner Sammy Silva was the only woman to claim two titles, as she won the


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Di Linh Hoang / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Statistics prof. promotes contra as positive pastime By Matthew Reisen

Many know New Mexico for its unique culture, but one UNM professor is trying to generate local popularity for a certain dance with an English flair. Erik Erhardt, president of FolkMADS and a professor of statistics, said contra dances have been held in the SUB since September and will continue into the foreseeable future.

Contra dance is an American folk dance that has evolved from English country-dance, like those typically seen in “Pride and Prejudice”-style movies, he said. Newcomers are highly encouraged, with lessons for beginners starting at 7 p.m. and the actual dance running from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., he said. FolkMADS is a folk music and dance society that has been in New Mexico for about 30 years, he said. Erhardt has been involved with

FolkMADS and contra dance for eight years, serving on the board of directors numerous times before becoming president of the organization, he said. “We’re very welcoming to beginners. You don’t really need to know anything other than how to walk and hold hands,” he said. “If we can get people exposed to contra dance here, we believe that they are going to love it and that we’ll soon grow very quickly”

The dance is performed in two long lines, hence the word “contra” or “across” in the name, Erhardt said. There are three main components of a contra dance: the live band, the caller and the dancers. The band usually plays old time, “fast, energetic fiddle and banjo” music. “The caller serves as the interface between the band and getting the music and rhythm to the dancers’ feet,” Erhardt said. The job is “usually done by an already experienced

contra dancer who is familiar with the methodology.” Erhardt, an experienced caller himself, started a “Callers Collective” last year. The group allows burgeoning contra dancers to learn how to call and even compose dances during the events, he said. Emily Ruch, vice president at FolkMADS and a caller in training herself, has been involved with FolkMADS for about a year. She


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Monday, March 2, 2015

On the Street By Moriah Carty / @MoriahCarty

Do you think racism is still a problem? Julie Kim

Emmanuel Sanchez

junior biology

junior marketing

“Not particularly here. I am from New Jersey, but I see some of that there. People do not appreciate other cultures, I guess, and they think they are the best.”

“Yes, because people aren’t used to what’s different. Not everyone likes what is different.”

Israel Milla freshman chemical engineering “Yeah, I do. Not only is it a problem here in the United States, it is everywhere around the world because we are always fighting. It is the things we do. Not only here in the United States with the border and stuff, but also — I am not only talking about South America, I am talking about other countries in the world. Racism sets a prejudice. People think that Muslim people are terrorists. That is also why I think racism is a problem: because it sets a standard.”

Volume 119 Issue 113 Editorial Staff

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“Of course it is, because it’s all over the world. I mean, there will always be a problem. Racism is always going to be around. You can see that we are still sort of fighting (against) it: there are groups that set up events, meetings to talk about it. Yeah, I think there is still a problem — we can always be there to fight against it, to help out.”

“Honestly, I myself have not seen racism personally. For me I am undecided. If I went off of my own experiences, I would say no. But my friends — I have many friends who are not white and they tell me it is still a problem. There are many recourses (for racism), so I feel like it would be very hard for an employer to practice racism. In everyday life it seems it would be easy to defeat racism.”

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Congratulate last week’s

Lobo Winners! Baseball

defeated Air Force 15-5 and San Francisco 4-3

Women’s Basketball

defeated Boise St. 63-50 and Fresno St. 63-60


won the women’s freestyle and women’s classical at the NCAA West Regional/RMISA Championships and the women’s freestyle, women’s classical and women’s giant slalom in the Seawolf Invitational

Men’s Tennis

defeated Pacific 5-1 and Cal Poly 4-0

Women’s Tennis defeated Utah 4-3

Track & Field

won men’s and women’s Mountain West Indoor Championships, winning the men’s 3000, men’s 5000, men’s 60, men’s mile, men’s high jump, men’s long jump, men’s triple jump, women’s 800, women’s mile, women’s 5000, women’s 400, women’s distance medley relay, and women’s triple jump

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monday, march 2, 2015 / Page 3


Each part of the CARE model will be led by different departments and members of the Sexual Misconduct and Assault Response Team, or SMART. Heather Cowan, manager for the Office of Equal Opportunity, will head up the compliance aspects, which include University rules and regulations relating to sexual assault, as well as Title IX and some Cleary Act compliance standards, according to the release. The advocacy side, which deals with the support and advocacy for victims, as well as training and outreach, will be lead by Summer Little, director of the Women’s Resource Center. The SMART team will also fall under the umbrella of Advocacy. UNMPD will lead the charge on the response aspect, with Police Chief Kevin McCabe overseeing



from page

the reporting, police response and investigations of sexual assault cases, according to the release. The education group will have two leaders: Employee and Organizational Development manager Deb Howard and Debbie Morris, director of Student Activities. Aguirre said this new model is an outgrowth of several existing committees and groups, like the CommUNITY Council, The Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence and the Hazing Work Group. These groups will continue to work on the issues, he said. “None of these previous efforts has disappeared,” Aguirre said. “They have simply evolved into this current, more comprehensive model.” In addition to the CARE model, Aguirre has also helped to create the LoboRESPECT Student Team, which

will be solely comprised of students and will help with education through the creation of pamphlets and social media campaigns. Both the undergraduate and graduate student governments are already involved with LoboRESPECT, so this group will be solely for students not involved with ASUNM or GPSA, the release stated. “The student group will help reach students by creating resources such as campaigns and brochures that they directly relate to,” said Leonel Diaz, contact person for the group. “We’ll be putting together a peer education network, as well.” Dianne Anderson, director of communications for UNM, said student involvement in creating educational material is important, because it will lead to more authentic and approachable communication. “What they’re wanting to do is to

try to make sure that the materials and the approach we use is actually one that is going to reach students. So who better knows how to talk to students than students?” Anderson said. “We old folks don’t always have the right language to reach you guys.” Although no timetable has been announced for when the University will address all the concerns brought up in the internal audit, Frank said it is important that everyone be proactive and address as many problems as possible, as the U.S. Department of Justice conducts its comprehensive investigation of the issue. “Are we where we want to be? No, we have a ways to go,” Frank said. “But I think we’re doing things that are making people be able to lead more independent lives, to not have to be so fearful. So I think that’s a very important step.”

Jonathan Baca is the news editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @JonGabrielB.

