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UNM seeks Sandia partner

Ace those tests! finals week May 6-10, 2013


Frank wants to replace UT-Austin as lab manager by Ardee Napolitano

As the semester draws to a close, UNM continues to search for the perfect company to partner with in its bid to manage Sandia National Laboratories. UNM President Robert Frank said the University is negotiating with companies that are interested in bidding alongside UNM for management of the labs after current manager Lockheed Martin’s contract expires this fall. But he said no formal agreements are being finalized between UNM and interested companies yet. “All we know right now is there’s a bunch of companies saying, ‘We might be a bidder,’” Frank said. “We’ve talked with

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William Aranda / Daily Lobo UNM Collegiate DECA presented the fifth annual UNM Undie Rock ‘n’ Run on Thursday at Johnson Field. The clothes students shed before the run will be donated to Joy Junction. See more on Page 2.

Tuition hike funds grad assistantships Road New money to ease high demand for positions by Jamillah Wilcox

More academic opportunities will be available for graduate students next school year as a result of the increase in UNM’s tuition and fees starting the fall semester. At a meeting Saturday, Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) President Marisa Silva said the University has allotted $106,000 from the recent increase in undergraduate and graduate tuition and fees to fund graduate assistantship positions for the next academic school year. She said $44,000 was allotted for GA positions this year. At the Board of Regents’ budget summit held April 9, the regents voted to increase tuition for undergraduates who take 1518 credits by 6.6 percent, which would amount to about a $400 increase per semester. The regents also increased tuition for undergraduates who take 14 credits or less by 13.2 percent, which would amount up to about an $800 increase per semester. The regents also increased tuition for graduate students by a flat 8.1 percent, regardless of how many credits they take.

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According to a document handed out during the GPSA meeting, graduate students who take 12 credits will see a tuition increase of $538.56 per semester, those who take nine credits will see an increase of $403.38 per semester, and those taking six credits will see an increase of $268.92 per semester. Ilse Biel, vice chair of GPSA’s Legislative Steering Committee,

said she is still concerned about whether there will be enough money for all of the graduates applying for assistantships because of the high demand for campus jobs. Biel said she reviewed 76 applications and learned that there were many international students looking for support from their departments. According to the office of graduate studies

website, there are currently 1500 teaching graduate assistantships in various departments at the University. “We’ve just had an award cycle, where students could apply for a one-time assistantship and a significant proportion were international students,” Biel said. “Just reading their personal


safety on campus evaluated Bus accident opens floor for pedestrian safety talks by Ardee Napolitano

Rachel Toraño-Mark / Daily Lobo UNM Associate Vice President of the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis Andrew Cullen explains to the GPSA Council where the recently increased tuition will be allocated. At the Saturday meeting,GPSA President Marisa Silva said $106,000 was allotted to fund graduate assistant positions for the next academic school year. She said this was an increase from this year’s $44,000 allotment.

Air force? More like light breeze

The new medical mask

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UNM is considering street renovations to improve pedestrian safety on campus in the aftermath of a University bus accident that struck and seriously injured a student four weeks ago. Vice President for Student Affairs Eliseo Torres said the University will take extra precautions to improve pedestrian safety in the future. He said Student Affairs and the office of the dean of students plan to conduct conversations with UNM’s Parking and Transportation Services (PATS) about the incident in the coming months. “We’re truly sorry that the accident happened to the student,” he said. “What we’re going to be trying to be telling students is to be very cautious when they walk on campus and to be aware of traffic.”

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PUndie ageTwo May 6-10, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo


Fidelmar Rivera, sophomore communications major, runs through Johnson Field with the Lobo flag while students celebrate the finish of the Undie Run. “It’s good to come together for a good cause,” Rivera said. Many students had shown up for the event despite the frigid temperatures, heavy winds and occasional blowing dust. William Aranda / Daily Lobo

volume 117

issue 153

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Bus Safety

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On April 12, a UNM shuttle that was driving from the G-Lot in north campus ran over UNM student Sharon Broome, 58, who was crossing Lomas Boulevard against a “don’t walk” sign. The bus driver, who claimed not to have seen Broome, drove over the student’s legs. Broome was immediately rushed to UNM Hospital and subsequently underwent leg surgery there. Torres said although Broome was in pain last week when he visited her, she “appears to be doing better.” Torres said the University should update safety features in some streets on campus because of the increased number of students who live in the residence halls. He said Student Affairs has addressed this problem with PATS in past meetings. “There seems to be more traffic than ever because of the additional number of students who live on campus,” he said. “We’re concerned with that. We’ve had some meetings on how we could improve the conditions of the streets.” Other universities have taken dramatic steps after similar incidents occurred on their campuses. According to the Daily Campus, a University of Connecticut student was struck and killed by a university shuttle in 2011. UConn’s Board of Trustees approved a $2 million project to improve pedestrian safety on its campus. Renovations included sidewalk replacements and new street lights. Loudspeakers were also installed on buses to alert pedestrians. UConn also formed a committee to assess pedestrian safety on campus regularly and make sure the improvements were effective. Robert Burford, student conduct officer for the dean of students, said there are enough crosswalks on campus. But he said the University will

gladly hear students’ suggestions on how to improve pedestrian safety. “I think it’s safe,” Burford said. “What happened was an accident, although we would need more details on that. And if students feel like there are not enough crosswalks, they should let our office know.” But Burford said that if renovations did happen, the University should focus on adding crosswalks and signage along Las Lomas, Redondo and Yale boulevards because he said these streets have heavy foot traffic.

“I ride the bus a lot and see people running across Central (Avenue) not at a crosswalk, but dodging cars just like Frogger,” ~Robert Burford student conduct officer Burford said that although there are no campus initiatives that focus on jaywalking prevention, the University aims to raise student awareness on the issue through mass emails and presentations during new student orientations. But he said educating students on the issue would be difficult. “I ride the bus a lot and see people running across Central (Avenue) not at a crosswalk, but dodging cars just like Frogger,” he said. “That’s not what we want students to do … but it’s hard to change people’s convenience. We can tell them as much as possible about it. But even if we did

that, students are going to still take the most convenient route.” According to Texas newscast, the University of Texas in Austin took aggressive anti-jaywalking measures after a bus struck and killed a student in April 2012. According to The Daily Texan, the University implemented a zero-tolerance jaywalking initiative for three weeks after the incident, which resulted in the Austin Police Department issuing 475 citations and 180 warnings in the first two weeks of the initiative to pedestrians who jaywalked. Burford said the University should situate crosswalks in areas that are most visited by students to encourage more students to use crosswalks.. “We have to put crosswalks out there where we feel the most appropriate areas are,” he said. “That will make the students utilize the crosswalks instead of jaywalking.” UNM student Danielle Savedra said she is aware of the dangers of jaywalking on campus. She said the University should penalize jaywalking to prevent it efficiently. “I don’t jaywalk at all because I’m really scared of cars, and others should be, too,” she said. “If she got ran over, students should be very careful. The University should not allow jaywalking at all.” Burford said students who walk on campus should be attentive and aware of their surroundings. Torres said he advises drivers to be patient and respectful when driving on campus. “Drivers should slow down and to be aware of their surroundings,” he said. “Sometimes that doesn’t happen. They’re in a hurry or they’re thinking of something else. I think we should always be in the defensive side and caution both pedestrians and drivers.”

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Finals Week, May 6-10, 2013

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski / @JCTyczkowski

From the web Online readers responded to the column “Violence shows religion has strayed,” published in Thursday’s Daily Lobo. The column expressed the idea that extremism in religion is the cause of much of the violence throughout the world, citing specifically the recent stabbings at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church on Albuquerque’s West Side on April 28. by “Jed” Being somewhat more awake and having steeled myself to the task at hand, I just read your entire column. The second half is even worse than the first half. Let me count (some of) the ways. There’s so much so wrong that this will take a while. (1) The reason that your café boss had you remove the unused glasses has to do with the health code, of which she was in violation if she didn’t send them back to the dishwasher. Ever see someone sit down at a table and cough or sneeze? That’s why those glasses are not supposed to be reused until they’ve been washed. By the way, I don’t see how you “confronted” your boss or were “ballsy” in the least. Asking why a task is to be done is entirely reasonable and when intelligently answered the question makes for better employees. (2) While Christianity does preach against homosexuality, Muslims will kill you for it. Jews also don’t eat pork, and if you’d get off your six and do some research you might understand why. These prohibitions do not constitute a requirement “to do unnecessary things.” Improve your writing. (3) With the possible exception of Islam, religion does not ‘make’ its followers commit violent acts. (4) You don’t know what you are talking about with regard to the Masons and such, but this is already too long. And for heaven’s sake, don’t pass on what you believe is factual information from two-bit novels like “Angels and Demons.” They’re called “novels” for a reason. (5) You are (not uncommonly) absolutely wrong about Galileo, but that too requires too much space. Have you ever heard of a Catholic Doctor of Canon Law by the name of Copernicus? (6) You are also completely ignorant of the Crusades. (7) To the best of my knowledge, the Israelis have never killed in the name of G-d. Learn something before you run at the mouth! Enough of all this. You don’t sound like a hippy; you simply sound like an uneducated, misinformed, foolish youngster in great need of some learning and understanding. by “Chris” Extremism is an unfortunate part of the human condition in my opinion. Religion and politics just get more air time, but look around and you will see elements of it all around you. Normal level-headed people can become fervently myopic about something they think is right. I think the majority of the population lives in moderation to some degree because beyond religion or politics I tend to believe we all have basic needs in common. The bible thumpers, jihadists, extreme right- and left-wing spokes (as well as a myriad of other nitwits) people need to be ignored because they represent and focus the fear people have, in my opinion. If you keep the population fearful and distracted there is no telling what you can accomplish in the name of anything. The real problems we face are overshadowed by these fringe groups and their agenda magnified by sensationalistic journalism all of which boils down to separating your dollars from your wallet. I am not an advocate for organized religion but I don’t dismiss people that do believe in any particular religion unless they are trying to sell it to me like a used car salesman. There will always be extremists of one sort or other. Human history is littered with corpses due to extremism and I don’t see that changing unless we change as whole. You don’t need a religion to have compassion, to love, have empathy and know right from wrong. On the flip side of that there will always be crazy people who for whatever reason will hurt people by whatever means they can find. You don’t have to dig really deep in human history to

New tuition hike hurts low-income students Editor, While I applaud UNM’s stated intent to encourage faster graduation, the new tuition structure they claim is set up to promote this is incredibly flawed. As a senior who will only be impacted minimally, I’m more concerned about what this means for the diverse population of students at UNM. Low-income and nontraditional students will see the worst of it, which in turn means further implications for the shape of our state’s socioeconomic landscape. In the short term, UNM will see more students enrolling in heavier course loads to pay a decreased tuition. This will also mean more students dropping or failing classes when they realize they can’t satisfactorily complete their semesters, lowering their completion rates. Financial aid will be unavailable if their completion rates fall too low, yet students receiving financial aid are more likely to be low-income and nontraditional students — those of us who are ineligible for Lottery Scholarships. We also have not been informed of how the school will handle students who enroll in 15 hours and later drop classes. Will they owe the school more money? In the long term, this policy decreases social mobility because it impacts students from low-income backgrounds the hardest. These students already have to work while attending school in order to make ends meet, but they will then end up paying higher tuition and therefore rack up higher student loans — all for the privilege of attending school and needing to work simultaneously. Only students from more economically sound backgrounds, who can afford not to work, will reap the

find such atrocities these days we are just more keenly aware of it because of the internet. by “Damian” in response to “Chris” “Extremism” is a subjective point of view and extremely vague. There isn’t an objective definition as to what is “extreme”. If we label everyone extreme, then nobody is extreme. Is someone who adheres to principle, whether good or bad, always an extremist? Or is it just someone who acts out differently from the majority? What actions would be uniformly accepted as extreme?


rewards. Being financially stable enough to focus purely on school is already a luxury in itself. I know I would prefer to finish my degree faster, but the lower tuition I could pay by taking on more credit hours would not come close to making up for that lost income. I imagine most other students feel the same. Social mobility in the U.S. lags behind our global peers, and policies such as this new tuition structure only serve to make social mobility worse. Marginalized groups already have to work harder than their peers simply to get on a level playing field. Regressive policies such as this make that possibility even more distant. This is the wrong message to be sending to students from such backgrounds who are trying to improve their odds of getting by. The regents need to consider the consequences of this regressive tuition structure and find ways to cut costs that do not hurt the student body so disproportionately. Those students hit hardest by this change are the exact students we need completing degrees at UNM. A more educated and diverse workforce can better serve our state’s population. Katy Hardy UNM student

Staff equally as important as faculty for UNM Editor, In the article announcing Antonio Sanchez’s appointment as Daily Lobo editorin-chief, Sanchez stated that he wanted the Daily Lobo to “provide a voice for students here, as well as for faculty … and if we don’t provide clear communication with them, what does that say about our voice?”

The reason that we label these actions as “extreme” is because we are unwilling to accept the fact that the religion is the underlying axiom. If you live within these Middle Eastern societies, pray to Allah, and listen to your Mullah or Imam, you would be more likely to assume that these attacks were performed by a Muslim that was oppressed; for example, in the case of the Boston Bombings, Muslims that were oppressed by the capitalist society … To join the conversation, go to

Um, who does that leave out? Staff. You do see us, don’t you? There are twice as many staff as faculty and we actually do all the work to run the University: paying bills, registering students, doing maintenance and repairs, cleaning buildings, purchasing equipment, conducting research, providing patient care, mowing the lawns, advising, etc. The Daily Lobo only ever skims the surface of what goes on at UNM and often appears to be more of a newsletter with coupons.  Mr. Sanchez, if you really want to run an effective, well-balanced newspaper, pay attention to all of the components of this University. Mary Clark president, UNM Staff Council

Our leaders don’t really know how to fix things Editor, What may be needed to awaken the citizens of this country: Barack Obama, in a press conference with Joe Biden at his side, says that he is resigning as president and turning the duties of that office over to Biden because he feels that he has tried his best and has been unable to bring about the needed changes to this country. He then hands the microphone to Biden, who says that he does not have a clue as to how to bring about those needed changes, so he is also resigning and turning the duties of the presidency over to John Boehner. Robert Gardiner Daily Lobo reader

Editorial Board Antonio Sanchez Editor-in-chief

John Tyczkowski Managing editor Opinion editor

Ardee Napolitano News editor


New Mexico Daily Lobo


from page 1

some of the companies that are might-be bidders, but we don’t even know if they would be bidders. It’s nothing formal. It’s sort of like a dating game in a way.” Frank said the bidding will officially start after the Department of Energy (DOE) releases a request for proposal. Companies will then be allowed to respond to the proposal, and the DOE will select the winning bid. Frank said the DOE is still working on a draft request for proposal at the moment. He said he does not know when the final request for proposal will be released. But Frank said UNM is already trying to collaborate with Lockheed Martin, which is thinking of renewing its bid. He said the University is also talking with other engineering companies, such as Northrop Grumman. Frank said the University of Texas at Austin is the current university partner of Sandia. He said he wants to localize the


May 6-10, 2013/ Page 5

academic partnership with the scientific facility. “I don’t think we’re reinventing the wheel here,” he said. “All we ask are a higher level of organization and tighter relationships than we’ve had in the past. We want to up the ante and we want to be kicking out those Longhorns out of here and saying it should be the Lobos.” Frank said if UNM succeeds in partnering up with a company for management of Sandia, it will help enhance the quality of educational programs at the University. “Because they’re very important to New Mexico and to our economy, it’s a great opportunity for the University to create alliances to benefit our educational mission,” he said. Joseph Cecchi, former dean of the School of Engineering appointed by UNM to lead negotiations with the companies, said the partnership will improve UNM’s academic status because

prestigious universities often partner up with companies for management of national laboratories.

