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Former GPSA president Muhammad Afzaal Hussain leaves legacy of community, family By Madeline Pukite @maddogpukite

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain would often take his family up to Navajo Lake to try their luck catching salmon during their snagging period which begins on Oct. 1. Muhammad Afzaal’s brother, Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain, said his brother had more than a passion, but rather an obsession for fishing. Muhammad Afzaal passed away on Aug. 1 after being shot near his apartment in Albuquerque where he lived with his older brother’s family. He cared deeply for his family and community alike, holding leadership positions in the Graduate and Professional Student Association at the University of New Mexico and Rep. Melanie Stansbury’s campaign team as well as working as the Planning and Land Use Department director in Española at the time of his death. “He was a very outgoing and very outspoken person. He said that he have courage to speak when others remain silent. He has courage to utter words when others suffer and be quiet,” Muhammad Imtiaz said. Muhammad Afzaal moved to New Mexico from Pakistan to study in the regional plan-

ning department at the UNM. He decided to run for GPSA president and won an astounding 72% of the vote. During his time as president, he served as the chair of the student fee review board and advocated for more transparency and equal allocation of funds. Along with being a strong advocate for education on how GPSA works, he saw his role in student government as a key part of his education and identity and would often encourage everyone he knew to be involved, according to Muhammad Imtiaz. “He was an inspiring leader and a really special Lobo who touched so many lives. It was my privilege to know and work with him,” UNM President Garnett Stokes wrote in a public statement. Winning the GPSA election had given him confidence in his future in New Mexico. It also helped him see New Mexico as a place that wasn’t discriminatory, but instead welcoming of everyone. “He said that it gave him a lot of courage, that this is a land of opportunities …. I have acceptance here. (He told me) ‘Look, they do not discriminate here if you’re Muslim. They do not discriminate here if your


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Courtesy Photo / Daily Lobo / @Daily Lobo

Former GPSA President Muhammad Afzaal Hussain in March 2019. Photo courtesy of Muhammad Imtiaz Hussain.

UNM advises safety precautions following deaths of Muslim individuals

Community grieves death of Muslim community members By Madeline Pukite @maddogpukite

John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

On Monday, Aug. 8, an online forum for people associated with the University of New Mexico was held on Zoom to discuss safety on and around campus after the deaths of four Muslim men across the state, including former Graudate and Professional Student Association President Muhammad Afzaal Hussain. The forum’s panel included members of UNM’s Police Department, the Albuquerque Police Department and the APD-FBI Joint Terrorism

A police car sits parked outside of the UNM Police Department substation on Saturday, Aug. 13.

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Task Force, along with Tahir Gauba, the director of public affairs from the Islamic Center of New Mexico. “So, all we are asking right now to the broader community, just have each other back. You know, just be aware of your surrounding,” Gauba said. The following night, members of the community came together at an interfaith gathering to honor the four men who had lost their lives. Omar Faruk, a student representative from the Muslim Student Association, spoke about the fear and grief they as students are feeling. “Well, we have received more


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English is not as good, or your color is brown. People appreciate your talent and your voice’,” Muhammad Imtiaz said. He had wanted to focus on his career before settling into marriage, as he didn’t want to jump into anything too soon. When he began working for the city of Española, he had a 90-minute commute both ways. Just before he died, he was given property by the city of Española to live in and lessen the commute. “Every day he go from here — early morning, leaving at six. It was tough for him to driving every day. But good thing happened: City of Espa-


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ñola bought a property, 100acre ranch on Rio Grande. A beautiful house on one side … He was so happy, and on Aug. 1, Monday night, he got shot,” Muhammad Imtiaz said. Muhammad Afzaal also became his family’s barber during the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining expertise and skill in the craft. Even after shops reopened, Muhammad Imtiaz said he continued cutting hair and had people ask him to open his own shop. During an interview with the Daily Lobo, Muhammad Imtiaz showed off his current haircut that was done by his brother before he died.

