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October 3, 2013

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Ten bonds on ballot Tuesday by Stephanie Hoover



Here is Taylor’s brief overview of the bonds on the ballot: @StephCHoover

-The General Obligation Public Safety Bonds would provide funding for the upkeep and development of the city’s police and fire department facilities. The bond amounts to $11.5 million in general obligation bonds.

Amid the brouhaha of mayoral debates on water wars and higher education, Albuquerque’s city elections on Tuesday will cover more than who’s going to sit on the city’s 11th floor office. The Daily Lobo spoke to the city of Albuquerque’s Capital Implementation Program official Barbara Taylor to find out what else would be on Tuesday’s ballot. There will be ten different general obligation bonds on the ballot, Taylor said. The funds for bonds will come from Albuquerque’s general income and are backed by property taxes, she said. Taylor said decisions regarding the bonds would be very important for the upkeep of city facilities and structures. “Bonds are critical to the city of Albuquerque,” she said “They are the way that the core city is maintained and the way we grow in Albuquerque. This regular infusion of money allows us to keep our city well maintained.” Voters decide where to allocate the bonds, from parks and recreation facilities to libraries around the city, including the areas around UNM, Taylor said. Once passed, the bonds will take effect in the first quarter of 2014 and will provide funds for the next 10 years. Taylor said Albuquerque voters typically pass all of the bonds and she is optimistic about this year’s bond cycle.

-The General Obligation Senior, Family, Community Center and Community Enhancement Project Bonds would be used for the improvement of community centers and for Metropolitan Redevelopment Area projects for city-owned serving citizens of all ages. This would include renovations to stadiums and city corridors, The bond amounts to $10.4 million in general obligation bonds. -The General Obligation Parks and Recreation Bonds would fund improvements to and the construction of public parks and other recreational facilities in the city, including open spaces, medians, bikeways, bosque lands and trails. The bond amounts to $12.5 million in general obligation bonds. -The General Obligation Energy and Water Conservation, Public Facilities and System Modernization Bonds would be used to enhance public buildings, facilities and infrastructure of Albuquerque and make them more efficient with regard to water and energy use. The bond amounts to $12.8 million in

William Aranda / Daily Lobo Alex DenBaars practices with his band Arroyo Deathmatch on Friday evening at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. Arroyo Deathmatch is writing music for its ninth album. See full story on Page 8. general obligation bonds. -The General Obligation Library Bonds would seek to modernize and improve city libraries and would also work to add more resources into facilities. The bond amounts to $5.8 million in general obligation bonds. -The General Obligation Street Bonds would be used to improve municipal roads, interstate roadways and bridges around the city. The bond amounts to $39 million in general obligation bonds. -The General Obligation Public

Transportation Bonds would fund the research and development of public transportation facilities. The bond amounts to $5.5 million in general obligation bonds.

cultural facilities, including the city’s zoo, aquarium, Tingley Beach and botanical garden. The bond amounts to $5.1 million in general obligation bonds.

-The General Obligation Storm Sewer System Bonds would be used to reconstruct, monitor and enhance the city’s sewer system. The bond amounts to $10.1 million in general obligation bonds.

-The General Obligation Affordable Housing Bonds would provide funding for the construction and rehabilitation of high-quality, affordable housing for low- to moderate-working class families and for senior citizens in accordance to the city’s Workforce Housing Act. The bond amounts to $2.5 million in general obligation bonds.

-The General Obligation Zoo, Biological Park, Museum and Cultural Facility Bonds would improve city-owned museums and

No polling stations in SUB for mayoral election Closest voting locations to UNM




City of Albuquerque Record Center 604 Menaul Blvd. N.W. 6 minutes by car


Barelas Senior Center 714 7th St. S.W. 9 minutes by car



Herman Sanchez Community Center 1830 William St. S.E. 8 minutes by car


Isotopes Park 1601 Avenida Cesar Chavez S.E. 6 minutes by car


Bandelier Elementary School 3309 Pershing Ave. S.E. 8 minutes by car







Jefferson Middle School 712 Girard Blvd. N.E. 4 minutes by car

Montezuma Elementary School 3100 Indian School Road N.E. 5 minutes by car

Josh Dolin / Daily Lobo The SUB will not have a polling location for the city elections Tuesday because the city did not contact the University to organize a site. Here is a map of the closest polling locations to UNM. Registered voters are allowed to vote at any polling location regardless of their district of residence.

