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September 27, 2013

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Planners pleased as punch about Homecoming by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

Gold and silver stars made of metallic paper twinkled near the ceiling of the SUB Atrium as UNM kicked off Homecoming Week on Monday. The Associated Students of the University of New Mexico’s Lobo Spirit Committee planned the annual weeklong fete. Various events, which were free to the public, happened around campus every day of the celebration. Lobo Spirit Assistant Director Tyler Wafer said his organization has been organizing the event since the first day of the fall semester. He said volunteers from all over the campus community helped in the planning process. “It’s been preparation from day one since school started,” Wafer said. “We’ve been working really hard with volunteers. We’re trying really hard to get the volunteers’ input.” On Monday, about 20 people gathered in the SUB for a decoration party. The Atrium became jam-packed Tuesday for a karaoke event, which lasted until the afternoon. Voting for homecoming king and queen went on all day Wednesday. A real-life lobo

also visited the campus from a wolf sanctuary that day at the Dominguez Fountain Plaza. “I was really excited that we’re bringing a real-life lobo to campus,” he said. “I’m really excited for students to be able to see a wolf. I think it will be really cool.” A movie screening in the Johnson Center pool followed Thursday night. This will be followed by a homecoming court pep rally and homecoming dance today and a homecoming game Saturday. Wafer said he expects the week to be a success. “It’s going to be so much fun,” he said. “I feel like it’s going to be really fun, especially for the volunteers because they’ve worked so hard to this week rolling.” But Rebecca Fritsch, homecoming chair for Lobo Spirit, said homecoming week is already a success because each day offered “something new, something different.” “It went really well,” she said at the decoration party. “I was really glad with the turnout, and I was really glad to see how excited everyone was to help us out.” Wafer said he encourages students, especially freshmen, to savor the event. “It is different from the high school experience,” he said. “Come out and see the event and get everything out of it that you can.”

William Aranda / Daily Lobo Rory Zoerb and a real-life lobo, Zoerro, entertain UNM students and faculty outside Zimmerman Library on Wednesday. The event was organized by ASUNM as a part of Homecoming Week at UNM.

‘Wouldn’t it be wild to do it?’ Nontraditional student runs for homecoming queen

Nicole Perez and Antonio Sanchez UNM student Tanley McMullan spent the past week tending to buckets of mealworms in her living room, taking her duck Daisy for leashed walks and campaigning for UNM’s homecoming queen. “It’s just so fun,” she said. “It’s fun, fun, fun.” McMullan, a 52-year-old education student, is the only candidate over the age of 30. She said she was convinced to run for homecoming by members of the Association of Non-Traditional Students (ANTS) — of which she is a member — after she drank too much root beer and got overexcited. When she “came to,” she decided it would be a fun thing to do because of her age and student status. “We were talking about it, wouldn’t it be wild to do it at my age?” she said. “I’m still laughing about it.” She submitted her application and at the first meeting told the other queen contenders that she is 103 years old and arrived on the back of a brontosaurus. Her submitted photo is of her walking Daisy, her pet duck. “I figure those girls (queen

Inside the

Andy Harrington/ Courtesy photo Homecoming queen candidate Tanley McMullen smiles as she flips through her photo album, showcasing her medieval themed wedding. McMullen, 52, is graduating with a degree in psychology in the spring after pursuing the degree for 30 years. contenders) are cute as buttons, “It’s really important that we but not quite as cute as my duck,” have some kind of presence at she said. the University so that people can Vice President of ANTS David know that if they need an area Drezner said the organization that’s not normal undergraduhas supported McMullan since ate kind of fun-in-the-sun kind she decided to run. of thing, that you get a more ma“I think it’s cool that she’s ture kind of relationship here,” running, I think it’s cool that we he said. get some visibility. Maybe she’ll McMullan has pursued a dewin,” Drezner said. gree in positive psychology at Drezner said McMullan’s run UNM over the past 30 years. Her has helped raise awareness of see Homecoming PAGE 2 ANTS among younger students.

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Freshmen take charge

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Arsenii Movin / Daily Lobo Taylor Stern encourages students to vote for her for homecoming queen at Smith Plaza on Wednesday morning.