Muhammad Afzaal was also an athlete and played cricket on a local team in Albuquerque; he was the runner-up in the 2022 International ABQ Tapeball Competition. Muhammad Imtiaz rasied his brother when he was younger after Muhammad Afzaal moved in with him while attending school in Pakistan. Muhammad Afzaal then had a big role in his brothers’ kids lives, with Muhammad Imtiaz going so far as to call him another guardian. “He was very active person. He was big a support for my kids. I got busy all the time, but he took my kids for camping …. He played cricket with them.

He took them for swimming,” Muhammad Imtiaz said. The community and people who knew Muhammad Afzaal have shown outspoken support for the family with a memorial held in Española, as well as an interfaith gathering to honor all of the recent Muslim lives lost. “So wherever he went to, he made a lot of friends and he received a lot of appreciation everywhere. He has touched many hearts,” Muhammad Imtiaz said. Those who wish to donate to the family to help cover funeral costs and to recover from the loss of their sole financial

provider can do so at their GoFundMe page.

the state for safety, according to Gauba. “I was hoping if you, UNM leadership, could have a sitdown with maybe a Pakistani Student Association or Pakistani students and talk to them and provide a special services because it’d be hard to tell what they need (from) the public forum like this,” Gauba said. Since the forum, UNM has reached out to Pakistani and Muslim students to hear their safety concerns and provide resources, according to Aneela Abad from the Islamic Center of New Mexico. UNMPD has expanded patrols south of campus, and APD has added more patrols on

the southeast edge of the city. UNMPD provides escorts at any time, along with the UNM Hospital security team. UNMPD has also been working with the Global Education Department and Asian American and Pacific Islander Resource Center to discuss safety. UNMPD Chief Joseph Silva went over general safety tips during the forum, including staying aware of your surroundings, refraining from listening to music, not walking alone at night, and letting people know where you are going and when you will arrive. The LoboGuardian app includes a timer that you can set that will automatically text your emergency contact if you do not

turn it off when you arrive at your destination. For students who do not feel safe attending classes in person, UNM will accommodate online learning through the LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center. The 311 hotline number offers other resources including access to support trauma counseling, requesting groceries and hot meal delivery. Student Health and Counseling and Agora Crisis center also offer counseling to students and community members, respectively. At the gathering, Faruk spoke about the fear that students are feeling due to the recent deaths. “I speak on the behalf of students: we are incredibly afraid.

We’re very very fearful, even with the developments as they are, but looking to the practice and the sunnah of our Prophet — peace be upon him — it’s okay to be fearful. Our Prophet himself was a wanted man, but at the same time you taught us that we’re just not the type to run away and to hide. We’re not going to go anywhere,” Faruk said.

Madeline Pukite is the managing editor at the Daily Lobo. They can be contacted at managingeditor@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @maddogpukite Alizay Chavez contributed reporting to this article


updates from the police and we hope to get more. We know that whether it’s one or whatever, it doesn’t matter. The disease that caused the person to cause this crime is still alive out there. And that’s something that we need to work hard to eradicate. Whether it stops here or over there, it’s in our community. It’s in us and that’s something we have to work on in ourselves and with each other,” Faruk said. During the forum, Gauba suggested that UNM meet directly with students from Pakistan, where all of the victims were from, to better understand their concerns and what can be done to support them. Multiple Pakistani students have already left

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LOBO OPINION REVIEW: ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ is cause for ‘shell’ebration The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Monday, August 15, 2022

Opinion Editor / opinion@dailylobo.com

By Natalie Jude @natalaroni “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” released nationwide on July 15, 2022, has already racked up over $5 million nationally at the box office and garnered a score of 98% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. After having the pleasure of witnessing the famous shellchild in the titular role, this success is no surprise. Writer and director Dean Fleischer-Camp first introduced Marcel to the world via YouTube in 2010 and was met with immediate success; the original video has garnered over 30 million views to date. Millions flocked to his channel to view the charming animated creature; Marcel was an instant sensation. Over the next four years, Fleischer-Camp released an additional two short videos with Marcel and wrote two books about the infamous shell with shoes on with Jenny Slate, the voice of Marcel. Despite the initial success of the video series, I seriously did not expect the feature to be made. More surprising, though, was how wonderfully it was received. With the high turnover of internet sensations, Marcel’s fade into obscurity seemed inevitable. However, this filmic revival of Marcel was done in