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Arroyo Deathmatch

“It’s October 3rd.”

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by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

Students will not be able to cast their ballots on campus in this year’s mayoral election on Tuesday. Walter Miller, associate vice president for Student Life, said students can usually vote during elections in the Student Union Building. But he said that the city has not contacted the University to place a location on campus for this election. For comparison, there will be 51 open polling locations around the city on election day. “We were not requested to be a site,” he said. “We’re usually a site in countywide or statewide elections. It’s a city election, so (the decision) is coming out of the city.” Miller said that the SUB started welcoming voters on election day two years ago during the most recent Bernalillo County elections. He said that last year the SUB had a polling location for the presidential elections. Polling locations encourage student voter turnout, Miller said. He said it is important for UNM to have polling locations during elections. “We tried to have as many people who can go out and vote and to make it more convenient,” he said. “I can’t

speak for the county, but having that in this facility is a good part of the institution to give everybody a chance to vote.” But Miller said he understands why the city decided not to place a location at the University this year. “It’s a citywide election, so it’s pretty narrow,” he said. “Not everybody could vote. Not everybody is a citizen of the city. You can be a citizen of Rio Rancho, so it doesn’t … allow them much more options.” The Daily Lobo was unable to contact the Albuquerque city clerk’s office for comment by press time. Margarita Blanco, a freshman studying psychology at UNM, said not having a polling location on campus makes it harder for students to vote. She said this hurts students’ voice. “A lot of us are at the age of 18, and a lot of us are registered voters already who want to affect our community in a big way,” she said. “Students have a voice. If we have polling places here, it would have a great impact. There are a lot of people who can vote here, too.” The absence of a polling location would disadvantage her personally, Blanco said. “For one, I don’t drive, and I have classes all day,” she said. “If there

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PageTwo Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo

On the shutdown: Students miffed, UNM jobs safe by Stephanie Hoover @StephCHoover

Congress ground to a halt Tuesday morning, but a UNM official said campus life should carry on as usual. UNM Interim Vice President of Human Resources Jewel Washington said the effect of the shutdown on the University is dependent upon how long it lasts. But she said the shutdown will not affect classes because UNM is partially funded by the state. Washington said that while none of UNM’s faculty is in danger of losing their salaries, there


are several UNM employees who are federally funded, mostly in research fields. “We do have employees who are on contracts and grants that are funded through the government and so forth,” she said, “Right now if we have any contracts that are up for renewal, that, of course, could impact those employees. But if it’s a contract that is not up for renewal, we don’t anticipate that we would have any kind of issue.” Washington said UNM officials are examining potential contracts that could be affected, as well as the timeline of when each renewal will be due. There are employees funded through grants both at the Health Sciences Center and at

UNM’s main campus, she said. The United States federal government shut down on Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. EST after the House and the Senate failed to agree on a spending bill to fund the government. Talks between Republican and Democratic leaders on Wednesday ended with no further breakthroughs. And UNM students are not pleased with the shut down. Nutrition and dietetics senior Cristina Miller said she does not think that the government’s actions were a suitable response to the situation. “I’m angry,” she said. “They say they are speaking for the people but I don’t know anyone who feels

this is an appropriate way to respond to things.” Miller said Congress has acted unprofessionally regarding the situation. “Even if they don’t really like Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, nobody supports this sort of temper tantrum mentality and I don’t think they should be paid for this time,” she said. “I think that they also shouldn’t have any time off until this gets resolved.” Sophomore Alex Athens, biology major, said he is also unhappy that the government is failing to work together. “I think it’s just a lack of organization and cooperation between the government branches,” Athens

said. “I think they should get their act together.” Despite the shutdown and many Republicans’ doubts about the Affordable Care Act, exchange marketplaces for Obamacare opened Tuesday as planned. Still, Washington says she encourages students not to worry about the impact of the shutdown on UNM. She said she hopes that everything would be resolved by the government soon. “I’m hoping it doesn’t last long,” Washington said. “I’m hoping that our leadership can come together and find a resolution to what’s going on so that people can go back to work, and we don’t have to anticipate (the effect of) these types of things.”