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Those nice women in purple who have been injecting anti-flu vaccines in students’ arms are not just doing it for fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, flu season can start as early as October. Unfortunately, when next month kicks off, midterms and seven-page papers will kick off as well. Don’t fail a class because you’re sick at home. Try these tricks to avoid the flu:

Step 1: Take the shot That needle is “the best way to reduce the chances that you will get seasonal flu and spread it to others,” according to the CDC. Flu shots are composed of a small sample of the virus, which your


body reacts to. Your immune system develops antibodies against the influenza strain within two weeks of vaccination. You can choose whether to take the trivalent flu vaccine, which would protect you from three types of influenza virus, or the quadrivalent vaccine, which protects against four. Whatever you choose, immunity is supposed to sting.

Exercise speeds up your body’s production of white blood cells, which enables you to fight bacteria and viruses more easily. It can also help you de-stress and sleep better, which would in turn boost your system. Take it a little easy, though. If you already have the flu, don’t work out. Your body will just kick into overdrive and make it worse.

Step 2: Exercise

Step 3: Zinc out

Step 4: Party moderately

“When moderate exercise is repeated on a near daily basis, there is a cumulative immuneenhancing effect, which leads to a sustained response by the immune system to illness,” the medical website WebMD states.

Who knew taking in metals would make you healthier? Zinc, which is essential for the maintenance of immune system cells, is a trace metal in many foods, according to Harvard University’s Health Publications. Without this

Alcohol impairs the immune system, according to the health website Livestrong. Getting drunk gives you a nutrition deficiency, which weakens your body. Alcohol also encourages the malfunction

element, T-cells will not function correctly and your probability of getting the flu soars. Oysters, beef, lamb and chicken are all rich in zinc. If you’re vegetarian, spinach, nuts and chocolate will work, too. But Harvard says you should only take 15 to 25 milligrams of zinc. Anything more than that will cancel its good effects.

volume 118

solicited votes Wednesday outside the SUB dressed in suits and gowns, McMullan put up a few handmade fliers and sang an original karaoke version of Puff the Magic Dragon to passers-by in the SUB. She made up new lyrics to the end of the song to make it happier — Puff got a girlfriend, and frolicked with her in the autumn mist. “You have to have something nontraditional now and then, you have to break out of the mold, and if you take these things too seriously you’re going to land up having a heart attack before your time,” she said. “And every now and then the sororities and fraternities and serious people have just got to let loose and drink a keg of root beer.”

~By Ardee Napolitano

Student Tanley McMullan laughs as a number of her pet mealworms wiggle about in her hand. McMullan, one of eight candidates running for this year’s homecoming queen, is the owner of a pet duck, two chickens, two bunnies, one rat, two dogs, two cats and hundreds of mealworms. Andy Harrington Courtesy photo

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of B-lymphocytes, antibodyproducing cells in the blood that protect your body from diseases. A little advice from Livestrong: “Taking one or two drinks a night is not likely to harm your immune system. Three or more drinks a night is a significantly different story.”

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educational path has been a long one, interspersed with years outside the University working to raise money for class or taking care of her mother, but her graduation date is set for next spring. McMullan is an underdog — her Facebook page has 34 likes compared to the other pages’ average of 200 followers — but that hasn’t deterred her. She has recently purchased a vintage UNM T-shirt and said she plans to wear it at today’s pep rally in the SUB, where the names of the top three court nominees will be announced. “Things are too serious,” she said. “Where’s the fun if you’re young? It’s when you’re a million years old that it’s more fun.” As other homecoming hopefuls


To avoid the flu











when you bring in a friend or with highlight or perm


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, September 27, 2013/ Page 3

ASUNM wants to hear from you by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5 Student representatives have devised an easy way for students to speak to their student government. At an Associated Students of the University of New Mexico Senate meeting Wednesday night, the Outreach and Appointments Committee outlined its plan for the Student Input Forum, which is scheduled for Oct. 2. The forum, which aims to give students the opportunity “to speak with someone to represent your interests and concerns,” will take place in the SUB Atrium from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ASUNM Sen. Mercedes Pratt said senators at the forum will be divided into three groups. One group will be responsible for grabbing students’ attention and signing them in. Another group will have students fill out surveys, and the third will talk to students about the Lottery Scholarship and ASUNM in general, Pratt said. “The point of this forum is not just for the students to get information about what we’re doing at ASUNM, but also for us to get their concerns and their input as well,” she said. Pratt said there would be a banner for students to write down