“We want to up the ante and we want to be kicking out those Longhorns out of here and saying it should be the Lobos.” ~Robert Frank UNM president “We’ve just been engaging with organizations that have come to us and have talked to us,” Cecchi said. “The Department of Energy has 16 labs overall. Most of them

have universities as partners in the management. It’s a common way for labs to operate.” Cecchi said UNM has been working with Sandia regarding scientific projects for years now. He said renewing that partnership with Sandia would also be beneficial for the laboratories because of UNM’s investment in technology fields such as nanotechnology and photonics. “We bring a good perspective for research collaborations,” he said. “Sandia has a good deal of activity and research in science and technology, and over the years, we’ve programmed to align with them. We have a lot of technologies that are important for Sandia.” Cecchi said the partnership would help students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields to get a job after college. He said the University could also help commercialize scientific breakthroughs in Sandia using UNM’s

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statements, it was clear that the departments were not able to support these students. The students themselves were no longer financially stable and some of those stories were just really heartbreaking.” Biel said UNM should rethink its strategy for funding GA positions if there is not enough financial support for the international students. “I’m personally very concerned about bringing in more international students without being able to sustain them,” Biel said. “They can’t work off campus, so they’re really dependent on these GA and TA jobs.” Biel said funding for GA positions for international students would affect the retention rate of these students at UNM. “Because there is increasing need, not just with domestic

“We’re losing some of our best faculty to other schools because they’re offered much better compensation.” ~Andrew Cullen associate vice president of the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis students but with international students, I feel like policywise, the University needs to rethink it properly before they say ‘Let’s go and internationalize the

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campus,’” she said. Also at the meeting, Andrew Cullen, associate vice president of the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis, discussed the recent one-percent increase in faculty salaries. He said the increase was influenced by neighboring colleges’ faculty pay rates. “We’re losing some of our best faculty to other schools because they’re offered much better compensation,” Cullen said. “Faculty are a national commodity. “They are certainly willing to pick up and move to the West Coast, East Coast or to places where they can get a better compensation for themselves.” Cullen said the University will continue to conduct a compensation analysis during the next couple of years to determine how best to pay faculty. “We will look at the various

jobs within the University and compare them locally, regionally, nationally,” he said. “The data hasn’t changed that much since the last 10 years when we did it last. The data suggest that on a national level, our faculty are paid 90 cents on the dollar compared to our peers.” Cullen said the recent hikes in tuition will also be used to pay for the increase in faculty salaries. But he said this seems to be a problem at UNM. “This is the hardest situation with tuition at UNM,” he said. “We don’t want to be the most expensive place, we want to be affordable. We have successful core value and that means keeping tuition affordable.”

nonprofit science and technology corporation called STC.UNM. But he said the partnership will not benefit only STEM students. “While much of the involvement will be in students in engineering and sciences, students in the business school could get involved,” he said. “Sandia is also interested in various aspects of public policy.” Cecchi said he does not expect the University to pull more money out of its budget to pay for the partnership. “I don’t envision that this would be a tax on UNM resources,” he said. “It would, in most cases, bring more resources in to support these activities.” Frank said he is optimistic about any expanded future partnership with Sandia, and that he expects it to be beneficial for the University community. “There’s a lot of good that would come out of this relationship,” he said.

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Page 6 / May 6-10, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo


Lobos clinch MWC title By J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim

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Hours after the New Mexico men’s golf team won the Mountain West Conference title, the Lobos accomplished the same feat on the baseball diamond. Senior catcher Mitch Garver had six RBIs and two home runs Saturday afternoon at Lobo Field, leading UNM to a 14-7 victory over Air Force. The Lobos’ 12th-straight conference victory completed a three-game sweep over the Falcons. The win gave UNM at least a share of the MWC regular-season baseball title, and losses by San Diego State and UNLV clinched the title outright. The Lobos secured the crown with two weeks left in the regular season and in the final home game of the season. “That is a sigh of UNM 14 relief,” said Garver, who finished the Air Force 7 game going 4-for-6 at the plate. “(Air Force) is one of the toughest, most threatening teams in the Mountain West and they play hard all nine innings. That’s a big win for us and a big series win.” Earlier Saturday in Tuscon, Ariz., UNM golf carded an 8-under par 844, winning the MWC men’s golf title by eight strokes over UNLV and San Diego, who tied for second place. Back in Albuquerque, Garver’s first home run came in the second inning, a three-run blast over the left-field fence that also plated second baseman Sam Haggerty and first baseman D.J. Peterson. The homer followed Garver’s first-inning RBI and outfielder Chase Harris’ second-inning RBI. Air Force scored three runs in consecutive at-bats in the top of the third, cutting the deficit to 5-4. After shortstop Jared Holley’s third-inning RBI single increased the Lobo lead to 6-4, Garver came in the fourth to nail his second home run over the same leftfield fence area. This solo shot then gave UNM a 7-4 advantage.

Rachel Toraño-Mark / Daily Lobo Pitcher Alex Estrella stretches in the dugout as Tyler Hernandez, 8, watches the action against Air Force Sunday afternoon at Lobo Field. UNM claimed the Mountain West Conference regular-season baseball title with a 14-7 win over the Falcons The Lobos’ other big inning — win for UNM, his eighth this season, the sixth — featured a total of four in a relief effort. In three innings he runs by Harris, left fielder Luke gave up two runs, both earned, off Campbell, third baseman Alex All- seven hits with four strikeouts and britton and Holley. Two of those no walks. Walker replaced starter A.J. four runs came off a Harris homer. Carman, who in 2 2/3 innings gave up The runs stymied any momentum four runs, all earned, off five hits. CarAir Force gained with its two runs in man had three strikeouts. the top half of the inning. UNM’s three other relievers, Alex Campbell capped UNM’s scoring Estrella, Jake McCasland and Gabe in the seventh with a RBI triple that Aguilar, combined three strikeouts scored pinch hitter John Pustay, and and committed just one walk over 3 a run scored off Allbritton’s RBI sin- 1/3 innings. McCasland and Aguilar gle. Air Force’s only other run came did not surrender a hit. Estrella gave in the eighth. up two hits, but only one was earned. UNM outhit Air Force by a 21-14 “Our bullpen? A lot better, a lot margin, and the Falcons committed better. Even better than the starting three errors. pitching obviously,” UNM head coach Along with Garver, Harris had a Ray Birmingham said. “It’s about get4-for-6 performance with two runs ting the ball down in the zone. Walkscored and three RBIs. Allbritton er, when he was down in the zone? and Peterson both went 3-for-5, Goose eggs. Up in the zone? Crooked Holley was 3-for-4 and Campbell number. It’s that easy.” was 2-for-4. Air Force starter Steven Trojan Both teams went deep into their was the losing pitcher in 2 2/3 inbullpens, bringing in four relief pitch- ning of work. He gave up six runs off ers apiece, and no pitcher threw for 10 UNM’s hits. Second baseman Matmore than three innings. The five thew Roberts led Air Force at the plate UNM pitchers combined for 10 strike- hitting 3-for-3 with three runs scored outs to Air Force’s four. and an RBI. Josh Walker earned the pitching

Sports Briefs

Men’s golf

Sixth-ranked New Mexico took the Mountain West Conference Championship with an 8-under 844 over three days in Tuscon, Ariz. The Lobos ended with an eight-stroke advantage over both UNLV and SDSU. This is UNM’s first conference title since 2006 and 22nd championship overall. The Rebels’ Kevin Penner won the individual title with a 7-under 206. UNM’s James Erkenbeck finished one stroke behind Penner for second and sophomore Gavin Green took third with a 4-under 209.

Softball UNM was swept over the weekend by Fresno State and lost the finale 4-0 on Sunday. The Lobos were outscored 9-1 over the three-game series. On Friday UNM lost the first game 3-0 and was defeated 2-1 on Saturday. UNM will finish the season with a three-game series versus Colorado State starting Thursday. The Lobos are now 21-32, 3-12 Mountain West Conference. ~J.R. Oppenheim


New Mexico Daily Lobo Kristine M. Juarez Erika M. Jungwirth Ketaki Kekatpure The following list is based Siobhan Kilbride on information supplied Master of Arts and confirmed by the Candidates for Degree, Miwa Kimura Office of Graduate Studies Monica C. Kosiorek Spring 2013 prior to our publication Nada Abdel Hack Steven R. Kostelecky deadline. It has been Veronica Lane Nadia A. Abraibesh carefully reviewed, but Hyunjung Lee Isaac A. Alaridpease given the number of Tracie A. Lee names and the evolving Ojana D. Albuquerque Margaret A. Leicester status of many prospective Suha N. Amer Gilber O. Leiva graduates, mistakes and Aaron K. Anderson omissions may have oc- Meghan E. Anderson Leann M. Lewis curred. Please accept our Lawrence E. Atencio Caleb F. Lines assurance that being or Lingjing Bao Rachel E. Livingston not being listed here has Shirena T. Long Ana Maria Bardales no bearing on a student’s Kirsten E. Lustgarten official graduation status. Jahan R. Barela Matthew P. Makofske Ellen E. Barg-Walkow Graduate Studies Jeramie I. Barker Shawna K. Marcus Alfred L. McCloud Julie Coonrod, Dean Mari P. Bauman Krystal L. McCutchen Mark A. Behrmann Doctor of Education Jason A. Bengtson Caley S. McGuill Candidates for Degree, Misael D. Menchaca David A. Bliss Spring 2013 Geraldine D. Mike Naomi C. Brandenfels Eleanor L. Andrews Jennifer L. Moss Justin D. Brock James D. Lujan Justin M. Mountain Catherine G. Brooks Ann E. Piper Reyna M. Myers Adina M. Brown Denise Neil-Binion Doctor of Philosophy Steven F. Brown Jacquelyne C. Nelson Christina M. Burnaman Candidates for Degree, Gabriel R. Nemiroff Michael A. Burns Spring 2013 Genevieve A. O’Herron Sherry L. Burrill Khawar Abbas Evelena N. Ornelas Ambar J. Calvillo Matthew C. Areno Amanda R. Ortiz Gregory O. Carlson Mary T. Avila Deborah S. Paczynski Delia Carreon Soumya Banerjee David A. Paez Acevedo Romain L. Chadaigne Sonia P. Bettez Carlos F. Parra Alberta Charley Ryan L. Brunsing Ashley A. Pena Kelly P. Buettner-Schmidt Erin E. Chavez Leslie R. Peterson Katherine A. Chavez Chul Ho Bum Chad S. Pfeiffer Megan J. Chibanga Laura K. Burkemper Juana Plancarte Christi C. Cobo Kira J. Carbonneau Feregrino Denise D. Colapietro Russell E. Carter Alanna H. Purdy Celena A. Cordova Eui-Yul Choi Karen F. Quan Jessica C. Cordova Maria Conklin Wayne M. Reed Gina I. Corvetto Robert L. Cook Christina E. Ripp Layla M. Dehaiman Lora M. Cope Cristina Rivera Steven A. Deleon Debra J. Cox Juan C. Rivera Aurore C. Diehl Anushka Dasgupta Laura Robison Joni L. Dillard Joost M. De Moor Robert J. Robson Nichole DominguezJames Dory-Garduno Stephanie A. Roe Chavez Frances R. Duff Juan A. Romero Carrie S. Duneman Paul G. Edelmann Catherine N. Roop Daniel H. Ekman Randa Nabil Elbih Lisa N. Rossignol Laura A. Elliff Drew F. Goettler Kathleen A. Rouse Christopher P. Erwin Amy S. Goodin Tabitha J. Ruple Diana Habel-Rodriguez David L. Esquibel Lorena A. Saenz Kim A. Etsitty. Kamrul Hakim Michael H. Samudio Ronald C. Fields Gregory E. Haley Debby C. Sawyer Robert D. Fix Beau T. Hunsaker Kevin L. Scales Ada V. Friedman Seth E. Jenny Madeline R. Scheintaub Denise M. Funk Susana I. Johnson Carmella M. Scorcia Laura M. Garrison Benjamin B. Johnson James L. Sedillo Brian S. Gatsch Rodney L. Keith Annmarie L. Sheahan Julie L. Goldberg Stacy M. Keogh Jessica K. Shibata Christine E. Kozikowski Anaalicia E. Gonzales Mi Kyung Shin Kaitlyn Gosman Elisa M. Labeau Marisa J. Silva Sophie C. Goulding Christopher A. Lino Grace C. Smith Emily J. Griffith Julie E. Lucero Natalie P. Smith Juliette Guemmegne Feng Luo Maria Sotnikova Tayou Jason L. Malaney Sandra A. Spiess Rafael A. Guerra Michael D. Malik Carol J. Stokes Ramona L. Gutierrez Tennille L. Marley Leah J. Strelsin Randy D. Gutierrez Kara L. McCormack Stephanie A. Suich Karina N. Guzzi Seth D. Melgaard Janan E. Talmadge Kristine N. Habelmann Carson A. Metzger Robert D. Tamayo Sarah Hager Vanessa Q. Mikan Deanna L. Taylor Dawn R. Hanseder Beverly A. Miller Jerome T. Tecube Leslie M. Haven Ethan A. Mills Ivan S. Teixeira Dean O. Hayes Kelly R. Monteleone Glenys M. Thompson Lara E. Hayner Eugenio H. Nearns Tuija L. Tobar Hailey B. Heinz Rongal D. Nikora Jonathan Tompkins Meghan E. Hendricks Lara K. Noldner Ryan N. Torbey Vivian Henry Evonne D. Olson Jessica E. Troy Jessica A. Heras Anwar Ouassini Emilia I. Vigil Leslie J. Hewett Virginia S. Padilla Vigil Kara A. Walter Samantha L. Hixson Jennifer A. Plaut Amber R. Ward Zhibin Hong Jennifer R. Plourde Robert H. Warensjo Lucynthia Hubbard Yuanzhong Qiu Kelly S. Watson Christine L. Hubbell Leslie A. Rettinger Laura B. White Elias Huerta Michael H. Robson Charity R. Wilson Ha N. Huynh Bethany P. Theiling Woodrow W. Wilson Amber M. Jacks Shawn R. Tornga Kirby L. Witten-Smith Kevin S. Jackson Anthony S. Torres Jeanette L. Wolfe Rosa A. Jacquez-Jordan Louis J. Tribby Tela G. Wood Alexandro J. Jara Mark A. Tyra Emily G. Johns-O’Leary Elfreda H. Yazzie Benjamin J. Waddell Vickie D. Ybarra Marcela Zarate Fernandez Benjamin A. Jones Danielle M. Jones Perfeilia M. Zohnie Li Zheng Breshaun B. Joyner Graduate Degree Recipients

Posthumous Degree, Spring 2013

Robert Hohnki

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Master of Architecture Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013 Jason D. Boyd Ricardo Cano Estevan R. Cdebaca Javan M. Chapple Emma S. Chinana Carlos De Anda Jeff M. Dellis Jennifer L. Garrett Berenice Grijalva Kevin D. Harris Alfred D. Kahn Julia D. Lundin Margret A. Merrigan Victor A. Munoz Christopher M. Olivas Benjamin N. Ortega Jennifer R. Penner Steven P. Prior David Vesica Grace Elia Vicuna

