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Center makes room for new supercomputer By Sayyed Shah UNM’s Center for Advanced Research Computing is renovating its principle machine room in order to install a new supercomputer. The expansion of the machine room will enable the center to complete the installation of all 13

racks of the Ulam supercomputer, a powerful machine that the center received from The New Mexico Consortium, said Susan Atlas, director of CARC. “The expansion will be complete by the end of February or beginning of March and the Ulam machine will come online about a

week after that,” Atlas said. The New Mexico Consortium donated the supercomputer to UNM with support from its National Science Foundationfunded PRObE supercomputing initiative, which provides repurposed supercomputers from Los Alamos National Laboratory

to several universities across the country, according to a press release issued by UNM. The New Mexico Consortium is a non-profit corporation formed by three New Mexico research universities to advance scientific research and education in New Mexico, according to the statement.

The expansion project is funded by CARC, the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research, Atlas said. The project includes adding a new 30-ton computer room air conditioning unit; an uninterruptible power supply to condition the


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women’s basketball

Lobos claim victory over UNLV Rebels By Liam Cary-Eaves

New Mexico’s toughness and solid bench play carried the Lobos to a thrilling 63-60 victory over UNLV at WisePies Arena Wednesday night. UNM was forced to play with a thin lineup after three starters and a key reserve had early exits, but head coach Yvonne Sanchez said she never experienced an uneasy feeling filling vacant spots with her reserves. “I just had a boat load of confidence in whoever I put in,” Sanchez said. “It was one of those games I thought our defense just did a nice job.” The Lobos came down the ramp with a dynamic start, effortlessly getting backdoor layups and sprinting out to an 18-9 lead. However, junior forward Khadijah Shumpert was carried up the ramp with 12:50 remaining even though the Lobo captain was on the bench for that series. Sanchez said Shumpert’s early departure was most likely due to food allergies. “I think she had an allergic reaction to something she ate,” Sanchez said. “All indications are that she’s doing really well and she’s going to be fine.” Without Shumpert, the early UNM (8-10, 4-3 Mountain West) advantage was minimalized by UNLV as the Lobos headed into the locker room with just a 35-30 lead.


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Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo / @SXfoto

New Mexico guard Bryce Owens (12) attempts to shoot over UNLV defenders during Wednesday’s game at WisePies Arena. The Lobos outlasted the Rebels 63-60.

UNM asking for millions in funding from session Staff Report

UNM is requesting about $28 million from the 2015 New Mexico Legislative Session, but the low prices for oil and gas may turn the request in to a battle. At the January Board of Regents meeting, UNM President Bob Frank noted that the dropping oil prices could mean an almost 50 percent decrease for the University’s state funding. But as the legislative session begins, the near $7.5 million loss in revenue for the state could impact a number of other projects for which UNM had hoped to receive funding. Above the normal 14 percent of the state budget that goes to high education each year, UNM announced that it needs $27,859,516 for infrastructure projects on multiple campuses. This money would could mostly from future General Obligation and Severance Tax Bonds.


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Estimated project cost appropriations vs. state requested funds Appropriations Requested Funding Main Campus Farris Engineering Renovation $26,001,500 $4,700,000 Interdisciplinary Science Education Building (Physics and Astronomy) $77,560,000 $753,290 Anderson School of Management $48,000,000 $500,000 Subtotal $149,260,000 $5,963,290 Health Sciences Center Health Education Building Phase III $29,750,000 $8,000,000 Infrastructure ADA Compliance $6,800,000 $250,000 Science & Technology Park IT Infrastructure Phase I $4,400,000 $956,226 Electrical Distribution $2,000,000 $2,000,000 IT Electrical Upgrades $2,200,000 $2,200,000 Subtotal $15,400,000 $5,406,226 Gallup branch campus: Construction Technologies Career Center Phase 1 $3,860,000 Physical Plant Building $2,000,000 Taos branch campus: STEMH Technical Center $2,500,000 Valencia branch campus: Chilled Water System Upgrade $8,490,000

$2,865,000 $1,500,000 $2,175,000

$1,950,000 Source: UNM


Thursday, Januar y 22, 2015

CAMPUS BRIEFS Student strikes UNM employee in the face On Jan. 8, UNM Police Department was dispatched to an area near Redondo East and Redondo Court in reference to battery. According to the report, a UNM employee approached three subjects, including a UNM student, on skateboards. The employee asked the subjects to stop doing tricks on their skateboards in order to avoid damage to UNM property. Two of the subjects, including the UNM student, disregarded the UNM employee and started cursing at him. The employee told them he was going to call police if they did not leave. The student continued to perform tricks and skateboarded toward the teacher, striking him in the face with his forearm as he passed him. UNMPD reported that the student was argumentative and disrespectful while officers interviewed him. The teacher refused to have charges filed on the student.

Credit card stolen, used at dollar store On Jan. 8, UNMPD was dispatched to Logan Hall in reference to larceny and fraudulent use of a credit card. According to the report, a student left her backpack in a secured room in the building at about 1 p.m. When she returned after class


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at about 2:30 p.m., she found the room was open and her backpack, including her laptop, cell phone and credit card, was gone. Her bank reported that someone attempted to use her credit card at dollar stores in the amount of about $90 and $169, but was refused. A clerk at one store location confirmed to UNMPD that a Hispanic man in his 20s and a woman around 30 years old with a young child had attempted to use the card. UNMPD will attempt to collect video surveillance from the store for evidence.

$3,700 in tools taken from UNM On Jan. 13, UNMPD was dispatched to UNM Physical Plant Department in reference to burglary. According to the report, sometime between about 4:30 p.m. and 6 a.m., the suspect took property from inside secured tool boxes that are attached to golf carts parked inside a fenced area. The total value of the items stolen is about $3,700. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

Credit card stolen, used at Garcia’s and Red Box

office for a short time to make a copy at about 3 p.m. When she returned, her wallet was missing from her desk. At 4:26 p.m., she received an email from her bank reporting that her card was used to complete purchases at the Garcia’s restaurant inside the SUB, an unknown Smith’s grocery store and a Red Box DVD machine. The surveillance video from Garcia’s has not yet been reviewed.