issues they want the senators to be aware of. “If they want us to be aware of a problem they have, they can write it on this big banner that we’re going to have,” she said. ASUNM Sen. Frankie Gonzales said there will be a raffle and prizes, pictures with Lobo Lucy, tables set up to talk about the Lottery and tuition, and free food. He said the forum was “probably one of the biggest things that (Outreach and Appointments) has worked on in a while.” “If we want to pull this off, if we want ASUNM to look good, this is our opportunity to do it,” he said. Finance The senate also debated how to best allocate money for organizations. At the meeting, the senate voted to grant $754 to the UNM Dream Team. Sen. Rachel Williams said the money will go toward a town hall event that will raise awareness of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals memo from President Barack Obama in 2012. According to a document at the meeting, the money would go toward food, copying, advertising, honorarium and film rights for a documentary. While the Dream Team originally requested $800, Williams said

the committee decided to reduce the amount given for advertising. “We chose to reduce their advertising,” she said. “The reason why there was contention was because there was question as to whether we should give them funding at all for the advertising.” The senate also voted to grant $754 to the UNM Panhellenic next semester. According to the its website, the College Panhellenic Council at UNM “serves as the governing body for the four nationally recognized sororities belonging to the National Panhellenic Conference.” The money will go toward travel expenses for two members of the Panhellenic to attend a summit. In an email, ASUNM Chief of Staff Taylor Bui said the representatives would “attend a national conference, wherein many leadership development strategies would be discussed.” While the Panhellenic requested $1,210, Williams said some of the funding was reduced due to miscalculations and restrictions on how much can be given for registration fees. “The per diem was incorrectly calculated. That’s why the per diem was reduced,” she said. “The airfare was calculated much higher than it should have been.”


Bench delivering beatdowns

Saturday Appointments Available

FREE and confidential



September 28, 2013 7:30AM On the UNM Health Sciences Center Campus/UNM North Golf Course HEALTH FAIR IS FREE TO ATTEND; NO 5K PARTICIPATION REQUIRED

October Grand Opening of the

LAS TRES HERMANAS ACADEMY Meeting tomorrow’s global demands. Spanish Classes K-6 Instructors: Maria Conklin (Ph.D) Dolores Ruiz-Fabrega (MA) Natalia Ruiz-Fabrega

Where: 3500 Indian School NE Suite B Time: Session 1 3:30-4:30 Session 2 4:30-5:30 Contact Information:

One to four days a week. Classes capped at 15 students. $25 per session.

To enroll or for more information email us or visit our web site at:

Rachel Toraño-Mark / Daily Lobo Lobo middle blocker Lexi Ross (6) celebrates a point scored against Wyoming Thursday night at Johnson Center. The Lobos captured a three-set victory over the Cowgirls.

by Liam Cary-Eaves @Liam_CE

The early success that the New Mexico volleyball team has experienced can be attributed to the team as a whole even when star players have rocky nights. The Lobos (10-1) have been winning tough games by relying on the depth of their team to pick up the slack when individual players are having off nights. The Lobos’ bench provides a change of pace whenever head coach Jeff Nelson sees fit. “We are winning when our best players aren’t playing well and that’s a really good sign,” Nelson said. Particularly, UNM’s freshmen have been stepping up in bigger situations. Individual players have been asked to fill specialty roles to pick up the slack when the team needs a spark. Freshman defensive specialist and server Danielle Ortiz has noticed an

increase in playing time recently. “It’s a tough role in the sense that you have to be ready to jump in for anyone,” Ortiz said. “I have become more ready to come in at any time.” Ortiz is not the only person seeing more time on the floor. Freshman outside hitter and middle blocker Cassie House saw limited playing time in the early stages of the season because of an abdominal injury. She hit for double digit kills against Air Force and hit a career high 14 kills against NMSU on Monday. “As an entire team we have come together and focused on everyone getting their jobs done,” House said. House did not say if her increased role was due to her health. “I feel good, knock on wood,” House replied jokingly. “It feels good to feel good.” The Lobos, guided by their young players, were able to take the Rio Grande Rivalry Game against NMSU (5-8) on Monday night. In

a game that took all 5 sets to produce a winner, UNM came out victorious 3-2 against the Aggies in a hostile environment. “In games four and five (at different times) we played five freshmen,” Nelson said. “That was pretty cool to get all of those kids some playing time in a huge match and being successful.” The Lobos will host another highly anticipated rivalry game on Saturday facing the No. 19 CSU Rams (10-0) at 1 p.m. in Johnson Center. “It is really going to set the tone for the rest of the conference,” Nelson said. “We have really pushed this rivalry … It’s good for our conference and good for our sport.” The Lobos have not performed well against the Rams, having won two out of the 12 contests under Nelson. CSU has a 45-23 record against UNM all time. “UNM has always had beef with CSU,” House said. “It is going to be a good and exciting physical match.”