and the city to put a polling location at the SUB by election day. She said she hopes that there would be a location at the building during subsequent elections. Miller said UNM is already in negotiations with the county to put a

polling location at the SUB for Bernalillo’s county elections next year. He said there will be a location at the SUB for the primary and general elections in 2014. And Miller said he encourages the entire University community

to vote on Tuesday. “If you vote, that means you’re a part of the process,” he said. The closest polling location to the University is Jefferson Middle School at 712 Girard Blvd. N.E. Polls will open 7 a.m. on Tues-

day, and voting will go on until 7 p.m. Registered voters will be able to cast their ballots in any polling location regardless of their district of residence, and will need to bring a photo ID to the locations.

from page 1

were places here to vote, it would be convenient here for students like me. I would vote if I can, because I have classes all day.” Although she said it seems too late for the University to do so, Blanco still said she urges the University

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Thursday, October 3, 2013/ Page 3

GPSA: Grant forms in Spanish by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5 UNM’s Graduate and Professional Student Association is working to make applying for the grants it offers easier for Spanishspeaking students. GPSA has been working on a project to translate grant-related documents into Spanish and may eventually enable graduate students to apply for grants in the language. GPSA president Priscila Poliana said the organization began to implement the initiative to reflect the customs of the University and the state. “The reason for which we are doing this is because UNM is a Hispanic-serving institution and because New Mexico is a bilingual state,” she said. ”We want to make sure that those practices are respected in GPSA.” GPSA Chief of Staff Matthew Rush said the initiative aims to help Spanish-speaking students who are hindered because English is not their first language. “We recognize that students who apply to our grant system who have English as a second language are somewhat at a disadvantage at writing the grant not in their native language,” he said. “In order to approach this issue, we decided to look into offering grant writing and scoring in Spanish, because that’s the predominant English alternative here in New Mexico.” Rush said GPSA is working with the Portuguese and Spanish department to find fluent Spanish speakers to read and grade the grant applications. He said they had also worked on translating grant application documents into Spanish. “The big thing that (GPSA Council Chair) Maria Elena (Corral) has focused on this summer is working on translating the grants’ bylaws and appeals, and also the general application process, in Spanish so that students can at least read it and understand all the requirements in the meantime, until we’re able to fully offer enough readers to be able to support reading it in Spanish,” he said. GPSA will start offering its own grants in Spanish, Rush said. The three grants GPSA offers are the

Student Research Grant, the Professional Development Grant and the New Mexico Research Grant, he said. According to the GPSA grant website, the grants may be used to help “students looking to fund their research, travel expenses and/or the cost of research materials.” Corral said the idea for translating grants into Spanish began last year during former GPSA Council Chair Kris Miranda’s term. “It’s kind of a bigger idea than we initially thought it might be (with) a lot more work involved,” she said. Translation of the grants documents began over the summer, but that is the “simpler” aspect of the project, Corral said. She said the documents have been translated and the committee is now trying to find readers to assess the Spanish grant applications. While Spanish-speaking applicants cannot yet apply for grants in their native language, Corral said she hopes to see the project completed before the end of the spring so GPSA’s grant committee could accept applications for the summer cycle. But the date for completion for the project is not set, she said. While the initiative has proven to be difficult, Corral said there has been support from organizations throughout UNM. “As of yet we do have support from numerous offices here at the University to ahead with the project,” she said. “For example, (Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Eliseo) Torres has voiced his support and the dean of graduate studies, as well as El Centro de la Raza, is interested in helping us once we get the ball rolling with this. But as of yet, we’re really early in the process.” Though various University departments support the project, Corral said some individuals have voiced opposition to translating the grant applications. “There’s the opinion that this is the United States and the dominant language is English, and so we should really not go through the effort of translating this document into Spanish,” she said. Corral said this semester is “dedicated to figuring out all of the details” of allowing students to submit applications in Spanish

and GPSA has yet to find a way of implementing the initiative. “My grant co-chairs and I have not necessarily come to any kind of firm agreement as to what would be the best way to implement this. Whether in stages, initially, maybe just offering the descriptions of the grants in Spanish and not yet accepting applications,” she said. “But there are also pros and cons to doing that. I don’t want the project to lose steam.”