Pipe confiscated from dorm On Jan. 16, UNMPD was dispatched to Coronado Hall dorms in reference to possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the report, the resident assistant on duty smelled marijuana coming from a dorm. The resident of the dorm admitted to UNMPD that he had a pipe that he used to smoke marijuana and residue that he tapped out of the pipe into a garbage can before the officer arrived. UNMPD confiscated the pipe and placed it into evidence for destruction. The report will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for further review. ~ Complied by Erika Eddy

On Jan. 16, a UNM teaching assistant made a report with UNMPD in reference to larceny and fraudulent use of a credit card. According to the report, the victim left her


electrical power and provide backup power in case of an electrical outage; and adding hot aisle containment for improved energy efficiency, said Abra Altman, program officer at the Center. The Ulam machine will be heavily used for bioinformatics and bionomic research, Atlas noted, combining computer science, statistics, mathematics and engineering to study and process biological data. The huge computing power will also be available to any other departments or students who can use it to help their research and projects, she said. “Ulam and the other CARC supercomputers are resources that are available at no cost to any student or researcher at the university who needs large-scale computing capabilities for their work,” Atlas said. “The total budget for the project is just over a quarter of a million dollars,” Atlas said. “We have been waiting to deploy the final 11 Ulam racks. We only have two of the racks currently up and running because we did not have enough electricity, cooling or (uninterruptible power supply) to bring them online.” The complete installation of Ulam will increase the capacity of the center by almost 1,000 cores to approximately 3,000 total, she said. The expansion project has been in the

Aaron Anglin / Daily Lobo / @ComicKidPhoto

A series of supercomputers found at the Center for Advanced Research Computing can be accessed by students and faculty for research purposes. The center is going through renovations to add all 13 racks of the Ulam supercomputer.

pipeline for almost a year, she said. “The original design study was completed last June by Assurance Engineering, an external firm. Once that was done, we began working with UNM’s PPD Engineering and adopted most of Assurance’s design

study recommendations,” she said. Sayyed Shah is the assistant news editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at assistant-news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @mianfawadshah.

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The Legislative Finance Committee recommended plenty of money for higher education for the 2016 Fiscal Year, but that number may be far more than the state can afford because of the lower gas prices. For Main campus alone, there are a range of other priorities, including money to raise employee pay, as a way to help with recruitment and retention with faculty members; additional funds for Research and Public Service Project and deferred maintenance funding to help decrease a $375 million backlog. “For FY 16, the committee recommends $857.5 million in general fund appropriations for the Higher Education Department, colleges and universities and special schools. This is an increase of $18.8 million, or 2.2 percent, over FY15 appropriations,” the recommendations stated. The recommendation went on to state that it supported funding for the Health Sciences Center, financial aid programs for students and increasing loan repayment programs for graduates who go on to become healthcare professionals in the state. The funding recommended for the Health Sciences Center would

Basketball certainly help, since it requested the largest chunk of change - $8 million. That money would go to pay medical school faculty a higher wage that would attract respected faculty physicians, to create student residency programs in rural areas of New Mexico and to found a Center for Childhood Maltreatment. The last would allow UNM’s Child Abuse Response Team to provide support for medical professionals statewide in treating and determining instances of child abuse. Further funding requests include a variety of other healthcare-minded projects, including an expansion to the Pain Center that would significantly decrease the wait for first-time appointments. Project ECHO is also hoping to receive money to build its telehealth consultation program, which would allow UNM specialists to offer specialty are to providers throughout the state. The Daily Lobo news desk can be reached at news@dailylobo. com, or on Twitter @DailyLobo.

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The second half of the game proved to be just as tight of a battle that UNLV closed the first half with. The Rebels (6-11, 3-3 MW) were able to hang around long enough to tie the game at 47 with just 8:09 remaining in the contest. With significant amount of playing time in the second half, both sophomore forward Kianna Keller and senior captain Antiesha Brown had early exits after reaching the five foul limit. Following Brown’s departure, freshman Laneah Bryan had some big shoes to fill and did so adequately. Bryan finished her night with 10 points and two blocks, both career-highs. “I was just going with the flow of the game,” Bryan said. “I wasn’t trying to do anything extra. I was just trying to be aggressive.” In a rugged game that featured 45 fouls, junior forward Alexa Chavez took a late charge that proved to be one of the game’s most important. Chavez was unable to take her free throws after taking the fifth and final charge from the Mountain West’s leading scorer, Danielle Miller. Chavez was one of three Lobos who needed assistance getting off the court due to an injury or illness. UNM was in the double bonus, but with Chavez unable to take her free throws, freshman Jayda Bovero had to take the place of the ailing forward.

Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo / @SXfoto

New Mexico forward Kianna Keller focuses for a free throw attempt during Wednesday’s game.

Sanchez said each of players who went down should be ready to go by Saturday. Junior guard Bryce Owens was the third starter, grimacing in pain for the Lobos. However, Owens would later return to provide pivotal free throws in the game’s final seconds. UNM was only up by one point in the final 28 seconds of the game. The shot clock was off and Owens sprinted with the ball on her own baseline before being greeted by a UNLV foul. Owens sunk both free throws to force pressure on the Rebels. “I have never been on the line for pressure free throws like that, in a

close game,” Owens said. “Being able to knock them down was good for me and the team because we got the win.” Even with an ailing roster, Sanchez and her squad picked up the team’s sixth straight home win and have now bumped up a place in the Mountain West conference. “It was just a weird game. It was an emotional game,” Sanchez said. “It’s just a gut-check by our kids and I am really proud of them.” Liam Cary-Eaves is the assistant sports editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at assistantsports@dailylobo.com or on twitter @Liam_CE.

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The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Opinion Editor / opinion@dailylobo.com


The also-ran industrial complex in America By Tina Dupuy

We often hear about the corrupting influence of money in politics. There’s lip service paid to the amount of cash a politician must raise in order to even run for office. In the wake of the Citizens United decision and a provision tucked into last year’s spending bill tripling the amount individuals can donate to national parties, money in politics should obviously be a concern. But what’s even more distressing is that just having the potential to be president has become its own vocation. Welcome to the Also-Ran Industrial Complex. There’s a pretty sizable, wellfed group of people who make a living pretending they want to be president. Running for president has become like

marathon running. No one expects to win; it’s just entering the race that’s important. This reality is why former fraction-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin just up and said “thanks, but no thanks” to the voters of America’s largest state. There’s so much more money in teasing media outlets about possibly maybe one day thinking about running for president than in holding down an actual government job. The man who pioneered making a living being a loser was really Newt Gingrich. After he left his House and speakership in disgrace, he “consulted” for Freddie Mac, started a production company and toured as an orator. So it was no shock he was there when the open casting call for the 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential nominees came up. Since running, Newt’s career has been on an upswing, landing a cushy gig on CNN.

If it worked for someone as unscrupulous, immoral and unlikable as Newt Gingrich—it can work for anyone! The also-ran mold has been cast in Newt’s image. Now, due to forces in publishing, cable news and lobbying, it’s worth it for gadflies, hucksters, Huckabees and wannabes to run for higher office and land with a bigger platform. As perennial-kook former Senator Rick Santorum wondered in an interview earlier this week of the GOP hopefuls like Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: “Do we really want someone with this little experience? Do we really want somebody who’s a bomb thrower, with no track record of any accomplishments?” For president? No. But Senate firsttermers Cruz and Rubio aren’t running to be the next president, they’re running to be the next Newt Gingrich. And Rand Paul? He’s

running to be the next Ron Paul. Am I just cynical? Do I not believe in the magic of that one special candidate I can fall in love with and know he’ll/she’ll be my everything in the Executive Branch? In a word: Yes. Politics on this level is not about the voters. It’s about the fans; it’s about the fantasy. It’s about selling the dream of purists being in charge of this rapidly changing and continually more pluralistic society. All presidents let down those who love them most at some point. But someone with an Internet channel (or what used to be called a website) ca`n suspend that reality and make us believe that we can be right, be on top and things can be simple once again. Just hit the “donate now” button.