Friday, September 27, 2013

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski/ @JCTyczkowski

Come cover UNM West with us by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

Are you a student at UNM West with a deep love for Rio Rancho who has a problem with authority and knows AP style? If you are, we crave you. And not in that creepy way. While the rest of the print world is dying, the Daily Lobo is planning to expand its frontiers to cover Rio Rancho, and we are now looking for a UNM West correspondent. If you have the cojones to take the correspondent position, you should be a UNM student who attends classes physically at UNM West. You must be enrolled with at least six credits. You don’t have to be a journalism major, contrary to popular belief. You just need to know how to write. Preferred candidates will have even a slight knowledge of the Associated Press style, aka the journalist’s bible. He or she should also not be afraid of people, should be used to deadlines and changing circumstances and should be acquainted with the journalistic principles of objectivity, credibility, accuracy and overcaffeination (I don’t think that’s a word). Now, I’ll tell you why you should write for us. And by doing so, you’ll basically learn why I decided to work here. First of all, it pays. It doesn’t pay my rent, but yes, it pays. How many college newspapers in the country pay students for their words? Even big newspapers rarely do that nowadays. Also, because you receive money from working here, it’s a professional job. It looks good on your résumé, and if you are almost giving up on finding that writing internship of your dreams, you know how critical this is. Many of our alumni are working for big newspapers around the country, or even right here with the Albuquerque Journal. So a resume with a Lobo résumé is somewhat like the TARDIS. It sends your career path winding into other dimensions. Yes, some of us are Whovians here, too. Also, experience with the Lobo will surely help you with your academics. Journalists are supposed to be critical individuals who know how to both research subjects in-depth and to think quickly on their feet. And that’s basically what many UNM classes are about. With your papers, for example, you need to be critical, to know how to research and to cram if you ever want an A. The journalistic experience will improve you in all these aspects, and you might even graduate magna cum laude after covering mayoral campaigns for three months. And speaking of mayoral campaigns, I actually just spoke to a candidate one-on-one yesterday. This is where the other advantage of writing for us lies. You get access to places and things normal plebeians won’t normally get the chance to go to. You get to visit UNM President Robert Frank’s fancy office twice a month. You get to talk to Richard Berry, Martin Heinrich and Jeff Bingaman, and you might get to see them mingling with buzzed gentlemen on election night. You get free passes to Gay Pride and to major events like TEDxABQ. And, again, you get paid for all of this. But it’s not just the perks; it’s also about the camaraderie. Though it might not appear like it, we at the Daily Lobo are hardworking, tired, passionate individuals who get a kick out of grammar and know how to party like a journalist. Journalism runs in our blood, along with the caffeine and the stress hormones. Working for the Lobo will help you gain life-long bros and brahs, or at least professional connections if you don’t need any more friends. If you are interested in the position, apply for it online at Let your UNM West friends know, too. There might be a Walter Cronkite buried inside of them.


Hateful Lobo trolls are hateful by Jason Darensburg

Where have all the trolls gone? Recently, the Daily Lobo took the admirable step of changing its online comment submission policy to help combat the epidemic of hateful, insulting remarks being posted anonymously on the site by internet trolls. The Lobo’s social media editor, J.R. Oppenheim, announced that a Facebook account is now required for anyone wishing to post their comments online. The Daily Lobo should be commended for taking this controversial stance in the battle against cyberbullying, which has become a major problem among Millennials. Oppenheim wrote: “With this move to Facebook, we hope that people will be more careful with what they post on our website because their own name and photograph will appear with their comment. We hope the Facebook commenting system removes at least some of the anonymity from the equation.” The new policy seems to have really done the trick. The number of online comments has plummeted, and although some might decry the lack of commentary as being detrimental to free speech, it’s clear that before the switch to Facebook the vast majority of online commenters simply used the site as a personal forum to anonymously spew hate and derision upon their fellow students. The worst offenders made no attempt to become part of the conversation or offer any sort of counter-arguments to the issues being discussed: They simply wanted to demean and abuse people they didn’t agree with. The cowards who were so free with their insults in the past have been forced to shut the hell up or risk exposure to the greater UNM community for what they are: worthless trolls. As Oppenheim pointed out, once somebody posts a comment via Facebook, their friends and family will be able to view it. I’m not surprised that none of the “regulars” who used to post anonymous comments on virtually every item featured in the Daily Lobo are too