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski/ @JCTyczkowski

#Relationship Status A weekly relationship column about the modern search for love at UNM.

Rejection: Merlot the merrier by Josh Dolin @JoshuaDolin

We all know what rejection feels like. Some of us even know what rejection looks like. The cashier at Smith’s knows I have been rejected when she scans bottles of white wine, Pull n’ Peel Twizzlers and Milano cookies. My roommate, Maggie, knows when she hears me watching the gay Home Depot marriage proposal for the third straight hour. And my DVD collection knows when the only movies getting watched involve Matthew McConaughey or talking animals. Last week I wrote about how I had finally found yet another “perfect guy,” and I was happy again. Where did things go wrong with Tyler-Mason? He asked me out, he texted me first every day, and he arranged our first date. I should have been in full control, right? Two days after our date, he stopped texting me back. I thought maybe this could be normal, but my friends did not. “I don’t want this to hurt your feelings, but I honestly think he lost interest in you,” Ashley told me. Being a professional at texting guys for a week and then moving on, she knew what she was talking about. And in the past, I had done the same thing. When I was no longer interested in a guy, I would just stop texting him back. Was this karma? “The one thing you cannot do is text him again! If he hasn’t responded to your text, you need to forget him and move on. You absolutely cannot text him again. It’s just too pathetic,” Ashley said. She was right, but I wasn’t ready to give up on someone I really liked. So I waited three more days, and with all of my coworkers bearing witness, I texted him again on Thursday at 7:03 p.m. I had officially waved the white flag and surrendered defeat to Tyler-Mason. That simple text let him know that I officially liked him more than he liked me. Sure enough he responded and we talked the rest of the night. I texted him the following morning — no response. So I thought at that point we were officially over. Being a great friend, Collette decided we needed to dress up, get alcohol and complain about men together, so we went to Monte Vista later that night. “We just need to find new guys. But why are men not throwing themselves at me? I dressed so slutty tonight! I feel so

exposed!” Collette said. That night I was feeling rejected because a guy wouldn’t text me, but Collette was feeling rejected because no guys would approach her. Is it the same thing? No more than five minutes after we get to a booth, who should stumble in but Tyler-Mason. I saw him. He saw me. And just about everyone in the bar saw a very awkward gay encounter in the making. I pretended not to see him, but he came over and sat with Collette and me. He acted like nothing had happened, so we talked for a while before security made him take his friend home. I thought once again that there was hope for us, but I texted him Saturday and asked when we could get a drink again and he avoided the question. It was now obvious that he was not interested in me. So the two-week saga with Tyler-Mason has officially ended. As with every breakup or trouble with men, Maggie and I like to help each other. She brings the Merlot, and I bring the chocolate and tears. “It’s because I’m fat. And ugly. I run 30 miles a week! What more do men want from me?” I asked Maggie. “It’s not that. You are beautiful, and I would date you if we could,” she said. As if getting rejected from a date wasn’t bad enough, I also got a call this week and was rejected from getting a credit card. “Men don’t want me, Chase Visa doesn’t want me! I give up,” I said. “At least personality isn’t your problem. No guys like me because I don’t know how to flirt so I just end up becoming their friend. And to be honest, I’m just a bitch,” she said. She brought up a very interesting point. When we get dumped, we immediately jump to the conclusion that it is because of a superficial reason like weight, skin, hair, etc. But what if it isn’t? What if the reason a man doesn’t like us is because of our personality? I think we like to assume men don’t like us for beauty-related problems because it is even more scary to imagine that they don’t like who we are on the inside. The real us. Alice said that the hardest rejection she ever faced was when a guy made plans with her and then never followed through and stood her up. “It broke my heart that he never wanted to see me, but now I realize that him never coming to meet me was the greatest thing ever. Because I found Bill (her boyfriend) and he actually appreciates me.”