a way that invited new audiences to the fantastical little world without sacrificing the original spectators. In the film, Marcel, who has lost the community that raised him, has only his grandmother Nana Connie (Isabella Rossellini) to spend his days with. After a tumultuous run-in the washing machine, he is left to care for her as her health slips. A young shell, Marcel is frightened by this slew of changes. With the help of Connie and Fleischer-Camp’s character, Marcel overcomes some of his struggles with change, but even with the return of his family, finds himself unnerved by the simple volatility of life. This mockumentary comingof-age tale approaches children touched by fame with humility, which I hadn’t anticipated, but impressed me anyway. The vast fame Fleischer-Camp and Marcel generate to assist Marcel in reuniting with his family eventually traps him; the instant intrusions of fans brings new dangers to the simple life that he and Connie worked hard to perfect over their two years alone. This lack of security worsens Marcel’s — and the audience’s — anxieties surrounding change. Marcel, a practical child, does all he can to be and to find good.

Courtesy Photo / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Jenny Slate voices Marcel in “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” Photo courtesy of IMDb.

His sincerity is one of his greatest assets, and it certainly feeds the emotionality of the film. The banter between Marcel and Fleischer-Camp, and even Nana Connie, feels livelier than any other dialogue I’ve heard this year. In congruence with the simple, innocent yet intimate moments captured by FleischerCamp’s character, it makes for an

innocuous, delicately immersive audience experience. The sweetness of the film is complemented by the creativity, reaching far beyond the needlesfor-swords tropes we’ve seen with low-scale characters before, opting for endless tiny characters and toys with new little tools, all perfectly sized for a little family of cyclops seashells.

I was an instant fan of Marcel’s, and I can only hope for another visit, be it feature length or otherwise. Natalie Jude is the design director for the Daily Lobo. They can be reached on Twitter @Natalaroni or at designdirector@dailylobo.com

REVIEW: ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ is not your (craw)dad’s kind of movie By Natalie Jude @natalaroni

Courtesy Photo / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Taylor John Smith play Kya Clark and Tate Walker in “Where the Crawdads Sing.” Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Released in the U.S. on July 15, 2022, “Where the Crawdads Sing” neatly repackages Delia Owens’ bestselling coming-of-age mystery of the same name. The film entices audiences from the start with skillful performances and fine contemplative visuals that compliment the nuanced story. From the outset, the film will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, even if you know the ending well, which harbors a delightful twist. There’s no imbalance between the coming-of-age and murder mystery aspects of the film — these two sides of the story intertwine and firmly pose the question of if and when murder may be justified. A highlight of the film was the exceptional Daisy Edgar-Jones,

who wonderfully portrayed the unbreakable lead, Kya Clark. Edgar-Jones takes the screen by storm, capturing the attention of the audience and holding it in her palm — doling out clues and evoking uncertainty with what looks to be great ease. Additional highlights are Taylor John Smith and Harris Dickinson who play wonderfully as Tate and Chase, the two men she courts through the movie. With this prime assortment of actors and crew, failure would’ve been a feat; the success of the film felt inevitable. Though the majority of critical reviews have been negative, it seems to be a result of the watered-down nature of Kya’s wild strength and interests — this cause for critique is more than reasonable, but certainly not cause to write off the strengths of the entire project. Inevitably, aspects of the book were lost in translation. The mo-

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ments chosen and discarded were, for the most part, well selected. Through lingering shots of the peacefully lively marsh, the sweet space fashioned in Owen’s novel is evoked, enhanced by Edgar-Jones’ perfect subtlety. Though I found the movie to be a real treat, I was disappointed by the exclusion of what should have been the integral shots of Kya in the marsh: watching, listening and sketching. These beautiful moments are instead summed up with drawings hung on walls and shots of her books in shop windows rather than savored as they could have — and really should have — been. Instead of reveling these moments, the filmmakers instead doted on an obnoxiously high number of sex scenes. With this all in mind, the film approaches issues of sexual as-