ashamed now to come forward and express their views openly under their real names. During my time as a columnist for the Lobo, I’ve witnessed some of the most disgraceful examples of hate-speech imaginable. A lot of it was directed toward me personally, and most of the comments had absolutely nothing to do with what I actually wrote. One exceptionally prolific troll known as “Chayal Boded” was among the worst I’ve had to put up with. Here is an actual comment from the website: “Herr douchenberg never fails to fail and never disappoints to meet expectations and serves as a prime example of what is wrong with the current generation of white folk’s obsessive infatuation with socio/progo/ whatever-o failed political ideologies. My only question is what to do with ‘em after the hard reset.” While I find the moniker ‘Herr douchenberg’ to be hilariously juvenile, it’s difficult to establish how such an incoherent tirade contributed in any way to the conversation at hand. I could cite plenty more examples, but hopefully you get the point. In his column, Oppenheim discussed a painful experience he had while working at another publication. In response to a photograph he took of a protester wearing an anti-Obama T-shirt, he was accused of being a racist online and told he should commit suicide. This event had a profound effect on him at a critical stage in his life. Understandably, he was quite shaken by it. Cyberbullying is a serious social problem, and it appears to be growing. Suicides caused by cyberbullying are too numerous to mention in this piece. New, increasingly tragic cases seem to crop up on a weekly basis. Millenials are virtually inseparable from their smartphones, laptops and social networks. When young people engage the world of social media, it’s imperative that they understand how to be respectful digital citizens. Parents and teachers need to do a better job of educating people about the risks involved

with participating in social media. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, young people are less likely to bully others or send embarrassing sexts to their peers when their adult role models discuss the limits of acceptable online conduct with them. Unfortunately, too many parents in this day and age lack any sort of morals or scruples themselves, so they are utterly incapable of transmitting these values to their children. In the case of teenager Megan Meier, who hanged herself in her closet after months of online abuse, the cyberbully turned out to be the mother of Megan’s former best friend. We need to reduce trolling and the widespread abuse of online anonymity by Internet users of all ages. Hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish this goal as social norms become more established in the digital environment. Kudos to the Daily Lobo for taking a stand.

Letter submission policy

n Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

Editorial Board Antonio Sanchez Editor-in-chief

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New Mexico Daily Lobo


Friday, September 27, 2013/ Page 5

QBs essential to offense as Lobos face UNLV by Thomas Romero-Salas @ThomasRomeroS

The offense of the New Mexico football team has been inconsistent thus far in the season, and it all begins and ends with the quarterback position. Head coach Bob Davie said he’s not sure who will start at quarterback this Saturday when UNM hosts UNLV at University Stadium, but that both sophomore Cole Gautsche and junior Clayton Mitchem will see playing time. Both Gautsche and Mitchem said they don’t mind splitting reps with each other. “I think it all depends on what we really feel the highest percentage of our plan needs to be against them,” Davie said. “I’m not trying to escape the issue at all, but I don’t know if it really matters. UNLV is preparing for both of them (Gautsche and Mitchem) and they know they’re going to see both of them.” During the Lobo game at Pittsburgh on Sept. 14, UNM’s offense differentiated greatly before and after halftime. In the first half, with Mitchem as quarterback, the Lobos had just 59 yards of total offense on 30 plays. For the second half, Davie put in Gautsche at the helm after the Lobos’ first drive of the half stalled. With Gautsche in, UNM started to move the ball effectively down the field and finished with 211 yards on 39 snaps. Mitchem said it’s a difficult transition from a zone read offense to the Lobos’ triple option offense, and that’s one reason why he hasn’t been as effective running the offense as Gautsche has been at times. “Cole has had more reps than I’ve had,” Mitchem said. “I’ve never ran triple option my whole life. I just