“There’s something so satisfying about dancing this really intricate pattern in such a fluid way, where everything just works,” Ruch said. “There is an infinite number of ways that you can combine all of these different moves into these new patterns, and the patterns are beautiful.” Erhardt said there is no dress code, but many dancers wear “spinny-skirts” for effect when they twirl, which happens often. “Contra dance has given me an easy way to connect quickly with people where I live, and also when I travel. I know that if I go somewhere I can find the contra dance and immediately have a bunch of friends,” Erhardt said. “Almost all of my close, meaningful relationships in the last fifteen years have come through friends I’ve met through dance. That’s

the sort of quality of connection that the contra dance provides.” Erhardt said FolkMADS holds its own annual dance camp in Socorro over Memorial Day weekend, called “FolkMADness,” which draws between 200 to 300 people every year. FolkMADness offers not only contra, but also square dance, English country-dance, singing and even music jams for musicians, he said. Currently, FolkMADS has to rent out space at the SUB for its monthly UNM contra, causing them to lose money in the long run, but Erhardt said he hopes that with the start of a student organization they can save more and put those profits into growing the organization. They need enthusiastic UNM students to jump on board with the idea of getting a student group started to make that happen, he

said. FolkMADS is now working with student groups such as HAPPI and the Celtic Society, trying to create joint-sponsored events in hopes of drawing support at UNM. “My vision is to put the energy in now and get it started — to have a student group form and then have the students blossom and it become its own thing,” he said. Contra dances are held on the second floor of the SUB in the South Mall, and so far attendance has been growing, with between 30 to 50 people attending each event.

The Contra dances held outside UNM cost $9 for FolkMADS nonmembers, and $8 for members, with any student-attendees paying half-price. To be a member of FolkMADS requires an annual payment of $15. The UNM contra is free to all UNM students and faculty. For non-students, there is a $5 fee and $4 for FolkMADS members. Students can find UNM contra on the second floor of the SUB on March 27, April 10 and May 1. Go to folkmads.org for more information.

LoboRESPECT CARE model: C: Compliance: headed by Heather Cowan, manager for the Office of Equal Opportunity A: Advocacy: headed by Summer Little, director of the Women’s Resource Center R: Response: headed by Kevin McCabe, police chief of UNM Police Department E: Education: Deb Howard, manager of Employee and Organizational Development and Debbie Morris, director of Student Activities.


said introducing contra to UNM is largely about trying to create a more cross-generational community with younger dancers. “It is probably the most forgiving social dance you can do because you don’t have to come up with improvised steps as you’re dancing, you just have to listen to what the caller is telling you to do,” she said. “It’s very friendly for people who have no idea how to dance at all.” Contra dance emphasizes the importance of physical contact and eye contact, she said — something we are somewhat starved of as a culture in this day and age. This fluid structure of contra dance is centered on a series of transformations on the floor where different sets of people move to different locations in time with the music and caller’s instruction, she said.


Matthew Reisen is a news reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @DailyLobo.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Opinion Editor / opinion@dailylobo.com


Hollywood Liberals’ dissent has limits By Joel Schlosberg During the 87th Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 22, films about Martin Luther King Jr. and whistleblower Edward Snowden, “Selma” and “Citizenfour,” received statuettes for, respectively, Best Original Song and Best Documentary Feature. But the shutting out of “Selma” from other Oscars because of industry backlash against its less-than-fully-idealized portrayal of former-U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and host Neil Patrick Harris’s quip that “Edward Snowden couldn’t be here for some treason,” made clear the limits of Hollywood liberal tolerance for dissent. To update Phil Ochs’ classic indictment: “I cried when they shot Martin Luther King Jr., but Edward Snowden got what was coming. So love me, I’m a liberal.” Harris might have been tongue-in-cheek, but imagine if he’d made the same remark about a surviving but jailed 86-year-old King. And if he didn’t intend it as political, that merely shows what sort of political assumptions Hollywood takes for granted. For instance, that the very existence of the National Security Agency is not infinitely more a betrayal of American ideals than Snowden’s exposure of its secrets. In fact, the NSA helped implement the federal government’s surveillance of King as portrayed in “Selma.” Another dissident subject of an Oscarwinning film (“Karl Hess: Toward Liberty,” Best Documentary Short Subject) observed in his autobiography “Mostly on the Edge” that “the support of big business flowed naturally to Lyndon Johnson, who knew how to wheel and deal with corporations that felt they had the right to be treated as virtually a fourth branch of government.” As exemplified by Hollywood’s ties to mostly-Democratic administrations, e.g. Jack Valenti’s move from LBJ’s personal aide to head of the Motion Picture Association of America. In his acceptance speech at the 53rd Oscars, “Karl Hess: Toward Liberty” co-director Roland Halle contended that “(Hess’) ideas on how (to) take control of one’s life, I think, can map our route toward liberty, and liberty is all this country’s about.” With his statement that “the really American revolution would be to destroy power,” Hess’s notion of what “this country’s about” clearly differed from identifying it with the covert functioning of the NSA. Its documentation of Hess’ journey, from his expulsion from the top ranks of the Republican Party to his pioneering of solar power and other decentralized ecological technologies — all without ever being a liberal, Hollywood or otherwise — offers prescient lessons for bringing liberty to a post-NSA America. New Yorker Joel Schlosberg is a contributing editor at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism.

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monday, march 2, 2015 / Page 5

News briefs from around New Mexico Judge ousted, banned from bench for life

Don’t worry... it kinda looks like you’re taking notes.

ESPANOLA — A former Rio Arriba County judge, who is accused of several infractions that include representing clients in district court while sitting on the bench, agreed to never again seek a judicial seat. The New Mexico Supreme Court accepted a Judicial Standards Commission stipulation that permanently bans ousted Judge Rudy Martin from seeking any judicial office. The agreement came after an investigation revealed Martin, 62, represented a client in front of a former district court judge. He is also accused of failing to withdraw from 15 other cases, accepting a guilty plea from a minor and sentencing him to six months unsupervised probation and failing to provide an interpreter for a Spanish-speaking client and instead conducting proceedings entirely in Spanish, according the Stipulation the New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission drafted. — Rio Grande Sun, Española

LOVINGTON — The Lea Theater is getting closer to completion now that $100,000 in state money will be disbursed and a fundraiser will be set up for May. The event planned would be a gala-type event with a wine tasting event, silent auction and dining. “Our plan is to raise $150,000,” said Lea County Foundation of the Arts Director Connie Sevier. “We contacted the Cottonwood Winery in Artesia and they were more than happy to contribute to this without cost to us. We will have commemorative wine glasses for those that purchase tickets for the events.” City manager James Williams said that although the city bans alcohol in city-owned buildings, since the theater is leased to the foundation no policy infractions would be caused by the event. Sevier also said there would be auctions of unique movie posters that the foundation would ask the highest bidder to donate back to the theater to display with a plaque

daily crossword

DAILY LOBO new mexico

Theater project gets state funds, plans fundraiser

in the lobo features

commemorating the donor. Sevier said it will cost about $250,000 to get the theater fully operational. The long-term goal would be to transform the Lea Theatre into a multi-purpose performing arts theater capable of offering theater performances, concerts, variety shows, community events, etc. when it is not showing firstrun movies. — Lovington Leader

was placed in solitary confinement in February 2012 following an arrest for driving with a suspended license. Court documents say county officials let Gonzales’ mental state deteriorate to a point that Gonzales would strip naked and cover himself in feces. There was no immediate response from Otero County officials. — KSFR Radio, 101.1 FM