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UNM Land Acknowledgement statement Founded in 1889, the University of New Mexico sits on the traditional homelands of the Pueblo of Sandia. The original peoples of New Mexico – Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache – since time immemorial, have deep connections to the land and have made significant contributions to the broader community statewide. We honor the land itself and those who remain stewards of this land throughout the generations and also acknowledge our committed relationship to Indigenous peoples. We gratefully recognize our history. This statement was developed by Pam Agoyo, director of American Indian Student Services and special assistant to the president on American Indian Affairs, in consultation with the Native American Faculty Council.


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Navajo dub of Western classic ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ to premiere at KiMo Theatre By Spenser Willden @spenserwillden On Tuesday, Aug. 16, the newly produced Navajo language dub of “A Fistful of Dollars” will be screened for free at the KiMo Theatre in downtown Albuquerque. This dub, produced through a partnership between the Navajo Nation Museum and MGM Pictures, is part of an ongoing effort by the museum to bring awareness to Navajo language preservation efforts through classic films. The idea of using films to call attention to Indigenous language preservation came from a conversation between museum director and project leader Manuelito “Manny” Wheeler and his wife, Jennifer Wheeler, a doctorate-holding English and Navajo-language teacher. After she translated the first five pages of “Star Wars,” Manny Wheeler contacted Lucasfilm, and after waiting two years, they began the process of dubbing their first film. This is the third time the Navajo Nation Museum has partnered with a major studio to produce a dub of a classic film, with the first two being “Star Wars” and Disney’s “Finding Nemo.” Each was dubbed by an all-Navajo group of translators and voice actors who worked tirelessly to adapt the scripts and dialogue to fit the language and

match the actors’ mouths, according to Manny Wheeler. “We want people to naturally be interested in these projects. At some point in the future, I’m sure they will be used — and are used already — as a teaching tool, but right now, our primary focus is to help bring awareness to the issues that surround Navajo language and Native languages,” Wheeler said. The event will also be filmed by the New Mexico Public Broadcasting Service and Providence Pictures as part of the upcoming second season of their docuseries “Native America,” which focuses on ancient Indigenous history and culture as well as contemporary Indigenous voices and communities. The episode, which will focus on Native language and premiere in late 2023, is directed by series producer and Quechan tribe member Daniel Golding, who was first drawn to Manny Wheeler’s work due to its creativity and innovation. “He’s thinking outside the box on how to create ways for people to be exposed to language, for young people to be exposed to language. I thought it was just a great story,” Golding said. According to Golding, work like Manny’s that calls attention to and helps to preserve Native languages is essential, especially at the current juncture. “With a lot of communities, their fluent speakers are probably 50 and up … We’re in a crisis

Courtesy Photo / Daily Lobo / @DailyLobo

The KiMo Theatre located at the corner of Central Avenue and Fifth Street. Photo courtesy of the city of Albuquerque.

situation, and I’d like to see more investment by outside resources to invest more into language preservation and revitalization. It’s really a national treasure, and we need to do as much as we can, however we can, to preserve it,” Golding said. For Manny Wheeler, the value of work like his lies in the way it preserves Indigenous cultures through language.

“There’s inherent values in all languages around the world because cultures are embedded in their language. Concepts, ideas, even abstract ideas are embedded in the languages that are unique — to fully comprehend a lot of cultures around the world, it’s through their languages. When languages are lost, a part of the culture will go with it,” Wheeler said.

ASUNM student fee raised for the upcoming semester

Increased funding ahead for student organizations

John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

The ASUNM logo located at the ASUNM office in the SUB on UNM main campus.