Is it worse to be rejected before a date even happens like Alice, or right after one, like me? Ashley was having the same problem that I was. After she went on a date at Satellite last week, she was in love, but the feelings were not mutual. “I thought it went fairly well, but apparently it did not because he never texted me back,” she said. “Either my personality sucked or I looked awful.”

I saw him. He saw me. And just about everyone in the bar saw a very awkward gay encounter in the making. Ashley agreed with me that she hoped her looks were the reason for the rejection, not her personality. Because when someone does not like who we are, that hurts much deeper. Even Maggie has gotten her share of rejection. “I have never been outright rejected, I just get ignored. It’s because I don’t put myself out there enough to get rejected,” Maggie said. “One time Netflix told me there was a problem payment plan though. That one really hurt.” Aurora avoids rejection by trying to be the first to reject someone else. “I think it’s super interesting that the pain rejection causes is activated by the same parts of the brain that cause physical pain. We take the rejection of others too lightly,” she said. The rejection continued this week for my other good friend, Emi, who slept with a guy and was then rejected. “I feel like I get rejected more than I reject others. The problem is that I still like this guy, but after we spent the night together he moved on,” she said. Emi has a way to make herself feel better though. “I buy a jar of peanut butter, light candles and run 12 miles the next day,” she said. We all have different ways of handling rejection. Ashley buys cupcakes, drives to the top of the Sandia Mountains and cries. Maggie loses herself in a bottle of wine. Collette does extra homework. And Aurora cuddles with her Disney stuffed animals. It has been a week full of rejection for my friends and me, but the real question is why?

Rejection is just a part of life, but that doesn’t mean it is always fair. Collette had this advice for me: “Your happiness is contagious, and I think once you find someone he will be absolutely amazing, and it will be meant to be. It is worth waiting for that special someone though.” She is a great friend, and I believe that advice can be applied to everyone. If you have been rejected this week, I don’t think it was because of your appearance or your personality. In fact, I believe that maybe the reason you got rejected is because there is someone even better out there for you. The sooner we get rejected, the sooner we can all find our “someone special” and be truly happy. Until then, we need to put ourselves out there. Rejection hurts us and makes us lose hope sometimes, but does it have to be bad? Or, can we learn from it and #AcceptRejection?

Current Relationship Statuses: Josh: Rejected by men and Chase Visa Ashley: Rejecting men on the daily Aurora: Only cares about rejection from the LSAT Collette: Rejected by people she doesn’t even know Alice: The only one not rejected Maggie: Ready to accept rejection Like reading #RelationshipStatus? Make it Facebook official!

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Thursday October 3, 2013


fter several lineups and eight albums, members of local folk-punk group Arroyo Deathmatch is hard at work on its ninth album. Arroyo Deathmatch’s formula for writing albums includes spending months at a time writing a few of the songs and then completing the rest of the album within a month, a habit the group wanted to avoid this time around. Band members Alex “Alexter” DenBaars, Beth Hansen, Bridget Bullock, Leon Aronld and Matt Plante said the most important thing about this, and every album, is that it will push them to become better musicians. “We don’t write songs that we can play. Every time we write a song, it is literally beyond our ability to play and for weeks we struggle to play that song,” DenBaars said. Hansen said Arroyo Deathmatch writes songs that challenge them and challenge what traditional folk and punk music is. “Every song we have written in the past two years, we say ‘What the fuck, that was the weirdest song we’ve ever written,’” Hansen said. Influences for the band reach across several genres of music from hardcore punk to hip-hop. Groups like Hail Seizures, Ceremony, Black Sabbath, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Fugazi and Blackbird Raum top the member’s collective list. “They (Blackbird Raum) treat folk punk a lot of the same ways we do, they treat it as post-punk in a way that it’s both a throwback to tra-