ran simple zone reads my whole life. When it comes to the triple option, I just got to go through my reads instead of reacting.” UNM (1-2) will be greeted at homecoming by UNLV (2-2), who’s coming off two consecutive victories for the first time since 2008. The Lobos have a losing record in their homecoming games at 42-43-3 all-time. Last year in Las Vegas, Nev., the Rebels blew out the Lobos 35-7. Davie said the loss was one of the worst the team suffered last season. “To say it was our worst performance is a little bit disrespectful to UNLV,” Davie said. “They pounded us last year, but it was our most disappointing performance. That was a brutal feeling up there and I think some of our players remember.” Through the first two and a half games of this season, the Rebels were a struggling football team that had been outscored 130-36 and were looking to start 0-3. But down 21-0 at halftime against Central Michigan, UNLV inserted backup quarterback Caleb Herring. Herring then engineered a 21point comeback for the Rebels, winning 31-21 over the Chippewas. Then during the following game versus Western Illinois, UNLV dominated 38-7. Herring would have the highest quarterback rating in the Mountain West Conference at 167.56 but he doesn’t have enough passing attempts to qualify. Davie said the Rebels have changed their offense a bit, and have moved to more of a zone read, oneback team. “He (Herring) has a quick release, he’s quick as a runner, he’s athletic obviously. He was a wide receiver last year as well as being the backup quarterback last year,” Davie said. “Since that point (against Central Michigan)

J.R. Oppenheim/ Daily Lobo Receiving blocking from the offensive line, UNM quarterback Cole Gautsche drops back to pass against UTSA on Aug. 31 at University Stadium. The Lobos host UNLV in the annual homecoming game Saturday at 6 p.m. he’s provided the spark. It’s interesting “They’re really physical and like to attempt, which ranks him seventh in because that’s why you never know come off the ball hard and they don’t the country. with the quarterback until they get in take anybody lightly.” “Clayton and Carlos are going to there and play.” Injury report back there for kickoffs and that should After a rough first couple of games, On Tuesday, Davie said sopho- cause some problems for opposing the Rebels’ defense has straightened more kick returner Chase Clayton teams,” Davie said. itself out, allowing 14 points the past and senior center Dillon Farrell will two games. UNLV’s pass defense has likely play against UNLV. Football vs. UNLV been one of the best in the nation, UNM’s kickoff return hasn’t Saturday ranking 10th overall just 146.5 yards missed a beat with Clayton out. Soph6 p.m. per game. omore wide receiver Carlos Wiggins University Stadium “They’re big and they like to bring has taken over admirably for Clayton a lot of pressure,” Mitchem said. with a return average of 35.2 yards per

go s bo loo The list of upcoming o l s go bos Lobo athletic events is published every g week in the Daily Lobo. os lobo o lo go b lo go os g os oo b Upcoming Athletic Events s g bos lob o lo go l os o ob o lo s go s g bos lob l o s g obo lobo o lo g go s go o Softball s Football s l b o advertise Sat 09/28 oin thisgospecial Sat 09/28 s gsection, bo lobo o lo lo g obTo o vs. Yavapai o o s vs. UNLV 6pm l s g bcall Community College 11am os 277-5656! o UNM Stadium bo lob go l go os g obo s g vs. Yavapai o o o Community College 1pm os lob o l go l s go bos bos lob o l go Men’s Golf b Sun 09/29 Fri-Sat 09/27-09/28 o lo go os g os olo go os g os obo l vs. Western NM 11am hosts William H. Tucker o o s b lob o l vs. Western NM 1pm g go s g bos lob lob o l s Invitational o o s s l b g bo o g UNM Championship Course o o o o o o bo lo b s Men’s Tennis s g b g l g g o o o o o s s o os l o os Fri 09/27l b o lo o b ol o Men’s Soccer o g g o o o o b b @ All American Championships Fri 09/27 s g OKbos lob o lo go l os g os g obos lob o lo go l os g os g oin Tulsa, vs. UC Davis 7:30pm o o UNM Soccer Complex go s g bos lob lob o l s go s g bos lob lob o l ob o lTennis Women’s l s Mon 09/30 g bo g bo o o o Frig09/27 o o o bo lo bo lo s @ Marshall s g sFalcon g b g g g o o o o o @ Classic o o s s o os l o os l in Huntington, WV b o lo l b ol b o o g g in Colorado Springs, o CO o o o o b o b l g 09/28s g bos lob lo Sat Women’s Soccer o l os g os g obos lob o lo go l os g os s o g @ All American Championships o o o Fri 09/27 b l bPacificlo go s g bos lob lob o l s go s g bos lob lob o in Palisades, CA vs. San Jose State 5pm o s g g bo g o o o Sun 09/29 o o bo lo s s g s g bo lobo o lo gVolleyball g g o o o o Fresno State 1pm o o l Satb 09/28 g bos bos lob o l go l s go bos bos lob o UNM Soccer Complex o o1pm s g lo State vs. Colorado g o o o lo go os g lo go os g os obo l l Johnson s Center os b o o o o Thurs b 10/03 ob o l s go s g bos lob lob o l s go os g bos lob lo l @ Utah State g bo o o b s lo g go os g obo lobo o lo go s go b g o o o Good luck to s o l s s l l b b o o s g golf, bo lobo o lo goMen’s go os g obo lobo o lo Football, lo g g o o s s s b ol g bos bo lob o l go o s g obo s g bo lobo o lo g g o o o o s s o l Men’s Soccer, s s b ol g bo o bo lob go l s g go os g obo lobo o lo g o o o s s o os l Softball, s Women’s l b oSoccer, b ol o o g g o o o o o b b s l g g ob lo go s g bo s g bos lob o lo go l oMen’s s l Tennis, o o ABQ Best Prime Ribbos o o b lob o l go s go bos ob o l s go s g bos loWomen’s Family pwned since 1963 l s g Tennis, o o Ongoing o o bo lo 4th and Central location s s g obo lobo o lo b g g go g o o o o 102 4th St. Next to Maloney’s s o l s s l lunch l b b 9018 Central Ave. SE o o Open until 3am Wed-Sat go os g obo lo Volleyball go os g obo lobo oand specials! lo 505.255.0057 g g s s s b ol g bos bo lob o l o s g bo lobo o lo g o s s b o lo o lo go os g o g o o o b g os lob lo go l s g os g bos lob b s lo bo ob go lo go go