By Zara Roy @zarazzledazzle Incoming University of New Mexico students may expect a surprise on their bursar account this semester, as the Associated Students at UNM have increased their student fee by 42%, going from $20 for full-time students to $35 per semester for all students

— the first fee increase since 2002, according to ASUNM Vice President Krystah Pacheco. This fee change was passed via a constitutional amendment through last year’s ASUNM administration. It is set to increase by $5 every three years until reaching a cap of $50 per semester. The change was implemented to combat budget restraints caused by the

COVID-19 pandemic and to better reflect the student government fees at peer universities, according to Pacheco. “I think the biggest thing we saw last year, especially through our appropriations process and our budget process, is that student (organizations) were getting cut in certain areas across the board … So the benefit of this fee increase is that we

are provided a little more flexibility to fund more things for student orgs and to provide more programming through student agencies,” Pacheco said. Before the change, students taking less than 12 credit hours paid $1.67 per credit hour, making it difficult to predict how much money would be in the budget and subsequently making the allocation process more

Free tickets for the 7 p.m. screening can be reserved online. Spenser Willden is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @spenserwillden

difficult for student organizations, according to Pacheco. Currently, 8.5% of ASUNM student fees are allocated to student publications, with the remainder allocated between ASUNM agencies and student organizations. This funding will allow for the creation of new organizations which ASUNM has previously not been able to fund, according to ASUNM President Ian May. The fee is also no longer grouped under mandatory student fees on a student’s bursar account and billed separately as an “ASUNM Fee.” ASUNM also hopes to reimplement and increase the scale of student events that have been cut in previous years due to decreased enrollment, including UNM music festival Fiestas, which has been canceled in previous years due to security costs, according to May. Before the increase, a portion of ASUNM funds came through tuition, as the President’s Office had been subsidizing costs for the organization to run. The fee increase will exceed the approximate $100,000 subsidy, allowing ASUNM to provide additional programming and student opportunities alongside being able to sustain itself, according to May. “Our fee increase is more than (the subsidy), so I think a lot of the big stuff is … trying to give back to a lot of the student organizations and student government agencies that have seen budget cuts,” May said. The fee increase will also allow more UNM students to attend the New Mexico Legislature in person to meet with representatives and lobby for student issues like scholarship funding, according


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PAGE 6 / MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2022


from page


sault and abuse skillfully, though I still found it to be difficult at times. If this might be an issue for you, I would recommend passing on the film until you can scrub through the well-done (albeit difficult) scenes from the comfort of your own home.


from page


My only real issues were with the awkward CGI heron at the opening and the strange sexualization and gauzy delicateness directed upon the inherently rugged, resilient marsh girl. I couldn’t quite look past these shortcomings, but I could surely

accept them and found the film to be pleasant nonetheless. And of course, Taylor Swift’s song “Carolina,” written for the film, was the perfect way to reflect on the outcome of the film as the credits rolled. The song captures sonically and through

lyrics the essence of Kya’s experience in a very “Folklore” way. All in all, “Where the Crawdad Sings” is a lovely watch, and I’ll continue to recommend it to anyone who will listen to me.

so it benefits students through the programming that we offer as ASUNM, but also what student orgs can do with that money that they’re being allocated through our budget process,” Pacheco said. Students are welcome to give

input on where they think this funding should go; May encouraged senate meeting attendance for those who wish to have a say regarding allocation. “As we’re being good stewards of the increase, and this is true any year but this year in par-

ticular, make your voice heard at those senate meetings as students are requesting money … There’s an aspect of political engagement that the student body has to go in and make their priorities heard through public comment at those meet-

tor for the Daily Lobo. They can be reached on Twitter @Natalaroni or at designdirector@dailylobo.com

Natalie Jude is the design direc-


to May. He also hopes to increase compensation for ASUNM senate positions to be comparable to other ASUNM positions and expand agencies within ASUNM to further student involvement. “The increase itself provides more funding in general, and

ings,” May said. Zara Roy is the copy chief at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at copychief@unm.edu or on Twitter @zarazzledazzle