Jennifer L. O’hearn Deepa D. Santhanam

Master of Public Administration

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

Heather J. Berghmans Sherri S. Brueggemann Kelley F. Cuellar Aaron M. Dailey Lacey E. Daniell Michael N. Davis Brenda Fuqua Janelle L. Girod Jared R. Haugh Jeffrey A. Hoehn Rebecca F. Hogue Ybeth Z. Iglesias Barbi A. Madrid Shannon R. Martin James E. Montoya Lacey M. Nagar Julie Ranger Master of Community Sandy M. Rodrigue & Regional Planning Mark F. Rosebrough Candidates for Degree, Timothy Sipp Spring 2013 Ezra O. Spitzer Stephen E. Elkins Nicole C. Stansifer Nina A. Gardea Joseph A. Tighe Anna E. Lapera Jessica A. Tyler Maria E. Lohmann Jonella E. Vasquez Amy R. Miller Rachel L. Veracka Moneka H. Stevens James D. Weinberg Andrew T. Webb Nicole M. Wiesner Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering Candidate for Degree, Spring 2013

Master of Public Health

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

Melissa B. Crain Gabriela Keener Lisa M. Onischuk Candidates for Degree, Samuel L. Swift Spring 2013 Nicole M. Wiesner Bonnie L. Arning Frol Boundin Master of Science Heather E. Campbell Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013 Daniel W. Coburn Sherif H. Aboubakr Laurel M. Coffey Imogen K. Ainsworth Rachel M. Cox Cesar L. Alvarado Bethany G. Delahunt Carlos J. Alvarez Bailleres Nicolas C. Depascal Vanessa E. Apodaca Kevin R. Elder Matthew G. Arnold Leslie E. Eskeets Douglas C. Austin Crystal J. Fullmer Lauren M. Bailey Jacqueline M. Garcia Erin T. Baudino-Burgarello Jane C. Gordon Sylvain R. Bernard Nora S. Hickey Richard E. Blakeley Christina E. Hjelm Jeffrey R. Bowles Jamie P. Kovach Ivan A. Campos Varela Cristina E. Lopez Chun H. Chan Adam C. Nunez Fei Chang Daniel P. Richmond Natalie Scenters-Zapico Margarita A. Chavez Thomas E. Christian Master of Landscape Andrew Cochrane Architecture Jose Alberto A. Cornejo Candidates for Degree, Eric D. Cox Spring 2013 Geoffrey C. Danielson Erin J. Burtch Sarah M. Dinces Richard S. Carlson Jonathan E. Dorsey Jennifer Griggs James K. Douglas Claire E. Heywood James A. Dowling Elisabeth L. Hodges Sarah L. Doyle Romila P. Jogdand Marisa A. Durfee Brandon S. Johnson Rachel D. Fields Indira Kaini Erin Fitch Alexandria M. Leider Erin C. Fitzgerald Master of Music Tieshia D. Francis Candidates for Degree, Andrew W. Gamulja Spring 2013 Liana R. Garcia Michael N. Dewitt Sarah D. Gorham Javier H. Gonzalez Scott A. Gunn Winston Hind Jeremy L. Guthrie Justin H. McMurdo Matthew J. Hall Samuel M. Reid Fei Han Rena L. Sedillo Sarah Haynes Joshua T. Wagner Nancy P. Hilton Jui Lung Wu Alyssa R. Hopkins Michael A. Hunter Master of Elizabeth J. Johnson Occupational Thomas B. Jones Therapy Candidates for Degree, Christopher A. Juarez Phani Kumar Kandregula Spring 2013 Jeffrey C. Karle Ana M. Amon Byungchul Kim Prisca E. Gruner Brooks A. Kohli Tatsuki T. Hewson Adeline Kornelus Christopher G. Kessler Munand Reddy Kotha Edgar Molinar Patrick L. McClernon

Master of Fine Arts

Tani D. Arness Matthew Bonifer Andrea P. Lamberson Lori . Arnold-Swope Bethany Buchner Zachary C. Lapointe Lesley T. Cummins Jerry Busick Mark Lawler Shelly G. Henderson Shawn Capehart Linh N. Le Debra D. Larribas Joel Castor Ryan D. Levine Roberta M. Montoya Kelsey Charles Tony Liu Antoinette E. Perea Celesta Chelf Brian Lott Amanda L. Reyes Traci Contla Micki L. Lucero Myles Copeland Brandon M. MacEachen Melissa L. Sanchez Alicia G. Ulibarri Kelli Cornell David G. Manning Jazmonique Dominguez Erin E. Marchand Graduate Certificate Matthew Duran Jason D. Marquardt Candidates for Degree, Jonathan Edgar Allison M. Martinez Spring 2013 Joy Eklund Aleisha C. Matern Aurore C. Diehl Brittany Espinoza William C. Maxwell Maria C. Garcia Will Fisher Phillip M. Mazzei Linda W. Stam Daniel Fredrickson Laura M. McCann Post Master’s Natalie Freienmuth Theresa L. McInnes Professional Nursing Yvonne Fung Reid J. McLean Alisha Gallegos Laura M. Mendoza Certificate Candidates for Degree, Bernadette Gallegos Emmanuel Mercado Spring 2013 Lucas Gallegos Sotelo Elizabeth M. Carlson Rania Ghaida Deana Mercer Carla A. Gordan Collin Gillespie Edward C. Miles Joshua A. Modica Graduate Certificate Lisa Gilmore Kelly R. Montoya Candidates for Degree, Kaila Grafeman Shannon Groves Josephine Moultrie Spring 2013 Derek Hanley Isaac N. Neal Richard S. Carlson Alexander Heubeck Scott M. O’Connor Richard S. Carlson Elizabeth Iturralde Ifeoma E. Onunkwo Margret A. Merrigan Savannah Jermance Mandy D. Owens Victor A. Munoz Raymond Jimenez Knutt Peterson Hilary E. Noll Danielle Jolley Rahul B. Poddar Holly A. Strachan Pavan Kalasikam Tu-Toan Quach Professional Aleksander Karpechenko Mohammadamin Rasoulof Graduate Degree Anuranjani Korrapati Sergio Rodriguez Esparza Recipients Michael Kress Daniel N. Rogers The following list is based Wesley Kress Lupe Romero on information supplied Julian Landavazo Meghan E. Roth and confirmed by the Matt L. Sanderson respective school/college Robert Latimer Riesha C. Saud prior to our publication Lauren Leifeste Sarah Lerner deadline. It has been Nathan R. Schanfein carefully reviewed, but Tanya Letson Jonathan T. Schauble given the number of Brandie Lopez Kayla C. Schemmel names and the evolving Daniel Maldonado Michael G. Shaw status of many prospective Dane Manfredi Jeremy N. Sment graduates, mistakes and Michele A. Spiro omissions may have oc- Maxwell Marquez Dylan H. Storm curred. Please accept our Michael Marthe assurance that being or Monnet Martinez Lin Sun not being listed here has Kayla Meadows Boyan Tabakov no bearing on a student’s Steven Monjaras William T. Taylor official graduation status. Jessica Montano Eric L. Tegtmeier Matthew D. Thomas Anderson School Alicia Morales Boyce W. Travis of Management Michael Morin Kevin Morrow Alvaro E. Ulloa Douglas M. Brown, Stacie Nowell Melanie Vigil Dean Michael O’Leary Brandyn M. Way Jose Ogaz-Munoz William S. Wittenburg MASTER OF Sandeep Reddy Panta Alexander R. Woody ACCOUNTING Ruicong Yuan Candidates for Degree, Daniel Patrick Jonathan Platt Zhihao Yuan Spring 2013 Peter Ray Lang Zhou Dody Adams Benjamin Rosecrans Master of Science Heather Brady John Ross Dana Drum in Nursing Aubree Roybal Candidates for Degree, Xiaoshuang He Sydney Saitta Jacob Hunner Spring 2013 Felicia Sanchez Andrew Kern Celia L. Andrews Allison Sarracino Jessica Knewitz Alice M. Brown Thomas Schwab Linda Larson Joan H. Chavez Haile Shannon Chang Liu Fadzai Chiwandamira Joseph Sibley Yuan Liu Ruth M. Golar William Smith-Eisele Rebekah Lucero Susan F. Griggs Gary Smith Lesley Martinson Katherine L. KnauberShelby Solomon Emily Minor Ferriegel Audriana Stark Matthew Morrell Dena M. Knight Kaz Teope Steffany Sandoval Katharine Krogdahl Amanda Thatcher Christine Sraha Katherine A. Marconett Bradley Thompson Steven Talbot Marie N. Meakin Jacqueline Trujillo Derek Vanloo Patricia M. Moore Christopher Van Vleck Yongjie Wang Lori M. Mudlin Judy Vuong Yuan Wen Melanie Neztsosie Richelle Ward Xiyue Zhao Michael L. Saiz Merve Yildirim Brittany K. Simplicio Master of Business Siobhan Yilmaz Mary L. Singleton Administration Laura E. Welch School of Law Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013 Barbara Bergman, Master of Water Alix Acevedo Dean Resources Candidates for Degree, Felipe Acosta JURIS DOCTOR Guiovanna Aguirre Spring 2013 Candidates for Degree, Haider Al Aali Susan G. Kutvirt Spring 2013 Kathryn Anderson Amy R. Miller Jesse Lee Allen Sean Anderson Jennifer J. Payne Britt Marie Baca-Miller Skyler Arellano Betsy M. Shafer Susan Barela Olga Arutyunova Justin Conrad Bateman Education Specialist Ericka Avery Tyler John Bates Certificate Phillip Berdion Scott Alexander Beckman Candidates for Degree, Gary Beresford Spring 2013 Leland Begay Christopher Biren


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Samuel N. Bartmess Autumn R. Bergh Melissa Naatanaazbaa Aubony Gail Burns Begay Zackeriah Isaiah Ethan M. Benning Carpenter Joseph L. Bergsten Jillian Rae Carr Jessica Black Riordan Gregory Ara Chakalian Christina Ito Brady Sarah Victoria Coffey Tamara E. Brooks Lucas Patrick Conley Megan M. E. Brown Mark A. Cox Carl Bryce M. Caitlin Craft Quynh-Anh Bui Kelly Joanne Davis Johanna K. Byrd Monica Ann Davis Emily Katheryn Townsend Julia M. Byrd Phillip J. Camp Dillon Joseph Marcuson Dworak Carmen Elena Carazo González Nina Eydelman Lola Carrete Elizabeth Ann Ferrell Alexander Felipe Flores Terri L. Cheng Garon Coriz Michael Fondino Jonathan Anthony Garcia Micaela J. Dagucon Keith W. Davis Lauren Nicole Gilmore Nizhoni White-Kai Matthew Paul Goen Kevin Lee Grzebielski Denipah Jesse Daniel Hale Jeannette E. Ferguson Loya Marie Honaghaahnii Ashley J. Gilbert Henderson Kristen M. Gonzales Victor Hernandez Mark L. Grossetete Keith W. Herrmann Nathan D. Henrie Peter James Horan Jordan T. Higgins Ana Alicia Huerta Dessislava Kirilova Summer B. Huff Ianakieva Darius V. Jackson Veneta Kirilova Ianakieva Alexander Max Jones Megan E. Jenkins Erin Kathleen Joyce Carrie Kester Bakunas LeeAnne Marie Kane Hannah E. Kinkel Devatma Singh Khalsa Jessica M. Kraynik Melissa Marie Kountz Courtney LaphamCharles Bernard Kraft Simpson Alicia Mieko LaPado Amorette Maestas Dane Peter Lauritzen Edward J. Makarewicz Zoe Elizabeth Lees Amy N. Mandeville Nathaniel Avery Lenke Michael B. Marcus Christina Marie Looney Christopher P. Marquez John Allen Lovelace Anthony Martinez Jordan Lee Maril William McClellan Sophie Suzanne Martin Michael R. McKinney Jacob Braxton Maule Amjad MusleH Tyler Burton McCormick Karyn M. Nuñez Jessica Kathren Miles Elisabeth A. Obenauf Rebecca Ann Mnuk Jennifer D. Pukish Kameron Marie Morris Rebecca Raymond Kevin Ashley Morrow Jonathan F. Romero Justin Roth Muehlmeyer Sydney E. Ryan Sean Christopher Murphy Andrea L. Sandoval Aja Lea Oishi Otoño R. Silva Timothy James O’Quinn Allanceson J. Smith Gregory Nicholas Ortiz College of Pharmacy Eric Joseph Pacheco Lynda S. Welage, Melisa Hallie Panagakos Robert Brian Parrish Dean Patricia Lee Payne DOCTOR OF Nathan David Pederson PHARMACY James Stedman Plummer Candidates for Degree, Louise K. Pocock Spring 2013 David Joshua Pumarejo Amenah Ahmed Katherine Channing Roehl Robert Altamirano Michael David Russell Maureen Andersen Quiana Aurelia Salazar- Alicia Arguelles King Angelica Avila Taylor Louise Chiyo Jason Barkemeyer Sauer, Daniel Birdsong Romulo M. Sauñe Ryan Bergin Joshua David Schwartz Kaylee Bui Jonathan Joseph See Kelly Caldwell Michael E. Sievers Wesley Campbell Quinn Scott Simons Darlene Chavez Christopher Elias Solis Christine Cooper Leah Michelle Stevens- Carla Cuylear Block Bonnie Daniel Jacob Michael Streeter Joshua Davis Amanda Lucile Thatcher Andrea Derlet Javier Torres-Hughes Monica Diaz Nicholas John Trost Sergio Douglas Jesika Marlene Ulibarri Soha Elshaboury Lawrence A. VandenBout Rafael Embid Theresa Vertucci Hacsi Kate English Brandon W. Vigil Jennifer Fast Christopher J. Vigil Christy Fischer Rebecca Susan Whitley Bryce Garcia Alexandra Brittany Wilson Steven Garcia Katie Ellen Wilson Jesse Garrett School of Medicine Adele Garrison Santiago Gonzales Paul B. Roth, Dean Tanya Gonzales Doctor of Medicine David Gullett Candidates for Degree, Adam Haddad Spring 2013 Steven Hall Shelby N. Apodaca Megan Hudacek

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Melika Jafari Karlyn Jensen Lauren Kelbe Soo Jin Kim Candice Korte David Lazo Scott Leflang Marc Levanel BriAnna Lewis JC Lovelace Nicholas Mack Ryan Mack Daniel Madrid Tre Mak Mehran Makvandi Heather Marquez Joy Marquez Yvette Marquez Christopher Martinez Heather Martinez Lindsey Mascarenas Lucas McGrath Rory McLafferty Sara Mirza Stephanie Montoya Hai-Dong Nguyen Hong Thuong Nguyen Marisa Ochoa Rebecca Ortega Emily Paine Starla Park Honey Phillips Anwyn Pritchard Palani Ray Aaron Rivera Jennifer Ryba Peter Ryba Heidi Sickafoose Jora Sliwinski Adrianna Rae Stevens Traci Tadano Virginia Tellez Matthew Temer Tu-Thi Quach Gavyn Thomas R. Keith Thornell Kawalpreet Vij Jennifer Vu Jennifer Weese Tiffany Yeitrakis Laura Zamora