1887 sent protagonist Julian West forward to a 2000 utopia ushered in by a nationalized economy. West is as wowed by the bountiful products of central planning as Marty is by hoverboards; the conspicuous absence of anti-consumerist sour grapes is startling in retrospect. Well before the year 2000, however, it looked like Back to the Future Part II‘s Reagan-style private enterprise had won the day. Markets have an affinity with technology that benefits the ordinary people engaging in its exchange, enabling them to leverage the value they create while lessening the labor

needed to obtain that value. Thus free markets are an existential danger to all third-party institutions whose wealth is appropriated from the products of traders’ labor. Forestalling the development of such technology is the corporate state alliance observed by Robert Anton Wilson, in which “big unions, the corporations, and government have all tacitly agreed to slow down the pace of cybernation, to drag their feet and run the economy with the brakes on.” The perennial calls for a new moon shot or Manhattan Project assume that large-scale centralized projects, by either

government or Ma Bell-style corporate monopolies, are necessary for technological leaps. But as Ralph Nader pointed out, even in the twentieth century dominated by such goliaths, “[t]he firms which introduced stainless steel razor blades (Wilkinson), transistor radios (Sony), photocopying machines (Xerox), and the ‘instant’ photograph (Polaroid) were all small and little known when they made their momentous breakthroughs.” Where we’re going, we don’t need the government — or corporations — to build roads.

Where’s yesterday’s vision of tomorrow? By Joel Schlosberg It’s 2015. Has anyone seen our flying cars? How about the tranquility and economic security that, beyond the cool gadgetry, created the appeal of the 2015 of Back to the Future Part II? Why do they seem as absent as its faxes and laserdiscs? And why, midway through the half-century anniversary of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, does its tomorrow seem as crumbling as its remaining buildings? Marty McFly wasn’t the first traveler to a future American paradise. A century before, Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward: 2000-

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Theater Review

Faculty to vote Fresh pieces in theater fest on Chicano dept. By Graham Gentz

By Mateo Rocha Chicanismo at UNM is taking a definitive step toward the integration of heritage, identity and communal support through their efforts to create a department for the Chicano Studies Program. The CSP will soon know whether its request for departmentalization will be granted during the campuswide faculty senate vote Jan. 27. CSP Director Irene Vasquez said that the creation of such a department will provide a structure and level of authority that the program currently lacks. As a program, the CSP can never have a full-time faculty dedicated to its proliferation, thus limiting the possibilities for curriculum, research and student success, she said. A bachelor’s degree in Chicano Studies offers a variety of careers; however the main philosophy is to inculcate a communal work ethic for when the students will work within their own diverse communities, Vasquez said. “For the CSP, Chicanismo means that people understand who they are, where they come from, and that they are invested in developing their communities,” she said. Gregory Heileman, associate provost of academic affairs, said that in recent years there has been a push to integrate ethnic diversity into the undergraduate core curriculum. “To become national leaders, there is a critical need to understand how to better support, serve and

prepare the emerging American majority,” Heileman said. Of the students admitted to UNM in 2013, 51 percent are of Hispanic background, which made Hispanics the majority at UNM for the first time, he said. “The building of a comprehensive (Chicano Studies) department will allow the program to attract high caliber national-level scholars in the field, leading to additional external funding opportunities and better academic programs for our students,” Heileman said. Cheyenne Trujillo, president of the Chicana and Chicano Studies Student Organization said the organization works towards ethnic integration and supporting the departmentalization of the CSP at UNM. “Our main goal is to create awareness and raise funds for the CSP while bridging the gap between all ethnic groups,” Trujillo said. The CCSSO plans to provide a wide array of workshops for the CSP in the spring semester that will touch many themes such as Chicano studies, queer studies, food sovereignty and civil rights, she said. “This would bring a lot more people to us who would then understand what Chicano Studies is all about. We try to reach out as far as we can so students can connect in any way,” Trujillo said. Mateo Rocha is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @DailyLobo.

Divergent art is important, especially since you don’t have to like it. For the past 15 years, local Albuquerque theater company Tricklock has organized the Revolutions International Theater Festival, in which national and international performers of dance and theater come to our little desert town. It isn’t always the best stuff, but at least it’s different, and the fairly incestuous local Albuquerque community can always use some shaking up. I saw three performances over the weekend and there will be plenty more diverse events for the remainder of the month, including lots of stuff on weeknights. The first performance I saw was dance, double-billed as “Soldiers/ Colors,” However “Soldiers” was replaced with something I think was called “Dreams.” Additionally, the performances were dedicated forebodingly to “the family of the victims,” whatever that meant. One Google search later, I found that a Russian soldier had allegedly killed seven members of an Armenian family. A six-month-old baby was initially the sole-survivor, but recently died too, on Jan. 19. Oh. “Dreams” was clearly the piece that was adapted last minute. One man and one woman performed with nearly a dozen pillows scattering the stage at Carlisle Gym here on UNM campus. Mostly it was abstract, the man and woman telling an almost nonverbal narrative that looked like the love and

angst, and, when one pillow seemed to give birth to a comically smaller pillow, it was likely that pregnancy was also involved. Overall, the piece was enjoyable, but it certainly seemed unrehearsed, especially when paired with the second performance, “Colors.” The piece was vastly more involving of the two performers than the previous effort. Movements were more varied and the chosen music seemed more specific and poignant. Certainly whatever abstract emotion was being conveyed held more energy as a whole. The two performers painted a bit on monolithic canvases, then seemed to do battle with each other physically, like dueling creative interests. Then there was a lot of scarf work I didn’t quite understand as the lights dimmed a bit too much and the performers moved to the very back of the stage. It was difficult to really see what they were doing, partly because of their distance and lighting. Ultimately, the piece would have benefited the most from the dancers utilizing the space more. The stage at the Carlisle Gym is fairly immense and the space could have been put to good use. The next night, I saw Mexican performers present “Antígona en la Frontera” on the main stage of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, where the audience displayed a lot of similar faces to those of “Soldiers/ Colors.” The play concerns a timetraveling Antigone, from the third play in the Oedipus Cycle. It’s also completely in Spanish. As cool as it was to see theater in a language other than English,

I mostly just found the play confusing. This had little to do with the language itself, but more the choices made by the actors. One man played flute live onstage, but there were chiefly three actors: a man and a woman who played different parts and then another woman playing the unstuckin-time Antigone. The first two performers played many roles and the delivery of every single line or moment was marked with the most intense, operatic delivery. It was also remarkably difficult to discern when they truly shifted characters, save the use of the big, clear Burger King crown. Perhaps they received an endorsement. Antigone, by contrast, was completely unstated in every way. The disparity was a bit confounding. The most fascinating aspect, however, was the play’s social consciousness. Much of the layered commentary reflected issues with the United States/Mexico border, which is an issue that can certainly never get enough attention. Antigone, however, was consistently and graphically abused by the other two hammy actors, which was mostly highly uncomfortable. But life’s short. And life’s a crap shoot. So if you like art and want to see something unique to Albuquerque, go to some Revolutions performances. You may not even like it. But at least it’s different, which is often even more important. Graham Gentz is a theater and film reviewer for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at culture@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @DailyLobo.