Story and photos by William Aranda ditional styles of making music,” DenBaars said. “At the same time, putting it in a progressive way, an experimental way going beyond both traditional music and punk music by fusing the two.” Arroyo Deathmatch also lists the desert, horror movies and Spanish music as other influences for their songs. DenBaars said the one element that brings this band together is that all members are not professional musicians. “Almost everybody who has ever been in the band did not know how to play their instrument when they joined the band or never had been in a band or never had written original music,” he said. The group is also planning to record and release a covers EP. Songs on the EP will include classics from Fleetwood Mac, Minor Threat, Biz

Markie and Ceremony, he said. Live shows are not limited to Albuquerque or New Mexico. The group has been on tours in the last four years, taking them to Texas, California and much of the western United States. Hansen said their last tour included performances at house shows, getting bedbugs in Fresno, Calif., performing at a gay bar in El Paso, Texas and performing at the Bröotal Sun Fest IV in Tuscon, Ariz. Arnold said his favorite show was in Edinburg, Texas, as part of his first tour with Deathmatch. “We showed up at an anarchist collective there (in Edinburg) and we didn’t know anyone because we’ve never been that far south but everyone was super welcoming,” he said. Arnold said Arroyo Deathmatch

also helps out other up-andcoming bands. In April, they teamed up with the Vassar Bastards and the Leaky Faces to form Goathead Record Collective, a community of musicians who help out other bands with recording music. “We wanted to get local bands together to raise money to buy recording equipment and it grew into something a lot bigger than that,” Hansen said.

Arroyo Deathmatch also encourages other people to play what they want and to ignore those who will try to tell them that it can’t be done. “Don’t ever let anybody tell you what kind of music you can play on the instrument that you want to play,” DenBaars said. “We wrote a Swedish hardcore and doom metal influenced acous-

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tic song on one of the strangest collections of instruments assembled by man. There isn’t anything that can hold you back from making the kind of art that you want to make.” DenBaars conceived Arroyo Deathmatch as a solo project

Thursday, October 3, 2013/ Page 9

in 2009, but later added flutist Hansen, Bullock on washboard, Arnold on suitcase drums and Plante on the bejota. To listen to Arroyo Deathmatch, go to

Clockwise from top left

1. From left, Matt Plante, Alex DenBaars, Leon Arnold, Bridget Bullock and Beth Hansen chat during a break in practice Friday evening at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. DenBaars originally formed the band as a solo project in 2009. 2. Beth Hansen plays the flute with Arroyo Deathmatch during a Friday-evening practice at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. The band is working on a follow up to All of Them Witches, which was released in January. 3. Matt Plante strums his bejota, a homemade bass-banjo hybrid, with Arroyo Deathmatch during a Friday-evening practice at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. 4 . Bridget Bullock plays the washboard during Arroyo Deathmatch’s Friday-evening practice at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. Bullock has been in the band for less than a year. 5. Leon Arnold takes a moment to relax during Arroyo Deathmatch’s Friday-evening practice at the Wagon Wheel Performance Space. The band is on a two-month live performance hiatus to work on a new album

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Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 10/31/13



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Global film fest starts today by Fiona-Maria Featherston @fmfeather Today kicks off UNM’s weekendlong screenings of the international Manhattan Short Film Festival. What began as a projection of homemade short films on the side of a truck in New York to a crowd of about 300 passers-by 15 years ago has blown up into a call for filmmakers and audience members on a global scale. The Southwest Film Center, located in the bottom floor of the SUB, is one of only three participating theaters in the state and 77 venues throughout the country. It will host four different screenings of the collaboration of films. This differs from most festivals in that they are screened once and prospective audience members have to travel to see it, said Victoria Velarde director of the center. “Though it is my first year running the festival, the film center does it every year,” she said. “It seems to draw more of the adult crowd and now we want to draw more students.” Another aspect that sets this two-hour film festival apart from others is its international interactivity. When audience members purchase their tickets, they are given a voting card, upon which they can vote for their favorite films and actor/actresses and turn them back into the venue.