Mistreatment suit settled in court

New data analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal a slight decrease in the prevalence of selfreported obesity among New Mexico adults in 2013 over the year before. New Mexico is one of only 14 U.S. States and territories to report a decrease. The data came from the most recent Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System annual survey, a state-based phone survey that collects health information from approximately 400,000 adults aged 18 years and older. The survey collects data in all 50 states, as well

SANTA FE – A New Mexico man who was allegedly kept in filthy solitary confinement conditions and reportedly denied proper health care has settled his federal lawsuit. A lawyer for 51-year-old Jerome Gonzales announced on Feb. 25 that his client settled his lawsuit with Otero County for $2.9 million. Attorney Matthew Coyte said Gonzales suffered from mental illness and was not given proper treatment while in the southern New Mexico county jail. According to the lawsuit, Gonzales

Obesity in state on the decline, analys is reveals

as the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The data showed a 0.7 percentage point decrease in the rate of all adults reporting themselves to be obese in New Mexico last year over the same survey conducted in 2012. “The new numbers are the latest in a growing body of evidence showing encouraging news about our state’s effort to reduce the number of obese residents,” said Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Retta Ward, MPH. “There is no question we are moving in the right direction, but there’s also no question we have much more work to do.” New Mexico is one of the few U.S. States consistently showing signs of stabilizing after years of dramatic increase in obesity in the country between the years of 1990 to 2010. — Union County Leader


PAGE 6 / MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015

Track & Field

from page


1 Nicole Roberts won the women’s distance medley in 11:48.59. “To have some of the performances that we had today is unbelievable,” head coach Joe Franklin said. As for the men, UNM earned five individual titles on the day. The Lobos were led by senior distance runner Adam Bitchell, who won the 3,000 meters on Saturday with a time of 8:11.05 and the 5,000 meters on Thursday, coming in at 14:30.17. Junior sprinter Ridge Jones made history by breaking a UNM and Mountain West record in the 60-meter dash with a time of 6.60 seconds. “I took everything that I was lacking in the prelims and prevailed in the finals. That helped me out a lot,” Jones said. Franklin said the key for the men winning the championship was the mile run. UNM took four of the top five spots: junior Elmar Engholm won the event in 4:10.13, senior Ross Matheson was runner-up (4:10.53), Bitchell earned bronze (4:10.63) and junior Graham Thomas was fifth (4:12.84). “It’s one of those days that we had everything happen right,” Franklin said. “The mile started it rolling, and it literally snowballed.” On the field, redshirt senior jumper Django Lovett won the high jump with a mark of 2.14 meters. Senior Warrick Campbell took first in the triple jump with a leap of 15.67 meters. Franklin became the first coach in conference history to win the men’s and women’s MW Coach of the Year in back-to-back seasons. Thomas Romero-Salas is the sports editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at sports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @DailyLoboSports.

Mountain West Indoor Track & Field Championships

Di Linh Hoang / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Junior Samantha Bowe competes in the high jump event on Saturday at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Bowe placed second place in the event.

Final Men’s Team Scores: New Mexico 160 points, Colorado State 140, Air Force 118, Utah State 111, Wyoming 70, Boise State 57 Final Women’s Team Scores: New Mexico 149, Colorado State 96, San Diego State 81.50, UNLV 78, Wyoming 52, Utah State 45, Boise State 40.50, Fresno State 35.50, Nevada 34.50, Air Force 33, San Jose State 17

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PAGE 8 / MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015



Lobos dominate despite early error By Thomas Romero-Salas

The New Mexico baseball team fell into an early 3-0 hole, but climbed back up to win 9-3 over Utah Valley at Lobo Field on Sunday. Senior starting pitcher Colton Thomson earned his first win of the season after giving up three unearned runs on three hits in six innings. He struck out eight batters and walked three. “I thought I was a little wild today. I picked it up later in the innings,” Thomson said. “I didn’t get ahead of batters; it was an average outing. It’s something to build off and keep working for.” The second inning was the only one in which Thomson found himself in trouble. After a strike out and picking off a runner at first, a routine grounder by the Wolverines’ Greyson Bogden turned into an error when UNM freshman third baseman Carl Stajduhar mishandled the ball. With the bases loaded and two outs, Thomson allowed a threerun triple by UVU’s Kade Andrus to give the Wolverines a 3-0 lead.

Thomson got the next batter to ground out to end the inning. “There’s not much you could do; my infield has been good behind me all year,” Thomson said. “They hit my one mistake, and you got to live with it. We won that game, that’s all that matters.” UNM (7-2) didn’t answer until the fourth inning, when sophomore left fielder Danny Collier hit a two RBI double down the right field line to tie the game at three. Sophomore first baseman Jack Zoellner smacked a one-run single earlier in the inning. In the sixth inning, the Lobos took the lead for good with an RBI triple by senior center fielder Aaron Siple for a 4-3 edge. The Lobos added five more runs across the seventh and eighth innings for the 9-3 victory. Utah Valley (2-8) never threatened to retake the lead during the final three frames. Junior shortstop Dalton Bowers broke out of his season-long hitting slump that saw his batting average dip to .077. Bowers went 2-4 for his first multiple-hit game of the year. “Coach (Birmingham) just said

Hannah Glasgow / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Sophomore first baseman Jack Zoellner slides to tag out Utah Valley’s runner on Sunday. The Lobos won 9-3.

I was really close and it was a matter of time that they started to fall where they needed to,” Bowers said. “It was just a matter of time that I started to come through when I needed to.” Utah Valley starting pitcher Patrick Wolfe went just four innings, allowing three earned runs on three hits. Reliever Jake Mayer was the most effective pitcher against UNM,

giving up one earned run on two hits in two innings. UNM Relief pitchers freshman Tyler Stevens, junior Alex Estrella and freshman Hayden Schilling combined to permit three hits in three innings of work. On Saturday UNM defeated San Francisco 4-3 by overcoming a tworun deficit in the bottom of the ninth.

Fan Page Upcoming Athletic Events


Fri-Sun 2/27-3/1 hosts Lobo Invite Fri 2/27 vs San Francisco 4pm Lobo Field Sat 2/28 vs Utah Valley 5pm Lobo Field Sun 3/1 vs San Francisco 10:30am vs Utah Valley 1:30am Lobo Field

Men’s Basketball Sat 2/28 @ Fresno State

Women’s Golf

Mon-Tue 3/2-3/3 @ Bruin Wave Invitational in Tarzana, CA

The Lobo Invite was originally supposed to hold six games over three days, but two of those contests were cancelled due to winter conditions. Thomas Romero-Salas is the sports editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at sports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @ThomasRomeroS.