Aaron M. Ashe Alonzo G. Atencio Jaime J. Baca Joshua L. Baca Justin M. Baker Andre C. Baloy Rocquel K. Barr Jeffrey W. Bell Nicholas M. Belotti Daniel J. Bency Wesley C. Bennett Antonio K. Benson Kayla K. Bevier Wallis R. Black Chris L. Bodley Ryan F. Booher Kristy Borrego Ojinaga Brianna R. Boyd Jennilyn Brown Aaron S. Buden Quyen T. Bui Anabell Burciaga Krystyna A. Burrola Carla Y. Caraveo Courtney L. Carpenter Hermes Cartagena Darvin A. Castiano Jason A. Castillo Michelle C. Castro John C. Catlin Dominique D. Chairez Katrina R. Chavez Melina Chavez Michael L. Chavez Abhishek Chettry Natalie M. Chiha Steven R. Christensen Kenneth J. Cintas Joseph A. Coca Dimitri Collins-Elder Jordan C. Cooper Joyce K. Copeland Matthew C. Cormier Joshua F. Crispell Bessy M. Crowner Phuong K. Dang Aaron D. Davenport Marc-Anthony D. Dean Glenna A. Doctor Caitlin E. Donnelly Robert E. Dunbar Caroline E. Durbin Bachelor’s Degree John P. Dzula Recipients Cory D. Eden The following list is based on information supplied Kristin G. Eggleston Brian E. Ela and confirmed by the respective school/col- Shannon Eldridge-Shorty lege and the Office of Max Gottlieb Elsaesser the Registrar prior to our Zachary A. Ericsson publication deadline. It has Jourdan M. Erskine been carefully reviewed, Amanda Espinoza but given the number of names and the evolving Anthony S. Estrada status of many prospective Enedina L. Estrada graduates, mistakes and Kelly D. Evans omissions may have oc- Andrea J. Felipe curred. Please accept our Melissa A. Feria assurance that being or Lydia M. Fernandes not being listed here has Brandon J. Finn no bearing on a student’s Eduardo J. Franco official graduation status. Elizabeth P. Franco Anderson School Amanda J. Franks of Management Logan R. Fuentes Douglas M. Brown, Dean Wendy J. Funches Bachelor of Business Simeon W. Galano Kathleen Galbraith Administration Mikaela A. Gandara Candidates for Degree, Matthew E. Garcia Spring 2013 Zachary P. Garcia Austin D. Aanstad Tanya E. Garnenez Patrick C. Adams Matthew B. Garton Hardo Adamson Natasha S. Gehring Nyika A. Allen Corey J. Ghelfi Rentz L. Ankrom Barclay C. Gilland Gabriel A. Aragon Patrick L. Glennon Leah P. Aragon Gavin A. Gorrell Rosendo E. Aragon Forrest E. Grace Joseph D. Aranda Santana Griego Joshua J. Arellano Eric J. Gross Janet L. Armijo Faith V. Hagan Raiff C. Arviso

Andrea L. Halliburton Paul J. Hamrick Sarah A. Hannigan Alyssa D. Hendry Austin B. Hill Kerry E. Hodgins Bryce J. Holiday Christine J. Hopkins Brian J. Huber Damon J. Hudson Christopher W. Humbard Gregory J. Husaim Layla M. Ismail Darleen H. Jackson Evan D. Jacobsen Elizabeth Jacquez Amador Maria E. Jaramillo Lacy N. Johns Michael R. Johnson Sherri M. Johnston Jennifer L. Jung Christian A. Jurado Aly A. Kassam Rong Qing Ke Logan D. Keith Natasha V. Keller Patric J. Kimbrough Trishelle Kirk Monica S. Kummer Kevin L. Kurpanek Charlotte T. Labadie Cheme T. Lama Kaitlin M. Lambert Andres F. Lazo Ngoc Le Meena Lee Wen Hsin Lee Kimberly D. Leeds Dan Li Logan H. Lippert Sunny Z. Liu Adrianne Lommasson Catharine D. Long Esperanza F. Lopez Jose N. Lopez-Guerra Justin I. Lucero Paul A. Lucero Shelbie L. Luna Cameron N. Lybrook Mariah F. Maestas Ashley K. Manley Marcus A. Mansfield Jocelyn M. Marthe Chelsea L. Martin Jarad M. Martinez Jessica N. Martinez Nicholas E. Martinez Ryan E. Martinez Mark C. Maydew Cameron Mayer Michael B. McLean Jacob W. McMillan Caitlin M. Meek Lynette C. Mendonca Mary K. Metzgar Alana S. Meyer Angela R. Montoya Candice R. Moreno Ashlee A. Morgan Monica R. Moya Jason A. Mullins Brendan T. Murphy Andrew B. Mwithi Bennett A. Myers Michael NatanauanLopez Tonia N. Navakuku Carolynn N. Nguyen Amy J. O’Hern Robert J. Olinger Barbie Anne V. Olitan Tyler E. Olivas Samantha A. Oliver Lauren S. Overstreet Isaac S. Pacheco Monica L. Padilla Marcus Panozzo Natalie M. Pena

Matthew C. Pettinger Meilin C. Pierce Leonard J. Prairie Lisa Quach Kevin W. Raisch Mino Rakotoarijaona Larissa C. Ramirez Tiffany J. Rawls Chelsea Q. Redmond Kelly R. Reeves James L. Reider Jason S. Renfro Ryan R. Rhoten Jose M. Rios James N. Robinson Bryan M. Rogers Sandra L. Romero Richard J. Romo Michaela P. Ross Stephanie D. Rowe Alexander J. Royce Eugene C. Ruiz Jazmine J. Ruiz Amber N. Rutherford Arman Z. Salehian Jacqueline Salinas James C. Sauter Carlos A. Sena Mario G. Serna Christine C. Shields Stephen A. Simms Amanda R. Simon Amanda G. Sipe Emily C. Smith Timothy Sosa Suzanne M. Soto Lindsey R. Sparks James S. Stevens John A. Stevens Leah C. Szczesiul Valerie F. Tafoya Marissa A. Tatari Shelby B. Tatz Sierra L. Taulman Benjamin D. Theune RuthAnn E. Tibbetts Carey A. Torres Sangeetha Tripuraneni Taylor J. Trodden Adam P. Trujillo Antonio D. Trujillo Michael R. Trujillo Pelatia Y. Trujillo Thomas M. Trujillo Russell E. Turner Mark R. Vargas, II Miriam N. Villegas Anthony J. Viola Justin T. Vuong Sean C. Weatherbie Kenndra L. Wells Todd A. Westrick Whitney I. White Bryan A. Wilfon Lucia M. Wilfon Charles A. Williams Alexandria Willis Colleen E. Windham August W. Wisbon Amanda L. Wittenbrink Jason E. Wolf Hendrick Yazzie Melton E. Young


School of Architecture and Planning Geraldine ForbesIsais, Dean Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

Marisol Alvarez-Torres Gordon H. Barnard Kameron J. Baumgardner Tyler A. Beecham Geraldene F. Blackgoat Jacqueline J. Bryan

Alessandro Comoli Kyle A. Dallas Samuel Escoto John P. Florez Amanda J. Forrest Aaron G. Gutierrez Aaron J. Herrera Alberto M. Jacome Humberto Lopez Madelyn N. Machac Robert L. Montgomery Nicole M. Mwei Rachel J. Nagy Michael R. Pace Luis Pinedo Shannon S. Ricketts Amanda L. Robinson Yuliya Z. Scarcell Paul C. Stockhoff Kyle J. Vandever Christopher Whyman Jessikha N. Williams

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental, Planning & Design

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

David R. Castello Lita M. Gonzales Brittney M. Holman Jaime M. Jaramillo Amy A. Jones Larry Morris, Jr Kristen R. Woods

College of Arts and Sciences Mark Peceny, Dean Bachelor of Arts

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

Africana Studies Reginald E. Johnson Samentha D. Oluyitan American Studies Beverly E. Akin Kelsy R. Dotson Mark A. Hunter Rubie G. Kinsey Arik H. Ozden Carmel T. Romero Patrick A. Sanchez Anthropology Jenny O. Bick Hannah E. Brown Israel R. Charley Emily N. Collom Marron A. Cooney Derek R. Crook Janet M. Dawald Christopher G. Firor Robin R. Gibbs Lindsay E. Gillenwater Johnny Gonzales Regina-Maria Harsh Linda Heitkamp Jamie M. Hensley Andrew M. Hopkins Michael P. Jost Evan R. Kay Halee K. Keith Laurabeth V. Kyhn Shannon D. Landry Thomas C. Langley Kristy M. Martinez Michael T. McDermott Bethany M. Nichols Conner E. O’Brien Chase H. Palmer Ashley R. Perez Alexander M. Pogzeba Ashleigh L. Reyna Rachel E. Roberts David J. Sanderson Jessica Y. Sarabia Sean M. Sherrie Jacob A. Silva Amber N. Tapper

Gregory P. Tarin Camila M. Valdez Jennifer B. Winkless-Hall Nathalia B. Ziegler Art Kerr Adams Nickolas Brown Melissa D. Martinez Elizabeth D. Offner Matthew Zuni Asian Studies Caycie M. Crepeau Katrina M. Hernandez Andrew M. Jaffer Robin A. Jones David S. Kuhr Janessa C. Landry William Pacheco Gabrielle C. Rodriguez Sean P. Wynne Biochemistry Lostah A. Johnson Anthony M. Seat Aaron C. Segura Tyler J. Sniegowski Cesar E. Soria Jimenez Jeffrey M. Trujillo Misun Yim Biology Derek C. Bronson Carlos J. Carrasco Shandiin R. DeWolfe, III Elissa P. Dixon Darcey F. Dorman Ryan S. Doyle Zachary C. Emerson Griffin L. Ernst Cristina Gomez Maura F. Hassing-Joy David J. Hernandez Natividad Hernandez-Cruz Veranda V. Hubbard Gregory C. Johnson Bennett B. King Laura M. Lorenz Matthew T. McBride Perla A. Menchaca Taylor E. Montoya Edward W. O’Brien, IV Michael K. Ogas Jacob P. Retzer Jordan S. Riley Britnie A. Soto John L. Stanley Jessica A. Stephens Megan A. Toon Mayra E. Trivizo Chemistry Analicia M. Alvarado Justin J. Aragon Elizabeth K. Armistead Jennifer R. Barrios Myrna C. Campos Brittany N. Currie Cynthia U. Emeanuwa Monika J. Henderson Samuel D. Hobbs Adrienne E. Holguin Bettina C. Jourden Paul D. Lesko Yuridia L. Leyva Hannah E. Martinez Janna L. Mitsos Hieu N. Nguyen Claudia C. Pineda Bradley E. Romero Jolena Y. Tenorio Jessica K. Trujillo Toby W. Ulery Angel I. Varela Ashley A. Villanueva Matthew M. Wetzel Classical Studies Kara L. Arterburn Makaila J. Daeschel Samantha C. Davis Julia R. Estes Camilla A. Gurule

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Jennifer B. Winkless-Hall Communication Antonia R. Aguilar Anthony Anaya-Gorman Benjamin T. Bauch Jordan A. Bodhaine Sagan D. Casburn Deion J. Clark James D. Erkenbeck Alexis M. Escandon Christopher D. Foehse Jessie L. Fox Melanie L. Giron Timothy J. Greer Rachel A. Hammer Brandon A. Harrell Kathryn M. Harrell Marie B. Henderson Adrian G. Hernandez Kelsey M. Higgins Odetha F. Hill Sylvia L. Hunt Monica L. Leyba Stephan A. Linehan Felicia M. Magyari Christina N. Mahoney Nicholas W. Marchand Daniel S. Martinez Sarah Minnich Emmanuel Negedu Leslie D. Oden Desiree Quinones-Soria Sean M. Ritchel Nicholaus D. Robles Jaclyn A. Rodriguez Laurel A. Romero Analisa Roybal Jared I. Roybal Amanda R. Salgado Cezanne I. Sanchez James R. Stackpole Ryan M. Steadman Stephen J. Trujillo Freddy K. Young

Criminology Denise Acosta Janice E. Acton Melissa L. Amador Jordan S. Burd Juliann M. Burris Michael P. Burt Travis A. Cardosa Kasey J. Carrier Kryzee-Robyn D. Carter Kristy K. Chartier Lorenzo A. Chavez Andrew J. Deakyne Kimberly A. Dorado Morgan E. Drake Mark A. Duran Stephanie S. Edison Jamal S. Fenton Guy R. Fisher, Jr Santana M. Flores Mathew L. Garcia Brittney L. Greer Joshua D. Hatfield Colin H. Herrington Sara B. Hughes Michael J. Hyland Mashal Jabarkhail Harvey J. Johnson, Jr Kaitlin A. Kesler Rachel A. Kindell Joshua J. Lovato Marissa A. Lucero Lindsay L. Lusk Donny R. Madrid Matthew R. Malan Thomas M. Maloy Lauren M. Martell Thelema M. Medrano David S. Mendoza Vincent E. Michel Diana Molina Matthew M. Montoya Matthew S. Montoya Justine P. Moquino Shannon M. Murphy

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Lobby Open 24 Hours!

University location, Thursday thru Saturday

Now serving Breakfast after midnight

buy one get one FREE

of equal or lesser value Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 05/31/13

drinks Smoothies • Frappes Iced Coffee • Latte Mocha



Page 8 / May 6-10, 2013

Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 05/31/13


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Every Day m a 1 m a OPEN 5 tral SE 2400 Cen

K L A W ON ! R E V O


GOOD MORNING SPECIAL valid only from 5 am - 11 am

Breakfast Burrito

(Egg, Cheese, Green Chile, and Hashbrowns wrapped in a fresh Flour Tortilla)

OPEN 5am - 1am Every Day 2400 Central SE

For only


Reg. $4.69

HAMBURGER (Tomato, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce and Salad Dressing)

! T I Y TR OPEN 5am - 1am Every Day 2400 Central SE

with a regular

For only


Reg. $4.90

2 CRUNCHY TACOS (Chicken, Beef, or Carne Adovada with Cheese, Lettuce, & Tomato)

OPEN 5am - 1am 2400 Central SE

with a regular OPEN 5am - 1am Every Day 2400 Central SE

For only


Reg. $5.95

Save $1.79 Frontier Coupon One coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 05/10/13

Save $1.55 Frontier Coupon One coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 05/10/13

Save $1.45 Frontier Coupon One coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 05/10/13

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Buy one entrée at regular price and get second entrée of equal or lesser value for only


Purchase of two beverages required. Not valid with any other offers or coupons. Limit one coupon per “CHECK” Expires 05/31/13 9800 Menaul Blvd. NE 505-292-8877

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May 6-10, 2013/ Page 11

housing guide

Page 12 / May 6-10, 2013

New Mexico Daily Lobo





DORM LIVING TOO HIGH? Come and visit Cinnamon Tree— we have the lowest student rates in town. % ng 3 s! i r e ff nt CINNAMON now o t discou en TREE stud


APARTMENTS apply online at

Daily Lobo Housing Guide Map

1. Cinnamon Tree 2. Kachina Properties 3. Kachina Properties 4. Lobo Village 5. Rental Information 6. Sandia Properties


255-7511 7220 CENTRAL SE

7. University Village 8. UNM Residential Life and Student Housing 9. Wellington Place Apartments


4 7












housing guide

New Mexico Daily Lobo


Apartments UNM NORTH CAMPUS - 1BDRM, starting at $510/mo. Clean and quiet. No pets. 1505 Girard NE. Move in special! 573-7839. UNM/CNM

STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate consultant: 243-2229. STUDIOS, 1 BLK UNM, $465/ free utili-

ties. 246-2038. Ask Lobo free month special as well as summer lease programs. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 843-9642. Open 7 days/week. BLOCK TO UNM, large, clean 1BDRM. Startin at at $595/mo includes utilities no pets. Move in special. 268-0525/2552685 ON THE EDGE... of downtown 802 Gold

Ave SW. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. 1BDRM. Across from Silver Ave. Flying Star and Robinson Park. Gated, safe, courtyard, laundry, off street parking. $615/mo with $200dd. Please call Greg at 305-975-0908. 2 BLOCKS FROM studio. $450/mo + 5497.