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At the end of the weekend, the Film Center will send all of the votes back to the film festival headquarters in New York, where they will be tallied along with other cards from all over the world in order to declare a winner. “I like how it offers people the ability to participate if they wouldn’t be able to otherwise due to distance,” said Kristopher Bellows, a sophomore excited about attending the festival. The gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded based on the number of votes received from the venues. The other award categories, including best animation, best cinematography, best editor and best screenplay, are judged by professionals in the respective industry. Three of the finalists are entries from the U.S. Other finalists include filmmakers from Finland, England, Australia, France and Ireland. In an interview with U.S. finalist Jacob Sillman on the Manhattan Short website, he said he had many challenges as a student filmmaker. “I had everything you’re not supposed to have in a student film: animals, children, stunts, winter weather, rugged terrain with very few roads and cell phone service, lots of heavy equipment to haul around, a train and special effects,” he said. “Producing the film was by far the biggest challenge I have ever dealt with as a filmmaker.” Along with Sillman’s film “Pale of Settlement,” the others from U.S.




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are “I Am A Big Ball of Sadness” by Ken Urban, which is about haughty NYC rooftop parties and “Black Metal” by Kat Candler, a film about a metal singer facing the effects of his dark lyrics. The film from Irish director Tony Donoghue “Irish Folk Furniture” is the only animated film at the Festival, and is about recycling in rural Ireland. French filmmakers make up two more finalists, Alexandra Naoum and Bastien Dubois, whose films are about serendipitous meetings between strangers and art through the view of an adventurous traveler. These filmmakers, combined with the other four finalists from the United Kingdom, Finland and Australia, create a community of international filmmakers brought together in a local and personal way. According to the festival’s website, “Manhattan Short is not a touring festival; rather, it is an instantaneous celebration that occurs simultaneously across the globe, bringing great films to great venues and allowing the audiences to select their favorites.” The festival began being screened internationally on Friday and will end Sunday. Venues and entries can be found all over the globe. There are 92 venues and 10 finalists, chosen carefully from the original 628 entries, according to the site.







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,O 3, 2013/ P lobo featuresLos Angeles Times Daily TCrossword Puzzle FOR RELEASE OCTOBER 3, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo


age 11


Year Zero




Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Like bars in noir films 6 Brouhaha 10 Workout woe 14 Salsa singer Cruz 15 BMW competitor 16 Invalidate 17 See 49-Down 20 Platte River settler 21 Spoil, with “on” 22 “Cagney & Lacey” Emmy winner 23 Scripture section 25 “I am just __ boy, though my story’s seldom told”: “The Boxer” 27 See 49-Down 31 ’60s-’70s “Fearsome Foursome” NFL team 34 Reported for the first time 35 Payable now 36 Is after 37 Oyster’s spot 38 Peak in a Trevanian title 40 Capri crowd? 41 “The Birdcage” wrap 42 Emerges from the wings 43 See 49-Down 47 Cosmetician Elizabeth 48 Governor who opened the Erie Canal 52 Jazz pianist Ahmad __ 54 Moscow news acronym 55 Court 56 See 49-Down 60 1-Down holder 61 Exxon forerunner 62 Hosiery thread 63 Bottom of the sea? 64 Hardly a sophisticate 65 Really worry DOWN 1 Ice cream serving



Get your name out there with the Daily Crossword


By Pancho Harrison

2 Conductor Zubin 3 Spreads on the table 4 Flesh and blood 5 Sail supports 6 Get together 7 Rapper __ Fiasco 8 Gator chaser? 9 Paparazzo’s prize, briefly 10 Land of Arthurian legend 11 “Kubla Khan” poet 12 Pop radio fodder 13 “Grand” ice cream brand 18 Hindu mystics 19 Operatic prince 24 Mont. neighbor 25 Elderly 26 Claw holder 28 Massage 29 Plaintiff 30 Bierce defines it as “His” 31 WWII carriers 32 Gaseous: Pref. 33 Go over more carefully 37 Deck department supervisor, briefly