Go Lobos!! Men’s go Tennis

s 2/27-3/1 Fri-Sun oPacific oMountain @ b l o o os l Tournament sin gStockton, b CA

go o s Sat 2/28 Softball o lob o lo go b vs Fresno State 2pm Tue 3/3 s Tennis lo go Women’s s g Sato2/28 vs UTEP 12pm & o 2pm WisePies Arena a.k.a. The Pit o b BYU los b g o @ Lobo Field o o os lob o l go l s go bos Men’s Golf b & Field Sat-Mon 2/28-3/2 Skiing lo go os g os Track lo o bo 2/27-2/28 o o Fri-Sat o b @ National Invitational Fri-Sat 2/27-2/28 s g l g WestsIndoor o ob lo hosts Mountain s g Championships/ o Tournament @oRMISA s l b o g o o Championships o b all daylob NCAAloWest gQualifier in Tucson, AZ s b g o o o o l Convention os lob ABQ go bos os bAK o l sCenter o l s gino Anchorage, o g b g g o os lobo o lo go l s go bos bos lobo o lo go b o lo go os g os olo go os g os obo l o o o b b s g bos lob o lo go l os g os g obos lob o lo go l os o ob o lo s go s g bos lob lob o l s go os g bos lob GRAND l o o go go os g obo lob o lo go os g obo lobo o lo g g s s s OPENING s s l bo lob go l go os g obo obo lob go s go os g obo obo lo o CELEBRATION s o l s b ol o l s go bos obo lob go l go l s go b g go os g obo lobo o lo g s o os s bo o lo o l b ol os lobo o lo o g g o o o o b b s s b g l b g l s g os obo o lo o lo go os g bos obo o lo o lo go os g bos o b Origina g l b g l Gral os lob lo go l s g os g bos lob lo g ndo s Slam go s b o o o go os bo lob o lo go os bo lob o lo go os g g o o s s b ol g bos bo lob o g bos bo lob o l go o s s g lo g g o o o o o s Good lo go os g s o os l l s l b b o o g luck to o o o o o o g b lob o l go s g bos lob lob o l s g os lob lo s s b o o g g o o o Men’s Basketball, s go lo b lob goBaseball, bo lob o lo go os g g o o o s s o b ol g bos bo lob g bos bo lob o l go o s s g lo g Women’s Basketball, g o o o o o s lo go s o os l l s l b b o o g o o o o o o o b g l b loGolf, g b lob o l g Golf, g os lob os loMen’s s Women’s s o s s b b o o g g o o o o b lob o lo go os go os go s o ob lob go l s g Softball, s s l l b b Skiing, Men’s Tennis, o o lo g bo o o o o b o b s s g b g lo g o g o o s s s b o lo o l bo o lo o l osTennis, g go Women’s o o b s s g l b g bo lobo o lo g g o o o o s o os l s b ol os lob o g& oTrack b and Field! s b g go os g obo lobo o lo g o o o s o os g l s l b b ol o g g o o o o o g l g os lob lob go l s go os g bos lob s s b o bo lob o lo go s go bos lobo lob o lo s go s o go os g obo go os g obo lobo o lo g The list of upcoming s s special b o l Tooadvertise o lsection, g inbothis ob go l Lobo athletic events is published every b s g lo g o o o s l week in the Daily Lobo. s l277-5656! b call go bos o o s g bo lobo o lo s g os obo o lo g o o g os lob lob go l s g b bo go os lo go Women’s Basketball

1620 Towne Ctr. Lane S.E. Albuquerque, NM (Gibson & University)


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

monday, march 2, 2015 / Page 9

Men’s Basketball

Winless February ends By Kyle Tomasi

The month of February has come to a close, and New Mexico will likely be glad to see the flip of the calendar. UNM concluded a winless month of basketball on Saturday with a 59-55 loss at Fresno State. New Mexico has not won since Jan. 31, marking the team’s longest losing streak since the 1959 season. “It’s one of those things that’s like a broken record,” said head coach Craig Neal in a press release. “It’s frustrating, and nobody feels the pain worse than I do.” With the loss, the Lobos are guaranteed a spot in the playin round of the Mountain West Conference Tournament, the highest possible seed being at No. 7. New Mexico fell into a deep hole against Fresno and couldn’t overcome the large first-half deficit. The Bulldogs led 30-8 with 7:29 remaining in the first half. The Lobos made a late-half

push that cut the first-half deficit to a mere seven points. After a 17-2 run, UNM was in much better shape heading into halftime after its dreadful start. “I thought our kids played with passion, except for the first eight minutes,” Neal said in the release. “You can’t let them get out to a 30-8 lead. They scored 30 in the first eight minutes and then they scored 29 points the rest of the way. They (Lobos) showed a lot of fight; they never one time gave in.” UNM (14-15, 6-11 Mountain West) kept clawing back to begin the second half, but never came closer than two points (35-33 with 16:10 remaining in second half ). After a free throw by senior guard Deshawn Delaney with one minute remaining in the game, the Lobos cut the lead to 55-53 and had a chance to tie or win the game, but a turnover by senior guard Hugh Greenwood with 15 seconds remaining sealed the deal for the

Bulldogs (14-15, 9-7 MW). The Lobos shot 41.5 percent (22-53) from the floor and a dismal 12.5 percent (1-8) from behind the 3-point line. Delaney led all scorers with 15 points, five rebounds and three assists, and sophomore center Obij Aget recorded a double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds. He also recorded four blocks. The Lobos made 7 of 12 free throws in the second half, 10 of 16 overall, but struggled to knock down clutch shots from the charity stripe late in the game. “Free throws are very, very important, and if you can’t shoot 80 percent down the stretch, you are going to have a hard time winning,” Neal said. “We can’t continue to shoot 60 percent from the foul line.” Kyle Tomasi is a sports reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at sports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @KyTo22.

The University of New Mexico Student Publications Board is now

Mountain West Men’s Basketball Standings Boise State San Diego State Colorado State Utah State Wyoming Fresno State UNLV New Mexico Air Force Nevada San Jose State

Conference Overall W-L (Pct.) W-L (Pct.) 12-4 (.750) 22-7 (.759) 12-4 (.750) 22-7 (.759) 11-5 (.688) 24-5 (.828) 11-5 (.688) 18-10 (.643) 10-6 (.625) 21-8 (.724) 9-7 (.563) 14-15 (.483) 7-9 (.438) 16-13 (.552) 6-11 (.353) 14-15 (.483) 6-11 (.353) 13-15 (.464) 5-11 (.313) 9-19 (.321) 0-16 (.000) 2-26 (.071) Source: TheMW.com


Trivia Contest

Accepting Applications for

2015-2016 Daily Lobo Editor Apply at


Application Deadline

1 p.m. Friday, April 3, 2015

Term of Office

May 2015 through April 2016

Requirements To be selected as editor of the Daily Lobo, the candidate must be a student enrolled at the University of New Mexico, have been enrolled in 6 hours or more at UNM the current and preceding semester, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 by the end of the preceding semester. The editor must be enrolled as a UNM student in a degree-granting program for 6 hours or more throughout the term of office. Some publication experience preferable.

