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SUB comes alive for Friday Night Live SAC kicks off Welcome Back Days

By John Scott @JScott050901 On Friday, Aug. 19, Lobos flooded the Student Union Building at the University of New Mexico for Friday Night Live, a one-night activity event kicking off Welcome Back Days. Laser tag, casino games and free food were just a few of the highlights from the late-night gathering. This event was only the first in a series of events called Welcome Back Days, aimed at welcoming students back to campus after summer break — other planned events include the Class Crawl, Movie on the Field, President’s Ice Cream Social and UNM Community Day. The primary purpose of this kickoff event was to connect students not only with one another, but with the various organizations and clubs available on campus, according to Student Activities Center advisor Rudy Montoya. “It’s primarily intended to get students connected; it’s a little bit more social … We’ve invited chartered student organizations to showcase their work …

It’s a good chance for them to share who they are, what they’re doing, recruit new members,” Montoya said. For Ethan Krammer, a senior studying nuclear engineering and former president of the American Nuclear Society at UNM, the event helps with networking and getting the word out about their organization to students as well as spreading the word about nuclear engineering more broadly. “It works for us two-fold. Our first thing is obviously to get people that are interested in nuclear policy and energy and power and get them involved in our student section here on campus, but we’re also here to inform people about nuclear energy (so they) know … it’s a thing that is good for combating climate change,” Krammer said. Montoya emphasized how an event like this can allow new and returning students alike to form new connections with people and organizations across campus. “The biggest opportunity is connections. It allows people to meet each other … We get a lot of brand new students who’ve just

John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

Students walk up and down the stairs in the UNM SUB atrium during Friday Night Live on Aug. 19.

moved to campus; they’ve been in the residence halls around campus for an entire day at this point … It’s a great way for new people to have an experience and become friends. It’s a great for returning groups, returning friends to connect with each other and be in campus and in

person and sort of just engage all around,” Montoya said. The event helps to make starting college a less intimidating experience, according to Rosie Deal, a freshman exercise science major. “It makes it a little bit less scary, too, because I feel like

people look more approachable now that like, you know, we’re having a party together,” Deal said. Tristian Ruiz, a business management major and public relations head of UNM board

By Madeline Pukite

them to be more prepared for their work. “So we’re making progress on having a two-step process where there’s a draft contract that has these assistantship duties and descriptions that can be negotiated before it gets sent for final approval by graduate studies office,” Vigus said. However, the Union did face arguments with the University over a grievance clause, which is outlined by the Public Employee Bargaining Act as an avenue where employees — but not the University — can file grievances; the University has been calling for equal power to enact grievances through this same process, according to Cooney. Cooney is concerned about the potential room for abuse if the University is able to use it as well. “I think it’s also important because the University itself has a lot more money than employees do. And if they were wanting to take us to arbitration and spend an exorbitant amount


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Grad union bargaining reaches tension over retracted raises, grievance clause @maddogpukite

John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

Members and supporters of the United Grad Workers of UNM rally on the corner of University Blvd. and Basehart as a UNM shuttle to Lobo Village passes by on Thursday, July 14.

The United Graduate Workers of the University of New Mexico just wrapped up another bargaining session on Friday, Aug. 12 and are preparing for the next on Monday, Aug. 29, with a walkin planned for Monday, Aug. 22. While the Union is making progress, they still face difficulties from the University, according to Samantha Cooney, a member of the bargaining committee. “We’ve made a lot of movement with the UNM bargaining team towards an agreement on what those assistantship contracts should say and how much clarity we should have the right to before starting our job duties each contract period,” Cooney said. Previously, many graduate workers had experience with being asked to do personal tasks for advisors as a part of their job, according to Union member Megan Vigus. Having definitive job descriptions would also enable

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A student lines up a shot while playing pool.