Film industry drives interest in media program By Lauren Marvin

The glitz and glamour of movies are drawing students to a unique program at UNM. The Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media program has been gaining interest because of the growing movie industry in New Mexico and accomplished professors within the program. Miguel Gandert, director of the IFDM program, said the program began in 2005 and was created because there was a need to start an above-the-line program. The IFDM program has been gained interest steadily, and many upperclassmen and Central New Mexico Community College graduates are applying, he said. However, recruitment is heavily focused on high school students because it is a four-year program. Around 150 students apply to IFDM every fall and only 50 percent are accepted, he said. The number of applicants has increased about

25 percent since 2011. “We find there has been a lot of interest because of the industry. It’s a very romantic thing making movies, doing games and animating. It is very much ingrained in culture,” he said. In terms of enrollment it has remained stable, however, only because of the limited space, he said. On the other hand, IFDM has collaborated with different departments at UNM, which has increased the number of electives by 35 percent. IFDM senior Nicholas Nelson said he has seen a significant increase in the interest of the program. The IFDM program is growing because of the booming movie industry in New Mexico and seasoned professors, he said. Most of the professors have worked in the industry, including some with Sony Imageworks and Pixar. IFDM and CNM’s film program are helping students gain access to a once closed-off industry, he said.

“A lot of key positions are being filled by local cast and crew members. It has become really dominant now as far as New Mexicans picking up higher positions in cast and crew,” he said Morgaine Adkin, also an IFDM senior, said she was drawn to the program because of the cohort system. Similar to Nelson, Adkin said she thinks the students’ interest in film is due in large part to the professors. However, in general the IFDM program attracts many students because of the interdisciplinary aspect, she said. Students can branch into film, business, arts and gaming within the program. “I do think a lot of people come into the program thinking that ‘oh its movies, it’s going to be great and glamorous’ and some of the classes are computer coding and quite a few students tend to drop out during those classes,” she said. Even though New Mexico’s movie industry is expanding,

“The End Begins” cast and crew.

Adkin said, she is planning to move out of state for a career because her interest in editing is not well established in the state, she said.

Lauren Marvin is the culture editor for the Daily Lobo. She can be reached at culture@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @LaurenMarvin.



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$6 Avion Margs $7 Patron or Don Julio Margs $3 Win HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY TIL 7PM





Albuquerque Museum Open 9am-5pm 2000 Mountain Road NW (in Old Town) Free admission with UNM student ID, courtesy of Frontier and Golden Pride Lotus Nightclub Saturday Night Sessions!—AJ’s Birthday Bash Doors open at 10, 1/2 price Happy Hour before 11 for 21+ Lotus resident DJs Shatta and Sharp Sunshine Theater *Zoso* The Ultimate Led Zepplin Experience Doors open at 7:00 pm; ALL AGES 120 Central ave http://www.sunshinetheaterlive.com/ ASUNM Southwest Film Center Moulin Rouge 6pm & 8:30pm In the lower level of the SUB, room 1003. Students: $3; Faculty/Staff: $4; General: $5 www.unm.edu/~swfc/ Imbibe Happy Hour till 7pm Music by Ryan Shea 10pm

Sunday Angela Arellanes Attorney At Law Criminal Defense & Personal Injury (505) 247-2417 www.AngelaArellanesLaw.com Albuquerque Museum Open 9am-5pm 2000 Mountain Road NW (in Old Town) Free admission with UNM student ID, courtesy of Frontier and Golden Pride

lobo features

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Solution to Wednesday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Modern “Keep in touch!” 7 Ann’s sister 11 Extras may comprise one 14 Tennis star Gibson 15 The real thing, so to speak 17 Riddles 18 Regretting a wild night, maybe 19 *Beginning 21 Field of study 24 “We __ Family”: 1979 hit 25 Tamper 26 *They carry remainders 31 Org. where weight matters 32 Without __: riskily 33 On a streak 36 Capp and Capone 37 Syr. neighbor 38 Jueves, por ejemplo 39 Natural resource 40 Tease 42 Vibrater in a wind 43 Like Gen. Powell 44 *Bike safety device 47 __ Men: “Who Let the Dogs Out” band 49 Edible Asian shoot 50 Greek mount 51 *The rest 56 Burns poem that starts, “Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie” 57 Time of your life 61 Marching band instrument 62 Mill around 63 Passing stat. 64 Egyptian symbols of royalty 65 Both words in each answer to a starred clue begin and end with the same one

catch readers attention

here! Sunshine Theater Check out upcoming shows at http://www.sunshinetheaterlive.com/ Imbibe Happy Hour ALL NIGHT $2 Draft, $3 well, $4 Wine, & $5 Martinis ASUNM Southwest Film Center Moulin Rouge 1pm & 3:30pm In the lower level of the SUB, room 1003. Students: $3; Faculty/Staff: $4; General: $5 www.unm.edu/~swfc/

Monday Angela Arellanes Attorney At Law Criminal Defense & Personal Injury (505) 247-2417 www.AngelaArellanesLaw.com Sunshine Theater *Halestorm**Anesthsia* Doors open at 8:00 pm; ALL AGES 120 Central ave http://www.sunshinetheaterlive.com/ UNM Truman Health Services Offers free HIV testing, free condoms, and educational opportunities; 7:30am - 5pm www.UNMtruman.org Imbibe Industry Night: 50% all Beer, Spirits, & select Wines

Tuesday Angela Arellanes Attorney At Law Criminal Defense & Personal Injury (505) 247-2417 www.AngelaArellanesLaw.com Albuquerque Museum Open 9am-5pm 2000 Mountain Road NW (in Old Town) Free admission with UNM student ID, courtesy of Frontier and Golden Pride

thursday, january 22, 2015 / Page 7

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis dailycrossword

Year Zero



advertise with the Daily Lobo 277-5656 |advertising@dailylobo.com


By Don Gagliardo

DOWN 1 Keep time, in a way 2 Symphonic rock gp. 3 Cadillac sedan 4 Store to “fall into,” in old ads 5 Scant 6 First word of the chorus of “The Sidewalks of New York” 7 Parched 8 Dark-haired guy 9 Cask stopper 10 Safecracker 11 Some Cannes films 12 They have hoods and racks 13 Cold-water hazards 16 Was impending 20 Perp subduer 21 Egyptian dam 22 100 kopecks 23 Parts opposite points 27 First name in women’s boxing 28 Racing family name 29 Bay window 30 Aptly named novelist