UNM. Remodeled electric. 505-670-

1700 COAL SE. 2BDRM, wood floors,

W/D, $705/mo +utilities, pets please. 453-9745.




and Nob Hill! $99 Student Move-in Special! Pets allowed. Laundry on-site. Large pool and grass areas perfect for laying in the sun while studying. Call us at 505-266-3118! LIGHT AND BRIGHT. 1.5 miles from UNM. 1BDRM apartment, 710sqft, $410/mo. Also, 2BDRM apartment, 910sqft, $510/mo.Half month free, after 6 months. Coin Laundry. Off-street parking. No pets. 345-2000.


Rooms For Rent

$450/mo. 9 min bus to UNM, 17 min bike. Clean, Quiet. NS/ND. LGBTQ & International ok. 459-2071. QUIET MALE STUDENT only. Large furnished basement room. Share kitchen, BA. $390/mo, includes utilities, wifi. 5/17/13. 243-0553.

 

NEAR UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM, 1BA like

new. Quiet area, on-site manager, storage, laundry, parking. Pets ok, no dogs. 137 Manzano St NE, $680/mo. 505-6102050. Girard SE. 246-2038 Ask Lobo special!

 





1BDRM, $600/mo, utilities included. 2 blocks to UNM, no pets. Move in Special. 262-0433.

Unique • hardwood floors • fireplaces • courtyards • fenced yards • houses • cottages • efficiencies • studios • 1 and 2 and 3 bedrooms • garages.

Month to month option.

843-9642. 5

Open 7 days/ week.



  

KACHINA PROPERTIES Affordable, free utilities, walk to UNM

WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments!

1 CG and parking space for rent in Rancho Mirage Condominium complex. Rent is $1100/mo. Call 505-238-6395 or 505417-0668 if interested. Rent negotiable.


May 6-10, 2013/ Page 13

studios $465 2 bdrms $765





Looking to buy or sell your home? Call me, I make real estate dreams happen!!!

2.2 miles to UNM, close to Rapid Ride, convenient freeway access, quiet community w/ pool, covered parking & on-site laundry

5700 Copper NE See ads in Housing Guide classifieds!

Sarah Romero

1-Bedroom studios $510 1-Bedrooms $530 2-Bedroom Lofts $795


2 3

Ask our Hoabout us Guide ing specia ls!



Keller Williams Realty Cell: 505*681*7796 Office: 505*271*8200 Fax: 505*271*8217




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Zachary I. Gould Marina E. Herrera Brandon Johnson Amy M. Locke Susan M. Muraida Gannon R. Nyquist Davin A. Poulin Ivy K. Reyes Maura R. Ronquillo Melissa T. Saenz Edith M. Sanchez Ryan D. Smith Jaen Emanuel Ugalde Martin Ulloa Andrea H. Zier Speech & Hearing Sciences Jennifer L. Amos Danielle K. Bailey Amanda M. Benavidez Eva M. Blakely Tara L. Bunch Rosanne M. Candelaria Sabrina K. Contla Sean G. Erickson Catherine B. Gallegos Angela M. Grace Hannah C. Hughes Diondra A. Maestas Trinidad M. Maez, II Lindsay M. Mansfield Elizabeth A. Martinez Jennifer K. Romero Deeana L. Sanchez Marin D. Schweigert Eleanor C. Tibbetts Women Studies Erin E. Carpenter Vanessa E. Garcia Johanna E. Hilton Armando Moreno

Alexandra N. Gilmore Brian M. Giron David M. Goodrich Qamar M. Hadi Essence D. Hand Ashlea S. Hannamann Angela R. Harrell Rachel A. Hartert Julie N. Hawk Briana L. Henderson Njeri M. Henderson Eun H. Heo Lindsay M. Herrington Katelyn M. Higgins Brittany L. Hollowell Nicholas T. Homziak Travis S. Houston Timothy A. Huerena Aaron A. Hurd Nassim A. Ijadi Stephanie T. Insixiengmai Donavan J. Jackson Melissa M. Jarvis Natalie R. Jenks Teryn J. Jensen Rachel A. Jones Lucia V. Katz Ryan J. Kelly Khalil M. Khweis Samantha L. Kraft Caillie Lawrie Jimmy T. Le Fernando Leanos, Jr Emily N. LeBus Kaitlin A. Leddy Yitong A. Liu Michael H. Louie Andrew J. Lujan Daniel A. Lujan Cameron D. Macinnis Jose M. Madrid Patricia M. Malouff Caleb J. Mangum Jeffery Manuelito Amelia I. Martinez Derek Martinez Noelle G. Martinez Joshua B. Mayer Bryan R. McCormick Myranda A. McGowan Aubrey D. Meissnest Jorge Melchor Pablita V. Mendez Monique R. Miscusi Diana V. Misquez Rachel E. Mnuk Heather L. Mobbley Arjun G. Modi Daniel R. Moezzi Andrea I. Nanez Alissa C. Nelson Tilly T. Ngo Hieu N. Nguyen Huyen P. Nguyen Chinyere A. Nnaji Brian F. Nowlen Michelle E. Nuanez Sarah L. Olguin Lindsay M. Ortiz Alejandra S. Padilla Kyle D. Phan Erika L. Pohl Morgan W. Porch Silas M. Porter Morgan E. Pruitt Kimberly D. Quam Erica D. Quinn Alexander K. Quinones Desiree Quinones-Soria Patrick W. Quintana Maria P. Ramirez Hamidreza Ranjbaran James J. Reeves Luis P. Roldan Raul R. Romero Amanda J. Rouse Sarah C. Rowe Safia Safi Agustin M. Salcido

Desiree A. Sanchez Michelle A. Sandine Gerald H. Sandoval Emily R. Schmeltzer Elizabeth N. Scripsick Robert T. Sedam Aaron C. Segura Angela M. Shaw Micah E. Shaw Jared D. Shepard Elliot S. Shiver Liberty G. Sieberg Pablo F. Sisneros Megan S. Sofka Kelsey T. Steele Rosemary K. Steinberg Wenonah A. Stevens Ann M. Stevenson Elizabeth T. Stone Thomas L. Suazo Ashley H. Talbot Phoenix P. Tantum Susan J. Thomson Noelle J. Torrez Robert L. Trujillo Adrienne R. Vigil Bianca C. Weber Jacqueline S. Welty Matthew M. Wetzel Gavin B. Wilson Nicholas R. Wilson Dusty L. Winclechter Kandis L. Wright Kristin L. Wright Chemistry Madeline T. Barker Robert A. Chandley, Jr Graham ChouteauLathrop Zachary Graham Kira E. Hughes Hans P. Jueng Karissa I. Kiesow Dannelle J. Marianito Lawrence A. Martinez Alice I. Martinic Ranalda L. Tsosie Joseph A. Villanueva Alexander J. Vold Keith D. Wilkins Earth & Planetary Sciences Rachel G. Barnett Lucas J. Barrett Cody W. Bodman Steven L. Candelaria Matthew T. Kidd Jonathan A. Lewis Melanie M. Locke Anne E. Marken Jade E. McLaughlin Dylan H. Rose-Coss Patricia L. Slim Jesse E. Sprague Nicole Thomas Peter P. Woodfin Environmental Science Nathanael Faust-Shucker Tori C. Jackson Alexander J. Maccini Lydia E. Martinez Kevin J. McKeage Chelsea S. Reale Nikki R. Tulley Tyler R. Van Riper Kirk M. Westfall Derek J. Wilder Matthew D. Wilder Zaneta J. Wyne Geography Jessica Camacho Daniel W. Chelist Amanda K. Garcia Erinn E. Manning Phillip Norero Isaac W. Peifer Rachelle Silver-Tagaban

Michael W. Simmons Joseph M. Varoz Anthony J. Weakland Mathematics Delia Yadira Acosta Gabriel E. Arrillaga Carlos K. Atencio David P. Bass Shannon C. Cartee Krista S. Conley Joseph R. DeAguero, Jr Timothy B. Dukes Joseph E. Edwards, VIII Sean R. Hart Robert J. Hawkins Roseanna C. Helms Andrew W. Herring Jian Feng Huang Yuridia L. Leyva Melanie A. Nixon Audrey M. Padilla Wilmer S. Rios Aguilar Erik R. Rutford Anastassiya Semenova Cynthia L. Stock James I. Stoddard, Jr Garriden A. Townsend Paul D. Truman Reed Young Physics Miles A. Bodmer Matthew A. Cordova Kenneth J. Keintz Brandon T. Middleton Evan A. Ottesen Psychology Ivanivaldo Alvarez-Olivas Rocio Badachi Natasha S. Beachum Courtney R. Bell Ioan B. Belovarski James B. Bishop Savanah M. Burnett Jason M. Bush Cassily J. Cobos Elaine M. Compton Julia A. Cook Charles J. Corder Emma N. Crane Richard J. Dolan Cristina E. Dorn Ashley M. Dorneden Caitlin M. Dralle Alfred J. Duchaussee Andrea L. Fishback Jacqueline Galindo Amy L. Gallagher Joseph J. Gallegos Joshua A. Gamez David Gleghorn Cristina Gomez Nadeem R. Haji Michelle L. Harlow Tess A. Hendel-Doying Melanie Z. John Nang K. Kam Elizabeth D. Kerr Alex M. Kuzarov Craig D. Larsen Lindsey R. Leary Paul D. Lesko Lenee S. Lewis John Luna Rahnae C. Magallanez Javier E. Manriquez Breanna L. Marcum Ronnie R. Marquez Lauren M. Martell Katherine L. Martin Jennifer R. Mason Sarah B. Matte Amber S. Menke Tyler M. Mound Christopher J. Nelson Kenneth S. Ogan Jeanice F. Pasqual Nattida Payaknait Neema K. Pickette Amanda L. Rainwater

what’s happening on campus today...?


DAILY LOBO new mexico

Jared M. West Adam D. Wester Sandra K. Whipple Amanda R. White Tessa D. Whitlow Kevin G. Wieland Paula K. Williams Glorijana Wolfgang Zjani K. Wynne Dwight S. Zier Religious Studies Jennifer L. Conn Iris B. Grooms Brian P. Love Sara J. Rhodes Russian Yuliya A. Sofronova Sociology Julia H. Anderson Diana M. Armijo Kayla A. Avalos Sheena L. Begay Anitra B. Butler Janet Creelman Solomon A. Dalton Trevor E. Dawson Luz H. Escobar Victorya J. Fernandez Coral A. Flores Khadijah A. Fox Ian B. Greenfield Catlin M. Herrera Vanessa L. Hickman Christopher D. Jaramillo Chanin M. Kelly Samuel H. Lauer Travis F. Lilley Stephanie M. Lucas Texanna L. Martin Erin A. O’Riley Silvina Pena Jason Pettell Wendy J. Stein Elena M. Tapia Mark P. Zamora Spanish Kirsten V. Butler Elizabeth Coronel

New Mexico Daily Lobo

new mexico


Page 14 / May 6-10, 2013

Check our

e f i L o b o L mpus Caendar l a C vents E f o the most comprehensive calendar for campus events


New Mexico Daily Lobo Patrick A. Ramirez Jordan S. Riley Kory J. Robertson Daniella C. Rodarte Felicia L. Sam Jessica K. Stanton Lara K. Strong Shane M. Sullivan Thomas J. Sutton Daniel R. Torres Naomi L. Tucker Brogan L. Turner Joseph Valdez Nikkole M. Vega Amanda E. Veracka Troy S. Weeldreyer Ashley R. Wegele Savannah L. Woodward Marisa B. Wootton Signed Language Interpreting Chaya W. Barham Errol E. Bennett, Jr Carolyn M. Boykins Jessica R. Esquibel Rachael Mesillas Rachael M. Northcutt Jessica A. Ortega Dana I. Redfield Efrain E. Rodriguez Abdiel C. Sanchez Ian C. Smith Sarah E. Spears Statistics Audrey L. Altwies Mark D. Engi Katherine E. Freeland Triston W. Mosbacher Verity E. Robert College of Education Richard Howell, Dean Bachelor of Arts in Education Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

Art Education Sara J. Carrillo Catherine M. Kuzniar Marlena R. Livingston Toby T. Seigfried Secondary Education Miranda R. Apodaca Jessica L. Archuleta Anthony T. Beach Ariel Bustos Elizabeth J. Butler Tiffany L. Carpenter Lynn Carreon Jakob E. Carrica Jacqueline M. Casady Eileen D. DeMello Justin P. Doss Lia M. Driscoll James Dee R. Finical Alia D. George Adrian S. Gutierrez Courtney M. Jensen Kir A. Kipness Donna Kolody Angel T. Lopez, II Victoria M. Mancha Marissa M. Marsh Andrea M. Overton Kyle A. Pittman Mark Ramirez Eric C. Rearden Janet G. Salazar Kahlil M. Simpson Nathaniel J. Temkin Sara I. Torrez Samantha Vollmar Jacqueline D. Wright Anastasia M. Young Bachelor of Science Candidates for Degree,

Spring 2013

Athletic Training Shandiin C. Copeland Jeffrey Davis, Jr Adam C. Eberhart Daniel J. Paz-Rudolph Victoria M. Reyes Nathan J. Vigil Early Childhood Multicultural Education Maureen Brunet Lecomte Honey D. Chavez Cinzia A. Chiado Crystal D. Davis Anadine A. Leon Rebekah E. Lusko Valerie L. Miller Cathy M. Ott Angel M. Padilla Nia A. Sena Christa M. Smith Kaitlin A. Wood Exercise Science Andrew J. Abeita Desiree L. Baca Talia A. Bartolotta Courtney L. Cook Cristina T. Cuadros Adrianna L. Delgado Ariel H. Esquibel Emily C. Fetner Brent D. Gillespie Megan E. Gugerty Derek J. Halladay Jaiden D. Humbles Thao N. Huynh Alyssa K. Keill Kayla R. Lopez Brandy Martinez Raul E. Martinez Jamie L. Mathis Thomas N. Mayfield Jennifer N. Mower Andruw J. Nez Linh J. Nguyen Jacqueline A. Reed Jamie A. Robison Blake A. Sahd Jenna E. Sessions Jesse E. Swann Ernest M. Toseland, III Shasity S. Tsosie Paula M. Walker Samuel N. Wells Shawna M. Winnegar Family Studies Deysi Coria Meagan E. Glen Sarah A. Hanrahan Dana M. Howarth Alicia D. Jaramillo Ashley E. Laganowsky Shardae B. Ledouix Cody A. McBride Alanna V. Paul Monica A. Sandoval Jennifer L. Slopek Malerie C. Tso Marlinda M. Valdez Andrew K. Yazzie Human Development & Family Relations Jade L. Martinez Nutrition /Dietetics Leslie J. Archuleta Bailee Browne Lillian M. Carl Grace S. Clark Renee L. Conklin Adam J. Cornejo Dominique R. Degregorio Ashley A. Elkin Melissa D. Hammond Nichole M. Huber Janna D. Key Lawrence S. McCracken