For more information call 277-5656

Win a $10 gift cerificate to

107 Cornell SE

The first five people to come to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall, room 107, from 8am-5pm with the correct answer to this trivia question will win!

According to Walt Miller, Vice President of Student Life, what would the computer pod in the SUB likely have been in the ‘50’s? Hint: Answer can be found in past Daily Lobo articles. Lobo winners: Alex Ramos, Kevin Burns, Liz Werner, Dan Casper, Charles Reuben, Valarie Maestas, Alan Thomas, Russell Friedman, Meghan Lippert, James Jamini, Santosh Gurung, Christian Maes, Ranjana Dangi, Surendra Thapa, Prakash Basnet, Jianzheng Yang, Brad Watson II, Keda Hu, Liang Tang, Cat Wright, Umesh Bhattarai, Chris Chavez, Vicki Packett, Monique Jee, Vincent Laroza, Godwin Amo-Kwao, Matthew Rotham, Joshua Sanchez, Louis Herring, Sean Placencio, Abigail Gallardo, Marvin Gurule, Nelson Caron, Carol Christman, Marc Gonzales, Janna Taylor, Dennis Barnhart, Carolyn Romero, Jameson Henry, Donald Gluck, Samuel Gallardo, Sara Gutierrez, Jacob Larson, Rachel McBorek, Virginia Whitfield.

Only one (1) prize per winner from the Daily Lobo within any thirty (30) day period.

PAGE 10 / MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015


XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7zppzp-+-+-' 6-+-+-+-+& 5zPPzP-+-+-% 4-+-+-+-+$ 3+-+-+-+k# 2-+-+-+-+" 1+-+-+-+K! xabcdefghy





Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis dailycrossword ACROSS 1 Norms: Abbr. 5 Channel with a “Congressional Chronicle” online archive 10 In an unexpected direction 14 Hawkeye State 15 Curly-tailed Japanese dog 16 Old conductance units 17 Give the okay 19 Trusted assistant 20 Move it, old-style 21 Thames islands 22 Northern Ireland province Suggestions? Comments? lobochesspuzzle@gmail.com 24 Leaves for a cigar 26 Came up 27 Bring lunch from home, say 29 __-Mart Stores, Inc. 32 Walks leisurely 35 Christmastide By Roland Huget 36 Boxing legend 37 Manicurist’s tool DOWN 38 Tit for __ 1 Vision 39 Baking amts. 2 “Road __”: 1947 40 Pie __ mode Hope/Crosby 41 “Never Wave at film __”: 1952 film 3 Nerdy sort lobochesspuzzle@gmail.com 43 Tread water to 4 Enc. with some check out the bills surroundings, as 5 Colorful cats a whale 6 Chair lift 45 DVR button alternative 46 Dismiss from the 7 Sty residents Solution to Friday’s problem. job 8 Sports fig. 48 “Hogan’s 9 Kin of organic, at Heroes” colonel the grocery store 50 Oft-rented suits 10 Stockpile 54 Insert new film 11 Gloss over 56 Spice Girl 12 Went by scooter Halliwell 13 River of 57 One: Pref. Flanders 58 Settled on the 18 Mother-of-pearl ground 23 Theater box 59 Alter a 25 Equal to the task manuscript, e.g. 26 Border on 62 Savior in a Bach 28 New York City cantata suburb on the 63 Path for a drink Hudson cart 30 Dog food brand 64 Kitchenware 31 Speech problem brand 32 At a distance 65 Play segments 33 Runner’s 66 Like some distance private 34 Ostracize communities 38 Propane 67 Coloring agents container

Monday’s Teaser (Level 1)Teaser (Level 1) Monday’s

Whiteto tomove Move and and Win: This puzzle has been White dubbed Russian Schoolboy Problem.” Win: This“The puzzles has Worddubbed is, it’s so “The easy that every Russian been Russian Schoolboy schoolboy knows the answer! Problem.” Word is, it’s so easy that every Russian Schoolboy knows the answer! Suggestions? Comments?

3/2/15 Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

Level 1 2 3 4 XHGFEDCBAY 1-wQ-+-vL-tR! Tata Steel, 2015 (Level 2) Vassily Ivanchuk vs. GM Wesley So: Black 2mK-zP-+LzPP" GM just played 26. … Qf3!, and White resigned 3PsNq+-zP-+# here. What is the threat to win on the spot and why does the direct defense lose? 4+-+-+-+p$ Solution to yesterday’s problem: 1.b6! cxb6 5-+p+-+p+% 2.a6! (1. … axb6 2.c6!) 6zpr+-+-+-& Suggestions? Comments? lobochesspuzzle@gmail.com 7-zp-+-zpl+' catch readers attention advertise with the Daily Lobo FOLLOW US ON |advertising@dailylobo.com 8+k+-tr-+-( here!277-5656 xhgfedcbay HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNM

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39 Use a keypad 41 Samoan capital 42 Blowhard 43 Ate noisily, as soup 44 Playful sprite 47 “Remington __”: ’80s TV detective show 49 Cross-legged meditation position


51 Dr. Mallard’s apt nickname on “NCIS” 52 Chilling in the locker room, as champagne 53 Storage towers 54 Indian royal 55 Util. bill 56 Sudden wind 60 __ Fáil: Irish coronation stone 61 Actor Beatty

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Poets Demetria martinez, Margaret

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Randall, Renny Golden, surprise guest Damien as well Findpoet your wayFlores, around theas renowned cellist Joanna deKeyser and Daily Lobo Classifieds musicians Alex Silage and Rahul Sharma on guitar and cajon will perAnnouncements form at the 2015 Celebrate Solidarity! Announcements fundraiser for the New Mexico Faith Coalition for Auditions Immigrant Justice (NMFEventMarch Rentals CIJ). Saturday, 7th 6-8:30pm, Fun, Food, Music Factory on Fifth/ Kosmos 1715 5th St NW: Contact Tiska Health andtiska@unm.edu Wellness

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person we’re looking for is driven, self-


• Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢1169. per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax is adrequired. text, and motivated, striving for success, or American Express Nusenda Credit Union, MasterCard less or non-consecutive days. dates and category to 277-7531, has great potential. You’ll beorsupporttext, dates and catergory to 277-7530 formerly known as New Mexico Fax ad CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail classads@unm.edu. ing to our recruiting team by keeping canto classifi eds@dailylobo.com For Sale Educators Federal Credit Union, has or email DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, Pre-pay up bybycash, check, • In person: cash, money didate Pre-payment records to date, possible multiple job openings from Tellers • In person: larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard errands. or money order, Visa or MasterCard. tosHiBa 25’’ tv with stand and re-• 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, phone work, and occasional to Management to Information American Express. Come by room 107 in Come by room 131 instrong Marron computer/typHall from mote. TV function does not work. PerRequirements: CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Technology. Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. 5 p.m. organization/time managefect picture from built in VCR and UNM Student Publications ing,tophone, www.dailylobo.com • Mail Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, DVD. Trade for VCR player. 505‑440‑ Pre-paybyby money order, in-state MSC03 2230 On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, •Visa, ment, excellent written/verbal Discover,and MasterCard or American 9815. check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail 1we University of Newan Mexico • All rates include both print and online will be hosting “Invitation Express. skills. You’ll accept only thepayment, best perMail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates from and category. Albuquerque, 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory. formance yourself and our team Only” job fair NM event featuring native american Books for sale. In-