10/3/13 Wednesday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

38 Surround 39 Santa Monicato-Jacksonville hwy. 41 Scripps competition 42 Zhou __ 44 Retirees often do it 45 Between jobs 46 Represent officially


49 Diving rotation, and the clue for four puzzle answers 50 Alley Oop’s girl 51 Large jazz combo 52 Prom king, often 53 Sunburn soother 54 In that case 57 Lee follower 58 Granada bear 59 __ Maria: liqueur



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Lectures & Readings Legacy Lecture: Selection of Drawings Meetings of the Mind 12:00-1:00pm UNM Art Museum Selection of Drawings Led by Teaching Assistant Lea Anderson Legacy Lecture: “Gentle Jesus in the Sauce Tureen” 12:30-1:00pm SUB - Luminaria (third floor) Mina Loy and the Necessity of the Material Annarose Fitzgerald, Department of English Composite pulse sequences for Ion Trap quantum computation 3:30-4:30pm Room 190, Physics & Astronomy In this talk, I will describe the general method of compensating composite pulse sequences


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for single qubit and multi-qubit systems. UNM Biology Fall 2013 Seminar with Dr. Kitty Gehring 3:30-4:30pm Castetter Hall 100 “The Importance of Above– Below-ground Interactions to the Global Change Responses of Two Foundation Species” Speaker: Terry Schleder, New Mexico Foundation for Open Government Begins at 6:00pm Room 256, Communication & Journalism Building Terry Schleder, Executive Director of New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, will speak about the NM FOG, and the importance of access to public information. A Contemporary Look at Jesus 7:00-8:00pm SUB Alumni Room Come with an open mind for a discussion about Jesus, based on the book The Human Being, by Walter Wink. Gospel Study Begins at 7:00pm SUB Cherry/Silver Please join Dr. Warren Smith in a class/discussion of the Gospel of Mark. All are welcome.

Theater & Films Manhattan Short Film Festival 7:00-9:00pm Located in the lower level (plaza) of the SUB, room 1003. Over 100,000 people, in over 300 cities and across six continents will gather To view and vote on the Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival!! Mid Week Movie Series 3:30-5:30pm SUB Theater The Lone Ranger. UNM Students $2; Faculty/Staff $2.50, Public $3. LAII Documentary Film Series: Realidades Indígenas Contemporáneas 4:00-6:00pm LAII Conference Room This evening we will show “Newen Mapuche, la fuerza de la tierra” directed by Elena Varela. This film explores and explains the struggles of the Mapuche of Chile. The Dispute Begins at 7:30pm The Experimental Theatre (in UNM’s Center for the Arts, Main Campus) $15 General, $12 Faculty & Seniors, $10 Staff/Students, available at UNM Ticket Offices, 505-925-5858, or online at

Sports & Rec Jitterbugs weekly swing dances 8:30-10:00pm Johnson Gym B555

Student Groups & Gov. American Studies Graduate Student Association Meeting 2:00-5:00pm SUB - Cherry Silver Room Weekly meeting Lobo Toastmasters 3:30-5:00pm SUB Mirage/Thunderbird Room Practice your public speaking and leadership skills. We meet every Thursday on campus. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship 6:00-10:00pm SUB Acoma A & B Weekly Meeting

Campus Events UNM McNair Scholars Research Conference 8:00am-5:00pm Main Campus - SUB Atrium Features undergraduate upperclassmen from across the country that have conducted research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Red Rally Pep Rally and Bonfire 8:00-10:00pm Main Campus - Johnson Field Join over 3,000 students burning a 25’ tall Aggie at the stake to get pumped up for the game vs NMSU! UNM Graduate & Professional School Fair 10:00am-2:00pm UNM SUB Ballrooms The UNM Graduate and Professional School Fair will showcase graduate and professional schools from New Mexico and across the country. Honors College Mass Advisement 11:00am-1:00pm Honors Forum To further expedite Peer Advising, there will be an Honors College Mass Advisement session in the Honors Forum.

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