Elizabeth M. Smoake Frances E. Stuart Mary E. Thomas Marisol F. Trujillo Desiree R. Valencia Ashley K. Vaughan Bachelor of Science Madison J. Wren Felisha L. Yazzie in Education Candidates for Degree, Sharon K. Yocum Spring 2013 Kathleen E. Zamora Elementary Health Education Education Lindsey A. Ader Patty A. Albo Katelyn J. Burd Vanessa Alink Micah B. Clark Samantha Archuleta Erin A. Gansz Milo D. Arzate Celena J. McCray Joelle Blais Amanda M. Overman Rochelle N. Blondin Gabriela V. Portillo Alyssa A. Bodewaldt Katherine M. Ray Julia R. Burrola Carly M. Saiz Alma L. Castillo Joyce A. Sandoval Viridiana Cisneros Michelle A. Wong Hayden K. Cohenour Darren Yazzie Jenifer J. Dry Brian T. Zych Penny D. Elkins Physical Education Megan L. Elliott Felicia M. Apodaca Thalia Fernandez Richard Casaus Andrea L. Fierro Secondary Education Andrea Fonseca Moses T. Baca Chaushie F. Forster David J. Flores Jayme L. Fredricks Lisa Orton Leticia Gallardo Ruth I. Ramirez Krystian C. Grace Juanita D. Silva Lauren P. Gracey Ashley K. Trujillo Sara A. Grover Simone M. Vann Brandi L. Gurley Special Education Sandra K. Gutierrez Janis L. Bodley Micah L. Hammer Matthew M. Buchanan Anna V. Herrera Chelsea B. Chairion Graciela A. Herrera Melissa R. Chavez Tyson L. Houston Nora P. Conejo LynnEtte Huddleston Megan B. Costello Kristina M. Kennedy Rachel M. Del Toro Maria E. King James A. Field Kendal M. Kohler Charity R. Fritts Loretta A. Lawson Jennifer M. Geier Jenifer A. Linville Christine Habersham Lia C. Loftis Jamie L. Hantzopoulos Lynn M. Lopez Kaity A. Ingram Hannah E. Low Christian E. Johnson Sonia A. Loya-Giron Kelcee J. Johnson Grace M. Lueras Jordan M. Lopez Sofia Maldonado-Tula Jessica M. Lujan-Dresslar Martina P. Martin James E. Montgomery Meredith E. Martin Cassandra N. Montoya Samantha Y. Martinez Anna M. Neel Sheena R. Meech Jacqueline Nunez Jessica L. Mohr Erin E. O’Shea Amberly P. Montoya Eric D. Painter Trevor D. Morris Nancy Rabelo Marissa Munoz Dianna M. Ritter Anissa J. Myron Kaytalyn J. Sautter Sara N. Nogan Monique Y. Sepulveda Raquel M. Padilla Brittany M. Shephard Linda L. Peirce Steven J. Siciliano Mary E. Proue Emily S. Stark Justine R. Rader Michelle L. Starnes Kara R. Rael Guadalupe Telles Stephanie D. Rael Emily N. Welch Daniel A. Reinhard Darlene L. Rivera-Carlos Crystal N. Wilcoxen Shannon M. Zimmer Melissa N. Romero School of Rachel T. Roybal Engineering Jordan P. Ruddell Gruia-Catalin Roman, Kelsey A. Sanchez Raechante D. Sandoval Dean Courtney J. Schwartz Bachelor of Science Ashley R. Serda in Chemical Kelly R. Shaggy Engineering Candidates for Degree, Gabrielle A. Smith Jaclyn N. McNeese Hayley D. Murphy Lacey K. Oeding Karli Schwartz Brad A. Shelton Kara J. VanGroningen

Spring 2013

Amanda E. Anderson Marissa R. Anderson Hani N. Barghout Daniel T. Birdsell Zachariah R. Harris Trevin B. Heisey Sasha M. Hollingsworth Edward C. Jameson Aaron R. Jenkins Kushal Karki Tye D. Martin Ruben MartinezBarrientos Monica A. Padilla Manish Paudel

May 6-10, 2013/ Page 15

Bachelor of Science Kassuen T. Wodajo Ramsey Rashid Patricia I. Tafoya in Computer Bachelor of Science Christopher J. Reisinger Bachelor of Science Engineering in Computer Science Ben F. Russell in Electrical Candidates for Degree, Candidates for Degree, Candidates for Degree, April N. Suknot Engineering Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Spring 2013 Candidates for Degree, Bachelor of Science Thomas E. Bauer Spring 2013 Kwasi Addaemensah Jeremy R. Bernstein in Construction Timothy W. Boyer Sadhvikas J. Addamane Melinna L. Boyd Joseph M. Collard Management Aaron J. Caldwell April S. Eckhardt Kavitha Dodda Candidates for Degree, Jorge Apodaca Mitchell H. Castillo Spring 2013 Cameron J. Herrington Zachary S. Cleveland Thomas D. Gonzales Omar D. Delgadillo Eric K. Cooper Deirdre M. Dolan James E. Lopez Justin N. Hertel Yadira Jacquez Christopher F. De La Cruz Carolyn M. Gutierrez Catherine L. Lucero Brady R. Key Dennis M. Magee, Jr. Erfan Hakimian Natalie V. Kutchera David J. Noah Brian J. Kraus Reymundo J. Rael Daniel J. Herrera Justin M. Mitchell Vincent S. Perea Mark S. Montoya Stephen A. Sanchez Andrew M. Jones Noel J. Nevarez Matthew K. Raymer Toby W. Ngo Jonathan H. Saylor Camron G. Kouhestani James M. Rich Naomi R. Waterman Lucas L. Nunno Phillip J. Shaw Benito C. Lopez Nicholas P. Rivera Stephen T. Patel

Denise Pinon

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

NM Daily Lobo

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The list of upcoming Lobo athletic events is published every week in the Daily Lobo.

Upcoming Athletic Events Baseball


Fri-Sun 05/10-05/12 @ Fresno State Thurs-Sat 05/16-05/18 @ San Diego State Wed-Sun 05/22-05/26 @ Mountain West Conference Tournament in Fresno, Calif.

Thurs 05/09 vs. Colorado State 6pm Fri 05/10 vs. Colorado State 6pm Sat 05/11 vs. Colorado State 1pm UNM Softball Complex

Women’s Golf

Wed-Sat 05/08-05/11 @ Mountain West Outdoor Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. Thurs-Sat 05/23-05/25 @ NCAA First-Round Qualifying Meed in Austin, Tex. Wed-Sat 06/05-06/08 @ NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oreg.

Thurs-Sat 05/09-05/11 @ NCAA West Regional in Stanford, Calif. Tues-Fri 05/21-05/24 @ NCAA Championships in Athens, Georg.

Track & Field

GOOOOOO LOBOS! To advertise in this special section, call 277-5656!

HAPS Listings


Imbibe Happy Hour ALL NIGHT!! $2 Draft, $3 Well, $4 Wine & $5 Martinis


Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm 505-293-3270

Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time!



the haps

Page 16 / May 6-10, 2013

Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE Burger Special 11am-4pm $5.99 HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more KIDS EAT FREE with purchase of adult meal (10and under) Hours: 11am-9pm 505-293-1753 The Library Bar & Grill Happy Hour 4pm-7pm $3.50 U-Call-Its Half Priced Appetizers $2 Tacos DJ Official spinning 10pm-2am

New Mexico Daily Lobo Sunshine Theater *Made in America feat. Big Gigantic* *Two Fresh* Doors @ 7pm Starts @ 8pm

Tuesday Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time! Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm 505-293-3270

Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-7pm: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features)

Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE Burger Special 11am-4pm $5.99 HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more KIDS EAT FREE with purchase of adult meal (10and under) Hours: 11am-9pm 505-293-1753 Imbibe College Night with $1 Pabst & $1 Fish Tacos DJ Twisted Audio 9pm

The Library Bar & Grill Drink Specials all Night Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-7pm: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features)

Dirty Bourbon Bob Farrell No Cover


Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

Korean BBQ/ Sushi Sake Open 11:30-2:30, 5-9:30

An all day outdoor party with 40,000lbs of tomatoes flying through the air in one giant tomato fight!!

On UNM campus May 25th


6 hours for only $60!

Throw tomatoes and benefit the MS Society!


Like us on Facebook for a 42% discount









$19.99 750ML


$39.99 750ML


$12.99 12PK


$15.99 1.75L


$39.99 750ML


$12.99 12PK



$15.99 1.75L


$12.99 12PK


$12.99 12PK


$11.99 12PK


$11.99 12PK








$11.99 COORS LT


16OZ 12PK



16OZ 12PK


$2.00 PINTS on selected beers & more

WEEKDAY BURGER SPECIAL 11AM-4PM • $5.99 MON & TUE KIDS EAT FREE (under 10 with purchase of adult meal) RIB EYE 12OZ -$12.99 WED & THU POT ROAST - $9.99 CHICKEN FRIED STEAK - $9.99


10% OFF Full Cases of Wine or Spirits



(505) 293-3270 • (505) 296-7815 HOURS • MON-SAT 9AM-10PM SUN 12PM-8PM



PACKAGE STORE: (505) 293-1753



the haps

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Sunshine Theater *Suicidal Tendencies* *Sick of it All* *Wake the Dead* *Stabbed in Back* Doors @ 7pm Starts @ 8pm $22

Dirty Bourbon Chad Freeman Cover $2

Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-1pm: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features) DJ Kamo on the Patio 9:30pm-Close Kareokee: 9:30pm-1:30am with $1 off Absolute & Absolute Flavors Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm 505-293-3270 Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE Burger Special 11am-4pm $5.99 HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more Hours: 11am-9pm 505-293-1753

Thursday Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time! Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm 505-293-3270

Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more Hours: 11am-Midnight 505-293-1753

Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE Burger Special 11am-4pm $5.99 HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more Hours: 11am-Midnight 505-293-1753

Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm; 505-293-3270

Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

Imbibe Happy Hour All Night!! $2 Draft, $3 Well, $4 Wine & $5 Martinis

The Library Bar & Grill Salsa Night with DJ Quico - 9pm The Best Salsa Night in Town! Free Salsa Lessons

Kelly Liquor FREE Isotopes tickets with purchase of $20 or more 2270 Wyoming NE Hours: 9am-10pm 505-293-3270

Dirty Bourbon Dru Blake $5

Quarters 4516 Wyoming NE Burger Special 11am-4pm $5.99 HAPPY HOUR 4-7pm $2 pints on selected beers & more Hours: 11am-9pm 505-293-1753

The Library Bar & Grill Thursday Ladies Night 8pm-2am Feat. the Infamous booty shake Ca$h Prizes $2.50 Corona and Landshark $3 Jose Cuervo Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-7: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features) Bar Olympics: Beer Pong, Quarters, and more with $3 Coors Light Bottles, $3 Pints & $5 Liters. Patio Party 9pm to close: $5 Pucker Vodka Shots and $6 Bombers.


Imbibe Happy Hour Till 7pm $2 Draft, $3 Well, $4 Wine &$5 Martinis DJ Malick 10pm

Outpost Performance Space Jason Moran & the Bandwagon 7:30 pm Downbeat Magazine Critic Poll’s Jazz Artist and Pianist of the Year

Outpost Performance Space Chuy Martinez & Oti Ruiz 7:30 pm An evening of songs from Latin America





Imbibe College Night $1 Pabst $1 Fish Tacos DJ Malick 9pm

Dirty Bourbon Phil Hamilton along with Dru Blake $5







Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-10

$2.50 Coronas $2.50 Landsharks $3 Cuervo

feat. the

The Library Bar & Grill Extended Happy Hour 3pm-8pm $3.50 U-Call-Its Half Priced Appetizers DJ Justincredible spinning 10pm-2am! Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-7: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features) Patio Party 9pm to close: $5 Pucker Vodka Shots $6 Bombers. Spotlight Specials: $4 off Smirnoff Flavors 10pm-Close

Saturday SouthWest Book Fiesta May 11 9am-6pm @ Albuquerque Convention Center Free Parking in Convention Center Deck Ticket info @ southwestbookfiesta. com Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time! Blackwater Music Venue Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close! DJ LB & CMC 505 Present With Quwali, Dylan, Notion, D-Sik. Huling, Kris, Ishiah Fuller 8pm Doors, $8


Downbeat Magazine Critic Poll’s Jazz Artist and Pianist of the Year


Dirty Bourbon Dru Blake $5

Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-10

SouthWest Book Fiesta May 10 9am-6pm @ Albuquerque Convention Center Free Parking in Convention Center Deck Ticket info @ southwestbookfiesta. com Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time!

Imbibe Happy Hour Till 7pm $2 Draft, $3 Well, $4 Wine &$5 Martinis DJ Rotation 10pm

Blackwater Music Venue Blackwater Music and Luche Cabra Luche Cabra, presents a tribute to DIO: Back to the 80’s and beyond, Cancer fund. 8pm Doors, $10


An evening of songs from Latin America

ROUST THE HOUSE TEEN PERFORMACE NIGHT Featuring the Menaul School Big Band & More!

ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM | 2000 MOUNTAIN RD. NW No student rush tickets available for this event.


Cash Bar and Silent Auction, 6pm Dinner Catered by Slate Street Café, 8pm Concert TICKETS & INFO: 268-0044; OUTPOSTSPACE.ORG


Tomato Assault UNM on May 25th 45% deal on tickets on facebook! Come support the fight against Multiple Sclrosis while having a great time!

May 6-10, 2013/ Page 17

INFAMOUkSe Booty Sha Contest

Ca$h Prizes!

Page 18 / May 6-10, 2013 Jefford M. Herndon Jackelyn B. Hicks Oisin M. Hughes James L. Janda Gregory H. Klein College of Fine Arts Max A. Lupowitz Emily M. Manolescu Kymberly Pinder, Elijah S. Marquez Dean Megan E. Mcafee Erskin Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Candidates for Degree, Adam S. Page Brandon L. Pattison in Mechanical Spring 2013 William R. Payne Engineering Art History Candidates for Degree, Stella M. Perry Stephanie A. Becker Spring 2013 Brandon M. Psomas Alicia M. Bertram Matthew A. Baca Brianne J. Reece Blas O. Bruce Rolando T. Benally Corrine V. Rey Hannah K. Burr Scott R. Bodette Grant T. Roberts William R. Dolson Cody R. Bond Casiano A. Salazar Thea H. Heilbron Christina M. Brown Kate E. Schneier Jennifer J. Ivey Michael J. Carrillo Jeremy D. Shattuck Alexandria M. Lessard Tsungwei J. Chang Justin L. Shipler Eleanor M. Raymond Danielle M. Cotugno David R. Sickles, Jr Brenda L. Stephens Mark D. Ehrhart Courtney J. Sunderland Art Studio Kevin M. Esfahani Patricia Valderrama Luis A. Acoltzi Cruz Weston R. Faber Jesus Valdez Diane M. Anderson Jacob C. Fackelman Nancy M. Velasquez Kaela A. DeBroeck Michaela G. Farr Music Nancy Diodati-Miller Robert D. Habbit, III Tonja R. Brandt Staci A. Drangmeister Dustin R. Hardy Marion A. Call Lizeth Gomez Evan S. Harris Lindsey A. Kemsley Alexander E. Long Andrew W. Hegge Yitong A. Liu Gabrielle E. Lopez David F. Hulem Chris D. Livingston Andrew K. Schendel Ian P. Hulse Amanda C. Pratt Michelle M. Sharp Bryan E. Kaiser Theatre Rowdy Soleil Kyle K. Kaniho Kyle C. Bible Alex M. Wong Jon-Claude Leger Ashley M. Brown Matthew L. Worden Kenton D. Losinski Katherine L. Dedman Amanda J. Luketa-Hanlin Mackenzie P. Yates Stephanie N. Grilo Dance Gary R. Macias Tabatha B. Hansen Ana M. Arechiga Rebecca L. Maes Jamie Leblanc Gonzalez Steven A. Martinez Carly S. Moses Sonia C. Bologa Robert J. Mata Kevin U. O’Boyle Katherine E. Freeland Jesse W. Nord Ericka T. Olvera Luz V. Guillen Curtis A. Norman Alexandra A. Pina-Ceja Avalon W. Jay Michael J. Parrish Starnes F. Reveley Jonathan A. Pinsonneault Ashley C. Quintana James S. Salazar Design for Devin S. Plagge Esmeralda R. Sanchez Performance Howard A. Rennis Rachael L. Shapiro John P. Aspholm Juan C. Rodriguez Nate R. Steinberg Amy E. Bourque Ross J. Savedra Francesca J. Tharpe James J. Burkhard Christopher J. Sharp Ashley C. Weingardt Michael E. Hidalgo James M. Steward Sasha F. Young Lydia B. Lopez Nicholas S. Warin Bachelor of Arts Shane E. Nahmabin Kirby A. Witte in Fine Arts Amaris S. Puzak Bachelor of Science Candidates for Degree, Sarah L. Wyman in Nuclear Spring 2013 Media Arts Engineering Art History Candidates for Degree, James M. Baldwin Rachel A. Hessheimer Spring 2013 Chris J. Bowers Jennifer L. Michael Andrew J. Brink David Camarena Casandra C. Sandoval Denise A. Haskins Michele F. Cruz Art Studio Colin J. Josey Elizabeth Dombek Jessica S. Hudson Philip L. Lafreniere Taylor R. Grabowsky Jennifer L. Johnson Nathan P. Layman Aaron S. Gunning Elizabeth A. Lucero Mitchell C. Malone Matt D. McCullough Matthew L. Montoya Carlos P. Ortiz Y Pino Wilmer S. Rios Aguilar Larry L. Schweizer Benjamin R. Stromberg Adam K. Summers Davie R. Torres