2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. 2BDRM, H. 1BA 1400 Gold Fenced, William Cornelius, realSE. estate concovered243‑2229. parking, $750/mo. 699-0836. sultant: www.corneliusmgmt.com

Houses for Sale

monday, marchN2, / Page ew2015 Mexico Daily l11 obo

cludes encyclopedias, collector books. 75+ pieces. $450 cash obo. ADJUSTABLE HOSPITAL BED Twin 505‑440‑9815. size with two massage units. $175 tormek suPer GrinD 2000 water cash. Jazzy battery-powered mobility cooled tool grinder with new wheel. chair. Works good. With seatlift Works well. $250 obo. 505‑440‑9815. $175obo cash 505-440-9815.

Vehicles For Sale ONE SHOWER WHEELCHAIR 300lbs

limit. $25 cash only. 505-440-9815. ‘09 Pt cruiser. Black. 112k mileage. Excelent condition inside and out. Jobs Off Campus $4,750. Text 505‑401‑3730.

PT WORK NEAR campus. Flexible hrs. for technically-minded person with basic woodworking, carpentry, and/ or construction experience. Good hourly pay. 301-6658.

Jobs Off Campus

CENTRAL UNITED METHODIST Church, Albuquerque, NM, is seeking a part time Multi-Media Director to create, Marartist stuDio anD Social Media/ develop and implement multi-media preketing AssistantNorth Valley sentationsPT. andApproximately be responsible10forhr/wk their Flexible production at $9.50/hr. in three worship services. Director of Multi-Media -The Great for a marketing savvyMinistry student will coordinate ministry team to in-also Opportunity to alearn the art of Glass clude training and volunteer supervision Fusing for lighting, video screen projection as - Social Media Developer including well as environmental projection,Faceand building & managing business sound.We are seeking a technically book organized andclasses highly relational -skilled, Assist in fused glass join our staff team as Media -leader Excel to entry Director. Experience in the following a - Update website Pro-Presenter, Media Shout, Envi-plus: Variety of tasks in studio including ronmentaland Projection software, Lighting, cleaning, inventory andin PC operating, systems. Inter-iOS Assist on-line store (etsy) ested parties should Contact Owner: Lindasubmit Boyes resumes to info@centraltolife.org 505‑604‑9327 cell AIR FORCE NOW Accepting Prior Service Applications! If you have separated from any branch of the Armed Forces you may be eligible to re-enlist or comFront aGents mission Desk into the Air Force. To find out if Hotel Parq visit Central is seeking cusyou qualify, www.airforce.com and tomer individuals to locate aservice recruiterminded or call (505) 872-9564. make reservations, check guests in CLASSROOM ASSISTANT NEEDED and out, assist with luggage and drive Must beto available Monday guests and fromeveryday, the airport and through Friday. 8:30AM - 3:30PM within a three mile radius of the propMontessori experience helpful, will erty. Interested should train. Need studentscandidates in early childhood email their program resume or to info@hotelpar education have 45 hour qcentral.com complete CDC class. or Send info an to: applica11216 tion at 806Ave Central 87102.ad Phoenix NE Avenue Abq NMSE,87112, min@academymontessorischool.org GuarDsmark, tHe nation’s leader in or 299-3200. security, is hiring security officers. No experience required, but customer service skills are a must. Must be High school grad/GED & 21 years. EOE benefits: Free life insurance uniforms, tuition assistance. Apply by calling 505‑830‑2700 Monday-Friday. 9am5pm.

information sessions, assessments and interviews during scheduled

SOCIAL BRAND INTERN. Searching for timeframes. punctual, detail oriented socialite. Paid are seeking qualified candidates for PTWe position. Professionalism is a must. the following Email resume topositions: paul@trolleyusa.com

Branch and Call Center Positions: DANCERS WANTED AS entertainers for • Branch Management parties. Nights, weekends. Same day • Call Center Representatives • Personal Bankers (member services/ pay. 505-489-8066. Privatedancersn new accounts/loans/teller operations) m@gmail.com Information Technology Positions: SPRING 2014 TEACH and Learn in Ko• Data Warehouse Administrator rea• System (TaLK) sponsored by Korean Administrator government $1,300-400/month Other Professional Level Positions: (15hrs/week) + airfares, housing, medi• Commercial Loan Officer cal•insurance Must have completed Assistant Vice President of Branch two years of undergraduate. Last day to apService Delivery (District Manager) Vice Please Presidentvisit of Business ply:• Senior 11/30/13 the website Services www.talk.go.kr Questions: Jai - jai.ke Visit our website at ex.201. cla@gmail.com (213)386-3112

www.nusenda.org Visit at dailylobo.com click on us Careers and follow the instructions to view and apply for one of our current job openings. Only qualified applicants need apply.

to create success for both yourself and THE POMPEO GROUP. Visit us VETERINARY ASSISTANT/ RECEPtoday at www.pompeo.com and TIONIST/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary please ‘Like’ The Pompeo Group on student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Facebook! Email your resume to Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. krista@pompeo.com tHe Quikrete comPanies has an Volunteers opening for a highly motivated Sales BICYCLE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY Representative for our Albuquerque Both the City of Albuquerque’s Esperarea. anza Community Bicycle shop and the Bicycle Recyclecandidate Programwillare looking The successful have for people with bike mechanical skills, A minimum of 2 years experience in or who are willing to learn mechanical sales consumer/ retail oriented Comprodskill toofvolunteer at the Esperanza uct lines. munity Bike shop. The Bicycle Recycle Experience in volunteers having sold DIY program needs duringtoweekmass merchants or contractors predays and Esperanza could use isvolunteers weekday nights and Sundays. ferred. Please contact Tomas trades Kujat atis a plus. Experience in building kujat.tomas@gmail.com or Chuck Malagodi at cmalagodi@cabq.gov Responsibilities will include sales/ 505ser768-2453. vice to home centers, building and construction supply outlets, lumber yards and hardware stores. Minimum travel is required.

Campaign Jobs

We offer competitive salary and benefits, including a company vehicle.