John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

game and role-playing game club Tabletop Tavern, recalled his own experience of joining Tabletop Tavern and how clubs and organizations on campus can help students find a sense of community. “I was looking specifically for a place to play (Dungeons & Dragons). It wasn’t until this club was made that I had that sort of club … And from this, I’ve met half the people I hang out with on campus. Without it, honestly, I wouldn’t know a lot of people,” Ruiz said. The importance of Welcome Back Days as a whole comes

down to community, according to Montoya. “It’s one thing to look at a ton of brochures and emails that students have received … It can be easier and more engaging to be able to walk around a set of tents or tables or in a building and actually see the people who are behind these programs and services. Not just to realize how vast and diverse the UNM community is, but also to be able to find their place and see what works for them, what’s interesting to them,” Montoya said. Students interested in getting involved with the American

Nuclear Society at UNM can go to their website. Students interested in joining Tabletop Tavern can join their Discord through their website.

economic bargaining, and it’ll be higher, of course, than what the University offered,” Cooney said. There is still no agreement over the union rights, which would include details about the Union’s ability to collect dues. The University is trying to push forward on its management rights, which would include details about rights over employment and operations. Cooney said they will not discuss management rights until union rights are agreed upon. They plan to move into discussions on economic barrag-

ing soon, however, they are still at stand-still in regards to the nondiscrimination article and have yet to reach an agreement on discipline and discharge. The Union is continuing to advocate for representatives present at any meetings involving repremands, according to Cooney. “We do still need to find an agreement on employee contracts and discipline on discharge, but we do hope to move on to economic sections soon, which would be about pay for grad workers and health insurance benefits, that sort of thing.

One of the things though, that has continued to stay stagnant is the nondiscrimination article, which is incredibly frustrating, of course, for our members,” Cooney said.

John Scott is the editor-inchief at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at editorinchief@ dailylobo.com or on Twitter @ JScott050901


of money that the employees and Union just doesn’t have, I think it’s quite important that that right remains solely within the Union,” Cooney said. Another point of contention that was brought up was the University retracting raises that were given to some graduate students, claiming it was illegal to do so while bargaining with the Union. However, Vigus said there is no legal substance to the University’s claim; the raises would be illegal had the University used them to encourage graduate workers not to be in support of

the Union, but this was not the case. The raises are currently still retracted. “They’re trying to claim that they think that because they’re negotiating with the Union, departments aren’t able to offer raises, which is not true legally,” Vigus said. The University also argued that the raises would cause pay discrepancies between departments. This is already the case and the raises would not have a large impact, according to Vigus. “(We are) going to push for raises, of course, when we get to

Madeline Pukite is the managing editor at the Daily Lobo. They can be contacted at managingeditor@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @maddogpukite

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LOBO OPINION REVIEW: ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ stacks up the schlock in satirical slasher The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Monday, August 22, 2022

Opinion Editor / opinion@dailylobo.com

By Spenser Willden @spenserwillden This review contains spoilers A24’s new satirical slasher “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” directed by Dutch actress Halina Reijn, seemed awful by the first trailer — a typical thriller told through the gimmick of influencer culture. To my pleasant surprise, the actual movie offered up a strong visual identity, intelligent humor and a passable story to tide audiences wary of hearing the same generational jokes we’ve heard thousands of times before. Though still gimmicky, and in many ways unoriginal, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is an entertaining and aesthetic ride. The film follows recovering upper-class party girl Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and her new lower-class girlfriend Bea (Maria Bakalova) as they hunker down for a hurricane party at her friend’s mansion. Animosities, secrets and fake friendships lead to an evening of tense confrontation and bloody fights for survival when members of the group turn up dead one by one. The performances in this film are exactly what one would expect from watching the trailer: broadly disappointing, but showing real strength in parts. As the night gets bloodier