Wednesday’s Puzzle Solved

©2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

34 Easily crumbled cookies 35 Betta tankmate 38 “Colonel Jack” novelist 41 “Oh, my!” 42 Uses, as credit card rewards 45 Amasses 46 Work on together, in a way


47 LPGA great Rawls 48 Stay clear of 52 “The boy you trained, gone he is” speaker 53 Sharing word 54 Relax 55 Blackthorn fruit 58 QB’s stat 59 Turn right 60 Go wrong


Sunshine Theater *Periphery* *Nothing More* *Wovenwar* *Thank You Scientist* Doors open at 6:30 pm; ALL AGES 120 Central ave http://www.sunshinetheaterlive.com/ UNM Truman Health Services Offers free HIV testing, free condoms, and educational opportunities; 7:30am - 5pm www.UNMtruman.org Imbibe COLLEGE NIGHT w/ DJ Automatic & Drummer Camiilo Quinones 9pm $1 PBR, $2 Featured Beer till keg is Dry, $3 Well & Long Island Tea, $4 Skyy & Featured Shots

Wednesday Angela Arellanes Attorney At Law Criminal Defense & Personal Injury (505) 247-2417 www.AngelaArellanesLaw.com Albuquerque Museum Open 9am-5pm 2000 Mountain Road NW (in Old Town) Free admission with UNM student ID, courtesy of Frontier and Golden Pride UNM Truman Health Services Offers free HIV testing, free condoms, and educational opportunities; 7:30am - 5pm www.UNMtruman.org Sunshine Theater Check out upcoming shows at http://www.sunshinetheaterlive.com/ Imbibe Poker Night $4 Absolut, $4 Beam, $4 Red Stag

Neither boat, nor train, nor paper airplane should stop you from knowing your status. Get tested today!



PAGE THURSDAY, JANUARY Page 8 /8W/ednesday , OctOber 23, 2013 22, 2015




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Announcements Announcements Auditions Announcements Event Rentals Auditions Fun, Food, Music Event Rentals Health and Wellness Fun, Food, Music Looking You Health andfor Wellness Lost and Found Looking for You Services Lost Travel and Found Services Want to Buy Travel Your Space Want to Buy Housing Your Space

GUITAR CENTER Apartments Your community store since 1978

LARGE, CLEAN 1BDRM $495/mo+utilities and 2BDRM $695/mo+utilites. SIGN UP Starter Guitars forFOR $79.99No pets. 1505 Girard NE. 304-5853. LESSONS NOW!


FREE UNM PARKING. Large, clean for $79.99 www.marcsguitarcenter.com 1BDRM. No pets. $500/mo + electricity. PAY CASH FOR 4125 Lead SE. WE 850-9749. USED INSTRUMENTS! 2324 Central S.E. Accross from U.N.M. clean NORTH CAMPUS. LARGE, MON-FRI 10-6 SAT 10-5:30 1BDRM, 1505 Girard NE. $500/mo +utilwww.marcsguitarcenter.com ities. No pets. 304-5853.



BLOCK TO UNM. StAtiStiCS Large, clean tUtor. 1BDRM MAtheMAtiCS, ($595/mo), ($850/mo) includes Billy Brown 2BDRM PhD. College and HS. 401‑ utilities. No pets. 255-2685 / 268-0525. 8139, welbert53@aol.com FREE UNM PARKING. editing. i will edit yourLarge, paper. clean, I edit 1BDRM. No pets. $460/mo +electricity but also tutor you to become a better 980-5812.

Apartments Housing Co-housing Condos Apartments Duplexes Co-housing Houses for Rent Condos Houses for Sale Duplexes Housing Wanted Houses for Property forRent Sale Houses for Rent Sale Rooms for Housing Wanted Sublets

writer. PhD. Trained editor. 505‑242‑ 3156. NEAR mamay@mac.com UNM/ DOWNTOWN. Affordable 1 bedroom apartments. $400- $575/mo pAper UNM instructor, +utilities.dUe? Off ForMer street parking. Singles. Ph.D., English, published, can help. 266-4505. 254‑9615. MasterCard/ VISA. $600 MOVES YOU in near UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM, 1BA like new. Quiet area, ABortion And CoUnSeling Services. on-site manager, storage, FREE laundry, parkCaring and confidential. PREG‑ ing. Pets TESTING. okay, no dogs. Manzano NANCY Curtis137 Boyd, MD, St NE, $680/mo. 505-610-2050. PC: 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 242‑7512. LARGE 1BDRM, HARDWOOD floors, tUtoring ‑ All AgeSowner-managed. , most subjects. quiet, secure, 3-unit, Experienced 265‑7799. W/D Hookup,Ph.D. storage, off-street. Near Nob Hill, UNM KAFB, hospitals. $550/mo +utilities 1 year Health and $400dd. Wellness lease. Cats okay. Owner/broker.Call/ text 350-8698. Free Zen And Aikido, Sundays bothhandsclapping.org/open‑mat UNM/ CNM STUDIOS, 1BDRM,

Property for Sale For Sale Rooms for Rent Audio/Video Sublets Bikes/Cycles Computer Stuff For Sale Dogs, Cats, Pets Audio/Video For Sale Bikes/Cycles Furniture Computer Stuff Garage Sales Dogs, Cats, Pets Textbooks For Sale Vehicles for Sale

2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate conApartments sultant: 243-2229. ApArtMent hUnting? 2BDRMS UTILITIES INCLUDED. 3 www.keithproperties.com blocks UNM. kachina-properties.com 246-2038. BloCK to UnM. Large, clean 1BDRM ($595/mo), 2BDRMfrom($850/mo) in‑ 1BDRM, 3 BLOCKS UNM, Presbycludes utilities. No pets. 255‑2685/ terian. Hardwood floors, beamed wood 268‑0525. ceiling, new windows. 118 Sycamore. $575/mo+utilities+DD, cats okay. NS, QUiet, CleAn, AFFordABle, 1BDRM off-street parking. $595/mo, utilities Available included. November 2 blocks 1 Call 505-550-1579. to UNM, no pets. 262‑0433.

Furniture Employment Garage Sales

Child Care Jobs Textbooks Jobs off Campus Vehicles for Sale Jobs on Campus Jobs Wanted Employment Volunteers

Child Care Jobs Jobs off Campus Services Jobs on Campus Jobs Wanted AGORA HOTLINE IS now online. www.agoracares.org Volunteers

Fun, Food, Music

HAVE YOU HEARD of that Crazy Wrap thing? Tone, tighten and firm in as little as 45 minutes!! Simple and affordable! Call Daniella today! 505-850-3121.