Minh H. Ngo Kayla C. Nowlen Mario I. Ortega Montgomery T. Streeter Jedediah D. Styron

The Library Bar & Grill Open 11am for lunch! DJ Justincredible spinning 10pm-2am! Maloney’s Happy Hour 3-7pm: $1 off drinks (except bottled beer and features) Patio Party 9pm to close: $5 Pucker Vodka Shots $6 Bombers DJ Kamo on the Patio 9:30pm-Close with Smirnoff Spotlight Specials Spotlight Specials: $4 off Smirnoff Flavors 10pm-Close

Rebecca M. Redondo Erin K. Rhodes Louie Va Jacy R. Watley


Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidates for Degree, Spring 2013

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May 6-10, 2013/ Page 19

Patients use art for healing Past year in theater deserves applause theater review

by Nicole Perez

by Graham Gentz

Good Luck on Finals!

Albuquerque teems with theater, and this year has been no different. Every weekend there are two, three or even four shows performed around the area. There’s been more good theater than bad overall, and most of the bad was just a little off — not the cause of mental Ebola. UNM’s Theatre and Dance Department, as an educational institution, doesn’t always meet the standard of the community theater surrounding it, but that was not the case this year. The all-female cast of “Metamorphoses” was truly laudable between September and October. The Greek myths were fresh and funny, and creative choices and designs overflowed from the project. Then the Vortex Theatre managed to produce the best version of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” I’ve ever seen, though it’s a play I’ve seen performed as many times as I’ve attended “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I had nearly given up on the play for being too safe and stale, but the Vortex demonstrated a sharp and vivid levity for the gender-swapping extravaganza. The best performance of the year, by far, came from Las Meganenas, a Latina-centered performance troupe with a socially conscious side. The troupe performed “Río de Lágrimas (River of Tears)” last summer at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The piece was stellar, addressing the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez while throwing in a little La Llorona for good measure. We even

got a Coronita at one point. The poetry of the piece was beautiful, the costumes visually fascinating, and the message completely conveyed. The best aspect of all was having each audience member select a stone with a name inscribed on it as they entered, leaving the audience to fidget and wonder over its purpose. During the performance, the performers told the audience that each name was that of a disappeared woman. They then asked for them to bring the stones to the front and place them on the stage. Sobering and noticeable, the exercise added literal weight to each name and tragedy. The idea was simple and brilliant. Tricklock Theatre Company moved to a new space Downtown next to The Box for their international festival “Revolutions,” which showcased pieces from Poland, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. Blackout Theatre went viral with their video “Shit Burqueños Say,” which ended up with more than 700,000 views. Not quite a Keyboard Cat doing Gangnam Style, but certainly enough to count as “Internet Famous.” I, myself, did a two-person Arthur Miller show that no one really saw, but we enjoyed doing it regardless. Although you tend to get more feedback from a negative review, I find I remember the beautiful plays more than the terrible ones. Those are sometimes more fun to write about. Positive emotions seem to have a longer shelf life, even if there’s less potential for acerbic silliness.

Masks decorated with feathers, sequins and pompoms hung from the walls of the Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy on Saturday, but one mask stood out from the rest. It was half black, half gold, with carefully painted stitches and scars running along the forehead. “This teenager had kidney failure, and he’s on dialysis three or four hours every day,” said Reina Baron, child development specialist at UNMH. “Somebody asked him, ‘What does this (mask) mean?’ He said, ‘It’s half black because I’m half dead.’ He felt like because he was there, he wasn’t really living a full life.” Hundreds of child patients at UNMH painted masks between January and April, and some of them donated the masks to “Faces of Courage,” an art show hosted by the Child Life Program. The participating children were sick with everything from upset stomachs and tonsillitis to cancer and leukemia, but Child Life assistant Amanda Graham said that at first glance it’s difficult to tell that the bright, colorful masks were made under such trying circumstances. “There aren’t many references to illness, they seem more happy,” Graham said. “They have a lot of personality.” Sarah Davis, the mother of 7-yearold Andrew Davis, said art is an important distraction for kids in the hospital. She said her son, who usually visits the hospital annually for asthma complications, was crying in pain when he was given materials to craft a mask. But then he was occupied for two hours, and painted a mask for both the show and his sister, which now hangs on her wall. “I think it totally takes them away from their illness,” Sarah said. “These

Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo Rose Messec, who has the irritable bowel syndrome, explains how she made her mask that is hanging as part of the art show “Faces of Courage,” hosted by the UNM Hospital Child Life Program on Saturday. The exhibition features more than 70 masks made by children and their families when they were hospitalized with everything from tonsilitis to cancer. kids have such big imaginations al- because the healing qualities of art ready that it allows them to just be are important for entire families, not creative, and it helps them forget just individual patients. about what’s wrong. I think art is very “When they’re in the hospital therapeutic, both for physical illness these kids have so much coming at and emotional illness as well.” them, the parents have so much comAndrew’s mask featured multicol- ing at them: they have doctors, they ored hair and had green pipe cleaners have nurses, they have terminology, on its face. they have to learn a whole new lan“It’s painted, and it has feathers guage sometimes,” Baron said. “When and it has sparkles on it,” Andrew they sit down to do art, it’s a way to get said. rid of the chatter that surrounds them. But 11-year-old Rose Messec, a They can just focus and meditate. We patient who with irritable bowel syn- couldn’t eliminate family members’ drome, said she likes her masks more artwork, because they all did it.” simple. Her mask had brown skin, black hair cut from cloth, and buttons Faces of Courage on the cheeks. Runs through the summer semester “I don’t like the ones with more stuff on them like the others,” she Robert Wood Johnson Center for said, pointing to the masks hanging Health Policy next to hers. 1909 Las Lomas N.E. Rose’s mother, Tina Messec, Free also had a mask in the show. Baron said families’ artwork was included


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You know you want to start your novel during the middle of finals week … not. But if your finals are over early in the week, and you’re looking for writing inspiration, check out the “Writing From Your Soul” workshop at the Glorybound Ministries at 11913 Menaul Blvd. N.E. It’s a basic-skills group that will cover everything from publishing and marketing to writing and editing. The event runs from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

People shooting guns from racing horses — what more could you ask for to celebrate the semester’s end? The New Mexico Territory Mounted Shooting Championship Match runs Friday through Sunday at Founders Ranch at 144 Juan Thomas Road. in Edgewood. The event runs from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday; 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday; and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.




If you’re worried about the world running out of power sometime soon and want to be self-sufficient, the transition movement is for you. A group of concerned environmentalists meet to discuss strategies for energy independence, as well as lots of other juicy topics. The meeting runs from 5 to 6 p.m. in the SUB Scholars Room.

HERBFEST No, this is not a weed-smoking congregation. If you’re interested in less-mind-altering herbs, check out this festival at the Rio Grande Nature Center at 2901 Candelaria Road. N.W. It runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and includes speakers, food, live music and garden tours. Watch out, though — parking may cost a few bucks. ~compiled by Nicole Perez

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Free comic books unite fans Local shop gives out 8,000 comics for freebie holiday by Justin Brough Hordes of comic fans filled the Nob Hill comic shop Astro Zombies this Saturday for an annual event that shop owner Mike D’Elia likens to Christmas: Free Comic Book Day. Astro Zombies, in addition to over a half-dozen other Albuquerque stores, offered more than 50 free comic books to patrons in addition to sales, book signings, raffles and other special events. The store gave out at least 8,000 comic books Saturday. This worldwide holiday takes place every year as part of an effort to promote the written and visual comic book medium. “It’s become this thing where throughout the year people are like, ‘Is it almost Free Comic Book Day time yet?’” D’Elia said. “It’s people from all walks of life. I had 3-year-olds in the store and I had 80-year-olds. It was amazing.” Traditionally held on the first Saturday of May, Free Comic Book Day was inspired by ice cream parlor Baskin Robbins’ Free Scoop Day. Since its inception 11 years ago, the event has surged in popularity. Chicago comic artist Tim Seeley was at Astro Zombies signing books and offering free sketches. He said that he’s never missed a Free Comic Book Day. “Everybody comes in to check out comics, get free samples … it’s kind of like a big party,” Seeley said. Two UNM students, Jade McLaughlin and Sam Cafferky, attended the event dressed as characters Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise. They said they regularly

Mike D’Elia / Courtesy photo Fans line up for their chance to pick from dozens of free comic books at Nob Hill comic book store Astro Zombies on Saturday. Free Comic Book Day is traditionally held the first Saturday of May. frequent Astro Zombies. “You don’t go in just to buy (comic books); you go in and you talk to everyone about the new books, the new movies and everything,” McLaughlin said. “You get connected to them as friends.” Astro Zombies has been around for 14 years and has participated in Free Comic Book Day every year since the event’s conception. During the holiday’s first year, 2002, the shop gave away fewer than 800 free comics; on Saturday, they distributed

about 10 times that number. But D’Elia said it’s not just about the free comics. “It’s our way — not just as a business but as members of a community — to give something back to everybody,” he said. “You go in, you talk to them (comic artists Tim Seeley and Aaron Campbell), you get a sketch, you grab some free comics, you check out some stuff on sale, and you leave … and you’re smiling the rest of the weekend. That’s what Free Comic Book Day is about.”

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Wednesday Arts & Music Luciana Simões, Piano 6:00pm – 7:00pm Keller Hall Master of Music Degree Recital.

Campus Events

Institute for American Research Graduation 4:00pm – 8:00pm SUB Ballroom A

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Lectures & Readings Biomedical Informatics Seminar 9:00am – 10:00am Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, Room 228 “Data Initiatives at the University Libraries” presented by Kevin Comerford, MIS.

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Sociology Convocation 2:00pm – 5:30pm SUB Ballrooms

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Folk-healing exhibit opens by Justin Brough


A woman dressed in white, wearing a crimson sash and headband, waved a goblet of billowing incense around a participant. The woman chanted in Spanish and waved the perfumed smoke around the man — spiritually cleansing his constitution of any negative energies — before trumpeting into a conch shell to conclude the blessing ceremony. Dozens of people lined up Saturday afternoon outside the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology to experience such rituals, which are all examples of curanderismo. A type of holistic folk healing, curanderismo is the subject of a newly curated exhibition in Maxwell Museum. The exhibit officially opened its doors last weekend. The exhibit, which is the first of its kind in the United States, was proposed in part by Eliseo Torres, UNM’s associate vice president for Student Affairs. Torres teaches an annual class on the topic of curanderismo, titled “Traditional Medicine without Borders: Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico,” which is being offered for the thirteenth year at UNM this summer semester. Torres said the course has, over the years, grown from 30 students to more than 200. “I don’t know how people find out about it, but the word spreads,” Torres said. The class, which runs from July 15 to 26, brings in guest healers from the United States, Mexico, and Uganda. The curriculum covers the history of curanderismo, the contemporary

Aaron Sweet / Daily Lobo Toñita Gonzales of Tonantzin Traditional Healing blows into a conch shell while kneeling in prayer outside the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology on Saturday. The group was invited to participate in the event, which included the blessing of the opening of the Curanderismo: Healing and Ritual exhibition. uses of homeopathy, and includes medicine would find much to engage hands-on elements where students with at the exhibit. practice remedial methodology. “One of the projects we’re doing “There’s also readings and pa- is asking the people who are here to pers,” Torres said with a laugh. “So it is share the remedies that they know, a class; they are getting credit, so they that they grew up with,” Hermans do have to work for it.” said. “So we’re working on an educaThe opening of the curanderismo tional project to gather more informaexhibit was also marked with several tion about traditional healing.” guest presentations focused on herbal remedies and natural foods. One Curanderismo: presenter, Sophia Rose, discussed the Healing and Ritual uses of several weeds, such as dandelions and purslane, in both kitchRuns until September 28 en recipes and in natural remedies. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Another speaker, Tomas Enos, talked Tuesday through Saturday about the positive properties of natural additives in skin-care products. Maxwell Museum Mary Beth Hermans, the Maxwell of Anthropology Museum’s program manager, Free said people who are looking for alternatives to traditional Western

last week’s

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defeated Air Force 11-10, 17-1 & 14-7

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Aaron Sweet / Daily Lobo Curandeiros, practitioners of the homeopathic art of Mexican folk healing, bless the opening of the “Curanderismo: Healing and Ritual” exhibit at Maxwell Museum Saturday afternoon. The exhibition will run until September, and features a wide array of historical and contemporary artifacts relating to the traditional medicine.

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May 6-10, 2013/ Page 23

dailycrossword Across

1 Soak up like a sponge 7 Iranian leader toppled in 1979 11 Chicago transit trains 14 “Hear hear!” 15 Roll down the runway 16 Accessory with a muumuu 17 Kind of deli roll 18 Squadron, e.g. 19 Bedevil 20 Blew a fortune 23 Twittering bird 25 Affectionate squeezes 26 Bat mitzvah scroll 27 Comedian’s asset 28 Comedian’s bit 29 “Consarn it!” 30 Emcee’s opening 32 User trying to get through a firewall 35 Prim and proper sort 39 Stretch (out), like a dog in the heat 40 Burning crime 42 Major blood lines 45 Letters on a tinkerer’s kit 47 Email attachment format 48 See-through 49 Utopia 51 Face-to-face exam 52 Protector of the president 55 Bi- minus one 56 Close margin at the track 57 “__ Fideles”: carol 60 Mohawk-sporting muscleman 61 “The Wind in the Willows” hero

62 “Hold your horses, will ya?” 63 Watch closely 64 “The __ the limit!” 65 Emphatic refusal, and words that precede the ends of 20-, 35and 52-Across in a restaurant warning


1 Pose, as a question 2 Poser’s neckwear 3 Heel type named for a dagger 4 Welles of “Citizen Kane” 5 Is sorry about 6 “Big” 23-Down cannon 7 Hurt, like a barb 8 Underwear brand 9 Revolving point 10 Calls it a night 11 “Mistress of the Dark” film hostess 12 Ogle 13 Trivial Pursuit wedges, vis-ˆ-vis the whole pie 21 Should, informally

22 Lugosi’s genre 23 Conflict that ended Nov. 11, 1918 24 Phone sound 28 Christening VIPs 29 Gives a thumbs-up 31 Roll call listing 33 “How adorable!” 34 More chilly 36 Age abbr. 37 Barista’s concoction 38 Jerk’s concoction 41 Niners’ org. 42 Presuppose 43 Storywriter known for irony 44 Quote by rote 46 To no avail 49 Test answer in a blue book 50 Scouts do good ones 51 Watery expanse 53 Stole 54 SSN, for example 58 X on a sundial 59 “The Name of the Rose” author Umberto

WithRepair Repair With Within Within CityLimits Limits City

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10% off with StudentID 10% with Student IDID 10% offoff with Student ID 10% off with Student Bringinincoupon couponfor forthe thediscount. discount. Bring


CompleteAuto AutoRepair Repair• •Foreign Foreignand andDomestic Domestic Complete 28 Certifi ed Technicians • 30 Years Experience Certified Technicians • 28 Years Experience Yr.12,000 12,000Mile MileWarranty Warranty 11Yr.