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Hansen ‘having his moments’ by J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim

When soccer practice wrapped up at Robertson Field Wednesday afternoon, Niko Hansen stuck around with associate head coach Paul Souders for some extra instruction. The drills involved taking shots at the net with his left foot. As a freshman forward on the New Mexico roster, Hansen said he’s willing to learn and progress at this early stage. “There’s a lot more physicalness. It’s much quicker play and you have to think a lot more,” he said “It’s just being a better player all around.” Hansen has already developed into one of UNM’s top scoring threats through the first seven games. His four scores put him in a first-place tie for the team goal lead alongside senior forward James Rogers. That’s the fourth-best total among Conference USA players and 32nd nationally. The most recent Hansen goal came in the last 12 seconds of Monday night’s 1-0 win at UC Santa Barbara following a Rogers assist. With 16 shots attempted, Hansen has a .250 shooting percentage. That is the highest mark among UNM players who have taken at least 10 shots. “With any young player, probably ignorance is bliss,” UNM head coach Jeremy Fishbein said. “If you have some success, maybe there’s a few little peaks and valleys. But I think right now he’s identifying the things he needs to do and he’s a good player. He’s a young player, but he’s going to have his moments.” In his time at UNM so far, Hansen said he’s noticed a stronger mental component to the game in addition to increased physicality. “Now every team you play is a good team,” he said. “It’s always going to be a great team and it’s not going to be an easy win every time. You really have to work hard. It’s really mental.”

Rachel Toraño-Mark / Daily Lobo Receiving blocking from the offensive line, UNM quarterback Cole Gautsche drops back to pass against UTSA on Aug. 31 at University Stadium. The Lobos host UNLV in the annual homecoming game Saturday at 6 p.m. Mountain West Conference slate Men’s nonconference finale After snapping a two-game los- hosting league newcomer San Jose ing streak with Monday’s win, UNM State tonight. The Lobos (2-7-1) are looking for (4-2-1) concludes the nonconference portion of its schedule with a their first win since Sept. 6, losing home game against the Aggies to- four times and tying once over that night. Davis holds a 3-4-1 record span. UNM played Davis to a scorewith wins over Seattle, Saint Mary’s less tie Sunday. The Spartans captured a 3-2 vicand San Francisco. In its last outing, Davis settled for a 1-1 tie with Loyola tory over Pacific last Saturday, earning their first win after opening the Marymount. Davis has four goals on the sea- season with seven straight losses. son despite shooting the ball 128 SJSU did not score a goal in the pretimes. Three of those goals came vious four games before the victory. Sophomore forward Lupita from junior forward Matt Sheldon. The Aggies have attempted 115 shots Estrada leads SJSU with three of the team’s six goals. Six Lobos have and scored 13 goals total. UNM and Davis have only one scored this season, with two from other all-time meeting, which the sophomore midfielder Dylann O’Connor. Lobos won in 2009. “It’s a team that’s going to come Men’s Soccer here and they’re not going to try to vs. UC Davis play with us pass to pass,” Fishbein 7:30 p.m. said. “They’re going to defend. Women’s Soccer They’re going to try to be physical vs. San Jose State and we’ve got to be good on the ball. 5 p.m. We can’t give them opportunities.” Today Women open MWC play UNM Soccer Complex The UNM women begin their