GUITAR/ VOICE LESSONS $15 Professional Singer/ Songwriter 17 years experience offering lessons, Any Age Any Genre, First lesson’s free! 505Adoption. A loving, married couple, 720-7959. dreams of our home filled with the joys


of a baby. Expenses paid. Legal and GETTING MARRIED? WWW.David confidential. Please call Mariana and MartinezPhotography.com Anthony toll‑free at 1‑866‑867‑0378. ?BACKPACK BUSTED? ABQ Luggage need A photogrApher? & Zipper Repair. 1405-A San Mateo davidMartinezphotography.com NE. 256-7220. pArKing, 1 BloCK south of UNM. MATH TUTORING 237-8236. $120/semester. 268‑0525. 269‑9896. PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. Lost and Found 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA. FoUnd iphone in Dane Smith. De‑ TUTORING - ALL 5AGES , most subjects. scribe and claim. leolu55@unm.edu Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799.

Health and Wellness

Houses For Rent

lArge, CleAn 1BdrM $525/mo+utili‑

ties. No pets. 1505 Girard NE. 304‑ 2BDRM, 1BA 1400 Gold SE. Fenced, 5853. covered parking, $750/mo. 699-0836. AppeAling 2BdrM/ 1BA 2 Blocks SouthHouses of UNM. Modern forfloorplan, Sale red‑ brick floors. $775/mo+utilities. Move‑in special! 268‑0525. HANDY No TOpets. UNM lovely remodeled 5BDRM home with two living areas. StUdio w/Free UtilitieS, 1 block Coldwell Banker Legacy 8281000. UNM. 1515 Copper NE. 246‑2038. Sandy DeNovellis 269-8697. $485. Ask move‑in special. www.kachina‑properties.com Rooms For Rent 2BdrM CArpeted, new paint, utilities HOUSE TO SHARE. Female roommate included. 3 blocks $500/mo. to campus. wanted. Westside No www. pets. kachina‑properties.com $735/ mo. 505-720-3274. 246‑2038. 313 Girard SE. LOOKING FOR A female to take over 1BdrM FroMlease $425. Lobo Village in 2BDRM January. from Last month’s rentSmith already interested $550. 3425 SE.paid.If Tony Olmi laen‑ please contact me at 505-592-6472. tradareality.com 924‑1031. SINGLE ROOM FOR rent. 2BDRM House $375mo+utlities, biking distance to UNM , ridgecrest area west of San Mateo. 505-620-4457.



Campus Events

Coffee & Tea Time 9:30-11:30am Current Exhibits LGBTQ Resource Center

UNM Art Musuem’s 50th Anniversary Zimmerman Library Learning Exhibitons Commons Grand Opening 10:00am-4:00pm 10:00am-12:00pm UNM Art Museum Zimmerman Library The UNM Art Museum’s Permanent The renovated Collection at Fifty Yearscollaborative space for students on the eastern end of the floor has proven Artsfirst & Music highly popular with students since being completed in August 2014.

The Lymbs 12:00-1:00pm CELAC Welcome Taco Fiesta! Cornell/SUB Mall 11:00am-2:00pm Noontime Concert SUB Ballroom B

RaymondTheater Jonson & toFilms Kiki Smith 10:00am-4:00pm UNM Museum Mid Art Week Movie New at the UNM art museum, 3:30exhibit - 5:30pm on view in the main gallery. SUB Theater Now showing: Fury

UNM Wind Symphony 7:30-8:30pm ASUNM Southwest Film Center Popejoy Hall 7:00-9:00pm SUB Theater Works by McTee, Wilsion, Hindemith, Now Showing: Moulin RougeWhite, Barber and Gorb. Richard Tuba Soloist. Adults $8, Youth (0-18) Tale of Mirjam $6, Seniors $4. Begins at 8:00pm Carlisle Gym

Sports & Rec

SEEKING MALE ROOMATE to share UnM/CnM 1BdrM 1BA $495/mo. 3BDRM house. $450/mo. Includes+utili‑ utilities. 1221split Dr. cable MLK and Jr NE. TA Russell ties and internet. $250 881‑5385. deposit. 10 minutes from UNM. 505919-8057. $650 MoveS YoU in! UNM/ Nob Hill. 3 FULLY Onsite FURNISHED, north 2BDRM. manager.NEAR 137 Man‑ campus. $350/mo 505‑610‑2050. $410/mo, $420/mo zano NE. $769/mo. +1/4utilities. High speed Internet. PicUnM/CnM UtilitieS pAid! 2BDRM 1BA tures available. Gated community. Ac$630/mo. SE TA Russell cess I-40 &419 I-25.Vassar tkuni@unm.edu


ROOMMATE WANTED. 3BDRM 1.5BA. 1BdrM, 3 BloCKS from UNM, Presby‑ Near UNM. Share with 2 awesome rooterian. floors, beamed wood mates. Hardwood Utilities, internet, and cable included. new W/D.windows. NP. $435/mo. End of ceiling, 118 Sycamore. November, early December. 505-974$585/mo+utilities+DD, cats okay. NS, 7476. off‑street parking. Available December

1 Call 505‑550‑1579. 22 YEAR OLD male seeking roommate for 2BDRM house. $400/mo utiliACroSS FroM golF Courseplus on Gib‑ ties. Biking distance UNM. 505-620son. 2BDRM/ 1BA.to Newly updated 4457. apartment. Cats welcome. $600/mo+DD+utilities. Call Kathy with FEMALE ROOMATE WANTED to take Purple Sage Realty 505‑550‑1578. over lease. Room for rent in Casas Del Rio. $529/mo. Utilities included. If interDuplexes ested please contact 505-258-1369 or 505-818-9872. 1BdrM dUplex At Maple, Lead. Walk UNM/ CNM. $430/mo.No pets. 385‑ Bikes/Cycles 0544. 2012 PCC SPEEDO 50cc. Less than 2BdrM/ 1BA hUge yard in back. Porch 1200 miles, great shape. $750 OBO. in front. $700/ mo. 204 Washington Call Tom at 505-273-1091. NE. 505‑884‑4483.

Computer Stuff Houses For Rent

CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT! noB hillcreate AreAor 2BDRM Clean. We can modifyhouse. software for you! C++, Java,237 or web softLarge yard.Python, $975/mo. Hermosa ware459‑6805. running on Php, Drupal or WordNE. press. brian@noventum.us 505-7503BdrM 1.5BA Campus/Girard. Many 1169.


3BdrM/ 2BA.SALE hUgeTwo backcocker yard. Carport DOGS FOR spaniel and room. white. $1000/mo+ utili‑ poodlelaundry mixes black, Both a year ties+ $600dd.Well 505‑800‑8757. old, sisters. behaved/trained and looking for a friendly home. $200 505489-1106.

Rooms For Rent

3 BdrM oFF street parking $899/mo +

utilities. 1814 Gold. 299‑2499.

College StUdent wAnted to share

2BDRM house 7min from UNM. W/D and security system. $475/mo in‑ cludes utilities and WiFi. Text 505‑410‑ 3136.