Anna Westfall’s “Bright Field” places identity under the microscope By Sierra Martinez

at UNM who runs the Spectra Gallery alongside colleague Amaris Ketcham. Much of Westfall’s art incorporates scientific elements that push the audience to deeply reflect on what we are unable to see. Westfall believes that the work of artists and the work of scientists are similar in that both fields emphasize the necessity of creativity, exploration and questioning the world. “In a lot of my work, I’m exploring ideas in science — looking at microscopic images and sometimes telescopic images. So, looking at the very small and the very large and exploring questions about what’s in the universe,” Westfall said. “Bright Field” is inspired by microscopic images, specifically viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. While these things have always been of interest to Westfall, this piece is specifically inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. “With the pandemic, people

@DailyLobo On Monday, Aug. 1, artist and University of New Mexico graduate Anna Westfall’s “Bright Field” installation opened at the Spectra Gallery housed in the UNM Honors College. Westfall is an associate professor at Eastern Mennonite University, as well as a Master of Fine Arts recipient from UNM. Prior to this, she has exhibited her work in Virginia, Georgia, Washington D.C., Massachusetts and New Mexico. “Bright Field” is a series of ceramic sculptures arranged in a radiating formation from the center wire piece. Each form was either thrown on a pottery wheel with added handmade additions or was entirely handmade, according to Westfall. This installation marks the gallery’s first ever solo artist exhibition, according to Megan Jacobs, an associate professor

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Zara Roy / Daily Lobo / @zarazzledazzle

“Bright Field” by Anna Westfall, installed at the Spectra Gallery located in the UNM Honors College forum.

calls herself a “3D artist” and finds most enjoyment in installation art because of the ability to transform a space. Her hope is for “Bright Field” to become a larger installation in the future. “I think that it just confronts people, or people have to deal with it in a different way, rather than just pieces on the wall,” Westfall said.

“Bright Field” will continue to be displayed in the Spectra Gallery until Oct. 7, 2022. Artists interested in having their work exhibited in the Spectra Gallery in the future can apply online. Sierra Martinez is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com

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have been focusing on the things that we don’t see that really affect our lives or change the world. So I just wanted to explore those things that are hidden and think about how we try to navigate through them,” Westfall said. Jacobs also spoke about the relevance of Westfall’s work to the current global moment. “... It was interesting to us how an artist responds to (the pandemic.) Based on her statement, this work is really a reflection of these unpredictable times. As an artist and as a professor she’s interacting with lots of students and she has children of her own, and she’s probably thinking about how these viruses potentially impact all those different circles of her own being and identity. I thought that the work seemed almost cathartic, like a way of synthesizing,” Jacobs said. While Westfall is accomplished in a variety of artistic mediums including installations, sculptures and illustrations, she

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Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort Ski all season! Lock in your season pass today, Sipapu.ski


Test With Truman Be Empowered. Know Your Status. 801 Encino Pl NE 505-272-1312

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Test With Truman Be Empowered. Know Your Status. 801 Encino Pl NE (505) 272-1312

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Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. have HIV.

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Walk-In Testing Hours 9am-4pm Monday-Wednesday 1pm-7pm Thursday 801 Encino Place Building F

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OPINION: Staying connected with friends and family while at school

By Elizabeth Secor @esecor2003

As I enter my sophomore year at the University of New Mexico, I, like many others, am coming out of a summer filled with friends and family that I haven’t seen since January. Now that school is starting, I am getting ready to say goodbye to them for the next few months. However, if my first year taught me anything (it certainly didn’t teach me statistics), there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with those you aren’t going to see for a few months. A bit of an “old-fashioned” option, but an enjoyable way of keeping in touch, is exchanging letters with friends and family. Sending and receiving a handwritten letter feels personal, and they can be as long or as short as you want. I exchanged letters with John Scott / Daily Lobo / @JScott050901

Two people talk near the Duck Pond on UNM main campus on Saturday, Aug. 13.