,S 27, 2013/ P lobo featuresLos Angeles Times Daily FCrossword Puzzle FOR RELEASE SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo


Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis dailycrossword

Year Zero



age 7


Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Williams’ partner in paint 8 Vivid 15 Former and current Yankee Alfonso 16 “How sexy!” 17 *Doing more than is necessary 19 Decorates on mischief night, briefly 20 Norwegian saint 21 Bad marks in high school? 22 *Where secrets are kept 26 MD’s “Pronto!” 29 Habituate 30 New York governor before Spitzer 33 Prefix with tarsal 34 Mean: Abbr. 37 *“The Elements of Style” coauthor 39 *“We’re even!” 41 OK hours 42 Hot stuff 44 Toady 45 “Blue Jasmine” director 46 Map speck 47 *Words before a flip 53 Household name in household humor 54 Bologna bone 55 Local center? 58 Celebration suggested by words that end answers to starred clues 63 Frequent park statue visitors 64 “Show Boat” (1936) standout 65 Gives a kick 66 Hanging in the balance DOWN 1 Army NCO 2 Earring shape 3 Most massive known dwarf planet 4 Dog star’s first name? 5 It may be covered


By Matt Skoczen

6 “__ Chicago”: 1937 Tyrone Power film 7 Exploding stars 8 Brit’s oath 9 Balderdash 10 Contented sigh 11 “Say __” 12 Contrive 13 Actress Massey 14 French royal name of yore 18 Violinist Zimbalist 22 The Colorado runs through it 23 R.E.M.’s “The __ Love” 24 Bonkers 25 Use a Pink Pearl 26 Project detail, briefly 27 They’re run at bars 28 Chem lab abbr. 31 Defeats, as a bill 32 European prefix 34 Green machines? 35 Medical lab vessel 36 Item in a pool 38 “Did you __?!” 40 Surplus store caveat

9/27/13 Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

43 “Three Sisters” playwright Chekhov 45 Bits of advice from gramps, perhaps 47 Jalopies 48 “Sesame Street” striped-shirt wearer 49 Cuban girlfriend 50 Latin stars


51 Enjoys a lucky streak 52 Editor Marshall and singer Lisa 55 Toledo thing 56 “Star Wars” creature 57 Kin of -ess 59 “Woo-__!” 60 Old Opry network 61 1942 FDR creation 62 Asian occasion



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TWO DAY EVENT-Smart Girl Self De-


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over lease at Lobo Village. Great location near pool, gym, and clubhouse. Fully furnished, free Wi-Fi. Flexible move-in date. 280-9256. 3 FULLY FURNISHED, NEAR north campus. $350/mo $410/mo, $420/mo +1/4utilities. High speed Internet. Pictures available. Gated community. Access I-40 & I-25. ROOM FOR RENT 3BDRM house, $400

rent +1/3utilities. Across street from campus. 505-228-6204. LOOKING FOR FEMALE to take over

lease at Lobo Village. Starting December 18, ending May 31. December is paid for. Email me at mtijsterman@unm. edu

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Companions & CNA’s: offer companionship and assistance for seniors in their homes with personal care, light housekeeping, and meal preparation. Training and flexible scheduling offered. Apply on-line at www.rightathomenet/albu querque


student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551.

Volunteers FOR VOLUNTEER actors and background actors to participate in a comedic student film. We will be filming October 6th at 10am in Battan Park on the corner of Lomas and Carlisle. Please contact Katie if interested.


is looking to hire a PHP Developer to verify and import vacation data into a database. Strong understanding of PHP, XML, MySQL needed. FT or PT. Salary DOE. Email resume to STUDENT INTERN OR seasoned draft-

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