FUllY FUrniShed, neAr north cam‑ pus. $390 (from 3/28/15) and $380 (from 1/31/15) +1/4utilities. High speed internet. Pictures available. Gated community. Access I‑40 & I‑25. tkuni@unm.edu rooM For rent in 3BDRM house

near Constitution/ Carlisle. Full kitchen, DW, W/D. $450/mo+ 1/3 utili‑ ties. Email mwilli05@unm.edu Photos and details at http://tinyurl.‑ com/nrklpku

For Sale

SOCIAL BRAND INTERN. Searching for optoMetrY prACtiCe in Albuquerque punctual, detail oriented socialite. Paid Metro area seeks tech savvy UNM PT position. Professionalism is a must. Marketing or General Business major. Email resume to paul@trolleyusa.com

ADJUSTABLE HOSPITAL BED Twin size with two massage units. $175 cash. Jazzy battery-powered mobility chair. Works good. With seatlift Best hats any occasion. $175obo cash for 505-440-9815.


PT(10‑20 hours/ week). Assist in coor‑ dination of various eMarketing initia‑ DANCERS WANTED AS entertainers for tives, with third Same parties day for parties.partnering Nights, weekends. website design, search engine opti‑ pay. 505-489-8066. Privatedancersn mization, online ad remarketing, and m@gmail.com traditional print advertising. Maintain presence on social media platforms to SPRING 2014 TEACH and Learn in Kooptimize presencebyandKorean keep rea (TaLK)online sponsored eMarketing updated with pro‑ government channels $1,300-400/month motion of optometric services, (15hrs/week) + airfares, housing,preven‑ meditative health Must services, and eyewear. cal insurance have completed two Submit cover letter/ resume to years of undergraduate. Last day to apchrisdaniel@cybermesa.com ply: 11/30/13 Please visit the website www.talk.go.kr Questions: Jai - jai.ke QUAliFied inStrUCtorS needed for cla@gmail.com (213)386-3112 ex.201. Black belt Karate, Cheer, Hip‑Hop & Jazz Ballet. Teach ages 4‑15. 1 night/ Visit us at dailylobo.com week, great PT pay. 505‑899‑1666.

Bowlers • Fedoras • Top Hats ONEVintage SHOWER WHEELCHAIR 300lbs Women’s Jewelry

limit. $25 cash only. 505-440-9815. 3102 Central Ave. SE


Jobs Off Campus

Computer Stuff

PT WORK NEAR campus. Flexible hrs. for technically-minded person with baCUStoM SoFtwAre developMent! sic woodworking, carpentry, and/ or conWe can create or modify software for struction experience. Good hourly pay. you! C++, Python, Java, or web soft‑ 301-6658.

ware running on Php, Drupal or Word‑ press. brian@noventum.us 505‑750‑ CENTRAL UNITED METHODIST Church, Albuquerque, NM, is seeking a 1169. part time Multi-Media Director to create, develop and implement multi-media preJobs Off Campus sentations and be responsible for their production in three worship services. AlBUQUerQUe CliniCAl triAlS has Theimmediate Director ofopening Multi-Media will an for aMinistry FT clinical also coordinate a ministry team to inresearch tech. Background in health‑ clude training and volunteer supervision care or pharmaceuticals a plus. Open for lighting, video screen projection as to experienced and prospective wellboth as environmental projection, and healthcare/ clinical research profes‑ sound.We are seeking a technically sionals. Extensiveand on‑the‑job training skilled, organized highly relational and growth with leader to joinpotential. our staff Experience team as Media Director. Experience in theand following phlebotomy, vital signs, EKG a plus: Pro-Presenter, Media Shout, Enviplus, but not required. $13.00/ hr. Ben‑ ronmental Projection Lighting, efits include vacation,software, full healthcare/‑ iOS and 401K PC operating, systems. Interdental, and profit sharing. ested parties should submit resumes to Please email resumes to info@centraltolife.org jobs@abqct.com

looKing For Strong young man liv‑

VETERINARY RECEPtAlin MArKet ASSISTANT/ iS now hiring all posi‑ TIONIST/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary tions. Cashiers, stockers, seafood, student preferred. Ponderosa Animal produce, and customer service repre‑ Clinic: 881-8990/ sentatives. Pick 881-8551. up application at 88

lousiana Blvd Se or apply online at Volunteers talinmarket.com

BICYCLE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY legAl ASSiStAnt needed steadily ex‑ Both the and City busy of Albuquerque’s Esperpanding law office. Candi‑ anza Community Bicycle shop and the date must be able to multi‑task, an‑ Bicycle Recycle Program are looking swer phone, process intakes, and pro‑ for people with bike mechanical skills, vide customer as or whoexcellent are willing to learn service mechanical well asvolunteer draft documents and maintain skill to at the Esperanza Comcase requires munityload. Bike Position shop. The Bicycleexcellent Recycle written and volunteers verbal communication program needs during weekdays and Esperanzaand could volunskills, organization, timeuse manage‑ teers Please weekday nights and via Sundays. ment. submit resume fax to Please contact Tomas Kujat at 505‑212‑0091. kujat.tomas@gmail.com or Chuck Malagodi at cmalagodi@cabq.gov 505BUSY CliniC SeeKing caring reliable 768-2453. PT/FT admin assist with customer ser‑

vice experience who type 50WPM. Re‑ sume: jkrakow@sleeptreament.com

Campaign Jobs

ing in North Valley for occasional as‑ sistance with yardwork. Work dates can be flexible to fit schedule. Call Gary at 505‑270‑9409.

Jobs On Campus

BSe iS hiring!

UNM’s Best Student Essay Magazine is looking for copy editors for the Spring 2015 edition of our magazine! The position is a volunteer/internship position, and is therefore not paid. However, it looks amazing on your re‑ sume, and we have a lot of fun. It’s a veterinArY ASSiStAnt/ reCeption‑ great opportunity to get some editing iSt/ Kennel help. Pre‑veterinary stu‑ experience under your belt, and to see dent preferred. Ponderosa Animal what it’s like to publish a magazine! Clinic: 881‑8990/ 881‑8551. For more information on the magazine nAtionAllYACCredited ChildCAre you can check out www.beststu‑ Full and Part-time Available center in Albuquerque looking to fill ful‑ Positions dentessays.org and if you’re inter‑ l/part time positions. No $9 experience ested hour in applying you can email to $11 per necessary. Must be willing to work bse@unm.edu fundraising required) for more information nights/weekends. Call (No 505‑296‑3121 on the application process. or 505‑293‑2626.

Help protect the Right to Choose

ACtivitY/SportS leAderS needed to

assist with homework & lead fun activi‑ ties in after school programs NE & NW ABQ. PT, M‑F $10.50‑$12.00 hr. Apply online at www.campfireabq.org

Grassroots Campaigns is now hiring field staff to talk to voters in Albuquerque about protecting the right to choose.