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from page



my own friend and have kept all the ones she’s written as a lovely keepsake that brings a smile to my face when I’m missing her. If you live in the dorms, the Student Residence Center Commons has a mailroom to send and receive letters. I love when I receive mail — it’s even better when it’s from a loved one. Of course, another option is texting, phone calls and Facetime. In the modern era, your phone is one of your greatest tools for staying in touch with loved ones. I can’t tell you how often I Facetimed a friend during the school year and talked for hours about all sorts of things. Sending a text can seem difficult when you haven’t spoken in a while. However, a simple ‘Hi’ can be

just what is needed to reach out and spark a conversation. One way I keep in contact with loved ones is through daily exchange of Wordle scores. It’s a small thing that helps me feel more connected to multiple people and can lead to conversations when the Wordle is especially difficult (or just plain dumb). Wordles aren’t the only thing that can be shared to start a conversation. Snapchat memories, TikToks (I have a list labeled “To send to Friends” under my saved TikToks) or even things you run into during the day that remind you of that loved one you want to talk to can be a perfect way to start a conversation. One of my favorite things to do when I feel homesick is

to set up a movie night with a friend. We log onto Zoom, pick where we want to watch a movie (Netflix and Disney+ are the easiest to navigate for group watch sessions) and settle in. I know a lot of people are beyond done with Zoom, however, it opens an excellent door for staying in touch with those far away and is something I plan to continue using this year. All of this being said, you still should be prepared to lose some friends — it’s the way of life when you no longer live near those you’ve been friends with as you build new lives in new places. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and won’t lose any friends, and that’ll be great. But if you do, it’s okay — sometimes it’s just

drifting apart, and sometimes it’s realizing a person you’ve been friends with for years is toxic and not worth the time of day. A benefit of college is a chance to meet new people who will be in your life for years to come. My first year of college led me to meet some of my favorite people and has only added to those who I count among my dearest friends. While working to keep in touch with friends and family out of state, go out and meet people around the University. It’s nerve-wracking and can be difficult, but those you meet and click with make it well worth it. All in all, keep in touch with those you want to, let those who don’t value you go and step out of your comfort zone

to meet new people whenever possible. Who knows — they might become your lifelong friends. Elizabeth Secor is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@ dailylobo.com or on Twitter @ esecor2003

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As New Mexico’s largest family homeless shelter, Joy Junction provides a hand up to the homeless and hungry. With food, shelter, clothing, recovery programs, and life skills training, we empower individuals to re-enter the workforce and break the cycle of homelessness, one life at a time. Shopping at our thrift shoppe allows revenue to support our mission and daily efforts to encourage the homeless as they work toward transforming their lives. For more information: www.joyjunction.org


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ACROSS 1 Drive-thru device 4 Org. people line up for? 7 Sell under false pretenses 14 Tries to scam online 16 South Pacific region 17 Good thing to break gently 18 Bought time 19 Has no chance of working 21 “__ Lisa” 22 Golf’s “Big Easy” 23 “This is a sure bet” 28 “Halt and Catch Fire” network 31 Writers Patchett and Brashares 32 Korea setting 34 Rhodes of Rhodesia fame 36 “__-Man”: superhero film 37 Longtime SeaWorld star 38 Four-legged collar wearer 40 Indigo plant 41 Rubble-making stuff 42 “Hold on a sec” 46 Storybook crone 47 Close at hand 48 2000s sitcom starring Jason Lee 53 “God willing!” 55 “We’ve heard enough” 57 Accumulates 58 Cautious bettors 59 Mailer’s need 60 Many promos 61 Spot for family game night DOWN 1 Manhunt letters 2 Winter warm spell 3 Skirt style 4 Title role for Geena 5 Attached, as a button

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

2/14/18 July May 25th 9th issue issue puzzle puzzle solved solved Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

By Loren Muse Smith and Bruce Haight

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33 Captain described as a “grand, ungodly, god-like man” 35 Beirut natives 36 Bubbly prefix 39 Winged steed of myth 43 Performer with many fans? 44 Secured, as a gate


45 Tire features 46 Bouncing off the walls 48 Shape 49 Hairdressing challenges 50 Uru. neighbor 51 Swamp thing 52 Angler’s fly, e.g. 53 Pub letters 54 Squirreled away 56 Bank acct. info


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