and the ensemble gets trimmed, the performances get stronger — it helps that Pete Davidson’s phonedin “David” is the first to go. The four women who make it furthest in the film give by far the strongest performances, particularly Rachel Sennott as Alice, a vapid, drug-addled podcaster; Sennot shows a clear understanding of the source of the satire more than any other actor in the cast. It’s clear Sennott’s strength in “Shiva Baby” was no fluke — this is an actress and comedian to watch. Though “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” standout Bakalova also delivers a strong performance, it’s dampened by a lacking chemistry between her and Stenberg. The satire in this film works far better than the trailers would suggest. Though the first act suffers from what is clearly the voice of a screenwriter who is not part of Gen Z (Sarah DeLappe) ringing clear in the Gen Z dialogue, the satire grows sharper and more vivid as the titular bodies begin to pile up, reaching a pitch-perfect high point in the bloody third act confrontation between four of the survivors. “Bodies Bodies Bodies” exists in a space between slasher and whodunnit. Unlike the quintessential slasher-whodunnit “Scream,” “Bodies” finds pleasure more in the idea of a mystery than in actually setting

The cast of “Bodies Bodies Bodies” stands around a table. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

up compelling questions. Though many have lauded the twist ending, it felt like it undercut the promises of both genres far too much. Unlike “Scream,” the solution was evident by the second or third gorey execution, and as the misdirections gathered, they felt just like that — obvious misdirections. Though the camera work was as obfuscating as one would expect from what might be described as a chamber slasher, there were moments when the lack of contrast became almost too overbearing. It not only obscures the audience’s senses, but the script’s structure as well, especially in the middle

of the second act when the characters’ movements through the house felt unmotivated — wanderings and separations designed only to provide opportunity to raise the tension. Still, though this is only Reijn’s second feature, there are times where she shows great utilization of film’s visual language. The camera is hyper-cognizant of what light is coming from where, so through the survive-the-night section of the film, I’d recommend viewers pay close attention to the lighting, both diegetic and nondiegetic, while trying to notice the things the camera barely shows you. In classic slasher

Courtesy Photo / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

fashion, your eyes only tell part of the story. This movie, while better than I was expecting, was still lacking in a lot of areas, but all in all, it’s worth checking out. Be prepared for an ambling-sort of film — not frightening or funny enough to fully fall into either camp, but enough of both to justify itself to its audiences. Come in with the trailers under your belt, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a perfectly fine night at the movies. Spenser Willden is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or

Ask the Editors: favorite coming-of-age movies By The Editorial Board @DailyLobo With the start of the fall semester, it can feel like we’re entering the next chapter of our own coming-of-age film, with new characters, settings and conflicts. Three Daily Lobo editors have picked some of their favorite coming-of-age movies for your enjoyment and to maybe help you find your way through your own coming-of-age journey.

Joseph McKee / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Ask the editors graphic by Joseph McKee.

Volume 127 Issue 2

Spenser’s Pick: “Drop Dead Gorgeous” dir. Michael Patrick Jann Pageant queens, tap routines and more fake Minnesota accents than you can shake a ‘dern’ stick at — Michael Patrick Jann’s 1999 cult hit “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is a riotous pseudomockumentary following a sweet teen beauty queen in pursuit of a pageant crown rigged against her. Starring Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, Allison Janney and Denise Richards, and featuring Brittany

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Culture Editor Spenser Willden

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Murphy and a young Amy Adams in her film debut, the movie actively avoids many hallmarks of the coming-of-age genre through its pitch-black comedy. This is not a movie focused on young love or personal acceptance, but rather a loss of naiveté concerning human life and the senseless acts of violence occurring right on the surface of our world. Tragedies in this movie are a dime a dozen, but they’re meaningless — the world just doesn’t care beyond the next scene when a beauty queen is blown to smithereens or a young man is shot between the eyes after scorning Richards. Horrible things happen, and it’s Dunst’s character who has to believe in some broader purpose in order to grow up. This isn’t to dissect the frog, though — what’s best about this movie is its razor-sharp humor. Though extremely dated at times, the movie is a cult classic for a reason, not just for Denise Richards performing a tone-deaf impression of Franki Valli to a pa-