AIR FORCE NOWFoUndAtion Accepting Prior SerCArrie tingleY seeking viceintern Applications! If you have separated an for February through June. fromhours any branch of at the $10/hr. Armed Please Forces 25 a week you may be eligible to re-enlist or comcontact Jeff Hoehn at jhoehn@cthf. mission into the Air Force. To find out if net if interested. you qualify, visit www.airforce.com and locate a recruiter or call an (505) 872-9564. we CUrrentlY hAve opening for a full‑time sales/marketing/manufactur‑ CLASSROOM ASSISTANT NEEDED ing associate. This is great opportu‑ Must be available everyday, Monday nity to join the jewelry industry. The through Friday. 8:30AM - 3:30PM selected candidate will join our team Montessori experience helpful, will to provide to inour everchildhood growing train. Needsupport students early business. will be education They program or working have 45closely hour with would CDC different class. departments Send info and to: 11216 Phoenix AvetoNE Abq with NM them 87112, ad be required assist when min@academymontessorischool.org necessary. Duties will include, but are or 299-3200. not limited to: Email Marketing Social Media Updating Website Invoicing Customer Service Answer Phones Excel Spreadsheets Product assembly Quickbooks Requirements: • Ability to multitask and work in a fast‑paced team environment • Prioritize effectively, and possess a strong attention to detail. • Work independently and as a team. • Able to analyze processes and im‑ plement innovative ideas to increase ef‑ ficiency. • Adapt to the ever‑changing require‑ ments of a small business. Please email to lillybarrack@gmail. com or fax your resume to 505‑345‑ 2486.

Call Jordan at (505) 369-8133

Do you know what kind of volunteers read the Daily Lobo? The best kind. Find your next best volunteer by advertising in the Daily Lobo Classifieds. Open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm


277-5656 classifieds@dailylobo.com

campus calendar of Events

Campus Calendar of Events Physics & Astronomy, Room 190 Bill Wootters, Williams College presents: “The ubit model in realamplitude quantum theory”

Lobo Women’s Tennis Begins atCampus 5:00pmEvents Linda Estes Tennis Complex vs. Northern Arizona Coffee and Tea Time

Theater & Films

9:30-11:00am Lobo Women’s LGBTQ ResourceTennis Center, 608 Buena Begins at 11:00am Vista Linda Estes Tennis Complex

vs. Shot Grand Canyon Flu Clinics 10:00-2:00pm Lectures & Readings SUB Atrium UNM Student Health &Connections: Counseling Indigenous Research will offer free& Greet flu shots for UNM Speed Meet for Students & students, staff and faculty (anyone Researchers 18 and older). 2:00-5:00pm UNM HSC LearnStudent about in Groupsresearch & Gov. Indigenous Communities, build your understanding of research, Mortar Board research mentorship and cultivate 10:00am-1:00pm opportunities.

SUB Mall Information Institute forTable Astrophysics Seminar Series

Begins atStudy 2:00pm CLS Bible Physics & Astronomy, Room 190 8:30-9:20am Preshanth Jagannathan (NRAO) Law School Room 2503 presents: “Wide-band Wide-field Meeting


Biology Seminar Mid Week Movie Series Series Begins at 3:30pm 4:00-6:00pm & 7:00-9:00pm Castetter Hall 100 SUB Theater Dr. Eric Baack, Department of Despicable Me 2 Biology, presents: “Predicting UNM Students $2; Faculty/Staff Evolution? Domestication and $2.50, Public $3. Crop–Wild Hybrids in Sunflowers.”

Lectures & Readings

Ancestors Lecture 7:30-8:30pm LAII Lecture Series Maxwell Museum 12:00-1:00pm A 9,000 year old window to the Latin American and Iberian past: Investigating Yukon’s Ice Institute Patches.

Ronda Brulotte presents: “Oaxacan Mezcal and the Making of a ArtsPrestige.” & Music Transnational

UFO Speaker Stanton Friedman Martin Ly, Guitar 7:00-9:00pm 6:00-7:00pm SUB Ballroom C Keller Hall Junior Student Degree Recital. Nuclear Physicist/Lecturer Stanton T. Friedman is the original civilian investigatorWorkshops of the Roswell, New Mexico UFO incident.

SUB Lobo A&B


University Communication & Cultures of Exile: Conversations on Marketing Language & the Arts 10:00am-1:00pm SUB Atrium 9:30am-6:30pm Press Conference




Circle K International traditionally ignored, this 7:00-9:00pm conference aims at giving voice SUB Mirage/Thunderbird to the voiceless through poetry


Fidelity Investments 9:00am-5:00pm Lobos for Israel SUB Amigo Room 7:00-9:00pm

Mitchell Hall Student Groupsthe & Gov. Barak Raz presents most recent spokesperson for the Israeli discusses his experiences and challenges Lobo while Toastmasters serving in the Israeli Defense 11:45am-1:15pm Force. SUB Mirage/Thunderbird Lobo Toastmasters will help you improve your communication and leadership skills, while having fun doing it.

Preview events at dailylobo.com

English Graduate Association 10:00-11:30am SUB Cherry/Silver Job Talks


Teach for America: Person Undrell 11:00am-3:30pm SUB Trail/Spirit Room Budget Workshops for ASUNM 2015 Information Session. events to: calendar@dailylobo.com 1:00-2:00pm

Deep Continuum Radio Imaging” CQuIC Seminar Series Begins at 3:30pm


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to Marron show •• Phone: Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Fax • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail classads@unm.edu. or email to to classifi eds@dailylobo.com DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Express. Come by room 107 Come by room 131 in Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications www.dailylobo.com Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

ROOM AVAILABLE FOR male 1BDRM, to take UnM/ CnM StUdioS, over lease at Lobo Village. loca2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and Great 4BDRMS. tion near gym, real and estate clubhouse. William H. pool, Cornelius, con‑ Fully furnished, sultant: 243‑2229. free Wi-Fi. Flexible move-in date. 280-9256. www.corneliusmgmt.com

amenities. $1170/mo. Utilities NS. www.burqueno.com For Sale



new mexico

new mexico

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO New Mexico Daily lobo

Orthodox Christian Fellowship 12:30-2:00pm SUB Sandia

Want an Event in Soka Gakkai International Lobo Life?Buddhist Association 1. Go to www.dailylobo.com 12:30-1:30pm SUB Alumni 2. Click on the “Events” link

near the top of the page.

New Mexico Leadership Scholar Association 3. Click on “Submit an Event 3:30-4:30pm Listing” on the right side of SUB Alumni

the page

Inter Varsity Fellowship 4. Type in Christian the event informa6:00-10:00pm tion and submit! SUB Acoma A&B

* EventsClub must be sponsored A Cappella by a UNM group, organi7:00-9:00pm SUB Scholars zation or department * Classes, class schedules, ASUNM Emerging Lobo Leaders personal events or solicitaInterviews 4:00-7:00pm tions are not eligible. SUB Cherry/Silver * Events must be of interest

Preview eventscommuon the to the campus nity. Daily Lobo Mobile app * Events must not require or pre-registration. www.dailylobo.com

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NM Daily Lobo 01 22 2015  

NM Daily Lobo 01 22 2015

NM Daily Lobo 01 22 2015  

NM Daily Lobo 01 22 2015