Help protect the Right to Choose

amBitions consultinG GrouP: Docu-

ment Production Specialist. Production in document management, scanning, & print production. Great entry level position towards business and operations management. Full and part time positions available. Send resumes to: careers@ambitionsgroup.com

Candidates should send their resume and salary requirements to: jcollins@quikrete.com

Campus Grassroots Campaigns isJobs nowOn hiring field simPle Business staff to talk to voters in $5Albuquerque www.start2earn2day.com about protecting the right to choose.

aPPly toDay start tomorrow! Bse is Hiring! Call Center- San Mateo & I40 $9/hr For more information on the magazine and2- Part-time Available +bonus- 20-30Full hrs/wk. 3 consecu- Positions you can check out tive days off. Call 602‑330‑5677. www.beststudent essays.org $9 to $11 per hour

(No fundraising required) BEFORE CLASS

Register for the course prior to first day of class.

is $50.00. Call Jordan at Class (505) 369-8133 Download American Red Cross Lifeguard CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE


Manual. Purchase rescue mask for $15.00. Go to www.redcross.org for class materials.


Do you know what CLASS SCHEDULE kind of volunteers read the Daily Lobo?

Bring swimsuit & towel. WWW.CABQ.GOV/AQUATICS Swim 300 yards continuously. Free & Breast stoke only .Perform 10lb brick retrieval in under 1:40 secs. 2015 LIFEGUARD 2 minute water tread. Legs only.

want Person to help with our digital

media. Develop, support and maintain advertising content (including video) to be shown on our site, sandiatrailer.com, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, etc. Help with our E-commerce shopping cart and more. Part time to start. Intern or paid. Please call Morey @ Sandia Trailer Sales, 1435 rt. 66, Edgewood. 281‑9860.

Highland Feb 17- Mar 6 Mon, Tues, Thurs 4 -8 pm Sandia Mar 17-21 Mon-Fri 9am-3pm


Be punctual and attend ALL class dates Pass all in-water lifeguard skills and activities Demonstrate competency in First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard skills. Pass both written tests with an 80% or higher.

UPON COMPLETION The best kind.

West Mesa Mar 17-27 Mon-Thurs 4-8 pm

Highland Mar 24-Apr 10 Mon, Wed, Fri 4pm-8pm

You will receive an American Red Cross Universal Certificate for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED valid for 2 years

SIGNING UP Find your next best volunteer by Please sign up at the pool where the class will be held; if we dont have enough Valley Mar 25-Apr 4 participants before the first day of class, the advertising in the Mon, Wed 4-8pm Fri 4-7pm class may be cancelled. So sign up early! Daily Lobo Classifieds.

www.dailylobo.com Open Monday - Friday

Today’s campus calendar of Events

TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799.

Health and Wellness STRESSED? IZAZEN.ORG

LOOKING FOR A female to take over Lobo Village lease in January. Last month’s rent already paid.If interested please contact me at 505-592-6472.

SINGLE ROOM FOR rent. 2BDRM House $375mo+utlities, biking distance to UNM , ridgecrest area west of San Mateo. 505-620-4457.

LOBO LIFE Campus Events

Coffee & Tea Time 9:30-11:30am LGBTQ Resource Center

Lectures Readings Current&Exhibits

UNM Art Musuem’s 50th Anniversary Dissertation Exhibitons Defense 11:00am-2:00pm 10:00am-4:00pm Mesa Vista Hall, History Common UNM Art Museum Room The UNM Art Museum’s Permanent Jacobo Baca, History, defends Collection at Fifty Years “Somos Indigena: Ethnic Politics and Land Tenure in New Mexico, Arts & Music 1694-1965.” The Lymbs Defense Dissertation 12:00-1:00pm 11:00am-2:00pm Cornell/SUB MallRoom 1104 Mesa Vista Hall Noontime Concert Julian Frank Dodson, History, defends “Fanaticos, Raymond Jonson to KikiExiles Smith and Counterrevolutionary 10:00am-4:00pm the Mexico-United States Border: UNM Art Museum Episodes of Mexican State New exhibit at the UNM art museum, Reconstruction, 1923-1929.” on view in the main gallery. “Europe 25 Years After the Great Transformation: A Polish UNM Wind Symphony Perspective” 7:30-8:30pm 1:00-2:00pm Popejoy Hall Mitchell Room 120 Hindemith, Works byHall McTee, Wilsion, With Mariusz Brymora, BarberSpeaker and Gorb. Richard White, Consul General of $8, Poland Los Tuba Soloist. Adults Youth in (0-18) Angeles. Reception to follow. $6, Seniors $4.

8am to 5pm

Monday, March 2, 2015

Campus Calendar of Events

Student Groups & Gov’t

KSA Stakeholders Meeting 8:30-10:30am SUB Fiesta A&B

Chartwells Campus Events 10:00-12:00pm SUB Amigo Coffee and Tea Time 9:30-11:00am Student Special Events Weekly Staff LGBTQ Resource Center, 608 Buena Meeting Vista 12:00-1:00pm SUB 1064 Flu Shot Open toClinics all. 10:00-2:00pm SUB Atrium MGC Meeting UNM Student Health & Counseling 12:00-2:00pm will Fiesta offer A&B free flu shots for UNM SUB students, staff and faculty (anyone PNMGC Meeting 18 and older). 1:00-2:00pm SUB Amigo Student Groups & Gov. ACCESS Meeting 2:30-3:30pm Mortar Board SUB Alumni 10:00am-1:00pm SUB Mall Nourish International Summer 2015 Information Table Project Info Session Meeting 3:30-4:00pm CLS Bible Study SUB Luminaria 8:30-9:20am

Law School Room 2503 IFC, MGC, and CPH Meeting Meetings 3:45-6:00pm SUB Cherry/Silver

277-5656 classifieds@dailylobo.com


Nourish International General Body Meeting 4:00-5:00pm SUB Luminaria Project PeacePal Weekly Meeting 4:00-5:00pm SUB Isleta

Theater & Films

Camperino Meeting 4:00-6:00pm Mid Week Movie Series SUB Sandia & 7:00-9:00pm 4:00-6:00pm SUB Theater Ballet Folkloria Meeting Despicable MeLobo 2 5:00-6:00pm UNM Students $2; Faculty/Staff SUB Alumni $2.50, Public $3. StudentLectures United Way Meeting & Readings 6:00-7:00pm SUB LAII Cherry/Silver Lecture Series

12:00-1:00pm Pre-Veterinary Societyand Meeting Latin American Iberian 6:00-7:30pm Institute SUB Lobo A Ronda Brulotte presents: “Oaxacan Mezcal and the Making of a International Women’s Day Panel Transnational Prestige.” Meeting 6:00-10:00pm UFOAcoma Speaker SUB A Stanton Friedman 7:00-9:00pm SUB Ballroom C Bushido Meeting Nuclear Physicist/Lecturer Stanton 6:30-9:00pm T. Friedman is the original civilian SUB Mirage/Thunderbird investigator of the Roswell, New Mexico UFOClub incident. A Cappella Meeting 7:00-9:00pm SUB Scholars

7:00-9:00pm SUB Amigo

Arts & Music

Masters of Music Degree Recital 6:00-7:00pm Cultures of Exile: Conversations on Keller Hall & the Arts Language Blair Hamrick, Horn. Program will include Jean Françaix’s Canon in 9:30am-6:30pm Octave, Eugene Bozza’s “Sur les Highlighting those cultures Cimes,” Paul Hindemith’s Sonata in traditionally ignored, this E-Flat, Carl Reinecke’s “Notturno,” conference aims at giving voice Billy Strayhorn’s “Chelsea Bridge,” to theCharlie voicelessParker’s through “Billie’s poetry and readings Free. Bounce.”