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New Mexico Shakespeare Festival presents free performances of canonical works

MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2022 / PAGE 5

Children's Choice Child Care is Caregivers lead activities, play sports, make crafts, have fun and are good role models for school-age children before and after school. Starting pay is $16.50/hr Associate Directors are in a leadership development position for those who are working toward the position of Site Director. FT or PT. Starting pay is $18.50/hr

@spenserwillden On Aug. 5, the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival opened its 2022 season at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial Park in collaboration with Vortex Theatre and the city of Albuquerque, bringing Shakespeare to New Mexico in an accessible fashion with free tickets and local talent. This season includes per-

are directed by Julia Thudium (“As You Like It”) and Debi Kierst (“King Lear”), two widely acclaimed veterans of the local theater scene. The festival began as a summer season of Shakespeare at the Vortex Theatre, entitled “Willpower,” before moving to Civic Plaza in 2013 and renaming itself to “Shakespeare in the Plaza,” according to artis-


Festival page 10



Join a global, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to promoting engineers and the sciences.

John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

formances of “As You Like It” and “King Lear” and will run until Sept. 3. The festival, one of only 14 free Shakespeare festivals nationwide, serves to lower the barrier of entry for audiences to enjoy the work of one of the most beloved playwrights of all time by presenting his plays in an accessible fashion at no cost to audience members, according to the festival’s website. The two plays part of this year’s festival

Apply at

Site Director leads the day-to-day operations of the program. Starting pay is $22/hr

The Vortex Theatre presents “As You Like It” on Thursday, Aug. 19 as part of the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival.

By Spenser Willden




The mechanical advantage


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per mache Jesus Christ on a cross. Like any movie featuring the late Brittany Murphy, “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is camp and imminently quotable. Awful pacing aside, this is the perfect movie to put on while you kick back with friends. Zara’s Pick: “Welcome to the Dollhouse” dir. Todd Solondz Cruel and heartfelt, unflinching and empathetic, Todd Solondz’s 1995 film “Welcome to the Dollhouse” is certain to make you laugh and immediately feel terrible for laughing. The film follows a twelve-year-old Dawn Weiner (Heather Matarazzo) as she navigates the harrowing world of middle school and attempts to come to terms with all of the new feelings and relationship dynamics that come with adolescence — sometimes blissful, sometimes tragic.

This film’s progression is objectively grim, as Dawn is the subject of bullying by peers, neglect by her parents and constant foibles in her pursuit of the ever-alluring high schooler Steve. However, there is a beautiful honesty that comes with Dawn facing increasingly awkward and terrifying events. As she’s slowly stripped of the guards humans often pad themselves with, she is left only with her innermost core of being. While her story ends on a minor key, there is a certain soothing quality to realizing that I was not alone in feeling like middle school was the end of the world. The film is chock-full of Solondz’ signature grim humor, which I think he executes fairly tastefully in this film. Dawn feels entirely real even when placed in totally unreal situations: the perfect embodiment of the isolation of

entering a new period of your life with nobody to guide you. The truth is that change can be ultimately painful, but even in the bleakest of situations, small moments of comfort may light your way. John’s Pick: “Days of Heaven” dir. Terrence Malik At first glance, Terrence Malik’s sumptuous 1978 film about life in the Midwest just before the Great Depression might not seem like a coming-of-age film. However, this film astutely exhibits the potential subtlety of the coming-of-age film and is one of the finest examples of subversion within the genre. Our three main characters — Bill (Richard Gere), Abby (Brooke Adams) and “The Farmer” (Sam Shepard) — all appear to be in their very early twenties, but are already faced with heavy, concep-