Stadium Stadium


New New Location Location 2133St. St.Cyr CyrAve AveSE SE 2133

880-0300 880-0300

25 years Business ininBusiness

Congratulations UNM Spring 2013 Graduates! The UNM Cherry & Silver Society recognizes and honors alumni who make a minimum of one gift to UNM within 24 months of graduation and each year thereafter. Your gift, designated to the UNM area that you choose, is an investment in the University’s students, faculty, schools, colleges and programs. Support from alumni is critical to providing a quality education for current and future students at UNM.


We invite you to become a member of the Cherry & Silver Society. It is another way to stay involved and connected with your alma mater. Make your first gift as a young alum, in any amount, at: To maintain your membership, please continue to make your gift(s) to UNM each year.



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new mexico

DAILY LOBO new mexico


PIANO LESSONS $30/hr. UNM Grad. 505-980-4322.



STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate consultant: 243-2229. STUDIOS, 1 BLK UNM, $465/ free utili-


one with students of all ages at LearningRx. 60+ college credit hours required. 1 year commitment minimum. 12-25 hrs/wk; $11-$14/hr. Send resume with cover letter to learningrxre SPORTXMIX! ABQ’S 1ST Co-ed Sports

League. Flag football, kickball, volleyball. Register now at or call 505-999-1037. IS RECRUITING women with asthma for research study. If interested, please contact study coordinator at 925-6174 or cell 269-1074 or e-mail


ties. 246-2038. www.kachina-proper Ask Lobo free month special as well as summer lease programs. LARGE TOWNHOMES CLOSE to UNM and Nob Hill! $99 Student Move-in Special! Pets allowed. Laundry on-site. Large pool and grass areas perfect for laying in the sun while studying. Call us at 505-266-3118! WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 843-9642. Open 7 days/week. ON THE EDGE... of downtown 802 Gold

Lost and Found I FOUND GREEN binder containing CHEM 302 coursework. Belongs to a Julie A Moser. Found at duckpond by DSH. Dropped it off at lost and found.


Best Selection of


SOLE COMFORT 296-1645 CAN ASSIST WITH all aspects of pa-

pers due-writing, editing, proofing. Can tutor in most subjects retired proffesor with moderate rates. Call Phyllis 908-0488 or 503-7143. TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects.

Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799. ?BACKPACK BUSTED? ABQ Luggage

& Zipper Repair. 1405-A San Mateo NE. 256-7220. AGORA HOTLINE IS now online. Chat:

Ave SW. ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED. 1BDRM. Across from Silver Ave. Flying Star and Robinson Park. Gated, safe, courtyard, laundry, off street parking. $615/mo with $200dd. Please call Greg at 305-975-0908. 2 BLOCKS FROM UNM. Remodeled

studio. $450/mo 505-670-5497.



LIGHT AND BRIGHT. 1.5 miles from

UNM. 1BDRM apartment, 710sqft, $410/mo. Also, 2BDRM apartment, 910sqft, $510/mo.Half month free, after 6 months. Coin Laundry. Off-street parking. No pets. 345-2000. 1700 COAL SE. 2BDRM, wood floors, W/D, $705/mo +utilities, $300dd. No pets please. 453-9745. NEAR UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM, 1BA like

new. Quiet area, on-site manager, storage, laundry, parking. Pets ok, no dogs. 137 Manzano St NE, $680/mo. 505-610-2050. 2BDRMS, FREE UTILITIES! 313 Girard

SE. 246-2038 www.kachina-proper Ask Lobo special! NOB HILL, UNM: single tenant casita. FP, AC. No pets. $490/mo. Water paid. 232-8942.


Fun Food Music


GUITAR CENTER Your community store since 1978


and parking space for rent in Rancho Mirage Condominium complex. Rent is $1100/mo. Call 505-238-6395 or 505417-0668 if interested. Rent negotiable.

Starter Guitars for $79.99 LESSONS NOW! WE PAY CASH FOR Starter Guitars USED INSTRUMENTS! for $79.99 WE PAY CASH FOR 265-3315 USED INSTRUMENTS!

2324 Central S.E.

Accross from U.N.M. MON-FRI 10-6 SAT 10-5:30


SILVER HAIRED GENT (52) seeks attractive coed (21+) for travel, etc. NYC? Rio? Paris? fsutraveler2620@yahoo. com

Apartments UNM NORTH CAMPUS - 1BDRM, start-

ing at $495/mo. Clean and quiet. No pets. 1505 Girard NE. Move in special! 573-7839. QUIET,


Rooms For Rent 1 ROOM AVAILABLE in house NE of UNM, 2 minute bike ride to campus. $400/mo rent + utilities. W/D, 3BDRM/1.5BA. Preferably female. From mid-August to December 31st. Please call Bryn 505-231-7364. FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED for Lobo Village, mid-May-August 2nd. Willing to pay lease changeover fee, plus $100 off June’s rent. Please call/txt 505-490-9317. MALE ROOMMATE WANTED for Lobo

Village. Mid-May to August 2nd. Normally $519/mo. Offering $400/mo. Will pay the $200 lease changeover fee. Aaron 702-809-9451. AVAILABLE IN 3BDRM/2BA house. Move in mid May available until August 1. May paid, $400/mo +utilities. 7 minute walk to UNM. Female preferred, contact



1BDRM, $600/mo, utilities included. 2 blocks to UNM, no pets. Move in Special. 262-0433.

N.E. HOME, quiet Carlisle area, parks,

bike trails, N/S, female only, graduate student preferred. $350/mo. +1/2 utilities. 805-698-5817.

BLOCK TO UNM, large, clean 1BDRM.

Startin at at $595/mo includes utilities no pets. Move in special. 268-0525/ 255-2685.

LOBO VILLAGE - Female, $519/mo, May and June FREE, call/text 505-814-8164.

Discount to UNM Employees & Students! Call for Specials! The Summit Apartments 505-262-1759 3901 Indian School Rd NE

Studios starting in the $600’s One bedrooms starting in the $700’s Two bedrooms starting in the $800’s

New Mexico Daily Lobo UNM ID ADVANTAGE


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Fax • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Express. Come by room 107 Come by room 131 in Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

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In these categories...

• Enhance your presentation abilities! • Learn how to network! • Get an edge above your competition! • Help elderly and disabled populations!

•Apartments •Duplexes •Houses for Rent •Houses for Sale •Rooms for Rent

CALL TODAY TO VOLUNTEER! (505) 476-4749 or (800) 432-2080


In the Daily Lobo Housing Guide

Pages 8-9

Pages 12-13

FEMALE ROOMATE WANTED ASAP, 3BDRM house close to UNM, across from Football Stadium, $400/mo. Call 505-225-0945.

ADIDAS BLACK BIKE helmet. Stylish!

Never been in accident. Size: Large/Extra large. Snell Certified. Tell Mama you are protecting your college brain. $20.

village from end of may-august. Willing to pay one month rent. Roommates are clean. Close to pool. Contact 310-529-8344.

most new. Emerson brand. Contact Taryn 951-850-2236.



from May 18 to August 1, I will pay the rent of May. You can text me at 505-814-9274. All amenities included. Close to the pool. LOBO VILLAGE LEASE takeover from

May to July. Must be female. Contact Pia 505-927-4818 or pvalde02@unm. edu

Make yummy hot bread instead of tortillas. Put in the mix and out comes the gourmet style bread. $50. Email inter MONGOOSE MOUNTAIN BIKE seat, black with yellow trim. Includes aluminum seat post and red reflector. $20. 3 PIECES BROYHILL furniture. Solid

wood, 40 y/o, original 1960’s style. Includes two large dresser mirrors, very heavy. $150 for all. If interested e-mail DECORATIVE CANDLE HOLDER. Multi-

$450 EVERYTHING INCLUDED. On bike & bus routes. Student House. Great Area. Female Graduate Students Preferred. NS/ ND LGBTQ & International Friendly 4592071

colored glass used with tea lights. Polished rocks in small wooden base for a romantic mood setting night. Pictures available $5. interestbearing@aol. com

FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED ASAP: friendly student, shared with 2 females. 3BDRM/2BA house 2.7 miles from UNM. $405/mo +1/3utilities. Call/Text Meagan 505-803-4994, Samantha 505-553-3632.

Vehicles For Sale New tires, new fuel pump, asking $ 1,500. call 505-450-5476 10:00am-6 pm.



Child Care

house. Close to UNM, Carslie and Constitution. $500/mo, utilities included. Text Kaitie with question. 459-7583.



short term lease in Lobo Village from the first of June to end of July. Parking and summer transportation included, as well as access to the pool and hot tub. $800 for two months instead of $1040 Contact me at 505-573-3915 or LOOKING FOR ONE female to take

over Lobo Village lease. Will pay for May’s rent. $519/mo. cmenso01@unm. edu 3BDRM 1.5BA. Near UNM. Share with 2 awesome roommates. Utilities, internet, and cable included. W/D. NP. $435/mo. End of May, early June. 505-974-7476. IN QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD near Con-

stitution and Carlisle. 15 minute walk, 5 minute bus ride from campus. $425/mo + 1/3 utilities. Grad/professional student preferred. AVAILABLE ROOM AT Lobo Village,

from May 18 - August 1, will pay May. 505-814-9274. All amenities included. Close to the pool. QUIET MALE STUDENT only. Large fur-

nished basement room. Share kitchen, BA. $390/mo, includes utilities, wifi. 5/17/13. 243-0553.

For Sale ROLLER BLADE HELMET, Black. Inline

skating protection. Never been in accident. Size: Large/Extra large. Protect your university thick skull on the cheap! $20. VALEO COMPLETE PURPLE Yoga Pilates kit. Includes mat, leg stretching white strap, 2 blocks still sealed in plastic, black strapped carrying bag. For $20.

sistants, enrichment instructors, for topquality after-school and summer program. There are a wide variety of shifts and jobs available, but only a select few will be hired. Play sports, teach enrichment classes, take field trips, make crafts, be goofy, have fun and be a good role model. Learn, play, and get paid for doing both! $9/hr plus paid holidays, paid planning time, paid preparation time, and great training with pay raises. Apply at 6501 Lomas Blvd NE, 9:30 – 2:30 M-F. Call 296-2880 or visit / Work-study encouraged to apply.


student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. ATTORNEY OFFICE ASSISTANT. PT

for future attorney wanting hands-on law office experience. Word processing required, excel proficiency a plus. $9.50/hr. TALIN MARKET IS now hiring all posi-

tions: cashier, customer service, wait staff, kitchen assistant, stocker. Please pickup an application @ 88 Louisiana Blvd SE.

!!!BARTENDING!!! $300/DAY potential.

No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520 ext.100.


MALE PERSONAL ASSISTANT neededfor semester. Bookman/spiritual director. Flexible morning hours. 505-2555860.



a 4BDRM house with two musicians. $416/mo +utilities. 5 min bike ride from UNM. Available immediately. Contact / 505-307-1896.

20 hrs/week. Small firm in NE ABQ seeking a well organized, computer proficient administrative assistant. Excellent English language skills and flexibility to work a few hours on Saturdays for copy-editing required. Send resume, available hours, and hourly rate required to

fense Attorney in fast-paced office. Office and Excel. BA/BS preferred. Good experience for anyone interested in law or grad school. 1 YR commitment required. Email: paralegal@jrobinslaw. com no later than May 31st. Position begins Aug. 1st. FALL 2013 ENGLISH Program In Korea (EPIK). $1,600-2,500/month + housing, airfare, medical insurance, paid vacation. Must have BA degree. Deadline: Sometime in May **this date is tentative and could change depending on circumstances**. Please visit the website NW ALBUQUERQUE & Rio Rancho: Blake’s Lotaburger team interview Day! Stop by the Blake’s Lotaburger at 6550 Paradise Blvd NW Albuquerque between 11AM-4PM on May 6 to submit an application and be interviewed for available positions in NW Albuquerque and Rio Rancho including crew member, shift manager, assistant manager, and general manager. JUNIOR OR SENIOR marketing intern

wanted for design




Pueblo Cultural Center seeking experienced PT Servers. Must have open availability including weekends. To apply go to:, OR apply at the KIOSK at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th Street N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87104; EEO employer. SIGN FLIPPER EMPLOYMENT. Free

training. 505-440-8116.


be interested in giving the Gift of Life to an Infertile couple? We are a local Infertility Clinic looking for healthy women between the ages of 21-33 who are nonsmoking and have a normal BMI, and are interested in anonymous egg donation. The experience is emotionally rewarding and you will be financially compensated for your time. All donations are strictly confidential. Interested candidates please contact Myra at The Center for Reproductive Medicine of NM at 505-217-1169. FALL 2013 TEACH and Learn in Korea

(TaLK) sponsored by Korean government. $1,300~400/mo. (15hrs/wk) + airfares, housing, medical insurance. Must have completed two years of undergraduate. Last day to apply: 5/31/13. Please visit the website


AN ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVE! Flexible scheduling, great money-making potential, and a fun environment! Sales experience preferred (advertising sales, retail sales, or telemarketing sales). Hiring immediately! You must be a student registered for 6 hours or more. Work-study is not required. For information, call Daven at 277-5656, or email Apply online at search department: Student Publications


Helpline’s Summer training! Application deadline: June 15. Apply early, apply now at


NEEDED: ALBUQUERQUE Ventana Ranch Family looking for responsible, non-smoker to take our kids to and pick up from school starting in August 2013. We have two kids, 11 & 7. Optimal candidate must love being with kids and have own transportation. Please call 505-301-1121 if interested. Pay is negotiable. CAREGIVERS AND ASSISTANTS for top-quality after-school and summer child care program. Play sports, take field trips, make crafts, be goofy, have fun and be a good role model. Learn, play, and get paid for doing both! $9/hr plus paid holidays, paid planning time, paid preparation time, and great training with pay raises. Apply at 6501 Lomas Blvd NE, 9:30 – 2:30 M-F. Call 2962880 or visit www.childrens-choice. org ; UNM Work-study encouraged to apply.


the UNM area is hiring a full-time Lead infant teacher. Requires a CDA, CDC, Associates or Bachelors in ECE. Program is a 4 Star with low ratios, small groups, in a loving faith based program. Contact Doreen at 242-4504 or

College is expensive. Daily Lobo classified ads are not. Place your ad today!


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