Lobos for Israel Theater & Films 7:00-9:00pm Mitchell Hall Barak RazSky: presents the Oppression most recent Half The Turning spokesperson for the Israeli into Opportunity for discusses Women his experiences and challenges Worldwide while serving in the Israeli Defense 3:00-7:00pm Force.Vista Hall Room 1160 Mesa Series follows multiple celebrity activists as they travel to nine countries to meet inspiring and courageous individuals. Free admission, refreshments, and popcorn.

Preview events at dailylobo.com Current Exhibits

HSC 50th Anniversary Celebration

Exhibit Email events Mock to: Trial calendar@dailylobo.com Club Meeting


HSC Domenici Center West Building - DCW Main Lobby Curated by the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center staff. El Agua es Vida: Acequias in New Mexico 10:00am-4:00pm Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, El Agua es Vida: Acequias in New Mexico, merges art, science , and cultural tradition to explore 1. Go to www.dailylobo.com the fundamental role acequias 2. Click “Events” linkand play in on thethe environment the near community New the topinofnorthern the page. Mexico. The Maxwell is Free and 3. Click on “Submit an Event open to all.

Want an Event in Lobo Life?

Listing” on the right side of

Historic Preservation and the page Regionalism 4.day Type in the event informaAll Rainosek Gallery, George Pearl tion and submit! Hall School of Architecture & Planning * Events must be sponsored 10th Anniversary Exhibit.

by a UNM group, organi-

zation or department Borderlands Reinvented and Revisited * Classes, class schedules, 7:30am-1:30am personal or solicitaHerzstein Latin events American Gallery, tions are not eligible. Zimmerman Library Exhibit * Eventsexplores must be of Portugese interest language and literature in print to the campus commuand image. Open during library hours.nity. * Events must not require pre-registration.

L o b o s p o rts

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895


March 2, 2015

Sports Editor/ Tomas Romero-Salas / sports@dailylobo.com

Women’s Basketball

Historic win puts Lobos second in MW By Liam Cary-Eaves Rewriting the history books was not an easy task for New Mexico during an emotional 63-60 victory over Fresno State on Saturday at WisePies Arena. Once the final buzzer blew, this year’s Lobo squad became the first in program history to collect 13 Mountain West wins. Head coach Yvonne Sanchez, whose contract is up for renewal, said she cannot take sole credit for the team’s success. “I know a lot of times when good things happen, it’s easy to just see this head coach and put a bunch of praise on it,” Sanchez said. “This team has done everything we’ve asked them to do. They want to win and they want to play hard.” The victory pulled UNM within a halfgame of first-place Colorado State, which was idle on Saturday. The Lobos will finish in at least the top three with just one game remaining on the season. Redshirt senior guard Antiesha Brown made her case to become an elite member of New Mexico women’s basketball history. She became the 19th member of UNM’s 1,000-point club after hitting a free throw early in the second half. “It was a great moment, but it’s all the bigger picture,” Brown said. “I’d love to leave my stamp on the UNM history as the 19th person to reach that mark but, like I said before, we have such a special team this year that (winning the Mountain West Tournament) is the star in the sky we’re shooting for.” New Mexico needed a lot more from Brown following her induction to the UNM history books, and Sanchez praised Brown for her efforts. “We haven’t had someone like her in a long time in this program,” Sanchez said. “Being a local kid from New Mexico and doing what she’s done in the last two and a half years … she deserves every good thing that comes to her.” The game between the Lobos (17-11, 13-4 MW) and the Bulldogs had the feel of a contest with second-place implications. The scrappy and physical battle wasn’t decided until the final whistle. UNM guard Cherise Beynon was a major contributor during the Lobos’ final home game of the season, collecting eight rebounds and tallying 12 points.

Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo / @SXfoto

New Mexico senior guard Antiesha Brown, center, is embraced by teammates after Saturday’s final home game against Fresno State at WisePies Arena. Brown led the Lobos with 21 points, surpassing her 1,000-point career mark.

Although the freshman acknowledged the magnitude of the game, she said the hunger for more does not end with UNM’s final game on Friday. “It means a lot to come in and make a big impact as only a freshman,” Beynon said. “I just want to keep going on from here and go into the Mountain West Tournament and make history there as well.” New Mexico jumped out to a 20-12 lead with 8:18 left in the first half. The early deficit didn’t discourage the Bulldogs (19-8, 11-5 MW), who came back to tie the game at 25. UNM hit a free throw in the half’s closing seconds and trotted into the locker room with only a 26-25 lead. Neither team thereafter generated a larger

lead than the Lobos’ eight-point advantage in the first half. Fresno forward Alex Sheedy took control of the second half, collecting 13 of her 17 points in the latter portion of the contest. She led her squad to a five-point lead with just under nine minutes to play in the contest. That was plenty of time for Brown, who was also playing her final half in WisePies Arena. “I knew at one point or another she was going to take over,” Sanchez said. “She wanted to take over, and I don’t blame her and I don’t blame (head coach) Jaime (White). I mean, that’s your best player.” Brown went on a five-point run to tie the game single-handedly at 48-48 with 5:30 left on the game clock.

Brown collected six more points down the stretch, including a perfect 4-4 from the charity stripe to collect the game-high 21 points. Brown said making free throws late in the game became a focus for her following two late misses in UNM’s tight 70-65 homeopening loss to Stanford on Nov. 24. “I wanted to be the one to knock down those free throws and be the senior for my team,” Brown said. “I’m not going to say I choked in the Stanford game, but I was not as prepared or experienced as I am today.” Liam Cary-Eaves is the assistant sports editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at assistantsports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Liam_CE

Mountain West Women’s Basketball Standings

Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo / @SXfoto

New Mexico forward Kianna Keller, center, fights for possession of the ball against Fresno State defenders during Saturday’s game at WisePies Arena. The Lobos overcame the Bulldogs 63-60.

Colorado State New Mexico Fresno State Boise State UNLV Wyoming San Diego State San Jose State Utah State Nevada Air Force

Conference Overall W-L (Pct.) W-L (Pct.) 13-3 (.813) 21-6 (.778) 13-4 (.765) 17-11 (.607) 11-5 (.688) 19-8 (.704) 10-6 (.625) 18-9 (.667) 10-6 (.625) 13-14 (.481) 9-7 (.563) 14-12 (.538) 7-9 (.438) 10-17 (.370) 6-10 (.375) 12-15 (.444) 5-11 (.313) 8-20 (.286) 4-12 (.250) 8-19 (.296) 1-16 (.059) 2-26 (.071) Source: TheMW.com

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