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO tually adult issues. Bill struggles to find work, The Farmer has come down with a serious illness and Abby just wants to settle down (an unfortunately weak character arc). We see them having to mature, or come of age if you will, through poetic vignettes of American life. But it’s through Linda, Bill’s younger sister and our narrator (brought to life by a brilliant Linda Manz,) that we find the essence of this coming-of-age tale. Through Linda, we see that our characters are given almost no time to be young. They find brief respite once harvesting season is over on The Farmer’s farm, but they are largely stuck — and history, as well as the film’s ending, tells us that things will not improve for these characters. They never grow and move beyond their immaturities like other films in the genre, but will stay stuck in a cycle of negation

and tragedy. The coming-of-age genre is broad, as are the experiences of growing up in different American eras and climates. No matter your experience, whether bitter and bleak, or exaggerated and meaningless, there’s a movie to reflect your perspective and help you find solace in the shared pain of getting older. Spenser Willden is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at culture@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @spenserwillden Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at copychief@unm.edu or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle John Scott is the editor-in-chief at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at editorinchief@dailylobo.

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Nob Hill Music Visit our NEW LOCATION! 3904B Central Ave SE, 87108 Thurs-Sun 12PM-6PM (505) 266-4200

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Sunshine Theater Check out sunshinetheaterlive.com! Aug 27 7pm Doors, All Ages! Butcher Babies* Uncured

Curious Toast Cafe Come study and try our cafe! 718 Central AVE SW (505)737-7017 Sun: 9am-2pm

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“You will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love.” Join us each Wednesday evening @ 5pm for a free meal! North of Dane Smith Hall 1805 Las Lomas Road NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 505.615-2688

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Duke City Herbs & Bake Shop Take advantage of our delivery service! Delivery hours: 2pm-5pm 4012 Central Ave SE Thurs store hours: 2pm-7pm Nob Hill Music Visit our NEW LOCATION! 3904B Central Ave SE, 87108 Thurs-Sun 12PM-6PM (505) 266-4200 Curious Toast Cafe Come study and try our cafe! 718 Central AVE SW (505)737-7017 Wed-Sat: 8am-2pm Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort Ski all season! Lock in your season pass today, Sipapu.ski Luther House Where All Are Welcome! Progressive. Inclusive. Evolving. 1805 Las Lomas Rd NW, 87106 (505) 615-2688 Squidly Designs Find us at the Downtown Growers Market! 810 Copper Ave NW 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

The Vortex Theatre presents “As You Like It” on Thursday, Aug. 19 as part of the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival.

nekonekoabq 1909 Bellamah Ave NW

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tic director Peter Kierst, who has been a part of the festival since its inception in 2010. In 2019, the festival moved to the NM Veterans Memorial Park in partnership with CABQ and was officially renamed the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival. Peter Kierst, a constitutional law professor and Shakespeare scholar who plays Lear in this year’s production, performed cuts on the scripts to make them suitable for a modern audience. “We want to make sure that at all times the story is clear. As theater artists, we’re primarily storytellers … So we make them accessible by editing them so they are easy to understand. We don’t dumb them down, we don’t change the language, but (we make) sure the story is moving forward in a coherent fashion,” Peter Kierst said. “As You Like It” is this year’s comedy, concerning the niece of a duke fleeing into the forest to escape persecution and finding love in the process. It’s a pastoral comedy featuring classic Shakespearean hallmarks such as the wise clown, crossdressing woman and a marriage finale tying all threads together in holy matrimony. What drew Thudium to this

play in specific was the openness it offers and the way it lends itself so easily to music — the entire cast plays instruments in a Celtic folk style to accompany the play, ranging from the ukelele to the mandolin. “(The cast) is all incredibly musical and have this sort of wonderful, full feeling when they’re all jamming … I always knew I wanted this sort of Scottish/Celtic vibe to it,” Thudium said. “King Lear,” this year’s tragedy, follows a mythological British king as he rejects the daughter who loves him and embraces the two who flatter him, going mad with the end of his reign. Debi Kierst directs her husband Peter Kierst in the titular role. “It’s huge and canonical, and it’s a gigantic process … A project as big as ‘Lear’ probably requires deeper digging and a richer thought process,” Debi Kierst said. For Debi Kierst, herself a retired theater teacher, directing Shakespeare provides its own sets of challenges, including increased rehearsal, research and teaching the actors to understand the text itself. This process is often arduous — rehearsals began June 27 after months of


preparation, with auditions being held in January. “I find directing Shakespeare so much more fulfilling. It’s really exciting and fun to work on a play that is so rich and so full … It’s kind of you and the bard, you and Shakespeare. Obviously there’s collaboration with everybody else too, but the material is so rich that, honestly, I prefer it,” said Debi Kierst. Though it’s often dependent on weather, the festival averages out at about 200 audience members per performance, according to Peter Kierst. He credits the low ticket prices for drawing such a wide and diverse audience. “We are a New Mexico Shakespeare festival. We’re very much committed to being a homegrown, by-New Mexicans, for-New Mexicans Shakespeare festival. We don’t need to go any place else to find talented actors,” Peter Kierst said. A complete calendar of performances is available on the festival’s website. Spenser Willden is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @spenserwillden

new mexico

Tinkertown MUSEUM

No medical card needed!

505.433.3761 2639 san mateo blvd ne RAWGREENSABQ.COM

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OPEN April 1-Nov 1

FRI-MON • 10am-4pm Last ticket sold at 3:30pm

tinkertown.com 505-281-5233 Located on the road to Sandia Crest



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FOR RELEASE bo MARCH 5, 2018 bo o /DailyLo DailyLo ailyLob @Puzzle @DCrossword Los Angeles Times Daily



Level 1 2 3 4 August 15th issue puzzle solved

ACROSS 1 The Bounty, e.g. 5 Remote control targets 8 Landowner’s document 12 Subtle glow 13 Spruce oneself up 15 Addresses with forward slashes 16 *Kaput 19 *Life in a breakfast bowl, say 20 Move like a crab 23 Often-stubbed digit 24 Black Russian liquor 28 Nivea competitor 30 Invalidate, as a law 31 Rapper __ Wayne 32 Disney’s title lamp rubber 36 Sailor’s agreement 37 Stage designs 39 Emulate flowers on a hot day 40 Source of linen 41 “Dilbert” creator Scott 43 “Little Women” woman 44 Spongy cake laced with rum 45 Scammer’s targets 47 Step in a flight 49 West Coast state 51 Everglades waders 54 Layer of eggs 55 Target practice props 59 “__ you awake?” 60 Software test version 62 “M*A*S*H” actor Elliott 63 Body covering 64 Racetrack shape 65 Homer Simpson’s wife 66 Four-legged companions 67 Give a holler 68 In the future 69 Gratis DOWN 1 Pathetic 2 Tint 3 Nest egg acronym

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

3/5/18 August 15th issue puzzle solved Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

By C.C. Burnikel

4 Ping-Pong need 5 Piece of land 6 Instagram upload 7 Messy campfire snack 8 Firestone competitor 9 Pitching stat with a decimal point 10 Inventor Whitney 11 Broadband option, for short 13 Maj. for a future shrink 14 “The 18-Down” poet 17 Structure with skyboxes 18 “Nevermore” speaker 20 Dip for chips 21 Like the outfield walls at Wrigley Field 22 *Oral health care network 25 Negotiations killer ... or, in a way, what each answer to a starred clue is 26 Whitewater craft 27 Amazon Echo Dot’s voice service

©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

29 Well-worn 30 Harshly criticize 33 Octopus’ eight 34 Deer mom 35 Dalmatians, e.g. 38 Far from selfeffacing 40 Inside the foul line 42 Dalmatian marking 44 Hefty supplies? 46 Hard puzzle 48 Watched over

Do you binge purge or


Real Estate Agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Visit www.oaquiz.org to take our quiz and find out how the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous can help.

oa-cnmi.org (505) 261-3553 LEGACY

3209 Wingate Meadows Dr NE



910 Entrada Dr SW


(house photo here) (address)

817 Valencia Dr SE




(house (house photo photo here) here) (address) (address)

8926 Aztec Rd NE




49 “This could be a problem” 50 Christopher of “Superman” 52 Done to death 53 Sight or smell 56 First matchmaker? 57 Make better 58 Tiny pond growth 61 “__ in favor, say ’aye’” 63 Coppertone letters


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Come to Marron Hall and show your UNM ID or send your ad from your UNM email and recieve FREE classifieds in Your Space, Rooms for Rent, and For Sale category. Limitations apply. Student groups recieve a reduced rate of 20¢ per word per issue in the Announcements category.

w w w. WApartments ritingandEditingABQ.com NEAR UNM/ DOWNTOWN NE. 1BDRM apartment $725/mo + deposit. Quiet and comfortable. Off-street parking. Singles only. 505-266-4505.

Rooms for Rent Hey Lobos! Did you know you can receive free advertisements (25 words or less) in this category? Email classifieds@dailylobo.com from your UNM email account or call 505-277-5656

Jobs Off Campus PRECISION GYMNASTICS ACADEMY is hiring part-time gymnastics coaches for preschool and school-age recreation classes. Coaches need to be enthusiastic, hardworking, and love kids! Experience in gymnastics or tumbling and working with children is preferred. Please email us at precisiongymnasticsacademy1@gmail. com, call us at 505-341-4002, or stop by our gym at 4606 McLeod Rd. NE 87109.


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CAREGIVERS/DIRECT CARE STAFF to assist adults with disabilities with daily living skills. No exp required. Mon-Fri shifts: $14.25 per hour for direct care duties. Sat.-Sun shifts: $0.25 per hour direct care duties shift differential. $11.50 per hour trainings, meetings and other activities than direct care: Hiring immediately at in-person interviews. Call (505) 814-4765 to schedule yours! If hired, receive $10.00 Starbucks gift card! Apply online for immediate consideration on Providence Support Services, Inc’s website at https://providencesupportservices.com Benefits full time: pd training, $1000 sign on bonus, health, dental, vision, supplemental insurances, 401K with match, PTO. Benefits part time: pd training, $500 sign on bonus, PTO. *Sign on bonus: must meet attendance requirements for 120 days. REQUIRED: valid NMDL, clean driving record, proof of education, drug test, background check and be 21+.

LOOKING FOR HOTEL gift shop sales associates to fill part time and full time positions in one of our seven locations. Send your resume to: heath@ santafesterling.com WANTED STUDENT TO give support to a woman with Down syndrome between 11:30 and 1:30 Monday through Thursday. Within walking distance of UNM. Gwen 505-870-7570 or gmwilson6@gmail.com.

Jobs On Campus LANGUAGE LEARNING CENTER (Ortega Hall, 1st floor) is hiring Lab Attendants for Fall 2022. Work-study required. Must be responsible and friendly, will train. Apply at UNMJobs. unm.edu (req20997). Check out these classifieds online at: www.dailylobo.com!

Above & Beyond, Inc.


Above & Beyond, Inc. serves the Albuquerque/ Metro area to provide support to adults with developmental disabilities. Great opportunity to learn skills specific to the population of adults with developmental disabilities in our community.

Call 505.268.5304 to apply today! Pay: starting at $14.25 with no experience *All employees are required to complete background check and drug test.

LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT NEEDED. Local Civil Law Firm seeking part-time employee. Professional and customer service experience preferred. Proficient in Excel. Compensation DOE. Send resume to Marissa at Paralegal@ danofflaw.com

Employment Child Care Jobs Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Internships Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

Looking for Group Study Session Facilitators To inquire, email: christine.ragsdale@aps.edu

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